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of Ilse Weasit's Journal, • neat quarta
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the wiscatioill, West:W. lspl. Pogilgil
squinty of , woman, and' especially
her right of soffrap. Its:adders am
Mary A. Livermore, Jails !lard Howe,
Lucy 01brie: ' #c. Lloyd Harrison and
T. Bulmmilbers snonkl
widials "TM Woman's 'aisle," No. 8
Tlimont _Plans, Boston. TAM $3 00
per annumipayablebt advabos.
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The little rirrolation In Rupert's Lead,
just over our. asthma boundary on the
Bed Pi= of the North, me= to be in
slant 9w, but Mill holds Its ovtn. Gov.
McDoconsa has gone hick to Cenvii,
leering the homiest' in pomession, and
the Hudson Bey Company takes 120 gel*
to =Main Its authority, if indeed it Dv
any nor. In fad it is out of the question
ha either of the Cuusdlati Dominion or
even Great Britela to disport with those
men, few as they are, for the possession
onkel interior territory, for the =pie
remeatile to any hors
._. tilliapproach• TM, geographical key to
- that wonky is tithe hands of the United
Stetufortheotilyprattimble =tato ills
through Mthaellotts. . Its, immessio; will
not, we thlisk,• be seriously disputed, and
thirteen colony 'out there will soon find
shecusbrse thdeptiukat. By nature it
belongs to the United States; and whether
it Is covered by the deg. of our nation or
another, oar , people will use It as if It was
their own, and la due time It wlllhe
peso:ably annexed. - -
The valleY of the Red River, the great
'wort Of Which is now In our national
douuda, is one of the moat fertile in the
world, sad admirthdy adapted to the cal.
tint= of wheat. That, of the Arab&
' hole, in British territory, le of tinily
character. The Seradchewan, which=
It* Mimes in s long stretch of the Bosky ,
Monsitains; and a course ;of a thousand
nail to UM Winnepeg, has alma meg.
allithriii end fertile valley, and will prob.
ahly soon be .the home of thousand' of
Sirthiliiiind Norwesiene, who seem in.
, ellstedis Make themselves new heap in
UMW soethern regions of this canthaent.
.Your of the' country lying between
Lars Superior and Winnipeg and the
. . Monutattot, and between the Missouri
and Seicalthewas, is good and adapted
to settlement.
The =ads= 00C11.
godsend every • bop district, and It le
,:., through _ the' . midst of .WI that
', the soethern Facile • Railway will
crowing the mountains at •
1 , - low pep described .by . Governor
„ Siwvier, where the head waters of the
- Mheottd and those of Clerk's 'river;
t ma et the greet tributaries of that:Mhos:
hhi, literteek. The ptinclpal terminus of
that road will be oa ,Papt's Sound in
' Weabigtosterntory, one of the largest '
and la= Oman Inlets In the sepia;
. rasa thee hundred sales nearer to the I
1 • limmolPel Ports of Ghia*, and „Japan than
lalitea . Aincisio. This put Mirth=
harbor, deep, este, sad thoroughly land.
~1 ,011/1/ also lea= New. York.' than
-r - lIMY 'Ma' ois th e Paella Coest;-and it
may bus that before the close of the 'resent
' moblei , the ceieratedel ereporiumot the
Pude Ckeet will bus there, and not on
Um 134. of Sarareadeso. • •
It/es fed Gem no close observer. can
kne failed to perceive, that the mess all
• 6 0 1 4 *Muttlikreitto s i ' 0 tao . 6? _ ,MI"
• MM. lying betwematheßrititharealion
. loiallass, id amphora& by intelligent men
0 CM mum vabuthle It is fund to lie; uni
11 Immr4Pl more of kt Amarvid,.„,,,„, amt '
'' iiiideedj,,torcliiiiidide • :.•Widkii
than that prithotil, the Ilseof the-Ranh
' 1 as Pacific Who a.
Thle antenatal has been talked about,
• fora long time; but now ,we are able to
.ti state (AMU lil, takentin fm ! ,, ai ii . . imamt
it by 'heavy espludiati, who -ere able and
ibresectined to pot it through in a short
Unit; and we Ms glad to be able to add;
4 that citirese of Beansylvanta will prober
coy hive a =trolling hottest la It. A
better guarantee that it will be well man=
aged could nabs glren:. - .f.••
. ,
_ -
, • 1 , 14 s,fskTEl2lr 1116:
Swam men are not shedding each
other's blood and knocking etch other i
Woo Md. week,' there 4 Pelee; and, as
ptemc that standpoint, It is correct ,
hat an ilacmi nevem' pence pm.
eillifionong Ms nations of the earth at
tide mamma. The asteptlons are hardly
vverf m entioning. NOr are there any
diasnif approaching war; and the lento
bessasiTtkine appear to be adjusting
tkenwelrea without a more to that lar.
boom alternative; , •
Tat-Tows morepotent than war are at
work, aad revolutions are going forward
iscidabinve a deeper mach into. Dorian
seeltetWeed Id/ 11 mo Mare Othathil 26.
aosatiptanywhich mere physical form I
°lfCFz°3l3/61lee,V1111; SPCA ecci
Anietlit imen ' raveitatkmbid by
inlet becollneed the . Weis which hound
themformsdarleal not that Mose malone
ai soak towhees made mom indimead ,
ent,;.tat the souls, the amscianem, of the
individuals whic cannon 'them have
temaimemadOsted, and now, for the dna
tan% the Id& Odullege of free lamed,
f r es ?IMMO, et Proving all things
and bolding Dee to thef-- which is good, m
taiga b 7 emery wan. '
,This "tato of
baa beenclavught about in Usti*,
*raid Bp* no quietly that the world
atiurge hardly Comprehends the vest
nem a t the revolution. -
Tfrer those imancliedad peoPla Miy
MO emir newly itordrold patella's' ls yet
el be sena, =Owl may gMesly Oboe
ti rears the ?ma did la their/Maid
blibillast ge:l6 alidplika`lba"
et la the Ileadpttielle 7 sit
ii .their evSth "there is no - 6 01 4.
yet, whence they may do, into edema
exuallaathey may nu:, it II as ordeal,
~- .
x _
through which the mast necessarily pus 1 groves of the nut-bearing trees, and par.
of the black. walnut. the chest
before they can booom s enlightened free- i dean
valuable in my
tun. Whatever excesses may mark tire ° sa l e ( ' dui'. the order
named. Here I ought
transtilon from thraldoarto freedom, they to es
y that the black walnut, though so
cannot last long; for they are evils which, very hardy and- Indifferent to unkind
being Intensely active In their nature, treatment, Is quite tender in one regard.
