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1111116::ottnts Queen Victoria was a
m artyr to neuralgia.
Taus is enjoying ripe strawberries
four Inches In circumference:
COAL sells in Brilloi,t R. I, for $5 a
ton. The cause fs 'eoinpeition among the
dealers. •
Tree latest fuhion among young ladles
Is to select suits that will Match the color
of their bait.
L'Lxvitx Scandinavian newspapers are
pablished in the United States, four of
them in Chicago.
Psorgsson AOATISIZ IS 111 from nerrons
prostration and overwork, and cannot
even write letters.
teeny, only twenty years of age, and
ooks about sixteen.
nun' are cutting ice sixteen inches
thick and clear as crystal on the Penob
scot river, in Maine. •
Tres clerk of the Alabama Senate man.
aged to get 500 errors of spelling into one
bill a few days since.
Tug colored domestics at Bastrop,
Texas, anon a strike: and their mistress.
es do the homework.
ALBANY suspects that tAHOW II a prin
cipal ingrediment In the-butter used In
some of its restaurants.
EDWARD. WBAGET, the criminal refor
mer, recently gave a dinner to two hun
dred thieves in London.
J. J. WEIGIIT, newly elected Judge of
the Supreme Court in South Carolina. is
a colored Pennsylvanian. •
A LADY recently .went into a dry 'geode
store and 'asked for 'some bleached cloth
suitable for reposing robes.' •
A New Toss paper catalogues the
names and dresses of the ladies who at
tended worship at Grace Church.
AN lowa paper mentions the cue of a
man married seventeen years, who has
eleven children living, having lost six by
Clue" Juarez Cans has decided that
the amendments to the Constitution do
not enforce their own provisions without
Tax fiftieth birthday of Maine as a
State occurs next month: It Is proposed
by the Mainites to celebrate the day in
some manner.
Wintx Jacob got rich watering his
uncle Laban's stock, be set an example
that modern •rallw,ay, kings' have dill.
gently followed.
Tax King of Greece has a penchant for
the sea. He said the other day he would
lather command • Br:Wawa! vowel thin
biKing of Greece.
Ax astronomer predicts' for:this year •
comet of Rich brilliancy and so near the
earth, that our nights will be almost as
bright as our days.
IN Prance there are 470 beet root fse-
tories; 116 in Belgium, and 22.5 is Prawn.
Switzetlaud alone produced i 2,500,000
tons of beet root sugar. .
' - Puma generally.manago to have only
one political party to abuse them ; but the
New York Herald says Able Rathbone
Corbin Is abuied by both.
EUGENIE bad her apartments at the
Tuileries refurnished during her Eastern
journey, and bong with portraits of the
favorite ladies of the court. .
. A wrxx,solown old bestelor in New
bcquesEbea U00,000,,--Msentl
fanzine, to Mr.' Bergh's Society for the
Prevention of Cruelty, to Animals.
. c AN escaped: convictin Ohio voluntari
ly returned the other day, having conclu •
dal that actual Imprisonment was prefer-
able to continual fear of arrest.
N a. PA , DEN GOODWIN. editor of the
New TM:Evening post, it isinnonncel,
is to become editor of Putnam's Maga
zine, beginning with the Apail number.
Lt many parts of Illinois the winter
wheat Is represented to be almost entirely
killed out by the alternate freezing and
thawing which have characterized the
A Lyarnacrati paper is warm in Its
praises of a now Invention, which, it
contends, will save one thousand per
cent of the labor in the manufacture of
Dv these days of 'watered stocks,' ft
will scarcely be be,lieved that two come
ratios, are before the Xasmiclumetts
Legislature asking leave to reduce their
capital stock.
Tug bill In relation Utah,• taking
away fhe rights of the "Xoroxing •as citi
zens nni:l they abolish Polygamy; kill be
re p o rted a, the-Bowe some time thieweek
for early action.
Tic cattlng oft of young girisquirby.
miscreants seems to be epidemic. a. cue
of the kind happened In Lynn, Comm-,
tient, last week, and similar reports come
from (Aker places. •
Tree Prince of Prussia has lately visit
ed Palestine. Judy says he made a
point of going Pr Jetted; and expresses
the charitable wish that several other for
eign potentates would follow him. •
Own of the Governors of New .Efstrip•
shire made it a wait to consider no petition
for the pardon of a convict in the State
prison until he had sorted out half the
- term for which be was sentenced.
. Worm - James Bayles Was eating his
breakfast in Elizabeth, N. J., he was
seized with immoderate laughter at a
funny story, a caeca of meet stuck in his
throat, and lie was choked to death.
A. PARIS letter says it has:pen edger.
vet that the mortality among mum
ladles from 21 to 24 yews of see pogo:wed
of 'all the comforts,' is well as the luxu
ries of home, never was so excessive as
this winter.
otter of wind on Tuesday, the 18th
nil, carried a tin sign representings gold
pen from a store in Detroit up Into the
air, and In its descent the point of th e
sign penetrated 'the back of a dog impel
. tug him to death.
31.101.1aAa papers report thst a poor
Man in that State who named his child
for Ron. Horatio Seymour, hag received
a POO gold wrath, ;100 worth of cloth
ing, and $lOO In cash IA acknowledg-
Pent of the compliment.
A - courts were about to be married
In the Catholic church at Seymour, Con
aseticut,-Istely, when a girl, at the prop.
er place, forbade the banns. and, after an
interview with the priest, was herself
carried to the bridegroom.
rotas gernhunan id Charles Elty:
lowa. sent seventy-Ave cents to New
York, recently, for a method of writing
without pen or ink. He received the
followinginscripUon, In tarps type, on a
card : 'itTrite With a Montt,.
• BRAM is the greatest producer of cot
tee, furideblng the article known in mar
ket as the Rio coffee to the amount of
1100,000,000 lbs. yearly, or more than one
half of what Is supplied by the whole
-world, viz: 711,000.000 pounds.
Time British Museum has just received
Iwo remarkable stone Nantes from Easter .
Island, in the Pacific, which exhibit on
their backs a marking like that of the
crescent and the triansle, so common to
the sculptured stones of. Scotland. •
ST. Joux's lamenla Lodge, No. 8, of
[Meow, Scotland, lately celebrated the
4101 hundred and twelfth anniversary of
its existenc4. It was founded by :tang
.Idalcolca In the year 1Q39, nine y e ars pre.
'ions to the Norman conquest of England.
Tee Pl,9lleleil of the. raEs Opera
House has discovered a - novel - means of
curing.boateeness In Magma. Ife elec
trifies them Just before they goon, and
• they electrify the audience, singing with
Spirit: merge' gest ell Pined from the
battery at so truth per shook. - '
AT Lille, Franz., the banns d Amt .
One were publiebed recently of Pierrei
Faux, aged 48, end - Alleite Le
long, aged 84. The nephews Pi olecui
of the lady, who lose the MONK" of a,
fortune _of $60,000, bate attempted to
.- -r
• ... t
( \
...• N '
Vir ....
1 ' 1111 • ''.
- 4 F ' ' . 1 /
11 • ~., :..ti. i . "
.... .
) .
1111 Ze V
.1 3Z - X3CV
went the ititiirfagit a the ground of
IN Paris, tly, a young woman
stole the w d chain of a prominent
French la . 'liking arrested, and
learning whe rvicilutwas,she slireidly
retained him • conduct her defence for
the theft It is held by learned legal gen
tlemen that the advocate cannot refuse
the brief. II
Tue Erie ahske, at Jersey City, pro
diced a heroine 1 Au aged German, who
spf -sof
took the place 0 one of the strikere, and
was roughly used by them, was accom
panied each day to and from hie work by
his stoat and buxom daughter, who pro.
tected him by her presence and a six
shooter which she carried in her, band.
Tug captain of a ship at. San Francisco
evaramited some quicksilver in his ves
sel, In order to destroy the rats, which
was succeettfully accomplished. The
ship was then ventilated, and the croir
went on board at night to sleep. In the
morning all were found to be salivated
—the fumes of the quicksilver not hav
ing been thoroughly eradicated. They
narrowly eseapea the fate of the rats.
Puna= DS Lk TOOII tairtzacurs,
who has obtained a grant front thc,Sultan
of the ground whereon Christ' taught the
Lord's prayer, is personally superintend
ing the eresction of a temple on The spot
which will coot In the prayer in every
language. She is an, enthusiast and
works on the building with her. own
bands, and has already spent over $30,-
000 in carrying out her project.
Tae following is an approximate state
ment of the bonded debts of the railroad
companies named, issued prior to the
passage of the Legal Tender act, as taken
from the last statement rendered •
N. Y. Central, about - $11,250,000;
Erie, $18.300,000; -Harlem., $3,000,000;
Reading. $3,250,000; Mlcbigan• Central,
$6,500,000; Lake Shore,-$15,300,000;
Illinois Central, 44,250.000 v Cleveland &
Pittsburgh, $3,750,000,- Northisestern,
$12,000,000; Rock Island, $1;000,000; St.
Paul, $10,000,000; Wabash, $12,000,000.
. .. . .
