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NO. 80 FollliTla AVENUE,
CASH- CAPITAL . . . 11200.000
Stockholders Individually Liable.
' .
ThudM. MarshalDULL-1•011S job. M. Ilsrthnd.
W ' • 7 ' "... dn. Arend:oh! Wallin.
James W. Arrest, Jas. D. Zell&
Otias, B.•Leects, W. MY&
John Fiore.
Thu Dank Is now fulls organised esdF"P' ed
• de s general Banking tosslossa.
D101i4.. •___-------------
itoieght at-ifiesese Prices.
PR. B. MERTZ, Banker,
Cor. Wood St. and sth Avenue
!TAXES To Bey 8C Co,
tEocoessort to a. JONILII t 00.
COMO' Fourth Avenue and Wood St
13A.NK1 - i I -{S,
Ear sad will .11 Maas of
klajoil ,OA' 40f.iXttiv4vvit
p • OS 11062 I'iIrOZABLZ TWO.
ILe" Interest Allowed on Depot'lts.
eaT.Mouee loaned on Iloenreunant Bondi at
Lowed mutat ratta. .
Orders executed for the Purchase
end este of STOCKS, BONDS sad
C;iirt Mittsbut eta*
Casaba or Prrmatraon GA:arra,
Finuar, Jan. 28. 1830.. 1
The market!' were rather dill to-day.
(101 l keeps firm at 12t;@1121,, , ,. closing
at 121.1.1, with more dispositiOrr to buy'
'.. than to sell, but without, speculative
witivity. The course next week will
depend on Secretary Soutar: 4V' disposi:
Cons for the month of Feint:my. 'lt
t I
la currently reported that the sales or
sold Oaring the coming month ,
will be
continued, in which event lower quota
Fiona for gold are looked for.
Government boll& are
dull but Arm.
Mae prospects for. a rise are based on
higher gold and Improved quotations'
•; from Europe, whilst lower prices , dor
'.'.. log an easy money mark*, are, not I
' • likely to take Place until late in the
17; Demon. ~ - - .
1, Stocks: are strong but not very active,
. 0
except . Central and Northwest: The
st general impression prevails that we are
1 •on the eve of a well distributed bull
movement. But few have a desire to
buy st present high prices.
Money ender.
Quotations es reoerved by Ph. IL
Mett:c . Gold, 124% . , Silver. lid; Eighty.
onses...,/18,14% FIT() Twenties, 1882, us;:i
nu, ism OW; do 1855. 115;; do . Ma,
4)oneole,. 1144, do 1867, 114;: do-1888,
11451; Ton ,Fortles. 1.12).1* Adams Ex
.! PPx'xrallsrmaPrusbCCoroumC°PunYpanDsPanYy, 63; 3 . 7Y1 - ; lll .W 'e;clilux ltt= tB IT Urrin .
, Telegraph. 138: New Pittsburgark . Osutral.
54: . 84;: Reading, 95.1‘; Pih. Bart
'' .•4 , .. e 'Wayne ,la Ctuesgo. 885‘; is , Mir
ff.' . - .4 , .r. 11/ o ilPl 3 4 .2s 9‘; ').fidthM Ilicltherniti44:
' '.' :oki.-....-t . , Cleveland ts - Pittistmrgh, 91; mono.
.. , . .
c.!.,-,.4 ,, ,,, • Book Island & Pattille,'llllgr Oldnego d
.tf 'North Western . 71;; Chicago a Beath
1 4 ;1'Z , '''. Western Preferred b 9 Erie --,,,'
e , ''.,- ' atxamtittur.. . LIT!. Maar:
.;?..,::' London, per it............--lotm
-; Feria, per frinc-'.......-.. 24
• 24;
.. :4941 .- ,tl ' Merlin, thsler..:.•—': ' .... Si • 9l
''''''. ;"vankforts florins 1 • .ar ' 1
..:.." ce •Lisd , P. $l3. Bonds..._ •92 91
N., Utlion P. ••
41 Rock Island • • oo so
. 1 --Closing quotations recessed by James
..4 I‘. Brady a Oct. Gold: 1214: finked
, ~.3 .t,. , States time., 1.881;1110A; Illve-Twentko,
'' - . • ; 1.882,1153/4; do. lffil, 115;; do. ISA WM
.-' .. .: ...- Ton-Fortes , 112 X; Five-Twenties, Jana
•:.t.., ; -;:-..• cry and inky. WB5, 11441 do. do. net,
'•:.#...'..:,-* ..
114;; do. do. 1888. 114;1 Union Pacific
~.,.:-, r "":„•t • llAdlroad, IA Central do, do, 99; Cy.
' " - ' ' •• • Pacific, 1.115;; Lake Superior. M.
..,;••; ..07:' icy Ulreraph to the Plllliteareh Ossetic)
NaW Your., Jan. M, 1670.
"... i,•...;;;-• 1 .Money easy at 4@.8 on call loans, with
''..:ii , c. sntne negotiations at 3. Sterling steady
...,,, „..- • at 87,5“4 89,
. ." --. T . :." . Gold heavy; opened at 121 M, touchsdl,
..4. . i c.,. ; . : 127; and .121;, closing at the latter.
tt' .• ''. : ',' , Critarances forty•tweadillonst uerr7lng
A : •••;el'.;-41 rides 50;t7.
:, "....... h Governments Lira:. The Senate Pl
. ' ;at.‘_..• • -.. sauce Committee, according to telegraph
''.... .',.•:' . 1' , ..t.-:., ' from Waahlngton, hex nearly completed
,!.... ..i , : , : , i0; '-: the landing bill, which follows Mr.
; oi„,, BoUtWell'i recommendaons and fixes
;."''• ",.9..,' , ._ , 1 ho rater of interest a t 4141 ' per cant. It
, . ::•,.F.:;',.,„., 8e stated that the :medal funds will reach
~,. . ti.4..i....: ; : l one t
let, it,:;:dredrord ltd. mLlloL d s on March.
I ,
'.,:. ~..., t t!..' ..• • ' interest at the present time will- reach
J.l , .• „:, - : , :•'.. 7 :1 millions,land that between
lt,f.` :.'....% now and March Lt the Treasury will
i ,".:4: . , ; ;.1 'have to buy but thirteen millions.
.....V.,:t .' ' • Coup, 81's, /84.41/4%; do, 87's.-.14; OM:
4. . r Tv: .1 .d a. ei'5,......15;%18; do. 65's 15;(4;;
T. ;''
„„--,-. ` . da.firs...-.15%@;; Padre.;lo
J. .. : .•: '.: i do. 85's ...... 15; eittg; -....11;110.41.
t..:.... i '..r.... . do. new ..._14340%; , • .
4t ~.i....,'::: stew securities more active and armor:
, .f....'::''',•- Mi550uri5.........90; New Ifirg'ass-all '
''''• t ."'
• - i Old Tema- ..... 53; Old N. 0.....„...41;
~1,:..,'"",": . ~". Now • 43% New .! .....:...25;
'. "••i2t':f... - O'd Virginiu...67l4 New S. 0 ..... --80
Railway market firm andin -closing
^.ti!? :•',.' .: , the quotations in mist cases 'were chase
l' . z:' • .. i en to the highest cpacdations of the day.
.;.... " The most salve :docks were New York
.4 , ;5.
•...: ~,... Central. North Western, St. Paul, Rock
~.. 1.,.... ', lsland and lake Shore, while the weak
it ..:.. •. .' . . spits of.the market wore St. ice. which
.i . i, Z ~„"'; • ' declined to 10.5 on &recto: s' circular, and
..,: „..! 1 • watnsh, which de lined to-52. - laiscei
. ' -' . lemons shares qtdta sabre. Fxpreas I
,; T''' . .',- suck. ',toady.
. Canton 55% Ulm 5h0re...... 8434
•-, Cumberland 31; Illinois 13._....138
• W. U. Te1......_01 Pittatturgh.. ..... 90
' 4.i68 i: er: 1 .1.39::FT-tWhWlvn L '.:.71
l IdirlPmLB%N.Wesn......:3Nri:aP:rd-18:7ckl:7-111
AlamaEl3BlPsai 724
IC:ll9PaaiPella 0rican...._..26; Wabe......1:.
nild3tltee fa WabashreL.7 l .
.YCentrel. 9s: : Terreltante.:2o 4
Eno ...... . . ...... 23% .Terrellicts plait
Erie preFd ...... 40 C. tr. A • 144
Harlem..... ... 138 O. aA. prerd.l44
Harlem p.fd.....140 O. de M.... ..... ....25%
Bud.onscrip-sa N. J-C............91X
BeAding ... ... ... ..9.5t,t Dubuque tog
Michigan 0.,..117%' St. Joe. 105
Breton prima ; Calumet. 03; Copper
rolls. 5; Franklln, 8: Heels, 90% Qiilim.,zr.
Boo -Treasury balance-gold. $72.437,16%
otarrency, g 3,869.1214 general balance,
113 M
~~ _ ..,
1 ..'
FRUAT, Jan. St, 1170 .
•_ Since the opening of the new year an
4 improvement has taken place In the
Eastern markets, and s • better 'demand
for flue wools, with small advance
prices, and the tendency upward. With.
in the pist week or ten days we bear of i l l: in tti c, e f r e oun a
4 3a45.. The Eastern markets having
been pretty well reduced . In stocks of
wool. and the - convietioti of
urea tnat wools had touched the limited
prices for the season,- together. with an
easy money market, has inducted them
kl Al i Into the markets and stock up
6 . W e quote fine woolr, X blood,
uT, 404442 e; foil blood at 43@45, and other
A -grades nominal at previous quotation.
Dry Coeds Market.
lisw Vas. Jenuery 28.—The guest
'.:..Tl notloroble feature in the dry goods trade
... _ ; ,ii to day was the offering or a Iwo Une of
t .1t rooszesir prints by din at 100, but
Most of tne lot turns out to be nothing
•.1 *ter than Lowell goods, which the same
tr,• offered .resterday at 9a yer 'std.
• Atl lotto L tine sheeting , and one or
P., two other tine makes f
•'h brawn cotton*
pl.- ave boon adintnend }i o, end there la s
. -, disposition to put up heavy sheeting"
..I also. L ,nadale muslin' are also KC per
L 1 and higher, and now bring lre, Trsde,
;flowerer, is generally very dull.
Orrior or Prrresuseos GLEXTTIN
FrioA.:, Jan. 28. MO.
The hog and provision markets are
being. wa t c hed with a good deal of 'li
beled just now, especially by those who
are e ngaged In the business, and the
predictions in regard to the future are
somewhat conflicting. The impression
that hogs will rule lower; is gaining
strength,: and one of the Strong points
made by those who areserir l tdne of lower
prices, is the fact that they are much
higher, relatively, than laid, mesa pork
and green meats, and se there-is not
much prospect of the letter advancing,
it is argued that the former nuts; still
further decline. We see it is stated that
there are but few orders In the leading
markets, which is evidence that haters
expect lower prices, though holders sp
pear to be pretty will satisfied that all
will be wanted by the South and
APPLES—In medertte local demand
and steady but unchanged: sales at PAO
(i5O per Mil. The arrivals Dor some
time past have been light, but the sup.
ply fis ally up to the demand,
- APPLE BUTTER—Qnoted it 75(895.
freely. and - Very dull, and cannot be
quoted above sx.
=PlER—Continues to arrive freely
and with a good supply the market la
stow. though prices are. unchanged.
Prime to Maim roll at 80®33.
BEANS—The . demand la light arid
market dull; we continue to quote at
1i2.2504.76 per bushel.
