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ExprOat Componlie"Connell—The
:Brie jtallropil Strike-Baninet
toast Walt Paritit:-TiehtChal r
lsage Cotagtri Called
—The (titian Pox Dlmintshing
ItAtgasE z Cabin :ion/Li-I:Dr.
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tomatoes et Wee, embodied to a general
aisseemtrat'of elf ttie bcrtepailes, wbleit
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The Brie Railroad strikers Wore In
bat: *thing: ea no tri.
aes ibru l e% 1 1 1 2Werfrreithetrco-laborezi
along Melina irscsacelved up to eleven
*Weak last night. Many rumors ,
.a wern
but none had the plausibility
h l
announcement. Some had it t
the men at Port Jervis had unstridiousli
left off work. while the others maintained
that all refused tolitHket II they deetned
the actiott,of, their-brethren in Jersey
City prematille.:'Yeeferday morning the
allsit,futitttag was held. There
Vasil smell stiendanoe, end nothing of
illtislituungn transpired. There were i
few men at wtok in the shop" yesterday),
but nossatihs ortgipai striketw About
twenty,beirtifinds tNhtmmse Over from Net
Yorir, - btat the strikers; who were on - the
gut abeithiercenuatt them and rcsaildsd
t 7warttgall orthem to return.
94 a assuorr.• , '
This banquet given -et Dsbnordea'Sthle
Pl4elluelibuttilj a aatingtored
p**, mica an* sueso',
erbely "presided: - Among three
Crt were „lAD, Mitchell. (Moored
e m ny, Justieleldaarthy, District As.
WM7,, Alrligipt,„ Judge: Curtiss and
90.11 6 ,r4ditt ,Thwelejr In his ternark
oke highly of the devotedness of Mar
t.ign p 3 his ,00untry:. Mootin.adverted to
vlbeobianthisent'of eiolgrants
lands of the West. Towne were pro
=to,ths Rresidenr- of the United
es; Governor of New York, our
itrnisanloshand,the pa/taw oi,irg
T iT,""OF!" 1 1 ,
:WM DOUltleilhownerof the yacht sap.
, pptillibed
eqralost his craft, from Cep. Clear
to Bandy Hook, in the month of July,
ilgOiathiebittesplieseit bisSwilltognese
to tinter a race from Nablight to Cher.
El=ralkwaOlr and , tfidif i n. the gi #
0 juaio
General wilitui. lities7dfmt .of ihe
r ßitil*Larlibod, Insil bawd unalltba
t balowationatiie ot i tbaqintinkatloat
I I:4lllMTAV i v a n pi= fov li t t , "
active hostilities. Invitationis extended
- - Wail Irish national organisations, }rein,
din ig that of ten John Bangs WWII;
senVelifeanntatives.; ,
I .!
i K,l.Rwir, 1 411 *, ,• - i :..
' are VT cases of iiall:Poi lia . the
city, cos:dined to the eleventh, seven 4
Iseentar. hod , itenttryWerdan , Chafer are
'lnlaollii Janice.. !The . total
„riSitlasfrons pli. poems Imitria city taw
3w 00 _,....crue.4 00, ** 0 .**4‘!*.qg 4 0 troulust 1
.n.."""..)., 't I.: -:'.,,• ,•,.....,-.. :'
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, "A• eiai La f .41 clCauixtlOA Amid
Ailfaxist.have pni,inldrvilittlVpi a=,mu.cati*.b3o4 The
teeraid sax* thetalokeverx MEMO
Itadhlne lid& bp: tipe;Ltlititigit the Span-
Via& ethriatatior'it.' se, my twaik taw hood:
The arnoturtisided ii - eara 'lb 'tie newly,
:L 1
li i i , r Azortrinsitiktikti':-
" r k 41itAWIATVejg: ':-*.dliittlW
%whin y :=_=lr i g ie tteAtOstra
lawatanattniiitollnatittni tin ' A
acesidefienother Wisner" lbw tautens' ho
-en withael he Would bt9wntto the amid
lithe: AM Awl rears''::; . : e- i ~ -,- , • , i
t ~.l eril ildithwrivioatn Anita • ; 'i• : i
it ratitestbaii‘ns onci) trcik
=ill bytitatVinthehatui-:
an& . Ati , by..liter. Henry
WARP Belcher wing naterday. !MidW.
Asii Arm vs tis .-}tegisswouvu# Ste:
Joitaszn. - ..;.: • ~•, : le t:•,4 : ';..1. ~, J ; i
'' ttailiniatirtera end detain - In sopa, at . ,
at aiteeting. trailleWatt . dlicabiesit the Tao=
welial ehatteA In the lira caLthai inthale.i
A - eel= ntstoz/F4 -was , t W er t grd kul
Amine ni;o , Oteigreeli - th,
a lasi*fial amain', its ialqiiiaiir
4•014.• . Wen received of the • Wait,
WrlClevad total low of the rem Atlanta, l
',Wattled' teen iold to the Bans.* sari,
Inatestd; -an :the . vicinity - . of , remind
• Wands. Preilont to, the 13th• taw; .I.t lei
pasunteds no live Were lost. - -.; :' 1
.'' ; : • ....! AW.. tawa.n. 'xiorrati4;.... ..-. i
At a itatattat ot ,Pereons la Weikel bx.
"the prodeet of ft :Northern. =
•BaLlsoaa yistatday,tie issearal
was nit the Work should be potable fool
yard ipotesi) , .111 strpotsoatag,
Dn. sattoarre. . '
Uri Linde:maths well kntrtriportndt
isiatee , Ad-- Philadelphia; says Paul
art~, the (Mists prisoner, is not
the eitAltrier of Berlin, . whom he could
roompsee , oot of -19,000 meat _
IrMidt.cniusza. -
= iiiiteildtheints to be cameo:Mie
Northwestern preferred stop!.' end
r %hal
• VI•ork• operator hi to: be stidessixl..
Actothrw: rumor -says the •;triode:chin
!ergs ' - • = -
_ .
Gag coluvirericalaini the Termite to-'
derma two mantbst absence In Ethope,'
to wake kertain cogineering inrestigfo ,
Jinni ibuttie tiavernentred.- •
Edwards weattnto tabling Jeri !herded , ' kir hie with gam Whew for
Abe light weighs :• - tiootter,
rogrogisEdetalds • trainer...7TM tight is
jilt *she orou the !dot Marsh. and ectui =
dirlber hundred Indeed this city. _
tll;=" khulitittl-svre
• .••,.0.p0,41...._ .
j p o aulavhp‘the health-4
oie disc/Mired is as once sent to'
the ry hospital.
It kr now claimed by reepecasble par
ties that there triad. ear tooth
*Marks lately inside In! iellird
estenalve Whiskyliniddralleged tonere
teen committed during Ism and 1937 at
5 distillery in West Eighteenth street. It
is said that eil the persons who are sO•
cased wig yoluidarlly amender them
William H. BOMMOTII. alias Rios, atlas
Courtney, a notorious confidence opera
tor, pleitgocketandbergiar of thisrliaL
wee e'.last•thight! for Ithindillig
chPvlsborint man — trein
• of two hundred dollars in green
becks. - Lynch was about embarking for
Queenstown to bring ont his family when
he was accosted by thus , swindler
, ,
( B r Telegraph to to Thlsharalt
Fluernloome, January fit.—The Ma
of Mime? and Vandectuirgi, niuicienns'
of tie polghtal family. resulted In a ver
dict of murder In the first degree yester
day. They were both sentenced to death.
owning sagedllf they had anritthialu
bag Why sentence of Math should not be
upon them. Bohner was silent.
V l s: " Wientutree replied that he wan not
guilty and knew nothing of the murder
patilttelvie erreested In Altoona. = •
- .
. .
°lt'', - 1 .- ''.f'=• ~ •• .- - -'. 't) .. (0. , / ...!'• .s.. i ' lx ~ i ..- .•. , i --.. . .
. . .
. ..
. . _ .....,
~ .
....••/ -,,,,•,..„.,.. .. .
. ....... , t .
- ..,,.....' '.„.). ,• ',;i: . •
. ...
.. . , . .
... .
. . I .\\ . .
. .
1 ' ' - 1, :-, •
T...., W s." '
--.. , .
--- ----. i N. / ~ •:.,
..' . .
• , • • .;,..!' ! f,'; 5."!'... , .' ''. , . ' '_ . _
The Great SDlke in France Ended
—.-Depnty Rochefort Convieied
andSeentei 4 ,ed—Austria Desires
Friendship with France-New
Press Law—Progress of the
council at Rome—News from
Baker's Africa'. Expedition--
West India Advices.
ey . ra«nPe to pe,rlitsl;aisch asotte.)
311131:1•111n—About three trent•
eand . tlVe hundred troopi batik itittved st
1.4 Craezat, to prevent disorder %Arming
the workmen on a 'Wire tkerta,
Henri Rochefortet Irbil pas brought to
an end to day
ii Hrl wee coatieted atik
sentenced toot.: ontba Imprberruireal,
and to'pey a Sena of 1,600 fume. Thb
iredtence does not disturb OH poktion Ise
Deputy in the Corps tmglidialf, '• •
FAsM, aimitiit w..—bd eenfeno clf
of RochefOrt Includes the deprivation of
his politiml rights, theugri he record& I
deputy' in the Coma ,
Hoehetert refuses to appeal to the tri•
bun& beleftlegMliblnignitratets Vre
elected, by terdeerrial sulrraite',ol .
proceeding* or trim. court not pal
Prittoe Metternich, Austrian' Fan
dor, has communicated 'io the Firm*
getrortarnent a distrait& from as
Dim; lotpreeridg the dealt* of 'Attatrta
Mr, the friendliest ,relationa ,iritt •
French Cabinet. ' .