Putts wood is of great valuo in 'North
Carolina. They have discovered a new,
way , of making turpentine. They char
pine wood in a retort, and the prOduction
from a cord of wood is said to belten gal-
lons of turpentine, worth $4; eighty gal
lons of oil, $2B; fifteen gallons Of black
varnish, $7 20; one hundred' gallons of
wood acid, $5 •. , and forty-two bushels of
charcoal, besides conelderbale Inflamma
ble gas; but besides this, theproduct bu
a market value of $2 50, all of which is
obtained at a cost for wood and labor of
ten dollars.
ruins TONOVED Texas woman -sg
granted her lord to such an extent that
be deserted his home in liondon 'and fled
to Galveston, where he wrote tie follow
ing interesting letter: • '
• Cialesston, January the 76x, 1870.-319
Lovin Wytet Ime cumin ome nix week
an hay forgly you for jawin mb. -;
came en the 7 o'clock true_ and shall
stay cute hereafter & tel to be n, altered. l
man. I want peace and so do, yaw why
shouldn't we love each other as 'we used
ter wen we Hut fined together; in the
wholly kends of madiock. •No fined a
temprance society, but ifyew ever law
me agin for commits onsel'll stabil) yew
like fity, for we must have--peace., as
grant Dm
A - MAIUSUMUItO correspondent of the
Erie Dispatch relates the following mine
ing incident as occurring atthe late luau.
guration of Gov. Geary: As the pro
cession filed into the capitol grOunds, a
dense mass of peoplo had, in anticipation
gathered :solid about the stand in,front of
the capitol. A guard of soldiers were
keeping the platform clear when 'sudden
ly some wig of a fellow,
with his bat
under blearm,_ advanced from Inisind
the front ofthe siege, ehdliowinklo the'
net audience, said, in a clear puddle
acct vole% With isobar face, `Luilloa and
gentlemen :- I have been delegated' by
the. Delia:mu Blabir.rmtral Casmonlttee
to say Gat the promise they made you,
that Ass' Packer abeniti l be Inaagurated
Governor of this Commonwealth to-day,
in this pivot, 'ermine% •be , fulfilled ;. Mr.
Parker is not in town to-day; and wOn't
be.' Then the fellow bowed; awl; aatid
shouts and screams of laughter, mithout
moving a muscle of his face; withdrew.
iimuivron is to have an Opera genre
Irons of the Avondale widows have
married Y
ions nowt boaala $9, 1 )00 . 0r 4 siniag
in the , borough tritest:try,
Pwramtaux Oman is afliletcd with
highway robbrrra. , ,
Firm= thmisand . colored men will
vote at the next general election In this
- -
Tax expenses of Montgomery' county
for the year 1869 are repotted by the
auditors at $100,871.49;
Palma If obleor oflsncsattir, who
died a few days sinc e, Waves an estate
valued at half a
A SON of Augustus Goodrich stuck his
hand in a straw cutter. In.-Clearlkdd, and
took It out.minlis tbreellugers.
Wx. M. Stauffer,* well known and es
teemed citizen of Washington township,
Balm county, died suddenly on 'Monday,
o[ cramp. .
-Panama.% dalles to lava the ingest ,
431113116 ball to be found In the
z intior of
Pennsylvania. ", Beading makes claim
1 of that sort. _
Tan revival at the Lutheran church In
Johnstown la still kept up. A great many
hays joined the church, and the 'interest
seems unabated. '_ •
Yq Roma= fell from the-root or the
P. R. R. shop in Altoona some day' ago,
and was pretty well hurt. , fle !teat up
like a Rocket; and came down like the
Anaemia heavy prodactng well ist
"Red Hot," in the thamburg District,.
has been struck, which is sunioitsly ter
ported u producing from 75 to tOti Man
per day.
Ray. T. DaWrrr Taxman& wint back
ou the.Teung Men's •Uhristian !Wachs.
lion of Mollldaysburgby falling to put hi
an appearance there some days ago to de•
liver a lecture extensively advertined.-
1.1m40 L Orranuour has been appoint
ed-by the Governor and commissioned by
the State Department, AtsoClate Judge
for the several warts of bourne county,
to All the vim:my coessionedhy thelleath
of lion. George P. Steels, -
Ale infant child -of Mr: 411taticey,:of
Johnston, died from strangulation last
leech. De picked up a smaliacrsw, and
child like, put it to his month, froth
whence It clipped Into his throat and
lodged there. All cfrortli to eftri94 lo3l
were unavailing. . •
TAN •Pdsdensville eine 'minas, neer
Isiklehem, annually yield 24,000 tons of
ore of all itades. The opening, or pit;
Is now 25feet deep, and embracesan area
of about livo acres, with levels running
(remit in every direction and extending
turdergiound for miles.
Ls a bar room at Reno on Wednesday
two men named Win. Young and Patrick
Brown, got into a quarrel about a small
amount of money, when Brown drew a
knife and ant young in the thigh. Young
immediately grabbed; the knife from
Brown, and stablgal lat h y Welsch;
producing death.. • ,
Ax oil company has been found •st
Leechberg, on the West Penn's IL ,
for the purpose of putting down a weft IP
I that yid. nity, deep enough to thoroughly
test the Matter as to whether or not there
Is oil on the Conemough river. The
company propose to put down the well
to tho depth of Moen hundred feet, or
despelf if necesnry to thorouh. teat
1 1, a tr uorf, They will comm e n co bor.
log in slew days.
TIEN new county of Peirolla ti to be
made up, flume miles, all follows
prom Crawford 246 miles; Warmoo ;
enangor--total 423. This only covers
thoponsdlntional py 23,11i1it5, - that
limit providing tbst no Pe* soNtitrpliall"
be established less than 400 Rime miles
In site ; Trt the event of the passage oftfie
mils,ralfod_will Mill contain 458 ware
ile area mut Yeast:lgo 320.
!,he included,*tihe hew
wanly iseStlgtito "PM'
r i r:~;~;~ ~.~;~~1;~(~~
Pennsylvania Legislatuf:
Veto of the Metropolitan Police
Bill—Also, the Bill Intended
for Dr. Schoeppe's Case—l he
Divorce Question—Temperance
Local Option Law—Gov. Geary
•. Denounced for Ills Veto—Much
Confusion in the House.
OlPaella Dlosiet, to the Pittsburgh Oatette.l
HARRIEBURO, Feb. 10, 1870.
A message from the Governor vetoing
the Philadelphia Metropolitan Pbllcabill -
was received and read In the Senate at
half.past twelve, creating a grain manta
tion. The message Is long, and recites!
that the bill Interferes with the right of
chiming to select their own °Meets. is too
costly, and Is contrary to the spirit and
genias of the Constitution.
Mr. CONNELL moved perstponernent
of oonslderatirfit. Agreed to—yeile • 16,
nags 15, all the Democrats voting no, and
all the Republicans voting aye, except
' Mr. DUCKALEPT moved to print one
thousand copies. Agreed to—yeas 20.
nays 11. all the Democrats voting aye,
and all the Republicans no, except
Masers. Brooke, Kerr, Lowry and Watt.
Another message from the Govefner
VoiOingthe 14W allowing writs Orem*
to the Supreme Court to review the evil
demos ea well as late in -case of murder
and - volt:hairy Manidaughter,lntended to
relieve Dr. Shoappe, was read immediate
ly afterwards and consideration
poned. A strong effort will be made In
this OHIO to relieve Dr. Shompe, notwiih.
standing the veto of tho Governor, but
the police bill is dead.
A large number of petitions were pre
sented tor a temperance local Option law,
and the abolition of capital punishment:
Mr. HOWARD presented a petition
trom Kilbuck towashipdbr a change In
the road law.
Also, a remonstrance from East Bir
mingham against consolidation.
Mr. , GRAHAM presented • ?amen.
etrance from McClure township against
annexation to Allegheny
Also, a remonstrance from Elizabeth
bOTOtlial and township against chartering
a steam ferry over the Monongahela at
said borough, which was read. = -
. .Mr..GRAHAM called up his bill allow.
'hog August Ammon,. Jug:Scoot tke Peace
of East Birmingham, to rembve his
famny residence to Lower St. Clair Wean,
ship. Passed.
. .
By Mr. BILLINOFELT: Providing
-that local school reports shall be distrib
uted by county superintendents,
slaving the Logishatura the expense.
By. Mr. WATT: For the' putuahment
of persons guilty of any act by which
laborer., mechanica, conveyancers or real
estate brokers aro deprived from collect
ing wage.' or commissions.
The bill authorizing corporations to
decrease capital stock was disctueoad and
recommitted, on motion of Sir. White.
sews' OF Ireernortmerirmi
Thoßpeaker appointed Boum Brown
sh/rhicemey, Derttodrate, sad - Bong, El•
licit and Bunn Republicans% as a Com
mittee aritheriied to irrialtigate whether
any corrupt mania ware used in the
passage otthe Philadelphia hietropcilitan
Police bill.
