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at risk* Gaisitt,
~, Ileata toe Bete.—g good paying ronte
is +llegheny Otty mot - be bought by an
4 -4 ElMegetita reaponalble man, one who will
hia entire attention to Ma matte.
'Robe other need epply. Rail today at
the Garimu Wanting Room. •
Tee riven' are falling
Mile B. Methuen—one the Rescue"
—Aesdenty or htuste—Satorday !tight., -
buy Iwo«, imunta,—The atyftehcad
Instants Intl meet at the Itlattaaath
Weed =boat ham the evening. ,
Jame e ilfussi, of Er -111nohighaio,
tt3mAtm i ebyt
Committed for WI
Mil titain
Thomas, &word with larceny Ork oath
Clcarod Etoettbara.
Jahn Welt!. banns Alderman Neeprr,
regerpArg d oom 2larhp Oceiguatterith
annemon him cm MC . aviWne,
lleedneeday nlight. - Warrant Lam& k
Calany.—Tbe agent of the
Colony Will be at 240 Libefly
owootouttll noon tansy ! Persons deals.
to dolt the Watt will do well to call.
Rave dolth, • botcher, was deed twee
, ty-iive dollars and coats by Mayor Cal-
Jaw bud anylna fbr wedetaleing a Dula
e - anes—a huge pale of old bombe and other
• ' Altb—ln'the rear.ole-his premises, River
' Unlit* Gets playfully threatened to
elsoaptbas Charles Hines yesterday af
ternoon. The expression of• Ids Nature
earned tans to Ds an object of Interest to
„Deputy Mayor Nichols pollee, who are
• after tam.
A ionualie penning of the (amult
Weinberg* at Genveburg Le an extol
lion at Barker BaseltEne'e, on. F t h
-avenue.. The patine Is the- property Of
W m{ elPiecut( . a 04111134 an. and pertatoly a
- ;
IresteedaY winking a little ehild &Wei
Nevelt years of age WWr ran, over by •
milk vista on Washington street sod
sustained a 'fracture or the right leg. Dr.
Lenge attended the - 4030405. The soli ,
tent was unavoidable. -
Brhive Freemen gatterday . appialed to
She legel protemion of Aldermen Thyldr,
irons the ea:denim and threaten! her hus
band,' rant*, Patrick was arrested,
Inemsrely reprimanded and disabused
upon pionilema good behavior.
Paula-Brawl, proprietor oft seinen
on Flab avenue, was charged before Al
derman Mono, yeabirdair by WlUlan;
;meet= with' patient trkpley
-tiamma with cards . in his eattellainnent:
Brown werwasted and held for a beer
Weeeknowledse reeelpt•'or the rms.
0 9 19 0991•669t.d Moitomise torJaM,
• Wired by Mears. Sloan et Ming. onfo.
• 96 Pourtb smrone. The mstatsine'
. will
doubtlem be much sought after by those
, nti
Nonety Interested In oar commor.
adicals. -
Cites. frOcuanar, a police officer. Inade
lnitamation before Alderman Mahlon.
lls47 Bl .torchli. against John (kronor for
emsmag his tint, end Wag other Vio
lent demonstrations toward him in an
Miami way, toe which a which a warrant
was lamed. •
Yeetarded, Jerry Cox was held la flee
hundred dollar& ball by Meyor CIIMOW,
, a 'charge of assault and bet•
tort' on 'Oath of Anne. McFarland, who
angler ha blellm on &ha lowlwlth mbar
ot iron to Lindsay's rolling. mlil. Fifth
ward, Allegheny. .
, .
meld for Trial,—John Bane and eh*.
fleatrart; Who ware arrested •Wednergiv.
' 'bit nbar• of burglary, on InforansUo4.
deJ , D - '`o=l4 lo ll. had a hearing batten
the Mayor yesterday. Stewart wee dia.
&IOW! and Bane ems held for trial. and
• • Inlisfault of ball we. oammiltedi •
818 Luanne, nak.—Ws bur tani in
Inkarance lOW In thui oft/ bu ncelved
hunnictlons to effect hummer on Inn
bu*lred %banana banns. of oU ato •
Mang the Allegheny river. This is mat
of the oil held ty the .ring." - The het
__II to tie pieced among emu= companies.
'Canna et Heratis.—a rare chance
, is offered by W. Barge, Jr., No. 102 Boy.
truth, avenue, to, winter • Koran..
• Barks la prepsred to take horses Mr the
winter to run to hay at eight dollmil Der
month. Wilt feed grain Lf desired. For
: "PCrr
.partioulars call at his number ;given
if. •
. .
neble3roe hammer was taken froin
Kr.ifee's foundry itc the Muth - ward
yesterday. The owner,Jas.. Oafish.,
sulgoited -George Keep of the - tereerg.
asa s tuads Information before Alderman
Ynteiin'sinoordlngiy. - The hammer
—snores, Mid it two douses - ima-
Ottiailtred:—Oatharloe . Cable.
sane woman wades case wee trough be
ttors the Oconn on Wednesday, a not ma
whtaltonspnbliattailtyeagerber. was cow:.
mined to jail by Alderfain - Donaldson
yesterday, and the matter will be
Ihrounht before the Coon today,,whet
probably beam& to Mundt&
Western University.—last evening the
pupil,' In the , Preparatory Department
of the Western tiollindty gave an °S
hit:linnet In the hall of the truiversitY.
, ATtis oserchmmi oussated won , , tsrii
original and selected o iter.
opened with muds. The audience to
o etteallise• was spite large and apprecia
tive, itod. lb* untertalmosok aran•lld to
give satisfaction to all.
Naito s. , ,Hot*—• — reiebtday afternoke
• HUM tny attending retool at the First
Ward School.HoWlot.filllse
'Water street hear nsatt; wasidt by •
horse which was standing pear thgdge
walk . and seVerelyilidured. De Was
walking past the horse when-the vicious
brute turned Its head sod SuatTed u r g
him, catchbUt bold of his lip and tpi
a place oat of it. •
Vahan Hiliefledicatitew
• sad ' *WU. btinae:.lMiitbe
taenth ward, Highland 'district, will be
dedicated sazyiiistonliks, next
Wino& r. ts• The aerricea on the
non •41kbaqults in Ciralalse and don
law the cltimena will lira out In rota .