Itrius,Jackuily Sl—Xia tbe Dorm
Weld YelltordaY M.Stseira made a •
'poach denouncing commercial
• 1 All the disorder attending &remelt
af,workpoten at DeCrane& chat • ••
Primed by the, troops .and thaamike
atin attiL. •. • • • •• ~ J trt , '
It is announced tiud• aninestry.lbreati
Andiassideiust •• WA press laws trilby&
• LuntedocutA new law far the •• ;
dona tive prembito be submitted gosh '
, .
January '22.---AdvlPea - fropi
' , lamellae and Puerto Marine to January
18th bans been revolved. Hothrior_
bionitidird'from' General • Ptiallht' '
. .
Goyetler , h i ,vilttilive thouniii dig' dim's
all arms, arrived. at Puerto - Pringpb co
timplMb. - from. Sante: Eepiritt/..,dit
-nathig. Ms:troops- a few .days he
took opliimarch. Goyenech'sd i
don la unknown, but be is supposed
he mains in, nombination with EINE
Ufa repeated the cholera haarnap -
in that vicinity.: ..- '• . .-.. . ...: •• :.....
The Untied Malin steamer 13 .3, :ivetti
with-the monitors Dietstor'imet •
sidled on Monday for. Mammon • !
Spanish iron clad Victoria mut
Lellali, sail for New•TorkMonds :• , 1
One month hacetatsed since
Puglia left the mast for the tutorial.
-log time nothing haw lass,-
i 'Havana,' JmottarY , ML 2 Ther&WMO -
meow • today - of ' tern thimester& . . . ,6611M..
tons,. The 'legion Connoted ht ElertsAin:
and American Volunteers Made' hal
appearance ou QM u.casolmf. - It Made
creditable znamteM; Ind 'Wha sally hi,ifvok
•• A proelsmahotf hash - Min isinind' ilicil
letting all direct timinin.the‘lslitfid 'Mr
shaveallier meanie,' will' lbh‘nilled'fio .
h i
custom duties only , The ,oessilßuf:
frauds in'iltre -- Co - of einelincii
tripled ttre revenue' , poi,rlthio scut Ea.. 1
ROSS, tisane/y.21-91i ireltbiShoil
of Paris on Wednesday delivered s
'count. Segirii 'the . Ecumenica l
... . ,
flitrtfAadom and moderation.. ne.weit
Ilstenesi' to with religions- attention; end
si the skis of. his remarks was compel,
Wetted by many of the Fathers -
• A. petition wane. the excess,' of lay= .
men who edit religtousjournals has Moss
drawn up and numerously signed by the;
Fathers. -
Articles destined fer the Exposition of,
Homan Arta will be received unit the
14 of Febtnaly.. The Exposition will be
opened on the Mith of ireternary. •
Reim, lan:ZS—At the eanprinpition or
the Omen. on Saturday, there was S,
protracted debate on the Syllabus,
whichen any of the most eminent fathers!
took part. At two of the sessions last
*tweak. monitory circular. were distribett. '
ed, enjoining on the' members absolute' .
were and brevity of discourse. •
LONDON, Jemmy 22.—The Tines to.:
day diseases' the French commercial!
beet:. and demonstrates ' theretiom the,
need of absolute tree tallae• _
, London advice' are received from
ker's expedition of discovery up to the;
lend of ran . They were at the head
Waters of tha ,1,/1 wall. ,
. John Bose has been Knighted.
The British aloud lade,. Weeks to ;
adopt a Hied tenure for Irish land meas.
Lovrnow, January id.—The closing ar.;
Ruthenia in thecae) of the Quebec htszthe
• .4) Company vs. the Commercial
BAWL or Canada, conoerning the pro=
~!•West.." were heard before ,the
yesterday. Decision reserved.
' I , brm Rig°, Japjliiiy,D.-rtia Havaxa
January 22.—The jgrinding of row cane'
km begun in • slits island: Tonnage for
fre e kt is abundant. The old tariff re
i :
to folae
Jettatue, Jan.lo, Wu Havana, Ja.W.23.!
...Thete . is. an immense mamba of re-:
ceipts In lbe treasury of the government' 1
In this Island, and t.xre will be mated- ,
all , 2 Pauce d . during the an44ll.4bur•
Or. Deluxe°. January 20,tie Samara
January, Ult.—The revolt:resales havade.;
.eided to attempts =moment In Lib, In.'
Mew ef Use island. President . Bass:
foam an invasion by Hayti.. The'Cabrall,
forma arastationary in the south weaterni
be the island- ,
transfer of tbe Bey of SUDS= to'
the United States Is considered seined.;
,Vireitoont.A. 13,
January Irks Maranrs,!
January 23..—Tnete bare been see ereL
engagements between guerillas and goy,
urnotent troops. Money is scarce and:
Banc Paul tuts been appointed Minis:
ter to Washington. ' ' !
:The daughter of Mr. Paididgef A 111,14
can Minister, Is dead. •
Lotman, Jantatry 22.--The steantinia
Caledonia, Java and City of Now Tork,;
rnArlifrwlark, bwre anirarogsr.
-I,l . , ' ,l ' , CiNclin4kit
Cigar Nakere , Striae—Distillers ind
Fermentation rented = —Seldst* or ate
snAllegeis swindleFaEFects. r
` t Pirdiregipri Flatener. eeeeibi: l
• Calleetstaii; Duitutrii
era to the number of three hundred, on a
strike held a meeting yesterday and
gr ORFenli th „_ l 4 l rWri WA - embers of the Inter.
I Bail ilnieesieilthinive been attempt. r
I ins to effect a settlement of the dltier.l
ces Theemployeni insist on a redno
tdollars per thousand. Al..
though committees have been appointed
to confer, neither party ikerss disposed to
concede, and the spea declared the
cigar makers must stand firm. They
ear there has been no reduction a
=1;114. clitkK therefore:the We
The meeting of the Western Distillers'
Association yesterday dimmed the
reported determination of Commissioner
DelepOtOthafst on forty.elght hours' fee.
raintationV Woo Meld information had
beep received and it was determined
to take no definite salon till the 27th,
and in the meanwhile to ask Commis.
stoner Delano to suspend collection on
the s ogaaigaistik One distiller said the
inabrtma in 14 the rule had already cod
himOtt, he would close his dia.
Wert ,before he would consent to be
robbed. _
R. M. Pomeroy had his office furniture
seised by the parties wholhrnished iton
credit, upon towing og I.4„arreqou sll.'
dal in Neer - Teat. Gen= •consnrowt to
nim were - also detained at the depot.
The Impression here is he undertook to
own on business in the name of R. M.
Pomeroy .t Co.. Whoes hi' l3 , s P-;k u !k beell
Closed slate Isamu*
~ ; :,
Senate—Not in Session. Nouse—
, /be Conmittee of the Witib
(Ba Tal , rEava taw ratabaratill.a,tta.)
Wasi)uiaram. D. C., Jan. n. 1870
Thh HOtheiTtie% toigencirisfdlisenseloni
as if In Committee or the Whole. About
isititsibessi El:ireprotient.
Mr. STOKES took the floor and made
a speech on Tennessee, p;ditica opd as to
the Standing iSov. Seater.
Mr. MOORE. of liiinole, addressed the
araw ravw of 1 , 103.7:val owe!
, • , apect:the
question to Settled in this decade.
Mr. KERR. spoke In review of the
action of, the. Rwatileticfm,°Vg
it with Mal:admiti (ration o fife
moment. soft deatilinfrA;e4l4 ,0S the
milli of a high protective tarlu, internal
revenue, nottopai.lispitiowlaws,tiod the
Vielonit currency Inside& by national
banks. i 1., 1 •
Mr. LOGAN spoke nest in favor of the
removal of the,,notitunal,lodpital. He
would at the proper time ,o,:r a reeolut
notflitithealt'pelet , 6 eommittee
at424l42l•Plitiltrhothet it *at
pf ha
7 3 kibt and possible td
rein o 'l'm the city of
Washington. T e Weal, he mid, asked
to have the Beat of Government, becanat
the centre of Copulation MR within We
limits of the west; because the great no
clam of artificial and nattirel hieitivart
fro tiahre,,and.Amuute,hogreat
11111tr t veWatiofeutNaltMatet
frit* f tar e. " "'"
Mr. BECK spoke to favor of lopping
off the enormous and wasteful t t eadt
turn of the Gpvernmemyo). on o
the tatittioh agricolgehitlllll no.
tog Intermit!, reduction of the tariff am
extinction of the national banking 'yet
lalinTeptinw s i 6 cflkils:4eduifitit bit
over_. .000,009,- Mort
IMAM cathe f ,trokit WNW, Etude, w
crawled fromMatillers to OW for tfo
Tlegt metre, Which is knowskandadmitr
tediip be a Miserable failusg4 Bet...Tioe
wee pet ofThe former ectutmisbionen
Them fog_whliria slooo,waargehasere
tindforaderce!ltt 11.100;:by les Greeni
'wood & M.; Oreille:lntent.