It wi ll
no bear to have stock tramping
soon cure themselves. Nothing is self. aboutfeet. A very young tree does
destracrive se atheism. Being itself a not seem to be so much affected; nor a
negation, a nonentity, there Is nothing in very old one; but a thriving, vigorous
it npon which the mind can take hold, one, between ten and twenty-five years
nothing to gore the tesserisphit rest. Is old, will be killed in one season.
w i ll might run live' Ins a vacuum, or
~ Currant Jelly Itiffer.—A table spoon
, haPs! nm-rellasurehli floating-alone an d ful of currant jet T thoroughly mixed
at e'aud9ut in Open space. The human through Audi a pint of cold water. A
soil gravitates as naturally to something sicker n may' drink as much as wished
gr e eseir tun itself, and that somet hi ng i s
_d water. ' As with all other
, Gar the sick, s little at a time, and
ha CIA lathe body gravitates to earth ' often. repeated, is the way it should be
The btu= . mind in enlightened as. g i ven . _
kind, to
lions Is too far advanced is moral science Soup Without /ffsat.--Pare and slice
ithdge of every lay
hold of beasts, or reptiles, or graven Sm. ..
four onions and eight potatoes, and put
and inowle
them in a kettle with six:quarts of water.
While they are boiling, toast a few slices
ages as it once did; while at the same of bread, which when toasted, butter and
limp the greet mars of mankind are far lay In a soup disk. When the potatoes
too „, set i os i to be satisfied w ith th e subtle and onions are well cooked, season well
Lod ri r 7: spros suirseuess which some with salt and pepper, poor over the tout,
teincerseentinsts would palm upon theret sad serve hot.
Apple 811010.-1 3 11 t twelve good, tart
as substittdeS fora more simple and Intel. apples In cold water, and set them over
ligible form:of religious belief. As ele- the fire; when soft drain the water, strip
skin off the apples,cora them, and
min in s greatmoral revolution, latched
lay them ens deep dis h. Beat the hiter
Meow In bete! , lhaelehift7 IPmemlitiest of twelve eggs toe stiff froth; put half a
It forth by men who complacently claim pond of finely powered white sugar to
be great "thinkers," will go for noth. the apples; beat them to a stiff froth, and
ad s
I d the beaten eggs. Beat the whole to
[nig, The bulk of mankind are unable to ;Vl' anowe re en A n i. i n nt r ud LT. dil n .
naiderstand them; and they would not be
s pr e ted by them if they could. "To the avoid the foul gas produced by burning a
,__ ison r i n men t a l en d owmen ts as kerosene lamp in a sick room or nursery,
urn worldly goods —" the .babel put th wfll lt g; ' l onliwdolhe en. wtxdo`wa,rtsit
p ~ and to that ultimately the the open side of the box facing the room.
h • ' and beads of the liberated millions The box
i n n c be fastened in its place In
-. lg . :imitate, sad thers• they will dad T ay ewa.
Maras a bold act, perhaps a rash one, muc h river .
convient way. In ordinary
weather the lamp will burn full as well
outside, end the air in the room will be
ok the - part of Pius IX to call an Ecn. New Method of //teaching or Disinfect.
Paathers.—Clean the feathers first
I winded Connell in ek e midst of such pro.
from thematter,and then place
found movements of the minds of the them for gmuy ir
„ , a ll ours in a dilute solution
nagons around him. It reminds one of hi chromate of potgam to w hi c h a
o '.the story of Mrs. Partington trying to small quantity of nitric acid has been ad
weep h ee l, an unusually hi g h mtem , tid e dol. The feathers will' become greenish
with her broom. The tide li still rising, from a deposit of chromic Begat-oxide,
which Is removed by weak sulphurous
4. the world is gulag with profound acid, when the feather)! are left perfectly
tweet at the struggle; and men may be white. The nascent oxygen developei
st d
Dung toy reg a rd it w ith som ething in the reduction of chromic acid to the
th e s um is s i mp as they was p, ,„ oxide Is, of canna, the bleaching agent,
" L "' and so powerful Is It that the darkest
tie between the Atlantic ocean and feathers will become perfectly white.
ft ruginstry old lady. Remedy for in Growing Toe Naas.—
, The best remedy for in-growing toe nails
is to cut • notch, about the shape of a V
In the end of the nail, about one quarter
the width of the nail from the ingrow
ing side. Cut down to the quickas near
ly as possible, and one third the length of
the natl. The pressure of the boot or
shoe will tend to close the opening you
have mute in 'the nail, and thus soon
afford relief. 'Allow the in-grown por
' don of the nail to grow without cutting
Mill it gets beyond the flesh.
A Good Lip-Saloe.—Equal parts of
sweet lard and suet, melted together, col
ored with alkanet root, and perfumed with
essence of bergamot
A Nies Dish of Apples.—Take a deep
dish. invert a teaeop in the middle, and
slice around it some juicy; tart, high fla
vored apples; then add a little: water,
sugar and nutmeg, cover with a good,
rich, light crust, and bake until nicely
browned and the apples thoroughly cooked
1 —Agricu' /Wrist.
Transpareng Soap.—Shave in thin slices
one pound of brown bar soap, and put it
In a junk bottle with half a pint of alco
hol. Without corking the bottle, place it
In a bsain containing water, put the basin
on the stove and boil ten minutes. then
remove the bottle from the water, and
turn out the liquid to cool. - Before cold,
aid s few drops of oil of bergamot or
lemon for went.
Plied Dread.--Slices of toasted bread,
dipped in milk or wine, and fried in honey,
are excellent. Then, instead of milling
' them "fried bread," they are torejas, an
1 excellent Spanish delicacy, I an SWIM I
you. Please understand there is neither i
hotter nor lard. Simply melt the honey
is a pan, and when It Is very hot put In
the bread, which is served hot also, after
becoming nicely browned. Lovers of
honey ran take notice.
ofwdßf—rsCheop.naea s h , etough ends
or raw suet about as large as half an egg,
season with pepper and salt, and a little
dried summer savory; then add two well
beaten eggs, with about half a pint of
dried bread rolled fine, or as much rolled
crackers, and a place of fresh butter as
large as an - egg, make into a long roll,
with flour enough to keep It together, put
into a baking pan, with dripping as large
as half an egg, and water enough to keep
from burning. Bake as you would a
wasting piece of beef; when• cold, alioe
thin for the table. Some eat it with vide
Paring Potatoes.—Many persons, In
preparing potatoes for cooking, pare off a
thick slice from the surface. Professor
Blot, in his' lectures on the potato, says
the skinning process is all wrong, as the
strength of the vegetable lies near the
=face—the starch growing less abundant
as the centre is approximated. The
starch near the aurfsoe contains the nutri
ment, which Is not more than seven or
eight per cent., the balance being merely
Pretty Plana for /a-doors—Take &com
mon tumbler or fruit can, and fill it near
ly full of soft water. Then tie a bit of
coarse lace or cheese seeking over, and
press down into the water, covered with
a layer of peas. In a few days they will
sprout, the little thread like note going
down through the lace into the, water,
and the vines can be trained up to twine
around the window; or, what Is prettier,
a frame may be made for the purpose.
