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POEM, REED t 00.,
Office,B4 and 86 I .V * Avensie'
P. D. vzlnaliwr,
EDITOI6 AWD rmorannozn
.1r kalif 111 or TUN DAILY.
il man. per year
Ets gittslntrO Gairitt.
Lateaucra wants good water.
Kirrarisiso has a Methodist revival.
INDILNA is moving to get a gas works.
Jonarrowu has an English Lutheran
woolen mill. . .
Besmok, Armstrong' County, has a
David revival.
Twa'spitzlet ferret epidemic is subsiding
in Indiana county.
WILLESTLAIOUL ia , tO h*TO $150,000
new Catholic church •
Parma county criminals are sent to the
Catnerqn * ennt , jell.
A COAL NOTE in the town of Scranton
gives signs of caving in. '
Tom Broadtop, Hontingdon courity,
coal miners are on a strike.
WASUINGTON county bag Biz thousand
dollars for a soldiers' monument.
Ten grasshoppers have made their ap•
pcarance In Montgomery county.
Boman COUNTY people are amusing
themselves with grand foi hunts.
DAVID LUPPER, a pioneer of Perry
county, aged 72 years, died last week.
SNAKES are coming . ont in advance of
the season_ to nearly all parts of the State.
"AultleilLD SKINNER is the ap•
proprinte name of a Washington cond:
deuce man.
SCARLET fever has been nrevallins in
The neighborhood of Few Geneva, Fay
ette county.
Dn. J. Z. Gramma, of Lancaster. has
been chosen , a physician to the State Lu
static Asylum.
RIGADMG is coaxing ladles into billiard
halls. The clty'also vaults a visit from
Prince Arthur.
EDWARD PRICE, a coal miner at Dodge
mines; in Scranton, was killed last week
'by a falling roof.
Tax Priedenevllle zinc mines, near
Bethlehem, annually yield 24,000 tons of
ore of all grades.
JA/AES ELL/OT, of Independence,
Washington county, recently died sud-
denly of heart disease.
SAMUEL M. Fox, a wealthy, useful and
influential citizen residing near Parker's
Landing, died recently.
Tint wife of John A. Patton, of George
townihip, Fayette -county, fell and broke
her leg a few days since. • -
Tax smallpox has appeared at Bethle•
item and' lx or eight persons are suffer
ing from this terrible disease.
• Osmium Vantran, SR., one of the cid.
eat citizens of Cambria county, died a.few
days ago in Jackson township.
Timis are are no less twenty Penn
sylvanians in the present lowa Legislature
—seven Senators and thirteen Representa,
FATm O'Roonstr, the genial Catho
lic priest, of Kittanning, Is styled the
.Chaplain of the Allegheny Valley Rail.
Dxrrnmsus. has seized the mules of the
,Scrantoii`coid mines. Work in some of
the collieries had to be suspended for this
ALL the recruits at Carlisle Bairacks
have been ordered to Fort Leavenworth,
Kansas, to fill up the Eleventh United
States Cavalry.
•Trg attorney for Thomas Brown's
heirs is koking after an old lease about
expirinr,in Brownsville, making a stir
among the present occupants.
• Fenn fomenters were tumbled out of
the Somerset hack, in the western end of
Bedford, the other "day. over a mortar
box, and considerably injured.
of David J. Potts, in Hartle.' township,
Lancaster county, was felled last week,
and the lumber therefrom yielded $7B.
Joins Fur, of Westqampeter town
ship, Lancaster county, recently shot a
chicken hawk, which measured fire feet,
ten inches from tip to tip of the wings.
Tan oil interests on Drinkard creek,
Greene county, are beginning to look up
again. The " Boston well" is throwing
oil at the rate of fifty barrels every twelve
A mune= car was robbed at Connells
ville a few days since, of a sewing ma
chine. The thief got scared and threw
the machine in the river, where It was
fond. • -
Tax waiies of the laborers on' the
Jamestownaad Franklin Railroad eaten.
sion have been reduced to $1 75 per day,
in consequence of which a number have
quit work.
MICHAEL Suanii, of. West Donegal,
Landaster, died suddenly Of paralysis ei
the heart, Met week. He was 72 years of
ago, and a prominent member of the
Mennonite Church.
Tine robbery of the Commissioners'
office of Indians county is still a sensa
tion. The greatest ices was a book of,
registry for county bonds sold, and a
number of blank bonds.
Joan GILLIAN, of Bradford - county,
raised from three aces ninety bushels of
clear spring wheat, and from one snd
half acres dug three hundred and forty-
pine bushela of potatoesr
AN intemperate man named Andrew
gyedeg. Bring In Earl township, Lan
caster, committed suicide by hanging
himself, s.few days ago. He leaves a
wife end several children.
Jona :Daigsnax. of Ashland, Schuyl
kill county, list week. undertook to kill
his wife, and after being arrested attempt•
ed to kill the justice who committed him.
He Was in for killing somebody.
T. MORRISON, of Carlisle. has been op
erating a little in the horse stealing bust
nets In Berkley county, West Virginia.
Be was arrested in Perry 'county, and
turned over to an authorized officer of
. ,
$26,000 was the modest sum returned
by w Dr. De GabrirJ„. conductor on the
Pittsburgh and Brie Railroad, to a pas
senger who had dropped , his wallet. He
refused a 'reward. He le surely a cousin
to the Angel Gabriel.
Tin roads are still Ina rather unpropi.
Sous condition for timber hauling in the '
lumber regions. The prospects for a
large lUD the coming spring is not very
fl a t t ering—the scarcity of snow. interfer
ing greatly with the business of hauling.
Tnr. Oil City Timea "aye: "It is gen
erally` understood in this section that
.Ames came home for a strew drirer In
order to tighten up the loose screws, and
thatwhen he left for Harrisburg he took
Ivlth him a large one of a peculiar kind.
AY - Gibson; Sutquehanna county, a
gold bunter is prospecting, and tra di tion
gays many yearn so the Indians gathered
the precious ore in large quantity In that
locality. The ditch constructed by them
has bean rOtlndr but the gold has not Yet
tinned up:
TIM Schuylkill Navigation Company
are musing their canal to bo dredged out
at different points along the- line prepare
tory to the opening of the season of nevi.
gallon. The freshet of last fall tilled up
the channel at some.points so much as to
prevent easy tniusit.
'1 car wife of Hon. Jesse Lezear died in
Baltimore on Monday of last week. We
have no particulars further than the de
ceased died of typhoid 'pneumonia—the
same disease of which the. former Ms.
Lamar died, just three years before to a
day. A atrange coincidence.
A Few days ago the house of Mr. Ds
yid Wilson, in Brady township, Clear
field county, was burned . . Two. Buie
boys - Were left alone by their mothenand
is a t a ying with matches set Are td the
1 .6 0 . One of the little fellows escaped;
. the otheryas burned to death.
mnat.paw Ling, a respectable citizen
.40,w [noon, last week. while walking
tHong the'roid, tsai Belied with an epl. l
• loptic fit (to which he has long been sub-'
led) and fell with his face buried in too
mud, and when found a SllOll time alter.
wards, life was entirnlyeztingt„
Tara light used to dispel darkness In
Aszrisburg Kerns to be hid Wider a bob
' • I
• • . ... .. ,
. , . .
_...... •.
t •
• ....:, ~.
. .
yur — 4,. :
, _
", 1 ( O _ .: k .l
. .(......1
. 7' N
• •
el, if theoontracted limits of its Influence
are any indication.• Tallow dips would
almbat answer the purpose of illumine.
lion as well. A purer article of gas than
t no* consumed is greatly desired.
Tmr. Philadelphia Keening Star says
that a wealthy lady of that city has offered
a young man $30,000 to marry her
daughter, The strangest part of the
story fa that the . young man never-U — w
the young lady, and Is required to aban
don her forever, immediately , after the
knurl age ceremony.
STEI•UEN STOKES, of South Buffalo
toivnahip, Armstrong county, wax found
dead in his bed last week. Re lived
alone, and as he was known_ to have
money about him, and there being none
found after death, it Is believed the house
was entered id the early part of the morn.
ing and his money taken.
THERE era rumors of an effort to divide
Lucerne cOuntyjnto three parts, making
Scranton the county seat of Lackawan
na, Plymouth the seat of Shawnee, and
leaving Lucerne on the cast aide of the
Susquehanna south of the month of the
Lackawanna, except Neacopee, which is
to be attached to Shawnee.
