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gassy amaty.
lATURDAY. JAIL 29, 1870
Pirrsourtria as Antwerp, 6O
U. 8. BONDI at Prinktort, 911
Gota *load la New York yefterday
at 121*
Teri Lee sWore of Georgia le at last
legally.organleed fortruilneas. We shall
hear, within a week,-tat It has ratified
the Xittt Article, thee antldpatiog the
action olliebreaka.
,Beatern journalists are dia.
tressed , by the discovery of forged Cuban
bonds on the market. Imagine the Incl.
sty with which they are scrutinizing their
own inireitmeate in these securities, _paid
for with scr many and such frantic sp.
Peale in. behalf of Cuban liberty.
Ws El►n from Harrisburg.' this the
Consolidation bill for the Bouth•Bide bo
roughe has, by consent of its friends,
undergone an Important amendment
which should be satisfactory to all. It Is
now Fonided that South Pittsburgh.
Ormsby, and both the Birmligharas shall
vote, each 'separately for itself, upon the
questlonof consolidation.
Tas enerntorte of Mr. A. R. Conant,
before Ale ,congrsti . atonal Investigating
Oommftteei-complettae acquits the Presi
dent, and treaty member of the Pres'.
dent's family, of the slightest oomplicity
to or knowledge of the Septimber gold
oPrmalla! street.. „A- dispatch
He a:halted he was In otinammee with
Ptak and Gould in operations to make
money, sad knew that he vim dea li ng
with tuneemeohma man, and did not re=
gird it ea very wrong to fool them In say
manner.he clime. He fond he would ex.
Pain ruMblttoe had country. mitten to the =tire eatlattotlo ,
g of
abs e
Ir riimaktatitg to learn, from the Wit.
IlamaportVasa., that thallium:nor that
municipality ire once more on a solvent
footing. 'This result is, aye the Oarsus;
manly no be attributed to the =ceasing
efforts, of the Mayor, Mr. Prnm Han
Drs, mita yrair last year 'elected to that
officehy itt4 urge majority of the citi
tens. • His latest act of publioephited
beneficence has been to advent* • very,
large sitterothe emierrassed city treasury.
The Gautis makes the handsomest co.
knowledgement• of Me personal and opt
dal mania thissomewhat distinguished
TirsiTsizunnur. instatigatke twee
dregs along 'lowly at Harrisburg. The
Benate'llnijacepointalitee met - on Vie
Ileth for set* in the . martins, an a&
jeurnedwlthoat action. although-Teen
mar /641113.2 Wet present azid -willing to
answer, ill , questions." Thhi was putting
mattert too au& in earnest to suit the
coallesrlttinngfelt, 'whoa sole !die of
an hrtegtietioll 1111440 W if to ICLlktr
meddle ai &SU pendble. He very
Justly rn*lars that the people will let
him oft very epty, when they call him
simply tilninthug,- and his inuatigation
Two . . HILLS. of much local importance ,
have bait- Introduced by f3eastor, How sari. The first empowerthe Court
Commoiinits to !select fiepadieria "for
the county I,ands,.takitte ample security
and staming the highest rate 'of Luteres
MI their/met talesee/..
yt.twerttNtliaigtitikTiotiti Boer/ ,to select
a Tree/Dna who:Vain pay the highest rate
of interest, to go to the credit of the fund,
with suitable - regulations for security.
These bills must be admitted a. have this
merit, that ifilbelkurexpeadefi balances"
are to yield "any 'profit at all, that profit
/Denature to the public benefit.
Now iscr Ohio hasratifted the XLVth
and 21Tth Articles, and Is prepared to
malntaba herself right on the record, her
Legislathii iLonTd 'nit fill to repudiate
the Democratic attempt, of two years ego,
to rescind heriptiroinl of the former arti.
cis. We alluded some months ago to the
propriety et thls disavowal, and observe
with pleasure that the matter attracts at .
Manion low. A' letter from Columbus
What're, ntay trate been the legal ef•
feet of that action, the present 1. eglalatore
owes It tOjthepeople of the Btate to take
early action to , reacted the-rescinding
neinlutlon: wax adopted in direct do
llop.", of,she plalnlyerpremect will of the
people, and ettoold not be permitted to
Longer tandeltpaintatat• hooka of Ohio.
Wm ant gratified to learn that Hen. 7.
Moottuman, the President of the
Monongahela • tilackWater Navigation
Company, in his 'report to the recent
animal =Mlles 9f the stockholders of
that comply, expressed himself decidedly
in favor of such as enlargement of the
Erie Canal ai would admit the passage of
loaded Lake craft. Ho thought the
•*canal should be navigable for boats
carryleg three to dve hundred tons."
This I. the right Ides; ft contemplates a
tail ship canal,, while the depth of only
seven feet, otherirlre proposed by the
- Mar, (wko mein to go deeper than that
tato they Sinking Fund it they can,)
would, says Mr. W. M. ROBILTM, have
only "a sufficient
. m
. tpturit•y to pass boats
carrying 800 tons or steamers carrying
240 tona";t4,desM : of of craft which
would neither pay to run, nqr be safe to
navigate, on the greet Lakes.
Tun qumnicot of making anew comity
L' in the oil. regions, was before oar State
E " Scuds yesterday, but without decisive
4- action. Of course, the proposition will
be carried through that branch s bat Ils
--: fate in the Ifetise would be doubtful, were 1
not its pausge a matter already • stipule-
tad between the Democrats, the Senator
from Erie, and the Mg rag•andbobtail
'following who are believed to have sold
-'. theirvotes on all questions to Irwin: We
' have no original objection to • this new
oonnty rupject. In itself,: it commas
manly the Populations directly interested.
But, when we see that it- is one of the
• - considerations of a corrupt COMition, the
Democrats. agreeing to support -it as a
: .
party, ettd.A Benatcm, who was elected as
a Republican, selling out his constituents,
and, in effect, his entire party In the
. , Bute, to secure the 'success of a project
which fair, add so largely to the value of
~...° his Titusville .'property, we feel that all
4.• .... _
PeoroMakthe State have an interest in
its defeat. •:*
~ • . . , , .
- • -
The President hap done a wise ae well
il is a gracefolitit; hi calling General Jour
ef' Evros, Jr., to the charge of the National
Kei Bergen of Edniation. As i3uperintea.
14 dent of Education in Tennessee,-until
t, the rebel. Legislature . abolished the sys.
tam, he ho exhibltedthe most
qualifications for the - . peculiarly respond
. Ma trust which these Mrsitions involve.
1 And as the fearless and able author! of
. the Memphis Post, by odds the best Re 7.
'.• :, • publican journal ever printed in the
South, the compliment tithe paid to Geri.
- Paiws will be sorer:4od by .all the
esimblicans of that ERIC- -- -
~~ ~_;~ - _—_".~.a u2~..:s"~:c.:aiS:~~-;~`~,r ~ :,~ ~... ~ .~., ~
~...~ ._.,.~.0 ~ ~ k.5.v r .. .._.-._,._~ .2.V..~_
.., <,. ..,
_, A el. ~,.
, r .a:~?
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.i ✓F.. ~..~ ms s .. r.(yt,ti :~yx.+)iu.'_[..., f ~`y_,
_~~ .v.. Y':.
