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Office, 81f and 86 Fifth Avenue
N. P.
By Mtli, p.,,,,,,
/icily trod by y.nyery, per level
(SECOND SE14111011.)
HOUSE: Bills Introduced and
Referred—Resolution Offered—
Interesting Debate on the Bill
for Taking the Next Census—
Some Progress Made—Petition
in Favor of Belligerent Rights
and Independence of Cuba—
Not Read—Notion to Adjourn
Till Monday Lost.
(By TulNirsDb to the Pittsburgh uswm.l
WAstimuToli, December 10, 1869.
Tile Senate was not fn seaalon to•day„
haat cm yesterday adjourned until Mon.
Belle Intrednoed and referred : By M.
SCOFIELD: For the tranafer of the Phil
ade iphis Navy Yard to League Island
ily dr. IWISIERS : To remove the
political Mentalities from people of the
States lately in rebellion.
By Mr. WHITTEMORE : amend
the laws regulating the coasting trade.
By Mr. SHELDON, of Louisiana:
F.:tending the limits of the Port Of New
Orleans, and making an appropriation
for removing onstructions from Rayon
Teets. Loulatana; making appropriations
for repairing and tinishing the Now Or.
leant ostom House.
Br Mr. WELLH: Donating to the city
of S. Louie, fora public park, the land
on which the V. EL Arsenal stands. / The
bill donate the entire arsenal tract in
lieu of nix acres heretofbro. JIMMIXt, and
authorizes the erection of an arsenal at
Jelles, a Barrack,
By M. NTRICK LAND: To extend the
time for the completion of the military
rood Crum Cooper Harbor, Michigan, to
Green Bay, Witiconsin; to divide Stich,
pin into three Judicial districts, and to
estsblle.h s Northern district of Michi•
gun: alt. a Joint resolution of the Michi
gan hagialaturo asking an appropriation
for rite improvement of the entrance of
Portage hake.
By Mr. JENCIi To oatabliob •
uniform rule of naturalization through
out the Untiod Eitstea.
By Mr. FIBBER: To authorize the
ormstruction and maintenance of a
bridge acmes the Niagara river.
By Mr. LAWRENCE: To abolish cer
tain fees required of pensioners. making
It the duty of the pension agent to Make
out semi annual Pat... for pensioners,
and administer the oaths without the lota
now rt tt ut red.
By Mr. HAY To repeal so Numb of
the internal revenue law as requires far.
mors and gardeners to have a broker's
beenao to sell their own products Irma
Walls or stands.
By Mr. LOBCRN : To provide for the
sale of the coin in the Treasury, except
such as may be necessary for the pay.
wont of Interest on bonds.
By Mr. MERCER, instructing the
Committee on Retrenchment to Inquire
into the propriety of reducing , the =-
prunes of the obsequies of members of
By Mr. WOODS, Instructing thel Com
mfetee on Foreign Affairs to Inquire into
the condition under which the French
Cable Company bolds its cencenaknes
nom the French Government to oonneet
its telegraph by the French shore, and
whether there is any restriction or reser
vation In ouch enneesadon that is !neje.
tile= to the rights of the °overturn= or
people of Bib United States:
Mr. BOA° asked leave to offer a reso
lution. directing the Committee on For
eign Attire to inquire into the expedi
ency of recognising the independent. of
Cuba; List ot)ertion was made. 1
Mr. INGLRSOL.L again Introduced
his bill authorizing the additional Inane
of forty-four million legal tender notes,
and moved the refarrence to the Com
mittee on Ways and Means. i
Mr. GARFIELD moved its refe nee
to the Committee on Ranging.
Mr INGERSOLL supposed
ed lb was
I le
a debatable question, and pro d to
diocese it.
Mr. BARFIELD, Who held the floor,
desiring talicall up the census bil,, de
clued to yield, and Mr. Ingersoll with
drew his bill.
The Speaker presented various clocus
menet, Including a memorial fro the
State of South ty'arolina relative the
recognition of Cate. 1
The House then went into Comm ttre
of the Whole, Mr. Dawes in the c lair,
and resumed the conaideration o • the
census bill.
Mr. KELLY moved to strike nut of
the fourth section tbo proviso that vln
any city comprising more than onetorn
gressional district, the Secretary of the
Interior may appoint one district Super
intendent for such efty." instead of one
for each Congressional district. He ar
gued that It would =pine upon such
superintendent in Philadelphia, com
prising four and s half Congressional dis
tricts, from four to six times the amount
of iobor impaled upon other superin
tendents. without any Increase of com
After considerable discussion. the mo-
Jkir. JENCIEES moved to amend the
bill by inserting an additional section, as
eace.on eight, authorizing each district
aciporitdendent to employ, by consent of
the general superintendont, In addition
- - -
to the enumerators, one or more persons
to collect, collate, arrange siad repro i the
epochal statistical information called for
by the act In relation to mines and min
ing, manufacturing and mechanical In.
dustry, mercantile and Mad ng wrath
ihdaments and buzinees, fisheries, educe-
Mon, religion. charltier, charitable,
ear. Lary, reformatory and penal biotite
stens, and other commercial an social
statietles. H 9 argued In rave of his
amendment end to Dhow the n ty
and advantage of the emolo ant of
such experts as his amendment ntem
plates. After considerable d kin.
the amendment was spud to to 457.
Mr. WILKINSON moved an end
moot to the 14th section, Impoain a fine
of 16.000 upon any corporation bleb
shall refuse or neglect to glee an nfor
.:oation required by the Act. ana
t ,a,, his amendment, he deeds, his
belle f ...hit two States of the Union Min
iwg,,,, any lowa, paid to railroad rpo.
noon . far transportation of p ace,
510,000,000 a yea: more than they Ought
pay, ind when- gle people came to
snow how they ware victimizidby
railroad companies, it would awaken •
degree of Indignation ,whiatt would re.
quire the Government to take bold of,
. ILLKINEI mammoth. corporations, and re.
strict t heir power to rob and plidniarthe.
people. After dlecusado• the amend.
Merit was adopted.
Mr. SCHOFIELD moved to strike out
the enacting clause. Ho - was opposed t o
the multiplication of Federal ofileem as
provided by the bill. He preferred the
act of 1650. He believed that upder it
the census of 1860 had bean well taken.
De schedules were better than those pro
vided in trite bill, and he belleVed its
ritachluery was better. There was no
provision hero for getting stalled about
tho principal products of his o n dis
Mr. G ARFTELD—eTive poor 's
fight." [Laughter ]
.Ih,?. SCHOFIELD appreciated be la
-1.... of ;he Census Committee, but a did
act like the machinery of the I. nor
did Ire tike She multiplication of ederal
. 111 . ,, 0. %lueo the war comae need.
there ass but 0110 .ea of Federal o oars,
while now there were four soil, kid this
bill proposed lo ere,:te a fifth ign..l
.11r. 0 A RFI ELD regrctted that * Fm-'
Hon to adopt had not bean orieled earlier,
so ael to save time.
The queatiou was taken On Mr. Saba
field's motion to strike nut the =me ting
rause. which was rejected by • ,large i
Mr FARNSWORTH moved to strike
out the sth Belden, giving the franking
privilege to the eansti. takom. Ho made
u s , motion sa a teat question.
Mr..,GA AFIELD whits expressing him
self In favor of abolishing the franking
privilege, did not regard this a test ques
tion on that subject.
The motion was rejected.
Mr. WARD presented a petition figned
by 72,000 citizens of the State of New
11 411
York Liking Wrigr*s to accord bellig
erent right. to the pple of Chiba, sod
recognise their independence. lie asked
that it he read.
