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Eittsturgt Galtite.
• Of Pittsburgh, Allegheny City
and Allegheny County.
Warn 81101148 84, 01) 86 fl➢SB
rirtnotax at intwarp, 58it
Tr. El: Boat at Frankfort, 92(394-1
Goma ekisid In New York yesterday
1: 1201. -
ii"Tsce.,.vacenCies on the Supreme Bench
• be filled, if the Senate confirms the
pending nominations of Judge Srizono
.T: P:Biii4ley. It is admitted on
'all sides that the first namo will be ap
proved with something like unanimity.
0 7041 Ptker gentleman is a Jerseyman,
ind the; Senate Is aversetto filling the
Soethern Circuit to which ha bas been
lininfeated, with a "carpet bagger."' The
NUS for, or emu the expediency, of each
seleetions has ceased to be apparent since
0: Southern . reconstruction has been tom.
TUE recent Inc‘irpwation of the hitts
adept,. 'fealty , Railway Company, in
Oh o t >s understood to hive a hearing
die early contraction ofthe !raper
"bint link of thirty-seven mules between
hjilliersburgh-and Decedent to connect at
is:he-letter point With the Pan Handle
Aunxich by Z marine to Cirutlnnati. The
country tNtween lifillersburgh and Dres
den la rub in agricultural and mineral
tis t awsouroes, the latter covering ono of the
,_,`.fitiestdepaslts of cannel.coalin the Weat.
...,./Litannaccdtd that the local traffic _Alone
over the new line would pay a handwrite
Interest uponthe expense of its constme
. '
• Ws trust that thecountry may not have
Oitesibin to deplore an unwise action by
_ w thet„gisl4lol.n . lia encouragement of auy
..., MA to reopen, In the cue uf Mots
digd,ll, questions which have once been
kettled, in n the matter of Virginia, to the
-sniveseal satialiction of the people. That
'.l- 'adjustment has addreued Itself to the
• ' National regard, as fortifying the futnre " li .
of Virkluts to the last practicable
could have been so.
f the Union
AlVi; 24°2angleis deptable to the true friends o
eiveriwhcre ; nothing - more could have
been devised which the probable coulee
of future events would erudite. , The
Smite should promptly acknowledge the
force of this precedent, and conduct the
nation to the pcsoefol and ultimate close
of. tblavinhappily protracted controversy
over - the reorganization of the rebel
Tzmurgams from Paris, last evening,
announced that the collision which a se
a dons demagogue bad endeavored to
provoke, between a portion of the citi
zens and llie government, had actcelly
taken place,. but with evident indications
- of the deity of the authorities to enforce
the laws. Ruch pestilent fellows as this
Rochefort, who make of public questions
- Only a Wray pretext to cover their Own
personal Wernoennce of opinioM and
imbitious aspirations, do really Mice
serious injury upon the more of a purer
ceputdlcanism. In its Imperial govern
ment Prance enjoys to-day the blessings
of a public authority infinitely more lib
eral and beneficent to all good citizens
than could ever be realized from the tit*.
pizn or positively pernicious Ideas of a
Jacebinical license. The - constitutional
idea is, indeed, now in the ascendent
throughout Europe; hot even Rases fails
. to fdel its growing influence. It is men
like this violent demogogue, Rochefort,
like }halal, like Louis Blanc, who are
placing the most menacing obstacles in
the way of a still higher political progress.
130P8113tOlt GMAT ii urged in certain
quarters to refuse hls assent to the Phila
delphia Police bilk Of the four Journals
of that city, which invoke this Executive
piturrentlon in the interesti of the: De.
• mocracy, but one his ever been recog
nised as s faithful and consistent friend
of itepublicsnisto, and that none, tic
much so. Elsewhere in the Cell:MINI.
it is also to be observed thatekiry
journal of lt , publican'antnedente, which
has' imatatued the inhumane Coailticin to
I, .".burtersway Mir control of the Senate for
certain corrupt anti well known consid•
mations, unites in demanding the
veto of alnt no one of the
straight-out ~B errubriaa, Imms, which
elected the Governor and hams the re
.-"iimntibility of uptiolding his administra
• :than, will hesitate now to deplore area
the suspicion that the Executive could be
~.!_qttduced to shako tends with that infs.
sons combination. Fortunately, we do
• ' not regard that suspicion as well founded
tifn do not believe that Joan W. Gully
• • tithe min to erate, in this way and
•°at this hour, the Republican organization
• eir the Albino of his °facial term: The
floilltl n, and the petty cliques at Philt•
Ael.phia, are reckoning withouttheir host.
Ta Crry Comm. appear inclined
to challenge the critical condemnation of
their 'constituents, as to the sincerity of
their devotion to the idea of an etwnconleal
'reform in the municipal expenditures.
Why should members imagine that they
tan excuse any needku, extrevegince,
am if it be so petty as that which Is to
be Involved in the payment for a wholly
useless 'ltecord"l' their proceedings,
when the people, suffering under the
•• burttont. of a heavy taxation for necessary
objects, have demanded that retrench
_ pant be faithfully applied whenever
' •
''and "however' a dollar an be. ea
Without detriment to the public in
.' barest, t This twopenny job is urged
ihrotigh the Councils for the plain purpose
of feedlot some hungry month with a sop
few ICI sidlifsetlon and a bribe for Its el.
villty-'4 month which has been bellow.
big Ibr "reformer in the riper:Ho:Mures for
the past year. This "stop thief" cry has
covered; and is coveting constantly one
uniform purpose of peculation and plun.
der. No swindling raid upon the public
funds is too audacious In its magnitude,
no petty thefts from the Treasury, under
the cloak of IDWO operfluotts job, Is too
small In its total, for the grasper this Job.
bing crew, who now ride the hobby of
• refit= and chuckle over the facility with
which they fancy that the people are to
:be humbugged. This little game will
come to ita end after a while.
The Baird job was put through the
Common branch heat week. An effort to
reconsider Its action was negatived on
Monday, by a vote on which the people
~, would like to bare seen the yes, and
nays. In the Select ,branch, the Ring
expect to carry It at the next meeting, and
we Invite for . their action the particular
' attention oftheir constituents, who should
take care to demand from them the bite
motives for this wholly useless aroma.
