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oriviciAL PAPER
ev Of Plitstrusik, *pegluny wad Alla
.f Omar County.
MONDAY, NOV., $2, 1969
11. B. BONDS at Franktort, 891
Pltwaotstna at Antwerp, firm at 61r.
Qom cksed In Now York ca Batitrday
The Chairman of the Roue Committee
-,. on Banking and the Currency, General
Garfield, la quoted is an , opponeat to the
propoettkat for enlarging the National
bardrlng IMsur In the South and Borah.
du rat,— But 'where does be stand on the
propudtton to authorize this enlirgement,
• - • Without the greenback reserve, substitut
ing therefor a basis of cola, and prom's ,
11 ihe public security In the bonds of a
eerie-paying Treasury ?
Tag Waage Tn2mni, quoting the Gs
' 'lrma is anthrnity for a remark which
' never appeared In these columns, Clelftll
*1 ".Pittsburgh Statesmanship." The
.Tribtind herein exhibits its habitat 111-
tunny We will not retort, by aging
,that lie inners are teaolent - ctetziatana
iwtua hare ea little ainceptlan di the cow
„_ Yo: the reel , mmita
f question which they handle
- With equal ignorance and audacity.
Rica= /1141211114 by the Press, upon
the Treasury proposition to renew and
tier anti:no - 4m incomatam hoe fiat stn.
ply the effect of bringing oat &delve
Manifestatbine of public sentiment In Its
. fitvor. 'When the country shall be ready
-T4-. to abate any of the present forms of tax.
. anon; articles of neeresity will he the
find to feel the relief. In the meantinus,
the only question about the inconie-ta; ,
!ply', not of takingitolkbut_of
Its obligations more esultsVy kit by
:.iihrinhlerambleh have thus tar contrived
-tosia&their legitimate Mathew..
- "NIA* Ants of Cuban niiiittaters,
New:York, under date of the 17th Mat.,
r .: -; • Ommtulgate a- document which they aol.
eitnlY declare to be the Coarditation of
the- Onion revoluthmists u adopted in
Atoll last. Tito doccunent would dll half
or one column Mthis Journal—which is
very short, omskiering how long It has
taken to bring It from the island since Its
adoption In the camp of Cmpedes, and
- how much time has elapsed since its pub.
' lication was Invited, by fienatorAinuuter
"""" — and others, two or throe months' ego.
This delay may be readily explaiola
vt e' /Mr the abolition of slavery in the
'Wind 'ma dednitely proclaimed, two
since h% theZadas at Idadrld. the
•A i,,1 Manmade bad . another' "Ocuatitation."
containing no amaze:M.lkm clatmedbr
bele alma And they probably havo it
still. Eat tbliactiontr the Cores leaves
41 it molbar CCIUrle open, to command Amer,
::iyinpatides, than apparently to
too ept:dpation, as in the holm
itient mow promulgated. The may
• answer leaven for the Itociirn
tide other Constitution being kept for
hole use. This la a line ample of the
ktirimbitutalands with ,•arhk2l- the Chas
.!' tens, and their equally charicterleas
' MIMIC= confederates, are now attempt.
• lag to humbug the Executive, Colgmaa
and-the public.
'"' ' ZOOK' atm , - POR
. •
.r": — * The inbildy-Imazanht beeto to circle
`GM the . Fedend Osideet. The bile el
. n 4 peadtaz lir Congress, and , those
-1 , 04 etendw prepared:for Intrededelea
"Own the Medea opens, witpxdpOtheli
1141000°24 for ahbitt 0466040 in
POlldikeeld gammop sem of
' '''" will tor, tbe' people to watch the
aft these
ind or
. _
~f raNaVregCuntil
haw owe shall tit porib
Its Ewe tpthe hilder
Oath* dav Platlde.
The Board of PnbltoCluuttlasi the sp.
'pointientof which by the Govern* Ina
o authorized' y act of the lag Btego
Oared withmoinlzsPott
.,s4lll442o2‘, The annitiontion of thecon
dittos of cabanas condned ire jails and
MitteatiaTl .ttai..colnfolt prone
Pikihrinpublic bnipitirsandtbesuntery
insitStal lam= brcognr. to 'beer on
2 '''22lu2nn tinnocated . b 2 *dies ottrze i
will tie . nulttkata Id* Thick th e ,
11,. * bane to deal. The' GoventOitis ex.
vS Rttiat =V_ Feen4Pni4eicelif
7-,.;.. , ,0**1114 the - Bond. Every member: of
:tthae been* one wy or another .
m t r eatl,
7,-, : l • ll e4littbStititifiariqa, elicit , Ix
,_ *lli , iiiigigsaritlar the lartpoitii t arof the
'itispcnialhWay be ialaietie In iiiiisp#44l,
;:;'idece isibtiannardadaii, Odor** act
i ; arelatitthla 'Baud we look for the *oat
-- Lf:,ltattite . ry a:deo: rend*
4 iTheappisintmento, pmaon,i and***
Itnt'epteent set said% hate beat an**
_itithktatencattl*nry aare kid . jodgment on
ttio-,psaftf the Govettor.. The Bowl
&Fly repreandeldhai 04.•
, :ittittinieeininttodui "
ottirridiy out 7 -Wo do
7 , - --Bovioiow wurbs mama. 9. L.
Holionfori Baq,, of Pflualifigas.
take the &as of Jolut Waren. BR..
ViVerzupteron , docile* as •
inembii.lial be sleeted Efacietaiii and
4 41 111 % ata oolor7 of 11000 see anium,
• iddettli it act EleSni lifts wham the
.111;thevisid., reszootibilltles at Oa pace
ors oetattfted.
• ~b >E an.
. • -• • •
j•. - ••••;1‘ .1, 0 3 4 1 . ;moth, Alf I.r Pad kOOO
the atiiciotthlaisinvi Pacific
*Ai sold a Dita; - dari ago
_ to Samos b Bums-for 4850,000 OW
lig the "mew "Kitty:do*, to, Meow ,
; , . 1 elide liquid/don rt:rotinir 'beads.
- Atli* Lib, ream Otte that clod} had
but a ttOmbral Taloa; but the seen ;who
• of deuiltriind county
bo . :0 4 , 11 0;A . Acne to Itold. on., teAlt the
bieekifackini or Wiry:lolhr
!along that road pp increased Its tolidHoet
'thatiti J ieeOretee - Olt* eroiroSk tto IP-
e''lpitaaate - graigrlla rslda" • I
This wed hesitant Bt. Louis and lan
e di "440,10 • Vat bat
and had a stage of tin feet, being differ.'
eat to tbit reaped from any other -road
to the-conntry. . Almost ainntUfewl43w
with the =tendon to Acheson the gauge
wee changed to 4 feet 81 Inches, that
todesineltinto confertnitylrtenly with
the ICiitsitterAde Rellerq. *at,
.01steicts at the Ramis, Math line as
Hams tiiy," but with Sealy all itio
b:4ll l fizgeranuarr.,,
Whin theta*, tree/ thic - inleinippi
that. beicatordetal, this toad
wth 'bo Into immediate ameteclloie
`;with the severs! loads which emerge at
iAut ilk - Louhion the emboss basket the
Sive.,-.llm work sth 'Meted at
adrumed. and th
_. • .
~ .
progressing with all practicable speed.
at done, can may be ran from any
;point east of the Kisaissippl, through
.11bisconi, Kansas and Colorado, to Den.
ever, thence to the lIMon Pacific at Chey
enne City, and thenceitO tba Pubic.