Mr. FARNSWOHTH Ind other" ob-
Mr. WART) theniltladrew the political,
wad announced t he would, on Mon.
day, move to ammo d the rules to have
It read.
A motion to adj o in . till Monday wise
rejected, and the e, at 3:45, adjourn
ed until to-morrow.
Reception of Uon. Wm. W Reward to
We City of ileilco—Ranquete, speech
!►. inc.
Crrr or Mexico, December 1, via*
HAVANA, December 10.—Hon Wm. R.
Seward and party arrived in this city on
the 16th nit. They were received at the
railroad station by President Jan roe and
Osidnet, and a commission of Notables.
On the 18th Mr. Nation, United States
Minister, gave Mr. Seward a banquet, at
which Schollissen, representative of
Germany, Minister Romero, and other
ministers, and many ladles were present.
Ledro TeJado, President of the Su
preme Cburt, in a speech, said that Mr.
Seward's name would be imperishably
written In the hhaory of an important
epoch, Dv bin services In behalf of hu
manity and republican Institutions on
the American continent.
On the night of the 27th a grand ban
quet was given Mr. Seward at the palace
of President Juarez, the Cabinet and
other prominent pawn. being present.
President Juarez toasted Prealdeni
Grant, and paid a high compliment to
America. Minister Nelson ramonded.
Lerdo De TeJed° spoke at considerable
length in dehulog the relations,of the
grivernmenta of the United .tiltatee and
Mexico. He proceeded to point out the
resemblance between the 'laws and In
stitutions of the two countries, and de
clared In these respects, and In the com
mon pursuit of Liberty, they were much
Mr. Seward followed in a opeesch, die.
! claiming all cersonal loterest In coming
to Mexico. The Mexican government,
he said, wisely gave their political psi.
Lions to their own countrymen, and not
to foreign adventurers. Ills sole ambi
tion was to inspire the American people
with a thorough understanding of the
l idestinice of the continent. Although
' originally colonized by European mon
archies, yet cooper or later it must be
entirely Independent of fbrelgn control,
and of every form of despotic govern
ment. Mr. Seward proceeded to give an
eloquent exposition of American Repot,-
licenism in its application to the Amer.
Iran continent, and closed by proposing
a toast to President J mart a, whose name,
he Bald, would remain Indissolubly con
nected with the memories of Lincoln,
Bolivar and Washington.
An operatic troupe present sang "The
Star Spangled Banner."
Min ter Iglasins interpreted Mr.
Seward's speech. Immense enthusiasm
prevailed. An very large crowd was
present, all wahine to see Mr. Seward.
Be wall probably leave about the 10th
About one thousand men are at work
on the railroad at the pose of Del Machu,
oar Oh.lbe.
The yield of the Sonora mince are
bountiful. The manufacturing intoresta
are Increasing in prouperity.
The Macias insurrection bad encbd.
An unusual number of prat:manta
memoa were issued by the Insurrection
A light .hock of earthquake wee felt
n various F.:via of the republic.
An Enggish steamer While raising
anchor at Vera CU= mapped the chain.
Three sailors were k Hied and eeven
The town or Fresnolin wee lately visit
ed by a terrlde hurricane, Over 200
houses were destroyed.
A party of meu employed In vomiter.
felting revenue stamps were disouvered
in the eaplOtl and arrested.
A rebellion has broken out in Sierra
The town of Capacalla wee captured
by Regret's partisan. Regret's head
quarters are at Terailla.
The Vera Cruz telegraph has bean rut,
and a force to reporting marching On
The town of Stanve has pronounced in
favor of the revolution.
The amnesty bill hoe been amended so
as to include several important classes
of parsons, who did not previously share
Its beoefits.
Bold Robbery and Attempted Murder—
Row • Reprieve wan Obtained—a
Strange Case.
CHICAGO, December 10.—Last evening
about six o'clock two mon entered the
office of the treasurer of Parma county,
at City, low., and asked for some
stamps. Mr. Camery, deputy treasurer,
turned round 'to get them, when they
caught him by the throat, knocking his
head wind the wall, and ,tabbed him
three times. They then seised eight
thousand dollars that lay in the safe, and
decamped. It Is feared Camery is fatllly
wounded. Should the robbers be caught,
they will be lynched beyond a doubt.
It turns out that some fine se was em
ployed la obtaining • rete ol Daniel
Walsh, the murderer, fro m Gov. Palmer.
W. Li. Eddy. who was messenger to lay
the matter before Gov. Palmer, after an
Interview, tele,llsphed back "All right,"
after the Governor had expressly de
Glared that be would not interfere. On the
strength of this dispatch, W elites friends
informed him that he was respfted. Dla.
liking , to disappoint the prisoner, the
Governor afterwards consented to re spite
him for thirty days.
A very strange ewe ban been on ex
amination before Justice Mayo, of Syca
more, De Kaib county, Illinole. It wan
brought on complaint of Johnson Low,
of Clinton, same county, who @wore he
had good remora to believe that three
young men of tihabbona village have re.
putedly tried to kill bla slider, Miss
Caroline Low, with arsenic and stryo
nine. These three young men, names
not given, have been residing at Shan
bona for about a year put, and they have
generally boarded at Scott's Hotel.
Miss Low Is the young lady who for three
or four years past ban been auffering
terribly from splinters of glees per
meating her person, and the defend.
ants alleged that her mind was a shat
tered by her trofferingttutt her testimony
was not reliable. elks elated that Rho re-
peatedly overheard there men in a
room planning the stealing of horses;
that they diacovored that she knew it,
and have sine° substituted powers of
ILISODIO and atrychnine for morphine
which she received from her doctor.
Sheprodueled one of these strychnine
powders, which she stated was placed
among her morphine powders by one of
thew young men. After a hearing. the
accused were discharged.
Demand Or Ilertry— Incendiary and
Other Proelamialou.—.Arrival of Troops.
ClVTeltrraph to the I Itt. burgh CO Lear.,
Have. A. December 10.—Several per
sona In Havana have received letter.
from Gem. Galcmria demanding sums of
money of from $1.,000 to $lO,OOO. lie re.
quanta that the money be forwarded to
him without delay, and in care of the
American Consul at Numb These
letters have heron delivered to the Span
' IGO Authorities In Havana.
An Incendiary proclamation, dated
Havens, December 10. was received by
the Steamer Ooleirtibia from New York.
The prOOIBIII4ICIO has teen circulated
extensively thrOUghout the city.
General Cospodes has Issued ■ pencils
oration in which he Invokes all true
Cuban to destroy their wham, and
sugar crops, in order to deprive tho
opanterds of these 11:168131 of revenue.
Sep thousand Spanish troops arrived
today 4reat COIF-
vu , t h e r novemerile In Behalf el pr.
Plat scu•ppe—littw Bsarow. au •
Wrlt of Valor so t.wPnane.37 '
LOT Todtsnlipb to the Pithothrea thisenel v
HARRISBURG, December paw
Schoppe, under sentence of death, has
presented a petition to the Napreme
Cour; of Pennsylvania. earnestly sneers.
lea Wm innocence of the murder of Min
Stelnlcite, anj asking • now hearing ou
• writ'of error. nttc.rpey General Brew.
tiler has assented to the 'wanting Of a
writ of error, returnable nth Fi le trp
day In January, wbleb be
The Publication of the French
Yellow Book —Rein' ions with
Foreign Powers Amicable—The
Emperor and the Ecumenical
Council—Allocution of the:Pope
—llls Satisfaction at Seeing so
Many Bishops Present—Stormy
Scene in the Corps Legislatif—
Negotiations to be Reopened on
the Alabama Claims.
(By Telerre,h to the rlttetelrgh(leaetle-)
11 , 11 A FOE.
