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PEtiliThlMl, REM k 00,
Ofte..e, 84 and 86 nigh Avenue.
L I. lUD.
21 Mall, p,, re..
Dalivered by carriers
Istrep4 , Trade—Fairy Boat
—Recreant Pollee Ju
Ocean Mail Service—Drawback
Franda7The Spanish Gunboats
—Stolen"Bonds Come to Light-
Bank Defalcation—lnjunction
Continued—light Watchman
- Murdered. .
Ng Telegraph to-the Pittsburgh 0 Wile.]
Nara Yong, December 28,11349
The European steamship lines refuse
to carry malls after the first -January
for tho sum offered by the Postmaster
General, via.: two cents per letter. Mr.
Creswell Is now here endeavoring toar
range matters. • .
Mr. eresewell declares his determina
tion to carry out the provisions of the
postal treaty with Great Britain at any
nuoverxorc CONTINUXD
In the Supreme Court today, Judge
Barnard sustained and ordered the con
tinuance of the injunceon granted by
Judge Cardoso In the case of Alexander
T. Compton. of the firm of Pardee d Co.,
against the New York Stock. EXabanfte,
in the matter of certain hum-
Maus in gold with one :Foote, a
member of the Exchange. . The
Court - ruled that the plaintiff's prop.
arty cannot he reached against his wilt
but by the eue process of law and
through regularly ooustituted tri
bunal. The Stock Exchange fa •vol
•tintary association of individuals un
known to law es a Court of Judicature,
and It can receive no countenance from
this Court in any attempt to stretch its
authority, either directly or indirectly,
through the medium of a cmartnership
over persons or property which've
never been voluntarily submitted to ha
The Slur soya there is great distress
among the cigar molten of this city.
Obit of the heaviest manufacturing firms
has - discharged at lawn one thoneand
bandit within the put -three weeks.
Other trade. end business are suffer
ing In llke proportion, owing to the tm.
lietded condition of the gold market.
The wholesale clothing firma, whose em•
ployes are, numbered by tens of thou
sands, have almost entirely mead manu
facturing goods for future sales. The
same is true of carpenters, bricklayers,
laborers, coopers and others, thousands
of whom have been obliged to leave the
city In pleat of work In other localities.
runur BOAT aoLisszoxr
- Tho Erie ferry boats, Jay Gould and
James risk, Jr., collided with terrible
force this Morning, midway in North
river, between Twenty-third attest ard
Jersey City slits: The Omit ran into
the Fisk amidships, crushlnsTrithealdes
and hull, the Gould having her bows
badly stowed. The Fisk was towed In
almost a Waking °outbid= to. Allison's
ship ward where abe now Ilea, and, the
Gould Ih Moored . at the ferry wharf st
the Erie depot. None of the passengers
were injured. The damage la estimated
01,20,000. _ • ,
GENERAL ?WHIG& 1111,0111:e.
kindttan :Shia madetoday. In the Snit
of Rovrena:Laterence vs. 13enIsmier.
Butler, brought to recover the valutrof
Gen. 'Dodge' swords and other property,
seized by General Butler In.liew Or
leans. The mall= Is 10 vacatettle cater
of arrestQ*lW,General Butler, oaths
ground-that the taking :gas ander the
orders of the United. Stales,' and that
there was no conversion.. Decision
IL Is understood that bili - yor
fleiseh. of Brooklyn, in his annnal mew
area will unfold recta relating to
imfaithful police jastkes. In atheist one
case there le a very remarkable diserep
ancv between the actual amount recanted
in lines, dut, and that returned to the
city treenny.
• •Tnearadrisu oirsnowrit,
There...were 110 signal:lf activity on the
Spanieh' gunboat. :at quarantine to-day.
Men are being recruited in this clerfor
the various positions ou the boats. It le
mow cbualdered imponible that a dew
tare will be effected before neat wee k.
, .
All the complononeparsone lmpllcited
in the drawback trends, the Times min
with two exceptione,lieve been taken as
government witness/a. The latest addi
tion to the nrunberle Bazonel T. Binh:ll
ford. 5• •
Thorns° .:Elares, a Weld
while en duty this evening telt=
Montagu - 6 street, BrailaSM.-New Tea.
ww shot Wy•Edward Perry, a pink deal
er, and dtod Immediately.
The otMoore of the Rine Monty Alms
*spelledronounce, the report that they
disabled sordless bemuse they
Toted the Republican ticket a sheer
A bundle containing 116,000 worth of
Fonds, stolen fifteen yea* worm left
at ooeof the police statbins Ws morn.
log, by a boy, who escaped arreaL
` .Vocnirig Yost plias the ion of the
Merchants Exchange beak by Ms irreg-
Jabal ties of cashier Oakley at 000,000.
.Arrical or Goy; McDougall' Family at
Paul—Their Statement of affairs—
Tile New TUTU entibester Report a Ihs.
s By Talegrapt to the yttiseersl.6laertts.
ST. PAUL, Minn., December 22.—The
Wilily of Governor litoDougall arrived
bore to day from the north. They left
Pembina last Saturday. and will await
She arrival of aUveroor McDougall, who
to expected to arrive in 51. Peal next
Friday en route toVinada: They deny
the reports that Governor McDougall had
any thleg to dOWitla:.tbilt annum Min=
sllans or Inciting Umtata rise In hie favor
againet the insurgents.'-- They believe
She mast of the Inhabitants at end favor
.ed bicDougall, but that they , were
deceived and controlled by a few design
log loaders, who miarepresented Mr:
Pougall's mission and won them over.
The St. Paul Dispatch; commenting on
the Red river news secolVedtrom New
York today. says “The report that
witrads of filibusters er
ee to be passed
imr ,rrivready m within 0 miles of the
Prilieh border is a fabricatkm. es the
'Amara: railroad point le 400 miles from
the border, and forced marphes, with the
ground covered with mow aura the mar.
earl ton to thirty degrees below zero,
are not probable and we would not ad.,
vine- the Winnesiegers to rely upon any
material aid from such eXpedittott, as It
Puy exist only on paney,"
i •
til l ruti.a •GI Atokam Taleemea.)
Otp.errn 'Dn.': 23.-illtettr 44 AI
with to: thebtoNater to the chew
met, Weather '• cloudy. Thermometer
Moat°P.a. I. . r.
llaotv.artram, - ale. 28.—River
felling slowly, with 11% feet Of Water In
the (Manua.- Cloudy. Thermonseiorla
ammanono. Dec. D3.—Ricer
on a stand, with about 10 feet water
In tbc channel. Weetharckmdy. Ther
mometer at 38 at 4 r. x. w.
Tdonosarown, W. Va., December 28.
—Direr falling. with 7 fie, water in the
channel. Weather clond.r. Thertnoma,
ter 40 at 4 r. x. a.
Fteamer /bconara No. s Sant.
~,-/,l,graptt to the mut:ante
`"6 O;:, .. N .Jr,Ln, Dec. 41—Tna Madison
:packet, I...?OneTeN n • while *thing
lanAivir last 3;!_aht. Mary the wheel
house of the etes.Ve Tionston and
stove to her bow. pinkly% her In tan fat
.0T water. She ean beessll.7_3lLised. Th e
U3oustva wee only slightly raNgoo•
• tt
-:-.11411 1
c‘ r
' l 4 \
• -
Suit Agidust: B. & O. Railroad--
Department Business Suspend
ed The Navajo Indians—
Boundary Surrey Between Cal-.
Morrill' and Oregon.
Io7.Ttleittsoll to the rtastxtrigh litootto.)
Wasansormi, December 28, 1E69.
The case of the Baltimore and Ohio
Railroad! Company, chaiged with ob•
atructing public highways, was taken up
in the Criminal Court to-day. It was in
testimony that the Company refuses to
conform to street grades, thereby retard
ing city improvement. The object of the
sett is to compel obedience to municipal
011101A1.1117811112/8 BVEIPEND7D..
The President was in his office but
short time to day.- No visitors were re
ceived and no Lltbinet meeting held.
The clerks of the Departmentv were ell
permitted to leave at noon. .• •
The Indian Bureau hu official reports
from the Navajo Agency, stating that the
Indiana had received their annuity goods
and presents of goats and sheep from the
Government, which had the-effect of
strengthening the relations of peace.
Daniel G. Major. United States Astron
omer cud Surveyor of the boundary
between Valifornia and Oregon, hu ar
rived In. Washington with the tint
report of this important survey.
The steamship Larifa, from Liver
pool, arrived at Boston yesterday.'
- —Commodore McDougall has been or
dered to the command of the South Pe-
aide squadron.
—Nearly five hundred Chinamen
armed at St. Louis last' night, on the
way to Texas to work on ndiroads.
—Fitty.tive thousand hogs have been
killed at Indianapolis during the present
season, whtch is now about closing.
—Rev. Father 'Donn, or Sf. John's
Church, (Catholic) Philadelphia, died
yesterday morning, In his tilat year.
—Tee Ice in tbeHodaon river give wet ,
In front of Harlion city, yesterday, - sad
carried with it wontdi t ty light unite.
