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Offlce,B4 and 86 nth dvenow.
P. s.platimuir,
I. Y. =DI
T. P. 110118701.
s a.n
p alut 4 bY canicrs, Fee k..--••••••LW.
SENATE: Ingukry as to , the
Georgia Military Commlindon
to Provide a Cur
rency of Coin Notes, &e., Con.
sidered. MOUSE: Contested
EleetionsA • Communication
I l iom Gen. Sherman in Wet
puce to, Gem gia Matters—The
-.Senate Yirffinialy
Souring, Between Messrs. But
ler, Bingham .and Farnsworth
—The Bill Passed by a Pak':
Tote. •
in' Fetrctine to net littabereh UUett&t
WAtittittetTON..b.G.All, Ze ; /CO.
Mr. 6TEWART desired tir.make a
personal explimation In order to correct
rtlaatemmat of Mr. Sumner in the dia.
giusidon with Mr. TruMbull On 'Friday.
Tipon,the suggestion of Mr, Sumner, he
said howould. If his request was granted,
go Into the wnole history of the quer
. ,
The order Mi b ni:Mom was called for,
seat the rtqueat or Mr. Stewart was
not granted.
Mr. yENTON presented a memorial
tor She'reinaval of the duty on Caniolan
timber. -
Petttions were presented for the *boll
Mon ot the franking privilege and again
the continuance of the income tax.'
lIILLb rasazetztp.
Ns. HAMLIN introdueed a bill for the
of the poor of the District of Co.
Antonia. Referred.
Mr. DRAKE reported a bill from the
„Naval Committee for the relief of
- .certain contractors for the oonstruction of
vessels of war and steam machinery. L
.affieda opportunity for proof of calms
upon the buts of the act of March 2d.
.1867. The bill was laid over.
- ..nn.SOLUTION OP IN - Print.
Mr. NORTON offered a resoluthin
ratting the Judiciary Oommittes to re.
port to the Senate as soon as practicable
by what authority, If any, General Terry
has organ:zed and convened a military
crunmaadou to inquire into the eligibility
ant Senators and RepresentaUves elected
*to the Legislature of Georgia, and re.
<pasting the President and Secretary of
War to communicate copies of all orders
:and correspondence with General Terry
or Goy. Bullock, and all Information
trtheY may have with reforence , , to the an.
lion of such commission.
eir. BU.IdNEI3,- objecting to present
. .ame:deration, the.. resolution was laid
/Mr. WILSON offered for reference's
3oint resolution granting • pension to the
widow of the late President Lincoln. the Committee en- Finance.
ryM : ❑ Tierczasualar zua.:
- - -
.0n: Melon Idro, SBERMAN, the
gamut proceeded to the consideration of I
we , ,to provide a national currency ,
cifn notes, and to equalize • the.
' • union end clronlatton of Detre,
which an:" Nod. •
guEIZMAN, chairman of the Fl.
m itiu g t ;we, said he did notpropcse
r''..tilenter into an e..4.."001Ls uncial
• `.Mtentln opentgettie t• on the mg
.MI4 *wild mamat" main
pre ..sejed, Met, the
partial equalisation of the . Obtfibu t iP
of the banking eurre...ey.tru oo l3 :no
States; second, free tanking OD • o, ° ,
bade. The present distribution of bank
clicidation was greedy and palnaitiy un
fair. Three States, Massachusetts, Rhode
• island and Connecticut, containing •
population less than ZOOO,OOO, have over
V 6,000,000 circulation. Ono-fifteenth of
•our 'population have thus 34 of all the
' • bank. circulation. The rapialp growing
Western States, where. credit .1s . most
needed, have scarcely three dollar* Man
inhabitant, while all the late rebellEnates
idol:same:shy without any banking cir
culation. This unfair distrllmtion, he
aald..grew out of a palpable violation of
law by the then Comptroller of the
Currency and Secretary of the Treasury.
The first " banking act of. February 25,
1863, provided". rule of diet:rib:Dion, by
which the whole amount of circulation
was not to exceed 8300,000,000, 1150,-
000,000 of 'which • was to be appal ,
- tinned among the - States according
population, and the other 1150,000,000
- 'according to banking capital and so
' horses. The revised :set of June 3d.
1264. was silent as to distribution; bat
give to existing State banks the right to
' • • enter Into the banking system without
limit. The growing Inequality of the
distribution becoming Ed,
act ch Ed, 1885, restored
• ge • old rule of
ruleof distribution. At that
time there was. leas than $150,000,000 of
banking circulation, and if this law bad
been observed each hate would have had
reserved for it not leis lean five dollars
- for each inhabitant. Thle law wit Lis
gristly and boldly disregarded. and the
pretense to justify it was thisproviston In
• the Internet revenue actor March 3,1864
which continued up until July 1,
1806, tke privilege to existing banks to be-
come national banks. On the &Mot oo
tober, 1865, the whole banking 'l:bent/b.
Oen OEI /190,000,000. leaving, three
months after the expiration of this act,
5110,061.000 for distribution according to
population. But in open ilizrogard
of law, the remaining circulation was
Is>oed :o the old States to the exclusion
of s ciat h,wn and Western States,
AA= i ncr ,,,,zeng all the didlenings
of. Under the sestem on
now comp nea.
- It s t an d s . nat i ona l banking was, he said,
a monopoly, cecifinig° to States
where the population et
excluding all the rapidly : I , O Wi rds
• of the West, the majority of. the Sena tors
anon epresentatives being fst` m .
baying loath= oneeeventh of to:.
circulation. This endangered the
. system and would Inevitably overttu 000
Monies. corrected.
. Mr. Sherman referred 'to the advin.
I spoof the national banking system over.
that or State bank., which, with the 'tor.
" tendon of the injustice of adz Wean,.
:tveuld be the beat pirmanent, hankies
system that could be adopted. The West
• demanded more circulation, and were
deprived of it by violation of law. The
Dag enjoying its monopoly, demanded
contracting yet was not willing to yield'
to the West one dollar of circulation
for three years. A remedy for this
had been long sought. During the teal
• Congress the Senate and House each
palmed bills recalling from some piths
meant States a portion of their outer
for distribution in the West and gown.
• but there was a diffarenoe as to the man.
Der and extent of doing it. The House
• leensted on a general and 'the Senate
C.,'; cemented only to a partial adribiation.
not exceeding 140,000,000... Objection
was made that the eastern banks 'were
Innocent of fault, and the withdrawal of
their circulation would derange business
remedied'wester evil than the one to
be . 'To avoid this, the Own.
mittee on Finance made the following
suggestion-to the President and Seem
tory of the Treasury :
Proposing to Increase tlio,litnit of bank,
elreulation sls,eooteoo, the citadel inn tall
be distributed to the Southern and Wesl
ern S:atini, which was the proposition-of
The tirat objection was that this was aD
expansion at thecurrency, to which the
Ccounittre was Oppreed. and In no event,
, daring . the suspension of specie par/
merits, would he (Mr. Sherman) favor a
proposition to inervime the bulk.
log circulation without withdrawing
Circulation in some t Cher from. To
av cad, the: °spats:on of the
two measures Mid been proposogs-lai t ia
the withdrawn' of greenback's:OM this I
plan would not receive 'thump:gen of i
• the House. The other Van wu theone
. adopted bv. the Senate Committee, the
withira wet of the three ear pant.
cites now held by banks ad*lirt of their
reserved in plane of legal lender notes.
Mr. Sherman tnen gave the history of
_Ste - three per matt cartilleues,
. . . .
. . ,
. .
. .
_ . .
• ,•• / . ,
- 1 - T •
) I , . .
1-• - -..3, t 1 1 1 4 1 :
tit 1 A listifl
:,. 7 i l l , _
, . ~...., • .... ~.
, ...
. ,
0 ~,it,_. I •,,.._-„. ,
I \
. ,
, , • • .
. • ~...-. --.
, „
whick -were substituted for compound
interest notes, and were a temporary
expedient to avoid an increase of the
the bonded debt. 'They were the least
objectionable. Being payable on de.
mend, they 'might be preaented to the
Tresusnry when most inconvenient.
They draw interest and are mainly held
in eastern banks, where circulation is In
excess. By their payment the United
States eaves three per cent. interest,
and will net three per cent. taxes I n new
banks to be organized, and thus leave
the currency without either expansion
or contraction.