Baftbs Missouri Padtic Road tiumigh
the State 'at Missouri Is not :without s
competitor. The North /Illimicsurl Road,-
rioaael the Missouri at St Char,*
by a terry, has a completed branch to
Kansas Ch
ity, where it n-croeaes the
.1111ssouri on a magnificent iron bridge,
and unites with the Kansas Pacific, and
also with the MilsOuri Pacific west and
t4titalthit point. The progress of rail
rotitiOnt Li that cgantry is marvelous.
A rev. da a
avowed Infidels met in i• htladelphia
Only seventeen people w • present, and
the tone of the speakers w despondent
to the last degree. "It to me,"
said one of the speakers, 'when I saw
the small number that e their way
here that the dead were are some to
bury' their dead," thus borrowing the
moat expressive figure of speech he could
nee from the lips of the author of the
very religion he had come deride and
But the time has gode by et that kind
of thing, A. bald denial of the truth of
the Gospel History, or of the parity of
the morals taught therein, Is a game that
has been played out. True, It is not forty
years sines Seventeen hundred men could
lune been convened in that city to
-Jain in an open outcry against Christian
ity; bat that Is all over now. CHRIST
has been transformed from a myth, as
some tried to make Him, or an imposter,
OS 0 1 / 1 8111PRIIICRUICed him, into a kind of
sentimental hero, whose beautiful name
end hind mission, aa the doer of good,
have \passed into tkahlotable song and
twaddle, and ls made to adorn many a
sentimental rhapsody, by people who no
more accept Him in the tunas of his
character and teachings than did the
aforesaid sullen Possibly - the last state
of these people la worse than the first.
Still it is something gained for the
moral tone of society at large to have
silenced the shocking utterances which
were beard in the early part of this no
' tatty,. especially In our large cities. To
deny and scoff was then the fashion; and
the flippant retailers of Tom Paine's
opinions swarmed in arm social circle
In which their talk would be tolerated.
Now the fashion Is to enksgize that sacred
name Ina kind of a patronising phrase,
which exalts him so far as to make him
at least the peer of the wisest and hest of
the world's benefactors and teachers.
Itis a debateable question whether the
labors of such writers as /IMAM and
Professor tbravr, the author of Ewe
have exerted a good or pernicious
Influence noon the world. Those who
• .tha .first of these positions contend
that it is hater to entertain a good oohs
ion of Immo of Ihameth, even though
it be partial and erroneous than that
he should be an object of scorn, aversion,
at mere indifference; while those who take
and maintain the opposite view contend
that half truth la more dangerous than on
' mdxed enortbecanee themlnd that embra
ces the tint Is acre likely to settle down
satisfied and 'alto:anthem% In that than in
the other. "I would that, thou wen eith
er cold or hot," applies to this state of
mind as well as to inkewinsusem in the
affections._ questions, are anemia
ing the infildi of thinking people; and he
te behind the age *he now wastes his
strength In tilts against the old and almost
exploded Abrms• of infidelity. Whether
the sum total of unbelief is less or more
than It was Ally years ago no 1:1811 can
41aPirrnitreibstoune.thing iesertain, it has. ,
change its form from that of an open
llikleions adversary to that of an
inset 61. fight" .and as such must be met
and, combated. It is not at all strange,
therefore. that the adherents 01 the old
en6or or scoffers could muster so few, or
thitilleYhting their.harps or their trum
pets upon the willows, and talked of the
° r
Ur r ead qVaiitillic . V.
MEClffihr Vele Cabinet , and two
aiding members of Congress, on the
=in financial question of the day. The
viewitin winch thesegentlemen so cordial
ly concur are also shared by the President
and the Secretary of the Treasury, who
wM respectively recanunend them in
their annual conununitearlonsto Congress,
for the
,ctmeideration of that body, It is
clitaithai the de daion of these Important
questions will rest wholly with Congress,
and that It must be brought Wan hens
I;eforerthe close of the coming session.
Vginsinktkireta an exhaustive discus
sion of the matter in all its bearings, and
eqnally with regard to the national honor,
on the , point of good faith with this pub.
lirtesiditrins:art with the fullest recogol•
lion of what shall be most tegssdientlto
the fl cii and commercial interests or
leas a trading community,
11 is rniident that the policy of an early
restutiption 1,11 to higvo earnest and able ad
.troatea,,,and perhaps an equally serene
coin appellation! Both aldeirwill beamed
;PALM eteptellenen if it were tote made
•0210 w the RlElomilTzsigury.
litappily nito 'Toner any doubt of
kterrildlltit of the Government to prepare
I . O V WA*
for animphst and. maintaining cash
indite-16 Mt:
—....uaratiny early da.
iLTcouldeasae, which has been
ii;Ftentbpd ita4fcalnedl?YilleconsPictuses
success of - the ' %Misery' aarninisinalon
since Itszelaut, practbellyelidarges the
gait Mai coca& of specie me public pmts.
Widicint that ieleculasefideacej li Would
be folly 'for; the: BerriefitY :fa think 'ar
fusing nearly $500,000,000 of over*
pacer with his #1 . 00,000,000 or I ,
cobras- liindroi - mem - with — aid
of bb $66,000,000 of paper in• the
i which kw
would hive to Iserlitce for cult
sustain himself, and railing at QS.
Iln effect, the Timmy holds, midis likely
to hold for the coming 7, , 2 *
Itofirtistainheileks thew tweity - Alve
cent. of its Immediate l abilities , and that
public couldemm which has come to he
so generally felt must in any eves Ws:
lied upon to "she good this i affercs -
M i !td; ionadfuser
wo be out of the Question ' '
until the Messer, could show cash for
' " a 4 0% 'War foe-4 61 /4 1 "a
iitirat' lon which the present centmyvvM
never witness. But that confidence does
fed icHNElßlialientiliations so secure ia
to beams a tangible and man potent
elementiii soppy:tin tilitaxilicy,Vdch is
tbreettadowelAsy sawS, fevelopments:
Twenty-dee per cent: of cull reaotwort,
unshaken imbibe faith in the
trsoundness of the Treasury, is
yastlyrnans than would belay or
seventy.five per cent. in Mak Mins the
popularamffdence. •
While the Executive and Legislative;
bmaches of the•gswenunsity supported
brimless opinion, are likely to concur In
usrPazrawas astellial bribe Transu. l l
ryiskar„ thme_will be a, difference of i
Views ripen the foinflai bearinia of the
questiam Prbrateand corporals interests
willjurdlyxlainsa Eight to becosteldesed
ha thedeshion„ Congress will be react.
'Satin adopt one answial policy Gar the
government and another for the general
business of the country. Nor would such
a distinction be either practicable or jus
tifiable. There are relations between the
Treasury and the people which Interlock
fa root. and branch witheach other, and
.Which not even the boldest empiricism
Would attempt to interrupt. ROW far
them relations ahall, in the pop
ular interests, forbid the 111811r1.
ration of that scheme for which
the Treasury is ripe, Is the question for
Congress to determine. We must con
fer, with Mr. Maynard, our Inability to
see wherein our national and our com
mercial interests are so to clash as to Jur
tify a prolonged postponement of a step
which, when it shall be once taken,
"everybody will wonder why It had not
been taken sooner." We all see what is
to be the leading question of the session.