Arr oxn Dutchman engaged in boring
for oil near Tionesta, made fifty-three feet;
when he struck a quartz rock. He con
tinued boring and the next four days he
made slx feet, and the following two days
the drill failed to make any impression
whatever, when the Dutchman gave up
in despair. upon pumping out the hole,
a (to him) curious substance appeared,
which unquestioned judges of copper pro
nounced native copper of ninety per
cent., which is remarkably pure.
Raexnarso to the Board of Charities,
a correspondent, writing from Harris.
burg, says: The Board will meet here'
early next week to consult with the Ways
and Means Committee on the subject of
eleemosynary appropriations, as well as
to further their own work of organiza
tion. • Of course no report can bamade
by this Board at the present Legislature,
as no definite action has yet been had on
' which to base a report, and no data Bath.
cred to present to the Legislature.
Ws learn that on Thursday evening of
last week, a young lady, Miss M'Cormick,
of Independence township, - Washington
county, having recovered from a very
long and severe illness and being yet very
weak, attempted to place a lamp filled
with oil on the mantlepiece. In doing so
she stumbled forward, the lamp fell from
her hand on the fire, exploded and scat
tered the burning oil over her clothing,
which also took fire, and before assist.
ance could reach her she was burned to
Tim Miners' Journal; of Pottsville,
says :"A few days since we despatched to
Senator Cameron a tariff petition osrm
bearing the names of workingmen of
Sehnylkill county. The petition is riot
sectional or selfish. It prays for protec•
• tion to every branch of American Indus
try that needs it. It is framed in a spirit
that should animate all similar petitions, a
spirit that will add strength to the princi
ple of encouraging our own producers
and workmen In preference to those of
Europe. -
Dam Eiscrrn, an old maid Of Amwell
township, Washington *inky, was burn
ed to death last week: She bad been
washing, and while drying the clothes
her skirts, burning the clothes
almost entirely off. When she caught
fire she ran out into the yard until the
fire was puttally extinguished; after
which she redressed herself and went to
the house of Mr. Dunning Hart, about a
hundred "rods distant. The hair was
horned off her head, and the skin and
nails off one hand were found lyibg on
the boor of her house. She died next
41 LAMM?. eagle has been Committing
some depredations in the Dunningsville
neighborhood, Fayette county; and - all
sharpshooters of that section had been
trying to shoot him, but without success.
A few days since a young lady named
Lucia Donaldson, of Somerset township,
concluded to enter the list for the prize.
She noticed the noble bird feasting occa
sionally on a dead sheep on her lather's
farm ; and during Its absence abc placed
. .
poison on the carcass. The bird soon re•
turned, and after satisfying his hunger
flew to an adjacent tree, where he eat
few minutes and then fell to the grofind.
When Miss Donaldson went to the spot
she found him dead. He weighed over
twelve pounds and measured over seven
feet from tip to tip. .
Sava a Harrisburg letter:
There is Lague and mysterious whisper
ing in the lobby about a gigantic reptile
that is shortly to make Its appearance
here in the shape of a bill asking for vast
and undefined privileges, by which a mon
ster railroad monopoly in New York cal.
culates that it will be able to damage the
influence and prosperity of oar Pennsyl
vania-railroads. Of courseilke snake, so
called, has been concealed front public
view: but when It is permitted to draw its
allay length along the ball of legislation,
the vigilant men In both branches will
scotch and kill it. The day has gone by
for Pennsylvania, either by the narrow
policy of her legislators, folly, or Mite
utility, to deprive her people of protec
tion for their vested rights and invested
capital, or to prevent that fair camped;
tion by which her great natural resources
can be brought to profitable markets. It
is not judicious to say more on this sub
ject at present, but at the proper time
your readers will, of course, be fully en
lightened on the business referred to.
Luxury of Easy Dresses.
The following clipped from "Laws of
Life," is especi ally commended to the
careful perusal of ladles who Indulge In
tight lacing:
Very few ladies know how to appre
ciate an easy, healthful dress. They
think their dresses are loose, when a man
or boy put into one as tight would gasp
for breath, and feel incapable of potting
forth any effort except to break the bands.
Ladles are so accustomed to the tight fits
of dressmakers that they "fall all to
pieces" when relieved of them. They
associate the loose dress with the bed or
lounge. To be up, they must be stayed
up, and to reoommend a comfortable dress
to them is not to meet a conscious want
- of theirs. •
It Is a great pity, none the less. If
they could once know what a luxury It
Is to breathe deep and full at each res
piration, to feel the refreshment which
the system takes in by having the blood
enityened and sent bounding through the
"stales and veins, to have the aids to di.
gestioa which such process gives, to have
their own strong, elastic muscies keep
every organ In place and themselves
erect;lf they. could for a while know this
blessed luxury, and then be seal back
Into the old, stiff stralght.jackets, they
would fume and fret and rave in very
desperation If they could not get rid of
As it la they prefer to languish and
suffer dreadfully, and die young, and
leave all of their friends and their hes•
bands, and their little children, and I do
not see any other way but to let them be
sick and die tiltothey are eatlitled. If
only the sinner was the sufferer it would
not be so worth while to make a great
ado about It, ben the blighting of future
Innocent lives Which must follow renders
the false habits of our women In the high
-A remarkable clerics' scandal. Is re.
ported 'tithe Phtladelphla paper■. The
delinquent In a Catholle priest, name Mr
k no wn, and the victim of his wiles a
MIAs Louisa Doter; Who hen andoenlY
and mysterloredy disappeared. Rev.
Mr. Hartley. of the Second Reformed
Church. has received a letter from Mins
Debar, in which she states abets confin
ed In a oell of the Catholic Church, and
that : alio' Is to be sent to a nunnery In
MLtwankeo.' The affair creates much ex
citement in religions circles In the
quaker City. ~ • r-
—The House of Representatives of the
Tennessee Legislature adopted a regain•
bon severely censuring Congressman
Smith for furnishing Ids frank to
members of the Legislature for their use
in transmitting documents to their coo•
oultuents, and calling the attention of
Oonmeas to his conduct.,Ono hundred
of the documents have en oltentatad
Otteupeou Solltlee frank,
Rocx. county, Wisconsin, will raise 100
acres of peppermint next year.
Tun way in which the Senate finance
committee has reported •the funding bill
shows that they are opposed to the retina
tion of the revenue, as they have provided
for a sinking fund.
Monts than a hundred hay growers in
New England indorse the report of the
Board of Agriculture, that the time to
cut hay is when the Rower is dying, as
formerly practiced.
Sssur.. L. CLEMENS, one of the edi.:
tore of the Bo Kilo E rpm+, and well known
as "Mark Twain," and Miss Olive Lang
don, daughter of Servie. Langdon, Esq.,
were married in Buffalo, Wednesday
evening, 2d Inst.
• Tim souse has made the revenue bill
the special order for March first. This
was done on motion of Mr. Schenck,
end shows that he expects the tariff hill
to be disposed of by that time. Mr.
Schenck is sanguine that both bills will
pain some shape this session.
GEN. NEGLEY, of the Pittsburgh Dis
trict, tried to get a bill before the House
last week to prohibit the transportation of
coal oil• which would Ignite below 110
degrees Fahrenheit, but Mr. Holman ob
jected, and it was referred to the Ways
and Means Committee. Judge Scofield
Bald ho had been considering the same
subject for many yearn. '
THE recommendations of the Congress
onal Temperance Society to the minis
era, churches, temperance organizations,
etc., throughout the land tololdaimul
Mucous meetings on Um 22d ofFebrus.ry,
the birthday of Washington, and unite in
the organization of-temperance societies,
based on the simple total•abatinence
pledge, has met witl(much favor.
-Tee Archduchess of Austria, whose
sailing to the United States was'annoonc
cd in our dispatcher; is a cousin to the
Emperor, two or three, degrees removed.
Her father was the. Achduke Joseph, a
brother to the late Emperor Francis,
grandfather ofthe reigning sovereign.
She was born January 17th, 1831, -and
married in 1847 toe brother of the Duke
of Modena. Ile died in 1849, and in 18,54
she. married her cousin, the archduke
Charles Ferdinand, by whom she has had
several children,
REV. Rorrr.DEER, pastor of the
Independent German Reformed Church,
Washington City, died very unexpectedly
on Sabbath last, at the residence of 'Mrs,
Haas, three and a half miles east of the
city. Mr. Swhler had been engaged in
baptizing lonic children, and during the
ceremony was taken suddenly ill and
died in a short time afterward. Before
leaving town he had complained of a bad
cold, and the immediate cause of 'Ma
death is supposed to have been conjestlon
crtke lungs.