A.Prench engineer named Lucien de
Puydt, after long and careful explora
tion', announces thit he has found .a
more favorable route for a ship canal
from the Atlantic to the Pacific than any
hitherto dlicavered. It begins on the
Atlantic aide at a port called Puerto
Escondido, on the Gulf of Mitten wkers
vessels can anchor In a depth of twelve
R k
to forty.foar fathoms... is In about
north latitude EP. Thencei e proposed
canal folio*" the valley of the river Te
nd& to its source, which, he reports, is
only forty-six metres (151 feet) above the
level of the sea; thence it descends the
Pal:Mc slope by the valley of the rivers
Pucro and Tema, reaching tide water
forty miles above the entrance of the
Tuyni into the little Gulf of Ban Miguel
on the eastern aide of the Bay of Panama,
about two degrees south of the city of
Panima. The length of the canal Is
thirty-eight and one-four leagues, or, say,
one hundred and fifteen miles from sea to
sea, sixtrsix miles of which require ex
csration. -
The total cost of the is estimated
at seventy millions of dotiars, - and It is to
be completed, If all goei well, in from
three to sii years.. The canal Is to be 10
metres (231 feet) wide at the top, and 50
metres (165 feet) . at' bottom, and deep
enough to float the largest steamers. A
French company In conjunction with the
EOlumbiansovernment Is to carry out the
enterprise. -
The financial part of the scheme is for
the Columbian government to issue her
bonds to the amount of $160,000,000,
wherewith to ray off her existing debt,
construct this canal, and devote the bal.
Ince to "help the country onward to her
career of progress and civilization, ena•
ble her to establish banks, to'promoto ag
riculture and manufactures, better her ex
isting roads and open up new ones, and,
finally, assist in the education of the
Whether inch a loan can be negotiated
is to bo sum. We think it rather doubt
-31.111 if this canal rouse he as fum
ble u lir. De Pnydt represents it, this
will be the route for a skip canal across
the Isthmus of Dalai; and it the French
oimpany and - this Columbian Republic
cannot succeed in raising the wind as
they propose, some rich Yankees will go
in and do the. work. Vanderbilt, Fiske
and Gould' had. better go down them.
They could do the lob without any out•
Probably no interest in the South was
to thoroughly broken up and ruined by
the war of the rebellion as the growing
and manufacture of sugar in Louisiana,
and but little has yet been done to nem-
dude it. It is an interest well worthy
the attention of capita:lsm, for it is ques
tionable If the capabilities of Louisiana
and Texas in that line have ever been de
veloped to the amount 'of five per cent.
Almierespondent of the New York Esen.
slegi Post, who ham just made tour through
the edger district, Writes :
7_1:10 places generally run from MOO to
TierrOweres, but some are ranch larger;
About one-third or one half la, or can
be cultivated: Probably not one plants,
tion in three has done anything since the
wan end not one in sit Of the old owners
has been able to do anything dove yet
they will not divide up their places. It
Is all or nothing with•them. The fences
were all gone tor Mar 100 miles where I
was, end on a majority of places either
the house, cabins 'or mill had been
burned, and In some 'cues all of them.
'these 'places 'now rate froml3o,ooo to
5q6.000, woman* to sire, situation and
what !may - rim:Pain on them. They are
cheep enough, but it will cost from PO,:
000 to sBo,oto and three years' time to
work:them up eo as to produce form. to .
six hundred hogsheads of sugar. and
seven hundred. to one thousand barrels
of molasses. It wilt oast from 11 00 . 000
to 1160.000 before any return is made;
but sitar that it pays finely—from twenty
le forty per cent. With sager at tea
cents and molasses at fifry•flos
centers gall On. a crop of Ova hundred
hogsheads and the minicamera brfougingto
it, will bring from 075,000 to 190,000 at a
oast of about 025,000 current expenses to
run tile plantation. The present cost to
grow end make sugar, -after all thing,.
are In order, is about b3f to 3,4 cents a
pound. -The land produces from one to
two and -a half hogsheads an acre, the
average befog about one and a half hog,
beads-an acre, when properly cared fur.
....The Convention now engaged Ins re
vision of the . Corktuition of Tennessee,
is playing the part of the crab—advancing
back Wards. Their work will result in
an instrument more in accordance with
southern ideas than the one which it will
supersede.. Th e Committee on Suffrage
bare made a majority and minority. re
port, the first of which recommends that
..thecolored citizens shall retain the right
of suffrage, and that that question shall
not besubmitted to the popular vote as a
iniglnct proposition; while the minority
urge strenuously that the .question be so
submitted, forgetful or regardless of the
fact that the XVth Amendment of the
Federal ConstitutlonLwill render nuga
tory any denial . -which "the people" of
that. State may vote. The very submis
sion of such a question to .pepalar vote
Is but a repetition of the action of 1861,
which put that State in a libstile attitude
to the Government of the nation—rebel
lion in a mild form, but none the less
real for all that. The course proposed by
the minority Is sustained and vehemently
advocated by a large party in the State;
and but for the XVM Amendment, the
colored amens would almost certainly be
disfranchised, and the party of the rebel-
lion restored: W' poker. It is In the
presence of such facts as these that the
immense importance of that crowning act
of the work of reconstruction Is seen.
Irt T Convention now' ratting to
amend the Constitution of the Butte of
Illinois, the Committee on the tegialative
Department In their report make among
others the following excellent recommen
The styli of laws ahall. be "Be It en
acted by the (lateral Assembly of the
State of Illinois," 'may originate
in either bona* and may be altered or
amended by either house, and on a hoal
Tote the ayes and nays shall be called on
each bill separately, and no bill sheathe
come • law Cow pawed by a majority of.
all member* elected. Bills for salarlee
shall contain nothing upon any other
subject. Every bill shall 'receive three
separate readings on as, many difibrent
cloys, and whoa passed shall be signed
by she f
th Speakero
Se er the Home and .
dent oe . .
No law snail embrace more than one
subject, and thstsball be expressed In the
title; but no law shall bo amended by
reference to its title only. Any bill con
taining a subject not embraced In the
title alien be void es to all not Contained
in the title. No law shall take effect
until the first day of January after Its
passage, unless to CM of emergency th e
legislature vote a different date from
which the law shall take effect. The
cause of the emergency shall be em.
bodied In the preamble. . -
Eitrmtn'e speech in reply to newels fell
coldly upon the House, for thew reasons:
rust, he imputed unworthy motives to
Mr. Dawes, when there is not a man In
Congress who Is clearer of them, and
Mr. Butler, as well u everybody else,
knows It. Second, Butler seems to be
making a plea, which if It has any effect,
is In the direction of checking the spirit
of retrenchment and economy. Third, It
is out of character that the Administration
or any of the Departments should need
Butler's vindication. All the defence
they need is a correction of the errors
whereby *Mr. Dawes did them Injustice,
and which Mr. Dawes will doubtless
himself correct to-morrow, whenle pro
poses to reply to General Butler. The
Impression which Mr. Dawes prodaoed in
the general scope and object of his speech,
Is growing deeper every day.
Gen. Irwin's readiness to unite with
the Democrats to overthrow the Repub.
Bean organization, shows that the Cour
ier understood the man when when it
suggested the movement over a year ago
for his defeat last winter. We never
hake, and never shall, respect that clue
of politicians whose whole aim in public
life is to obtain office. Their harmer for
the treat makes them mercenary, and a
mercenary can have, no fellowship with
fidelity. "Beware
the o ffi ce leech,"
may be set down as a healthy rule for
honest party men to observe.
Harrisburg Cor. ChaTbersburg Sphit, Dem.)
Thevotes of !deism. Lowry and Rill
tauten. awed Mr. Findlay. .A. 1.1. HONOR
PUBLICAN Szttarona. The election of
Gen. Irwin to the Treasurership, he justly
claims u a Demecratic victory, and 'doll
that they (the Democracy) . thtweby threw
a bombshell into the Radical tanks.
