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firt IttbArust
glees Alf. Gabby. tbrinerly of Ale
gbeeg= for" Is now with Alder
Mk W. Robe domed Um arrest of Jno.
Sore yesterday Mr the larceny of 145.
Mr* war oosunlttall for Mot by Alder-
Man Taylor.
♦ Warrant was hotted yesterday by
Alderman Thomas for the arrest of Geo.
thookbam kir threstanlnglo disembowel
David Adams.
Mawr Bowden has resigned his pad
tlea on the A 3 heat' potion force end
will open an Alderman's odice in the
.111sencesd la a few day".
gelemea Matters, of Alderman Mullin's
pollee, was arrested and held for a hear
ing, yesterday, on a charge of Meallng a
gulag balsam scale from Isaac nitwit!
'lllesers. Forrester it Meow. of Alle•
essay, have been awarded • the ens:Oast
r the stonework for the beam to abr•
nand the -Humboldt Monument in the
reaarylvanla itettervea—Tbere will
In an adjourned meeting of the Penney'.
'Maga Beeerre Amputation held this
Mud= as per 11111101111106 Melli elsewhere
INsuderly.—John Poop appeared ha.
fors Justin, H•lsel yesterday, and •t•tid
that lobo Honman had been conducting
hltmell In • disorderly manner. A
warrant realigned for the arrest of John.
A warrant was loaned by Jostles
Barker yesterday for the arrest or Wm.
B. Edwards. on a C2llOlO of assault and
battery preferred by ffiinnarkid. Plant,
who alleigeethat be atrack herrn thereof..
Abased his Wlfe--Jane Goopei made
inituautton bettors Justice Helsel yester
day, charging her husband with assault
and battery, and also with abaudon
stout Jk. warrant wax Issued for Ms az ,
Margaret Jones says her .husband,
David Jones. has deserted her, She
think' he has gone to Detroit. Alder.
man Mullen has taken action looking
toward MO apprehension dr the della.
MeAlwalti Taylor alleged before Alder.
Ma Mullen yesterday that Joseph John
son had Wrack and abased him, a charge
which, howeveroras not sustained at the
iworing, which resulted 10 Joseph's
Mod appointstent.—Officer John Mo.
already baa been asalgned to duty at the
mum of Grant street and Filth avenue.
Mr. MoGready Lan efficient officer, and
a better @election for the position could
not have well been made.
Ikbastlut Held. according to his state.
Mont Ultimo Alderman Mullen yester
day. is in daily fear of death at the hand.
of Ma won, Charles Held. The Alderman
bas tamed ■ warrant for the youth of
used parricidal [endow:dm
Alderman Yellen yesterday roe:dyad
the Information of Thomas Thicket
sariltutt Thomas Harrison for assault and
battery. Harrison having, It was alleged.
the Thicket by the throat and
him. Warrant Issued; - •
Isearenee.— The Immrance on the
property destroyed by tire at Beck's Ban,
ea amount of which we published yes•
tarday, was 114.446, distributed equally
between the Franklin, Boatman's and
Clesh Insurance Companies of this ally.
Meld far Court.—Daniel Morgan who
was arreded on • charge of abandonment
on oath Of him wife. mode balers Mayor
Brash, an account of which we publish
ed yetterday, waived a hearing and was
held to ball In the aum of 11,000 for hie
sippearsztoe at court.
attlargsd.—Oar enterprising and well
conducted contemporary, the Dispute A,
yesterday 'misused four columns, and
now presents every handsome appear
ance. We are glad to note this new
evidenos of the continued prosperity of
our neighbor. ,
E Fay, Zsq., of the Oli
My Than, a new and enterprising ashy
paper devoted to the interests of the oil
region; and Mr. O. W. Stall., of Oil
Olty are in the city. Both are genial
an and we hope their visit may
ts7plo7raant and profitable.
Margaret • Manta alleges Frederick
Bowers obtained boarding at bar house
to the amount of six dollars and then re •
moved his baggage without paying the
bill. Alderman Mullen yesterday ar
mated the youth and held him for
hearing on a charge of fraud.
Not Paid Up.—George Snyder yester
day. made Information before Alderman
Mullen, setting forth that John Myora
lad obtained from him 112 24 worth of
meet on credit, and was attempting to
lases the city without paying the bill.
The aroused was arrested and held for a
hearing on a charge of fraud..
Mild ter Trist—Westleyßall and Jas.
Scanlon; who were charged before the
brayer, on oath or John Padden, with the
larceny of • watch, were yesterday held
for triaL 8111 RIM tall, and Sandiae,
who was In Jail on a former - charger° ,
larceny, waived • bearing, and • coat•
adtment was lodged against him.
Committee Meetiug.—The Committee
of My oounclla On Fire AtaraiTelegraph
met yesterday and organized by electing
John H. Bare chairman, and appointing
T. Palsely, clerk.
• The pay roll of the Fire Alarm Tale.
graph employes was presented and ap•
proved, after which the committee ad
Alleged Gambia - a—am, informations
. ware made yesterday before Alderman
Taylor by Edward Doggett, charging
three young men with keeping a gam
Ming house 'and txdng common gam
biers. The accused were wrested and
gave the names , of James and John Me
Ores and David Link, all Actitioui. They
Ware 2teld fur a healing.
?rover.—lilannah M. Plant brought an
Batton for trover and conversion before
Jostles Barker; yesterday, against HAD
zablApperta She alleges that she was
some time ago employed In Mrs. Lip
pert's family, when she cult work sbe
belt her clotbLog there. She subsequent. ,
I,y called to get It when Mrs. Llppert,
refused to let her have It.
• Assault and Battety.—Harry Skinner,
• adored man, residing et the corner of
Great street and Fourth avenue, was ar.
rested yesterday and taken before the
Mayor On a charge of assault and battery
on oath of John Hopkins. It appears
that '.}he parties had a difficulty when
John threw a brick bat at Skinner's
door, whereupon the latter struck him
Skinner gave ball for a hearing.
Capttallsta.—ln another column wilt
'be found an advertlament of the Dollar
Savings Bank offering for sale the fee of
large body of coal land. The situation,
on a railroad, only six miles from the
rill, rendering the surface as wel as the
underlying coal easyand quick of adzes
and ther efo re saleable. will commend
this property to capitalists as presenting
a no chance for profitable Investment.
**sculpted. Praud.—Yesterday. Louis
Blumberg, of the firm of L. & J. Sham
beg. cattle dealers, made information
before Alderman Mullen natant Louis
Zeller and Henry Groebel fur fraud.
The accused are charged with purcbu
ins cattle to the amount of ICH from the
Ibamberga, and after gelling them sock.
Ming the money and attempting to clear
Old without settling with the firm.
Watauga have been Issued,
trentale College has just
dewed the first half of the winter tern,
Nd We almond hairiest:out own attitude s.
She present la thereinto • very opportune
thaw for new scholars to enter. The Co
llage fa In • pear:wrong condition, and
equats If not surpasses any rd miler place
!sr the education of young ladles In this
muart m end th e terms are quite reason'.
able. 4 for a circular to Rev. I. C.
revelling. D. D., Praaldent of the Pap
The Teeth'a Cablaet.—Tbe 7th or Feb.
mu' No. of this elghtpaged journal
ibr youth is already out. me contents,
Original and s
ac, are such as vrilliator.
est and instrt youthful radars and
meatball Where and mothers will not
hike be edified by an attentive perusal
of this excellent periodical. It should
may. very large droulatoss. 'Where
011ie= so much readingat once harm-
Less and usebal, be parchassd for the pit.
tames of afal7 onto ?
o,l=ly.—Jscob Rol ilia la' a vender
Allegtosny. Yeetarday be wee
ifettirningorne after his day's labia,
pretty MI, b
it is said, not . of milk. but
sontethidg - else which had
Influence. Its effects were exhibited in
an eau* on Jacob Bingo, whcise rigid
minim in consequence shrouded an
Jacob Blum, however, bad one
age lan, and with this left eye be band
ha way to Alderman Egger 's office yes •
today and charged his assalant with
Os lookout Jacob
sad battery. Thede police are on
Ibe R Oh
- . v..~h~ (i~'a ~ bvi^.~i! ~ ~ j
:~+C m*~ w")'µ~.V.; . 1 Pli
~ ~~ ~:_.
Monthly Mee(log Yesterday—lfew Memo
her• nworn lo—Oroutzte for the Tear
A meeting of the Board of Guardians
of the Poor wu held at their once on
Fourth avenue, yesterday afternoon.
Present: Messrs Anderson, Dousing,
Hutchison, Hartley, Hayes, Torreoce,
members holding over, and Messrs.