TIVORCE nll4, , '
Theblll regulating divorces; was dis.
crewed nearly all day. It providertlist
Courts may grant divorcee in all cases
where the Court shall bailey°, from the
arldance, that the beet Interests of par.
lice abd the cause of public morality
will be promoted thereby. It lasts all
the: power beretrifere exercised by the
Legislature In Courts. Any married wo
man may Rue for divorce In her own
name, and tier estate shall be !labia fur
rests alone sole.
Finally Mr. PORTER:, of Toth, moved
ludepone postponement. Carried.
. . . .
Drama piLle coxerrmuin.
The bill exempting faintly sewing ma
chines from taxation throughout the
Commonwealth passed.
The bill authorizing the Governor to.
appoint Notaries Public, whore necessary
was laid over.
Tho bill protecting baggage was
EVENING Szettiox.—The "pedal order
was the bill giving to the voters In any
diemict the right to vote for or against
thinning dram-shop".
Mr. CHAMBERLAIN supported the
bill. presenting a resolution of the State
Temperance Coirvention inits . farOre '
Mr. 010 PER, of Delaware, introduced
an amendment providing that :by the
same process the dealer& of one election
may be reversed by the majority at , the
next election. • _
At the suggestion of Mr. Chamberlain.
he modified his amendment by providing
, that Furth election may be had every
three years, and at Mr. Leslie's sums-
Hon he further modified hie altliendniedd. ,
,by provldlngdhat this .law shall •not re.
peal any local prohibitory law, now In
forts •
The amendment t n tnedifled was
Mr.. BEHR moved an amendment
striking out the words Making the Care
Lion In oily, borough or township.
Mr. SOffiffrit prasentoff twenty re.
monstrance', embracing one ihonsand
names, from Cheater county, against the
eiet.'neang OONDZYNIII.
air. DAMS made a smooth, In wbleh
he took OCC10)11 IN very strong terms to
condemn Governor Geary for vetoeing
the 'Metropolitan • Pollee MIL Amld
much oaoltan*ent and mile border bun
the Dembaratin eltie, • Mr. Dales said the
Goyernov tbid vetoed the bill 'mite of
the fact that Philadelphia elected him
Governor,Velet burlesque two such as to
strike out "cider, lager beer, sour ap
ples," &a, were made.
Mr. (MAID moved an amendment
punishing by ten de,ya , Ipp:doom:Dent re.
!alai to discloie a violation of thelaw.
air. HUMPHREYS elyeredlig amend
meat providing Unit the KO not
apply to licensed parties who Sell
liquor by the drink, arid shall not affect
'dlstfilurs, brewers and Wholesale liquor
dealers , Defeated.
WHITE. offered asuhatllnte for ills
wholt dip • ipsin costars of whichwouto districts, kt'eVerlf •Inoltel
election, the decision fur or against
eenesfand was brief In Me provision/li.
'The subject was postponed Gil Tnurs
day afternoon nest.
The Pollee 11111—Tho
(Br Telogrt pia to 11. vuutstria ometie• • -
lioniiipund, February 10,—Govemor
Oeary'a veto tir the hietropoiltan Police
Bib says: To rem:miser the right Of
Legislature to legislate especially for
'one - city is to acknowledge they have
a similar' power • over every other
city, ,village sand -borough selthin• the
State, and that by some reason Congress
possesses like power to legislate for dif
ferent tjtates and make a - grind metro
titan police bill ai d secure executive le gislative and judcial .pEtwor to a law
re:Ms. - and !'‘ , ..l‘tdoltie rumps oF the
,•i.eople. , tie le,'qupropired to sanction
any Such tolachlevolUmi
anti -Republican in ebaracter and: gate
latevl itt Bs
I the people..
The Case of fir. nebteppe. •
athlitsillgtO, rohnorey 10.-4dovernor
tattles; Owfueod to , openers 'the bill
!sat gook directing tho Sgprethe
b 7,77 to reView erldprow and Amid,
capital cum, on:
thipir *visits: Dire° t 6
covor theme of Dr. licheoppe, now under
soutane° of death In Carlisle. hi nefi 9.1-,
I , 44nen tuis boo' presented, to: the tenter.
gai!g.lbe ca se, and It - is generally eon.
that •if .13opreote Court shall
_ . there Is no error its thappOrd ,
Will hat to Inclined to Kt, oWinanoy
to the prisoner. .The record, as It now
shoidg with the Eascidive, is moat dim;
.Slogrsa fiebooppo.. . • 1
_BRUARY 11, 1870.
(By Telegraph to the Pittsburgh Gasettes)
. WA/3 a IletiTON. Feb.lo, 11370.
, .
Mr. SCHURZ introduced a Joint rem.;
lotion c oncerning colleges for the promo
tion, • .
of Agricultural and mechanical artri
It provides that the State Which hiei no
received its proportion Ur the grant of
/ands donated tiV - Hie United . States for
mechanical college..
m a rl i t n u f ra ut l ur g e ntli m r ec ecal
uoleea the colleges to be established shall
provide facilities for instruction for all
without regard to 'nee of color. • Re
ferred to LUmmittee effEdneation.
Mr. RAMSEY, from Committee on
Post Office, reported .the House Post
Route bill, with amendments. • ,
The greater portion of the morning
hour was consumed by Mr. 800 FF, in
refeltalkm of the theOrlea and statistics 1
of the Special Commissioner Of Internal
Revenue jimitticularly as to the coot of
the mannfacture of pig Iron. He pro
, tented .against .the.. right of an officer,
clothed with the duty of collecting eta+
Oath% for general information,M send
the Senate mutilated quotations arid
anonymous clunmunicatioes, containing
erroneous statemenbs of fact;,. , upon
which Congress would lie Raked to base
its legislation.:. .
Mr. CHANDLER, from Committee on
Otminerce, reported favorably, the bill
to promote commerce among the States,
etc.. authorizing Railroads from Wash
, button to New York, to Pittsburgh and
Cincinnati, and telegraph lines • from
Washington to the two, latter points.
Upon the • expitation of the morning
hour Mr. TRUMBULL said he- chaired
to call up the M11)81841,0 bill.
Mr. RAMSEY made an effort to bring
before the Senate the bill to abolish the
franking privilege, remar t. l7 he has
been instructed by the Pos Committee
to urge Its immediate c.onsid Mon.
Mr: MORRILL. (ate.) being awarded
the floor, called up the bill making ap•
propriations to supply-the.deticiendee In
appropriation. to . the naval service for
the present year, which was panned.
The hitallealopt bill was taken no.
The imeselort was stated to be upon the
amendment of the committee to strike
from the bill the preamble end all condi
, times, 'leaving simply the toreiricaltion to
admit the State to representation.
.The bill gave rise to a lengthy ; discrete
Mont:mon the policy. of imposieg fonds.
Mental conditions prior to the reprise:in
, tenon of a State in Congress, - Messrs.
Trumbull. and Mortop.favored unciondt-
Serial representation..atid Wears. PPM.
eroy, Edmunds and Wilson opposed It.
Daring the discussion Mr. rils WART
corrected whet 7te wild wen a -nderepra.
aentation of fact. made by the idenator
I from Massachusetts, (Mr. Stetuner)
, during debate on the, Vliwtnia-hilt." He
I naldi .that'ln. his controversy,tth the
Senator from Illinois, li).
Mr. Sunnier had asseated to be th eut (Mr. Tr mbuhcr
of the previslon In theraconstra don lot
of 1867, conferring suffrage upon thecoix
cored.race.'. Tlideustmutption Mr. Stewart
I. Obillted was unfounded,' tor wad shown
by the °Motel records of the proceedings
i pf., She House or Representatives; by
*ditch it appeared that` the provisionrit.'
(erred to originated in the House on We.
;12th ef,Febnary, 1867, where it , was of-,
fared - by Mr. Bleghato, of Ohio. This
was prior to the date on which Mr. Saes.
nor claimed to have proposed the meas
ure for the first time before a Ociikunlttee
of the Satiate. He noticed the Senator
was preparing to reply, and hallooed his
(Mr. Sumner's) explanation of: the at
tempt to .appropriate .to himself credit
belonging to another would include some
satisfactory reason for hls failure or re
feral to vote for the bill submitting the
-Petwerith Amendment te the&ates.
Mr. SUMNER submitted and had read
a portion of the speech complained of by
the Senator (mm. Nevada and claimed
that his asatirtion bad been 'imply that
pen isiwasest-maliewthe—prcet • •
• farted to hadheen 'matured. He denied
that his claim wax as to It. mere
origin but.... that, it related to the
Maturity of---the; measure. He re.
ferred • - at' , length to the various
measures of reconstruction INialatien
which heeadintroducod and advocated
at various time., all baVing for their ob.
left the establishment and enforcement
of the principle of equal and impartial
etifentgle :In &inanition - he el elated
. that
isfthity is IfebranneyVktu 18115, lie had
proposed In the Senate to require color.
ed an ffrege as the cornerstone of recon
, attraction 'and - had. followed it , up by
similar measures. i--
Mr. SHERMAN recited the history 'of
the Initial •• reamstruction mesiriirea,
showing that a caucus of Republican
Senators was held, to which was refer.
two an t garotte= ef. , sittletenee with •
view to presorting' Republican unity In
the Senate. A committee appointed by
thin caucus analyzed all the bills balers) ;
the Senate arid screed upon universal off
frau u the hails of southern re
construction the only question being
as 10 the ma nger In Which. It was to be
carried out, and this being settled the I
report of the Committee was adopted by
the CatICTUI and a bill agreed upon which
was autestinently posed by the Senate.
lie believed the Booster from Massachn I
setts was saws the nrst In the Senate to
'advocate the neoseitof girl= to the
'colored - people of the ugh the right to
vote, and why that Senator should now
deem It necessaryto occupy an hour of
time to Rave Snit which could not be
denied be not towillirlitind.
t. Mr. SIT/INER said Ittihad only replied
to the attack of the Senator from Nevada.