The bultlipt cm s r tatte etty.anla' „ 6 cri
pnnt of nonacid anima mutdintlettmuctlalify.
neon linnet 110,001.? " • 1, 1
Gneiss Blectimirinikka meeting of
Young Men's Jackman Association,
• "‘agtbAdz tunas nu nark! Week; lan atani
log, the piloting nillcans were elected
• • - .Etwidetdmt Brant nwaritmemt. :
Via ldearn—Wm. H. Mezhlinis, ILL
.1m Arteintim• A M.. c t* E "
' Kohn% DS:
„ iscardmag necrefary —Ed. .7 ,Huabl i ,
. Co_ rreametnelkssetary—Malcom
stranamsw---J-• aalabneataar
Borer Airle‘enerf.+Tbe birthday Of
Robert Burns will be celebrated on the
*Weft Or January ea, stigmale fit
RUM avenue, Plttetnargh. There wall
reutookr, itee leseedgeb - Tbo
wattee of arrangements darns to
amines Mal ea Abe names of many to
wows they would extend invitatb3na tl
be overlooked. ell Atm doer, to be 'WS'
' • oat will apply tor Motel to the land r
f saved. : Jobe 8e..,. Jr, J
Lockhart. Wm. frandlA** Wro.Sem
' A. 'uric. Win. 'man RANire • Masi
, W/14, Miller. Raab malionald,
' :p4aad Win. Welkin
• *bat war la Mlle W iltllltZ-* •
of We arrest of as a IMO* elillth and stlitr
- that be Osd Woo 000t;ood lo 111040,314,
Sp, but that he *Maki'. timigtilythe Le.
sowed the, following day. ~The, meal many
- .011 paled In tbOloakaiS sad the le
ao probability that he will seer be e•
snoved:' It woad be meli la mishits a
r. Filwairteigbikthlll=:3 ,
. t21111f:-. anDonl Ws
elan of petsonera are extremely limited
M prount. We presanie then st,
. , aim department at the. City Fame at
sinn would tam Mat mot there are
day. W.- Who Leto biome f ,
' - Iris have* fair albs; L'4:: A
--clam illeatrative-ot this ,
days ago. Tearooms gentlemen w re'
- - gaming down Fifth amour SSW II pia It
or game chickens on the prenthee of
enberowith whom they wareacquaint 1
.aging greet fanciers of this met ora ,
turfy >resolved , upoa`. popmeoron of e
a:ualikainot The only practicable
""'imsesned to purloin Wm, which that - mks
—Mgt& they did. • Untbrumstely,,, the
owner - of the. prima otessmed Shear der
Apseciaitharre. - sod ..thesstatted r i =
;criminal_ snit against the de
The . poedbllity. xsf , much an ;.
~toned Meanders;men' Into*
;diatitly returned the mon.m.
r" Wing: Manta Slur dotter .: AV - Tiirah
I Mow. The traneaction wird mole po
.the 'knowledge of, ea Atdarmen.
• ShooMenee to brie = ibe reorg4r., the
•::: money prosecuted for crow , st.
Be itt lursr Was th us •
si ng haigenes tto return what=
Om him. Thus 'ell had their does,
linkage a trill of the dread 111105/tillabil
fil the law.
. . . _
" ,
A . l4.ghw Camelia Consatteei lbr
The following are the anpnintmente of
comodlleviet Allegheny Camelia for the
waning year.
Select ilbinisa.
• Cimino* Coward,
. •
M CW44E. - Co *ca.
*J. C. Pattartait, Taggart,
Peterson, - Hanna,
Select unaccs. Ga mmas Gtruncil.
Reiter. - •'• astings,
litstraw, Ilmore,
. , !Row/bottom;
MILI4. t Reynolds.
&lee; Cnueeil. Common Conseil.
Reinernan, Hanker,
J. p‘tteiso l i, Rowbottom,
Select CouseLL' Chesmon Council.
•Wettech. Seldle.
,Lehrt., .•.•• • • Thompson.
Upckenatlne. . Comley.
Select Onateu. Canino& Cknasea.
Long. *McNeill.
.A. Patterson. Gilliland. •
Hall. Taman.
-V.2ece orceett. LIt1 •
°errors Ciautai dp
*Long., Hastings.
Meirraw.' ' Datsell.
A. _Potteries. Hunker.
`1,3 OWL
Select Council.. Common Council.
Mon L... sßowbottOm.
Reiter. Tainted.
Gwinner. - .. Hunker.
. . ,
Select CouneG. • Common awned.
tiemon. Aabworth.
J. C. Patterson. 'Gilmore.
Heineman. Rowbottom.
&Zed Council.
Moat Couneit.
• Reitor, Moat,
Canary, - - ' AskiwOrth, ;
Hocicenethme r GlIW*Dd.
& a
Mail. • • • Meal,
Mont. - Gilmore,
• McNeill. ' •
&k it' /COMMON .031escil..
• Hercheamether,
rieleraoMi •
' Gilmore. _
Phillips, *Darnley,
Owls:leen Seidl% • .
• ‘.! 4 , Vassray.
- . slits Z.NaiNsa.
•:tkrea tb.a.
Phillips, •Th1:111,
A. PaStailKm. • Hastinipi.
Canary. Gamley.
• . Slack.
_ isszczio.
&lea Cbunta. Common cbuseil.
Reiter, *Hanna,
Hackaniaklne „ Athwaytb,
Meal, - Mora,
• Thompson.
J. C dtafter,
clistsum ocnatea.
•4eil Comma Mired/.
oftwinnef, / , ; Hareberacallez,
Hears*. "
Wettneb. Vosatly,
E :;!1^; Atinter,;:
' select Coulica., Common these g.
Sleet; " •
Relneman„ Hanna.
Peterson., , Guinn
. .
aged cbiusea: ' ', - , CoNnoum Coma.
Hnekenatine, *Thompson, '
Megraw, - Reynolds,
Riddle. - Conley,
r • i t na l _
NoTs.—.ThePreddeola of Coomelts, by
ordlnanoe, are members of all commit
=z s..f
Teen; Cirri Chheieed wtet the Murder
or liar- rattier—itadamet Ramer the
...Baue—The Mktin Lundy.
- - :Marpiret Banton. a young girl who
has not yet soon the sun orseuriterrn
, fttuv/loMe Meg oll'eSed ~ ”1 ,1 .4 r 41 . 3!.1 11_ ,1ber
residence near Benton Station. by Offidc
- 9)41011_ of lbw - lifeyor'a pollee, on' a .
drugs of willful and deliberate murder.
tiplo4iatiiifficiiiii: 41,0 igoaomeao•
o&rittot the' Madden' lath - of MUD
Hanlon, the father of the girl, which It
, wpm, stated occurred nn er dientelons.
diregurrindiriejarm ititini•ter/siMai tline
that his daughter was sasned of
having given him poison. There was at
thatAntergiowerw. trp,fo.updation for
such a inspidern, - so far as we could
ascertain, except a rumor In the neigh-.
*Shedd • libel the 'lather and child
had not been on good terms, and we mud
confess that we have been unable u 3 rils•
cover anything more tangible in the ore
yet. The Coroner' summoned a Jury to
hold an legume, camped ■ post %aortae% ex,
trrgartifaritterits !ad ir d thr hinds laced the
chemist Mthis
ifilyguredialyani,mod. adjourned: the ID
road until such time as the. Prof. would
be ready thetegl of hie invsdt•
ttoi o x. C o t
o to teltopefurithiello=l.4-
the case. having got - hold of otheY'ru..
Wrotem letter
ter • tbe'lkimum - Yirtrich. wee 'fircelyed
Mbsterday morti4g dating that Banton's
icidrigere rildld,4l.7lllthe girl *MAW Ids,
ale, is !Ming With Soma neighboring ram-.
lingualud.soirkenotherlittle girl at the
boos.that; *them her father came home
,sicirrultern Mater Margaret the. olden
&madder: sakeithimlf berme ,. s
/Jerald yes, harem sick „sadism going.
to die. TbersOperi,'; as .WMII wales,:
Margaret went .v). a closet. took out •
glass toniblerldeitilniagMbs/deidiki to
be wh/fa
Powder, Wok It up s •s tan r and
tTTe lei =a tergooV p o 4 ethe&
lr - dtitig si sr;ldraYtg
there m Alma- dir . Maud; with: white
sediment The jcirYmen Wok pos.
semiotic/ the tumbler and.-wrote lathe
ommiderstion of true and
'othet • .elrentildaneel, ,Meted'
..Tole; COP.