We treat that it may reach a definite so.
lotion at the earliest possible moment. .i..
protracted discussion, through all the long
months of a session which may teach far
Into the next summer, will do more harm,
by adding to the feverish disturbance and
embarrassment of every department of
business, than we need fear from a prompt
disposal of the business, one way or
the other, as early as In January or Feb-
Vary. It is the one question which, as
we all see, which Is to-day benumbing
enterprise and slowing down the move
ments of every department of trade.
There can be no revival for the better
Datil the people know precisely where
they are to stand. The longer this cloud
hangs over us, the darker and more
chilling it will be felt. Let Congress
debate the merits of resumption for the I
next five or six months, and the business
of the country will steadily sink Into a
condition so deplorable that we shall ex
perience all the misfortunes of • crisis
without any clear prospect of relief. We
world be earnest, therefore, in invoking
the moat prompt and decisive steps, in
one direction or the other, from our Sen
ator and Representatives. If they reject
the Secretary'srecommendatlons, resump
tion may be postponed for another
twelve-month, at farthest, with the
absolute certainty of its coming, then,
to bang over the 'excited imagina
tions of the blather public in the inter
im. Concurring with the Seer tary, on
the other hand, would not result in any
deeper injury than that to business inter.
eats, but would reassure every fear, in
the conviction that we touch bottom at
last. Either issue to the discussion,
reached promptly and boldly, will be bet
ter for us all than the damage of a pro•
traded debate, which exhausts every
merit Ina month, yet wastes four or five
more in timid hesitation, or In mere
windy talk. Let our Congressional sur
geons either put In or put Up the operating
knife with the least possible delay; con.
templating its preliminary flourishes for
six months might itself prove fatal to the
suffering patient.
tlon o
The Philadelphia ,Vorth American says:
The best thing we can do is to enlarge
our own Erie canal, so as to make Pitts
burgh practically the depot of the lake
trade, as it is already of the Ohio river
trade. This is a matter that ought to be
attended to without delay. Our railway
system has done Its beat for us, without
being able in the least degree to elect the
Erie canal of New York, and all the low
freights of the present season have been
most tuitions to the railroada. The trade
of the Ohio river has withstood all rivalry
on land, and is now rapidly tieing again.
If we can enlarge our own Erie canal, so
as to make Pittsburgh the depot of the
lake trade, we shall by that means bring
our city Into a better position to compete
with our commercial rivals for that bn.
sham If we can succeed In directing
enterprise in Pennsylvania once more
into the revival of the fortunes of the
canal system, we shall probably, in view
'of the great advances made In engineering*
science, be able to carry canals where
hitherto thitvliaretheen_.-
ticable. At any rate, the entire subject .
Is well worth looking into, and we trust
it will be at the ensuing Denton of the
Pennsylranht Legislature.
Tas rho,4lo4,gda Fora American,
the organization of the Leg's
, uses the
me (. • ,
= -
will demand attention
at this ensuing session, and the coal re
limn will also require some dringerit law
for the safety of the miners Ressurea
will be asked looking to the •enlargement
of the Erie canal and to ether public
works. These will not bear treatment of
a superficial kind. They are not things
to be shuffled off upon careless bands In
order to make room for profitable jobs.
We may as well be candid now in ad.
vance, since the movement of the Phila.
delphia dekgstion with regard to the
choice of a speaker seems to indicate a
spirit of reckleseness that will . not be
tolerated by the Republican press of this
city. We have all aided to elect these
gentlemen to the lopdalannre We have
induced a public to !mud& tot them that
was not much dispose to do so, and we
insist that the frost now reposed in them
shall d& ' meet with a proper respect at their
We sat nothing . that to impnuttleatde.
We do not require's/writhes of any kind
that an honorable man ought not to make.
We ask nothing but what, if done, will
redound to the credit of' ibe members
both indlyiffrally and collectively Ent
in order that the Legblature shall ' be pre
pared to act Intelligently upon The gin
public matter that will come before them,
it is seaman, that the members shall not
select leaders for the session who are
mere jobbers, and unfit to deal with pub.
lio questiotus. We may here told that no
Republican member:4s bound to its
all improper ca use
wD advise all I
Tas Democratic Job sits in sad t-cloth
and ashes, smitten with plena!' tibilkin
Die midst of his condi:uteri- Hare lithe
testimony clone of these faithful friends;
the Brooksillelsissionfan :
"Let the Democracy now take a lesson
of wisdom from the •follier of the past.
We must find fairer and stronger rerea•
Olttablirel lathe Indus of th&Danotratio
party of this State than we have had for
the last ten yens. Are there tot meant
• • • • • • •••i "COMA td ki end
hearts enough to feel, that the sektsbnate
of some af the leaders of the pasty is the
Muse of all our Wear', Assam as there
Wears &prospect of saccessandan over
throw of the Jacobin party, 'Old Hunk.
with a desire to take the lead,; and
showing a morn greedy desire to siccom
/plink their own eel&h purposes • than to
gm=the intents of the- party, so
rite/tauten the honest workers
of the party and disgust honest and well.
meaning Conserrattins as to drjre them
hack to the UMW rankso.We have hi
bur par e tz, as the late great hltusdering jn
Ailed hie has shown, Old Honker ,
I/Unarms, old Democratic Bourbons
who take no heed to the leachlnge of es
perienftcand cannot lee that they are
nnatte direct and manage a cress party."
Tun following la an accurate statement
of the charities of Mr. Peabody:
leor . Instatutea aellanvera and Peabody,
Mesa, 1230,000.
• Peabaly Museum; at fit1ec0...1160,000.
'NeWbutYPert. for a Ilhrazy. 40 3,000.
. Manorial chords Gaugetown,
to the *mazy_ of his ululates, and free
pug u rs e ti c =e , pLag.4looo 6oo.
Nassachusette Historical Bode y, 20,.000;
Harvard College, for museum duet pro.
(monthly' of American archteologr and
ethnology, 1130,000.
Yale College for museum and natural
history, 1130,060.
Peabody itrtitute* at Baltimore," $l,.
Maryland Historical Society, 4 . 20,000.
Kenyon College., 05,000„
Public library at Post Hlys, Thetford,
Vermont, .10,000, -
Southern educational fund, 58,000,000.
London poor, sl,lr. 000.
nil kindred - 'l,OOO, and Witty
mullet donatuina
ti ~'~a~~.t~~~"~6.r~fs...r'S s.^'*~ -t .— x y.'.Y r~ ''M~ ra h , ~~= j 3 - . __
. Troia Om Botha. Com AdTonto., IS
It begins to be manifest that popular
sentiment will compel an early attention
to the question of reaumptloa on the
part of Congress, and we anticipate that
It will form the subject of the most im
portant debate IA the Howse at the. forth.
coming session. The sentiment that a
depreciated currency Is no longer a nts.
malty, but is fast becoming a reproach
to the nation because it is =necessary, is
a growing sentiment with all classes of
our people. The sudden and disastrous
collapse of the recent gold conspiracy In
Wail street, which crumbled to duet and
sahee at the touch of our Financial Min.
later, t h rew a brilliant light on the situa
tion and showed how completely it was
under the mastership of 31r. Boutwell.
was a splendid demonstration of the
power of the Treasury in coping with
and thWa - ting the ablest and most des.
perste of the gold gamblers, and of its
ability to put a sudden stop to the whole
business at pleasure.... We apprehend that
the Administmtioni even if it had the
disposition, will not be allowed to go back
of that demonstration of its pecuniary
strength. It must continue to go for
ward, and now with more rapidity, In
the march toward resumption.