That W. W. Irwin—who had once en
joyed the emoluments of • the office
through the favor of the party—should,
after again submitting his claims to a
nominating caucus or committee, in dvfl
mace of every principle of manly honor,
strike hands with the common enemy to
Insure success to himself, at the menthe
of the regular nominee, most conclusively
proves not only. his put but present un
The Pittsburgh Commercial and the
half score of Republican journals In the
State who follow lie lead, attempt to ex•
rennet() their support of the bolters by
the allegation,- that the bolt was made for
the purpose of breaking tip the "Cameron
ring" that has for years controlled the
Treasury; but this pitiful excuse Is ex.
plotted and exposed by the fact
that the regular nominee—Mr. Mackey
who has held the office but a few months,
la the only friend of Gen. Cameron who
ass Occupied the potation since the Re
publicans controlled the State; Slifer,
who held for three years, being a bitter
enemy of Cameron's; Moore, who held
for three, and Kemble for three, being
close personal friends of Governor Curtin;
while McGrath, who was Treasurer Iu
1863, was a Democrat.
The Butte has a second time been dip
graced by the eitandalons wholesale use of
money in the election of Gen. Irwin: t*
* . : Does any person suppose that Ander
son, Taggart, Bomberger, Irwin and
Company were willing to spend their
money for the mere pleasure of beating
Mr: Mackey? No sane man believes
that. The money of as Braes will be used
again by them to make it.,, their Mood
money, up. The disgrace and Infamy of
this transaction when it comes to be
written will make every Pennsylvanian
shudder at the villainy perpetrated under
the garli of "reform and "honesty.'
But the people shall know it all in due
time. • • • If the Exuma wants to learn
or a respectable citizen who knows that
Mr. Billlngfell Is a treacherous man and
a liar, we refer it to Solomon
of Nato Rolland, or William Bucklus, of
the 9th ward of this city. The Invest'.
gallons Into the transactions of the Treas
ury dewing the last two years (Irwin and
Mackey) started at the beginning of the
session of the Legislature, we are reliably
'thinned from Harrisburg, will not be'
pushed by the Irwinites, who Instigated
them, and the lIZTVRT WILL on a wurre
WAIRTEG 47•14. Neither will any law
be passed inarnsay any Siting, to interfere
with Oen. Irwin running the Treasury
daring the coming year as as to pet hie
=meg back. • • We ray it is
already "set up," that the whole thing is
to be whitewashed—that no one has done
any thing wrong. • • These
are the honest rascals who cried thief I
tblef II to justify them In selling out the
Party to get hold of the Treasury bags,
andthen throw up their hands and say
what is the use to investigate—there Is
notbingwrong—the laws are good enough
--see ere honest, me bought the ape ;Ince
and paid for it, and must get our money
t from the lisnisairt iciesravh.,
The traitor Lowry ever since the elect•
tion-haa been prating, With the !emit.•
ranee of aberration, of imaginary wrongs
which his party has inflicted upon him.
If anything could show his actual mental
condition this would do it. • •
Bemuse othen cannot see his fitness for
every office he may desire. • •
he teems on his party and his friends like
a wolf. The usual amount of money
held by individuals, from the State Treas
ury for their private benefit, has not been
permitted by Mr. Mackey. Mr. Lowry
is theretore a furious opponent of Mackey,
and shocked at the corruption of the
Treasurer's office. Mr. Lowry flamingo
to Congress tem his own district—be
cause he is known there; lie cannot be
made a Foreign Minister, because be is
not known in Waabington; and he can
not go out as Governor of Utah, because
Ills well known why he wants to go._
As a consequence he wheels on the party
which, in the natural course of events, he
was bound to betray, and betrays it.
The desired opportunity presented it
self in the case of Scull against Findlay.
His contae—yelled under a pompous air
of nonpartisanship—has been bitterly
partisan. Long before the merit; of the
case were known; long before they were
discussed; when not one word of reliable
evidence had been produced on either
side; before the Senate met; Lowry bed
taken open ground against the Re
publican and in favor Of the Copz
perbead. He bad become the , idol of
newspapers that had formerly made us
wince by just castigation of his corrup
tion, his ignorance, his insolence, his
blasphemy, and his untruthfulness.
While blathering about the judicial aspect
in which this case should te considered
and decided, he was as =livens a Itinatic
could be in prej udicing thecae and pre
judging it . e has done his worst to
drag others alter hid into the - villainous
plot. Be has made his appeals to their
pride, to' their vanity—he has even para
ded his own disappointments, and ap
pealed to their pity to help him. in his
treason to the parts which bee borne with
the milletono of his association, and now
meets ttus reward which an Ingrate always
bestows. •• • Mr. Mowry R. Lowry
has defiantly left the Republican party.
But with the devilish malignity of the Un
clean spirit he has torn her before he de
- However .much be may have
g i j r ite d d her, however permanent that
Injury ms_ prove, this at least is a conso
lation:. e have at last been relieved-of
his presence.
tb. Wmnegrueg Mentimer, Dtm..l
The two honest Radicals were Lowry
And Billingfelt. Let their names be borne
In grateful remembrance, as the friends of
truth and right, in this instance, at least.
A DISPATCH from Harrieburg,_ to the
Philadelphia Be /Jelin, says:
Additional facts - have been made pub.
Ito in regard to the proposed enlarge
ment of the Erie and Pittsburgh Quist.
It appears that the State expended
three and a half million" dollars on' the
work; and then gave It to the Company
If they would dotoh it. The Company
expended'one million, but failed .to pay,
the Interest On their bonds, and are
cambered with a debt of one and a half
million. At taut slx•evenths -of the
bonded necurities were recently in the'
handac.f one man, who is repo. ted to
have sold his interest, for the aggregate
sum of three hundred and fifty thousand
dollen, to parties In Pittsburgh, Beaver,
Harrisburg and Erie,
The proposed voile of operations' will
probably be to lame one million of new
bOnds, exchanging them for Allegheny
Valley Bonds now owned by the State..
The bonded securities, which have thus
actually coat three hundred, and 114
thousand dollars, will realize the holders
• pinta of six hundred and fifty thetosand
dollars, besides any additional profits
that may be made on contracts to enlarge
the canal.
As ssi
It le Impoble kir tho work to pay
the interest on the debt, the State will be
the loser.
Parties connected with the scheme bete
been et Iferdeburg recently.
Tan British government instructed
Captain Commerell that iho remains of
ur. Peabody were to lie instate on beard
the Monarch two days after the arrival,
so they will not be landed until Saturday,
when they will be taken to City Hail,
and will lie in state until 'Tuesday. On
that day the funeral servicts In the hall
will commence at nine A. IA The pro.
gramme is aa follows: Pint quarter and
chorus from "Blenstatie , Lachrymose,
from Mozart's "Requiem." Prayer by
Bishop Neely, of Maine. • Music Chorus,
from "Messiah." Prayer fiono 'Moses
In Egypt." Chorus from . Handel and
Mendelasohn. Chorus from "Hym: of
Pelee, while the remains are being taken
from the ball. General Hill, of the sth
Artillery, in command of a battalion of
troops, will receive the remains from the
city authorities, and escort them to the
We may dimity the petty incivilities of
church like this
1. Bms/fa—Violent perfumes, especi
ally those containing musk, are alsagree%
able to most persons, and to some poet
tively distressing. There is no small so
universally pleasing as no marl'. Never
scent yourself when going into a crowd
ed assembly. The same is true of the res
iduary smell of tobacco which hangs
about the garments and affects the breath
of those who habitually smoke. But to
bacco almost invariably makes men self
indulgent and regardless of other's con
venience. More brutal yet are those who
go to - church braking; like il)atchtish's
soup,' with the smell of onions. Thee,
are scores of people who have lost in
profit of a Sunday service by the sickert;-
ing smells which have surrounded the
• Sounds.7-Whispering In . church
during service Is an affront to patens*.