The remaining prepositions Of the bm
authorised, be laid, free banking, or coin
notes. Tide was an *inauguration of a
true system of banking, embracing ab
solute security to the noteholders and
the United States. The agency of private
corporations, as hanks, to give flexibility
to currency and to meet the ebb and flow
of exchange, its redemption on demand
in gold coin and freedom from monopoly
or restrictionsiexcept such as are noes.
nary to protect its debtors and cred
itors. The banks to be authorized
will be organized only on the Pacific
coast, or in New York and the t3outh,
where large transactions are based upon
gold values.
Mr. Sherman further announced that
the possible objections to the bill would
befoUowed.let. dire, time by a bill for
funding the public debt and for the re.
vision of the internal revenue tax and
Mr. DAVIS remarked that the chief
feature or gold notes was dependent
upon the facility with which they were
redeemed. To make them equal in val
ve to gold their certain and prompt re
demption must be secured when pre
sented by holders to the bank. In case
of Oho Bank falling to make them equal
to coin, the Government moat be
ready and able to step In and redeem
the notes.
Mr. SHERMAN replied by reference
to the 4th section of the bill, requiring
every national bank to keep ow:hamlet
least 2.5 percept. of its circulation in gold
or silver coin. Then, too, the taw under
the present system was thit If the Dote
was presented to the bank and not paid,
the holder might at once present It to the
Government., which would redeem it
within twenty days. The banks were
bound to redeem-their notes at the cen
ire of redempt [emend the same general
'principle that' applied to circulating
notes applied also to gold notes. •
Mr. HOWE delivered a lengthy &Mu.
ment in review of the financial proposi
tions which had been suggested. He
advocated the proposition to allow legal
tenders to be funded in six per cent.
bonds, redeemable at the pleasure of the
Government, conferring the privilege of
funding to those who will use the bonds
as a bads for new bank circulation, and
giving preference to those portions of
the country which may from time to
time be deficient in circulation. Ho
eimpisined. . • , the Government
eimpellet -Public creditors to carry
Its own overdue obligations and
made them no compensation for so doing,
and the pending bill did not attempt to
right the wrong. He complained that
the amount in circulation was limited
by inflexible law, and this wrong the
pending bill would perpetuate. The
franchise of banking was a monopoly,
arbitrary, tultatly distrituted among
I a few to the exclusion of many. -But
the pending bill created a new monopo
ly. It also proposed to silence the corn.
Wets that the south and west were de
nied equal rights under the law, by ding
ing to them the pittance of 145.000,000 to
growl over among themselves. Above
all legitimate trade was Imperilled sod
hones effort demoralized by man who
are dally making contra to for future
delivery of gold. While this bill would
charter great corporations to engage in
that very business, he would have a law
which declared the gold gambler a crim
loll and consigned him to the peniten
bary.for life. But this bill proposed to
lieenae.him,se.l:llol o pilltrede under the
unction of the racrediaw. •
Mr. SUMNER believed the prop
Lion to supply P 6,000,000 additional
.would not ; meet... Present ,retrareenents.
The prepbsition tolnovide a National
currency of coin notealmnitnted asystem
of free banking upon a specie basis,
which was imposaible until we, had
specie payments: Beattie., this would
create a currency In addition to that of
greenbacks and , gold notes. Be Intl-
mated heir:Ml6 prole an amendment
the nature of a substitute for the MIL
The proposed emendment Is the bill re.
candy Introduced and explained by him
self, to prowl le for &Nations leurreney of
Coin notes and to equalize the distribution
of cireulating Rotes.
COIiE gave 1101100 that he would
offer an amendment to Insert In lieu
of the former portion of the bill...the .
renewing . -.That 1a addition to the
atooreit of United State& notes hereto.
fore Issued and now to circulation, the
Secretary of the Treasury- is authorised
to Leine to ezehithge for United States
Interest bonds, at their garnet value,
*46.000.000 attach notes for circulation."
The Senate went intoEseentiveseasion
and after about an hour's melon at 4:26
adjourned. • • •
Among a large numbet of bllis Intro
duped were the following; Ramming the
land granted for a railroad from the elle
olsalopt-titior opposite
: the motan of the
Ohio via . Little Rock to the Toros bound.
ary near Fulton. Ark.. and regranting It
to others engaging to build the road.'
Fixing the oompensatton or letter car
Sere at $t.200.
Tit increase the number iintidgce or,
theSunreme-Cotul of the United States.
To regulate the mode of determining
the ratlikatiOn oina,tltutlonal amend-
To anthorke the building of a railroad
from Washington City to Schuylkill
county, Pa.
Granting one hundred and tizty sr ies:
ofland to soldiers wboverved in the lite
To adjust the payment of Pensions on
a gold male.
Providing for tho health and safety of
persons employed in coal mines.
Allowing citizens of. Wete.Virgitiia to
stores of
presen , dt
e.. to o claims f Q
inuartte. termaster's
To authorize the people of New Idemica
to forma constituttorrend State govern.
mein preparatory to admission masticate.
Greeting agricultural wheal hinds to
several Territories. •
oorrserso lys.crrioan
Mr. BURR introduned a resolution do.
cluing that from the nature of iti duel( 0 '
the Ltommittoe on Elections was . a Jed
dal body. sod thatln deciding contested
Median cues tho 'members thereof
should act ecoording to all tbe rules of
law without pirtiality or prejudice, as
if tinder a nodal oatn in each came.
The previous question wag seconded,
' 7 3 to 33 _
Ittr. KELSEY, of New York, moved
. h .y the resolution on the table, stating
d ," t cast imputations - on th e &mmle
tee CM Na°ll°oo. •
RFIELD suggest. an amend
ment, ex portin the same principle to
a ll m embers of the House in voting is
masted etesOcso cases.
.xtre.rletlen was not tabled—vele,
44; nays, 130: and was adopted, 130 to 23.
Mr. WASHBURN:g. Wis., Introduced
a bill to establish postal telegraph HOW.
He moved to refer It to s.special commit-
tee of seven.
Mr. FARNSWORTH called for a dl•
vlatozi; and remarked the minter was al.
reedy Whitt a'staatatiaraMailttoe, the
BAWD* Commit:se.
• Mr. PERRY moved to redoilhe bill to
, the PostoMoe Committee. Negatived , , -
67 to 70. •
The bill was then referred without di•
vhdon tea select committee of seven.
- Ur. DAWES, frem the
the HomtiMee on
Appropriations, relented Lisleism%
Eiecotive and Jul!nary appropriation
till. It was ordered to be printed and
msdeithe special order star Wednesday
hIr..HAWES stated to the :House the
gores oomposlog the bill compared
with the estimates, and there were sev
eral legislative provisions in the MU ren
dered neosseary to cut off abuse,. He
Ooviello sawed the ntlea.that. an or.
Om 'Wald up made that the usual point
of order cannot be made against these
provlslOna ln oomml t le of the whole.
After considerable diem:mien the me.
Clop wee agreed to. . ..
Tho noose then neocsedbd to basinaga
on the Speaker's taiga sus fanners
Iteply of the General of the Army to
the call for Information on Mr. Brooke'
resolution as to the authority for certain
military °Meers acting u Committee on
Emotions In the Georgia Legialature.
stating they are not acting u such Com.
-«. ,w...~.•
mittee, but as a board outside the Leg's.
hums, to assist General Terry In thee:o
ctal= of his most unpleasant offioe and
dutlec, imposed on him by an act oICon
'NIL •
Mr. BROOKS addressed the House on
the subject, contending that the military
authorities had no power whatever to
Interfere with the organiztion of the
Legislature of Georgia. It was an entire
assumption on the part of General Terry
and hie subordinates, and was utterly
lawless. Governor Bullock had intro
duced a railroad master, who had not
been elected to any legislature, to pre.
side over the Legislature. He
hoped he was not misinformed In being
told that Gen. Sherman and Gen. Grant
were stoat sending a special meake n ger
to correct these illegal proceedings.
Mr. BUTLER, of Massachusetts, de
fended the Executive and Gen. Terry.
He said Gen. Terry had only done what
Gen. Meade done on the first organiza
tion of the Georgia 'Legislature-under
taken to find what members were eligi
ble. That wag authorised by all the
reoonedruotion acts.
Mr. BROOKS asked Mr. Butler to
point to the acts giving. such authority.
Mr. BUTLER said be was ready to
give all that information on the principle
of the carpenter testifying in court,
who was asked how far he was
from the place where the incident
()marred, and answered four feat two
and • half inches from it, and being
tusked, how be knew -that ao 40.
eurately, refdled that he thought some
fellow would be fool enough 'to
ask him that question and be measured
It. [ Laughter.] He referred to Sec. 11
of the Act of July 19,1887, Oil:weather.