—A daughter of Nelso - n Whitney, Ilv
log stout elm miles trout. Bloomington
fellinicla silica Monday and w
—The funeral of George Peabody will
take'rdsoe at• the town of Peabody, tea
data after the snivel of the remains at
,Portland. •
—Two Cubans were garroted at Ha
vana on Christmas day, having been
convicted of !nettles rebellion among
the volunteers.
—River navigation at St. Lonlewu
Ittlly resumed yesterday, and several
steamer, left for the month. The weather
was clew and mild.
—A tire occurred at Manistee, Mich..
yesterday, resulting in a loss estimated
at .60,000. The Tyson House and a block
opposite were burned. - • •
—The Sunday School Superintendents
of St. Louis had a banquet last night, at
which the general Intermits of Sunday
&Smola were distressed.
—Prominent members o f the New York
city Tinton League have taken measures
to place Mr. Stanton's family in a conf
irmable pecuniary condition.
CAMBRIDGE, Masa, December 28
Cattle; receipts 618; market inactive and
last week's prices hardly maintained.
Sheep and Lambs; receipts 3,231; market
q_Ctlet at las: quotation'.
...=Track layingtm the Ludaville breech
of theOhlo and Mbudialppl Italtroad - wka' •
completed Monday night. Regular
trains will commence running to Cincin
nati by.thesieW tout" to-marrow . .
—Michael Dioan, a treek repairer on
the. Chicago, Rook Island and Pacific
Beltway, has recovered judgment ageing t
that road for ten thousand dollars for
Injuries received while in Its employ.
Another of the gang Who halfri been
committing robberies along the line of
the Erie and New York Central Rail
roads: has been arrested, and `s large .
amount of goods found in his possession.
. —lt'..has transpired , that a number 'of
Virginia sheriffs, appointed . by . General
Oanby, while military ..commander, are
Wanton in sums ranging from 4 5 ; 000
10g20,000, which they collected but are
unable to pay over.
^ —A unions riot occurred on Monday
et - Dearing, Columbia county, Ga., in
which A. N. Hada and Ellis Adams were
Wed, and Dyeh Hodswounded, Whls
ky was the cause, pollticebavingnothing
whatever to dowita . the
Ir Whims of law fleet of thirteen
Spanish: gantraant‘ancboredtee.ttek.,
battery et Charleston, S. 0., were
entertained4t a - collation yesterday by
the municipal munoritiert. The fleet re
mains three 4 /our days, and expect to
make that port their rends:lnc/Wu -The
frigate Pizarro and three gunboats were
expected lad , , e
- —On Thursday night of last week
Steve Sennett Iced Tbm Judson (ooloted)
had an alteroation Bell's Station, on
the Meniphis 4 and LeulaVille•Railroad,
during which the former ems brutally
murdered. On Monday night a party of
masked men took Judson from the ems:
Cody of the constable, carried him to
the Woods and shot Mtn.
, .
—Ramona . of icregularltlery lA - tbe
Merchant'. Exchange National Bank at
New York prove true. A deficiency of
8160, 000 has been discovered. and further
investigation la likely to Increase the
amount coesiderably. The =am of tba.
delinquent parties heart ;not been made
public. The 'bank demi to be fully
equal to meet the.defalcation.
--Thomia Coyne, oonvlet In the Wawa:
. • chusetts state misuse, under sentence for
life for reacialaughter, attempted to cum;
mit suicide yeaterday . morning,4 pr.
throwing himself from the fourth balcony
to the granite dour of ins Ptalq WAIN 3 0
wry, a distance of thirtyedght feel - 'lts
fell upon the stove, crushing it In splice.
tern, but received no aerie= injury,
—At New York. on Monday. A/'
Duziitingainit;ci icirawaiVint of arrest
want her husband. William Needham,
otherwise William Horace Llngard. well
knownitomie einasr and mimic, nag
log that he hibilaally, anus - her. and
that a day or two eine be, threatened to
blow her brains anti The warrint.war
isetted, bat they both sang as usual the
lime evening. •
—On Christina Dry a bloody • fight
warred at Morris Lae, Idinneeatei on
the Lake Superior Railroad, between
=net:Wades and Irish labarea.,
• all drunk, which lasted about-three
bouts. One Swede, name unknown,.
and James Brown, of Fon do lan. Wte.,
were killed, and Oven others's/leaky
wounded, man' whom will die. Abort
day men were engaged In the row.
At Montreal. Canada, yesterday,
Judge Conrail decided that the evidence,
of forgery against Caldwell was condo.
lively (*titillated,- and ordered Wipe
ba committed foe estraditioar Islearung
to the terms of the treaty. Caldwell's
runnel gave nation that they would sP•
peal to the higher Oaurt alto the question
of Jariailleticru in the matter. Tea will
delay If not prevent the extradition.
—A. dispatch from Virginia City, (Nit
111")"6326theuYsi ./f/lenty-six
h shocks of earthquake were felt at
Mariposa MIIL The water •In the Cole
Terinn/ Mining Company increased air-
been linala AE Steamboat Springs the
Coda was three," throardi .aartk;lB
- "heighlref twentyntive Mt llboolte
were felt this morning and last evening.
The mines are uninjured by the earth
...The New York Court of Appeals has
decided that a broker who yen out in
f r i n ':: "lnm i g:t: n i wi d stm t p t e ttt
o grv isl iti e g . h i l :hir t. 3 7nuti le a to in ce th r e f
otistamer for the highest price of stook ''
dowd 45 the tinteof tae trial, because the I
customer owns the stock. and the act of
the broker is a wrongful
leThiesres iten case Wean— by ttle • gre.,
ers' Board.
—The State Association of Sembilan-
dents of Schools convened in Indianapo
iii. Indiana, yesterday. The state of the
colored schools was fully dammed,
snowing the necessity for mixed school&
The glarteTestibers' Assonation also ma.
vaned In their sixteenth annual seinen.
Mayor JileAuley delivered an addreesof
wetsCHUO, and Prof. Misty. ot Albany
ThlivelallY; the annual addrem. Both
saeoelatlcate are largely
Fire Panic in a Theatre—Eigh
tea Persons Killed and Many
Injured—The "Times" Sees no
Cause for Hesitation in the Al
abama Claims Negotiations—
Trial of Trauppman, the French
Murderer.— Inauguration of
Constitutional Government in
Frice—Church Disestablish
, • ,
Mimi in Jamalca—Reewal of
the Campaign Against Cuban
Tele4raDO , TAIDO.PILIADID'AOI29tb!.): .
•GaltOLT '
LONDON, December 28.—1 t la noted by
the pram here, with approval, that the
new Auitro-Ctilneee treaty forbids con
suls to engage in trade.
Daring the performance at ;be theatre
in Bristol last night there wait an alarm
among the audience, and in the efforts
of the crowd tOeticane from .the building
eighteen persons were killed and many
he Tirats,,in considering the claims of
ths - Americanfloverninent against Eng
land, says: The case of the Alabama Is
the -only plausible one presented, and
even then the fault' le due to' Union
cruisers for pecmitting her to escape to
England, and therefore Peed not tear the
resumption of negotiations 'or reference
Of claims to arbitrators.
The Pacific Steam Navigation Compa
ny's steamer Araoulppai to ply between
Panama and - the cities of the west coast
of South America, was succesafully
launched at Greenock this morning. -
::Dispatches irons Vienna confirm pre
vious reports of -.the' entire suppression
of the insurrection in' Dalmatia.' -
December 28.—The trial of
Tratippmanti, for the murder of the
Wank famt . kimmeneetti in this • city.
today. The court room was densely
packed with spectators st the opening of
the proceedings.
The Journal Official announces the re
signation of the ministry, and the Em
peror's determination to accept the um..
It ale^ contains a letter from the Em
peror to M. Emile Oldvier, requesting
him to name perorate who wilt associate
with him to form a homogeneous cabinet,
faithfully representing the legislative
mejority and resolve to apply in letter
sue spirit the &mains Cottrultum of See.
Camber Bth. Toe Emperor counts on the
devotion of the Corps Legialatif to the
great Interests oft the country, no less
than on that of itL. °Molar, to aid him in
the -task he has undertaken- of -putting
intb sucoesafal operation &constitutional
The new session of the Corps Legislatif
commenced to-day. M, Schneider was
selected President by a vote of 190 to 40.
The Liberal Paris journals, comment
ing on the Emperor's latter to)i. 011ivier,
Nay personal government is now at an
end to Prance, and the letter is the first
chapter of the Liberal Emplre.
P 1
Rtivosymr, Ja.. Dee. 13, via. Havana,
Dec. O3.—The Government half officially
announced the disestablishment and die.
endowment of the Church In this Island.
One of. the Agents *III be that many
clergymen hive to resort to manual Is..
bor. for a livelihood. Government has
abolished the private jurisdiction of Ma.
&ankles' Cowls. -
Noivrras, December 25, via Havana,
December I.l3.—The campaign in the Corn.'
cgey.cliatriet waa opened today.. Gen.