41smon , Information' receive d, made fn-_
Ptillslioo-tifore BITYP4 chlUirtFg'
-Margarid Benton with murder.- A.var.
rant wertligueCiMa .Offloor. I,79= d v
paired tof thefleiMend3,ol-tbe
yesterday. arrested her and brought be
to the 0170 Then she was maned in Mg
Melting, -The , tuitibler 4raferred Mee
alao brought to ups city by the orneeri
wed le bribe - posession ' of the Mayer.
but whether it edirtilite tingle or not we
are nueibletrYeay, - DM from the
lion given atttliemedirdint fonarthr the
glide .me:rirlt trellem it le
.;: . : (.191netlit•SrOste._ •• • '
-, - ThIfPWIPS IBA Iti4 B o3BElt Of.the grCdli
, - • pteat the several. pieces of inutile.
• • te.6lo4ettyL Air the month of De.
ember, 'genitive .of the Pittsburgh
Theatre. ripen
.whlch there hal, been no
0ivenarace1e,",.....:......110,140 00
Barskill'ildtmettm ' '2,639 . 00
0D•71040 1 2pe. I No no
'l = 4
7.lT4F!!:!llrikTillqo4, * ** •••-•. 1,916 00
31 re 'heel* Plttstra6iuitt.
Pledttedg t the shoe* would swell
Suuljo a 'M =POO,. or this sum
Odd so the national Gov
ernaseat,earilbptas thwe other Masi
eaffKies ars r*di Vie net
•• ..•
Maenaie Doetidiottlreetenlay holt!
Atik 4 , 01P 1 * .9 12 tls Pcolf of *Pi -4 320
=,who Wed , noddstay, at the roa.
Ban; 'No. 48 Estaan
ihdottela; Allegheny sly. , htrualton.'
tar iriiiit4eirlifty'yeers of oge nod Ins
bela an Invalid tor a number of years.
.she_w4a In Indigent eironmetanaes and
woo sointorte of Abe, , olly flosofor the
pop fore venal years, frozn.wheno 'she
was talon by BLr. Bann. Itnmuuo that
she retired about On o'clock Wednsodey .
11111radgi hod' atimptatnod' of feeling on.
B.terfono'clock. Mrs. Boon went
up to her loon toooeif She wea on, bat.
tar and 'band her dead. ' The jury re.
turned omerdlat of "death from natural
♦ PUBLIC Nosmni.
Meeting 'title Bank of Pittsburgh Beta. .
ttke re the Establhhinent of a Public
HosaltalPians sturgested and Dle,-
- nesacd—The Matter Progressing. • ..
The want of a public hospital in this
city has long been the subject of conver
sation and discussion, but anti! recently
no steps have been taken in the matter,
either by the city authorities or private
Individuals, of a practical - character, and
the consequence Is that we &reedit with
out a hospital, or a place of any &scrip-
Monte the care and protection of Indi
gent persona who meet with misfortune.,
but moat be dependent on private Insti
tutions in the city, whlchipmerally have
been extremely liberal. The matter his
r at lest assumed fbrm, and wearepleased
to say promises to work the many "airy
nothings into shape, and give to them a
local habitation and" by the es
tablishment of a drat class public hoepl,
tai at the old Western Pennsylvania Boa
plod building in the Twelfth ward.
That such an institution is needed no
one will deny, and that there is no rea
son why the city should not haves hos
pital for the accommodation of the poor
and unfortunate, is another fact equally
evident. „ .
A meeting was held at the Bank of
I Pittsburgh, on Foprth „avenue, yestei
day, for the purpose of devising some
moms for the eabiblbiblefelt of a public
hospital. The meeting was attended by
representatives from Unkßoard of Gust
diens of the Poor of the city, Poor Di
rectors of. Allegheny City, Managers of
the Western _Pennsylvania -Hompital et
Dimmont,,,Poor. Directors of Allegheny
county, end a number, of claims who.
for a number of years. past, have been
laboring to effeet the object proposed.
An organization was effected by calling
Hon. J. K. Moorhead to Machete. Oen.
Moorhead stated the object of the meet-
Mg and spoke of the necessity of a pub
lic hospital at considerable length. •
John Harper. Esq., President of the
Board of Managers,, addressed she meet.
ing, and In the course of him remarks
gave a history of the , origin and estab-
Bailment of the old "Ninth Ward Hoe.
pita)," and made some Important sug.
gestlons as to the character of the • Wail
lotion which it wan proposed to establish,
It should he so conducted as to dispense
with the "red tape" system necessary to
obtain admission to some inagteliolle, in
some cases at least. • There should be
connected with the institution a "lying
In d , p•etment," atd it should be open at
all times for the reception of the indigent
of the city and all other., with only such
restrictions as were necessary to guard
against Imposition.
Dr. Jonas It. McClintock submitted
the draft of an act of Assembly twerp°.
rating ' the Twelfth Wird ;Hospital.
It is proposed to separate the institution
from the Western Pennsylvania Hospi
tal, and appoint a separate and distinct
Board •of Managers, and 'the Manes of
twelve persons are given as corperatoes.
The proposed act was read, and after
considerable 'discussion was referred to
the Committed - from the Board of Mana
gers of the Western Pennsy lvania Has
pltal having In charge the T welfth Ward.
Hospital, with a request that It be 'sub
mitted, at a oseeting• of the Board of
Managers, and their action reported back
to this meeting.
On motloo, 'adjourned to meet at the
all of the Chairman.
This looks like 'businees, and we hope
that the spirit manifested at the meet
ing yesterday may prompt others to
Fait their "shoulders to the wheel," now
that a fair nun:ben been made. The
metier should be kept *alive and not al
lowed to smoulder and die as all former
movements In that direction have dorm.
• Wietriet Court—Judge Kirkpatrick
THURSDAY, Jan. 20.—1 n the ease of the
Steamer ••Lark" va. The Wenona Coal
Company, previously reported, the jury .
'returned verdict for the plaintiff in the
sum of /181.9!3:: • . „
.The was of MaClurkan vs. Toomptsm,
previously reported, was resumed, and
is still on trial.
84 McCullough va. White, Trustee.
88 BM. Patterson it Co. vs. Baker &
.. Mahlon. ' '
Flinn vs. Graham. ' ' ;
the Smhh vs. The 'Tough.' It= & Coal
110 , Minos' Oil Mining On. vs. Dil
' worth & Banc?.
1111 Jacoby mi. Schoen & Lai:trent.
114 Nichols vs. Modes, '
118 Jetniea vi. Jolittatoti et al
Comma Pleas—Judge Sterrett.
TIIII/LEipAY, Jan. 2A.—The case of I'rans
vs. Jones di Lanablins, previously raper
ted, wee returned and In still on trial.
MOM= =DUE cox.x.rsca.
, . .
. •
In th e Quarter. fkasions Court room,
Judge Collier presiding, the PIM of Ica.
Blakely vs. Moreland and Mitchell. on
the Common . Pleas Int, was ~taken up.