Here is' another pretty thing, with but
&little trouhle. Taken saucer and All it
with fresh green moss. Place In the
centre s pine cone (Large size,) having
drat wet it thoroughly. Then sprinkle It
thoroughly with grass seed. 'The mois
ture win close the cone partially, and In
a day or two the tiny grass spires will sp.
pear In the interstices, and in a week you
will have a perfect cone of beautiful ver
dure. Keep necare from the frost, and
give it plenty of :water, and you will
have "a thing of beauty"-ail the win
- ter.
The Tammany Thee I, to all appear
•ea about - to tame the eopreme wain
the city of New York. This is prob.
ly the ,most ablmekuly corrupt bend
ruffians and scoundrels in the world;
7 - -
sled with an triune revenue of more than
twenty millions in their power, they are
stile to do what they please. They have
IC' debauched and ',flamed the rabic, who
ere tinder the lend of thieve', rum sellers,
gamblers and desperados, that even the
leaders of the Democracy are unable to
exorcise the devil that they have let loose
to plunder the 'citizens. The future of
that great city Is gloomy In the extreme;
=may require a civic revolution,
g like that which purified Ban
pideco omee years ago, to 'relieve it
misruh<he new remarks
There le every reason to tieneve that
the power of the Tammany Ring will
roll over and crush all that has been
Mast; honed. offident and enlightened
In our municipal government. Under
the itiretenos of restoring municipal
eights, all authority not wielded by that
Organization is to be seized, and the ele
ments that make and control the Com
fy:in Council sod the Street Department
will sew the powers of the Board ot
Health, tba,Board of Excise, the Pollee
end the Tire Departments. The roughs,
the rabble, the repeaters, the grosshoP
keepers—in abort, the lowest strata gen
erally demand lt, and the leaders, how
ever theixkurfdreill the Izidbenition of
the future, are powerless to resist. They
have promised she spoils es the reward
of victory, and thew will not and probs. '
bly cannot be refused. Men who desire
loose the city wellanwarnoa, and wilt be
sad to see many of the beet men in office
in this city go out, may as well prepare
' for the worst. Nothing Is more clear than
List the Democratic 'victory is eaaentially
real:gods movement, and an actual
umph of the disorganizing elements
In our midst. Those who rejoice mod are
the worst clues of oar people, end they
"lone are gainers—except sa these lead
ent gain with thud:_
Wont soft JAIWABIN—UnIess the
Weather should be much colder during
5337 nth than It has been in any part of
ber, a great deal of outdoor work
be done In the West
tHeou would be benefited by work,
ore or leis every week during the win ,
ter; and when theta is nothing for them
to do, they Should be turned out to run a
few ken inch day.
Ilmtrood. should, be chopped, hauled
lad riend in . the . Ind , enough to last
thiethe months; ' If any family Is unfortu
nately without dry fuel for present use,
let the green wood for the cooking stove
be seasoned In the even, when It is not
Otherwise in use.
iHop . not 'intended for slaughter this
liter thould still be kept In good condi
on and growing; because if stinted in
food white young they will be stunted in
size when growing. Corn will go one
third further In 'keeping liege fat, When
boiled or steamed, than if fed dry. Good
elwn hey, -, or cornstalks ! , chopped up,
O,i , Y, andinthol with meal, is excel
lent winter food. .
1 Eggs, at 40 and 50 cents a dozen, will
logy well for encouraging hens to lay in
Winter. This can be done with a coin
fortablechicken boon, wall lighted, pro
- •i-. from excessive cold, and kept
eleaP4 ~.- 2 . Refine Cabbage IWO, end
bushed potatoes, With an occasional teed
• 1 cracklings or offal from the butcher's
op, will thultinly. the product of the
este. , .
Pressing.—This pleasant winter wea
n hi, Sp* ' favorable for pruning old
; en
that have been neglected. A dab
f the pahis•brush,or a thin 'coating of
rugwax, will protect wounds from
tarp sari may be greatly diminished
en season by destroying their eggs
- eynay be found glued In broad bands
It the ends of twigs through the orchard.
Linters had better be wheeled or haul
od upon the garden. or scattered in the
Orchard; than allowed to accumulate In a
pile nut the weather, and half of its
value escape in liquid and evaporation.
I ja`MirrespOndent of the Cluitioator say'
4 new branch of industry has been start
by a nursery firm in Ohio, which in
y mind will, within the next ten years,
developed into grand proportions.
tustimt advertise for sale many thou
d young Chestnuts, from four to six
feet high, sat that they Intend to
Liszt ids- fall . one husdred and fifty
labels. If this firm condom its labors
..thet chestnut. , -I: bops some : others,
trAY Intelligent will give their ratan
on to the black , walnut, the butternut,
the Pitiems*.vad indeed the hickory alao.
I have, of my own planting and transplan-
Ing,ln my garden, the - chestnut twelve
feet high and about two Inches in diame
ter; the black walnut twenty feet high,
ilk Inches In diameter, and the pecan not
erchttge as the chestnut—all plantedabout
tbesanse time, tan years ago. Theehem,
nate have not brdne,' neither have the
pettana. but the black walnuts have given
two crepe of tints. I find the chestnuts
ay to fferminate m corn and easy
Impugn - to transplant the spring it Is a
ray cad; after toe, though it seems to
late Mums roots In plenty, it is difficult
to make It live. The pecan is worse, in
this regard, than the chestnut: but
Careful root-pritelng, r - the year pre;
item to removal t helps the matter. Bet
Neck Whihot Is my favorite. No tree Is
More easily grown from the nut, more
Ore .to live :'rhea transplanted; none
grows faster, bears earlier, or has more
desirable, handsome' and high-priced
Wood. Black walnut has reomtly become ,
fashionable in England and Continental
Europe. It islooked upon as the equal
If not gaped , or to mahogany, and our
markets feel the Influence of this fashion.
All the dry blade walnut in Indiana, I
understand, has been bought opal prices
ranging fkorn 5 to 10c. a look a ht.. and
sent Esst to the fiesboard, and thence the
beetle taken AO Europe. -The original
growth 'ls% In s; firs. years have been
cleaned out Of thi country. I would like
tO see it become the fas Won for farmers
and all lead owners in the prakie to plant
pound of salt to twenty•two pounds of
batter, wltich requires working well in
the butter.