JariSTZVPART denied having made
any attack, but asserted the attack hal
.peen commented by Ina Simmer, and in
proof of tds assertion he read an extract
from the recent speech. of.that Senatar,
es published In the tifobeidenuncialary of
himself for having deserted to the Demo-
Lusts upon the question of Virginia's ad
naisalOm' Salsas Idle to talk to the Sena.
for from hissilachments sheet occu pying
the tithe of the henste , as'
snored -to Abe the principal of
the Senate. and wan the only
man who email lecture the Senate up=
principle wh atte m p t faned to legislate.
lie dolled th of ro grand, tie ex
pansive and so Impractical • a theorist to
read him out ofthe party. He bad made
no attack upon any ono, and when the
Senator fromMippectusotts alleged blot.
self to have - been 'the subject of at
tack,-it' would go better° the whole
onunry to look at the record of debates,
ind learn the truth. The same records
would also show that the man who would
read him (Mr. Stewart) out of the party
had net bau to any rosiliderable extent
the author of statutes which had
served or received the approval of the
Senate. Ifs argued at *erne length that
In the matter of the liVth Amendment
and other legbdittOn 'he bad stood with
the Republican majority, while Mr.
Sumner had opposed 'Ewe meaeores.
Mr. DRAKE told that be had only one
remark to asks upon the dlacnealon
day, and that was to express what he
thought. TAO the ganand opinion of Ben.
o at =trof , LUP,7:Tgvl , 4°,47*,"
Mr. Till/MIAS, referring td the state.
Mont of hii colleague .(Mr. fitiormen).
said It was a strange revelation In the
eatsiti7l history that recorustruction
measures, the molt Important ever en.
acted by Congress, had reoelved2form
andpurpose, not In an authorized con
'Motional lody, hnt to the secret Imam
Of • putt , eaucus.
Mr. TRUMBULL slid be bad no di*.
position to bandy word., with any EL ,.. a.
tar, but felt compelled to make •
eonal statement. Borne days ago he
replied, by way of correction, to certain
gross misatatemeute by the Senator from
Mauschlisetts, who, Under time pretext
of • reply, had paltenand charges which
he (Mr. Vl:Mahon) . had sheen could not
ter warranted by the °Metal records.
Today, in the course of his controversy
with the Senator from Saud* Mr.
I Sumner bid read and twice) re
peated language formerly used by
him, as follows: "Do you not know that
from the day the Reposition fur colored
imps= was that Introduced Into this
&Mbar down to the acceptance by the
Atli, the' Senator . (meardhi , Mr.
I cobalt) hoe heen Its persist t ens-
Mr Trgintl4ll. - man t just
the ' * Xpeeilb"
whist' this Bogus
shown the Senate .that he did
for the measure niferred to, end that not
the sifeihtur foundation for Mtn °WO
existed. He now produoe4 a reword of
the ayes end 'tiers on the qtteation In
Lenora hle sesertlon. Whether entitled
is credit or 41=144 for his vote,
*Si. i tokeltV dllferent wetter.
Hs diet se Ms. fie:1 1 0 1 W .zeiw iltav, In
addition, that there was not a single re
tanstractlon act In the statutebook for
*blob hAdidnot 'antr
um the beginning.
And' fußheri to his ouilnithaitetliarmin
at the Judiellif7 COMMlttee, was oom•
milted lathe reeonahnotton. Mils print
kr the retwessnhatou'wf Shr t tse. How
then could it be said that - he had ever
been the persistent enemy of roc:cults:lo.
tion? He we. a member ef the caucus
in regard to which the Senator from Ohio
had borne his testimony: That canine
was unanimously in Aim of conferring
suffrage upon the colored race of the
South and the only question Mel wsti as
W the best way of doing it. _le then
read sue= TWA.. [Mpg extracts, cub.
Made of Mr. Snomer'seourse la the - Sat
contraveray bettreen himself ateLthat
Senator and denimciathijf of himself, and
remarked that he walifMntent to pat the
record of his vanes iu the Senate against
the =supported deelaratlons s of the
Senator from Marwasditmette. Referring
to the language mod'. by Mr. Sumner,
Imputing to him (Mr. Trumbull) an In
tention to deceive the,llenate In the mat
ter of agreement come days previews to
take a vote upon the Virginia Mil at a
panicular LIMO he jiald tr
oth Senator
had Intentionairabtight to teriest soot
misconstrue the anguege of er Sena.
tom while Mao= umertious would net
bear the teat of ecru -
In ooncluzion he child Mr, throttler
with having on certala , mounirea acted
In alliance with the'.of-.the.
Senate to defeat the O f the
Republican majority,. nee' Dr .°3l , n
views had not . been, diy accepted by
his party associates. iy,was this
the cage upon the Lo bill, when be
fore the Senate some years age, on which
°meal= the Senator Romlunette
delayed the action 011ie Senate dila
story motions, each MI motions to ad
journ. He (Mr. Trumbull) favored that
bill, believing It smuld have been agreed
thing-to have organised that State on
the Union side during - the war, and Mr.
Lincoln was of the urns opinion, but the
measure was opposed. in the Senate by
Mr. Stunner and other Senators talking
flinst -
~16...illYhtliER Said. Its hail Only one
word to nay by way of reply. The Sena.
tor reminded him of a sick
man on an nanny bed., He would there
let him lie. Referring to the remark of
Mr. Drake relative tolls. discussion, he in
quired whether theßenator intended, to
allude to himself?
Mr. SPARE replied that his remark
wee not intended Whey° a personal sp.
glutton.. A discussion like the present
one would degrade:lite Senate before
the country:
On motion of Mr. THURMAN the Ben
ate adjourned.
Mr. ROOTS introduoed a ,bill to ea
courage the .estabilidtrumat of a mall
steamship line to ladle and Chiba, and.
promote • emigratiOn from Europe to
Southern States.' 'Referred.
The resolution reported Same time
sine - front the - Coinmittee. on Fonda's'
Affairs. balling air the Prioldent the lir
formation concarains the intethsffiraeltt
of American enflame In England for 'pi).
Waal offimses,eamernpihr &modem Ls,
the morning hoer:: " • - '•'
Mr. WOOD addremed ths hawse: ti .
king strong gulf* spinet the British-
Government..,, „ 1
'The dlecussiost eras ferther Centimes'
.by Messrs. Haight, Eletidtnakei and Wil
kinson on the asps aide, of „the dneetion
and the matter 'sent over , till; the nett
morning hour; _, l _ ' • " 1 _ , •
gr. WOOD aliklial lave toiffc. a idil",
elution di! Pie Committee. ; lon R. ,
progriatkina to . an. enproprigticni
Gfrehiad to th oniesiYorl r E
I 'dlitmrsod in I der the di of
the Union DOMINI 0111104ftlle , t.
lag to nearly 11.121 1 1.Q00. - .; ,:, • ,-. t - ti :, .
kir. omaketow
~,ii0d7 . •,.. 1.__4 1 01 1 "
lar Eronceition• ier Imams wait. longed
Mr. BARKS sieved the - privileids of
the floor for theilay be given John Kitts,
who was born In Dentusylvezda In. MI.
was a soldier of the Revolution. Witness.
ed the surrender of Cornwallis at York
town, and bad al.o served In the war of
1812. . .
The motion was agreed to unanimous
ly, and the old neonatal= was soon our.
rounded 67'1:numbers, with whom be
chatted in a 11ty and Intelligent man ,
nefs atio.Y.lnel .. nfficilAtOtd.e?..:
Creme ea u.
Mr. JULIAN offered a resolution di
recting the tkunmittee on Dahlia Lands
to define by law what was meant by
swamp and overflowed lands. AdOpte&
Mr. BUTLER, Masa., offered a resent.
Son calling on the Secretary of State for
information why the Spanish Govern.
meat had not paid In cola, according to
the [MGM of 1831. the Interest on the
claims of American Citlieln In Parie, Mid
why any portion thereof had Mon paid
I to creditors In legal tender notes, &O.
' Mr. BUTLER also, from the Commit
tee on Reconstruction. reportod back the
bill for the removal of dimbilitios from
loyal citizens. Recommitted.
The House then, at L3O, went into
Committee of the W hole. Mr Clowns in
the Chair, on the Legislative appropris-
Uon hill.