A MOVEMENT is maturing at Washing-
tnn, at the head of which are the Virginia
Senators, to reorganize the Republican
party. of Virginia on the broad platform
of Universal Amnesty and Universal Sul'
(rage, making a union of all the good cit
izens of the State against the radicals ana
Mattes of both theßepubllcan and Dem.
ocratic parties. It is expected to secure
such an organization as, will place Vir
giniain advance of all the other Southern
States, and make her soil as safe for all
settlers as the soil of Massachusetts.
J. J. WIIIOIIT, the colored man, just
elected Associate justice of the Supreme
Court of South Carolina, was born in
Pennsylvania, graduated at the Lamas.
terian University in New York, studied
law for two years at Montrose. Penn.,
and was thelfiri3t colored man admitted to
the bar in that' State. In 1805 he went
SOutb, and wai made legal adviser of the
South Carolina freedmen. -lie was a dele-
gate to the Reconstruction Convention,
and was afterwards elected to the State
Boita. Th - st. Charleston 'Newse;—frosit
which we glean these factsr adds that he
is quiet, well behaved and decidedly in,
te_lligent. •
Tux Mai* lamer, of November 0,
says: "One night a sort of semi•domestic
animal known as a skunk took up his
abode in the back entry of our coriespon
dent B. C. M.'s house, and being disturb
ed by the cat, emitted a most disagree-
abe odor—as he is always Buret° do when
be le at all suspicions that-his rights . are
being invaded. The dairy being in the
neighborhood of where the conflict took
place, it became infested with the nox:
lons oder; when bur friend, in his haste to
cleanse the premisea, burnt some sulphur
is the room. The effect Was magical; ash
completely neutralized all the foul retell.
He consequently desires into recommend
its use Or similar purposes, or for the
cleansing of wells, cellars
Tun canard from Key West about the
riot and bloodshed in Havana on Sunday
lest is one of the most 'audacious pieces of
mischief which the Cuban Junta has yet
concocted. -It so happens that the fact
was known in this city on Tuesday last
that Aldama, of the Junta, had prepared
such a canard to be sent to the agent of
the Junta at Key West, and by him tele•
graphed back to New York to fire the
American people and inflame Congress.
As first prepared' this canard had an ad&
tional feature which does not appear in
print. It was proposed to announce, in
additionlo the carnage going ma, that
whole district In Ilevana known as "Jesus
del Monte" was being burned and sacked.
Dispatches received here direct. from Ha
irline to February Ist report everything
THE managers of the Pennsylvania
Institution of far , the Deaf and [lamb,
altuated 'in Philadelphia,- announce that
there Is room in the establishment for in
digent deaf motes between 10 and 20 'Y
years of age, who are- citizens of Penn
sylvania.- This class of:deaf-mutes are
maintained by the Commonwealth free of
cnarge; and application for admission can
be made by letter, 'addressed to the Su•
perintendent of the Institution. It may
be mentioned that during the protracted
period of war prices, the deficiency In the
annual fond provided by the State for the
support and education of her wards
was mode good by the voluntary offerings
of the friends of the Institution. A de•
partment has been formed for the training
of the vocal powers of the deaf semi-mute
children and a separate teacher is to be
placed In charge.
Ex GovEnnon Am= Tannins, of
Ohio, deceased February 3J, at his resi.l
deem, in Hillsboro. Highland county,
Ohio, at the advanced age of eighty-seven
years. Governor Trimble was one of the
early pioneers of tb State, and bad been
Identified with its history almost since its
adnalsacorr inth the Union in 11302. He
was almost, if not quite, the last repre
sentative of the oublie men or Ohio of
half a century ago. Flo was the friend
and compatriot of General Harrison, of
Governor 'Morrow, of Findlay, of Charles
Hammond, of Joseph Vance, and others
of that old regime, who have been long
dead. Ho was .bore in 1783, and Was
therefore six years old at the time of the
adoption of the Constitution. In fact, his
birth was coeval with the conclusion of
the treaty of peace with Great Britain
Which secured our independence.
Tau Indiana State Temperance Atli.
ance does not seem to have accomplished
much at its recent session at lndianspo.
pis. Its committee on resolutions re.
ported that they had faith In prohibition,
and in favor of Its advocacy in Sabbath
and common schools, and the establish
mentocluvenile temperance organise
tionlq in favor of a textbook by l'rofes
soy Brown, on physiology, presenting
the nature of alcohol and its evil effects on
the human system; In favor of a general
traveling agent, and a continual agitation;
In favor of the co-operation of women;
deprecating the indiscriminate-prescrip
tion of alcoholic liquors as a - medicine.
and in favor c f preventing the issue of
licenses, and to bring to punishment of
fenders of theprelent law. The stetted
lug resolution was In favor of temperance
men for office, and contained a promise!
to 'work for the nomination of ternperaoce ,
men to office; but; in case of failure,
claimed the right to vote for others, or
far none at all, as they might think best.
The report created a lively discussion,
and was lost by one, majority against it.
A resolution favoring fentalestarageWaS
then debated, and fluidly ruled out of-or
der, when the convention adjourned Sine
~, „~.
,~-;;,. ask ~~:~,. ~'F~.,'; r~~ - ~'a
English Estimate of the Ameri
can Congress—Dissatisfaction
with the Government Telraph
System—lrish 'Laud Qviestion
—The Council at Dome and
State Governments—The Case
of Henri Rochefortdifairs in
Spain—The Prospective Duel.
(By Teieirreph to the Mt:twill Ossetta.)
LONDON, February s.—The Times has
an editorial on American legislators and
legislation, wherein it comments on the
composition and peculiarities of the
House of the United States Congress.
The writer attributes the faults in Amer
icon leglelation to the. utter absence* of
ability in the Hoitee of Representatives
ands littoral
_sequence to the - popular
elections. The Sonata, hOwever, Is bet.'
ter, the Times thinks, because Its mem
bers are otherwise chosen.
Manufacturers here are preparing to
take advantage of the' expiration in
March next of the Beasemer steel pat
The Saturday :Review predicts that the
Irish land question and bill for regtilate
lug the ballot and diffusion of edurstion
will engross tho attention of Parliament
at the aiming session.:
Extraordinary scenes are occurring at
the telegraph offices throughout' Eng.
land. The dissatisfaction is universal,
and complaints of delay and error have
been greatly multiplied eilleo the new
arrangement went into effect.' In this
city particularly crowds of people stir.
round the offices, and there is thentmost
The movement for the abolition of
university tests has been renewed vig.
orrritsly. A large meeting was held at
Plymouth last evening and resolutions
leading to that end were unanimously
adopted. Meetings are to be held else.
The - Pall Man Gazette proteeds'againat
the Inteirciption of the Indo-Chinese
trade ln opium, as contemplated.
There has recently been an improved
demand for American bonds, both fed
eral and staple. •
It is reported the Cabinet have settled
upon a land bill for Ireland. The new
bill proposee to give security of tenure
by confirming and securing the same
rights to tenants aa are held under the
beet customs of the Province of Ulster.
It refers disputes concerning improve.
ment of land by tenant and amount of
rent to a tribunal with power of comma
.ry Jurisdiction.
E 92313
Menem, February IL—The duel be
tween Senor Figueroa and Luque
will probably bo fought, as the fermer
will• not withdraw hie offensive len
It fa reported that the Poke Itlontpen
glees candidature for the throne of Spain
will be altogether abandoned. Gee,
Catholic, thirty-Fermi yearn of age, son of
the King of Sotaony,' le now talked of In
some quarters, while othera propose the
auto of Prince Charles, of Prussia.
The Clerical Estimates passed the
Corks yesterday afternoon after a stren
uous opposition. .
Paws February B.—ln the case of
flenrl liochefort, no appeal having been
been taken, sentence becomes final. The
Ministry have determined to put It into
execution, and the defendant has been
notified to surrender himself to the• au
Eustace Fteurena Into be prosecuted
for word. used Ina speech at a political
The Journal Official pnbilahes ■decree
removing M. Lererrlar, the eminent as=
tronomer, from his office as director of
the Imperial otiftervatory far taking car.
tale action In the Senate, of which he Is
a member, inconelstent with his duties
u an officer of the Governnient.