Much of the coughing which goes min .
churth arises from the poisonous gsees
and personal effluvia which exist in un
ventilated churches. But the power of
the will over the muscles which do the
coughing is very great. A heedless per
son will cough twice as much as Is need
ful—will cough at the worst time pc ai.
ble, wlll cough plump upon the necks of
those before him ' instead of emtmlmllit
Abe sound In his handkerchief as, with a
little skill and politeness, he might Wily
do. We would not forbid men who can
not sing to "make a joyful noise"—but it
should be, a softly noise. In all cases
when It is a man's duty to sleep In church,
it is his duty to snore with the soft pedal
8. Sight.—Every one likes to see the
minister. It cannot be ditne through
your body.. True, you cannot help be.
lig before somebody, unless you are on
the back seat. But, with a little thought,
you may very.much, help those behind
you. Any conduct which shall divert
the attention of others from the service,
such as ostentatious playing with swatch
or opening and shutting It, reading books
or papers, looking about inquisitively, Is
impolite. _
Many churches have the Ten Com
mandments set up upon the wall, in sight
of the whole congregation, although. not
one of the sins reprobated is likely to be
committed in church time. Would it not
be well to have another` tablet, enumera
ting the sins which men are prone to
commit In church time T. '
PiabodVaSaglish Land
- An inquiry wee' 'held lately in the Sew
Mons House, Newington, ' before 8.8.
Haul, Esq , and T. D. A rchibald,.' Esq.,
(two Commissioners epeeially appulAtesi)
and e special jury, respecting 'cerfaba
laiada and premfm at btockwell, wblch
had been purchased on behalf of tha bite
George Peabody, Esq., and were now
sought' to be transferred to the Crown
(Mr. Peabody being an alien and not be
ing legally entitled to purchase - or hold
real estate) prior to being banded over to
the trustee of the Peabody Pend. The
order from the Crown tailing the court,
and the srariousdeeds and documents hay.
In been recited, Mr. Commisaloier Maul
said they had been called upon to try
whether Mr. Peabody was an alien, and
what lands he died possessed of in fact.
The reason fhr this Inquiry waa that by
the law of England persons not subjects,
born aliens, are unable to hold land In
tbli country, through an legal or equita
ble title. • • • •
' The jury found that Mr. George Pea
body was an alien, born in parts beyond
the teas, and not naturalized; that in vir
tne or an indenture made between the
London, Chatham -and Dover .Railway
Company, and certain persons, the Com
pany, in consideration of the sum of
£15,025 paid to them; did grant and con
vey certain pieces of 'land and premises
lying on the south aide of the railway at
Stockwell; that the said lands were con
veyed to Sir C. M. Lampoon, were par
chimed by George Peabody out of nisown
money, and conveyed in trust for him;
that the lands,' hereditantents, .ke., con.
veved arc of the yearly value of ass,
arid thatthe .lands and premises do now
belong to the Crown, by virtue of 'the
royal prerogative, all which has been
seized into the. hands of Her Majesty.
The finding of the jury then received the
signature of the Commissioners and the
jury, and a copy alitied'hy the two Com
missioners was given aver to the foreman
of the jury, Mr. Jesse Wood; for safe ketil•
lig and production In case of dispute—
Leaden Deur .
,1 New Wey. ith Wa LosiJans.
The .President made a -remarkable
speech the other day while convening
wub the chiefs of the Cherokee and
Creek nations. Here Is the debate:
lamest thury—"Mr. President, we
call here today to over our fealty to you
aa our recognized guardian end ward, and
to pray you, sir; to continue our, good
friend and Whir,"
THE PSSISIDENT—"You are welcocrie,
and 1n reterence to continuing your!good
father,' as you sty, I must answer that I
have long thought that the tam nations
which you represent. and all Sumo Milli.
tad nations in the Indian country; should
ha their own wards and good fathers. 1
amp/ ha opinion AM they should become
eitizem4, and be entitled to all the rights
at citizens—acme to be nations and. be
come States." • ''' • '
'This is the boldest and bravest thing
that lute bash said on this sad qnestion.
Iv has been developed . that "although
Jay Gould and J. Fisk, Jr., bought at
first. ono Million and a quarter or gold for
.• • Butterfield, and another million and
a quarter-when gold fell oil in price, and
in which he had put up one margian or
other security against low and though
he was to furnish tbem with the first news
from the Treunry Deportment in refer
'lnce - to say new orders he reitved, he
sold them out on that fatal Fndsy, by
giving another firm:the' first news of the
order to sell, and which firm had it for
nearly half an hear before. Gould & Flak
knew of it, and then the market, had
broken 012 it from 60 to 90. Thd Carctudt
tee -have some
,specillo data on ,whledr
they propose to qUestion 7dr. Butterfield,
and when he learns what they already
know. he _will probably tell what As
knows. .
NEW Ave dollar legal tender , noted to
the 'amount of nearly $BOO,OOO are ready
for tune, and will shortly to transferred
to the Treasurer. The plates for , the
• twenty dollar notes are ready, and this
denconination will probably be in a con
dition to be fretted In ttiro weeks. The
five dollar notes are very finely engraved,
On the left is an admirably executed vig
nette of Jackson, while the canter of the
note has a picture of frontier life, - repre
seating a pioneer and his family alarmed
at the approach of. Indiana. The bad
quality of the paper, used prevents the
printers from making...such impreuions
as could be done on better paper. The
Secretary of the Treasury; however, is of
the opinion that the protection the paper
affords against counterfeiting IS of more
consequence than finely finished notes.
Acconorso to the Rome correspondent
of the Memorial . Diplom:aims, who says
he has derived bid' inforination from the
best; authority, their a compro.
mine between the partisans and the oppo.
nettle of the infallibility of the Pops. In.
stead of, decreeing without reservation
that his holiness is infallible, and compel.
ling adhesion to the dogma under pain of
racommituleation,lt Is proposed tore.
strict the lufallibility to matters purely
religions; and 'belief even inthltis not to
be rigorously exacted. The Council will
merely proclaim that it Is Important, for
the unity and good government of the
Church, to belleve.that the Holy rather
cannot be mistaken when be pronounces
upon matters of faith; this will be a sim•
pie recommendation without any penal
THE Steubenville Hera/Lissy': A mon.
ument to the memory of General 'Reuben
is to be erectedever his grave at Steuben
ville, Oneida county, New York, on the
let or June. Horatio Seyinom and Gen.
Siegel will deliver .addresses on the occa
sion. A fort, most '.(if our. readers ire
aware, was erected On the site where this
city nnw stands, in honor of this same
Gm. - Stiuben, in. the year -1789, from
which Steubenville lake& its name. Tee
fort stood on High streM, near where tbe
Female Seminary now stands, and was
dismantled at the time of Wayne's vic
tory, previous to which It had ,been
garrisoned by United States infantry,
Muter command of Col. Beatty, father of
Rev. Dr. Beatty, who founded the semi
nary in IVO. • '
tha w
Dawei . eibmitted Ithi, summary
of the legislative appropriation bill,
showing that his committee recommend A
large reduction, It wu noticeable that the
House almost unanimously grnted hls
request; that sections of the bM which
ate in th e direction of economy, but
which are in conflict with Celstinglaws,
shalt not be liable to points of order. The
House goes with him almost unanimously,
nuarlimm tharnoiss.—Ben. Franklin
once wrote i
'Re who by the plow would thrive,;
Himself must either hold or drive."
These lines were very populist In their
day, and even now they are occasionally
quoted by old fogies. Mat some person
has; eclipsed them by bringing out the
" , He who by biz biz would rise,
Must either bust or advertise."
Onnzl Drava Hews In Warren, Ohio.
