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    THE DAILY GM=?,:
*-ia;UnIDND ,
Offla3, 84 and 86 AVM dawns&
P. E. pEnrutel, -
Zorroas AND
Si man. per year
D 1 - 1, ...3 brcarnan, pm week lb eta.
The Treasury Inveitigation—A
Charter of Incorporation Asked
For- - Capital Removal —A Qno-
rim—Admission of Tirginia—
Senator Browiden' —Fractional
I(D7'eclef6eopb to t h e PlUsborth amino.)
Wastiniarcar, December 4, 1869.
AaßavAl. or malmeas —razazDzsrr's
Al least two-thirds of the members or
Congress are now font. Sixty arrived
this morning. To-morrow monOnir
trains - will bring additional members.
The Chairman of rho Committee on
Forel:tn. Affairs says the report on the
Baum; question will not be react for .
month totems.
The PrisidenVeMeassue auscomeletod
yesterday. - Neither it nor the report of
the Secretary of the Treasury Is printed.
This promotion was tsken In order to
prevent their premature publication. as
In repeated eases heretofore. Both these
documents will be given In manuscript
le the prom. All other reports have been
prints! and the newspapers supplied:
THE rktausuar terzariairrow.
Over two years ago CongressappAnted
• Select Committee of two Senators, Ed
amide and Chandler and one Repro
mentally°. to Inquire Into the charges
against tho management of the •
wry 'Department. After two years'
thetough exambialkm or :witnesses and
the. Treasury ,Department, machinery,
bobki„ do., the Committee make, lama
putt.' It will be recollected that the
charipairerti that affairs In the tresatil7
Waling laid note bureau were carried
on a criminally reckless mas
weri resulting 1p enormous lames
to the people, donduct so loose as
to call for , the Intervention of Con
pram as the then Secretary of the
• Plity, ,took. no heed of warning". The
report .of the Committee, covering Bev.
emlhundrod pages, sustains the charges,
and states that the aggrrigate securities
wrested by the Government, from 1860 to
()debar El, 1887, were 18,222,000.000..0f
whit& the printing bureau prepared It,-
827,000,C0N that bonds, certificates, as.,
were printed by oho bureau; that $486,-
450 of the second amiss of the Bevan
thirty man are unaccounted for and
that duplicates of ilve-twentlee
of ISS2. were executed in the Treasury De
gar.meat; that over eight thousand notes
'cli:fivetwenties, third aeries attusuing
- to. 1405,000 have not been sat
isfactorily 'accounted for that various
tends marked "destroyed" =the books
of the department are not destroyed, or
at,least no proof is offered thereof; that
the methods of accountability between
-the various bureaus In the department,
as well as In their respective operations,
have been grossly careless; that vouchers
were taken for.interebange of securities
DC= bureau to bureau on slips of paper,
bearing no recorded evidence of traria°•
thug that in printing and transmitting
eiguities to the register's Wilco it was the
paeotAce to sand with each one thousand
111011111•11 ten or more extra im,pree.
alone, called a.stack package," to /WI/
eardrum of any that might be accidental.
ly,defaced; that when a bondman bjured
It was thrown In the fire or said I. have
been destroyed, and as :extra" or a
*bra package need in its dead, but no
atikmat taken or recorded af the bane
scgion.Such are a fewiirrectutera, es.
tested :from ,_the voluminous report,
shivering that overlie ironaof dollars
- unavoidable imprabdon that many bun.
aria lbouland morethwi the Coen:rates
mutton must have been Lost or mislaid,
, .A.MMILD MM. •
A memorial,' signed by many
nent claims of the District, =
mated to Congress on Monday, asking
0:11t a charter of Incorporation for a faint
Moak company.~ to be dealgnated the' lis•
dustrtal EzblMtion Company, .and em
bodying such privileges and mditance
as they think they may lastly ask Om
woo to accord to an entered's designed
for the common benefit of the country.
IC Man from the Wed named Reaves.
law wan Forewently active am the
members during last deatoth ong
has rw•
turned to Washington to revive the agi
tatoCa r' on the subject of the removal of
ad pital.
'ha Supreme Omni of the United
Stefan coat today but namacted no tru.
ulnas and adjourned fill Monday, when
the December term will COMIXIMICe.
Prominent Virginians new here usy'
they are eatbdird that the President will,
In blls..asesaage, serommend tbejmm•-,
asp . admintignOt quit,State. -
The reoelpts' of fractional enzreney
for the week were 1658,601 Shipments,
ri61,291. ' Astrionzit demizoSed, UAW.
• • 9170811 X. ,
There Is no donin that them will be-
(imp= of member*. In each branch of
gran. crnalOnday:
8/nab:re .Brownlow and family , have
arrived health ri meth better
than taxi winter;
S-rdsißurels of
"nr #Wray Bw4red "atry main
la Lft r ift— ta e Bftleaa
.elan hto.thel7LUb Ligb elset.)
fir;:lsio% . Dea:err 4.—The, case of
torsi laindred .
and arty -ulna burets of
whisky:Wright, her from New .Orleans
Morthan &you age. and claimed by C.
B. laattaren and B. Gooda ll .' sepia.
law of ErAiorernor Matte:ion, of Clint;
was taken up in the United Butes DU.
tact - NarienateiDoolletle
WOO thergairielpil runnel for the defence
the motion to file
an • amended answer:. The sineant
• inbred la nearly .10.000. -
'TIe pales bare got s'elue to the rob.
• tor: albs "dtarbends at the &rather
Bret on Thurday. well known New
York -escort thief was introduced to
.Diwiey,at Columbus, By., by a watch....
natter.•leanird Derry% bushier, $3l.
/alma btmbet., registered at to South
. or nth Cl. Crawford and aeon 'after the
robbery attempted soma as= aisaxad
stag to a - pawn broker;:Whoi inspecting
lorkethies mom mieetioned came.
Finding inspected, end an
_ entering the shop mk. that uso.
'ailett.-3Vberin he . inuderaly took fr.
dstaetlse,. be bodily left, leaving the
ring behind, which was'aubsequemly
Identified by Cawley. He , told the pawn
broker hts name was Trobridge„.., ,
. 'or
laminations tbr State Convention-6e.
podlanon Looming Op Banned
Acne, dce.
taj verettues to the PUtitcran
HAntrrthis, Doeember B.—The Con.
Tendon today nominated Delft I. Brown.
J. C. Thompson and John F. House
esiendlehttee ;kr Dui Constituttonitt I:tut.
veothm. A revolution offered to sustain
the credit of the
rge State .was voted down
by. • la majority sy ..
The HMSO temipaesed the hill to
ratify the lease rest .thel Ntah,ifle Yd
_ Dcarthereatern 11411444 ko the bletabvillet
and Chattantogl'll. 'Tee MI tograst
the right of way to the Melon:A and
Southern Iteulreed wan postponed.
idEaPECIA. December 4.—The Demo
&sties County Conventibn to-day nomi
nated Colonel S. W. H. Stephens and
James B. Haskell candidates for the
Othatantional fionventka. Beeolutions
were adopted Instrueting the d
to submit the . ipteation of negro =I
seretestelY ttk ta 0 4 00150) gibs Opettlttl
Deentdteas Sr Cabs.
ter Telsoaln to ths Zumwalt %nava
the signed by twenty thonaand persona
was tbrwarded to Wieldnictuts,' to
to be presented to Congress on Ma l in
asking the recognition of the Otheet
eta as nethgerants.
.0 1 1:20.;4:
~~.> y _T
a ~
tingY_ .
) 1 al .-
11 , 11WPWIll Wlldan 1 42 a 1 7 01 " 2. 7 1 11111 H 1
1 14
• Ili ; •
No &rum 1.6=1111 •• =WOMBS 000
NM& nnenbn• ............. ....-•• 111
One of in. . IS
Ong ............... ED
• =WU itratzt.4 intalsowdy to th• IlstUr
RIM 113:19.
I P. lUD.
VOL. ; .
Argument Postponed— 1 Pro
ceedings Withdrawn—`l'h rlow
Weed—Silk Robber ted—
. The Fisk-Gould Case.
sy reievnth to the moans beanie 1
Ngw Yomr., December 4. 069.
The argument In the Spanish hboat
case bits been Peettioned tat mu we/.
