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Eke Pau* etapttt.
Thirteen pressers wire taken to the
Workhouse yesterday.
The Anneal conference of the United
Brethren will cowmen°. In Johnetown
next Thursday,
Ike Street Cleaners were al work on
todtmel Weer. 'Allegheny, yeetenliy„
They were owled.,
• Gral/II alletloll sale of Men and Boys'
Clothing at fla Flftb avenue, today at 10 -
a. u.. at 2 and 7% r.
Yesterday Msyor Oallow rommttted
Wet. Fence to the workhouse tor thirty
Alio tor dloorderly oohluet.
The t am s oi
'Tits ly elected by
,new city ant Pon.
beginwill on the
William clock at the Union Depot is
'from the eatattlishment of Meads J. B.
Reeds Co. A guarantee of Its character.
The Ban's Cetebrstion.—The doors
of Masonic Hall will be opened this
efilardnig at 7 o'clock. The celebration
wilionamentat at 73g.
• Loeb Irelasst, the colored wife bend
L a d eheating yesterday before Alder
men hielitssters, which resulted In his
eesuultmeotcar trial. in default of bell.
thew eenitteeer hes gone to hienew
brine". ithe 'Western Penitentiary. He
Will have the privileges of the institution
ler. &al , years. He wait convicted of
COlllOntee of Allegheny
Councils will. ft to expected, meet next
Week. as soon -as the other committees
have orkanlaed andeent in the amounts
of their appropriations.
.1011reetorsoftheCny Hank.—Domeneek
Ibmsen. James West*, Thos. Rourke,
Terremos,Oampbell, Patrick • Kane. Jas.
Phelan, Chas. B. Barr. H. A. Frereogle,
Thos. Barnes, Hugh Keating.
-TMlobby of the Allegheny Mayor',
~"oma Was crowded with an anxious, ex
,- unctent throngof appUoante '
leg arblitithe Police Committeweed&
liberating upon the appointments.
Conrad Hatt alleged before Alderman
Intim, yesterday, that Fnutele Mulch
and her eso had attacked him
with a Wok and reatened to hill him.
The accused were and gave ball
for coast
Allegheny Cassette Will nqi meet nn
the second 'Thursday of-February.
This la in accordance with the remind=
pawed in the Common branch at last
meeting, providing for but one meeting
In a month.
Dr. llelflet was thrown from his buggy
on Bt. Char street yesterday morning
and moronity Injured. The horse &Mel
lott's Takla ran away which caused the
occident and resulting, Mao, In the
wrecking of the buggy.
VFW It Costa.—Mlles Murphy wag ar
meted Sunday evening on a charge of
disorderly conduct, made by Mrs. Cant
wall, who alleged that he had insulted
her. Mies lett the anm of 133 for his
appearance and falling to appear at the
appointed time, the $3O were forfeited.
rreStlife the Teeso.—Tregoa Teaberry
Toothereah (edvestieed In another oxol
nmn) la a preparation which, for the pre
servation of the teeth. removal of tartar
and imparting a sweet and dadeious
breath. is without an roost. A. single
trial and you will never be without it.
It la bold by all first clan dealers.
Slew Wort.—We publish on the find
swage of toelay's paper the announcement
sit a new work on Reptiles and Birds.
It is add to be the best work ever pub.
on this =Wet. The fact that
")resits: Appleton s Co., of ]Jew York,
sr* the pablishers, is a suatantee that
lb* book is what they repreiont
. CUM; A tray.—A. free tlghkaocarred
st the Delon
ne Depot yWm•dip- evening
In whic It Is allsged,'o sek
eseely eat h,
with a knife. Jim Griffith.
John fintltb. Michael Gallahan.
11001 cm and Frank Landers partlclps•
led In the affray and were arrested and
leaked up for a heating. There were
some heir or flee others engaged In the
fight but they effected thdr MeV&
. .
'A Hraterat Sun.—James Madigon. n
7011tnot man about twenty-anew -twenty.
i Swarysantar age, was grunted and taken
*ISM lookup the Instance or his id*
Widlipinigand abusing tds together.
- ;4Janzeis teleasedriastr - alld bating ax
"wended all • his Money, called on Mg
wieldier Cot more and bairn:mishit rehrald
Or supply his wants he beat her.. He
wu /tacked ap Inca pasting. •
fastit Ihre.—Between at: and went
o'eloolc lan Med there wee an alarm of
Ara from box 4, corner of Tiny Wrier
and Second ayanne, whieb was omaidom
ed by a alight ilfa the OPTING filSory
at Morrie, IMUin &Com on Pint lifame.
he/wean Market and Terry Wait
.foot of tberbolldlog canglit fire lams •
d-We fire
p. werriamvered • and
fim ft,„,had made any
"Thi Was very trifling.
litemdagr a Pracker..-01Doicr Kerr tF .
ratted g man at the Allegheny Valley.
Vetiir a alleeekok Isla &realm and
• darted with Mit to the kionsfri, when
Patrick Quinn Interfered. The afoot
Paling tact he could not tats both
Quinn sad the other man, took Quinn
asdsa 0.1100 154 Zapped ter seelstastoe,
WU& Prvaig 4 7. end Quinn was
-Sodged In the lockup to • • answer the
ahem' a - .. lotestaing !aloft
..ottdbe in the tableharos of his duly.
stow In a eateen.—About ale o'clock'
*Whim a row occurred to 0',110n.1
laid% 11111100 n. en he Ganser or Peon and
Eleventh streets, and while It was pro.
grecalugotibier O'Mara .went Ih Id sitar
min the cause. He found two men tight.
tw, one of whom was filches' William',
whom he arrested, when the bar keeper
and ailment •others . Interfered, ..but the
taker held on to his prisoner and con.
.P - Amsted Mal to the lock-up, where hews
Fended with punters tbr the night.
• .titeetitl4e ttleet ag &t ailmeetleg
MltheiMPOkholdeht Mahe Ilttatrtuith end
SWEalisPorrOar Company, held at the
001 e• '''or WWI Btotham, 129 Second.
Aetna& yastaplay =ping, the follow.
Itarddleara 'were' sleeted: Dfreotom4
,EL .11towa, l'lttabargb; IL 0.
= ri rtnablugh: J. N. /Zs' lentarger,
• ht . John F.•Dravo. Plttabtusb;
. 1 • Chdp,,,tllttsbarahr,
Ide ••• Dangimm ' cKees
,..:oolt. ,•
Cridg. Trourarar—lL O.
sf.7.lltur AgellUtese sdnet Eisass.;4lte
sehool home ot the Hibusd - Dteulet
attheid r puhirdedtbated gaudy di
. • mi eddissatvlant. Thus wee
nahothasemademtetor. eittmeoe, th e
• WS loded /Anted seenino.stnd inter
del itimPorauesteat 41410 tenne•P:
ilidirrett r edso le President of the Mullet
tjannelframe elasinirrihdhmeen: Ades
viittispis end' Ma l I nI ZWV 'at
the tineheniend•ottiena ,
jeetir heoadier•thehr; - heel
acesuzx4kweedehdekhousa. I . .ra- .
AlielltwrldlW-ar Coed and aeatteiss•
• pabbery wag
,yemetrsted ismigs " y r igig
the store or Blowy Solstice, oon
htlinteldp. Eta late : boric • wu
&inn up to the door, when the Wane
etlettettut entranoe rito the establish.
mind by toning term& a penalised un.
Weida the door. They their filled the
inmowlth dry goods, .groceries and
/. 1- !iscas - ;.ba all about three hundred dol.
Ise. worth, with which the deliberate•
ly durnorl. Memnon and hone were
MWnuhora • firmer In the: sedghbOr
',kw* Then lan° °1. 01 4° Ih• WWI"'
ad Intimations iatin "Amottor Erroll to
- wocumsne• the canvas' fbr looOltur at
mat; and accordingly Minim wit nOW
s• Wct. r =7 l. re 411ireAr's ev of ry 2:
who, ln any prohabilig may be liable to
tax, will too famiabed with a blank form
and requested to make returns under .
NUL 'ls is to be ho that 'prom re.
• ' ports will be made. it ped
it is if
Wrding. to nuke the records and asseas.
Monts. Iflogiuble, more thorough than
• test of the Pittsourgh gas was made
yesterday by onr.lorpector. Mr.
at the cdSos of the Osseo:en:en
' ea Smithfield streak Which
- • neentdering the media= of the woo:.
'pine, very nit The tan were
',weed* fla= " 7leautoMer, ruling
, armed burner erne lifteturholee Con
' Intrateg five ruble fete of gm per.
equal hoar.
. width made the city gm to be to
gerventeen end a ball candies in
Another ten was made is
beingks ot toe Company. resulting in
equal to eighteen and six .tenth
mediae. The difference in the teats is
caned by the deterioration of the quali
ty of theses between the pieces where
pa Meta were made.
.... . .
. . ............,_.......-_____-
-v i g W : R
A,44 , i-ftw.4 , mq , . 4 'W .
.-'-'Ol-i.4 ,:,.:-..,.?.-..,,,,..,
The Hanlon Cans—a Sensation Spoiled—
Not a Murder—Margaret Banton Bit
'charged front Custody.