When he was marriedthe minister said,
"Thou doat take this Iron= for thy
wife, to watch over in life, Orrin
DeithP tcuoet celebrated the,cvent in
some line; beginning, "Thou Mult all.
seasons for thine own, 0 Diath." .
vAßtcoga. OR BRiOILEN
• T b 0° ... , !4. 1 of Prons ildfre yeu la and year
out with a broken down pinaltlon of itio veins
Of the kikr.i4itilob In• ot Wu. kutly rs
flared sad freoently
. plAt'le et con, and
'offer 00 ;9.17 because they do not know ohtie
wad to *limn 'te apply for tenet. 'Nom; Milts..
the needf.l Information In clues like ibis, teems
to us a proper duty on part of the newipaper
'press, and is rives as wrest pleasure to be able
to recommend ail each so Pr. ILLIDIER, OP UT
WOOD STREET, whose vast number of appli
&noes, and. his great skill le cereal.: • disease&
enables him to afford the ffreateetainonnt ot re •
led that the present state of eetenee can afford.
Benniee thee. veneer. Cemented. to which we
have' referred above; theni are other aouren of
locoovettleitee end suffering, ech atewellinge
ud aboormil'irrowthe, whleli the poetor, with
applienets; !setae to relieve.
Then again the abdominal ereakneues tad
sinking feeling peal:Marro femitn, L inure. off
terrible suffering and armlet); for these the
floeter be. belts - sad supporters width 'are . eo
construcie4 do to Innis atieastidmhnity fetid
sneering when . they do not primise a certaintY
of ante.
The Doctor , . exporloace cover. a period of
titer thirtyYesra.besides; a natural solos!" for
this department or his. - aroterston..trialles alto
more than ordinarily skillful. Tbosaltsa lea tits&
Is ostallod ape! Altars esseratloas by as-
fleet of thoixcom sumo, to correct to. ➢resent
evils, matt cLI luau Os s inalicloat cacao to
smut apt oak, the lineation of 13..**1.4 thou.
Nivea. bat alsolbatof glitenallitestiiblfeligarks.
Dr. Keysteli,rolaco' sad bredletne Store. '167
. • .
JAXIImix 115,1170.',
_ .
A BODY' AND 111111111 • DINEABE.
!nett a dmpepels.. The stomach and the brat,
are too intimately allied for the at to sager I
without the other,.. that. &Menge and dee.
pondeaetare Imesarable. It may be added. too. '
that Irritation of the stomach Is aimed Insane- '
by accent:muted Isylnitation of the temper.
The havigotating and trazipelliting ohentlol
of 'Listener , . P.n.s le moat powerfally devel
oped, in cases of tad lae linen. The first tam% Of
this agreeable tone, It ecinforting and enc..,
egine. A mild idow pervade. the system. the
chronic I:Metairie...tit the region of the atomach .
II lessened, and the ner emu reetimsuen which
characterizes the ditease to abated: This te.‘
prover.. is tot trineatent. 111. mot succeeded
et the nines of the old Allalttoms with annet
added force. as Is alwaya the' case when awned
cited stimilants are ateen for the 00100 slat.
kern don foies“ . fo trdpirt • permanent W.-
:lon of healthfal Invigoration- Bat this toast
all. The knerLatatidanit Onion. oropartls. of
the preparation ere Scarcely secondn
over- parlance to Its Wale virtues. I r th en ten over-
Cow Of bile. the Mere ton a• soon trouts within.
pr. Per Mans; and if the Misery orga% Is Inert
tooidd It 'Stoned and reaulated. The area
sum the dimbarring Grimes Ls salutary. aeri l•
ease. of constipation th• ea tharlie itettonts iast
snMelent to prod.x tee waled men andnally
sod without man. The Bitten lso phnnete
healthy *rap ers/lon /men the ao r tae. wake is
pluttienlarly deslrabla - at Ws Matey when sad
den •pells of twee. weplenstnt Weather Sr. ant to
Cheek the natural periptratton and orator. row
1.11.0 htie liter, Wages and fiefee. 'Yes Sod
ekrogneard onnlner al/ d e . Le I+l/4 vino,
and nem their... Teachable tteetornUe• num
tially promote,. . . • •
W InITWaX Santana Waltz.
Jaoeat7 f 7, 11110. f
RECTORIA held Sank te rem faiths
ensatew year will be t the Sable Horan.
:fa. h 9 Fourth ay. nee. on TUabOSY , lthllll7.
ART •th, 1670, between the Wm, el twelve
• .I.tht Ilf. BILL.
' ' Cashkee.
AlAnascang VALLET•ts C 0.."/
Plitabargn. uslary.2ll,lwiro.
She ilegalax Annual Ife•llng et tbeglockhold
me of the Allegheny Valley Itallroad dinavan7
.111 b bald as she t/P/10111. Of TIM (MN
PANS% No. 110 rise etteel, Plttabargl, us ,
WLDNISDAY, February sad. I$ O. as 11
ershasit S. Z.. for Ike
of itskaarore for tee turd!!'{ 'air; and far the
1.101184[114 of Inch other Med..* as nay be
.1.21.1 M JOHN 6ALLIRYIYY,Nmetue
Annoal 114•Uag ofthelltoelpoiders or tel. Com
bt Mid at tata toes es Miss ruses, be
Ttrn.qe 'burn....[ M. St 11 2.. tt.. at
...situ sites there vrtil br so. else Ilsa tbr PILVit4
Jeauti Trasmtsr.. ,
Cnertcx or riiribillen
• corn•r of Merk.t sun te otter
rtrrenctinit. Jaenety 00th. 1110.
C* 7 . o.V4tVarYtt l itt teP Miff
balk - x l lO. between the boars of 11 ceel:,E
•. x ndlio•eleek e.
, Joann D. C. 1101.1 Z, Bente,aty.
Orrses or tiortanSoll.moixaVOltruvr, •
• •
Cornet 990 and KaLauri dtreati6 • .
MIN Company OF
tdcro Lb E •
4lnd E de
clam!' from tn. carafe. of Ito DIM twin*
month.. • dlvldend of TW/LVId. 1111 CENT.,
ald Dim ate olnefd Vim pet rent. to the Ofldit
of t jnVirgEMIGE, Presided.
T.'A..W11.20/IT.lieteglarr• •r • ' .I=oo,
AttoyxuSyrat-Law. •-•
• No. et GRATIS terRZT,T
. .
4Pr04214 teLlO3llll,llO 10 all kinds et INtal
.41 :tie
112 . 01rEle AND Tmw•HS,
172rD8ais, oust BOZO. irriA /7103 re. la
• 'P. V. Dorms,
JOS:" 146 attst stmt.
CGriLASi GLASS ... •
luSi usortment of im pattil as sad shapes
Jeutneavad. ?laud airs Beltiants Was.
' , toms sit Pariall Ware. 110 W. openln[ ano for
ea 4 at very low Wes at:" •;'
EL Emmy ac. CO'S,
Jae No. 189 lIMBIT STIIEEr.
Merchant's Mf
-:vane.. •141,0411.03.
AtEiTti. 4, 11611511.1111.40.
(lonnectiontlire Ina. Co, Hartford,
aeesie 1400,000.00
Respond so 106 POWSTII AVENUF., totwoni
Weal And sloOttsiltlOossoos, rislsbonelss
DREK — ik,
..steetersad retail 'dole? In
Prden. bi mud naitTe "ramp% sitanUon. egual
toteimples. .
la the neat 'Vaught, oheatiest and hOt Dew
Warts/2140,M0 tram leduelons iredlonfil. •
. it es ev urTe e and hi teo • therete-tb! •.. •
to wleto rate. awl soothes tn. tegla -
rirredeell.fipeoltimes the breath! •
• Per vehlei seam olduus ne Ttlelt hl
irigentilViter''gg ruder! !