In regard to putting down butter for
winter use, and to have It keep sweet, it
is important to apply salt to butter at
the late of one ounce to every pound of
butter, or one pound of salt to sixteen
pounds of butter. After the salt bag been
worked in, the butler should be allowed
to stand twentylour hours, and then be I
worked over again. By this second I
working It la not only rendered more solid I
andcompact, but thesaltis inorstherough•
ly incOrporated, and the butter will keep
sweet &longer time. .
It is then ready to be put in clean jar.'
—I prefer atone jant—and cover It with'
a strong brine'of pure soft water: Thbt
will keep butter a year fresh and sweet,
as we have tried it and know from exper
ience..-The brine, in the case of a jar,
acts as a heading, keeping the air Ont.
This Is equivlent to canning fruit.
A Unpin TAISLIL—To aid all farmers
to arriving at accuracy in estimating the
amount of land in different fields under
cultivation, the following table Is given :
Five yards wide by 988 yards long; or,
10 yards wide by 484 yards long; or, 20
yards wide by 242 Yards long; or 40
yards wide by 121 yardsiong; or, 9.0 yards
wide by 64 yards long; 0r,70 yards
wide by 68 k yards long, eac contains
one acre. Or, a plot 240 feet wide by 108
feet long; or, 440 feet Wide by 99 feet
long , or, 110 feet wide by 889 feet long;
or, 60 feet wide by 720 feet long ; or, 120
feet wide by 983 feet long; or, 240 feet_
wide by 184 feet long, each contains one
Few people fully appreciate the Import.
ance of thoroughly lubricating the axles,
etc., of wagons-and carriages, and fewer
know what ere the bat materials and the
best methods of applying them. A well
made. wheel will endure common wear
from ten to twenty• Ave year', If care is
taken to use the right kind and pro.
per amount of grease; but if this matter
is not attended to, they will be used up
in five or six years. Lard should meter
banned on a wagon, for It will penetrate
the hub, and work Its way out around the
tenons of the spokes and spoil the wheel.
Tallow is the beat lubricator for wooden
axle trees, and castor oil for Iron. Just
grease enough should be applied to the
spindle of a wagon to give it a light cost
ing; %hats betterthanstersribr the sm.
plus put on will work out at the awls,
and be forced by the shoulder bands and
nut-waahers Into the hub around the
, outside of the boxes. To oil an axle
' tree, first wipe the spindle clean with a
cloth wet with spirits of turpentine, and
then apply a few drops of castor oil near
the shoulders and end. One teaspoonful
L sufficient for the whole.
It may bee matter of Interest to some
of our readers to state that girdled fruit
trees can be saved; and we see. no good
reason. why the tame treatment will not
bare the same effect upon all trees. The ,
experiwent has been tried with Batista°.
tory results. Tho method Is as follows:
To graft five or six scions, as !rage around
as a plpe stem, and long. enough to reach
over the girdled place into the tree. Fast
notch the live bark above and below the
girdle, then spring the shoots or scions
into these notches and fatten the ends
with wax. The principle is, that the
scions grow rapidly and spread over the
girdled surface. We have been told by a
gentleman who gave this method a trial
that he saved some very tine 'knit trees In
this way, after they had been apparently
ruined by the gnawing of mice.
It is Indispeneable that butter should
come hard in the churn. If It does not,
no subsequent manipulation can make a
good article of It. This Is secured In
warm weather by ice pounded fine In a
bag and thrown in the
mixes throug h
the prow time. This mixes through the
freshly granulated particles of butter,
compacting and hardening them. But.
ter may beworked too much, and enough
to spoil It. The smallestamount of hand
ling or working, so aa to extract the we.
ter and buttermilk; Is desirable when
onl for Immediate marketing or use.
Whe y n
butter Is to be kept for two weeks,
it should be salted at the rate of one
Taxx the inside bark of sweet elder,
boll to a strong Intbsion ; strain it, then
add equal parts of beeswax and mutton
tallow ; say to one•half pint of the liquid
a piece of mutton tallow and beeswax
about the size of a hen's egg; simmer
until the water is out. If a sober that
ment is desired, use fresh butter Instead
of mutton tallow. Here you have a re.
ceipe for an ointment which is invaltiable
as a healing remedy for erysipelas, sores,
cuts, chilblains, and sores of all kinds,
and especially exoelleht for buma.-.Huret
New" Yorker.
Exi3oviumon Sinuous is hopeful of
the tutors of cheese making In this coon.
try. In a recent letter he says; "The
use of cheese in this country is Increas.
ing as the quality grows better. The
plans' and efforts to cheapen cost and lat.
prove the quality are vigorous and well
directed. In this respect it Is far ahead
of any otherfarming pursuit."
The cabbage worm is an English irte
portation, which is spreading very rapid
ly. Complaints of its ravages are made
in Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire and
Major Flarbes, at the recent fair held at
Helena, Mentana, exhibited slot or wheat
which averaged eighty-two bushels US the
Those-who have strawberry plants that
have not been covered for the winter,
should not delay this very necessary ope.
ration. A very light dressing, even a
half inch in depth, will do. Bog or salt,
hay, straw and leaves, are the materials
generally used, Corn-stalks are some.
times laid between the rows, and pine
leaves are used where they are readily
obtainable. It is the earth rather than
the plants that needs covering; take care
that the material la not too thick over the
• American cheese, it is asserted, is now
sold - abroad in large quantities, and some
times as real "Stilton," or "Cheddar."
About eighty years ago a cheese dairy
was established in New York, and now
t. 0,000,000 of capital are Invested In the
manufacture. The official statistics of
IRV show that 200,000,000 pounds of
cheese were made in New York.
A. correspondent of the Western Rural
has cleared his own hands and those of
his friends from warts, by rubbing them
with chalk a few evenings befoie going to
_ _ _ _
" Farmers should not feed string home,
cooked or uncooked, to hogs. They will
surely kill them. -
L. .1. Thomas says that fortunes are lost
by farming In three ways—in badly win.
tering stock, in want' of proper attention
to rotation of crop, and in raising weed'.
He calculates that It Is easy for a armor
to lose $20,000 In forty years by raising
A Letter from ter- 'liftabl.
last Jinuary, it geems, Mr. Stanton
was obliged to give np his profesidon and
rest,. in order to recover his health and
strength. But the great war minister—
the man who hid disposed of millions for
years—was too poor to live without work,
and was obliged to ask of a friend the
loan, for a- year or two, of a sum of mon
ey. A resident of Cleveland - bearing of
this, sent Mr. Stanton a check for five
thousand dollars, begging him to accept
itas a token of his gratitude for the grist
services Mr. Stanton had rendered the
~To this Mr. Stanton made the follow
ing reply, an honorable to his independ
ence of character as his poverty was to
his rectitude:
"Wm:smarm Corr, Jan. 29,1862.