• The opinion pronounced• i by ;water
Man an in behalfof thexalnority jof the
~ - ,lBupieme Court in the legol-terulti Ouse,
to which we referred indeed*, wee itself
printed, in its full text, in the GAMCITZ of
the same date. Ws °plait's', wades ao
.~ ``,^i
words upon "theatrical views upon the ;
genius of our government, or upon vague
notions of abstract justice," but takes up
the loftler . principle which Minded upon
the national necessities, carrying
It straight, and with the in
flexible precision of the mathemat
ical line, through the cloudy and fallacious
generalities under which the major
ity would have sheltered the pnr
pests to encroach upon the leg
isletlver,, functions, and to undo the
glorious results of ten years of re•
publicin struggles and triumphs. Jus
tice. Milian has placed the true Issue
in a light as popular as it is logically con.
rttcie j g. On the other hand, observe the
briellian ingenuity with which the
Chief Justice, speaking for the majority
of the Court, affects to concede the ab•
stract . validity of the doctrine of neces
sity, and then labors through columns of
sophistry to fine it all away! The logic
and the law of this decisionwould in
validate every Federal act touching the
institution of, slavery, between the
Emancipation proclamation and the
adoption of - the XIIIth irticle. They
would equally invalidate the entire recon
struction, policy of the past four years,
especially hilt& feature, of the provisional
government of
,the disorganized States.
Justice Muse, and his associates would
open • very wide door, If they could, for
mischiefs which would never be repaired,
Let the country be grateful then in the
assurance that the power of its highest
legal tribunal has now gone 'out of their
handi !
At a meeting of the D.nocratic Asso
ciation of Philadelphia, on Satunlay
evening, John O'Byrne, Eeq., made an
address to his own countrymen, from
which we quote a lew passages. Irishmen
will find them very 'good reading, and
Republicans will discover that they are
likely to have rivals forapuffections of
their dark skinned Weida, who, since
they have been made voters, are not such
bad fellows after all. We quote :
. 6 .l3Arave. Dare to think. Rs manly
enough to look right Into the living
present, and ask
_yourselves, gentlemen,
the questions: Have we not been Eight
Jug under leaders woo are political
Bobadils? Are we not wedded to issuea
that are dead? Do we not insist upon
using the weapons which cannot and will
not Insure to a victory ? For ten years
in our nation's WO we have not won a
victory, and lad and platformed as we
are, we never will!"
Wily, Mr. O'Byrne, if you set your
countrymen to thinking for themselves,
and get them to "look right Into the living
present," you will make Republicans of
every mother's son of them. It was just
the doing of those things that made all
the great party which so crushed " the
Democracy. that it hu not won a victory
for ten years. Hear him again :
The Fifteenth Amendment le almost
an accomplished fact. The mean■ of its
socompilahment were felonious and frau
dulent. While we had nothing to do
with engrafting this act Into the organic
law of the land, why should we allow the
party opposed tone to take away all the
advantages that might possibly result to
us by the passage of the amendment?
This is very delicately put, and, when
properly interpreted, simply means that
hereafter Irishmen are expected to treat
negroes with great politeness, with "dis
tinguished consideration," and atop all
their profane and hroguish imprecations,
In the hope that some of them may be in•
deiced to Tote the Democratic ticket; for
he Says a little further on, ••••
Why should we rail eternally at the
negro? One brothers In the Carolinas,
In Georgia, Alabama, Virginia; and bits
sissippL have courted their Totes, and
have won victories by their aid, with
nothing to diminish Democratic pride,
or to dampen Democratic exaltation.
Here Is &presage in which Mr. O'Byrne
otters some wholesome truths and makes
The. government of the Bepublie in
1881 had a constitutional duty to per
form. Its 'talon bad caused none of the
grievances complained of, and the South
had no charge against the United Suttee
government. They who continue to
blame it for not having made concessions
demanded, which It bed no right to
make, add could not have made without
vac-dace to its own dignity, and danger
to the nation, are unwise and Newel
politicians, incapable of appreciating the
rights and duties of the government.
Had we gonein in our might, as-the
great popular pa rty, the victory would
nave been ours. But no t Southern sc
ions -And sentiments unmade a few of
the leading Democrats, and they led us
Into what I conceive to be a false posi
tion, which we have occupied ever since;
and for which we are now paying the
Mr. O'Byrne then tries to get his poor
deluded countrymen to take a retrospec
tile glance into the dead and unprofitable
put, when all that the leaders asked or
expected of the Irishman was to "damn
the nagar" and vote for "the party's as
often as be could. Ho depicts sadly and
feelingly the folly of that course, especi
ally "the abuse of the negro." He says
nothing, however, of its meanness and
wickednesa Ho laments the blunder,
but blinks the crime. Now, forsooth,
when, in spite of him and his party, the
negro has become • man, a citizen and a
voter, all this abuse Is to cease. When
tke colored man was really "a weak, ra•
educated being,'.' it was all right and
very democratic to abuse aim; bat now,
when he is distancing his- old traducers
In the nisich of education, and is no lon
ger weak, for he has a ballot in his band,
-he Is to be let alone. Colored men will
know\ how to estimate such patronage as
thls. - fie proceeds:
If we have not been victorious, It was
because we were badly organised and
badly led, and because we frittered away
our strength upon faille and unreal is
sues. For ten years we have been gen
erated by men who led us to,defeat. We
want new leaders. We want new ideas
We bare been wasting our energise up
on Immaterial and useless issues. We
have wasted onr ability In the abuse of
the negro, end this abuse has never once
brought as victory. I repeat the abuse
of the negro, to my experience and beet
knowledge, never secured the party one
vote.. It wee unmeaning and senseless
to abuse a weak, uneducated being, not
able to cope with us in fair fight, who,
no matter whether he votes or not,.can
never rise to the dignity of competing
with the white men of the land. ,
Dr. Keen saw from the northwest, ex
tremity of Greenland, at the bend of Bar
ftn's Bay, in latitude 82 0 80' an
apparently boundleu sea, free from Ice,
stretching northward; bit owing to the
immense and impenetrable homier of ice
stretching southward from where ho Wood
when hesaw this open sea, and in which bls
ireesels were immoveably locked, hewas
unable to do more than look over it from
that rugged shore of rocks and ice, and
come away.
SubsequentlY Capt. Szn*a BERT, 11. B.
N., while connected with Commodore
PartrlT'S Japan expedition, Wag Minded
to explore and observe the great Ct=Mae
of the North Pacific, the result of which
is extremely interesting. In the Februs.
ry number of the Chicago Bureau there
is an able article—too long to be trans.
tarred to our columns—in which Capt.