Medley, owing to the prempure of other
trasacteae on District Attoiney Pierre.
All legal proceeding:a in the metier of
'Ohne& Fargo's Explessare withdrawn,
and the difficulties between the same
holders andethly Riffled.
The Cmantmeed Advertiser announces
attrintbority that Thera.. Weed has re
ared from political and JeCtrnallatic life,
and le nellkely le reappear In either.
The Jury In the case in which the
Government sought to nave abou t 120,00
worth of silk ribbons cmdemned on the
ground-at andervilltatian by, the
palters, have been discharged, hairleg
been unable to agree. They were out
twenty-three haute.
A Mae named Andrew Bausard has
beendmild to answer the charge of rob.
fling the United States Bonded Ware.
rooms of 111,000 of silk In September
In the case of Ramsay against Pink,
Gould, Lana and others, Judge Murray
directs that the several orders of the
Court which are returnable at Delhi,
Delaware county, on the Itith Inst., be
nerved on defendants, Gould and Lane,
through the post office, and by leaving
copiasst their Tesidencse. This L iti
consequence of their successful avoldaltf%
of pazional aspics.
Farther Proceedings of the National
t Beard of Trade.
lb 7 Tartiriph to the Fluently& Gantt.]
fitcamonn, December 4,,—At the acia.
don ofthe Natlonal . ncerd of Trade to.
day, the gaeglion of the resumption
specie payments wee taken up and do.
timed at length. The whole subject was
then referred to a committee of seven to
report on this session on alt phltia sub-
Mit/ed. The Committee consists of
Beam% Kirkland, Brtilmore; Chittesden
New Xork, Rapes, of Roston; Richlands
of Chicago; Halton of Wisconsin, Hooper
of Cincinnati, and Hindle of Charleston.
The following propositions were refer
red to thin lkommitteet opposing the ex.
pansiOn aline currency, and favoring
legislation looking to convactlon and
early redemption ; &Ginning that the es.
tablithment by the Government of
ohailered floral head and regnintor, corn.
• hinted of private capital and endowed
with privileges sufficient to present the
Kunst renibtly tar the present currency
evils; to abrogate the thres.lifths credit
advance reserveg to:prohibit the pay.
menu of the interest by National Banks,
of credit balances; to the re
demption of the National Rank notes, so
that they may be sent back to their lo•
Witten for re-110.1110, and require the re•
items to be held in the respective bank
vaults, In money, and not in the credit
balance in other national banks at a die.
mace, and finally the repeal of the 10
per cent. tax on the circulation tune of
the National Banks.
The 29th propo.ition /eking Congress
to requite all American vessels under
register to carry one or more apprentices
to secure a supply of efficient officers aid
seamen for onr marine, was taken up
Toe Propcsition was adopted.
• The Committee on the propositions
relative to the Ohio and Mississippi
rivers reported, recommending that
Milgrim make an appropriation for ren
dering the navigation of the Ohio agd
Mississippi river free of obstruction., els
gl i ti ni ty at Des Moines and Rock Inland
• 1.•/• uao 11+11040.0 wc-
should have one span over the channel
four hundred feet long .and sufficiently
high to not obstruct navigation; that in
bridges built over the Mississippi above
the month of the Miseutui. there shall
be one span three hundred feet long, and
that the construction of the piers of such
bridges shall be superintended by goy.
mutant, engineer% - -The report was re.
calved to be called up in Its tarn.
Tho 80th proposition, the James River
and Kanawha cwt. was taken up with
the report of the Special Committee on
the same, which uses forth that a contin
uous line of water occrununication be ,
tween the Mississippi river and Atlantic
seaward is imperatively• neededi e that
the James River and Kanawha canal, if
extended to the Ohio bas special promi
nence, and that in this work all private
and corporate proprieforehip should be
I Brat removed; then the Goiernment
should grant aid; then after the canal
has paid back the money spent on it by
the general government and State of Vir
ginia, it shall be a free canal collecting
tolls erralelecut for its repair -
Alter edveceriy by eft. Wetherell, of
Philadelehla, Mr. Trevasant, Mem
phis, and Mr. donee, of Thera, thelreport
and reeolitione of Mr. Monroe In favor
of ,memoralizing Congress to carry It
into effectwas adopted-eyes 50, nays
I 15. The vote was received with loud
sPpp ,S.l2loatitt Vie adopted ilettfilathig the
Executiveekencil tp suggest toUresgreal
the putting of the work of extending
the canal inta the hands of trustees rip.
ted by one of each of the States of
Missouri, West, Vtrginisr. Arkanuts,
nols, lown, Ohlo, Maryland, Indiana,
Wisconsin and Virginia, and one by the
General Government.
Alter accepting the Invitations - of
Norfolk and Petereburg to visit those
cities next Thursday, adjourned till
Bop Slaughttava—Safelde—Detaaltlng
keel . ..WT*oh to tee rtuoteuen Bosom.]
CaLoAcio, December 4.—The number
of bog* packed In this dty thus fer is
811,6611 against 178,104 1.a4 season.
A man named Jas. R. Holmes remain
ted suicide early this morning at the
boarding house of Clow. Sather, No. 76
Slab Ditnit street, by taking laudanum;
Roth letters found on his person Ii fa
evident thstate waslabming tinder pecu
niary embarrassments!" His home is
imposed to be at Mount Morris, 111.
The calmer of !_tio_welt-kn_ow_u 'Orr
I g o ad: r e use of J
tected i . n M ih N e arweil e k crit.. bat
faring foga his employees. The ag
gregate amount taken is about four
thousand dollars. He restored twenty-
Aye kundred dollars cI the amount and
was allowed by the firm to leave for
parts unknown. He married about tan
menthe does, and went Into an extrava
gant style of living. The name of the
=abler MT. M. Stanton. To this we
may add that Frederick J. Pratt. cashier
of the City Horse Mailway Oompsny, eon
of Frederick W. Pratt, a well-known
and respected citizen, has been detected
„emboss/big Muds of the company.
Me otoefesias to have taken at least flf.
VsedAhousspd• dollars. 'Wine, women
Wad Ikea living have been the young
's rain. Ile age Is about twenty.
:two ream
.s ll : l lPeit Inenati Vaptlve—leamben of
• Whine Stela and Boys among the
far Zdalr!ra to Me Mamma dram to.)
Tontraieeember 4.—The JaratiOn
City (Sanaa) Mira says: Chas. BlOWne
who has been a colorise among the Chey
enne Indiana for•three yeah: and who
naajnier earliPod. Saha that there are in
the wireal bank Gram arm s more than
twen ty white DOR 'mut trim, captives.
among them Henrietta 0741. sixteen
years 01d... daughter of Win. H. Floyd,
furniture dealer ha Beaton. This girl was
slatting her friends in Texas with a
b r ow, when the /adieus raptured
tbem. niutng the brother and carrying
her into oiptivi4.
nr-Tveon9 toh,
HAVAIIA, December 4.--Cionerai Lem
in eck and General Cuba is ordered to
velleve bim of the command of the
'troops In the Cies, Villas district.
3 dpenlab war steamer arrived from
Osdiaywharday with • tatalllon or
'Woo= the fatally of Captain Genaral
FOUR O'CLOCK, d.. 71
Reports of the Controller of the
Currency, of the Commissioner
of Internal Revenue, thiS Peere
tnry of War, and of the Secre
tary of Internal Revenue.
(By Tcl ryb b cbr PlastAligh CL.rtte.
WlMinitnioN, I/ect.ruber 5. ISO.
The annual report of the Comptrolint
of the currency, shoos IC2O Banks In
active nperatton. Their condition Is
more gratifying than fortherly. The
opportunity afforded speculator. to mani
pulate the money market la almost
entirely done away' with, and the banks
have more complete control of their af
ro irs.
The Comptroller tecommenda thapas.
sags of an act requiring all banks that
go Into ilquidation indepoait legal ten.
der notes for their ontatandiug eircula •
don, and to take up their bodds dettoa.
lied with the Treasurer of the totted
!Bateman secklity for their circulation
within sixty days from the date of the
vote of the stookpidera to wind up.