"My DEAR TVILND: I regret to learn
by Mr. H.'s note, received this morning,
that your illness mentioned by Mr.
continues to afflictyou. My own severe
indisposition has delayed the acknowledg
melt of your unexampled and disinter,
ested kindness to one who had no ISADD,
I upon your personal - generosity. liisnr
prised mo beyond measure, as the first
and only practical appreciation. among
many thousand venial and sincere words
of affectionate respectthat I have received.
But, my dear Mend, I cannot suffer even
your kindness to have the form yon desire.
Never a rich mm, but tolling for liveli
hood from childhood—the eldest of a
family of orphan children, with many
hisvy burdens of duty upon me, Provi
dence has always enabled me to win sup
port. for myself and those dependentnpon
me, without being a borrower or owing
any debt. For the chance of restoring
my health, by a • few months. rest from
labor, my application was made to Mr.
rus it would Dave been to a brother.
Your kindness and respect, developed in
this unexampled manner and by acci
dent, affords me more joy than could
gold and silver, even for the pampers of
my present wants. But ono thing more
is needed. While your generous friend.
ship will be cherished among the most
pluvial events of my life, with the re•
membranco of your disinterested oantri
nation to the efforts at ita preservation
from disease, even' in the hour of your
own suffering, yet I must beg you to taks
my note at twelve months for the amount,
which I hue forwarded with this to
Mr. for delivery.
"If my We be spared • and -health re.
stored, I hope to find no trouble in mak;
log payments mit of the gains of my pro.
fessioa. If my time hes . come, or lam
called while the debt is outstanding, my
estate will have enough to pay it. And,
my dear friend, this will in no degree
diminish the obligation imposed by your
friendship. That is too precious ever tn,
change or fade from my heart.
"My health improved for some time
from the condition it wu In at Cleveland,
and gave promise of full restoration; but
recent exposure in crossing the mountains
and professional labor at Wheeling bas
occasioned - some trouble, from which I
am now recovering. I hope, my dear
friend, that you and those who love you
may soon violet at the restoration of your
health, and among them all no heart will
be more sincerely glad than mine.
Esq., Cleveland, 0."
The State Treasurer and His Enemies.
The Harrisburg rekgraph says that
the present Incumbent was elected one
year ago to rescue the treasury of the
State from a band of plunderers, and to
permanently remove from politics a
source of annual trouble and injury to the
party in power. These same plunderers
have made the most desperate attempt
ever made to again grasp the State funds
for another year's pecdation and theft.
Mr. Mackey has again been nominated
that he may cam out a thorough reform
in tins department;.and one year more of
this able and capable officer will forevee
remove from politicians and plunderers
the motives for a struggle to gain posses
don of the treasury.
It should not be forgotten that the
abuse of Mr. Mackey was begun the eery
week be was sworn into office. It was a '
sort of deeply laid plot to thwart his re
forms, and to secure his defeat. This
plot was the most elaborate and compre
hensive of anything yet developed bloat
State oolitic*. Its ramifications extended
to every part of the State. Men of abilit,y
were Assigned to leadership In Phlladel
phis, In Pittsburg, in Erie, in the 01l re-
Ilion. and In the central part of the State.
Zemy effort was made to either elect a
Legislature prejudiced against hum by syn.
tcmatic abuse and misrepresentation, or
one which could be manipulated to defeat
Lim if abuse failed to move them, Mang
. -
Ind' maniplation have both fitl.ed, and
this faithful public servant is twain the
candidate of the Republican party in the
Legislature for State Tressurra. We re
joice to see that the action ot the Senate
promises to probe this whole matter to
the bottom • and we hope that the inquiry
will expose those who have heretofore
plundered the State, and who have been
so eager to etigniatize those who have
driven them off se the perpetrators of the
very crimes lbw have committed, and
now struggle to obtain the power that
they may rereat them.
The Telegraphic 'Strike.
It Is asid that the striking operators
have surrendered the right of pinta
judgment, and placed themselves Ours
serveredly in the hands of their leaders,
by means of an oath administered, u fol
lows: . •
Ton do , solemnly swear in the pres
ence of Almighty God and these wit
nesses, that you will make common
cause with the members of this league;
that, forsaking your allegiance to corpo,'
rations and individuals, you will, if ne
cessity. requires It, place your time and
services at the disposal of the ofil.era of
the Telegraphers' Lague. Bo help you
The members also subscribe to the col!
lowing pledge:
/, A. 8., do hereby acknowledge that
having becoine a voluntary member of
the Telegraphers' Protective League, and
being made cognizant with -its objects
and intentions, I have bound myself by a
solemn oath to bear true allegiance to the
said league, and Ido hereby pledge my
sacred honor that I will act in whatever
manner may be required to the advance
ment and protection of -its members, and
-will obey all such rules or orders u may
be promulgated through the proper offi
cers and sanctioned by the vote of the
circuit ofWhich I am a member.
BECUolla,,article 9, of the constitution,
alum provide* that no member shall be at
liberty to leave his regular duties, to op
erate in any I other town or city, under
orders from any telegraph company,
without hiving first received permission
from the chief operator (the title of the
chief of the local organization of the
Magee) of the circuit to which he at the
time belongs.
ands et rotile who tweezed it eau testi', to
eattiordleszy merits—some of them las gone
ilk ellseiseeof lnelaap eealestinn.. 7 .ga...
It Is Without qiestion one of the sOsediSst
well as the most soothing of 'll lung medicines
It will ears the worst ease of Asthma
It .11142eloorstaadisig noes of Bronctitits.
jt wlkrotro irplltlng of blood.
It will elm • common cough In • few days.
It wUI aim the fora dui of nwe•throst ro
It will aura catarrh ID the bel.4
Besides moat other &now of the 1
, 1111 p Sod
ertwe• if any one will reLeet
i b4 muter they will 000 QM , Mena Wet, 0
mar W gresilOned by ob4ornetton fa:aoms •
the ehminola that eV:ablate morbid =attar friar
pans one them channels.
Dr. Herber's Lunn Care. eahlial. l i remote
•hatrmath.o. It at the same alma/leasleaned
en mad plestoto to the blood. tootbes
youth ausfaces of the throat ead home mad
wltlud a wholesome and Masashi tatltelue to
take.' It L oted with [root .nOhitf to the
touting au d decay of the howertof the netts,
ea/ It will Impart to all the arum renewed Moir
sad eaergl.