Mr. NV-CLEFS amendment, 'offered
yesterday, keeping the Capital police up
to the present number and pay, gave
rise to considerable dtscuselen, which
was closed by Mr. DAWES, who advo
cated the proposition of the CommitMe
on Appropriations to reduce the appro.
prlatten to 132,000.
The amendment was rejected.
The paragraph for the pay and mile.
age of members having been reached,
Mr. BUTLER (Maasackueetta) moved
to reduce It half a million, with a pro.
Moo that no part of It shall be paid for
mileage. Hwdestred the. gentlemen to
go to the country on the question oti
economy, and that they . Maud vote on
some pracßcal thing. )3ere was a queer-
Ron that ftted members themselves,
and on which they could save to the
Truantry 1500,000• year.
The debate was gam, spicy end ex
citing. •Mears. Flint, Kelly, (of Penn
nYlvallia,) Farnsworth and o
reduction, and Meows. Ingersont
Lain umported it.
Mr. COX improved the occasion to at
tack Mr. Butler, of Masiachusette, who
he said.' ironically, loved the -people
and wouldn ' t take take militerielther to
currency or gold.
Mr. BUTLER replied, dlslainfitily,
o littoo ily. don't bodder me."
Mr. COX, in turn. end everybody knew
that the gentleman was Wondered a bed
Mr. HOAR made the point that Mr.
Co: was traniqueseinit the, Rules of the
The Chairman would have sustained
the point bed not the gentleman's time
exA ired.
r. EITEVENRON obtained the floor.
Mr. COX-611ve me half a minute to
finish my sentence, only to say this one
thing. (Cells to order). Thegentleman
makes au attack Upon mood then hides
himself like a bomb proof soldier, as be
Is. (Renewed calls to order). Tha t is all.
Hr. STEVENSON remarked to the
' House that Howe WWI ;treacly 4 wenn
I.prosovition to abolish willisge made'by
' hiniself and referred to the Committee
on Mileage, of which he was a member.
and he hoped that the Committee would
report a bill for the reformation or aboli
tion of mileage,
The disc on went on it considerable
time and was further participated In by
Mews. folfereoll, Reek, Ravin, Rldridgfr.
Towneend. - Logan, Gartlelde, of Washing
ton Ter., Kelsey, Scheniqk and Poland.
In the Muria .of the disonsuon Mr.
COX again took the floor to reply to Mr.
Butler. He said tt was the first time in
his history that .he het been likened to
an animal. He never had been ootudd.
'red a s Cele noir, alpha feet sotr,not any
other ort of bee*. Pie W it h a- bY Prdvidento With a
dermatons hide, like a rhinoceros, and
thereibril files did not bother him. - Er:
eryttilug would glance fromihat gentle
man's thltiooerolut hide. He (Butler)
bad no socialbility to his position before
the cottony and did not know how people
regarded him. Ille own colleagues inti
mmaateed Watt he wali a thief add i robber,
and he did not Mite It UP. lint It but {
been left to ?dm '(Mr. Coal to defend
him, and because be had done so In a
*pith of good nature, - ho (Mr. Butler)
had mode his covert negro minstrel at
tack upon him. Why did he not attack'
his colleague , and make them all for II
committee of investigation on his past
derelictions and a lleged robbery?
Why ' ins. couclemnied
nuth ot"t 'Why • 'did he
stand h ' prescribed politically and
socially? Why did he reserve all his
Oro (of big hiehtl , ‘ 'She did la tke misty,
sod then when attacked retreat like a
bomb proof soldier and hide himself?
Mv. CAW=rose and Balled Mr. Cox
ChalromanLThe gentlemaa'ai time Is
Mr. COX-- _.ihee,
not ail yoir r
pqWhypdasildide you,
to orde Mr w
r hen sw he
made ble '
At the close of the discussion, whleh
et Slates Wee quite melting and emus.
Ing, the question was taken on Mr. But
let's amendment, and It, was rejected..
- Various othee in= in abont
clerks to . comieltleas, an, t
gave tdll,
rise to.
at MP, the COmmlttee rose.
Whisky Dealers Before Ways and
Reams Committee—The Oen
. -
-: :oral Disabilities Rill.
KE•ph to the rittaborgh kiasaVo.l
Vi:ASHINOTON, February 10, 1870
camas: 0014FICEENCIC
The Ways and Means Committee
heard - 81*gs delegation representing the
whisky interests of Western Penney!.
Tante', 'Kentucky . and Tennessee. The
Robinson county delegation 'Mite there
me 13,00,000 gallons of whISkY in bond
"'Wherein not be ready
der two; or three years, and 'that •
- withdrairaLand payment of tax as pro.
viand by the present law would Involve
setione foie; and in many instances riain
to owners. The' delegation 'blued that
the time for withdrawal be made' three
years instead of one. The arguments of
the delegation seemed to imprest the
Committee fayornbly.
The bill reported by Representative
Butler, from the Committee on Recon
struction today and recommitted, pro
vides for the removal cf wildest diaabil.:
idea because of acts committed dining
the late rebellion. A. person desiring to
avail himself of the provisions of the
bill may petition to the Court In the State
or territory In which be lives, giving
a particular description of he acts
done by him against the government
and declaring be intends hereafter
to sot and cenducchimsell as a loyal cit
izen of the United Buttes- He is required_
to pray to be restored to his rights and
all he has lost by his wrongful conduct.
Public notice is to be given taint a hearing had. - On proving his statements
by witnesses the court . Uall is a cer
tificate reviewing him to. ail ,his rights,
thus removing his disabilities. False
swearing Is to be iminished as in perjury
,Removal-of disabilities Is not to
affect poperty Mat; captured or destelyed
by the armyof the United thetas;
, .... . . .
_Gene. Sheridan and Tarny'hava arrived
and bad Interviews with the President,
t hie morning. Gen.. Sheridan wee ao•
oompaMed by den Sbnythe.
The etude= receipts kat week were
Susquehanna Railroad Troubles
—Petroleum Dude Regulations
-Legal Tender Decision and
• ' the Fire trnderwriters—Book
Concern hands—Evangelical
'&00.1= toll IltUta=llollbta.)
itim Yogi. Fstrruary 10, 1870
• ' John Fisk, A lt., has brought suit in the
Supreme Oonit against Joseph H. Ram.
soy and a number of officers and stock
holders of the Susunehanna Railroad, in
which he alleges that the defendants
hare paid up only ten per cent of their
stock. flak asks that defendants be
conmelled to pay no the remaining
ninety_per cent. for the. benefit of the
Clie creditors and - bond flee stock.
holder" of the road. Judge Bar
nard on Saturday granted an' or
der to show- cause why an inJunc
lion should not be granted restraining
defendana from selling, Dales or voting
on stock until they shall have paid for It
In full. This Order was returnable to.
day. but con e el , for defendants asked
adjournment. Justice Ingraham - granted
afflourrunent or' a week, but until the
hearing of th motion restrained defend
ants from transferring any of the stock
The Petroleum Board of Trade today
agreed upon a form of contract, that the
groaa average weight a packages digit
not be lo se tha 300 pounds nor more
than 390 pounds; color to be standard
white or bolter ; burning test 110
Fahrenheit. The conditions agreed
on provide that the oil be held
three days alter delivery without ex
penae to the buyer for storage, and no
weigher's certificate shall be valid dated
beyond .four secular days previous
to delivery; weighers to be appointed by
the seller of oil, and barrels to be weigh
ed by half pontid,and tares tot* positive,
and Indelibly marked on the barrels.
, Theltoard of Fin3llnderwriters of New
York hold a meeting yesterday to con
sider the legal tender decision of the
Supreme Court. The opinion prevailed
that orncera and truster of corporations
were bound to accept nothing but Kold
'and silver, both principal and inteftd.
In payment of contracts made prior to
the legal tender act. A committee was
appointed to meet the °Moen of banks,
trot companies, savings banks and other
corporations for consultation.
The committee entrusted with the In.
wedged= of the alleged frauds of Lena
hart, the bookkeeper In the Methodist
Book Oonoern, reported today that no
Invade were committed, but that the
charge of fraud against lonahan arose
from the inaconrecies of his mroomeor.
Th.. . . . .. . .
e committee further add that since
1814 the pro Ate of the establishment have
average 4 over {T3,080, notwithstanding
the ilnanelal panto of 1857 and the loss of
the Southern trade during the rebellion.
I fl
The American branch of the Evangel!.
eel Alliance has elected Hon. Wm. E.
Dodge as President. Among the Vice
Presidents are Chief /natio° Chase, Vice
President Colfax, Jay Coots, Major Gen
eral Howard and Senator Wilson, of
Massaiihnsetta. The Executive dom.
mltteo have chosen Revs Dr. Schenck
Samuel Hopper and Otto Kurtzmia
charged with - dealing In counterfeit
money, were discharged today by Com.
mlasioner Shields, but rearrested and
taken to Jersey. where other charges
are pending.
Jack Reynolds this morning appeared
In the Court of Oesr and Terminer and
pleaded not guilty to a charge of hating
murdered Wm. Townsend. Counsel was
siltitlitoi Watt •
The helm of Amneke Jane are again
heard from. They have submitted state
ments of their claims mrainat the Trinity
corporation to Mayor Hall.