This is an action to recover damages al
leged to have been contained 09 plaintiff
by reason of hdarles inflicted on his
wife, by • fall from a buggy. Defendants
are proprietors of a livery atablo and the
plaintiff hired a hone and buggy from'
their establishment. It is alleged that
While driving the inane with, his wife
had family, the bone "shied" and run
the buggy over an embankment. Jury
withdrawn and cue continued.,
After bearing testimony the Court Is.
sued an ardor ; directing that ; Christian
M'artner. of Birmingham, tosses to Dix
mont Hospital and to be maintained there
by the county. „ .
65. Stott vs. Possetairgn et ux.
sineldsVg. McA
_ x eetcom.
l i ts ge ssi ri ng a er i ' s.
Bro. "Pston m i kul ' a. E . t .
Horner ad. Abbott.
41. Bradshaw.vs. Doff.
42. C f Von. fin use vs.
43. • • Taylor.
44. Pierce.
45. Smith.
46. Huey.
51. Sproul •
57. Davis dt.Bro;:Vs.pchalk:
liteht vs. Hutchison.
, . .
A Woman co t, Her Throat With •
.z —Temporary... Insanity tha .caum.;
A &streaming sue of - suicide' oocurred
'peat erday - st a hearding IniUm Ou 'arapt
street. ibis Mtn,: the . victim , being Mn..
Mary 111ahUm - The lady. with'her !Me
band, boarded it No; 189 Giant Street,
and a law„ days dart had ; . .attack an of
fiver, Dr: Gallaher was summoned and
ettehded her: She ante deli:toner times
and; jiaterdity 'Morning about eight
&aloes:her husband left her far ok law,
moments and went - down stairs to his
tiniskfast, - , thinking the 'was miller).
When he - returned - eland' bis' wife
itandint !mit a wash bowl with a 'fright
lel gash in her throat, eXtendihu from
ear to ear. and blood Sowing freely Man
flitiwounoL In tart hand she - held the
razor With - which idle' had perpetreted
the • tided; and tho wall bait
of the mirror wis arrered with blood, ha
was also - her clothing. He gale die
alarm at once, Mid' Drh. Gallaher - sad
ktolLelveywereaummoned. The wooed
wasidzemwd - and It wamabonght ittist the
Merin :Weld WY' reWiNeti .leto to
vitalpart hu been !Oared. She gated
1 to the phyalchwe that she, hatemleil
kilt herself on the :night previous. but
°Quid not get au opportunity to Garry mit
' bar intentioni: _She iiaigned no remain
for the rash apt and li M thought that she
was leharingAiitiders , ohentil aberration
canoed by her sicklier. likai lingered
until about six olcidak - but
when she, expired. The .illorolerZl
hol4'ery Inquest on the body this matt..
”'• ' •
. .
The folloWlng deeds weraaandlted
• record In the of Thos. U.
Recorder for Allegheny. county, Thuile.
dek, - ;entieri 20,1800:: I
Jo epo O bees to Mash Lid., Sep. I. Ileaktkpir-
S! - tt,".1:7,7T1.°170%
vela ladlaa • , owarbli e Ina
12 ,, os•plad leolle,XYrsaer. °pi, 00,
OW; S Aare la ••Berg to op trat.S.-10 , 2E:
.1.1)04 t 7i414, straq. /c Len
arp, eall, efe
rit emerge • arm
•. Wenger to Jnit•to Kirea , l, bat a
la r al. iDtaattownslst.
H.V...g121. , y. J... to J soot, rfallllt, Jd an. N l7.
Itltel 41001=2 la.l. 40 n Pamir
Mad% war , . All gbetel •• • • gar
Robt. O. Boirdio sold. Vt. XL 1103: im
feeo. " l4ll l i4Ohe t. 1 . rim
.pa . het, eft oreele 4M . 17.4
-'F'«telrt,l4.eit, 6 ;°=M:ra.'tri,u4
• -fiZ'
Itaboth EL.A• to .ITeury v... r 11,14. 001.. 10, 11.4 a,
talk , er 140 Neil:Masa •Illagaut Wortil•le
Tetterday afternoon
.eflle a rm*
wait lUS*led,that there idiot a man id
on Water strret,-Whe
had a nitnible robe which hy offarad
f -
sell for five dollar, and as the robe' was
w)rth at least: It * 'lO bad Prababko
stolen The officer, aiummpanied by
Landward Gordon,repaired to the plaee
mentioned and found James Id.fltarr, a
nOtortatis sneak' thlefosith Abe retie In
hla pcieseaslon. 7smes wee relieved of
the custody of the robe and pissed to
lock.ny te await hearing.
An Alienist ny AtllMloll—Blopeinent A 4.
fair— ow a Friendship Ended—A Sue.
ceutel Genie tuna Far—no Trate of
Allegheny Is generally very quiet, and
for k large city pattern of morality,
Occasionally, however. a latent spirit of
evil is developed which provei what .
might be done if circumstances required.
, The latest demonstration of this charac
ter la that of yesterday, welch afforded
rich food for the gosidps and created
sensation of an Intereatingcharacter., A
married man eloped with a young girl—
but to commence the story Onderstand
ingly It is necessary to go back in
review a little.;_tionte time ago
the absconding BenWlict was the proprie
tor of a ready made clothing and varite
'store; on Ohlo, not far front Bas..
dusky street, and the girl was employed
by him as a seamstress and saleswoman.
Alter a time - abe desired to commence
heathers for herself,' and was assisted, it
le said, with money and goods by her
employer. She opened an establishment
on Ohio street, a few equates above that
of her benefactor, who called frequent
ly ostensibly. to see how business moved
along. The girls parents occupied :the
remainder of the house in which her
stare was situated, and - nothing was
thopght of the visite of her male friend.
He Was abut thirty years of age, married;'
the father , of two children and bore a
good name. She was but nineteen, neat
n drew. agreeable In manner. and .
rather handsome, ..with a reepectable
• .
A few days ago the truth failed in bust.
nets and the Sheriff seized •Upon htsc
goods. His wife observed him soling
strangely liar several days, but accounted
for his manner by the unfortunate ter-
Initiation of hit business. Yesterday,
'atter eating dinner, he took the oldest
child,- a little boy nearly • four years of
age, and started out; leaving no Informa—
tion of his destination. Soon after, the
wife was called upon by the father of the
girl, who stated s he , had been missing
elate Wednesday night. At that time;
sue left the house,. saying that she was
going to PittsbUigh and would remain
all night with her slater. In the morn.
Dig, somehow, the father's suspicions
were aroused, and he called at the real.
donee of his married daughter when be
discovered the other , had mot been there
during the night.- The disappearance of
the girl, and the subsequent departure
of the man, seemed to confirm the atm.
piclon that they bad eloped together.
Information was conveyed to the pollee,
and a vigorous search Instituted, but
nothing discovered of the lulr,. Massa
gee were then sent to the principal cities
east and weal, for theirapprehenslon. It
!s thought they have gone to Baltimore,
hut no trace of their route has thus far
been discerned. The man has left at,
home his wife and an infant child, with
out money or provision fur their support.
It is hardly probable the game wilt suc
ceed, however, as tiro Moat vigilant
efforts are toeing nisei, by the friends of
both parties to Bemire the fugitive'.