' • .
11014 eg t!,...elgiDeeettats.'.'
;Mill: 7 :emile i rVair.SletiereNg h. and
M. EINODIMAW *Mahe. T. .2,31."
Corner Pm find Sixth Streets,
crumerir se. ails.)
TES molt sambas Bust:it's Collets 122,1 Es
Malted States.
Rides:it. Cl= enmesh neerai any tites. -
je- B.—timeless eon' Males fell Pardeulho "
addressing the Principals
natrni a COSeI•IT,
00:17441 1 114T rtustnugo.
NNW mnriarensEranwrs.
131: 1 ECIA1_4
Nos. 180
At 10 Cents,
Light ,and Dark Calicos,
At 12 1-91. Cents,
At 62 75; .
WORTH $4.00.
At 87 1-2 e..
Black and Colored Corded Poplins,
Nos. 180 and 182 Federal Street,
WINTER .16100D8
Of All Kinds
NTery• C7l3.earo,
itiOts Ladles' loop Skirts, latest skape
Mutsu hoods. -
it Re. tilt Shoulder Shawls.
It 71a. tail Ihoalder iwwls, lags hire.
Wk. Cklldria's Salt Cloaks.
At 1k Boys' Wool Lifted Buek lilts.
it 7k Wei's Par Top Wool Lined Bask
It tit lea's ud Boys' Wool Itocka.
It 1111-tc.,ltea's Wool Nixed Saks.
At 4014, Ita's Berry Grey brine, Skirts.
At 40e. Ilea% Hem Gray Merino Drawers.
Al $l.OO Ladles' Merin Usderrests, good
• • cut ity.''
Lv $l.Ol Lollies' lartn-brawm, pod
4 quality.
New Goods
Daily Opening
78 and 80 Market Street.
. . .
Ti'irrier to rtill (nether reduce .stoek t before
taking our mend tarlatan,. we will coating*
to Offs 'OW !neck at . .
ManyAipxls Below Cog.
, :Woole4 Goode, Hosiery,
Gloves. tinderrwear,
Leos and Lace Artfoles,
IMinery, floods,
Bash &antes ., Ribbons,
Satin and Bonnet Velvets,
Dresa Trimmings,
Cloak Loops and Ornaments,
Boulevards Skirts, de, its,
On a lola Credit if nutria, In the Eleveuteetali
ward, (Lawreeinellle.) 100 feet moire or km,
frontier on . Batter street. runnier beet 404
fret to Deemll Meet, 40 feet near, tritium°
houses en resting for 6940 pert ear, with
Ile but soft water. and fruit. shrubbery, So.
kint. 100 Net were or leinfrouthis on Dawson
atrdß rennin* beet to sal* ansimlt Wert 340
Awl. with one home Lad a good aertairof soft
water. Rent for 9940 per year. Mtn pieces
mmtsiee large uusuilUee of loom and diary tend.
B. 11.-4 Will sell the eaten Apnoea et th. rota
of 114.000 less than hes meetly been Yinura by
Viewers fora stripes atom by, annall the improve.,
meats atn telt valuation. • . .
Also, for We. test Auer story IPartlinurs
tbs earner of Liberty end limience streets. pm,
.bernb, occupied be MUM. M. Motholoueb, Jr.,
• 00..00 fort front on Liberty street, 110 fort
an lianas* tad 110 feet on Iceboats 'airy.
Requires no recommendation.. Also. four. two
story, Mink Primes. all In a row, 010 romni mob,
um on a Roar, on Lanett einiet, niiennenp„
near Hand street bridge. State for 9315 emir
Per fear. Also. four none of ebotee landcrlin
new panted sod papered Brick Rouse, 6 room.,
weak loam two wells. cd•Mrn. stable. rte.,. 46,
00ers1now reside. All or miy can M boned on
a long credit, et snort, as It cosy cult purnimm.•
Inquire of ,E. IVILRIN3. at John Hays',
.7.136t31 0 19, 3
1119 Liberty street, Plombareb.
an on
irr 70.
L. B. 111LT0P•.»„:...........U:'J. weAa■
PitAASTICAS. P . L.T.LbelLirmatel
QAi AND MAN wrrrEnsr,
Pull Avian% Neer High streot,
Lesd PIO. am Mir. Gas Bli l .ll Blake,
Bath SIDS sad Wash needs. zros Pep. and
Mins. Ale sad Beer ramp.. dad du.u.rij ea :
Merin.. on head. Pdtdle sad -Prtmte Bafltt►jd
SUM 55 with Oda. Wasar lad Uwe Huila(
Appusins. Jobblag promptly &swam to.
NUARY 29, 1870.
and 182 1
Ate 75, a New Lot of
WORTH $4.00
At $1.75 a Dozen,
Linen Table Napkins,
At 25 Cents,
Worth 37 1-2 c.
.t $1.50.
Large Size.
A Complete Stook of
Nos. 180 and 182 Federal Street,
in Pittsburgh
Corner Dnqaesne Way and 7th at.,
ROOM No. 7.
PROF. E. S. FMB, M.D.,
Leeturer 'ou the neman eye.' 151 diseases and
emetaeles. 001.1e!au liked Oculist, to the New
Tort liossitilatui Eve aid War ludessarsorith a
large stock of his Patented and Improved Vim
tacks ;or sale.
. Prof. 'EDWARD C. FRANKS. Optietan : I
take great y ou II Statism Mat 1 bees and
the •Peettlele• you adjusted tome eye,. ben her%
and UM,' ely. {DM MO Man entire latisf.etio a.
I have barer before had a Calf eatlrel7
with Ube
t sd thato t n r v i e s n to t .e e d e emee omd . Wei
- • •
alatr.ll2 •
/ 11. I.
. -
T. tome ba4 tba 'roved Sreetagles adjagte4
tg soy sight Dom an rz•ggstattas of the eta
aloes. hy Notwar4 4. Fr: sits. M. D., • bleb sa.
.010 Vast , . IN, elearlr. easy. arid much bat.
MR Quit nt sat. (base listatotore
' ADEARAM. Lth DULN. Ptes't E.
`WO hare every sattata-tion Ia Moms twandlnd
De' WI/ WAIL° S. YILLNXti• Itenreven sad Pi
%ailed P peel metes to •he coeddence of our c01t...
t... He le auto:Wien of rarttneteettnr.
be, ens a d apt. els opectatie. with great and re
melt able skill to tee VW lons diteases of the eye.
He selects stectsclan for as with the dolt palr.
at the nest awes I. bleb stabled •• to reed
sritb treater ale fettnesa en* comfort then thaw
wre Adam*? postmen. We with frees keerfatnees
retounneno the. lo all weal" nd 'peewees. •
a. CURTIN. of rtnnsylvanta,
A. 1.. Mist* AaJt -Gen. of rg11¢1111•141l
RO"Salt..alli, W. D., Penn street. Pah.
it. DICK. It Innate, latearllle. Penner Tani&
-Herln/had the pleura of eximlnlig Dr. E 4
ward s Irmalva P &thee Imp toted Siete.lea,
we fled them, expettliteltt.ll,• retell? valuble
aLse•o deter lye Men. •
- .
lb/ susses are /toned. polish* 4 us/ centred
h)machtaera t loasheseallessl/ ace/rate to sm.
Moos a seal) perfect leas. 'As .t Cll, IV* moose•
moo Itsat.
Jobs W, Geary, MOTO/20r of Penbryirents.
Jobs, ec iltsbehet
Hickson, M. D., street,Phtsburgh.
n. -hiercett, Mt D., ((Midge.) Penn street,
JUNO KeParland. President Merchants
Mattonal harm. X:ad, tile, Pennsylvwls.
