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..' l ailice,B44titi4i se Imps 4408110.
JOSUE 111 0,
N. Y• NE D.
arfian, .... .
D3llvered by carte.. Pr."k
, Adjourned Meeting of the
, Gen6iattidOs.
' l lffifiatmous Vote
for Reunion by the New
School Presbyterians.
Report on the Subjeot .01
Meeting of hint Committee
Pursuant co action taken at New York
In May last, the General Aiatunblier of
the Old and New saioot Preityyterisai
Churches convened In this city on Wed
sesday, for the purpose, mainly, of find.
log and declaring the Telt of the vote
on the Basis rettidite overtaxed to the
Presbyteries of the respective bodies(
and, Ground to have been maw" ley.
trie.thirds thereof, to like Melon accord
ingly, by arranging for the meeting of
She General Assembly of the United
Church,iu May ortloWS year.
- Mireve In full be mix:o44lElgs of each
inint Ointinititeti j et the Reformed
andtfatteil Presbyterian Churches also
sasenabled and considered.
,a teas for
the °MIMIC intim of than bodies Vie
proceedings of this Committee we also
rinesairt in (satin:
" &boot Allembly conviliAr
according to "adjoircireeut, in the Firm
kreacrteran March, Wood attest, Off.
S. P. Eicovel's,l yesterday morning.. At
the appointed boar the aniline= was
"- - FlUlatt .t.hp ixpinucumays. nearly
eiiiiiPreabytery being repreetaited with,
atoll Board. labile the galleries litre
osowdlid with an array, of speinntora. ta
mes and gentlemen, who seemed to man-
Ifteit great iiitsiest in the proceedings.
The Assembly was Galled to order at
laettin Gale& b the Rev. M. W. Jam.
• . . bits. Moderator, who mime the eam.
..141. 4 with igil# 7 .
Calling the roll was then &miaowed in
aist. l
• \SOICSLOT ,iellar leg C. Drake, of idle.
souri, objected to the oalling of the
waste4,o34thle lime.. The
.„, assembly bad not mooterd, to waste in
Mich naelMagsooewirMlL It 'he net atm
toinary other legislative bodies to all
us toll on similar amnions, and he
thought it mead easily be dispensed'
with. Pia thereibrir moved that the call.
lug of the roll be clispmt with. •
The,motkm wasted gal
Dr. placatrood, cif , Philadtdpala. called
tbs,irttention of the Aasembly totimatter
whiclt,he thought Wu now Armin older.
It 'ins known that the eanarable
Dr. Spring. , of New York. tied been ap
pasted one of the Coromboionsreirom
'Odd pine, bat awing to Diadem= he
unable to goad. Hls Prtabiterir
~. .liad.appointed •an annum. whom it
would he, the duty of the Amierotty to
ficeept, base becould take slut 'Moog
them, and thus tontillete the repiliew
Wort from that Piestytery.
The Chairman itataithst Os Manna
tie on 07261:CdWaRil would Nitwit loth
such, nutters.
The. roll ma than mired over by.Pd
by the Bectelary, Dr. Pagers,
• New. Jamey.
introlleitAn inlartein.
..,The Zdoderator stated that soonding
• - •
tohlistont *half hoar.would be spent In
Witte:Wry, of Vermont. Mir*
: ta4thattie AMMO], rhis and sing the
- IPlig Metre Dozologyt
pis iraai '
wW allbtr,deu sow.
.I . 2:l. l. ftt:Terztrea
~korintOr3ained in singing- .2,4lk: a t
4 . spirit tim4asiginstel Miering at
Ti m .Mo4lo,,,Ltu theNreaa a Scripture
whird&Warlhdicsied with pray.
.• srby, Um Bar. Dr ratterbitly.
The Ameostar mita emu the Beth
company:lnm .
" ET:iiittscintsbarni_BlPaskolfr
ci z ri a l r e ="4l rtriAlT rir ror.
idfiehregt bi die V SlGented toe MA
Psalm. canimencinip
be. 2.o tat sad her row Mak.,
progiuseo boar. .
• The Be?. Dr. IlLsoirsiood, of:OV' Jar.
way, fol io wad with arynionsidplaitio,n
to tits throniaCillies. wbtch coneloded
the devotional exercises.
AWILISSI6Ir oY A.1191:11121,1TIM •
Rr, Schenck, of New Jersey. now pre•
vented. hi order, ths report of the Com.
intlPetion.Connenisslons, stating that the
,ieneurdesions of renumber of alternates
for principals at the Isar meeting bad I
been reosivedibot as the matter was one
of great Importance, the committee
offered no opinion.
.• Elder Day, of New York, maid he hada
resolntioapresented from the Clark of
she Osier Assembly, meetitig In the
Cdr Presbyterian Church:, That body
desired tom:Yin accordazum and in OW
/On with the Numbly of tie Old School
to referenee to the admission of new
members. The resolution was reset, It,
. ,
T.Worritlfgl r0n 421 1 1 niNtehlthlabr afurnee#
-odttes, pf three from eselrbiely, to act In
conjunction, upon all qualms arliduir
teem Propo s e d chantellkbY enteditution
1 . o r o tio,ruise, in the membershlpotthess
• bodies at thlasembn.