Up to the General of the Army to act In'
this reconstruction batter. He knew
there had come up a report from the As.
iodated Press of the Booth—which Paver
reported in favor of loyalty, but
always In favor of - secesaltm and
rebellion, and• he hoped to see that
monopoly . put . down —that General
Terry had organized a Military maim's
don -to try a member of the Georgia
Legislature, but that was not so. He.
be had only appointed a board of goy.
erntuent officers to find out who were
hot eligible. itte spoke whereof he
knew wnen be armed that the action
of Gen. Terry had been and would be
sustained by the administration, and
thattleorgla would be constructed in the
interest of loyalty.
Mr. MOrtGAN protested against these
accumulative acts of usurpation, not
only on the part of Congress, but on the
part of the Executive. .
After • thriller discussion between
Messrs. Butler, Morgan, 'Voorhees, and
others, the papers were referred to the
Committee on Reconstruction.
Mr. IFARNSWORTII moved to pa
over all Intervening business on the
Speaker's table, In order to take up the
Virginia bill, with the *nate amend
Mr. ELDRIDGE Inquirid whether any
Opportunity for debate was to be given?
Mr. FARNSWORTH declined to make
law Promisee on the satinet.
9 - The motion was agreed to, the Demo
crats voting in the negative.
The bill wag then taken up and the
Senate substitute was read.
Mr. FARNSWORTH moved to concur
in the Senate substitute, not, however,
became. II Its provisions were presented
originally he would have au ported
I them. Some of them be thought very
bunglingly drawn, and they would do
more harm than good; but he made the
mama because he thought to throw the
queetlon open again to the ass of disco"-
ston, and to keep Virginia longer out of
representation, would be a greater evil
than to adopt the Senate bilL
Mr. COX asked whether the passage of
the Senate MU would not be yielding up
the position of the House, without even
the chance of II mmittee of Conference/
Mr. FARNSWORTH . replied that was
a question for the Hone°.
Mr. BINGHAM said It would be
borne on the journal of the House
that more than three to one of
the memtera bad declared for' the
admission of Virginia without con.
ditions That vote would coot.
mend itself to the approval of the coun
try He had no apology to make here Er
elsewhere for the position which he bad
been assuming, and which he now rent.
orated, that It was not in the power of
Congress, by exacting fandamentatton
datum in the admission of a State.M en
, force what could not Do legitimately
enforced on all otherStetes. That being
113, he asked tbd the Sate of Virgil:de De
admitted under the Senate bill. He eti
logised the constitution of Virginia as
being more liberal that the constitution
of any State west of the Alleghenies. If
he thought that under this bill Virginia
could be subjected to conditions which
might not be imposed • on New York er
Ohio, he never would vole for the bill.
Mr. COX suggested the Senate bill was
se obnoxious as the bill reported by the
Reconstruction Committee, and which
was voted down by the Howe.
Mr. BINGHAM replied it was not
quite so obnoxious. He hoped the
House would concur In the Senate
amendment. His chief purpose was to
state to the gentlemen on his own side ,
of the House—
Mr. BUTLER. Mass...-Which side Of
the house is that? Laughter.]
Mr. BINOHAM, (inaignanlly)—The
gentleman is very whet wise beyond his
yeara. He.cannut read me out of the
party with which I a i m crenrcted, nor
can he blot out my record. Vulgarity is
not wit assumption isnot power. There
was no occasion for the inquiry.
As• (anther. Sid a linal .` • Tent
basest Man 'a the sesta w ort °TOM.
\ '
ITAllebter and much exeitemeit on the
door. •
Mt. BUTLER, took the floor l and the
interest in the Maccusdon seemed. to be
on the tomes& He .said- he ;would be.
gin where the gentleman from Ohio had
left off, DOA Lib misquoting, but simply
to say that he had never threatened to
read that gentleman out of the Republt.
ISM ; patty. Noboby could do that
but himself.' Whether he had done
that .in issuing the Virginia bill
through the Douse by snap Judie,
moot, and with the aid of his Democratic
allies, the country would judge. Wheth.
er the gentleman was to have an ovation
whoa he went to Virginia, be did not
know, but he had seen someldnt of that
hied In the papers. He !should try to be
resent in Writ, where he could'
look not embodied, and see Vir
&dans toasting a man whom all
their papers announced am • the
, murderer of Mrs. Beirut. (Exciter
went.) What aright. The lion? Not'
Not_ths_jamb, but another animal.
(LiughTerY He referred to the eulogy
paired - by the gentleman from Ohio on
the Virginia Constitution, and uld It wu
not theerork of a V.e. statesman, but of
corper..basteers and scallawags and
negroes from the fields. He regarded
the renditions intim bill es notice to Vir.
Kinds., and all the country, that if she
did not maintain In spirit and
tan'ti the spirit of rooonstcuatlonas Con
gress bold and claimed, Congress w i t h
the help pf Cod and of the loyal People
of the country, would exercise the Dow.
er to place her back again where she had
been. He did note know what new light
the egotism= from-Ohio had got which.
Induced him to support the bill from the '
Sonata, which was substantially the bill
reported by Aso Reconstruction 0:101.
Mr. FARNSWORTH cold he under.
stood very well the 'Muttons made
by Mr. Butler to the setlegeheirman of
the Reconstruction Committee, and
he bad a word to uy on that subject.
He would not allow himself to be In
structed in Republicanism by the gen t ic
men frnm Maseachtunetts. Ho had
, been a Republican for teren'y.five yet r ;
1 when the gentleman from Mass was
I chasing fa Odom slaves all over the State.
(Laughter and clapping of hands doing
Democratic side.) Be had been
all he could at the Chicago Convention
' for the nomination of the Republlcan
President when the • gentleman from
hlauschnietts was .al the Charleston .
Convention voting _ for Jeff Davis
(Laughter.) Be had voted for the Re
publican party in 11,60, when the gentle
man from Masesehusette was voting for
Breckenridge of Kentucky.
Mr. Farnawerth's motion was agreed
to and the Senate substitute concurred
in by aatrict party vote—yes'lltd.nayeaL
House adjourned at five o'clock.
• •
- The XTth Amendment m
ter Telemann coins inttsbanre 0 melte •t
CIIIOAOO, 'January 24.—The lowa t3en•
Ito to day sent to the House the resolu
tion ratifying the Fifteenth Amendment,
with a refusal to cosear, The Honseap•
pointed a tklmmittoo of Conference.
Doubtless the Contbreuce COrnmittee
will reconcile the difference between the
two Houses.
—Many Mahe lager beer establishments
In New York and Brooklyn were open
on Sunday Met and the beverage pu b
ly sold.
I fi
Pennsylvania Legislature.
SENATE: Franking Privilege
Reguiating Interest Rate—Sate
Keeping and Disbursement of
Public Fends—Bills Consider
ed. HOUSE : Printing of De
partment Reports—Treasury
Investigation Extended Over
Three Years Past—Bills Intro
Swim Dlepateb io the Putebnegh Gantt%)
' IlAnntanona, Jan. 24.1679
iqtAs ncraonrrozo.
MA PtJRMANi Antherfling de—
'sated wives' to sell their property or sue
(or the same.
• Inereiudng the Supreme Judges, by
adding two, who shall ho elected In 0o-
By Mr. HOWARD: Relative to evi.
deuce In motions on contracts.
For an additional Notary Public In
Allegheny county.
By Mr. TURNER: Repealing the
twenty-fourth motion of the appropria
tion act of 1869. This repeal allows the
publication of departmental reports. end
to effect restores the franking pri
Paaaed unanimously.
By Mr. OLMSTED : Allowing seven
Per cent. interest In absence of agree
ment, and not more than twelve per
By Mr. WHITE: For the safekeeping
and disbursement of public revenues.
It provides that %beaus Treasurer may,'
with the approval of . the Sinking Fund.'
llommleatoners, select depositaries at
Philadelphia, Harrisburg, Pittsburgh
and other planes convenient for public
badness; ell required to girt; security in
double the amount of the current ball
awes deposited, to be approved by the
Courts of the .countles in which said
banks are situated and by the Gov
ernor ; to give • interest at not
less than three and • half per can's,
and such greater rate as the Treasurer,
with the consent of the Sink
ing Fund 'Commiastoners, mayde
mand; monthly rerorts to re made
by depositaries .of payments and
interest paid; unlit of depositaries to be
preserved by the Auditor General and
Treasurer and reported from time to
time; all transfer of balandee to be made
by the State Treasurer's draft; counter
signed by the Ilmudealonere of the
Sinking Fund; depositaries to pay out on
drafts of the State Treasurer, counter
signed by the Auditor General, including
the same in monthly statements; penal
ties for making personal offers to the
Treasurer for deposits and far aocepting
Mr. DAVIS called up the bill extend
ing reductions of gentencea for good con.
duet to county Passed.
