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    r 'llititbbutgllfinette,
Of Pittsburgh, Allegheny city
and Allegheny County.
win zrmag 84, OD et vim ►0
FRIDAY', FEB. U. 1870
Psrsotstrat It entirerp,
p. P. Sam at Fraafort, 164)92j
Gan domed In New Yank yaterday
at 1101®1201. ,
Tax Republican party of Pennsylvania
4 obis - lost Its control of the yitislature,
and It has lost the Governor whom it
`fleeted. We have been gold out of both,
.sad by traitors le our own' household.
Hateefortly let our Republican 'friend'
know only each other t We are strong,
'Orily. without, the Vattern, not with them.
. All who are not with us aia spinet us.
It la high time that we take this as the
point ftn a new departure in State poll-,
•Ua. -The seamy buenzurrs, from the
= highestto the lowest, Wkd . have dlshon
• ..!‘red our organization, iula made our
daps a cover for thieves, shoeld be
•-• branded and drummed out. With them,
. -we can never be sure of vlctorn without
them, we shell soon Ind the were open;
thronglialefeit - or two, to fresh
and solid triumphs. This will be found
4 ` 'true In city, county of State.
Thi announcement from ,Harrisburg,
9.4n-yinterdar a Gaznivz,:that
um Irwin, wholialoo Volution. elect;
~k 44 refused to appear berm tips &mita
Commlires for Investigating tlte,rretricry .
affalre, or to be interrogated by that Corn.
' ridnea, on oath, him creattd an -intense
mutton. our annotrocaninf was est
Shyly sellable. The fdendi Of "Mi. 'lrwin
!wift so soccessful tons* efforts; on Wed
". Suiday stiglit, to • suppress the het fioss
Ms reports of the Assecistoi Pieu; sled
feels all special reports to Individual Jour.
I..arls, that it only became pnitllo through
our own active and vigilant Special cork
• respondent. .;
The people hare now to wait, and tee
• if Mr. Irwin persists in this refusal to
testify to the manner to which he admin.
istered that office.
Him hundred policemen In Phlladelphii
have each been . .taxed the full amount of
their January pay, $77 50, and the:money,
a Tam of over 450,000, las been sent to
-Hanisburg, to be used - in' pinto:thug a
veto of the Police-bin tram Governor
Glaze! How little the upright Sind hon
ored Executive of this Commonirealth h
nedentood and apprectateltY the rascally
crew of the Coalitien I They *Ed now
discover that Joni W. Game I,s neither
to be bought nor intl. e. 4 1
Two Philadelphia journals, the Press
and the Pest, the hat being no: a wins
friend to the Governor, concur in their
report. of the manner in which this cor.
option fond has been raised. The alter
native was given to the policemen to sub.
mit to this forced levy, or be discharged.
Less than a dozen of them refused, there.
fore, lb pay it. All the facti hive fully
transpired In that city; to the' Ina:mint
disgust of the people.
This shameful transaction fairly illus
trate' the tactics and the , morals of , the .
!Coalition, which is every day leaning
ltillithaMet upon the reputation of Penn
sylvanla. Not content with the YorChise
of the majority in a legislature which
proves itself more corrupt thane:4rd Its
predecessors, the . oileves are no* Crisp
ing; with an unblushing effrontery, at
the Executive office, not even cluing to
. „
. - fortunate that we have, in donator
, , ?. Cleasur. a. JEWS ‘ho will globs their
- bribes, and punish theft guilty aiadaciky.
The above was written /lore the
receipt of yesterday's "drive, that the
Goriereei , heti in faces tea the aia. We
a. shnioecnew not .te ,etpunge "wnd of
! syllable ot.arliat aborowaten. Lit it
- :stand-the enpresalon of ourtoO•congding
trust in en °Mta who hu, at last and
:_operdY, turned ids back upon the &pub
. 11cm people who, elected iit may
stand—the brief history Of a tranaection,
its origin to Its end, plc
posts and its temptations, its mettlts and
' the public belief to be supported thereby,
which could not be more trirthfull7
written, more pregnant
1r more decisive, In public 0041011, 'Of
• the actual status today of kloyerroirJonn
Tr. 021,11. It sliallataad-7the eiridence
of the adttaken tenet 'of who were
• once his friends, and ofthe last sire most
4410:able betrayal alike of the 4epubil.
can nrinelples and of iltelumorable repo.
• tatlon, of our suffering Commonwealth:
It la not" who make charges. Let the
fads speak es we hive truthfully reurated
than t It is not OM' WA OM the, people
will see their algolficance,
eructs vorros is Tan -rum.
The position of the finances of the
Commonwealth In even less unfavorably
obeyed, by the lepl•tender decision of
the Soprano Cheat, thin mit was stated
,p by us yesterday. Instead of lioldlitir but
$8,000,000 of coin-assets evilest 344000..
000 of cofn•lLbilitlu, the um of-that
elm of wets m actually very near If not
' gulbs 011000.000. Oar error coislated
is stating the Smolt& of the Pennsylvania
%Woad debt to the Treasury to Wind
phsomoo. The correct figure should
be 010,120,000. Let us explal-u I
Thetronsaillons of 1857, which created
Or $6.500,000 of bonds twat Mat 'corm.
stilton, on, Gomm of its surtbass of the
peWc waits, were, in 1861, compromised
In mother nontrain, by which tbs Soaps
- ny pays, in sestinantal Instilbsisits, the
spud inim of $460,000 to Lb* i rtniuttq.
Vas oontrict nuts to 1801. Thus there
int twcatytn►o of these 'payments tat to
be nude, that. End !tam coming the
' 'piincipel lira Interest. The 16;110%000 of
Lends, u drstmado, remain In the Treas.
' Wry u collateral security upon the latter
Tile la a•land, lister idtowhig for the
Treesray, while the people will perceive
the still more Imperative need for licreas
ad vigilance, against • the designs of the
-tidavish craw who now asphe to control
the Legkballre of Pennsylvania, Let
the tareeeyers keep their' eye; sharplrore
that ten million of railway paper. , 1111
not only as good aigold, but Jib sit good
est the thieves wan to "borrow? it, If
. .
c Incorrectly—Cavil mcrrtd bY co
tDe "mcktep•" We reprint It as 'writ-
In the proceeding, of the Legislature
at Harrisburg last week, the following
act In mentioned as having been reported
favorably by the House Committee :
Be it enacted, Ile., That In all cases. of
trust, whether mated by will, deed, or
otherwise, now existing, or hereafter
crested, and whether the r 'subject of said
trust shall be real or rorsOnal estate, the
ceatui qui fruit, or a majority interested,
where serveral are jointly Interested
shall have the right to elect or choose
trustees to execute said trust, and upon
Witten or the cellist pa triad, or par les
in interest as aforesaid having such estate. '
theoourt of Common Pleas or Orpheus'
Court having jurisdiction shall remove
the acting trustee or trustees, and appoint
other or others, as chosen or elected by
said parties, who shall have all the pow
ers to execute said trust wanted; and
upon security being approved and en
tered by said appointees as directed by
W d court Metalling Urn , *
And when the acting rodeo shall. not
have free and =locum tiered real estate
to the full value of thel personal 'estate
of said trust, the Court of Common Pleas
or Orphans' Court having jurisdiction
shall, upon Complaint, compel thesaid
trustee to Ole a bond with two or More
sectuitlas, as shall be approved by the
This, as it reads, strikes us u a very
extraordinary measure. It might as well
be entitled an act to defeat the purposes
of trusts.
- It divests all trustees, appointed by
testators or benefactors, put, present or
lbtore, of, their office, at the pleasure of
the very parties, against whose Incompe !
fence, unthrift, or subjection to evil In
fluences, tracts are resorted to aid trus
tees inined. It makes the now trustee
the mere creature of his beneficiary.; so
that be becomes a device for collusion
againat the purpose of the trust, instead
of being its responsible guardian. It
proposes to degrade our courts from being
tribunabi for the defence and relief of
really imperiled heirs or beneficiaries,
Into mere registries to attest the creden
tials of whomsoever a vicious or misled
ceslui qui trust may 'choose to nominate.