He also reconaineuda that all taxes on
banks be made returnable sod payable
to the Treanoror of the United States,
including the special tut and dividend
tax now payable to the District Collect
ore; that the oompensatkin or Bank Ex.
auditors be Increased, and provbloci be
made for Its assessment upon the banks
examined, and an inexeme to a fair coin.
peculation of persona employed under
mm in the Currency Bureau.
The recommendation 'coking to the
establishment ore central redeeming
agency in New York in the last annusi
report is renewed.
The Comptroller says the legal pro.
hlbltion to banks to hire deposits Is not
aultelently explicit or positive to pre
vent it, and luau at legislation to that
The Comptroller argues In favor of the
National Banking /Vacant as the canoe of
the ease PA the %prier market, and lower
raters of Interest than would otherwise
be obtained. Lie thinks the government
circulation which Ls not convertible, end
therefore not eittette., should be with•
drawn. and be substituted by National
Book note., which are nominally
redeemable, and are certainly amen
able to the lewd of trot°. No
check or limitation ehouid be lab
polled on the latter, other than the
law of supply ..and demand. A
...Mad) tasting system of currency, la tho
only one that la adopted team exigencies
of trade, the wants of the.couti
try, and It le • vital question at thlstime,
w bother this result can be reached be
fore the return of epwle pal went. II
Fottsiblo at all, It is only through the
agency of Sr rtional Banks. The ma
chinery of the Governuaeot Is not adapt
ed to such ends; and further, If possible,
it Is so only upon the adtptlon of
a policy which will tend grad
ually, but surely to the resumption
of specie pay menu it must be a grad.
ual development bf a process which
shall absorb legal tenders, and pot In
their place a paper currency which shall
at alt times, and under all elrcuous.anoss,
be exchangeable for cote, tither of paper.
legal tenders or of gold. A p pair cur
rency which shall gradually therm..
while the legal tenders for Its redemption
shall gradually decrease to soca ratio es
a healthy demand fox banking
m d . .mMille..9ltWaitall.49kbar..ClA9
to specie payment, conditioned only on
the wltharawal end'osnesiliatton'Of Alle
ge tender ditißar OS. weary OCilies
bank, Currency lune& Fie, banking
upon a specie basis may also to permit
ted with equal safety and without delay.
With detests properly adjusted. banks
may aeitkbilabett with authority tole gle
and put in circulation gold notes, Timid
, ling the amount only by the utility of the
banks to comply with the necessary
conditions, and redeem, their lemma
By the - eafabllahnettint banks" , on
specie basis, the resumption of
specie payments is only anticipated, and
familiarity with gold values will do
much to relieve the subject of the mys
tery' with which it la assoalsted in the
minds of many !coking forward to the day
when uniform values shall again prevail.
It may may be that by white legislation
now, a banking system can be estata
&tithed truly national in its eh/piety and
scope; which will furnish a and cur.
renoy of uniform value In every State of
this Union.
out. sagnsuat's 1199062.
Gen. Sherman, In 'his' reMort, which
will be submitted to Congress on Mon
day, opposes. any further reduction of
the army. He says the entire army la
on duty, and he has 'constant calls ihr
more troops, which cannot be granted.
He calls the President's canteen atten
tion to this matter, that Congress may
be appealed to not to diminish tee
military establlshmeot, because of
the great extent of cottony, -the
unsettled character of a large Tr
glen measured north, south. east and
, west, by thousands of milts: the acts of
the Indianswite inhabit this region,
and like growing necessities ottifforelhni
greater protection to the roads that
traverse this region, and the mining and
agricultural interekhl therein., Whits
the canoe at large Is at Peace. • state of
gran war °endemic to exist over
one-half of 14 extent, and troops
therein are exposed to labors. murders,
fights and dangers that amount to war.
Withdrawing or largely diminishingly)
troops in 'texas, the Indian - Country,
Arizona. New Mexico, Montana, Idaho,
or junks, as well as in some parts of
the Southern Suites, would, be believes,
result in dontinulng things amounting
Men anarchy.
He refers to the labors and exposures
of the officers and men, and hopes that
they will receive the assurance to which
they are fairly enUtmd, that their labors
am appreahtted.' °Moors have beau re•
qulred to perform the dentition( Indian
agents, sheriffs, &a., foreign totheir Mil
itary training, and have done this duty
without murmur and with marked in
telligence Never, he says. kasha known
the army officers so poor, but they hope
by the appreciation of currency their
compensation will soon become more
satisfactory.. Any diminution of their
pay would result in the loss to the ser
vice of every good raker, tcrthe ex
treme damsgeof the army itself.
General Sharman advisee the adoption
by Ogigrees of the new army regulations
as prepared by the Special Hoard of Gin
In referring to the army ootutolittation,
he says there are Ore hundred and nine
unattached officers, orwhom one hundred
and Oftydix are awaiting orders. The
number of retired officers is one hundred
and seveutydeven. He urges that cav
alry and artillery regiments be officered
alike In regimental and company organ
izations, and asks for an extra Lienten
ant for cavalry companies. He urges
that it la aniust that the reduction of the
army should fall excludvely upon the
!reentry arm ofthe service, and 1000113.
menda that after Congress has enacted
the . neantaary laws, the President assem
ble la board of diantorestedgeutcal
own, to whom shall be committed the'
whole matter of reduction and roorgatd
radon. , .
Generalfiberman commtatsupon what
he calla the absurdity of the Staff of
Army, making their own reporte,to the
Secretary of Man If this Is oaollausd;
he says, we have the absurdity of the
General commanding the army with his
chief staff offlears reporting tolomebodY
else. He hope; for legislation that will
allow officers cline armyy to call upon
th4 -43 .4 4 nd for tr9oPsitaKes4 of 4 4"
He advocates an Increase of pay for the
Herecommends that forte cover
ing the Mini of, Proilawd, •Boareta, t New
York, Philadelphia, Baltimore, New Or
leans, and San Francisco, be completed
sll scan as pomade. 1
Zadalliattention . .tathilegratait rasp; 1 .
maidschnt of General Ttiomas, that Seal
Island of Alakka, Siasul, and St. Georg•
'be sold to gg
the hl bidder. Be la Br.
foreied that BaCirewai eurveral mißtofa dellart‘'
;which., he says, would . go far towards
ii .lr._ f~. . .
indemnifying the Government fur the
otherwise poor and coati'? country.
Tee renort of the Secretary of War to
published tovisy. The Secretary Indorses
a reeommendation of General Sherman
that legislation b$ had enacting the roles
and articles of war adopted by the Board
boas-eon:I la conibrmity with act of Con.
grew of July 16th, 11556, and approving
the new regolatlani dorapilhd in Jane,
The Secretary then continues, still
referring to Gen I Sherman's report.
after the =moll on made in sword*
lance with the am f idarch/1.130, there
remained In Nov Leber 1502 unattached
oillcorti. Alt of este have been assigned
lb duty excrptin 150, who are awaiting
orders. It see s eqditable and Just
should • reductl n be made, thstoffieers
awaiting order. by their own request,
and preferring that to sett,* duty.
should have lees Mahn for (halogen than
those *he applied for arolgmbent. Ofthis
class there are 139 ofiloore, Someof them,
however, had epeeist reasons for wilting
to he placed on the awaiting orders 11.1,
which the Department required and
which should be regarded. It Is certain
ly fair that the consequences of • redaa
non of officer. should fall proportion
ately on revelry, artillery and infantry,
and should Ckingress act in the matter,
it le proper this consideration should
nqt be overlooked.
In Wends* to the reduction, I amour
with the report in recommending that
authority be given to relieve a greater
number of officers for arose than is now
allowed by law, seven per cent. of the
officers of the whole army. The present
maximum of the army I. 52,234 enlisted
Men. Relying on two-thirds for actual
service, the number of men is 34,82.1.
By the plan of- organization submitted
In the report, themwould be 4650 men.
Two third. for actual servlde wimlici be ,
140,750 men, beloW which It *Mild not be :
prudent to go, as the necessities of the 1
o3notry and the great extent of territory
to be protected will reqoAre every man I
of that number.