Banes theory of an open polar sea is
fully and clearly set forth. We propose,
as briefly L possible, to give our readers
&gement idea of that theory, and of the
facts upon which it rests.
Every well•informed reader is - aware
that there M a mighty current In the At
lantic; flowing from the Gulf of Ifexico,
in a northeasterly direction, known as the
Gulf Stream; that this marine river flows
an with constantly decreasing velocity,
tieing the British blends la he tepid
waters, impinging upon Moment court of
Europe, and fully is lost; or is no longer
tiiceable. its the Arctic ocean between
Nova Zembia and Bretzbergem • This is
; one of the great ocean currents through
i which the warm water of the tropical
I seas is poured in a vast and unceasing
volume into the more northern teas, and
mitigating the,. climate of all the islands
and continents upon which it impinges.
But in the Pacific there is another simi
hr hut still greater current, called the
Euro Sitio, which starts from the Indian
Archipelago, as the Gulf Stream starts
from among the West ladle Islands, and
flows, like the other, In a northeasterly
direction, same considerable distance off
the coast of China, as the Golf Stream
flows about the„eamo distance off the
coast of the United States, and sweeps
. - .
close by the eastern coast of the Japanese
Islands. As the Gulf Stream impinges
upon the western coaster Europe,
the Kuro Siwo reach and warm the
ern coast of North Amexica. Hence it is
that the thermal conditions of the west
em coasts of Europe anti America are
similar; while the eastern coasts of Amer
Ica and Asia, on neither of which do
these warm ocean currents beat, are also
similar, both being much colder in the
same parallels than the two western coasts
just mentioned.
Copt. BENT'S theory is, that these two
great streams pour their comparatively
warm water into the sea which surrounds
the Northern Pole—the Gulf Stream car
rying the warm water of the Atlantic
through kebannel skirting thC northwest
ern coast of 'Europe, leaving Iceland and .
Spitsbergen to the left, and Nova Z !table
to the right; while the Kuro Siwo pours
its waters through Behring'e Straits into
what is neatly the opposite aide of the
same open Polar Sea. Them two great
marine currents would meet , not far from
the pole, in latitude 90, and the result
would be a circular movement, causing
an outflow- in all direction% The chief
southward currents are east of Greenland
and through Bailin's Boy, west of Green
land, whence come those mighty Icebergs
so common in . the North Atlantic.
In Captain Bent's map, a copy of
which is now lying before us, the "Amer.
'can Pole of greatest cold" is placed In
latitude SW , longitude west from Green
wich 100 0 . The "Asiatic Pole or greatest
sold" 13 in the same latitude, and In
longitude 132 0 east froni Greenwich. The
Macuetic Pole he fixes near the-northern
coast of America, in about latitude 68Q.,
west longitude 93 0 . The Magnetic Pole,
however, is not axed, but moves trom cast
to west, as philosophers tell us, "spirally
around the Terrestrial Pole, completing a
revolution In six hundred and forty
These great currents from the wide
equatorial seas carry vast quantities of
vegetable and animal food into the Polar
Sea, none of which, Captain Bent says,
is ever found returning by the reflux
currents. Thus a steady and abundant
supply is furnished to the marine animals
and birds which are known to swarm In
those high northern latitudes.
The argument is, that to follow these
warm currents, either the Gulf Sue=
eastward of Spitsbergen, or the Kuno
Biwa, through Miring's. Straits, gate
ways through the Intervening barrier of
ice can be found Into that Open Polar
Sea, and that the Terrestrial Pole itself
can be reached. Capt. Bawx betties
that the temperature at
the pole will be
found to be mild and quite trainable ;
that the sea there is calm and abounding
In animal life ; and that in no other sea
can the whaling business be prosecuted
with such success. It is a curious and ,
deeply interesting theory.„ The lamented
Sass diedin the full persuasion that an
open sea lay north of the tracks of all
those who had attempted to explore those
hyperborean regions. It may be so; and
should the hypothesis be verified, then
there is no insuperable barrier to the pas.
sage of ships from the Atlantic. through
the Gulf Stream gateway, Into the Polar
Sea, and across it, near the Pole to the
gateway of the Kura Siwo and Behring's
Straits, into the Pacific. The distance
from London to JeCdo by that route
would be but about six thousand miles.
The vote on the resolutions offered by
Mr. Mamma. of Illinois, embodying in
general terms the doctrines of the free
traders, and in opposition to the principle
of protectiozi, in the House of Represent
atives on Monday, on which 89 members
voted to lay them on the table to 77 who
voted against that motion, indicates a ma
jority in favor of protection, sacient to
assure the country that no seriously in
furious changes will be made 14 the prot
ent Congress in the existing tariff laws.
The principle of protection hu been de
cidedly affirmed, which is a great point
gained. We think that such a Congress
may be safely trusted with the details.
An examination of the yeas and nays will
show that that principle has friends In all
parts of the country—that it. is no longer
a sectional question.
The Holocaust in • Liverpool Church
The Dasly News of the following Tries
day gives particulars of the panic by
which sixteen persons perished In Liver
pool on Jan. 28: "Another holocaust of
victims to, unreasoning and unfounded
panic was offered up, at Liverpool on
Bruaday night, The story of the catas.
trophe by which sixteen persons lost their
lives at the door of a house of isolable is
but a repetition, In nearly all its details,
of the story of the madness's( fear. A.
vast-congregation had been gathered to.
reedier by the preaching of the Passionist
--Fathers in the Roman Catholic Chapel of
St. Joieph. in Greavenor street, Rogetilli,
which le at the centre of one of the poor
est and most populous parts of the great
seaport. The service was the concluding
one of every successful aeries, and such
multitudes crowded to It, that after the
chapel was filled the schoolroom under it
was occupied and crammed, and s sup
plementary service was improvised.
While the. two services were quietly
proceedin a drunken man forced his
way Into the schoolroom and called out to
the preacher, have heard you long
enough.' Some little disturbance was
created, and some wretched idiot shouted
'Sire,' Meanwhile several persons
amidst the larger congregation overhead
had just lighted some wax candle' they
had taken with them for the preacher's
blessing, and an unusual glare had thus
been thrown upon the chapel windows,
which probably confirmed in the minds
of the people outside the suspicion which
the cry of fire had raised. The cries were
repeated, a panic seized the schoolroom
congregation, and they made a rush for
the street. The people who crowded the I
staircase and the northern gallery, of the
chapel heard the alarm, and believing the
schoolroom to be on lire they rushed to.
wards the street. But the only passages
4:degrees for the two excited crowds led
across the same landing, and on this
point they met and blocked each other.