Ca with three thousand troops of ell
arms marched from this place In the di
rection of Elia Miguel, Mama and
Gusymaro. The movement, if enemas•
fill, promises to miasmas:aid of iminrreo.
tion. •
~ -;
Roes, Dec. 03.—1 t is certain that In the
questions thus far submitfbr con
indention of committeesap poin tede by
the Council. nothing is said on the sub
ject or - Thu Pope expresses
the opinkm that the members of the
03until have U 0 voice in the regulation
of,abit body's promaxihrite.
. .
LONDONe Dem 28.—The areamarii Olty
or Brooklyn. Hansa and Marathon, - al
from Neva York.. have arrived out.
FughmciAsk Men oosusEaclAt..
LOSDON. December 22—Roenfag.--Clon.
sob: ;for money. • 9215 ; seconnt. 92 ti;
629 bonds '628.86; 'Ms. 86; '87.. 83%;
Riles, 18g: Illinois. 093; A. et G. W., 26.
' Pears, December 28..—Bonrse dull—
Lrmai2ool., liecoMbor
Monad steady: ;Wands 11 Mallg,
leans sale. 1000 balm Man
chester markets doll. 'Receipts; wheatlis
Om* days 00.009 quarters. of which 40.-
000 were Ameritsint California white Itts
ild r , western 81; 4d9Ba 6d, winter, is
mists= flour Be 3d; eons no. 9 Mixed
214.967•05 ts 86.95;'betel 51 eeu 36
pork 106; beef 01; lard 76266; OMAN Ms;
,eon 545; producia unchanged; naval
mares dull.
Lannon, Deo. 26: 7 -Tallow closed. en?
filer Ma 96%155; Milned pretroietun
Massa. December 2 0- 001 /mtt, fin?" ,
Mies 5t.12614f onspot.:: • .
'Ass-want . , Dec. 28.—FetrolenmItinary
81111, Dec. 2&—Petroletim firm YO
theism 66 groats.
Santana, Dec. 23.—Petrolenin firm
.116 ireF,OszlcolgCbPling‘ •
Eton MOM&itureis sad theTartil4ilia-
Dial' ,Wilde!
Tele.pb to tn. risubora emtt..t .
CWWLIUGLII, December 28.—The
1111140471:M1944141.31;i11iptinit ICHWIbr
the Rofplooiel t)leß. Pen*,
month in reference to the reoncilos of the
tariff on pig iron to SAM) dollars per ton.
The sense of
,the meeting j pea agtnet
such reqie'dan'qt yio oriapiud
by pmminimilAMmulliaturelilla
At Mount Pleasant, yesterday, a
bisoknolitt named DusiouvidnDnisid,-
in a istalm, - playfulik ensiled • pistol at
Thomas .Coroorms and shot him dead.
He had carried the t Mints!. without •
cylinder for Revere' days end snapped It
at people,' fie slYs he forgot the cylin
der woo Yeohnied,r beinft very drunk it
%be t etutraoter lug %son good
is • psalmist& &Won. Me wain wrested
and gave ball to, appear ., At the
Court. ' • "
Mrs. Wilder, whose husband on Stul
day, at Cheviot, attempted to molder,
subacqnently killing himself, is still Ur
i 12*
/Slie .
ry o ,
miplitf tips recent rebbiory or I
the nonnty treasury-of Tame county,
;ova. has ;been flnafly.annwslltd.
mill beSecollected that Denton Camery.
**instant Trpasnrer, averted that be bad
been knocke d . dotsbj piantopct and other
wise mottroatod,, tutu !of ppme
PACO. Do-ham finally oontessed that bp
emsmitted the robbery on blostelf, and
itsa restprintptori Agljar of thewiongy.
Shortiltenonniellonnersinn Crul 3 D 7 7 u
nattoon to commit spicing by anectins
htemenr la the bowels, inflicting* wound
which:may prove
highest* been retimie4 is I Yon Man
of sterling character.
—llia committee of claseni appointed
to take Into oonaideridkat the Pre/fist,
of holding akiforldWirair. at ',ER. Zoete.'
In 1872, has decided flit lbs Project
net ertl.rfoldthhrbfat Orwlimble and. 40-
&treble. Articles of Ineorportalkin for a .
9rnoildlrrair Amoeba with a nap
hal of about one wallop dollar', win to
prepared for opprvszt by a isprimastinit
to be held on the 3d proximo, as, wkdch
time the arrangements fury holding the
FAIT 11 1 1 1 W Mmfgeopea. , •
Bernarts of James M. Cooper, at the
Meeting of Cittzene, Upon the Death
of Hon. Edwin M. Stanton. •
Mn. Gamester; :—Thls le indeed a
solemn occasion. A great man has fal
len in Israel. Edwin M. Stanton is ne
more. -What affecting memories crowd
upon the mind et the sound of that
name? What perils to the Republic. in
the early stages of the war? What a
-nobleconeummatiori, and what a halo of
glory surrounds the heads of those *ho
have wrought out time nation's salvation?
- Mr. Chairman, I have thrown together a
- few thoights, and a brief• resume or
sytiopais of the principal Incidents in the
history of the noble dead whom we have
met this day to honor, and, with your
permission, I will now present. what I
have prepared . for the consideration of
the meeting: '
It la right and proper that the citizen.
of Pittsburgh should come together to
give some expression to the deer/ feeling
of regret which has stirred the hearts of
our satin, community over the sad an
. nouneethent of the death of the. Hon.
Edwie M. Stanton. . •
He wee ono of Ourselves our fellow
citizen, and it was among no, and here
In Pittsburgh, that be first attracted the
public adtttteftfotrlhr hiegreet qualities
as a profound lawyer, while his pureand
lofty character In all the relations of life
endeared him to us as our friend and
I do not propose, Mr. Chairman, to
pronounce the eulogy of this
'That duty Will ao doubt, It tireprover,
time, be confided to abler hands. Nor
have I risen-for the purpose of giving a
history MA2141116 or of his eminent pub.
tic aervieein but may billy recall a
few of the incidents of his distinguished
career, without trespassing upon the
province of the Minorite, or of those who
may hereafter. he called, Upon more ap
propriately to
may - hereafter..
to his memory.
From the .reiXtda Of Lb* day I learn
that Mr Stanton Was born at Stenben
vllle, Ohio. in December, 1815, of Quaker
parentage. •
At the early Age of thirteen years he
became clerk in a book store, and two
years later entered ..E.enyon. College,
where he remained two years.' Reduce
_commenced the study of the law with
his guardian, Daniel L. Collier, Esq„
and began the practice of•his profession
dove years later in Cadiz At the age of
twenty-three years .hewu elected Prose.
eating Attorney ibtAlarrleett , ,tiottlitY.
star subsequently he becsuatt.Berportsr
for the Supreme Court of obro;,
In 1847, at the inatanCe.:44.34. l lK-Iste
Judge Wilkins, ho recutke
burgh, and formed a
with the Hon. CherleelltobgeSoll_
the most didinguithed
bar in Western Pennsylvierfe. 7 W.
member of this Brut he belean.-.,: tettkr.leallft:
fog counsel In a - number of the moat
Itapottant cases recorded in the hooka,
including the great. ?Wheeling Bridge
Ills reputation was now firmly estab.
Ilehed as one of the ablest legal minds in
our whole country, and his practice In
important causes. especially before the
Supreme Court of the United States, was
so large that he found It necessary to re
trieve to Washington City? having, in
the meantime, espoused for his second
wife, the daughter of Lewis Hutchinson,
Esq., of this city. -
Borings very successful and lucrative
pmctice of his profession, he was in,1860
appointed to a 'seat to the Cabinet of
President Buchanan as Attorney Gener
al, where he quickly discovered that
trump and Imbecility were at their bale.
ful work, and that all the - energy end
force of his determined will, were re.
quired to defeat the machinations of the
arch traitors by srhono he was surround.
ed on every ea.. : •
. ALL will remember the celebrated order
to stop the shipment Of ordnance hem
Pittsburgh to the South, sent by Stanton
at this critical juncture, and the anti•
tilde of our citizens, whoweremeddened
almost to fury, and ready to proceed in
any extremity to prevent the treasonable
deed. This timely order saved oar
good name as a law abiding community,
and it was wrung from thefeara of M.
Buchanan by the sturdy patriotism of
Stanton, In spite of the Mau denuncia
tion, of Floyd, then Secretary of War,
and his rebellious associates la the Cabt
net. Well may it be said of Stanton,
..Faithfal among the faithlen—only
At the end , of Mr. Buchanan's! term,
Mr. Stanton resumed his proems:lout
labors; but In January, „1862. - •he was
called upon by President Lincoln to so.
oept the position of Secretary of War..