BROOM CoRN—Is firm and higher,
beamoted at 14 ®lB, es to quality.
BERRIES—DaiI; 812415.
ClDER—Continues dull snit nominally
unchanged, at $6,U0 (5 8,90 per
bbli as to
1 qualiti.
CHEESE—Is firm er, but not Cs.
bIY higher . , Was Earn ReaSzVe/ Yr, D. 84
FaiitA lsk la ib glysa New 'York ,
tniBCIN -_.• OiL—Di • , quifet - "ffild I , 4gl:-
changed, et 260/213% cts., fbr 50 or 100 .
bbl lote, with the usual advance in a
I retail way.
DRIED FRUlT—Quiet and Un
changed. Apples at Mgile. Peaches at
7@9 for quarter" and logile for halve..
Blackberries 14 quarter",
and pitted cher
' ries 30 ctn. •
DRESSED HOGS —Doll: 10% @II is
about all the commission men are able
to realize.
EGOS—Fresh packed are still quoted
at 28.
FKATMERS—In better demand and
higher,and we now quote at 8490 to
I the t rade and the usual advance for
smalliots in stare.
• MOIIEL—The market is stronger and
more active, though prices are unchang
ed; we continue to quote western flours
at 86(at5,80 for spring and 85,75Ce8 for
winter. Rye flour 15Q5,25.
ORAJN—There is little or no wheat
offering in this market and the mills are
dependent mainly upon the west. We
continue to quote at 81.1501L18, for good
to prime Red. Ogaden and drooping—
sales on track at 46e, and in store at 48@
50c. The demand for corn hes fallen off
very materially within the past week.
and notwithstanding the offerings are
not uneasily large, prices are weak; we
now quote ear at 78(g1800. Rye, sisals
very dull and cannot be quoted ineeie 8.5 -
(190 MA; se we remarked the other day,
distillers have most of their capital
locked lan In whisky. and Until they anti.:
ceed inerorking some - of the whisky off,
it is not likely , that they will Pay much
e. Raley is -dull and nominally an
at Il,o° for gulag, and 81,10 for
GROCERIES—Theie 111 nothing new
im, Important , jtcv.ixf said about the,
grocery market: " The receipt. of New
Orleans sugars and mimes continue
large, and Pittsburgh, by the time all
that is afloat reaches here, wilt be pretty
well /docked:. there is a steady dements,
however, as the imprealon prevails that
prices are cot likely to go any lower: , `
BAY—Sold in Allegheny market to :
fey. et !lost ;;;7®25.. The 'offerings
were light, owing mainly to the very bad
condition of the country roads.
HEMKS—SaIes at II cense per pound .
HOMINY—Wiest $13,0008,M perig.
LlME—Sales of Cleveland white lime
NIONS—sa at at P,51413,00 Per bbl,
the outside figure for choice.
. - LARD OlL—City bruidsextra
quoted st 111,48.311,45, and No. tat 83(81P5.
Fancy Cinch:mai and Chicago breads
held higher.
PEANUTS—Quoted at 96,10 cts. .
PEAS—Duth 82,50 per bushel.
PROVISIONS Market continues
rather dull, though prioes are without
quotable change. Plain Shoulders, lem
Sugar Cured do, 1511 ff 'Ribbed Sides. iiim
Clear do. I.7@i7q; Breakfast Bann,
ISigm Sugar Cured Ham% 194111)191io.
Lard,l7o in tierces; ligoirlua in kegs
and pans. Mesa Pork $BO.OO. -- '
POTATOF.S—Oontinues dolt notwith.
ntending . the arrivals are light. ail= by
the oar load at bOo, and in store at Me.
POULTRY —Market almost , bare.
Dressed chickens, 18@)14, and dressed
turkeys. 1110.21
SEEDS—Clover seed la firmer and
higher with sales at 1F13,50@576, and the
stock In this market pretty . well reduced.
Timothy seed at $4.00. Flaxseed is still
quoted at r4,10@i2,15.
SALT—is quoted sal 1,75 by the car
STRAW' —Soles at $146115 per mu. ...-
• WHlSKY—Hlghwines firmer at 98@
II: rectified, 81,00; proof notified, 51,10.
Old whiskies scarce anti firmer.
00/100 OW I.:minus= GAZETTS,
- FRIDAY, J.lOl/1117 28, 1870.
There is a better feeling reported In
the metal business, not that there ie any
material impel:m=6n; in the demand.
nor that prices are higher, but ea most
of the mills are again In operation, it Is
thought that the wont Is over, and that
better times are near at hand. There is
a good deal of eastern Iron offering and
holder', In some Instances, Who were
oblidged to realise, accepted very low
Wires. but these forced &aim cannot
been ma a criterion of the
t y at. Thee is but comparatively
little western iron on the market, most
of the western furnaces being pretty
Well sold up, and the inspreadon seem"
to be gaining strength ihatFlloo9 are not
Maly ,to go much lower, though the
miffs are buying very sparing, an.
ticipations of • further decline; In other
words, they want to keep their stock
down pretty well, so that in ciao prices
do go lower, they will be In a Bhopal°
take advantage of the dedloo.
SO tons No. 1 Foundr/C--...540.00 Imo,
80 " No. 1 do , Extra- 42.00 4 moo
20 " No. 18. Foundry,.... 88.00 coati
20 . N 0.2 do .... . . 20.50 4 LOCS
10 . N 0.2 do 88.00 cub
100 . Gray Neutral Forge- NI 25 cash
50 " do do do 18.50 4 mos
re . .Cold Short. ............ 86 00 6 mos
60 " No. 2. Foundry....-- 38.00 4 mos
100 . No. 8 Neutra.. 86.096 mos
100 . • No. 8 do —.. 86.50 6 mos
LOCO.. Cold Short—Whlle... F. T.
10 " No. 1 Neutral_.......: 89.50 4 mss
RV " ' Gray Neutral Forge. 85.0/ oath
weirsencce coax. seaman PROM LAB
50 tons Neutral Whit. and
Mottled 835 50 4 mss
100 .. Red Short 86.50 5 mos
200 " Neutral Forgo.. ... . . ... 87.00 4um
100 .. Bed Short.. 85 50 4mm
800 " Neutral .—..... ......... - 88.604 mm'
100 .. 'Red Short. ........ .....,.. 36.00 4 moa
Ea .. do do 87.00 4mm
160 0 :: do o 1:
87 00 8 mm
87.00 6 mos
110 . : do do 87 00 6 mom
100 . ' do do • • - 87.006 mm
160 . Mottled... ..... ..... . . . ....c 86 006 mos
170 . do ' 85.60 cash
100 " do 87.006 nos
180 . • Neutral,. - 87.006 mos
100. . Meditun Red Suers.. 85.50 6 mos
. .do • do do 115.50 6 moo
50 " do do do 87.006 mat
100 0 Mottled do do 85 00 4mm
100 " Native Ore Foundry. 40 00 4 mcs
100 0 do do do 40 00 4 mom
100 " do do do . - 40.00 4mm
07. Pyrzeurco
FHLDAY Jan. 28,
The oil !rosiness continues, eiceed
inglY quiet and notwithstanding the
market is firmer, there is little or noth
ing doing. New Yorkers would Prota.
bly sell a good many lines, "short" if
they oould . tlnd any one here to buy
them; they.lurre been trying to sell for
some days past. but refiners here pro
polio to make and sell oil Instead of buy
ing, as was the case last year. If these
Now Yorkers want to do this kind of
business,' they had better sell "short" to
each other, as =nuns:Serena bore do
not propose- to encourage anything of
the kind this year.
Market continues firm, with lb freely
hid for spot or .seller this month, and
there was Seale of 1,200 bble spot at
.option .watil July may be
quoted at 131 and buyer same time, 15.
Also Borti3,aild tending upward, though
there 1s no movement—not a angle sale
reixutel: Spot or sell. r this month, 80%
Ltd, and 3035 bid for next month. Bus
eeall year, 3 34. There seems to be
some denim= (Or ANs on, but very
tle inquiry for frames.
szontrre or MODS OIL BY A. V. B. n.
Peerless Oil Works 820, on account .
Fisher Bre: Jas Wilkins 200, on account
& Boston Pet. Co; Liberty
Oil Works 100, on account W Ribiruson.
J. 11. Pater 200 bloiri refined to, W. P.
& Bro., Philadelphia.
•, L. & S. 400 Obis ref. oil to
W. P. Logan& Bro., Philadelphia.
McSelvy & Bro. 898 bola refined 01l to
W. P. Logan & Bro., Philadelphia.
Citizens 011 Co. 675 bibs reffnedoil to
Tick Bro, 3lorgand; & ..
to , Coq bbla ref.- oil
Wl* "dt
sti 'W 0%; 149
‘. • 4,22 bbio.
New-Yong, January 28.—Cotten quiet,
with tittles 1,600 bales at 253:40 for mid
dling uplands._ ' Flour: receipts 9,169
bble; flour Moderately active and with
out decided change; sales 7,100 bbis at
11,0004,86 for super State western; 1 5 . 25
06 for extra State; 15,0506,15 for extra
western: - 15,6006,40 for white wheat
extra; ;$6,7506,20,f0r wand hoot) Ohio;
15.5006,25 for extra St. Louie; 6,250860
1 for good s choice do. Rye 'Flour dell,
with sales .260 ebbs at. 54.60.0 5 . Corn
Meal quiet. Whisky 'lower, with ~sales
250 bbis western at 99c, free... Recelpts:
Wheat 2,198 bush; wheat leas active and
heavy; with' sales 49,000 bulls at 51.160
.1,19 for No 2. spring; $11,25 for No 1 do;
11,2901,111 for winter red and amber
western. Rye quiet and heavy. Barley
heavy: and declining: sales 18,000 bush at
90c10$1 for two and four rowed State;
51,0901,18 fbr - Canada western, . the
latter an extreme. Barley Malt dull.
Receipts:..• Corn _3,760 bushels; aim
heavy, with sales of 33,000 , bushels
at 900930 for new mixed western;
wfhorit e o l
nsßtoere 1p1t00 4 1 % 0 7 3 , o fo l4 r
bush; oats heavy and lower; sales 3.600
bush at 550 for westerdi 59060 c for State.
Ries dull. coffee: Rietactive; sales 9,0011
aseka on Pante tame; other kinds dull..
Sugar unchanged; sale. 1,000 hhds Cuba
at 934010,f0, 1550 boxes Havana at 100
1134 c.. Moneta' dull; small sales Dams
ram at 113045 c... Hops steady at 180260
for American. •Petroleum quiet. ,Linseed
oil quiet at 89091 c. Tarpon/Me quiet at
- 46047 e. — Pont. ateadyt sales' 5311 bbls at
12704,25 for new mess, 423023,25 for
prime, 524025 for prime mess; also,
Wee 2.250 ,b1715* - .05W. Mies: seller
February end — March. at $26,0"0.7.
Boot quiet; :ages ,400 Ms ar 100
150 for; dewpllo it mer5,114017;50 for new
extra mew. 'Deane Beef steady and
qalet,.loo • tientes , st. 1230 W for prime
mess, and 128031 for India mess.. Beef
Hamsqiilet; 125 bbls et szs@m foe new.
Cat meats dull; sales 120 pima at 1,134012 c
for shoulders. . 14,4015340 . for barna.
Middles quiet; 150 boxer 140 Cumberland
cut and 15e for atiort• ribbed: Dratted.
hetet firmer. et: 11,34011340 t fararesserit:
the latterutini -irr extreme; 'Laid tufts:
and heavy; sales 576 lien:eget 1601634 c
for steam and 17'3,160113 for kiattlerender.
ed; also salmi Of 1,000 tierces Steam seller '
March at 18341016.14 e.