-Roma, February 6.—The Cirira Cale
/ire, published here, has a remarkable
article entitled "Les Manilas Polit hoes
Et Le Conseil." Alter referring to the
menaces against Ecumenical Councils
establishing decrees contrary to modern
ideas, it says: "The Iliebopsdesplao men
aces. If Governments make laws at va
riance with the decrees of the Connell.
the subjects will not be held to observe
them, and to exact obedience to such
laws would be odious tyranny. If goY
ernments separate Church from State,
they must expect terrible revolutions to
overthrow . thein. France alone has been
true to the Concordat, and the Council
will tear this In mind."
PA1179, February 6.—n is reported to-
day that Laden Anatole, Prevail Par- .
edol, the celebrated author, nu DOM
appointed allniater from France to Wash
ington. •
htuunsimms, February s.—An excite
ment was occasioned -In this city this
morning by the falling of two houses.
Twelve potions were burled In the mina.
It is thought all were not killed. Two
bodice have been recovered from the
HAVANA. February 6.—Gerieral Goy
onoche returned to Port Principe on the
28th ult. He announces that be defeated
the rebels and captured two pieces of ar
tillery and many prisoners. .It Is repor
ted that a eon of Ceepedee. eleven years.
old, Is among the captured prisoners.
Seven houses and several sugar fields
have been deatroyed by Incendiaries on
the line of-the Remblo and Call:whin
Railroad. . _ .
Quarsset OWN, February 6:—The stearn
aid p Nevada, from Now York, arrived
to day.
Lesbos, February 6.—The 'bark Jesse
Campbell. of Weymouth, United States,
from - New York for Bristol. England,
foundered at sea In latitude 42, longitude
30 degrees, on the 4th of January. AU
halide saved.
Lennox, Feb..s _A/lernoon.-Conaola
02% for money; 02% on account Ame•
rican securities quiet; '62s, 8734; '6ss, old.
85g; '67e, 00; 1040 s 84%. Silos, 20%;
I.lllnole, 104%; (Treat Western, 26%.
Stocks firm. . •
_ .
PARIS, Feb. y--Bourse lower and
quiet at 78f. 560.
Ferguson?, Feb. s.—Bonds Arm at
-e.rmaroot.i Feb. s.—Cotton steady;
middling and Orleans .11,4(4)115it sale!'
10,000' bales. California white Wheat
es lid; red western winter is 4d; winter
Ea 4d. Western Flour 20a 13d. Corn 26e
od. Oats 211 bd. • Barley sa. Pe*a Ms.
Pork 09s. Beet 102 s. Lard 83a. Cbeedia
721.. Baron 78s. Spirits petroleum Is 0d;
refined' Ala 11,4 d. .Turpentine' U. Lin.
seed Cakes*. Storting toe.
nAVRE Feb. 5 Everifim. Cotton
closed Bit; tree ordlealre on spot 13834 f
per cwt.; low middlings afloat 137 f.
I,orinow.Feb. s.—Tallow 40s 3d@h6a 6d.
Morrwisar, Fob. 5.--Potroleum berry.
Unsling:, Feb. b.—Petroleum quiet• at
7 thalens.
. . .
HANDURO, Fob. s.—Patrolaam firm a
lb mam .bariora 121.
fIA Feb. R..otton quiet
The Red River Trouble*.
Mr Telegraph to the ritunnoah Ussatta.l .
' • CliteanO, February 6.—Theßed Itleer
New Nation give* a long Recount of the
meeting hold at Fort Garry on January'
2lst. It wee addressed by Donald
Smith, who explained his mission and
the policy of the Canadian government,
Mr. Rlell moved that twenty reprourt
tativee be elected by tho English people
of Red 'liver to meet twenty represents
nem elected by the French population,
on the 26th ult., at the Court Gouge,' ler
'the purpose of the consideration of the
subject of legislative oommlasioners and
deciding what would be the tut course
for the welfare of the country. The mo.
lion was carried and a Committee was .
then appointed to apportion the Enalleh
repress:ll4lM The result is not yin
Prince Arthur ko3lolinittion
Hoag—Still Another Logan.
Rogers Sensation—An Eloptn.
Party Caught, &e.,
H 7 Telegraph to the Plltabaggh Quetta.)
.NEw Vonr, February . 5. 1870.
. Prince Arthur left tips aiternoon for
Banton. He is to attend the Peabodyeb
seguien at Peabody on Tuesday. Tnere
to no more truth In the report of an at.
tempt to assuainate the Prince than the
rumor of each • thing' being intended.
Several arrests were made. The Prince's
friends deny tke correctness of the story
and the men reported ander arrest pro.
fatale know nothing (Wit ! ' The belief is
general that it is a hoax.
• MORE smarm Mean.
A large quantity of Write was wised
today at the rectifying establishment of
Trott & Kearney, for eked • . violations
orthe revenue law.
An explosion occurred yesterday lathe
dye house of the New York Dying and
Printing establishment, on Staten Mind,
by which four employes.Were frightfully
Darned. Loss alight.
NEvr . Youx, February a—The steamer
Shen', from Bremenodi Southampton,.
arrived to-day. Among-the passenger.
Ls Hon. Wm. Orton. •
A Ere on Saturday nlgis 'occasioned
tcr buildings and Kock at 64 nd
66 Malden lane to the mama of gy0, a 000;
Inured, The principal loam Heidrun&
Jacque' & Ellie.
The Bellmarael Dine Fa,otory, on Union
Hill, back of Hobokao, burned tut
night. Lose Immo.
A man known ■s Wilson was arrsated
yesterday, on informatlos furnished by
his mistress, who stated that his name
was Logan, and that he was a witness of
the murder of Charles M. Rogers. Wil
son, otherwise Logan, waciaeld lbr• ex.
amination. Re denies all knowledge of
the murder.
It appears there is a alight foundation
for the rumor of frauds on the Newark
Treasury. A forgery of the Auditors
signature, amounting, however, to only
$178; having been discovered. The
check, however, was not paid, but its
discovery texialotui suspicions • that
others are behind it.
An eloping party from Springfield, DL,
were captured yesterday by the father of
the bride, Mr. Thomas Renter, who car
ried his daughter west, leaving the hus
band, whore - name is Menders, in the
<B7 Telegraph Lithe Pittentrigh Oasttte.)
WASHINGITON, February 65.1870.
The House met for {t 7 O . nerd discusslon,
Mr. Loughridge in the chair.. About
thirty members were present.
Mr. SARGENT made a speech In vin
dication of a remark in the discussion on
the general disloyalty of the Democratic
Other speakers were Mr. Packard, of
Indiana, In support of the policy of the
Republican party, Mr. Sheldon, of La.,
on finance. Mr. Tyner, on the abolition
of the franking privilege, Mr. Riggs on
general politica, and Mr. Lawrence on
the mode of paying l ' e ' n4 T 4 __--
Lswinfticx, February s.—After a hill
debate, by a vote of 51 to 10, the Kansas
Rouse of Representatives passed remota
lions asking Senator, ind Represents-
Ryes In Congress to use theft Influence
to secure the -removal of all Indians In
this State, endorsing the wise policy of '
the Government in granting lands for the
construction of railroads, and asking lib.
end grants (or railroads, with the prom.
Ise that the settlers on the - Osage trust.
lands and the diminished reserve after
' the date of the • order for the removal of
the Indians, shall have each one hundred
and sixty acres at one dollar and twenty
five cents per aces.
The Rouge also appointed a committee
to visit the Cherokee neutral lands to ln
veatigate all matter" connected therewith,
with power to send for pasting and
The Governor, Auditor,Secretary of
State and State as
the Joint Committee to investigate all
matters connected with their same.
New 0111.1LiNe, February IL—The
House has plumed the MU authorizing the
luaus of ♦13000,000 In bonds to pay for the
work heretofore done on the levees un
der contract of the Board of Public
PrOffEla or the Rervolutket—A. Banta
Alma Plot Dlseovered—Government
Troops Defeated by laseeieenta.
(by Te*Arson to tko Ilttatorso euetto.l. •
- Cur_ or. Maxico, February I—via Ha.
vana, February 6.—An attempt bytroops
to alseusdnate Lerdo De Tepid' and pro.
claim Banta Anna boo been discovered
hero and frustrated. The iingleaders
have been arrested and lodged In prison.
Order has been restored in Puebla.
The authorities in Michoacan are arm
ing troops. The real purpose la unknown.
The pretence is to preserve the peace.