The death of Philip Banton. Brinton
Station, a short time since, an account of
which we published la the Gaztrrra,
and which bi still, doubtless, fresh in the
minds of our readers, created an intense
excitement In the neighborhood in which
nocurred, and statements afterwards
published, originating, evidently, from
the fertile imaginations of a few gosalp
lug women In the vicinity, led the public
to 'believe ttist an atrocious crime bad
been committed: a crime which would
consign theperpetrator of it, if convicted,
to an ignominious death; to be sus
pected of which would - be sufficient to
forever blast the reputation of the
person Implicated. Rumor aald the
man had been pawned and report,
Dame Rumor's ready and willing mop
banger, stated• Dirt Margaret Banton,
daughter of the deceased, a mere child,
being only sixteen years of age, had ad
ministered the fatal potion which made
her an orphan and sent her father to the
bar of judgment without time for repent
ance. A. grave and serious charge under
any drcumatanoes, and the person who
made it should, before giving publicity
to vague suspicion, and thus aid the cir
culation of the vile slanders, the off
spring of the evil Imaginations, of
thoughtless,- not to say evil disposed
persons, should have pondered well the
facts and found at least some ground of
suspicion other than what appears to
have been discovered In this came._ _
-. As we have previously stated. Infer-
Mallon was made against the child, Mar
garet Barton, charging her with the
murder - of her fattier by administering
poison to him, and *Le innocent defence
less creature was arrested and commit
ted to Jail to await the result of the Coe.
over'■ boveatigation. One of the rumors
afloat widen tended to cast suspicion on
the girl was that a glees containing a
white power, supposed to be poison. had
been secreted by her, and that the place
of concealment had been made known
by her younger sister. The glass was
found and brought to the city, when the
girl was arrested and placed In the hands
of the Mayor; who submitted it to Prof.
Wuth, the chemist, who was also em.
pioyed to make • chemical analysis of
the stomach. The Yrofessor examined
the contents of the tumbler and found
nothing but lard and salt In It, and so
Informed his Honor, who at once decided
to discharge the girl from custody, nn
lesittliere was some other evidence to
warrant him in detaining her. She
was brought out of Jail yester
day for • hearing, and John C.
McCarty, Eoq., her counsel, demanded an
lavestlgation- He said that the girl had
been arrested and confined In prison on
mere rumors, and that although the
Mayor could set her at liberty he could
not relieve her from the reproach and
stigma that had been cast upon bar,
character by the arrest. Ms Honor said
he had no objection to • hearing, but if
there was no evidence against the girl he
would have to discharge her. He then
called on Coroner Clawson to Mate what
he knew of the case.
The Coroner said that when the io.
quilt adjourned be directed the Jury to
commrmicate to blue any new develop
ments that might be made. and, In ac
cordance with that request, John Admits
and John L Russell, of Port Perry, bad
written him a letter relative to the find
ing of the glass. His Honor then read
the letter, ster which the girl wag, dis
charged, and provided With a lkettot to
Brinton Station.
We learn that considerable prosseee
has been made in analyzing the stomach,
bat that tat tritest of poison have as yet
been sound l it. and the probabilities
are that the man died from Dame other
The Allegheny Peace—New Appoint.
meats Under Mayer Callow.
Last evening the Police Committee Of
Allegheny Councils met at the Mayor's
Office, in conjunction with Mayor Cal
low, to consider the appointment of a
police three for the eniming year. There
ware nearly live hundred applicants for
peidtioni, which, although presenting
abundant niatintel, rendered a selection
pretty difficult. The C.ouputttee were In
sestlon until after M O'clock. The fol.
towing are the Minns or the ellenteaful
. .
James Duncan Chief of Police.
John P. Kennedy, Captain of Night I
-Wm..flowdata, Jackson Scott, Benjamin
Clark, emguat Ekle, Henry Hem, Ed
ward Monza, Charles B. Sayers. Richard
Geary, Hugh Mitchell, Wm. L. Kennedy,
Richard Wllson, John Brown, Haab
Wilson. Josep h Oldther,
Baekilsott MB‘WatikSlKel•
Looksgp, John fesi,g, W oMciterd
Whittaker, W. I"- H. Tyler, Hnnry
nilre. - Bhert'LleaseYils ik-M:lntYres
'James Horner, Henry Betitert; H.
Bork, A.. W. Swearingen,,WariShielda,
Wm. Merriman, Wm . . Wet, John
Syllenberger. Nicholas Troutman, Wash
Ington Swain, Onsuglas, John
lairert.Y.Y'redarick BretangeW,
The new police will weer - an uniform
similar to
_that yar i t n i vi Zithe old firm.
ThßitfirYor Vas I . seem
pia daVictilf eV ng., gal 114; ars re
quested to asset at the 'Mayor's oillee
this afternoon at throe o'clock, for andips•
moot of madtion. No soleoUon hes yet
by the Mayor of .Lientenanta
or men for the tides forge, bat HIM will
hi attended to as soon as possible.
House of Refuge.
We glean from • proof slip copy Otitis
=Mud report 'of the officers of the
House of Refuge, that the whole num
tirre of inmates recedireft. during the year
1301*". boys, 68 AWE, 124 total, 82. The
whose ownbar reutaloiogla the HMIs
on the 28th of Deceintpkgeg t aren. brig,
alrlieVitei colored, girls,' white, 47;
ikdonsti, 14; tenet, 218. 'The Whole num
discharged daring the year was 120.
We learn from the Treasurer's report'
that $BB3 were paid for interest, and that
the institution Is carrying a debt of sem
end thonasnd dollars. The various re
ports of the President, Superintendent
and officers are full of details
from' which the workings - of the
hughtttion can les studied. We
have neither time or apace to refer
to the subject further than tosay, that,
in pur,ornion no reformatory Minna
tiOn In the State or country accogil t iabee
M e [Ojeda had to view by !Mori nears
better than this. Trio order and d pline
oilaidintly maintained, and the effect ore
the inmate* of thisorder and discipline
persistently carried: obt, together with
the, moral and intellectual cditnee lea
parted by the dully laschtngi, and the
industries. of :the establisproent. have
denMustrate4 - thetr onnlY is !no omit
plata reformatted el Mot antis inmates,
huedredsuf sitanar, having rasched the
alms of honor =dhotis pat - out SO ease.
Ws. haePrOrigt Obi dWgirctitaitftlite ,
fed helps and *neatest', good edits**.'
An institution so useful and 'so bene
twentutw. JMealenot he left
to labor or &b. or depend upon
.44Wake helpers rHa ability to gainir.
Urns noble Work. We 'Huta the
Dewey appointed Board of Chasid* will
nellirews lt by with a harried visit, bat
Hod Hwy wILL ir ia gltdn.
flanns...aa• •so • • • •
and, appreciate the w an and vigor of
a.g'B Sufi the adapts.
tion and succealtof Modally and hourly
Cada 'told routine. - They would And,
auttlems„doubtless, tome obdurate arid incurable
would emend &large
majority, ofth e y who havespentsivsral
months in the house est/ens of-or
der and progress, and or exemp lary be:
hatter. We think' this institution, hav
ing to deal with the young, with whom
rwarrnation isposible,shoutdoOmixtend
itself to a more careful vWbjEor, sod
perhaps a mots liberal legislative favor
than is dueostleust with hope of good
results, to penitentiaries, whirs only
*delta, made op largely of hardened
es if these young
persons cannot be subjected to the re.
attaining anebreforming - influences of
such apace, they would, grow up Into
hardened • offenders and eventually
Cote inuanotoof .penitentlaries. The
Weary= UMW of Refuge 4e,beyond
guardian delft • great work Mr exist',
and &dug It well,pind should therefore
be upheld by the hearty dimmable" of
the oommonity, nod byllbered ald from
the Commonwealth. Here la beautifully
exemplified the maxim of ...Poor Rich
ard,"...ll. stitch In dine will nave nlne.".
Nerthastni Fire Ileierance Co.
The Pittsburgh agent of this titantith
sad' tellable Chicago Fite Inuairallee
Ocenpany, Mr. Edw.-I. Hughes, hula
moved to 100 Fourth avenue. This von
psratim II one of the safest In the town.
try, and enjoys place la trabllisooneleuse
second to no other. liberal In Its terms,
prompt- to 101111 and to the lad cent to
settle Its llahiUttes,. generous and ton.
siderite In Its management, we do not
marvel that It hu been so ancassaftd In
our city. The agent, Mr. Hughes. widely
sad favorably known, Is prepared totake
polldes etas low and reasonable rates as
possible. and we cheerfully commend
him and the company he represents to
the cooddenos and patronage of our
District court—Judge Kirkpatrick
-MONDAY, January 24.—The argument
on the motion for compulsory non.itult In
the cage of McClurkan vs. Thompson.
wee resumed at seven o'clock lest even.
Henry McCullough, et al., heirs at law
of WilUan McCullough, vs. George H.
White, trustee. etc. Amicable action to
determine who aro the legal heirs and
representatives of Wm. McCullough, do.
ceased, in order that the funds in the
hands of the trustee could be properly
distributed. Verdict for plaintiff for
$2,342 IL
Adam Heineman vs. :ItobL Henry, et
al mei fa stir, mortgage on property !sit
uate In Tarentum borough. Verdict for
Plaintiff In them= of ;5,180 95. subject
to the opinion of the Court on a question
of law reserved.
