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T. P. HOMPPOL I. P. 18182 t
L" 7,11 " 1 "1 alrfiTral4
Dalian:4 by earners, per wea...----154
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HAURIAIDURO. Jan. 20, lad
fßElNtlerty . t .
r3W"bilA crealliter(rOV &tat frOns
4 - - - bWai.aawfort Yeekftiekt&tren•
to be called "Chase," was reP o rtl4.
amended to "Petroleum."
, 41i1 ( [ atailal4 7 7l‘a ziaaaazal
• Mr. WHITE presented the report et
the joint asmilifttee on Leeldafte ttet
wlibtqaMll* / 1 1 7 11190 1 4
P ; i11111A0VM Pagmlapeeeheatolhe
only; no repetition of publics=
messages and deps t rUneuthlppimif o n t
tad, except the Governor's annual
sage and hummirla:ligitt"falmeeMmi of
the prelolle MOMS Ae published next
Messrs. Lowry. Ratan. Howard. 811.
1114jfeltr gooks, Wallace. and Davis,
oPPosfsil. prepir4 i ;441atter
tlemeV . ; tat 1
ngs pub
listed In two deify Daiwa. Democratic,
Osterbout, Olmstead and Mumma am. I
Mined Uss inland • e
After along dlacwalon It wmi relbr e
Sion of fx.,. Lowrey. 01
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1 1
By Mr. CONNELL: For dual
meat Thursday, March 17th.
By Mr, RU TAN: pact:ming certain
, gromod itttela Ohiomiter °smooth" NM.:
aletown an island.
,By hfr...TUUNEE: Making Mos,
monwea ttlie
4'. a , viotla
tth.dt unifonn throullout.tha Ccua.
By itini,IMOBLAI4.). Ailltb o7 l
*USW Coal Company to Del e
r:e 4 tter?ft un, .`" lls44 4 l P i t ftirt
BY" Te r TAP , • 1 0 1 an4 1 4:m the az
dietary Loma:Mee tO enquire if any 14- ,
straal ad She
ff. 4”, ead sepprt
sir omerwila. Adopted. '
COM COxior lOIr, ;
the Gemini:
was read transmitting the following lftt
1 ' 7 14141 1 $ 1 4:11 1 6 aftli. o oda ClzlMmaild
emetic:is a department ofmastruon
for - the education of, math end othe rof
!be Ommon Wea ti lth q .
rop bit ihc,l.Mthial%l4cm
stgili3l4M4 OntabluMss- of tile f;tisq..
PrOil j hirmoort tta .
47,1 OM&
• i s .ovituipac!".,_ , ,
.....,1"41114 4 0u04 w x... 144 - 6 " 1 " far
a,OOO copies of ihedaverioria limas*
InfaWrifvl - 1: 011 4 5 01k71 15 1P-T,'
a: actical . to Pri4gtitAllit.A. l 4l6l"
sa , anaporrtricsion. =.l ..)11 , :;'ILR I
," , t , Yosradal
• ",Togi tt7e, Vlll.' a&llrta' 3i Mii'Myseriditeeni
• Coinitd 'Sp it bur , ihnieg
Ookokte MOllll/111/Jaithuislinwartainlittqux
r .tea akatanyeacti. atidoptii4a4:
Is 00 , 011 , 11C010 , 147.4ari5:
• Ltfis ,
mlarysma rep:tiled negatttely.
• nt /. , •TZle elKelee eeerezeeTag
tlrf , IThes report-cif thec Onsulintse CD fte•
'itild;e6nrrantlngwitheem Bargfro, *di
1 .5 utstiallef nrilMlbOexfole
• Mirep . Nst'
• Ardsl4'llualugnin, 11111,1VICIWyi mu.
Thioe, and Oe faie•ftedal
'' • liorAti Obtotatisas autharrimsl
• irate the AEON of thefituiTemuesilsr,
•tIT - '
1+.,311.,t, otaaotsp ii ,,,,,d j r
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j o, ip ,ii f ki r f A A J . 4 l44rar zawi rg ue "
••', sailitarnae tome rusalsuseMaitsa/ ;
t lfr lzrzus 7, - Pt — 'fag
aa9aK R i f 1 1, 1. r ug the
clainlc ia :c AL B° RroMblitog
'tali me onlhe
ThiAuembly hii adoptglrowlmkum
• Jeellegetneilent tee /4105)!e. Teelyeeee
i• lYere jtavrag. lelooted the - 11 4 0 , 11,
• Anal:drawn to .
ThS- Ca'Weide Tionikere -propane to
•-• ' wed , ts a building imitable for their par.
C, • poser airtuari' and Ws petitioned i the
• Legislature to grant them the use of , the
:',...;,lspiaze et trreeems occupied by the Um
• The total fail at - rain•the preiteni
was eight inchee'smil, fourtrfoar
• ira reee ndredth; about-the twan
' g* e/' tile
uding rear.
- head, ot aid prinolgel Ohldinetdyto
;,' palm tame deeided to nodes another of
, ;,nut to puking's the importation of Lint.
• wens woman. S. Mtge limier of Chimes
pmetitutee were arrested Lot night at
• s their toitaism The matter will Anne
e•-‘ • bait re the courts tomorrow. The Sir
:I: ' v s :4We are eM2filled in the Jail '.:','
The Chinese gunners In Lotion San
were Munsi yeaterder, end one
•a6ousind moupasta rendered hounding.
^ s.^A ahoy shook of anthill's" ens lAt
it fiLus Bernard°, laidifornikon the 14th
TOttblpldibo bas enived from Boat".
Prinoe and smniben
•; , , , ...",,Wtheinistrtenpninewy tot/Wok J•pin
- Aundoe Irtme Simouttlink
- • -.-Tig#l4ll4s
lataelthi g to stout iittitiposion„Ti to
c.whitallamal Casimulon.
citiTnawailiaq,ste lepliqtantalta
Nasal*nit* 41419 . 23 •64
threat to holders Of TennenA'bqudi
;eased the Renate today and Janina a
/t scithuilses all nil:aids In Rata ,
.to th e State toter ibakel Walt.
Indebtednesavalttrany a qtu.
per cent. bonds, without regard to Wuhan
. or number. It Is believed this will re.
duce thq bonded debt seventeen millions
of dollars.
The House concurred in the
emaadment to the Cluclunati Son ern
Railroad bill.
ekatuntithak on,Rnecta=epscl•
Pq/olt - to thn'OOlinti Cap:
wally - suwednateirtai t
Comaitution extending the term of 9 0 v
etnor to four year*. .
The gt,:nlinboat 'Lady pay .
Len—mac' minninnnli I
Tnonaa• to the nubaraa baatue.l,
Curio, Ims., January 214—The steam
, boat Lady Gay. from St. Louts to Now
Ortearts, Intik its.
Tower. flay mulea==pi
b ammo lives ware 1054;714 was urocK
bly a total kao t • t. , ;
81% 1.400114 Jllllllll7 The Cain:ter
Lady Gay, which sunk yesterday near
. Grand Tower, was olroad v anae H.
joists'. CoMmaltdort. B. John
•4 v. sattetanr, Mioditin La a ' Ewa'
wan, rawsll..4 Cc. Valued at 1134,000 to
$60.000; Inaored In Earens. Pltraburgh,
AMOS; Boatman's. Pittattu b , mac
roetl.. chitty:4 i r 2,400; sp
jjdois. - $5,000; Floadeg Doak, Itt.
Louis. $2.600: BC. Joseph Rita sad
Marine. 11000. The cargo oeiz Ab
probably gl6 o . ol Xil innninnne an
, rhe Submarine No. 14 gays her as:
, ..
. ..
' .
. • _
i - ,:, . - • ''l. • • '
_ -.•
7-_ ,, ,-4 ', ,-, ~-.:, 7" . . -, ,:j.., :.
... .. • . ... -. .
I.IR • .., },- 7. -., . .
7 7 -
: . .
--- wri' - •
...,.,-.) .- ,
t.",...,..--______........„,. •
•„ t ,
. ~, . . -- ,1 .:. f If'. ':1 2'l ,'! . I'-.. t . : - 1•- . - A • .
. - LX3CXV. .:1 )F. 1r; .;i. ...: .'.4..`..1
'D se.saaosi.)
iIIENA TE:-.Gia tie Of Gen. Greene
.. . . ,
• . Prfsentet. iligr' Rhode: Island; ,
. .
.., The Admission','...Yiegidia.'.liiii
. . ... ,
7Furl‘.4r:conftlon . 4uotid,
in W.f.d - .Terien7 - Ns-
• epiraoy - • Georgia. - .: HO USE :
The Treaty ;raking Power—: -
. ' teigne;: iiiiiiid : - '.:liin Shipp
' 'CollOqat Between •lessrs.'Efro•
~ :11ell Old Digtriek-rililitary A l i .
.... dimy.: Gill'..'..PasidlioyeaVe
.COOliniisgcSietk:l4l l 4!'..: ll edwirt
.. . .
ifr* , 4 - iiiii!titto•ietibiitiaitsi. - ita.r. ,
1v:J4. 1 4444 a35 *i . 1 4.-%:**
. . The Mouse Zahn velohationmnthear•
Jock..:pr . i . :o444ttkilVeirthit lizomg . ',6r be
messes ant' 1, ilituo,:witiriiidlisiogiOig
.?beta, Aix smendrovint. providing , for
' . abiditatninithe , Oest ef the propdeed gro.