Pints, December 10.—The French ern
dal yellow book la Just published. It
give, a favorable account of the condi
tion of France, and Mates that her rela
tions with foreign powers, and their re
lations with one another, are still more
amicable since the conference en the dls
putebetweew Greece and Tatkey, held
In Darla. The nitration of the North Ger
man tlentederation is not such as to
mute France to change her attitude. in
Italy, order is gaining ground In spite of
revolutionary movements.
The Book makes ad important declara
tion In regard to the Ecumenical
This beldnltsaya. Is not beyona the
pale of political powers. So the Em
peror la resolved to use his Incontestable
right to Intervene In its deliberations,
and through their representatives all
Catholic Powers approve this course.
The Turbo-Eityptlan question la re
viewed and the efforts made to reconcile
the Sultan and Vtoeroy are dwelt on at
, Atnerlissu affatze are treated of teelbe
following effect The advent of General
Grant to the Presidency t,f the United
Staten has made no change In the Gov
ernment relations existing between the
two nation. France has assisted the
efforts of the Washington Government
to re-establish peace between Spain and
the Pacific Republics, tut the sympathy
shown by the United State. and South
America with_the Cuban rebellion, has
unfortunately complicated a settlement
of the above question.
Winding up this subject the Book
says : "The Frem-h Government hes no
remain to violate the laws of neutrality.
The only alto of this Government Is to
develdpe peacefully its foreign relations,
and guard the Interests of France,"
The Carps I.egtdatlf ead another
stormy session to day. An opposition
deputy demanded the Impeachment of
M. Formula, Minister of Interior. Scenes
of violence followed, such no never be
fore have been witnessed In the Cham
ber. The sitting we, adjourned amid
guest excitement. The prosecution of
Reuel was caused by a libelous article
wriften by Charles Hugo. It Mu ter
minated in conviction, and Hugo has
been sentenced to a tine of 1,000 francs,
with four months' imnrietrnment, and
the publisher of the journal to 1,1100
francs fine, and two months' Imprison.
loNooN, December 10.—The notu has
an article on the Alananm claims. It
hopes the Amerimn government will
appoint soca men as hteorge Wm. Curtda
and William M. Evart, to atete the feets
and law of the tmol, and thinks that
good results will certainly follow such a
The body of Mr. Peabody will bo re
moved from Weatmmater Abby to the
chip Monarea to-day. Crowde are at the
tomb paying their last respects to the
The ateannahlp Brazilian, built ez •
prewly for the Muer canal traffic. In.
been found to draw too much water.
Ad VlCes from the Porte announce that die
attempted to make the passage, hut was
obliged to discharge half her car go to
get through.
Enizolunri, Dec. 10.— The %airman
publish... a report, which it declare. m•
titled to credit, that Lord Clarendon
will aeon re..pen negotiation.. with the
("tined Stair. for the watiernent of the
Roan, U.m. 10.—The Pope delivered
an allocution before the assembled
Bishops. He expressed his mitisfaction
In being able to open the Council on the
day that had been fixed and at finding
that the Bishops cam. In such numbers
to aid the Holy Bee, helped by the Holy
Spirit. False hum= seleuco and impiety
were never before so strong as at the
present dav, (or they were as
well organized, and hid themselves be.
hind pretended aspirations for liberty.
But there was nothing to fear (because
the Church was ettouger even than
Heaven.) Bat time would remedy the
present evils. The holy father concluded
with an invocation. to the Holy Ghost,
Blessed 'Virgin, and Saints Peter and
Lassoiv. December 10.—The Duke of
Saidanha baying been pressed by the
King to accept the post of Ambassador
of Pommel at Perla, positively declines.,
and declares he would prefer to realign
ottice under the Crown rather than take
the place.
Penna. December In—Reports come
!mm Madrid that It la confidently be
lieved there that President firent In
tende to mire Cubs.
tiornA., December 10.—Ernest, Flooded
Duke of Hare Coburg, is dying. Price
Alfred of Englied le his heir.
BREMEN, December la—Tbe steamer
Hanover arrived from New Orleans.
Ivan, December lo.—Toe steamer
Militia, from Now Yore, arrived.
Lorriairc, December 10.-IDienfeg--(tin-
Imola ft2X for money; amount ii2 , ;(4 9 2„4i.
American itecuritlea: 5-20 toncia—'62a,
84g; ink : 8234.
F•ries 20!4: Atlantic & Oreat
Western, 2034. Week. quiet.
?Anil% December 10.—Bourse quiet at
706 07e.
. -
Lorrworr December 10 —Tallow quiet.
(bmmon Healy ea. M. Sugar firm. Re.
Hoed Petrolernm Isa. .;ti. Calcutta linseed
595. Lleseed Ott quiet and steady.
Petroleum at Antwerp firm at 111 W.
Petroleum at hiremewulet at 7 thalami
0 groats.
Hamburg—Petroleum quiet at 15 mare
Mariam, 8 &chitlings.
HAvar., Docawber 10.--4.k4ton arm
at 1114 f. afloat. . .
FOAMY. POUT, December 10. —.Bonds
closed quiet at 6044.
Livenrocit., Deoember 10. (biter;
Wee fur week 54,000 bolos, Including 10,-
000 far Onion and 6,000 for Speculation;
Mock 819,000 bales, Including 21,000
American; receipts ibr week 84,000 of
which 16.(100 were AMPrlaSrlt quantity
at sea 320,4*0 of which 151,000 were from
United &stem Market to-day la a trifle
better, rinsing , aleudy at 11,0011 M for
middling uplands; Orleans at 12®121.A.
Sides 12.000 yarns and fabrics lidiaceneo.
ter quiet. Wheat receipts for throe days
35,000 qrt, including 27,600 Americans
California white es 8d; red western Ni ddt
winter 81 10d. Flour 22e. Corn No. 2
mixed 2ai Od. 041 w
ed.l Pea. 88a.
Pork 41ft Beef 101 s Lard 76. 6d.
Moab 68s. Bacon 07.1 ed. Common Re.
idnlis dd. Petrolatum unchanged.
lafttertd Oven his ~nles7lito9 Choler'.
MS the Pat es and ennuis Tcir(rinti•l
012tuniziATI, peeember
W. Cierire, reernVy eppointed Supervi
sor of Internal !SawAto fAr oollakOrA
Ohio, entered upon We dulls. today.
The disease celled the hog eholtire hes
broken out again among the atop fed
swine at one distillery et Cammineville.
Twenty to twenty-flee died a Ay, mostly
stook hogs, light weight.
The Atlantic Cable—Sale of Gold
• Coin—lllness of a Member—
Revenue Stamps—lmportant
Decision Court halms —Ao
Meeting Yet—The First Recep
tion of the Season.
CBi Telegraph to the Pittsburgh (I netts, I
WASIIINOTON, DOCMllber 10th, 1069
The subject of the French Atlantic
COle was briefly considered by the Com
mittee on Foreign Affairs yesterday and
to-day, The Committee will unanimous
ly sustain President Grant'a views, rela
tive to ocean cables, and report • lila
with the view to remedy this complaint.
In the Internal Revenue Rorestr dur
ing the month of November, five Multi
red and eighty-throe throw/Lod six han
dfed Distiller's spirit stamps were is
sued, valued at $6,000,000, and tobacco
stamps to the value of $1,800,000. The
Internal Revenue Commtmloner decides
that although distil/ors and brownie can
sell at the place of noutufsott; so long
as they sell in the original cas or pack-
Agee, to which tax stamps are affixed,
without payment of tax as Ilquar deal
ers and rectifiers of distilled products,
they cannot sell without paying • tax
as liquor dealers el any other place.