- Rev. Chsxlea Hedger, of Newark, New
Jersey, was yesterday examined for or
dination. to the ministry by the Ohio .
Presbytery, In session at Rev. Dr. Wil.
eon's church, and last evening was In
stalled pastor of Qraoe Presbyterian
Church (colored.) The service* were of
the most Interesting character, and tee
large hall of the .Colored Puttlle School
Reuse, on Miller- tweet. where the
Church holds Sabbath and weekly per..
viola, was filled by an Intelligent audi
ence; who seemed to be deeply imbued
by the religious algulticance or theme.
• Rev. Dr. Beacom, of. Montour, acted as
Moderator. The installation serener{
was preached by Rev. Dr; 'MOM
nay from Second Cor., 6th chap., 19th
verso. It was an elegant; discourse and
moved the hearts of those present It9lo,
divine emotional The . charge .0 isvLbe
pastor Was given by Rev. W. ii. Beatty,
and the charge to the Church by Rev.
Dr. Wilson, and Rev. Dr. Garnet offered
toe - clotting prayer. Fine vocal and
instrumental tunic Interspersed 'the
exorcism. .14z. ._,Modges,--..lhs--11nst
pastor of this grotelpg, and MOO
andel chnrett, geWeman of Ileg .
education; having steeled at LLoooln
Tinlverally. ' Alb And
barbed elocitience ad Irately fit Mtn to
be the pioneer or an advanced religious
sentiment' among the Solored peep
The membership of Grace Church ' fa
composed Of quite a camber of the ris.
I fined and Intelligent colored people pf
this vlclnhy, Slid the , develepinent tad
growth or Ita Congregation are subjects
of the earnest hopes and prayers of • a
vast number of the good people of them
OvEns Hotter..--There was a tante an.
dlence at the Opera House list night,x,Ft
we anticipate • much largez Mil
evening; as it is the occasion'of a benefit;
to Miss Georgia Iteynolda,,tlie . talenusi
young actresaand general favorite& the
Opera House company. A.spkesdid bill
will be presented, and • • pleasant: enter.
n reent may be andel : pelted. L.
Psonserans. , —The• wind .patmenade
of the Cecelia *Myer Cornet Band takes
place at Lafkyette Hall this evenintr,
ang It promises to by the eller or theme.
soh.' Tlikete ildreleidon ' 121:0, mid
supper tickets, which maybe. oh:410W
of the Committee; It 00.
Samsun° , laniumne—Prot George,
F. Birker, of Yale College, will deliver
two acientinotectritei lithe Academy of
Mattoon Monday and Tuesday evenings
of hest Week," on 'alto - Spectheicape.'l •
The-lectures will' he' taterrsperaridlwith
experiments, showing tho practical ben.
ODDS andimportinoe of this Walt rev&
'lotion rif mainline InVestMallon., The
subject is fall ()flatness &anti:retaliation.'
and, if there Is eV ‘otgnilfte testes Inbar
people, t he:Academy le certalato be well
patronized on this occasion. Prot EAT.
wer.oommles Um highest minion In ,Ins
profesakini and be should, te duly lien.
"fin= sYe 13 .. 01y10 00pr1 . 4.11
Dr. Darrin'a 'tures
! Dre.Ditrini the tryfripathette'phyitiefan; ,
continues to astonish our citizens by his
wistiderfal'atirtsC Aincetigidilitteheasesi
we may mention a ,victory
, oyer a moat
obatigite'Catiirti r ,' Lung
trouble,. under which-Mr. Andrew Lynd„
er2/0 North. DlVhew street, Was eriffer.
Ine Berman rants,' or TI Huron 'ahem.
cured of Pawilyslac will* bad nearly hia
Davidi ra n a d a rr al e i r. c t i l f Be 4e i st Y oc ei n cr il
olplieltectnerVot Ithinmanani
(which bad drawn her joints nut of
place) with which she had been afflicted
for fifteen yearn g dfingb,or l of Mr
.s. 1 7 .
lifoOtirtnicir, - of 'Jamarn, Yens :; to-
stored to unity from lunacy; and the re.
etoratton of .the AMA of a daughter Of
Mrs. R. Peroey of thhicity, who has been
partially blind [or fourteen years. There
is certainly something wonderful In Dr.
Darrin'a trestmentointt tboire wholare
afflicted by any form of dims° will do
Well readmit; bin.:
. (Hr. Herman Lintz, airmen of shrive
is an employee of! idessra:Clay, Cossoli.
dr Co., and of the fact of his haring been
curtetof paralysis by-Dr. DSPllllilre are
personally' cognivant.—Ratitor Buffalo
Commercial Advertiser.) ,
' Persona desiring tertillar! with -
Umonials of the Doctor's cures, nan bare
themfroonf thugs byte:wowing !kip tt
the Robinson 11011 , 10, thll city, anointing
Wm. ample, ISO and rederel
street, Allegheny. rare:rat ida sinter°
thanks to bla friends ends kind and dia.
crinilnating public, for thelryery liberal
patronage extended to him for so many
yeall. and reepectfolly inform them of
bie.pdarrt trout Ate dithltAni **Mots
Mitb s larger stock of goW egd SOW
extra bargains In fancy and staple good;
Suitable for the present logion, Whitt, en
now open for Insilettion, and as venal
'Oil beset:rend at ecry low i rt rin Atette
ty rendering all efearanee
eau.. Daring the past season, owi ng to
`the Wrest throng reanytiroar ottakitnere
could not bewaltedom Lithe future,ar.
range - Mini*, wIU be dude that all can
be welted 6romptly, pleasantly and
probtablw promptly,
bY We and , exphrledded tea.
Blatant!. all MO allid; 3 4 81 1Vilderel Weds.
Allegheny. --
• • 01.
&monody waning.
' Toad.* ititendon a - inddi.
dreamed . ''r t►ier'Lanaiogia woman
calledids lumisir on ,Creg greet, F#St.
ward ~.. tlieghany, With * In her
arm's, widish ebb destre 4 A°. baVe for
few momenta until atm could cell at On'
Federal aired depot/ Feradtaleh. was
Vented. sad -she left 'her hordes, and
thenlet; herself. She but not raterneel
444 OVOUingt end probably nettle Will;
The llttte stsangsr,a boy about teeP
weeks old. will be given to cf
the OVefellellltif the Pnw• Why,
Nothing la mem what/Amp
iirreeeble than efslitacenit
ner with your roast beer. It aids dlgea;
lion; Invigorates %Women). end pits tat
on your , bone'. Try Pler Danes/a' et
Co.'s ale 'made at the Oreg on Brewery,
on Stevenson street.
C. C. Coffin, Esq., batter known f. the
literary ant journalistic world s. utfirle
ton.".dellvered a lecture last aren't in
the akitideMy of Music, under tb au-
spices of this G. A. It. There ass
tolerably gaffed house; but the library
reputation of the lecturer, sad. the sub.
)eetnissenied, naught •as Is wth ao
much Interest to the United Bodeen the
present tine, were worthy of a much'
larger me. Mr.'. Coffin's , theme was,
•"China and the Chinese In Ameica,"
and was • handled In a most meterly
style: The lecturer is evidently amide.