17031c.' Ohio Cheese quiet at 160180.
Freights doll and unchanged. '
I Latert.—Flour closed quiet without
material change. Wheat (=liana heavy
and le lower: No 2 spring $1.1601,19,,
winter red and anther western 11,210
1,31. -Rye nominal. 13.509110. Oats lower
and dull, 54%0550 for western in store.
Corn heavy. 11.05 for old mixed western
la store, and 1150920 for new do afloat.
Pork firmer ana more active; sales 01
MO Milo mess seller February $27, for
March $27 bid and 127,25 asked. Beef
I quiet and unchanged: Cat made and
hewn quiet and unchanged. Lird
steady; tor. prime- steam .1634 e bid for
F. brawl" and lege asked. 163:c bid for.' '
March and 10,fe asked. Eggs quiet and
allithtly in buyer's favor.
Comsat,. January 28.—Eastern Ex
change 1-10 off buy lug sod' WO premium
selling. Flour unchanged at 13,12434,76
for spring extras. Wheat is request
and ,t4 , 034c lower, with sales No. lat
92094 s and No. 2 at 80340810, closing
quiet at 30,4081 a: this Alterman dull as
81c. Corn quiet and old 3.4 e lower and
nv: lc lower, with sales 55 71340730 for
It' 2, and 54340110 fur new,cluaing ai.
1 71340 frr old, and .5434 c for - new;. un.
e a toil this afternoon. Oat. dull at ilV@
3934 c for No. 2. Rye easier: and I ceot
lower, closung at 710 for No. 2. Barley '
inactive and nominal; No. 2 , 72060 c.
Higliwlnes 91%0'92340 for wooden and
ironbound. Provisions quiet. MtesPort
less active,. firmer and buo higher; closing
at V.. 13,75 cash and. 177,25 ' seller March..
Lard very quiet at 15.110 cash • and 16c
seller Marco. Mesta brut and steady:
dry salted shoulders 10410340, short rib
1334 e, green Isms 9340. brewed hogs
quiet at 110010.6234: closing easier t
110.35010,3734 for light; 18,6009 for fair
to Medium and 19,16(0.41.1 for good to
extra. Receipts during the past 24
hours: 5,333 bbls flour. 43,250 bush wheat.
23.125 bush cern, 14.693 bush oats, 3,195
bush rye, 3802 bush barley, 14,777 bogs.
SliiPluental 5 . 1 9 3 bble .flotiri ' 8,256- bush
wheat,6,B69 bush butdi cats.
332 bush rye, 2,4oB b u s h barley, 4,022
03.004 mu
ao “ Pottnirt
Live stock Market:
ouir.. January 00.—The ,1,686
cattle of to-dar 0001;110te 6,400 for the
week, The weather is batter though
_cold, and • little improllement is
noted In good stock, which is scarce:
those on sale today were nearly all poor
and sold at lie for 116 Texans 6 cwt;
.150 for nu Indiana 6 met; 15€070 tor 0 t ;
good Ohio yg cwt. Everything sold off I
with firmness at the elm& Itheeptre.,l
oelpts of 5,700, sodmarket &mart most;
or the lout are holding back for higher
nd Michigan the quotations ate N 55340: a car
7 pouchigan sheep mold et 5 9 tee,
a oar irt pound 00. a car 98 pound Indiana
yge. with • au-lo9.pound extra Canada'
at 0%c.. liOge unchanged, with 00 4 5
oars to day; a me good Chicago dressed
bold at lt%o.
Sy. Mims, January 25.—Cattle steady
and In g ood demand for the better
grades; sties good to choice at 4 1 4@53fu
choice 606%e, Hogs dull at 55,40,39,80
for light to extra. .
PECIZADIUMEILI, 1i111111 , 9 fa—FLOtir
dull; new extra family V 4475; Iron.
anaand Ohio 15,25@0.25. Wheat
red 111,20(Dt.2& :newull at ade. Corn
to fa demand:, yellow 1371PSe.
Oda dull. Patin)learn Tea quiet; ° ru ._.. d.
2114 C;
Me. 'Frump:me dud.
PITTERI.OII.43H i DAILY CLIIII1171: - W I 1. • , , ti t ' .
114 , 11'IDA , tojo i n 13.,./
Cattle active, steady and firm at 13,75
05,50 for shipping steers.-
ar.Linnta. January 21.-Tobsooodeady
and supply light. Cotton; prime In geed
'demand, at 2434(3,2AN c. Hemp un
changed; stook nearly exhausted. Flour:
lower grades scarce and Arm; fall super ,
at 114.1Wr4,115; X at 4,15 ®4,75: 3LX at 55 ,
b uoy e dt 58,217,50. Wheat dud I
and uncarig 1.0. red fall and Ho, 1
do at 111,15®1,16; cholas fancy at 11,29®
1,85. Corn: lower grades easier; mixed
In bulk at 65c, white at 72c; mixed and
y e llow at 751fc77% choice yellow at 78c:
white at 611®87c. Oita dull and drooping
at 511511141 , 3: Barley quiet at 51,05(51,1 -6
for Minnesota spring, and 51,45 for
strictly prime fell. BLii , dull at 80c.
Rork at 127,25 ®27,60. salt meats:
order miles of shoulders at lo: clear rib
at 14)4o; clear aides at 15c. Baotou order
isles of shoulders at. 130; clear rib at 160;
clear *idea itt,l6%e.
CractifitATl, Jan. 211..-Whlaicy firm
but quiet; sales of 95 bbli. Hogs steady
and in bar demand, at $9,7509,60 for live
and 10.10111 dressed; receipts
Mao Pork' firm and higher, closing
strong it 127. with asleep. Bulk Meats
t held at 111®14340 for loose and Mo higher
for packed. Bacon quiet; oulelers
12540; sides 1534; and 160 for clear rlband
clear sides. Lard dull; steam held at
1534015%c; kettle 10340; no sales. Sugar
Cured hams 113% @Ala. Butter drill at
Eggs Stio and dull. Linseed
Otl at lo; demand dignt. Lord ()II Arm
5t,35151,45. Petroleum firm at 306420
fir redbed..•, .
_NAltitl,ll.l.ll, Jan. M.-Cotton steady
Middlings 23%0, good to ordinary ,
gl%c; alook•on band, 9,521 bales. Wheat I
dull; red it, amber 51,10, white 51,15.
a lo i otsse : a tB ye $ lßaarlMy.
Cson .
atF loBu ri batr
to 0,50 for superfine to, fancy.
Went clear aides 17c, shot:Lidera 13%r,
hitinia 17340 for auger Cured, and 200 for
plain, city 19c, low 1934 c. Bulk meats:
clear sides 15140, clear ribbed do. 14,11),
shoulders 1134 to 11340 Rump porlalP
:CLIMELAien, January 2.8.-Flour
and uimhaugeel. Buckwheat flour: HAI ,
het steady and demand falr ift,sooB per
bbl. Ave flour in moderate demand and
steady !t 5 5 , 60 Wheat Mill and inactive,
With no sales; held at *LLB for to 1 red.
and 51.02 for white. Petroleum quiet and
Unchanged; refined held at 20% ®270-
crude in moderate demand at 55,50 per
LbnieviMji. January 28.-Cotum cagy
at 240 for middlings.• Flour quiet and
steady: extra family 15. Wheat quiet at
iI,CGOI,IO. Own dull; shelled in sack,
95c. o:he grains unaltered. Tobacco
m°dersi. l y active, with sales of 70 hhds
at 1506 for troth, 104010 for ordinary'
dark to colored logs, Ili ®l5 for medium
leaf endls9 for bright wrapper. Whit.
ky 95e...
• BUNDeonniJannary 99.F10ur doll
and unahloged: • Wheat deal at 51.11 0 6
'11,40. Corn weak: white at 11431.05,
st 980930. Oats. at 52054 0 . Rye
nominal. illeaerpork quiet at $201520. 50 .
Bacon entlenrib aides at 16%®16,44c, dear
*Mee at 1834®17e, shoulders at 133415
13340. halite at 200, Lord qulet at ,17 ®
17303. Whisky dull et.
Allampttni, Jan. Mb-Cotton quiet and
tinchanged-w..,10. .receipts 11,427, ex.
Pena 11,126 babe; receipt* . ta 7 day 1,85 5 .
exports 1,017 balm . , •
Miowitsvuxs, Jertrutry 28.—River
falling slowly with seven feet water in
the duumel., Weather- dear. Ther
mometer Llildireix at four. P. Y. . 0.
MOBOAIITOWN, January 28. River
falling with forty Inches of water in the
channel. Weather clear. Thsrmome
lily linty-one at four P. Nr.
basertesono, January 28.—River
lag with five feet water in channeL
Weather clear. Thermometer thirty-six
at four P. M. P.
OIL Orry; January 28.—River falling
slowly with those
feet etx 'riches water
in the channel. Thermometer thirlyeix
at aix P. lt. Weather cloudy. r.
The river continues to recede steadily
with 8 feet 6 inches in the channel by the
HonorsPemba marks last evening.
A prite dispatch from Cincinnati
reports that the Arlington left Cincinnati
yesterday at 12 o'clock, and the Major
Anderson cut loose eight minutes after
wards, so that they will doubtless have
a pretty lively time co utingnp,tbe river
The Meesenger,Capt, Jesse ,
positevely. depart for New Orleans to.,
day, and shippers are requested to have
their bills of lading in not tater the 12
o'clock. • .•
Capt. Geo. W. Reed. has
assumed command of the Nick Wall;
Capt. Poe, being called to Cincinnati on
other Madness.. The Nick Wall,' will
depart for St. Louis on Monday.
The Bate Putnam, Capt.' Ed Evans,
with ,Wm, Harbison in' the' office, will
leavefor Nashville this evening. Without
fail; and passengers and shippers Should
bear this in mind. • •
The St. Charles departed for Cincin
nati last evening withs fair trill.
Capt. Anawalt will commence loading
the Wild Duck. for St. Louis in the early
pus ef next week.
- Lake Superior is the name selected
for the sums:tor of the Hawkey. State,
now inprooess of construction here for
the Northern Line Packet Company;
The weather yesterday was clear and
pleasant, and all that could possibly be
desired for the transaction of out door
business, and the wharf presented a
very cheerful appearance.
The Argosy from Cincinnati, is among
the first boats due.
The Arlington wee to have left
cinnatl'yesterday, and may be expected
to arrive here on Monday forenoon.
The Belle, Capt. Richey, be the regular
packet for Parkersburg to.dsy burring at
nom!. .
Capt. Coulson is getting along satisfaa.
torlly with his new mountain steamer,
and will have her ready in plenty of
time for the spring campaign.
• Mr. Cal. W. Bennett, Is stIII here, with
his friends. He expects to start west
again within the next week or two. .
If the • Arianism Is really sold, and
there is not much _doubt about it, we
may expect Capt. Shaw and his clerk.
Aleck 'McConnell pack bete some of
these clays soon:
—Daniel Murphy vs. IN: J. May et al,
owners of the _steamer Mercury. Tide is
the title of a case called In the Jefferson
(kurt of Common Pleue at Louisville,
on Prldsy, and too jury returned re
turned a verdict for defend/es, after
being out. five hours, The .following is
taken from' the report of. the case as we
find it In Saturday's Louisville COMAKT
daI: The plaintiff state that on the 11th
day of March. 1867. he shipped on the
1 Mercury at Glover Bend, on Black
I Arkansas two hundred and eleven moos+
I and three horses, to be taken to Mem. I
teat. for which Murphy WWI to pay do'
tandems one thousand dollars_ The
pientiff Mye the defendants failed' eel
muse gunk said oonstrach that the pilot I
took the boat out of- her course and ran
against a snag, in consequence of which.
alluf Itch .toules and bones were des- I I
troyed or !Mt. The -horses and mules
were worth one hundred dollars each.