Certainly this will be plain, If not digni
fied work for our courts.
Howeverpften the vicissitudes of hu
man affairs may. bring • about eases in
which trustees should be removed, and
the:wish - es of beneficiaries be consulted
by the Cotirts In appointing new ones,
there is still no *sound reason for the
asseepinirevoluilon In the law, and the
ataiillng reduction of the discretionary
power of the Courts, that would follow
the patine of this "act," with its succes
sive mandatory "shells," all giving ac.
live power to the very•party, under trusts,
whose fluidic= la passivity, so long as
the trustee does his • duty, to enforce
which tho Courts ever stand ready. ,
We do not criticise thls "act" as law.
yers, for we have no profesrional preten
sions; bat as Journalists, whose duty it is
to call attention - to public measures, at
fecting the relations of property and
society, that seem inconsiderate, if not
positively, evil. If we are mistaken or
exaggerate the objectionable features of
this proposed law, we cheerfully accept
. There are not a few able and upright
lawyers in the Legislature, who are alive
to the necasalty for great caution in legis
lating on subjects of this kind, to whom
We are very willing to leave this matter,
if It only receives their timely attention.
If our laws relating to trusts and trus
tees need amendment, or our. Courts
should have greater powers to enforce the
faithful performance of trusts, In guard
ing the security of trust property, and
controlling the appointment and conduct
of trustees, by all means let suitable lees
laUon bo had. '
Eat let it be by a well considered
statute, not ignoring the wisdom and in
tegrity of our Courts, which In this State
happily deserve and enjoy public conk•
dent" and not operating so exclusively
through the choice and action of the very
parties, under trusts, to restrain, if not
indeed to incapacitate whom from choice
or action, is an essential 1111111 in the crea
tion of trusts..
AT Richmond, last tatmmer, Chief Jim.
Coe Chase held that the Constitution does
not execute itself,--that, legislation In its
furtherance Is also necesiary. A bill was
therefore reported to the House; on the
fah, and has passed that body, providLug
for the due enforcement of all the amend
ments to the Constitution. Under the
KlYth Article, this will result In purging
the Legislature' of Kentucky and Mary.
land of members - now sitting therein
although legally disqualified. At lekst
iliteen *eats will thus be vacated in Ken
.• Taw-responsibility for - the rapiers' of
the political disabilities, of those who are
now disfranchised by the XLVth Article,
to-be transferred by - Coagresi to -the
Federal Courts, which upon due proof of
PrtMent loyalty and good character, may
decree the relief of applicants from them
restrictions. The commissioned military
officers and the congressmen of the late
cielideracj nmaba expressly excepted
from openttone of their new mess
, me. The.= hi now pending.
Can or two features of the legal tender
dedaion are remarkable. It Is the' third
of a aeries Wldeli tend to eviscerate the
body of our national currency. The that
attack was made in . the cue of, Lane
County vs. Oregon, 2.Witliace, 71, where
taxes were decided not to come under the
bead .of "debts public and prierste"—.
hence, were demandable in coin. The
second was the cue of Bronson Vs.
Rhodes, 7 Wallace, 220, where contracts
Iwkicheitipulate in terms for payment lir
:coin or bullion • were - not included, by
legislative intention, under the head of
"debts public and private."
. The
the present decision, which declares that
all contracts made prior to 1862 arenot, by
legislative Intention, Included in that ere.
dal phrase, "debts public and plivate."
Tun House Committee on the Pac ific
Railroad repoit a bill authorizing the
Northern Pacific Railroad Company to
sell bonds, Secured by their frazchlso and
their stock, for the purpose of raising
money to complete their road. .The bill
allows the company to change the lora•
tion of the western isrminus of the road
from Puget Sound, as at tint oontempla•
ted, to Colombia river, or rather such
point on that river - is may be selected by
the company. It gives the company the
rightlo an amount of pnblic lands equal
to that which has been taken up by sef
tiers on the lands originally granted the,
road, such land to be located In any part'
of the national domain not taken np, con.
tignons to the line of the road.
Tar. bill recently passed; extending the
Jurisdiction of the Supreme Court In aim.
teal cases tost review of the evidence as
well as of the law, is likely to fall for
want of the Governoesslgnatere. It ap-
pears that during its passage the bill was
amended so is to make It operative upon
the simple application of the condemned
meet); whereas the original bill, which
was approved by the attorney General,
required the-censent of that officer. It
la anderstoOd that this mnendmext will
be fatal to the bill.
Tiilt gleam bill, on which so much
time bill been spent by Congress, wu
killed In the Benato with only nine votes
In the negative. 'ibis molt Is some
what surprising. but the rut Is that Sen.
awns were not disposed to make the nee.
easm investlyttlon for a fall node:stand.
lug or points involved. Tho census mast
now be taken ander the old law, with
General Walker as Superintendent.
Tme Senate Foreign RelMions Coro•
:dittos took up the nomination of General
Sickles to the Spanish mission at their
meeting is-day , and agreed to report h•
vorattly upan his confirmation. There
was only Om disputing Tots. -
The Philadelphia Press of the Bth said :
In Yesterday's Press we mentioned the
fight which took place In front of one of
the Row offices on Saturday, between two
prominent Democratic politicians over
the Metropolitan Police bill. We have
sines learned that there is a regular
schism In the party, and that some rich
developments may soon be expected.
The policemen, who were thrown out
of employment by the operations of the
bill, are very Indignant at the course of
several Democratic members of the Leg
islature, and threaten them with ven
geance on their return to the city.
Yesterday, at one o'clock, a meetingof
the force_ was.held in all the station
houses, and it,was resolved that the pay
of the men for January constitute a fund
to influence the Governor. What effect
this wilt have we am unable to say, but
Lave confidence that it wills not deter
Governor Geary from withholding his
official signature. Since writing the
above we have received further informa
tion on the:subject, in the Shape of the
following communication :
FEILLDELPIIIA, Feb. 7, 1870.-:-Tä tha
Editor of the Preis: But—We havr just
been informed by a reliable member of
thrpresent ."police force that yesterday at
noon the• men of the. different station
houses 'were inforined tliat; in view of
the fact that the "Metropolitan Police bill
had poled both houses of the Legislature,
and only needed the signature of the Gov
etnor to make It a law, they were each
and all taxed a month's wages, $7750, in
' order to head off the act of the Legisla
ture in the hands of Governor °eery.
Oar Informant was quite Indignant,
stating that no alternative was left him.
except to sign a "power of attorney,"
conveying his entire pry for the past
month out of his possession. What is
this money intended fort "Iso head off
the says our Informant, who,
doubting the possibility of doing so, es.
presser his own opinion that the 'Lenten.
ants who may be retired are determined,
not to go out with empty pockets.
It is to be hoped that this public an
nouncement of a public corruption fund
being on hand will induce his "Excellency
to weigh well Ms influences which may
be brought to bear on him in reference
to a measure of such momentous public
Interest to this city, Very truly yours,
rtruttc 'Hutton.
(From tie Press orate eth.l
The alleged raising of the fund to in
fiance the Governor against signing , the ,
Metropolitan Police bill, wkich was nar
rated IP yesterday's Press, we have been
assured on the best of evidence, 'which
etaniet, be Impeac4ol, Is, in . every partic
ular, a fact: . Our reporters have cenveowd
with several policemen, who admit that
they were compelled to sign over their
warrants for January for the purpose
named above. These men are very in
dignant, and say their familres will suffer
during the present month every privation
and want even for the commonest neves
' series of life. -They, however, (the
policemen) had but one alternative, either,
to sign away their warrants or quit the
force -
This corruption fund has alrpsdy be.
gun to work in channels where its influ
ence wehad hoped would never be felt.