. eifq concurred U.' ' '' I .11
Mertes . rniinirron. : i
:Mr: ANTHONY presented a communi.
catkin tram "the; : el!: Governor of 'Rhode
Filii , 4 andilMpereinarke keeepted to
4:kingrese, in the name. of. the peopis or
hht Stroke; a^ marble Wins of Niethil•
C4 1 . 0 ,q_ t*rillidi tolii : Olti 14,:okaigiw of
SW HOLM. ~ ii.r. itipreiwitii4liei. .„. , {
• , ler.'l3Ukfillia• submitted residutl ' s
ioneptitThl the:Milne; iettrietfit t
10 - tale.._ •
.... - ; K 4 ° Tii . g.:• '4 '*l. 440:.:411 d,l
and through leitakiedhee people. of. t
~ ,
State, for the beautiful -work Of art; d
swigging the'stame s' plum: tnetbe•• id
'Halt of the Retitle. c - - • - ' • • •; • ' :-. i . 1 ' t
'Soule !marks . were made; sultsbi to
the occulon by Iffewinklinmner, Sawyer
and Morrill, (FLO When the resolutions,
were adopted. - ~- -: • ••: .- •
- : : • , •-• raiiiiiiia; . 7.-., • I • '
The ; foLloidng bide were - tatiPluedd
and reeiied: ' - .' - • - - ; ..••
For the preservation of the harbool of
the United Stateirigainst encrosokametot.
•••:Grirtilag, right or may through puhito -
•buP*M A° Junction. ,Cit•F 04 Deeper
• • MO' promote AO. (lisped : SOO of Piiblic
broa ; In .odifornier. It : prosidee . that
tI L L IF ATl ,. + l fter the ': lak!littei or the aot
Pippo. lands Iliad be open lo entryby
homestead ancipleemPUMe setilirilpdir.•
T • . TirsOgg aus siur., - • ,
( Mr. Cf.iiiiiidlffir (min -ohs Com mittee
no Seddon of •Lsvna. reported the Holm
:census billi•erith- an ansubdment.ln the
Mideid of. sentstltutsiewibillitnn- • -, , ; • '
. 4- Its Cr erneter4-dM,Thsti the
el • the Inserter be -Mitre oted a01=„7, - .
'thihdbedulehienketo-bellsed , the ,
in r eigi n the.tnitsbitants , -off , thertfai '
' Aida -IMO. to- make : UM , sams: - lei
'fterhto .the - Oanstirotton• Mika Utd
~,. ~ 7 • retifitittiati4Ale :' - ' 1
Mr. RAta.ruitiodotot ....,fdit:to • '
widish *..ppao.4 toiegistat 0 3ritiO4 - stnt
incarpontaithe:United States Postal Tel
ogres* Omitgang. The illeotPurelote gas
Lisretisser ti, Hughard and.
.. other.., ,
.•,. .
' ' The VirMnis bill was then taken Met
Mi. - WILSON' moved ;to ainenW4 be in
serting& peopikettett the'COnstitatidie al
Abort shall airthilid sdalnenae ) 24 to
As infOnzOitlitshil:kg balder 'enishos
id ' VeilteMtat : of 'the light to 'vete
Arnimilivanowebri4owiaz . • • ,
legebtedir `laid Constitution; etM , pt in-
ptuilitheient of grime, nor tereitide from
sorelOef SS jurors any perilous On' Sebottilt , •
Of rami,,.Mlor" di previous
M adinat' of
- The amendmeed was not agreed t 0.7
' '7iIt,,•ToRAXE renewed his meendinent, •
pretionaly offered. silimlttieg'innenta no
represetitatton t r t Congrai i r th!yfni r itly.
W hat the. State Constitution Midi weer
be changed to 'deprive' soy 'citizens: or '
clan of eittzbent of the right to Vote' Who - •
are tors entitled to' Mete: rotoel4 to "Phh•
tihreent of' suciferimei as ire now too.
liitiist Sinfinton UV.' IShereottni*Stiall ,
here been duly convicted ender the laws
equally ayptleable 'to all : inhabitant, of.
mad Mate - provided, ' any alteration
'of the Oondi cation; Pfuepoellib; in
its effect, may be made iti regard to
Ind gge - of resideogebf voter*. '
i W a.Mr. DR AKE said it& ftedem
hitd' Web 'reqctired• Oran Om
sther.toonestructed State!, and
i of. the . Prepared ' sittont4;:, phi..., n
[ ,Iloir4; to . be! in - Abe progremeeerif he
4 :_
pertoirloy. to' OtOrtUrg Melton! imb d,
meat, by.tho aid 011ie thyme e nd 4
other, department of the'Onserninen ti.'
'Wm neciesitry Si I WWI of Mittritor he
: protection ofisiss) Wash reWhy la
laid diet lititabillions :ii1 41 ).;.;"..,L.
Mr. HARLAN supported the sme di.
mentibld•leitiktlY speeeht.pries ly
hemust Mita newish/ see, measure of
protection for the loyal' tasople of 'lll ,
gin* by limning to them the frwecieei
sW of the ballot.,llatiog Wen impOoed
n by,othey Spiel, tho• yondspental
moded' aleheild ' not he cted' th the
cane of V
Mr:MO U 4 i l i ttisalci stringent amid I.
tiOnsel yraventthe WWI= of the eol
ored people were partionlarty , appiiothie
in Virgirtishe ter =Myr theeksteriately
Mr. .THURMAM _eharseivrissdk. he
amendment of Mr. Wakeless proposer • •
to sayie Abe State that her I
dull not Wallowed hereafter to am d's
their Conatltunon.e; -
bir. HANLON slalom& the :right of
Congress to make:Jl bargain iVith be
PeopMot the State prior mo I ‘
elm MS Mate. A s ,e.• • ,
Fuitheriebste *fen the quot t ion of
the valid! of theallegkil catopmetba.
tireeniheUnited BMW and a Etteteie r tor
to the eilmxdPo of The State wait I to
itmoni, in i,.)&widie. krortoit... &fhb
'Thurman and Barton. 4 ,-- •• •
Mr,-HOWARD bad read a liblegrattl
, I; o ott rr el dais:: t u ic u Atlant i ew w=rnee .
ions;letthkr forth h e t ....reptitdi MIS
In progress in. the Legislature effiecargie
- as. tosswof , nettling the , Statialtetdtbe 1
...UMW and *Ramona toliefithe Wm
.of Congress. •Menibers ta the Ueda.
Mire wire kodirn binaveelakealim data
presktibedby,Conpessms testae their.
eligibility. whM th ey wit's entirely pep
ble tota ls it without lefinnidinft per.
iterreralSenstorsliiireeti . theof
the stitticirof the comunintestion.: 1. ••••,
IIf.4IOWARD replied .that. be knew
the tiatbot , to be a , gentleman M
ews and tellebility - in GeorstALb he ,
t t ,
lined In give his names italublins.
Lion would: expose hie angresponder to
personal Binger. r' ,
-," lir; MORTON. add that within ifiter
day, he had - remised • number of gem..
muniogAlitAlWOMMeln otiststereMOme
a w 145113, posted SW a PIO Maim,
ftliedi to - dershirinemere arum ma
lesaialstara from pragmatical for per ury
In taking MB 04111 Mifaired. .
*nag tom tor **gramme w ere
rin , Ave mrshnity, egg the
linmi I, y be protromW nutil
• Ogaisive vole was reached, but It was
dually Informally agreed that the whole
subject be illsomed of at 4 o'cloc to.
Marrow, and the he
Mr. BISOHAM asked wave to Intro.
*Pee • 1 1 0141111bellnisroirpseetimql•h•
WI t ikAil 114 114004 , 4004
spy person to propose to reveal tbp no+
lion a *Mate legislature to ratifklog
eny Pr7Candment to the Conan.
ittaltsini the died Andes.
E objected,
Mr. GALL ADAY offered a reeoliititM
of Inquiry into the right of postmattepi
to refuse mending through the ruithr
tratfren i r m m en em ta bre i rr ied :dr ere .
t trilltart.m•scuto POWBB. •
Mr LOI.I3I:IRIDGE offered a preamble
and resolutions declaring the absence of
Constitutional authority in the treaty
making power tordnorb foreign territory
nolAl the %coma Kt*" leglyett.
Referred. , • • • •
lir, WOOD offered a resolution daaltlY•
Mary of tho right of tho House to pm:k
idder tho propriety and expediency of the
APPrninlatinni p6,su llia tI3O O P3' or ;any .
purcbala. whatever, and That the treeo
ZUdOng Wow puipW9 i t i rda#llolol,
Cl oitettbellOnSi la Sur' b irforrit /eV.
illation is requital to •XeoOte it. kto.
Mr. PAINE presented ■ pet D!
c Insane of :Kenosha, i dllsc, Air cal "W fit Itenosha harbor. •
If MY. .TX.lnCir Offerlid, WrtiOhliiCia of
inquiry as to the prnpriety, of removing
disabilities for desertion - frau soldiers
arpo lallittate legiatental after. Abe Mir.
render of the rebel smite. Referred,
Mr. CLARE Intteducer A bill fon a
.I.nt .of • lands- to. the jelnedeu Cr,
iselbninti 'Vinery ''siid D en ver City '-
road Company. Refluxerl t
*r..• CALKIIi offered a reaoluttori of,
Intintitlate to &ideals - !be' transporting
malls by rellyntya, l whether they are
WA , l e 4y, , the mall or.. by
; Mr. KELLY, of .4... Mang - to • per
sonal explanation , read a paragreplifrOm
the St. Louis Democrat, Intimating that,
he was largely Interested in iron work*.