Blum, McKee, Fitzsimmons and Moor
head, members elected by Councils at
their meeting Tuesday afternoon. These
gentleman were sworn in by Aldermaa
Nicholson. R. H. Hartley, Eeq., was
then called to the Chair, pre. tem.
An election for °Ulcers wu then held,
Mr. Hays acting as teller.
Por President, Mr. Douglass received
dye votes and Mr. Kincaid three. The
former gentleman was accordingly de
clared the choice for President.
--•-• • - • .
Mr. George Foittme was unanimously
elected Secretary.
Mr. Shaw offered a resolution provid
ing for the appointment of an *sextant
Postponed until the next , regular
Mr. Shaw, from the Committee on Con
ference In relation to the Western Penn
sylmilayfospltal, reported progress, .
-Mr. Hartley offered a resolution in
structing the President to correspond
with Senator Howard In relation to the
Interest on the "unexpended balance"
in favor of the Board. Carried.
On motion of Mr. Hartley, the poor tax
was fixed at one mill on the dollar.
Oa motion of Mr. Shaw, the Secretary
wan instructed to inquire if F. 'Weir. an
inmate of Dixmont Hospital, could not
ne removed to and kept at the City
. Mr. W. D. Patterson, Superintendent
of the City Farm, presented his monthly
s report, nin r a r t o . in the from which It a ppears
Home ch
at the therepr e s e nt are
limo. Daring the month 12 males and 9
females wore admitted, and 16 males and
12 females discharged, showing a net de-
crease of seven • inmates. There were
three births and three death' during the
Dr. T. A. Reg submitted a report
showing .56 vbdts paid, and 24 patients
receiving medical attention at theoillee
during the past month.
Dr. Benham.submitted hls annual re
port, abowing 571 visits made, 232 pa
lmate treated, 5 deaths and 5 births der.
lug 1869, showing a large increase over
The report. ware received and filed
Ou motion adjourned.
MeetlngTuesday Slight—Etualness Trani.
aetea—iteperts—plloUons, aye., Be,
Birmingham Connell Tuesday ereldng
held Its regular monthly meeting. The
'following members were . present :
Messrs. • Atterbury. Doyle, 011yer t -
Sebirarm, Redman. Ward, Vogely and
Burgess Ballaburry in the Chair.
The reading of the minutes of the last
meeting were, on motion, dispensed
Mr. Atterbnry, &ono the Ordinance
Committee, reported that It had examin
ed the accounts of the Treasurer and
Nand them correct, and that there was
a balance of about 11,300 on hand. The
report was accepted.
The various borough Mocers sent In
their reports which were adopted.
Mr. Oliver, from the Street Committee,
reported that the Committee bad made
considerable repairs In the streets, and
that a break In the sower on Washington
street had been attended to. Accented.
Bills were read an follows: From Ga.
Company, amounting to g 311,04, which
gis was used for borough purposes; from
Charles Rol beeker for tatting care of tire
plugs, ph from Walter Finch for street
reledring, 19,50. Sundry bills from the
borough officers, amounting to $174,00
from Mr. Patterson, the borough regola.
tor, for forty dollars, for services render.
ed: from James Stenger, for medicine
furnished to a man who died in the lock
up, forty meta.
. Mr. Oliver moved to refer the bill of
Eollbecker to the Pittance Committee,
with power to act. 'Adopted. -
On motion of Mr. Sehwarm, ' warrants
were ordered to be drawn for the amount
of the other bills.
Mr. Davie moved theta warrant off 600
be drawn to favor of Mesora. Hastings &
O'Neill for paving done. Adopted.
On, nu3tlonowticrorned.
Inquest, far January.
From the Coroner's books we ascertain
that inquests were held as Tallow' .
during the month Of January, tile :
Ist, William Murray, conductor on the
*Fort Wayne Railroad, killed at the ontet
depot In Allegheny; sth, Christopher
Hosbach, a lad, accidentally drowned in
the pond formerly used as the National
Skating Park, East Birmingham; 7th,
Joseph Wetsinger, an old man, run over
on Penn street by a passing wagon; 10:11,
Wm. C. Temple, aged fifty-five year,
death from congestion of the longs; 10th,
Infant aon of Jane Bird, death from
spasms; 10th, Thomas Blower, death
from apoplexy, in Shaer townahtp; 12th.
Rtuabeth Davis, child, death from con.
vuislons; 17th, John D. McClelland.
brakeman, killed by a freight train on
the Connellsvllle Railroad; 18th, Wm.
Rea, death from congestion of the Mugs,
In Allegheny; 20th, Jane Montear, death
from natural causes, in Allegheny; 20th,
Mrs. Marlin; death by suicide while la •
boring under • fit Insanity, produced by
fever; 2lst, Mary Hoffman, death from
natural causes, Allegheny; 29th, Joseph
Grubbs, death from manta a pefu, in the
Allegheny lockup; 81d, Mrs. Elizabeth
Adams, burned to death at her home In
Virgin alley, on the night of the 28th;
Slat, Philip Banton, death from Genie pas.
trill,. Total,^ls.
A Word to the Ladles,
We would cordially , Invite the atten.
bon of our lady readers to the very rich,
elegant and beautiful display of artistic
handiwork In varicolored wax now
on exhibition In the art show windows of
Messrs. Gillespie ct Co. and Boyd, Mur
ray it Fawcett, on Wood street. These
are specimens culled at random from the
wax works department of our excellent
home educational institute, the Fitts
burgh Female College, and they attract
universal attention and admiration.
Spectrums are exhibited of nature pro.
coking fruits; exquisite flowers, artistic:
ally elaborated crosses, pretty -- virgin
white harps, lyres, pond lilies, La, and
we marvel that the art has attained mo
much Perfection. The department for
tuition In this branch of fine artals
always open to receive pupil., and we
are told that the pupils of the College
attain, under such capable teachers, a
proficiency In very little time. No ac
complishment is prettier for a lady, and
It la one from' which when acquired an
easy and large revenue may be drawn
If the scholar studies from a desire to
follow It for a livelihood, am fine wax
ornament' have ready sale at highly
remunerative price..
..Fashbnable Eancatloa.”
TMs evening the third and last of the
series of lectures by the Rev. George P.
Hays, will be given in the Central Pres
byterian Church, corner lacoctr and An;
demon streets, Allegheny. The former
two were very largely attended, and dr:
veloped the fact that our lectaregoers
may be amused, iruttrooted and enter
tained as well by hotness foreign talent.
The Ray. gentleman speak* with the
greatest ekes and fluency, has keen oon-,
ceptlons and • logical method of present
ing his thoughts, and withal •
Yoh rand of quaint humor which
renders his disconows .eiceedingly at
tractive and enjoyable. His theme this
evening "Fashionable Education, , Lone
which wilt afford ample scope for his
fancy, wit and logic, and if his other
efforts be any criterion, cannot fall to be
replete with interest and practical sop
sessions. We would advise all our
readers who with Weepy a literary treat
and to spend an hour to the moat pieta
ant and profitable manner to be in at
tendance. -
The Thompson Burglary
Yesterday afternoons hearing was bad
In the cane of Jeff. Donahue, charged
with breaking Into tho store of J. D.
Thompson I Co., on Liberty street, a
couple of week. ago. The fellow Bain,
wbo drat "peached" on him, when
brought before the Alderman, rohnied to
testify. An elderly colored female iden.
Wild Bain as one of the parties abe saw
coming out of the store on the night of
the robbery, but Could not recognise
Ifo was accordingly dischar
ged and Pain remuded to prison for
Allegheny Letter Carriers' Report.—
Following la tho report of the Allegheny
letter carriers for the month ofJanuery.
Delivered. Collected.
Mail Lettere. 46,288 16.505
Drop . 5,441 1,235
Nommen. 24,710 606
. To
_settlicione leischief,...4obe, Hopki ns . a
I negro boy was arrested yesterday on a
charge of malicious mischief, made be.
fore the Mayor.= ostnaf Harry BMus-,
who alleges that John threw a brickbat
through the door of hls domicile, which'
L situated at the corner of Fourth ave.
nue and Grant street: John was coat.
milted la default of ball fora hearing.
District Court—Judge Kirkpatrick.
WZDNISDAY. February 2.—ln the PPM
of Calhoun ,t Edwards vs. Frank, pre
viously reported, verdict for plaintiff in
the sum of $6OO in currency.
The first case taken up was that of
Brock Grant vs. Philander Scott, owner
of .the steamer "Hero." Action to re.
cover for services ea en engineer. Ver
dict for plaintiff in the sum of 1150.67.
William John Wier vs. James Young.
Action to recover the price of a hOrse.