How he acquitted himself In his groat
office I need not now describe. It Is a
great and eventful theme. The record is
deeply graven Upon every loyal heart In
the land, yet it was at the meted his Life,
and children yet .ndbortt shall learn' to
Ilsp.the name of. Stanton one of the
nation's martyrs. , His herculean tabors
in organizing victory, involving se much
`as eighteen hours work every day, ware
a constant strain upon hie powers of body
and of mind, and at last told with for
feit effect upon his nitturilly strong and
I vigorous constitution until at the close
of the war Vire Stenion was physically
prostrated, and only a wreck of his
Ihrtner self, Milumgla. his ,rnental condi •
lion was still thithydrvid. ,
Of hie otheaquent.difficalties with act-
Presideld4obloilon,twhOttaind it
posslble,teeway .frena the path of
duty In the bitter strife between himself
and Congress, I need 'not recount the
particulars.' SOH. it to my, that he
yielded:his - MOM is Secretary of War
ttuderprcdeat, to General Grant, after
lens • and painful struggle with the
President, but not until le Wes occupied
by onethe nation could trust, It Is safe
jersey this dieloulty contributed largely
trolsoraysle therymetoont /f hiscittatst.'
Yorraoon alter these symptoms as
sorneda more alarming character, and
excited - lilts worst apprehensions of his.
friends..; He partially recovered, how.
ever, and onlyalxiat ten days teems Ids
death to argued an Important case before
Justice Swamis In his own sick chamber.
TM. leAcknowledged to' have been one
of his shiest efforts.
On: his fifty-fourth birthday be was
tendered and accepted the • rogation. of
Ansodate Justice on the Supreme Bench,
and his nomination by President Grant
was promptly confirmed by the Senate
withecarcely any oppoeition. ,
But his ghat career was drawing rap.
Idly to Its mate. On the day following
an-unfavorable cheese in his condition
°Warred, and ho continued to grow
wpse, until on - Friday morning. the 84th
init.i at two o'clock; the Otter chordires
sundered, and the soul of Edwin M.
Ettantragdood. tn. the
,presence of his
Maker. , r - •
A nsuommoimni his ids, s and osier.=
orates the memory of her faithful son
amongst the brightest and most death.
less pages of her Many, in transmits
his name and fame through,all the an
nals down to the latest of recorded time,
I propose, Sir, that this meeting of
citizens of all classes, and without re
gard to party, shall give some indtable
.;presslon of their feelings moon this
.damn occasion, and I therefore move
the appointmentota•comPaltteCof live
to prepare and suttalt resolutions ex.
premise of our sense of the magnitude
of the nation's bereavement In the death
of Hen. Edwin H. Stanton. .-
Ttioniotion offered by Colonel. Cooper
was adopted, and tbsChalrmsa appoint
ed Messrs. lamest M. cooper, id. W.
Beltaticover.'ol F. Von lionnhoret, B. F.
Jones and-Wqr.:M: Berth its the com
'The able' pine yrk irsi listened to
with • marked -attention; and reflected
crealt ttiiite head and heart of Its so•
ootnpllsheit author.,
A. well, known laths oKathrina," own.
exl by A. G. Myers, has been In Fume
of drilling for some time In Fond Coun
ty, Wong tuned from Tionesta. it has
revolted the depth of g5O feet without
finding the third- said rock: - The esti
mated death of the oil bearing rock lq
that locAllt7 Is sopposed to be 1,160 or
Vie Cooper lithe, at Benrennebtir
htw bon parahased by a number of as -
Witte tO 140 developed into all tsmi .
*rand wells Zr. Wag sunk. The
on it Is Katmatod vont] 1100.000.
The Beall rstut. West Hickory, U
-1000114 cm amazingly.' A new twenty
barrel well was recently struck.
Aram & Phinney well, an ES . IIO
has been floWing at the rate of
tgenty *Tells - ash um y 'while a undergoing
prowls ofesnd .
'gag brake Alisdnionl pin aitiOve ainoiteti
to nearly 13,00f1. But fear, of the
wbleh U. expected to be represented
Alf / I £ 4 ?FP 5! , 70 , blmncanv.lowil•
Cemmisdoners APPunalliC— ooll3l derlabill
of Overture■ Postpelied- - -Tite Ruling
The Monongahela Presbytery pt the
United Presbyterian Clutch met in the
Fifth church (Rev. S. B.ll,ted'a) yester•
day morning at ten o'elock. Rey. Wm.
M. Coleman. Moderator, occupied the
chair, and 'Rev.. Wm. B. Andrews acted
as Clerk. • "
- -
The morning session'eras spent In the
trenseetion of routinebneinete of no pub•
lie importanoe.
In the a ft ernoon Mahal young men
delivered RITMO= Ill igi rMen• of pro
gram, which were h creditable.
Tim following pangolin! wore elected
Commiedonera to the Oltnerel Assembly
to meet here In May !next Mtnirter e
Rem. Jame. Grim. Da. Y. & Tamer
and H. C. McFaxiando - Friacitials Al.
tomato,: Revs. Thos. Hann, E. Bar
clay and F. A. Elnlabizmon. Elders:
Memo. James Bald, U. Salentine and
R. J. McGowan, Princillaals Alternate.:
fdeaars. W. IL BtowitiViiio Folks:and
R. Cum . .
.The o n otrieration fit:overtures on
Psalmody, Marriage Eh • dammed
was till sister, dm., was till the
second Tuesday of te ary DIA sit
which tide • special g or Presby
tery will be held In t Second Church,
(Rev. Mr. Hanna's) Midas 'avenue, for
the purpose of illsonsaidithom.
Rev. W. H. Andrewailawached In the
evening by appointmal or Presbytery
on the °Moe of Ruling der. He chose
the following testa as tads of Ida re-
marks: •
Peeve all things. / 3 . 21- The
Elders which are am Yon I exhort.
Era 4 t flock of le among
you: nt e
as being lo Tax God'. herit
age. I._ Pet., 5-1-3. introduced Dia
eubJeM by Inquiring, form of gov
ernment bas Cod Inirtituted In his
church/ EpiaommoY,'/O•PerWsnoTann
Psesbytery have. each * different times
in the put, been in the INl•deney. The
=tan hu been waged m fiercely! tau
now, as in the rest, lonia are ready to
tarn away from ha cosititeration. doubt.
Iniwhether any spiel* Of
ernment hi of &sins oriels., He cordially
subscribed a modified fans ef Presbyte.
rise Church governotemit - BOCStala It la
the most simply, mecureeproper repletion.
tattoo to the membership of -that:hum/4
asouses, la high degree,equality among
the dentin and mainly boost= It accords
best with the System: of government,
which God satablimMi In the Church
under the former Of dispensation, and by
which the Apostle! and primitive Chris.
time were governed. =get the present
dispensation. Dr. Ligispoot pigs a high
saisipilunuit:learirestoygirhinism, when
hlreallet hiellefetentlatere
viii vii, to
the shall be
• • p t sad this
; =04 ,14,4
abridiredand din** to •
byterianism in. in a bigltasospous soda
mimetic:al republicanism.; IS ham &tonight
to eboise his own ?Wenn and under God,
and subordinate to his Word, to make Its
own .
ls and regal
The q aw
uestion asal =m by thePrest•
bytery was.,..BbouM• Ealing Elder ex
ercise his odic* In • paeltandaf congrega
tion, an indeflails tow without a- reelec
tion by the people? The Reverend gen
tleman, as weonderstood Min, took the
negative aide of the qdwittion. He sue
Mined 01. posit/on Itry thil:lbliowins
gumenta: _
Ist. Tho choice and rkenfrot of the
membership are necessary tattle •proper
exercise of office to a rndgnutation. Pa
r:mega should have no elistence: God
himself did not Invade the sexed right
of the peep), In this =Mex. Let no
man dare ao . it. • Thenteinnanollther be
comes dietastefol to Al majority of the
congregation, he ought tie be reetrathed
from the exercise et~n that =ogre.
intion—that Ii pheiiihe Opis of the
congregraloritrilitMffieffivic--- -_
• -
2& Scripture authority for the change.
There 1s no eqnvits plure authority.
But it can be reduced from Scripture.
Such deduction is both natural and ne.
oessary. There is no =prow Scripture
authority for present divisions in the
ehUrr.h. yet some maintain that they are
c , fornary for the vindication of the
Palpable facts.' The ruling elder
can retire from exercising bas office in a
oingregation at plenum,. He may re
tire with or without reason, and no court
an compel him to continue In office,
however necessary him services. If he
should remove from a congregation for
a time, and return, be must be re
elected. Ilia own will may dissolve a
relation: - but cannot reinstate in It. If'
the officer can sever a relation, the pee
pie can. Here be quoted from Stuart's
Collections, a standard work on Presby.
tartan Church government.
4. I'All things should be done =toed'. '
tying." If the exercise of= °find Ina I
particular congregation retarded its
growth, or was • bar to Be edification in
numbers, knowledge, faith and halloo's, ,
Paul would have said, "1 will bold no
office In that congregation while the
world steads." Galvin retired for three
yearsfrom Geneva, and the same people
reelected him.
- Mr. Andrews then oensidered the ob.