The plaintiff asked judgment In the
sum of 521,000. The defendants claim
that It was understood at the :time the I
mules were chipped that they were not
to be responsible for bases from inset.;
tatoleaecidents. The river rose after the I
boalbsit Clover Bend so that the pilot
could not see the ladmarks and -there I
erne strong and unreal currents out of
the main channel, and it was (mimes&
bleto distinguish the
main river from
a chute. The boat struck a' snag and
was sunk. and no human std could have
extricated the boat from the situation
Into which she had been brought by the
flood. She was forced into that SWIM
tion by causes which those In enlarge of
her could not control,' The defendants
deny that they are liable for Imo of the
mules or horses.
—A New Orleans paper, gays that there
Is a proposition 00 foot to-turn Red river
through the bayou'. at Latter's dirt,
house, and hackie the old river again
just below Staples cut off, thus shorten
, the river seven or, eight miles, and
'cutting off Tone's bayou entirely. It
I states that Certain paellas are endeavor-
leg to get legislative action In regard to
it. Captain Adams, who has already
I built two boats at Little Rock, Is at work
one steamboat for Colonel Nue. of Fort
Gibson, In the Cherokee Nation, to to
used as a forty boat across the Arkarase
I river at that point. The engine will be
furnished by Meehan & Co , Cincinnati.
The bull is built of native wood, and the
boat, with the exception of the engine, '
I will be entirely constructed there. Al.
though not celebrated for boat building,
Little Rock has turned out several
l isteambosts In time. some of which. as ,
I passenger navigated the Arkansas
long and successfully. , I
—A Lonlaville laical to the Dincire. l
nati Cbtenterceit. stye: The Nellie Reg' I
ars, bound for St. Louis, passed down
through the draw bridge of the railroad,
going out over the canal wall. She was I
drawing tact water, with S feet over the
bank of the canal, and at a lower place,
a gap In the bank.. There-are six h ,
et in I
that chute, bpi In *pother day or two it
will be Impracticable, excepting for
boats small enough to go through the
camel locks. The Nellie Rogers has
been weer due the first of the year COIF
king her way from Pittsburgh, owing to
bridge obstrictitme, which are a serious
Impediment to usvigatlon.
—The Leesville Murky, of Wades*.
I day, asSa, John N. Little, of Louis.
vine, has sold the steam propeller J. R.
I Pratt, to L. W. Harrodi - of - Frabkfort,l
[Ky., for 11,200. The tow boat Panther,
from Pittsburgh, arrived last night with I
140,000 bushels of coal for the limpet
Coal Company, to go iguth. The towboat
Lion artived,yeatorday from Pittsburgh,
with a fun tow of coal for this marker.,
land returned *with se empty tow. The
Tow bat Simpson Horner. .Capto Dse.
Towle. peale d over the Odle patented'
with 12 boats end ,two barges to New
—Cant. H. T. Dexter, ls - here again
looking after biz -new acket, City of I
Evansville. That she will be In all re
spects, s very tine boat, when completed, '1
la generally conceded. .
—lt was reported at Cincinnati - on '
Wednesday, that hereafter -the Major
Anderson will extend her trips clear
through to Pittsburgh. The more the
—The Carrie V. gountz, New Orleans
to Pittahurtm, and the Sadie, Cincinnati
to New Orleans, passed Vicksburg on
-Wednesday. -
—The Wananita and Maggie Hare. en.
route for New Orleans, were at Cairo on
—The Cumberland river was rising-on
Wednesday with 23 feet on flarpeth
—'rho Nellie Rogers. Pittman' gh to St.
I Louis, was at L0U1514115134. Wednesday.
MAO 111111,110 AD. January 26.-400 bbls
floor;owner; 200 do do, Dan Wallaos; 1
car Lone dote, Seward & Emoteon; 88
hides. Hays & BtoWart; 11 bbls oil, J H
Parker 9 note alcohol, R E Sellers . 55
hides, G N Huff. tott; 6 bbls dry pakitios,
Meanor 1 Harper, 410 tells paper, 1%
Oltristyv 11 dressed hogs, li Rea Jr; 41
bgs millfra,d, Campbell & • Coulson; 280
boosts, Oakland Passenger Railroad Qr.
4 cars limestone, Shoenbergar, Blair &
Co; 4 bgs ear. oarn.l. 10 Dammetil 26 Inca
cheese, John Wilson & Son; 12 aka.
sandries,l4 Heasiston; 10 bgs buckwheat
nor. 40 ban yeast, Goo .W MoClure; 2
cars Ilmelitont, Graff. Bennett & Co; 4
bdli brooms, J •13 Dilworth & .Co:8 bgs
eloverseed, WW Knox; 20 bbls vinegar,
W H Andaman; 48 slue oats, J Hinkle;
66 eke potatoes, 0 Tranpetor , 2 his to .
bane, Weyman & Bro; 8 dreleod bogs,
Volgt, Mahood & Cot 1 bbl eggs, A Kirk
patrick & 0o; 20 biz soap, hi W - Rankle;
20 do do, 13 P Eihriver & Co; 20 do do,
Johnston & Colvin; 3 oars lumber, J G
nary 28.-9 bbhi tallow, Geo Hulas; 3
rap, J R Weldln: 5 cars ra il road
iron, care E A Temple; 2 bgs cloverseed,
A Kirkpatrick & Co; 2 cars metal, John
Moorhead; 4 kgs butter, W H Eirkpat.
rick & Co; 1 bbl lard oil, WM Gormley;
1 keg brandy, John Botb I Son; 2 cars
metal,. Ekofisk et CO; 1 car osta,.l 1%
Landuy & Co-1 ear lime, DL Reynolds;
1 bbl butter. 1 keg eggs, Brenneman &
O'Brien; 1 pkg butter, Paul &Gibson; 24
bgs corn, A. , Wilson & Co; 1 tar, bay.
Moreland .2 Mitchell; 8 mks cern, Gra
ham & Mardian; 1 pkg butter, I do eggs,
L ,1 Blanchard; 88 aka oats, .1 .21 Dietr.
43 do do, I& W . EllirleY 16 dr. corn. R
Stewart; 4 bbls oniony, Wig*, Mahood &
an 64 ski corn, Adams & Auntie; .32 aka
wbesi, J IS Jenklosi 60. cars coal, Kier,
Fo.ter & iier; 48' do do, Armstrong,
Dickson dt_Ckn 18 dado,.oolemsn, Bstan
et Co. •
lIOAD, January 28,-3 care I • ore. Zug
Co; 1 do do, McKnight & Co; 1 do do. .7
Reamer & 00; 2 do do. Coleman, It & Co;
1 do do, trnion Iron, Minx 1 do do, Ens.
soy, Wells &0a 11 do Iron ore, Sboen.
berger, B & Co; / car I ore, 22001 Inghtt
1.,4. Co; 1 do' Ember, 1 do shipper,
mask d:8; 1 do lumber, Armes I do
bones, Schmidt & - Co; 8 tan antler, 60
bbl. applelsrVolat & Co: 20 bgs oorn,
E Boylston: 100 bbis dour, Watt, L &
Co; lot fartdbare, H Dewier & Sons 20
cases tobacco, Johnson & Co: 6 kge to.
bacco, PretrAeld Bon-3 bbl. b. flour, W
H Gnat & Cc; 178 eke corn, J &W Falvey;
164 do do, Moßane & A; 68 bbli apples,
Bandritph & 8; 2 Min pelts, W Flacons
8: Bon. \ .
?mall&cater, -13nsdinssen Am Sr.
Loam Batratosn, January 23.-51 bail
oats, P Schield; 11 kg, tobacco, J Full
erton; 25 bits meal; JasStowart; 25 do do:
Goo Stewart; 10 bblallour, El Marvin;
15 do do', 40 birkdo, 0 A !Boucher; 1 bar
buttes; 1 bbl eggs,. Bigger & L; 211 bits
barley, do onions. Well a Co; 1 bhd
tabs.'s*: Mesas Coma;_ 8 bra wins. W
Moirniabs; 10 bull oil, Graff, BA Co; 8
ear. meat. W B Hays & Son; S do stases.
Haslists it D; 1 Alo wheat, B T Ben.
reedy am'
&tzarina:UT EiTATION January 28.,
ear metal,'ltegens & Burchfield, Bdo
do. Gnat; Sennett & Go; 100 bbls Hour,
Ciao Stewart; 4 oars limestone, Sup Iron
Cu; 5 hides: taPPe & Weise; 9 rolls
leather, Jam .C.llery; 24 eke rap, J B
Jonea; d carwlumber. L Walters & Son;
rdo do, A C Taggart; 9 bales cotton, E
Hyde a Son; 4 rolls leather, Graham &
' '
re ri . 611Vitli d u ' rriNIVITA
ca. of Dernepsie and Waite Debilitated Condi
tions of th • Ste thee. • • •
Dame., of the Liver or to ati es• Gentle Par.
Alt of three three Media'. ae often riem.ed
In caring Consumption,. though the Pulmonic
Wo U ger= " d TT:dr:A i mr,
yeanitride the Stomach arid Liver. andlieln the
I:Zlx i ogiZtic i tr4d i =stead ster . fir . oullite,
Terse Medicine' trecontrientlemly offered to
the Public se the only erre. certela and reliable
remeoy Pulmonary Consumption. ant f
Qom moreld conditions of the Wiry etch l e ad
to that fetal diseam.' Liver Complaint and Dyer
Ms% ere often forams.' of Coneurmalon.
Maw es they manlent they »ware
the mo_tbrotept'ettent.lon.
The PMmoalclVreti Is a Medicine irhich has
had a long probedon before the pe MM. itevalue
ha beta proved by the th uuuuu d cares It hex
thrtrugh a oerlo4l of mere then thirty. Ave
yeara tru all of *Mel emir tie 'mutation lulu.
creased and. the , lnost °set nate akeptielsm can
no longer doubt" that a Is • remedy whim may
be rued salt otoiddelieri In all eases I. leh .dart
If thepatent pencveringly tolieier the dl.
'oedema which t adeompany each bottle. be will
certainly be cared. If Ms lane. are not toe much
wasted to make a ewe poin M t le. ;Yen la Oath
supineed to be lllCarsble,ben friend. end ,
mu= have OSP aired.. the no Of tide Medicine las saved the life or am parfait and restored
Matto perfect tt ,
Dr. Schnee doe" not Say that all nets of Pul-'1
myna" tOnenmptlon are within tbs. retch or
Mediels6 brithe irdarAstleslly sasertathat Oft.;
when patimta bare the mold slanging rtnirdOine.•
alien as in violent:mega, weeping cella bight
seems, general debilty. es. n to life It . deltree
that they era obliged to Ile in bed:and viten
thel are boo m e d by [sell. paystelan they may etlll.l
be cured. dal %regiment can create nen
=IV"' wporhen the
Wh•titt , a/latch:les.
Also. It delefulone•Diseagee, twee Medicine,
are energy sap
Dr. &sheath has peat.
enrolls a number Of tenors - who have hems
nearly vend with running for. and neer
htrird ap. Toil snow. Its plutfried D.Peratr.
which earat be able , o teea atm in the Mega
Is the Me • anent of Commutation It re or toe
utincet Imortasee ta_gtve "Igor end beet.'
to the eysteM. Hem. ms", te
Meantime the Appetit. of the ill ' lat
Moe the digraMut. Proper notridonmt is re.