Hill, Patterson & Co. vs. Baker R. Han
lon, ad fa. stir. mechanic's lien S against
property on Congress street, Pittsburgh.
Oa trial.
FA Flinn vs. Graham.
112 Jacob, vs. Schoen & Laurent.
114 Nichols vs. Modes.
117 Pittsburgh & Little Beaver Creek 01
W. va. Stevenson.
118 Kennedy va. Schultz.
118 Grant vs. Scott.
122 Maltby ve. Schultz & Danner.
128 Hartnpee & 00. vs. McDonald
Common Pleas NC., I—Judge Sterrett.
• MONDAY, January 24.—1 n the Common
Pleas Court Room, Judge Sterrett pre
siding, the case of Frans vs. Jones &
Laughlin was resumed, and had not
been concluded when court adjourned.
Common Pleas Nail—Judge
MONDAY, Januar4.—ln the Quarter
Sessions Court Room, Judge Col
lier presiding: Christi vs. Dittman.
Action to recover damages for "words
spoken" or defamation of character. It
is alleged that Mrs. Dittman. a resident
of - Birmingham, had used language de.
mgatory to the character of the plaintiff,
Mrs. Christi, and this action was brought
to recover damages alleged to have been
sustained by plaintiff In consequence
of the same. Op trial.
Royer &Bro. vs. Win. B. Hays. Action
of trespsaa. Verdict for plaintiff in the
stun of 340 50. Motion for a now trial.
and reasons tiled by defendant's counsel.
384 Malelds vs. hicAbny.
76 -Delaney vs Baldwin
88 Welber ve. came.
83 Murray ye. Schreiner.
102 Shaffer ve. Wolf.
103 Elliott vs. McAboy.
97 Cook vs.
. .
9$ Holsinger vs. Patton's executors.
Schoulof Design for Women
&intone °avert's: Having had an
Invitation to attend the examination of
the Pinaburgh School of Design for
Women, held on Friday, although our
time was somewhat preoccupied far
that day, we cogitated and planned
to set apart a couple of hours to see with
Our own eyes what load been sooompli■h
ed during a year in this valuable loati•
Union, and well were we repaid with, as
it has often been a subject of thought
how are the Intelligent, thoughtful
gent in this community regarding the
educating women for a special education
In life. Only five years ago, a few ear
neat men took up the tank of placing
wit bin the reach of the masses of wo
men .a broader, more thoughtful and
practical education, they, intact, said
women should have for mental develop
ment all the advantages men have, we
will do our part by giving all poss ible
facilities in the field of art, that opens
many doors, various shades of talent
-can here be encouraged and developed:
even If It does not emitter all our expec- :
tatious,el least It will reline and Cult!.
vale their taste for a better appreciation
of the works of others, It ntll occupy,
strengthen and enlarge the mind. Our
homes will feel the effects of such cul
ture in a purer taste and more eoonemy,
for ugliness is often - moat experudve
and beauty within - the reacm - of moderate
means, with snow/lodge to select and
combine; en the- actions of these few
said we will make the experiment,
and on Friday morning the au•wer came
home to tie, as we could - wish it
might do to every Individual in
these chide, and it was In toe following
manner On enteribg theta roams, some.
time after the committees had commen
ced work, we beheld a nurriber or our
artists who grudgetfrmnently time spent
from their easels, ana firtnent tally
occupied, almost _Overworked men of
beldame. handingtifertbedifferual aced
leo allotted to ttiltit eitionittatiOn, eb.
sorted in °notedly:ileum err - Vehemently
.debating-with triedt-fellOw jurmi,7, Ore
comparative nreeitiltdeeme wtirk
sae!, perharo, almost twin like, that the
Judge' he satisfied by awarding
to each' equaltiy of tninit. It ;3 delight
fill to sed'ibis ferveY-ito - libar ttle earnest
oxidate, smog w ith all iniCh - care' im If ,
the phidures were Ole work 4f artiste of
standing and competing Por entrance to
gaurae exolusive eghibitten —thus was my
odicin answered—thin work is approci.
ated—it lea anceetigg — Only to an Impor.
,taut admit would men give the best hours
ors day, the time• when business Is at
its height griatikti are Open—the time
when light ie selpareittor the ilegotees
of the brash. I we would not fold
our h,ande and believe the many fully •
msderstapd this work, tithe' the crowd
at butt year , . exhibition gave evidence of
lts growth Ittioputar favor; but to those
who have net yet sintlYgetell Its merits we
would aayi This instillation giver a thou
on& education In art—not mere delluea
loil-410 delineation based on galan
tine principles, Geometry, Feripective
and the hrlolloB of color. fbe picture!' In
the Oil clans fully prove the power these
g:rla have obtained, bulb 10 elhernes• or
form and combination or color. There
were Painting*, torsi' for rich contrast of
cotor, in drapety. and ornament, with
accurate representation of fruit most
tempting In its apparent Insclowinees;
dOwnypeapheit, grapes, almost dropping
t og In s imm, and an orange that one
wondered how the owner could have
left untested—wonid grace any of our
large art galleries. Time and apace
would felt to tell of tho landscaper see
simulating time and space, transmuting
us from therooms of study to cool, ter
dint resting places; from the summer
beat, where the wearied brain could re..
pose and ascend from "nature up to
nattirVe God."- Again, others that make
one wish that sit poor, suffering human,
creatures could be taken to warm fire-
sides, out of the show and cold. That
Phase of Landscape gaverise to the
thought that if all women Would deter.
mine to be perfect In some branch of In.
drafty, they would, If " home and
Mende should fall," have resources of
their own which woad yield them bread
and raiment.._
The trouble with our sex IC not the
Withhtildlng of tights. but Abe withhold
ing of needful training and education.
If aba had &bone When the., hOIV of need
came to use Mena there would be fewer
poor waifs Out to the cold.
In the department of 'flower painting
In water colors the proven was rquilly
marked. Last year there were few stu
dies from nature—this a number.- We
beheld summer flowers, reminding of
deUelsoa perfume; autumn hay* au
=to some that the melancholy
l g love come, the oddest of the year."-
but which give us snob Weariful beauty
of kdialiet -fin" tender and Clelloalse
woodlinageme r the garden's pride;
and &NMI All of these studies
praetical development
In ilinstistion. Why should not our
woman catupetawitb a likket Voider or
Fern In giving such things of beauty tq
our homes lu the Cretonnes of an Hooch
Arden' or Whittler's ballads.
Already In lids city one of the designs
executed In the School is manufactured
into • let of glass.
Our parting wish Is future great pro. .
Been to this excellent School, and :Liao
that we may soon see It In more specious
and comtplettoute rooms.
Real Estate Traufers
•- • I
The following deeds were admitted of
record In the office of The. -R. neuter,
Recorder for Allegheny adman Mottday.
January" 24, 187IZ:".: •
Dr. A...W Barr bllll4 tlee7.:Tet sexy '7O. ICI.
""4,7_L24,7.161°8 - !.41 , 1 0 0 7.1 1. beeeetee7th
lbolomonl3.ll.g Yoalsb WHIM*. Dee. 17.13 t:
ten. lots ent rartro Land. saleabeey....ey
Jute Slut to 111110 Seen. Nutt. &Nutlet
la oy 17 restos Tarty fount. alre7l 7 l7lb ward
_lltt•barsh 403
use Ise .11 to 7. J. entletsos.• Om. Ito.
IS:1S nests tos Wetland &venom.
Wts.'l.s. mut, • r... 0 seitiUblef. ,11: •
It. - 11071; 0.7 s no. I Sol 2.l.7ktems . • eke, bor . .
77 ;f e l l Ie ti fei . Y. tt
ei t . d itt i it b itrJoho 140000 "Ism 1
IJ3IO lefeliss of 11111:(1 101 .1061 ICS IOWASIIp
Items to lame. mot. Mat 7. acres we a l;
TC:! h s e e,.7:ll4:;ffolf At l 4 o lro . lite t, Ire .8 lerl
tot r. by ILC. 7tet. ea Bachmann Seem&
to t 1 1a
. lame to Wm. Httsltee,' flue. It, 'ItM; to • at
by feet 17 11417.0 .t. Of .' ruzby Oat
L. der.huld to li ler. Noe. I. 130071.4
• - by 73 lett en p oesystreet. last Dam's 7.
, uutt . , 7, Ittat
7 t ig . tri ISO tn is l A! 11 Ina I neb. to
Mothlog Ls more Wholesome or more
agreeable than a KIM of ale taken at
dinner with your roast beef. I; aide
Oration, Invigorates the system, and
pate fat on your bones. Try Pler, Dan.
nab -Ocs.'s ale, made at the Oregon
Brewery, on Stememon street.
Jacob Martin Trice as an Accessory—HU
Acquittal—Mrs. ebugart Insane.
The Shugart poisoning case was re
vived in the Criminal Court of Butler
county last week. The trial, which
resulted in the conviction of Mrs. Philo
pena Shugart for the murder of her hus
band, Jacob Shugart, by poison, was
reported in fall In the Gsarrre, and hue
not yet faded from the remembrance of
our readers.