Threpollticlane who have raised it know
well how to operate, and the citizens of
Philadelphia who Nalue their lives and
property, end 1149 Rxe , opposed to the con-
tinuance of the present inefficient police l i
force had better bo on the Cert. Thar
hope: at present lie With Governor Geary,
and upon him depend the peace and wel
fare of the city of Philadelphia for the
next two years.
The nixie paper adds; When Governor
Geary learns how ruthlessly the police
patrolmen have been stripped of their pay
by Democratic politicians, for the purpose
of rattling a corruption fund both to sub•
sidles newspapers and to work up a sen
timent in Harrisburg against the police
bill, he should not hesitate to give it his
signature. The objections to the bill are
too trivial to warrant the Frierilice of its
principle. ' By the time the experiment is
fully tested the selection of the commie.
stoners will have passed into the heads of
the people, and then all objections will be
fruitless. We know the fate of the reform
if it is entrusted to Democrats or luke
warm Republicans. Such entrustment is
really all the opponents of the measure
ask. Let the Governor sign promptly.
Only the stolen earnings qt the patron
men ate against him.
The announcement made in yester
day's Post that a rand of $50,000 was be.
lug raised among the police force of the
city to Induce Governor Geary to vete
the Metropolitan Police bUI created quite
a sensation at the central headquarters
and the several station houses in me city.
The fact was admitted, but it puzzled the
managers of the 'warrant scheme to
know how the reporter of The Post ob
Mined such direct information. We
came in fur a fall ahrmi of censure, and
the wrath of the . Democracy wed heaped
upon us without limit. We withheld
many little points obtained and confined
ourselves merely to the one solid fact that
thething area being done.. - • • ,
Thatonr readers pay realize the mag
nitude of the infamous doings, of the ,
ringleaders,-we may say that the police
force of the city numbers shunt, 000.
The warrants due them for Janury's.
pay average about $75 apiece; which
would net the handsome sum of 07,500,
Of that ainental $50,000 is to be used as a
cotrupting fund, and the remainder is to
pay the head whippers in. The thing
was done in this-way: F,acti policenian
was taken aside and privately informed
that the warrant dues fur January seenld
be'eashed, less three and a half per cent:;'
lby a certain broker, providing the Pollee.
man agreed to sign, over his tight, title
and thwart in the same tote:lain parties
who would attend to securizg the funds.
Teas was" plausible enough, and as the
force has many ignorant men, a bargain
was struck and the deed accomplished.
This piece of strategy was neatly managed,
.but the thing leaked oat. Some know
ing one whispered about , that the
warrants , were to be used to 1111
the Metropolitan hill, and that
every policeman who had signed of hail
sold h im self out and would not recolva
dollar of his bard earned cages. 'Then
the protests tame hi, and when' it was
found that the duped individual was de
terminedly opposed - to the rascality, he
was given, to understand that he would be
beheaded. 'Submission was the order of
the day, and out of the nine hundred but
half a dozen were manly enough to resign
'their positledis and demand their' rights:
Among:other eases brought to 'our notice
was one of a policeman who had 'ex.•
plaided his last dollar, and whose wife, is
lying very ill at home. He felithe wrong
keenly, and he positively refused to sub.
mit, and was told that he would have to
walk the plank—and he walked it.
A Dtunken Father Kllla lib. Mind
A mari by the name of Valentine Kline,
in Cincinnati, who had been on a spree
for several days, went home dm*
day night and abused bia.wiie shamefeilly
because she asked him for money to buy
some groceries that
t rre needed. He
sat down by . the it ve In the kitchen
where'ske * pupil g supper, as ugly
and disagreeable as he could well be. His
wife -set the table and poured out the
coffee for the children, and asked hint to
eat with them. He maid he didn't want
anything to .eat, and when he did he
would get what he ;wanted somewhere
e. She •then pm:tiniest V) give the dill
dren their super, and was utting little
Johnny up t o p the table In his p high chair,
when iier eldest boy cried out ' "0,
mammal what has papa' done Look
ing around, she saw the coffee-pot, which
she had not a minute. before replaced en
the stove, lying on the baby's crib, and
the coffee grounds all over the baby's
face. She snatched the child out of the
mile and removed the coffee grounds.
which were smothering it, and saw that
it was very bidly scalded. The child's
census brought scone of the people liv
ing in the house Into the mom and the
advice' of all who saw- Ito* ladly the
baby wu scalded was to send fora doc
tor. Kline Would notlisten to thte propo
sition, and drove the Intruders out of the
room, protesting that there was nothing
the matter with the child, and threatening
to kill some of them if they meddled with
his affairs any furtbet.
In spite of his opposition a doctor was
coaled in to 'look at the little rafferer,_ and •
gate the mother' such directions for the
treatment of the scalds es the ease de.
mended, but nothing could save the child,
and It died the next bloating .at seven
o'clock. It was seven months old. . .
All the children, state , that they saw
their father take the pot of boiling coffee
off the stove and throw it into the cradle.
Kline eliless that lieaccidentally knocked
the coffee off the stove, and that it :fell
upon the baby. 'Whatever Um truth of
the natter maybe; Kline was arrested and
and looked op ontho thane of • Oituder.
(From nurleburg Coe. I:lemmata Arne.] 1
The new county of Petrolia passed the .
Senate on last Monday night. Mush
comment has been made on the vote. It
took a peculiar phase—the Democrats to a
min, outing for it. Sortie time ago the
maiden was made that such would kie
cue, but was not generally bellev4d.
The evuidertaios of this vote was ealdle
be that Mr. Lowry would vote on the
contested seat of &nil vs. Findlay In'
favor of the latter. lam compelled to Nay
that the rulings and decisions of the Com
mittee have given considerable credence
to this assertion. And I now venture the
opinion that Mr. Scull will not succeed in
getting Ufte seat than beliese he is legal.
iyentitled-ta-heyond • question of doubt.
(From the Lu ter Xzetntrer, ,
It is proposed to farm the new county
of Petrolia from parts of Crawford, Ire
nano and Warren. It is alleged that
several speculators with Lowry at their
head, hive purchased all the land within
severibmiles around the spot where they
Intend tO locate thecounty scat, and from
the natqral advance in these lands there.
by earith themeelfrei. Ike project, how
ever, id fostered with care, end looked
upon ' a-grand scheme at ' speculation.
It Is alleged that the Democrats held
a cane II and agreed to support the bill, if
Se r Lowry would join with Senator
131111 n it In giving - Findlay. Democrat,
a sea in tho S4nate, in opposition to
Scull. Republican, who rightfully
dal It. The proposition was accep.
ted • Messrs. Lowry anti Billingfelt
voted IFindisy into his seatin spite of the
remonstrances of the Republicans, and in
defiance of the prime facia evidence pro
duced. ,This is regirded , as a great tri
umph for the Democrats, and gives them
great RoweL!fltie Sc . zirl. r t . e io .
mi. ,
~ .
The Scull Findlay contelted election
case committee has been sitting every
day during the week. Mr. Lowry Is
censured on all sides for his action In the
matter, and it seems to he generally ad•
mlttcd that his he prejudged the cue.
toms :ho
. I.osnoe Upenhr.i_ - . .