The winter months are tbsne which are asnally
regarded as the moat prolific of coughs andoalds,
sad ...meting invalid • during the winter are
mostly foreerareed to keep Indoor., forth. rea
son that the cold la apt to produce a !oedema la
the lailaaattory action aaa tamest
Lore 0100001 dialeall to can. Dr. Kelaee't
LUIS Oats Domes to tba-eld of d'screand nature,
helpa also to make owe and seta Mood to old to
to. natant/0a ranelnd of puts. If sll who
road thu s artlo, 0411 hat try oltehotiliof Dr.
Sam% Loag Cori; It mill 11121.112 Ce them men
of the.nett of what we u 7 th as 'Loathing we.
eau writ,. It epostdoes to it some of the most
valeable articles of the sioterfer amofee, mid no
oaf ea& are It without benefit. Go and see Dr.
Sesser es We Great Medical 011ee, JOT Liberty
Meet. °See boars from nine It the morning
until one In the afternoon, and from three
Welock until ILL In the evening. and seven netil
nine et night.
DIRCIIIM A 6, 1669
What Ls the rational undo of pinoodaro In cues
of comma debility and I:lCrvoss promotion?
Does not reason U II no that Jodlntou stboula-
Von Is repotted. To resort to violent narration
In suet a ease Is as an and os It would be to blood
'tanning nun. Yet it Is none every dar. TeiN
this stupid and onolnooofhlool lunette* Is con
tinned In the teeth of the foof that nonno.
wrakness.vit ta all the iv:reams dlottirentee• that
acconlynn• It, Is more certainly and sandly re- '
Boned Ilvdetter`e Stole see Bitters than byte,
other ',LAMM., at present knave. Itte Inn that
~,,, al debility In often a:tended wits torpidity
or I rre inlartty of the bowels. and th at this symp
tom man not be overlookeo. not While the dia.
ed O f f L I
roil! rd. 11 f et eO of heart ee=
'roe in ***both. - Theyeembine ap rten*end
asti-billeal prevent smith extraitrelanry tante
power. s yen w ternorttn nom
tee bovvis. they tone and incine ratethose or.
sans. Thrones Ine.steameb. pon which the
crest nteetabls specie° seta directly. (fees a
healthy and permanent Impetus tots ery scree.
bled fe•etion. Ilinestion le feat Hated. the /al
' Una{ airs mantles reenlist. d. tbeblind tandem a
with a tow accession of the alimentary prlncitile
the nuns beyond, and all the dormant bowers
of the sync= mused Into ben , thy tenon. net
•Pvcentien 4 7. as would Tv the cam If • mere
slime ant were mo totted. bet for • enigma
anee. It Is In this way that etch entree: Waal
chances are Istostabt In the condition at the
feeble. emaciated and Detente horalbis by the
ate of this vendetta* corr. ctlye.'niteratire sad
WM. Let common tent, decide bevrvit mach
a preps nylon sad • most.. Ind cathartic sop ..k
-mented by a poleononsimtriagenslite elavmsnine
or palate.
I k,;44N-E`44:
: LA_BEI,ING - r 7 l
We' ehe Pas prewar - ea euvplieee hh3
feters. It Is perkoh ehh he Phalli Pe
ee e
oleln top, beha i the Imam of the, Tangle,
Fruits ethappel'h the cap e r. tedlatlah hen
tap aelatt o r . ...e. alPhhhee Mahal SP" .
HUl:bar% Didinetly and Parzessedly
trf Mealy plarlut the Rl of Ito fruit Us
rrla Couto. oppoUte tha_polator hod oorjtoic la
the costothery manses. So Drwerror or VMS Cle
lOW h.... 1.014. Via any oiler !miler and
sedans . hum
axairiAlv 2' l _roV
?nthmaws Accouurs
.Frank/in Sub-Dlstriet School,
JANI:111121" 1, 11170
issosl7 L Ilalone. mil:told oecoont..s 3991191
Bounty Iced.. L .45 59
MIT O. Coal (ton Jo,. A. Bauer.
Word Col.ector
Sept. 95. Coal nt J
Tres.. fro Scheel Taxes.— 3.1155 95
Total outmost MC 40,733 73
PAW r Tatoronte $ 110 SO
•• Itersity—Cameolar Wont ... 1147 TO
. • • rotating 341 40
" Pow Mooing and Whits.
• Coal
• New 8011.
• Swathes ,
Total moan% ei►anded 42 I" 54
Balance Cub on band 3 5.1
We, the oldershfeed, h.bleo ". .P l Po t itt 7 e 3 .l
to att , lt the ,eettouts oaths R' beta
of the
lerantho Itob•Dis , rlet school, report.
SLIM2I.I3t W en? eel
• • • •
• • • IUnN Ii.PARLAND,
A history of the Byron Controver.v. from the
neglening to the enema time. By itarri•l
Dee -her Hume. . ...... .....61.6(/
TeNNItiON% 11 . 01. Y.
One volosie. 111904 elJth 61.00
one volume, paper 96
One vethame. lame, paper 111
21•PliZI('S 111161ead..1.1111 la WOK kN.
811111.1.91.11 61C4/1.1.Z0T10 6 6 OP A 6 BUSY
0111119 • it DBVILLOPMBA OP
-Liotiesstiter. lly e.
• ptid
1111119111 .. . By the sie.ho2 of ABA Ultra
€l, DAVIS :sc. co.,
(TaTitossßut Halldhat.Ltbetty Weft.) Vila.
ter Term 'begin. PONDAT. Joausy
CtredUito be Itts4 from the rtisalrig•
tbdesra 1 UT. T. L. ULU.
400 1 . V, 1.4 .A..
Nos. 180 and 182 Federa
At 8 14e. Good Duk Calicos.
At Dug Maims, good guilt
add Mkt.
It !it. Doable Width Poplin, all colon.
It 1! 1-te., 4-4 Soft Diahied Lulli.
It It 14f. Good Font C.lored Glagitems.
It lie. Heavy illicit Toirelldg.
It It 1-2 e. Heavy Linea Toweling, extra
ei d
It lie. 111-wool ob Ray Flannels.
it fie. Tery 11 Ty Grey Twilled Flannel.
It lie 111-woelttuelmeres.
At 90e. 111-woorhblo COM.
It 1011. Plaid Breakfast glawh.
It $l.OO Bnakiut dimwit, a good baulk.
Al 40e. each, ICEVI 140111111 M 1 DraWcri.
It $3.70 a pair, 10-4 good Whits Skikda
At $3.40 a pair, 11-4 Reavy While Blaaketo
6.0 =.
Extremely Low Prices
Seery Style and Quality
Gtal# and
• ass•: V• 811111191 EMI
Collars, Setts,
Handkerchief and Chemizettes,
Linen Itmbroidered Setts, in Amy
Brodie Scarb, Silk Scads.
Roman and Embroidered Sashes,
Sash and Bow Ribbons, bandsome
styles just received,
Fine French Flowers,
Willow and Ostrich Plumes,
Bonnet Ilelv4 Trimming Satins,
Boulevards Skirts,
Preach Corsets,
Silk and Alpaca Umbrellas.
Fine Silk Fans, Fancy Belts,
Jet and Plated Jewelry.
Ladies' Cardigan Jackets,
Traveling Satchels.
Cloves and Hosiers
Marino and Wool Underarm:.
Gents' Neck Wear.
Handianthief Bows and Ties,
Purse Warmers, &a
77 AND 79 NEW ST
3DI,4kMCYN - 1:114,
O N TxJE , SD4Y,
MoVAD.,_ r,
r Fe.deral Sheet, 'Allegheny.
WDIAIdOWINk filviden slid reilteiise.
males and imd.
Wan tatriragetiazo
Wl'ittrimum GOODS AIM VadZel.
10. pilit e lir Vati i° PkatAw sTATtr.
NY. entirely new deelene In roup.;
eiletwa . c4 rests, alumni, antlein•
~.ratimig .piIIiTINOSI e:V ele .
EA' tra b :ril ' ilira. i 'd Wlll . bt u ji
Oandpostlllll.7 law.
til i
• 961 T. &PADDEN, Jr. 19 6,
130 CO
070 00
Ow juDz:l4
Transit Observationa
Of the Stan at Our Opubtertatory.
J. R. REM) it (Mk,
Jettelerts,, No. 88 Fifth Aveatte.
11. libeet7
GUlVAlVltr o AlDerttpo.,
wHoLkairs numnor
To reign sad Bamestie Dry Bad
W Ard Was Wow DI Wowl ra.
PR= O 311 Si
Stret, Allegheny City.
New Styles Dark Calicos.
SWling Muslin.
• /Wow Case Mastins,
Elheeting Muslin.
Irish Linens and
Shirt Fronts,
/Nankai and Fiannidos
Table Linens.
and 182
Nos. 180
181 Weic)(l Sat
Will be found the Largest, Best
and Cheapest Stock of Ladles',
Misses' and Gents' Fars to select
flout In the City. All the late
styles of Hats and Caps dallying
Oil Cloths, Window zi
At the Lowest Prices Ever OM&
MA, al purrs arrarvs,
asovt WOOD WWI:
Ingrain Carpets,
Positive Reduction ii Prices
Trittogi Russ, -
crumb Ciothey
4 1 14., be.
B,ED - trcriol!ES.
The alterEttions and im-
Foments of our Sales
rooms now in progress, make
it necessary for us to im
mediately dispose of a large
portion of our stock of
Hearth Rugs, &0.,
Many goods will be sold
at prices below the present
wholesale cost. Call at once at
ounit leCISNTOCS & cc's,
Se Fifth /Mama
11, 11, 2, 21, 3, 31, 31 lid 31
suroble for Parlors.
Woolen, Linen and Catole -
Nowithsteaft:eatetil Jai"
71 and 73 Fifth Avent.'s•
bßit reCONAHY,
11l PIDUIL asset si Taut,
Our Goods we Gnsurpassed
78 and 80 Market Street. ,
met Clelldren't test Cinches fir be
hUdren's hit Medan for 50e
Sail Shoulder Shawls for 73e
$.l 00 lilt !boulder Shawls for $t 00
ant lilt Rood' ui fops for lir
hit float for 60 nits
In Priees'of '
It Irtc., thildreei Balmonl Staking!.
lea's Wool Mixed Socks
At 40e„ Gny !nits Drawn
►t 40t., iten't gray Merino Skirts
►t lie., Ladles' Hoop Skirts
At 60f., Ladles' Hop %kilts.
Ladies' and Children's
4 z
g V 1
'.:)- ,115 P,
A 41
.z a x ,
aM aa 414 1
ci2 O il g 4 Zg
A / A
0 ; ° °Frig4;l
gi 04 g N
E-1 12) al ri
1;11 Dm 5° d
g 0 z
0 fis 4
(Opyowlte isad Of Weal
are receiving lam Wlnmenu o[
New Crop New Orleans
it 27ieg give 12 ker cent. tare
on at:Sugar by the opehead•
11 . 0111URY.
Yaws wools. Pea. fs.
CaUm , . Nancy Wool.. Patois..
CUM...aV While Wooten
Cid Mie s .. White Neat? Woolen Gaiters.
W 1.14 and Tasty Wialta Itlttras.
Waits' Woolen Naas, Caps a. d Boots. •
Ladles' aall
Osat , .. Tooth.; sae Bate' Uadarshlrt. aid
Old Stand:Stocking Store
*a TUTU Amami.
Gate lanadlig &tabllitand,
SIFrrYi4I .111.ViaN113.3e.
Nunl aztin — IIIWI I, - •
Getnend fs ono Wants. wltbost Wedhig
Inning' 'mans; Bunions and Dionne inflo
Bonond In tairnUniteo. oinsation pare
maned .ou.s Pm* n bk. 1 0 •41 •
Punt bouillon immedlately l
BO volsonolos medicine man •
Xo nen lint after opaline
Ihearsod and Stiff Junta *ream menu
71st-am and Chilblains co In a fles/ days.
Bantaatlon Weil CR =Mum refunded. Good
Gety Balunnon &pone
One. Mons Ron A. it. to 19 K., sad Ito 11
b. B. anuelan. 9so lab or x.
Remember On pins, 49 Sixth street. old
SL'OlYq ag stodr4 '
PICTIIBIBOI I I. inlsburat. p..
1- dna. •
$200,000 WORTH
alc,sseia C:Mt 171
NO. 69 141-.41-
• .
NMI • meld lisserderelY. re order re utile te
01 ba .clased sallfasday sad Tseeday. Jassy
sv sra OE sad Um peter or reereerige aSd
7 E me r 40offereci
~,„. 8 ,41, Sabi Is fib
WAstiLsGTON. Oolobes' 11169. f
nd lie!. of new klud..owu .to
non th e
or a
the Lora. and Kcy. nmnou the ed
Mates malls, will be merited at this
Ucpatl- -
mint until -0 oleck 4k; r., the 34 day et PRII
ROARt:IB7O. It i desirable to obtain Look. ,
and Keys or .....sastructloo forth. ennlve
use of the United Stelesstall.. and.if praetteahle,
luvented eattressly (or that ttrrane. S. tee et.