Representative Coburife resolution,
which wee retbrved to the Committee on
Wan and Means, requires the Secretary
of the Treasury to sell all the coin not,
necessary to be retained for the payment
of interest on bonds, and lbr other de
mands in coin, and to continue the sales
monthly, reserving oolv such amounts
es may be needed for the above named
The Sint reception of the season by
Secretary Ftsh and Mrs. Fish tank plate
this evening. There no a large attend
ance of ladies and gentlemen, the latter
Including Cabinet veneers, foreign Min.
laden, Senators and prominent army and
navy officers.
The (..Nlmmittee on Banking have not
yet held a meeting. ow tug to the engage
ment of Gen. Garfield, a member, - who
has Ounce of the r43I:IIICUR 13(11 pending In
the Home.
In the3hourl of Claims. Judgments
were rendered the past year on It 4
24 wore dlaamiased; aggregate amount
of elalma V.,000,000; awarded gAOO,OOO.
060601 A UECOYMTttt•(TIOY
It is believed rongrea• or - 111 take no
action on the • Georgia reconstruction
question until alter the holadays.
Representatisle Van Au ken la dennned
at Come, in Pennsylvania, by Meknes.
lasing Paragraph of Pere Ilya
cinthe's Lecture—The Spanish
Gunboats Released at Last
Arrival of Senator Fenton—
Held to Bail—Stolen Bonds
New Yuba. floe. 10. 18101.
Pere Hy.seintne con eluded hie address
last night a. follows. In modern society
celibacy panne for tee mike of i led, but ,
the. OICOPOOne, II you make a rule, are !
Kenna God and cw• lest nature. Celli,
lacy is cowardice if it &len net allnitYl
nuTbige. The Apo. ilea have mid mar
riage la honorable. i Carriage is apothem
before God and men. The great object
in view I. the recomeiliation of heaven
and earth, and of the present life with
the future, and to manure a union of earth,
union in the city, In thy nation and in
humanity. It was the thought of Jesus
Christ The foundation of your people ,
Is the Wile, the book that speaks of ;
' (oat—the living w.ird of Jeans Christ in
admirable manlier.. From your Primal.
dent there chines t.hrough his irord• the
Christian faith , PO/1•1 In Jeans is at the
root of this o Gem May Josue Chriet
protect your usury tad develop In
Europe, preps log •1211.11114 strife, unity
and religion an materna/ prosperity, and
when I return . ball tart Europe that 1
have found her liberty ...elated with
Christianity, a d have been among a
people who do not think i hat to be free
they must be tad from Gad.
Mr. enollabba , counsel lot Delamater,
at the hearing . day, moved for the re
lease of the H lab uunborta, and DM
trial. Attorney lerrupont having made
00 Oppollitioo, VIII g he had received
Instruction. f Weald ntroui to proceed
no further In e matter. It was Mil
dell, ahoWn I t the war no longer ex.
fated between Spain and Peru. Judge
(Latchford to-ti y made an order grant
lug the motion .f Mr. Stoughton.
Among the p • angers by the A Ilema.
Ma, from 1-:u .pa, arrived to day, are
Senator Fenton and daughter.
Romaine Mu lenen, one of the alleged
perpetrator. of th•dravrback fraud; ha.
bean held to t .1 in glO.OOO
A portion of he proceeds of the rob
bery of the Du chess County Insurance
Company have been 'recovered here in
the ahapeof fly. one thouund dollar C.
S. bond., and . man named Chanty ar
e Entreaties Com of
Cale swell.
9fIlli0( In
Ihr Telegraph to be Plitsbarahllaretta.)
MoarTglia L, ..mber ICI —ln the op
pliretion mad In the Chambers for a
writ of ma In behalf of Cald.
well, who was remanded In connection
with certain revenue frauds in New
Yorkomunsel for prisoner ~intended a
magistrate In I.lwer Canada has no Ju
risdiction to non a warrant for the arrest
of • prisoner In Ontario. Collnaoi forth,
United Blair. Government argued that
under the recent art of Parliament a ma
gistrate In an extradition case has Judi.
diction In all of the Domielon. Judge
Mondolot reserved hta dertidon till to•
( barge of Blare-walling
Ily Telearsph to lb. l9u.b.r h lt• •atie.
Idoitroommay, ALA., Imeember 10
J. Edward Htany, late rovouue detudive,
wu arroated today at the Instants of
Supervisor Emory, charged I.lth levy
blanks:owl on distillers. Atadavlta in s
died I lam from different parts of the State
show that he obtained large soma of
money from thorn. Oommiesinner Camp
bell required him to give bell bond for
bb appearanea at the neat term of the
Federal court.
tar Telegraph to the Plttetsurgh Oeselte• 1
Portong germs. Deeomber 10.—In the
Circuit Court to day, before Judge
Tappan, • yardlM was givon for defend•
ant, in the mum of .1. Nelson Luckey
against the New York T, thane 11111.0Cie
lion. It was an action for Ilbei in the
publication of an article su the Tripuse
—s regular court report. The pump o.
ant meld for MOM ,
—The N. Y. Herold prints. letter from
Edward W, Tyllidgm one of the apoitlas
of Mormon reform. and the leader of a
echiern in ihrt Mormon Church, in which
he may. there aro other rau.s of the
pltbdiug trouble among the Hall bake
Salhb. Ito sato that the people have
been reduced to a tomroral bondage by
the sower of Brigham Young, and the
spirituality of Mormonlym hsa died out
of the Church. Tim reformers pro
'rf.° revive three doe
irilets. They war egainst Brigham
Young's policy, but not against himself.
—The etse of tbe Supervutors of West
chester mural y agulnet the earetlea of
Willett, the defaulting Oeunty Trout:w
et, for the ameuut or hia deficit. wee
concluded at While Plato,' ynotettjay,
end the. j, rebderect a vettiteregelnat
the pipettes to the full amount or 'pie
bomb PAD*
—patrte•Oonnolly na , torn P4IIT
plena. and killed Inur.duy by being
meant In • revolving linen at Dry
Docks, st Oarondelet, near dt.
Cuitsoo police practice musket drill.
VERMONT hall only three daily DIMS
()he divorce to every two marriages in
the average In Connecticut.
A wens!' In Baltimore paid 000 ter
charging a girl with stealing a dress.
Witers cravats are coming rapidly In
vogue again among gentlemen for rull
drew occasions.
W nsct.lno, W. ca. , man tl ritetti rel
two MI !BOIT 4. stogy" cigars monthly, the
revenue tax opott which amounts to $lO,-
000- $120,000 per annum.
AT the State-Municipal Convention of
Ohio, now In melon at Columbus, a res
olution was adopted, 29 by 16, in favor of
licensing bawdy houses at $l,OOO per
A BLIND Man named George Boyd,
from Kansas City, Mo., stopped at a hotel
in Quincy, Illinois, on the 15th last.,
and has since disappeared. He had
65,000 in his possession.
Tux central Pacific Railroad now has
thirty.tlve miles bf snow sheds. Three
hundred Chinese are employed between
Promontory and Ogden In the construe.
lion of snow fences and the making of
Tftriollll repairs.
TEE railway' Conductor on the New
Jersey road who put the man off the cam
the other evening for not paying his fare
(resulting in the inane death, by falling
off Hackensack bridge) has been arrest ed
for manslaughter.
Buses the accession of Dr. McCosh to
the Presidency of Princeton College, more
than $400,000 have been contributed to
Its funds The money has been employed
In putting op holdings, or invested for
the berietikof tba college.
A SALE of - filteen-litonsand acres art
coal land in Grant and Mineral counties.
West Virginia, war made • few dePleiro,
for cash, to John. L. Crawford. James
Boyce and Samuel .1. McDabbin, of
Baltimore. The price paid for the pro
perty weri-.11:11.5.' 0100.