Mr. HENSZEY called up the bill pun
ishing baggage masters, hackman and
others by line of one hundred ,dollara
for injury or destruction of bsggage.
Pained. ' -
Mr. ILLLLINGFELT moved to recall
from Bones the NU just plumed renewing
the franking privilege. and allowing
the printing of departmental revolts.
The Senators, he sell, did not know
what they were voting on. - Agreed to.
Teas—Mews, Bllllngtelt. Broadhead,
Buckalew. Davir, Flndlay, Graham,
ilesstel, How. r I, Kerr. Lowry, Mum
ma, Nagle, asterism; Forman, Ratan.
Wallace. Warfel, Watt, White, and
Nays—Allen Breit, - Brown, Connell,
Duncan, Linderman,Mclntire, Miller
Olulstead. Turner an Roblnem-41.
Mr. ALLEN called up the supplement
for the Freeport and Shenango Valley B.
B. Passed. . _
Mr. TURNER called u p the bill requir
ing as quailOcationi for preparing medi
cal prescriptions a service of two years
In a drug more or graduation from medi
cal college. Passed second reading.
Adjourned. .
A resolution from the Senate ordering
three thousand Auditor General's reports
was considered.
Mr. DAVIS moved an amendment an
thorismig the clerks to place postage
*Lampe thtreOn. Adopted.
Mr: ADAIRE moved an amendment
for printing railroad reports. Adopted.
The resolutkin was then defeated—
ayes 12, nays 71.
At-rectories. '
Mr. ADAIRE called for an attachment
against Edward Sherry, a witness, for
refusing to appear in the Forsyth con.
testes election. 'Granted.
Mr. ADAIRE offered a resolution an.
thorizing the Treasury Investigation
Committee to employ a clerk. Adopted.
Mr. HONG offered aresolution author.
ling the Treasury Investigation Com.
riittee to go back three years.
Mr. DAVIS offered an amendment to
go back ten years. Negatived.
Mr. Hong's resolution was adopted.
Mr. RELNOEEIL moved -to discharge
the Committee. Negatived—yell 15.
nays 65. •
Mr. BUNN offered a resolution in
creasing the Committee to thirteen.
Negatived. .
The bill from the Senate repealing the
24th section of the appropriation bill waa
Mr. HERR offered i resolution grant
ing the franking privilege to member?.
not exceeding ten cents on any package.
Laid over.
The resolution urging Congress to op•
pa* a redaction of the duty oo pig Iron
wee reported favorably.
By Mr. WALTON: Incorporating' the
Duquesne Grays of Pittsburgh.
Inoorporating Mount Oliver Inclined
Mane flobmpanv.
'By Mr. HUMPHREYS: Increasing
Ormsby Borough taros.
Incorporating American Fidelity In.
@urinal company.
The Legislature and Constitutional ann..
ventlen—The Suffrage Queation•
(By Telegraph to the I.ltistrorgh kieeette.)
NASHVILLE, January 2.4.—The !louse
to-day adopted unanimoualys resolution
deploring the death of Ueo. D. Prentice,
and tendering sympathy to Kentucky In
her loss.
The Constitutional Convention took up
the report of the majority and minority
of the committee on franchise and elec
tions. The majority repel Proposes to
citizen o f the e righUnited Stat of suffrage on every male
itizen tes residing in
Tennessee. twenty-one years of age, who
has paid his poll tax. The minority re.
port rejects colored suffrage, and pro.
poses that It be submitted as an inde
pendent proposition.
Mr. Jones. of Lincoln, astonished the
conservatives by moving that the minor
ityproposition be added to that of the
majority, Considerable debate followed,
but no vote was taken.
Fire and Lon of Life.
Mr Tourers to QS risubsrra emetic.)
BT. Jossrg, M. 0., January 24.—Five
=all business houses were burned yes.
Ibrdsy morning, 'Wm: Fowler, brother.
In-law of. exAMngressman Lone, who
slept In one of the buildings, was burned
to death, While • number of firemen
wore trying to rescue hie remains, the
walls fell In. Charles Argus, whom pa.
rents reside in Buffalo, was Injured 00
hadlythat he died In Wootton& Frank
Hill had hie skull fractured. and was
badly burned. He will probably die.
Jule Bidekam, Frea. Matte, Wen. Boro.
guar and Arthur (Ullman were all so-
verely burned and otherwise Injured,
The ims by gre Plante. • negro was not hullo,inatantly
• .' • - -•
New Steam ild Bail Line Pro:
ject—Fille4 Persons Crushed
to Death itittPailley a Church.
EY EtUinta to UM Pittston Gazette.,
Losroorr, Janteszy 24.—A. project has
Men Introduce 4 here looking to the es•
tablishment of ea steamer and rail route
from Anemone: New Zealand, etc., to
London, by way of San Francisco, Cal.,
Portland, Ide.; end Milford Haven, Wales.
It is thought-le . route may be sworn
plished tturou these points In about
forty days. .
Gladstone bar/issued the usual
nptioe to supplitin of the Government
id the Souse tO be In their seats on the
Bth day of February. •
The Austbuig Gazelle of Saturday
prints the protest of ()indium! Rauscher
against Papal infallibility, which is
shortly to be presented to the Pope.
LIITZEPOOL. January 21.—Daring the
services at Bt. Josephs Chapel, In thin
city, yesterday, it false alarm of fire was
raised, and a. panto and rush occurred,
during which fifteen people were traw
-1 Pied to death, and great many badly
MADRID, January 24.—The Duke Moot.
ponder bee been elected Deputy to the
Oonstltuent Dottie from the city of
Munich. .
Qtrikkereolur) Jan nary 24.—The %team.
ship Mho) elkdo, tom Now York, has
arrived. •„,
Lennon, January 24—Evening.—Von
sole for money; 92%; amount, 92%; 6.20
bonds: 62a, 87; 651, old„ 116%; 675, 85%;
10.40 a. 64%. Steaks quiet; Mies, 18%;
Illinois Central, 101%; Atlantic; dt Grind
Western. 26.
Lorimer, January M.—Linseed Oil, 20s.
Sterling, 60. Linseed quiet at 69059 s 6d.
Patna, January 24 —Bonnet exalted at
73 francs 60 centimes
Livitaroor...Tannary 24.—Cotton buoy
ant; uplands, 11,401; Orleans, 11%%d: sales
18,000 bales. .larlettiffs firmer; Cali
foredo white, 9a 8409 s Ed; red western,
74 9.1(g17a 10d; winter. 8s 7d; flour, 211;
corn, 271. Bd. Otis, 2e o d. ss.
Peas, Sts Bd. Pork firm at 102 s 611.. Beef,
102 s. Lard aelive at fat. Cheese, 71e.
Bacon. 68. tid. Turpentine. 28$ od.
The Dry Goods Deana s—RaUroad Le.
Doren on a strße and Bieting—Pen.
tentlary Eitspenses.-Aossi•ln Sentenced.
(ity Telegraph to the ?Mabee/la Gantt.)
Cinceoo,..hintotry 24./rhe vales of the
dry goods house of Field, Letter 6. Lb.,
to this city, during tits past year exceed
ed twelve !Milton dollars, while that of
J. V. Falwell R Co, to thqsame business,
exceeds ten millions.
On the 20th Ind. the laborers' warm on
the Superior Railroad were reduoed from
11.75 per day to jLbO. The Swedes
struck and maven hundred are reported
as rioting at Hinckley. They have
stopped all work on the road and threat
en to ace': baths. Reports say they
burned oust hundred and fifty shanties
last night, toot this La contradicted. A
special train, with officers of the road
and a police from, left St. Paul today at
12 o'clock !be the memo of riot.
According to the report of the Illinois
State Auditor, mode to the Constitution
al Convention, the expentea of running
the State' Penitentiary at Joliet, since Nave been MAW
Edward Casey, who attempted to as.
seminal. Robert Wilcox. when detected
by the latter In stealing, was tried In the
Recorder's Court to-day end sentenced
to fourteen years In the State Pennon- .
Geo ' .
me Seaton. night watchman In
the Chicago FoittoMce. has been arrested
charged with robbing the mails. Ile wal
committed to await a further examine.