It ipets n• 1215e0 measure to say that we have
Unheated Dr. 0. 8. tr.nke , very e•tablete
a rimiestef BPfctseles so t Leone, sod end
them excellently calcula.ed to remedy each Im
perfections of vision se can be benelltted oy the
o VeTtaterlai used In the menn'aeltire of OM
pews • Is or reniarkab'e pertty and twenty. and
noes very much to their vs ex.
We r.comm ma him with cheerthiness to the
WMUdence • f al J or dany Y gnaw Ms melees.
Hon. trawls beer terfi of remit.
d. sew,. ie. 1.0., Elart , Bbnrg. Pa,
Vie have esanstred vast 1.1, .oneslng to be ,
aleortrocot of manufactured ander
Dr. • e•ard S Pre kt , f•attot. aciatrablree.p..
tad to the/mime %amities o• utaz ezeotslie
ly delicate orgea. toe ii92111.11' f. ere. toes the
Imoalrail 'lgloo la tbe r-aolt of disease, for Dia
mound •IVILX72Ct• in to o'd ote
e rtgafti Via apeclota mi of D . Treats the
bes e t we b
awe,ac. ever men, and as such fem.
lion. W.. W. Elam Way., of Ilarrlgrant
Thomas J. Joedsa, Mfg. Onn.U.B. A., rants
• znyr.
6See boura from 9 , A. Y. to 6 P.Y.
- sooitorr I
TO sect= rep
_banded ltrertall. WM come 064
nee er . bs . l mjt , a r de n haritu d
,etwoabred to Um Clothe) !or.
Warm and a1t.11.1 ~.s i ttrk,b,
The Yolleit LIZIMTI to be enjoye Tee d
wriest the
taut who erdaye It ls neatly deemed In a mdt. o
new hummer 04016 ea *Nebel htm comfortable(
as sot ;oat/ridge tbe freedom or b motions. huh.
clothes are to be had at 8. 0. Tnamen.llso/11.
cd T ge!fggrgtl7:4l.arpl;T 'd
pekes for uneutsfactory cloutlut. htti 0/0.1 tnd
eat the worth of every dollar Abend, at
nuar o ' t Na free; motntwesleed
ftZl.3 4 3.VisTl n eeoge taini l l ' ol a c l- sUrgi
there they gettletr clothes. 0100 Quite
toy at alittmea. Trade tremendous Oa ROT at
the Ble NO. 11 Cloth/ea Hall.
o„:so,,,,nitvjEdiqu p.p.;
aptulala aula nu Warmth 620.
*Mahon tart malt. C l
1100 sults, linen, at E 60 each worth •
Mack volts ror $5
10 worth 020. •
Bond sons Irorss worth 610.
And a treat many more too • nontensos Kr nen ,
lon. all early and secure you bermalas,
wait to 5111.1. Somember , Bs
Removed In one minute. wlthOut Oleedlas er
leaving soreness; /Malone and Disused Palle
Removed In • few megieles. AU over/Alone per-
'• tined without patu or bloodshed I
raft% eatnfort Immediately:
No son teat attar operating!
Insage4 and PUP Janata treated soma many.
Prost-Blie and. ClnlbWas gored to a raw darn.
Ballsbation given or asoner ratandon. Good
City Reltrences given. • •
Mica Boon Came a: 9,11131.; and /to 0.4
8tt047..9 to 11 A. Y.
Remember the place, No. •e Illailittroat, old
In. Clair. op van...
Dr. D. RETICHBON. Plttabargh, Pa.
BINT.,WantEd, to mat. for a term of flare
with privilege of boring, a large boildingwith
strain power, and reliable Gm manofeetariesitir ,
Vienitnial Implements and otherllghtwieldnery,
*d my, to or earatected with a laundry, On
tinsel*, St. ,Loitle or, Mut:loth Preferred, or
inteb point ii will afford river or rallrwad corn-
reflex, tooled ..c& property for re.O or We
will Dieue addrees, wlth pothadaol.
extent of Boar room, =Oa.% al Power. nal sad
"boa poeteseloa effla be bed. .
)12 . 1 Bayeaae. OLIN
A PPLE .have a
t 1 lyl easertrieritAt Apple Parled.Corindand
lUcthE Naar:AA which' I Invite all to aell end
see them tried. The PARING, CORING AND
SLICING MACHINSB,Adren Gale three tares o
the ettutk W pare. 03.4 eAd Wee an orDAAT
deed apple. It will pare without slicing 02
Drl.4 Atrohe eW mach lilsber • when Wad
grub MU mod,. tun wt . = waxtueil by
61 =Tsb asoortment or .
Llghtelng & Tam Table Apple Parer&
far se. wbolesale sad Itstan, b 3.
fite• Liberty neves, Dealer, La D....
sad PURI MelLislasi.
Total amount to b. tsauad...oll,ooo,ooo
Capital Stook paid la 2.100,00
Estlmatod Coat ot i llead, (140
Estimated ZaraLai* las aa.
la AAA A .839, 300
Not Earnings . per annum—. SWIGS
Interest on the Loan per an- .
or road ....... .......... 16.000
Amore torso% por mils. 1,960
Amosist at Net Earsdairs par
hate the Union Trust Comp ani of N. Y. as their
°Metal Ihiester and Transfer Agent—tad are
sold at Mimi as liiandletwoed totems,
They bear examination ned comparison. bet.
ter, It la hollered, than any other now Infbre the
public, La the teed and unchangeable elements
of Seely. Rensrity and Prop.
They bar goad Interest—Seven Per cent. ROM
for fate years—and are secured On • Riskin/
Fend, and Y.rst Mortgage upon tae road, Its
until and not 111601329. the Trathises, and all
pretest and future property of the Company.
They depend upon no new or halfattled ter
ritory ler business to pep tier Interest, but tlisUel
an old, well settled and. Proacilse e%entrrt—
ammisig that • railroad en ftt throe eh the heart
of such a region offer. better security for both
_lateral and f'rfactatot than a road gets hail
through tie most Idgbly extolled wilderness or
' sanely settled territory.
Tiis Railroad panes. Special selvage/re.,
In running Into and out of the City of Chicago,
en Important Railroad Center; he running
through a line
L ot tillages and old firming set- .
laments In the richest tortion of the State of
linnet.; in arming near to deposit a of Iron Ore
of great extent and value, and over broad Selds
of the best coal In the Statewideb tulning In
terests are its monopoly. And besides the local
and other business tens assured, there will be
attracted to Ma road the considerable tragic al
ready springing up "From the Lakes to the
Gulf;" as with its Southern Connection. It forms
• Trunk L... 45 miles shorter than ay other
ante flan Chicago to Nashville.
These Bonds are tarefonbsged upon altealty
and • Business that a few yearn must Inevitably
double—and eompetent Judges ' any treble—ln
Goorromontis ✓rolling white the "Hee UAW pay
WHY Tot into tharllenult. 612 Trust or Santo
Pond, can bo pat fat* NOTHING BEIT.TER.
ratnnhlata, with Yap., to., on hand fur dl►
Honda may Oa had directly of us, or of our
manta la Plttobargh.
8. M'CLEAPI & CO.,
'75 pouivra-i A.VENIIE
64 CLIFF 131,REET, New York,
Agents for the Sale of the Bonds.
i 2 ;
4ag e 4
Rs p 0
Oli . 0 41:1 Z
I H gZ;4 - 4 1
- .t 8 1 IT) : 1 P i
c,2 a 4l M g
A 1 w z r 4 'O, -4
E-; a' ~) t a .4 E.
a' 0 0 - al 14 d A . 4
0 'E4 I
•="-% S Di ;4 Ng
AA Ir. PI as . .
A' 4 °"
tZi , 1;1 - •
Nos. dil and ill Liberty. Street.
Omer of Irwin, mow otter ttot trade at low If
PAM New Crop Nei Orlessi Sugar and
Molasses. -
Pond Med. c0u...4 !mei& 'mum sagir.„
New York Philadelphia mid HaMaori Mt.
• ed 60.
tiolden Dr!Po. Levering; Mango', Stout%
*dune. and Long .finand &flute.
rotto Moo. Cabo and gondolalossea
Young Bison. Japan, Imperial. Onnpowder
and Oolong . _
yuoano and lee.
TOTteet= Teu.4 l manna
4 ViNatt. 01nno. Son.
Cottoa Yurnu. fick, =atom?, on bond. •
Fine Brandies,, Wines and 'se .
fibbab, Wotan. tool 'Sparkling /idea W .
Of Hinkel-A fn - bottlea. •
igr ath fhtV'e th "tr e. .,
aradeabarg TrisrL. rtne T ollra 011.
•do do. . Clarets, Impor bed In bottles
do do • White Wind. to bottle..
M. Work • Bona' dparkllns Catawba.
Lae Old oberry, sad Port Winos
doo.d lionondanel aP, ...dotted. We.
Very elven*, Ms mold. do do.
sola r anits tbr
Wmfim y fou Bors4 •
'aloe On and warn/did
urrtm luta
: :36,Ltheuneri.ors.pertor -
Odli Dills, Sand Bolls & Pintas.
. • •
kinds of INA Isla fish uselesslyee .1 'I
rig 9 lrrYli 7irrssho " e d* the ".
klitehewf u uttF. b. eenter Varerri
an Ohio stress.. One loaf. esherieu.• I° the
Owens/temente. Da to 0.57. have on hands hest
sell Whits Pith s halms.,
errl BlAelt Mass had White. PeIPO t I at serf
. 0 W a • ss. tits* a5...14 we will toms Asst
sTurJ. Whale/11s of Ll.l. All erglees.Alle4
ado wawa. car, it 00.1
Ibreign BIS Domedle Ih7 eloods,
W0. , 211k WOOD lITLIZZe.
Maid Gen signs Dlsaionelgq".
3orrir 4ar
Is Now in
1 4 (0. -59
Afverip artieie here been redrew
30 dam lksis ectotosaively for 0
. k
an~...MiYt`.': ~.a:yrN;ss .s=~ .~.,.~;~ >-s, w.r` >:~ , ~a-y.,5, `~„~, '.6,..~ ~'.r .4rcw..wt .j~'+~.Y»
Oil Cloths, Window. Shade?.
Ingrain Zarpets,
'ld the Lowest Prices Ever Oferel.
31 FilTh AVENUE.
The alterations and im
provements of our Sales
rooms now in progress, make
it necessary for us to im
mediately dispose of a large
portion of our stock of
Hearth Rugs. &0..
Many goods will be sold
at prices below the present
wholesale cost. Call at once at
OLIVER xecurspact & 'co,s,
23 Fifth Avenue.
Positive Redue,tion in Prices
- 'allsmitmter,
Wition nuts,
Crumb Cloths,
crc., he.
.4ro. it FIFTH 4.1PE.,1714
11,.11, 2, 21, 3, 31, and
, • .
BORDERED: sqtrtmes
Suitable ibr Faecal+.
DIVING 1001 Cllllllll CLOTHS,
Woolen, Linen and Cotton,
Notwithatanals: the undl.mbeatied tariff
on. these good..
71 and '73 Fifth /venue.
BY.OWW ,k CARSZIR teas this e•y dissolved
by mo deal e repent. .1.2,11 Es M. CAR'ON
T;.0 .0 54. " B i gtselT ' V nt ' rfe o :: P ilti ' s; j ln " 7o:l o .
set.. es Indebted to sal.. a - in eate t l and
Make inhordlate payment, and t
all persons hay-
Innelannt will present the same is John to. Wal
ton. at oar Mike, 85 Federal Street, he Md./
authorised to settle all .Groan's.
THohlan BnO
ALLialliat J j A"tittry Ed C li WN tr7ll ° ) s4
Ittiftelyt-Yrom tios • aria of Ratliff. Tircrint
Carsoal I ..0140 take itieorpoMunity of ...pre.
slog my Mang s to my Ittemts for tlic:r past
favor., Imo Nyttild rem peetfolly not cif 'a matino
ame aCtufse tuorsjor. Me. Om of
.•• - •
lIAILTIM .BROWN, - Ph:timbers, Ogg and .
Steam Pipe Fitters : sS Federal street. Alleghouy
qty. vroald rfnarn ittelr thanks to lbtlf
friends sun the dullereneral foe On Ir very
Mend nationaga• mir•i••%••••••t•••r
ten yawn, •nu would respeetddly golleit • eon.
tiunallon their esteemed tavors for she old
original • •- .L 1a12445
Tit.; Iltne or 6MITH W A L T
WIOB 07 0 . b l as1s doT
been di/seared be lautuil consent, WIS. WAR
WICK tttirinjr: -
The bedlam if the late Erin eel 1 be eettlrel
nod contlneed t. 7 the undersigned under the fins
Gem! OC
Lyra= H. num.
11. j pthata Macaw. BratMa In AIM, Alan, an
Zt i ta i rr t . O @Beata cg t largrklNl:
ir al Wallis, an& ligat=l . oafailat from
I.elf-abascor other causes, a 4 which proaneel
al tie tallowliag dteeta. blaletta, bOalrit
Wasaaeas.l.4lgalittagi, eaasamation, &vandal. ial•
sLoouci or )
iarlr aayca.lltanaetaras, dr a e a , c se a t t a r r n o a t
tasal3evn a / 1 4
sad .ma 4alca4exaal amfaat
otaa/Irsoyrvaa lany,jthara
readaysaog t V7 aa4
te. 2:1t7, tio;n axl4 , -- , lt a alaw 4 a a lat Ta
a aiettan -
fir cousilicilanalsomoL
artery zirtora We.% be nerer fans.
ter attention elven to all/mule emus
el ta. Lcoroxrhos to Whit.. Waning. Indoor.
merlon! or Ttlcermion of the Wonib. - Or
OMNI* 'Amenorrhoea. Idenontesis4
urzttotzadlit /ro = or grertmow. ma Maas
It • a elltersiderit let a Mires who realm
Unmet! esseinskrely to theme yof • orris. class
of diseases and treats thousands of aze=
~,sore s
skin= Um:
than one ID general analog.
The Doctor peleinthes a medical . pantoblet of
eftY Pales test glee's. DUI arroattrote of venereal
ano plicate disessaft.that can be had free at office
or by mall _for swd stamps, in sealed envelops.
Ilea and ens= them to d r a t=. t eVit e prt .
Mae ca.. or their complanga.
Tee Mtahnelaform,
Is ten & mo s
rocarl , he mural. - When It Is not eouverdent
'Mit a dry. the Doctor's opinion can de ot.•
taloa hr . MMus & wriwar d e d- ment oral, case,
and sardirlies eon be' by hull or es.
am. In some Instenees. bowers,. a personal
e raboation Is absolutely, necemary. while
en laity scrsonal attention , . nog tired. .11 be
(Of the liocommodation r resort Datlants there are
lima i 4e2as c .i onnee , ied , esitalle . o t elleg i a=r e
ProrliOte More.. eclat:Lie Medicated 'favor
bathe. All prosannloas an brewed In the
Doctor's awn latoratory. ender his as
. Uwittal pamphlets at o to free, or
malt two stamps. No matter who hare
failed, road what he says. RPM 9 L.U. tOto
M a in , " .9 1 t VI P T; .917'i 1
; tt
CO 0 31:1 M 9
Progress at
d in price, and must , le sold in'