Man ; of keen . and penetrathig:Otterva
tion, and can present, in the meet fasci
nating colloquial style, whatever to has
seen In his travels. His descriplon of
therlahffirtent.Ottatoma and Modeaof liv.
leg of the aCeleatials,", last, awning,
Wu deeply Interesting and hsinctive.
During his recent visit to the An*odes,
he evidently made good nee of tilt time,
Bad received unarm Information inregind
to the progress, or rather retrogrdwionof
Chinese civilisation. - He descrlted . the
origin of the .13 uddhlat religion, and pre•
sented'sorrm of the leading princplea to
the Confucian. ' The bill oC fare Inzdsh
ed at a provincial Governer's .14ble, at
- whlebbe Inia an fierier's"' guest' would
scarcely create, a dealt* on thnnart o
many of his audience to dine' alt.W the
high" dignitaries of China, willat" the'
manner of 'vowing and pedant tea. aS
described by Collin, Would lave any
thing but the effect of Protindeg the
most agreeable sensations In ttoso who
hidings In the use of Young Hylion or
Imp l.
Coffin is of the opinion Hit ,there
Oh danger threatened to Our Instltn.
Ilene by an "Mktg either of European or
Chinesepopulatie auto the Cintedithates.
That hunter was aittledat Gettysburg I
Constitution Water 111103rtainaore fit .
Diabetes and all diseases • of the Hi&
nays. For de by all Druggists.
—A newterty wasOrsanlzed M t y
day evening In New York city, under
the name of the New Democracy; ,The
:thunders base the part# on the funds:.
mental principle of reonlidelt a refer'
enoe to the people of all laws passed by
their legislative representatives. as ls
done In several of the Swiss Cantons. -
A. shrewd bid Is made In the platforin
for the dotes of Women. The New Dem.
ousts favor the running of all railroads
and telegraphs by the Government, and
the employment of everybody who
wads !weir' by the national and local
—Barter* Rate, divorced wife of A. J.
Rose, Consul to Bremen, has tiled In the
CoOleeetinty (1114) Court a petition set.
title-forth that 'the return'of pioperty
made by her motherot Mrs. Angelo De.
Vorsy,,e stlrniniatrairbv of the: estate of
the late well.known ' Mower of Chicago,
Michael Deveray, Is, false In every re.
speed, and she propose, to contest the
oistrilmtion. Am • Dever' , :returned
only an estimated value of 542,000. Mrs.
Rose...Nelms that the propfixty ut dispute
is Worth $1,000,000.
-The Rhode Island Society for the
• Promotion of Domestic Industry - sale.
braled, at . Provident* ha fiftieth anal.
vereary by an bltdorleal and oommemor.
airy° address delivered by Hon. C. C.
Van Bands, and a banquet at City Hill,
at rebid' speeches were made by Gover
nor • Haddleford ' and' Meyer Clarke.
Judge Bargee, Bishop Clark and others,
Additional liaOteto by Telegraph; •
Cutcouti, 41111U•19 20.—The market fir
'Wheat was gotta •eiedlve in the afteunohn
and prlosafirmerkud higher, cloning*
8l 2 0116 b: .4;lotii • and
Oitillillrlitld'rillE6lll2l. In the evening
Wheat sold as 79%,(30304, cub and seller
. 14rotr4, Omani at the =Odds Okure.
RIMPB thinfirund tunderately Settee;
ems Pork at 127 cash, and buyer
February at 727,76: Dry Salted Shoulders
In bulk, February, 10„Xo; Cumberland"
plm Short lift. light average 30 lb*, br
minim 16 • lard: sell*, for next ntonth
BALTIMORY, January 20.—Mess pork
quiet, $20@30. Bacon quiet: rib Bidet
111140, clear sides 17e, shoulders I3,S(e,
haws /WA). Lard 17017.Nec
flsilvsud scares, 111f3,1,01i -
tnNTOR,4 I O*-
B. Pi , JA3aB 1.. WiLLUill.
....TrwELSON & , : wILLIAMSr,
trodersmro, *armor, of 71111COvelnse opq
/111 Meet. Plttabenk. ,Collsootf fall.tteas.
Ellwood. Crap e. sod fflooegl:sad fiool
tion of foul og oopitofottOell oo r t .
saoatrosolmobto was tp .Iloorm awl
corrturfoC42ll/010. Ono. OVos Oaf and nlilks.
paw' &
n a . c rEtinals,' •
DIRTAXE34I3 ....N * 4lAV . l 4 ll 6 lnatim e
00/45 aro canna/417= y V: , tr i lAtt
00EM., at Tina . eas arlatz.l/2 Jr .
VlldalaTala Fb
duces ra ed. araVara,z4L...r s .,4l
- • VrtnzaVrAlLlCErMili
swans PZ " 5.1741 . 1 n
Oarsta gas - Mar IP aasAls, e 3.00
d4 =2. 4. 11#1 , 1in remand lueditotent aga
Bell-and Brasil Fondan t -; •
Mak k BILLING lilp.
.Blade Promptly Prompt/sr to Order ?
Made and Sept en liana?
rruprieton sattlilaashatlntra at
2 / 8 -T.•
1TP41111311.1111 PA.
. .
,) (= t )1
Cale. p . t '4W; Sixth Street,, ,
lalCiTt ror lbet
• •
op.l and exuell.•
or WATONLIIX. tameReI..IIIWILLILY and rah.
vW WAltioe Um mama detletUtpsterusi.i
JL1PM67.17. AID OPTIMA/4.-
• .
inrnt "a •
: " •
elep at e .11re li (lingo
• -4!ssirre, • . I
$lllBll.ll 40.
Caoteatiodliiii Int liartford.
;•41ESICTIIII 11469.9 4 *A 19 .
FDIVARD,IL iguapirm,
A*41401416 I.43I.IIMIVAIIIIiNVIt it, betwtO
Weal .ed !tregt,
1 - !votes! wfachisA
C 1, 7"
•totirlirrit iNirsat.
Uottid 14hlitraiti.e,
mita Wasehe.. U. Witc?f4S
Ladle., Geld Watches ;ere cheap. •
Yeaa,WateheseallaltUf rciantKi -
ItrAWTlAtz' sc.`naMnMVll
rioniv ROLL Faysmin,,
ociumiki inkCpx67.6
„„ uump t 'et.... stiivar ”
61U Rollio,/e1144444:.
I T Tj l l g n~d~.~ifY s ie e iw Ts VF;
DIM& 1 171iliteR tatisty apd at_ pe:tew
LlAtraWal TIT I=a v g=
- badness east lesu to al 7440ragigt=
lirtrrlkerkiroll releb All at tely
yeAr . lone. btu as scan, vtu tame a_l34
arum. Wholaa Is as maw. Ali =AM •US.
Fir2foT2i7E3—..76:Let," upyr gskyn
.1 . 1 4 ,47 s. ...B oar dia f es
dhr, WA exceeding POUR 1,13r114 sea
be .ineerted Mew "whams'. once for
TWENTY-P.lM' CENTS; deck add.
'timed Crizscre.
atd)o9 club to lumen
botleeet. zunhtets tatehltihed staple and .01
steno thoro , .eh Omni. atter, A pent herthe
the above &moot. eta doable Ia• the net ~,,, .
Addrees At. AL 0.. titterer oe Matta[
where an Interview can be had.
ANTED Bp a small ram-
ILI% • GIRL to do hinersi housework.