The staircase leading to the chapel be.
came choked with a dense mass of strug
gling people, of whom sixteen were killed
and a large number wounded. The panic
seems to have communicated itself to the
whole crowd outside the chapel, but to
have been allayed within by the heroic
exertions of the priests, who continued
the chapel service to the end, and thus
retained the greater part of the people In
their seatatill the crush was over. Great
as the catastrophe is, it would have been
infinitely -greater bad not this wise
course been followed. The great con.
gregation was kept together by the pres.
ence of mind of the of :Wog clergy, and
2,000 people were thus enabled, alter the
panic was over, to go quietly and safely
to their homes."
Prays.= letters from Europe report
that the health of Senator Grimes is fall-.
tag very npidly. and that he is' in a far
worse condition than when he left this
country. The opinion is given 'that the
Senator cannot retb return tothe 'United
. .
TIIE debt of Berks county is 4147,
WAnnnu has had a grand fashionable
M. P. BARIIRIi has been confirmed
Postmaster at Pleasantville.
- Mn. LENNORD TETIIICS was found
dead in the woods at Bellvlew, Jetierson
county, last Tuesday, crushed under* log
be had been loading on a wagon.
PAII81131:11 LAIMPAI wants . a steam
ferry. The wire cable ferrymen oppose
the innovation,but they will - probably
make some settement and draw out of the
river. - •
Tacna is at this lime a dahlia in fall
bloom in Banton, a rose bush full of
bads in Easton, dandellons are being
gathered in the gelds of Allentown, and
grasshoppers am numerous and lively In
Bethlehem. . •
A :taw post office has been establlsbed
at Spruce. Indiana cotuity, and Mr. John
McAnnulty has been honored with the
commisslon of postmaster at the princely
salary of forty-two dollars per annum.
Lucky man, John.
• Deluso the Int year there was trans.
ferred from-the Jamestown and Franklin
Rsi'road to the A. it G. W. Rillway, at
Franklin, between . 11,000 and 12,000 tons
of coal. As the price foi transfernng•is
fifty coats per ton, this gives the aico
little sum of $6,000 to the teamsters of
HON. GEO. P. STEELE, of Wilketherre,
died very !suddenly on the 2d, of con
gestion of the longs. Be was out walk ,
mg and apparently Well a few minutes
preirlous to his death. Mr. Steele repre
arnted his district [or several, years in the
Senate of Pennsylvania, and was also the
recipient of other honors at the bands of
hir fellow ciliate.
A 1...10 twelve years of are, named
Rorrper, caught a rope attached to an
elevator, at Mt. Joy, Lancatter county,
and requested a little comrade to atart the
hohciag machine that be might be hauled
up. The machine started and the little
boy at the bottom did not know how to
atop it. The boy was carried up a dis
tance of airy feet when his arms - were
drawn through the pally wheel and he
let go his hold, falling to the ground be
low and landing on a wagon wheel. Els
neck was broken in throe plUes and hie
body was frightfully mangled and
Tins Oil City Times of Monday sap:
This morning the express and mail trains
en the Allegheny Talley Railroad, start
(rem the depot on this side. This will do
away with the business for transferring
passengers, which will not only be much
eater and pleasanter, 'but will save con•
aiderable time in the transit. This makes
three railroads occupying one small depot
which is entirely insufficient to accommo•
date the ntimoer of passengers daily Sr.
riving at and departing from Oil City.
The number of people thronging to the
depot on the arrival and departure of
trains always attract the attention and
comments of those who are not accus
tomed to the sight. Mitch has been said
in regard to a large and commodious
Union Depot. Why should not this be a
good time to put the measure in force.
Barely the business that is done here
would warrant It, and it would be a good
coautencement on the mitny needed ins
provements of our town. —7
KUM TWAIN gets fourteen cents -s
volume for his 'lnnocents Abroad,' and
has pocketed, thus far, $5.600 on it.
Mem. Tasexerme CLAVLIN and Mn.
Woodhull, feminine stock brokers in
New York, made the money they begin
businees with by practicing as clairvoyant
physicians, in (treat Jones ileeet.
AnOrry twelve o'clock Minder) itco_.,b
a fire broke out in the refinery of B. R.
Moreland & Co., situated on the south
side of Oil Cree k, at Titusville, nearly op.
posits the end of the Perry street eaten.
sloe, caused by the esplealon of -the atilL
The capacity of the distillate tank was
MOO burets, but fortunately all but 500
blinds bad been drawn off the night pre.
vim. The accident of the explosion is
attributed to a defect In the construction
of the tank. The total loos sustained Is
estimated at fire or six thousand dollars.
Tins National. Armory at Springfield,
Miss., reports, through Dyer, the quan—
tity and cod of work executed there hut
year: It appears that SO inch solid Riots
cost $65 apiece I That 15 Inch shot cost
it3o apiece. The more we shoot the head
elf our enemy, therefore, the poorer we
Oct. A twenty-inch Rodman gun cost.
$V3,0 0 50; so that, whenjt explodes, five
small tradesmen are forthwith busted. A
tee Inch Rodman rifted gen coats $4,600,
or /560 an inch. A twelve pounder iron
gun costa $216. About $883,000 seems to
have been spent at Springfield.
Ie re expected that the session of the
Virginia Legislature, which commenced
on Tuesday, will continue 'for three or
four months. Among the moat import
ant business to be brought up will
be a bill to provide measures of refer for
creditors, as, since the expiration of the
stay law, debts are being pressed on every
hand, and bankruptcy gams and business
ruin are the late of-thousands who could
settle in full it they had time to 'recuper
ate their sbattrrtd fortunes. Mete the
restoration of Virginia to the Tinton th e
price of State bondable greatly Improve
Pecan T. liresusthay Governor of
Vermont, died at Woodstock on the 7th,
aster an illness of several weeks. Hesse
was tiny five years end fire month's. tle
was by profession a lawyer. and had been
a good deal in public life, having been In
both branches of the L.gislature. In
Jose last he was nominated by the Re.
pnbllcens for- Governor, and on ids
seventh of September—Me fifty filth birth.
day—was elected by a large majority. In
October he was inaugurated to a Mee, and
entered upon en administration which
promised' to be morn than: usually popular
and successful. Ills death will be widely
feltand deplored.