F. A. Barrall, one of Me oldest mom.
hen of tho Stock Exchange, died sgd
denly lest evening, •
Bed Inver Coin*l7 Atridro.
By Toleirrob to the rlttabsigh Gaseitel.)
. _
anctecto, February 10.—At a mass
tneeUng held at Fort Gerry, WinnepV,
on the 21et tilt., letter was mad from
Sir John Young,Governctr-tisperal of the
NoW - Domiplop, In whlib he says: '"The
people may rely upon it that respect and
protection will be extended to the differ
ent religious perenatione, that titles to
every description of property will be
guarded, and that all franchises which
have existed or which the people may
prove themselves qualified to exercise
phalli,* duly continued or liberally cow.
A , ntaltYMO tanatt firenville to tlir John
Young was also - read, to the effect that
1 the game, had hoard with aurprtio and
regret that certain mligutdsd persons
but banded themselves together to op.
pose by force the entranoe M tho Lieuten
ant Governor into our territory at Red
River. tier Majesty does not distrust
the loyalty of her subjects in the settle
, ment, and (=only ascribe to mieunder-
statiding and misrepresentation their on.
position to a change planned for their
advsotago. She relies on .your govern.,
meat to explain .the ralaundermandhig
and pon4liate the good willof the ?apple
lof Red Elver. ' •
The dispatch concludes;
Thal/neon expects from' her Represent
tains that as he will be *lwo , to,
receive well Rand grievant* so w ill
receive all the power and authority she
hakes:Amsted to him to support of order
and inittßeadna of unlaagni dietuirb
The Situation in France—Sharp
Words in the Corps Legislatif
—Paris Tranquil, with a Strong
Feeling Under the Surface—
' AtupleGovernmentPrecautions
—Proceedings in English Par
liament—O'Donavan Rosa, the
Fenian, Denied a Seat.
(Ng Telegraph to therltbargb Garotte.)
Lennon, 'Feb. IL-In the House of
Lords to-day Lord Redesdale, Chairman
of Committees, mild bills were pending
for the conatruction of twenty-four street
rallwxya within aggregate length of 145
miles. Of they bills relating to lines to
the streets of Landon
her :advised inanity. Eat
Kimberly promised that the Government
would makesn ltiveetigatlon.
Earl Kimberly imbmitted the corms•
pondenoe between, .Eogland and' the
Milted States en the Alabama'clalms and
the HOMO adjourned.
In the Commons Mr. Beaumont gave
notice ofthe introduction of a lto re.
lieve 'bishop horn attendan ce(at the
sottinga of the HOMO of Lords.
The himouls of Hartington, Postmes:
ter General. explained that the contagion
ln - the telegraphic servioe-was due to the
Inexperience of the new employee,
state of the Weather and sadden increase
bflatialirass. He implored the public to
have patience as the trouble was tom-
Mr. Gladstone moved that as O'Dono
van Boaaa could not under the law take
a seat in the House of Commons, a new
writ of election be issued for Tipperary.
• Henry Mathews, member for Dings.
room opposed the motion.
The 13ollelter General, admitting.
Rosaa's crime woe not treason; said that
nevertheless attainder attached. There.
fore Abe motlon.was within the power of
the House. ,
.Mr. ioialaton 'mute a apwlh against
the motion.
gathorn Hardy. argued If Bolen was a
member of the House, he would be'
able to• expulsion. The comsa of the
government in this case would therefore
have his support: -
Sir Roundell Palmer concurred In the
opinion expressed by the Solicitor Gem
Alter speeches against the motion from
Benvery and Gregory, a vote was taken
with the following roanit : for Glad
atones motion 301, against Si.
Notice wu given of a bill providing for
the reorganization of the mint and
making the Chanoe'tor of Exchequer ex- -
odic:to master of the mint.
Mr; Mansell, under secretary for the
Oolonlah referred to the Red River dis
turbances, and attributed the opposition
to Gov. McDougall to his misconception
of his powers. He said Instructions bad
been forwarded to the Governor. Ad-
journed. _
The shareholders of the Grand Trunk
ftallroadlapprove of consOlidation with
the Lake Huron road. •
I =3
-. Pains, Feb. 10.— In the Corps Leghe
latlf to-day M. 'Mini . lee 'Richard, Minis.
ter of Fine Arts, in shaver to en inter.
peliation regarding documents missing
trout the archival of the Government,
said some letters of Napoleon - First wore
missing, but they were In such hand.
that ho would take the responsibility of
leaving them there.
M. Keratry , was disaatilfied with the
explanation and charged that the present
Cabinet was no longer • parliamentary
ministry, but belonged to the Carl
For this the Deputy was called ce
der, but continued, declaring it
would be better to have ten archives for
documents, proving that the
Napoleon sought to corrupt the present
of the legislative body. .
The President here Interrupted M.
Keratry and refused to allow him to pro
ceed with his remarks.
The Journal La Afizere has beenselzed
and Its directors arrested.
. . . .
Eight p. ts.—The city Is tranquil. There
Is a strong feelin of excitement under
the surface, but the ample precautions of
the Government prevent any manifesta
tion or disorder.
: it 18 reported that at the beginning of
the present troubles the Emperor and
his staff, in fall uniform, were prepared,
If the riot became an insurrection, toJoin
the troops.
Copies of the Gazette D•Aoaeburg,
oontaining a draft of the canon oi Papal
InfallibLfity, Were melted and confiscated
at the postoffloe In Rome.
HAVANA, Feb. 10.—Lato latices from
the Eastern Department are received.
Count Valmasedo arrived at Manzanillo,
an the 6th lost., and would leave for Bap
auto, but the time was uncertain.
Casino F.spnrel, representing the
wealthy and prominent Gpaniards of Ha.
vane, has issued a • document protesting
against the vile, unwarrautabl eand crim
inal aseassination of Juan Greenwald.
A special meeting of that body was held
at whisk' a subscription was started for
the benefit of the widow and orphans of
Greenwald. • .
MADIUD, Feb. 10.—The Government
has sent authority to the Spanish Minis.
ter atWashington to make treaties of
pesos with the Republics of South Amer-
LONDON, Feb. 10.—The Viceroy of
Egypt has concluded to send his iron
clads to Constantinople, but will with
hold the rifles mannilictured for him in
LONDOWDERAT, Fob. 10.—The steamer
Nova Malan, from Port Lind, arrived to-
Lorimar, Felntury 10.—Atming.—Con.
soli 92% for money and 9244' on account.
American securities Ann; 82'a,„87%; 65'
old, 87; 67's, 85X: 10-40% 84%. Stooks
steady; Erle, 20; Illinois Central excited
at 111%; Great Western, 27.
PAWS. February 10.—Bourse arm;
Rentes 711 f. 450. . .
LIV/IRPOOL, February 10,—Cotton quiet
and steady; uplands 11N; Orleans ugg
11%; sales 10,000 bales. Red western
wheat 74 4d. Corn 26s 6d. Pork 975.
Lard 701. Rest unchanged. -
LONDON, February 10.—Tallow firm at
s ells 3d. Turpentine 30s 6d@3la.
FUANKFORT, February 10.—Five4wen
tJea dosed quiet.
MINN=. Feb. 10.—Petroleum quiet at
6 theism 70 groats.
HiMBURO, Feb. 10.—Petroleum firma
16 mare banana:
ANTWi/DP, February .10.—F8trOIMMX,
flit at 158,40.
Helms, Februaty 10,—Cotton quiet at
138 on spot.
Br Sitcom& to to. PittabOrail Gazette.)
LLnarer,February 10.—In the Legisla
ture today Frauds Ronan was elected
member of the Board Regents or the
State University, and Joseph T. Pose.
worth to the Metropolitan Polloveammis-
In the Senate the amended excise law
wee dLousaed without Anal action.
Muammar, Febrroalo.—An exulting
debate °orbited In the Houma toilsy
tßphltig the letWrr of Trumbull, Moak.
leford and others inviting II meeting of
Republicans at Nashville- and making
strong charges against the loglalature.
Amongst the alguers of the letter are Re.
publican members of the Rouse, Remo
tray of Mato and Comptroller. A. one
midis. of Investigation was appointed.
Rumgoom, Albumin , 10.—The Bono
Judiciary Committee reported adversely
the 111110Itlikla referred to it in October,
bud. proposing the ratification of the lath
and 15th amendments.
to Morfonald wax. eloctod Rocrotary
cribs State, and liVidiam F. Taylor rag
Mumma February 10.—The Senate
Oommidee on .1411 reeds reported the
CluelonettlElotOom whbotdexpreer:
lag 44 tint IA poitmed %models
thervql,WtaltospAy ne;t.
o -.::
NO. 36.
—Eight steamers are now overdue at
New York. I
—Th S Colorado Gannon has poised the
Woman suffrage bill.
. —Horace Greeley has been! elected
President of the American Inititute' at
New York. . •
—A. fire at Henderson, Ky.:Tuesday
night, destroyed property to the amount
of 1 35 ,0 00 . .