We do believe, indeed, that this is the
Intention of General Grant, and that his
Cabinet Is pr actically a unit on the ques
tion of ear resumption . Gold may be
a good th ing to have, but we cannot ad.
vise any_ one to keep it, so long as they
can dispose of It at the present price. It
must corny down and that soon. We
think the ho W llowing from Attorney Gen
eral Hoar ay, without a great stretch of.
probability, be considered a practical ex
position of Lis views and a foreshadowing
of the polity; of the Administration on the
question of esumption:
Lierren FllOll Arttolarr OWIERAL nGAIL
WASHINGTON, Oct 15, 18611.
Hon. E. G. Spatz/ding:
Mc DEAR Eden : I have the honor to ac
knowledge the receipt of your letter of the
Bth inst., and with it a copy of your FL
handed History of the War, for winch I
desire to return my thanks.
The constant pressure upon my time
has prevented me from giving the book
more than a cursory Inspection, but it
seems to hen valuable contribution to our
financial history, and throws considerable
light upon the Important question of a
return to specie payments. lam one of
those who believed that it was the interest
re well as the duty of the nation to re.
tarn at once to the true and solid stand.
of value as soon ss active hostilities
; that we should hart treated the
currency as we did our armies—regarding
the volunteers and greenbacks alas as no
ccuitus of war, to be dirponacd with as
foal as posautle on the return of peace. I
think we made a great mistake In not do
ing so; that the shortest method was the
safest and best; that the only way to
reach the object is by a steady and per
sistent contraction of the currency—a
painful process whenever It comes, but
harder and worse for us the longer It to
I hope that Congress will address itself
with courage and constancy, 45 the obla
tion of the problem as Boon as it meets;
and will feel assured that the American
people have Intelligence enough to sup
port those who do It. My views on the
subject are of little Importance to any
body, but, as an American citizen, I
should be sorry and ashamed to find my
country unable and unwilling, In a time
of peace and prosperity, to provide for
its over due paper.
Very respectfully,
E. R. Hosp.
This is important, coming from a mem.
ber of the Cabinet. But we have reason
to think, further, that It foreshadows
some affirmative action in the Home, or
at least a powerful expression of silirma•
tire sentiment on the part of that body.
Hon. Horace Maynard, of Tennessee,
was on. of the few men of the Smith
who remained in Congress during the
war, and always supported the Union
cause. ilaPing been for many years a
member of the Committee of Ways and
Means, he is one of the most lefthential
men la the House. He was a member of
that Committee during the winter of
1861-2, when the Legal Tender, act the
Bank bill and other financial measures
were mattered, and he still retains that
position. His opinions in favor of lin.
mediate resumption are peculiarly value
ble at the present time. The following
letter from Mr. Maynard, on that ques.
Lion, will be read with interest.
KSOITTELE, Thin., Nov. 3, 1860.
Dow. E. O. Spetutding -
Dean Sun . Thanks for the book, as
well as the copy sent me. It was well
timed and much needed. 8o successful
were the financial arrangements during
I the war thatpeople Incline lo regard them
s automate, self-accomplished, with no
special credit to any one.
Of all who. were coneenteds-aircre
teat% so triumphantly through the
financial struggles. Whale I did not feel
at liberty to participate very actively in
the panago of acts which must affect.
portions of the country far more
seriously than that which it was my (n
-ame tore psent, It gratifies mo tO TO ,
member re both in the Committee of
Ways and Means end in the House, they
received my unfailing support.
As a result, we now have the best CUT
limey ever known in the nation. Let it
now be made convertible Into coin at the
plena:eel the bolder, axle nothing would
be left to be dismissed. Why this has
not been done; wbyit Is not done, why
it should not be dorre,l confess, after all
I have read and heard, I am not able to
One of these days loam bold Mau will
take the step, and then everybody will
wonder why 11 had not been taken years
before. Would that you were again at
your old place m the Bosse.
I am, very truly your!,
EtaßACa biliraanto.
Re are not prepared to agars that boo
ator Sumner le regarded as soiled atitbor
fly on (pastime of finanee, but the u. nation teat no man pagsages greater In.
linoucein the Senate on Mend %Mations
cannot be dented; nor will It be disputed
that Ms wonderful ability In preeentbig
his opinions, and his confirmed hithikrof
adhering to anti peening them, ruder
him a powrial advocate of any cause
whlcllisertney heartily espouse Ia this
ew of the rase we regard his earnest
desire for Immediate resumption, ex.
premed in the following letter, ag rryy
significant—significant of immediate agf.
talon of the question In the Benue, if
not of afirmstive action on the part of
LAMB 70011 non. 011 A/.
Boss®, August 8, 180.
Mt Dams You have done • good
advice, In preparing your book; nor fp
theriyanybody to whom this duty bb.
longed)nore than yourself. In all •
early financial trials, while the war wag
most 'mamas's, you held a position a
groat trust, giving you opportunity nil.
knowledge. Thettst you used Rit
Vele mostpstrlotleelly, and the second
you use now for the fentv , nctiri; of the
lain not content walla Imgyanpone
esent of epee* payment• I bertep, that
the time has earns or WI blestiwand
begin to be impudent when I see how
easily people And excuses for not accept-
big it.
Believe me, - dear Sir, my faithfully
your, Caantsa BUICSEB.
We have been permitted by Mr. SPAIILLe
um to copy the above Important' letters,
became they embody views on the quer.
Wit of resnmptlon similar to those welch
we bare repeatedly expressed of late,
and because the etmilarity bad attracted
ids attention. We present them to the
'public. without farther comment.
The Herder near Eitintingden, Pa..—
, Arrest of the inarderen.
We have the following additional W.
ticulars of the murder of thretipersonsat
Pleasant Grove, seven adies from Bunt.
Ingdon, on Wednesday, 19th inst:
The victims were a limner named J sto.
Peightal, his wife Sarah, and his son
Scott Gardner, the latteran orphan boy of '
len or twelve years of age. Between al:
and seven o'clock in the evening they
were quietly Riled at the table enjoying
their evening nod after a hard day's
work on the farm. Thinking of nothing
bet the work of the morrow, and quietly
chatting together, they were proznessing
with their meal when Pefghtel and his bo y
were shot through the head and instantly
killed. Mrs. Peightal idnit. but
not fatally, and the Villaine—tbri them
were two of tnem—sprang for aluilettet
which happened to be lying conveniently
closet at band, and with that despatched
the wounded woman. •
After perpetrating their blooGy deed the
-villains 'proceeded leisurely to mock
thehouse from top to bottom, securthlfall
Not long after the train arrived at Al
toona he win gratified by the reception of
a telegram announcing that his request
had been complied with, and the parties
placed under arrest. At noon they were
taken to Huntingdon, where they were
recognized by a number of persons as the
men who had been lurking about the
premises of the murdered family. On the
persons of the prisoners was found two
hundred and seventy dollars, put in gold,
and part in greenbacks.
The balance of the money is supposed
to be concealed In the neighborhood of
the murder, where, it l thought, they In
tended to return (or it 11,:ter the excite
ment attendant on the deed bad blown
over. The men are Germans. Tkkeir
Darns are Alfred Bordenbnrg and C4l.:lddb
Bonner, alias Dutch Charley. The lat.ler
was convicted at Huntingdon *bout three
years ago of larceny !LEI served his time
In the penitentiary. Bordenburg has
made a partial confession, but without We
the evidence is sufficiently strong to con
vict them.