The Democratic party in the Legisla
ture is true to its history and its instincts
in uniting with Lowry in an effort to set
op some nice arrengements for individual
benefits. 'lt looks, however, as if there
were enough honest Republicans Riffle
Legislature to defeat most of the schemes
of these couildnationists. The whole
thing will have in excellent effect on
public opinion by showing the people
what might be •anticipated should the
Democracy get the control of public
affairs.. The party would then be able to
accomplish what It Is now willlnt to aid
Lowry in trying to do—to get good bonds
out of the Treasury and replace them
with worthless promises. Lowry's treach
ery is really heing made to praise Re
publican principles, while It Is exposing
Democratic dishonesty. -
tPcsos the Uaambantweßn...ttorM
, The impression that 'Lowry h a t{. been
saying -"the thing which Is not," is by
no means en unusual occurrence with the
old sinner who is so fond of calling upon
his Maker as to the sincerity of laetrile's.
tions and the Verithfulness of his state
ments. Lowry Is subject to no rules of
decency or sense. ,
rritp the - en'ajltt•eelat:sktl)
We liaWife7ii loof<ing land ;retching
the course of Senator Morro* B.: Lowry,
of Erie, for MUM time past, and we feel
fully - satisfied and warranted now In say.'
log that he is a traitor and deserter
from the true prineiples of the Repub.
lican party.- • • Shortly after the
fall, electiOn a ; prominent Democratic
Paper boasted that Mr. Lowry would be
found during the present session, voting
with the . Democrats On all important
questions that might be Presented. At
that time we pessedit •by as an idle and
and. malicious rumor. • • After the
meeting of • the Legislature, the And
opportunity , that presented , to exhibit
the cloven foot, ho promptly Improved.
He *vs the first . man 'to bolt the caucus
nomination of Mr. Mackey, join hands
with the Democrats and thereby secure
the election of Gen. Irwin for Suite
Treasurer. On Tuesday of last week he
again allowed his cloven foot by voting
against the passage of the Metropolitan
,Police Bill of Philadelphia. Each day
he rants about corruption and dishonest
legislation; Annetta that rings, emulated
of base Men, are formed at Harrisburg,
! to defeetthe willand Wishes of the people
and then sajm, "I am your Moses, to lead
you safely, through these wicked. and
dangerous times.' He says: '
me to the land of promise; there we shill
all &Wein quietness—in my new county."
Early in October they were marrieds,'
and moved into their new home, now
hardly to be recognized in its daintiness
of fresh paint, pretty. papers, new heal-
Lure. It was far from being a fashionable
or imposing residence; nothing Gothic,
or Italian, or Elizabethan about it, olden
indeed, we except Laura's one extrema
gesce--the little bow window ; but it had
an eminently. cosy, homelike air. The
moment you stepped inside, you received
a comfortable,cheerful - impression, as if
hero was a pece where people were in
the habit of enjoying themselves: Enter.
trig a little square , ball—on one side was
the dining room' on the other, the parlor;
back of the parlor, the bed room. The
furnace Imparting a summer temperature,
the, doors of these adjoining roma all
stood open, giving good air, and a deft of
voominem for so email a house. Thesar
tor paper was a green and gilt towft on
a light 'drab ground; the carpet, - an
ingrain, small cheeks, green the predomi-
nant color. *Through the bow window
the nun ghetto brightly, in over Laura's
plants, makings mummer within, even if
the ground were white. With .anow out
gide and the mercury down, Among the
SOTO& Each side of the hew Window,
on little brackets, Pariah busts,- -Eve and
Psyche, wedding prevent'', lodked out,
from-English ivy that twined !around
them, and then met over the hanging
foaket in the middle of the window. On
the walls hung two ofthree good engrav
ings and photographs, over them clusters
of bright autumn leaves—sonyanin of
the, wedding tour. A set of hanging
boils shelves, bearing the united:libraries
of Linea and Laura, presented an odds
combination of poetry on A,V
rieniture and the ' , Horse." Then there
was a lounge which was a lounge—not a
rack contrived to ensperate the'human
flame to the utmost by its knobblnese—
tth easy their, a camp chair, shaker
rocking chair, one or two cane seated
dabs, isseentrel table with lamp,
books, papers', Lattrei work basket.
, ' This was the family setting:
Looking in of an evening, you would .
have seen Lance on one aide of- the table'
in the big easy chair, reading his paper,
or chatting with , Laara, sitting opposite
in her shaker rocker with her sewing.
One great advantage in marryingafar.
mer is, that you have him st home With
you evenings, provided you make your
self tolerably agreeable to hint. Laura,
wren if she were married.' still thought it
worth while to fashionably arrange , her
hair, wear the bright bow, the dainty col.
tat, the little et ceteru that really add so
much to a woman's attractions. 'Lance
bad too much respect for Laura and kilt,
self to sit down, for the evening In his
old frock, tumbled hair, overalls tucked
Into- his coarse savoring strongly
of the barn yard. He brushed his hair,
donned an old coat and slippers, and so,
with a little trouble, gained vastly in Com.
fort and his wife's election.
From their windows the light of a
happy home streamed cheerftilly out over
the snow, a benediction to the passer by.
People are fond of dropping la there for
an evening, it was "so pleasant,' they said.
Dairy a farmer's boy and girl, alter an
ormolu atLanaa's, went home thinking
farming wasn't so bad after all, and they
wouldn't be in such a hurry to grow cud
enough to leave for the city, it It could
be as pleasant at bome. For fashion in
Yelped° Farms bas ordained an entirely
different order of things - from that pre
vailing at Lance's. The parlor of every
respectable &liner must contain a very
hard and slippery. hair cloth sofa, BIZ'
chairs, and a lingo reeking-chair possess
ing the Dame qualities. In -even greater
degree; other furniture to correspond, ar
ranged at WM angles around the walls:
This sacred apartment, as. well =at the
main part of the home, was kept cold,
dark, shot up, suggestive "to the bold in
wader who dared penetrate their dreary
abodes only of formals. The . family
liv'ed 'mostly : in the • kitchen, szdaina,
p r ettahl , by the prOud Consciousness of
is beat parlor and hair cloth fur
altars. > -Pining by at night, you would
think the house .uoirhibied, - did tot's
ray of light from-way back iii tbe L. te
atime you. -.Did company' come mien.
pettedly, so great a parade was made of
itmliding Gres, opening rooms, getting
out the best things, that the' unfortunate
guest felt be abooldiviver dare come
ottsr.... Bo Lance's ,were unconsciously
doing a missionary work In demonstrat
ing that a farmer's home need not ne,ces-.
eerily Le destitute of any desirable corn
fart or refinement.—.Maty P.. Wegs; Gi
:Harpoot Xagarfrw.ror February.
YM ~,~..x~?4' F.r+ -,~'5~.:~2.a~'•4 :w'~,.Krlp~Lu..:.:,i~~;v
Poermurrxr. GMtERAL Crumwem. has
made the following changes in Pennsyl
vania; Hombrook, Bradford county—D.
Horton, Jr., vice I. Borten, resigned.
Charleonine, Bradford county—A. J.
vice J. A. Carl, resigned. Mann's
_Utoilte, Bedford county—C. F. Mar
u°ll3. vice J. BAUM, resigned. Laces-
CO, Westmoreland county- 7 4.D. Shuster,
vice D. McJunkin; also, change name
and site to Garver. Six Points; Beaver
county discontinued.' Established
Shinbone, Fayette county; B. Thomas,
Postmaster. Paulu s Bradford county
J. E. - Utter, vice Joseph W. Young, re.
Maned. White House, Cumberland
county—Henry Dottarerrvice E. J. My- '
en,. resigned. Sterrett's Gap, Perry
county... George W. Less,-vice William
Shouts, resigned. Green Park, Perry
county—John T. Robinson, vice Was.
T. Smith, resigned. Lveippos, West
moreland county—J. S. rails, vice J. C.
Trenger, deceased. Tyrone Mills, Fay
ette county—J. M. Cunningham, vice
Daniel. Kilgore, resigned. Wallecaton,
Clearfield county—John Moore, Jr., vice
John Holt, resigned. Charlesville, Bed
ford county—A. S. Davis, vice John A.
Coil; resigned.t chison, Washington
county-George Semen,vice Miss B. A.