=:i'V:,'Teg".%7l l l• l rag:
suitable (or the diet et' Conant. , tire pettents are
designated In Dr. Schenck'. AlMiturae. which
are dlettleated matriamody an genera. to
most Manly maritime ankle/ sre to be pre
fured.botthe &gear. organs mast be st•ength.
cued In order to make either good or medicine
serviceable. Mgr! requirement le met by e
graereed,Tonle, and the Wire. It tr. d th ldl"
treated •
Warn Ike Mandlre ante are pat In good
- order, the Otoehths tie prober eireett tha mule
of the mitre Is ionic and illlongs be
gin to Mande* their fusetteme in a ammo.' and
healthy tanner. Then the. healing Done. of
pennon% Swap will eff.a tee care. •
DOw's ry Conamptlos almost 1 1 •11 1 mlfe•
pli•eued • with Dyeromm and Id rerCesspidel.
spbreckle Mammas PM. acs lei *aged re..l
Move obttrectlon , from Da Liver and red.* Its
healthy action. They bare all the eillotry which
te ascribed to calareel or ••blee atene. ,, and are
wireated net to wet. la • particle of any ale'
cent Theme Pala care the moat obstinate
oostiveness. sick beidashe. piles, bi , loss agar
lion.. and all other Cremes Mach •rise tom a. l
torpid or obstrumedrondltion tithe Liver. inn I
box of these pills will prove the eMeacy of the
asattictne. ,
La Corist en the sea Weed Tonle and Men
' dram Us are tn.mehle amtlary madman
They are the sag...toga of the esalmt and
mitt Fulmoide Syrup to effecting a cure.
They here been (send useful in advaaesel Masse
of consempuo a. where the nun ere eireost ea
grely deatruyed end -ell el motermeaarordiag
jodmreem of areptrysletantertented ameeel
leg_ e The IlTea of patients life. - wires setae. la
la a O edition have been rved for
months by the um of canned' threeprose great eta .
Dr. Seloork.s Atmense eonteles a Intl treatise
on the vitreous forme of damn Me mode of
treatment. am gene,a3 or
hos to Weide
medietre. ass be Use n et or rat try sell of
treareeerec hie Prindpal Ultra. Ro.ll. Noah
"Mb "4"a 'e ri A= W6 an d Seaweed Ton.
Maidsto rri. ntL e botik." ' or OO a
' rlltriei Mau ales.: For by all
IffEre4.l3lf.d. v hat stasseress. lama of ems meals
lea from sehr.abster, pro , stelna • ehaszallitese
servoes debalt7,lmtalliey, ereptiows, sessinal
amlatiora. zed loaf itzliotesalr tweeoterhfir
eara. rnal. Mt.: with delicate, utuicase
lad loser autains oonsittuti. quo ....Dig Lan
politalv 'wiled so cad tor ttwrattatbrit, wing
oost”ottsize, experience. the tenor toechere,
bee assisted him to parlcot tamales st one al-
Kest. age. peresesest sad which to most meet
11 999 without Manses to bestow. fled-
Ideas prepared to the establl.lllaosi. whist% =-
town °Moe, roorptioe mad waiting roosit• also
bOardloit tad slerotag apart. eelafor latlest.
ioili=jr.zerrel idtatifloo. en raw
r s
as =eons , alio the bawd
mineral esprtsaa matter who have W.I.
UV. )(sir came.. bad what be win to hie ohs •
posit offiftv saws. seat to sty tad for two
stamp. 11 reared etsvele. Ttwoutoadt - of eases
treated aosolay. at on • sad all over the war
d O%.
ays 15 $.
9A. 5. to •e, yd. San
s. co C. S. Pamphlet was to ay *d
art. fortwo elowfw. • . eye
CUL; /tra—Astordstdag sad alausra
ettresulout ewes of Cum are being daily
made et . Drs..% H. 111.155 • CO.. at the
Plittadatoata Deny lasnrom. 1131 Arch atoart,
Pumeptia. Netuta., awl at the branch of.
See in chute of PrOrtliOr L 0. DALTON.
1116 Eta Bt.. Cluelnaa.l. Ohio. The treatments
ailed ►re Cancer 'Antidotes. the moot eeleutlllo
nua uusnnural lotowsi ta. 150 elvttlied world.
They are sot caustic., e►lag or bunting molt
elites. They stye UtVe or nu pat. Thai are !w
-anted 07 the bolt &ammo of the , age. 215
other person bale there aattdotra. No other
treatment atiould be used. Nor parUeelare Wl
or edam* as store. hoLtsleSillUi
—Tito 1.1.11 T u ddd WOlLLD—doet not
t7tCoatala:cvi—nn T.lliot Dotao%, to p•nilyte Ina
predate .•11.11. 17.1.1 MUMMY
nonnt.l.l3—tehaolt—lnirtAB2ittmond• Avoid
virtuesnted sod delnaVo pivp•ndivoo bonaloS
;bey do not paioevs. IT y...a would eacono
too auts,
.117 , r.411 . 1 , 11W. •. otentior - 4
exorknittesraty.,' IRO ?2, 7 Nzin."Ar
plied at id licked Wrong di T. lasi
siunr OUlr rurro . BaLtimus.. ,
14111001.110, 00110111, BOER TIIOOAT'IND
• 100:00:0111 . 01
Nate wirer Nano o
enu ntessoo.
a 00.,
10 Lllta, Hamm New lor d.
the 00 more of Owe itortlol6 versa WM!.
Use ”Brown edam tAlsys: .dele
31;10:te):41 1 1/41
The New . and Splendid Side-wheel
A. S. SHEPARD Clerk,
C,1314,13:03.tati1. •
N. cooly V. WAY. • • •
Thus Poe .traser It =ale' , orn7 Oomfbrt
turf ammo latoo. port so roans Stand to
render o rant, solialketlon to Pothrmompers and
trolht. ;usage, or other Inforipotlon, op
ply on boat or to
:kW= T 17042.135. •
• - JOIIK dtop.
The tar ',wen Errawr
Zile ivAss Cam%
WIII lowa fur rile Imo. sod Intim date puts
°LTD .13Air, Um AM
.a: LO(.lld.—The dn. passenge
' IF .. ......... Cp Tani. POI,.
r23/. l l l ViDlVarj a°°'"
-J potty
J I LT trelluasr.M.V.72.ltbo•rd. or to
gOYU MEPHIS.A d dr o t
VICE a 111
Sae pustular SWUM
iIIZESZNGra iSass 'DtaX,
*lll , asso fur the -ably.. and Intensedlita part,
CnistrrtVgklilt"d; t°
Jalll /LAZY
rig, TOM BEBT sitioractoda
ur Sat tor Web,- J. B. CA.IIII.ILLD.
coximnos er VIZ
Of Pfttalviriih, I's.,
It the don oflgts c azs ii n s t
$14999d. 1970.
Loans Loa and Dlneonala 91.984 01
9•11•Itonds to tenure 00
Una from nedeemina and
serve -Alan, 237.596 97
Doe from other Dlarll 99.0411 Ile
Doe from other .114610 and
}lantern .• • 96,7a3 39
Ranting Holm 56,500 00
Current Lapenses.. . .. .114'914 34
Taws Pald If VC 41—
Cask Items
Zzonanges for Claarlott }lmmo—
-011laof other national Banns...
rraellonal Currency. tlneloding
71,512 07
Coln 50.714 00
Legal Tender NOUS 11.,000 GO
19.345 15
5.944 51
11,609 oo
. . . 61,694,4369 60
CanHsi Stock 100.1 03... „ 61,700,00000
nurpt. raao ..... —.as. a
Itchsago - 1 Q. 3
interest . in.= as .
ProOt sml Loss 40.733 33 4510,600 73
61731306 Brak tail Olits• 8..0.0
036,1016 --1
Stale Bans ettenualos auseand-
96 391 60
530 666 67
119.549 98
7.709 • 9
Ind vidudt deposits
Due to National Bute
Das to other Radtke sad Sauter@
$3,5640139 60
COUNTY or A.l...rollivT.
I. 0 NDULW LirNu, uhier of the Lachabee
'ational Book of Plusbarsh. solemnly
ewear that the • above statement to we to the
br-t of m 7 knowledge load better.
A. LONG. Castiler_.
I Swam to and subeeribed before me MIA elsth
daY Or .1114rAry.111110. . WM. V. Rolle.
20%17 veal.
" D. 1;c 4 .111111LICIP,
MARK W. W•llit/TI: DireetOrt.
E at close of bustaess, January AM. 1870.
Loans sad Discounts.
batted States Bonds to secure
Circulation '500,000 00
Otner awoke Bonds and art,'
- 50.411 79
Due Dom Bedeendan and Be.
terne Agent
Due from other Nat'l Bivate 413,255 BO
15,432 05
Due from other Beek. sae Bane-
.8 888,058 51
4,538 30
1,515 95
Banking Balsa 29..13 25
129serliaal =nn
52.115 51
current =Kamm 1 450 AB
Taxes g 4931.10)
CherJi. on ab/ Banks and Bankers
aot In Clearing Mouse_
.. _1.252 2_5 0
IS:hanges for Clearing Ho •• sr e ipl l .. 'a_
Bills of otker National Emits-- i . r4 ,..0s
Bill. or otate Bank.
irsellonsl Currency. Inc:siding
U.l Texontr Nowt.—
3Por Cent. Certllleates
21,950,570 A9'
550515b:a 600 000 00
Surplus had • 1511,535 50
Lutare.% . ps. 63
1.7118 95
§t h oll ' ar Bank Clrculatlonu.- 4351 . ,54 . 00
Sure twit Circslatlon 551.555-
Individual DaDavlia.
Dan lo National Bask,
Due bother Dauksand Bunten
DlVlslenda Unpaid
STATIC OF FilitiSFLVAIrLa., te k ,
1.966.878 A 9
• Coo
Or .A.I.LsOmr.NY.
' 1, Pre,bunot of Alleobeny
r etnal Butt,
to mew teat. toe *boe
truo to [trbo/Et of my kruggedro and belle.
Mrs e.
o o J. W. ,;008, Prestdant.
Subscribed and Si•OrII tuatara me Oda Wlth day
j°°°".Y. 1870. 5.111211T1t, Notary Publio..
C. .
• Non. Matti, Dlnotora.
ja9314 •
TION 01 Tab
Pittsbra , gla.
At the close of business; January t*. ISTO
Loam and Dluoants ' *1.534,79493
trof ted Otouto Bonds to moons dr
dwn 495,900 00
Otter Stook*, Bona. and Moro-
OSOOS 19,313 50
Doe from 3odecial44 sad Sem _
Dizt e goo " i g o e ff Wii; ;;;;;;; 111.0 1 1 1 1; 411
1.19. from ream . Eau ka and Hoot-
F.liiit-Ite.ial.lrn.:lntiliiiaiii...;l.... . , i -- rllll vi
iszttarters for Clewing House... 46,063 06
/110 r or other N 7122174 Hanks...: 121.061110
truloonal Clan72E7, 2.6ha0106 . . . •
Masi 6.6161 D
Specie -... = 270 72
LagoaTender Not. 170.000 10
8,9111.816 88
Capital Stock paid 18........ ...... A_Xi_.999 22
r u e. It ".11_ ZYls
mit7F , l‘l7;it . Weal. .
ti 3443,800 00
IPotyldual 401
Due Naonal Henke.. 107.1313
Bentess 13,110 . 411.069.101 10
COUNTY or A I..l.sonnerr. s
1. J • D. Cashier of ltuk Pint National
Sank of Pittsaural', no solemnly swear that she
aboes .srassmnli—is arse, ws-em - wwm - wr sor
knowledge mad bollaf.