Mr. VitidiffiatlNNEtdf
Mutest the rsaoval of: the thipltat.
il ntirelypitsatmted, from wishwishproppar- I
loatt • • , N.
The 4 :4l7ocelite ' wipeeltiti the grime 41.
11.10 adjourned) ;v.4
. 7!
i*-9:Rureef• r„,dldr t
orthelOWlLball 4 n t.
i tteihroyed,byArellattiklay
tape°. I
.4.ev..lamsal3."Haieleubprgh, 43 f 4 tha
"• ormeVhdreh, Neryory., diXr_on
. • all; _ •
-AD's* aniadon play
q*di atigher‘matet
'game ofarde at Sikh Franclake
gum° , 8d; - tur 11,009. -"
—.IA. frame shinty in east tiLevaiwai
buried last Welt and Ann emerpert
'abed in the datum.
raj.Oeo. Whistler, Ameri
editilleay.sliedtver3Lautklenly reoentlya
PISA I VIV 4 0 $ 1 1 11 1d4gf Uti , .(llOllCT
—Several aboelte .of -earthquake wir
felt at Virginia Vity:lie rad 4 and eine
B° o l 2. e".901 . 2 1 P- k ftl t el..* ll ,
.—Uharles Leffand was Amsted Frid
for the murder of-Shaties Gleeshit. n
Wardle, Illinois, last sclpiembec.
l i ig umi dherikitiki4is 'leis thou mad. fol
the Boston=' licsirinthwfuli,at
*molly experweenommenoing toffy.
•.—RgpOriteifern Ogden; Math . Fray ,
quegtingalatabotantingiStermons continua
l!ititeteroiprds of goopie. l
la) esms - , vroni, ?cocas ,
on the arrival of the:roman:a in Portland.
r Zahn licAleekin.finate, Mdan/masa,
.I(anasa, was bunted Sunday morning..
Loss 18,000: Insured for MOW in Boma,.
—At rtilledelphile on Saturday, Dr.
Brindle was Nostrums:l , W One year's tm
prisonteent and to pay aline at 1300, for:
Use puldisation of ebseene books.
Ellis B. Atelier, a nice:anent eiLliep;
of Providence, Rhode Island. committa
suicide on Friday, night , last, in cower
nuance of the failure of a arm fqr which
hefted ender:sect largely.
-4. IdcLeary Brown.n Secretary of the
Burlingathe mission, has reached Jaw
Francisco en route to Weithingtos,
bearer or the ratified treaty. between the
United States end China. •
—Wheeler t Wilson's extend - re sew-.
log machine factory, at *Bridgeport, et-,
was destroyed : by fire early Saturday
morning. Lima very heavy- to New
dß's:Wand ineursoce companies.
B. B. OaldWell,, the 'alleged Ameri •
can" finger, wee 'arrested at Toronto, Can.;
oda, Friday night, on a warrant sworn
oat • by ,Oolesisk. Shane., United. Mats'
tkyniml,.and remanded for eurninatiOn.•
1 - Mie * l 7 BP, theithel suit of Elise P.
can,for *stout um , Sc. Lena Brprieft.
can, for tweniy-tive thousand dollar.,
returned 4 - 4erdfiar on -Saturday giving
the plaintiff are thousand dollars_ dam-
the United States District Cour tat
Albany, on. tiatantsy, Helen Id. abater •
of Troy, was sentenced to the penile];
tlary fur one year for fraudulently ob.
tennis pension money after bar nisk , l
—James Flak. Jr., RIM on She flax at,
the National House at Representatives'
on flistordry, and attracted math stun.:
how A canard that its had shot Jobu .
Mcrrrtmey obtained some • credence at.
—Tbe wife and two childron of &
met taintd Dowd, residing neer Vermll.:
tins Citl,'"Dakotai perished during the,
storm hist Standar night emelt,' having;
lest Wei r VW While attbritiKlng to teach'
an adjoining farM - boum, _
mecani of the aie.jitois of neither,'
he absconding ,tibend Chireso, was;
'bald Jtu listurttsy, his debts AMC UP,
112 4000, and his pronerty, which leas been,
boned, upon, is maned at g13,01,gi. Hue
'bank croditon. aresecurad.
letter from blackens°, dated /in-;
.eary Kb. says that ro te bodies ofsix mem,
supposed to be from , ill fated brig,
ItObert, Burns, floated tabor° near fibe..l
nova.% Mich., at the light 110theii. They,
ac ciV B 4r/tiod rntigni,tiget.'
t cagier Adant Sran'Affine,beghtir
t e First National Dank of Albany;
which has been before the United 9tatesl
Circuit Court for soros time met, bal.
been ,unartimouitly,-
_dernireet, by the
Grand Just 'shafted' to aid"' presenti
—E. B. Wubbnme, Minister to France,
writes, to a friend. in. Galena, Ills., that
his health is slowly but safely improv
ing, and is sanguine of being soon en.;
tirely rid of the chronic complaint from
which be has suffered for two or three
—The remains of Deane Dennlioni
Frantic*, tliakmtlerst e4lfot, *boas death)
was d
announced on Banrday, will be in.i
tarre today, from the Masonic Temple'
in Louisville, where the body lay in'
at fletinarfeff ohs Lpuisvills .routerog'
41136,..f.11' • •11i;i;
—ln the Louisiana Legislature a reso.
lotion has been passed requesting Loulm.:
ana Republicans in Congress to use their
re.lCOVPLUiiiiMpne e dd lidrietion
° Itek4 , 4Y,Ru: s qlf sr . Vag
redaction *mild moult; • injury to the I
planteref,4lMsf BOOM Mk P
—ln the ew Nark Aseembly, en Sat
urday, Mr. Littlejohn intredneed &mai
intim direetinglarmatore andmequadieg
Oungssestnen do vote for a redneekarr
the compensation . .of- Aktngreeemen , tet
11,000 annually,for a redaction -a taw
age and for the atmlitkm of the franking
privilege. , A debate arising it went over.
•••••;.;Aalibleid , Farragaf arrived at ' VMS.
bidad.lfer.ilfbaiday; to take charrgge of, the
Potiltsfor the Prabody - bbamtiies,
The monitors Idiantenontahatd Ibrrot
have 'alio 'Mitred -ttierre: -The funeral
fleet is expectenegf week,' Gen. G.
ffudt; former 'Gillet of Artilibrk' tit the
Army ot.ille FCIiOCO/0,,b114,1300fi Ordered
to POrtiandio reprommt the army. '• • I
—lMbemalfort haw, been L'reosittbd:
rollitarpbeadquartersiatElt. Louis that
party of wild andbuts made a 'dement on
a eemp,of friendly Arapahoes an& Oti•..
Ferreee• M . the 'lndian Territory, Silty
miles Muth Ot Arkansan river,
dap ego, and* drove •etf • eberdof
mansnredforty mans. A detach. 1
of (troops ber'iffifft PurfitliF I
Depredations being frequently =Maori
whiteraettlars:la thilAarritorieerreolne
apprebensions are felt- the there slab*
trouble In.the spring. • . .
Navy “agette—District Affairs
And the Presidetit—Tlie Win:
nepeg Fannie—a he Suffrage
Question—Railroad - Company ,
Sentenerk—Prints Ar,thar :in
in mown—Ministerial
Fie., Sc. .• rit
By Telrgravbitt the Ofitailliitliies;4l.l' ,
.•WMOW! G r_ il i JelquiT7 .ll2 i
• traer.oatiOd.
'cilifters' have be;en . orl
dared to report to Admiral , Ferragut—to
report to him ea members ot, Me staff, re
Portland, in condeetind csre. l ,
monies proposed M ot:the f Me
Hearse Peabody:, Bear Admiral
Thatcher, Cants. tf
ARGNacrodottostacc IN; rlVlffartixbilfr 4
Uentenant Commander Frederick Pear i
eon and Bintign William H. B. Fralley.
Commander S. P. Baird bee been or-,
aered, to ihe„Rast statidn Mound
City, Illinois, Fehrtirry let.
An,egder t l 2 l 4 l ekeedl 1 4eutou .
a nt'pee t teer.p.aatinen,footarnanditiir.
Milted" Mete% *diner Hlactl enacted
to the Pacific fleet. to prooeed to Bay Simi
liliguel,:where hie vowel will act aria
itpdiAlir supplies for the Darien expedl4
a; lto..."..op , iimate with Commander , .
;fix Pitis t tuinle sinkitnithaent
rozasiwitiithepresident a levileya i tirgo; -
lge 100 !4 0, 4,ll # l,4 4tig_kqUi
motive Mansion to day; .tho. W. Forney;
W. W. Corooran,W. B. Huntington, J
ti. Barrett, W. B. Todd, W. H. Phililk
aellett, Xilbottnie, W. Jaet,aertitt,^3. tn.)