Jealous. 1. The course indicated would
no unacsiptur= 2. It Is contrary to the
standards of the Church, and especially
the Confession of Faith. If the officer
1 1 should not be reelected =his feellnp
would be wounded, and probably ke
would retire from the Church. 4. Hon.
arable men would not accept the office If
lsubjected to a reelection. These were
alt considered at length and with great
ability. -
• The one system", he said. had Just=
much scripture authority as the other.
Bat tile one was .better =stained by
scriptural deductions. It gnardsagainst
Intrusion:and wares the right of choice
'and consent. It makes the tenure of
office to a oongregstion no the part of a
teething and rulingelders equal, and
gins the same righta to the congrega
tion it guarantees to the- officers.
makes the brightest talent,, the
most shining piety, and Indefatigable
energy within the bounds of the emigre,
paten at any time available. It wrongs,
no man.-for what the maizi t t o y . cl , cen
ffragelie"rectir The office it itser
disci be recal led , but the right to ex.
arab. it In- a aosigregatiaa, la. =epee
' %tenably, contingent on the will of the
Old theories will be Investigated
whether men will resist or not. Macau
ley says "The truth is, every man to to
a great extelit i the creature Of his age. It
Is to no pencee that he resists the tofu.
Once which the vast mass in which In le
but an atom must exercise upon him.
He may try to be a man of the tenth Oes•
tory. but ,he rennet. Whether he will
or not he moat be a man of the nine
teenth century." •
The arguments and illustration" of the
Reverend gentleman were very tz e nd 4
hie, and put -with great flares, althou gh ,
If carried out, they would no doubt be
looked upon by some as a grievous in.
aeration on a long established o r d., o f
ecclesiastical polity. -
After sermon, polity
to meet In the Second 11. P. Church.
Sixth avenue, on the second Tuesday of
February next.
Dbtekt . , Caart—JLitlfill ... ftesplon ana
Wickuut, December 28.---The, equity
llst was resumed Ws A num
ber of asses were argued. None of them
Were, however, or public Interest,
Setts—Jodie Stowe
. .
TITABD.III', December 233.—Ttie- awe of
the Commonwealth va. James Hellman
and William Seville, Indicted for Ur
i:eel, wee taken up. The defendants
see mod of steeling 4ts from Pratt
SmastiU fame, FedanalliXllo4 Sus..
shear. The jury returned a verdict of
guilty, and Ate defendants were ie.
ftanded for Bentenee.
4. Levine. holKe4jef lareanY. wee
nex t nieet,3 op vial.. WAGjuzy returned
verldiei salty, and the defendant
11WSed to pay the Ousts of. pico t
op= ma Pasco en torprlionmad
the ectluei iele4 haws Sbriuß7 Pay&
slat►r ri.rsoiwworsapAy.':
179, aona Ts. itierbird Jobstidon, $ OM
The Chsoil Jury Val bi - in end= ott
Wednesdays Deesulber29lh,l66o. Pram.
sentare who have not been heard will sp lpear ort that day with :rut hal, as will
also the coratabies of the 4th, 6th, 7th
and 16th wards of Pittsburgh, 2nd, 4th
and ath wards. 4iteiiStity, and Mm
Keesigat. illatisburib bilMn4hige of
Woos B lower 43a.
" .wonk ap4
Convention of Colored ben—Seeond An-
mild Gathering—What They Pre.
pose—Meuures 10StitUted—ResolutIon.
Paased—Flirst Day's Proceedings. •
The Second Annual Convention of
Delegates, representing the colored peo
ple of the Commonwealth, commenced
Its session yesterday morning, according
to notice, in the Avery Mission Church.
Allegheny. This assemblage is called
Mainly for the purpose of considering the
best method of securing the right of sut
. .
frage for the colored race, In addition to
Instituting creatures calculated to in-
crease their general prOaperlty and ele•
The first convention assembled In
Pittsburgh a year ago, and resulted in
Much practical good to the cause It rep
resented, by setting at work Influences
aed active efforts for the accomplishment
of the designs contemplated, which have
been felt throughout the State by the
The delegates assembled and —were
called to order at 10% o'clock, yesterday
morolog, stoat eighty answering to theta
flames at the call of the roll. A tempo-
zary organisation wag effected, with Reg
ki. B,Garnett as chairman, and 0. L. C
Hughes, Eaq , of Harrisburg, Secretary.
Mews. Stewart, Jackson, Woodson,
Green and Williamson were spoon:dad
to receive oredentlabs, and other commit
tees on permanent organizstion 'and
mien chosen, 'alter which • recess was
taken for dinner. •
Busse=Pbtel at two o'clock. The
Committee on Permanent Organisation
reported the following list of °Dicers:
President-O: 1.. C. Hughes, editor
P,cgress of Ltberty, Harrisburg. Vice
Presidents—H. IL Garnett, Francis
Weeds, W. H. H Hunter, John Peak.
Abram Cole. D. W. Asbury. Secretaries
—B. K. Sampson, o. S. Woodson. Sear-
Rastas at Arms—George Waithington
Galloway, and Benjamin Goliah.flamp.
The nominations were unanimously
approved, end the gentlemen named se.
sumed the duties of their several offices.
Rev. H. H. Garnett moved the ap
°ointment of a general Committee on
Baldness, to whom all matters should be
referred without debate.
A lengthy disci:union ensued on this
motion, which was finally withdrawn.
Mr. Granville Sharp Woodson moved
the appointment of oommittein of three
each on Religion, Education, Panties,
Wealth, Female Education and Labor
Industry, Statistics, and committees of
seven on Address, and tive on Finance.
The motion was carried and the several
committee eppotnted by the chair.
Prof. Simpson presented the report of
the Committee on Rules, which, after
being slightly amended, was adopted.
Mr. John 8. Williamson, of Allegheny,
was appointed Aisistant Secretary.
Rev. W. H. Hunter offered the fol.
WIIEREAD, The Legislature of the State
of Pennsylvania has ratified the Fif
teenth Amendment to the Constitution
of the United States, thereby signifying
their willingness to accord to all of its
Inhabitants, who have resided in the
State the time specified by law, Che right
to vote and bold once, be It
Resolved, By the colored citizens of
Ponnaylvania, that. It Is our oplco
lon that • State thus ratifying and
maiming such an amendment, and no
tifying the President of the United States
of such ratification, is bound in law and
equity by all the previsions of such an
amendment; and be it further
Besolvect, That weappoint a committee
to omelet of (-) to urge ills Ex
cellency the Governor of the State to
maks a proclamation of the fact, and.
thereby at once enfranchise us.
The resolutions were referred to the
appropriate commtttes.
Mr. Brown offered the Ibllcrwing:
While we look upon the approaching
event of Universal Serfage to be at no
distant day, when the ballot box, that
priceless bentage of universal liberty,
shall be glian_ta all nien,Ltvetnwtlyeof
race, color or creed,
Beached, That we regard it u one of
the moat siorlotis achievements of the
Republican party, with which every,
colored man !Mould be Identified.
Mr. Miles Green presented the. follow
ing: That we, ea o Convention, heartily
concur In the recent action of Congress
in relation to the Georgia Legislature.
and we pledge our warm and earnest
support ;, the Republican party and the
present Congreu.
Mr. George Washington Galloway of.
fared a paper artlbilows:
12e.tolved, That we organize a joint
stock association for the purpose of edn.
eating the laboring - moues whose cir
cumstances have .premed them from
attending schools.
Bee:dyed, That this J. S. association
assess each one who shall become ■
member Afro cents per month for the
purpose of defraying the expenses of the
Educational Board. •
Mr. Prdpres presented the report of
the Committee on Finance, assessing.
a tax of one dollar on each member. The
gentleman suggested the propriety of
collecting the amount at once.
The suggestion threw the Convention
Into a state of considerable excitement,
but, in the form of a motion, It finally
While this idea was being tarried out,
Rev. W. H. Hunter, offered another reso
lution aa follows:
Wiranzu, we have heard with deep
regret of the death of the Hon. E. M.
Stanton, Ex• Secretary of War, and As•
iodate Justice of the Supreme Court of
the United States. therefore belt
• Ite.solvecl, that In the death cf Hon. E.
M. Stanton, the nation bu lost one of
Its moat able eons, and fearless advocates
of the principles of truth and right.
Prof. S. A. Neale, made a few remarks
on the reeoluticrn, gasp suggested its pos.
sage without the formality of referring
to a Committee. The suggestion was
rgreed to.
The Convention then adjourned until
evening. .
At half pest seven o'clock the tbnven•
tion reassembled. together with chinos
In nuts meeting In the auditorium of the
churelt, where several interesting and
practiest addresses were delivered by 0.
L. O. Hughes. Erq...and other gentlemen.
The attendance was very large and the
proceedings spirited. The second day's
session will convene thismorningat nine
Bright Times of Joy snit Madness-
Suboantiat Pantie Improvements--
Dew Balidings,An Academy Pro.
posed-Mesta of Manton.
MONONCIAILLUI. Orrr, Dec, P 7, '69.