JOHN D. SCULLY, Cashier.
lobdathed and sworn bears' me thin Elth 057
of January. 1670.
S. SMITH. Notary Poblle.
- • J ACOB POD. , ZS. I/A:Wotan.
JAS. IL Nev 011.1),
ja230.11 , ' - •
liereludds and Milieudams
. . •
(111111.1 east. T.. at the close of baso9ol. 301 -
wary 964. ISTO.
idn•lill • Illi-Dillealtlit• . 47416796154
Over dram 4.809 03
V. 61 Boars t , swore Clrozorlon 909,000 Oo
IL 8. borsdnadSeenettlas en 0859 10.099 e
• nher m.0E69058 , wed Moog's. 17.641
Do. from U•deemOug .4 ne
-99.999 53
OSCR Alllll.ta .
s• owe oebo 6 Woes. Rants... 90.69• 1*
0 • Ono 991, Beni. 1 Boaters. 19.353 Or
Illatteue House 95.569 97
ureeue xspenhee , 4.95/5 84
Yaxee Pala .4.1.9 99
Premiums 43 SO
Cub lose (laeluslng elra99.. 39.594 68
Rseereuree forlbe Ctrs leellon ... ee 37 311 39
0 Us ef 0etter1.45119851 Basks 1,909 50
Tr.e9trnal Currency, 06:luellas ,
81098 9.9156 07
LegslTauderbotee 174. 86. 00
Capital Mack paid In s 000,000 oo
93. Fund 93•.45153
5. 96 9
rationrriink Carcislatloa uu. 010.10.00
St . sta ark Clicalation Vatatsal 10.,400 00
33359451 1 0
0 14
31.359 19
1.99' 14
59.019.150 63
luillislaY Deposit.
01.1tleeds unpaid
Doe to National to
Dm to oat.. Daalts
L e folllettrrr ' t ItTakr I r .begr i e . reti bx r
sad MasoNestrars Nations! Sank o r
d. setesably swear that l i t.. ar . •
... ,
trent* lbos bentpr N J ILIN. c w&T .
rabdefilied and worn to beNts vow tl4lllltlsdav
ot Jasum.y. 11120. AR. IiNoWioT.N.
Correct—val wkw. ,
11.147 Patti c,
A. si 44)r...L1LT.
, 141 , IIR&Noit. OrIIPAIIT OF I'ITT%-
a ROIL PA. from January tat to Davabar
3111, 1559 Inollalvn. Publlsb.l in •noordaree
Will oh salsnrafeasto at 110 15th atetloo of an
het of 1 meanly of UM Comma ooalth at Penn
rfivasls.nDonaVatl•o.lllld, 11156.
3. Capital ”10031.300.4104 In-000,000 00
(LS. 5 AO Bonds at •9a.t.t_ ....Mb 500 00
Bonds and Ilonnages on Real .
Latato 17.114 00
11110. Eftellatta and. Logan on
Collatasals ;1.66114
Bank and Inaorance 51[01. Da , 6 700 00
Alleshtot Gonda. - 4,000 00
coilits and I.lnnoin 80l irda 9.0 00 0 0
Hoot aaoant for pin at a zu.... 9.550 39
Own 00 4watt • 10.650 01
4rreadams Beetlvild Ta3lO65 Th T9 .
. Inures , . sag °umlaut= I*• • 16,44 A as
Baiatims January 111., 1880.. A 7.644 84
Tiro Lamer $ 2 WM BO
0 1 •1d..d. Jul],
• 152/9 • • 000 00
neaps aid
• ,5120 09
ra/ar neat slid ad ispes.e. o.lio
Pregolvm, marned nod Com
mteatoos 11.1111“11.
Caen ?unites rad Bee •
Presnlnin . on 1180.100 11 .
• •
Praia Sum Oa Baal Rock
Capital paid ay.
Tot in autU, Jan. 1, 1970
6. Ontatoodint Mak* 66.16 1 .1 1 ,.1ia I 66
T. Detre of soy Woe or ons 6.
10.U4 toopor No.
ja"7.l.rus Jur. T. JOHNSTON. Soorourr. .
un..R. OP COGIBILROZ. at atom, of M0n0..,
January RA, 11110.
. Amines.. ,
Loans and Dttertotta 600.5011 , 64
Ovordrarte 1,730
U. B. Bonds to tenant Ihre t lr
Oo 100,000 GO
Doe Dom Redeeming mid BorL., •
serve Agent 139.955 LIG
Dna trona *Wm Nutonal Osaka . =GIG 03
Don from other Banks and-0.1 9p674
ottriaTi . tiaaar ospt
mite heal getate ICUGO CO
Parolto.e and VLatorel 9 94.
oLorrout Expenses
?melon. 30.1:119101
Oath Deem toe ndlng stamps.. - &Veld Dl
Exchanges for Owing noose. 94.737 .96
Hub or odor Ballow. Banta, 1.5 40 00
Trtettettal Coronae and $155
lmsal res4.r Notes
Threarer Palm catitiestu
Capital Stock paid la •Ssoo.ovo ea
61 000 00
itaxikaage , :al it:
prom sea Lo.• • imao vs
Alatattaalßaak Circulation Got• 00000
ataaalls 450.9[5 15
indi vdauiaal
ia o l a lssata o_a
Dnatoa iasadJDm. aUapala aw. lisVl 00
DlTdads ,
BtATI os Plaiitrilrotrza ,
CO rot£LlSGg ._
m a k a tlUl. =rt ue lljt " Ptir l itlat "" th aj a
tbon et
estatemtst um*. t
lean and Witt. twcat I , 7lttolt ,
SOS. n•
rev br . —lb 111th
dal +tta.7. nye.- "
Conett—Altatt, - e. eEITB . 117 -
W i lf. B ialFO ßS . ra:11"E "
U. U. ALADICEBO2I. irnitetan.
At the close of badness on the 991 day of Jan- I
nary, 1870.
1.401. and /Jlscounts 1.153, 57
Overdratta 1.480 43
11. 01. Bones to secure clreulat•la . 514,000 00
11. 8. Bonds on hand 3.000 00
inner sv.eks.Roni . s.d Maraca 11,833 33
Due from Bede. telex and Re
ser. Agents 80.973 01
Due from otaer National Banks 14.9401 63
Doe From other Banes t Bankers 4 609 89
itankVig Rouse 39 761 61
Current EXtense• 3 927 76
7.310 $l6
Taxes Pald
cash Items. Inetothrg stamps.. • 51 796 11.
Ercbanees for Clearing 110000.„ . 59,310 18
Bills of other National Banta .. 1.100 00
Fractional Currency, Including
9 667 75
7,461 017
Legal Tender Notes 100.000 00
Ca plts]rnia, Fu Stock paid tn.
later et and Est Canto
:Cantonal Banc Btreulatton out
at acting 430,000 00
State Sank Clreulattou ontatand-
Infeteuel Deposit. mud Dopeld -
Divide.. 690.728 67
713.990 MI
Due to Nattoou , Bunke
34 168 97
Due to Banta and Bankers •
Total 11.011,499 41
COUXTT or bbsouraiY. t
LA. E. BBADY. Jr.. Cashier of the Means'
Natiunal Bank of ?Mahar b. i o murmnlv
that the amme.tatement. la tom to Gm beat arm)
knowledge and beker i
rube ißed and aworn to before me tels ATM
day 01 .
• '"
GEO. A. B• BUT, Dlreetora.
oliO. S. BEAD.
Or Ittit THINE. NA? lON AL BANK. of
r.hshoree. at the close of btudness..tfennan
A 04,1670. •
Loans 004 Disconnts $ 769.57154
U r. S. Bonds to senate Circele,
e Mon
Doe from other NatturtM
Dee trom• other Banks
Beaker* •••••••• ..... t Is
01,749 90
Beal kstate... ...... ..... 45 2 06991
rlinlitUre WWI /fixtures r.„.1 . .
_to 48,355
8,389 99
Esebangea Ibr Clearing
i.nae • 13.711 73
WmMane., Cbeel• and
Revenue nuunpa Ing 73 •
NAConal Hank notes 1966 00
Fractional Currency 4.00 al
Legal T. nier 1i1nea.........111,144 03
3 Per Cent.. Ceetincatea.... 60.406 OD
--4113,533 3S
1,500 61
6,650 00
11 30 74 .04.0 00 160 00
8L 500,071 80
Capital Stoat 600,000 00
mina. loud • 4000 °Co 40
glowooot and Inurest 14 PA so
Premium And 1.311 IR
Pratt and Loa 2.146 10
T. 154 00
V 4,249
I 0
l?.8173 t
3,015 71
7,0711 IV
Individual Decoots 518.20
Due National 8ank5........ 24.D1 14 . •
Dse other Dante and
Bankers 01,1/.1 64 563.653 36
Eedllrevont• 1,000 CO
Dividends unpaid. 330 00
-91.540,071 BR
I. Jobs B. Listuraton, Cashier °floe Ildrd
National Bank of Pittsburgh, do solemnly swear
that the Wane statement Is true to the boo Hof
my k".""i jiNtlers b . tiyildUßToN, Cashier.
itabscrlbed And sworn Lenore me tnis 211t.11 day
January, 1810. , H. B. DA , la,
(Armes Attest:
AUG. ..A.I3T/E, Notary Publ.:
C. ME191•11, IDlteetorB.
B. I.OZ.
Wood St., cor. Second Avenue.
Gold, Conpone, Bonds and Stocks
Proposals are Mao invited for the trumpet
Sou of troop. end supplies, during the reaso.
ppm IfAzes 30. Itl7o, to October 31, 1970,
from Chicato. 1111001 i. viaB on: Otty, Iowa: on
through bills 0, lading. to all the points above
81011 Olty that are above epeclned.
.11ffiddensle0li state the rate, (separately for 5011
manila from March 30th to Oatooer 31st. 1820,
Leolusive. : the date of startles to determine tin
rate to, r peld. at which they will perform the
serrioe from each of the 'starting points to the
several, Points of desthaltiOn iffivre.namedi ai
. .
10. The rate at 'which they edit traztehort etch
offioer and 1°1410.10111n passage to be provided
for officers_ and fir soldiers netroary fselllttea
for cookluji their mimes. Which will be supplied
by the alovermitent). •
PPTTABI7IIGIit PA. 2d. Tlke me pcsal2o pomade ab_we.sfa•-sa eel
nova= AND sOLD.
A. BEADliglf, President.
A. 17•141iLlUx. Vies Prestdast.
0111175 Cular.
Government Securities
No. 75 Faurth Avenue,
Palo.' and iroaint erudition even.
thing in the business. Collteslous awl& CV
lieut. Issued. and 'at test allowed oa Tice
Deposit& &deletes nude on Pr:me Colisterals
and Goveraniaat gement. at Meru WA.
rei'eiga add Domestic •Exetudige•
Gold, gayer:Bank Notes, La, •a.
other atteeet. snood. !took. • Bonds. Mortgages,
Communist Pa or, &a,. negotiated at *entail
WA* oeconataindon.
Of Allegheny.
Cor. Federal and Laeoek Street&
S. H. HAIIITELN.Preadeakt-
Z. P. YOUNG; tiasider.
Itotkholders Invidually Liable.
$3,0151,T61 63
OF prrreattrwau.
Safe Keeping of Valuables,
trailer Emanate.. and the ratting of Wu In Ib
Finl and Baribu•Proat Faults.