'Brown, J. W. Thornton :in. Jag. A. Muni.'
der and Alex. R. Bbetthesidi at chime
representiog,the business Interests of
this (Retried. regirdlelerof plilltichl Oath)
Inications of , the ileyn , W, ;ter. co r igutni
troduced the setoral me ttpgra •Pf
the thimmittile and' hated + the
Prodditet their had called to , Ode
hind to "call the special attention
to Mie 'pressing needs:Of,
oUr trinthitinltyile the fact U ist pontin- 2
agbation for the removal of the rap,
Hal,lntreffhtabibtbeit +lntermits,
may and paralydeg thedevelopment of
the dtbirietvtinir• the' condition - of the
a l V" 01,40P9011*.N1 ebittatel •
/Alert r, the canal and the ,existing
taCtlaht + mt Urge; a .Propordon of. the
labor;og i vrere lowed of employ.'
meat, h the 'prciptietY of'sdch,
action on t e part of Congress pa would,
Insure the necessary .ma
thirst Pleadegeritith, by the ,IblePthee- 1
meat Of the nubile aveneee lituiprOporty
in a corresinding degree with that ac-',
mirth& bg city euvnrnmeui.
111fdij- httai
tin savor open the great wants• or
the nation's capital, and of
great good which irould accrue by'
tlre oAtlfi:EttoWropi
WI l
ol ll 4ge, instl
o The W 6 At- ,
•Crudest and great' satisfaction ex.,
pressed that the President bad given hia'
sanction Ho the unileriellingithrlda sub-'
rieription an well es his personal interest
manifested in the affair. The Proaident
mid he wlshetil'see the seat of -Gov;
ernment made such as to arouse the
pride of the Mimosa of the itspublie
amt . ' seperitable et !SOK Of 3111 1 r !WOO
.obeebiertufbn VW4h•-loobniii of the old
Mr. lillboinne ithaipitited that Weld
attention be nailed p?, 10,a tick that we
'wens gorereedKittitetet try the`
old laws which existed in Maryland
when the District was ceded; that whilst
that taste hex *ltem! her ,brara, to tote
'form battle provers of the etre, bunlitle
change had been made here, and a. a
consequence oar efforts . sere powerless
At the conclusion of the Interview the
President stated that he appreciated the
disadvantages under which the Mittens
of the District labored, and would help
them out to the fell extent of his power.
The expression_ of views entertained by
the President was received with much
.eatisfaction by the Committee. litany
of them had never before been brought
into contact with the President and they
expressed gratillatlon, alter leaving,
with the manner of their reception Lodi
the result., of their interview.
The recognition pi the Red.Rivirr lea. I
I dere by the Hudson Bay company
the only legitimate tiorernment n tn.
nepeg has excited much canverattion In
this city. fio throe will be attempted
against the Insurgents. but prafuae
promises of a traits %animate/ railroad
are mode: 1 IV obangethe rapid comae
of events towards annexation to the,
patted. 11:Itatee, ennounued snob
ebtliWill be passed et the Ireirmary use.
sion of the Dominion Parliament, and
that Ore* BIWA way pe. Induced to
KasokritYillioll per mem dlpidondo on the
stock. ^ Ithrineotiamf are urging a land
grant from Breckenridge. on Red River
termination of the Bt. Paul & Pacific
aastilatiodeoflteiattio olllll rtiOtion,
he eine ineene' to &golf the Catisdian
The Commissioners of the Varlet o
Columbia, In Joint =salon this morning,
resolved sod hperd a‘ delegate= from
the Virodian's Suffrage Donventloti. The
detestation was nearly two hundred in
isurnarc,Coarl,r all, ladies. The Cout-
Were's'!Meekr by Mrs. Start.
ton, Mrs. Hooker,, Milts Anthony and
several others. T last named speaker.
lisnkril=l7.l=7.-,n:c.'eTutt 11;
should have the right to do so, if their
proteenou made the ezereloe of the bal
lot iniseimry.'. 'The . Cointitlagiciders lie
timed attentively to the speakers, but
give no Indication of a dlopadtion
grant their :squad.
. .
Judge Fisher today, In th e Citadels)
Court, plumed sentence on the lisitimere
and Ohio Railroad Compeoy: Redden
fines of 11.500 and PLOW It is required to
'remove, at Rs own own, the various rail
road nuisances now obstructing Wants,
end fill up the excavations. The city
has thus triumphed over that oorpors•
- nAidmies:
Frio, Arthur arrived at ball pea fire
o'clock this afternoon., Quite a crowd
erinareirated at the depot. hut 'Aso' °poor.
tarritpl u gitan for, a i deutaistratios.
'The tared - cerrieites And - drete
11111121 lately to the residenoe of the
British. Blitiliter; where 'Weight the
Fritter. is reoeireptientbenatif the *di-
Clital/. MINIM dblo
*vetoing gape , nal area of s mien 'tit
aran4,4lnuar :thopefa,4 sad 2dra
Stididiad," Spdaker Blaine and wife
Barap, , Garalt, Dll&PreDkh.g 4 ui
nadir persona mmlnant In Widest and
diplonnoy.cirolas, ware present ,
The forthcoming report. of the Buren
of Marietta! 'writ 111101! the duties sorra•
thieve oertrin 'purified articles entering
into emriumption In - the United beaten
during the tlecalyeailli69lo be
. . . .
'.tutvitlnts Tien mourn. .
As Payers; of the lid _district,
Nortti Carotids, reports an Adoesastrof
onelhtmdred'par cent, on tho assessment
,•409, comparedwith
ir•jk•A ,rdULAQUAL •- • -` ` 4.
theillabitokroliteeritt'tbe brintnltteti
on Foreign Mbar, itl 1n a day or two
Inbrdls to the rall‘..ftmretitteo' along' re.
FortootheParagOkrasi quoitton.
A. Havana letter of the ilth ;names
ionoStaborita the report of ',the Alpten
victory over General Yuen°, with Milos
to the latter of 1,800 men.. •
TheEitioitat Connell of the Union
League willethet ham February - letb,.
Wasitracrout, Jan. 230870:
Franca aniltalt r AT ettordoth -
A Urge crowd aaterabledidthe church
of Epiphany titbit:corning, the annall
wont having - prindounly been made that
Prince Arthur' would attend service Ii
that,clutsch. About eleven o'clock he
madehV appearance,, walking in com.
Piny 7ritki,kllll,ThatniOn. Ml',./NkkOraiDn?
• -
CoL Elflagtonittitt 'others of hts•
anamembera of the British legation fol
lowing ;hem. :Chet church ,was crowded
with the usual oengregation end p com
ber of chitena 'ls:4.a/rangers.
The retort of Judge Orth. Chairman
Alf of theßnb : Conttnittee of Forelen Alf re,
regarding the Paraguayan investig ou,
Is ,und .. In ilerorelp eou awn
Ade:drain Uordirkand Davie and t sus.
tale crx-Miniat e Waehburn , The report
has been entir eeti,to the Sub.Comtnit.
tee, w Web ni '.... again On Tuesday night.
. /
' • • •
d t t.oilla/A.
The LegislaterP4W..ol .Gin, Terry
to too Arpiliii .it enoemeenule Men-,
brrs—Tue utterriniati win sustai
, Btme .: ..? • ;.: 1 . , ...: : .. , .....f i.:
(Br rvienspb to ' Pittsburgh ossettsi ) •
• Artaims, 4' bar 21., to .tindor
stood the board, 9 .
s• 0 0640 will onni, Plain
the iestigatl*u
• a inembens of the
House who are' before • them irnight.'
Cleb. terry to day sent the following
reply to the apelleatiOn of the Demo.
crane , membentto - have the question of
eligibility submitted to the .13111 to. 80-.
prom! Coutti . ... . . ~,
ilcothieurfcri kith U7 ary iihfrict of OcOr..
elot,'Jaunary'gil,'o:L.TO'Col.-J. 1.. Bry
ant, Chairman. 4a. 2 -81tr After giving to'
yours i letter. cd:lliie 17th Instant careful
tiofillilersitiori, have desUded , that I
oatilit not CO suMlt the cidetitleme of law;
"Widotibittil'in regard to the quell
.fleations of
to elect of the
Lsdhilidure te ~ Jtuitices of titto 811-,
Ptallato Otitirl....or rgia. I have the'
higifeet 'frothed Melba chsraeter end at.;
lialnixtentriof the 4iiitlentieti Whoctinipbee,
tits out% szthat*so doubt therwoMdi
eqdretwir .to gig* impartial .ophr'
lon.-43at I hav ' '`learned ' from several:
. fgalithrt 'that' th , or' at least icons Of
tbal:fliflitisfe been; natitted , leditidnaily
ak.C.clithe .iglglb yof eavaral of those
=ilialtaiy,, 0 investigated. And
ICU ' opinion on the faote ante
thittentii them. "think, therefore, that
in Pastime ilo all u m p t : Etes,•the ordinary tuts!
of , la*, which for bi ds a badge No decide .
, items matter. *Mott o has been'
'oolinalted as coning, should - be folloited.
hine.. ~, .:?,-,-, . ' ~• • , . • ,
• (Signed) • • ' A:Water ELoTanny, • ...
;,. • ..Brevet IdajeUen. Commanding.. .
. , *S.* i oapt,Jilstry 43...-Tho fisruld's .
L Washington veal giOliii - et htbepsia of ,
the 'legal ' argnm t by Gem lir
favor et - his righillgi unseat - numbers o r
ikticiliorsia .Lesbaitaire fur disqualifier .