Troops have marched from Vera Cruz
against the Orizaba Insurgents.. General
Echegary has joined the Insurgents. A
battle took place In Ban Luis Poked on
the 11th ult. between the Insurgents and
Government troop*. The Insurgents
were victorious, capturing twenty pima
of artillery and compelling Gen. Roche
to fly In huts. It is believed General
Negreto Is concealed in this city, work
ing In favor of Santa Anna.
Denver Pacific 6inroad Benda—Hall
road , Progrean—Lolonks Locating
First snow of the Season.
(By Telegraph to the Plitscorgh Ualitte.)
DENVICR, Feb. s.—The remaining mil
lion and a half of Denver Pacific bonds
were sold in London February sth. The
sale wee reported by cable telegraph
yeaterday and caused great rejoicing.
The Company promise to complete the
road to Denver In four months. The
worken the Kennel Pacific is progrea.
sliest:rho:a o f ta te of ite a v m er i a li nTro d uill y 4 colo
flies, proposing to locate In Colorado
'mkt spring., are now here to make anal
preparations for purchasing stock, work
cattle, .to. The delegation is expected
The first heavy snow of the season be
gan on Thursday night. About eight
inches 'fell. The weather is now moder
Conservative Opposers or Coy. Bullock
Ea route to Washington.
(111 WWl= to the litteberigh Duette./
AUOUSTA, Fat 6.—Banators Hall. Bry
ant, Caldwell. Bolden, and other Repot-
Beans opposed to. Gal. Bullock and his
policy, are on their way to Weill i ie l t e n
to represent the condition of affalts fn
Georgia to Congress Mr. Bryant aye
the object of the delegation Is to show
that Gov. Ballow' bee vioLsted the recon
struction lawn, that the Legislature ea
now organized Is Illegal, and that aware!
persons are allowed Beall In the Legisla
ture who are not entiCel to them; and
~t c onitt ees =stains Clavernor Da
cia tt.,. Republican party id Georgia
will be destroyed. The delegation rep
resents the Omeervatioe wing of the
Republican party in thie Mate and rope-
Ohne ell egthia= with the Pecooceup
Revenue Raid in Georgia—Army
_ .
Changes—Bounty of. Deserting
Soldiers The Treaty with
China—Summary of its Provis
ions—Supreme Court Appoint
By Telegraph to the Pittsburgh Gasette.)
WeennieTeN, Feb. EN, 1870.
Internal Revenue Detective Cowan
reporte to Commleeioner Delano, under
date of Augusta, Ga., January- 31at, a'
very aucceesful raid on the Fourth Die.
Wet of Georgia. Eighteen illicit stilts
were captured and a number of the men
engaged in rimming them. The dletenee
travelled was over maven hundred miles,
Brevet Brigadier General B. G. Rob.
bin, nnattaohed. is detailed on recruiting
service and ordered to report . to Brevet
Major General Hoffman, Superintendent
of general recruiting service at St. Louie,
Mo., for assignment.-
The following °Mears, unattached, are
relieved from duty as Indian Agents.
and ordered to proceed home and await
order!: Brevet Major J. A. Bern, Capt.
W. H. Merrill, 0. C. Knap and First
Lieutenant J. S. Stiles.
The following officers now unattached
are detailed for duty as Indian Agents
and ordered to report to Commissioner
Parker for assignment and Instructions:
Capt. D. M. Bella and Find Lieutenant
11. It. Bourne.
Gen. Butler, as chairman of the Na
tional Asylum of Disabled Soldiers, some
time ago made application for bounty
due soldiers who had deserted during
the rebellion, amounting to tlOO,OOO.
The Treasury refused to. turn over the
money, on the ground that the bounty
was not due until the expiration of the
term of service, and that as the men bad
deserted, their term had not expired.
This decision has been affirmed by the
Attorney General, and hence the money
will not be paid over.
President Grant is decidedly opposed
to appointing a man from the Southern
Circuit on the Supreme Bench. An
effort Is being made to secure the ap•
pointment of James F. Wilson, of lowa,
to wham the President offered several
places in his Cabinet.
The Senate Committee on Commerce
held a meeting to-day and oonsidered
among other things the levees of the
Mistisidppl, finally determining to refer
the matter to a enhoommlttee consist
ing of Mesa's. Backingtoun andifellogg:
• The Hotise Naval Committee hope to
be able to agree on a measure satisfacto
ry to both staff and line. officers in the
Navy. They are opposed to the bill pro
posed by becretary Robeson. Neither
staff nor line will get ail they demand.
The President will, on Monday, Issue a
proclamation of the ratification of the
treaty between the United States and
China, and giving the full text of the
There is no doubt that Minister flash
Ewing will be recalled from the Hague.
His friends have ceased their efforts for
his retentiou.
ca-Hoag. of Toledo,,O.ltio,
died to-night at aloe o'clock of poCumo.
' WAPOITINOTON, FebruagyA 1870.
The President yesterday issued a
proclamation announcing the ratification
of the additional treaty with China, and
communicating Its - provisions. Article
first provide. that in making concessions
to citizens or subjects of foreign powers
of privileges of residing on certain
tracts of land or resorting to certain wa
ter; of the empire of China, the Empe
ror by no means relluguishirs his right
of eminent ,domalti. He agrees that ,
no such concession shall be con
strued to give to any • power or
party which may be at war with or hos
tile to the United States the right to at-,
tank citizens of the United States or their I
property within said lands. It is also ,
agreed that the United States shall ab
stain from attacking offensively citizens
or subjects of any foreign power with
whom they may be at war, and the right
of the Chinese Government over persona
and property is retained. except so far as
that right may have been expressly re
linquished by treaty.
Article third provides that any privi
lege or Immunity in respect to trade or
navigation within the Chinese domin
ions, which may not have been stipulated
for by treaty shall be subject to the dis
cretion of the Chinese Government.
I •Articie third authorizes the Emperor
of Chins to appoint consul. at United
, States ports, wheshall enjoy the immu-
Inails and privileges of the consuls of
Great Britain and lanai&
I Article fourth guarantees the entire
liberty of conscience to American citi
zens In Chins, and citizens of China in
America, and exempts them from all
disability or persecution on account of
religious lkith or worship to either
country. and provides that cemeteries
for the dead shall be held in respect and
free from disturbance or profanation.
Article filth . provides for absolute free.
dom of emigration and immigration Of
citizens of both countries, and that the
taking of citizens of either country to
the other, without their free and , rolon.
lacy consent, shall be shades - via
I Article sixth guarantees to cal 'ell
the United States visiting or residing - 'S
China the same privileges, immunities:
or exemptiotus In respect to travel or
residences. rosy there be enjoyed by
citizens or subjects of the most favored
nations, and reciprocal privileges to citi
zens of China in the United States; but
•the stipulation Is not to be construed as
conferring the naturalization of either.
Article seventh provides for reciprocal
enjoyment by calving of the two coun
tries of public educational instilationr,
under the control of either, which are en
joyed In the respective countries by the
citizens-or subjects of the most favored
nations, and given the privilege of estab
lishing and maintaining schools within
the empire of Chios at those places
where foreigners are by treaty permitted
to reside, and Chinese citizens are to en
joy the same privileges and immunities
in the United States.
Article eighth. The United States al
ways disclaiming and discouraging all
practices of unneceseary dictation and'
intervention by one nation In the affairs
or domestic administration of another.
do .hereby freely disclaim and dis
avow any Intention or right to
interfere in the domestic adminis
tration of China to regard to
their construction of railroads, tele-
I sraphe or other natural internal Im
provement' On the other hand, his
Majesty, the Emperor of Chins, reserves
to himself the right to decide the time
and manner aria drcumstaoces of intro
ducing such improvements within his
dominion. With this • mutual tinder
' standing, it is agreed by -the con
! trading . parties that if_st any
time hereafter his Imperil Majesty
shall determine to construct or cause to
be constructed works of the character
mentioned within the empire, and shall
make application to the United States, or
any other western power, for frailties
to carry out that policy, the United
States will In that case • designate
and authorize 'suitable engineere to be
employed by the Chinese Government,.
the Chinese Government, in that case
protecting such engineers in their per
sons and property, and paying -them a
reasonable comperestiou for their ser-
Omelet advicea have been received
from San. Domingo that the Haytien
irovernment had'offered to assist the
Revolutionlata in the Ramer republic,
but the Administration attach no Impor
tance to the Infontatlon;
The President will. as goon as he shin
reimive offkaal no of the rejection of
Judge Hoar, nominate to the Senate
two gentlemen to supply vacancies on the
Supreme Court bench, °floor whom will
bo Judge Strong of Pennsylvania. The
President has not fully determined upon
the other.