The regieldeat—DESNY LLOYD
WILLIAM rart.t.t.e. Brims' A. PAINT 9 9.
H9NMY JOEL S. 19011991.. M.
WILLIAM BMA. 0901939.
WILLIAM N. LYON. ;AWL , G. aucesi.
Taz..-11. W. ON BONNOOHNT.
UP. dAlly Max 9 o'clo4 A. IA io &o'clock.
nrs . e . cs tie prialsirl pOtht• at
Stftke;Bonds and other Securities
9T6 691196
NOUGHT AND BOLD es commies
r.tutuat otoontitok pout to th. Futt , im , al!‘
.;tea states Seourities.
644.009 04
Corner Fourth and Wood Stroogo,
0510C15801121 TO SABHA, BAST A OM
Exchange, Coin, Coupons,
Ana patuerow stwait a r to the ruvws
ttigs, Drafts on London.
112FifthAvenue,Pittentrg,k, Pa.
1,000 00
1 %O. 1 .•00 0000 10 00
roamr, e T.X.OIIANEIC
Sought a nd 4010. sod 'thee desired tetealted to
Zarope. Colletilons made email the prthel2.ol
points or the United Mote and Caned*.
Doxtencx lirmesw,
/*mu Mal M 7.36 Vice President.
W. 24. MOacilvet. Cashier.
James WoCibe,
Rosh Kauai, •
knees Bourke,
Patrick Lae. .
Chu. B. BUT.
Chas. ilea lua,
4. Grad:.
41,5951,005 14
Mathias' Ettormi Woe/mi.- •
ItastmenemsztotWeConnao& Allannaan
• .WILED9I. &TVATita. & CO.
Rom manna u . r a N7 abort 141rU ),
& &nes,
•Vonta. an. B ilweb Bunn. -
IBA•ra monlntly easente&.. me&
- -
JJ be Reeled al the onion of the Chief lanais
termaster. MUD.? Division of the litasenes
ClaGlio. Illinois, until - 14 M. on illitoD,lLYs
rebDisrT 1. nu,. ror the transhmln,krn Of
GOTeilitlMPt. troops. =Unary, Go vernm ent and
Indian supplies between the following POMO*
as I,lle - tad during Pb, time from . 11.811 SO.
1810, to October .31. 0010..1n. .
Prom St. Lott., Ito.. to 01055 City. IthAton
Agency. Fort Bannon, Whetstone Creek. Lower
Beater and Coto Creek Agencies, Fort Sul4.
Big Cheyenne and tinted lIINCIIARIGDZICO. Ports
Bice. dtheenson. Butool. earth Cog. e. or an y
most th at may be estabßeed at the moum of the
Yonlesbell Ater. and Fart Benton.
From Wyandotte. Ran.. to dAnz City. Tank
toy Agency. Fort Ita , dal', Whetstone d.reek.
Lower Bruise and C. 0 ., Croak
Bally, )3.g Cheyenne and Grand Meer Almaden,
Forts Elea. Atevenfron. Feford, Camp Co. ke, or
say post that may be established as the mouth
of the td.“elthltAl river sad Fort Benton.
From froth Leneenwortha Kan.. to Mons C 1 ,,.
TA - ktoo AlthneT. port Banded. Whetstone
Creek, Lower llnthes and Crow Creek Avnoths,
Ton Bally, Big Cheyenne and Grand Mt' ,
Ayeamea, Forts Rine. otermthon, Buford, Camp
Cooke. or !U. ' s.. that ma • be estan!l.bed alike
mon'h of the Ilatclethelldiver and Tort Benton.
From F nabs. Neb.. to Munn City. Yaoktion
Agency. Tort Randall, Whemtone Creek. Lower
ertdes and Croo Creek Agents. Yon Bally.
Blg Cheyenne and Grand Blear Atenelea, Pore
Mee. nueeen.on. Bunted, Camp Cooke, , any
root that may be eslMblillatd at the month of the
Yothlethell Barr sad Fort I:enton.
.$2,0/1.499 4/I
.• 400,000 On
141,588 41
88,985 43
111,500 00
From Sioux City. lows. to Yankton !Lona,
Tort Randall. Whetstone Creek Lower Retire
and Crow t reek Agencies, F 021.13.117. B.iChey
tune and Grand River Akeiachs, Parts B a-,
etevenson Buford. Came Cooke. or any post
tam may be establisted at the month of the
11.seleetiell neer. and Fort Boston.
From Yankton Agency to Port Rendiel.Whet.
stone Creek, Lower Brides and Crow Creek
Agencies. Port Bally. Bt Cheyenne and Grand
River AffeneleS, Porte Rice.ellaveritrm. Buford,
Camp Cooke. or any post that may be ratnblieh
ed at the mouth of the Rusoleshell river. and
Fort Beo.ton.
/rum Fort Randall to Whetstone Creek, Lower
Shales and Crow Creek Agenda.. Fort Belly.
Big theyenn and Giand River Agenda*. Torts
Rlee, BteTelllloll. Buford. GUM Codee, cr any
poet that may be eats fished at the month of the
Igurelmbell river, and Fort: Benton.
From Whetstone Creek Aimee,' to Lower
Endes tad Crow Creek • genet., Fort tally.
Big Chet eons 1611 Grand River As...sks. gons
R mi. Moveniis. La ord. Camp Cooke, or any
Post that mai be . established at the month of !
the Idneeleshell river, and Fort Benton.
Preen Lower Emden Agency to Crow Creek i
Agency, Fort Belly, Big Cheyenne aud,Grand
River Agencies, Forts Rine, titersuson, Buford.
Camp Cooke, or any cost that may be eatabliehed
at the mouth of the Museleshelltiver, and Fort
From Crow Creek Agree? to Port Bally, Big
Cheyenne and Grand River Anemic.. Port RI..
BIA•02 , 00. Sabre/. Camp COOkr4 Or any post
that may be established at the mouth of the
Muse.eshell river. and Fort Benton.
From Fort telly to Big Chosen,. and Grand
River Menefee, Torts Rite, Stevenson. Bathed,
Camp CoOke, or say port that may to establlahed
at the month of . Itlnaeleshell river, and Fort
From Big Cheyenne /Limner to Grand River
Agency. Torts Bice, Stevenson. Bolen!, Camp
.Cooke. Or any yaw. that may he establlthetta'
-the mourn or the Mireeleehell river, vied Pr
404,100 00
- 175,038 59
_366,700 00
Greed River Agency' to Forts Mel, ate.
vov. Buford, Cerny Cooke: or Say Pest that
be established at tte month of the Muscle.
shell river and Port Benton. .
Prom Port Mee to• Ports Stevenson. Buford,
Camp Cooke or en 7 post that maybe earabilthed
as the isuath ef llaselesbell river and • Port
.• .Fort Stevenson to Port Buford, Comp
. or any Yost tbst may be establhhed at
nth of the BuselmhrU river and Tort
From Tort 13ofbrd to Como Cooke Or any poet
Om may be established. at the month of the
linenteehell river and Tor: Benton: '
Trom 'Comp Cooke or any port that may be
establtahert . at the mouth of the Xaseleahell
'Myer. sad Tort Benton: • . •
3d. The rate at which they wl't teammate
noses, mules. cattle.ambeltincekcarte , wegu ita .
etc., (troughs tor feeding the at MG. to be Pro•
vided by steamboat.) • • • ' •
just prefer.. will be gives to parties who
tornond eential boats. Boats will be expected
ter eitehl.e.SM the Gorinnutei.t. freight the pref.
emu:. Sad lerno case will be allowed to carry
pr. Veneto the ezelniton of GovernMent freight.
• Tb& dontrsc or will be reqUired to transport
Bores by land in the event of Milton by water;
and all stores by the eontractor tot
utinsportstion must be delivered at their dealt.
nat'on within the year 1170.
Bidders wit please give tee rate at which they
will furnish transportation donna WTI=
teoaid for tent excludes burped+ no boat will
be required to ea no .tream unless to bring down
at least 160 tihm of Government freight. *hie
ewer:motor for transportation tram Chtewo
not be minima to thrash „any down stream
to ease the contracting perry fails to there
Midget ea reerert d. the Government reserves the
right to tornish the transportation at the az-
Jense of the contractor: and nothing herein
contained shalt be so oonstrued as to privet
:be Governs. nt frAti Immanent./ Its tbettibee
on any of Its own tont•.
Bid irm are inhumed that no boat loaded with
o..yernment stares will be allowed to go above
Sloan. aty. Dore. drawing the, three and owe•
ball feet water. A. no b-ats be required to
go to points above Sioux City wattle.. than one
oundred tone. bidders will state the rate at
obleb they telli transportd,taebmenteof troops
of 100 at m. rs ',tweet freight.
-Bidders should give their names In fall, no
weal es the Weem of residence, sod each pro•
point most be accompsnted with a bond in the
...of 810.000. Mimed by two or more respedie
GM, per oas. suaranteeLon that. In ease the
contract is awarded to the Parson Dmr.l.ll. It I
yrUl es:doted and entered Into, and good '
sudisient security Webbed by sold party. In
sown:Lace with the terms of this advertesemont.
The contractor WI be required usysive 'bonds
in to. sum of (6100,0_0) one hundred thousand
The party to 'wham the award Ls made, moe
be prepared to 0100010 the contract at once: and
to give the required bind for Its feithfill per
The Government reserves the right to reject
any or all bids that may he drawl.
Copy of bank form of contract both Mr trans-
PoitaUch Dom 01. Lents, Mo., and Chia....
to be entered Into In. the event of award, and
blank farms of prop.... Mto be imdh7 applies'
lion to Able ales, to the office of the .Chief
Quarterataster, Depart:neat of.,the Missouri.
t- Loeb., M.; Chief Quartermaster. Dauer,
mesa of , the Platte:Usual. Neb.; to Brevet
Lieutenant Colonel. James M. Moore. Quarter
so oter. Wort Leavenworth. Ban— mid to captain
Jam.. Gilliss, .Asalstant Alnarcerniasser. Munn
City. tow.
EqeDneall fa transportation from ft. Louts.
etc., should be indorse& ..YroposGe for Army
T on she Missouri River. from et.
Loa., Ido.. etc.." and those tor Uathrortetten
Dom Chicago;th7 " rri, trp " t
raintiver and aodressed to the uno•relaned.
By deoet'Or th.'"4*"l4 7lnntila.V.B.
Assistant Qagetenanathe General. Vatted mates
Army anJ Chief Quartermsmet ollitaty Ds.
Goo • f the Mistmen.
prrrantman. PL
The important discovery of
DEALING - Agent is one of the
most remarkable results of
modern medical. researeh.
Daring. the late civil war it
was extensively used in the
Hospitals, and was found to
be not only a • thorough dish).
Relent. but also the most won
deer's' •and speedy MAILING
itEiSEDY ever known. ,
Li now presented in a '
scientific combination with
other 'soothing. and healing
agencies. in the form of a,
SALVE; and. having been 0.1-'
ready 'media numberless cases
with most satishatory andbes-
Vidal results, we have no best
'alien in offering it to the pair
Ile as. the most' cerndm rapid.
and effectual. remedy for- all
Sores and Miters, no osatter of
,how long standing, for Burns.
Cuts Wounds, add every
ABRASION of SIDIN or FL) 111 '
and for skin diseases generally:
Soli by all,Draggista. cents.
gamins or
Jae': t r u:TgZZAII. IfolleStar.
0111 amd sitez 11
f r tg. u rtlya i gm: o
wad Liberty stmt. '?<
• • Ae , .