New Tune has two hundred gambling
house., eight thousand professional gam
blers, and 111.500,000 capital invested in
the game, while $50,000 changes hands
nightly over the cards. Besides these,
there Is generally "game" at the elute,
and often at private houses.
A nauxo noo stele 'doll in Petersburg,
Va., the other day, and while protesting
his innocence, unwittingly pressed it as
he endeavurext to hide it more completely
under hli shirt, The dull gave a loud
squeak, and the little negro, who had
never heard of crying dolls beiure, turned
almost white, and thought a miracle had
been done in his case.
A co RIUMPONDILIIT of the Sosntf.fie
Asia...eon believes that the Pacific Rad.
road i. to have an effect in changing the
eteorological character of the plain..
His theory la that the bawls of iron fur
nish such a meansof establishing an elec.-
'meal equilibrium that the climate is ren
dered atom equable, and the rainfall over
the country la sensibly equalized.
Wear Timm i• has some tall sons in
the neighborhood of Lewisburg, hying
within • half mile of each other, whose
respective heights will exceed that of any
other section. The first, twenty years
old, Is 6 feet 2 inches high; the second,
nineteen years old, is 6 feet 5 inches,
and the third, between fourteen and
fifteen yews old, Is 6 feet 2) Inches high.
'fun advocates of temperance in Rem
ington, Jasper county, Indiana, have or
ganised • Joint stock ounp•oy with
subeckineli oapitala 6n0,000, upon which
they propose to tome bonds for the pur•
pose of raising the necessary means to
oppose in the courts all applications for
license to sell iruoxicating liouois by
the small, - within their corporation.
lig animal resembling the Rocky
Mountain lion has been seen about the
lows State line, and in various parts oh
Buchanan township, lowa. One man
saw him carrying sway• port of a sheep.
His tracks have been seen in the snow.
One night about twenty persons, with
thirteen bounds undertook to unearth
bins, but the dogs would not hollow the
Tug officers of the Philadelphia mint
have proell a medal commemorative of
the opeWng of the Pacific Railroad. One
side bears the head of the President, and
the reverse exhibits the most striking
characterietica of the road. It Is appro
priately Inecribed, and a number have
been struck In silver and bronze, and
one In gold to be presented to President
MIBII PottgaRITHJI had been perform.
lug opintualistic cabinet feats at Terre
Beate, after the manner of the Doren.
ports. The young gentleman who tied
her the ouvr night smeared her bugers
with printing ink. When the cabinet
was opened, the Ink wee found all over
her face, clothes, Sc., and thus her h®-
buggery was made apparent, and her
spiritual quackery and delusion exposed.
IT is reported that the Faculty of the
UMversity of Michigan have decided to
abolish the Senior vacation, which here•
totore has been the month between Class
day and Commencement. They claim
that this in advisable from the fact that so
many Seniors go home after Class day,
and are absent at Commencement; far.
thermore, that the vacation &battens the
year too much for the highest good of the
Tunis gentlemen visited Quincy, 111.,
on the 80th ult., and put up at a hotel.
They retired, all occupying one room.
and left the gas burner in such a state
that the gas escaped. .Not appearing the
next morning, the door wu forced open
and two of them were found in advaec•
e d stage of asphyxia, and the other almost
Insensible. Fortunately they were resus
citated, and went on their way 'thankful
for their escape.
BOevre clergyman writing to a
western paper says that In looking over
the list of lecturers engaged this season
by the various courses the "conviction
creeps across my mind that genuine cal.
tam is not the sole thing twilight alter by
committeemen. Sharp wits and sharper
women amuse us rather too oftec." But
he dads consolation In the thought that
"even these lighter lecturers turn men
away from the theatres."
Iv is stated by a Fort Dodge (Ohio)
correspondent that a block of gypsum,
Bun which the, Cardiff glut Was
chinned, war taken from the gypsum
quarries in that neighborhood, In lend,
by a couple ol men, who said they
wanted to take such a block to New
York, where thoy could make a good
thing out of It. They were subsequently
joined by a man named Maas, from Byr.
wt ., 27 . y., who is believed to be the
"antediluvian artist."
AT the Winter House, Port Scott,
Kansas, the other morning, ft. M. But.
ton, of Marshall, IIL, went Into break
fast, apparently In perfect ponenlon of
his faculties, and finished his meal with
seeming relish. He then rose from the
table, took a case knife and commenced
the operation of sawing off his head with
as perfect coolness am If It were an every
day performance. The chillness of the
knife and the Interference of the hoard.
en prevented his sertonily harming blip.
Annanssi Dawi, an old street preach
er, who lot years wandered about Wheel
ing, with a bible under his arm, Macau
waw on the corners and by the wayside,
died on the Oth, In the county lat. More
than • quarter of a century Alum he be.
came demented en the aublect of religion,
and his loud and disjointed harangues
were principal ly
o on that topic. Ilia in
sanity being a mild type, be was never
closely confined, but was suffered to go
and come from the same •Uonse es lie
Too warden of tbe Albany (N. Y.)
Penitentiary save that John J. Eckel,
who died there last week, told the stew
ard of tbe prison that he had an Import
ant revelation to make before his g ei gh,
but timt be dig! wilbOht making 1/.. He
was oonvlMed of /simplicity In p4,4ficif
delli =a years m, twelff yea xBO. the
Telepou was suppoped to refer to it.
he pallY 4rßn4 says Peke' etllolll
- ileplare4 thine's/as eVly
Mat of all COnnftaao la th that ttmr
and be did not know wbo committed 0.
Tun Harrisburghers are enjoying
Geo. H. ITUFV, of Altoona, iv the last
candidate out for the State Treasurer
01.1 Va LOG A N is moving this way. She
lectures on “Girl." at liarriabarg zest
L. H. Warrrest.T, Eey., editor of the
Great Bend Pennvirantan died last
TION IS about to be retabliehed at Petro
learn Center.
A. u mac dealer in Harrisburg, received
an order for a quantity of ratline. among
which was a • •a saraneighed for a quart: t. "
Ton price of gas in Washington bor
ough has been reduced from four dollars
to three dollars and a half per thousand
cubic feet.
A. wax In Chester county has been
fined for allowing obnoxious weeds to
grow on his farm, to the damage of his
Joint Larruitcorr shot a large deer on
last Friday, on the mountain range back
of Orfetrenburg Springs. about two miles
from the Springs.
Tan Covode.Foster contested Congres
sional election case will be decided next
week. There is not the slightest doubt
but the seat will be given to Covode.
In Forest county, deers, bean, wild.
cats and withers are very plenty this
winter. Such royal hunting is within
one day's ride by nil front Pittsburgh.
Trouts are fresh signs of trouble among
the Schuylkill colliers, the miners coca-
Phlining that the operators do not adhere
with good faith to the terms of the recent
ad j ustment
Tuts following Post Office appointments
have been made Gallitzin, Cambria
county, David Mills, vice J. Troxell,
remousi ; Milroy, Mifflin county, A. W.
Graff; vice H. Maclay, deceased.
Tun Pennsylvania National Bank at
Pnttsville was done to the amount of
$13,000 , 0n a forged check last week In
the hands of a confidence man, who was
anbsequently wrested.
Tint fact hu comet° light that ► young
lady of Pteasantville, Venango county,
died from an attempted abortion. The
seducer and also the physician have Lied
the country. Names are not given..
Joni+ D. Mune, for a number of years
train master In the employ of the Penn.
Sylvania Railroad, died at hto residence,
In Philadelphia, on Monday. His num
erous friends will regret to bear of his
Tns council of Monongahela City have
passed a res2lntion directing the policy to
arrest every boy found on the street after
nine o'clock who cannot gives good and
sufficient reason for being abroad at that
hour of the night.