Simultraeoria with the arrest of the
woman, for the mime, an alleged para
mour, Jeoob Martin, was taken into cus
tody and subsequently Indicted as an
accessory before the fact. Tuesday last
his trial came up. Ow!ng to the at
tion which Mrs. ShimarVa trial at
treated In June bud, it w ee found almost
Impossible to secure a jury of men who
had not formed and expreased an opin
The first day was occupied this
matter, and on Wednesday re ming,
Martin was brought Into Court od ar
raigned. District Attorney W. H. Oiler
was assisted by Messrs. James. Stadia
and John Q A. Scatty/A,' Han. The
counsel far the defense were E. Mo-
Junkin and Thomas Robinson, Ems. and
Cot. John M. Thompson. .
Wednesday. Thursday and Friday
were occupied In the examination of
witnesses, consisting principally of the
members of the Shugart family and the
Jailors, who testified to the intimacy be
tweets Mrs. Shugart and Martin, and
their actions after being arrested. The
testimony was In substance similar to
that published heretofore, nothing new
being elicited from the ICU:vines.
In behalf of the - defense, a thw
noises were examined as to Martin's
character. Saturday was taken up with
the argument, and yesterday, after a
comprehensive and able charge by Judge
MoGnifin, the case was submitted to the
jury. They retired, but were not oOt
long when a verdict' of acquittal was
agreed upon, which was made known to
the Court. At the time of receiving the
verdict the Court house was tilled
with the people who had been attracted 1
by that strange, morbid curiosity which
seems always to vent itself In attending
on such occasions. As acmes the result
woe announced, proclamation was made
and the prisoner stepped from the box
a fees man. There was no unusual dem
onstration, the people seeming to take
the matter coolly. A few momenta
afterwards Martin disappeared from the
Court House In company with some
Since her trial Mrs. Shugart has be
come hopelessly insane. At Brat this
was thought to be only i rose to avoid
the punishment attached io her crime,
bat as time wore away and she became
worse instead of better. It became sp.
parent that she was really a maniac—
made so by the trouble, excitement and
long imprisonment which she has un
dergone. At times she is qcdus violent
and us with diMculty held In check. She
Is still kept in pilson but there is some
talk of having her removed to a more
appropriate place. Farther action will
depend upon the report of the commie.
aion appointed to Inquire into her eondl
tion, a writ de hinalieo haprirendo hay.
log boon granted by the Governor.
It would appear that ruffianism reigns
supreme in some portions of the Seven
month ward, and thatthe polka force in
that locality was insniTleleat te =unbars.
A serious row occurred in that locality
Sunday night in which officer Heed was
severely fasten by orditigha." ft appears
that the officer discovered a gang of
loafers near the new cemetery gate, who
were acting in ► disorderly meaner, and
requested them to move on, when one of
the party made some Impeitinent - reply
and refused to comply with the officer's
request. The officer arrested him, where
upon the whelp gang met upon him, res
cued tbo prisoner and beet the officer.
His mace and handy billy were taken
from him, lie received a severe, but not
dangerous cut behind the left ear, and he
wee rolled eixiut In the mud until his
clothes were utterly ruined. When the
ruffians left him he started towards
town, and after going a short distance
met officer Hare. Together they started
In pursuit of the party and overtook
some of the men. • A surrender was or
dered, but one of the rowdies tired two
shots at the officers. after which the
party of "roughs" ran away. One of the
shots took effect on officer Hare wound.
log him in the hand. , 'He fired after the
fugitives, but apparently
.without effect.
The names of fps p rincipal TartiCipents
In the a ff ray are ' knovrn, and warrants
Ar are out itir then arteet: ' •
. •
Aprtuor Serder
Sp . &gray marred 40 Trniontown, Fa ;
gotta amity, Saturday night. Winton
Henry Pavan and .1, drama Dvvre, which
an about any yeasts of age, and raddid
a abort distaste, from Uniontown, which'
pace he vbdted cm Saturday night, ind;
as was itte cupitotn, got drunk. Paring
the eviroing, ha 4,tittWlati,
yontruMan of anent r Team of
ago, with. 1411341 he • Ilitiolsay, Dad
a difficulty. met and,elreergal mum&
Dom atm* Lowe. UP d_ipirit ,
after which he kicked MSS. tuna
about the bead smatbenatampet on b
Lowe ettrylvod.bia4„,.4.74 """45e-siliree
quarters of an Mani. Dona; wint gnat. ed, and Juntas tiolmee, of tqatbatown,
ecupannered ajary atul, held an inquest
qu the body. Dm Walker and Stargeon
made a post soarjan examination, and
gave their opinion Met dea th been
caused by concussion of the brain, by
reason of the motorist Injutlee received,
mpecially a contrition behind the right
ear. The Jury returned a verdict 'that
the said Lowe dame to Ole death by in-
Juries Indicted on blebead by said Donau
The prisoner is a single man. Us: was
ember at the time of the affray, but hie
general reputation la said to bo bad.
Lpwo area a dangerons and bad man
when drank. , •
The /LaVoie 14si Night,
Damns the inciamencycd the wiesitar
a cold, heavy rain ravalitijkir, a very large
and ,consplcuonsitintaillimut audience
assembled lug night at the dmidenty. of
Moslem the ocesslonof 'the fine bsatitre
of Prot' George V. Tinker:lf; D., on
"Light and thot3pectrosoops.. o ! .
The so to
Jed was so plainly discussed. elucidated
or such an intelligent manner and 11-
Migrated with such basun .1121
meets, that while great information on •
dark subject was itupouted, the audience
were pleased, entertained and , sada
dad. To night the second. lecture _ov
continuation of the And, will be de
livered at the Audeniy, and we look for
even greater attendsoce than that which
marked the intalleelusl occulou of last
evening. Prof. Marker made manifest
in the lecture his own high order of cul
ture. training add' scientific knowledge.
and hie opacity. to instruct his hearers
in shamus _tuners In • simple, plata
and oompreltenaltd• Counter. - We ;urge ,
our residers tofu mount taillight, they
rarely have strardedwooh epportunl as
it to
tie purawd;adifiedand snstruesedi and
the subplot irestiod bons which largely
occupies the attention of the learned. of
the whole world.
1. Onam. liousi.—A. large and. fashion.
OM andante assembled at' the Opera
Rouse lest evening 'to Me Mr. Minn
forest In ulticheiled."thee
loagbeen &vette: lirllttabargbi and
the reception he met with lestsvmting,
which was the nommencement of a .011er
engagement of five nights. only plainly'
Indicated thin big friends still held him
In kind remembrance. ..11.tobetievi7 'ls
not his manages; plow). yet the andienen
wore well passed with his rennltiOn of
It led evening.. This evening be will
hre p r r inab"ollidreanninda'w" which
as nearly perfect as any man on OM
The Gee laipeetor
Yesterday (as stated elsewhere) vbdttd
tho gas work.. The standard
Clog power required by law is fifteen
candles, but. the lestaimeor lound the
power at the workeeto be eighteen and a
half, and at the office of tb,p.t.bmpany, On
dpilthdeld street, sovenlEs4 end a half
candles. The test wss msol4 daylight,
when the mum amount itivesure
not applied as Is regale! Alt night, to
supply the increased oonaWmption.' No
nodes, west given of the lute ad tepee
tlon, and had the test been eat night
we have no,reasou doubt I • favor.
able result would have been „.
Quite an Interesting religious revival
is now In progress at the Ner(li avenue
It. R. Church, Allegheny. Ray. E. J.
Grev, pastor. Already thirty Wro
feud oonverelonounl the Intece me
to ho Inorettaing. • . •
For the put Me; Weeks. ICUs
asrviese have been hhhg . lll - the' with
nein street nnd* . E.
Murales. Dodos, t potent , week
the ungregatloos wilt quiteand eon.
Untie In toe services - In the Liberty
street Church.
An Alarm of are wan. notinded tbU
morning from box 7b, mrner of BMW
and 4810 streets, Seventeenth ward, not
owing to the Interims of lb. hour we
could incertaln no partkulars.
Meeting or the Committee of Arrange.
menu_Programme of Exercises.
The Committee appointed to make ar.
rangementa for the Department Convec
tion of the Orand.Army of the Republic,
which assembles in this city On Wednes
day next, held et meeting yesterday af
ternoon and adopted the following pro
The committee will receive the Orand
Commander and member)] of his staff
at the Union depot, on Wendosday morn
ing, at 9 o'clock. and escort them to the
blonongbahela House.
At 1 o'clock F. at. of the same day,
all member' of the at.,
Army In the
county are requested to meet at the
Union Depot for the purpose of recelv,
log delegates from the east and escort. I
big them to the Mel. -
The delegates will form at the. Monon
gahela House t 3 o'clock P. at., and
march in a bed to Lafayette Hall, when
and where the convention- will be or
On Wedneeda evening, at half past sev
en o'clock, there will be a reunion of the
members of the Order of this county
and the members of the convention.
The reunion will he open to all, and the
public are cordially Invited to attend.
Interesting and eloquent addressee
will be delivered by 'leveret distin
guished soldiers who have been Invited
and are expected to be present.