Johnson, resigned. The; following
changes of. post offices hero also been
made: St. Vincent, Westmoreland county,
to Beatty's Station, A. D. Houston ap
pointed, vice B. Wenner. Lechteo,
Westmoreland county, to Garver, and J. -
D. Shuster appointed, vice D. MeTenkin.
have reedited a copy of the thirty.seventh
report of the managers of the Pennsyl
vents Institution for the Blind. The re
port gives a cheering account of the pros
peaity of the institution. It ministers-to
the comfort and instruction of one bun.
dred and eighty-three personk The fol
lowing branches - have been taught daring
the yeart . Orthography, reading, writ
lug, pintype printing, arithmetic,
grammar; geography with maps, physi
.oloB3'..Listory, rhetoric,"useful knowl
edge," chendatay, and ntral philosophy,
Constitution of the Bulled States,
mental philosophy, classical antiquities,
latin, algebra, mensuration, geometry,
dictionary, etymology, English literature,
and calisthenics,
Ox Wednesday morning Februftry 9th,
about eight o'clock, Harry L. Crawford,
aged twelve years, a eon of JaMel A.
Crawford, of this city, was accidentally
shot by his brother, As near as can be
learned the circumstances are as follows:
Harry Crawford and his brothers bad
been shooting at a mark with asingle bat ,
Tel breach loading pistoL Harry's elder
brother, Joseph, loaded the pistol just be
fore starting to school, and iu the pros.
once of the deco:wed. By Immo means.
the pistol wag discharged, the bill taking.
effect near the right temple, causing death
in about are hours.
Tics opinion L gaining ground' that It
Will be impossible to get the Ftuidisg bill
through Congress this session. Senators
who have canvassed pretty thoroughly
both branches of Congress say there is no
• change whatever for the passage of such
. .
Thousands. of persons suffer Feu !nand year
atii with a broken down condittoaotthe veins
ef the leis, which to our limo are easily re.
lured mut froneentir susceptible of cure, nod
suffer - on, salt beeinse they do net thew Where
and to whom to UDlTl.s.r4let NOR. m id"
the neonul lanonnation Incases like E 44 inane
tom 1 proper duty on part Of the nOripaPer
press, and It rivei u great Velure tone able
to recommend all each tar.. azipszp, OF 111
WOOD /STREET, whose vast amber of eppy:
sneer. and Ids groat atilt to chronic Muer.,
enables him to itifoißtheisreatcat emote, of re.
Oaf that the present etate or selence 'can afford;
Besides thus' varicose vanillin"ns to whirl, we
Incoirradence and angering, snob u swelling.
and abnormal grontim..milleli tbe Doctor, with
his appliances, to sore to roller,
Then again t h e abdominal weakneues and
stoking feeling necullar to Drmalr.s. i.esource of
tarribla wagering and anxiety I.lbr thew tha
Doctor Du belts and supporters 'which are so
edastrncte to Metni4 lust Dinsnelty from
rogatag when they. do not gotonlae 'certainty
The Doctor's Smorrlstics 06ver• 4: period of
over thirty mates. betide', a natural spines. fee
NM department of hie protesaMa, metre him
=Grethen ordtnarllythllMl. The toilet I.lithat
Le entailed open tutors generatloaa by ne•
glut of the proper means to correct the present
erne, carbt of Welt be a eaMotent came to
enlist not only the &Met , t:on or pergola them
-selves, hat aliathatot all Intelligent Pb7eLeleur
Dr. Keyser , * Otiloa mad Medicine MOM 167
Llbertyytreet.; :
JAIWAHT 05,1970. •
The little moan'oose when bitten bya deadly
torrent resorts to a certain plant. eats of It..
and <Scopes the effect of the poison. That is In•
atlnct. Homan bt togs Dottie etLer hatid, moat
depend on reason and en meiotic* . lit selecting
the means of protecting D.A. 'and life sga'ast
nonwholeseme log oarmei. , Yiewoshatdoieremos
gay on this odd soldeet I' Doom It not tell thnt
US Invigorate • and. porlfj the system IS Ma beat
arty to-protect it against the Invisible poison
ashlar generstes disease I' Barely' it does.
The ethicist , aloe 1.. what pubis Shall W• follow
In choosing • medleleal I stemmed f Beeson
yoor monitor be enoesietme. Well. the
experience .ot eighteenans comprised In one
em satis factory mabrolon setisf y; actory testlessesdals ae
asees on that Ilosteilsesetemach Batten came.
omendt`eolog, tegollitlet toe aoltsepito prep.
ertles rebleit tot combined In the same happy
moonier' , to soy otter Pestilent. engem.
Tolsorsertfore, is .troantloote tow eh lemon
,blde es :mon strtlfll, on. , health /a rlinoe , tiled
either by the installs wit eh produces •rdslentle
Atcorders. Cr try goy other- mom. whether In.
henna had constlisvioas/ enionooted with one
tislate,ocempaross and pandits..
The venom of 'n noglocm reptile Is scarcely
mine an.. anti dautrons than thatwhich lurks
in font ale. ant Impure water. -To emus the
fevers. Ull. disorders.. obterbanots of the
bowels. and other serious =amulet. Prodneed by
these Insalnlarlotis elements, It Is stwonstely no.
irotri trol l* br Ira In a
Urbtl the &Meant of resistsnee which silo vast
eystems can oppose to. the deletorlsms tonne aces
the t a.sall It. the same of the health dolemtds ,
sod It. because the Once? Thilsrasts 121710.
Olt CM imparts enorgy and reestiarity to th emes%
important lanotlons of the boar. that it can be
recommended mot guarantee as an lerealeatil•
prowl:Myatt:seeking. . ' : •
- lied TiIe:AMER of lA* Binalamb em leA *..
abetb 'rumple. Real Conlpsnywlll AA held at
atiAirl/3/8 HOTRI. la Mtillegßaze.AA Na
Mee& the Roamer Sand 4&elect P. .
Jour+ 8. 114,1ed,:TreeiAA•r.
. PrnsittYllOß, Feb,.180.,1810. raOarl•C/LIP
Asszolnurr viamry • euirt.a9.o cp..
Pittsburg:2, .t.nuay a*, ,s
nolltelPtier Abrotallteettot of the 'Reddst&
smot She . Allegtony.Valley liellrwd Comparry
will be held at the OPFICE Tilt OGY.
PONY. >ie. CM Pile street..ritesborgh, ea
.141DIZEJIDLY.. Fetirost7 Aid. 15,10. Cl if
&Algot A. st.,ror the concise of electlee•BONd
or Mardutere ,for the elitablS dear. tad ftr the
trio:motto' Of tech other bluing= is 1.47 be
303te100 • .JOittr DALIJATIHE. !amt.". •
rT.4 BIM/ Olt 0301dPilett.Ati enaetaa
tar thirteen tl3l Managers at thispiropany
aid be hind at the Toil Lions!, =ND It. ateren
t i ltisbargh. Ifele. 3, IXIO, . le2
T . p a
rxiinwriions, • L i
, .
Itaaattoturars or WHITE LEAD. RID LEAD.
and all colors DST AND IN
.. • . orrlon,Ano. nu:row.
460; 4.464,466 and 468, Rebecca gint.t,
We cab" athgallon to Um awalanthe PallbLon
cam derlatly. rare Whit Lead. sad winos wa
"Pomo carbonate of lead,. we mud •Lsheml •
tally parm'lthat lr, free from Acetate and
drna; and tbarefore, Is whiter and repatot, both
la color sad bevertag bcoPartl•
GUM/kb TEED .to be 'a Mmer,f)altonste of
Lead aO4 , mblter than WV 1a tba mattot. mad
will foefolL thendoe of OM palliate it mstala
lagthe leaStaaalterattom". • • •
' •
• 100 lect !TodWOO
Of SILVER PLATLII WARN. which' !fa iettl
warriar . kailarnit*
Opped* 0.111111710771034
avallrl 1 1'1 liVii_v_C3 Wig .4;6141
At Very Lo
Nos. 180
Quit. • sopeelor article. Price. ter) low.
ew American Poplins
for Shlrlisga aid Drama
Cmdmeres, jeans, Tiv eeds.