. The President informed a friend yes
terday Judge soar would remain in the
The Mowry Silver Mining Company,
of Arizona,has filed its claim for dama
ges against Mexico, before the Joint
Commission, for the seizure of a train
loaded with silver bare by Mexican
troops, In_Senora, in 1868.
Smuggling through the
tent Developmenu—Farmers and their
Cast Crops —The Mormon Reform
Movement— Important Court CABO
13treet. Murder and Robbery.
(By Telemph to the Pittsburgh Simone.)
CHICAGO, February 6.--The system of
smuggling through the mails which has
been carried on for some time was
brought to light in the Chicago poet.
otlice two weeks since, and SIM* that
time quite a number of books and arti
cles manufadured In Europe have been
seized by Custom House officers. It brim,
possible to estimate the value of articles.
smuggled, but it must be considerable,
as within the last ton days over one thou.
sand dollars' worth of smuggled goods
have boon seized. They consist of books,
laces, fare, &c. They arrived done up In
ordinary newspaper wrappers, with the
necessary postage stamps. Had they
not been so frequently directed to one
address, suspicion would possibly-not
have been excited. Several packages
were addressed to H. Brotherton, Free
port, Ills. They were seized and found
to contain ermine furs, lace collars, and
other lace. H. Brntherton was discov
ered to be Mrs. Brotherton, milliner.
She acknowledged having smuggled five
hundred dollars' worth of goods.
A member of the Chicago Board of Ed
ucation was also detected In smuggling
books. Twelve dozen hymn-books, ad
dressed to Brigham Young; Salt Lake.
have also been seized. The title of the
hymn-hooka is ' , Sacred Hymns and Spir
itual Songs for the Church of Jesus
Christ of Latter Day Saints." One hymn
Is entitled "Lard, hear the Red Man's
wall," in which the Great Spirit Is called
upon to "save him from the pale faced
foe," dm.'
A special from Salt Lake says the
Mormons are circulating petitions signed
by Mormon women-in opposition to Cul
lom's bill. The Reform party, composed
of the most intelligent Mormons, is In
creasing. So far there has been no inter
ference from the church authorities, but
all work and assistance are denied them
by the Brighamitea.
The Tribune, in an editorial on the lose
of rimers by grain raising during the
past year, says they have found partial
compensation in the high price realized
for their hogs, the receipts from this
crop having
.saved many of them from
bankruptcy. If hogs had been sold at a
-price corresponding with wheat, there
would have been wide spread &stream in
the west and . in all classes business men
.would have felt the .sharp pinch which
prevented farmers from buying for "part
But b & abu ng new blln f rcd ete farmers have not madeth
moat out of the situation, though
shrewd enough in driving their
ordinary bargains. Enconrged by the
prognosis of a short crop, many of them
bought - pork options at high prices to
the full extent of their means, and nave
recently had the satisfaction or settling
with sellers at a loss of two or more dol.
tars per barrel, thus losing every cent
made by the sale of their hogs. Specu
lation in pork has been much - more ram
pant this winter than any In former year
since the close of the war and much
trading has been done for parties in the
country. _ While thin has benefited corm
mission men, and put money into the
pockets of sharp ones here, it has not
helm so .nOnatintive to the Werra' of
firmer* and drovers that they can afford
to repeat the experiment.
In the cane of the city of_ Chicago
against Capt. Jame.' Malinke, the Su
preme Court of this State has just ren
dered a decision sustaining the constitu
tionality of the ordinance passed by the
Common Canned of Chicago, which
required draw bridges over the Chicago
river to be closed as often as once In ten
minutes for the passage of teams,
pedestrians, die. The case was first tried
in the Pollee Court against Capt. Mc-
Guire for violating said ordinance, and
he wag fined. He appealed to the SePe•
tier Cdurt, which reversed the decision,
decal:jag the ordinance unconstitutional.
The case then went to the Supreme Court,
which reversed the decision of the Supe
rior Court and declared the right of the
Common Council topsail each an ordi
• Callet Weigle, of Indianapolis, who ar
rived in this city a few days since In
search of work, on Saturday night was
set upon by three robbers,-Ids throat cut
and otherwise injured and robbed of all
the money he had. After the robbers
left him, supposing he was dead. he
contrived to crawl Into a vacant building
near by, where he lay all night suffering
frightfully from his wounds. Tto
morning he was enabled to crawl into the
street, where he was picked up and taken
to the City Hospital. He can scarcely
Roman's Suffrage Ammelation—Fast
Freight Line booth—Slimouri Pacific
and Missouri River Railroad Dißealty
--Malt for Damages.
By Teievsprk Co the Plasbure, Gsiette.)
Sr. Loins, Fob. 6.—At a meeting of
the Woman's . ' Suffrage Aasoelation, last
night, Min Phoebe Convene. made a long
and spicy report of the proceedings of the
recent suffrage convention at Washing
ton, correcting mistakes alleged • to have
been made by New York and Philadel
phia papers, and denying some state
ments in circulation in regard to the
aellon of that body. Arrangements were
made for a lecture from Olive Logan for
the 19th inst. A proposition to .send a
delegation to Jefferson City, to ask the
Legislature' to submit to the people
an amendment striking the -word
"male" from the State Constitution,
was voted down after s sharp
debate, it being deemed humiliating to
again petition that body, after the dia.
respectful treatment of their request last
winter. Francis Minor, Esq., then de.
livered an address on the subject of
citizenship as connected with -suffrage,
In which he maintained that women are
citizens and entitled to vote under the
Federal Constitution ' and quoted emi
nent legal authority to prove his posi
tion. This question had never been
tested before the courts, but a test ease
would be made at the next general elec•
tion here, and If necessary taken to the
United States Supreme Court.
The Board of Director, of the Mer
chants' Exchange have directed their
President to appoint • committee to
raise one hundred and seventy•iive
thousand dollars to enable Thomas
Allen, President of the Iron . Moun
tain • Railroad, to purchase, In con-,
nection with the Mobile and Ohio Rail
road. sufficient freight cars to ran a di
rect fast freight line between St. Louis
and the cities of the South. This will
largely Increase business facilities be
tween St. Louis and the southern can
The Directors of the Missouri Pacific
Rallreed have agreed to renew the con
tract with the Missouri River Railroad
between Kansas City and Leavenworth at
the rate of $811,009 per annum. Tho
Missouri River Directors demand seventy
thousand. The Leavenworth, Atchison
and Northwestern Railroad Company
have entered suit against the Missouri
Peclfic Companyfor violation of contract,
claiming three hundred and eighty
thoustrid damages.. • ...
Serious Fire et 41.;ineinuati.
037 Telemph to tbePittabarah 'saute.)
February fire lad
night broke out In a building on the
northeast corner of Sixth and Baymiller
'greets and caused a loss of 500,000 or
WM*. Tim-building • was owned by
Oliver Patin and occupied- by B. H.
Hamilton & and rectifiers.
The banding was itumred fogllo,ooo, and
the distillery for 515,000, of Which 13,100
was In the Delaware hfutual;l2,soo in the
Western of Cincinnati, and the balance
In Cleveland and eastern companies.
The banding Mier-eta on the eastt 000 n•
pled by H. H. Weasel &Co. and A.Kribe
On. was damaged by -- the falling wail
and by water. The building eu the west
was slightly blared. The tire broke oat
about IvieriV minutes after tha work•
men left the, distillery, No clue to
NO. 32.
—Bergh hay made another raid on the
Brooklyn milk etablea.
—The s lib of Bon. Jno. Wentworth, of
Chicago, died at Troy, IT; Y., on Saturday.
—Snow fell itt Richmond,Virginia, yes
terday, but the weather was too warm
for it to remain.
—Rufus B. Kinetic,:
ley's Express, died at Provi
Saturday morning, aged 73.
—The jury in the ,Wareham homicide
case, at Cincinnati, brought In a verdict
of guilty of murder iu the seoend degree.
—The schooner Eleanor; from Balti
more, was wrecked near Fort Fisher.
The entire anw, live men, are anppomd
to be lost. •
—The Tennessee Conatitutional Con.
vention - called, on. Saturday, on Mra:
Polk and were plearntly_ received and
—A. Convention of the conductora of
the Conservative newspapers of lambi
ana is called to meet at New Orleans on
February 28th.