Davrn M. Even. of East Donegal
township, Lancaster. county, last year
raised 16,010 pounds of tobacco, or an
average of 1,600 to the acre. The tobacco
was sold the present wear for 12,672,43
am average of *264.9'3.
AN article in the Philadelphia Press
awes that In the Diocese of Philadelphia
there are 100 Catholic churches, 100
priests, and 220,000 communicants. Tide
would give 2.1000 members to each
church, and 1,222 to each priest
Tire Erie Garrtte Informs MI that R.
Ueo. F. Cain. 44 the Park Church, bas
accepted a call from the First Fieeby•
terian Church, of Philadelphia, at a sal
ary of $5,000 per year. and will enter his
new pulpit at the clone of next month.
A xi:Ginza of Mei:Wants of the B >rough
of Butler have organized a Printing As.
eiciation, and intendissning &newspaper
to be called the Butler Eagle. The new
paper will be Republican in politics, and
will make its appearance sometime in
i t
Bix hundred a sixteen persles pay
Income tax In Twenty-fourth Con.
gnasitmal Distri t., two hundred and
seventy-eight in Washington county,
one - hundred and tiny arvrn in Brayer,
one hundred and Irty five in Lawrence
and forty-six in Greene.
CTI•ALIIII F. YOVNOMA.N. for • number
of years ticket avid of the Pennsylvania
Railroad Company at Lancaster, died on
Sunday last. Ho was ticket agent at that
place for the stage lines from 1833 mull
the railroad was built, since lIIIICh time
he has tilled the position of ticket agent
for the Company.
The Butler Citiesn is vexed that the
hors• thief GIIIBand played off on the
town papers and gave the enterprising
city press reporters llockinberry's last
confession—a piton being kept by the
obliging sheriff for home publication
alone. The Citizen is worse Bald In pub
lishing ilockinberry's eripinaf poetry.
'f spire Ow Knit, • Johnstown rough,
visited s drinking saloon in that place on
Saturday lot, bat was refused anything
to drink, as be was already too muck
under the influence of liquor. He picked
up a piece of marble used aa adoor block,
and started to go out, but on reaching the
door turned and throw the block back.
A young woman named Pluck, who was
in the room at the time, was struck upon
the forehead by It, and now Iles In a very
critics; condition. Owens was arrested
and sent to Jail,
A yam, singular case has recently oc
mixed in Susquehanna county. A. B.
Crawford, of Rash township, lately
borrowed large sums of money In Mont
rose and among his neighbors and ac•
quaint/Laces In Rush and Auburn, to boy
• drove of cattle. He bought a drove,
but Instead of paying cash for it, bought
on credit He now watts that, on his re.
turn, after selling the drove, hywas rob
bed In his own house, and that be is
unable to repay the money he borrowed,
or to pay fur the cattle bought on credit.
This statement In not generally believed,
and be has been twico arrested, but was
each time discharged on bill.
Too Waynesburg Messenger says: We
heard a few did since of a bold theft of
wool that had been made about live or
six weeks since. Mr. Wm. Barnes, about
two miles south of this place, after clip
ping his wool, stored it Ina barn about half
a mile from his dwelling. At the time
mentioned above he discovered that some
one had trim in the night with a one.
horse vehicle and - curial off about 150
pounds of the wool. Re could track the
wagon to the road, but no further with
certainty, and had about given opal hope
of tracing the culprit. We have heard it
hinted, however, that some recent and
unexpected developments point with al.
most unerring certainty to the thief,
around whom the toll, are quietly but
Certainly closing.
One readers will be interested to see
the exact words in which Henry Ward
Beecher defines ids position on the school
Question. The publishers of the Christ
ass Union all attention to a paper from
the pen of Mr. Beecher, on "The funds.
mental right of • republican State to es •
tablish common schools." Mr. Beecher
"We believe that the Bible In schools
would do a world of good and no Winn.
We wish that eyerybody thought as we
fa. When all a Inhabitants of a di..
„d i ,
(rid an agreed I haring the Bible, they
should have the liberty of making it •
text•book in la Bat, when the
Fermate are of zed faiths, and when
many of them do o f believe the Bible to
Ito the word or 0 .is is nos right to root-'
psi their children to read it, or to hear U
read. VW is religious compulsion. poser
It as you may. it is Wink men for Um
propagation of opinion) which tiisi ripe
dials. .1 compulsory :ago in Winds is
not In accardancs with American dootrinst
of liberty of WILICO•Cd. • • • Ea u .
cation is • political necessity. It is a
fundamental civil duty. If the State has
not a right to establish free schools, then
it has no right to lay Bus Indispensable
foundations of Its own permanence. Be.
pa w= governments must have an to•
witi r ot co mop
_people. tt rest schools
aft T e l . irs d4 r . cr Ilbtaltivitee. They
met toaltdsgiett. Been:Med= mast
Ant be allowed pervert them. LI tlif
Akle el tke staying woke 0$ sentsrioniem
is Nie c0mx4074 sdoor,, lauclal imprio
ii, Ilso Bible must be takes owe of gAs
common 'chock."
CANFITCLD has a railroad depot.
Brno Lana hairs "gone through" Can
Cot- U. W. If cCooK hes gone to Ea
thliti is to reappraise all her real es
tate next year.
Amos has its Daily Beacon, and a
bright and shining light it is.
A Anti!: MITA. claims to make sheet
in] as glnai as the 'Russian article.
BELNIONTLII, want the county seat
removed Irian St. Ile to Bellaire.
Nuut.ecOUNTl' Lis raised this year
320,009 lba. tobacco worth tlve cents pc r
THE Summit Cowmen Pleas granted
twelve divorces lest week, end denied
but one. Wear akatnl himull under
tot) thin ice at Canton 'aka week, and was
Doan tort.stio, while deranged, tried
to drown nlmself at Plymouth, but only
got unpleasantly wtt.
A cOLoplu WuMAN, named Wood,
living near Inslem, was fatally burned by
going too near a red-hot stove.
iv A WARD, Li West Victory, near
Makistield, sixteen years old, was burned
to death by the coal oil from en upset
lamp on the 4th.
ONE SNYDER. killed by a train atarall
way crossing in Canton, on the 2nd, was
the (mirth man killed at that crowing and
in that way within three years.
A WOMAN attempted suicide by mor
phine at Washingtonville, Mationing
county, on the 30th, but was pumped out
in time to be sorry for her lolly.
A GIDDY onok of tiO has sued a gay trifler of n years, at Canton, for
not paying her the 1.200 aereed upon as
his penalty (or not marrying tier.
W. J. AFFerthar, of ML Vernon,
walked, for a wager, twenty-live
to Newark, in live hours and twenty-live
minutes, winning by one hour and thirty
five minutes. Him companion "caved"
on the eighteenth mile,
Tog Struthers furnace, at Ymings
town, was itghted up-last week. Brown
,b Bennett's natters have stopped work ;
n row with the weigh master. The
other operators had quit, bat resumed
again. Two young men quarrelled In a
saloon, and one was seriously cut.
OUNOSTOW N 7 has railroads on the
brain. Her four projects are all doing
as well as could be expected. The Ash
tabula road can be purchased for the Iron
for $240.000, and they say they can raise
the stamps. The dtevenna road, to in
tersect a new coal held, Is under survey.
The Painesville road Is ftill of promise.
The Cincinnati road is sure to be built
as far as Salem.
Bow Burned Steel may be Restored—
Toe Haloom Manber el Improving the
With all the attention that has been
paid to steel end Ica manutacture, It is
somewhat singular that, although its
nature may be understood and its eon,
ponents luny known, we are unable to
account for certain changes occumng by
means apparentiy inadequate to produce
the result.