;snore of A model Diet and 'Key to public exint. •
!nation would Impair. If not ....troy, Ito et lit 7
for the marls, the Department preMlb. , ;k5
Model for Waal". Het rellei for Ite Kiernan*
the •Pechams of methanteal skill end inge nutty
wbteh a fair competition among Inventors. he
by Invited, may develop. It is cueleleat to do
ses ibs the priuelpal rennialtes of • Mall Look. Mi.
follows PelPLlnking uniform , : T. beco , itr.
. . durability. novelty or eltak
- • kind, of
f emit bled of Leeks a... 1 •
molted to be tobut , tted iel hmi
ow .r eta .nape Leek to to rivet•
Bamples o .
%wed, sze
ad Aniseed, and another to loe open or
so that Its Internal structure as' d ar,
rangenteet wily email) be exasolued. Ever/
maple should he plainly marked with the bid
der,. name, and. If the .aura or any port of It
The Interna , slut or armament of tit. Locks
• tend. and the particular shave of the Key. te.
They oust be warranted not to infringencon
of conflict with any patented Invention of which
be bidder Is cot the petard es. Preference will
be ghee to is Lock, the Key of which has 005
been entwined to 'general °Do nation or been
pticticty dOorthed, chariest Woe suggested.
* decision On the various specimens ai.d Pro- .
besets 'rill be made en or heroes the ad day of
MARCH, 11110; and unless the Postmast , r Oen- .
veal t ball deem It to baler the lobo est, of the
Dopsytmepl to Meet LtinPropooleand abed-
Woo entrtaltted finder this advertise:neat, Pe
rtibt hereby expressly moaned to him.) con
tracts 5111 De :blared into as soon tberrafoxen.
piseticable, with the sumo tat bidder whore
Locks Oen be adopted. ror fhentslattig sindfir
Lheks and Kg,. for lber peen, as they soy
required ant ordered. If mutually agreed sa
in writing , y the coetracoraod Postmaster it e a-
dal. furele tbne beteg. not leo (banal: months
plratton, the contact may be ei•
• taloned for an aldltloatl team
. Bat on and ifter the exatratlon
of tha contract, or on and snit
of four
of elth
In 'lnhibit ennui:mud at any time. the Penmen - ,
ter General /hall here the right to contract with
or empoy any other party to furnish the'setne, •
or soy other - kind of Locke an I iteye; and If he
stall &cm proper to demand and receive from
the lute or defrult•ng contractor all Mildred
or tmnitiehed Heys and the intermit:ante of toe ' •
Locks centraeted for, and all Cita, reuses end
designs, (which would auntie otters to make or
forge wee Locks and Kern in the Pones/don . of
such contractor. who, after their surrender te•',
the •Denattment Wall be paid for the same. at .
price as may be aftertained by fair' alb '
pi - ramming.
The contractor meat sane .d be able/. tae'
nick, if required and ordered, 20,000
Locke and 3,000 Bran 'Keys within (6/ecru/intim' '
Into the time of entering into contract.: and •
80,000 iron Locks 2.160.080 Iron Keyewl h.
to ten months from luck time. But the Post
master elements 10leserve the right to Inereasi
or diminish, ea the wants or interim/a of the err.
vice may demand, the quantities of the Locks
and Ks ys above specified. with • nroPortlonete
allowance of time to fenders them.
All the Locke fernirlied by the contractor mu. •
be warranted to keep In good working order fe
two: years in the, onlinan eof the nester.
when not subjected to *Wel violence; seek as •
become defectives/Rhin that time to be replaced,
with perfect Looks without Orman. All the
Locks tarnished tinder contract are Lobe, each.
distinctly marked ”11. 8. Mall," JO either sunk •'
or 'ldled le tten, and all the Keys are Or be num-, ~.
bored In the natant Order; each Key having It!
eppropriate number filstinctiv stamped upoa one
side of the bows/ad 8. Mall' , on ' thu opposite •
Tim contractor will be required to delver the
Locks at his expense at the Postal:lee Depart.' . ;
moot, Waaleington..D. 0.. but up on sucks, forth
log sepsrawi bundles of gra Locks each. and
Merely .packed ta wooden boxes eontaletog wt'
morn them two hundred Locke each. The Rent':
me to he delivered to as agent of the Department
dilly and specially authorised In each cask., to
take charge of and convey the three from
sontractor , s manufactory to the
When both Locke and Key. ere to be inspected
and approved before they shall be paid fOr..
the contractor will be regal red to glee bowl
with ample security In the sum of Fifty Thou
sand Dol!arr. to be forfeited to the United States
as liquidated damages, he ease of ids Idiom io '
faithfully perform the thou... ether as to fa ,
nishing the suppllee ordered within • reathriablet
time, or as to guarding the nothufacture of the
Mall Locke and Kaye with dee Ore./OW.O I W
and. care.
No propped will therefore he secthied If not..
seconththinl bond of the penal saM at' ,
Twenty Thoultand Dollen, duly executed br Um •
proposed sureties, (whose responsibility meth W
certified by a Judge of .Court of Record nearest
to their place of noblemen, etre:dna Dr , the "
Clerk of such Daunt order the peal thereof.) end
conditioned L.r their teem:deg responsible as.
sureties on the entered bold for the feldlimerst'' .
of the anuses, hi case such Proposal shell 01'1
accepted.. See manatee:ore of Nall. Look. and . .
Keys neceesity, a tastily Important and . ,
delimits Inlet, whieb. the Department wilt soh•"
Ade to no bidder whose Propothla Ye notable,
secompented with teettmoulds of good
ter ,
Lo &mouth on tha Proposal. and thecireenso
the POIM2IOIIOO 006C(111 mar deem It expedient
to reelect the - Brun .Look of olio bidder thddho
Iron Loth of another; Ile, therefore. reserve.
'. rgTe el eoehEra
Proposals slintld be carefully sealed and id
drethed was ..heaped •0•104121 rOatisattr
lien. 'eV` .sad an4orse4 chute envelope "Pro
posals forilall Locke."
- Postmaster Desonti,i
L. B. 7IILTON .0. J. X• 01.1114, •
rins.cricAx. rxicraktnEatis,
GAS AND irritant prrrarit ,
nab Ave Due. Agar MO Agreggt..: .
Lead Pfirc Gum Hose. itu llxturers.
bath Tab. and Wash rts ea& Das Pips sad,
littlaga, Ale and Barr PCUSI4, ad Steam Carat .
shays an hand. Pebte sad Pen& Eatlattai`
Wait up 'settle Uea. Water tad Start iltreablien
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or lose Manama emaltatiottal= l = l
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Eurftir=ottons Ire Pleboretk
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Kira & CO.,
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•.b. sal Cask Only.