Another account says On the arrival
of the prisoners at Huntingdon (Thins
morning) the entire population of the
town was at the depot, and great indigna.
don manifested. There was talk of
"lynch law,” but wisercounsel prevailed.
After being taken to the Jell, Bonner, it
was discovered, had something in his
mouth, and at the same time some one
taking him by the neck, and shaking him,
when he spit :out 97i in gold—he then
stated be ha lswallowed two other pieces.
They confessed they had committed the
murder, and acknowled that they had
secreted several h dollars hi green
backs, gold and silver, tied up in a hand.
kerchief, some place along the railroad,
before taking the train. Bonner was
born la Wurtemburg, Germany, and is
not over fortyyears of age. Bordenburg
was born in Hanover, and Is thirty six
yeara old. Both worked at the Penney
vain. railroad abope,iit Altoona, during
the sammer and fall.
Okla &FOE,
E.Lnin ilroOl4, rosoecttollr lava. novo
whohono PllO3 toga, Valle Irmo other .oa+c<•
So/bold:. tale kje nods of ...moo.
, .
•Il les oksio?vor the body en. co to
the beieltilleiserthe atom' h la that it stag
. ,
Isbusrery is Prepared the boat lam:teal rea•lrsd
to yen,a Saud by the 'steels end deft*
e !sheeted efille die elfesttere epeerittas, that
wg•ilustay le ffratreved to terry Pere of lite
*Mmoall CI. oe .4.lliteettay •12.1 quantity of th
el of W
Allee ' lli tomb the man." it to is
hillmhbeahjfeweetionees 0114.1 beailA mainly
d•pends, sad air OM astril latialtals.y Mopes
title!. with MI hied). the flies of tie one it Lb
eoletti4elfehlesetifd.lhalte/1-beitiS or Me °the ,
'lt liibeettlie nths*rigies &TO/EACH BlT-
Tlalitebteallitheintie doable °Wei Shit It se
Joys a leputsilad ;a pre reutlre bud curative
tieseeHiritalsre ea by soy tardiusesl area.
uretidit:'llat. Ifs bessfietal epees lon apes
thc-iirealr-ot =MCI litoatach IS sot It.
sole I ecotnalls' ' •ft to the moat maps,
bellelell 'of all'lidribt - remedies. It teem,
atreastheaaladmiatiales the disaraliglas is well
ellen,' elaliaeliteltsh ashes: feat'? =eel./ tbe
001e3HA. - promm.tet healtlitlll everwratlon
Woad Ms pen* fOutitit the Inert liver treat
It.. torbor. sail Meadow ttakatooltme and seta-'
fat eaten in nu orbs/. mans/ machlet ry. mu
bit .1 ay nslut is n 4000.44 byway stabetitiosty
&VS. which ate astideolavisbly la Me alit serum
practice. loartasd by Taramissei Oat by thuh
male and egteeeetols efactattle egeale lutermixed
lute a pure and anthem stimulant, shiest dittoes
Wolf /salmon th.retiett tea mice yd reader.
khol , iiiitill.7 property, eft.teli eat/eft ctiel.
mum Prrnievista DON
14 . 4 s mrssursviLl
ato.a b
s c o cmcr i
t ia ; w. an,
prrre tvrann . biggt,
ientz,Tivappur. rale
rt 4, e r ror
iat ,s
0.0, arsA•gti:" ti"teaVn u t
2surt.,mx", gar 4.. T
' 12 . 4. 40 r.c
- -
zniny, Ainnamguyu.oNts.
... tr . p al
W•s• ANcelt.. PazdVA,l;
Irt:D e intir" " u ' uL v te ld ' IvI L 7
parsow desirthisme ir itits Isom. Ilas will Sad
It to their &Outtalks Ira us • WI.
101 1111TH AV1NUN ... 1 ... 61 4 12 4.14 ei
rum • EunuLea.knour
COP. 11th and ram Ste., littOurithe Pa.
T A i, RGE 11111PIWENTS or ALL
111."H';;,1 : 31," I ti t :11:: :; " 1 74H Wi l : 174: "1, "7"°?1 :4 40
Nahum oar tes us to always Imre 00 bisul • and
grtilr yLNlV 4o . 7 . o . l V6llV<TlAtte ° 4l;
WOOD ADD DODDER. b .e.jeieli otd. wind, reeder; desk
to. Par sale, and applied. by •
0017 Siqed SS Street
the money in the house, amounting to
several thousand dollars, which was in
coin and greenbacks.
Securingall the booty they could beside
the money, they deliberately set to work
to cover up their traces: Placing the
bodies side by side, they piled on top of
them all the old clothe,' and bedding
which they could conveniently lay their
hands on. Striking a match, one of the
villains then set fire to the whole. But,
Mang that they would be discovered by
some neighbor, who might by accident
visit the house to see the Peightala, they
made a speedy exit and fled from the
neighborhood. In their haste the tire
was but imdtrfectly lit.. Instead of blaz
ing up anti destroying everything, as
they had fondly hoped, so u to create
the impression in the neighborhood that
the Peightala bad been burned up In their
dwelling by an accidental fire, It smoul
dered on and on until some persons pass.
lag by were attracted by the light and
large volumes of smoke which were
netting from tae home, and ventureci in
and discovered the true state of again
on investigation.
As all bad news dam, this flew on the
wings of the wind, and soon for miles
around every one was acquainted with
the fearful deed of blood, and which, but
for the timely discovery of the flames and
smoke, might never have been discovered
Rumor was quickly at work, and many
Were the surmises as to the cause of the
deed, and, who had committed it, but
suspicion at once rested upon two sinister
looking men who had been seen lurking
In the neighborhood during the day. As
soon as this suspicion gained ground a
messenger was hurriedly despatched to
the depot, and by dint of inquiry soon
'ascertained that two persons answering
the description which he gave bas taken
the night train West. He then tele
graphed to Altoona to intercept the par.
ties on the train, If they had gone that
Oven lb. [las
Mailed Nome.
la tee bead.
leleeasee of
of Ito !lead.
of she Bean and
lentrataa Limbs,
Tan Molyhem
AL'? .1
Nos. 180 and 182 Federal Street.,
Another Lot of thaw Superior
At MO Cents
The But Dim Goodr at the Prier Offend
Thu Beason.
At 2r) Cents,
At 12 1-2 Clent: , ,
At 87 1-Q Cents,
At 51,00
Waterproof Cloth
CA59111 INES, •e..-1e .
Wholesale and Retail
Pos. 180 and 188 Federal Wee.
Woolen Good-
A.ll alms .041 yvalDies WOOL AND MIRING
EJLLI, K. OR ii.rur Plocies
Wholesale Rooms up Stairs.
77 . and 79 KARIM STREET
.Yo. 51 FIFTH a 17?...9-00.,
14, 2, 24, 3, 31, 4 and 3
Suitable tbr Parlors.
Woolen, Linen and Cotton,
Notyltbatandhl. flußedlntlalstued larlf
the. food..
11111111 AND & COLLEY'
71 and 73 Fifth Avenue.
thrlng to tlyi death of the tienka winos, llr.
i ii iii . sururtici.D. Use entire stool of goods
HEOARDlffilii or COOL
he Mock hi. New and Cornidate,
Bilks, Block and Colored,
Alpacas, alleluia Poplins, -
WA Poplin',
Black Cloths, Cloaking',
Brod' Blink,
• Ireld Inewie, ceeelmerse.