The defendant, Mr. Young, Is proprietor
of a livery stable on Penn street, and
some time since sold to the plaintiff a
horse for $250, warranting him, as the
plaintiffalleges, to be sound. It appears
that the horse was not sound and was re-
turned to the defendant, who refused to
refund the money paid. Jury out.
117 Pittsburgh & Little Beaver Creek
011 Co. vs. Stevenson.
127 Ewing vs. Thompson.
128 Morgan's adm're vs. Ewing et aL
141 Rinehart et al. vs. Trnniek.
149 M. it M. National Bark of Pittsburgh
VB. HOgb.
106 Smith vs. Tough. Iron it Coal Co.
150 Commonwealth for use vs. Bapler.
151 M. in. M. Nat. Bank of. Pittsburgh
vs. Tillinghart.
Common Pleas Judges Stowe and
..... _
WEDNZEIDIT, February 2.—The cue of
Long vs. Brown, taken up Monday be
fore Judge Stowe was resumed In the
Quarter Sessions Court room, Judge
Stowe presiding, and had not been con
cluded when court adjourned.
In the Common Pleas Conn room.
Judge presiding, the cue of
Scott vs. Roseburg et. ur.., previously
reported, was rearmed. The jury found
for the plaintiff.
The first case taken up WA that of W.
B. McCallum vs. L. H. Carlisle, action
on a promisory note. _ Verdict for plain
tiff In the emu of 1388.72.
Western Savings Bank vs. Mishit
Fullerton et. al. Jurors withdrawn and
cue continued.
Win. Hines' sdm'r VII. Pittsburgh,
Fort Wayne ,t Chicago Beltway Com
pany, action on the case to recover dam
ages. 'Verdict for plaintiff in the aum of
on• thousand dollars.
Blakely vs. Moreland .t Mitchell.
204 Mcblasters vs. Pa. R. R. )o.
207 Scott vs. DeKnight.
222 Lewis d Rlchoot vs. Donning.
239 Armstrong vs. Hall.
240 Ranier vs. Riche!.
244 Graham vs. Vandever et al.
248 Wagner vs. Barnes.
260 Swaney vs. Gordon et al. .
263 House vs. J. V. McDonald etc Co.
273 Peeples vs. McCully Q Co.
New. 133 and 21.4 are fixed for Tuesday
of next week.
Sixth Ward School Board.
At the meeting of the Sixth Ward
School Board, held on Tueeday evening,
It was decided to purchase the astronom
ical instrument called the Heillotelins.
Bills to the amount of !tome one bun.
dred and fifty odd dollaxa, for articles
purchased during 1869, wore passed upon.
The occasional prolonged absence of
.teachers on account of sickness or other
causes, and the need of substitutes In
such cases, was discussed, but no definite
action was taken farther than to Instruct
the Principal to report to the Secretary
of a continued absence over one day.
Mr. Case called attention to the require
meet of the law in 'regard to the Treari,
urine giving bonds, which Mu heretofore
been neglected.
Agreeably to the call at the previous
meeting, the Treasurer reported that
August ;)th, 18039, he received from Joe.
R. McCune 82,064.81, and eubsequently
WSJ)r an old Safe; June let, 1889, the
balance due hlm was 871.g1; glace which
time lied been expended, leav
ing WO 58 due Min.
Ott motion of Mr. Hamilton, a tom.
mittee, consisting of himself and Mr.
Orede, was appointed to audit the ac.
counts of the Treasurer and report at
the next meeting.
Mr. Case moved that the Board go into
an election to fill the vacancy canard by
the removal from the ward of Mr. - Wag
staff. The President and Mr. Caseapoke
In favor, but Mesas. Hamilton, Neely
and Gre:le, a majority, being opposed,
the matter was dropped.
The Board adjourned after the trans.
action of some unimportant In:wines&
Coroner Clawson yesterday held um
inquest on the body of the drowned man
found in the Monongahela river, an
aca.tud of which we published yester
An examination of the person wee
made, and papers were found which
showed the remains to- be those of Jan.
Mitre. a roller, who resided in East Bir
mingham, and who had been mii•lng
from hie home for about seven' weeks.
The strangest thing discovered about him
was a large paving atone In one of his
Poeketa, where it could have been pissed
only with considerable difficulty. From
the testimony it appeared that deceased
had been very unwell th 3 night before his
disappearance, and that for some time he
had been at Intervals unnaturally excit
ed. He arose early in the morning and
went Out, leaving his wife in bed. She
did not see him from that time until hie
dead body was found. So far as is known
he had no quarrel with any person.
The Jury returned a verdict to the effect
that ciecessed came to his death by
drowning himself.
The deceased wan between thirty five
and thlrtyelght years of age, and has
been about twelve years In this vicinity.
He leaves a wife and two children.
Oran Homis.—Mr. John Collins, the
truly celebrated blab comedian, who
commenced an engagement at the Opera
Hones Monday evening, la drawing large
and select audiences. Mr. Collins Is a
true artist In every sense of the word,
and has a more accurate and clear per
ception of the line of character ho al-
UMW than any man on the ;cage. He
is also a fine vocalist. "Colleen Hawn"
was presented last evening in a highly
satisfactory manner. "A Kiss in the
Dark" wes played as an afterplece. This
evening "The Nervous Man" and "Magic
Shirt" will constitute the bill.
At:Litmus' or Mtono.--fdlas Augusta
L. Dargon will give 'elect readier' from
popular authors, at the Academy of Mu.
sic, Friday evening, February 4th, under
the auspices of the bleruntile Library
MISOCIItIOO. biles Dargon's reputation
has been fully established, not only in
this city, but wherever Me has appeared.
There will be no reserved seats.
Another Attractlon
Major Burnell, the enterpilsing pro-
prietor of the Museum on Fifth avenue,
is always up to the times, honed the
great 'popularity of his establishment.
Not satiated, however, with the rare col
lection which be has already bemired,
bu enterprise bas eitended still further,
and In a few days another attraction Is to
be added to the list- By reference to our
New York diepstches, It will be seen
that be has secured the great Oriental
Giant, who will appear next Monday, for
the first time, in Pittaburgh
'The Giant has been engaged for four
weeks, and as be is Immenae in his way,
will undoubtedly, prove a big thing
among theother features of the Museum.
Major Burnell evidently understands his
business and should be rewarded for his
energy and liberality In endeavoring to
please his patrons.
Allegheny Paid Vire Department.
Tim Committee on Fire Engines and
Hose of Allegheny Councils have' com
pleted the appointments by the selection
of the following persons for the Columbia
Hose and Hook and Ladder Company:
Foreman, Samuel H. Maxwell; Driver,
James McElroy; Hose and Truck men,
Ttiomu Samuel Hulitt, John
liracey end John Gray. Those mon
were 'wont In by Mayor Callow yester
day. All the companies are now fully
manned. We understand that the Corn.
mimes have decided to recommend the
purchase of all property belonging to the
old members now In the houses. The
moat of this is In the Columbia.' the own
ers of which value It at 11900. One of the
horses, the only one they owned, was
sold on Tuesday for MOO. Their other
property Conshitaininel pally of the truck
and bpse carriage.
An accident of a serttms nature 00.
aurred on Smithfield street yesterday
morning, the result of careless driving.
Mrs Mary Jenkins. a resident of South
Pittsburgh, was noosing Smithfield
street at Diamond alloy, when she wu
knocked down and run over by abe.
mocha, the wheel passing over ber ankle
and Injuring it severely. She was re
moved to the . Mayor's °Moo, and wee
from there taken to her home In a car
riage., The driver was arrested, but there
being no Information against him, and
the officer making the arrest not having
seen the occurrence, he was discharged.
nto declined to give his tame.
- -
The Fair at the atyneit
The Plymouth Church - Fier was duly
opened on Ineeiday evening, and quite a
number of our citizens availed them.
selves of the opportunity to pay It a visit.
We were quite favorably impresied with
the arrangements of the booth; and the
decorations upon them. There are four
upon each side of the hall for the display
and sale of fancy goods, end one in the
centre occupied as a floral and refresh
ment booth. The first to greet you at
the right as you enter the ball la the
shooting gallery, which Is one of the beet
ever put be at any falr In thecity, and we
think it one of the leading features of the
fair to judge by its patronage. Next to
Ir. Is the fancy booth of Mrs. C. West and
her daughter, In which we notice
many . fine articles, not least of
which Is. a beautifu ll y dressed doll.
At this booth is a splendid gold watch
to be contested for by the principals of
the schools in the city. Totes are also
taken at this table in behalf of City
School Superintendent Luckey,' as
against the Allegheny County Superin•
tendent at another table. The next
booth is presided over by the younger
portion of the Sabbath Scheel children,.
and has many pretty toys In It salted to'
the taste of the "wee ones." Next Is the
fancy booth of Mrs. H. Smith, assisted
by a corps of young ladies, and it . luta a
very pretty display of fancy articles.