Jim under th e Icifth Amendment, and
add* the folitiwilieSeriatoril Thayer sod
tioitcliniogettiet ellttifien. Better, being'
spilt Wed - ot: the satire or; Gen. Terry's
.c4Mmuelcation, welted upon the Preal
dent this morning to ascertain his;
decision. The President received them ,
WerthrY , add' , 'Ye? frankly -- stilted
that be bad_ very. meetly • said -to
both Stierets t ry , Belknap ,and General
Sherman that it stlis bin own opinion
that General Torrealitunid Ifs &flowed to
matilige the reammiirdOtien of Georgia in'
whatever way hiajpdtmont and macro
. lion Might 'magma*. 8 believed Genet
' al Tammy solie, lawyer, end, that,
1 be - better 'ddetlisted re noderittand
i Itiir real_ pleition df affairs to.Georgia,'
and 1.5 ti*Ole , *battonne ought to. be
Mlretihd. Abut ertyl holy eV*. Balm
Benerartefry 'shoed 'do something de
-grantly lit Vlolintattbf law, be ought nor
••to he Itfterfered ' *Ott. Ile (the Pron.
•dent))'ermild havelbten better , platsed
-tad (ion.' Tarry tiohliked at • all for In.
- stradtiorm, - 'as '-id ((renera • Terra)
'wee Infreditid Ur,' a'. urea ' extent
'with absolute poirer Ila military com
mander, and should -act- an' hi. own
judgment. 'l3ut as boned asked for in
striietiOnNhe Me ,- President) felt that
he wee bound tdintriti an answer • to the
Vicamnaleation. In- reply to a question
el - tderhat - would be bus to Gen. 1
Terry's ,commtinteettlere, the, President
was understood td. ea he would tele
treph Gen. 'Perry that the. Administra.
Lion would atittaintbri in the steers con
tained in the - coeittimiloation. The
President ftirthet _ - Neild Mt - Would see
tikerduirjr..lll tieWiSbetsw!n
and halm the answer net to day. - -
It I. understood - that Weerstary Bel.
Snap 'to-night telegraphed Gen. Torrey
be might 'l9 shwa, with theilliMMlnCe
that the Administratido - would sustain
I MM. •
Paley et the Ineutwenui meted by Tilde
jir Triesrsatttotaerittsbersetirente.l
TOnolsvo, Jan. dispatch from
Pembina of the lath inst„ via St. Cloud.
Wm; to the Mobe. onntalne the follow
ing from the 'ffew Xation, orindi Of the
insurgents, puoilibiet at Ft. Garry:
"Something as to our policy will be
expected front as indite number, and we
prooeed briefly to define our position.
In common with a majority of the settle
memo we regard this Hudson Ray CM
party , s peen:lmam se obsolete and never
td be resUrrected.. The Dominion Oov.
ernment. by its, criminal blunders and
rilriri j a c titt i rbe t t ' an s r b 'ple ils haL lo l if f eitti v re .
of ail, either riposlviegt or y permitUng Its
protection. ' The Imperial ckrvernment
we consider to be too far distant 101.111.
gently to administer our affair.. The
quotient vises - then what than of gov
ernment is best adapted .for the dicrelef"
moot of this ootlittry, add ere reply un
- hesitatingly that the United States
mobilo offers to day That system of
government ,whlch would bare promote
order and to our midst, and
open up ra dly a country of magnificent '
Monroe'. IMD our premt dermulent
condition we w i ll hold it to m be our duty
to "aconite Independence for the people
of Red River se • present core for public
Oar'ennexation lathe United States
wilt folio* In time and Ming with 11 the
advantages Ibis land so much requires."
Macao°. Jantiary "octal from
St. .Paul says: Leiters lroceived go to
show that there la 14/10 reason than was
at lit t supposed for the imaiess of. Path
era Thibault and &limit:awry'. milaion.
•-" A perryof litimnidtsingentletnen from
, Fort Sarry.tank Pembina, erglyed et St:
r Paul last night. With them were J. Id.
r Darpenter, of_the New York Herat/lend
I. Williams, of the Bt. Lout" Times. who
.a. were turned back from their Red river
lot Journey by' the aeYere "term of last Sun.
to day. J•
in Indian txpenition—Slarder of a Ger.
map—Exatteetent MINDS( Citizens.
t e r Teempt. wtee Mortara!' Geflttll.l
OMAHA, JSOULTI 22. —The Santa Fe
Post publishes correspondence from
Fort Stanton stating that Lieutenant
Canning had 'pug returned after a severe
Indian campaign. lie killed aereral In
dians and CaPtared ' large number Of
cattle and other stook and property.
laeutensiit Milton; one of the officers of
the mace expedition, was severely woun
ded but,will, MCOVer. ,• • . •
ThaltdritiOttelpOndOnt from Moran
=3 orte a brutal murder of a German
anointed breams , idexicana,' Olio
of whom was arrested. The others es.
A Los Crams Correspondent reports
that the radish* had stolen a large herd
of melee from a rancho near that village.
There was great excitement in the vicin
ity- owing to the' poeiesslon by the Indi
anamithe Garernmenermereatlona of a
lot of:Jewelry belonging to a Mexlesn
woman who was remedy murdered.
The citizens of Los Cruces, at a public
meeting, poised resolutions asking the
removal of 'Lieutenant Brew, the agent
of theciportoos. They allege that he le
Incompetent and ,a , drunkard.
, .
Hadrella Accident.
ley Yclexisph tole , vtuoursh Gazette.,
lataollllollo, Va., January 49.—The
mail trip on the Tormentee Road, which
left LYE:hoer& op Frith*: hat at 5:20 r.
x, experienced a variety of miefortucea.
When about six _ladles from the city
sepia of, the .nuleftinery on the engine
broke :and • the , train - returned to
town.' cttationed' ' 1110010 delay
and , the indu: dki, • not leave until
ilitti When , about two tulles
weal of - Bonaacke the eleeping am 1
wee thrown from Me track. owing to the
breaking of a wheel,' end 'after - beint
dragged-soros distance Was precipitated
downn noun and dashed to. pieces. Con.
*ninon PlelsottAnd- ten others were es.
wirer brutaeddlimd Gen. W. lioddaY.
or bu s e m dppi, slightly wounded. The
peaaangta*Mlbe fk.uth were placed on
other cars•nrl linii,ded on their Jour.
—Capt. Carleton A:Goodwin, formerly
arthe Gib Caviar": and Ex•Treasnrer of
Terre'lietitra, Milliatild ilitetde by
shotelng himself fn GIS, head: with a re
solver, In tbe loft of tie stable, . Terre
Haute, Sunday morning. tkwei loteire•
Perenee and troubles. The
deceised - , lesTes a 'wits and several
MONTUZAL complains of too much all
rleduirax Hosusa is said to be worth
A. ISHUIT•BOX Is certainly a "friend at
a pinch."
TAXER are paid in Great Britain on
068,221 dogs.
Naw Toxic society now bas five nable
men and is happy.
Drrnorr has passed an ordinance abol
ishing steam sebistlea--,
Truism aro sneak fteiticra in Ameries
called the Telegreph;.. J • r
O. Mc°La - Jawed toilets it
tract attention at Washington.
VICTORIA has been presented with n
live tiger by in African prince.'
THe moanlng.of the tied—A husband's
grumblhig.--.l3ortoe Aderrtimr.
lila. Dreams signs nearly all his let.
ters and his autograph is extremely
• "Tire. United 13lates of Europe" 'was
the Mast at 'a Liberal Christmas 'dinner in
Patio. '
Aisindian,"Whei` hifilfethodiat'preada
4., to lecturfig-'4llY4ndorPUrs ccuntY,
tun roceljUnt for Relief
rand, ap to Jantiary 12th; were about
ROBERT BORES banquets are announced
all over the country for the evening - :o(
Al alligator witenteen feet long hasbeen.
captured in a swamp near Columbia, Booth,
`. 'Es.tetis is In Havana itegodetibi for
C 064 to be exhibited in America sa
Orin English ,county furnished more
than one hundred tons of misletoe, lest
aramicrranif riding , youth was re.
witly thrown from hie machine. In Llv.
envoi awl killed. •
'ram Board of Alderinen of Willi:ling.
t0n.,11. 0., is compowed of three white men
and five negroira.
A "aka man" that plays with great
hlitte three airs on the Wangle, is on e•••
Illbitien iq Pori!.
Tim construction of iron buildings is
said tebe largely , on the increase in the .
loniditig American cities
„ .Paria photographers 'have
applied for the privilege of taking por
traits of. Eugenie's baboon.
Tim Balt Lake Ikporter knows of one
Mormon family that has liuried one bun•
died and forty-eight children;
Our of 883 Ohio divorce cases granted
last year, thecustody of the children In
834. salts was given to the mother.
£z DOTXloo7lEnomem, of Connecti
cut, is again to be nominated for Gover
nor by the Democrats of, that State.
Tug Pottsville Miners' Journal; the
leading daily of our coal region, calls its',
"Varieties" • column "Screenings."
Wtscoasm farmer aorta his eggs,
sculling the .mlll ones to market and
keepmg the large ones forhia own use.