And a Puil Line of DomestieGoods, at
M. f '
(Mr 01i ' ""446.4", 21°07,!t•
In P.n... of ea Act of Ae. em blr sat .411411
um lsawelllmrenge Be a e ., du .
ofOotober 14. 1/414. aauwn ..s " id 1 ..
and Bond. bays bees prepared nee gra to.
itor we.
Tito. Baud, .re *IQ& el.momalaatk,
0500 AND 111,000,
and L•a Ke lean to nn . Waring
Interns, ;poy able sentlilanotilly
Itrar's ()Moo. n. faith credit Sittl)ovitutY of
tai atty 4 piodge4 tor Mott rttiattptlon.
Mt dentin, hmeotateol ttN dad Mt a toed
ono:Moony. Apply to •
CLIUU. & T 777
wuoLA bas t
FerelP .
a 0..)
q Dq blooms
-1T4:: - ,'",:::A.nk.'clsi_
lop.r..mff. nwiziow - i ~ J),44:11
Nos. ISO and Federal street,
Striped Woolen
Plaid Woolen shawls,
Falseley Shawls,
Nit t ;htwis
Ladies' and Children's I ed#Twear
Men's Undershirts and Drawers
stockings and Gloves,
Handkerchiefs and Collin,
( loth and Balmoral Skirts,
Hoop Skirts and Corsets.
Ladies' and Children's Ha s,
Ribbons, Plumes and Flowers,
Embroideries and Laces.
Trimmings and Buttons,
Hair Switches, &c ,
Wholesale and Retail
Noe. 180 aed 182 Federal Street,
Fire Insurance Compaq
No. in BROADWAY, N. Y.
CA. I II CAPITAL 111 ... .1 600,000 CIO
SURPLIIa AelltErd.tJuly 1.
/8690 . 1,108.11'30 18
teiAl Cash Aaarta 5Z.85L030 TB
Three-quarters of Lb. Drains en Filvlded.
!my of tact. year to Its .406.
011. of Illtereat at 111 per ~.. P 4
until redeemed In casb. I.llm.quarter I. dlelded
to Ito .teekholder a.
By this system the customers of the Comp.,
obtain their Lassrance Si .boot what
company to protect them. and hurler Ito ere
stomas are thee liable for the loin.
over Liar , !Mies, fletuelranue tad CROY.,
; ==22!
The DlreMon of Me Company a
atill follovrtne dlvidenda
Lit. A semi Anneal east-Alhldmd of
per mat. 'systole le the stockholders fortbsrlth.
XII. ♦ =at dividend for LIM redexop
3d. A a late/tat dlvldend bas been declared
• oz.madly oortp of '64. '63, '66, •61 and •65
Defeat].) In cub September 110th
Mb. A ...Sp .1,14. .of fifty (SO) per CCCL
.2 tamed premium. of oa.wmar.
able forthwith at the mere or the Company, No.
POT Wood street. Baal of Commerce Ihtlldag.
The Compuy In eaten lom by Plea nu
!landings. Merchandise. ►oealthre, Mmtnfecto
rim. I acept of the more perilous lands, lam
Property and other basurable interest. at reason
able rate. of premlum. /or additional Inhuma
tion with reepect to system. plan, rates, ic.
Call on Or address
General Insurance Agent,
Pine Bilk Bows,
Wide Sash Ribbons,
Ladies , Silk Bear's,
Roman Plaid Ribbons
Ladles' Wool Shawls,
Ladles' Wool Vests,
Chlldrens' Knit &tones,
infante Halt Hoods.
Black Silk Fringes.
lull Lane te Colors.
• Complus 1.1••
GULF,' & Ladles' Underweu
Vl mu. alb*
Boulevard Skirts,
Gentle White Shirts,
Paper Cotiara,
Handkereistep, Leas, cPc.,
78 & 80 Market Street.
Not Hi and HI Liberty Sheet
Corner of Irwin, :47 , ol . f u r i t; trod. u' wo
Palms New Crop New Odom Bon*
" °2l l e 'rrialifl e ttill'Ort.
Golden Dp.
/Agate and Loh,
cart° Re. Cab. 3,0,11.. ,
oroa,a Tana.
" mpe
caralJ and klaagaMlh.-
"Irk,Laa*l. =Tot, ' 7V6. at; Cit. 'kn.
cocioalrarr., At, o. h.. •
tatofpxas or
Fine Brandies, Wines and
Mete tad el n
putilag tioelNe
of Matti a_Qt.. battle..
b a .pn l ,34 l 4 ,7ellt b athartberLand
iladedtdiqd CM.
de dd ants, kart:du-0 La tettist
e,_Veril , ..ThAttmr:tatt2,
tut thd norm Nadel". add POrl Wises
711. V4(74:Crelittlrldit,i7l".r.**,
/ •••nt• Ini• Moat • Cbandon's Omni vin.
m y nnal.
aeleet=d Warr•nt•li
Oil 0104 Window Shades,
Ingrain Carpets,
At the Lowest
.Ptiees Eves Ofered.
Delaware Mutual Safety
Philadelphia, Nov. 10, 1869.
rho f flawing ntatement of the affairs
Company Is poblishen In conformity with
TLSIon of Its chute.
I, ne• ru W.:TUB/LK 31, 1369,
Oa lausive sad la-
. .
mod Rlok• —.4943,793 34
Vv Hulks 161.906 96
Promlnn" on P011c00t 1103.10139
dOO Ntregmber 111115111'"'—.
Children's Shawls,
9rmadoms marked off aa ea.pod
;::J . " 68. ' th3 ° ° "
Oa 4.1. and la-
On rd , 99 .4 . 91. .9
111.• 149.999 90
lattr , ai ~,,,,,,,,, v. r i;?/. 06 3.9117 61
113,097 65
Loss.. Sod eippy.„41.176.673 64
yen • nee. A nir the
M. rine and Island
Naelga.lon Lee
_ • s
1418.100 39
Tire Loewe.- ,44• 01
Roman PIVLItIONSB *0 ens 16
Reteentente 41 OTT 114
Aisne) Ceara..
Sent r s tnlted 64,66716
Lateen.. State end
Ma o 03pai Tenet 69.390 64
Zapentes........ 64,03? OS
..member 19 1869.
asoo, .11,4 a pt
eel.. Loan.
....... op,
100,000 United Blet . es per
per cent. Lean,
tnewtol Money 1. 16 ',gip op
50,000 Join d Mama 6 per
cent. Loco, 11161 60_000 00
*OO,OOO Intteafrenarply..
eta 6 par man
Lase 1113.660 00
000,000 City of Chl
EL da .. 6 yor . r . ere z t . .
float tan .... 100.1015 06
100,000 a t. . of New J.,.
ter 6 per Cant.
50.000 109
r n o
95, 000 Pp
II • 5' ly.ola 10.4
r e iv i ezt vr d I:alga/a
53,11.0 IVnteru * re:::7l . •
30,000 tuts of Tr
7,0 0 8t!,r0rr4'......: 10,000
14.1300 re S or:;,: - ..t, v.l. 4.214
Cump..y, 450 .