Since the rise In the river which he.
permitted the immense amount of coal
tying In the valley to be got into market,
money matters have looked up con
siderably and - business taken a fresh
start. Many miners who looked with
dark forebodings on the approach of
winter. with the prospect of a hard one
and no work, have received employ
went, and the shadows that rooted on
the hearthstone have given place to joy
and gladness.
Improvements in this city go on stead
ily and are of a substantial kind, being
manly of brick, atone and iron. The
society of L O. of O. F. have during the
summer erected • 'line three storied
building on the corner of Main and
Wishington streets. Besides the bold.
neat exam on the first dm, and -a ball
for the use of the Order on the third,
Ii contains a large and commodt.
ous town hall, which this place stood
Very greatly. In need of. Alex
ander d - Co. are completing a very
fine bank building and dwelling on the
corner of Main and streets. The
enterprise and liberality of this gentle.
manly firm In erecting In this place a
building which for magnitude and
beauty is seldom win outside of cities,
and would fitly grace Mtn avenoe, Pitts.
burgh, command the thanks of all cid
d. company but been formed to catab;
110, an ftaslemy on the first class system
wad substantial Inundation. Plans and
specifications for the building have been
spade out, and If public enterprise is
aunicistuly strangle) carry it through It
Will be a greM adVentalle to the Pleat
-We hairs also been shown plans and spa.
ciflcationa for sinew,laU, drawn by D. EL
lehitaiww, an Architect of this city. This
IN very much needed, as the old one is in
$ vary dilapidated condition, the that
floor not being tenantable.
&wooly had we ceased our coogratak
tattoo over the 000detatmt of M. M.
Stanton to the Supreme Judgeship, until
t h e Deem of his death was Ilaahad to" an
over tha when Peace to Mai ashatiot Mat
apjght7 latiatm
Bus 'gas C"%ssa; • Ign =MI
- even anotbetr,
Reply of Secretary Lesley on the Part al
of the Pennsylvania Railroad Com.
pony to the Pittsburgh Grain Dealers
and Millers—A Basis of Arrangement
Several days ago we announced that a
Committee of our business men had
vlalted•Phlladelphia for the , purpose of
holding council with the officers of the
Pennsylvania Railroad Company on the
subject of freight discrimination by that
corporation against the commercial in
terests of the city. The Committee ware
cordially received and treated with the
utmost respect, and the grievances com.
plalned of were noted and a basis of ar
rangement was promptly promised.
Yesterday Isaiah Dickey, Esq., Chair
man of the Committee, received the fol
lowing official communication from
Secretary Lesley on behalf of the Penn.'
sylvania Railroad Company; .
PHILADELPHIA, Dec. 24,1809.
Isaiah Dickey, Esq., and others,.
mince, Pittsburgh, Penn's.
GiorrLencie i—dt a meeting of the
Board of Directorsof thisOompany, held
December 22,1869, it was resolved that
the following basis of arrangement with
the Pittsburgh grain dealers and millers,
to begin January 1, 1870. and to continue
to September 1, 1870, be approved :
That upon grain shipped from Colum
bus, Indianapolis, Logansport, Illinois
State line, Fort Wayne, Chicago, and
intermediate points on the Pittsburgh,
Fort Wayne and Chicago Railway, west
of Crestline, and Pan Randle Road, west
of Columba; to Pittsburgh, the usual
local rate be charged and paid,
If consumed or disposed of in
Pittsburgh. If not consumed or die
posed of In Pittsburgh, but shipped
to Philadelphia(' or Baltimore, after being
hold in Pittsburgh not over thirty days,
the current through rate in force at the
time said shipment Is made from Pitts-
Inugh, shall be charged from either of
the above points to Philadelphia or Bal
timore. If said grain Is ground Into
floor at Pittsburgh, and said flour ship.
pad to Philadelphia or Baltimore, the
grain to be charged the prorate of the
current through rate from starting point
at time of shipment from Pittsburgh;
and the flow charged the prorate of the
then current through rate on flour, from
the point the grain was originally ship.
red to Philadelphia or Baltimore, at
the tints the flour la shipped from Pitts
Barley made into malt at Pittsburgh,
and said malt shipped to Philadel • his or
Baltimore the r ley to, ••• • !. •ed
the pro rate of the curren • Tong
rate from the starting point at
time of shipment from Pittsburgh, and
and the malt charged the prorate of the
then current through rate on malt from
the point the Barley was originally
shipped to Philadelphia or Baltimore at
CIO time the malt le shipped from Pitts
• On river freight: —Through bills of lad
log by river and rail 'to be issued by
agents of the Peoria R. .R. Co. through
to Philadelphia and Baltimore and such
grain and Hour as are consumed or dia
-1 posed of in Pittsburgh, to be charged the
regular ;boat rate to Pittsburgh, and
inches is forwarded to Philadelphia or
Baltimore within thirty dart after arri
val in Pittsburgh to •be charged the
Penn. R. R. Co.'s proportion of the
through rail and river rate, current at
time of shipment from Pittsburgh.
The necessary certificates or affidavits,
(if necessary) to be furnished the agents
of the Company as to identity of grain,
flour, go.
Tne rebate, if any, on grain and flour,
due from Western roads, to be collected
by consignees from roads west of Pitts
burgh; and that east of Pittsburgh, to be
allowed in is rates, as stated herein by
the Penn. R. R. Co." •
I remain, gentlemen,
Yonne, regretfully.
We may remark that while the teals
Is conciliatory and acceptable as a com
promise by our merchants, still all the
concessions petitioned for by the Com
mittee were not granted, and the full ox.
pexxaticms of the Pittsburgh conferees
have not been met.
. . .
The gentlemen of the Pittsburgh Coro•
mitt., entertain the hove that the rail.
road authorities will erelong agrettArith
them in the , opinion that overdo/Cy It
had been both politic and expedient to
pro rate from Pittsburgh, and 411120,10Y'
west of Pittsburgh- Is Ia regarded here
aa very unfortunate that the district ex
cluded from the application of the rule
now proposed , embnwes nearly the
whole section west of us that is tributary
to Pittaburgh. In other words, Pitts
burgh Is the metropolis of the section of
country aa far west as Columbus and
Crestline, and Is of mune especially In
terested in having that particulsr section
embraced tinder the rule of prorating
Mr. Dickey and hls colleagues have
discharged their duties well, faithfully
and intelligently, and the thanks of the
entire business community are due them.
QrWUgwd Paving—Sewers Coname.
'The spirit manifested In strut Improve
ment and the construction of sewers
in our city during the put year la ex
ceedingly gratifying to all who have the
interest of the city at heart. as it is per
manent improvement of this character
that build up a city, not only by Increas
ing the value of the pmpsrty, but in
adding comforts and conveniences to
those already enjoyed by the citizens.
The Strut Committee of Councils, of
which Mr. Jas. Weldon to chairman, has
been very efficient performing their
duties to the public faithfully and hon
estly and with an energy highly com
mendable in public servants. ~
The Engineer Corps Mider Mr. Harry
Moore, the able and efficient City En
gineer, have contributed bawdy to the
success °Elbe Street Committee. In midi
don to an immense amount of labor per=
formed under the direction of the Survey
Committee. as the very able report from
that Comicdttee published yesterday will
fully demonstrate.
Below we give a detailed statement of
the streets and alleywgraded, paved and
curbed. and the sewers and board-walks
constructed during the year 1889, With
the cad of each
C Z=!
Colwell Street '
harlot alley
Dm Riddle etreet.“ ........
mama street
Twentieth street
wealth street .
Wslrelew alley
street Chaotte l set
Tow rl esmil street
Pte. alley...—.
email:me alley
Meter street
roster's al eY.
Mlllesher/Per. ".
haat street
..m ea alter
W , Ile street.
Liberty street
Thlrty-alath wrest
Steel etas street
e.ltler street street
Reel* alley
Leevet slice .......... ...........
Forage strict. ..........
peon street
spring ailey. ............
soeseeash strset .........
........ . ..
Robert. ss set
at. Patrick . ..ales'
elpruee 16.1•
Fortrthlra y
3 1T:1171 . :r 4itste.
Total ..................
I =a=
Fourth avertite: - $ i WO OS I
Talmo avenue-Wood to 33,.t0c ken
Dimond-Waal to thattheold • 3 eat to
Toone evenne-Chrere sad Seal 'Wield.. lit CO
Latimer ------ culvert..
el too $1
flab htetioe.,.
J Wtiatleilt f•stmated)
.aa 3.ae0154
losti,lattb nisei ii•Usalsal '''
a/f"..."ll'l.BlMstretva a thl
. Fr
YlftO * a4lkt
IN instal • ma% Pearl amt.,
tuth to la -rphy,...
• arl st t mt. Malta .0 Lava.
Cedar reat
aaanaary ant Leona
Xl= acres
)3 ca• 11 Irses
311.11erartlia towaahlp rasa
Pmet Imozovemou.
Oman tune rooted
Board Wat 0.....
cesenswit rten—PeAgee uteneu 'l4
Tv armo r, Deoembor 28.—Tbe
moot llat waii taken up in -thpiCoturt.