'Wholesale and Retail,
Nos. 180 and 182 Federal Street,
For 60 Cenis,
Good Style and Make
Ladies' gnilliten's Best Quality
.11 One-Half Usual Prices,
Nerchamts snot Dealers
78 and 80 Market Street.
mooß l HoysE
OMesewseirs bEtasrsdkEell.).
IV43INr - G4icPc)iUs
Priart . tat
Jos. train :x..4AL NelLwr..itows. LwDILL
SPENCER, Rep!' & CO.,
Muleteers and Brewers or Jet,
• r17113B178011,'.PA: ':
Hulas been spanteled GASead OAS MEM
INSPECTOR ter. Allegheny Cunt). Panne. Is
hereby then natal the luceriney oNce and
Meeheeded Tenting Machinery eel hi OMWU;
I sill a.n tuna at the Or/lON or THE pm.
T/ONAL 101111 DRY AND rum Ivoras..
,1445at7403rd mut, surreal; Pittsburgh.
ri. rowur
0 — maid Ou Metir
.1V1111618TON: & _
A. 4 MunAuetUrera of LIGHT OaiT IRON:
Llabturark our. apeatalty. Lame ally. Jolnt ROO,
!Mawr awl Gala Hleurea, oab Pullen, sad other
art/elei or Butidera.lBleraurara 'away. on baud.
CHIP and Warta. our Outer Depot.. /al y i any
b. 1114 PS*
Olty. Y 4 ,400110 &dolma. Leek itoz sow. tt.
novas AND Tn.-mum,
P. C. Duerr'.
MGM 14 Grant etreeL
Aa II Sand sky IL, Allegheny, h.
A BA 1 1161113 %Itii on Mai TUILNLI4
Al9O, Oiled .Cloadag of all kinds always on
land and for Ada, wholesale or ralatt, by
ads lile sad AY alzta *mat.
Maier of Malaita BM Ressaria,
Otass—No. S PoIIXTEI AVIISUZ, Ptttettntsb.
C i ig a lol3ll 011221115. Deputy, Plusbugh
Llaut. GEO. D. liatiVrAT. WU,
ruo 111QQ.41=gs
bble ZnetereMetta 1.0%
leer We ex J. E. CAI/171 M
•T SAD-97i PlirCHeit Galena
Xi LL.D. 7ottalis try •••
IL" sten sad Ibr bY . 3
B roi l l r ojr, erbbiti white
• ./..a.A4IIIPTELT,.
75 . Z?„..a.. .. li.
w Prices at
and 182
At 8 1-8 Cents.
Good Dark Canoes.
At 10 Cents,
Light and Dark Calicos.
At 12 1-2 Cents.
At 25 Cents,
At 12 1-2 Cents,
Yard-wide Bleached Muslin.
At 82 76,
Nos. 180 and 182 Federal Street,
New Goods Aniving Daily.
NOW Embroldstlu,
• • Hamburg Inoosofings.
Homburg Idesis,
Homburg Duallogy,
Lafts and Loa Goods
GanVs Grata and Bream Alarander4 Yid
Gloves • In all rises. •
Ladles , White lead Colored Dueton ILlds, • flail.
Mee lei SL 0. .
lr bite Dant= Kids. W.lsoLs MP.
Clots. tilt and Par Topped Sid Glove.
Large mortment of Hein Cotton Howl and
Relay Floated Hose, at the redneed pleas.
3CoOlois ilowlory. at a great retinetlon. -
Opened this morning, another lot of Handker
chief Ties and PoilLwen Palace Bowe
Zlegant Sub inO Be. Ribbons. • , ,
Comte of CI Mau andnualltlea. .
Hair gwitehes in reel hair aid bnitation.
Chignons": ie.. itt.
will And oar stock well: witted
sad prices Ike Y•ry lowest.
Alronow obowlmic their fall assollaiont of
In their Mail Department,
In a:ngestion. Ith thetstalfillusatOgliTZES. '
svranunw BREAD. KRIVZS. ta.. Ad , .
erg, oger„l.l2lX BQ2IDBID /USD WIGHT/
TARIXTII2II of Tata. Mayes lad /Oaks. ud
!dies 13,113 1111SDIII0) ran' different
"isattorms of Pocket Engles.
All goods Irorrsitsdlissd issiesO to Segal m
aggots von low..
Murray & Ilarimart's
Florida Water
The most celebrated and
most delightful 'of all Ter
fumes, for use on the hand
kerchief at the toilet and
in, the bath, for sale by all
Druggists and Pexfuniera
52 Wood Street,
(roar doors above AU Charles 11•1.101.
Voustry ierahaata are luvlltal to
call sad azstalne our stark area lie
the City. •
ullMatlll fop Asdusso & Wisedosetb&
A Nortkwessern &a». Shoe BA&
A full !sloe& of Iltosebtotals. Black
smith. eat Cosipastoes Tool% ill i ma;
eer.• leatber
Loather, &A, alwors es heat.
+.ll CORNS
Bemond In one initiate. without Wattling or
learingootenewi -Simians and Dlinaaril Falls
Removed In a lbw minute.. All operations par.
lormed without pain or bloodshot!
Partbet =carat lauwellately I
- lie eoleotioaa medicine nsadl • .
No 0010 Owl altar operating!
inlarted and WIG idols treated saimeuralir.
gtoot-BILa and cupid In • row dap,
Valearattloo [Won or mown refunded. Good
OUT Reltrancet Oran.
paw Goan nos B a.3L tolllll.. and 1 to PM
gontlara, 9 to 11 a. N. " •
puts, No. 49 BIWA street; old
Platabergti, is
243 Liberty Street,
'v . :ro w mite head of Wood arta,
Eittaburgh, Pa.
ifouse and Sign Pointer,
GOxiirrEar , AN]) 43FX•
)1311.12 (Let* B MlMbl liitsbuinh PS.
Prressun enT OZ. C° 7l " ..ralra " . 7 7 l"7777l(746-1
7UN ul3.n pureasees of an ordbrenbil of
. Council, of the City of Pltteborrtt, entith.l
•Au Ordinance to Frovtde fbr the bafa-K.DDri
and Custody of the roads of the Orli': lutoo,O
Ne ll
Ith day of TOWRISIII, 1870. Sauloo
Neill b. received Ipy the anderslgnad Do= the
Berths and Navin.. Inetttutione of tbUetty...t .
Una forth tea rata of Interest each , Barts or
Safinse I.4o:alone con.r.t aro/ agree DI
pay to the city for its me and Aden, Mit . of tbo
fl= f a i n b d ' eT y dli=o o f r sTbi n gVan n . " Yit 6
bids to Me heeded la To Yore DS o'c'ockon e kto... -
DAT. the /I Elth day of February. IEIO , •
010 . E. J. b l eoo WAN. Controller.
A . N . ORDINANCE relating 10 a
••••••• m 611th
orda lewd 004 eatiotol by
the 1.
Pittsburgh, ta Sited soul C 0
Obenesite ossoahist, and tt ts hors
. 7 °retained and sneered by the outhortili
the .ersoa. That on ordinance passed Deno:ober
6. 1609. en lined w nolinaarn nuthorleieg the
constrUelloa of a pewee on 1100 seems, from
Washington to Dinwlddie street. be and the
nag I.lsanb• emeaded by tabettta %lag Themes
Neel. and John T. thoin as usesson in ninny
of William Janney, who decline. to set, and
Janos T h a t ho he r
port freeholder°,•
the car.
0.0.111. the rof asseoeorol h•roto tore
wade. be lid I hereby disapproved, and the
lime le referred to the ;tension for reemoldera-
Una. •
Sze. U. Thntaneordinance or vanorordinavite
conlicting with the
If Oda ordinance at
thopreaens time. be and the same la beteby re
pealed so far aa the mime • tole ordinance.
Ordained aud enacted I o l a
law In Coanctla,
Ude Zest do of Jean:re. A. D. INTO.