0.000 No ' nh
B. 0. Cum-
P.Z. 100 tbarna
00 000 l'l7lJadaii.inli and 3,00000
046,900 Lonny on Bond and T.B°°"
Ilene on CityPm t
PYrtlen. 146,900 00
. . Mortar val., 01,3821.370 00
Co.. $L A 18,829 07.
Baal issue
kilil• .ealuble sor losounee•
303.7. 70 Su.'
• doe a . , Boeneres—frt
r * s ' oo Marloe - Poltoirs, Ae-
Tro o ed low rui and other di bit
doe to. enamour.. • ••• • •018,097 OD
aro.. bull, to.. of stiodt7 uer . _
' . 4
9.7 00 20
•.lue ..
Cub • 91811 318 • 8
Cu/1 lo Drawer.... ii7ii 90 .
965.100 04
Piiitabetrui A November 10. 1869.
Tbe Board of Directors base this day declared
the Arita/. STUCK and SIX Prat CENT.
loterem on Um SCRIP of tee Company. NOMA.
on and altar We lei or December proximo. flea
of National mid 01.81. Tat..
They bare also d mice. • SCRIP DI VIDEND
RD PRE/GNUS for thr rem seeing October ER
1569, omtlficam • of 'stitch 0111 be lamed le
Um lawless entitled to the mom, on mad eller the
le of December proximo, ire* of National led
State Taxes.
The, have orJefed, that tbelterlpCortilt.
Cola. •f Prollt• of the Company, los Ma year
*adios Detain, EL MS, ee forloonted m Cub,
at the *face of tee . Company, as and alter toe 141
of December proximo, all Intefest Menem to
come on that day. By • ginivialou of UM
let, W metlflcates of Scrip sot presented
demotion 011110 pre ream anew public imam
test they Intl be redeemed. Wall be forfeited
sad cancelled o. 100 books of tee Company.
No certificate of profit Imuortunder WM. Sy
the *et of lacetporaUon, • 'So onntlkalo
Issue axiom Maine d within two years niter toe
dealt/411os al the dlvidend wheloof It Jo eel.
Thomas C. Hand. Pasocal Z. Bt k
Jona C. Dana. William el. Bolton,
lalmead A. cooler, ldnaid LI rl soma,
remoonesca P.m.las. H. Joom Brook.,
Jamas Traqualr, BO ward Lamm:vie,
Henry Swan, Jacob tilegal.
Henry C. Dadatt, Jr., Jacab B. Jona , .
Jame. C. Eland. James B. McFarlan,
Wlthanii. Led eiM, Joahas g,igyrs.
.Dagg.°Craig. VII. gemple, 81.U.A.-k r
Joon D. Taylor A. B. Berger, ••
... er •••tl r ' ad.. D T Morales. •• ,
' Whiles e. li e . r • uton; • • I
JOHN C. DAVIS Voe Redden
EXBIEY BALL. A...unatit a.r.retary.
Branch Office, 68 Fourth Avenue
P.lS:q.2 A. MADE/RA, Agent.
T at la ao Wall sad masa osisidad dead. elerd
Jut received try direct thaparbiloa from Irmig.
3 : 1- 1=1XTC3-CAMT19
Of IltsLtier. styles In 4q• !I danUti
art Y 8 Fifth Avenue.
AIM & 11209 ER,
MUM noun azsOClarzoli EtnI.DMIO.
Wadi and *Or. cnatr even. Pituetrh, Pa.
lipictil sUesitas att. to tho dertmag
Vialdtag of COMM UM= eel I UnLi 0
S. Si. KEES & Ca,
ad Medusa&
Itaxiturtarects t t
411111iNimmar. smorroz. VFW ft,
offleoliai Wanboase. 302 iIItEETY SWUM
/PAU maws ormarnlT &Waded to.
zarrinzi TAKE NOTICIL —Spics! Moped
s, slasher Drted a ors. Hosaley. 10W/se,
Were Cora. Pea* sad Asparagus. heath Peas
end Hastansoass. leash Peaches. Peen, Peas Ap
ple. theawbe , rles. ie. Ila•thrs Penh Oysters.
ealessiseel Beebe. reale. lances. Ite for ale
at Me Panty drocese Non of
Kole Corner Liberty sad Muth streeta
For Entirely New
13 .11. .E. S Igl
Z. W. 31ELAximr„
right hereby expressly reserved to hire, ros
trum will bet haired into as sem thereafter se
practicable. with be tumoral bidder when
Locks sha:l be adapted, for famishing shatter
Looks and Kaye for four years, as they may ha
required oat ordesett. If instosity' agreed to
le writing by the eastracter sad ros.aster Clem
ent, far the time being. sot fees than eta months
before it. expiratiOn. the contract may be at-
tended and coattneed ft a • , dlllOll4l team
of four years. Bat ond after the texpiratave
of either term or tits Co.r tract, or en and after
its rightibl anatedment at nay time, the Postmas
ter General Mali have the right to contract with
or ropey my other party to famish the same.
tr &ay other kind of Locks an 1 Keys; aid If he
• so la 'Unroof!
16 Sotto 6 per
Ito ate, C Peons, l
ola It. E.
, . •
she) d - a m proper to demand and raealre from
the late or dalselt`ng contractor all trierhad
or natolahad Kays and th. Intel cat parts of I' •
Leeks contraeted for, and all Otte gander and
tlesl(na, which mania otters to maks as
forse LoCkl sad Keys) to the pC.411101131011 al
seett contractor. who, after thair sunned., Pa
1 . Department shall hi paid for the some, as
loch price as may he aseertalsed by tale apt
14.000 00
Th. contractor mast sues and to Ibis to hat
If sonnued and ordered, 90,000 Brass
Locks and 3.090 Braes Keys erttlilz throstsonths
Rom the Ilms of •ntertsix Into wetness. and
110. 000 Lon Locks ad 00.000 Iron K.. .1 0.
In ten monall Lots such Use. Bat Um Post
master O. .era. • Ulmer. the right to taco....
or diminish. as the mutts or tsteresta of the
rice may dems.d, the quatuttlea of llte Lochs
Ind K. ys above spectded, wlth • proportlonnte
ellownace of time to Ihralshlhem.
AL the Leeks f+relreted.bytheeoatTeater _sea
M watrented to keep la rood warbles enter ter
two Tears in the oo:filmy .0 Of UN Bel" 400.
one not subj.:Ltd to obilon 'Wenn; net
beans. dentine oltbln teat Om tote enplane
with perfect Looks without nano ♦ll Use
Limn furnished nod. contract to, to 0., encl.
dlstloctly marked • •13. B. 1(.1,•• In slater Vela
or ie td letters, and au W. Keys an to be nuye.
bend u tee natural ord.: net Kay baring Its
appropriate neater distinctly .tamped nano.
stde of the too and "0.5. Blair'. tea oppoalle
The costrbetor will be reqntred to delver 1116
Locks at his expesse at the Pasco/lies Depart.
meat; Witalunimm D. C.. put upon sticks.farni
lad sapara'a hattellee of Ave Locks each. sad...
cutely parked m *bode. boxes .stalnlad ant
cus than two kultrtnd Locks e tett The Key,
ate le be delivered tout asset*: the Departs .at
duly and specially aotkorised la each ease, to
take cherge of and convey the sante Iron the
caulks:UV@ manufactory to Cho Department,
where bath Locks and ILoye aro to be impeach
and approved betog they .hall be paid iktr.
The contractor will be required to Alm head
with ample security in the awn of rift Thome
and Dol ars. to he forfeited to Qs Ohltstlittatiel
ilooldated damages, in to.. of his felinesa
faithfully tot form the contract, either sa to hr.
choking lb. supplies pederast within a RUemale
elm. or La to gaarding,ths manufacture of Idie
Kali Locks and Keys with due privacy. introit,
and cars.
Po proposal will thereto. be nor. oted If
accompsoled with a bok.l of the Pee. Mu of
Twenty Thousand Dollar., duty eXecated try
pro posed gazettes, Mhose responslbillty must
caroled by . Jodie of • Coon of Rowed namey
to their place of residence, attested by Usts
Clerk of such Coors under tba real thereof,) sal
conditioned f.r their i ecommg responsible .
of the coaten. , pro
...pied: The man •fac are ef Mall. Looks sad'
- re g . t, of necrulty, a highly lumßlaist nod
dellmte truss, which the Department will ma.
ado to no bidder whose Proposals are not nos
with tasUrnonlals of good Mame-
_sled.. on Me Prposa. and .me
lb. Genera map deem Gimped..
B. Look of one Iblddaz and Oho
Iron Lock of mother. He. tbrref.ffr, menet
the Mehl of contract., with different 10011.1d
tale 1 . 1 Cook dlderant shads of Loa.. bona,
B rolerwal• ...led be carefully sealed and all
drersed .
to th e
melone ...Second .
. Asst.. Postman.
Bea. re... o
posals for Bell Leek.., n ire earclopo .. per nollwata
till -1
Nanobetarere .4 Dealers la BOOM IMQI3I
AND NAMLIbb, No. 38 Market stroeb .Pltto.
Partleular latent., eyes to Chem. Wo.•
We beg ea
. to etre. the attesilos of the
beetle to tho Ifet that be aro sow prepared to
Itztmaaafactore Boobs .0 Boom tor- pan.
,z i ble4 Irph Contj, Boolow delormett At
ristitte personv: 7411 ..., 12 or Ol. oar lfra b.t.
p rni, p,A...- -f -bi.,
atl e ope. Yr. Japery& umeto olltaatulalt tri
foo4 by o IrliCilf he saf e . morteati. eeor
...atole Y„e~. .Jetto. far lye 1... -
-est feet. hi,. . a trial bd. be eoevieeeet.
ALPERT • hOtlf.Eft,
ass= 39 litarket street Patabrgh.Pa
_ __________
ricerrinEs TO TREAT ALL
N..../. „ Prt.t .
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conelpietelated; Speonteto nett gus—Wigmb.
nal Weatiera se. Impotency, remelting Am
elf -abase or other Curse., and which proolloor
some of the Wenn. edeete. a bier.... b.dlll
wesaneula. Indinwon, ocumumptlos ...aloe to
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thd artal — i7gra4l a
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render margmoe unwalutamery, aad therefore
impruden t il
ed wi t...a perm..., eared. Peraoluee.
girth tlemem any other de/l m tatrinte
or long math. conelvetal V.v.
WM. Mabee:tor a Walt he n ever
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oot * Vrtzlna " b '1 1 :1 *".
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..t I ebtf-e=hat • pie 1•110 max.
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.erMie might dam
of On.. cad treats ....... of
~ Mem every
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than omelet mewed prectlee.
It,,nThe Doctor Milano. aletedleel Doopilet of
Do...that rem A tall eagew Mon of 'emceed
Igo -,,,. d1.......ttb at CM 1 421,4 ps• stadia
ow by mall fin two etamto, to
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gem mates. that.= -.......tea to the at.
elmed. and analog,. them to datertulno the pm
ee Ware of tbetr ecenotahma.
Tee; rantooneeet . emaretu tea ample
It not comma.= be
1 M"te . t e n, el • tinnitura.' OPlalowa . be ob.
mo ma be thevamted by men of ex.
prem. In ow. Instaneee. however • a pe.ramod
eilladiatlon I. ablate tely_neessaary, wuue ta
others flellypenortm attentrea la _
eat lord, sad
bar lb amononettellon c I such metle then am
was connected wlth the M oe that are .
neeLutres thaa le
rdr. k .tll=ptloaa are r th'"l reneree lu " C
IdooloVe own laboratory.,,,h, hi.„ ---- ... - ...
perVi.l.l2. Mellott Plealbbletest o. leas. - -,r
reeof null for Om Mame. Ale aalatar who have
d. . 4 .. at he .7.. mean vA.K. to Br, at.
4.4 , 4 . 11 . :. , to c tT i ig 0* .7.. go. 9 9 / 1 1,111
...a. 91 9.•91•9.. •
and Fashionable
7, I4:::= I . I AMMTA.
SKALKD rsoroskr..s for furnishing blab
Locks and Keys of new tied., to ka rabstit Meet
for the Larks and Keys vow used on the United
MMra malls. will he received at this Deps. , -
meat antil 9 oSti: el A. 0., the id day of [B
ID &IST, INTO. It la desirabl• to obtain 1. octet
and Keys of • me- mostrection for lb* exclasi••
limo( the Welted (Pales mat 1.. an d. I f awe tic able.
lactated • a. prewsly /or that put - pow. As the • t
po-ore of a model Leek and Key to DOM , et.. -
.anon • *old trope.. If ens tstoy. Its at lily
for the malts. the Department prescribes Co
unetel lee bidden, but robes for Ite selection on
the speeing at of mcchaaical mdengeon 17
which a fair rompetltion amen( ..... ora. here•
by invited, may deeelop. II IS etifftdeal t• d•-
set Me the principal requisites or a Mall L00k...
tout..: PaitLeckial •airmm . 7. ...rite,
lightens, strength, durability. aoretty or r y a ..
strattion and the Illy of am. Tee kinds of
Leak. ant Kays. one of brass and tat other of
Iron. different le et to riot form and In rotor
- onstraction or a:Magri:pent, are retialred: sad
Proposals aboald .peel() separately the prim of
each Ora, Luck, each boy for the mots. melt
Iron Loot and eaeh Key Ibr same. Dwyd rata
worded of each kind of Leas and Keys pre-
Demd, ate required to be eubmltted with IM
Proposal., one of each sample Lock to e Cleat
•l up and Asishod, Lad soother to L. Open or
rorleeted, so that Its Internal 'vectors at I ar
angement may easily m examined. /eery
uremia should be plainly marked with the bid.
der)s name. tad. Lf the mine or aay part of It
he iaeered by • pateat, the date of ern ht..•t
and the name of the patentee mast he also al,
tichod thereto.
.tb. nr •rra.resaest of the L , eke
otered. sod the poetical.. shape of the Key is
itti•lto to open them. most not he lite any now
og here:tot: r: la nee.
'They must be warranted tot to lafrloge.isPee
eowiliwt "'lth any Patented ineentloa of which
tits bidder is tot the ;mei:met. rretrrrnee all
oe glean to • Loot, the Aar of woleh ha Set •
been exposed to mimeo! Dbl. es adore or Ima
publicly ducribrd, ttlaclosi 4 or au(gest ed.
A denialna on the •arlons specimens and Pans
nasals will as maim en or before the ad .I.y 41
!LARCH. 1919; and uolme reettemetor
Oral than deem It to be for the tutarmts of the
Demnatent to re)ret • I the PPOPOIMiIt •12 d
mess subaUtted wader tale adverilminest, la
- JOlll •.11/41; C.l[l:6l:r.
GI- Co U I) S,
' •