The banquet for the delegates and. In.
cited uests will take place at 11%
A Bank Suspended—The Cashier and
Teller to the Tombs The Fixtures
Captured. '
A prominent bank on Third avenue
al:upended operations lard evening and
the cashier and teller were arrested and
locked up In the tombs'. 'The Institu
tion referred to is a "faro bank," the
destinies of which are presided over by
Lige Hall, and the cause of the stuipen-
Mon an Inlormation made before the
Mayor by otticor Dressler chars
log Elijah Rail, et al, with
keeping a gambling house. 'Oa this
information a warrant was Issued and at
- half past ten o'clock last night a raid
was made on the Institution. The king
bee was not in the hive and consequently
was not captured. The raid was success.
ful notwithstanding this fact. The
"tools," Including a "deal box," "lay
oat," "checks" and other paraphernalia
Incident to.a faro bank, were captured.
Some fifteen or twenty persons were in
the house when the raid was made and
five or six, including tbo "dealer" and
"lookout" were arrested and taken to
the lockup. Ike latter two being !nein.
1 dad in the Information, were locked up,
while the others were permitted to retire
upon leaving a deposit of 115 each for
their appearance this morning.
- ' Committee Meetings.
At a meetirg of the Printing Com
mittee of Allegheny Councils, held last
evening, Mr. Slack presiding, the.Comp
toiler was authorised to contract, with
the papers elected to do the city print
ing, at the same rates kir 1870 as those of
1869. The question of selecting a City
Job Printer was discussed, but-. no
change was made In this respect from
last year. the letting of this work being,
lett optional with those In charge of the
different department&
The Committee on City Property met
et the same hoar. Mr. Riddle, Chair.
Man, stated the Mayor nail sailed blest
Mutton to the necessity for a new floor
and Iron door across the hall loading to
the cells in the look-np.. Provlator
were made for these repairs. The mate
ter of providing better accommodations
for the City Engineer was disclaimed at
Month. The construction of a wing to
the City Building for the Controller apd
Engineer was milted of. It, wsui though
thle might be erected at a comparatively
extra expense over that proposed In the
plan of last year, while curb a position
would be permanent and the other only
temporary. No definite action, - how
ever, was taken.
Mew Brigoton corretpondenee.
Balamas, Jan. 24, 1870.
The feature of our quiet village for the
put fortnight has been the far given
ander the sondem of: the -ladies of fit:
Joseph% Cabello &firth; Whicb`Prinftil.
a derided *ib* tn
, Opttapilite hapdaoe
inn, of 114,C4(1, which goes towards the
erection pts new ahoy* edifice in place
of the one now occupied, which, by
•nt of lts limited dimensions and din*
Wed state, la uugt for thotirgetudoori,
Illintilipaseessullignainher ot Unship.
pers.- tlattotrofeterineetorof the file is
Aloe tithe agerta of the efficient and pop.
Ws:petter s Rev. J. .C.lttellin, m om.
inidly j live.Tenkes . prieat—who known
bow to • Ptak. Maud( • Pat tkomati What.
aver bia let'utt be' cut. He is profuse
in his thank' to the Protestant portion of
our otturtomffy for thelf . liberat patron.
'am ant. to. Abe Atone hands of Few
Brighton, who. on altarnalit Wets, Alt_
evened swealento
— 24 "l""t e nothing else that would inter,.
esi:rour.reattors- TAW, Etitho brAer
Prttito dartetod night, too—but adios.
• 'e.wa
mad for TrLI,
R. Hausa, i cigar manufacturer, on
Eleventh 'greet, this city, was errestad
bt . Robert McCready, U. 8. Revenue In.
apectbr, and taken before U. 8. Com.
misakmer Gamble for a hearing on a
charge Of violating the revenue law. It
ailprld that the defendant refilled old
Lovell - with cigars and sold them without
Paying the Government tax, an also that
be placed m
tban I
• larger number of cigars in
thx allowed. tis urt her ding.,
ed th lm at baba' been guilty (
pf mutants&
luring tgldifelllng cigars from his show
ease vdtbolut having paid the tax. The
ostabliehment was Weed and the defen
dant wee bald to bolt for trial.
gait Delivery.
A cpcnewil jail deUvery occurred at
Tithontin F•Yetto county, Saturday
evoning..;'• =et Burton, imprisoned for
larcenyi David Hirer and John Wicklow.
fbr paublie own:deacon currency, Harm
Smith; for stabbing John Baldwin, at
Cookittrilin, and Wm. Dever, for murder,
escaped front the jail In that place about
five o'cidelti•by prying the grating Onto(
a windervi, through which they passed to
the jail wall • and then lumped to the
ground. II dietetic° of eighteen or twenty
feet. - Tbb Sheriff pursued the prisoners
for some distance, but failed to, recapture
any of thend - ' •
• .
Alleged larceny. •
Info:via W was made belbre the May.
dryestailday. by Lewlsleatarne, charging
Isaiah PFloe, aka/ Ateiander Wets, with
the larcsiiiy of a proullsear*uote for IMO
It ses from the Inforniation, which
bete k• the facts of the ciao In detail,
that sore time since the defendant gave
the prolictitor Lie Mite . 1111 1:9 2 3 1, /Or
POO. lie subsegsteM/y , Pald elms oilf the
note mute ebOrt Uwe since. it Is alleged,
the note vows nresented odueettab -by
the eon Of the prosecutor. and when an
presented tke defendant took It out of
hle hanging destroyed It by tearing it
to Near. , A warrant wag hotted.
• - Wideman ana sire.
Aboutkill put one o'clock yesterday
as explosion occurred at the Petroilto
Olt -Bertram, In the Twelfth ward. It
appoint that the refinery has Wen idle
for some days put and yesterdays Lire
was started tinder a still in which there
was 'quantity of tar. The man
beads pot been properly secured end
an imp) Mu occurred, blowing out the
end oft oaMil. %Tim tar caught lire and
an ala o s ta -sOntidod from box 65, to
which OD gel, istapouded but did not
go into ca. The damage will not
exceed 11090. ' ~ , ,
if youyobr fair drawled or
frizzled aft Or tho - lattatjMa•oo. • com
fortable "gam • laxorlous bath or •
little •13111111 cupping and leeching, toy
or •11,10-to Willtsmoon'a popular saloon,.
No 190 A'aderal street. Alla•bony.
Reeked Farina forme a very agree
able light nutritive food, a eaperior matt,
de an Wangs eadJailleb and hiblith/7
recommended by physicians for invalids
and anildree.:' Sold by all groan% T
Callietation Water is a aertidn eare ite
Diabetes and all diseases of the Eld.
nem -Mbrusle by all Draggle% •
—A mi4pura An exp.:Natoli of the
Norestneel l fr and urolfreee of the
Metbodbit h.* *al preached by
the Rev. C. bieCabo. Ot Obboolt4
St. Luke's MR. Mora. Ebosttarnons
!DlG Mr. MeWe zidtanted the NNW=
of Father .Hean Met to 1900 Ude
country would be wholly papist.
—Fatimatee Jrl the proposed mat to
Bon n
East River with Lona bdand
Boned Ire nearly ready to be eebtoliled
to the Government. The cattails to be
000 feet In length. 600 feet In width and
40 feet deep. -
Additional Markets by Telegraph, ---
ALBANY, January 24.—The receipts of
Beeves for the week were 4,450 h ea d w ith
an average quality Improvement on last
week. A few choice steers broaght
advance, but the bulk of sales show no
Improvement; the highest price realized
for good Kentucky steers was 934 c; fair
to good butchering Illinois and Ohio 734
@B%c, light stock at 5%®1154c. Sheep:
a few droves of better quality than last
week brought better prices, but the bulk
*as of a similar quality; miles to a fair
extent at 434®834c, latter for extra Can.
ads. Hew: only a sale or 65 Michigan
at 93.4 c. •
PIIILLDELPIIIA, Jan. 24.—Provisions
And Whisky unchanged. Beef ba ttle in
fair demand and firmer; sales 1 extra
Penna. and western steers at 934 ®IONC,
fair to good 7(490, common 5®634c per
lb gross. gheep higher, with sales of
' 19,000 head at 6®90 per lb gross. Kegs
dull; sales 4000 at 111@11,50 for slopped,
112,60 ®13,60-for corn fed.
BALTIMORE, January- 24.—Mess pork
quiet at 129,50@30. Bacon firm and ao•
tote; rib aides 16 , 4®1634c, clear aides
170, !boulders 13%0, hams 19®200. Lard
quiet, 17@1734c. Whisky 111,0134.
PAU G—on Sa day utabt. Jasaary 23. 1810
at is o'clock Mr. JOHN /ea u. weed 1* yew.
Tunsnel will take place from Ills late sldence,
Mae afield, on TO•nar (Toesenv) January 5155.15.
Ca rime. wilt leave Jackson's Livery - Stable at
151 o'clock.
Undertmersi corner ot.7l l th avenue and
gh street, .Pittsburgh. Gains of all kinds,
Shrouds. Crapes and Gloves, mid every descrip
tion of funeral furnishing mads furnished on the
most nameable terms In the city. Hearse mid
curtains f • bed. UM. open dm and night.
A ch
YMN AIItaboOT.CNY. watt* D , ODOOrnit
Itoolll3 countautty topplted wits. to az
11.111.1. d, ll•hogatiy and "Maloof,
postai, at taws taxying from St to $lOO. Bo•
dlts pre par. for Itoormout. Beam. and O.
floors forntsbcd; also. Kind. of MOll/111131
tiondS, If rniolred. Mos oyes at all boon, dal
and Wool.