Katt Train. rli ... 10104.1 .
ran Lino I'll 3 an
Walt , s No. 680
as Bribeable Noll:5U anl
W. 1 1 ,1 N 0.:.. 8:50 AM
Cineinni ti bat.
Jobattoven 10:50 austl
Ac Not I pot
Pittsb`ift. • 1 : 33 P P.
Famine Lx - pit. 1,50
iall.• No. 4 ..14:500m
Breks .tioNo 19:53 Pr.
Were No. t. 5:50
Bribtoble No:1:10 pal,
W_lff yam r• 10::10
' , Mese yltl . lt3 wake olos
aurg mr
tba Chafell m
.daa, at 10:06 x..
10::,1 31
a. ma. tan tamiaf
111:1N1p. m. sareMi
f•10]. u.
•CMelatall Parrs daily. &mato ra
I.lmmem ImMea d 5.11. exedyt UMAN , A 3l ' th. ,
Sva«.l.- .
" ' 7 W. H. 11.t . 11W11 . 14. KOni.
The rw.,...vvant.ktaltros4 compomywat nos ar.
r . 4
e 7 1
,if 4'4"), Corby, tt r to w trillg:
Erect i irltnrs vnlne. nann.neX
ran, win U. attn. Mk of ►i
that aznonnt
nwnar. ann.. tat r,
noli citnaral nr/Derlnteinleral. Ys.'.
rIVAU.~in and age 1.. ttlel9. tam
Passenger Trains ou the Western Pennryrreata
N. road vtll arrive at awl
Ci typ from the
r,-1.-lit=s Depot, Allegheny ty.. roOrova:
etoringd , o 10:40 a sal Me •at
Freeport No. lOtalo • Freeport a0 . ,11 , pm.
e 1 ' 412 ' 41 ,1'01
?reapers s.o. 4:011p in,..lpreuti . e No 1319 pa
5:50 pmigreeport N 0.2 I OW pa
gprlngd , a Note:SU p mlSarined'eNollMlSO pa
Above trains run daily except olntial.
The Cliarrh Train leaves Allerteny lanatioa,
ev,r) onn.lay at 70i.4 a. m.. reaCOW AlleiroloY
Cetv at 9,10 a. ta. Returning, leaeaAllegheat
Clly at 1 p. as. and arrive at 111alritI . J010,
teen 1:40 pox.
The Mtn, leaving Allegheny ....111 at 1:0111k.
as. snake direct connection at Vreeposs ottlaWal
ker,s 'Jabot Stages forgetter and tlanzuthrtown.
Through tlekeU real be purchased at the Ogee.
No. 1 tit Mar tnet.miartbetintpeneonBridge.
Eltiaberch, ba ud e2l the Dow). AO•itheoY•
Tor further lelbrinetton apply to
3..taMs LEgglaltTn, .aettla
Pellet Depot.
The waster - a Pai,its,lvanta 11.s.Oroad Ina 1011
aerate Ray risally BAggaire. ezeopt rbrweart ee
t 1" wa
401g11 Lad
.seriph Ws amount in value tne rhsa
the owner. unkssitzig t :4;ela l lanaleti.
Pole @literal Annertatenciat. Altooainaa
P. W. and cLzirmLAND rITTIBLIReH R. Y.
h.& NO.V. 14th, 1509, tralnavrillloa. Rto. .
mad arrly• DePOtrnortb 11d.. Pats
burgh eltalr &I
.117VVI:i011:12 7:eV& •:',l2,li,itt:
alai L lNl.lll:g rig1 1 . 0 4 1 ; 3 ,"?.14:
Past I 9:38 el Olio Ex& un3e4ll m.
Cl. & S:08 p 3:3 So
C yl k trlAtizto7 o 4. tr.Whi;iltV , :
..B . partfrenn AlwpAd.v. AilsOurvir.
BGL'It «TN a la Leetsdale 11..15:03.91
7wetdala ••
nl s =ate
li&r.luatar " PAN 9:1111
&non " 4.8 p I.eetsdiN3 • "12:4.1p
Leetsdale A0c.1:13 p BesThl.le " Pip=
BeVrFalls " .11:11192. Leet&lsla "
Lestadale "111:11116m " "
&ai Oak. lien
dee Church. 1:13 p
ekr114:08 to. se. Chic
. ktL_ ,R 5
Gent fee. &Ticket
JOU F. ENE Sole Pm
y J r
MC6 Idesn6lll`4l E31. - Mr. age
a ;mlt b l..7 . 01 112Se r trA u l.. n. uunallta:
011 , 1 Pirrestrusu AND COSIOLLLSTILLAT
• PrettamisS. Jn. ..ry It I. ISIO.>
arons 70. SI. Turt.Creet DWI Ann Bonds
Ile V.bll ll T I ISIS, .111 be DAN on and Ana
tbst dne otx 3 l.4l i l.tig avgdel . .TeFT; IL 1 I.
IRA TA hit,/31. PILUIVAL.,
11 e. u.. dandar NOV.
,11 arrITS as sad dtpart
. corns" . of 19/9511109111
Fouthst W o Ca art .
11..9 0
' , Pastas -Ss.- 9:10 sat
Wall's N 0.1.. 090091
Mall Than 1: 510 0.9
Brtstonl ll9
199•19•• No 515 1112 n
C,IGUL.4I 00. 19.15 pal
WalPoN 0..
..1:61 as
ihollows A.c.4:05 Di
tn•ks Ae No: oat. pm
[Phila. Express a:sotaa
Wall'a No. 1.. 310• pas
War INe 4.. 5:00191
b 910.
con.o.ocetos il:lHurls-
ars v.l :tact.owl
r TA P4 :7 -1
LSO ea .
• txpreas lem•
d. 4.121 .
.24 " raLLITirtika.
•I: Oval. JUMger,,,,
ofaliWAN •1
oa sae after atoNDAy_. Non. 101,114419, TWO
will leave Plttsborie Depot. __carver lovir.Ma.
mg/tape Ilkestreets,for 7...1,..01101tY5igai•
lalo. and an Donna • In 1 ), On Bealmiu
D iz irr. nr"' .... I:16 Darlit ni s:3opt
Std Ha11m5...14: a L. 9. is Lt aHalloO~ '
rt.. 4 f ea - a
MI Halton-. LOO pan 34 H01z0n..4 al:10 p
4th Holtem11:00 p a m 1101 5
rks 5',153
' r atiesne 'rt avis " .. rrrepo W ei 3 Ao
W ,. r ), •,8 Act MS pw Mt a:
Znorsta DMus stop only aa Plloml.l Polltms
comunodatlon intim slop Mali MAU rm. . .
, • . 4113011ViEzi-TAIVICA.--
013.4331311 07 TTIEL.-03 and shor 8113D4.4• ' "'"'
Noy. 14 4860. Im3no will /g0y4401l or:Moos •
me 113233 Depot, . r t 4 . 11 . 4:4411 , 6;. , .
• - /Nip.... • Arm. ,
11:00 a. =10:13 •
Iknobern 11..spreu 9:98 p. 5:00 4.m.
foE 9:48. m. 7109. go,
Nixed Aova 1t43 a. M. • eMlra.'.. - '.
KeDoruld't 11:11113. I,,PP ..
emobenviLla Aecommal. 3:43p.m. • 9:43 -
o,DontlO'S Pr35:1530.20, 91313.1.1
Band•vebtay.ll Than.. 19:38 p. N. 9:55 Pr, •
P P. N. Esormo eeeee
r. 0. Mail PIP arrlve daily
On Lull cite TUESDAY. Voyember..
1103. trains will arrive e alvt ertmn DMA t 3.41.
I.le^rot corner of qrset . sae. Waver stmts. Si
Oen: 7:00 A. it.. Itoorari
Moirert AA:comet , . 11.00:08k7..•
Ex. toad ' from Q.V.. 200 1: X. 20:10.: A..
Vest Newton Aceom.d 4:351r. IC.. 11:15 A. :to
liraddook's Accomdt , .. 0:16 0. N. YAW r. Ir 3
N I,gb: fie. toMelt•opori.lo:2o r. tt. 111:41A.1111
Cbarre Trate to
..ral Item Wet Newton 1..00 0. I. 100111. A.
For Or art: -Inetr
W. A. /STOUT. Imp,ruate.etot.
H. . NIL :LONC . AI4..
Maly DILLiELIi4k.IItar:ZINCi.
TA snoTELElts.
Petroleum • and , lts ~ P roduete.,
rittsbilrga °Zee—PAL LW'S"
a?nales atliaqulsagi .Way .ml Irirs
Philadelphia 611oe-131 WALNUT UT: ' .
Ccmusairlon Marebaxas and Brae:nix
Petrotenni and ita Prodnets,.. •IF
Boonl7, Wlcunber of Clonstnerag,
133 sou= entat24l) TB ET.
spla ,
mann W. C. TWEDDLE,
Llibririating &High Test Burning Ofla.
Zeltpselliallioad Axle oil. .
mi d ffrogx . witlixtzsit i tu a maal l sji
troPlOol elLoaCes or bot w:4.tker.
Locomotive. Engine, illacklise ahoy.
win.m.•erewn,_ _
flew KW azul Mil 01.6.
bgb ii•e7d7.7 - -
Pplarkle 011., Wool. unastarigas ,
0111,11,tmerentadrailinnsole./. • •
tni Arad FtraishimildasollganN •.
011. HIUMWeIIa 0.1.
- ARMOR. VARNISH.' to nrcan.rra Brialt Wwf '
Work lad Maw c. re , tram gum..'
vrardeta an. ranaractured ander Dr.
7 vreddlele patent- by aupeoheated Hiram In Var..
.TbaLullnicatlair trUa ate almost *donna.'
plmfra 11 purr . uniform. and rawly brateala.
*red. star ni • rip • txrap.ntare unclanged, au&
remain limpid urina Lenrmn t r a i n. Tan Jean-.
romit/iLaare unequalled. and conntantum
oa many of Me piincipal road.. 1%1V11114 Cas
I be unsrelnat and ordersat; 114 • WOOD
d wrican.r. larara• at elharnabserr BMWs,.
Tan ttamor eFaXt. - STEAM.SVIPS.
h tlIIItellig; 4,111t1.1111 tooo.,:umg
6`4lr cm OP Awpwzßr,...
o Ttbu V YPLNY 1371411"11/11:inm iler1111"
Ilver tbo4 r a t tork.
I 4 tderriqopsiirarr.T. rttiburn.
T,Nitit MARK.' ;;
V i filliGti ;
_ •
-4 • . ° PINEY& : I
'LLPE.RT elt 1101iLE,R,
. . . .
. . . .
lharafaeireenr said Lealets to P.00211,' OWEN
MID (MITERS, No. ail Merkel envoi. PM.
birth. Pa. _ ,_. .. . ... ,
PartleplaahttelttOregtran to Coasalork . ,
wetg herr. sta otroat ,ttto aststatSoet: Jos Rs
P 41 use roes that Ivo =ts or pre=
assns froe 'Boots gool .
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, troabl Pith Coma, 00nt.f.,...., .
'"rP.......AT''',ll:onst6;erriroar A i tirs ' bi . or 01 .01 7.,”„ r o .
gerp au.
moos , of ialka.lnlK Vag
L.. , In, oso
'Moth we eau ho solo to tsar:U east,
hod oamtortabte Moot -o
.-, . ft. F i l °"'" 4,
• 11141 a. as•KOLLIoNnt' -
.. ti ppato • - WA Market street Plrtsbargh.l4, -
TrevaotillAm. •
pe ppy. mourn Wlthe Lime,
Tel rail IT J. b. CAMIZI.D.