The Ohio Womans' Suffragel Conven
tion, in seaslon at Columbus, la numer
ously attended. -
—H. Salle and Fred. Mobrman publish
card in the Chicago Tribune, saying
that they are the makers of the Cardiff
—Ada Clifford. a notorious oonrtezin,
hoz sued several last young .men Of BL .
Louts for various sitnobillsaud borrowed
money. . • •
LJay. Cooke et Co,yeateriat offered
the government ono million liars In
bonds at 113 63400, equal to 113 46.100
with interest. The offers aggregated 13,-
5 9 0 . 000 . - . .• , • • ''
. . .
, —anti alleged (=cities to , nteinennn
ileinebipTiretnnue ape nicskip,o?ki roll:. de
nied, bat the complainants inhere 00
their sudetnente: ,
• —A number of promlneot gentlemen
of New York 'have organized I society
for the purpose of proollior al stronger•
feeling among Americana In behalf of
. —Three members of St. Csisplu.Who '
had been before the munledral csieirrat
Worcester, Mass, several days on charge
of conspiracy, were yeeterdet held to
ball for trial. -
Hortonl, revenue Aet ri tli yr re fcrr
hf assachnsetts, on Wedrsseday lead the
establishment of tho Forest
works, at Salem. for alleged 'violation of
Internal Revenue laws. •
—lt Is the intention of Clerier4 r NegleY,
as soon as an opportunity la wed. to
make an attack in the Howson Weil
Point, alleging that its further 1 continu
ance .is unnecessary, and stneedleis ex;
pense to the government. .
1. 4 r t.,
—ln the U. S. District n, at
Chicago, yesterday, Hutch ',l' Co.
recovered a Terdlot of $5,819 the
Home Insurance Company for, the loss
incurred by the burning of plaintiffs' ,
store about two'years ago. . •
- -ImpreWilve and eloquent addresses
were made at a general meeting oU the
Now Yerk bar yesterday, on the oomsien,
of the formal, presentation oft Mabee
ald's bust of the late James T. Brad to
the Lew- Institute of the dty of
—Thursday morning tIM puddling fur
nace In the rolling mill of Mmtra. Row
land, on Delaware avenue, above Poplar
street, Philadelphia, exploded with ter
rific force, scattering the molten metal
In all' direction. Fortunately no one
—August Haner, - Aaher Carter and W.
O. Deakman,arahltects,,rif Chicago, halm
commenced suit against the neW
State Home Cbtnruissionersifor demi*
1 25 . 00 9, for lier2lo oll in willing and
correcting the plans of 0..00c/ralle.
State Home architect. I
—The Trintars of 'CorwinUniversit/r,
at Albany, N. Y., held their wWl.rumual
meeting yesterday. Ma. Amelia -J.
Parker and J.U. 4 - Selhidge - were elected
Trustees. Hon. aeckGeddas wail elected
Professor of Agriculture and Una. L.
Swift. 151.'D., /Tarsier of Hieratic:Tie.
the Ohio Woman SaffregaCor
—an the Ohio Woman Saha..._...siven
tlon-yettterday the Committee 6n Reso
lutions reported resolutions asking the
Ohlo lomialaturo to take steps to submit
the.question of female suffrage to the
voters of Ohio at the next fall election.
The resolutions were discussed by Mr.
Stewart and Ilan". Longley, and adopted.
At the evening lieseion speeches were
made by Miss Bites, Mra. M. M. Vole
and others.
—A. 4 - ..lldiartln. who pretended to be
eatabdatilng a commission hoase, and do.
trauded several persons In Clacianall,
pleaded guilty In the pollee court, in that
city yesterday, to 'a 'charge ofiebtalnlng
three hundred and platy-nine: dollen
from the Lafayette Bank with Intent to
defraud. He was sentenced Minty& tine
of WO and coats, and to atand committed
till paid. He was unable to pay the fine,
and was sent to the work house..
• —Gov. Hoffman, of New York, has
rendered a decision In- the case of 0. T.
Green, S. Shaw. and Jonathan S. Buell,
Commissioners of the Niagara frontier
police, finding them guilty of taking
patrolmen for political purposes, levying
contributions and deducting Itirmn the
pay of the men, and licensing houses of
prostitution ea drinking places, under
the excise power granted to Commis.
steams, and removed them from oboe.
—The question whether the - death of
Gen. Dickiroarty, who was elected County.
Clerk, of Hamilton, Ohio, named a va
cancy which the County llommisaloners
must rat. has been settled by the reidg4
nation of the late clerk, and the appoint
ment by the Commlaidorient of (..ptain
11. H. Tinker, who proposes to give half
the net proceeds tette family of General
hicGroarty. Captain Tinker was Gen.
eral McGroartyra opponent In the elec
tion last fall.
CM. Letters of Admint.tratlon beteg granted
to undersigned on the mutt. of JAIIILS 0.
CQYYINN decemed. att tenons having Vella.
&pleat eald mate are mom .ted to lament them
f d• settlement. and all persona Indebted to maim
Immediate payment. •
U. PART. A.dtandstrator.'
No. 68 Liberty .1.! e•L•.
5.... a Stare Room and Cellar, rooms on ssoond
door, room on tally Isar, tbe large ball extend.
log over both hors. on (north door • also tbs ball
over two ngsOn tint atentte;
ed by stairway willt sutra , ' or on Wirth avenge.
101 l a 9 (lath terabit.
Jul received. o fresh invoice
volo nd ' c n Dan
" London d “ C N a rs
Ciga ”a ao ßo ooksortment o o ßes p s
l neottd: o
era else of
for rale b
at the Tamils Urocety Store o y f the box or et retell
fell Comer Liberty and Ninth streets.
72 Washington Street
On February lllb. at A o'clock,
will be eland at publio sale, on tbe premissie,
that very desires e property N 0.1111112.1 le pea
stied, Fourth. ward. Allegheny City. The led
has a front of 0* foot on Wuhington stroot and
extends back about 1110 foot. Tho heaps to a
two story double brick with slate soot The
are parlor. ratting room, library and Wahines
grit door, bath room. clout and by. chambers
'on woond door and two dultbed attics.' Tains
are range, stallansn wash tat., sarvanta rent:
stable and °rattan boats. Tko basalltallat
announding the dwelling and tits retired letat•:
ity render II any dulrabis as a plate *grail—
mows. Pour:salon even lanniollatalr. :Liberal
tetmswlllbo Wan.
-j.,IIST Or
a. MO.
rivaling liobt
Pox Mrs.'
ralnnan Man
Ostalel Moo Jr
n •
Hamill.... lanai
Harrison. Jan".
M ean
Mlles John . -
Einem. IL Ehrodar Ws P
X Smith Tear,
Klimno Jew T , animal:oil ID ,-
al Wm
latillam X 0
, ' nlo Mo w n ii... w
IMusball WII fitembio Ws J
Mora a Juha I . Sews Mln II
o i
I MornaJelo auln•rJOl . .
Mankk lint. &Abell Prank
L%hem Mrs L T
Mmica Nn MI - Taylor Jaynes
ams Wm It
__: W ~ ,
Idcelalcany 3 M Wendt Jai .
IMcDonald Cam Walter.. mos A.
ilLiMabon li Waitaki' H
Bailor Metall
Balls A
. „ .
[Tiler Pf 4
C•e ra vy rd
tarm Mn A "
MyeT Aobt '
DIM 'nob
Malabo. Ylu L
Mails lin M
Dool yMI IC
Downs MI. El A
WIN . II Jobs
Darla Jobs
Ditelt stss Y J
Mr So Movtd
• •
p Bunn
OPRW DAILY from 9 - tO •Welark. aad oP
SATURDAY ETZNINS. from May Ist.. No.
umber Ist, from .T to S oTtlott. and from Na
Tomber lot to Stay Ist, 6to V o'clock: Wartat
mud at tbo moot Ha mit mat, froo of MLA:I9
it not ottb4 mon compound* Amol.onosall.h.
Dom., Mod DOT. Books of Brim., am...M%
altlved o f b edict.
/Arad o Sanaxera—Geo. A. Barry, 14.11katt
S. H. Hartman. Jas. Tars.
D. IT IV Sibley. Secretary .4 Treasamr. - -
A. Wadley, o.l..Grabmn. 0.8. Bell, pm. A..
NtStak. Joan a. Dthrortly Y. aram,S....T' , al , lttt_!•
Jonly,Jac..tieo . l%,llo6l.V",•enL
D. W. aA. sago, footman t TV
hizala,"d °beat)."
a.rrPaver_pabliabea la Wastaza rezintvisl4
or mere➢►ot amid II
minor *a
Club if .......... I II
• eopy leleirulobed . grotofteaoly Is taw gette .
up of a else et tea. raftlllarAtril ere MUM!
PRO& MAZ ‘ l,ll.Flitli & CO..
Vir NO TIOSS , . Tb-LeS," ..For SAAR
. .