Homicide Trtikl—lnsurasice Compaiipiro.
elguisent,Water Works Contract
-IRaMead Excordos.
(By Telegmh to the Plttiborgb amt..)
Ctercnterem, January 24.—The trial of
Philip Wareham for murder In the drat
degree began to-day before Judge Mar-
dock in the Common Pleas. The defend
ant is &egged with killing David Kirby,
at the C. B. and D. B. B. depot In this
city. in .August last. Both parties
rerlded in Dayton.
The Central Insurance Company made
an atedMi r. . lir t it to.ds
bas. g for the
beentaki be n nellt of i
for moms time. 6
. .
The city council of Covinrden voted
tonight to contract with the Holly Man.
ufacturing Company for water works, to
wet a quarter of a million dollars, and
to have a capacity to furnish live million
gallons daily.
A delegation from the chamber of
commerce and hoard of trade left for
Loolernlle, termite to tbo opening of the
Macon and Brunswick railroad.
Funeral of G. D. Prentlee—A Dreneb.
lng Fain.
ttr Tetteesaa to lte rittsooraasammi
Lethenu.n, Jan. 3L—The remains of
the late Ueorge D. Prentice wen removed
from the !ductile Temple to Christ
Church this afternoon, where the solemn
and imprimatur burial service of the
Episcopal Church was performed, after
which they were escorted to Cave Bill
Cemetery by the Masonic trate:nifty and
a large Dumber of citizens.
A drenching rain has prevailed for the
last eighteen hours.
—The cheese factory of Jaekeen .t
Roper, Greenville, Ohio, was destroyed
by tire on Banday morning. Low l / 2 1110,-
000. Inaustmee. MOM
—A. number of Germans in Brooklyn
met and adopted resolutions. on Rotor.
peal of
demanding the total re
peal of the Excise law bythalwgislature.
—AI an induoement to the employs of
the Erie Railroad along the line riot to'
Join their Jersey City brethren In the
strike. they have been given full work
ing time at Increased wagee.
—On Saturday the New York Anode
lion for the restoration of Amerman ship.
ping interests, sent to Hon. H.O. Calkin,
a petition to Congress, closely
signed by mechanics' and over eight feet
In length.
—The N. Y. Herald Keys the feature
pf th g e'
gle current week proud's to be a
stru orthwestern raild .
' - of which in
Dan Niel Drew is reported roa larg dock ely
abort, while Commodore Vanderbilt lo
said to have been buying It ever since
—Workmen are now engaged In ex.
caviling for the foundation of the
Brooklyn tower of the proposed But
river bridge. The foundation, it la ex.
meted, will be finished by December lid,
Blie; after that the upper work will pro
ceed rapidly. The bridge la to be flash
ed in five year".
—The Mormon Temple In Williams.
burg. N. Y., was packed daring the
Barrios Sunday. The congregation
seemed to be composed of English and'
German. of the poorer clam. An Eng
lish alder 'harangued the Saints on the
glory 01 the religion which had stood the
tent of thirty years, despite the ridicule
of the world and the stories of the news.
—The N.Y. Commercial sayst Baur& y
evening an agreement was entered
and signeci between the Adams and
American Express Companies, by which
the latter surrendered to the former all
the routes and advantages given by the
Adsmii.Othe Merahantallnlon ander the
arraasngem of December, 11167. which
waretranderred by the UerehantaUnion
to the American upon their late anisoll
, dation of Interiada. In oonalderatlon of
this re•transfer of ronteathe Adams Om
pany pays to the American Company
Illiklooo cash withal the Darted of four
years as oompensation. Pb? the transfer
of the Fort Wayne and Chicago route
the Adams Company gives to the Ameri
can the transportation over the Melo.
yeti and Indians Road, the lower end of
the /111aote Central Road and the alfer
ttonvllU Indiana Road.
VENUE' Is giving mathiees.
LAILIIELK has just become a mother.
Curcsaci Law tolvendty admits ladies.
A " clarinet. mon "—Row. Mr.
. Ito]
mars Bo:trim was once the cham
pion compoeitor.
GEE. LEE prefers European emigrants
to Chinese coolies.
LONDON is furnished with gas by thir
teen gas companies.
Tan Mobile Register!' iiifitted on paper
made from the okra plant.
SOMEZIODT thinks the clerk of the wee.
then lass committed suicide.
Pitrianustaa has • Citizens' Antocia
tlod, to keep the streets clean.
NEW Yoree spends three times as much
money for liquor as for bread.
Fenn Democrats in the Mums House
Toted for the 15th Amendment.
SNOW six inches deep fell at Athens,
Alabama, January Bth and 9th.
A Cnic.too dentist pulls teeth gratul•
thusly on Thursday aftern-ohns.
Tam christening cake of -Wales' new
baby weighed eiztydve pounds.
Ctuvonkra is about to abolish the
law prohibiting Sunday theatres.
You can buy a three cent cigar In
Hayti for $250 in Hayden money.
A PRISONER at Portland, England, was
lately whipped to death with the "ad."
Witimmovords birthday is to be cele•
basted in Paris this year on a grand scale.
Daum man, woman and child In Ame
rica uses on an average 500 matches a year.
TER Mayor of Bridgeport, West Vir
ginia, has been impeached for drunken
Mount, the philanthropist, Is after the
men who shave their hones' sad mules'
Goy. Rumen= recommends the abo
lition or the Grand Jury' system in . Wis
consin. •
Tux latest notion of a Paris paper is
to offer wedding rings to all new sub•
Has. Manx Saint has added another
member to ; the great Smith fill, in
Ourtinuesa are exported from this
country to England, Cubs and South
A MURDERER'S skull was sold by Luc-
tion the other day near Ebembarg, Penn'
Tax original "General Boum" Is said 1
to be in the possession of Offenbach and is
a huge dog.
ENOLIBII steamers are reported to be
going through the Suez Canal without
any trouble.
Mos. LTDIA. Barron has been appoint•
ed chaplain of the Leavenworth (Kansas)
BENUMB boa even up lecturing. Us
found he couldn't d 6 that any bettor than
he could fight.
CARLOTTA PATTI and Kellogg are to
I slog together in tho Lyons (France) Opera
House next summer. .
A WOMAN in Indiana was Eaton the
other day; she riu since married. Can
nihilism extraordinary.
A rem.ovr•Who won 200,000 francs
at Baden last year has been arrested in
Parts for picking pockets.
Ton ben; or the Wisconsin Legis
lature are carpet baggers—not a native
of the BM among them.
Tog di and wedding of Mr. and Mrs.
Benjamin wan, - of Emex, Vermont,
was celebr ed on the 7th ult.
' A Jitney. t t•N put Nap In his friend's
beer for a joke, and _the result proved
that )alap fatal toSezveymen.
A Nov • Judge recently sentenced a
man to a eof one hundred dollars for
cuffing the ears of a local preacher.
L :ouzo woman of Indiana keeps
twenty,aeven engagement rings hang up
in her boudoir, the spoils of five years.
Tux Apaches are industrious in Ari
zona. They have lifted the scalp of one
out of every nine whites in the Territory.
Tue youths of Detroit are dangerous.
A boy of 20 has been arrested for sadly
trifling with the affections of a girl of 40.
Mr. A. DOTY. of Banta Barbara county,
California, raised some corn last season
weighing one pound and five ounces to
the ear.
Tu tell a story in Washington of an
official who"feanked" trunks, weigh-
lag 850 porunia, [tom Washington to Ban
IN the last week but one of December,
there were seen 8,659. more paupers in
London than in the corresponding period
of last year.
A ourrursoth in Petersburg. Va., the
other day, for a wager, ate one gallon of
fresh oysters, minus the shells and liquor,
at one sitting.
• Man Du. War ass returned the en
trance money to a disappointed audience
at Jackson, Miss., the other night. It
wu just $l. 95. -
Is the picture gallery of the Jesuit con
vent at Lisbon, Is a painting representing
Adam in Paradise, In blue pants, and
Eye in full dress.
A Raw Yong undertaker says that his
most liberal customers are the surviving
partners of marriages which have been
the most unhappy.
Tess Wyandotte &sure learns that corn
Is used for fuel in Johnson county, Kan
woo cheaper at 26 cents a bushel
thnu d or coal.
Wyonneo offers to send Anna Dickin
son to Congress if she will comeout there
and live. She prefers to make $5OO a
night without stealing.
Tan Rey. Mr. Millburn, the blind lee.
hirer, will average, during the present
lecture season, twenty-four engagements
a month, at $lOO each.