—The Lezielattire of West Virginia has
adopted a resolution .for the impeach
ment of Judge Wat. Harrison, of the fiev..
enth Judicial district.
—Kit Burins' dig pit, in New York,
will be dedicated to religiotut worship
today, and thereafter daily noon-day
prayer meetings held in it.
—The Impeachment of Governor Reed
was killed in the Florida Rouse of Re
presentatives by adopting the minority
report by a vote of 30 to 24'
—The Kenna Benakt bac paned a bill
removing political disabilities, to take
effect after the promulgation of the rail.
iloation of the XVth amendment.
—The large machine shop In A:Word,
Ides., owned by Macy t Eldridge and
occupied by E. A. Albee, was burned on
last Friday night. Loss, 130,000; Insured.
—Three Siren occurred at Philadelphia
on Saturday, two trifling, and a third
causing the total destruction 'of Wal
lacen planing mill on Spring Garden
street, above Broad. Loss 120.1300.
—At Poughkeepsie, N. Y., a Are early
Sunday Morning destroyed Webber's
cabinet shop, and an old man of eighty
live named Myers!, a German, was sun..
Gated. Three bones were also burned to
—The lower Houma of the Missouri
Legialature has pawed", bill regulating
the pay of school teachers, giving fe
males the same pay aa males,. who are
equally qualified and perforating the
same duties.
—Another sugar fraud class, Involving
eight hundred boxes, has been decided
by the .llnited States District Court at
Hew Orleane in favor of the Government.
The sugar was Imported under false In
voices as to weight. •
—H. J. Church, condictor on the St.
Joseph and Council Bluff Railroad, shot
and' killed Michael Culligan, in a Street
-tight In St. Joseph, Mo., on the night of
the ad. Church gave himself up and was
committed to jail. Ctilligan was armed.
'—Wm. Cullen Bryant and daughter
occupied the same box with Prinoe Ar
thur at the Philharmonic rehearsal, at
the Academy, in New York, last Friday.
The orchestra broke away from the regu
larprogramme and
the Quee played "God sass
—An old fetid between partlecculmi
nated at Rushville, Mo., on Tuesday of
last week, In the killing of Sinclair and
Jackson Hurst, during an altercation, by
Joseph Fry and Clint). Jones. The
Murata bad been very drunk and quar
relsome, and at the inquest it was shown
they were the Faulting party,
—The owners pf cast mines in the 'Ak
ron, Norton, Chippewa,Wadsworth,-Fal
ton and Massillon, Ohio, districts, have
fcrrined * , The Tuscarawaa Coal • Mining
Assochdlon,' '• with head-quarters at Ak
ron, and have reduced the pries of min
ing to the same as in all neighboring
districts, to go Into effect Feb. 20th.
—The Louisville Courier Journal putt
lithos tbe - fnir circumstances: attending
the attempted-reausenked Gen.--cfsomas
by Gini:Gnuit before the battle at Fxank•
tin. Oen. • Balleck disclaims having
alluded to the subject at the dinner in
San Francinco last summer, but admits
having pocketed Grant's order relieving
Thomas and appointing Schofield, as his
--Halifax papers report that it a meet
ing held at Meringomish, in Ptctonoonn
ty, a resolution was passed declaring the
Confederation a failure, and urging the
loch Legislature to move for annexation
to the United States. A Union dosage
lion how been formed in Prince'dward's
Island. Hon. T. H. Hoagland, M. P., was
chosen President, Hon..loseph Pope sad
Hon: Wm. Heald. Vice Presidents. The
object of *the society is to forward the
cause of the Confederation. -
• - it spieedid Hair Dye le the best in
the world. Harmless relLable. Instant... Se.
dues not contain ,esei, nor say elicits potion to
Prost., paralysis or newt,. Arvid the eanntad
nod delusive preotratlons bo.tiris vlrtneathey
Jo tint came*. The secoine W. •..atotialori.
Hair Dye u has had 30 years untarnished repute-
Hon to phold it. integrity as the onlyrerfeet
Hair Dye—Clark o- Brown. Cold by all Drug
gists. Applied at /6 Baud Street, N. T.
Manufacturers of WHITE L 6 +D, NED LEAD.
.d all colors DRY AND IN OIL.
HO, 452, 111, 46 . 6 and 458, Rebecca Street,
We all att.' talon to abe guarantee pasted on
°urge:Letts Pero Mlle Lead, and when we say
• “purer carbonate of lead," we mean *.areal-
Calls pure:" teat Is, free Krona Acetate and By
drab e, and them fo Is whiter and superior, botb
In color and ceverlag properly.
IMALEAS4TEED to bei purer Cerbonate of
Lend and whiter than any In the ina:kni, aad
will forfelttbe price of this packese tfoOnlatn-
Ind the !nut sotslteration. ' . ,
PIIILADILITZTA, Milan 1111,1870.
tee Bogor Rasing beeleeett I 1..••
tier leased to toy too.
The Grocers' Steam Sugar Refinery
Having leased the above named Redstety, I
mill vaneee the business as beratiderm and
nave aDlX.Wedis- • •
Messrs. THOS. P..STOTt3I3IIRY & CO,
1431,E ILGFrZirIS,
Wbo wlll °Ter for sale the well-known brands
of the Refinery. TI
Bartol's Extra C. Yellow Sugar.
felirorret .
Tuesday evenlts. gebruary BM. at Elf
oicloek. wIU beloold on seemed Boor of Crenneen•
dal naleaßan me 1118 Stulthneld Greet.
110 shim a Exchange National Bank;
let enema Antonym , eo. do.; - •
100 ahar:a Yitubureh Bolt Ca.
12.000 Allegheny ',Alley R. R. 740 Ronde.
ft 7 A. McILWAIN K. Aillllineletf
at the • state of /AYES ALEXANDER.
deep t to ml Hartlson. to~eshlo. o
ill pe , baring heed 6r anted
rsons luCehteal am required e.t.a.:Ml- .
MN, MI Aerie, having claims ageing&
said estate nIII reneant them properly autheall-
Med for settlentone tnenudereignad. at Tin.
Y WY. Y. EVANS. Executed..
. /unit &tont CYoke Rln. Jean ennl
Car.. Pat received; Green and Roasted *ell:nd
rrhotssals =4 mall, ai prices banjo,' onthere.
nun. In vllO4 Um ?mai GrOCei7 Btu. 44-
' airair Ltbeitr and Nlnt4 etieetn.
23 two Cotton,•
2 d
97- do.o. Broom Coro:
..eke re stberr..
-1 bag Pealed Pegelte.:
, g -s d4 *' frgrZiettl 'i 'liary
thAtitt DiIitAPTPL
$2W0wILL . 11111" A NICE
Stnad altar citd Finch sot. Rimless
Wanes 'tree. sear Caldwell. Zsgilles at W.
WWILON. at the base.
T - -
cheapen — oin - al /Mil,
wsraver DubifgCOA In Western peettgiteele•
No flamer, meehaale or steralisat Amid lie
, Slaste ilk-
Club. of -
♦ oopy is farttleed smilltoosty te`ths gratis
pof s camber tea. Postmasters ari remelts i,
to act ai agents..
FirNo27M2it—o7b-Le.," I +Pbraitisel
°Lose" Warits,"...Ftnend,"“/loarditig,"
de., not exceating 8008 LINJA
be inserted in Mae columns mod Jam : .
TWENTY-FIVALORN2I9; took addi,
tiontd Fin: WANTS& •
ristor of Fins-
tooAHNIMT E L D. D — An
eeaACp e O rien cad
iu l gol7 leaEAtatelf w W t% F u ! .g. M m R La
the Taft. NW. elatr atroa Spplr. 111pcmir. 1
IiA.CITIC 011ie, •
TTANTED.—Two SoHelton
for an old establlalld Raw Tort
lash) Life SWeranee Comma), to Oland* It{
Weatertt reunlyiyania. Will be peel, We*
etideeilLeek-Bee 421, 'Pit tabereh P. 0. 14
Canvas......for 141 tlele test L oath*
rawdly. Not tedust stmt. Ark
slimy City,.