~ Wants," ”linoid,""Boarthres .4 _
dr-, wog wxeeditip . :IPO7I/1 zniumg, ii
be inserted "in Mese eotwxime owed /Mr,
TWICNTTLFIVB 011M7W; sad ad&S!
tional line FITS 022721 C
UT&NTED.-A Tailor lo go to'
11 1 111sport,_Pa. eau bay. of
1,11M111 1 1"2
snout. Allpir at t. J.l.llloillos, or
1.10 .1 H. SHIM){'. Preeptort, Pa.
WANTED.—Infty Coal aa4
, Ore Miners, nehele. tee to MI. luta tam;
paid to the mines. Nvorel tiltis are tested for:
dly *ea ecenary, Apoly to Imp/areiht.Oahe..;
'No.'ll 515th nreet, sna d.Or (mm Lummium,',
W • - • •
ANTED.--A n experienced
• v y • itICD IItaNTIPAII (TM coral
tooroornir ocooolated waft =Wrt Lel.
1110100131 x:. eltda , lb
at (burns Moe. ,
oo v deUtrodlra
Xirt "V .
irr pvW
inaiao n rATrecuV4
rWEtii: 44d
• whim . BoalArtabolitentr. rawrroorvlUo.
WANT.EP-- 2.ll9Wririasucs.
430.000 to Lama to larga "%spoil
Le a Ovr rate or latareet. ~ • • -
SUL Bola: and Re* ratata,Brairee.
•No.ll9Biilthllol6 MIN&
BDADDING SAND • • 11100M.•••••
PRON't PAULOII Aitlitaboll wlny
ge ß rle an te 4 l46 ° Wirap= raq
sulaleuN BTREaw. AU.aaroT City. "
, „,,,,,,,, ~,,
r72uvr.-On Wood street. No.
. °counted b 7 J. IL LI LID ratan, and No.
4inf33 l gltgr * T. °*thn". *ll' igva-
F OR WENT.-The Three story
...etenk l isa y .o.%l?4,!fg.Tr a
0 1,7416 11 ,3-!° , ""CV.Witairral
7.11 No 172 and 174 Woodral.
rrit LElr.—The Large More
te.EutTi. tlag72l..""ir. ifitNrst
rpo Snit of BOOMS
;rtri erliti Vl7a 7.l4 ' 0 0124
le' ball
Trig. 4 thgirti,uvi'rt=4:l;
TO -LET:-At Ilaziewood Btu-
TION, on ComtePullin abut (
AORLS or I:ANA well plinked willt snob*
&Mitsui In beunit:%y,E:*"pFrn ud put I
of Mansion lloote. Ware of Use. NAOMI. I
lloNZAll, a l4ll . ,roastit a, a*e.ZFlCeDot47
- •
Fos tikLE--Buildling mate:
tbe materiat• toatadatalel • TWO OMB! 1
' , KART DWILLINo LlWOOL,located -um
thalnad car •341.1•14'. MO bowls Itis good Ander
ts now. occupied try tlo othytelber, ob.
widow so haVoili Moored off We NW Wiwi Um
Arm. of Way.. .Aware of • • r
...g • • • • JOICOHOW :W OW%
240, , stzee• I
FIHVAIILLIC.-T , T/1111014 9 a o ` : " ll:ll 4 llX 34 4llePt . - 11aWA T ririit ;
43.11. comer. of. Rebrooniss4.oormal., Alto.
a1g.... - No: -4 Karns St.; 4,t43.
• wlst etrited.ta, sale u. tbahltheat wad
eat litildtrraz Ste/Lcibat.l7lltrthhhhatk a o o 4. l l .
VlNtlatt a irit ' fa t til Y l ' ari Igl i oerttr . * Mt.
Thrse lands contain InexhanaUtle Wen of ors
at: coal, and the Tama.. I a atraPin fall taut
making 19 tens Hot Meat Chazrohl Iran par /Say.
1 , 9 Salabrtilr.
MUIR SALE..”..I. kraut - Engine
_l2 10 by 30. tek gond..rbableir orOor. with ;
ossaftlac.Vonsles, NV guides . Beam sad Gowan- t
TYCIrI.:44 l ' arOl4l6l7fruila, Wh i r.
auo C. be - mem at , tee Work. of UK
Youghloabany.flas Coal Cosopoay,..Weat X.W.
Van SALE.-Stock and Fiz
1' TIMIL., 'MUSIC AND 00t)D WILL of •
•nt.clais Grocery. 401 of • Kood.•.•••ers.
4.1..4..1 1 .1.6 ...taxed In other bashneal
tbe reason for .clllog. G. W. rustt, 4 Fe&
MU Wert. Allerlway. . it.
. • .
Maas tie city Wall besolottebosnant
on am term. Sonolra or WY. VI.AZZLT.
Attrrnoi•at,l.a.r. 91 Grant •trtet. . ta17:11
lire Menus Preowto, and a UM% Alua.titi at
roe. Mora work than they can turn out.
tr. . 7lfth sun Tinuill Street.
FOB SAL E.—En gin'es and 801 -
FAN New and Second 1i01134,11i kWh it
cointrally oolted.
Ordere trom all porta of the country promptly
scented. pf
- -
. anti a ach;
Conker Martoq Averme and
,W. a. 0. it.w.,
ET' • SALE....•
That three story BILICX: DWZLLiNB, ,'
y located. No. 110 Sliver limeade AIIs-
Ithcit7 City. eantottninlist room. tun hatki Ment.
not atm cold water sad accoatratory. a. se
In all the rums nem, inkitalten. Being situ
-Mod oncomer of °errs alley. It tiredell netted
and 'ventilate& Poaeetton
ril Ut. .
meiWIII etine.
—/LOWE AND LOT. Na. 71:11;edllo stmt.
ond Yard. Allegheny. Hoene. A stOry Br;elt 1,1
of 8 rooms , well finished Ano eatoPleto. Lot AO ';
hype so .1 alley. good tram stealers rumor yr;
Lot. MD property to worthy the attention of
desiring to pureness real estate. Aim home on Li
iseerotor •of Its lecallon end convenience. or a. I)
InTestment. It would realise. Or runtlog. larva
por.reat. on the oast. Term envy.' 'IP nee low
Tor forth .r Informutlau, appito • Ci
hen, .•
• Al Dim ond. A l bay. ij
• Thu sibserlber offers for sa/e 1111TrAN 'll
LeIIB9.4II.ZAD 811114/1.110 LOTS. Mutated os,
Joalata street. near the Ohio ittesr. la OW ft
alsthysed. Allegheny. The !matt.% Is one of 1,1
the most peewit mad - . kealthfal In, th e dry. fo . !
Them' lots .111 .old at a moell Mhamos o> i)
Ant eon Mid °near/ terms; egeof lots L 4 ter 0
134.11 feet. Also, NEW TOP 1111aOlf sad
/11101i-WAGGON, :sad ONE-noikhz mod a C.l
TOR BENT—EOI7B . I4Ire. SAG Laix:ek street,
antelning 9.rocons, hot and cold miter, gm,
btth.roota, Le.
108. EINT-1101169. No. IA lreliat street.
containing 9 room and Anlrhsd ratio. Thls
boon Is finished in 'modern style: SlMate la a 4
toed RelltnhOrhood, and le Ant-elen:DroPenl
lot every respret.
110IIIIIA Nor 16. Western , annonel corner of
Chsztletseinet.eostatnloon/AroMes an 1 dabbed Y.
nolo, lunette of h
/A ;amber Yard. corset at 'Jan lard aid nabla
• sires s, alath ward. Alleeway fe4
r flf HAM or Um:lnto
Law vall thee. Mo. 010 sod
ononiti , cow of We "MVOS=
LEITA AgoraTxs." It Is Wag swot, imam
or will f out Or a , PISA Ca Ty foopionlig
MftroZ=. Nrtt
Mk= sod Baal "Maio Agent0..1114... Fain&
'Aar* oraboteelamt to one arta bat mom
• la lowa. oar Um Wm of the Macao it
liorrowertern itaProal„ and la o .e of U Oaost
prodaal • rkintlotui of tho Mate. • WEI at*
tha wale Or a part. ApAli,.. „ at ara to
• 10* 11=Ms.a.
.7IIOE, lebl
McDonald R
Marregney R.
Min Roil
Power Wa
Pak YB2l
Rhum. We
Rom W
A lucTIoN . •
Doable Fine Bolger-96 ft. leas. 42
tnemes la dismater. al* eYpneer i f{ leek
bore. will be sold at Ailees
wm‘l• osYoaasT, 9istia9L, at 10 Log.
/1 il * Q.y. , 4,,, OA
T° Tae . .
1 1 5th= Penat.
"Leatek from a Troooe6 *rig "
Bursting . lame v..xplie.nee! of 1,14,,R** 1
above iimed nixlment la .
Tenneisie. aadGeonla,i
Cospnsliiae autliestliaecoust'Orilie ramose
•'Ystlef•• le the of tap
afire that led to '
[now elegem& Telme.estored , eloo4. 4 . ll . l a Ps.
•flpisplieelirp oe teperref.
lasi Of : mu:po st ,r
Ad& °' 74.irpr lets"
lox xn*.ridseasift,