For Instance, It is well known that
Mat steel may be burned by overbeatine.
Although to produce it the heat must be
sufficient to fuse it and make it field, yet
an ordinary white but will surely decom
pose it and render it brittle and friable, at.
terly destroying Its tenacity. Some claim,
however, that s.etei thus burned may be
restored by immersing it ate high heat
In cold water. &nutty 5.11 this may ap
pur, we know that It has been done.
Reputedly In our •Zperiettee as a
lecturer, we have In our occanionsidabs
at the forge, burned a piece of steel, and
by this simple process not only restored
its tenacity and its capability to receive a
good temper, but found it to be superior
to *nether piece wrought from the same
bar at ordinary heat for steel.
Occasienally, the best qualities of com•
mercial steel will harden by the ordinary
process, but when drawn to a atraw or
iipleeon-blue," be as soft as woes first
worked, either from the manufacturer
direct or after being drawn by charcoal
and lime. In such cases we have re beat.
ed the brightened steel to color and then
cooled it, with satisfactory result& Thls
statement seems paradoxical; but It to
really true, although we cannot pretend
to give thermion why.
We have seen a piece of east steel
drawn down under the hammer to a
wedge shape, then turned over, doubled
over itself sad welded with the ordinary
flux of sal-ammoniac and bona, with
perah , pe a little resint yet when again
h„and hammered, the weld was not
perceptible, mad the piece thus treated
made an excellent cold chisel or turning
A yet more surprising thing in steel Is
the tact (sufficiently well established by
the experience of old bands,) that steel
Improves In quality by long exposure to
the atmosphere. The best steel workers,
or manufacturers, this expose their Ingots
for years, by piling them up In cob house
style out of doors. Steel of an interior
quality thus exposed has proved of supe
rior quality alter such exposure. Are
=dune case was lately related to us
by a gentleman whose opportunities lot
observation and personal veracity are
beyond question. Ile said that he knew
a con where a number of steel Ingots of
an inferior quality, almost worthless,
were built into a sea wall adjoining the
concern that produced them, and thus
remained eve years. In the meantime
the conoern passed Into other hswela and
the new manager discovering the discard
ed ingots and understanding the attribut
ed value of atmospheric Influences, had
them taken out and worked, when they
proved to produce steel of excellent qual
ity. It would be supposed that this
discovery might be attributed to the want
of knowledge of his predecessors, but
that he employed the original workmen
to manipulate the rejected Ingots. This
plan of exposing the newly cant ingots Is
followed by the steel workers generally,
and it Is certain that his expensive mode
would not obtain advocates unless
really produced corresponding benefldal
results. It certaidly does so; far we have
seen tests made from the same run, or
cast, of steel just from the crucible, and
I also from the some ingots thus exposed,
to the manifest advantege of the latter.
It is a well roognised fact that Iron as
well as steel thus exposed, either to the
atmosphere or of see water, is highly
prised as material for manufacture into
articles of use. Old anchors, chains, ca.
bles, and other articles of iron long rink
beneath the sea and at last reoovered,
have been eagerly sought after as toped.
nr material for the manufacture of tro
che of iron, and even of steel, for the
finest Implements used in the arts. A
mu caws to our recollections, in that
of the rebuilding of one of the old bridges
of London, where the plies shod with
Iron were drawn, and the shoes were
bought up by • cutler at an enormous
price, to be manufactured into razors and
Tete Exodu. flora Virginia.
(hole the Lreehltooth I V. i •d , ent•er, No, 3.
The Free of Virginia is every day at
tracting attention to the Immense exodus
of negroes from the State. The impor
tance of the movement in Its various
bearings cannot be over -estimated. We
have long considered it certain to take
place, and as furnishing the true soluuon
of the labor question so far as thisfftata is
concerned. That the vacuum In the
labor supply of Virginia thus produced
will never again be supplied by hireling
labor we consider absolutely certain, and
It Is equally certalu that this vacuum will
be lilted by the small fanners of the
Ritith, who are already pouring Into the
Stale. The most obvious effect of this
change of labor of the Buda will ba the
rapid suit division of large and ill culti
vated plantations' Into small and highly
cilltivated farms. Radical chaugeela the
staples of preducUonu well as the mode
of cultivation, and above all taut in
mama In the Floe of land will also ne-
NO. 287.
ceaearily he d•derenc bei ween
the State 'knee'' , peopled w 'lli, intelligent
and enterprklng wh tee and •itedie.eet by
the Influx of Northern and I "reign capi
tal, and the tiiate without capita). and de
pendent ior labor on the negro hireling,
le beyond calculegiol3. Another lees ote.
vions but equally certain result of the
southward movement of the negroes will
b e a s i m ilar movement by a very large
portion of the white Virginia population.
Already the beginnings of this are &some.
ered in our business and correspondence
with land buyers and sellers. Many of
our large landholders are so wedded to
the negro that they will employ no other
kind of labor, and as the negroes leave
the State these "old masters" will follow
in their wake, and both will profit by the
change. Virginia has been formed by
Nature for a great manufacturing, mining
and agricultural State, and these MOVE,-
meats of population point to a speedy
realisation of the great destiny in store
for tut
A RALE of fifteen thousand scree of
coal land in Grant and Mineral counties,
was made a few days ago, for cuh to John
1.. Crawford, Junes Boyce and Samuel
J. McCubbin, of Baltimore. This great
tract of coal land is said to be of the
most valuable character, ►ad the pur
buers will open the mines In a short times
The price paid far the property wan $225,.
000.— Wheeling Intel:fp:neer.
k ,A
L'ltt'Fl. (Railroad rue., near Depot.)
Nrar RistOSITOn. Y. a. F. CIELOWTHEB.I . tutor.
Preach ICVKILT SA...ATM. al WS a. 11. &up
fY. Y. nohlto corallally InviLed.
CHURCH, A4.l.6.sfiZNY. The Rae.
BENJ. P. Hitt..RV, R VIII officiate at di
vine ger, MS U. this Church on TO IsOltibliW at
Half-pa.l ten u clock a. S., and ba.l- .sat seven
o•ctock Y. ss•
CHI;11.1,1. corner .fearer .t et god
Montgomery g•enor, Allegheny City, .1‘ , 581.11
l'reacnina MiIIIOUWALord . .
Ilay.l at lON. It. and 7S P. e.
ISeato eal.nely flee and acordW bestial/on to
Gni, Pastor. naeAlA Atm...Sly to NEVILLE
HALL. comer of Liberty and Fourth 5tn.....
ervico• every Lord. DA, xt 101. A. 0. sad IN
Toe public are cordially Inviced.
c. , trecqwill be noeced for (4 4, A1t-
T[RLY MISTING ow TO-111011KOW,K.Obaal
Day Al, lied (death ore ler lied. True tes:
D. JACIF..I?I, Jukto w ILLLArd. CH/.
the SZW J681.7,4•Li if ror•
of I
, l7 "l l)= 2 l337 , e " r u : 'aU ll. VIVt
of li•r soa Josr• .I.G We iota, Jests, tY
twoort and sr.,. r•
TIO.AL CP t nor P. I. VAN
ELME. Parlor. Preachlita to too •codasay of
Mode. mocking eoltra. at 104 aad
t'etock. torbJect tor toe evenlott—• Lot p'tea•
ar t toward d.dum.•'
All am o.rettolly lardod to attend. /It tams
are fr..
AN (THUM H. •Ileybenv, cater of
La o k and Anderson street.. 1 lying serstr+s
I. toe • ast r. 0 r. AYH 10 YURN •Vf
liabestb, IP/KNOW and EV ININU, al Illy A.
a and I', r elont•rt—••; be Tenth:own, of
Astronomy to It. Ore.atoess
The rota are r ,rdlally Invited to at.end.