A votrrigrui. negro is In ti 4 Albany
Penitentiary far selling a dressed cat for
a rabbit to one of the lint families of New
York. •
MASSACTIUBSTIII contains a thief who
stole the oars and towline of one of the
Ufa boom belonging to the Humane So
EVETIT day a dove visits a fruit stand
In Boston, lights upon the shoulder of
one of the attendants, and Is fed and
HEAD Nauru and ehlef„ cooks. in the
Wew'ibrle - htitehr wai3-101tiurriorm , ore ,
paid from $76 to $l5O per month and
TITS British Australian Telegraph
Company has put forward its prospectus
on, Change In London. The capital is
fixed at $3,360.000.
AT Hudson, New York, • disappointed
bride recovered fifty dollars off the fellow
as payment for letter paper and stamps
used up in two years.
Sr. JOltlf, N. 8., and Quebec com
plain of the decline of wooden shipbuild. I
ing, and represent It as the result of the ,
Canadian confed n eration. •
Tux members of the Massachusetts
Legislature are said to complain- bitterly
because no .Boston paper will publish ,
their proceedings In full. •
Tng practice of torturing prisoners in •
order to make them confess, which has I
been abolished by moat civilized nations,
stilt exists in Switzerland.
Wean pauper tables out at nurse die
to Brooklyn, living substitutes are bor
rowed to be used as vouchers for the
collection of the board bill.
Mn. A. Danimeowr, of Hallowell,
Ma, has In his cellar a pork barrel made
of cedar. that has been in constant use I
one hundred and seven yearn-
Toe Inters by the Boylston Bank rob
Boston, offer twenty.flie per cent.
of the money recovered, "as la reward ; "
the thieves want City per cent.
A mums oceans . has been discover
ed In Wiscomon which yields a stone
that has the Spricaranee, when polished,
of being Inlaid with myriads of shells.
An old lady at Windsor, England, was
saved from burning to death by Mgr pet
parrot, who, seeing her in flames, Coiled
out to her sleeping son, "Larry, get upl"-
FRAN the 17th to the 31st instant over
$3,000,000 In dividends will be either
paid out or Indorsed on pus books of
depositors in saving banks in New York
_ . .
A menu. detesting society out west is
engaged In the discussion of the following
question: "It a min deserts his wife,
which is the moot abandoned, the man or
woman!" • , .
Tax total number of new books and
new editions issued in Great Britain dur
ing 1859 was 4,569. Of this number, the
ology claims more than 1,000, .while 461'
are novels. • • •
AT its last meeting, the Connell of Col
umbra, Georgia, ordered all the hitching
posts in the city to be reinoved,• and that
each applesstand pay license of sixty.
Idollare a year. •
.• • .
• IN Trtc State of Kentucky there are,
nine hundred Baptist churches, forty..
three associations, and one hoedred thou.,
egad communicants, of whom • twenty
thousand are
Tars Methodist Church has grown
vastly In popularity with the progressive '
Women since it struck the: word obey Irian
the marriage formula and opened its. col
leges to lowa to glris. " .
Tim "small sewing machine" which
some rascal to New York sends to those
people who respond to his advertisement
by inclosing him $l, hi shoemaker's aWI,
vrorth about 15 cents. ' ••-• • •
' A cisoss Even young man and a young I
woman islmiluly &Mined went to sn'oc-i
culistin Famirs,•lC Y., on Monday and
had their eyes, made straight.. They In-
Mato be married text Week., . ..'
Ins nervous people of Fortlead,Me., I
hieing been Mid that the Illaittonemeh'sl
Pris have not been tired , for four years,
are apprehensive Mat some damage will
ho done when .they are discharged. , .
Two joint owners of a house in Paris, 1 1
1114 couldn't agree on the matter of may. ,I
Ing•lt.-•The one who , desired removal I
thereupon . " pawed' the house exactly in I
halves, and carted off his . ehare In trl.l
umph: - • • - • • • • •
Aw -L 'English Shawn ilierS lllo ftsl..Y re*
marked to his servant that he wes,aying.
" Well, my lord," said the good fellow,
"Yea are' • going -• to -• a better Placer
"John,' replied - the prelate,
.witnan air I
' of conyteboa,'" themes= pl ace like Old
• Kngitgad ' ' • -
Tait First dfiteart.,So '.
Itichinond;' has a membership of
gogg, five hundred having been: added
baptism during the year.. . Thighs sup!
pared to be the largest Membership now.
needed: iith a single oongiegatinit in • the
. . . •
~. • ,
In the votskonl•the Fifteenth • (negro
suarage)Amendment in - the Rhode hi
`andlipglabsturei thaFrevidenee Journal
Bays that two or three Democrats voted
for the amendment, and two or three Re-:
publicans against it. Senator Sprague
was opposed to the ratification. •
A. CLERGYXAN lectured in a Canadian
town recently, on the subject, "Go It
while you're young," and mentioned
DEmosthenese, Ml' ton, Knox, Arkwright,
Watt,- Stevenson, Peabody, SIT Colin
Campbell (Lord Clyde), as examples of
men who "went it" while they were
young in a good sense.
A ricrunn in a Rolland church, "The
Sacrifice of Itaac," represents Abraham
on the point of accomplishing the solemn
act of infanticide with a mueket. This
snachrouirm was Equalled in this country
some year's ago, by a pcipular magazine,
in a picture representing tlie giving of
the law to Moses; a neat post and - rail
fence was - Shown running along tke base
of Mount bloat.
A. Rosman officer, writing, about the
Crimean wir, says the difference pre
sented by the captive English and Franch
soldiers was very marked.- - The former
were almost always shockingly - :wounded
before being. taken prisoners; the. latter
often quite sound, and only sometimes
bearing a few insignificant scratches.;
And even if so wounded, the English
soldier would not give up his animosity.
to the Russians, while the Frenchman
imMedlately fraternized with them.
A mir.anutersn' phiito" lithOgraPher Of
Copenhagen lately surprised the directors
of the National Bank of Berlin by pre-.
seating to them a packet of notes made
by himself, which, so exactly resembled
the- current paper 'Money. of the realm
that none of the -officials could distin
guish them. ' Astonished, and anything
but pleased with the discovery, tho au
thorities of The bank requested him to in:
vest some -form of paper 'money which
cannot bey thus -imitated. He has pro-,
mixed to do his best, but his silences is
very dolibtfuU •
Modern Children.
. .
A Isle number Of the. Pali Mail Gareffe,
discusses with much vigor • under the
head -of "Children and Metaphysics,"
nexus- t net Sus: atirtiteful practice, so
mon ' modern times, of obtruding
. the doof children' subjects far
t mplicaded for their undenstanding.
Idea timid the children of a commu
nity occupied In all respects a secondary
position. Their dress was sinipler
and their food plainer than those - aT
/ II
grown-up people their -books were few,
thellaniusement slender, their sc,quire
melds limited their tastes, opinions
and . incline ns s held in complete
subservience hso of their elders. But
a reaction it St
place, and, in our
zeal to improv f t? n our actuators, we
are in this, as in
i t other things, in no
little danger of • I' goer to, the oppo-
Bite extreme. "1' e c4ste of children
b ili
la no longer iglillardd; ' occupy a
prominent position not y the family
circle, but in general ety, their edu
cation engages the pow jot' the
country; their baokii constitute% large
portion of italltennure; their amusements
are innumerable; their dress °maples the
tints and thoughts of thousands; and, al. '
.together, they are at least no .longer •in
any dinger of being overlooked.
Undoubtedly children are a very tin
portant part of the community, tine de
ist:rye far more thought and consideration
than was stranded to them in the days
of. our gr.andiath . ere. No one having any
such guardianship can be absolved from
exercising all 11e posters in studying out
and carrying forward the beet plane for
their eteady.deyelqunent, and in meeting
the "many and vaned. needa ,of their
young nettrtel. Bat this Will not be se
complished;aaannie seem lo think, by
hot berm process; Of fluting the fruit be•
FOreltidrie , season, or. developing the
mental powers -to. the exclusion of, :the
tender mind . witli subjects • only, ttl tier
nature and settled tliougbt. . -!, • .
This is one of the injurious extremes
into which we have fatten in modern
times. Large numbers of the books
written for children are occupied with
metaphysics on ,small scale; deal with
subjects fa beyond the power of the
child to grasp; and depict pharacters as
unnatural in their virtues as in their
It is not the subjective, but the okieetins
with which t h e cuild is and ought to be
concerned. The outer world Iles wait-
ing to bo unfolded to their eager minds,
and while this is being done In
and in the natural order of their abili
ty to receive, it, their inner nature will
develop more truly, because more Astor
ally, tlean by any strained' ffart or forcing
process. older heads may scan thought,
and analyze motives, and turn their eyes
inwmd to inspect the secret workings of
the mind, but the reflective pow•
era are as yet only In the germ, while his
perceptive faculties are full and keen, and
craving esgerly suitable aliment.
The same. principles hold good in the
religious .thalning of children. Instead
of crowding t h e young mind with doc
trines on which the wisest men differ, or
exciting tile lintgination with mysteries
and fears, let them be well groundal in
the simple and peal:111W duties of truth;
honesty and chatty; let-love and worship
be inseparable, and conscience ever held
supreme. -
Queer .the most common andinjurlous
errors of modern-life is forcing • upon the
little ones the fashions, follies and extrav
agances Una diegrace their elders. , We
say forcing upon them, for chileren of
themselves care for none of these things.