We have no time now to make is fall •
report of their tables as we hope to have
before the Fair closes, and pass on to
the next, which is under the charge of
Mrs F. Woods, In addition to the many
articles herein, the votes on the watch in
favor of Allegheny City and County
School Superintendent Bouthett are re.
calved here. Last on this side of the
Hall, though not least, comes the New
England Kitchen, the latch string of
which hangs out, but upon entering ,you
see the furniture of "ye olden .tune" ar
ranged only as an old lady of that day
can do it, and Ina Eau; —lta master
spirit—will be happy come you
within. Dinner was
and it la only necessary Ally that It
was excellent. We Judge by experience.
Mrs; H. Boone has this branch in charge,
and the table chews that she knows how
to do It. She is assisted by ,the young
ladles of the Society, who act as waltres.
see. They will be glad to serve youdally
from La till 3 r. M. till the Ur closes,
and in addition will serve oysters In the
evening. We will endeavor at some
other time to describe the booths and the
contents upon the left side of the Hall.
A Sound Body and a Sound Mind
In education it Is essentially necessary
that while the mental faculties are un
dergoing the proms of enlargement
and expansion In a mimeo( Intellectual
training and study, the physical striae.
ture—the bones, muscles and. nerves—
should not be neglected. The power of
the mind to comprehend what is brought
upon It, to think, to understand, to
learn, Is Just In proportion tothe vitality,
strength and healthfulness of the phyla.
sal body. It ts, hence. • matter of grave
moment 1p parents and others charged
with the education of sons and daugh
ters, that a due amount of attention be
paid to calisthenics in the school room.
Always progressive, and keeping pace
with the advance of science, the Pitts
burgh Female. Pollege has Just intro
duced Into Its curriculum the true
science of light gymnutlca (or a two
fold purpose—Lt to make strong, active
and healthy trie young ladies in attend
ance; and godly, to impart to them the
art of graceful and easy manners and
motion. Two full classes have already
been organized under most promising
auspices, and a competent and falthfUl
interpreter of Dr. • system of
light gymnastics has been scoured to
head the department In the person of
Mem Mary M. Heard. The President of
the Faculty, Rev. Dr. Pershing, has
kindly consented to admit Into the gym
nastic classes outside ladles who are not
otherwise connected with the college,
but who desire tp embrace themselves of
the advatitakes for physical culture and
development afforded.
The Grand charity FaW..
The grand Charity Fair for the Joint
benefit of the worthy poor of the city and
the Public Catholic Library now to pro
gress in the basement - of St. Faure Ca
thedral, Whir more attractive Is Its ap
pointments than the late Orphans' Fair.
The booths have all been readorned, re
arranged and refurnished. and present •
beautiful gala day appearance. Among
the articles to be contested for are the
following: A tailor', iron, shears and
lapboard for the most fashionable mer
chant tailor at ten cents a vote. Among
the entries are Means. P.
die, H. • Smith, W. D. Duffey,
IL G. Hale, An elegant gold hesdad
canero most'charitable citizen; contest
ants. J. G. West, Hugh Fleming, Joseph
Llebler, Joseph Butler and Alex. Coch.
ran. A valuable crimping machine to
the moat fashionable boot maker; COIF.
testants, D. Allen, T. Malartan. F. Woor,
Hicks A Co-. J. Jahn, George King. Jos.
Linder, T. Kennedy, J. Kanfee and Wm.
McLaughlin- A rare good time ',expec
ted to mark the Fair throughout, and all
are cordially invited to attend to partici.
Petroleum Itetsa.
We take the following from the 011 .
Cify Daily Times:
The Forest well, located on Cherry tree
run, recently torpedoed, has lncreaaed
Its production to 30 baize's per day;
The Elliott well on theastne farm has
produced 500 barrel. In fourteen hour...
The Brodhead well, next above the
Hasson well, on Cottage. - Hill, is about
ready to be tested, and already there is
a show of oil, which encourages the own
ers, and it is confidently expected that It
will be a paying well.
The Brown farm, upon which is located
the Elliott. Burns and Forest wells, pro
duce% in addition to those already men
tioned, as follows; Oliver well, 8 barrels:
Blakely well, le Uhl% Gordon well, 7
bids, making a total production of shunt
90 barrels daily.
The Black farm, adjoining tho Brown
farm, Is now produclng about 45 barrels'
daily. Cherry Tree Run Is steadily Im•
proving In its daily prod uction. and the
Brown and Black farms are holding their
own In that vicinity.
Real Estate Transfers.
The following deeds were admitted of
record In the office of Thou. IL.Hunter,
Recorder for Allegheny county. Wed
neaday. February 2. 1870:
R. E. Sailers to Richard R. Warta,. /Stott 15,
13411; 3 acres In Ocilla. torra• by sll.lco
JamasUtrt to ratrtek McCort aI. reb. 2 IRO
1011:0 by 130 Peet In itercusti ward. Pittsburg,.
Dasld Da ml. to Samna U Dee. ZS. Pik lot SI
11S Melon nniele d tll.. Mlles beny
F. Hatolee's In In to It. Cotbart. Jo.. 1,
1770: at No. 3 Horens'il plan, 150aler town
Thomas S. Maple to Geutse Jim ad tartan
Lansey..Atinest IS IMO: lot 105 he 13 fat on
Hold arena, Maple". plan. Low.r et. awe
township ISM/
7. W. Rletia - d. t /testa Iltleteitd, Jan. 11, mu;
1 sere and ti tattle. In /kW.. banslllo.
, . .
J. ii. Vie•balter to Adam Heineman. Jan. a,
ISIO: lot IS 0)110 foot to Dirooad stain. I'll m.
tiortiti mita°
'Moans ward to Motel Moistly, Jan. Ii libat
• lot orillovtileis street. Plttoborgil. V 11,111 fa 1
Thoanny or Dronlienneiv
Yesterday afternoon • middle aged
woman appeared at the Mayors Mace
and made inquiries for her husband who
had been committed to jail a few days
borer° for disorderly conduct. She was .
directed to Warden &land Felt and pro.
ceeded on her way down Federal- street.
Add opposite the passenger station • and.
den fancy, or something else caused her
to become very noisy and pugilistic. She
conducted the entertainment aa • star
actress for about fifteen minute•, alternate
abreika and attacks on pedestrians form
ing the programme. By this time • large
crowd had collected, including a couple
of policemen, who escorted her to the
lock up. Here she was-providedwith •
cell. opinions being divided as to her In
sanity or drunkenness. Her cue will be
attended to this morning.
Tuesday afternoon a number of urchins
on North avenue, Allegheny, engaged In
the pastime of snowballing. One of the
lade, named Carnahan, unfortunately
eelected the wrong mark and Mt a
young man named Joseph Birchen with
one of the balls. Birchenn wins driving
an express wagon along at the but
he Immediately descended therefrom,
and catching young Carnahan horse.
whipped him severely. For this he was
brought before Mayor Callow yesterday
afternoon, and compelled to glye ball far
court on a charge of tumult and battery,
preferred by the boy's mother.
Dangerous Blasting.
Yesterday Charles Koenig called the
attention of Alderman Bolster to the fact
that (leo. Smith maintained °ibis prem.
lees. In the Seventh ward, Allegheny, a
nuisance in - the shape of a quarry. Koo.
nig alleges a blast went off at the quarry
yesterday afternoon. when some portions
of rock were blown through a window of
his house to the serious danger of the In.
mates, one of whom, his little daughter,
narrowly escaped injury. The Alderman
leaned a warrant for the arrest of the
accused, on Koenig , ' information.
Constitution le stet a • certain ewe for
Diabetes and all diseases of the Hid•
swim Far sale by all Drente&
I Ftretal,
Where is Purchase Fise Wail rapers.
if L harillY necessary for us to direct
the attention of our Allegheny readers
to the very large 'and elegant stock of
fine Plain and fancy wall papers of the
moat recent ityles and patterns which
battiest been opened at the Bret clue
and well conducted establishment of Mr.
James Haag, Jr, No. 174 Federal street.
lhouse has ao longandio suoceafally
i l i t • front mpe in
Mutt linear bad rank nes am s on ong
the co other titors aide of
the river, that It is universally and most
favorably known to elf dream. The
present stock Is one of the finest ever
received by the house and will prove tie-
Pecially attractive to visitors. embracing
as endless variety of newand beautiful
designs, from the cheapest kitchen to the
raulluveetellisattmes,Ple gold,
rl de rc ;e a l i vre Por
libraries and dining halls, eto., etc., all
of which have been marked down lover) ,
low prices and great bargains. Mr.