.oarrl ' aim for firarrati. *MAO Las I.
'COTIFLNII and • all Funeral Paralament at r,
&ead rata. aur
No. 91 Federal Street,
To Make Room for Siiriog Stock.
Itne Old Ladles' Caps, wbolesale sod
Ladle.• Colored Coiseta 65e.
4 "airs Chlidren•s Balmoral Hose for Abe•
Ladles• Handkerchief., 10c.
Ladles' Naar lithe Chignons. 50c.
All Other Goods in Proportion, a
91 Federal Street, Allegheny
Bell and Brass Founders,
Made Prompt/If to Order !
Made and Kept on'Hand.
ProortetOn sO4 Mastallatuon of
L M. Coopeeslmproved Balance Wheel
0111ce, 882 PENN STEEET.
"lifer of Pena and ,Stxtb Streets
r u ltir r ift parch**. a MO pareeai for their
Would do went* .top laud examine soy !stook
VIM WAHL ol gagman desirable patterns jut
Atiyat.zu 4ND OPTICIAN'
" s elHAßizitiMegr a . Bmwll '
siglutit'kUlato ° ,WrOi k a Vi d N ° :
'saber lot, frost Tto WeloV truss No.
'mistier Lt So Yalta, 6to SW k. Dattrast
rtfotirl'ull,lgt:e4"" coal , I•astailiTes
Jammu Asa JCT. :war of BY-Lsws, £8., 7 15r ,
sashed tse ogee.
Board eirlimiSCOM-•Geo. J r erry, reddent;
R. H. Mttman. Jam Park, Jr.,Vlse Presidents.
D. Z SP Seeretary anti Treasurer,
•. Bradley, J. T. 0
lek. Jobs S. lidl= 2 llS. A. Aira reitio L
be•atatlllZ UhoC4.4llll•l3COtt,Egobt..o.6oluacrr,
Christopher Zug.
1..1. W. It A. tI.ReU. Solicitors • Ty
W. M. HAVEN tt CO.,
HAVE VV. asps
A Good Assortment of
Corner Wood Street and Third Avenue.
*reit/kilts Flee hr. Co., adage,
At BITS. 110109.411.4 Q.
Ikmnootiont Fire pi& Co., Hartford,
, .
Marra. stop,Ouo.og.
.Planived loarntrwrif AVJLNIIIL, betwcell
Wcal sodtunll .4141, nue burgh, P.
J 11238 0 .
Nanufactsm,rs asNI Dealers la BOOTS, SHOLII
AND oArrpla. NO. NI X.ltet *Wet. rut&
DMA. Ps..
ftf"jeU4A Yealit ia trlfte T t e tti? e rteif e _ the m lim9 . 7 .
Inoue to Me Met that we .reo
maillafeetwre Bone nod Shoes for tarpons
troubled with Conn, Melons, or deformed fent
ander the personal eupsntslon of oar Mr. Ale
rlatZ tbraterof Alnetteay Cl;,, who will be
Plened to see old ealtotears sash. •We hare
Delve mode of
a s apmenunna
am., by wain:we nu be ante In VUTSMIIIat
and ea:atonable hoot. and. Mutes Mr the tender.
an feet. , ens as a Win arid he eourlomd.
Waal se Mark et stra t i
T P an KO al A ra ,
In latter of °pealeg Lintels Street
Notice is hereby gfeca that the aisemomot tbr
'dames es made by the Viewers for the odmalai
bYLlaeole street haa been filed May office for
pobecuom that lf raid " 11.1 1C1.11113.11tilare cot geld
wuptp thirty days In ut the date hereof, liens
will be filed therefor stalest the property ale
gassed veldt le tareo4 eMts and lbes, lad the mu
oolletted by legal process.
J. Y. lasktlLlC. ekty /worse,.
No. 106 TILL • .
ty . 01010 n. Jan. Alt 1170. J Muss
Oar. WARTY sal 14TH STUBS%
alailttagtunors of lapettor
till Bone, Sand Rolls & Plnloui.
.1111 W .
Slat revelled, nale eropTuala Dates. Mi
ypa aata by the bOZ be wand at the /wally Geo•
ezr7B!4"." iota A. ItilisH w.
Jann. Caber /art/ atath greets.
167, 168, 169 and 170
Are now prepared is furnish TIREOAE at Um
LOWEST MARKET RATES. Attention la Po ,
Ocularly called to our
Mutual Life Insurance Co.,
Assets, Over $500,000
All Polkles Issued by thy Company are IMYPed
tally Non•Porfeltlog after , the payment of One
Alumni Premium.
• Dividends annually declared and applied a
third annual premium, either on the Peasant
Inman. 01 the Policy. or In reduction of talids
General Agent,
161 1-2 Wood Street, (2d floor,
Of Pennsylvania.
Office, 15 Federal St., Allegheny City
M. S 1.. UHAIIAD.. ies
c.ot. B. ROBINE3OI4.
Bev. A. B. BELL, 0.13,,
Ser. S. B. NICABIT, D.D..
W. Al......Bl),_Cuider Allerhe.? Trmit 00.
JAC.). RUSH, heal lapse Agent.
11111024 DRUM. Mayor of Allegheny,
• C. W. BENNY, Hatter.
U. L. PATTEB Lumber llerohu4
• D. LIWtHI.. insurance Agent.Age nt. Cllllllt. ROO II. T. ROBINSOM 2 President..
IterCOß R .J. B. CLA OAR. RK Iieere . .sary. D.. Vies Prosaism%
C. R. BENNY. Treasurer.
• M. W. WRIT% simmer. AIMS=
WJohn MuirsidsLa, Ahern ny. Pa.
. W. , Ilvehecer. Pa.
Mee James Hollis, 'Abend, Beaver. Pe.
T. H. (hong., McKeeaport, Pa.
lieOrga H. J 01.140. BlalnTtlle. Pa.
J. B. Strayer, Johnstown. ?a.
Comma.? WWI? mutual. All Pratt. sacral..
to collar bolder. by dleldd returned Ily
from the end of the first year. All policies urn
furftithut. yal3
PHELAN'S Durizmo,
s. es IPlftb Avamte. Meow&
Capital All Paid Cp.
N.J. HUgley, liVi.OLlver, Mapt.l/01kiley.
Dare! WalLeee. S HarOnse.'A. ONolOkul.
Jake HUI, 31•Clarken. J.
tde is.,/faUsy.
HORNET H. NINO. rkekat.
COS. T .
JO H G N RSCEN Seenkkl7.
Gann Moat.
insures on Liberal "re = „ 4 ail /h 7
arid blerthe
Cer. Federal IL and Dlamoid, USW,
An n i fe. tlit EZOOND Nanewit. mum
W. W. MARTIN Presiden
]AWNSHOWN4n.,VIee President. •
K. STiv NsON. Secretary.. '
uies i gk e stifirberreer t ly. 3 . l7l..
Ina otnere,Jr. fit eoeff_ opp,
O.H rWlllisass,JUl. emPeols J. Mal InUT.
171C7,.. N. L 001147.6 WOOD • 111TH RI
Ram. eldillnat.tak Int 71.ra and Mutat BLitt
I% 01.10. . (NkpL. Ohl L. WAOYD '
=D . P . , c
w ar.
Juba Z. Yaw-U.
C4.4 . l.,e t ni, trk. J.IAr•
_w, ,
Dime. D. V
i rtr, Duane -dirt
A. 1 Alll enc. . •
Yri)!l ' A ls Wik.TT2Lce Pres'data,.
W. Y. HAIM K. Beeman'.
tr /M
ya agatart, all Wads at Ars and Magma
C'Elapir i ,WAlgum.
i i ._ 9 , i x -,...y.
vat,. WIL. V . Gamma .11011‘
t. :11171mT.,
O. . 1 .,,, m
Haney galas &Hem
Obarles Wyr Ca J. T.lo43odals.
01111,11. Wm. D.ll. T. H. Rana.
I , `.63l:(o:r.i,:la4ii.tif,ty:i:jl
8UCC8.990113 TO
W. n. ar cm n & Co.,
No. 10 811TH ST„ late St. Chile.
•irwt:Vj" reeefted 411,11`42P2141..'!.
We Arlon. Mr. MU ULAN BROM will BUD It
P. AVAX11:10100 9
Keeps eoutsatly es iitad
Cloths, Clads/1 wss and reldingli•
No. 93 1.2 Smithfield Street,
lirtiont , e OlotWax uudo to oat• to We !alert
("In OanhOLLla t s dlrrtm
Prnntracill. PA.. Jithoary nth. MO.
FN." b• received It this 0710 to JaeourY
1570. for teralahing the city with srAnal.
GRAY Be LOGAN, I 3 " 7 ' 72 • E. "il"
• large and omaplate apartment et M.ltam
and gine goon.. at tnn VW"'
47 Sixth St., 89 Fifth Avenue,
Mite Bt. Clatr. . ao.lo
£lspglaiti stook of
MOTHS, 61119/7ffERIAS,
Jut rushed bj 110111,1111 r 111:1111114
ad:. Malasat Taller. TS Sistaiteld Meet.
1y../A n 4.
At Greatly Reduced Prices.