WANTED.—A small, but coma
v PORTABLE, HOUSE; for tautly With
out Children. The nal.* onevenlenoet min
Shod neighborhood lndltpentabl, Alteglany
preferred r Will pe p not over 11500, Adana..
et tett office, 0110 tboatlon and terms,
weirrEn--amg...--AT Rs:
Eltmet. BOYt, BULLS and MXN. for
wi.d. of .mplayment. Fem. w •4118=
WANTED.—AeoIed - Pro
will be r. celved for ono vee r l l 2lll4 ,
tbon and cliA000) FELT OF Clliiil
to be delivered in Plitaborge or Lawrenceville.
Moat loc - ng Freeport or Banta stone.
CASH Wilt be 1,51 on delivery. retaining kW .
ceniege ler 1111111sient of conireet. Addresei
Heal HstatriArrate. Lswreneweillia.
WARTED. " 3IOR/14A411*
$30,000 to Loma to taiga or mall aosate,
at a bar rate or Interest.
BOpd. sad 24.1 ROMs Broker, • . :
No. ITS Ha:ltUaeld inset.
vir ANT ED-110A 11 With t
fornlrbed room. by • leatle••• Wit h
erlfe. Address. With terms slit localbar, J. U. • -
E.. liAZlrril OrIICZ.
BOARDING. A Gentleman
.4 WIPE, wl.hout children. or two ladies.
can Ind hrd. With • nice ...Lein moderate
term, at N. . 59 SHEFFIELD IST/MET. Ile
emcee even end ' • 34
Arfeeoe.enedwww, .
TO-ILET.;—At Hittle*oed eta
TION. on Connelluilli Railroad, about 10
ACRES OF LAND. well pate." with oho.*
halt Woes la bearing; ni.onUrs. Du.... pus
of Mansion Hon.. Inquir. of Mr*. BAONSL
Z. WOODS... the prosoDut. or of ;MUNI A.
kfoliZAN, ' 145. loan. mute. IlUslargl•
Pado,-LET.—No. 411.• Coiggress St.
e.stlbalr. two P.lor. tame • cbastteri,
vooes.;kltatetvand osotry. twoutt• or
BoazWELL 11A.ItTliANS, 71 Graaf. Moat.
!1.10 LET.—The . Large Stare
Room No. 96 Wylie Avenue.corner
erat s trees. Pittsburgh. A. BROM(
lie Path aveuss. •
rre i l;LIET—A large Front Ileom.
t.÷ l .01 , M:Yor=lit.117.L4' P lTt i reArt
eloyle seamen. ',WPMOn,
LET..—TWO 2 story brick
1 houses. Nos. 55 lute 115 Centre wrests.
m 11510515 ten morns eeeb,wi t a , =541:: , , , ,..._
rove-meets. Enquires% No.
.710 LET.---FIVe rOolith— hr,
eery large—on the corner of Penn
..1101(11aneoek)etretts.lo two dwelling"
saJothlng. withelgettaadsavettrarma. t.rq•U.
at All keou a ?Xt.,.
MO- LET: .ROOlllB. Several
'1.., large .11 well rersolsbed rooms la a
pleasant location, gales and near to troshoese s
TII be bad by gentlemen as steeples room..
hese rooms are very• desirable. Eagan.. as ea
NINTh OTRYIET, late toned. tr
rpo-LET.—The Front Boom of.
Apo.S eo nenSiraTßU No.
ru D cu d o t sun s,
m el
died Into trro•roontr. Can he rented either etas/7
:; ViVitTre . f is gr. 11.1.
. . • •, • • •,.
rpor Snit of Itimiiiii:
a ,, pra!lriug Two Large, welt llghiltd foal .
front itoomtri ATlCE.H"birftr .• - h". 4 -
two autewroona•ow 4th floor. Ono Star. Room.
first Boor, N0. 99. h. In English*, new bulldlaA
'fourth ovenwe. for teems loonies, of 'A. N. ,.
ENGLISH & CO.. No. 911 fourth aroma.
TLET.—A 7 lot or ground 1192
A feet 6196 tot t.lis 140 will, a large. Babotaptlal
brick building 8U fee and a rt 01.
gee building containing two re onsa former on-
copied be James Idillingar al slam:dug ardll.alte ,
sated, Carson and Pint street. loath
burgh; aultable for sualtutnetartng purposes og a
ablsiY to
. Carson and Tenth Streets. Bthaisibus.
TO-LET.—That old, establish-
YD and wali•lnxw¢ DRUG STORY, Oi
tba canter of Waalottont sad sinesia.
"roans; DWELLINGS,
11001115.A11111 017101hIL
Inquire or
95111 W Aveswi.
_m•••rin be oared for gale to tpaetibat gad
ne.bidder, a, Hearth.. Vinton County, OWN
no the lath day r MIT% Pb. NAHUM
a URNACX, watt the I.ds belonging thwato..
The. Lads contain. Inexhanstilde ode. of ens
and coal. and the guru.. Isnow to lOU bleat
otathaglf tans Hoz blast Charring Iron poi
tittatUil. MINN RR.
' •Bnitstaldge. liaaarnanty, Ohio.
F Olll SALE —T Bteam Ei•~iae 10 by 30. la hondl cahotheardar.
mortar , . Veatieg, Whaler Beam sad oquabet
log Iloa oil as etiod as nevc -- Alee, TWO IS.
Nod low. Van be •een at the ,Worka. of ttel
Yoaghloaheny Co., Coal Company, West Int.
OD. Po.
VOIR SALE. -Stock and. Viz-
or.i.o...Gmeiry., doing a Rood badness. The
lading/rood LObs enVised In other bulaell ti
the noon for Wang. G. W. row, 49 red,
croistreeL Alleobenv._
SIX aonos OP Lomb
tie city limit.. WM be sold ding .
cm easy Sneolre of WM. BIJOUILT:
Alt may-at-La.. 91 Ontot strret. tarktf .
OR- SALE.--Buildiag,.mmotir.-
h the materiels e•otaLned In s TWO STOW
' , NAME DWELLING HOUSE located near
O. kluld ear station. 't he bonne Is hi good *Mt
alines now oco ipled by I t removed o f
subserleer. who
', to have It the lot before thili
Mat of Nay. icgelre of
. Charlotte street.
2 2 tieklandr.
rt.. Steam 'Presses and a largo dizaHT it
type. More work than they as art nat.. '
JOHN A; Diaz "?'
1111% h areapa and Tumid Stmt. -
on • HALE. —nwil.ijarni-r
That three story }mimic Difiretrt:
he i rtrati. ' etra - lel% u"'
et ma cold arater teem and mead 111016 ORO
ratedl the room range la airmen. Itativ
*Ammer of Gr.ra allta." leareUUntel
aaa yealUatpd.
Ito. lAA St art& sewage
—lmpe AN D LOT . N. 76 Ladd* stoma;
Good ward, • Ilraboni. , Home: A man HIVE
of II rooms. well Otalahna a:a anaplats: /WI 511111
al M 1 11. irawo mum.= neer toe
kg. •property is worn thwattaattolt of 111
OTIoTr " lon l ja
laraltatent. It would. roollse. by mold(, yha
g 0 ..; o r g v a L o r n i. tp= m 7:g O pyfeyoor,
Al Diamond. Allegheny.
The aabseMber °rem far mde YyPTEEY
Lela/Z.BI2ED BUILDING - LOTS. situated en
Juniata street. near -the Ohio litherr.Et the
Meth ward. Allegheny. The lie:anon b owe!
the most pleasant and hialthfat ta the es t.
These tots will be sold it small 'Messed ell
Ant coat and on en, twills; else atiouldlif
134)1 teat., Alto., NEW: TOP. BOOUT aid
BITCK-WAth.OLN." and 011.1Y:NO11EZ aMZ
TWO-Efiegtog WAUON. -r , • '`
ItIOTT-1101.11Mw0.-220 Emmet sgmed,
enntalnlng nnuas. hot and nald Water. MLA
..BOOBY. lice westirri aegis. einiiti
Olirtlera atmet,eardaledrin mellesani Shishall
attic. Inqnlre of
eimuataiist pATTEßsoiiii ,
At Lumber-Tayd. earner of Juniata gad Amble
streets, Plate ware. Alkitheay city, gehugg
EERSONAL.-4111penont lievAlg.
1 2 ,0 Hommog Invauseunts AI tisk Xgo.
' vill we OA" 4, 1;" ht. " 4 W r:4 16 72 70 1.
aai r tr i n it c67;,,SrAlt,in
r=l be ... tn b rzv p„... m .. .
===. x 4M Lair" Ve"
gym& . '. - , 5 '," 91 . " fr ,'• -, , ~,......
B. maw.
107 Wood gnat
, .41.1.: