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Pwrzossun at Antwerp 601 f.
11. B. Barns at Frank!" 99
• °ow closed in Now York yagerday
11121 i.
-- Saimaa li perfecting her ratification of
tlia XVtif Article, and Ohio nxonsidere
her rejection, and intends, to Miry, her
Senate haying aireadj voted in Its favor.
Thairmrent sena will 'doubtless Dee the
new article finally Incorporated into the
- Aliankiaw•
HON. Szwoa Deux, Mayor of. Atte.
-4, Way. , yesterday retired from office,
• girtng place to his successor, A. P. Cm,
low, Esq. Mr. DII1:11( administered the
sign of his office with marked and de.
*bid 'ability. and proved an excellent
offlosi, worthy the esteem and pond:brace
of all good citizen,. We trust he may
again be called from retina, to serve Us
People. Mr. Oar Low, his successor, Is
1, well and"favorably known throughout
both cities, and we can safely promise
that be willmake an efficient, capable aad
binoriblo public officer.
A env rotousit., which yesterday
morning . accused the "Bing" of being
short in its omdat accounts of the public
monies, owes it to the public to ezpluin
its messing. What is meant by the
I" Who are the defaulters?
Does our cotemporary know Is It too
egad to say t Or would it damn by In.
*end°, when It has not the courage for a
,bare•bood lie ? Unless it speaks plainly,
and tells the whole truth, or retracts the
: - :„Altader,tbe public will continue to regard
.14pmagemeat as not more canspicaotts
Yfbt Mahood than lbr every other vile
7 : ,,ssuxempllsturkent to somndrelism.
- ,
Tut New Commis or Anurannorr
etired yesterday by • electing Issues
President the Meet
' brandy : lnd the selection of Mr. Hinny
lifirriis d presiding officer of the Coin
most ConcdL Mr. Mclider has for set-
Ural tenni presided with grace, alnlity
and filthy over the deliberations of the
body that - has honored' him with a new
knee of limos Mr.Pfsinnis has been I
nniabar of Council during the past yeit
and the mirk of respect paid him by hu
fellow members was -fitting and worthy.
Mr. Romer Art.womern was re elected
~ ,- C lerk of : the Common Coemcil, and
Mr. J. B. OXIXT similarly honored
;In the Barlett branch. Both have proven
very cspatde„ . able end, efficient officers,
:airdwe are 'hid that they hive been eon,
.. - tlitiellitititete places. - •
Ilaromacatinos la not yet dad, either
In lancuter or in our Northwestern
mintiest. The day Is not far off which
will show that a most corrupt and shame:
less Coal Lion against the Republican party
may have, in those dhdricts, a few 'polo;
glsrs,but thst the Republican- messes are
sound at Use beam _They will mark the
Coalltienistr.wint an Indelible brand!
The people of Erie, Crawford, Butler,.
isiiirrenee, Mercer, Washington and Lan
-caster: will never again recognise any of
the ran' erodes who lave been false to
their trusts. Each and an these fifteen
traitors hays forever edeolved their Re
publican constituents from the duty of
supporting any nomination, either of
themselves or of their abetter; and apolo•
gists. Brand them, and turn them loose I
The Harrisburg 2Wegraph of the 18th
says: "Ws =demand that Yr. MACKEY
.EFEE: imuddentially informed yes t erda y Mictrang that fourteen Republican .
IX= Mould belt the caucus nomination
%gladly Outnumber), and that it would
• require tour Detnomate to secure his
election, which hit informant was ready
to mews at a stipulated price.. Mr.
/Wane milled: ”Bir. I WOULD Nam=
WIC By BOCK rasing— I =AIL nor
,11,2X11 onit crap To MMUS& A Dui.
klCitEt oa litzruaucarr." This is the
haeguege of lir. Kim= ' and. as a dn.
care Republics*, we thtl ' lh him im the
same Of that 'put, lbr his Annum
Twit. Muzzy could hare easily pro.
elm% flielrotes of four Deumaant is not
don** any living man; yet he re hs.
idtO aceept dike= their:ice of bribery."
: Tea inivrEasaCa
. . If th, Republimuis ot Penasylvarda had
- WM iquarriy beaten last October, on the
Males vote, and In the regular choice or
• Legislature, there would hays been AO
whimpering along ate Das. Republiams
adsrays. abide the rural of a fair coated,
!Acumen. But thatr,..after having fairly
swept .the Ocalmonwealth, year Otter
itterovith Insular and decisive majorl•
tlaselllt in utellg, as we Mooed, chosen
•q rsire blicatt majority la the Leg
! lalattact„ltspreuly with II view to the in-
VOW* importsinos or Controlling the
item . ssamts of the gitate.-411a too
too abametbl, too Infrssaus
dill: alit' Rep oldie= party should be Irwin.
died oat of its majority, by this rotten
i-........Vit0l Pot • baker's dotes of our trai
.. *Sin hands with the enemy. Was
this the antartahunent to which we were
livittrit ': Was ft for this that the Repel)-
, Bouts of the Commonwealth have tolled
mall lowest ?
THU raocaumme.
°nibs 101 h hut. we exposed the entire
pecovegiess, of the most corrupt wagon
eau ltxtoAnt In Peansyintela pollUce, for
the overthrow of the Republican man
dam lo bravely fought for, and so fair.
and bonembly tented in this Com-
Events have thronged bet
upon us to prove the soatracy of our
predictkoas. On Use 11th two recreatiV
Republican - Benatoza took a step es,
agreed upon and banded over the major.
ly to tha coalition. On Wednesday, the
12th,*a fair Reptildkan nomination to a
State ONCe was ksachemosly daSYtad
AU the ,autimittece seam to hate been
aMatlutteg to shield the coalition
add Ito bleeds from the, exposure
of Waned motives. That will be ao
Temiestry Reform, no Investigations into
any chutes of ()Midst misconduct. The
NOM% will smother alimmakies with
the "Ilene and Oxen of the grave. Next
week, another ReitubUcta Senator will
be expelled from his seat, and this WM
given to a tool a; The „coalition. The
Phliadelphts pollec;b111 will be detested,
and the , money, now said to be lodged for
that impose in a bank at the Oapitai,
will be divided among the Corrupted se.
puts an members. The Democracy are
well enough paid In repining a voice in
the State Government.
Thus, Mins Unary years of almost on•
Isdaropted •way ova Pennsylvania, the
concissors of the Democracy 41.0 beaten
M.• Mel end •eaai Lanigan As we
march put the Unisys alma In spin
911 d
can the Commonwealth I I We tear
"Mei blossomy" hands I
. )1.
AiTic:ri •
We must frankly confess that the moat
admirable feature, in the bill which Rep
rmentative WRITE, or this county, has
Introduced in the Legislature, Is to be
found in the opening clause of its third
section- "Mai a proper and sufficient
treasury Cs provided by lose at the mat of
ElGoto Government," the Treasurer is em
powered and required to place the State
funds on deposit with the banks, ete. It Is
earnestly tobe desired that, at the earliest
possible moment, a "proper and sufficient
treasury" Aruld be provided, and It is
well that our Representative, by this ef
fective endonement of-an admitted neces
sity, luta given to the idea its just place
inthe puktc mind. Its practical adop:
tioti at this sem on may be too Much to
expect, altho recent events have
more than or illustrated the need for
the most stringpt provisions to ensure
the safety of e public monies. Oar
master!, of thelCoalition, are not likely to
look kindly upon any proposition to llmit
their discretion In the use of the immense
sums to which, they are about to have
access; they would certainly strangle
most unceremoniously the suggestion that
these monies should be safely -locked up
oat of their reach.
But, if the day ever comes when the
Republicans of Itonaffinnia shall regain
that control of the State affairs which,
through • base treachery, is now lost to
them, they will be certain to inaugurate
Mt most thoroigh reforms In the Treas
ury system. Until then, the people should
understand that no reforms whatever
need beexpected. It does notmmlt the par
poses of the Coalition to Impose any fresh
restrictions upon their abase of the Treas
ury, which they have just stormed and
captured from the Republican party.
That Coalition has purposes of its oWn to
be served, and will defeat all propositions
to array new safeguards about the present
system. There are -wealthy "backers"
to be repaid, the expenses of bra and of
former elections to be made good, more
"slips" to be engineered, and friends in
every quarter to be rewarded.
We beg our friend .Warris, and Re•
publicans generally, therefore, not to de.
hide themselves with the idea that any
measure like the bill now before us will
be enacted by the Coalition, unless its
Democratic members shall play false to
the Republican renegades. The reform
of the Treasury would be ruin to the lat.
ter: That share they are to glee to their
Demommic partners has not yet trans.
pired. We fear the this Coen.
don, of any and all measures which pro
pose in any way to restrict the largest
liberty of the Treasurer elect, under the
old system which he thoroughly under•
If, however, there abould be a few
Demacratain the Legislature ; like C. R.
Buckalew, to unite with Republican
memben in an efficient and complete re
vision of the Treasury System, in the in.
terests of all the people, that salutary
policy of reform may yet be realized—
and now, when it is likely to be more
than ever demanded by circumstance&
Otherwise, the Coalition of corruption and
treachery will have accomplished their
purpose, seizin g on the Thaw:try- and
rioting In the public plunder; In-defiance
of all effortsto curb their license.
Wrartt'a bill Is in Itself an excel•
lent one, It sequitur a Treasurer's bond
of 1800,000, gives him a salary of $5,000,
and provides, in the absence of a proper
and suMclent sub-treasury, for the de.
posit of the public funds with balks un
der suitable rat - Mations and for the profit
the Sate. We have only to regret
that no such measure an; for reasons
dine stated. hate the remotest chance
for pangs tinder the rule of the existing
The oAurchman contains quite a
lengthy seamnt of Bishop Eerfoot's visit
and labors in the Maryland Episcopal
Diocese, not long since. Christ church,
West River, Anne Arndel county, wu
consecrated by the Bishop with Impressive
ceremonies. The discourse Id the close
of the Ante-Communion Service, was
both - interesting and instructive. The
audience was Large sad attentive. At the
close of the septum the Bishop confirmed
twenty-five 'persona by . the "laying on of
hands." 'The church is a serniAlothic
structure of fine proportions, nearly fin
ished end tasteltaly furnished, and was
erectinidnly by the munificence of a de•
total brother, In memoriam of a lovely;
daughter.,. The anaxsr crowning the
efforts of the , puishaners of Christ
church lirthe more creditable- bemuse
thOr had been straitentd in pecuniary
mitten ,by theriate war, being on the
border. -
Rev. Baron Stowe, thi dhrthiguished
Baptist, minister of Boston, has left a
fragrant memory. It is mid his cozurre•
iiiidirreseresii mobs*. Iho largest in that
city, Re upheld Mr. Knapp in his great
revival through the winter of 1842. The
work was chiefly at his church. Four
hundurt ushers were on their knees at
once, filling thi spacious biOad wiles to
:the door.
The Howard gent Methodist Sunday
school, Ban Francisco, California, has
;eighty-three Chinese scholars and forty
:twoU:set gala of 0112' forty per
amt. in four week'.
' Rev. B. B. Snyder, formerly
North Arcane M. R. church, 'Allegheny
City, bag been violated by BlehopAmes,
pastor of Glue church, at Richmond,
Over a hundred and , con
:versions occurred during the late revival
meeting at Mt. Belllnghem church, Mu
imichuaerta, -.under' the mlnletndlona of
]tn. Van Con, the lady,Melhodiat local
• The sale of pews of Beecher's church,
Tuesday . evening a ;wick, rallied fifty.
oaken thousand dollars. It Is stated that
Bailees salary hit been increased from
twelve thomand dollars to twenty
thousand dollars.. Ttds erratic divine
thinks if the question of woman's
rights is to be determined by quoting the
Old Testament, It is the last one that
should be decided for us by an ancient
&milli° nation and a King who had over
seven hundred wives. Zion's Herold, in
answer,claints that Umbel* tlesmiptian of
a tine Wife Is the last chapter)a Proverbs
by Solomon.
The Boston Young Ben's Christian
daloctation recently held a grand Fair
before the' nolldeye, realizing nearly
thlAy lhouasad dollars for their boildlag
foal Tliej , didn't have any reining.
but the Albans sewer, them of Indult.
log In a "grab box and such little worldly
"Bor." Matthi3w Hale, author and so
Ilatth, started MI Ida ministerial career at
the age of eighteen u a. Universalist
minister, and since then has been Baptist,
Episcopalian and Dutch Wormed I The
next nalgn Is not gala by the writer to
whom we axe Indebted for this lnicy"
Elder Evans sad twentptlre of his
Shaker brethren gave an entertainment's%
Boston, recently, thrustrarmg thelr sup
and other eameism Charge Hay cents
head t Distnteremed, eh t•
Berndt, the well blown lay preacher,
bas just started for California. The Bo
perlatengan; of the Ceara Padilla Rail
way gm him passes, saying that he
(Bernell) i lesson to doubting Chris.
tiaras " Mr. Pullman also gave him
sleeping passes. Mr. Burnell expects to
spend a week in every town in California
to labor for the cause of Christ.
The Cumberland Presbyterian, refer
ring to the jubilee for Old and New School
reunion, after a separation of thirty-two
years, says that Cumberland Presbyteri
ans may well "make it ayear of Jubilee to
to us, because God has kept us together."
The Prindlles Baptists of Conceal, Al
abama, resolved and recommended to
the churches in their body to bold no
members in fellowship who avail them
selves of any law made by human legis
lation to avoid the payment of their just
debts. I
Rev. Do Witt Talmage says, let no all
go- to preaching. -Peter was never w
sophmorc, nor John a freshmin. Har
lanTage never heard that a tangent to
the parabola bisects the angle formed at
the point of contact by a perpendlcubir
to the directrix and a line drawn to the
focus. He says let us find our work./
You preach—you give a tract—you sing
• soag—you teach a Banday school else
We ate Indebted to the independent to
the reported rumor that at' the late an
noel meeting of Rev. H. W. Beecher'
church, it wen deelded by a vote of twii
thirds of the members present, not to ri
cotta of Candidates for membership assent
to the Confestlon of Faith, but only to the
Cuenant. The subject called forth an
animated discussion. At the end of the
debate, Mr. Beecher spoke strongly In
favor of the proposition, rayingihat there
were good men who were Universalist',
or who otherwise varied from the creed,
who were excluded by the present role.
Archbishop Purcell, of Cincinnati, is
now regarded as being strongly in favor
of the Pope's infallibility, though he said
in the celebrated debate with Alexander
Campbell; "No eelightened Catholic
held the Pope's infallibility to be an aril.
de of faith. Ido not, and none of my
brethren, that I too* of, do."
The Independent say' Br. McLeod, of
New York City, who was foremost in ex.
palling George H. Stuart from the Ile.
formed Presbyterian Church, for irregu
larities in music, at a wedding to his
church, several pieces of music were per
formed on the abomination called an
It is gratifying to note that there are
more candidates for the ministry, apply
ing to the Presbyterian Board of Edam,
tion, than at any time since the year fol
lowing the revival of 1858.
The Ohrfatien /aftaligencer thinks at
no time in the history of the Reformed
(Dutch) Church were its prospects of
growth and enlargement more encour
aging. Nine new churches were organ
ized last year, and if the Board of Domes.
tic Missions had been in possession of the
necessary means the number would have
been much larger.
A correspondent of the Ade ines,sfiesi-
Mg of the preaching of Dr. Storni in the
Brooklyn Opera House. says : For twenty
years the world has known Dr. Stone
as a splendid rhetorician, "adorning the
doctrine" with most sumptuous embellish
ments of eloquence and.poetrY and learn
ing, and tending sometimes, in the ex
quisiterices of his style, to pass - beyond
the empathy and appreciation of plain
people. Of late years, however, be has
adopted a plainer and homelier style, and
cast aside the use of manuscript,. It is
said the Brooklyn Academy of Mimic Is
now tilled every Sunday to the roof.
The Beach street Pretbytei lan congre.
ration, Boston, swarm into the building
vacated by the Springfield street Congre
gational church, wnere it disbanded.
The house was built and owned. by one
man, and be Bella it now to the Beach
street. colony.
Ophdom of the Itepablleau Preto,
Mira the Washlsitos Reporter.)
The /user, published in the Legisla
tive and enaktrial district in which Mr.
Irwin rudder, denounces in fitting terms
the "bolt" of Republican members of the
Legislature. The moored " bolt" has
since taken place, by the assistance of but
one of the members from that district,
Mr. Buffington; the other three, Messrs.
Vankirk, Shurlock, and Senator Buten,
representing the immediate borne of Mr.
Irwin, voted for the Republican nominee
of the party. • Thu &Toner says:
The latest advices from Harrisburg In
dicate the probability of a " bolt" from
the Trearmry caucus. • • Weal! know
what a "bolt" means under such circum
stances, and just what it will amount to.
We are all well aware; likewise, what
fusion with the Democracy comprehend&
While we were bitterly opposed to Mr.
Mackey's renomination, now that it has
been effected by a Republican canals We
are willing to submit. Ao manner of
good can be accomplished by a bop,"
and wo hope sincerely that no sane Re
publican will seriously think of joining
handiwith the Democracy. The proems
contemplated is violence and *revolution,
and no adequate reason or cause exists to'
jutity a resort to such measures. • •
I If members have failed in their duty, and
violated their pledge!, let them be left to
their constituents tor punishment. Thw
commission of another wrong will not
set the matter right. Although personally
opposed to the nominee,. and haying
fought him in the bitterest manner, we
say now that he has been regularly ' ebo. the Legislative caucus; and skould
be duly elected. We do not think that',
any man will be justified In bolting the
nomination. We know he will not be
sustained in making any sort of combine.
tlon with the common enemy.
Irma the 011 sty T tom)
The Pittsburgh GazErrs of January
11 contains a severe attack ulan those
Republican members of the Legislature
who; it is supposed, intend to form a co
alition with the , Democratain the election
of a State Treasurer, ,tc., and hints that
Lowry is to receive the support of the
Democrats on his new county bill, as a
portion of the Price of his treachery to
the party. The GAZEITS is beginning to
discover what has long been known by
many, that the promoters of this new
county will sell anything and everything
they can to carry their point, and the
county itself, if obtained, will be found to
be the largest sell of all. Selling out do
the Republican party would not stagger
them in the lent, if by so doing they
could succeed In consummating their
fraud on the people of Penang°, Warren
and Forest comities. Ifthe Durres and
others have discoured that We upholders
of the new county were Ills foremost
prosecutors of Mackey, it may be the
people of the three mantles above men.
Honed will find friends who will see that
they are not plundered.of their territory
In defiance of all constitutional require
Mon titian* Ossette.]
...There le noolder, stauncher and more
ltilfuentlal Repub li can journal in West
ern Petutsylvanla than the Pittsburgh
Gement. • It la the Republican organ of
Allegheny county, sad from a recent ed.
itorial on the canal enlargement we clip
the concluding portion. • • When the
Republican prate throughout the State
tales thus about Senator Lowry, the Re
publican party of Erie county had better
watch hlm closely.
Limo the PMWool. Cress.]
Mt. Mackey bad been regularly nomi
nated In Republic= canon; and had a
few weak and faithless member of the
organization been disposed to recognize
the will of a Majority, he would have been
elected. We emnot cumerstand and can.
not justify that isobaric% which prompts
men to take the chances of victory in a
party council, and then at defeat turn
upon the party and rend it • • But
the worst phase of Ws contest is themean
advantage these bolters have allowed the
Democracy to take of • the Republic's
pally. They mast have known that the
Democracy would not scruple to put
with its pledges and principles in order
to make discord In the Opposition ranks
morn prominent They meat hare known
that any triumph based upon such gees.
Venable assistance could not reflect any
genuine Republican sentiment. • •
The Democracy did not fall to receivethe
advantage tendered them. They went
through the farce of a nomination for
Treasurer, and then abandoned their can
didate for one opposed to them in politica.
Why their merstacy? Why their despl
picable eepartnre from everything hon.
orable or even partizan? Why did the
unscrupulous Wallace instructhis bigoted
adherents to vote solidly for Irwin? We
fear a tmithtui answer to these questions
wonid - prove alike dishonorable to the
bolters and the Democrats.-
Unfortunately that answer cannot at
present be given, but we shall look for It
with anxiety throngbopt the work of the
&cation, and we call upon all honest Penn
sylvanians to keep watch over the pro
ceedings of their representatives. The
answer will crop out some time during
the session, and of this rest assured. Let
ns see to whose glory or infamy it will
resound. _
Irwin is In no .legal, realmtl, or
moral sense the Treasurer of Pennsylva
nis. The Republican party la entitled to
the honor conferring that office. That
party Is the majority party of 'the State.
When Its deserters are taken up and ern
braced by the minority, in the hum of a
majority sentiment, the result is no better
' than a fraud, and deserves the severest
censure. Vain are all protests that lin
proper means have not been used to se
cure his election. Suspicion will not be
hushed by so specious tt plea. Suppose
so Democratic members • were bribed.
Suppose the Mande of the bolters are all
clean, bow does that justify the splenetic
phase of the bolt ? How will. it satisfy
the people who have been cheated out of
their ceadidate ? How does it answer
the spirit of insubordination and rebellion
that lies at the bottom of the bolt ? • •
The whole method and manner of this
election is therefore at sword'spoint with
principle and usage; whether party or
general. We d 6 sot ace how any hon
orable man can conscientiously abide by
, such a verdict, judging, of course, by the
! light thus far furnished us. • • • We
know somemhat of the rumors abroad in
the State respecting setups, trade'', com
promises, and all that, with Democratic
members, for the purpose of defeating
certain leading measures of reform. • •
But they may have been digested, and we
give them is presented by the Pittsburgh
Gaserrn of the 10th. How nearly they
approximate prophecy let the result
prove. * • The fulfilment of this
schedule le the danger ahead not only to
Republican ascendancy, but the Com
monwealth's honor. •
I.V.m tee IleadLog 'ripe. 7,
if the Republicans who bolted- the
caucus nomination have made any bargain
With the Democrats, or compromised them.
selves In any manner, by way of return •
lug the favor, they will deserve and receive
the condemnation of all the Republicans
in the State.
(Prom the Vehanger lAtlttel I
, It Is strange that amen of Mr. Lowry's
age and physical condition, one to whom
• Ileayen has so mercifully sent unmistak•
• able premonitory symptoms of the prob.
• able shortness of hie stay in his present
field of uselessness, should not devote his
time to acts less - infamous than those
which seem just now to afford him such
• Mr. Lowry le, as we understand it,
about to cut loom from the Republican
party of the Legislature, and submit him
self to do some Democratic work, a little . .
too mean for a member of that party of
only moderate degradation. Our present - .
State Treasurer, Mr. Mackey, who has re:
ceived the Republican caucus nomina.
nation for another term, Is to be opposed
by Mr. Lowry and a dozen other bolters,
Against Mr. Mackey, as a private citizen
or public officer, the shafts of slander can
find no vulnerable point. As far as
known or suspected he has honestly and
ably filled the position which he now
holds. But Lowry and his twelve brother
Judeses have bolted his nomination and
will vote for Irwin, the Treasurer of 'OB,
whom they expect to elect by securing for
him the entire Democratic delegation.
Why should Democrat' desire Irwin's
election 7 To defeat the regular Rspub
limn nominee, and demoralize the Re•
publican party In the Legislature. And
what price will they pay to secure this
desirable end ? Vote for any schemer
corruption which M. B. Lowry may
originate. • • •
It would be in keeping with the eternal
fitness of things , that the old man with
tie white necktie,' who is about giving up
the pobticalghost, and this pet swindle,
so long and gently nursed by him, should
die together, Oil a common grave, and
repose In a common perdition, political or
otherwise, as the case may be.
C reow naretibsor tt t. miss to Phtla. Pon.]
The result undoubtedly kills the Police
bill, and it will give the seat in the First
Senatorial district to Mr. Diamond, the
Democrat, and the various contested
scats in the House to the representatives
of the same faith. These were, without
doubt, the considerations by which the
successful nominee Of4he Republican
party was to be defeateT. The question
now on the. Hill 1e: What will be done
with the fund which has been lying In
one of the banks here, the object of
which wsa to defeat the Police bill ?
Senators Lowry and-Kerr and Represen
tatives Ames. 'Bowman, Buffieeton,
Corey, Craig, Godschalk, Herr, Lillie,
McCracken, McCreary, Reineehl, Wheel.
er and Wiley were the Republican mem
bers who voted with the Democracy.
General Irwin 'arrived at the capitol
last evening, having been preceded but a
few hours prior by Berne B. Anderson.
• • The excitement over the action
of those of the Republitani who joined
bands with the Democrats, is Intense to
night. They are publicly prociainual.on
the streets saumegadea and apostates.
[From tb• Ph IledePta• P. s.
The election of General Irwin is a mu-
prise. and should be even to himself.
The Republican caucus decided that Mr.
Mackey should be the Republican .candl..
date. and it is an established pullamimt
soy rule that the caucus binds the party,
except in those rare rases where a mem
ber reds bound to appeal to the higher
law of morals, and take en Independent
,stand. We see no evidence that most ol
the eleven Republicans who misted the
Democrats to elect General Irwin were
.thus constrained. * • * It
will not do to say that Mr. Mackey'repre.
sent, a coreupl faction unless they can
prove it, for they are themselves arraign
ed before the bar of public opinion for
open betrayal of the party, and are sus
petted of having made a bargain with
the Democracy, in which Republican
interests are sacrificed.
There bet= to be truth.. in Uda, else
why should the entire Democratic rote
be cast solid for General Irwin f Upon
the merits of the our:Mates. surely soma
Democrats would have preferred Mr.
Mackey, for we know enough of the
Legislature to be sure that he would have
been just eaemceptabin to the opposition
as General Irwin. The election of one
of the two they could not help, And must
have had some substantial nom for
making such a unanimous choice.
That reason Is very probably the Metro.
politer' Police bill. It Is charged that
the eleven Republicans who' supported
Ekweral Irwin agreed, 'ln comideration
of enough Democratic votes to elect hlm,
to. Join in - defeating the Police bill. It Is
not a bill that we apProve—we do not
now refer to that introduced by Mr.
Connell yesterday—for , we are opposed
to legislative Intiaenon with our local
affairs. But it Is not In this-way that It
should be defeated, by a secret bargain
made between bolting Republicans and
frightened Democrats. -It is at least en
titled to a fair hearing In the Legislature
—which, if this charge bo true, It will
not now receive.
We were not partisans of Mr. Mackey,
though re preferred him; not active op.
porthole of General Irwin, though we de
sired his defeat. But in yesterday's pro
ceedings the evidence was too tiller that
General Irwin owes his election to the
combination of a few Republicans with
the common enemy ' and that in this
union was more or lees corruption, no
one-who has ever been to Harrisburg will
be green enouglyto question.
From the Lesenter laßtlitteneee.l
Mr. Lowry is intensely fond of notori
ety, and seems to care but little how he
excites a sensation provided he can man
age to attract public bbseriration. Helm
been known to preside over a meeting
called to present a tutne to Andy Johnson,
Democrat, and to address an assembly 0
prospective negro voters on tho same
evening. Ho Is ready to bo interviewed
' by 'e . Democratic editor, and prepared to
repudiate his report of sconszreation had
over choice champagne, whieh stood on
the manuscript pages of a feu; column
temperance letter, with the Ink -still Wet
noon It. Ile makes professions of politi
cal honesty periodically. •
Caron the Hardee:airs TeTelersPb•
Every one of the voters has frequently
Proclaimed, when before his constituents
for election, the common party doctrine,
"Duro ax TUE TICTIST," and will do
s'ariinrawgeh.entrenerataorTLdolry and Mere
Isr llttff
were especially anxious for , the Republi-
cans to carport the ticket when they
were candidates, and it was fidelity to
Party alone, in their respective districts,
that gave them the seats they occupy to
day in that body.
Representatives Ames, Bowman, Bur.
i ington4ray, Craig, Godschalk, Herr,
Leslie, ' rackets, M'Creary,
Wheelerand Wiley, received the sap"
Pert of many Republicans in their dis
tricts under protest; and if they • b,sd
not received the nomination of the Re
publics/Imq they would not occupy
Beata in the Hones of Representatives
this session.
•We 'hall take especial care to com
mend them to the support of that party
which they have joined.
It is due to Mr. Ames to state that he
bolted on the third ballot,
.when every
body lbelleted that liwin had bought his
election throtigh.
figural gentlemen have promised us
rich developments, which may be expect
ed etlenly; : and which, will furnish em
ploymentte for the investigating commit.
fiIiCRETASY BOUTWELL has'purchased
six millions of dollars' worth of bonds
for the slaking fund since the let instant,
which makes that fund $23,045,800, be
sides $67,433,000 worth of bends which
hare been purchased and are held subject
to the action of Congress, =skit* the
total amount of bonds purchased up to this
date 1190,475,800 the interest on which,
due on the Ist instant, amounted to $l,.
263,000, and has just been col ected.
This amount In coin was sold Tt esday
at an avenge premium of 122 30, and
the proceeds will be applied to the pur
chnd. ase of additional bonds for the alnklng
Ramer observers of the planet Jupiter
have noticed the peculiar markings seen
on the belts of the planet within the last
few months, the rose•tinted prominence
floating like cumulas clouds around his
large circumference; but the observers at
Vassar Co:lege have observed some ad
ditional whits spots. On the evening of
the 25th of November, both blown and
white spots were seen on the more south
ern belts, and these were sufficiently well
defined to be melon
Taus L
to be considerable difference
between the Executive and Legislative
Departments of the Government relative
to the lease Of Samna Bay, especially as
ft wu rather a sharp bargLin, driven at
the expanse of some English capitalists : .
The opinions of many members of both
ROMP of Congress are entirely antago.
nistical to this lease, and they do not
hesitate to denounce it.
A WASHINGTON telegram says
The Pennsylvania delegation la preen
ing Mr. H. :Becher Swope, of -Clear
field comity, for united Staten District
Attorney fOT the Western diatztet of
Pennsylvania, n the place of Mr. Carna
han, whose time will soon expire.
The value of DB. LUNG CUBS
nitot be estimated In dollars and e , n ha Thou.
sods of people •ho have ased It can teeth's to
taestraord lc ars Ineeta—some of them far gene
Rh dlseasesof thelunge and roilinohluT orison.
It is wtthoot osmotic. one of the speediest as
tit aa toe most soothing of all tuna medicines.
It will care the wont ease of Asthma.
It will cora longstanding eases of Broneldili
It will cuss spitting of blood.
it will tan _ a lammoa tough 4 a (midst..
It wLI aaaatha want caw of more-thraat La
It will wee Merril In the Mud
It will <ors larnagltl.
It wlllotye chi/yule pleurisy
Besides . most other diseases of the Innis .ed
pulmonary organs. If oil., will ra
t he matter. they 1,111 end that mono( their dl
mesas are o moloned by obstrecUen In some et
the channels Lbst ePrebtate morbid matter (mm
the . MU.. Dr. le ETHER'I3 LUNG • CURE
opens out these amulets... -
D. Keyser•s Luag Cure, whilst It removes
obetruction. II at the mom time ilea health'.
ness and pleasure to the blood, mottles 2e
roesh Barroom of the dont. and !page and Is
withal a wholesome. and .plosmat medielee to
take. It is used with Kreat cortalaty Ia We .
Insured mid decay of the ooroon of the MUM.
sad It rel.ll Impart to all the rums imsawed vigor
and energy.
TIN winter months an those widen are lull/illy
regarded as the most prongs of souks sad odds,
and eonsumptive hivallds daring tba twister an
mostly forewarns", base lndoon, far the ma
son that the cold Is apt to prodass a tendency IS
Oa system to inlatastory scams sag render
Mune diseases dimwit to care. Dr. Seines
Lune Care acmes to the ald of crammed nature,
helps alto to make goal and new blood to ald la
the resterstkrn sod renewal of parts. It all who
read thls article will but try one bottle of Dr.
geyser , . Lees Du* ti 0111 emmtnee them more
of the truth at what We may th se anythhag we
cm writ,. It tombless to It tome of the meet
raluableartletem or the manola araitys, sad no
one can am It without banal. klo sad see Dr.
Haw al Ida Gaul Ysdieai 011ee, 167 Mat,
Ogee boars . 'tram alas la lb* isaralut
gala 0 la ilia Mamma, sad Ms Ora,
*Watt gala lax la las craving, tad lamas mitts
alas at alias.
Dusan= SIP ISM.
THE unlit; riacuiNE.
Islam the Ruin tiding of • 'ratchet/4..M
orallon of the works hetet:us duordared. The
human etemegab Ls to the heels eystent what
teat elastic oleee of metal I. to • chronoweter.
It ledernang IM itellon of the other orogen. god
controls, to a certeln mutant. the whole It lag
teschlee. The enepulaosineybecarrted farther;
for as the oreaktici• and other Imptrfullous of
the matt merles I. :n/tested on .he hater the
thue.rton. so alto la the weeeness or other du.
. 04 re the stayed!, twanged be the face of the
nranal -• he comp ea lost tallow ot Laded. UN
ores d. &lent go leans and letealgence,
and there Is a wore, sextons exPersalon the
label. countenance welch tells vs Phdote
ten. wools cool.' do. that er at negagettageo
of b a de . a nd
It la to atelatta to tee want*
of age bade. and to mutate l
and renew ,all 110
penorarts. s" Is nnt Dern/rat Ita dace
It reptant.
t not
and mewls's, and to ectontellsh
this fLottetter , e nu:owe alit,. may he well
all I. Mt an. Mei woeful. Ti. broke.
uuteePetee of • watch may reelect 4by • eye
on, but lb. stomach al. text be Rvalreil moot
itrmrthene4. and LOU !a Ma of lbool t.Or
e• 0 (.mss • too hie restorative elate for eight.
n.. ?tan hss bran wastage ...two (el 000161
wto dyspepsia to all 0110.1014 •ay ciao
i nearest:on It stands Wawa When therms:eat
or tle peatuscoolse hum bot•rzbialited.
1 .110011. at too*. owing ten thou sattgaUng the
eosmlast. • mane of tn. Wbolf•om• SAO Pa.
•Mblo. let Poo•olll st.gotsebSe effeels• peeled
endc '" nnanent etre. 10 .11 man of dypetada.
the !row, Mars Or less eirorderetl..sti tiles this 00114111 eland... wet 4 von •hestoiscselt
and 0 , 0,1 a, the nluere ere. taw can dl..
'testae., regalatJer Sa4 TelarlsorsLing Oran'
s ar• Iv. and srslatitattagorts• ••••Itil toady
sod toestal health depend. - •
Onus 01 •a{ Prrrenvica O.IS,OKrIXT. Jamul . / / 0, " 70
Trascars •or the
c7rIATTIRTIP.7I4I"regac .sar■th or
8 iri.tho)
Pe *base of he earotal otoelr, 1:10
Or/Ica a 111311 NATtONAL
- • • January 11,1„ 11110" •
ro ua rt a refeatia:agaitrlireed a g'
or t AigliZriNts 4 , f lbws.; six monthe. 1114411
et the oelee of :oCBOrpsh"T',lter''"".
AtikEtt , nr. ell WO Mk the lath lett Li"'""l6
• Steretw:
• Orstcli to Tam Zreatrstea firstly.
• • Alma comm./arr.
Prrrenraotr. J....71.i MM. -
, ftetoie or' this Coz4vvY bram
DAY &Warr; a Dlridetod of • 01)
PEE MILTI.E. fret of Goverimellit tasoed.pert
n il ill ":.
Olt et the tete °Me Compar, no. •43 ream
w atre o l ., D z o l d , ;wale tli e. 111.1 . ii
j o . kiz e‘ • • , 16""W".
J ' t • •
• 09 D &WIC T . P A
gi? INIA " R ttll R
An.ctor.. tbl. 11.1.4 baya t• de y N al...,sre4
!9 , 1a... of_ 14X. 4:fit elttrt.. of Me 0441
•tavo s 7 . .;:a .
o z . *. fc.91,. mom Its
l'irmitm a,
A '"aumulA 11921)..-
arDIVADEND.--The PeoMDlii
dmai,.dl nt&tatiWsWlllr4f,-.4
7. 11011^014
' (Water.
Crrr Ilitut or FMB 011,__
PrrnnontalL Jo! , _ttot7 ado 15.19 .
far7lll3 RA NIL nseTniu. DAY
&don't Dividend Of ;IVO (5) t
CE' T.. from the prat la or lb. 1•61.81 s lamas,
paptOto co ondottor the TENT); oss.
' " •W. I KW/WM
•_ Cander.
1•17.1.:Ae. 31 2 70, Um.' -
pad to lI I LSNITat:r4 ALT= •111
ark, JAATABT .111TH4MIT. • O°
- •f*R.W N G. KARIM
Atzlemite; !art 'Lee, PIAX
meow:mom Erlr Janette, 3 1 r T ST fk g.
of Mfg r
Plaeiffr. oe of the eV Worm of the tut rt l err i a l t 1 ;Z:
to the seocattoloh es forth ree tof
• . , - automat cutter.
priicz orprs OtecifejimlarriOrgle.,
arD i filliDEND.flrhe Board n of
Tl4l !P.Plarh ettrir.
MMae'aneth•ppla Umlp tiwogU . as ar2"l
"14. PifuliVerrirliNtrr
Nos. 180 and 182 Federa
It 6 1-le. Dark Pilots,
It 10c. Dark Prints,
It Ile. Dark Prints worth 1-Itc.
It II 1-h Dark Maine; good quality.
AL tic. ill-wool Picida
At 1! 1-le, Dory 4-4 Dnbleached fleeting.
1-h., Bleached Bolin, a bargals.
It it.. /11-wool Bab toy !lunch.
At 280. Very Bury Grey Twilled Flannel.
At 6 1-4 e. Linea Crack.
It I! I.le. DM Linea grad.
Pillow Case Mash;
flatlig Inas,
Bbiniag Muslin, eat. Rahn.
agate Lines"
tnuina Crain.
Caulmam, very cheap.
American Poplins, ice, he.
Cotner Culposo° Way and 7th sk,
ROOM No. 7.
YOB ♦ 1511138 T TUL ONLY'.
Lecturer in the Masan err, its d/ereeee att •
Spectaelee, %Mean anellcallst, to the ere
Pork Flosoltal.. I Lye and Ingentaryoritk
large stock (Ibis Patented. earl Improved levee
facies for 'sale.
N. D. Eperialltr. dlsesse of the Nye ad Zs
Prot EDWARD M. FEARER. Ontielan I
take great plenum In eating that I have need
theinimeaselts you ad.inted tartly etiolate= here,
and they have riven me men mince ratlefietion.
I have never before had a pair m entirely milted
to my and that enabled me to read go long
wlthan IV Ineonvenk nee.
n itrlTAt i s i ll Mai MX, ix-Pres.!. IL P.
I have had the Im moved titretaelen adJuste.
11 . 0 iet y . V, la LTAT lintof, VgkrZr
ables me to ea very cies vier, ear y. a nd "mob bet
ter titan club an• I have sevetmore
We have every satiefa-tion recoonstendter
U,. ZU W ARO P. VitANICe• Itepmem and pes•
meted lipeetacies m - be eneftdmee of oar thi
s ns. Ile Is ...Mid. GI rare ielentille YOU
um, en adapt. eh weasel...pith Remi theo eeMuni aide Mtn to Um m•lom et eye.
He selects spectacle. for ea with the Inn pan,
at the din attempt , which enabled vs to read
.melee air Magness .0 00mfb.t than thee.
I. already Weems- Y?•seith dreall • beerfainem
mmonmene theta 11.1111.11..111, as 0.0.01•0.
• . tr. CURTIN, csilim. of Y, nagHaala.
A. L. RUM.. , Ann -nen. of
J. . P P n ennsytema o
:R DICK. I intsrY D men en , Ponan yle P la
Ifsieteg Milt.. of azatet•lng Dr. Ed.
ward al Frank's r &Lent, Itopromd 14•431.1•41.
we end lbetis espertmentany, really valuta.
ale.,, demo lee •islen.
The lenses are dreencl , polished and mitered
by Inschleery, inathem•lically ..r.5 to Bre
am. • ra n, perfect lens. Al .s4ll. IVO rIKOIII.
men .tion
thllet e fi ce s7ll ?r ` e7rii * Lirt:rifi •
Joe, unk..33, Penn street:Pittsburgh.
v.... et. mitt, AL (tmeitst.) Peen greet,
Jame. L. Itclarlaed. President Merchant.
National rimy. Mcad, tile , Penneylvatiln.
It z•r•ev.ana elk pleasure tO ear that 'relieve
lustocted Dr. s. S. tr.:dm' very e.rulete ea
iltioreVellet) ' to l tWay :TA
mfr. erica of wales aa eta be beneath:id by the
the matertal meat In the mutt 'rarer, of aim
alma a as or resurkatie partly sod beaaty, and
ands v.ry emelt to 'belt tame.
We nurtured him win, cheerfalseas to Um
ammlesee fah w oo may r von bla unless.
hon. Prharla Jordan. beer taro of Kean
Q. BMA; W. D.. flarrleharg. Pa,
Wa have unmerited that to eareeelve to he ea
userithut or ltoermore. Manottatared .....
Dr: d•ard B Few 1.. Pelee; admirably mak.
ted to n the mime holmium or thasexquhlre.
ry &t* organ. toe emu Wu. W. Lam the
Impaired vlaton la the ' , milt of dhesse...e the
ashuel westerns Incident to 041 are.
Wormer. Use emameas of .he Ike
heat we have ever mu. Sad ea melt remote
mmd these.
Don, W. W. am" rarer of Wetvlemtl.
Thomas n* J. Joreas. Dr/g. Gm U. b. A.. whi
umm Morn funs • A. er. to 6 P.
.6.9 V
To °rite TO Pllll fortlier redoes stout. beton
toting our snood laTgatoXT. Try Trill continuo
to offer oar stook at
Many Goods Below Cost.
Woolen Goods, Hosie r y,
Gloves. Underwear,
Lace and Lace Articles,
Millinery Goods,
Fash and Bow Ribbons,
Satin and Bonnet Velvets,
Dress Trimmings,
Cloak Loops and Ornaments,
Boulevards Skirts, &e, &o
77 4 79 atdIRKET arassz
M I N I7I /A0T1J111.835 OP
or American
Quaidly rneurpassed.
Desirable new Antares and all the weNdlniorit
ettles of Sable Catlary. A!•81. to Melt, largo
lot of CallValLS, BUTOIII.BII` sad SNEAD
XOTIVIIII of an dreortallon& Ail Illada of
A strum. ea Ltettoor, Open la eortneellon
erlth lb. -General Orem and Wholesale Depart.
No. 70 Wood !greet,'
ilcors3 iiricamionzarr.
WEDDING...Winn. mart AID 1 0111111311
Orden In man near•Prolotattmallei. nes/
sma amirtut at. ra
14th, 1067400
1 Stret, Allegheny City
It itic. each, Hack Towels.
At tie. each, Hack. Towels, aural bargain.
Al 71r. each, Nen% White Merino Cadet
At 71e. each, Ladies' Black Felt Ulna
It 0.00 cad, Colored Printed Felt Skirts,
slightly imperfect.
It SIB each, Cord Imboued Pelt Skirls,
slightly imperfect
It 1.F6 each, Hooey Comb flans.
It $1,60 each, Honey Comb Quilts, large
Table Napkins, Shawls aid Seaufe
Hats aid loinch.
BMWs and film.
Hosiery aid Clam
Handkerchiefs and Neck Ties.
WWI, Calls, Ac., kr.
Nos. 180
and 182
Total 4111•111.11 i to bll
Capital Sleek paid la
iratin.t.a Cosa of Stead, (140
Sulasated Samlogs par as.
Net Earnlsis per 5M1111.1....
Interest on ass Loan per Ke-
*mount of Beads p.r 01110
el roadll4ooo
A..nasmot of in terest par aid e. 1,260
anaomat; of Net Earatag• per •
The Sonde Mow the mmpletton of ills Stead—
have the llnton Tinat Company of X. T. as their
official Itegleter sad 'hamlet Ageat—and are
mkt at preen t at 93 sad ma, nod latent t,
Tbm bear mamlnatioa aed convulses: bet
ter. It Is believed, tban any other now before the
pat Ile. in the axed and unchaageable elements
at 800, &ourl, emd Proitt.•
They bear good Interest—Berea per cent. Geld
kw AIM Hon—and an seemed by • ignite/
"had, and P rot Mortgage epos the rind. IM
antilt and net Income, the Pranchleey mid all
Preset t and [inure property of the Coatmay.
They dented upon matte or haMeettled ter.
'nor, for beelines to pay thetrlateresirbut•pon
its old s ' , aline ttled and productive c-natr7:
: maiming that a railroad haft Ihrtmth the heart
or each a region offers better Beallit7 Itor both I
/stored ond .Prittelpot then a road re be built I
through the most highly exteled trlldernese or
epsreelr settled tenttorr.
This Railroad possess. special sebraztaites,
In manias tato and oat 01 the City of Ckleato,
$ laiportaat Railroad Cesare; In Tarintalt
ikroagb a Ilad of Tlilade! and old farsilan wet.
Vesicant In the richest cordon of the Brain of
illlaola; In running near to deposlt r of Ironer,
of groat exteut and value, and ore, broad sails
of the beta coal In the state—which mining 1•.
terastabre Its nroaopoly. And beat la the local
and other thus witted: there brill be
attracted 10 this read the osnaldantbietralle si
riadf ibflatlnt Op 'Troia the Lat.' 'to the
ealtri as whit its Soothers Ornaaactiona It foram
• Trunk Lime 43 sites abirrter num mother
reale from Chicago to
Thine Heads ore therefore burl open elealty
aid *Nutt.= test • few nazi mut leerttably
doable-23W eeispiteht 7adgon rej .
Chnongomits allheir lapis gad priartektgpli pay
indiv snot into ton Smug,. and Taut yr Anat.
Panda can k .1401111 NO BETTER.
Pantiptnnits, with Nips, &0., on bind tor db.
trill:lntim •
. .
thAids any be bad directly et ea, er at ear
airmail le Pletabetzb.
S. 11111'CLEAN & C 0..,.
64 CLIFF 62218 ET, Netts York,
Agests for the Side of the Bonds.
o Alr
-ko r t o
z Oloa oi 2zl
I=' 4g Pi 44
7 z 4 J il pl 1 g §
c'2" Z` c. ' 4 s
o 1 vi , z
0 tifil
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a Al 14 t
Pei PI as d Q
M 0
/ 4 Z
fil 41
W. X. HAVEN dr, CO.,
A Good Assortment of
Ceracr Weed Strait nil Taira inlet
Corner Penn and Sixth Btreeta,
Kannerly et. 11111thr.1
111 i men ontolal• MuLess College la UM
- 'lluloila cgs coulee.. NM tin.
N. B.—Clnpalsrs anrslalm latliAt az
The "thdial alTN• COWLEY, •
soNsgla+Pe • hU.OI b. .-11.
ILO WUroa, Omer Alpo
wscpusaza amaze gir
fore,a il Dawdle DI7 Bey, a, IN WOOD Vrnat.
X. vs:
7i it ChWitt's Ili{ Cintlari for !R.
ElOO Chlldren'o hit Cirtrilus for 110 f,
11.60 lilt ISheulder Shawls for
8 00 Knit Shenker Showls for 1100.
ID crit lilt Roods old fops for
11,00 hit 'hods for 00 cuts
1110 e., Chlltlfm's Balmoral Blocklip.
At is 141., loi's Wool Nizal Sub.
Al 40e4 Mea's City brim
It 40c., Nee's Gray dctLo Skirts.
Al lir., Ladies' Hoop Skirti.
At SOc., Indite Hoop Skirts.
Ladles' and Children's
A ea% aco is
15 79, T6S
Wevv - elqra,
114 MEM a 7 ., corser of Vita l
Our Goods are Unsurpassed!
rpm Finn . or BAI
LIFF,.A BROWN • CARSON vas thin say dlesehad
y mutual gement; JAMS,e. .OAReON &se
pontos or Ids Interest- to Josepl O. RedUR sad
Rhona. Brown. - AU .oenote bzontne 1t...
selves Indebted to wad &menu p.n. oYleod
male !mordants lowenent. end all admen, bey.
Ind Wenn. Will leseseet the *awe to Sobel b. Wet
mizzelralbet :f:,,Ved:ral . stsont, be being
wl4 AS BeWN.
SABRA a. oa O •den,
Ats.itanowy CITY. Se noFy Lt. /RIO.
_ln regrind Bow Um Oren of RAWL Brown •
log mr I 4,1 " .: t> . PATINA. ' 'l.7vpr.i
hews, awe eri uhl respect:WlT sot alt a comma.
once or these favors for .the awn of Bat IR
HAMM a BPOWN, Plumbers, Ges and
?lecir lltlrrs,sl Federal mut , I. Antibes&
thud. amerWy flr k ;larle t i4
Übe's) patronage MM.' • Period ezloloPollo•er
Mu years, mu erould ralmulndrr esilell•Mms
Masan,. of theta esteemed Afars tar ills old
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