A Sara !Ana letter states that the
Mormon echtsmatists have formed a tees
penal church organization, -called the
Church of Zion, which, In its constitu
tion; is more liberal than Brigham
Young's, although It contains many of
the moat objectionable peints of the old
orgenizatlon. Polygamy Is neither ad.
vacated nor condemned, but theprinmple
of tithing Is continued. Joe Smith,
son of the ancient founder of Mormonism,
who le opposed to polygamy, is to became
the leader of the new movement. Tne
schism appears complete and powerful,
and, considering the encroachments of
railroads and Congress, It Is evident that
the latter days of the Latter Day Saints
have come.
School Doom Diseases
The celebrated Getman physiologist,
Dr. Virchow, of Berlin. lately addressed
to the Minister of Pubic Education of
Prussia, a report upon the diseases inci
dent to and connected with school rooms,
which is full of valuable information
upon this subject. A leading disease,
which, to some extent, is believed to orig.
Mate in the. school room is myope or
shortsightedness: Of the ten thousand
scholars In the schools near and in the
neighborhood of Breslau, the capital of
Bileeis, seventeen per cent are near
sighted. The smallest percentage of dia.
eased, eyes was found in the village
schools, and the largest in the highest
clams of the collegesln the city. In the
"gymusalum" thlrty.two per cent of all
the students were nearsighted, while
I anions every hundred students at the
University the eyesight of sixty•eight was
impaired. The causes of this disastrous
condition were bond not only In the in
sufficient light of the school room, but
principally in the .permanent nearness of
the reading-matter to the eye, connected
with the bending forward of the heads.
Alternations of light and shade are also
injurious to the vision. Scholars shut up
semi-darkness dud their eyes
seriously affected for some -minutes
after coming into a strong light
This weakens the optic nerve, antfre
duces the length of vision. The light
should be kept as near medium as possi
ble. Dullness in the bend, headache and
congestion of the blood to the brain, are
also set down as peculiar scholastic
chimes. In New Castle, in Switzerland,
290 pupils out of Val, or upward of 40
per cent. offered from headache, the girls
being about twice as much affected from
it as the boys. In Darmstadt, 3,164 boys
and girls belonging to private schools
were examined by &competent physician;
DU of the whole number suffered from
headache. In the upper classes of the col
leges of that city, upward of 80 per cent.
suffered from the same complaint. . The
percentage increased with the increase of
studies -and Intellectual exertion: The
Doctor attributes this class of ailments to
bad ventilation and heating schsolroothe
with iron stoves, which impartaadzYnts ,
to the air, and takes from it its life-giving
principle. Bleeding from the noes is
- ,
also on the increase in German schools.
This is accounted for from the causes just
given. The higher classes-are more dis
posed to this manifestation than the
lower. Increased mental labor would ac
count for the difference in the numbers.
Curvature of the dorsal column is strik
ingly noticeable among the pupils of the
schools, who have been in attendance
for some years. It invariably com
mences between the age of six and
fourteen, and u the curvature of the
spine in 010 Ceuta out of 742, which were
examined iorrorponded to the bending of
the *pine as it is caused in writing,
figmlng,- drawing,- and -by almost -every
kind of needle-work, it evidently cannot
be attributed to any, cause except the
habitual deflection of that part of the
body. liovatrifling a matter will change
the proper direction of the human frame
at an early age can be gathered from the re.
mark of a skillful orthopedist, 'Who found
one shoulder of almost' every girl of a
class higher than the other, in consequence
of fitting one sided upon- their garments,
which by constantly entering Into seats
on the same side were unequally spread.
Pulmonary diseases ere also ranked
among those which may be induced by the
imperfect construction of .school houses.
Poor Ventilation, dust In school rooms,
and especially the defective movement of
the lungs and of the diaphragm must occa
sion many pulmonary diseasea. &rote
lons taints are also developed and aggro
'rated by causes such as those mentioned,
while a large class of abdominal com
plaints find their origin in - defective seate,
Improper confinement, and false habits in
the schools, whereby the circulation of
tthe blood In the abdominal regions may
become interrupted. Them are the facts
underlying the report. They are intensely
interesting, and should be studied atten
tively and tbotongbly by the friends of
education In .this country. In all the
large cities our school houses have, been
vastly Improved within the last few years.
There is more room, ventilation Is freer,
light better, and the heat distributed more
• equally. But the end of needed Im
provements has not been reached.
Ttle.Dastha at . Rome
It was calculated at the commencement
of the Council that the death-rate per week
ameng its members would be two. This
calculation does not seem to have been
too great; rather the contrary. The Fa.
titers are of paternal years ea will as char•
enter-numbers of them long past the
allotted term of human life.. They have
Journeyed in many instances from the
ends of the earth. They have disturbed
entirely that methodical regularity of life
which at any period, but especially at
theirs, promises - . length of days. They
have bad to conform to a dietary con
struction for the necessities or for the
tastes - of another people. All this—fa
tiguing Journeys and altered habits—is
bad enough, but might be forgotten In
rest If the ease and cessation from labor
which are consequent to an ordinary trip
to Rome could be Fecared in the present
Instances. Yet those who have knoirn
the work of the Council, even from news.
paper reports, must feel that tins was not
possible. The strain on mind and body
which this Council calls for is, something
extraordinary. '
Thousand. of persona saler feat . la end year
out with a broken down weeniea of the velem
of ske led., which In our time. are easily re
layed and frequently susceptible of can, and
seder on, only because they do not know when
,ata to whoa to apply fer>viet. Now , 10 1 100
the needhliatorsuellon to outs like this, teems
to es s pro•per duty on Dirt of the newspaper
prem. Sad It ►. as irrat nlesture to be able
N recommend all sorb to Sr. EXTISER. Up lay
WOOD WrltErr, whom vest number of spoil-
•moat, aad his great Wll Im ebroule disease..
enables him to afford the greatest animal of re;
lief that the pre.ont nate of icier. can aeon'.
Scabies the.e varicose condition. to *hien we
t smiee,• and sellerlet. Lath ...Mtn.
mid abnormal irrowllts, wbteb tea Doctor, milli
his appal... Deere to relieve.
Mod again Use abdominal mesksieume and
stoirelltetisibbeemollmr w Dow" Is n mama of
terrible sate - Mir tied . aselety ; for these (be
Doctor UN bete end gamey:tars which an so
etrestrerted mutts Wore at kaci tommeity Dane
..e.rthi rat it..tber do not promise a certainty
of corm
Sue Doctor.. eaperltnee covert Sparlai Of
aver 1,111117 Tod!. besides., • natural itlfeas for
flktidrpOrtEdilto orals . prof . .. Won, to
kes bins
monthaa ordighelly skillful. That age lag that
Is eatidlal Opens future, graltrationii by no.
glect of the peeper means i:iscorieet the pre•ent
cells, ought of Itself be a sulgelent eau.. to
gala; not only toe atteationor persons them.
sleet, bat also Mato( ad latedigent f byaleiano.
Dr. Keyser•' (Mee nail Medicine More. 167
ianuany 11.1110. .
ledirratlint set ally *grotto the phis eel boat th
tmt the disposition& and temp., of It. •itth•••
The drapeolla. becalms. too, Ina 81.41• rot dn•
monVised try hie sulterlate. neUuadoett• Its
of imitation, t on. ans., or despair. so the ram
may be. A. prneraalaral oinuttivenen et blob
be tenant bontrol. lead, him to admen. true the
Words and Minor Moos aroo•d hint. and his In•
tercbarm Will those nearest int4.deasest to him
I. It•t•lntrilpflently marked by eshibitious of
lestleata fintLat to Marital nature. Tame are
the metal filename ea of the dice..,. for Which
the mead tassel be issue reatematb:o.
but thee coo mrtatdm morn Inotentio rum..
0, t. It la to the ...rem rf the home °lron. It
le t seemlsl to Malty ba-mony as wet as to the
rue of tee WU e.rik: sun. rar lo a WOO sot
removed from Imlpleet Worthy, that Inesln es
'paans of mental tli.turb p tutunti
icsaoveri. club ou y to cue by r , tatmlag
MOM Abram! mo.r. a deraeseite at of tor Mae
tloneatt. flack and tts soled the.
liver and the bowel.. t pro these three Manor
taut omens Flange t•rbr etomseAt Bitten.- stir
ntianreu It. torniarlur a therosab and ealunry
able inch . coneltien. • sir In leere
d, amte vat i the pr. PUStioll 1 6.•••••••• err
of • ••••••11•8:r,- guisuct .end al.. ratter Char
-50:,r, 5;4 Us.- 14.13410 Wilt. le lids utlVlty to
their retaeflaa Ihraes , l6 tun VW 04 awl brat
Matte,* be milra• ied from the too twhe,elome
ofall cereals,. its t toned r No r .ation,
VA" take this ertnat tuntamtire ,or a Mettle walk
wcahoot eipertendiat notate. ilmoir , IN mat In
Ole a Womb. t tit only yid his brdlly
ltArnintra Oats intea dc" to Jar. but Itte Mind
Will recover • mildly f rem Ms remleamme sod tr.
r t a .i bi i n y ne m M n o fl m y l 1 monad him o
ALLmaninry VAtszy EAILRO♦R CO..
, 1
rittoarote. • Jasuayy 511.1570.
gr&TOtaltiOLDEllid •
Thy Regular Auggl Rem Ina of tbOlStockhcold•
era of the Allegheny Valley Railroad Company
, elll he held at the orrica or THE Ctigt
rANY, No. so Pita atreet, Pittsburgh, ,on,
WEDNESDAY, Ifehreary Aad. 1440.' at It
km the purpo. of electing all?ard
of Masa/are far the catalog Sear, and for the•
transacting of Loch other business SI may 00
pre entrd.
1a71:11100 JORN Ital44l4:rtn.leatetiatt'._
rgir KNAtIP low PlTTropr.
CITT PITTSfiURuLt. rA.— lhe
Attan al MestLa tee Btoekb Wert of tale Ooeme
P.m: - *Vibe hehh the bees 19 th ettealbeit
TUMMY, Veltheary Itth. at 9 &elect T.
." thah WO iv Ul be ea 'devil= for elf,Ttri
47 10 ) 21 1 . 1 1 tCT°24 5 1 6. METCALF, ?mummer.
r.I 13MOUE 0011PAHT.—An el. etiod
for thirteen (la) Manatere at thin Contpany
.111 be hen at tlelVl Hone, 110111)Alr. mu=
7th; 1870, I •
PittOrnh , Feb. 2, 1170. ' fel -
243 Liberty Street,
(oproate head of Wood otfoels)
Ziitaburgh, Pa•
Jot. ipinfesn..Jts. MelLAT..Hont. lADDALL.
J7attatera Old Bracers or. au,
Pllpel3pEtAill. PA. -
11011E14 WATh ON.
fe4:161 •
Wthi veauvrir or
Call god ~N Bamyl~Do?w - -
ILTIt - to riiiAG.tott oscotsn
of S
VU) itWlch
W 4 trill
welt= Annwart
4 , , 101 /MTH AVILNISL,
. _
Nos. 180
At 25 Cents,
At 87 1-2 c.,
At 8 1-3 Cents,
Good Dark Calicos.
At 10 Cents,
Light and. Park Calicos
474 B l'2
At $2 75,
WORTH 114.00.
Noa 180 and 182 Federal. Street,
New Goods Arriving Daily.
New Imbraiderie.,
Hamburg Flouncing+,
Hamburg 11 , ortingn,
Lane. and Lace Good.
Gentle Green stud Drawn .Alexander'. Hid
Gloves, In all Gars.
LOU.. White and Colored Denton Bids, a fall
lino. at .1.513.
gratis le bite Danten Hid., all Si AL
Cloth, *llk and Far Topped Hid Gloved.
Large eaortment of Heavy Cotton Hale and
Heavy Yleeeed Hoee, at the reduced prices. •
Woolen foolery, at a great replactle a.
Opened this morning. another lot of Hand ter.
thief Tate and Pullman Pa+ace Boers.
&leg.% gash and Pop Hibetona.
Comte of all elaelowd qualities.
Hear Switch. la real bale and imitation.
Chignons. Pe.. to.
Ctt.tom:n'wFlt Beel her stock wan lessorted
had prices the very loweet. •
77 44" 79 MARKET STREET.
X.ahlvli7l7Ell9°M I
illmeeeesere le Estee &
New Goods.
Alpacas', /Ike.
Vii 7
179 Federal St., Allegheny.
, .
An ear varlets of dew and waifel de.
diens,•fro the cheapeat kitchen tot . float
Staaped old. Daciwations an Halle, Peelers,
an V. elevens Imltulon Velvets for Libra.
elem. Math* Rooms, de. All papers at .
Lac•Nwr I=prioes.
lOWme lota at veof doold'd bOrlotao• WIN.
aIIADES. blotch ►aod flored. a la , we ea •
ratty Wasp. Ylror. Stair a. d Table Olt Cloths.
•e. We cordatily Invite all our !made end it.
poble generally to roll sad examine oar eaten.
stye wblett. for beauty and owners of
aty7e.ottatlty of .tock. and lowan, of prin.
W 1.3.7. to be either atty.
e al.weys eoto•lder It a aleustre to mhow woo&
requests tobu ofrlndeastomere by oar Importunate
No 174
ft211. , 2 W
Masirsotartes at wnirs ix .1:0, RED LEAD.
144 all Wars DRY AND IE UIL. • ,
0111011 AND FACTORY.
/10, 411 414, 416 fad 468, Belau Atztet,
W. all att'ntloa to tha guarantee patted on
oar Strictly Part White Lead, and 'ebony* Bay.
•. '•parer carbonate of lent," weII:MIS ”eheed
Gang pare." that A, fr. (ions Acetate and
&ale.udth•rato V whirs and saperfoi, both
Meeker and eateries property.
• OtTARAN =ID to be .a parer Catenate of
Lad and latter than any. In the all Ilet,.and
will thrtelt the pries of this package If contain.
tog tba least sealteratlon.
wrowve BOOS.
A tattorrir the Byron Controverey. Monerrin
besnok to the present time. By H
ee-her. tone . .111.60
TelielanOtPS HOLY GRAIL. One volume, IIIwo.; 00th...............41.00
il t r,111.711 : 141 . 01 11 1. JEITZ V 1 WOliid?
IikICILAVA utouLuscrnoes or A LAM - T
LIT • . 115.50
L 1010173 BILIS/. By B. Bar eg GotO .4
LANGI Olt FROVltitets • .6.1111
arryiatT,,. By the Ink.bos at taltheeria2 u
. . . . W....!..
4, 111AVIB at co.,
nos mores atrois.
.4i '
-- „ • ~ -.,,• ~. • . -.. ...- .
- 7,111 , 1 . '.... - '-'•- • . ''' '--
' '' --
and' 182 4
New Arnerican Poplins, all colors.
}laid and Striped Delalnes,very cheap.
Black and Colored Alpacas.
Beautiful Styles Few Percales.
Very Cheap
Pillow Case and bhtrting Muslins.
Shirting Mantis and Irish Liness
Plain and Embroidered Shirt Fronts.
Gloves, Hosiery, Handkerchiefs, &c.
Table Napkins and Toilet Matte,
No& 180 and 182 Federal Street,
AT 111,00.
woe= wirs.
AT $l.BO,
warranted Perfect—worth 111.00-
AT $3.00.
Ladles' Braided Felt Skirts,
Decided Bergelna—worth $1.50,
Superior Cashmere Stockings,
11ACR1111, GLIDE /c Co's,
78 and 80 Market Street.
Are now snowing their InU aawartment of
In their Retail Departinent,
Ia omitatetkm•rith their MI Hooter CARVERS,
VARIETIES of Table linlyas and Works, and
"anomie( Panic, Salvos.
All goods warranted and Drina loratall Dar.
chasers ram low. " fig
c.D si
43. g 1 0 1
w o re 2
ri Z
.Al, l Ol
c E3' o t .w)
-40.0 0 4: 1,1 m 1
1 ' s g
. 11 a) c;
12 41
gRE & C
_OEM, GO 0,
62 Wood Wed, . -
(Poor doors above It. Cigarles NOlo1,)
' Country . 111frekiukts.arli !.chid So
all mid examotse our stock whoa la
Amnia. for Andersen* .11k Wier' noel
And Norileweinarie Morse Skimp Nail
A AM stink et Nsablimisf Sleek.
swum Rad carpenters Tools. ll=
oarho. plHr. Leashey Bening.
Leailli.r, •e., ea •
1 - BEAD I' BEAD 3
Stmated to ens Want*, 'Mtn:ma blintOlig et
testing mums: .Baotou and Itheated Nally
Removed to • ffirlitalstnies. All opstatlosa
Stormed without pals otbloodstnid I •",
retibet comfort batsman/4V ' • •
No miaow:mu medleins nand! •
Ire are fat after opaisitagr
lialarsitt and WC Joists named new Niftily. •
/milt-Sim sad Milldam. cured In t tyw
eitiliftetiOn Wes er money coed
City Itahlensaa ern. • .
Mot Hoots Ira= l o. u. taint/Load lie*);
r- x. randy..Y toll 14
Beineabta tle VAC% No. 49 611th MOO. old
Sores and Sips•Paintee,
G11111671 4 1E1R Arna oLazzEirs.
/41 , 111 mato scot aura. mititp.;,xi. Pa.
st la j Us
. Dub..
.. .
AN ORDINANCE giautlngJno.
It. It.le uE 'riot to an Ironrclad
ST mow I. Ito ft ordained hind mactod earthe
Cif treixt Prianroa Caus
erie troereadted, and it is hereby ordained wad
naiihrr44 at &frame, Thatdoba
It. Hague be and It berates hartred to erect an
Iron-elad hilldlhe on comer of III:h and Shall.
man exerts. 1914 ward
. .
nance cendicti
Prff. fla an
t i y ordinance or part of ordi
ng with the passage of this ordl
nance at the present time, be and the same is
hereby repealed so /eras the same affects tats or
Ordained .d enacted tote a hor OR the Let
day of January, A. D. Islu.
Prelkent EH
I Se c l A ct LE n Y
Attest: M. N. Mrrancrm. - -
Clerk of Srleet Council.
o p ts(Preeld
Common LlN Connell.
Altai: H. AlcilAsT....
Clerk of Common Cann.. R 9
Ito up strict, from Flf,h amens to jam.
Su-ritual. Bo it ordritned and mitered by GU
MN of Ptittelorgh, 444.1 wad Cosmos .0ous•
die atinobled, and at te hereby orilnined mad
by I* e ant/rarity °Jae scum That Um
City Xaggetter be ml be is belEtir sisthiiirised
and 'daunted tissurvey and then Soup creel,
from Fifth arson. to Wattles svelter. in sa
cord... wile :he plan in tee Rue Inter .. . Were,
and I. leers!.. damagesa H
nt awe° bseeata
can ed thereby. Jelin Beecher, amilton °her°
and end tiamuel Chadwick are hereby apeointra
In aneordance with an Act of Assembly, eoptored
January 01.h..11154,
4. That any ordinance or part °Coral-
Dance eoullietley with thepassare of this ordi-
Settee at the present time, be and the same I.
Ottriliq repealed so tar.. the tame affects thug or
.... •
Ordained And enactad into a law in Councils
inn; lat. Qty . of January. • • D. 1870
Attsat Z 8. Mo r esid ent of &lent Council.
Clerk of Select Council.
• It. A. i'uifi.il4lloN.
President bt Cotonou Comell
Anon: 11.
Zieit of COMmon Connell
A N ORDINANCE authorizing this owning of Lang 1101110. J7OO Penn
&&&&&& 00 MI POOlO/111i/ 11110001,0•
nactiod 1. Zs
awl rusititad hx . thst
MY a/Pittsburgh. ta detail ainelPoussaces
effectedm and St is
Playby Ms authority of to. wanc.ll/tat tbe
(atv danlaser be and be is basally authorised and
titivated to survey an opsa Lang avenue, Pow
Penn svenna to the Pcnnsylvaula Rallvese and
to appraise dasosoes and assess banclitalivo rg . Ti n ey, bational Chadwick and Plnley Torrens
belay, appointed in accordaoce ebb at Sot
AlsetlWll ‘ . 00111120011 sarrOll,lloooollo Jan.
a - 7 6th. 1681.
• • • •
' Sao. a. That .
any ordmance or part_ or ora te
Nance nontlictlng with the passage of th%srdt .
natwe at the pres time, be and the la
hereby repealed so Vi a. the same &Cora. JAI
- Cralinled
and ease - tad' Into Ilto
au. ar or Janata y. A. n. lawn. C" ' "j".
ud. a
JAME% mc4trasr,
B. wE r4l , tant of %elect Connell.
Clerk of 0.10.1 Cloonan. •
Attar!: H. Il i btrol l •AX of
A N ORDINANCE relating to a
• Bawer ua Pine Lynn ne.
1. Be Or ordained and enacted ON
E.. Mel Nittebrayii. in 's.iroe and
+no. variant/. aiweattited, and et CI heew.
Sy ordained and enacted by the authority
hp' the same.
a a n tsill 'plan, pained Decent.,
ail. 186te. Bail trail:Lane- autherialwt the
of a on Fifth .yenne, from
Washington to Dinwiddie attest, Pr and the
Nls be
J rbs amended by sututltutingTiwtoss
Neel - •nd ohn T. Mown as assessors la place
of William Janney. who declines to act, and
James Bask, who ii no t a freeholder of the Mir.
• • .
SIC. 2. Tea. the hereby of sewsere berctofare
blade, be tad Is dlzabpr...ved.. and the
sem.. Is ream d ta lhe Immure tor reeonalde re
- Sim S. Tbstmtvordinance or eartotordinacee
Conflicting with the passage of tell erdinance at
peelremnt time. Pe and tee same Is hereby re
pead,. (Sr as the mar affects ordlnamm.
Ordained and eructed Into a law in Connells,
tole 31st day of Jennirv. A. D. 1570.
Attest: E. S. If mower,
President of Select Connell.
clerk. or Solent Connell.
Attest: H. MeMorenn
Preddent Coe mon vonsell.
Cleat of Cemmeo Connell
A N ORDLNANCE for Grading
one Parl.o Thirtf-errt Arcot, from Lib
ea ty street to the Alleohsrm rarer.
• •
SECTION 1. Y. U ordained andienateed be the
My of Pittoorro4 Is 4,steet and Crime.* Orits•
rite allslloo4/111, and U to hereby ordained and m
ooted try the authority! ef the ram, That the
Oily haunter be see he Is hereby .atlaer...3
directed to Meer.. [or propriale for the
grading and h trite. of 31“ street, Jetta Liberty
• to the ALegbeny slyer, WSJ 10 let the SWIM
In tat manner dire eud by an ordlnancereoneera-
Int meet.. pulsed August 31st. MST: al.o. an
a 4)11.e r e“.l/ litrett a , SpprOVed January 616,
Ilso. S. 'Rae any erdlnance or part of ordb
sans , conflicting obit t't• puns.,or VIIa ore!.
n o
at th e present Altar. be and tbs /woe is
nce. art
so lar a. th e same antis this
- - .
Ordained of
on:meted Into • Imo to oou o
this lst day of I/ohms y. D. 1870..
President of town CostociL
slittst: a. 11. idoasow.
pert of Cowmen Cosnien.
Ai. iliiii,utanxr,
Prefillent of Common Connou.
Attest: H. Itclif arms,
Clem. ot to moo Connell. tell
The imp -slant discover,' or
the CsHBOLIC ACID al a
Agent ds one of the
most remarkable multi of
modern .mrdical research..
During the late civil war it
was extensively used in the
Vlospilals, and was found so
be not only a thorough disin
fectant, but also the most won
derful and speedy HEALING
stEIIE,S ever known.
It is now presented in a
scientific combination with
other soothing and heating
agencies ? in the form of a
SALYL; and. having been al
ready used in numberless cases
with most satisfactory and ben
eficial resul ts.we have no hesi
tation in offering it to the pub
lic as the most ma lain, rapid.
and effectual remedy for all
gores and Ulcers. no matte/ of
how long standing for Burns,
Cuts, W ounds, . and every
hitAtiloll of /JIM( or FLEmet,
and for thin diseases generally.
Bold by all Druggists. Price 25 cads.
JOHN F. HENRY, Noie Prop'r,
Na 8 College Place, New York.
J private di 'Wall its fortaa..l
urinary dim.= V,Zets of memory art
•znneums •mdiestodi BPernistorrlise or Semi
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Oil Obths, Window &Mir:.
Ingrain Carpets,
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Suitable for Parlors.
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