Wass • Suffolk, England, man wants
to tell his friend that be is making too
much fuss about anything, he says quietly,
" Now, don't spume."
Gamin CoMITY, lowa, bought •
$2700 safe last month and at the begin
thing of the year its treasurer had just
eleven cents to put into it.
Tug late Marquis of Westminlster led
about five million dollars In personal
property. The value of his real estate
has never been estimated.
BastinzaenD has patented and put In
operation In New Orleans, a system of
propelling street cars by means of a rope
worked by sleaze anginal.
"Raw &mum) Caucames" are plac
arded In Ban Francisco markets, and
fresh oysters from the east are opened at
twelve and a half cents apiece.
Ores hundred and fifty babies have
been found in the little basket crib at the
door of the New. York Foundling Asylum
since the 20th of last November.
A MINNIBor . gentleman has a libel
suit against one of the papers. It screw
ed him of treating his friends to drinks of
whiskey too small for hospitality.
A ism round the globe in seventy
seven days and hours Is pub•
lisped by the Erie Railway, the trip be.
ginning by a journey over that road. :
* I II.U/A KieoWLE2I and Mrs. Frank
Reid, two spiritualists of &filth Innen,
Michigan, married themselves, a few day s
since, by repeating a abort ceremony.
A New variety of cinchona yielding a
larger per centage of quinine than any
species yet analyzed, has been discovered
by the quinologlat to the Madras govern.
ment. • • .
Tun tournament of the New York
Chrss Club closes to•day. Capt. Macken
zie is alter the first prize, and Mr. Ware
of Boston, and Dr. Barnett, are contest:
ing the second. '
A CAXIC alas was swung across the
Kennebec river, at Waterville, Me., last
week, in order to make a menage across
the liver for teams. as there la no bridge
now at Waterville.
Tug Det4Sßepublican organ save of
Charles Somas;'.tie Is the perpendlett•
tar of the Senate, and all opinions sdvene
to his are too apt to be accounted by blin
u fatal deflections."
Five hundred and sixty-nine vessels
are licensed by the State of Maryland to
engage In the oyster catching business.
Thmtake 000 000 of bushels a year,
andemploy 5,000 men.
Alain BT. Menne, whose side was
shot away to 1822, in such a manner as
to expose the action of the digestive or
gans to the surgeon's eye, Is still alive
and well in Cavendish, Vermont. -
REDDY, the blacksmith, doesn't keep
his pledge. When the revenue officers
went after him the other day for selling
liquor without a license, they found him
gloriously drunk in his own cellar.
Ray. Senses Coons, the New York
eloper, preached at Stamford, Connecti
cut, a few Bundays.ago, mud before leav
ing town borrowed two hundred dollars
of apious brother, who is still his creditor.
FONTANA, the Paris singing master,
who committed suicide,
broke several
galls from the wall by his weight, and
was finally forced to hang himself to a
strong hook, only three feet from the
AN uncommon and melancholy sight
was that witnessed in the streets of Oak
kosh, Wis.; a day or two Since. A wo
man, clad in tattered raiment, was car
rying home In her arms the coffin of her
child, four or five years old.
Tne Btillwster (Minn:) Republkan
says that Mr. Dalrymple, the great far
merof Minnesota, whose farms are In-the
southern part of that county, has made
one hundred and fifty thousand dollars,
clear gain, in three years of farming.
An enterprising journalist got into the
secret wildcat of the (Ecumenical as an
Eastern Bishop in fall rig. Bus Latin
betrayed him, and the Papal police escor
ted him to prison. The Salim-Abet made
his Bishop's robe was sent to keep him
Cot.. Josiss, of Monmouth, New Jer
sey, owns the original copy of the famous
Lecompton Constitution, over which the
country tvol such a wrestle somewhere I
about 18118. It is on a square' yard of
parcbr , red durib.
...ehment, *as twice Saptnred during
the Kansas' troubles, and went safely
through the milking of Lawrence.
A nninrra asfo the relative merits of
sheep and goat's meld in a town of South
ern California, is to be settled by cooking
two sheep and two goats, and.: duly serv
ing them up before a committee of twelve
impartial Judges. Two sheep and • two
goats ought to make a square meal (deny
twelve men.
Tax Baltimore and Ohio Rtilrottd took
to Baltimore, from the Cumberland and
other mines along - which it runs, for the
year just closed, 1,388,157 tons of coal,
against 815,506 tons in 1868, showing an
increase for the past year of 573,651 tons.
These figures show an increase in the de.
velopment of the Maryland and War.
Virginia mines for the past year amount
ing to 741,062 tons.
Prior. LOOMIS, of Yale College, has
written a letter in favor of the scheme for
taking observatiOns or the approach of
great storms. He says such storms tem
ally come from the southwest to the north
east, and can be easily traced. He rec
ommends the appointment of a compe
tent meterologiat to superintend the mat
ter, and believes that the increased seen
rity to commerce will more than compen.
sate for the expense.
Pence Awraurt is about nineteen
years old, with a good humored eye, and
a first crop of blonde whiskers on his
healthy looking cheeks. Bin hair and
complection are also light, and, together,
he is a genuine "English blonde." On
his arrival In New York hls costume was
each as can be seen on Broadway every
day. A coat, pantaloons and vest of the
same material, a mixed black and white,
covered with a yellowish overcoat. He
wore canary .colored gloves, carried it
light cane, wore a very large silk hat.
Taw Davenport (Iowa) Gazette, of the
17th, says: "The beantiel of the frank
ing privilege had apt illustration on Sat
urday evening, as the postollice in this
city. This was In the arrival of a regis-
tered letter, duly. franked and conveyed,
free of cost, to person mailing or person
addressed, or to any one else, except the
Plutonic:a Department, in the shape of a
large canvaacoveted trunk, weighing at
least three hundred and fifty pounds.
Tris pretty little letter was mailed at
Washington and is directed to Ban Fran
cisco. It bears the name of a gentleman
appointed to an important cilp:omatic
position abroad, midis consigned with all
care to the charge of a United States Con-
wal GeneraL"
A case has just been decided by the
Supreme Court of Alabama, which is re
garded as nettling, in principle, that all
the marriages which toos place in that
State during the war are null and void,
and that the issue of such marriages are
The law requires that licien
ses to marry shall be obtained from the
Judge of Probate; and as thepersona who
undertook to discharge that office by rebel
authority were no Judges at all, their
licenses, ills said, are of no value. It Is
probable, however, that the principle will
not be carried to its full extent. but that
the doctrine that the living together of a
man and woman as husband and wife
constitutes a sufficient marriage, will be
adopted instead.
Tag staircase of the St. Cloud was
blocked with boarders endeavoring to get
away with their baggage, One young
women exhibited a heroism worthy of
record. She was pretty, with dark curly
hair, and hadlust env ied on the first
landing with her ands full of knick
knacks, when she suddenly dropped her
load; putting her band to her head ex-
claimed In heart-rendering accents, "Oh,
my blonde hair!" rushed frantically back
and disappeared In a volume of smoke.
There was a minute of awful suspense to
the bystanders; by presently the courage
ens girl appeared at the top of the stairs
carrying about ten pounds of blonde hal;
capilliary ornamentation. One of the
boarders said that the hair was lately im
ported from Paris at a cost of $175.
TIDE following Personal is from tte
New York herald : "Dear Know
ing you to be cognizant of the circum
stances that surround us both, and also
how deeply anxious I am to have You
know my Inmost thought', I am embold
ened to use this Personal column as a
means to write to you, hoping you will
excuse the liberty I take in so doing.
Dear —, It 11 now several years since I
first saw your sweet face-flit before my
enraptured gaze. causing this perverse
heart of mine to vibrate with the keenest
and exquisite emotions that have ever
agitated the breast of mortal since the .
days of Adam. I lovedyou, and through
years of trials and vicissitudes has this
fond heart kept tune to that sweet melody
that was first awakened In me on that
auspicious time, hoping against hope that
I might once more behold you, and that
the fates would relent and let me look
Into the depths of those sweet eyes again;
but years flew by and still I saw you not,
until at last I gave you up as one who
had gone to that bourne from whence no
traveler returns. Can you imagine what
must have been the electrical effect upon
me *hen I once more beheld you ? Oh,
God, what fervent thanks I gave Thee
that my prayer had been heard at last.
Now can you read the secret of my actions
since your resurrection? And as I hear
your dulcet voice once more making mu
sic on mine ear comes the old longing to
this foga heart of mine, and although the
circumstances which surround us look
daticand lowering still, I will make an
appeal to you, an appeal which your
actions toward me cause a' lingering ray
of hope to illuminate my path, that this
will nut be In vain., I have long wanted
to ask you a question, a question fraught
with all the Ware welfare of my life.