Preelcent of fleleatConnelL
Ailed: LS. 110enow, • • •
Clerk of &lea CoenelL
P 1.044.301 Common Uo , llllla
AMAMI H. MeMleksa,
Clot Of Common Connell. he.
A.N ORDINANCE for Grading
y - H. and Pavlof Thirty-ern area, from Lib
arty areal to am Allegheny river.
Ramos 1. Ala a ordained and ...tat by 2
0 5 1 , oofFafaaryk fa Wed maa Common Coma
eta mumbled. tad a 4 hereby ordained and en
nead by Ms alalbertty au soma. hat the
City lfasineer be and he la hereby labor led
aim directed to adventae for propesala for the
grading and raving of Slat fr.= Liberty
Street to the Alai/any trrr. tad to let the lama
la the manner directed by an ordinance concert ,
lag Streets, pawed Aug.& 344 1551: al o. an
a-t mammy' street, aPerlaad 001 *
510. 9: That any ordlnan.or . part of ordl
' name eonnicting with C.le pax.. of thin oral.
I sauce at lee present lase. be and the same le
hereby etymaaa ea far as the same affects this
Ordained aad matted Into a lan In Contails,
thin Ist day of rebrury A. O. 7510.
President of /elect Conran.
Attest: IL B. 1101110 W. •
Clark of Common Cemnell.
President of Common COnnell.
Mined? H. larldiarrals.
Clefs or to ..mon Coonell. • tel
Boor) ttroet, from ma, avenue to , 0 Alas
tIiCITOSI. de ft arch - deed and enacted by tar
City of Pittslorrylt, in Select and Common Conn
el/r sernabled, and It le hereby ordained and
exectod by . d Me aurity
ee of the tame, That the
h gg b itoTp tn = . .
from 71fth avenue to Within. arena, In tr.-
cordmier with he plan In the dna Os *lce.
tad to appraise damages and amass be cent.
can: ed thereby. John Beecher, Hamilton dropl
nod tar ti/llllnei Chadwick are hereby eyrolateil
aceordanee with au Act of Ansembly, &proved
ja 817 . 11 0 . 1 7114 8 21 1 1 . nai or viet of oral-
Atoms cosifflcalng with thilyatarigebr this ordl
novice at the present time, be and the came is
bunt.? repealed so lar Le the same affects this or -
Ordained and enacted luta i law in Canna.
this tat day or Janury. A -D. 18 TO.
Prerldent of &len Court.
Attest. S. IdOnnOW, -
Clerk. of Select Connell. •
dent of Common Connell.
Atuutt B. %ar i .Yl.ll.
CI or Common Connell. foe
A . -----
ORDINANCE. aiDiorizing
the opening of Lary avenue; from Fenn
awes. to the PeniayleaMa Railroad. •
decrial, 1. Be ordettaxtosal enacted by tee
Cary of Pifteforga, fa fitted otiefittromota Comb
elle aatembied. grad le tardy ordained nod
enacted by Me asilsortry of too maw. Ti na the
City Eattimer be mid he is beretryantharleed and
directed to aarvey mai onto Leal ....... noa
nun avenue to the YearitYleanin Rattroad• and
to appralea damage• and alum beacilts George
/ln4Y. 'Miami Chadwick and /inlay Torrent
are herebrappointed In accordance n 1 h an Act
of Aseetab:y raneeraing *berated Jan.
ea.? Bth, 188*.
151C.,111., That any ardmance or part of ordi•
Mum tontlatiner with £OO passage of this oral
ammo at the present time, be arid the same hi
hareby repealed to far as the same Meta Ude or.
Ordained and enacted Mtn a Ilia' inConnotil.
this glut day of Jaen. y. A. P. 10(0. •
. • JAIII4 mo...utzr,
Preeldent of ladoet Connell.
'MUM: E. B.•lloasaar. •
• •., Clerk of innect-Coancil. -
•-• ?resident of Common lamnall.
Attest: H. Maidairrin.
Clark of Common Council. lea
if ORDIBIAIICE grantingino.
R. 11..AGUZ 21,4 to .eenet eo rien.clad
et emote 1. B 4 a ordained wed otteeitid 'his elu
CV/ of Pittsburgh, fee deka and cameos oomt
elte s and' el go knob, ordained and
neacesd•by tee anshordy eif tee seseaci That Jobe
B. Hare. be and Is hereby authorised louvre th
tres.eled bundle don corner of 91Ith and entail.
man ligroin+. /Sin ward.. - •
Vico. 2. Thee soy ordinance or pert of ordl
saneeironlilcteng with the is...thage of this era
sure. al the present tinse4 he end the same la
hereby repealtd so farm the game affects tau or
dinaece. . .
Ordained and enacted Into a law this the let
4 1 T °
President of Select Connell.
/Mai: Z. B. Kowtow, • • •
Clerk orrtlectCoonell.
President of Common Connell.
Attest: H./Whim:res. 0 •
Clerk of common Connell. fell
. . . .
NO the Gradits4 of at. Clair street.
Worn Molt street to Protwoty of
"Award Brost. Esq.. aad sycamore
street, mat and west from et. Clods
street. .
n. It ordained hy the linnets and
Town I.inneli of the Borough of Mt. Inathlng
ton, and la le oedenii4 by the al:thorny or the'
emu. That rt. Clair street be ended to in fall
widdliros theliorth veneer erne Destkeill of
=ward Bract. Itso..'slidetnl on the West rlde
waterstreet In nth manner at to train the
from mid street joie, Innnion tn.vt;
ai,e ant dine gou
huh sare,te Mallen done /a sendemmincr Into
drain the Wattle of said St Clair Ate et tinnily
into Illyeamrwe and hut Wenn.;
ec n riTjell i gi t ?a= tta t isnP e tEla l t a tillit
minion to Ineliallarldth ham I is late 'lon wl
St, Clan street: emit and ova; to toe estoore
to forms proper and uniform grade tortoni
Bt. Clair street.
ego. 3. Tem the Street esestainea he minor
imm to employ a comixtesit (den Enelneer
prepare a draft - of nid et • Clair and Brentore
meets they. are lierelnliefore examinee to
tograded; and as soon utile tame istirepared
Its mil to lied In the office of the hamt of the
4. - Tlon ar peon tie therald drifter raid
mimesis so Sled, tee Inerzen shall odterrtee txt
the 0/22771, Voseseetetof sod Freedom': Yrtra4
newspepets for proposed. for the Inlay
of add
said tione. eaid pronouns to he t led;
Bled - In lna oan on a day °mann to be anted in
said ativerittennent. Dot jet than ten ars from
tee date of the lint pithlintiont end, than the
Bergen thaTl nil • meeting of the Yow l.Connell;
es held Ott Oa evening of the day fisinttfis
elating •of the time Ibr receiving propnain.,
when said phiposale shaft he oti hot Intim prin.
eneeof the Barge. and Town Connell, ani- the
contract awarded to lb/10Th% nod bon bidder.
OW. It. That Vie tarm. Open, WO lett cold Oro
pages shall he tooted ebiLl bear follows ll.
mish.wartentsable en the Annear of SW
teMber t eel imed in four coast german.
the completion of everf.'olereberti Dart of
grading, d ate hWinkle toe dote leilltetthrOe wont.
from the dof contract, and Um noel:rants-to
glve.boada fa the onto:SWOOP fel. the prompt
and Madan completion
DW K of tr M • wAo T
LIN. D . Z.
AtettiWM= . O (Auk.—
, .
iik c 4
c- VAT LE il 1
g ~0 A Ell A 1
. 4 4 4 j fil ; 1 4
1 0/ gr , ' 412 ' 44 11
.Alsta 1 ,
E" 0 *oral N
Q 4 I " 0 14 pa i"
Z>i A LiLA
A z
g 4 d
0 13 4
Is Now , in
NO. g 9 31412Eni--
Myer, arikU hiia been reduce
80 days. , Oak acciudvdil Itn•
ErLEG/1 - E - 21'.
- • - rmyr ccerrsnizave orrccs.