I recommend that the staff corps be re
tained at the standard fixed by the act of
lnly, let& and that the dense pronibit
log apprantmente and promhtiona be re.
pealed, In Order that vacancies may be
- tilled, as was the practice prior to the
act of March, 1130. Although the army
may be entailer than herekdrre, expo
rienee has shown that these officers are
es necessary fur the mailer ea the larger
lie endorsee the recomendation of
the Arlen-silt (tenet' al of t he artily for the
repeal of no much of section six of the
act of March 111, 1069, as prohibits fur
their appointments or promotions, leer
ing the organisation of the A oilman(
General's department as it was fixed by
section tenth of the act of July 20, 1068
An Increase to the number of Asaintant
inspector Generals Is mcommuded.
The expenses of the Quartermaster's
Department during the hunt veer end
log June 13th, 1869, were 321.968,401 08,
a reductlo, of 114,900,000 below those of
the preceding fiscal year. In February,
1889, the number of civilians hired by
this department exceeded 10.000, which
has since been iodated to 4,300.
Of the Quartermaster General, the re
port states that the clerical force of this
',dice has been redneed as low by late
legiolatlop u to seriously retard public
business, and to provide Ibr the settle
ment of accounts, some increase In the
force Is neousary. A building capable
of accommodating all bureaus of the
Oar livartment, ate proof and secure,
is much needed.
The railway oomparden to whom the
military railroad materiel of the Q 46!
tormentor's Department wan sold on
credit at the end of the war, Incurred
onginally (Minim of 87,891,401 Interest
bee increased this amount to $0,000,000,
about one-half of Which tise been paid:
but some railroads beink 161 default, and
showing no disposition to meet their ob•
ligations, suit has been lately ordered to
be bronsht against them.
There have been paid for water trans
portation, during the year, 11,424,2 Z: 82,
e ar. traturporatlon. r 4253-
By arrangement between the
mental of War and Interior, sunA T a n rtr
the Indian service are eow transported
by the quarter Master's Department, no
routes in the IndlenTerrltory, t haunt:tat
met under the contracts being refunded
to the War Department ant of the sp•
propriatlon of 5 . 200,000, for the pacific.-
don of the /adieus, granted April
Although the amount ef clothing end
equipage an hand at the end of the war
tiu been reduced by Wog and Daum,
mere edit remains • stook valued at
over 442,030.000.
The general depots have been reduced
to f41..r, and at only two of them la there
any large collection of material, vim
Schuylkill Awed, the Delaware,
and at Jederaonkille on the Ohio. Thin
latter la being drawn upon constantly.
nut It atilt CM:IW= aver $ 14,000,000 worth
of war materiaL
The average cost of titian' be. been
twenty-three cents. Tobaooo at an aver
age monthly value of 919.000 bus been
furnished to the troops at ore prime and
the Freedman's finnan bee been sup•
piled with rotes to the value of nearly
$260,000, most of which has already been
paid for, and the remainder la In, promos
of refunding.
At unalreasury
.then has been paid
12,762,175 at commutation on tenons to
Linton soldiers while prisoner. of war.
Claims foraciplatiew ferelehod the army
dining the war amounting to 12809.101..
13 hove been received, of which re.-
01 . 1.87 have been allowed and nain, 4.13
The river and harbor works hove pro- I
greased as rapidly as the means appro.
priated for he ir excention allowed.
Theof the Northern and North
western survey ken has progressed com
mensurately with the amounts
titertbr conducting It. The=
rlor surrey, drawing to a ounPlot
hiustfteulripat mazy tior harbo
of refuge, and make known danger' to
navigation highly Important to the oorn
Menial alienist of the Rates dependent
upon this water line of communication
for the transportation of cereals and ores.
=migmatite Ind seograpblcal and
heal explaratmaand surveys haver
been continued 'during the year In the
territory west the fdleilardpitt rider,
sod ifilbrmation thus obtained is sup
plied to the troops occupying that section
of country. The survey of the Colcendo
of the west has not, for special moony,
been resumed. Liberty Arsenal Atte
ltourl, has been sold 'during the year.
Meg', Louis Arsenal, which will be mobil
under the muss act seon, as it can
be opened: but certain buildings thereat
should be reserved from sale and devoted
to moral army pansies. The ' sale of
Harper's Perry Arsenal peoperty will
take place Nona:the!. The 'Nome
Arsamil. Champlain Asenal,, AN:Vernon
antetal, Alabama, and .Appalichicshi
Arsenal, and' Borth Oarolina Arsenal,
are recommended to be sold. It Is ad.
visible Ms should be done, and that the
captured andiin Shreveport, Lbandana,
in Marshal I and Jetreman, Tense, and In
Marlon and Davis counties, Texas, ,
should - I* eindlarly disposal of. Atpilist:
cipal arsenal of construction and depodt
sod powder depot are recomme nded
on the Atlantic and Pacific oasts
'and in the vallay• oft the ,NtheissippL
The sale of some Of the present eastern
arsenal' is aonested as a mean. to raise
fends wheadega to esaddlah the prated.
pal ameba Tot. Ltd Atlantle Coati Hock
Wand is the pram for the principal as ,
Penal for the valley of the idlittinainnt.
Politisi devote should be eetabuabed
the Atlantic and Pecido coma. •
Disbursements by the Paymaster
,Generalfor the year 1142,4118,770 20, and
for Tecoostrveden porpoiesigBlB,293 46.
Increase of cadets at West Point to four
hundred is recommended.
The tidal expenditures of the year, in.
eluding 123.M1110,60 of 'old war debts
paid, is 569.644,042,76; estimated dell
deludes 52 940,000; estimated expenses
for the dust year, Id 1,63.4103,1110, besides
the following submitted separately for
coanderadon of Congress as presented,
by the Chief of Engineers: Par 'brill.
Bastions K 196,400 for rivers and her.
bong Tipen,9oo; total ,126/58""). As to
lb& fortificationss lurgethe appropris•
dons - asked tor dm torts near the larger
cities named In the rert of the General
of the army, to wit: Portland , Boston,
Bed York: New arkersi c
andßan Francisco. -
Treik,u7i Delutri tuffs , .o.ifgee Ilefolsca
Revenue, Washington, Nov. zo—sui: r
ham the honor to transmit henrelth the
tabular statement made up rpm U.
nceounte kept In this office winch the
Secretary of the Treasury b rintiirsd r sci
W Mitre Congress. Tlior are as MI;
leery Taltie 4 A—Sheering UM receipts
from each specific source of revenue and
the amount refunded in each collection
l district, State and Territory of the
Celled Staten for the Meal
' year ending June 80th, 1869. Table B,
showing the number end value of Inter
hat Revenue stamps ordered monthly by
the Commiesionet and ,motithly reetipte
from of Internal Referee
stamps, the commissions allowed on the
same, and receipts from uienUt for the
sale of etrunpe for the fism- Iyear ending
June SOth, 14181 Table l7, ihrilefing the
Territorial distrlbotion of 'Mental Rev
enue from varlouri sources In• the
Milted Status. Table D, elbowing the
total collections from each specific of
revenue for the decal yeararianding June
Seth, 186 e. 44, 6fe 86, 6T. 68 and 62 re
spectively. Table E. showing the rates of
reieLl?ts from speedo sworees to the ag
yeoman of ail collect-lone for the fiscal
years ending. June lith, 1864, 65,66, 67,
68 and 69, rropectively. Table F, abstract
of reports of Lae District Attorneys con
cerning snits and prosecettiona ender
the intermit lacerate lasi. The
i total receipts from internal revenue
sources, e xCi tredve of the direct Marmon
lands, and the duty upon the kintrula-
Don and deposit. of National hank".
were for the ewer roar 1866,11/60,629,314
28. This Inc:laden the nuns rafpded
fur taxes illegally assessed and Cpilect
ed. amounting to p 860,839 12, n l l2 . ell
Of which wee for lace. assma4 and
collectea Ih prey - inns years.
For the decal year 1868 there wake 70-
funded 11,018,224.8 L Drawbecks'erem
also allowed to the amount of 14279,-
98f101. Ro drawee:lts were allowed
during the fiscal year 1899 by this
Bureau, excepting on general marches
Mee uuder anction 11l of the act of
&larch Stet,
.1868, to ale and patenteoedt
clime amounting to 1377,411.31. • The
drawback on ruin and alcohol is not al
lowed by tins Bureau.
The receipts fur the current yeti. are
estimated at 2115,000,009. ,
A comparative statement La subadtesd
ehowing the total receipts front tit same
general eources of taxation for t first
six months of the fiscal years 1 and
1642, from July to December, 1/1181inelu
sive, 667.1e6,288; from July to December,
1867, inclurove, 866,110,0301 tote% gale
for the first eta months of 1809, 21,188,358.
A comparstire statement is submitted
showing the total receipts from the same
ftoorces for the the last ex months of the
fiscal yearn 1898 and 1869: Front January
to June, 16461, inclusive 2900582,760.
From January to June, 1 868, !umlaut's,
104,479,918 'Total gain of the last six
months of 1869 over 1668. 126,062,812.
or 1810 per cent- During this pe
riod the amount gained on !spirit. is
29,684,522.. The amount gained in stamps
6608,335. Amount gained on wales 1111,68 e -
104 The neatest 101111 from tiny one
smirce of taxation for this perlo4 was on
incomes, which amounts t 015,747.490.
In special t•xes not included ender
spiritti tobacco. to , the lose wall 11,436,
719. It is worthy of special pollee that
1,, regard to rseilpte from tobacco since
January Int, 11039, and hereafter referred
to as being largely increased, the loss of
Rsteene on this article fir the preceding
tax months amounted to 168,232, and it
should be borne in mind In considering
this loss. that the present spoken of col
lecting the ton on tobacco liaCtiot gone
into full operation prior to January hat,
• •
Total gain (or the above raided, 126,-
062.812, or 40 per cent, it Will he oh
served that the gain on distilled nitrite
during the period of romper_ lacm 1$ $ 2 .-
8711,4 Z), op tobacco, f 4,76544: on fer
mented liquor., 161,174; on' intern.
$2,083.757: on ammo., $ 9 50,515, from gas
compante. 1134,887; from hanks and
hankers, 1133,605. The only articles on
which a loss was curtained are leg•
sates, aurceasions and pensitlee, 'pedal
taxes not Included tinder .plrtta, he.
These aggregate only 1. 4 !01,73L Re
Paints from the same generaflonrees for
the six months ending Bop! bar 80th,
PM and 1869, from A pnl to September,
/in. inclusive, $102,881,950. ,Twenty•sis
dtatricts for this period not ivnreed, are
a,ainested at gi,sts.ouu. T amount
(or this period, 1104,377,950. ,From April
to September, 19611, inclusi ,543,0 a.
The aggregate receipts fbr- e present
rear will be Increased by from
twenteods aft.aricts. a , It Se ss
tlomted. to 11,516,000. Total gain, not
Including receipt. from these &arida
{4818.816. If the receipts from the un
reported districts eqaal the above esti
mate. the gain will be ii 33,884,838, or
Nti per cent. During this period tire
gain on .pirita b 11,100,115.134 tobacco.
166,0146.801 on .ales, 111,016.01: on Incomes.
$27,721131; one:amps 117,0410* from bank
and hankers, P. 374.33.
The gain on spirits during this six
mooths of comparison Is not whim° by
nearly KOWA* as It Woe for the six
montlag ending the 80th of Jane last.
This Is amounted far by the circumatan •
ces that the old spirits m bonded ware
house on the 30th of August, 186 i, when
the new law went Into effect, were all by
operation of law to be withdrawn front
bond and the tax to be paid prior to July
tat, 1869. It is a fist, however. that the
gala on tobacco for this period of com
petition exceed that for the six months
ending June 39th, 1869, by $3,000,000,
showing a steady and continuous Increase
from t big mann.
The gains on stamps, Incomes and
sales correspond very nearly with the
gain. on these &rimless forghe six month.
of comparison ending June 00th, 1800.
Referring to gains 'on spirits and to
bacco for these periods it seems proper
to nay there Is every muss for contralti
lotion that the law of July 20th, Mg,
taxing these articles, was enacted.
Smarm —ln considering the increase 01
revenue from distilled spirits for the last
dx months of the decal year ending June
30th, 1869, the subjoined facts should be
remembered. There were In the bonded
warehouses on the let of July, base re
shown by the secoents kept in this office,
27,218,403 asthma of spirits. Thle In.
eluded all claims for leakage then out
standing, and a large quantity claimed
to have been destroyed by the Mini.
ing of revenue bonded warehouses,
as well as oestain amounts which;n
b ee . previously withdrawn upon fraud.
utent t cods, and still unaccounted for.
Under the mondons of the act of July
20th, 1656, as amended, all spirits in
t ended warehouses at the time of the
=of the act, were required to be
woad theta: paid thereon act
or tololy la, 1869, and by this require
ment 24,383,1d1 gal l spirits were De-
Oeleartly flamed upon the market during
the nodal year, and served to that extent
to increase the returns from this source,
While on the first of July, 1889,-there re.
omitted In bonded warehouses, of the
new product, only 18,563,838 gallons. It
thus appearlithat the quaritity'of spirits
in bond to be withdrawn and the tax to
be paid during the fiscal year, ending
J ime so, two, is less by nearly eight
millions of gallons, than the quantity
which wss compelled to be withdrawn
and the tax paid for the &wad year, end
log June llotia, 1869.
The following statement exhibiting
tbe movements In distilled spirits hi
made from statlaticat Annie/led by the
division in charge of the subject in this
bureau, and although the figurine
uc'. be ateolntely agourate, they ap
mate nearly uto be -deemed re le.
Number of gallons withdrawn from
b on d e d weeentittam Jun July Ist, 1658,
to June Both, 1869, produced prior toluly
,Ist, 1168 at ft. y cents per gallon;
824-883,951; produced p p rior ai to July
icers]. Ist,
1868, on which tax was r
lon 96,651, Total gallons o et f
p distilled
spirits, Old product, 24,479,512. Number
Oxalic:sus apple brandy produced prior
to 'July Ise, 9688, and tax told after the'
data at glper. gallon, ROM. Total gal
lons 24,616,834. Number of idiom of
spirits prodocndfrom July Mat. 1888, to
Jane tax& .1889, on which bait
was. col fected at fifty cant' per
gallon 88,204,048. Number of gsl..
Sins of grape and apple brandy tax mild
at 60 ',Gomm gallon, 871,737. Ursine&
inns 88678,854 Tota l amount on which
tax was cdiected 82,092,417. Number of
gellore withdrawn for augumptlon and
inert fmnt July' let; 1867, to Imp
50th, 1068, 181 X 647 ; of this was
exported with payment of tax 4=701:
balance o d trig& tax was - collected Ibr
the flied year 1868 6,709,04 from which
itappeant that the amount for which the
tax was collected for 1869. exceeded that
f or ism gams, There was
produced during the
_year and
bond " Jail litt. 1568, asthma
6,469,104. It would appear also, if
the records of this office exhibit
fully all the Writs that were crammed
aud eipotted during the two ram, Mit
forth. year 1889 the comrumption and
exportation exceeded that of 1864 to the
extent of , 64165.770 gallons. Thee* fig.
urea are presented nos for the purpose of
ehenling_the tmeamonnt of production
and consumption of distilled spirits, but
to exhibit the fact that
une 80the- 7868, not "prior. tOverummthe law
t di
to a tenth ;art of its tax on 41. d..
"Allied spirits. -
The total amount collected on thsan•
newt net of incomes 1867 wits 527,417,754
193,890,870, for 1860 up to Nov-
ember 36th, 063,680. This last snip
will be Increased to an amount of over
088,000,000. As this tax eipires with
the assessment for 1870 It will he rot
Congress to determine whether we can
part entirely wits the receipts from this
mime of revenue, and If not, whether
any auleritute can be devised morejust
and equitable, end lees burdenaondepn•
to the payers. If the income from this
source cannot be spared from the general
receipts, and other objects cannot be
found more accepidble as a substittute,
it Is for Congress to determine wbetbet
or not the tax shall be renewed. In con
sidering this question after determining
the total amount which ought to
be realised from internal revenue
sources, and considering what will be
realized by the present system
without resorting 16 Incomes, the ques
tion will present itself whether the entire
income taxes now assessed shall be re
vised or .011 be renewed at a lee ratan(
taxation. My opinion In that as long as
a large Internal revenue le required by
the flnandsi neeessitiee of the Govern
ment, a portion of that reel:dine should
be colled from incothea.
Julicy of changing supervisors from one
risdiction to another has been found
td be advantageous. It Inspires new nest
end energy in the officers. and frequent
ly relieve. them from local embarrasa•
meats that tend to diminish their use.
(alarm This office has proved of greet
Importance to the service, and should
always be filled with men of undoubted
integrity and equally, who pongees a
high order of general Mutineer qualifies.
lions. The prase:Salary le not sufficient
to always command such qualifications,
and I venture to recommend the propel
ety and economy of Increasing the
salary. The apparent reason for placing
the appointment of Supervisor. whore it
now rata no longer exists, and la sot
likely to main occur. I would there
fore suggest that the law be amended so
that this officer shall be nominated by
the President and confirmed by the
Detesitivem, as they are now termed by
law, are In fact the saaletauts of super
visors. The name has propel of no ad
vantage to the service, and le generally
regarded en odious, and for this reason
many very competent men have been
unwilling to accept of the sppolntment
of detectives. lam of the opinion that
the public service would be promoted by
changing the name to that of asaletant
supervisor, leaving the manner of at*
palntment, the tenons of office/and com
pensation, as now provided by law.
CallraT on BUITOWNSOME,—Of the total
receipts of Internal Revenue for the
dual year 1169, there were collected from
the following source.: Spirits H6,062,-
402; tobacco M 420,7011; ferment
ed liquors 1160,991.79; Incomes and
salaries 131,791,866. stamp. 116.120.-
710; banks and bankers 111,836.5t7;
legael As and sucoeitetons. - 12.431,503:
schedule A, and pataporla, 1912,414; gaa
companies, $2,116,00d; from the other
sourer., 125,474169. Total, 1160,039,314.
The amount from other sources was col
lected from the gross receipts of rail
roads, insurance and express companies,
from the aided of broker., dealers and
manufacturers, from epochal taxes and
(lawn penalties and miscellaneous
It is estimated that at least Meaty par
cent of the entire reoelpte was collected
from • few obi seta and soothes, all of
which may be classed as luenrieet or as
the socuructiated and associated wealth
of the country. It is difficult to see how
the necessary revenue from Internal
sources can be obtained with mach
greater respect for labor and with more
Justice to the common Industry than is
teemed by the present law.
I desire to add my opinion that the
present system ought, int shun time,
if faithfully administered, to yield a
revenue not below the following estimate
from the foliowing source. Sptrita 160,-
0(41,000, Tobacco $35,01X1,000. Ferment
ed liquors 10.000 000. Incomes. Startles,
and schedule A 110,000,000. Rtamppsl2o,•
t 00,0003. Banks and Bankers 13,600.00 a.
Legacies and snooessionsll, Gas
Companies 2,500,000. Total 1173,000,000.
Eire:fere or COLLECTING THE Ray- 1 1
KNEE —There were paid, Orr expense. In-
effient to the collection of the newest.»
for 1868, 48,776,814; fdr 1669, 17.894,3 9 5.
Deduct the amount paid to storekeepers,
Act of July 20, 1868, $108,918, leaving for
this year, on the basis of the account for
1868, $6.783,477; decrease In favor of
WM, 11,991,337,
By an amendment to the act of July
20, OM. pseud March 1, 1869, the com
pensation of storekeepers la to be repaid
to the Government by the manufactur
ers of distilled spirit. and owners of
warehouses. Theme repayments are
found to be difficult to colleen, and I ani
of opinion that this mode of paying atom
keepers should be at ollabed at once.
Only 6176,786 of the amount expended
by the Government for Ode purpose
had been repaid on the 86th of June, 1869,
After July 20th, 1888, and prior to
June 10th, 1869, • period of eleven
months, the number of gallons of apiece
shown by the records of Ibis office to
have been produced. and the tax paid
thereon,was 88,704.040, and of brandy
from fruit during the same period, 871,-
737. Total on which the tax was col
lected, 37,676,783; produced during the
same period and remaining In bond July
1849, 16,663,838; showing • produe.
tton In the eleven months of 154,239y621,
being at the yearly rate of 69,170,496
The following summary from the Katie
local report. will convey some Idea of
the mew:diode and importance of tills
bureau a labors. fininbedof aelsurea for
violation of law for the floral year el
1859, 1,744; number of seizures for viols.
don of law for the drat quarter of 1870,
1,041; number of cues compromised dar
ing the thread year 1889, 162 Atooluit
oeivisi as tax thereon 116,600,486; assessed
penalties fixed by law 14,130.63; in lieciof
fines, Densities and forfeitures $123,109..
98; number of oases compromised during
the Oral quarter of 1870, 144. Amount
received as tax thereon $79,227.89; as.
seised penaltles fixed by law $10,61146;
: In lieu of Ones, penalties and forfeitures
$8,831,708; number of compromise
01111110ne prepared from March lith to
September 30th, 1839, NAL There cues
occur throughout the entire country, 11:.
waving extensive litigation, the prepa
ration for and conduct of hich on the
part of the Government consumes a
large share of the time and attention of
this office, and conafttrites In itself an
Important business. Number of suite
brought to Federal court, dining the
fiscal year Ws, 4,678.
The number of distilleries registered
Is 864; number of officers connected with
the Internal Revenge service who report
to this Bureau, 6,003.
In concluding this rer art, j desire to
acknowledge my obligations to the ofil.
rem and the clerks, both male awl fe•
male. of the Internal Revenue Bureau.
for their valuable assistauce. for their
honest devotion to the public service,
and for the very hithltil discharge of
their official duties.
C. Detarto, Commissioner.
To Ron. Geo. S. BotrrtekLi., Searetaryof
Furibtr Limbers to the Pittsburgh
Veil Meet,
thy Telegraph to the rlttabirgi filasette t 3
WBlaLlllo W. Va., Decebk. &
Another steainbmt, ta of the Pittsbtugh
coal fiest,lbe Ormsby, bunted agleam
4 f s ti
pipe to day st the head- of Pik* and.
sodding the engineer it is t tight
Wally, and one deck hand se may.
The boat, and bargee. with 12 6 .000 ushele
(down, are lying across the be of the
Island in a pre c arious condition. If the
water subsides they will be all t.
—On and after January 1,11, 1 the
dngle rate of =tape, "half an o me or
ander," far prepaid letters bet the
United States and the United Maga=
of Great Britain and Ireland. will be re.
dared to six cents, “three prince:" liner
prepaid; or sufiledently prepaid, i tine of
als cents, Mimes pewee' will
an to the drechot postage. end collected an
delivery. Thirsts of postage, conditions
of payment on newsmen, boo)* pack,
eta, and samples of merchandise, tomtit&
unchanged. Postmasters srUl krry and
count postage accordingly on and after
Janary I, 1870.
=The Treunry on the ad held In Car.
rem $12,779,094: oolu belonging to the
=at, 1ieee71,194 coin
tore, e 1137,001.440,—V i a
the &mum, can buy bond-torthe
present without erdling gold, Ind that be
is Increasing hie -surplus of ettwattoy.
The IllUatua /Wrenn , receipts on Friday .
were. 576,816,
ipinch from Winkle, Maaifititt
sous, stem that the lastobieurdes ofthe
late Albert D.:lttehardson took, plum In
the - ,Oongreganonal Church .7tetenbkr
atterit, °on. About three hundred per.
I=4 tuardluir the widow; another sun
brother of the deemed, mem present.
The Empress Eugenie Arrives
Safe In Paris—French Elections
Progressing Quietly Carlist
Chief Palo Condemned to' be
Shot—Rumors of Carlist Rising
—The Italian Bishops take the
Oath of Fidelity to the Pope—
Vessel Wrecked—The Burlin
game Mission Feasted by the
King of Prussia.
01 Telen... to the rlttar. rib Cm. tte.l
PA RIIS, DOMISI Der b.—Em prom Eugenie
him arrived In Pnrin.
Elections ►re being held to-day for
Deputies to the Corps Legislatif to the
districts where the result was not decid
ed st the last elections. The voting goes
on quietly, and the city remains perfect,
ly calm.
MADB , I), December s.—The Carlini
cider Palo hsa boon convicted of treason
end sentenced to death.
Rumors of e Cardin lasurrectlim con
In the Cortes, yesterday, General
Prun stated that aince the commence
meet or the Cuban rebellion, fourteen
vessels of war, Including two iron,lads,
had sailed for Cuba, transporting nearly
40,000 troops.
BERLIN, December 4.—The king and
gamin of Prusida to day entartalned Mr.
Burlingame and members of the Chinese
embassy at a grand dinner. There were
etghty guests pregame.
firm December 6.—The bark Noel,
bound to Bombes, the tint mercantile
vessel to pass through the Sites canal
with.• cargo, was wrecked In the Red
Sea, eighty.alx miles from here.
PARIS, Deeemoer Er—A. dispatch from
Acme says all the Italian Bishope,except
five, have taken the oath of fidelity to
the Pope.
SouTB o rror , Demulbor
.earner Nammoma, from New York.
queakerowil, Deeember 4.—Arrived,
steamship Helvetia. from New York.
LONDON, December 6.—Evening —Gan.
wig closed et 725(. Money 92%igl:CM,
accotint. American ...mollies closed
tlrm; ii_mh—lea, MS; '6,ls, old, ilk 67a,
85%; 10-41 D, 81; Ertea 20; Illinoia 99%;
Great Western 26%.
Lrvgneocn., December 4--Cot ton closed
dull; uplands 12d; Orleans 12%d; Wes
10,000 isalea. Breadatuffs quiet. Corn
29.9 d. Others unchanged. Prorbdons
Log DON, December 4.—Elagar firm.
Amman'', December 4. Petroleum
firm st 601.
FARM. December 4 —Bourse firm ;
rented", 72g. 40c
FRANKFORT, December 4.—Bonds firm
at tSoi.
Bararate, December 4.—Petroleum
arm, at 8 thalera and 63 groata.
Basilican, December 4.—Petroleum
firm, at 16 mare bunco' 2 echtifing.
RATAN, December 4.—Ootton quiet at
1351 on ■Pot and 1143 t afloat.
FRANKFORT, December s.—Bonds firm
at 9154 Q 91%.
—The Republican Committee of Boir
ton hare armforged the eitliene manias.
tion of Mayor Shurtieff for re-election,
of which there is little doubt.
—The CiUrans National Bank. at Wit.
mingtoo, Del., wee broken Into on the
night of the 2d and robbed of fourteen
Pacific lialiroad bonds of siooo each.
—Brown, who bas been on trial to
Cleveland for murdering him wife at
Beres last spring, was convicted on Sat
urday evening of murdee In the second
—The President's, message covers
eighty pages of manuscript In the Pres
ident's hand.wrlting, being one of the
abortast messages sent to Congress fin
many years.
—Over s million dollars of the Janua
ry interest ham been paid, the Tresanry
getting a rebate of wren per oenl. The
custom receipts last week amounted to
1,744,702 In coin.
—At New Castle, Del., on the
Joshua Jones and Lewis Campbell were
cravicted oftnegon Mrs. Meredith, com
mitted In Shpthruher. The penalty in
Delaware for this offense la wrath.
—The North German brig Dar Meier,
which cleared from Now York on the
with a canto of 2010 bat. naptha, took
fire from some cause unknown, off Sta•
ten Wand. and was entirely destroyed.
—An erroneous paragraph, to the effect
that Commie:loner Delano In his report
will recommend the at ',Mien of the °aloe
of Supervisor of Internal Revenue, has
obtained currency. Mr. Delano will
make no such reoommen4flon.
—The body of a saloon keeper named
Morgan Haan, residing at Mitchell, Indi
ana, was found lying across the track of
the Ohio ,k Mississippi Railroad terribly
mutilated, the train having passed over
him. It is believed he fell emcee the
track while intoxicated.
—lt l understood that on the question
of bituminous coal the Ways and Means
fkmmittee stand as fellows: Moms.
Schanck, Maynard, McOarty, Kelly end
Black are opposed to repeal; Mows.
Hooper, Allison, Brooks and Manihiki!
are in favor of the repeal.
♦ memos of the sarviving members
of the 881 Permsylvemla Volunteers, to
be held it Erie In issuary, is talked of.
THE State printer, BeAlamin filngerly,
is erecting a large building on Thud
street, Harrisburg, to accommodate his
Tun Westerman Iron ClOmpa's
works at Sharon were closed on Mon day
died week, the result of • strike among
the employes.
Menem count hie Ave new Iron
bridges, aggregating nearly one thou.
saelleet. Two others are under cos.
tract, and mime completed will add two
hundred feet more. They cost about
$24 per lineal foot. She has also three
new covered wooden bridges, about lye
hundred and city feet Wag, coolest
about $2O per itneal fan.
Tire house of two maiden ladies named
Knew, at Phoenixville, was entered by
two men one night last week, and robbed
of $l,OOO in bonds, $1,600 in money,
two gold watches, and- other articles.
The robbem gagged the ladles, also tied
them hand and foot, and they were thus
rendered unable to giro agy alarm mall
considerable time after the robbery.
Gov. CIL.= ball just approved this
bill, puled last winter, relative to the
velment of tazes on nuoded lands, re
' iidithg the Comity Tzeunrers to keen a
receipt book to enter the rearms of the
payment of taxes on unseated lands,
certified 0 3rdes of sald recorded receipts
to be the evidence of.payment, It also
allows owners two years from the present
date to record In. This Iv very Savor ;
Dun - hunting In Clarion corm_ ,ty is
T!7profitable just now. , On. Thursday
of last week, /2-. Bannon, of Btrettair,
vale, shot ; tkx . e, one of them a fawn,
without moving from the spot where he
&ilea:Wen first shot. Onthelathinst.,
If,. Isaac Perupersosker, of - Claims.
shot a track In Pilot township, which
weighed, when droned, 210 pounds.
Which Is add to be one of the Wiled eTer
killed itt that ionic= _
Oar. Gnesri It Is stated, baa now
detoonsldenticaueo leis • thee. - seventy.
adsht VOClLlOnatteetie pirdon of co.amlen, pettauleanls, taut) , or murder
belay the mend degree. besides Ilbsoet
InutonetelatisppUltallons for otreadets ot
Arlesalteinout due.% _Every *pont:Ulan
fupardon. u soon -me received. Is rem .
twit, with' ,the . mule thO ease,le
NO. 28'2.
Attotwey.General F. Carroll Brewster,
who invariably, after due examination,
reports adversely.
AT inn meeting e( the Board of Public
on the Ist, Dr. Worthington
was dom= Secretary and General Agent.
On the next day he handed In Ids resigna
tion as a member of the Board by arr
potabnent of the Governor, bat he In,
however, a member of the Board er
officio, by virtue of his position as Sec
retary and Agent. It was not deemed
necessary at present to appoint a Corre
sponding Secretary, and when the ap
pointment Is made the wisher of Dr.
Worthington will doubtless be consulted.
It seemed to be generally agreed, how
ever, that the person receiving the ap
pointment should be a short hand writer.
Ten Bedford Aguirre says: 'The Cam
bria Iron Company on the oth of Novem
ber purchased 1700 acres of land near and
adjoining the town of Hopewell, and
known as the Hopewell property, for
f 43,000. The same company also pur
chased about the same time and in the
same locality about 13 acres of coal land
of L. T. Walton and the Buck tract Con
taining about 220 acres, also coal land
from Measra. Paul and Christian, the
three purchases amounting In the aggre
gate to V,M5,000. Wo understand the com
pany contemplates the erection of a
couple of furnaces on this property in a
=art time, perhaps the coming summer.
They will . dmw their coal supply from
the above mentioned coal lands by ex
tending a rail road up Sandy Run some
three miles.
The public meeting at Titusville on
the 2d instant, called for the purpose of
taking concerted action for the relict of
Colonel Drake, the petroleum planner,
molted in the adoption of a preamble
and resolutions, setting forth that the
discovery of Petroleum, "the rich man's
nirvana and the poor man's boon," was
due to hie genius and perseverance, and
that inasmuch as he Is tow reduced to
want, and prevented by physical infirmi
ty from earning support for himself and
dependant family, as a matter of common
justice, as well as friendly sympathy, the
people of the oil regions, and the oil In
terest generally, should contribute a fond
for the relief of his immediate necessi
ties and the purchase of a homestead and
the providing of an income for himself
and family, as a luting teathnonial of ap
preciation of the great service he was in•
strnmental in rendering to mankind. To
title end a committee of five was ap
pointed, with discretionary powers,
which committee has organized and des
!plated persona in various parts of the
oil regions to receive subscription&
Tea Mormon Prophet, Joseph Suritk,
says the /adepmdsat &publiems, resided
In Susquehanna county for several years,
about the time he was "translating" the
Book of Mormons. He was very poor
and with several visionary companions
was engaged at times in digging for num
err at places near the Susquehanna river.
He and one Harris, who was employed
with him in the translation, world work
a day Sr two at haying or harvesting. bay
a tag of cum, get it ground, and live on
It till it was gone, in the meantime work
ing away at the translation, which was
accomplished by Smith's looking through
a stone at the "plates" concealed ins hat,
and dictated to Harris, who wrote down
the translation. In those days Smith was
more celebrated for lying than for any
other quality, anima It was ignorance,
and perhare a sort of low cunning. He
married Emma, daughter of Jesse Hale,
a famous hunter in tne early days of the
country, 'who lived on the north Bide of
the river, a little below the Susquehanna
Depot. Her family were much opposed
to the match, but she was determined to
marry the scapegrace, and did, though
she had to escape down the river In a ca.
non to do 11. Smith early put on the airs
of prophet, and was in the habit of "bles
sing" his neighbor's crops for • small con
sideration. On one occasion, a neighbor
had a piece of corn, .nlanted rather late,
and on a mold piece ofground, and, feel
ing a little doubtflil about W ripening,
got Smith to bless it. It happened that
that was the only piece of corn killed by
the frost in the neighborhood. When the
prophet's attention was called to the mat
ter, he got out of the difficulty by saying
that he made a mistake and put a curse
on the corn Instead of a blessing. Bath
er an unneighborly act, and paid for, tool
A awash in England carries a physi
cian's certificate, which, when deciphered,
is found to testify that the bower is afflict
ed with hypocrisy and laziness.
3 1•210 7 -% 1143 i i:Jaij , 43/ 410
Harr just opened slugs stack of ties.{ ram.
for Um Hondas.
AG boagtO al Um rsdaerdrata of gold wad •011
M gold rheas.
WATTLES & anitarna,
Jul PATH A1r1E21137.. aeon Brollltiald drier,
Sir Hai r Jewelry end. to order. deeAtt
FOR 1870.
On 8 oolt of Dltrifs ror ISTO It now ecomPlata
compettlor every alylw Oros the asaallatipackat
.tot to lb. lawn Coaattai Rom Daly &oar
nal. rowans oaf. two and awed don to &b.
ma. We tan the= of all prim., so that pot
salsa ordering by salt and only roomy fho aaa.
Der of days to the tars, and tba gales (tamatod
tom lO .ota to 69.50.) and the Book WI I as
teat byyetardlsall.
Alto, ludo anortsanat of Um Pat.= OW.
Clotlas Marie.
TEu IraCa suppllid at PablLthres wloWal•
.100;pH monOw
.ro. 129 B=lM:eta &Wear
13. I. MARSHAL'S arcs,
W. D. of Pennellyaal
rmrsatmon. Deormer O , INIIIIIII.
ranke Rd day of December, A.D. MP.
aln Banaranter man Maned anion th t
Snare ofJOIID4 DENNY N.L'efi.orAlleghoeY
city, to the County of Allegheny and State of
Penusylesata. who hag bees adJuiguel n Bang.
rapt on Ins ona pennon: tb.t the payment of
say debut an 4 detmery of say property bent.
lad to goat Sankrnot to Min or for hi. nee.
and the transfer elm, to
rtyr ban are Ilbr.
br lan; Dun • Denting who Creettora
of 00 mid ...UM* to Woes etr Dellsand
10 Oboe. one or more stolgeete of Minato.
oral ho held it a Cent of - Bankrantey: to Ito
holden at US releralettret. Antimony My. A l
legheny emote. Pe.. bonne 4011111 N PURVl
tlnhtqz. 5e.t141.11 ..P.Tgkil. g Dr'
annuli ulillOCa. _ .
U. & /dart ea Illonmagar.
Omer At " ^aligurr. De 'S
odes unt.ll 3 r Vek P .lll l HOESIMPV••
ortable9th. ftw the
Construction of a NA FoOVwalk.
0a aortic able et Ohl. sant. Maar fast at Tal , 7
am to adage m.o. sexaraana• taltA was—
calla Ita to bat alga sibs aim of QUAL DAVO4
zosi.. Cityal ls a
Taa reserved to non surf at WI Mb.
a. a . 11.01111011.
iiti I= COMMON'
ntir i m u r c rta t ptia r Lo r ar 2 7 . :
J .l =rf.,A , al Wrylu:Si f c i t i va
Ib4 1116 y: bum& wait W a lor tram
sit bbrabbb god .w.Me elates prosable waiter
mud, Ad, by order of Lbs.
4440 belles Ikbeyaby
cm 40 Jr
ot., Sorb brro ,s yno7ol (bar
*a Übt Wild day bririgla ulori.Va
neW• #OlilS E. PO
csaohlf say tbay twt, Irby dojo
W tel. t trilr ' lL U l.Vlatata.
2,4 ieelaelr.vitt be MO es Sowed Emma Law
sek.rda Oaks 1011 MM. ;
. slam exewino.istigeat Saar;
auras Mai ms A. do. AO; •
• • , :llalisre• leasiu.• 'Snort 6. •
Mail .Allll4 kicilaselPG
ap of a elab of I. roatoap•n us na=MM
"NAN AND '''r :."
^Pes Moorraroxs.••
Wolux It Wurra... "to to.,
No . 673, date of Nov; IS,
HARriEns WELLY BUFF 311.03/ Sdi
TO THE END OP ISTO Ni pops 13.721..
Tao. wbo are aeauaratee eirlab M. Go
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lag all Div ebaraoters with a tafelaatioa sllde
lenders the reader reluctant to part teem. S
not need to be warea teat the. doh glMlNieslip
be of far thew:eel otSractlys of tites#Z. - Mailn•
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ulna. and apparently Involved. laelliStrUblill
with such consaszakam /mewled', of drosills
offset, that be ressitern carloaley b tapt MS
stantly on the alert without bang wearlad et
perplexes. From • perusal at the advisees
sheets of "ban and Wife," we an Iss4 sa-
LI•AP••• • • , •••1 •‘0124 u latanon* to use
his pre•loas worts.-9. T. Trains..
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&notedly ft ls the &alga ef 14. Celli= to maks
aL 000.1 the lestraaisat for breaking shwa tals
abase—Jost as Dlekeoe awl used hltpaa to dad
well ma legal mamma to Kaaba*. Tie
messes la elm bratimhas of this rite storreortit
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Poorest of tha reader to a thar etsnietam War
sad olom/sl7 Waned. walla the wawa, is Welt
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tie' is tooerra Seth:4,—X I.
Wlikt• Cont. las. beyond doostioa, astral
la th• art of willow aa excittnitnal alliseltall
wet,. .1 here Is a hostiles ratainatioa In Me m%
wt h which he eonapelsiala readmsta hollow bem
through the momes of spas subtle Oat. ta torlobb
buntaa pushes. and craita Wu, the place of they
supernatural mechanism ed the emllat 41111 or
story•telllna. Milt. Col:More t new teM,
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one may notate to sa. to 01111 a acoMMIMIS
oftener verbose tbsolin st of It. Other ororki. '
walla to will doobtle be al latermalas Mad Ow
mantas as eny.—/f. Y. hatpladrat.
andsing from Os law opeldng chapter; 3ds
the other worn of the Whew. MI *CI biome
jyttryoree Motto to tot looted bee whir leers
than core by Its myelsel of Men&
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time, are hers displayed la tall taro. sad that
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matt attention of hlereadesa—Amere
The etovel emu Ten sphitedly sad
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Long looted for, eons al Lin. • • _'
some mantbt to nose, MI, We sill be 'civil
stirs:Woe Is I/septet Warik4e-Pklesittilbili
Attar Datea; were la so Ural neap% ate
solo). proaturlT whlah approaches that ii
WSAIe Coalas. Thom or Ali &ovals grata Imp
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HARPS'S l'El1011ig48;
7. -. TEEMS FOR-- 1 / 1 70 ,:..•i*.
• -•-•
kuarzems*AsAmstr. oiiiTentyrait
naartips WZTXLT. • Ow,
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