'Rho oleo at 3T theuthfisht street.
0 0 0B.KESPNB. at Dlimoat. Hospital.
Nona aaed . ooo7 bairn they aro of Roan moral
ebaleerer, atreabre to Morrie., *no can bring
Rood recommendation, For Inform...on en
...tact bletieNDl.lo3o, JAallift.24 & CO., 103
Wood aunt. Mumma: - • •
WANTED—A respectable NT-
I, LiATION by a La
man Wll5 bag bad
considerable excellence family grocerY
and pr.:mill. busiciegg. boot-keening and r e e
fer. eaniflo 1110 generally. Thieccoottonable refer.
acre.. Addison Byo...OlZigliTS °Mee.
TY Will be-v.-delved for one Wert for in
Abort arra ilt0.000) stye or CURB 141 . 11N15,
to be delivered in rittetotrgb or Lawrerumrille.
Meet be or Preen art or Haven stone..
OnSH tell, be wla od delivery.rosining a per
eantsge toe fultlllntent of contract.. Aeldreso,
Real Istate Agents. Lamitnoeville.
WANTED....-ELEL.Pe-...AT • EN.
Street. r kgya ..infacilk,ll,-13;6ag,3,
ktndo of sanDloymost. Perla. vrAntink Emir
of all kinds dna bissnindled on short notion.
il,Zrtitig;t'svla%freallti 41 " : "ai net
offer teems mare liberal thu say ether eompasy.
Call nee examine at let Weal .tract.
~• ' H. C. WILCOX. Traveller Amt.
AFTED.-A orwrs everp
gor WHERE ; to Bell th e A.MaIIICAN KNIT ,
the outs Plaetleel .Irsztally
KnlGlar Machine weer Invented.' Pries OM
111 tall 00.000 eUtches per =lrmo, Ad
Basta. Mus.. or M. boats. Mo.
830.000 to Loan to lirie or mall amounts.
AA what rate et Interest.
BM, Bond *ad Reel Estate Broker,
" • 11518=ithrleld street.
- -
rsovilVinitig u air AVI u N l a x I L 0.
CHINE. Price Judy SIB. Great luducements, - to
Mir moot
trrarroM A tte
Lock do., kind of wort that
be done on any autchlo•-100.090 sold .00 the
deinsod unit tan tly insreastnib Now Is Vs.. state
headto tats a 0 08000). for circulate. )Be.
of int email' Address ISECA)AII
CU.. Boston. YW. t Pittabursh. P's., or tit.'
OST.;-1110NDAT; ,I%th
at ins . Drove Yard/ •Ilanbeni, a • DIA.
/V C
liberal rard 11Pa rail re the d daer on
Int la at the Morgan Roue, Alrigbeny aaty,
near drove rds.
140 S T OR "gTOLENe—wearseg.
DAY RIMMING; Jzzina 121 b. 1 810.
AG um HOOYI.Ey,w.II4 )ears; .hortmaet
tele emu eted tug sear souse - ber - lett
behome as 5 oarlock p. K. on WEDr.ReDAY
RYEN/NO. An)lo ormatlooleadloß to bee me.
bovery .111 be %bent Dilly reomma Au. OK Frs.
. 1 . 1 ". 1 •11.7. Altegeeny 55.7.
—. Several
a.. wt. faral.bed rocs. la
lawman tuealloO, quiet sad 'war to anideas.,
rho t LET.—The NeWBtoie
ag. No. stre w MI,. WOO 4 •trect. Itoguire nt No.
rem „ • . . • -
rpor LET.—Deak Room tin 'a
.A. tmodumely tic.c.lllp vela. In ....tarsi lo
c..ttou tot IniOnem. APPIYt N9.,1110 /watt.
. Wong tow:
TIO-LET.r-Hwelling Hou No.
39 9 irrY navara at 511/71
mom .11t14.11 Om born of - 10 =4151 at Fe a
TO - LET-Yralro!muse No. UN
• AZT , fjaVivir =Jay =gig
MO. LET. Fur mashed Frost
T"-LET.A deilzable State
11 0 Obt on Bt. Clair .tr.A. Also. s.verst
or //CIS ea Illet,as• Mcoed bOOO. and • It(W,N
GO by 2O MIL* Goo, Ramat,. -of
WA T.K. Insce oNot. No. afoot.
O LET.—The Large Store
Room N 0.96 Wylie *venue, earner at
e W.Va. Innebargb.. BROW7S•
Mt Fifth
TO 2.story b uck
J. tosses. No 815 .4 lin C rare
CantainiSi vocalueselllth WI la.
Iro Trawls tc Enquire 5% 0.54 Onlre are..
r. IIeVALLItiI. ' •
LET.-Five roomots-emAy
AkuVglONT:lklit "Agra gni:4
..JKoutpc, nth dug taaad myna rooms. X. quire
4 storied
- ,,. ,0 14 , , , , W0U t.. 9 7., : r etate, of ring Aversoo
bottom] P.k. Isolate of oar s itl KON6tei:
Tr * /3111 ood : t r Avenue, or A. 9.IIOWARD. No.
• • • .
• •
•LEr.—A Suit of Rooms
romp3l-I.g Two Large, ' ere _ r coot
s cut Suu. duo, 01. Isrart,• •weit Ilabteo
front Noostoo 3gu Soo, One Isret ligi
Virelltd.llooo/ WIC 4111 800, Oneflturr itoosy:
CU Siggh DP Als Yugt.lak's sew balidlely
/worts - avenue. s . Ctr Aerrl..lo(lolfe of.
ZIGLION •'00.: No: 11111 Fount:untie
LlO-11311/( k . gral.r
AG.dßrl:•=l.tZlll4"7til4lrl4 M g I AAI., 7l ' ll '''"°` . rPgrlrrT". :3 14 4.tiAar:
• Xis. 119 and IQ Mnna.
dormer at Diamond street.
and.-4i4 MUM:wad !watt= SO rooms sr
,ett. Amite, . watt" .tu , eloiset, matlmnatt!
ta.'lfat.N Ufa ktiles ted
Imams to each=
raillards.. bar. Made had parlors.
'"""" 4 "MAY
'T .r di fibia l" lllite!Z i tifll47 " l 3 4 ll a l 2
Li...J.11t p2p .111 a by
.e 71101gd an Of-
p p
=OW .11.1.1WIitsr as totanlns agli • adt.
..4.4-(11.01014 t oo l 'lrld• west, wink L'ltu
-217:atata. Ibr Mr •
Ciriod sad T. • lb memo. alms two: '
r i „)
. „LEIN,- - . - • ---: ; t
.; -110011 IS arrh orrzons.
-.. {iA , . ~:.• ,„ - Aiz&iit i co.. , •
, , • • , • Id PLl:lti Avirtm.
• •
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167, 168, 169 and 170
Are now prowled to tornlzb TINEGAB at Me
LOW NET WIEST RATE& Attention IA not
tie/early called to oar
2 . 4 , Wi WEE VINEUAL
Dram a. co.,
No. 10 SIXTH ST„ late St. Clair.