No busting' of Isteptst t 4 t4ll putollo :was
, .
NO. 300.
The City Assessment. for hhC9.
Herewith, in tabular form, we present
the figures contained to a full and ex
haustive report of city assessments laid
before the Finance Committee of City
Councils by Thomas „it. Phelps, Esq.,
who has so ably - and creditably abr.
charged the duties of the office of Asses=
sor dating the put year. The report
contained other very valuable - inibrtna.
Mu which we regret we cannot lay be
fore our readers for want of apace. The
exhibit la flattering and encouraging,
and betokens that the affairs of the office
have been well and faithfully performed
by the present Ltioumbent. Here are
the figures:
;;; 1;
3 LI 1
51 .td: 31 ,
E ?. 4'
a 6
i; •
5 E • v
Heal Estate Transfers.-,
The following deeds were admitted of
record in theofEce of T. H. Hunter, Esq.,
Recorder for the county of" Allegheny,
Tuesday, December 28, 1869:
germs Stewart to Joh. btewart. December V.
19b) lot a 0.47. Vaattlegrlrt's alan, 17. h ward,
W. 11.2111. W. to 1). L. Pamenon. Nov. DI,
1103; lot 11 by IN feet on Perry otteet.Allegbeey
Cheri" Ullmote to Clement - Newton, Ile=
Mil add oae arta In Wilk.. township Soto
James Sloan to Wstuterw MeMllltao. July M. le 9:
lot le by I= au Fedora. &treat, Alla the by..D.,MO
Michaele - leery to 111thael Nevem:bar B.
we; 1N by Lilt feet In Beene lr.ot• street. Kits
, &Meth township 111,0te
Samuel Iltelte to palesLanglltt. November 10.
w ard.. Allbi I
egnIASS n
m feet 7 V , Baena VMS street. wood
n S n
10 0 cor n er M i Penn l
a H n a d l Me c D h c aumboe 1n
10 b word. Plttebetail. 4 by 100 feet Cl! 100
Demie Hanle to Toole. W. Joan. I/clot:well.
„lent lot 11,.. 7s. Wildest' I Alexander.. ohm
• rewooraaeecue 81.160
B. Id Hartman to James H. Hays, del. 1. Isar
lot 30 by
le ett 103 feet. Steelton asenm sad /IWO,IMMO
Juba THlmett, Jr.. to dordsn 11. Wm. kitten
13. ad; lot 20 be 1 0 lest on Talbot street.
Braddock'. borough Ima
C. 11: Hassey end ZDOEMS K. Howe to Jeoa.
la on L. sad W. J. Beanies. December 1.
Mat .1( mecum fleaddock , s Plonk Hoed. NM
Jolla. Pdtsburgle ' KOH
ot U. MeDowal to WI be mina Demberel..
*son 2, 1309: 49 acres and II o , re aca In Pau..
Sohn dechenhach et as. to Etat Petit• abet 15
by 'Wee. an Talbot stroll, Braddock's /Old
k. Dammam to ..drew Melo. Jana."'
'let. IC: I.t No. lfd le llordeuee's planof
Lower et. Char
Corty to J,:lan stre et arch aist. 18,13;
by 75 feet on Chotne t Nam le/ d.. 4150
A.*s ea et we. to Wm. Bey bold, Jam Wi1t,.1151161
3 tr . OM feet on Main allay, Meleesport.. .WlO
Jo .1, Cost et us. to Aodrew dolts, • prllloto,
ISM; same 10. as above .../ IS
M .7 A Ph•lllps to .1 meta Porter. Nov. 40. h.
15111: 3//by 60 feet on LarkfWa Seat Nino
A l a nt erea• then et or. to Charles Ott. Almost
10.0. 1767; lot NO. 165 In Domenea's plea of
Write; lete lownablp W5O
Wm. to monad Lennart, CM, tlftb., Mk,
3 acres In Baldwin townahin.... .. •••• .1500
Nmwy Cistaamen to William , .1 3 .
24th. 1100: 31 saw In Roblnsoo lawothlo.l6
Jeemiah Deoltry to Mahatma 01111 a, 11 1704.
0601; W by id feet borne, of Magee nod Vo b •
atm.. ' 4600
Tim oil production at Parker's Is esti
mated at one thousand barrels per day.
.Itm_Hrie..counkygrand jutz..lau.matie
complaint that the pay allowed jurors, of
both- chilies, is Inadequate, and recom
mended that it be increased. '
3:0/11t Hamm' HcCutimmitt is. the
name of the young man from Ottliene
county who died recently from Injuries
received by swallowing a sword.
A..ccar, vein, three and a half feet thick,
was" recently struck at a depth of thirty
two feet, four miles east at Sharon; Mer
cer county, on the fkrm of Hon. Charles
Tros Uniontown (Fayette county) jail
hsa had added to its inmates recently'
Joseph Barton, charged with stealing a
gold watch from Dr. Duncan, ot Browns
ville, and-David. Klffee and John Nick
law, accused of attempting to mu spur
ious national currency upon the bar
keeper at the Monongahela House. In
A Wettest Centrovem in the Catnone
Cenral about Mask,
An effort will be made at the Connell
to lune a decree prohibiting any, music
but plain chennt In the services of the
Church. 'Many excellent, influential and
pions eceledastitai fever this movement,
but we believe a vast majority, both of
priests and people, will deprecate any
change. In outdoor processions and In
the ceremonies of the Holy Week, the
ancient aslant may be preferred—alwi,
in the consecration of churches, bells,
ic., but in the High Mass and Vesper
services, few will be willing to have It
introduced. In the great cathedrals of
Europe, the roar of the fkegorian note
may be tolerated, because mitigated by
dlaiance—but to introduce it into the chap
ids and churches nob, would be more
than human nature could bear. We
know %clergyman who, when officiating
lin a email chapel in the country, was un
expectedly wasialted bv six big-chested
Alsitaelass roaring the Gregorian chaunt
until they were red In the face, and the
poor priest bad like to die of consternw
don. He len that part of the country.
grEPaninom World has tried to rid'•
cute the modern music ; but when that
stately periodical attempts to be funny, it
reminds las ofan elephant trying to dance.
It should know the English Ii not a-musi
cal langnage,except for ballads and melo
dies, and that the repetition of the words
by Nowt would be very „unpleasant to
our iiinipime; whereas, In the Latin Iter
ation does not strike the hearer unpleas
antly. We hold, too, hat:womere have
just as good • right to sing the praises of
t God es men: but by the adoption of the
Gregorian &tiled music they, aro whit
ded from the choir. ,We feel certain that
our opinion on this subject will be heart.
A sly censured, bat we cannot expect any.
s thing else from people who prefer. noise
to music.— Catholic Teiegrepli.
Moe Ni .
2A 6U
1 WI 9
2,082 9
1 VI 611
4 .. I
2.4 . 9 34
4.4 C 15 1
I CI 9
13,91 72
4.791 73
7,496 73
4,V9 99
Tits European diplomats at Washing
ton regard Secretary Pahl(' statement
of our relations with Great • Britain as a
remarkable paper, for never before has a
great nation thus arraigned another great
nation without a menace of war or the de
mand of a dollar. Mr. Thornton, the
British minister, Is active in his exer tions
to ascertain exactly what our govern
runt claims, and It is evident from his
Inquiries that Ids government Is 'some
what at a loss what td do ' with discon.
tented Ireland on the one band,
contented British America en the other.
,ag =
Z 1. 6 sa
fir sa
..... =0 81
•••• 6004110
I 8674$
LON 114
1.61. AC
is 734
Tax Presldenthas Informed two South
ern Senators that he had no objection to
the appointing of • a Southern- man for
Judge In Justice Swsyne's place, If they
could present one whom he considered
able to till the • plaCe. Efe - had looked
around and could not learn of any who
were qualified for the position. He would
not say Qua were none, but be did not
recognise any In their prominent men as
he knew them. This would seem to rule
out T. .1. Durant, of
Judge Erkaidna, 01 pores.
.1172:163 M
11l 10
300 71
.133 611
—Mr. Seward and ' -party arrived at
Puebla (Mexico) on the lath. and on
the 19th they were at. Tiaacals,
the historio remains for which that Ideal
is celebrated.. On the Mat they trill visit
the monument of Cholnis: they will se
next to Orizaba. witero tbri will arrive
od the Zhi, Minister Matron aecom•
omits the party oy this exclusion. Mr.
rard lirM sail from Vera thus. for
Havana on an Ecghthsteamer, Zany. 2a.
Tma Batton Taw rejoices that Utak
Americana have alamdoned their whams
the %rondo eatatillahment of - the Re.'
public of Erin, and Maims the Utah pea
pia thentsalven to abandon ad Kau_ of
Ii the kit and aupest exdoinszelal aid May
aimpapar putatikw; la Western raanqtrilass.
Ao Amer, isiodo4lo , or Mar* at olioiSlF So
Nbugle subscriber.
Cobs of evil...—.
Calmat tors..: ... ; .
£ copy In forstlstied /Mannar to tbollottal
op of a club of tea. Poctiataten are rTawistorg
So set as sweats.