Hoag has also in store a large assortment
of fashionable window abades, office,
hall and attar oil cloths, etc..
likewise offers at greatly reduced ma te s.
Parties wishing anything In his line are
respectfully Invited to call an look
through the stock, whether desirous d
purchasing or not, as goods will bo
shown cheerfully to all visitors. We
commend Mr. Hoag-to the confidence of
our readers, knowing him to be a fair
dealing and honorable business gentle
and one eminently deserving a
large share of public patronage..
Admlinstrater's Sale or Dry Goods.
We do not need to urge oar readers to
attend the great closing out sale of dry
goods at J. W. Barker &Co.'s, BD Market
street, for the salesrooms are crowded
every day, and the managers and pro.
prieton inform us that they have as
manycintomers all the time as they can
well and conveniently attend to,' and
very often • great many more purchas.
era than all hands can wait upon sails
factor-11y. But we do desire to assure
them that the uniform testimony of those
who have attended the sate, so for as we
know, Is, that goods are sold at decided
ly low prices. The determleation is to
close every thing out to wind up the
business. In such circumetancen, good
bargain. may be confidently expected,
and if they were not to be had it Bar
ker's, we huller. would be absolutely
impossible to keep up the crowd and
excitement so long. There is still a
choice selection of silks, detainee, plaids,
poplins, calicoes, ginghams, cloaks,
shawls, &c., ,to., on hand, all of which
mast be sold by order of the *adminis
trators of the late J. W. Barker, Esq.,
In order that the estate may be settled
up. Purchasers should go early In the
morning, as goods can be examined more
satisfactorily before toe_ salearooms be
come crowded. -
People are becoming aware that in or
der to secure a delightful and harmless
drink they most use Pier, 'Daringla A:
CO.'. Cream Ale. When thirsty do not
fall to ask for it at any first clue saloon.
and be apre that thoy do not give you
any inferior brand. Pier, flannels de
Co.'. Ale can always hotline:eased by its
bright, golden color. •
To Lets are very numerous this
ter. Parties wishing to engage spring
wagons for moving would do well to at
tend to it in time. Leave your orders at
No. 82 Darrah street, Allegheny, for al
most any size wagons needed, and they
will be attended to by John Dyer's
Eureka Local Express. 1t
OHIO Indio.
EDWIN Fonharr is playing at Canton.
Pao'. Meows is tho new hone tamer
of Chia,
A *EMT newspaper is to be darted
at OrrTille,
,Thryzasom county jail lost three prig.
onere on Wednesday by escape.
Two muses of body snatching bare oc
curred at Independence within the past
Kr.Aners. cheese factory is to be started
at Springfield, Fulton county, by a stock
BAD liquor and cold weather killed
Thomas Smith on a public road scar
Dm. W. McCooa. and wife and all the
little McCooks were registered at Paris
on the SOth of December.
Tax:Second Presbyteriab Church of
Columbus has a new bell weighing 4,397
pounds and costing $1,280.
LILT week Jonathan Watson, of Leb
anon, died from wounds received at
Chicamanga during the war.
A WILKED Duni enanintered his former
minter, mistress and family at Toledo
begging to help them through Chicago.
Tug public schools of Salineville had
,to suspend last week owing to the fever
epidemics prevailing among the scholars.
Borst Houses of the Ohio Legislature
have passed a bill repealing the law of
last wlnter for the InspecUon of steam
Tua Ohio Game Law pennies the kill
ing of all kinds of game until February
Ist, wild ducks, wild geese, teal, itc.,
until Akprlf 15th.
Prior. T. F. Mae, formerly of Pitts
burgh, leader of the G. A. R. band, of
Canton, gave a grand vocal and !marts
mental concert at Maasllon last Satur
day night.
Hums BARRE° Slipped from a ladder
from the top of a house ho was roofing
at' Canton, fell to the craned fifty feet
below and was killed. Ho resided at
Tna citizens of linbbard and vicinity
are sorely afflicted with sickness, some
fifteen deaths having occurred wlthin.the
past week. Scarlet fever and chicken-
per prevail to an alarming extent among
the children.
HAMILTON has discovered that the nice
Christian young man who has been ex
horting the people to repent, and collect
ing money for the Young Min's Chris.
tian Association is a fraud. He applied
the funds to his own use.
Tint place .of holding the 'Ohio State
Fair is agitating the cities of the State.
Cleveland wants to have it. Well, she
ought to have It • but Mansfield, Spring—
field, Columbus, Dayton and Akron want
it, too, and a few ot he rs likewise hanker
for IL
A YOUNGmatron of Bridgeport, aged
16 yews, recently made an addttiott to
the CeThrolli with the assistance' of her
mother, aged 31, her grandmother, aired
61, and her great grandmother, aged 78,
thus compressing five generations into
the steeliest compass on record.
A MAN at Port Clinton, Ohio, imag
ined that
he beard a burglar breaking
Into his house the othet night, and, seis
ing Ns gun, ran to the door and fired at
the Intruder. On examination, he found
his best breeches, which were hanging on
a clothes line, all tattered and lora from
tho fearful shower of shot.
Mns..D. C. Gnu, of Chesterfield, Fal
lon county, made during the nut season
1,950 pounds of butter from 11 cows,
besides 188 Pounds of cheese for family
use. This would give u the product of
each cow 117 pounds, round numbers.
calling butter worth 80 cents per pound,
would foot up to $5910 product of each
Tams are repotted in Cincinnati,
105,624'5ch00l children; 21,624 In Cleve
land; 11,198 in Dayton; 8,873 in Colum
bus; sad 8,248 in Toledo. Taking the
school population. at 86 per cent. oleo
whole this would give the population of
Cincinnati 998,400; :Cleveland 76,450;
Dayton 81,106; Colon:dins 28,086; Toledo
25, 080. •' •
Does to the number of 2,839 were
owned In • Columbium county, costing
the owners of sheep 603 head, the value
of which Is stated at 411,001. The sheep
injured from this source numbered 217,
being stated at $472. This will aggro.
gate the nice little sum of $2,241 loss to
the farmers of that county for the sake of
people keeping a few hundred worthless
Tim names of 1,800 disabled veterans
are on the roll of the Soldiers' Dome, near
Dayton. and the Institution Is Oiled to
overflowing. Nearly one, hundred men
have been sent to the Asylum
at Milwaukee. The new hospital will be
finished Ina few weeks, when room will
be provided for metal hundred more.
This Information is important to the In
valid veterans.
Twxamann years ago Wu Rebecca
Jones. of Barnesville, betrothed hertplf ta
E. D. Pierce, an ollicer in the Mexican
war, In addition to his love fever the
engaged 'gene
.agaged gentleman took the gold mania
and led a party to California. Ha grew
wealthy, came home the other-day and
mauled " the girl he left behind him."
Who can match this story of faithful
lovers through so many changing years t
Taw Jederson Iron Works of Btenben•
- TURN B Pooldins, Wood ward & Co., and
'the La Belle Nail Works of Wheeling !
Bailey, Woodward & Co, both owned
and Controlled by one company, made,
during the year 1889, 900,000 kegs of
nails and 12,000 tons of pig iron. The
market value of said productions was
over $1,750,000; of the nails, 162,000
kegs were made at the "La Belle," and
138,000, together with the 12,000 tons of
pig iron, were made at the "Jefferson."
Ms. L. D. BRELDON of Vernon, Ohio,
received from one of his cows the put
year eleven thousand one hundred and
eighty.eight pounds of milk. Ten
pounds of milk will make one pound of
cheese, and at that rue her milk would
make one thousand one hundred and
nineteen (1119) pounds of cheese, which
at 18 cents. per pound—price it sold at
the factory—would amount to two hun
dred and one dollars and forty-nine cis.
If the milk had been sold at five cents. a
quart It would have netted $2BO. The
cow washenied with the other cattle and
bad no extra care or attention.
Thornt ß o r n i d w p a ugh t o by g
t l r a adiyn named
of cars
while walking a trestle work- over a ra—
vine. She was half way over when the
locomotive came thundering along. She
eat down on the extreme cad of one of
the Cross timbers, clinging to It with her
hands and leaning out as far as possible
so that the train might not strike her. In
a moment more the train passed along,
and although she was beyond danger and
was not stru:l, the nervous shock was
so great that she let go her hold and fall
backwards into,the ravine, .distance of
some ten or twelve feet. She was severe
ly injured, though no bones were broken.
Additional Markets by Telegraph.
Hsu °Amalie, Feb. 2.—Cotton In fair
demand and firmer; middlings 24;4®
2434 v, sales 7,400, receipts 7,462, exports
7462 bales. Flour at $5,40(45,80@i6,12.