Have you in some remote corner of your
heart some tender feeling, and does your
thoughts ever revert to me? Do you love s
me? Will you answer this all absorbing
question the next time we meet? Will
you utter that winsome 'yes,' fraught
with all the golden dreams of heavenly
reams, or will yen pronounce . the dread
'No,' and consign my soul Ig., darkness
and despair ? Please answer and oblige
yours, forever. Crum= Nate Tong,
January 1870."
NO. 21.
Lake Nlogon
The story lately told in 'some of the
Canadian papers, of a remarkable dis
covery made by Prof. Somebody. engaged
In a geological survey of the region north
of Lake Superior, who found Lake
Nipigon to be one of • the great Inland
seas of the St. Lawrence chain, rivaling
Ontario, Erie, and the rest in point
of magnitude, is flatly contradicted by
the Houghton Gazette. The following
description of the lake Is given by the
Gautte: -
"The west sbore of Lake Nipigon is
more irregular than eau be well Imagined.
There are dcc. bays Within deep bay' yet
within deep sI, giving an Immense
amount of coast line, but a very small
amount of navigable lake. The only
familiar comparison we can make is to
take the hair of an Intricate braid pattern
for the toe of a slipper, which will convey
"fair idea of the coast lines as to the body
of thq lake. There are but a few strums
emptying directly into the lake, and
these have their rise and flow only fifteen
or twenty miles away. The two heaviest
are :stspectively from the southeast
and South west, the _latter being the
lobgai, and rising wj thtn but a few miles
of Thunder Bay, ony on the other slope
of the mountain, which forms a portion
of the bay shore. There are quite a
number of rapid streams, their head in
some small mountain lake, which empty
Into liiplgon river, 'Whose channel Is cut
deeply through the hills, and whose cur
rent is rapid and. strong, and frequently
broken by. small falls and cascades, re
quiring frequent portages."
The Mormon bishops and elders are
making great exertions to extend their
faith in Long Island. A Conference was
begun there on Friday lad and closed
Sunday._The business session of the
Conferenc wu conducted with closed
doors, but public meetings for instruc
tion in doctrine have been held daily.
The Conference was attended by dele
gates from Bali lake City, headed .by
Bishop Burton. As a result of the ger
vices the Bishop stationed in that neigh
borhood expects to establish branch con
gregations In several other
aarvos ruin limns ostir.--ai
SATO RDAs LIT J.. 1111. 97, AS sad
49. the Lt fat inimitable muMeal smiths,
In A 0 tonp and Impersonations. (written and
contrinned by Miami.) Ann
Burlesque Company.
' , or part...colas.. tea Posters.
Tke ole of ticket; to coloveace on Tuesday
mains. at Sieber Bra. Nude atore.
moon r at
ot 1; to coatroom at II o'clock.
n mpany vU r•tureac.l
&r at
ye. o .
3. 'clock. In which the scum
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Warranted Tree hens ball:Mous le reedlenta.
It preserves and latittens the Teeth:
Invinerates Ltd Booth. Inc Mews:
Perilleaaad pedants the breath!
Pr. vents steam Blanes of Tartar:
• Cleans and Purities Artldetal Teeth!
boldb s a o l p
Dr o am t c ne n D ‘ a ti t ll ata. n
. M. WILW`M. Plotadalptila.
Poe sale he l C. MATTIMN. Plitsbars h. and
II M. 8:7013611481. Allebhs 1. •
j o E i CALDWELL & CO.
902 Chestnut St., Philadelphia,
Keep only first-elase goods. An Immense vs
tasty or
Gold Wech...lllanin - ds,
jesteiry. `Meer Ware.
' •
. Clan. Bonner.
Foreign fancy Goods.
Floe PaGGlngs, &C., de.
All persons desiring really line articles, tilla
ble to • minty and moderate it price. are cattalo,
to tm plea. ed b rue eseeedingl) Itt le and led
c diretien. Our ttoei Is kept a.grays ttesh by ad
ditions Oxon drat sources.
Our store di proneuteed one of the most eltgasit
to the world; and any• glalung the nay
are cordt.lly tart PA to call and ln.peet It Si
thee letiute Jr'Zd.l
Non. 90, 92 and 94 Grand Street,
A Popular Account of teals VarJou Oman.
wan (ascription of
illustrated with 807 WoNa►ts.
1 vol., Ivo, c10th,16.00; half cli!. 040; till.
' , ln presenting to the publteashe En gneti Ur-
Mos or Loeb Yignier'► Interesting wort (maw
tiles and Md., I b. g to state that where altere.
Mons and addlitons hare been made. 107 addict
ens been that the arrle end matter abon'd le
salted toile present 'Meer ;Meerut knowledge;
and teal a 1 classes ahould be &Moto obtain.... •
fat lofonastLsn and anntsennet from the pages
•hiett 1 have sow She honor and pleasure of Pei:
seining totem- Vaserator , s Pmfaeft:
D. A. & CO. a/so publish, by the same gather;
THE INSECT WORLD. Being . a popular
count of the orders of Tweets, together with a.
description of the hob is and economy of some
of the most tatereeting specks. By Lorne
/locate. Illostrated 11th eleven full meta.
Vert sits LA 503 bealtitally petaled woodcuts.
Cloth. N. half calf. $1.110; full calf. $lO.OO. -
THE 001AIEWORLD. •descriptlic hlstory
of the Sea and ID lnhaidtante. By Loma 110-
rugs. 111estreted lith44T 'nominee. 1.1..•
Oro. Thee In cloth. 110: Ilea' call, extra, 00.50;
!anent. $lO.BO. •
Loots Tionnis. Contenting thtrty.(ooo ron.
page . Blastretione of extlect ealmale sad idea
landircaPes of the ancient world, and SOS louts.
of animals, plants and other fossil restates and
restoration. 1 vol.. Om, 417 pave. Cloth
115; half oil. $11.10; full Ulf. extra. $lO 50.
max: Being a history of planes. 11th their bo
tanical descriptions and Decanter properties,
lastrated 11th 440 t111T.Ti•1t.... 4 114 fell
nage Itiastratlens.
,1 ;rot, too. , Cloth.. MI;
Inner of Ins abo:re notfres tnany
addrau to OW United Slatnik ninnecelpl et tai,
Of tl4 . BUT METAL aaa tiIIAVIEWf
PLATY—will lAA for Athos to taretO Tetra.
Tor solo by
se. es nisi - soirmirr.
elle UPtigeealt) i VBFLNY. Jae.. T I3d.
1%0 OD ee , en a leer of Coemberefel Bales
Room., lb° Salttlalesdr street, lOU be added to
er 114 of vale OA. mete:
AO genres le. Ali. Natioast Beek;
Zu !Mares rebroms Nations. neat. .
jai A. eteU.WAtlllf..,AbelJabear.
SITNDRItI6-13 , ballea cotton,
111 IS ruOID 14
To arrivi by
• 10 *acts rels pP
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Zit "Pink Varbluointifijitistaapja.
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no of a club of tea. Poermsettra are rimeted t
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be innericd in Moe whom ewe ft. ,
Clonal line FIVE aItN.M.
vire NTED. MADDER/I. •
few more beat dere ...I be setorg-cklatell
Ith irf,o , l board at De . 10 ANN UTILES? at
4.60 per wel.k. t kt
X? ANTED.—By a small tam-
V? TLY. a GIRL in di, atuaral boomorott.
a! 3T •tnithleil "frt . . cf.
V V PLOYIKENT 0/710E, No. I St. our
MAW. SOT. tillilLS sad IMF, for 41100101
►lddd of tooplortneit. Yawn.
.11 dada na W noolim 0*
icU every- .
ttgli tp .. 3.1314 MT.
!Catlin; Mutant ' ever !gate. 1 . 44 MN
Wul knit IM) ,000 stitches per memo, A*.
Doe.. Kam, or tit. Loall. Mo.
WAZTED.--fiesaled IPriirria . l4
(117.6LAITA.PLri!olgt ;
twitted to /Arisen:mg% or I...tread,We.
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I"l"'"' ,:itlinl;lltrileatirir ' •
lirsl Estate •senas Ls..
.000 to Loss Is lan* or)sosill Mossts, f,
et a fsk rate of Interest.
Su; an rc
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Most te .4' I
(Melt. vril
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THOltallEl 8. etym.