Their happinees is secured by good
Wholesome food, comfortable clothing
suited to the weather, in which they may
rump without fear of injury, plenty of
. sleep,arel abundance of Area exercise and
open air. -Bat modern fashion gives them
rich, high. seasoned food,-, width spoils
their digestion, dresses them in closett
bug, costly,garments,.whicb must be pro
tected by the sacrifice of joyous -freedom
and inemonding exercise, and even de
prives them of sleep by.late, expepdve
and hurtful " children 's
Parties.' In
one of our cities, a fashion prevailed,
a few winters ago, of "dolls' weddings,"
to which large uunibers of children were
invited with their dolls,- and the usual
bridal ,forms and ceremonies preserved;
and so completely did the follies of fashion
pervade these mimic assemblies, that the
dollsse telt it imposeibleto auend if
theiro had to wear the same dresses
that badbeen used at two previous par
tles during the winter! It is indeed full
time that we adopted a more rational mode
of developing these precious charges com
mitted to, our care; neither foreng them
into unnatural precocity, nor making
them mimic slaves of fashion and luxury,
but rather leading them gently - into paths
Where the.wholenature, physical, mental
and moral, may be evenly and hatmoni.
misty developed -according- - to -natural'
unerring laws.—Ph ff adelpido Ledger. •
Igelllot Cuteterm.
WMle in, West - Plattesbnigh vre were
told a clrdnroltence,'which' occurred
somewhertin New York, too good to be
lost. A tillek witted toper went Into a
ber.Tabm' and called fbr something to
don't sell' liquor." said the law
abiding landlord,' "we'll glee you* glass;
then if yetverant toter a- cracker,. we'll
sell it to you for three cents."
, oVery Bald the Yankee custom:
er "hand down your decanter." '
'rue "good. creature" was hand9d
dawn, and , our hero •took 'ti stilt hom;
when turning. around to depart,: the un
suspecting landlord handed hiarthe'disb
of crackers," with tho remark, "You'll
buy a cratker •
no, I geese not; you sell 'erd
too dear; I can get lois on 'ern flTe or ell
fora cent any where else." • •
—ln theiKentriony Route of Rep
tatitroa . resolution. has txpon so
. .
instruating the- Judiciary .Commlidea to
iIIQUITO into and report upon the expedlt
ency of modifying -the law regAtatinit
testimony; ao that , no one be - .Pro.
tainted, from . string evidence •lo the
courts by,rsason of color, race or former
rendition. The resolution at once inortuht
Dr. Price, of Fayette, - to his feet with a
' motion to lay it upon the table; Finally
a motion to postpone alt action on the
subject tilt the DOth Of February prevail- -
ed. By that time iv Is not Improbable
that the matter -wilt be. settled by. Ms=
greadonal legislation. • •
NO. 20.
Additional Market, by Tclegraldi
Loirrioar, January Ss;
Conlon, closed In 92% for money; 92% on
account. American securities quiet;
526 a, , 62t, 87%; '6ss, old, b 8;, ; .; '67s, 86%.
Teu-turtles, 85. Snicks steady; Erten,:
t 81; Illinois' Central; 104: 'Wardle w
Great Western, Tallow 465. .
Idyl:Brom., Jan. 22—C-nlinn steady;
eplandirll4d,Dil6tinti Il%d; sales 12,000
bates. Bread stuffs ..firut.. California
white wheat at 9s 2i113,94 Sd, red western
at 7e 9d, winter •at 80 'Td. Flour 21a.
corn 27u 6d. -Oats 2s 6d. •Barley 5.
Peas 341. 6d. :,lk-ef Parkins 6d
Lard ilia Cht eae 71s. Bacon 68a 6d.
Niald auires firmer, but • unchanited;
Produce unchatiged.
LON DON, i4ll. 2'_—Linseed rakes LI
sterling. Tailor.' 46s - Sd®46s 4d. Gem.
mon rf4llldoclined.
. .
1.1.6. t ma, Jan. tr!.. —Cotton quiet.
ANTNVICRP,. January 22., Petroleum
heavy at GOW.
FRA.2IICI.IRT, January 20.—Bandallmt•
or at 91.%®92.
PAnia. an. 7.0.— Bourse firm at 73f S.
FItANKVOB.T. January =—Erentng
Five Twenty bon& clouted quiet at 9IJi
Nhw Oat.r.ans, January 22L—Cotton
native and drm, with middlings at =NO
V..!,, , e; sales,' 9.16 n bales; rensipts, 5,153 d
balsa: exports, 7,594 Fleur ectaro6
and arm, with, superfine a 4115,30, extra
at ss,Bs,'and doublSattra at . 18,12; 'Oom
scarce at Oats 700. How , 434.,
Mesa pork MO. Soya &pug, witb pri me
at 12",q(51123ic. Molasses Arm at 68W9a`
Whisky 97540. Coffee; 'tab' at 15@130;
Prtme 1e34,Z0173 e. .11aeounominellytte
NeenviLLE Jan. 2:1.--Cottaa
' shiady::
low adddling23qc, good' ordinary 223i0.
Wheat: redill'os, amber , wirhtten w. 15..
Corn 95.®51, sacked and delivered,. OOP,
664. Rye V. Flour #4.50(10 50 for an.:
peifloe to lanky.
B arns:.` clear al dee INN.
"boulders '151413, hams . "l76, city 'Roger,
cured hams We; plain 'lBa. Lard l 7 o .
'Bulk meats: clear !ado 16e, clear :ribbed
do 1.1„lie, abouldera 11.5i0, tamp pork 220.;,
'SLR Frucacirzro, Jamiiirjr . 23 —Wallow;
unsettled and machete dell. Flour un-'
changed. yheat .woak .at $1,60@1,65.:
. rgrIWT/VE B " 7 bL e C"." -PbrZkild e'
"Ana l 4" "4 0 4rdiiih"
i2e., nod =ceding POUR I 1 &&,. rill
be tweerled these eolsonne mei for
ME:NTT-FM' OENTe; each add*
tionai line 'lva 'moms.
livAtirrEi.'— ny. a small fain-.
LY. GIRL to do general tiottoeerork.'
Regatt l a at 37 tmitladeld .tree'. • In
'WOK-KEEPER at Wham% , liotpltal. ,
None teed apply gale., that senor good moral
chasacter, stunt,* ro trarnala,lso can bring,
good. rte.:Roar:dation , .•Mor. Infoinaation au
mane of BloCaNDLlo3.3,,J4aillartalg.#.o.l /.03
Wood etreet Plttabargh. "
W ,
ANTED-4 . .teepectable SIT
OATWN bi •10.14 hthh.he bee bed
enatidrrebte exoertenee la the Waite goteet7
sad pthvitlen batmen.. bool-kettitt•ghstaltiee
eauthe..L4dresgral !. genene TL
netts. ,U ,
• ••
_ _ _
pr NTED--rARTNIFIR- , With ,
• V .3.000 t 0,1010.1.00 cub , to WOO
buttes.. a.tiellitss established stable and will
last° short et luestts att... A Dann huleir
the above amount can doable the neat rear.
Address 0. R. 5-1.. Ohtlh teatime
where wt Interview ean . te hat.
•••• , -
BOlNlTlUand C ktant l klbr i g,
11 1 .11'P i nntslYod osabortugol hal
oder terms more liberal than aaT ethernontßan y.
Call and enrolee. at 101 Wood atneet. •
kl. C. WILUOX. Travellni
:WHY:RI to sell tooAYLSIOLN SM/T.
T Xik O HUTE, the oell Piaciteal Tamil,
Klattlnc Haebtne over lananted,. Vivo sS2.
Wuf eot SO 000 Males pe r Wont, Ad.
dress AilltaldAN• SNITTII4O - 11A0HUIS CO:.
Boston. Yam. or St. Loofa. Mo.
llaprAFir D.L-Nealled Protosids
V • - mtll to rtLe4vi4 •iiie :met for 'ass
thou ind 10.4109). 7ZZT iItIRII:STIMM,
Most of TZ<CII.4 or Jim , . St.Z.• • ' • •
CASH VII be .1 ena emery. retilnlv*
ceatage filllllaselg i trnz : Wearr,
. Boat rAlaUf♦cenU..Laoravaorwllle.
_- - •
630.000 tb Eau th large or aliarillraHrob,
al a far rate of littorest. .
' , BN. Bond sad 'teal Ltate Broker,
N. 170 throttafeld
WAN'rElO., AGENTR. , — !SW
rnoNtD ` ' 4I ' I74Or I AINI " My NG Nil:
" tbn day—rock. s Y. Tula Lisa mph
us Mown -.. Anultlle
Look donut kind Of Wort that 000
be <loan on any machlA.,lloo4l9o Hag nYng Lee
to toot dentAnd conctan try Increulng. Now toe Ono
rt Agency. ocnO Il d e.H.thmatst
rog:M l . 'l ettut. r 4l, Pa.: or et.
ak7WAIT'I nlll4lO aij , : t4_411
mummy or ate
sanooL or
win to, open toile paplio TUIESDAY. sa wino.