LUTHEK AN Llfiterl. bye,
wt.) Musa street, 11 v. J M.% &TAME 10i
Kits , 4, erred:llu a TO- MOKKOW , •1
WS • az.l
al r. w Lecture end Prater
Mooing W a LAN LbUstY EVE NI 0.16. Prteetcle
the roerrerau .13 • ad pabil: cordially Invited.
borate ire,
corner Wl...iv event wad Tat. Aimee.
Kan. VW. N. AN DEM •KK flit.?. Isentena
T.V SRI rt:NUA T at 10.1,a. K and T r. K.
Seats Res and • 'antennae to alt. Sunday Sedtool
at BA. at.
barony asaalot.. Lied. nth. Yr. Van D.lllalit
.111 deliver the iourth Ireton, et tasselni'llic
3.ocl— •. •ttr.llou arm 11. pelehol•'•
•- . _
ltioTl IX meet vd of toe mem
of t.e •bove As oolstt n .111 be bela
at he Übe. v. on !I •N Y ENS • IN.. Dee.
13,A. at T heel, for tbe pu rpru. ore., slag a
C. moo. toe of er.eta member. to smut wet salt
Ab •um en fo the y•ar.
By ord r or [h. Dine hrs.
A. 11. LAN!, kCe
rZir N ELECTIOV rote ne-
LLrt Totth w 61a1 voL qu tre Ise 4
or I. flou, on 1U o •1 Jae.
11. DOM trot, en,tra boa.. of 11 m.
.10:s li.Oltult 101•11 TIN, Cubit r.
1111111 - 11 AN T, A Nat efrACTI . IIO.IIO . NAT. BC 1
/ . 11 - 001101.40. 11,..mhzr 10 limo 1
or tho Cant elll take 1 1 .1. et the
Keating House en TOCaIIAT, January MS,
10110,5 lac% a Um 11011 ls lT aad Sr. Sr..
den,. Cualer.
TH. loos CITY I.:A . 110,0a. Sang.
l it r*ecuou. oreember OM.
TI CS I/Jut-Lore of Ode Baal, 10 serve
duiln, t h e ensuing es •r. • be held al tea
Banking Tonna, osTuISJAY.
Janus Y T 1010, teLereen tae hours of IS at.
sad 3 r. a. . J. me.orin
N•flox•L !abet It.
Tow to .er, dv•tve lb • ensuing jtat
odd ha held NI the Bauktrd Ho., No 33
Full avehoe, OD I ritSD•r, January II h.
1610, betweett the twan•f Ilk. ai and I
VANE OE PnT9nvpl n,CIT—
tzo• M 1 X. all
CESDAY F.VENINti, Dee. 14th. at 14
o•r , ort, .10 be sold on boto el Flew of Com
• ••
.• Itlet.a.noe — ••
•• Dank r I . loaborlt •
Weatoro Paneool.l Co
dell A. MCI 1.0 Alta. AocUonefr,
1.4 P 1111 C -1" A CL-F 4%,
The best Steel Spectacle le tweed waereated
eat to lose they' shape. For eale b;
J. EL REED & 00.
Gents' Furnishing Eztabllshmrat,
("proem, Poatoflle.
Old let Lund 19iestokInfir ISt Ores
1869-4870. "
11.3 Liber:y Street,
Rase non on exlabltlon the tarp it and lined
PRESENTS ever neared ta:Ula conohllng
I pa T f the fel owlet
tlet.tly 111.1 steel Hooke reran 15 10 150.
e:ee Pontlent W0n.......
Ile•t Illstuttul and Itinstabbleal Warta.
Jove. le Soo.. al. kinds an I Wan.
tarns • Toy Books, ittn•n 11T aurae-1m
Sellgt no Books Is ever) vane) ateendlag.
Bautemmaa a. 4 Ch." Booed.. Pvt... Cr.
Clasen of all Itled —Amman an • ineLltintlelk.
rrr ma , Var.
bbl Liakra Vitae
saSe hi J. B. CAN FULD.
mos. awl (or mac hy
J. B. c ay r ICI.D.
250 BULS encamp. AVPLva,
/or sale by J. P. CANVIISLIX
75 TaN 4 BEST 1311 ANDS Soda
Agt, ler ule b J. B. CA.ri•l.o.
41. J fa• We el J. a. CAN PLUM.
ebasprzt commIAMM awl iraml . 7
Western PetiIII111 , • 1211 .
No fxrrmer, mettuale or mambas{ sta.' be
without IS.
Tore r
Stns. rubrerlbers ti be
Ch.. or In I It
• e•py . frEnr.l.. • raurtroaary to the sorter
tqo • ,101.. of ton. ruats•••••• • •r• req•ested
aor OL, (11
Prapelet•• r.
- - - -
Bill Htrad., Business Cards
Bank Checks, Bills of Laing,
Drafts. and Notes, Railroai Tickets,
Receipts. Bank Blanks,
Wedding Cards, Letter Reads,
Circulars. Deeos and Bonds,
Certificates, Paper Books.
Mortgages, 'Legal Blanks
Bankrupt Blanks,•Checka,
Every Variety of Railroad Bhmkii.
Legal Cap, Foolscap,
Commercial Note, Packet Note,
P. Q. Paper, 'EnveloPes.
Neivispaper Files, Bank tau*.
Let ter Clips, Copying Presses,
Gold Pens Pencils,
Blank Book Manufacturers.
Led 'Cash,
Jottrnabi, Day,
Dockets, Invoice,
Copying Books, Receipt
Deed Books, Time and
Mortgage Books, Cheek Book,
W. S. RIVEN & CO.,
C. YEA,G7 - 15P. 1 CO.,
e Finest Assortment of
Llaelr nue ever Lib-MU d belt/.
lug many mew and rare art clts Forsetaml b 7
C. YL•l3lli In Kans.,
Neentartes, Ilona Minh,
Glove and Ilandlerehlef Ban,
Jewel Cases, Catehepoti, Card ileretrerk
Bronze and Farina Ma 'nettle,
Ilaba‘ter and China Vi an,
Wire and hint Cabo,
Walking Palle, Ilrehaiieal Dunn,
Way, China, Neat k India lubber Path
No. 110 Market Street. -
car. Wood St. and T
New and Desirable Goods
Irsuotoy NVritio
Fancy Boxes.
Cigar Stand",
Dolls, g°,. &o.
Wonted Patterns,
Collars, eleven.. *o
Great Variety of Fancy Articles,
78 & 80 Earket Street.
awretlit:tittoak ofdit wary ..Littre a
Otrer.trate4tmesmata totiersova4oolo.loo7
LOlOOlO.O t s..
G • AtTer Got PricWD vra wiercurs
TINE IsTre. OP litrET Ity
mum 40AT1111110114-01.1181NAPPTONS
SOLID 011.1 Vi Al;
goiLD mop i , 11.01411111/111 DAN=
ET 11 - IN. VA4/1 1ti PAIII4II 11.111111.0
VAT'S'S= at Stilianck
101 1/11TH Al9l/114-/. 00211100110101stnmer
1, 11 Pt A 0,11 0100 Lad4V 101040011 UM.
Duo Walete, fur 010000 • 441
Another Lot New Itillinery Moods
3ilM. ROWS.
91 Federal. Street, Allfakelfh
Velvet Hats, 35 - cents:
1 1 Bawd wank 10 cola
`Cord ItairNets, 15 Mts.
New lot 142ta
ALL tivrvrx. - v..e. "paw.*
91 PEIZEILIA 11711137.