Toimako eh It room for new epode. We win set
Wiles Ina of Mule *toe* now la More, - -
Without Regard to Cost,
• HALL AND Otlellara PiPana.
ihies i anteauortnertotCHVP PA11126 it
Na 107 iuttrer STREET,
PAPER ILiNOttititil.
.eet w rid
lee piloted ite
Imppootl.d and 1.20% to be !band elsewbere
ft ppante7. /rufous at
• •
191 Marty &red.
Le received at the ofllce of the Oder Qeeo
termaner. Military Dtvieiort of the Mluthrl,
ettleaso, lllthoth, 'oath I M.. on TUESDAY ,
rebnisay 1, 1510. for the traraporthtlon of
ladlaa suppllee %Nemec.. the totlowing palate.
as lodleite4 &Meg the time from Hue➢ $lO.
MO. to Ottobez 31, 1110. •la.:
Yrom It. Lola., 110., to Sioux City, T=3llo.
Agency, lon Randall. Whetstone Creek, Lower
Brutes and' Crew Creek Attendee, Fort Bully.
Big Cheyenne and Grand Inter Aireneles, Torts
Mee, Ilteceneon, Buford, CS., Cooks or any
-es Bust - be es*
poet that may be established at the mouth of the
hinseleshellylver, and Yost Eeotoo. .
Trom WyanttLe. Kan.. ton:oak. City. Yank
ton Ankooy, okt ttaadall , Wbetatano Creek,
Lower Benin.; and Crow Creek Aacuctea..Yort.
Bally, Big Cbarenne and Grand Blear Agendas,
Fella lllee. St , Buford. Camp, or
any post that may be establlthed at the moeth
• t the Id osektahea rivet land Fort Benton.
From Fort Leavenworth. Kan.. to Sioux City
Yes kton Agency,' Tort Banded. Whetstone
Creek, Lower Brutes and Crow Creek Agencies,
Port Sully, Bin Cheyenne and Grand lucre
Agencies, Forts like. bierenson. Buford, Camp
Cooke, or any poet tiro may be established at the
Mouth of the linmlerhell river and Fort Benton.
From Cr:Wm Neb., to Bronx Coy. Yankton
Agency, Fort Itandall, Whetstone Creek, Lower
Brutes and Crow Creek Agora., Fort Bully,
Big Cheyenne and Brand River Arsenates, Ports
Rice, Stevenson. lieord, Camp Cooke, or any
poet that may be established at the mouth of the
Muselesbell Liver and Fort Benton. .
From Blong City. lowa, to Yankton Agency.
Tort Randall. Whetstone, Creek s Lower Brutes
sod Crow Creek Anoraks. Fort tinily. Big Chey
enne and Grand River Agencies, reet. B e'.
MYII.OO. Buford, Cams Coon, or any Post
that May be established at t h e month of the
Maselesbell neer. and sort Benton.
- - - -
From Yankton Agency to Port Itendatat.
stone Creek. Lower linden and Crow Creek
Agencies. Wort Belly. Blg Cheyenne and Grand
River Agencies., Forts Mee, ntevenoon. Buford.
Cusp Cooke, or any poet that may be eatablleh•
ad at the month of the Mnscleshell Aver, and
Fort Benton.
From Tort Randall to Whetstone Creek, Lower
Brutes and Crow Creek Agencies, Fort Bully,
Big Cheyenn3 and Grand Barer *Kendal, Forts
Mee, Bteveison. Buford, c"aa c.a., or coy
poet that may be enact linked at toe mouth of the
Unteleahell river. and Tort Benton.
From Whetstone Creek After? to Lower
Brute. Ind Crow Creek;.l Feudal, Fort Sully,
Big Cheyenne and Grand . Blver Aernele a. Torts
Wee, Stevenson, Bn'ord, Camp Cooke, or any
post that may be eatablished at the month of
the Mnacleshell river, and Port Benton.
From Lower Brutes fleecy to Crow Creek
Agency, Fort Bully. BIN Cheyenne end Dread
Myer Agencies, Forte Mee, esti:trauma, Buford.
Camp Cooke, or asp Dort teat may be eetabilsbed
at the mouth or the linscleehell river, and Tort
Heaton. •
From Crow Creek Agency to Fort Bally. Big
Cheyenne and Grand Inver Agencies, Forts Klee,
Stevenson, Buford, Camp Cooke, or any post
that may be established at the month of the
Musceshell river, and Fort Bottom.
From Fart tally to Big Cheyenne and Greed
River •gencleasForls Rice, Stevenson. Bathed,
Camp Cooke, or any post thatmaybanstabtlabed
at the mouth of Minclethell river, and Fort
from Blg Cheyenne Agency to Grand River
Agency. Forts Mee, Stevenson. Bnltrd. Camp
Cooks. or arty post that may be establhbed
the motto or toe Museleahell river, and Port
iron Or”d River Agent , / to torte Mee, Ste
mmed/. Buford, Como Cooke, ok.eni poet that
may be utabllshed at the month of the Muscle
ehell river and Fort Benton.
From Port Sloe to Forte Stevenson, Bathed,
Oemp Cooke or any fast that tray be ep abllehed
at the month of fineelesbell river and Port
Prom Fort Stevenson to Wort Buford, Camp
Cooke, or any yosS that may be established at
the mouth of the Blaseleskell river and Tort
Benton.• •
Prom Fort Buford to Camp Cooke or any post
that may he established at the mouth e.f the
Nuselethell elver sad Tort Benton. ,
Prom Camp Cooke or any poet that may be
'establiahed at the mouth of the Muselestiell
river, .a Port Beaton.
Proposals are also Invited for the transporta
tion of troops and supplies, during the reason
from March 80, 1510, to October 91, 1510.
from Chicago. 1111501 s, via Beek City. lowa. on
through bills of lading, to all the points Shove,
!Sioux City that are above specified.'
Bidders will state the mt., tarturatitly fet earl
month from Meech 11011 to (attunes 01:1, 1870,
isebtaire. the date of staelleg redetermine the
rate to beWIZ. as Phi& ' th ey 'dß Meta.. the
.o , ao rub Of the Keening points to the
sayers' points of deatlnahon alscremnamed, as
foilmrsi • •
Lt. The rate at which they will traneport each
ogJeef and soldier Burble pausge to be provided
ibr °Sous, sad tar soldiers necessary facilWen
for m:eiring their ratans. which will be supplied
by the thaverament).
' Ad. The rate 'per 100 pounds at which they
will transport .applies.
Bd. The rate at older they nil transport
hones, mules, cattle, embulances, carts.ussout,
etc., (troughs tor feeding the &tamale til be Idt.
tided by steamboat-)
• pest preference RBA he gltes th ImeUre who
owin and conpul bests. Boats will be expected
todeoPM free the Goverameht. freight the lOW
eresee, sad In no es:starlit bri allotted tonrry
private to the exclusion of (loverumani freight.
Tim eoutne or be required to transport
Mores by lane In the mot of failure by water;
and all, stares melted by the contrasts' for
transportation mu{bp isltvered at . thelr Anti.
sat'on getti4 the Tear 1670.,
Bldaers 104 please eve b a rate at which they
will Amish traasportailoa down itnesia
thanes for that exclusive purpose no bast win
he retlill!e6 to Fe ap stream unless to brims down
at least 160 toes of Oevemment height. The
etditiettor for transpartatlon from Chicago will
net be 'squired to /brash any down Wean! ,
In 02.• the contracting party fags 10 tarry
(relent u req•lred. the Governtecut reserves the
. .
slab, to tarnish tie tsseryortation at the el.
Dense of the eetatraotor; and nothins
contained thou be so construed as to prevent
the Bovernat.nt fr,nt transporting !Lemons*
on any of Its own boats,
Eldhrs are ;r,fevsted that no beat leaded With
goverement stores will be allowed to so abase
Bloon Cite. lowa. drawled rver thriet end one•
half feet water. AB no will ho requtred to
go to pants above %sex City with let than Obi
hundred tons. ladders 0111 state the rue at
wbten they wiAl transport dt liabeent.ot troops
of 100 or tense ' , Mont freight. -
/Udders 000010 glue their names In fell, as
-den iboAl
wen as Mete r
Isms/ most bu meomparited 'with a bond In the
ram of 110,000, signed by two or mom respon
eible persons. suaranteetng that.. In ease the
contract b overdid to the person proposing, It
will he.amepted and entered 'lnto, mid goat andt
.e cleat mounts , furnished by mid party, In
aeoordenee with the terms of MI adverusermint.
The contractor will be resubout to glee bonds
In the see of (11109.0.1111 one hundred thousand
dollars. •
Tim whom the award Is made, ma.
be preened to execute the 'outran' at once. and
to nlve the minima bond for Its faithful per.
The Government reserves tbe right to seiner
mayor MI hide that may be offered,
Dopy of Wank form of o•nuset both she trans.
Portattort from St. ;gots, hfo.. and eldesao.lll,
to be entered tato 14 the event of mrard.and
Wank forms of propous, eon be bad by spotter
don... °Dee, to the *Gee of the Oblat
Yeertermaster. Department of tee Mlssone/1
-a. hale. Mo.: Chief Ideartermuter, Depart
ment .of the Platte. Omaha. Neb.; to Brevet
Lieutenant Colonel James N. Moore, Qnszter
master, Fort Leavenworth. endtotommate
James 9111:m, Beslateet antarreremoter, Steen
WM lows.