There is it `• melancholy interest "
little affair that actually occurred lot a
thousand miles from Boston, a short dm
since. A well-known clergyman received
one morning an imperittve summons to
be in attendance to perform ..icle cere
mony" at the residence of an LqAtilly
well known undertaker in the evizing.
He went, accordingly, -supposing of
course that be was to accompany t.:: , iman
of grief to a house of moumincl. bet was
agreeably disappointed to find I: po.ise
(over the diop) brilliantly lip 1.•:F0...nd
tined with guests, whoa the 1..,. 1 / 4 ;;Aker
Proceeded to introduce as.follow
"This is my Intended wife, Ms• Crepe.
I shall marry her to-nigkt, If you will
"Certainly," replied the Clergyman,
somewhat amused, "and these are your
friends to witness the ttenemonY," 'look
ing round at the crowded apartment.
"0, yes, you know many 01 them,*
allow me—this is Mr. Bones, ScOrg of.
Bt Charles Church."
M.. Bones rose solemnly end heaired,a
rtiltra2 bowed
to ."
` ~i
I'. T. lja.l :•:,5
pr....;t• Ist1•1 viez,
gave L14,42.... ,
out," replied to'ilte clergyman'.
with the nand sad shake of the head he -
had practiced at rune:ids for the' poY
"This," said the host, as an individual.
approached on
.tip-toe, witit downcast
Raze, as If afraid of disturbing the ilienee
of the grinitstricken family slifirg
front parlor at ia:foneird, -
Black, the undertaker; T. believe y ou' ve ::
met before." Blom bowed, and lnclL^e .-
his head sideways, as if be expected the
minister to 'whisper some dim:done to -*
him before proceeding with the. Barrios:, .
"Allow me to make, you updated
with Mr. Stone, the sculptor," (Stein_
grabbed, the -minister's band ache would
a mallet), be was the proprietor of
"Stone's Monumental Works." . Then • -
followed introductions to the ,auperia.
tendants of two cemeteries, &plate =gra•
ver, and others more or less connected .
with the grim business of the 10, - -who;-- -
after finishing Introdnetloa,•,armannend'...
himself ready for the marriageoarementy.,,
"You don't mind standing bare mad ,
using this black walnut case for a table, -
do you ?" said the brideigoom,'`"it was
too heavy to move, beanies .It'a:full of
shrouds and caps that we don't want do
- The minister acquiesced aides. tleebt•
were duly united, after which cake, ;
end.conversation pervaded the wmpany,„ •
The clergymai congratulatedthe bride.
gjrroooom on his bride. "Yea," replied tko
NIPPY man, "she's been my housekeeper
some time—nice woman—sla't afraid or •
dead folks." ,•
"Ail, indeed, " said the clergymen, get-
tinge little chilly down along his becre"
bone in spite of bluetit; end wishing to
change the subject he remarked: , • • •••
"Any news to day, Kr. •Tresselst"..
lieves,no—that is, yea I Yours
member Marker, juutped overheard
and drowned himself from s•ferrylost
last week I" - • ";
Well, theyfonlid trim We nadrnlng In
ten feet of water, and paring Stanelolll
"Yes I--tee'oe pot him up stairs fj s*d.
Not knowing what might 'limn neirt,
the clergyman thought it best Ito take ble- 7 ..
departure, - which he did with &grow die
meant.r spitento the occasion. .
giblittenal Markets by Telegraph.
COrtmtoojiec. 28 —Latest.—tima firtif."
nem In Wheat atter the ololeol Thanks;
and at the afternoon board sales of 860.
2 transph•ed at .79®79340, teller the
month oresah; 79341390 e seller January.
and Me seller February. cicamerat the
inside,prices. horn dull and firmer, at.
7034 @Tic for No. 2, seller January, and'
72340. seller February. Oita Ann at
43%@1434443 an spot,
• Ban Fitanctsco, December 28.-- i.`lone
quiet and nuchanged. Wheat; SAMS of
choice 1151,60. Legal tenders fem . ." •
Nsw Ortuasss, 'llacember29.L-Cottou
easier, with middling at 240; salt , 9,668,
bales; receipts 4,191; enema 2,64.,
NEW AlivzaTreng:dn•hi:
Orricc or 7EI *.,Qt.l Corso., t
Datetalra )11111.h,'2%6Y. • f r -
• of oho Btockholdsis el OS Yo/10 OIMISS
Milli 'Company will Do hold as e *Moo Of the
Company, to AlloShonY ClrY. TI:MID4T. doh.'
airy 404 ISTO. botoreas shoo hours of lastll,
r. so.. for the docile , * of sloe (14 Dlredurs o
TroiOurai aal Clerk. to sorry for the Mouth.
Tots. OUL&NDO •
SEtMAUD WIIII.BN teTern 3/ ware
itboq. • •••
Theeas NAM will eh farbeertantbesboTe
eapitenuon MOITD&T, the 3d
'et' Jimmy.
11110. at 9 o . eloct .
• soszen naowaE.
YZILIOE. -e - 7 • '
ALTION on ttii:46asto 'of HAIIVICL.
DLL. dee'd late of .theibeef
lasted to Ui* oaderitgasd. &t parsose Isdito . ll.
to said estass are hereby' notified to mats . „
dime payment, and sit panics liming datmi
aptaet ratdartatlto present tains to •
p. P. EILDDLE. - A 4 m l . l ant.rt . .
dtMaa W o. 2910 liiirth Art.p.
T HE . NEW. YEAR . --Familica
dedrlng to replerrlab 'earet rvr .
7.ur ...ULM:Maur userim. Atom Ibt/ nsreftr 04,4,
e dual] ;r erg. etab real Hi...arch°
to fib Tea*, 01. k sod geollio.d Lasywrb,_
Jars and Sloan Coffee; &select •to,k or
Ar b i i i:ol * .tgi.Vlrga ;AA:
Zbbbfib sdvare Mattes soy bimerbi
Dried • Beet mt b. C. Air Ho &w•• Ofir.
ear us. ' .:401t1H . A
t7s • COr.ber Llbert baba film Ms
. ,
11=t3; lmetleas :11' ;., - •
Hoveatl. luntleas s•ol 114111.
Howard, America. nue h
.11.4mencas 64141.34.184•••••47 4- • • • -.3.11
For salt by • • 44.1 r,
L'i.vaszto a co., .
de9 • .. as lanai Avssay....;
' • Ile Prise tort Child or frford' - ` 4-
Nos. 71 and 73 Fifth Avenue.
. . -
Whirs Ton r 1.11.11114 uw.Largegt 'ad moot
taactin sunk tath* d7fof
itlinnaLre BOOREI -• •
L Ms aost elssant Mndtap
• Miscellany.
Snindard NoecLif
' •-, 'PeieticalliVorks -'
• , . • .." • y.
lkeiney Album* =
. . , 16fri gra ttag Desk:4- • .
. _
Pa ttolios,
Ladles!. Welt- Donee'
.. • ladle% CoMpanions.
Opera Gtaseee.
Portneoeninesi , .•
_. . .7.. •.
.. , - ' •,:,";
. Cribbage.Elt.l2l3s. ' • ... , ...,
• ' •
Backgammon llairds..
.., . ~, - - .r. . ' •-• Dlenected . Pleiniitii...- '," :*
. .
illrithestess: YneeSestremellioir St: '; - , j'.l`;f!.
, . . -.:..... -.. :4. -,:,,tf` ,---•*-21/4*i4414.1,
71.. mzut,-.713 , f5. : , - 1 • . i;: • . k ,, - ,.1 . ,-,‘ r•':. :1 1 1
.:, - ;.=' , '. f.,::;:--:', ,- . - ;,.. , ,,:'•-•() ,- 'w4,irN.,.. ~..,,,.......7.,•ktiV 1
4,- s + t 4 ; 2 4-: Pi
~.T.,.F.: 1 ‘ 4 ,..-iti.t .. .,,..; ; .7 : .--,,..7_, . .i . ,.,, , .;
~-, : •:-...0,q.-;:f., , - , :-42A--.1-- , ,.,:0..--,.. - 0,01-.„,;., - ,,,,...,t,-.. J ..-,,, , ,, , ,..7. , ;:i 0
..._.,... -..,.:... -. , ..-- , •. 0,. 1,---.-, ~:.:,;..,.. -; 0 —t , ... -.0
14. •- .. ; ,, i , .. } -..-.t.7. - _ - .7... - -;%.;
., ..0, , ( , ,...--,.. 5!41F.1.--.0._,----.. - -,. .-..-. 7 , ----.7 , '..- ----4. - -.. . ..---- • -
.:0, , 1-...",::::: ~.., . .,..'....i ,- ,--..-.,.=. , :-.; ; ;:-. 0,...;_.,........ , , , : ,-.2., , , - .., ; -:•,.. , . -.:...,.. , : .,.--..; , -t.:-,1%:.?...-::,‘,.... , -
r S:µ _
.y-.' .• '
... '.:':S~t