Corn easier at 81,07%. Oats firmer at 76c.
Bran $1,30Q1,65. Bay firm at PO. Pork
etuder; mess .29.26@29,60. .flacon 14@i
1710. Lard doll; fierce 16144316 3 / 4 0, keg
180. Sugar—prime iiyAlima. !doles.
les—prime 68(470c. Whisky 31®1,0.5. Coffee 16X§17,10.
BUFFALO, Feb. 2.—Cattle—receipts of
2,140 head, market quiet and x@ , o
lower; aalea of 580 head, mostly good to
prime Illinois, averaging 1200 to 1260 ibis,
at 87@7,75; one loft:of - extra mold st 18,15.
Hogs—supply light and market firmer: -
with • fair demand; sales at NW/go for
common to extra.
Mn.waunaz, February 2.-" Flour un
changed. Wheat quiet at 860 for No. 1;
130 X c., for No. 2. Oats stead/ at 400 for
No. 2. Corn unchanged. and Ban
ley nominal. Dressed Hogs firmer at
BYl'll--On Tuesday, the Ist Inst.. 11011411 T
H. SHIA 11, In the 41st smog !that.
The (sacral will take plane from titillate real
dense. Ne. 4 Adams insect, Manchester. on
THUS/MAY, at 10 o'clock.
HZMINGILLT—On Tnettlas. Telartutry let. at
SIX o'clock r. M. CARRIE EAT. telant daugh
ter of B. P.nd Jennte Hemmers). ages elitht
day. and 19 mouths.
The Mineral take places from the realdesee
"WM. NO. TM Liberty street,
SOLO mom" a, at 10 Weloak.
OAS/ORD—Oa Panday, Jana a. - r 3D. M 0. .,
102 o'cloca orlngnmenallon or the bowel.;
at tan renalence of cant lienrga •W. Ant, to
Nnorport, lgentnekr. THANK 11., only too or
Anna W.. Onkford, of Allegheny, aged 10
year,. 11 manilas and.. , day..
Funeral steel... at resident., Olds =name,
05 Church avenue, Allegheny, Idle ,AFTLI
adog, at / o'clock.
CIMAxtas - AND twiny 15t . ..M.1.1.
0011.1 r I gAy aunicy IiTILZ/ST AXIICHI/tiet
AV7CI.II_IE Allegkelty (11t., where :belt cor t
womb ma austvilly Applied with rio air
lialtaitoa Iduiriood. klatoguy aad Walul
Midas. at Dr!er. varying froni_a4 to MD. ik
Dar $Z for Itirruot. mearsound
.1.10.1 14.4: aloo, .11 Kinds of On , Uri
duds, I roolf.d. 011.0. 0r.12 at all did
ud Meat.
Carrisapa I. Vailaarala, 13.00 Moab
00711 d
271 and in l'uneral Puntlatntent at n
dan rano. aul
No. 91 FedeTal Street,
To Make ROom for Spring Stock.
Poll Ilne ' Old 1.141,.' C.W. wbolesale and re
LaMar Voloml rorseto lie.
4 Mall, t ndren•• Ilalmora Hose her 515 e•
Ladses• Ilandkersolets,
Ladles' New lieu, I.Adations. 50e:
ill Other Goods in Proportion, at
• MRS. S.. C. Mllllll - •
DI Federta Street. Allegheny.
Workman, Moore &
Monsfactareta and Dealers In
Spring and Ruck Wagons,
Nu. IZ, 44, 46 and 48 Muer . R., Allegheny.
Repaid:lineally and promptly exec Ced. Or
ders for New Work rotten up h: good nth, and
w ta arranted to VV., eatlrfaetion In
Sir Newest .for Mph. o work'ornstrotlyon
. q9 M ; 2 6 Ft Zet f Ala i t l tr " 7/741*
w • ar.l.Vand Rapp . • Patent Quick Shltur sad
Anti Ratter for nnafga. •
H. RICHARD DAVIS haring puraused the
Darren of A 1.,. and We. D. Moore, In *he late
arm.of WT./MAN. 110ORT. • CO.. the heal--
nee. will hereon. he eentlttnne at the old wad.
ra ,, 74 ..ibe t , :d a tT:z l, ll s e a i le of WOR KMAN ►
J9ll . 7lg. , inexid4l.l.
La , e 'ebb Marne Natronal Rana. ilttebargh.
JOHN' M. 000 PER & 00.
Bell and Brass Founders,
Made Proieepe/y to Order.
Made and Kept on Hand.
Tropflotoro and Illoaaftotonto of
1.11. Coopei's Improved BalaneetTheel
Oirankaad Railroad Rireeta,
PITTAff nom..
Washington tit, Allegheny.
The property IVo. TS WasOlno &reel,
Fourth ward. •Ileshenv. 1. now effend at pri.
vete isle. The let rooms OS feel on Washing.
ton street, and extends STO net to lialirond.
The house's s two eery doable brick, with Pne
lor on one side, sitting ro no sad inswre wren
folding doors at the other Ode. LI 'some, bath
room sod closet on ground Soo., five hcd•rooins
on woad stmt and three finished st a les. 1 hero
.minee Wean lens, stahle.esrelsge house and
6001• The beentlfril lot norm:mons
this residenee and
_the retired
_Meanly, reader It
v.ry desirable , . Per leepection or Premise.,
prier, terms, a.. svols.•o
A. LEGOATTrAletleneer,
fer.:4l7 1119 Federal atreetc•CleghenTe
7 .11 .13g1i 0 r . P• L nhato 0 rite" pre•••• for their
s°o24 t 7 VALWEicli,"/M7.,1417.1Tit
VIM WAKE. of the most relatable D.tteroe Jua
reallved at
dell 16 nrrix •ivziruz.
" ' Manalbeistrars cf
Quarean. =aro& MANX Aft
Va”l"rijrswAss•Mittrallienjirr BTAXIT
& CO..
Moottlitotororo of LIGHT GitJtY num
049. iSi r i ll Xwearts
Lied work oar . meelalty. Lame Jahn. Gott..
=MIT' . ..gtz
• ilfilco sod Warta, Sear Voter Dopes Ai leo bony'
Cll :Pootalltoo:oddreso. Look Box b oa. Pitts.
burgh, Poo AZ.:113
T MAD —216 Pigs Volt Galena
7or Ws by
rar T.10.E8- 0 2b-Let,"
LW, Wmt41166/4,,Vtulk..di v, ll
not exceeding FOUR LnUr...4, wu
be inserted in . Mae whams once for'
TWENTY-F.11 7 7C OEN T 8; each add&
tionat_dine F/17211 OVITTS. •
rpo LET.—No. Wood street,
A_ now occupied by June. Cochran Co. In
qudn. at 4 7 Wond sweet
rLET.—The New Store build.
pj a Woal •treet. Hamalze at No.
T 0 LET.—Desk Room in a
hundsom elf t.ed up olllce t ln serum'
on for business. Apply at No. 80 Fourth
avenue, atcutut 11. r.
Room No• •
LET.O--TheWylie Large. Store
. 6 Avenue, corner of
1 1.eitime . t i. r . Ittsburgts. a. C. BROWN,
rno-LET-A large Front Rooms
furnished. on second door, openin ng o •
hsicony, soluble for gentleman analsdr, or two
gotta gentlemen. admatlon. No. /8 Wylie
street. 1
TO LET.—Two 2 story brick
tonscs, Nos. BO and .116 Contra aeenue,
containing ten rooms cacti, with all instlern
hro v.:nests. Enquire at N0:54 Centre avenue.
T 0 LET.—Five rooms—eV'
very large—on the earner of Penn so.
hth(Hancock) streets. Also two dwelling.
adjoining. with eightaad seven rooms. i delay
at J 77 ten, Ore,
OrO•LET. ROOMS Several
Sae. largo and w ell tarnished rooms In a
iaaant location, quiet and near to business,
mut be had by gentlemen as sleeping rooms.
Tbese room. are eery amilralue. Enquire at 45
EU, Tin OTEKET, late band.
TO-LET.—The Front Boom of
Second Sto T H I R D FLO OR trield street.
o, the ertire of mac, divi
ded into Deo rooms. Can be rented either slimly
or altogether. Ingot. of J. GURNZIL, corner
or Virgin alley anti liadthaeld street. I it
LoLEr.-A Suit of Rooms
comprl•log Two Large, we I lighte ne ttled
••on Sad floor. Onl laree„ aril
front Room on 3ra floor. One large Hall 1 , RD
two anterooms on 4th floor. Out BLOM Room,
grit floor, No. US. In Rng lob's n,w btaldlne,
Founts. For tenon Inquire of A. H.
ZNULIBH CO.. No. 98 Fount armee.
TO LET.—A lot of ground 192
feet by 995 t•et 'nib• large. subotontlal
brick bonding 59 feet by 140 feet, sad an W
en building contaloloo two ri otos, former y at-
Ul d , b ja j om a " at i t " Tlffet: as a
burro. suitable for warm factoring porposea or a
Apply to
Canon sod Tenth streets. Hlrmuse Nan.
LET:--A very superior
Brick Dwelling, containtng Ten Rooms,
2 . t l ti Room sod Waal Boner; a One dry miler
under the whole boom. with large open lot ed•
joining. containing fruit and flowers; la within
n. tqo n C of toe market and the same distance
from toe street can. This is a rate chance to
obtain a most desirable render re. Inquire of
ItAkletty A HALL,
Jaßliti2 91 Heaver M., Allegtony City.
T O LET.—The store and Dina
. Hog reoenUy fitted op at the coiner of nos.
street sod Fourth avenue. com•rising Cellar.
Vault, Store Room, •li(Sebell, Maur Room and
two eharatwrs, with gay and water pipe. co
plate. .111 mm! rent 41100. Apply next door
Fourth moue, to
TO•LET.—That old, estaiiiih
ID and weD•kb - wn DRUG BTORS, oa
the corner of Raehington and le elle etreets.
107 Wood otreat.
sum's, Dwzmurtas,"
Inquire of ROOMS MID 017/013&
98 DIM Avenue
FFORYALE—FURNACE—TherewiII be for sale to the highest and
nest bidder. at McArthur. Vletsn enemy. 0010.
ou'the 16th day of rehruarg, ISVO, she XAU t X
VUXMACIL, *lto the lands belonging theteto.
These Lads acutely Inexhatingsla mites of ore
and coal. and the Purslane Is now In fall hint
matt:4lM Mats I.lo . 'Slastahereoal Iron per day.
SL 88,
1 , 50 BainbridgAe.MUE t °a lEN nteN, E.
FOR BALE.-1 Steam Engine
10 by 30. in gond re ales order. with
onattlng, yearn's. V. ;ides Beam and_enneet
lIVCrTtg . 511 ' 111 . 011C ri•sun.T_Tvoir,
, a. PT AND FOUCK PUMPS. "Will - be
Can haittl at the Warta o('_the
Youghiogheny Oaf C oal Company, Waal /lem
on, Pa. 1.2)
FOR SAlLE.—stock and Fix-
arst-elass Ossuary. dialog a (nod business. Ma
ssdursigued Waif engated to other business is
lbs fauna for selling. G. W. PUILEY, 49 Fed
eral street. /Weems, tf.
Within the city .llsoits. 'Will be sold cheap and
on easy terms. Enquire of WM. BLAKELY,
skit 91 Grant Jeff:Sr
OR SALE.—Bnilding mate-
G`l Ile 0014 AT A OACHI•
the matrrlals A.ntalned to a TWOEMORY
NAIIK leWeLl.l2lo HOME bowled neer
ear he 110/tse is In good order
and la no
ow t pled by toe aubsertorr. who
j r . l i r ir tgernealrrnovEd off the lot bebre tte 111
Charlotte street,
• •
lira Akron Prearea and a tame quantity of
type: Nora work than they can turworit.
Fml a{•+•[~ r 44+~TTL~f:1~
pore PAL E.—Engin es and Boil-
ER.S.lgew and Senynd li.d. of all ands
collat.:ally on band.
. Orden (Nn all parts of the coustra promptly
JAlltEl HILL & CO..
Comer Karla. Menne sad L. T. W. • C. LW
Alleatieny. Pa.
That tame MaryNlCK.' 1./WILLING.
ra. located. No. e 0 laver avenue, ASP,
alien) Oily, cantataaa tea room. and bath room.
tot too cold water to ant sod *maid atom, gas
la all the reams root. to kitchen. Bet. ate
ated oo earner of Otter. alley. It le wenn/hied
aaa ventilated. ?mammon April lea
No. 115 /earth avenue.
—IIOLioND LOT, Ni,. 96 Ledlle street,
wart alothemy. Monte; 91 story Er ek
or warns, well finished ao complete. Lot AO
by B Y to an a ley. 0004 frame stable Cu rear of
tot. Tblspriperty Is worthy the attention or alt
desiring to purchase real estate. Asa home on
'Acosta. of its lOCIVIOIII sad conseutanee, or as
loyettment it would realise , by renting . tarts
par rent. on the Cost. Terms easy. Price low.
tor forth r Istrulmation. apply to
Al DlasoVori;dP:Aflietsy.
pOll. SALE. •
"169 acres at Fleming Station, it t. Ways*
R.; A boater and 3 lota In Pleasant Va ley:
1 acre ground he Bellevue Boro.• house end
arras In Ellaabelik Bone; bona. a cres
water, II Courto; 11 acres at Glendale;
House and 9 Lots on L,ombard avenge, 34 ward;
9 iota on Pramout street. Mad ward; ICI aureola
Rau township; Rouse and Lot, 84 Janes ganef.
91 ward; House and Loa Oak street. 3d
ward; booms and lot Perrysville Pismo Hos . . Yid
ward; house and lot oat quarry IS
94 ward;
boa.. and lot, 07 rhenleid alma; IS rola in New
Brighton:3 lola and noose In Braver Tails; house
and 4 lots nprlng Mtµ Ilerenui ward. Beak and
Oil litocks for sate. Tor further partkalara
legman 01
streets .
Heal Zgat.a Ak dor m er 01d0 mid Sandusky
. AU
. .
eindlef mat.) Mamie le Rob:omen ton.htp,
Atargteley connate. near the village or mane
arid. attnit miles frets the
sod the nee
of the Pittsburgh, Chet:watt ISL Louis
AC9leB 90 PNRCTIIta Or OOLL. attialst•
leg the above. Thls I. the rent Oeslesele
Droprrty to the Mutt&eel wu tumult.
owe. by Joseph .0 John 10W Per [tether
Der tteettue. thqulre at the
FOR HALE-At Warehouse, No
Dsmss .treet. opporne Pearl Mill. Al
"- Itg hoe Drin Wego9l
1 1-bors n e Loge WeloO; • -
1 l•borso Barrel Best:
3110 Toney near Hamel
JOO Rouge Iron bound do.; •
10 do. half do.; •
00 barre Baconls ( Materel
R2P.29. Lumber and Semi Wagons for hire.
11 • • JOllll DYZIL
PERSONAL—AII persons seek.
/NO MIMS, or investments In Real LP
tate, ...11l Hare time. trao_b.l.474l l =lllll
ran . ii n a t fria l g s tee
H...• Ms wen away mum
or mib be sent by mall Sub to any ta wny
persons csarket fall to salted mg of tbe ism
list it measles. CROFT PLLI% . pub.
limbers sad Real Rotate Amts. No , 1 3 9 reartb
mane. . •
• HISIDEN c FOR SALX, dedlmbly located
In Allegli•ty n Federal and Ban
dna, .Wall. • t t Ink ffirellldin In Isnenjmnt
nditlon,olth all modern Improyemenol and
con••nlencen. 100•111 Nn ir hell• at. Inos m alimony
AllIllttid• In otimnbera adored cellar,
all Incomplete order. Empire of
no CU CH TIERT 80No.
Itl • •. '39 Blain access.
Aare. orebOleo land le One of the ben coon
•to lowa near Um line of .the Mute &
Northwestern etaliroad, nod be 04e of the moot
km:WM 0 porttoo• of the _ Mote. Will be mid
Me, the or bolo or • poet
3 t . okla . o2No i o: IL .
10. Sweetie man*.
$15.000. TO, LOAN'
Inquire latatedlately of
. H. H. ItiCO2.ll/01.
tr Attan.T•at•Law, No. ell Clllll3 SUM.
Tnatont Lime.
IMPO limfam
of Liam
Nor ago by J. 31. CAMILIELD.
167,168, 169 and 170
Are now prepared to turnialt VILNAGAR M. the
WWl= YAWL= RATES. Attention to oar
tienlarty called to our
The Very Beal in the United Billies.
9SI .forth Seventh Street,
d NlLeoce.—All Bie leading bcr.vat.ggs.
wsoissaiLs DEALERS IR
Have Removed to
Coy. Ilerrenth St.. (formerly Cana)
Wes. Isei. 187, IS9, 191.193 mDd 193
FIZZT 971L877, ITITBKOZteff,
Pate . Milled Yore Ex mcß Wldaksj.
&aim la AMIGA asul LI.
ODOM. HOPI. La. . vetaansi
Corner of Penn an Sixth Streets
W. W. BOUGEIfik 00., •
-- 110. 10 11.1111 ST late SL Mir: •
t 1
ire nava dol ed readved a larva supply or MI
and Meter . s. tebleh will be sold at reason.
able price.. Mr. bait( LAN t 121.110 add atilt at
tend to the Cutrlna Department. •
dame. IffePHIC=,DS
P. 1V1'..t&R131..M,
Ken. Mainsail, On bawl
Cloths, Cassitneree and Vesting..
No. 93 .1-2 Smithfield Street.
argent.' Clothing made to order In the lateat
Kyles. gam=
spleadld new reek 01
IN: MEreautat Tailor. TIII Bmlthteld Knit.
At. Greatly Reduced Prices.
To make lb* If room for new Rood.. We ge
till the drat of March .toot now in .tore,
Without Regard to Coat,
Dlrgl.4l NAME PAPNIO3.
MAN • lug. assortment °MEM LP PAPERS'
Kellamleel 'rat roes 11:1_11ban MU Imper
vious be emit and mote. YermLibm
Mar aItA4AITIVIIGR Iminatti
"- rd. be towel elsebbele
Newly Impo D
rted an not to
ta the cocain. /or sale at ..
w.p.mavogirraTirs .
. 11 191141, WV Suety -
CHARLES H umsTll.6ll,
Dail= nt
YoughlogbenTand Connellsville Coal,
And ldeandeturer of
OPTICS AND YARD, corner Butler and
Norton 'greet, Unity and Clymer streets.
Ninth erod• also Second street. • Sigbib voird,
end at Mot a Ems meat. 4".. a U. B. if. Dot.
Snood ward.
Orden inlet either of fin above alone, or ad•
dot to me throne, Pittsburgh P. 0., Inn re.
Ce n l7 4:m n rim a liorpgt Finsen, wen,
a (v.,Wm. Smith. Union Don Kiln, s. /ow
n, & Mitchell. moony.. & Co.. 81em.11.1
Co., Grad& Henn Alex Bradley, Park. B__ •__ro &
CO., Perk lifeCtslloo.,_ Been. Geer& Deft.
Woman a Co.. II en: H. elfreot t irn!o a nte e !
Hera ju)oye=;zl... Pennsylvania
lest! COAL!! GOAL!!!
Melee rossoved theft Pelee la
60. 567 Minn SMUT,
(Gate, olt, Hoer M.IIIOII6COPPZLOOR.
a unw s
alt r Mut CAZSIE e eI re .
worn soriestiose.
All en.tes 1 at their elect, or addressed to
PPP talent, (he pall. VIII be speeded Se
GrA I PD. OO ..-NsubignS,"WO Aft 1.111 meet,
Mbusheis earerv i Zr z eil
WIICAT, purchased nit it ha ll o i nt PAIN Breen
fvt2tatt etV • to " illt.4 0 1 .41../
b.,r,rl=l ,
s tir St i r lo Zhu United Wats..
in to
../iduh a Mar?. HrtitrPl e olhr il N eo7Usr ihresath
-"" ...Su. ared peso. gue the
We have mado lb. We at grant. this defy
termpsiltian on the Mae grades of BOW.
Pearl Blearaillit, Allatbeay.
renielablz 17.1169.
490 ble r . ll743°T lorred •
end ßAZ ar 341 lads Armand, ITO billeinnadi *Ma lieu bill
!Mona Co., $4O bill Bad Blue. 133 bids Nay
IGO bbla Iliversida *dm OW Veldts Btar, 100
irarina bm heat Floor.
City Mal or 'Weld, Mao, Pride of tie
W.I. Depot Maranon A. Paragon Mlle
Ilia/leader and Ounce be. Louts.
For sale lower Man can be brought from tie
Won. WATT, LAN Co..
fTMall sad ITCWeed amt.
Last night bat two of Um flagag.mepg of u kg
celebrated trite Comedian aod Vocaldot,
• .
the nacelle:at comedy of
mamma,. the Man of Nerve.— Mr. Johuttellles..
With the coot.. •Votte o• ••Bold
Soldier Hoe" and "Birth of Bt. Patrlck...
After which the roartng farce a( the '
31118t0 SHIRT. '
biddy Mor . plir Kr. John e a u,
With oong_of "Widow Noel:ate , .
Calms /Wines c. naturday.
Select Headings •
Friday Evening, Feb. 4tb.
AMU-0310 N 50 Cents.
No resereed seats. Tickets for sale at the
Llixtry Rooms. corner Tenn and scan streets-
Commencing Saturday Ereaing, Fcb
ZVI:MINNA. Februbt7 al .4 4tb.
TAe Great Comedians
Cards c f admission
Reserved IR eta
CONRAD, ►gent,
Yor farther particulars ...mall Mc fat US
Instructive Common Tense Lectures,
corner of Lacoek and /Lade...on atreeta,
February 1-81111.1213 HUMANITY. •.
Mule waits. 1110 e. Yoe the remalehea two
Lretnre• of the Coupe, The. . —Ja=tele
APPLICATION of “The Cwa.nv Mattel
Building u It Loan Association of intarpabitli
and Etna fora Charter of Ineorporation. , f
And now , to wit, this 16th day of Noveintsei.,
A. IL 1809, the within petition and Instrninta
of stetting haring been Demoted to, Pen,*
and examined by *Dreamt, and the objects. ar—
tistes and . condrtlone the, eln set forth and *607
earned, Impairing to be lawful sad not Ullmann..
Mtn ordered and directed that geld !neat:meet ad
mans be died In tbe °Mee of the Prothonotary
of the Conn of Common Plea., and lbw settee
of said application be Inserted In the Vlttabanth.
Daily Morning °ASCII'. for at least three weeks..
setting fath that an application ban been made.
Court of Common Pieria[ the Coned:, or
•Leaheny to grant the geld ”Citisen'e Mutual .
Betiding and Loan Amsoc:attort of BliarDslineg,
and glue" a Charter of Incorporation:" and .
Out such Charter will be granted at the bent:
term of said Court, unless exceptions be Med 131.
prover LIMO. BY Tlitt
Corner Grant and Dimon., streets, Solicitor
WiIIMAITION. D. C., ee. 16. UMW §
DODGE, of Pluzburib, admlal••
Matrix or Calvla DoiJim deceased, prarimier
the extens:on ors patent gtsuttd to the emit
Calvin Dodge on tie ISM day of limb, /Mir
and Moaned on tie 23d day Of July, ige7:4-
an Improvemcnt In Firs Ilsee
It la ordered that the testament - rim (Ole mallet
Owed on the Uth DAY OF FEMMES NZ=
that the time for , fillet aramenta sadtbelLt..
=leers report be bathed to the 95th 41.7
7...u.rT next, and that the sild..peiltleraimp
heard 011 the 9d DAYrOF YAEOtI XLX.F.•
Any person may oppoie tbh extension'
sessuzz. S. mule%
commtnnorra or rArigii
Mclnnis 91.1860
.hT on the natal* of ILIZABATII J.
L. of Itobteson township, 7 Pews.
I• deed. herring been granted to the nee wags.
ed. all persons Indebted to told estate will mono
Irstnedlete saysnent, and MI pawns Wang
Wanes sgatnst the ems. will oreeent them Wee—
Grip authenticated for !settlement to Th. angst.
signed.. WILLIAM HILL.
Manollekl 14110 7, Allegneng toomy, 14,
. •
teenlate of Ailegbeny Olty. dee'd. • a
testamentary upon the estate attar&
John Ha baying been minted to the abler.
signed. all penons Ingebted me Impaired:Mr ,
Make payment, and sit palms having atista
yviltalit estate I/eV Ine L r i at I peattAlL
pal MTII azecutor of John Barrett, &Weis
I.EI iYarA •441
Are now Altowlax thelr 111 asportrunt of
Io thrlr Retail Deptrlnient,
In mono:Mon vial their Cal Hoeg CANTERS.•
they effer 4.1 , 111, HUNDRED AND XION2T
VARIETIES of Table Enloe. and Ifortn..
over ONE HUBDRAD AND 7/M: ditul"
patterns of Poole& Huhu. •
All vied., worrnito *no igloo to retainer.
ebasernvere low. .
Seventh Avenne and Liberty St.,
Wrranultasy. PA,
Will OD Every/ kik&turdas,
„ .
r=vaivizavintivteiort. i
pollee of conainornpr on or berms Thorsdn? tr.
trul Z or itsr g * oirisz 41 :11 1 rgeart OILS m pt.
jOlOl if. STEVAN% AlleUsaseri I •
JOHN Q. m.e rr nw.rinua ikuk .k rr ? pATT a N
3r.asr3alsw. sexais ADD
33 tents
50 cents