MU, Bond and Mal LW" Bicker,
No. 179 Ihr.lthilald stmt.
mouth to sell tali onir sIiNOIY
111 , 0ViD elf.Nne. OZWINO
CHINE. Price on! y 8111. rest lodummeuts
agents. Tots is the most popular liewleg . tr .
chine of the Oar—mske. the famous "MI
Look lititoti"—will do 001.11,d of wont/tat ems
be done on as) meals —100,090 sold and the
demand cou.tautly lusressiug. Noah, Ocilla*
ar s e Of
maid for circulars Tel;
ware Address 49.0.1
CO.: ,Boo n, ass.. rittsbutalt, 1%, Or !t.
TOMO LET.—No.II Wood ' street,
noir •uteriuled
qu re at 47 Wo,sl gest. a'
log. No. Gil Woos .treet. Intrattn> at No.
1 Pena street.
TO LET.—Desk Room la a
tundsomely Ls. ea up .5111usju coutral
use fur tame. .wol7-.t I+o. SO
0[001:10 SOOT. -
rpt i ll*T.—LET.- House No.
.5.e ..Ts raril.:2lll:slist e e .. .
4.4u50 4 r. x.
TO-LET—Wezettonse No. 328
• Inert? ' , rest, from Jaastry lest last. to
April Ist. 1111. ittlgalre at rear ogles oa tin
- LET. Fur Illslli
T080010..11.0 r witnnoboser; Fro n t
dellrable It re
R on tit. eta Also. *avant
TIC IN on 6_ st and unclad ancr. and a ROOM
60 by AO on .thltd 6,0 r. RuaUß* of D. IS.
WALK , H. Stn. ailed. So. I ISDOb short.
LET.—The large Sto re
r glioons No. 05 Wylie 1 .,
Ave eon, • 'of
rtt.bwit b. A. M. BROWN.
TO LET.—Two 1 story brick
eoutea. Nos. ()Sand US (Mitre avenue.
contelotog ten roosateatli. with ell m.den Ina
: rovementa. Montan at No 54 Centre avenue.
'X 0 LET.—Fite rooms—ice'
Tv?, tame—on the e , rsof of R•• 1 ••
aith(liaococklelnxa. Alfro two EwellllllE.
saJo.ll4, wttb e•ghiand seven room. E 41.11. A
ot Wit neon the L.
LET.--Tbal large. 4 itoried !!
rtAH3IIOIIIA, corner of rlror
Wood meet. ocroplWl brOto
National Haut. lumina( ILOBLAT 90093 ,1 8. e
P 39 meat Aroma. or A. V. HOWARD. No. p
4 Wood straw - -
TetU,lLE'n BOONS. -- Several I.
One. lards and well (drab bed rooms is a 1.
loostion. quiet and newt* bealaesa. ~
Tbn be bad by geutheen as sleeping rooms. is
,se rooms are very arslratoo. Zuriaae at 45 f_ ...
N INTh bTREET, late bane. tf f,.
TO . LET.— A Suit at Rooms r,
compel Ind Two Large, we 1 high ed f oat ri
s on. And lour. ..
II Ilubted V.
(root HOOMOD An. ' Oat large 1 1511 •IA =3
two ante, reed. en 4th door. Owe dune Naos. ~.,,,
nest !for, No. 9.2. In hog ist`a saw bundle..
g..ortn *venue. .Tor tones Inquire of A. 11. ~ i
EN GI.InFI. • 00.. Na..4llrourth armee. . ~.:
'TO LET —A lot of ground 194;
feet by 11961 etvnlb a bum abbstanUal ~
brick build'. g 6..L,et by 140 teal. avid II 01-
ace bul.dmg coalyibina two lb em., tnyber y Sc.
Laybed by Jamobbillbetgar aY a p &abut pall att- ,
ystyd, Carson ana biro! a Deets TOOLS ritu- .1
cum.,. suitably for 111.11191/1,C1.114 pliblaoael or • :,
distillery. App yto
Carson and Tt nth Wens. btrabbgbabh
I ,i
Inquire of 2
e li Z gignes.
i i !
new acres at Men lox Retina. - Vt. Warns 9.1"4
ft.; 9 houses and 3 lots to Pleasant Vol.' :V;
1 sere (rotted In Bellevue Boto.; Settee sad 1111
sent la 1131sabeth Bora:boas end lot In Brise/1
water, Beaver county; 11 acres at Illeedaletti
House and 9 LOU on tammud aleens 30 marl;‘ ,,
.ots on Fremont strum. Mud weed; 10 soros
Ross township: Boone and Lot. 64 Jantesstatte.htl
34 warm Hoe.. .140 Lon Whlte Oak meet. le
ward; boon and lot Belleville Pla 800 .11
ward; haute and lot on nitre treat, 94 nitetll.l.
boute sod lot. Itlreltedle d street:9 tots Is Slaw.,
ihiant 3 lots andhouse In Beaver Ba hr ; hosts
Oil Stoat s foe d lot:seems
sale. 700 further ttar not. nemesia Wart Bank sub. ,
Moine of
Zeal Estate Anent, corner tlblo and elanduklr,
elanote. Allelfbesl.
rue andeetlffned of vs for Meade Deralllail
House. 8 ab' a and Wound.. situated in tie{
Istfth ward Alin bony City. balm... , Rid., westl.
J Asp. siren , .. having a Von , of 1.00 le. t anal 4
960deoth of 50 feet (01110 meet. 1010 Is
of M 40 r
most d,Mrable and an /MI sttnallone I If ;
tbe city. Tenni accounnod•tint
Anotthe oft. SMALL
No. 177 Lllxt ty treat. Bltteburgh.
R SALE 08 ...Ahrei;F i
6rlllo l oB.
TORT BUICK DWI:LT.IIW 1130136x.. - 15 , 00
Sber.r.s. avenue, froo t lex on Wrut ColouT
loqulrt of H. IIeELEINN T. nor
prnosihrmalaliaaranee Comm.! r. 111116 W
Fag WALE.'
Withtn ine - etty Ilscmi.ll be sold clean as
on nary terms. 'mantra of Wit. BL
ltt , .. 91 front istr , et. 7.Daf
F OB SALE—Stock and MO
TilllKe, LEASE AND 000 D WILL orij,
A.V.l..oe•eierl. doing a good tartness. Sni.4
aside alined Lulus engaged to °thee badmen
the mann for idling. 0. W. PURE!. 49 1.14'
,ral street. Anaphase. tr.
• Plea -gteato Prase*. and a large quantity
type. Wore IrOrk than they leen terC oat.
JUItli.A. Ben.
-If Fifth sag 411111•0111:1“i•
VOn• NALE.—oplendlla Vanci
s - or 'SO./WE- d. tau int. 4 In awl calks troCti
Midway azattola Paulaadlu 1•1110•4 Ira
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agricultural runwas Um rob WS. 1. bet
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VOR PALL—Engines and 80l - :4
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eonrisni IT On Mad. . ... , , li,
.Orden from all Dart* or th==.irr = , =M3 4
=United. .
JAMS 4 HILL a co.,
iv rA
Corner Marion Arcane and P.. P. W. sC. It. oi
*Haitians. Pa. [.'
TUBES SUODDIF 11 1 / 1 01111X115,1
t. Platen and Om Manlier.' ' .-
. . .
Inpalsit at Ho. At DIAMOND, Lilt/ben Oil
.. . . .. , -. .
_ __l l
REDJKI . NALL—AII persons nem.
.lAO HO ilar 'invastsnants t n Ira 1
-sitil tar eti I tr. e .t iliztatra
rwrll.a iriaarra.,lit,,,,,... a a
or will Ls sent by mail Vass loans ra:All_idi •
Parsons casnot ball to Msnintt.oraiir .. 1
list It contains. Clliiirr A rsi
Ushers and real math Aseats: So. 139 )'ear l - .3
=CU= ''t
Lem of choice and In WS*ofthe ben 00.44.5
•In lows star We Use of Os Chicuit
Norttorestat• oat. road. and ta • .rir 0r We
15045111 e portlou ot Ws etsta. Will be
low, the wimbe as pad. rody st v_
la= A"*..
S ' , • • >l'l%l
bONxa W 1
alms 0,4 191119 eTAVaxtr a mom
•µl, 29 Mita .al/se
Tarr.—MONDAY, II th lot
C h i:II I: A.7: TO
p•& latZPrl/1:4
.111 'Duke ands , as
lOir IL at lho M.O. *1151 11 ../ 1, "
near drivre yards. . '
. • • .