CITT or 1L.1.V 1 111/.IIT. Stb. 10, 1870 I
,Manufacturers of Iron Railing.'
paormaals at 01 lan •ITed at this adieu
until 3 o'clork r 4 TRUSLYDAY. February
I'Bo,lolo, fur outtiug OP 00
Scia•te. the'a Pat the Bton•
Taete mean .ablah gala renOt will eve, •
•hoterficatto as can be teen a: the omen at CI..
INIVIS, ett! • '
W. he. rmrrra.
clo , cc!utavier.
rift Cr AcLito c eiVP. ° lttATrr Ert I :ASV).
N •
BELLED PROPOSALL• will be rewired at this
Wars until 3 o'clock IIIILSDAY. Irtb:aarw
1870, for so kpll the Allegheny Water orks
•Itb Coal during tba •UlTellt„yesx.
Elks aro requested for both Eat and blaak
Teeooel to be deltrersd st slab and
igvelx Ma nner es tilt Neperbstendent (the Worts
rose direst.
The right Is t seised to relsct eat' or ell h'ds.
tole Nr. u. P1 . 3 . 1t1C11.. th:h tr
OM . OT •LLMDYri. fonaary 91e. 11:70.
ISICALID FRC I'OSIA LS win be received at this
.idea nntll 3 o'clock r. m.. MON DAT, Yebrozry
%Ist, In% f. Varnishing Oa': 'Witter Wocks
daring the current year with th., following JUP.
Water ritte, brunettes and steams, of tee M
otel/id diameter. via.: 4, 6.'1, 10, 12. 1 1 sad
ad AD CkkhC.: Pare Plum Valraa eel Illseal
mimes Caatioatt Flks ring .45400 Cr. k 50104
ad Ferrule ..
The .Dote supplies to he dethroned of ouch
times and pieces n the baberiniondent of the
Works maydiree . .
Bide 1400 solicited, ~ in / per cent.
twenty year 113nds, exempt from State sod mu
nicipal taxis, or cook 4 Tory three 'newt.,
apeeleestione and blanks fur bidders can b 3
Dreesired at (hi. °Bice and at the oCee of tee Su
perintendent, W. Peel, sr., Esq.
Tint right la retzrttd to reject any or all bids.
umi ths Undereigned, appointed Viewers
to view and Sties, the damages and ben.. AM on
thelopenlng of LANE ALLEY, In the
WW 2 . Ailed."). City, &smite Wallet terminus
to Jeffaron street, will meet on tne ground On
TUESDAY. 294 Yebruzry, 1570, at 3 ar.
to attend to the duties of their appointment.
that the undersigned Viewtes. appointed
to Clew sue use.. Um damages and bcnelts on
the opening , of TAI MAL AVENUE, with its
present width, from Palo Alto meet to Webster
street, will meet on the 100.111 on FRIDAY,
11th Tabroary, 1110, at 3 o'clock r. 311., to at
tend to tt a collet of their appolatment.
JOHN muumuu,
that the undersigned Via rem, anointed
to view sad wets the damages and betted t
lb. nettled of YONTILIiILY wrsemr, male
mining Ita ',meat width from the north mide or
Nara Wen to the ankh •side or J. demo
*tenet, will meet on the ground on SLTUItDAY.
11/11t Irebriarr. INTO, at 91 o'clock r. le., to
attend to the Outlet of tier ainaletment.
rcthe Nutter of Opening Lincoln Street.
Notice herebr given that the nee eermant for
damages made" by the Viewera for the onenleg
of LUtieits !street hu been. Sled to nuance for
colleetlea: that if eald aeselements are not phi
within thirty dare teem the date hereof. Ilene
will be tiled therefor against the Proberte an
fewest with Interest, eoeta and fees, and the same
collected bylegal prose...
10e PIUA Avenue.
ZITIBBITSGR, Jan. R9,-1170.
. The oadenteseed but tble dee entered f ran •
Wol= P altrati ;.". . ;"' " '" " 1" "".
At No.-119 ?EDER-V. STIVZIT, Trultro
ntoet, wicks lb. Am am of
• Y. A. O•LICA.Itti.
♦LLLUIWIT CrtT. Jaa.11.11130,
Messrs. O , LEAStY in SINGLETON hare just
returned lrom the lon. where they perebatod
,for oath a toren enn Stock of NOGNS.
and rA OCT 130010, Oconprlelnif to earl of Ho
/ loch' !bleu, Paper Lollar., Panel.
noolte. Lairs utd Heats Eatchtls. Cutlery.
Hankers. Chlldretee Cordage, Hobby Boma.
Carts lirago , a, . which opened &ad
ready for tale TM. ENDAY. 111119,
when we will Dilute to barb ohr friend. and
tho Publle done/ally to call and move., our
• .
The underslipse4 7 htei thls duyeuterttt tuto•
t a are r .t h a , fir the purpose of eanyleg on
At No: 1111 WOOD BIDXIT, ander the style or
-• , •
Prrislicracia, Veto. IL. 1511. 11°1111'UN.
. •
Tbe long t spefienar of Mr. Rebezio, re.
*lnn, from the boomofltotiertt. BOeolh_a Co..
ana that Or Mr. Metaled:OA /CO teht. •
0! err MeOlio , ooli • Co.'.'coolVoirtireto to under.
Stood ttionasobl %ha Wattle Or, the trod.. and
iilth snow so 7 fr.olin ninon of stood. onibincion
everrythlog in tie tleteettetyttaae, tile rettr.te
ft!lt, ootictiatbaro of oolitic pationme,pll:L.l_:
L "
P 7's 601 1 1 1 1 trjr •
nu oaken. end lropoteliela trieltleg freb a
salt-Wise or other Galmes, a nd whien prodeere
rens 01 the forcorble tdreevi Waren.. WO , /
treslateam Indlireatlon
soete . .. arretsaliness.. avonig.
basso( lanniory. indolowe, noel:areal eieli•
aria axially so 'prostrating W. annual system so to
render amnion • tlitsatubotary. end , irarotora
lialinidenti are portastmatly exited. Organs
wagar=at i rmd.,..ll=
• vette Doctor • Walt be never Jr.
UV . attention lean tog i Tismate r sono.
ppll eatlition or {literati% of triNVornti,i.ritaatr,
preritis, ltnononbuu. biesorrbatida. irrsaa•n•
tgrAtil l raorlitty or . Parrenneey are treat.
'IS la sailf.ovide= lA . dee bo WWI
bioneit ornlialltely to the otriyof secrilrn eiars
ot dlacues sad resin thonsaads of eases enry
year most samba greater still in Mt spinier)
Om one le gesiond prsoilee.
'tae gloater %abalones * niedleal pamphlet of
!ai l /rti m rail h' illia=sAbve.t.....ra u gairrig
or by varier two itioripe.r• erred envelopre.
imaseatteue rim Inotrainlost to the
end iambi Won to determine the pre.
'laza me .....fai—__l4MCOUDlttalt ten smite
rotanspla central. wenn is not oonveniont to
elan e city. the Doctor , . opinioe un oh.
Was be giving &written Statement of the cash
and lasigleints non be toreerdmi by mail or ea•
• te • lastinees. however, n perm.'
to elroletely nsecesary. white In
ere daily removal attention 1.11 rept red, sae
for the meoraniodation r toga mime. there ars
erinneatrad with the °Mos that sasin
, riceisite gat Is Wen
trinib ote Moven. leeleallag
s. All preseriptions npa Pre
Meter/ awe laboratory. enasat plairma A d
Yedionl pampideis Mee
Mit 'v r " di Or two stamps. So matter who have
• roadenatbe semi. Derrer e.g. tot It.ift
Bend•ye 131 at. po o h N. Once, No. 9 WYLIN
WriterT. leo. Ha* MI Pittalntexh.
0 0 3CO Mo 9
Progress at
sir, 3E
in prim, and. mud be sold .in