E .l . `wili:rttan l eTrip *
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Coas t autsinseres and Vesting&
No. 93 1-2 Smithfield Street.
ihireant's Clothing nude to agar la the latest
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47 Sixth St., SO Fifth Avenue,
CLAW Bt. Clair. 0021
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Gas Coal Company ,
" . ' wines AND eurerzas OF
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Nut Coal, Slack and Coke,
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IN - gal sl;es. and. or tie beat tilt,. mut be tar:
fished at remiodable rates
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Mortonstreet. Liberty arid Clymer • sneata
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Wm la Faber & La, B. Lyou & Co.. James
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pot Hotel, Cormallsellle K. S., Panas)tvsat► S.
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113111r1, ISSN AR* r orT. 114PAVITICLICIL
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ralv - Raßaci leukS.Zi AMU' r
0031:11413819N STELIEMP.
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Pl= 818 , WILIENigB,'
401 0 PMeit,8TREET.
Have • Removed',• to
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‘ ,..... 2 .: or, nA, Passion Milli
aniniesder lad Cnnin2, amine t 4.1." 11.
- for sal* low than w we m. a
Iv "' • all NW iii* Wood burl.
Mutual Life Insurance Co.,
ASSetA, Over $500.090.
rolkles Mined by this Company arc Dona
tally Non-Forfeiting after we payment of. ono
,annoal rresdam.
Dleldands annually declared and avoutii on
third annual premium, either an the permanent
Ineraane of tllanollon or In reduetion of met&
General Agent.
167 1-2 Wood Street, (2d floor,)
• -Of Ppnntirylvania. • .
Office, 15 Fedeial St, Allegheny-qty
• AIM J. I. CLARK, D. "
Capt. R. ROBINSON • . • ,
B. A. R. BELL. MD...' . •
. '
Ray. B. H. NilalllT.lX. , ;s '
W. A.
W ttEß,_Csabler Allecteny do:
JAOOR RO D HR.R e aros ofal Ratak Agent. • .
C. W. BRASIL Hatter. - •
TA. 4 4ll4 , )ll, 4 L;lteLsrsisise - isa,
- D. SWOOSH. isszaraaos Arras.
Capt. ROB?. 11.0111ABOItiPswaldast.
ItaV..ll. CD,IS/Viesseradrldsrat.
JACOB illlll.
C. R. 1111/11111% Bleissutesor" - •
, DANIEL' SWOEIER, titagi Agens.
, , .
John M. Donalassa, Pa. , „ ' I
• •
Jae,- Jam Hollis ashritil.liraver. PA.:: '
P. B. County, McKeesport, rs.,
George U. Johnson lilathrtlic, r.. ,
J. &strayer Jobastossa. ra. •
Comosay strictly mutual. All malts pararlalug
to t olley.stolden by dlrldscol retarasd anat ily
from tha and at Um first raw. Alt you its limn.
' 3
Of Pittsburgh, 11 . 0 M Jalivat) Litt De
cember alot. , 'PObtlabedmeerdaftedt
with, the reyoltementa of th e /9 to
th Motion-of
Pn /Let of Aosembly of Um Coramonvotolftt of
eobsyttrable, approved eyed MO, 'Sao:
lot Dayttil Stock. :: :k... sio.o 000
' slicso co ,
/Nand NOl.ll with Approved • :• •
Mame. as. %to od‘
Cult Book Account. for rrc- '
8i115.... . . .......
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3d, AtnountorPr6allasoalire`d
-141669 - $ 13,903 04
'4th.. Awntet bilalenot ' '
-Ist 1069..4 - • IV • 1 090 SI
•' •111,11911i5
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T 96 Lassa. 154 00
Ocmaduloas. 89.983 Tax.. 1 001 56
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661.1101 sad Ogle° • 3.01476
Gib *mufti of Tratottadlat 6,4411 TO'•
ktUte.3lst. 1889
!Rh. wefts and ..labliLlesj. 9. ,Autait4i.
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CapItal11.11.1"oldl. ;
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4 . 1 f . un traL, N.errok iw 114.211e1.
•SOur.3l/21.K,INtk, Preildesti.
a t eeZal i dpit.,
Insures on
Capt. L iberal 11. fißACTerms ODZ. EieWlAireitt.l4
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CAPT. GIVOBLIZ MLD, enteral 1. •
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• AM. , . kn. Horner,
David M. Loss. Wat.
D. Masan.
omcie.lousvx %mon a'rstier; BANE.
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This be; Usiss 2 2l,l4. sal?3111
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Laura St:.
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ACIAINirr. :Law irk
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WORM SIM 71 :7 6 - .C 1 74 3.
_ autgestock of 4 •
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BREED 'A..00.1
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China Eleb3,lVan Staciet
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Re. in Limn
.11VL burs smonarsi PM, 11111kie
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BARR atoars,;
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is •ua4eypyr and. ritsaloizik,
Soodal •duo to tbo dosigawri s d
UNT SOMill4ol Li:llmM
FIUDAY , ZVENINti. Jammer 91st. 11470.
BEN SPIT of the popular atm favorlte artist.,
The perfernian. MRi <4.3024111eil with the ele
• . rset
O'Brian (with songs) Oeohilaplekooa.
To coue.lode with the ever popafe, deem. of
Toper,wlth conga and Martee:.Beirgloll'ekrosi.
Ia whirl wlffaiso be Introduced ittenreat char
user BOni!ndh , ech, Sl3OO LY..
nos e t Vow . open tor the may/einem of
Mr. UMW 7 0 .-S" ST.
Grand Matinee on Saturday afternoon: . .
.17E/ficif.4r/LE r
wilt deliver her Celebrated Lecture
6.. re RllsoiTE,7
. AT T
Saturday limning, Jan. 22d.
No reccrrvecl seal!: 'packs fr
„ sale at lb.
LiLrarj ,
ocirserierts .• and Si:kik stzvel.•
Doors open At 71( o'clock; Lettuce will ccm
rocnce at
„ hrIMICTIVZ 4.5C21.11114,
E?i;1 ; :
value forth. , recent
iroiderfut dlaeoverles to .cienet and their me.
Deal application; to be Illeetrated Or estierl.
=cote or the Ateatest Instrett. MO! DAY :04
TUESDAY *VEStIiTOEti Ails and 115th hut.
In One
AtyLktikvile OF IVli't IC.
BJ Prof. GRO. F. 861116104,
nem ;um HAVEN.
It7illioNl adiiiilUk.4.3iii7;4'ati:::itibildtad at
Le pitoelpaf Hook Mares. Haterred'aeilLt
Cents extra: to ta had at the Weatern.Halver
ettntorrier How UVLDlaziOnd'strextr, between
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OtTiTlll6l is
largirr HAM,
Tbla 'elitiaat.,' large and commodlena poelto
Halt Ima Pet* tberoughoy retried and vela/rash ,
rd. and la now offered fur root for balls. parties.
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menu.,ll Is the largest mtd,bert retaliated mom
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dent. A mom ras dining room std kitchen.
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For t ! '''.s'd " ' ! 4". nr.vor
noMMww Market. Itaserintradrat..olly.Hall.
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11 , 4 1 therl/ERS,
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Oesmaifilos Weichants BrollrenliA
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- 1111LADFLP1111: 'ADDHERNI. •
itootalr, Chamber of Ckimiriefree,
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21111 and Planing Atraptod Met spe*d. •
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/OM A. 'TRAIN, - ' 1: ' .77 / .. " -
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