Adattr!lon flee. Howe of ritiad mca fs,emlo
The elatingulshed Arab: Efpiorer.'wlll dellin
Ay Runk for Fir 'Jona' Franklin's
Furditioni anklite.intan4,.
s '
Thursday Evening, Jan.Oth.
, • . , •
Cant.: HALT, .111 be ae•Onntaalnl tyy ICA
QUINILACX PAHILY.Cather. nuttier and
daughter 3yeariot tn their
-/id am }aware .1111.111tiacrsted throMAK4
1101 II CHARTS of ha AE TA! , Et Mutts,
and nnatateng ELI , * O].Bll 07.811 r JUICH /MANE.
LIN:8 • -
• .
reoerool teat[.
tar ilia at the
Library earlier Pend sad last b airmail.
• Dears obits at. TX o'clock; Lestsil
mace at - • •
Murray & Lamnall'd:
Florida Water
The most cekbrated .am
most, delightlal of all pe
litrehief, us w :Ntof, ►nd, :
Tin . the bath for hale, by- 411,
, ,
nr..NV—Wanted. to rest. for • term Art parr
nttb prlentaa vt %replan, a large banding erne
en= power, and imitable far taarksbotralnlad.
ileultu , allmPlernenta a?dotner 414mM:um
104 sear to or ; eointew4*Wa fenddri. Va.
etniatf:' toutsor Plltentrin,priferred. far
eueh point u wti`attor6rtror or raltroaderner,
TIMMS tkinAlC ,anClk meaty for reit formal.
plea . re addrau," Witt puttettlaro,
eV, ntof flair rump, animate , ' poirrr, rent and
wt.ek posagisolone,sn be td. , •• i•
9. HALLOWS, A. X.. , . •
Itsveuns; 010 e.
dR s4LE- - - cransp.,,
0,009 l'Ou23ao or
rvswin 'mow* rivirsar,r. PUNT
lowa. of
- - -
TION11.1.11.1"1" 1104 Allllll . 0/1141:11 0 '
, Tuesdigy inink 41111011 . 1 115114 T at' •TM
04 , CCY. 1011 be ould on areas/ door 010;1111111110
11•1111/&110 isr;l4llllmlthaTele •tibet.
. 4.S sot%
ta ll p l,2 01 d 0 TT0T.' 8'
0o; Ts.
101Esbarein , P0011e ast AnCtattaT• egraioo T• T
1 100 sttas.Cl.llllll4ooli 1010.111,v4/110r1041C11....
I l" ' "
ELK *seriwry
fen fiALlt.-TTO' brio% OnWog botueo
4.0 of bet; roar rOotoo.lo , d lloro&L i n
of gro Pa, •goo, • lonstlicm• totinsly• top.-
iroTt otla ove AO , to Aloim t
.1.21 • -39,151. vi
• •
It tiitartaad e pvye» commercial aria WWI
viollinedsa`lffitera rettuntruisa.
No firmer. or sie...raMat simad
litlll.t IL,
nbasiber..-...—.-- „ 0 1 4
Chad ......... Si
Cluw of ten f IS
A am, taftwaslud graudtassly .to the tatter
ay Of ell'? of ten. Posttauters aro ropated
4, .
--TO , LET
~ LET.—lgo,l7.Froisd street,
FrLET.—The New Store build.
Icg..No. e Woo* &West. N.•
Penn we,.
• , . .• .
hanOsennety o,eo ate*. las litteel le-
Catten Jur. bestows. Apply 00. -1;0 .104n1 ,
frOwLElree—D* 1011111 ' g - 110We %o.
J. 30 Yard—olteete, 00400 e at aaa
eemee„ between the how. of 10 atell.l!A. enel
rro-I.lET:J—Wriretionse N0. 5 8a1l
• Ltherly •veer. from Jano•ry Iwt Ifn.,,fro
AyNI Ist, IST!. is.r.oulro at rear , ode. , on %IA
Furnished Front
WOWS, vrltn or
v....elk:et month. AlmlY•'N.. 09 oo•sor
• .
0-LET.—A • desirable re
{rPU Mon St. Char An., Altos .••erit
lc WS ou • at and ...nod Aar r. &no*ROOM
00 tsy 4 . 1) on third a sor. EnOntrn of /1. P.
W /MK- A. WAR °Met. 14 40. 1 Mtn dreft.:,
LET.—The . Large ' stir*
Room Mo. 00 W)lln
AVeilt_q -.rot 44
i ralavt. rirabargtr.: A. Ali 'llHar‘
TLET.-,Tvvol 2,istOry *MIL
_L tos s' s, Nos. 64(n4 UR Utors $70205.
•eantfilalag tea rOorki estl77llli sit uvdtra' he.
ro retro"... • Erptlr• At2io./34 Cewe Ares;
710 • roolocireise
ttialgZZ - Zegtl=l,g 1""1t,: s:
toJoinlog• wah.ghtilUX iteva9 MM. X %tin
ma. LET.--Tballiarte r
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Wh.ftEIRM36.,CoPer, ,or qr
anif.Woo.t . vireet. MA bit lg. w.
Natlonq limo k. , Laorintot.P.OßV,Wir It Ka.
'fro.. Lao A•oseei ALT BO W
TAm lan* mid rooa. in •
&Wit locatims. qao e lizie lair..A01.111 , 121•11,
ed t y ra " ="olll6Fl..t Etrait r ieTli
eITHEET lata ban . it.
I.yompra logl.Evi—.rA Suit of
gh , ed Booing
.ro Lyge, •te.l. U
son Si ftli 11010, 4,110 9.11 Ilabird
front Boatmen 3ro floor. Pim lame Malt *lth
twoaato.rotaor om. iltereitoom.
ant a.r, N 0.92. to 2.1.9. h .. .ow 9 . 9 . 9 .41
Foortil 'artily*. For to*ns lotiatra of 11... I
ILtitiLlB/1 * CO.. N 0.98 arena,.
Oood flrrck Stable. two rtOrlea h
its Iwo ANITA and carriage, Mita. hlticant and
w.tctronth all In toed repair. with a tarsi lop
attached.' I rot.jing on Weever averainandaste
cant tact 1211 Net to an 1.11r7. 199101 N
• /11.. Into
Nog. 29 a 0 d 30 Diannaltd.
' • corner 0 , DlSontnitaglireito
rjrn.LEIT. - -.-NEW 410111FIV—Filit 4
ALMIED. 11..59111,1,30 . 11 and ~ 500011
T TlTltail. TH1....L11. MI:M.— wit OWN
lirs c...1.a.5: house and .ocatLa a.. SU .....01.• .ihd•
razgrd en suns, with ...ter e100r......1.0 1 . 1 1
awl. balls. Orli grade. and. =Mal I So nag& me
hall.. Willard.. but, ante and parlors. beatto
n " . * -44 /ut:lt ' i : ilWillilftSlT2',Di.:.
rt+ol,Ele.—A.lotot grOuni9l92
foot t . '7996 flt n largo , suOsiatill•l
brlek balhilsg OD fret _by 140 lea,. sad as ptr
tab consslbtror two mot. for's', off
ow b O r tfrAirl ' Pr%
barso, "unable for ins nufsotruing purposes Ora
Apply to
. Cam', and. Tenth ',Crofts, Islrourighsis. ,
T° LET.—
uooms Arm omass.
9.zzali a co..
90 Math Avellete.
: 001114AI
.1: ur d r, rn i TlOltellei 13.7 i
Mono". ot,WesO_Cosomon,
ollentseny. Inquire of U, blogn.ll.EN Ynt ogle,
Poonnlvonla , luso mace Coon...KG WOoa
-... •
SIB eosins or LAND
. .
With the airy Hints: ,
oa easy L Wap. lLstqatre or. WM. , IILAILI:114
Att 91 Omit .trr al V
Fps ..94 3 PF- ,- 8 1 Pck, and . 1 r4c , 1
TOMB. LitAIIE 4:rip (00D WILL a
eriverad dottlek good titriiim."Tbi
usaersignid leelag.ent.ted pikes baOmelip
umrsimajor 0. W. r I 3I 3 FT. 49 .71 1 0 ,
era *trees; Ailbegeenv: • sr.
F ,onlists.
Thin Itossir'Preiies 's largo otaattir
t.79 ° . 7 1°7 7°".
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1 0 ' 11 ..FlAlLE.,Aplendid. !Faro*
11. of 111111 ACE• S. two 'and 'alvef cone. trom
ti:I7,III'. 9 II,I'VetTP:., I 4I I I7:II;;IMIN
° tee whole .o Mgt:
as a earrAv. Full particulars Of CID ITTA.
PrtlLLtee,Real Elltate Agent.l., No./39 Tonrth
von. PALE.- 6 Eng knee and BOW
ERN: New sad Pecosil Said, Of all . k 1.1.11
eon;ti ty on tined.
Ordeir.Rom an pirts of the eonutrr Onmpti
JAldlll3 HILT. I
W. E 0.8 Ar..
• . 7: 71'
T ' a ! Pici P r3 P 4 ,.. O.2 L A TP . q .
laanirs at 3ro. 23.113Amoswitireiblocash
MOVJO sed Lai as EWAN ArnieslPSlo66.. "
re 0,500; 165( sues nest wassiss SUSAN
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