{ He remarked ha had disoovered' how
, thee and similar. trilereprehnitatiOnahad
been made. They arose from the4st
that tne proprietors of thelien wor at
Bellefantalpe. Oblo, were W. Keil l y i d
Sot* , latt be , did Ea know his In e.
ergs atom a, jzi Intereamil In pig , n
d ' other of and did fps
it andilar meek in any, mining r
manufacturing Industry.
Reakfintibruf - of inquiry were agreed lld
relative to diplomatic oorreatonlisnell bet
tween J. Watson Webb and, the Brazilian
Government on thesubjanof !histrionic
of Cheat:4 Canads,itinfeceocas Weaned
States coaling statichaf,' In referehos Ito
the removal of theßeeOhlytt;NcteFlitid,
tz e
and as to the report of the Gadmisato
on Education Eß on ,
Technical Education 1
14. ,UOOP .primoi
nurterniel of
rata:Mit H of Medi a
ing admission as a State. Referred.
Mr. DIXON. from the Committee on
it t =otit c lritil l =" l l lll.
porta. Recommitted. -,1
, lonaa LAND. .
T 6 WO' s ' ' thealli]liXl;lll' 4 .1 I
them. -
trig hour, the consideration of the bill or
the transfer ,of Om ,Phlladelphis N 3 ,
Yard to .gue labial.' _
Mr. glistOglELl4 ptalmayarghe
mitteh'On - Willal "Affl.D4 Whb 'rep ,
the bill.ispoke ethstatth In review of Mr.
Datteeapeath on extrMaganem' He In.,
Amsted than Sim :Dawes'. oppositiontel.
the League rfilltad bill was, PmillPied byl
reanimate awing theßepubllean man. 1
leitsfremPennsylvinali because they
skaprefee him far the Speakeratdp. , , 4
, A co ll oquy manned Petween 41 ,
Dawes and Schofield, the former &Maw-
ming to get the litter td Make a Melo
statement to the 'above effect,'but Mel
Schofield , merely continued ~ to review
Mfa Dowel • apeech....alluding , M a i:
more° of Ms remarks to an arm; nt
Illuarration of the gentleman from
raeittuatts, that this wad • a "Jelin the
Baptist bill." ••" If , he chose," , said lar.
.Schofield, ' , to say that, hill bore the note
relation to an appropriation that John
the Baptist tore to the hoofing of the
Savlor•ofmoo,'k=ws - hla-owns taste, but
of Gomm lo the assigtunent of • parts' e
took to himself the wallop of Rued. 1
'tie was to decstfitalte title bill." ' i
Mr. DA.WES-The' usintudeiti of the
gattieuuMfroarFemisylvatibi, on which !
he band MeV**. / 4 eiluany an Insult 1
to the. Speaker of the Jilouse, ,to the
PentusylvattLt 'delegation and to' anyialf,
and has rid justithatien; la - you, ldr.
Beaker. know, In any partteutar fie; the eatume or -TOY conduct bare •in
fourteen years I have occupied 'Nat
Want Ronae, and is unworthy of the
Mr. GARFIELD, In reply to • remark 1
45 1 1.111 . soottekrs, laid any Imannatipn
iltet , the . Committee , otr fatithts, NM
Oarrenoy Baked or obtained money }or
Orslkog thM . It ~ rya ..intervirar ing pro.,
itiis, as If it was a party to inti sahaine
of brokers, wee unworthy the House,Ms-
VditlY IlleßefilUillibifilti***iffeata
wring to every man IMO believed in in
vestigattng frauds. : c , - - ;
Mr. EICOID disclaimed any inhin
tlon• to repel on' the gentleman from .
MYERSepoice Ineupport 'of the
MA • Which,' at the expiration of the
qiottri Irina over war nen
•. • ' 301.1tUITACILLIZMIt nit.n. i
_ . .
• The/km@ thenwent.Ltda Comuilttne
qf tha whp)a;klr.4l.yere in the Cluilr,
and.../Mirnink the , o74loisratkin. of the
military academylillt, , • ~.• . 5 i
... r ill:. BeltatiCif-rdrared anarnandmiat.
which wee agreed re. adding:* the board
of vlattore two Benatora as Weellapie
f The trillwaslnDinbid to:the/Imm an..
1 0, tamVll=ll; 00=111112014111 VIEZLIV.
I ' MIVVLFILTN froiretlin'Oominittee en
Printing, rearrtair ii•raeollitlon - the the
printing 6[18,000 exits comae of th e
ol' ' the 'SPechit ComMistioner of
'lteVeiiiii.' ' Be believed that hit do t,;
Vents' would wellooine the report 'mud
welcoinea emote? eMunitistkaiofthe.
matemente weighted Wit: • Es Waned
it time to 'protect 'the character Of - an
Intelligent, ableatekanacliretfars abler
4 4
frent that reflection wttleh would he .
hpOir Mal hy refoalmg.t6ptizit. Wars •
An animated damnation aroma on e
read nihnikirtnePl 0 1 et' Ma e
itirgraP4 lo l4 nlia n t i pnign h
conalderable 'tithe nee. The prin g
of the report was opposed by Messrs
Coke, Dickey, Maynard, McCarthy and
An tall
~,ek,t am.d.fartmed..
, i, .hy l Mr.,
e. k alrooks,'of
N i org -. . ~. ..
Mr. AXTCLL moved to lay the ?ambi
tion on the table and called for the yes.
and nsys. , r e fused
The Ranee to table the rapt.
lion—yeas 61, nays M.
The House then seconded the preview!
questlon,"and Mri. - IukFLIN hating t t
boar to acme the debate, yielded a fo;
thou of the time, live minutes to half
hour to mamba*, on both Mika of of e
qeskon; , .. , . Thit. T.; i i i''..);
The printing of the report was ad ,
ad by Messrs. Munson, Randall, lqi
Hay, Garfield, Marshall. Potent. n)
it=74 l l ap t i eldralr ip, 9 ry - •
Messrs. Kelly, Bailey and idler, of
The reeoluiton was dually adoi
.=r I . ..l ll N c l t .ret uuk - R PT °
/9 _ dt
Iteulleith*Yer tee , ilfth AesenaMint.
Coimmintii, January:P. 7 Th" lloW4 of
Recanantatives, . in Committee of. Abe
Whole, hes had a sharp- oonteet sit day
over Ito ..rlth Anninittnetit., ' Thh
cants inn ratOrtfek to all 'means ireown
mykerlinahmtar, law to iigietiroPo R.Tfuh,
InAblirtner are aided:by the chairman
of the conunittee, Mr. Pari,'Demociat.
Thai denier° that the' vote abill n be
had ,unti the' contested elpetfon
of two Recrubllcanneemberliare deal ed.
The Republitiiiis are couddent bleu
and the owned. Will .ba rezetwe4 sitar
lioPikfr. Hun wae- taken a fewpoinutee
Adneethe Irian& of the Ansondmeas iha
67 emu, opoonentaM. Theipllerles and
lobbies oi r the Home have been mended
wabspeatatora and the crettewwat met:
rune crckeit•tbe House adspted
Alienate rasolintee MHO= tlitrArlinto'
Amendment to Ito: OftnatillithM ef the
United' Mutely emplanes Qtrion ,
cation lheeeCF Tha vote awed, roe 57.;
nevelb. , htesefe' Mose liii44CAcbis
echmidt, from Hamilton county, ini
aflirmativo. The result was repOd r
with cheers by th e Moeda in the sr
, lee and lobbies.
iLliapt alrerp.
( IP r I "4. 7 . I Iq . AIIAPW.PFPIErn) 1 .1
Oii err; Jinuary • 20.-Ftlyar all.
kuir,jpiowly. with am*, (oak ibill,2 ben
water ip 't,iii) ' chanail. ' Weather' a ear;
the i rrepre , p3T lwnpl.p4t,tals , o' oek
I . D.... '.l . r , 4 ..:: : n] i
Jummigmmug, rings* , . ik-ftiver
dualalrAdttlinatlynall water latbiu4an
net. weather a osdy ; . menu cs;
forty.three atlour o'clock v. is.
GEZILSISBOILO, January 2.0.-Filver.lid:
Inc_with Ire sad s tall bet , wider.
Neither oleart thermometry ferty4xo X
• •-•klpiniaxsows, January, SA-Miser
falling aide dm fest water In the shad,
sal.; Weather tdondri ' ' , Allmundelar
tbrty.tdna as four dolt* F. x. ~. w...•
—Retinal :mph F r 0,10 Dlsirldte
foolociloxo part of a city of cioain,
mitt and p an Itonedu abort' thy ta
tat number of alliefe 5td 3 . 1 .0?
rent bat year to t minim* "
butxtradationsaud, so 'diorama of nearly
ten Willow' over Hips In tbe, same
trim. The tax paid, olftobaaki sold and.
ahipped in ',optimum:dad to 1727.800. an
1,13C101140,61'm0re than 14000 over1888 ; !The pomber of oasootacuwere with sales
oref .1 5 400 Is_ bi1i 3 0.41,14' ,
won, bong so lambus of op di ed
d i thrty al* over hat year . - total
amount or 4:maniac-torero males for Ibia
reviled $312421,W., abowlog aA !Roraima
pF f0,186P.04.
ePITTBIMEGH, .F1111)A.3 , JANUARY 21, 1870
i Mary Nominitiona—The Gold
Ptinie—lhe 1 Beffiage Convem:
8414 1 ,—;
Indian Cominiasieneis-PrineM
mime 'foi;
Neyal Higitneas—tegro
Senator fronfirieskidipL; /I ;
go Tatum:thee Qs PlUstmrstkaulityk)„
N9 3O2 cATIOAH; "
, T4e only 0004 Pi tim. PenktP the Selk.
Mete a; a
atuiraidet tad • acata .Aileve the
rack of Captain.
TES GOLD pAiiiiv
The ComiMan/
rprmy 4-day examined, Chas. J., DabOrn
Mit Boden l 4 ; biniketiiwith Wet**
to the Bold panto.
The Board of Managers of the Ameri
can Colonisation Moglaty,
fwhq,eltp lik la
ay moilhy 'nth the objects of the ß
ami him hope that much
reta ,
l el e = l 4 . l A 4-Vs.
Private dispatches to Southern mint.
be of convert:froth Jackson i Id*,
say H. Revels, of Natchez. las been
elected ft.
to tinr-Mnlted States SenatelOr
the short terb Ravel y SlPTotes. Ravea'
negro. .
Vfvorerrill!, cinirtrilV/M!1, 1
Da thufWdenifn Ettrffrigetenvention to.
day Senator Wilson was • speaker. Ben
ito; Tipton nem prompt attexesolution
presented on the find, day`a.meetlng in
favor of the leat - sinendment tci the - Pon,
&Mutton, providing for female aulfrage.
Wan adopted.
'1)11f1 PitbrAit Alyea*: 1,
The 'United States Indian CommisalOtt:
ern have resolved to request the Secei.
twat nirtrintinot to • recennixiend
Cohgress liberal appropriation' for eds..
national purpmes, to be °kneaded among.
the tribes and, , B l hdo- sl4tOirtd,'A'n th
reservatibas or lb - caner permanent'
homes, and to put the expenditures
of money 'cot otherwise provided
for under alrectldit of; the. Secretary: to
place all echoed* ordered by the Govern.'
mem under the invention of said norms
misaloners, or other authorized agents,
The Commission •hakti Hest agreed that
appropriation should be promptly made
by Monroe to' aid lb locating the w
ages otArlgnea itod,N ei w,idexmo on Per
manent reterratlon• Cbuinihnioner
Farwell having, resigned saa, Sagetaty,
Vincent *Myer was Mimed in hierplaro.'
The aoard --colted. on ,the. , ,Pireoldent.
Yesunday. who thanked ttiem for their;
servioef atetaanktte-:ink poefinegt tilt
faltlildlnesa in carrying oat the treatise
with kindness was the surest protection,
[or themmognillionder trout tamedshitir
andkentlyaids. , When' Congress failed
to make the necessary appropriatione,
2 1 0 0 Mgr ensned, 'tette Opts no other_ 41.,
terhatite but to tan three, litiwityek'
lits 4 (Multi Invited' Pro ''..ltre of the
CoicsaHouebi iiiiieuthebte today et'
the Executive Mansion. It is said go
have wen a very pleasant affair.
r cAittitir arid Stara' 4111Ve . Man .
teal'today itid will'aniveltiNew York
tomorrow morning. He will remain In
New 'York' lirrttlizy night and leave - .ltrr
Washington Saturday morning. Hewitt
be tomorrow at the Brovoort House, bin
C l ef s '3 l:t Tirn lt a laving Wash~ifton'.
to return to New York and grand some
days thems_,Tbs, Prince, twill be the
guest rit beivTlidnitati dadnk his stay in
Washington. Saturday evening Mr. and.
Mrs. Thornton wilt invite all the mem
bers of the British Ligation to meet tie
Pttneb.l Od liboday be will Mir dthkre.
spects to the Preaident. In the evening
there will be • dinner at the British Its
gatitin.lowttlett the fohowingjemtlemen
will be invited: the Vice President,
Cate Justice Chase, General Sher ,
man, Senator Sumner, and all , the
merobegant the Cabinet.. There will be,
• reception In the evening to . which the"
families of members of the Cabinet to
Dtploin(tic Cbrpti will only be invited.
On Tuesday More will tie another dinner.
at therHtitleh Legatioh, to which the
British Minister and Edre.Thorxdon ha
invited. Senators Cameron, Clemerty.
Morton, ConlGing and Hamlin, and the
tembible betbouqoak theFrundin.
sign, Anstriin' and Turkish Minietepr,
and 41,1ral Bahlmn. On Wedwbr
day ' H ighness will dm*
trlth=_.• gto r Alajaaat. On 'Tnandour
thfireigee min Ca. with , cue Bearetary
of State and Mrs. Fish, and in the even
ing attend a grand ball given by-the
British 211eletatiVtaltdishiethl be invited
Mr. and hilm•Thoenttm'o perstmalfri . 1
'and On 1 . 610 theirs
will be another dinner at. the British
legation, to which the iblioirline
menlehirsibilen reined:: Eienttareßottilts. ,
W.illiantagnik4nthenY, General, SHIM.
irterthe 'Belgian; Argentine, Pernyttn,
Danish, S h, thitsiben Hot Nether.
lands On Saturdeythe Print*
will pitstably , New York, H.
A111:444 j e—
.-04,.. . .
_._' lllll A
lk,A3FitY. YIRtMI 4I :: et"
arne , Rohs' rPromptimu l
Rinfetil of the Ilirisiiikand/4-- )
Serensolelajgetriftery" 130 w
aid 31C1111,111ua: e:i;
BY T•l•llllolADUMlTftlibtegkifikydbm
i ii 1 , 1 i 111 ;`' 70/WittEil:
Emu% Janntuy •20.-Anew eablej ka
the Interest ora French company,l fo
rr 17!) n
A few days since it was °Madly lareq
three%Lk afternoon t
was Ant contradicted. --The ! ' d
tionverificiPerceobiriboWar ld ato
on .
Pr. •ProPoiginii igtogi9 3 fri.fir.
ree tried-Won ajneute Mg lit -inn toDo
illikm-01npok• Sot' nape annul' trim
WILK. 44:04InKlithare.041 *AA bar
place, wilf. Dot ~ b ivas Ws, joaluego ot •
tor7-,Thellisdlost (beige the
OoretnneWa. *An !PrarAniiiftba.n.,noilPi•
(Apt or ttuet - poplin Gtr PorPoss or
livc=iturpporatiun tizAß : laws ; .4o cf• the
< HAVANA.. January. 20:-.0n.. Tuesday
evening th e bands of Ihe different Tulips.
leer bactallona In the city serenaded
8. fay** thousand maple
in Ms street tic front of the
hlttelndhrtle &Aire vra.,...landldly Btu.
m4atad. The °Moms of thaimbliMM:::
Oolonal Bohlen 6MlYared a 'Pbpal
v elem& ;;Diuisig She. earemitber•
'was a manifestation- or Momintlmenta'or
WeiclalePußalgsforibnir 4/atlitallbaW
ad BrineL 4841y3Wil i n#11pdtp
MlMereend replied , yarttbe
come:.etnnyhausnled . 8 peep, oh
1411 itLmsmertte they pad made' Idrltt
04 6 gIIWPFOr Its g o .
gtrpled. parananese
sod PrtoPwitfini- Po7iod
program may 0013US88, In& nests at -
banality-me restored to Um bland. 'De
ferring to Itpalty hen:premed tbe,hopa
tenth* polities/ aitualkat Mahn Mona
try that wagmost arszlent i s -of
I *Matt* wattle Bild t , te. . .
py mob 'Speedy home. Mr. Seward's:M.
'MOM were stidetlysetsdnidad
kfalitfi intpriVtt:i
r tpiriuktvatpraur.. ": 9 •
figramy -sfr.+Tha :PRUi I I 3II .
I. l43 7riu s ti'-' ' ' '-
"r_e Ibtdredintrisie ening
IttilAnblBB , leBWW book on the Lord end
Lowly Byron Matter., The ArrlteradmlBl
MU It lallitely thsrLedy Byron wee de
oared by bur tambitbd's -Inveterate yes.
Mon tbrinyslidosibla, and nalirB4lBl.-
, b1! , ,tiz , y117,18.130138. •• • • ' • '
pLetizzic, Jan. —The Ziatleaal
, ,
Parlimed, Ls 'summoned - by Royal de
' tree to deer on , the 7th' of 'March.
Roxr„ Van: 22,—Thw arm:duel= of
the' Cominittee 'on Eastern Rites and
AptatolloAdlealaup mf t h e Ecumenical
Council, Is now complete. , The Commit.
tee Is largely composed or E a s t e rn
latea,hut Includes among , Its mem ra
the 10 1 4019 or Afkoir7lOmor TolOoro d
Ealitigton. , .
Oarditud, Xntenetli ' hal'' intsure.2 'Me
' .Fienith ''Ambaawkdor that the Pope will
natter Ikeeltate to unsinteht: the 'ld o f
the Church .2 equal to Oldie" I"
'.lhEartsr, January: 20-fthe :Free' id&
•aoraiof Gehrusity. ham at/aided- Ito PO:
dram Motaiffingagabst the tendon of
the Ecumscgoatakatutil toward the .
MIX , OrzrharVrtN v : i w a i_ i i.e. i i qx :
lingisi= t il t 3otirit 131stoireini phis r .'
•llahed.7 Thg :Prussian :-Citrearnmant x.
tweeees Its samlettY tox: the zittoratkot Ot
Imperial authorllY Ihroot t Oot Chlot u
the beit'smarantee 'M" or and • 114e7
'fbr ftMeigneta, ":' 'i °'' .'" "-' - ' : 'i
FiliSillellat. D
All 4Xlllll4l2ittia . ,
IgiLi ° %l2 . B - Pilflk tU lf7 .2 %icietri e
'Zl2o,oooilnizelast weak,/ Is elaWd .
92t( t
mney:. OW on
an t. 6 he,
4041:rll3M's.UN. Ten-huVet,1.44,1‘.. 2Ulet t Wire. 18 Minot* tral,'
:soo . tf;
, Atlantio at Great IVesterte26.::
• Flurramonr, danuary,nr—BondsfirMi.
Cr, at 4 / 4 f. , .. _ , ,
Livraroot., - ,Jannaittton quiet
Ind staid); uplands 11 Yl,Orleini 11Xd;
salsa :MUM: , Caßtbrola white wheat at
11a, M. red . weatans ,aa. Is ad, ,wieter
at Be. 6d. Flour 21s. Cord:, 27a 6d. Oats
2i 6d. 'RarleY be. Peas 34a,' Pork le2s.
6d. 'Beef 102 - Lard 046. 'Ohtteee 71s.
Bacon 67a.. - Produce undamaged. • :
'.., LONDON, Jan. 20.—Linseed , oil doolin.
' ed to £3O iterllng. Tallow firm, 36a :6d.
tapfrita - petrolerun'Atdet ilk la ad : •
Arerwaar, January SW.. PeengTot
quiet and steady..._ • .= - .. .
PAW*. JlllllllF7Pfr Bow, la quiet at
73f. 120. : ,
—Tbe, mutants receipts , • list • week
Amounted w SWAIM•••••• •• •
—n man ,eighty yammer me, adduct'
of l'eontoM•0140, eiesd 9idhillusli
WerWeduesttey: • ' • ;
-...t.tiaintrgaine of etwei by telegreph,
between Brooklyn end ßabintore Nur.
aunt of ininey bag been Dol.
looted at Louisville for the sulfates* by
the tornado at Wel City. Try. •
—The river at ViablylN Yesterday
was about stationary, and hopes are en.
&curtained that It wilt anon nestle.
boy tidal's= yews of age ,was kit•
led In gnelunatl yeeherdey by the el
plosion of an air ehembiroft the engine
TheDetrolra= Werke lama
of one hundred dollars wait
awarded yesterday to Wilkins d Co., of
that anYe St. C small WISFOR4 6 •4
,The House oftlepsnwerdallies of the
law& ibendstatare Irelands" ratified the
XVII' Amendment by WI aye* toll Ws.
The beasts ratified It on Wednesday.
—Warn William; tried for Marisa'' ,
ottelt 4
at Go th am, N. Y. has bean .00nvi of,
murder In the 8003110 degree and S
tensed to twenty years hard labor Ilk:
' •
—The Nentnebylladee se Reprwinhar
tfirafiline pulsed ri MU that no judge
shall under penalties, take a hoe in , anY
aim In hill own total or maybe mnioVed
tkiet*to WI *DPW. 4 :
'---/Weedty night a fanner 'named Mo.
eel, while crawling the hilithwippi river
on the Ice with a team, below Edirne,
lowa, drove Into a hole andwan drowned
toyether with his horses.
—Dtuing thee great eto ni c4 22,liedey
tug • two dwelling houses were de.
inolithede Two cluldrea were. killed
and three others 'wounded. •
Therateersor the nuinitors Matto
tionuah- end Titrrori which left' Boston
Aar Pattiand yew/day, expressed- the
opinion that, the Peabody Amend fleet
;would arrive during the dret,steek
°onset:Aka or matured' tea*. to
provide measures tar a:nodes:allow and
amend Wattlas of that Mail 'ttwori=f ;
Um/WS& at
Crty on Wednesday. Nothing Important
was done beyond oratuirstlan. • ,
—AS . (11/ . 0. 7allterdA7• Dr. .AlgatulP.
Cans nut rtithelent strychnine In agars
of bees to ;MO- to SRI rtittistaiL
Canal), domestic, troubles. Mir lessee s
wile and two , grownup children in
Prance, wilier* be boa Prt.Prtkr;
—At Havana, aageeretary Bayard. In
's serenade by the volunteers,
=lrd to omPllitisirdlirrspliesbi art his
remarks: awn beginning : to end, were
strictly noncommittal in. the "mat.
tarot the insurrection government: •
• .U.4ohnW. 0063 the
iturtilerk Of Satan 'City Trossury, and
Main Ikuroboit, laldladed . ssiatelving
• portion ortts stolen money, have been
held for trial. ' It in Judd'elt but $4200 of .
the liaising gold brighten recovered., ~.
poittlyely refOn Et e t o o comm ot. ute .th, itonte Iwa
moto! Mat= Kathy,a win Maderal.
be will be pnbltely Mow to day.. At
litttlittue the grallowit tot id minty been
erected and • 'bong panto fore° detailed
;optimise artier. -
—The resoltititirt iotrodneed into the
!Moncton" 'loulatiture„, directing the
Committee on Judifniu7 to protozoa bill
Wain to the bondholders of the State
improve:sin lamb *La men
prOlithe for the• payment of tilt'. ;slams,
WWI re.lealed ritWaV•
—Tbe KAMM Legislature ad opte d a
resolation troutoinisllsing Comma Ito
provide lbr the. early apportionment of
representation .In ;p 14 1 1 : 4, ir the new census;
also a risOintioq mendloll the To
mous( ot the N 4 °low
. 1 9 A r t
Leasupoorth miUUnyrelsOild. oit. i
• . •
....tforninissioneittelano has received
information theta termuentlon rd. Ken.
Snaky distillarolneentiou atioxingtoo;
endorsed his action in lining fartyoight
honialtbethereratentation period in sweet
mashbonimik and sevenly.two honor in
sour math homoirtrom the time of the
breaking up of the mash.
~ The' ,Stow 'fbrit%Yti/soie fictironlOttil
severely' on the *Orlon of tbtillenste,
Wednesday in adoptlog the amendmblit
toltviretioAlitql irhl4 trill vend it
Zook 1 a Itotror Mut eve 'Butler a
chasm to kill is them and says that the
is in direct cetAtions rtegavr of the
clearly exproompobitisewill; ; ,
-4-The New York. gook Exchimitti, dis
satisfied with they tardy onion of the
tillitanalt4e appal to select s London
an letelabla cok e d kb .
procrastinators a new, hue
Ortiolatfotiff 14Othrle10401ill .k. peony
u ChaiMian. Tile uptown movement
will rittirredsitteffroth Unpaid& ,
_- y e g stieetlitfathe %metal Theoleg
-211. navvy of the p rotestant • niter°.
toreb, to New tort, Wecinssdaw,
le mid Korth 0p,,,,,,
:41 ... 50,11teed la raatrie lits
oat d am, from Nen Nork
I ,=Tevezessices a/lionised fa Oa;
m.i, of lb. posucte rite sod building. ,.,
,— ,.., - .Tadg l i:Bmit,tod the Olisalt Conrt i ,
IxOde. baa MOtid la appikutiog 1 5
cartel* tat mots of Prsablau musty;
sto,, for so archon to peva* the
,o. u o y come soft bounty bangs fbir
Qbqo improvements, on the ground
'&b.&' piltore aandujeptl . ,; issued. Th e
total u iursiont of-lords Z...."47‘ 11 . 11 8a?X1it.
~....11ey." . U. d, tiongellak.
preag• 7 to
bact is _
~ It esroaa , a
4141 14
44 / 1 4 t r . '.
"aril. ri,-, ''
' fadhegia.44 , ,,VVZl=
m b ee e:nrO g. el l • b iliti 4 ti
me in ' cosh 7 tlitted kr thS tR
0 kookier sittlea, sod will do so tin.
tempted' by fillutaith. ,
—rise faxas Junta Wednesday nithi
C I ;
*rived intormation wenn , with he
report or the fhPlotablialterst Pronolt
detest pea gUalinllin Cn3 M about tiot tlit
j og s. may .are, advised that be , was
rams! toresunhkt Piano Principe after
Wang ons thousand three handfed ono.
pot alp swell l. ihrthe i r o triLbefore Wing
:it il a4willtirtig •
• ~...n.w prededeoted
el= r . fli iirlecalre w h i g.„
isie liquor isdistil lOU - et Vilw IoW,
ssou w ised by filtot. Piatandos, (Jul.
of or ttiefirsh dbarlottf:
itermss t of/nor real eti apa
rano/Wad ///* Without 0 .
(.10118111,01 . Balls bah Is easnestkni with
the late erbium of books and paper.
supposed to eciateht valuabts hiftrmii
mg, lan seised upwards of twenty
warehouses skid tilleries. These are
mo l ui stab lilb e d since the tax
t was put upon whisifilksiabld linos tbst
g i lded previous
in tri the imposition ot the
Whilky stir reliM =ducked. I t ,
A ,
Council of Railroad Managers—
. Judge: J. 8. Black and Er R.
Stanton in Bnchanan's Cabinet;
—Death of ' Gittichalk, the
' Great .Plindat Byulon lof
Whisky Tax.
arrailegraph to the Pitlabargh Berens.) i
ZlawlintuF s Tannery 20, 1100.
ammo: nil? oorntorn, ,
'The intu:Sigiirs of the -Lake , Shore a
Michigan Elbutherii Toledo, 'Wettish
a Weitein; 'stall44a, who have neen In
token lintle'dayi; negotlitleg toia Liao'
for . prometilitt the btlettiess 'of the two
inSds,pljoterned to:daiwithont effecting
in iisin*corsent. It la tuideistessi that
tlnSiontntetesiOW fn fern on the **limb
rood `prevented any new snmigement,
'but that they 'all expire on the' Lt of
Mit, and WO an amicable arrengenient
will be made before that time, eathifse
-tory to both pirtitet-, • •
Tke Ronda publishes a long later
fromspw : Jeremlah& Eivalictouching
the Ei l lthi l egrdeni! L llnd Pee/Uen et ;the
Lae Merle, Stanton as a member of
Buithanatiteabinet on the Southard se
conded JlMVertiente, from • December,
add. to March, PAL Mr. NAM says that
under .Thichanan's administration Stan.
ton me not Only a Democrat but a State
Rigida Detunorit, and that to the last
chance he wall; favor of compromiting
'with the Itouthmt motesionletat but Mat
Upon ate guestien of the surrendering of
Pt. Surntar, Wow/ported Black and some
other member* of the Cabinet against
'the ;shameful ialternative of suntuder
which the President bad resolved upon;
that thus the trembling imbecility of
Buchanan wis overoome and hie propos
ed answer to Saab Carolina Olsen ti lly,
changed for .It, was agreed, that Port
Sumter . should have men and pro
oullonc• Gan. Cala, asSacretary of State,
had before withdrawn from the Cabinet
in iiisigum, m learntpg that the order to
strengthen the forte of Charleston har
bor had been unaccountably put off and
that daisy was acquiesced in. by !the
President. , • '
aorisciLWr. DEAD
'The ate:unship' Sonth .kruerici„from
Rio Janeliro Heoember 25th, brings the
meaancholy intelligence of the death of
Tonle M. Ckateclialk. the oelebrsted plan
-Ist and composer: While giving a mon
ster concert at Rio Janeiro he ,
lf 'his instrument during the per
formance of Me termite compositlon„Ls
Monte. He was taken to _TOLL where
he lingered three weeks and expired. on
the 18th of Deeeunber. The Emperorient
amtlnually during his Illness to obtain
thilup of tile condition. 81. funeral wse
conducted by the Philhermonto Society,
of Rio Janeiro and attended by an extra
ordinary mica/era penmen otall nation.'
W The remains were derosited
the Cemetery of &hit John the Baptist. 1
Affldreits pie been 'made !atins
4.lcl . lyrenna James Barkiir. eint'otbies,
prouriatoro of a haw ln Mk .
street between 10th and Uth 111V0131491,
charging t h em with illegal evasion of
the payment of whisky taxes to the
the amount of 1548,000. Warrants have
been issued for the arrest of the proprie.
ton. Barker voluntarily suirendered
himself to the authorities. As the el.
leged offences were committed over two
years ago, It is probable tbst the preemie:l
ino will be barred by limitation.
Mid Erie Railroad Ornnpany bee corn
prourbecithe suit or W. R. Ward for
the balance due for labor arid mations'
by offering the plaintiff f 11.600, which
was accented.
The steamer Calabria. new Crittarder,*
City of Brooklyn and Queen, from Liv
erpool, and-Bonth. America, from Rio
Julien), arched to
gnat= omosa. ,
.Dr....fohn W. Comedian, dlstlovislied
surgeon. has been appointed Health
(Maar otthis sort by Governor Hoffman.
, .
Tme Germans bare underialma, with
the consent of the Torklab Government,
to develop the postal system in the Otto
'man dominion*. The Administration of
the North German federal poets promotes
tp establish postofflees in Constantinople
and the more important, towns and ports
of the Turkish. empire. A North Ger
man post is to . be also established at
Alexandria. .It is said that Count Sep
eserinag, the Ambassador of, the Conkde
ration .at Constantinople,,. .takes i very
, warm interest in, the realization of. tide
. ,
.'. Tea • Comnthagen Dsgrislegraphon
thetas that a adebrated photo-lithographer
lately surprised the directors - of the
Weal Bank by' presenting them- with a
packet of notes made by himself, which.
exactly resembled the 'amen, paper
money of the realm that none of the gin.
eials could dlstinguith them. .He' also
assured -them he was able to copy the
notes of every country with equal exact!.
tads.' hatonialed, and anything but
pkased. , .wlth tlardhcomy, tha authort•
tither thellanksequested him to invent
some •form of paper money - which cannot
be thus iimitetsd.. He promised to do his
islet, buutlth success la still very doubtful ,
exPlesion of, ea eel/whither;
thateeter lately occurred' in': the iron
worn' of • the- /liztperor Ferdlaind's
Nottlami Railway at Prem. The pls.
ton' net of a loamiative had been ,•• bent
Wives broitht to a forge to be straight
ened.'•.Tbe heating . tru not sigh- ,
dent %diced& thli to be comeletely dine,
and on its being laid in the Are a second
thae it:explodelln all dim:thins, so that
vas worktnea was tilled, and' four others
merely eronoded.: A cared examine.
tientof ehe minds pieces has shown that
the Iron-was exceediugly porous,' and
damp- may-have collected in the pores,
indeaused the. explosion on the second
hewing: This at feat Is the only lath.
tectoey explanation given foe what seems
an ahead, nesetountable occurrence. ,
' , Peon Realm Government is making .a
'very Inipertant experiment. The'Otrus
tow dews into the Bea of Aral. ' It once
flowed into the Caspian, Ito old tied*.
lag stUl Visible enough to . be afeature in
maps.';' If 'humid be brought bank the
Rutstein would hare unbroken and
impregnable water oomeitudeation from
the Baltic to 'the- heart of Kblya, and
witiCitrither Ireproventeitte to Batth
ircfact, be able to ship stores at ,
eromitsAt_ tar Dentist. Alder . and need
them without land carriage. The add(
tb their power will be enormous; for
Innieneeethey Could send 10,000 riflemen Afghanistan by water. and
-withoutany pound .atslibtee to the. West
and their engineers think. it, can be se.
.cnred,„..A.a energetic Oilier. with 1,800
Set , . le alfeld, on the south Ina of th e
.tiSeplan. the natives am reported nrierid.
that la,.we sumps,
,quiet, aud the
Raman; Government feu : the, means
-penal „penmen& o ; emplity
ing forced labor on great scale. nWe
A/ 111 W it' sr* '4O ipfe, o l co .
'encoring erderprion.:r., ,
•.• • .
Thtelliceee the tragedian; has created
licialintra Si the r•Tbeotro Boyst,-kfei:
btopau In One or his represennOtous of
fithello he stabbed Mrs. Bteele, who fell
to the ground uttering piercing itoietrA
arhisli for ai moment weld mistaken by the
*ogee , for part'of Lbcbuelluerrof the'
sbeuai but It vex inunedhito,7 obvious
that bet tries were that:prestos of ter.
!Ode pain. 'The curtain wee Immediately
loweredemidgreatencitement: 15911M4
who was in the house hastened
stage, ind tirobipt attention rot pid
.tob-51netu a t:filienotilf
it was 'that the wound
so. .not dapaeroitl tbp
_f cit. was an.
Legated to the as terms, wan retailed
t witbetabognded dellght, •It iKemat k uit
andminn's sword became entangled in
t h e thick folds - of ltrA Bteele's velvet
dress, and that, riche. stood tomiwhat
obliquely et the time, Gm Omni; instead
of - passing acmes herVet te t e d
through the dress TA pi the_ ph. e x
Thuactiounts Bindlitinn
AW'ItUS stiff,ered lOU mental distress.
, -
Tsui story of the htigc 'skeleton at Ti
• Tsai State Tecipcsance_ Conventka
'will be held at Harrisburg Feb. 81b...
Tan guestion or the annexatiOn. oft the
anburba to Erie city is now being minded:
'Tun nuttrinionlal . fever la raging I& lo
rd ata county, and =AT az! Pie Fict*
--The United Sates hotsl ikEde, nar
rowly escaped de/in:Wird by firs on .
"Tins' most popular' num In Tbens
burg," • Mr. Alex. Johnatoni advertises
, .
A pair= of Cambria , scanty. printed
thirtpseven year, ago, is &bent to •be
republished by the EbetudiurgThifkrgha
: BAWL '‘
-Arsavorr.• seventy
years of age, residing in,New
was found dead In Iste bed a Sett:
since. • •
f it. B. ItOnzive, Tidforito,
make ter Mai `iflitilidlcr tat
Vituavillii, on Utilfwvisnings of the ftn,
and 28th law& ,t 1 .1 , • r
Tag trial of, A..A. Crewettii at, aunt
tingdon, for the murder o; Haktip:,
eon, was concludedntr die;ntb: Ike Jail
returning & verdict of not guilty%
Seeman meals ragingin Allento w n,
and parents in 'Whale families ire puy
Rick with it are required to keep all thelr.
children away.from the public schoolit
Tug best dressed lady Ind .the he.,tt
dancer, at a ball to he given by coliited
folks at Johnstown, on Wednesday nett;
will each be ptesented With a gold - mt.,'
Ix Is"quite a Compihneut to:
Trnukey, that tweedy Woe tromVenen
go county, before the Supreme Court, at
its lam session. the judgment attic court
ofthat county We. - affirmed. .
'. Tar. llogd In the Shenangel at Green: ,
Mlle, last - week, says the Argus, was, in
regard to extent and doragob, beyond
the experience of the`Oldest inhabitant":
for a number of years past: - No 'serioni
damige Is retorted; however.
Art attempt wen made ,a short dm 'ego
atFishing Creek, Columbia county, to ,
murder Rev. issiabCdwirdi s a Methodist
preacher. A large atone :was,thrown at
him as he Was crossing a bridge. ,
AN old and - ,wealthy farmer, Jacob
Geist, retyllng seven mVes'soettiesitt of
Erie city, waa'urested i'few • days Since
for an alleged attempt - to violate-the wife
of John Bocktur, residing In &Int ;
ON but ilattuday night tbree.huttdtred .
bass were placed In the JunitdOier.
They were brought' in a barreltrom ithe
Potoolao river. and with inch safety
only one out of three bundted.dikdJ. ,
Tun soldiers of Lehighroonnty have
,congreas to pass'[ Mr. Saha;
glvAng ,Klo_ acres, of hind to
each soldier Or the 'late war who over
honorably discharged; Or to his - „
rvaxwoon, ft:ond guilt} M.
nesnslauditewat New Castle reoently,lfor
=IOIE4 of Archibald Knowles about a
year since, was sentenced to an linprisbn.
meat of eleven years and six moutbs.l
Tivi=l operitteiriof She:Sing° Valle/
held a meeting st. Sharon: cm *the Bth
and.passed a resolution requesting Our,
Senators. and Members o' Congress; to
oppose any reductionof the duty oactial.
Are individual cilium himself Id.
Johnson, falsely represented himself at
Johnstown, recently; es of ' the firtiti of .
Reed & Johnson, soap manufacturers,
Pittsburgh, and being enable, to pay his
board was locked up until a "friend In
need" appeared and released 'him.
A urns daughter of Than= Young,
of ~01,,knubtv'i. mercer._ canatr;f: • •
drowned list week while attempting to
crass' temporary_ bridge built qver a
stream formed by the overflowing of the
Eibenangortver. A Miss MCClate, who.
witnessed the &widen', nearly lost her
life In an attempt to save the little erli
A cotonno WOMAN, Anna RebeeM
Green, was discovered dead a few even.
Inge since on the premises of Cyras
Adams, barber, in 011 City, Under
cummances leading to the suspicion that
dash was caused by an attempts[
tion. Adams and Ids wife were
t.14 %.ed
and locked up to await • =lntel
True storm of Monday.* passed OW
portion of Weariless:land botinty, a
short distance north of Mt. Pleasant Ex.
tensive damage was done In. the way of
abrading barns and housei, overturning
haystacks, leveling fences, &c. * The
storm was sweated by a copious rein,-
accompanied with thander and lightning.
lbw. J. B. ANTHONY. is tennaing hie
resignation u paatoi of the Lutheran
congregation, at MitilintoWn; Jimiata
county, said that he belletied by io doing,
he would benefit 'the , church,. Inasmuch
la there existed a lack of sympathy be,
tween him and the congregation,. where-
by the welfare of the church was endan
Tire Saltine, Conn," Sedge Reed de:
irrering the opinion, baerecently decided
that a bond drawn in the name 'of one
obligor, end signed. and ‘'sealed •by hlin
and four others, is the joint and • several-
obligation of the. five 7. persons.. If the
worde are, promise to pay," and thMe .
•are many signers, the Maim:cent contains
the several. proim of each and •• the joint
,Tno Supreme - Court on the 18th Ind:
set aside as Illegal, a bequest- by the late
Lem 'Trice '
• of a considerable actim of
money, to the • building Of a 'hall to: he
osed by the infidel Society of
phi*, now existing, and t hereafter' to be
incorporated in Pluladelphli.- - The Wert
Nays the society can never. - bee inaorponi.
tad,audits practices are purdsliable under
theaws of the State. •
, . . •
Li 1898, 240,480 Jowled .and ~149.085
ennui , freight Uri Paired - over the Mid
• dle Division' of the Pennsylvanbi R..
from Altoona to Harrisburg, niskingatotal'
of 589,072... In 1889. 272,221 loaded and •
181,882 empty freight eare were shippeul.
Over the same - division '
' showing an In
crense In. rater of 1889 of 54,841; The
number of paesenger ears pass*. over it
In 1868, was 40,387, and in 1899, 44,984.-
increnal 4, 0 37 .- • " • •;* "
Tim entailer bell
_fry, the belfry of PM.
lan's Lutheran church of ' Lebanon la
now one hundred years old; and' was cut
In Londoe,.o will be seen (Menthe fol:
lowing inseeiption which appears .1n• its
Metal: "Pach Chapman of London,.
Fait 'l7lO. foe', the Lutheran - - ConOecar
Atom in Lebantewn town, Lancaster
.county, in .the .Province ofPennsybrs
,nla,!!L Trinity Lutheran -church of Lan,
Cuter has the mate to it. ; . .
Tug stewisidies, ,Idrs. Tempi! ! of St.
Mary's ' Convent , 'Erie. was Ott
Friday. of last week , by a large' Summit .
of rock, blastedout of aewer.., Stashed
been-visiting a neighbor, was on her way
back to the Convent, and scarcely them
steps away from rise gate, when the fuse
Ignited the powder and some-of the rocks
were hurled high in the air. ,A tria ugu h ir •
piece; about a foot across, was , thrown
thirty or forty feet high,'and
.stmck the top. and :beck • of her 'head,
crushing Witte skull, death being almost
M 8).
• inetentane .. • • " '
Qhettee . county, 4adge , ange l . re.
&idly gave a 7 decision on the question , of
bidders or "phflersh: at public sake : A
sisit-was brought to recover $1,045 on a
note, eyen as the Purchase looney of real
estate. A si gentlornen who * pa:chased
tuoiserty 4 public sle, and given his
note for the mmey, learned' afterwards
that there were ineseut at the time other
bidders, er “puthers. ," end ha tettissd to
take the property. The.Teslge decided
,that,-If, a party. rattlare teen to
Eropatv and the person . who . buys it is
aeceiveWtherekei not be hell to
hialldopt It vithiteg lite AAA and mates it
. . .
Powratanan-Ggwantar. Cintavral.t. has
made the' following changes in Pentisyl-
Tanta Manor Station.- Westraondand
co_ -;11..le
valYsandar St. Clair, y leo Sand.
UreS l resigned. Blink Hawk. Bearer
windy—Thomas Boyd, vice 'N. 1. - Mc-
Cormick, 'patted. Olivet,' Anctationg
tiounty—fileorge Bak. vice D. 71.• IdL'Kee,
eLnigoeti. 4elkinny, Clarke catnap:-
William A, laren, vict
realirbint- kinbroOk, Liwresoa 'torulty
J. Wadding co, rl mciiirAle
rsir4 *mat YOnarig4
~: i
NO. 18.'
I county—P.. Betz:ey, vice A. Cumnerlund,
reirlina ' Rogers - 411e, Greet county—
: Malay Scott, vice, May &liar;
reiggacji ;:Pollock, clarion county—A.
Anchurs, 7fici 4._ Pollack resigned..
thoalleged murderer of
Dr.. Idead, of. Coudersport', Lae, be en
arrested In Lock &Una:" ,Dr. Headthed
a :stoic, heir Cloaeintinic Which was l en .
tared .bt:ll., strangee, , Who • attacked! the,
thinith,Willi ,1 , . inithe, ortistOg , bl a .44.
,Tad doctor roomied,irispA p94-r t , but Ids
=t beitieg poWerM meth, • re
intotifittile "While 'I ing
belplenr , andiiPeublempostithatitreet id
wsirorobbed the ,Emee;orsizkze
lar: 4 .prd covered. 'VI , /11
bore& and gOods"and . Ethet
lin Stiiiis;•*d beitrift• neibt • •
tor, and disappeared the algid • , .P/
I nU t r a lk , ZieligZO(COnSitiiig linarit. , ..
IP- a r li ft r the. o ide4wanAbiaTli, ' I
kla h' ' ' 14 2' le ' r fl 4l, , c i t
littikfair ;:: eu ' ~ - 0 • '
Ow Ssi — luifenfak . - k
,Irowa ddso9Vitan.l
Ili P
aileanilliadonide at Eranttitypi .•
W/UL ' l t ra t 00 1** ~ sh
Agana e, d Almon . gum ..
Weefibld) Itt'a WA. 'Mir Veit H . ' Gs
ilooicereforreidditait De l .LE'.'ltir ne
,f,:r etblzirsbobad booked. : &note a
found,th thp. buket will:Like, to ad
trnalied lo "Dt..:4. J. pad, N if
tirainel' k iiiairetadg4 ; %ea: "Mil no
iii +lllslpStnuti Iduldatit coined to or
Sow 4 -1 29 0
4.1 04
'telea,l (Facuntuannes , ye
at 11 tutze no nonteol., : compel, la ,44
With if, IX; wail born nn.ebrilli i
lilY, : andilie n6liiiinble - *II.
-Woo el'HUitalst had ' 416 mi Teid te,
;Zoo will be :aoudad iniafter 1 Da
your eittarityg , May Hod deal with ye tu
you deal with` mY;cl3lld." • " ...
• Tlie - ,Afnwaavitha PiPPitl aU'll a I
noon on Honda), last, a very
.. tonef bat
violent ittil Unnewhat alarming eg or
gale of Wind - &mired , In that bo '
eel and zwl,gtibortiood. unit -although , o f eel
than t l ii f t ha e, Mil_dA,499,ll, did a
elderablo . amhnt of aamage,.hlawin of
i 'ls* petition" of the tipper aide; Of t4I
lionompthela bridge; overturnititer
aoogiagoocol , bolldleas striking Itt
juzin,g o , XL, , Denham, MAUNA; 1 In
chanced to , be the building at de
time; bleni . deiwn'theellrge her of So te
&MN Foundry-4;CM o ff the new alai_
roofing fof-,B lie Ware, Hoimei and
Fear's . ,Saloon, • w away , the pilot
houses qt the iteam - eri Elector, end or
trollit'alko, the'6tiplile'otAtie glass ac
teryi.whaed o r twlsMdarottnd but of Ito
insure good sized , stable with% no in
It;. blew the pltutteektg car blip 31,:Tfer
amnia' beim; , demolithed nbizatiny t s e rd,
teutbuildlngd, and * • eUlashed . error - o er.
turned. things" generallYythat cheat -- to
beluitivray.l .r 1..:•,. ; , .',., .'.;';
•Tnn Handflittnn'Graiaayitibeent
of that place were horrified on Bump
nightut , Aatn, wenk bythelotelligence
an attempt wan ibmit to be made, t re
laimßehtter mid Hiiidenboitig; the Mu
t demon - "of - the • , Pelglaal .ramily." he
partletdamaratdvenbAtheiGhger: 43 me
time %Me alternate} &awl by, the n •
''of Foult,"101fo had beeri atmunoned To..
Wftnesafrom".l3toline,'Wthit tte the jilt d
while , Mere ' he , retteitetraliotet UM) gii
the base of Atte cell. hum - Sonde ft..;
It waawritten in, Hezznan A which be
speak 'but cannot rad.' :He emyethe
to another ' wlthesafrbut"Antit" r. 4
Smith, Whn'readitito hint,litientrenn -
, stood It ...The:requestninther note is
i f
that he (Foust) should go to th e Uwe
store and procure a saw that IV tdd k.ut
iron and an Englletillle.' Ile (tingly
went to Wharton a Maguire's s ,Vehlen.
be inoutned: for „ the, articles, • lir;
. 1.1- ! c tt , .... :i. - n_. , ..: ... ... y.
pectel ~,,eue, , :, -,.„,-..-,,, •••.-e 7 „: n-, -2.,
flout:. w: -..e..1 ,, ,. ... ::1-2, e023 . 11i ..N , ..42:. i
and t. - ....; b..z........ e. , .• , ..-. • -.. T.. -;.;•11:f ,
OWe - few men itent7tO the and made
a Werth of the persona the priescneas;
and found twangs r kitty* , which IWO
sharpened low point and bad guard:ergo
made of iron- the laax4ll6.ware cola
With rage: With-, these weapone 1 I.
Wormed the prisonettrhied intendedis:•
big the • guard, Mr. :Long, that , n t.,
when he would come to loke.thain an to
tlee.teck . yard, and if they were.resis i r,
probably to Mil • the Sheriff and all.' he
opposed theta. The than 'Poast;'who re
celied the note, wan arrested on uspicion,
of trying to aid their.euspe,, and lodged
in jail:, He says,. he didn't. know, '
they wanted With the' saw and - ilia:" d
didn't -intend bringing them: H 6 is the
father of the' girl to whom Goetlieb Bob,.
net Nall anitagekend Wilke bad intePd
ed marrying bli daughter the areekof the
minder, but Was going 'sway first to get
some money froth Germany. - ' •
,Oustrn Wampum, WWI= has anew
yoltime nearly reedy,,
threstlear old, liew`
Orleans recently katedsbed her moth 4—•
who , hid"attetepledlo - correct bef-lby
motions ber starts/la's. chubby little
Amnd a nd saying, °Shoe fly '
dori'tbodder ute.."
• IlmsroStor MUir. basheen mesiergrei at
the `door of the'llayy Department 'or
fortyleib !Yeard'lzTwo years e l uy taro..
retary , Botreson torn,' I.4indery Lola
was ushering : 34l4ra Into the presence of
the • SetirelMy of thellasy
_Ex Caw .Turrick Ttroltia Stirrst,
of • North' 'Cirolihk: is dangerously 1112
Be!. is .90 years old,r l afidluS mouth he
mai his wile odebnued the , skstisth and , .
'TAW of Wit Weddfuir, llaY. with 1141,
their cnildren li ving and present.,
or. rensuiylrseila,
will report from his com m ittee in , rarer'
of bill making the Wilde &Centiliter's!
Printerl one to be 'chosen by the *.
Rouses , or Congress, instead: ot .hy. the
gage, es is now.the case, . 89ale,
Will undoubtedly, defeat the bill.
uhlfithe.r, what (114 - Gither pray to
ad' Grant; se Much' in chmth for, yes:
*day asked the bright little datighter
or a-- ministerial friend lately. ..!1 dent
know., that he. did, Yee;
'don't youinowf ire wet:illways,
lag; 'Grant; we teraiedi thee.' ":
Wnnu the Dr. Bacon' Few
Illavert;war introduced Vs' Perit-llyeentiti
he excusedtus Ignorance or:Freeltilw
remarking through. 1 #1 011110 0zeti""Lr; "
are !dieting under one or thelfgetuuttles
which the Tower hillabel flamed. 'aid
which • the , day 'of rentecor heal noire.
• A osammaL bill will id , n l 37.tmitssaid,
by which 410110 oelee areloldlug
Wilde ill any of Bt. to ylidaticm of
the XIV" Amendthiet.""leill be Deeleked for Iti.tOth Kenttlay
and Maryland tltromo tialtemanuttkr.
In. Marybutd..Munbasof the Logislattie;
the C i e {} . or Pk CetFtcf 4 PlTede,
1111/X1e209/1 Zi th er Officials, are dbmnalifl
r In nag time tnenilth.f,Meolothe
pie -, In .2point tliti, war' drmre a sy
many` °Meth,' traelbs temti bt7pulos
has brorgbt back law mama, and the
army reeor4 Ave years ago shoirad that .
there slereftve thousand abbitoodleld col
ored men lisSt Loa. alma. 'lt !alienated
that the adoption of ,the Fifteenth intend.
men{ would add twenty thousand color ,
ad nen to the voting pop:delo:xi of MU-
UnTariff bill wili trot get lathe Roam
Woo sane tweet: -The 'emikpoiltleistof
Ste, committee. leAmels that Its , seemi.
labors .are.. only, , a, wasto of Woe , sad`
strenalb. itla ibOrmliftdi t AMPakultk•'
Ni."Kelltand Mr: Mayo , stand as the
central repress. tratives Of Iron minted
linguist BIG Ilyeattby dose lepnemi e ie„
:limo( sall; gr.•41 1 11 1 r as MO rep sushi.'
tlye of /UMW' i while the tWe DercenTette
'mmisinualres are ' out and' oaf free
Eltiten Bazu,spaitasit,' aftit. -
than a yeseeserylcaturilniater tit!
retuned to. Washliiitenc en Vie'
Arif.this realined,hia..twintolez
ehin. lila - purpose to vettnw, had', Wen
Purtollslir netontunlcateil, unecspoy,4o
- State Deportment, and= ter weevil
months hOlcutlxieleiheinced'ittat the
cantata - of latiefi;:wauld necniatere hie
3161 41- a SIP be Ia tired,or
rehment which the office billows. and
saye hla health was 11C,bellealteA
01411. RIT/COLL4 . commanding In
LLth• 11en saa naves& c;iimacast :aid new
i1` 7*P.4 "T° 143 " 4111 W! 1 , 21n !A ,A4 9 2 ,r" -•
"Sant a -
• F I •
Clisbrof ......... ....... 1 IS
A. eon Is farsisaid dntnttoul7 te as now
nD ot a - sin iSt Sitnaanas ranstrol
, , ,eponiaelt, REIT &
. - -
Texas, telegraphs to Gen 13boNissig_t hat
he has Issued a plorl....tiri o deNeti ll l
Its ,State . Constivolon adoptektatamea
the nteNbss of Congress aid the mem
ben% of the LegalstnreelecV if also
announces that be has: otaadzed as Pro.
visional &ate a Government, and au
hatallea 'DUI* akenaaanoZ naderanza.
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