• ropose/a for trensporlatlon Prom ft. Lords.
etre, should be Indorsed, ..Propesals for Anon
T importation on the Mlauerl Mem...from ht.
LeelhAre. Me l " and thou for uusrorrettlen
from anmeno, • climate for army TralleivOr.•
tenon ftoot COloott 111., to polkas ot. th e No.'
semi mot mosed to the end•reUrred.
By order of the tjoattotattotot Geneva!,
.U. U. itUEU.
Vela .1 •••••••••
4 .1.1131 "1" r So ' Q r U tildor i g , uu la t.lW G Ihr•
Mahout tboblituert.
Tie Tery Bat in tie Vatted Mates.
,A,AurAcrtritso BY
.rorth Seventh Steen,
. . -
iteSatelaw-All Mae leadlag 1,.... I. pia..
de:01 #.
wt•.LYL73 nimimm n
409 PL sTREET.
Rave 'Unloved to
c on zi„ en th st., (formerly CainaL
jOI3EPIi el. FIRM! & CO.,
Kim 116.194 VA SOL 193 960 196.
. .
- ,
t3teond nista of chi meta •ttia ml-
Dem Tregolinn,
wt0..111 soviet on TIII3 (Iuesday)ICVENING,
j.snsey ESLD. 1670. In lbalden Suon!es°
tragedy In Ova net., entitled
Virglntos Mr. 10111118 T.
Wedneaday Evening—Yr. Tui net as (Mem.
Grand FaralU IlfaCtUee riery Saturday
The dletlorniabed Aral° )(apical?. will deliver
a Lecture on
My Search for Sir John Fran kiln's
Eipedilion, and Ilk Imong
the Esquimau,"
Thyrsday Evening, Jan. 27th.
Card. HALL n 111 beac•oenpanlel by no AN-
QUINA.I.I.N. le AlllLY—father. rather and tittle
daughter 3yr...A age, In thou native a et u me
—and the lewnre will be Id, it 11.4 by two SIAN-
MOTH CHANTS of :be Att , TIII It - ON, le,
I . o4, l ;ll,7 x egs t 4r i yAs . 01 dllt 4 Olf N FIUN N -
AdelluglON 13 cane. No No finned teats. 'neat, to- ale at the • f
Library' gams. corner Van ad Falb maple.
Doors onen a •ra O'clock; Lecture wlll e me •.:
mace at B. 3.1.2 L
- -
• kiptUCTIVE Liccrust ( N
lihowing the character and vale, or the recent
wonderful dimoveries In science and Their inc.
tical application; to be Illestrated to experi
ments of the createst Interest. 1110: , DAY and
TUESDAY EVEN/NUS. 941 b and 96th Lott.
By Prot. GEO. V. BUM, L D.,
TI tete of admission, 30 onto. 'robe had at
the prteetrat , Boar !tool. Bosomed. Beats 219
cents extra; to to bad at lb. Western raiser.
alt), corner Ross and Diamond 'trots, bet wee&
II sad 51 atter tbe,llltb hats lale.s7S
Instructive' Common Fense Lectures,
in the °IN TRAL PRIBB TEIHANl7,h(rlicH._
cornet of Laeoek and Ander.= , eteoets,• AU
January 21—HUNTINO AN /Mint.
Four.. LlBlB., sl.oot slash, .Hekeis.
lIIBITION of 110 •
scsoos. or DESIGN,
Will be oyes to tbe tmbllo I elk/AY. 231¢ tont.
Admit/don 'hoe. 31oen ot intendanee Dom ID
A. D. to D r. 11. • JOA:urro
rff" - ORPHANE. ,
IS BASEMISIT Or ',JjaigitDiat,.
N. ':LONC k . CO.,
Pebrolmnn and Ha Proihmta.
Petndeum and Iffi -Psdiluets,
Bootnl7, Cliansie? of Comfier ,
133 10i1Sil LiZCOnto
Hunan w. c. MEDDLE;
Labrle4tlng &High Test Binning Ottst
Eclipse itallroad Axle Oil,
Mande sr at heat without eita_ _age' , remold.
limpid loweestnapetaterts. upeetat Oa See
W.W.I climates or hot weather. ~..
Locomotive. Engine. listidao Me.
Win eat *crew.
Maw Illinonad Pleated . NW
Adapted for high speed. . • •
Ons - Tresei.littalf•LllMlODll
OIL Talusers•Stottillarimele.
led and Finishimi,tiasollne,
On, II struese 0.1. • lieraidaq.:
ARMOR. VADIIIBIg, to prtserwt Bright UMW
Work cad Maud:wry from Mut -
These products aye leaaallsetared hada Dr..
Tweddle's_pftent by taper heAted Mews In 17. e.•
ono. The Walt:War Una ire 'almost Werke%
peace Upose nisorgh' and inertly hen eol-•
med. stand a lto temperate,* enchanted, ands
reptaln limpid derttig tstresne er.,10: The nail.
road ods ars um:mailed, and are in constant Ind ,
oa many otthe prinelpallfalltnads. Samples...An,
be a:awaited and order% left at Vl* WOOD ,
OTBoCT. Worse at nitarnatntrd Midge.
APPIdeATION ot ••The ClUnenosalletnah
Bandbox d Loon AsmelaLlses of: Ilhaftebtarg
and EMS fora Cbuterol looorporialen.
And now. tee wit, tots lOttudayetteleveselier.
A: D. 1809.th0 walla net DoAnnellhatrunsents
of wsittne baring bows teisentad-tb, *erased
and 'examined by the Cosa. aid the sthjselo,
Wes and eiladdlosta the. eta sal forth and eon-
Duend..PPeorlai to be hailstone nOblethtlaseo
ale ordered and directed that 1014 Ins.ranseet of
wnstna ha bled In te• °Dee of lb. Prothonotor7.
of the Conn of Common Pleas, and tha • natio,'
of said aorllettlon be Inserted la this Plttalluree.
Daily Dorsal nellia oyes clam least three weeds
tettlog tone teat an onplkattin Its. latch =Ada .
A the 'Coast dr oOisiseon Pleat. of the Cooney oft
•yeabeoy w grooY he Yid "Ottlseio% Mt:WI
Dandled sod Lose Amots allot . latAthetostsuret
sod Etna" a Chute's; of Ineorpoollol4`. am/.
that thee Charier Wlll be ranted
tee sr ef:, z e
term of bt Court; 011,1 exerylAbilOdt dol In
Droner time. .•
4 •
Cattier Grant and Dladereld 112014A11 , itsor,
1 1 . MoV
yallaC .
Ar THE miswarer
,unlMßl 3 4l4l,l l ELvf, * r gi r r a
la arOA Or /I,l4lnllir Q11,1;107
r , be r COUVree• 10 jiver irrsoy
artr. Al:1; 0 17 co ...if bm
0,0, of he Calls ItY.der ast4 fin. Y
DUOS- Is halal! peva L.
TIM Ma 111.1 e agate, and
tair. abe bast
Z e a l' A.
RI& ter. ar. wry
„Yaakeet Aid 1 Jar. Rotten as a:180y
• r J. that the
a asked land 1 Xestleas
editors of the allet bastrose mauled by the
asd Slab& e levee A
I LdA to held
berOre the said Sera= a obi sante tbs. sad
oTh..e ,25.1.1.iiccArafmanse.
!mu e t •
is IL TmeT
wasirrAnN D or
As rittsbargb, V= (ay of aaNuari A.
hnebT 111T.IL lirottri of Ids
:MtterFAre tzr:r
SAW milin aM
ci, ' Woo al tio
is • klaiWinipt. aro, oWo DCI.-
11. by ills, District (bort el cad istrict.
JON N H.•lNar, y, ok •
T Alleene74o-4.ll4.l4l'liraat
?lON beraig beta greeted to the seder.
(awl epos the .late of CHARLES rillUtl
au 1 if. im. el the Cite of Pittalrareb......d. -
tienuile heeling chiles alt we nista Will
present than 4 sly en iheattet ted tpd MI venoms
tbentielta liadeDied will make -
ela t; joapaent to the odetal eatil at Ibe elite wr
.1. b. rename. A.te meyi L am. Na Si MIA
set , MAIM a. rHAVEIOY.
Niklo U4l ;11:T1 0I:1
11101E 0 PLEP, mr.NATioris
BATIC , N 3 I.I, 88.81 1 7.0 .480 8 .0818te CO_
o FAV,...llrat Vont:74 7 l:r I A
chi rules Ito or, 1881888 h Oa einot.
aS *halts M. ll,bastonalitalt; .
/Op react Y: e(Oe anA Atiotld . ktr•lrrOb
LID as es nailosslltyllatwir and Stain/ co.
Jag/: A. IItILWA /NM. Asatilower.
iyi ~e rtagEEL mitt' oe'esil.
.11'111m, at In br melee orJOUld
N. DAILY. aniline. , la eta of AL. J.
Mean. 0111 besold en the premise., No. NI
-Dlamood. near Flat serener. tlitaberab, ena
the bona and , Oran Era* at, Ototern a.
/tolls. Wines, Liquors. lee.. vb.elt
the attastlos It 010111* IMOel hers is
A. MCILW•111/4.
W. tarsals try J. B. CM.X/111121.D.