BEV. Dr., klln 2 Pave llionitht it would
be better for each Assetindf to addle
so wt, metters. far themselves. This was
not a GOV Assembly,' and no alternates
omo t hoio sluing in the last Amsealgy
Could beadinitted Without inertinipg iM
- ' *
''''_ 4 _': - • t • I
Alt l ' 4/ -
~ ittik.
1 1 ,7 -- --- : -4-1 '• -': • (', r k Zyt •. t
4 , . I ,
gal wag also an adhurned
meetin : o an old body. He thought It
better . telly the alternates, reported
by ,the • ttee os sitting In she late
Assembly should be received.ruel thank
Area me ed.
A • oner said he was In ay m.
pithy wit the idea of Dr. Musgrave,
but was a d that It might lead to mm.
oilcan° •
Dr. !Ina I wild, trefbedibeien can
tioned In. matter-16m* striclly In •
,to be=tstierially guarded,
TM • •••• musa.tint be changed, as
It inch *mild be by the Mods.
atm of new Commissioners or alternates.
elected only Itte'• ihh tap lelaion. This
wee what heedmed at firthettsiter. If
they M aced, then the Stew School As
sembly Medd doubtless 'ootices, spore
elatitig the idttlillen.
Some thither remarks were made in
111Dearess to the matter atter which the
motto% allowing alternates to take the
place of absent principals, and prtn
climb to take the place of absent alter
nated, vraitmanimoturly carried.
The object of the motion was to admit
aerie by the , imittoXlbly. bill ;tote chosen
before the meeting at New York.
Elder Day wia4W.tuctedtureportithis
*dim laths othei dumbly, exphile to •
them the position assumed, and extend
fraternal greeting and courtesy.
Dr. Schenck then teed over the list of
alternates who Were admitted as 11113M
bertat the Affeembly%
blmarace offered a resolution that
elltnetteca requiring • eoncrorrent 'action
of the two Assemblies be referred to the
Committee of Conference, for reporting
to the Assembly. Adopted.
Senator Charles-C. Drake, or hilasomi,
old the Cohimittes appointed to tweed.
gate matters connected with the North.
western TbeoblicaltliamiNt the:ago
*Mei reedy td ropbrt. eldred to
kDOW when it eacnald be led. •
Dr. Ball stated the Committee, on the
Danville Seminary were also ready to
• Dr. Muagrave moved that Ms be made
the first order of the day for the after.
twos weetdom itommeneing at three
WSW Make Asked What , time the
Asunibly wished to meet In the after.
The Eleotetary read the minutes of the
preceding meeting of the Assembly,
showing that It held daily sesialone from
nine to one and a half A. M., and two and
a half to live P.M.
Senator Drake Wasted that he could
read his report in a short time and before
hinagrave withdrew his motion
and the paper was read, u follows :
The Select Comudirso, to whom wore
sported the majority sand minority or
porta of the Assembly% Committee on
11111010niCii Seminaries to regard to the
Theological Seminary of the Northwest
at Chicago, with instraetions to “con
eider all the matters therein set forth, and
investigate the same. and ell other mat
ters of controvomy in regard to waldfleto-
IrArl. and report upon the same at the
adionmed Mil= of this Genteral - Awmar
My in November," have performed the
duty of investigation • devolved upon
•them, and be leave to subm
General tr the following it to the
On the Pith of Sepieniter last the
Chairman of the Committee gave public
oaks In the Presbytaith of Philadel
phia that th e Committee would "meet at
the Tremont ROOM, In Chicago, on Mon
day, October 25th. 1869, at lo e. a., when
and where all parties would be heard,"
and a request was subjoined to this no
tice for lea publication by the Presbyter.
=a /Mame, and Waster. Pres
blob request was understood
to have been cordpiled with by those pa.
In pursuance of this notice the Com.
Minas convened at the time. and place
designated, all the members being pros
sot, and proceeded with the investiga
tion, nine days being occupied therewith,
and all parties woreened being fully
After having hoard all the evidence to
theme% t.4mmttee tieter mined Um
be their duty to make an effort to swore
amicable adjustment of tbe difficulty.
They therefore ' appointed two of their
number, (Dralluagrave and Backus,)
to undertake this delicate) duty. The
efforts, lee are hale)y to nay, proved mr).
ass.dul by the great mercy of oar Lord.
and the following are the terms of this
sdjuatment, accepted by all parties, the
original copy of which, Signed by a rep.
resentaUve of each party be the presence
and with the concurrence of all, Is here
with submitted to the Assembly
'lts parties to the controversy in re
mud to the Presbyterian Theological
Seminary of the Northwest, have agreed
to this amicable adjustment, vie
I. -That thy-lianas shall be by-gollas.'
no further tentroveraY resprieting past
Lamm to be indulged In , and all ahall
comordpiall y
of t unitehe Institu tio n
In promote the
the held
of usefulness now shine to width w
greatly before IL
9. That one
the nan, Dr. Lord
shell retain on
the chair o f Theology
to which he has been assigned Eby
the General Amembly, and that on the
caber hand, toe General Assembly will
order the release of Mr. eloCormialefroto
the fourth instalment of his bond, and
that the instalments of the endowment
already pai d stall be regarded as a WM.
tient of entire obligation.
ft. Th th three Trustees last elected
shall resi at gn e ,
and their places Obeli by
supplied by others not unser:m*oh , to
either . ;arty.
That hereafter all the Meads and
patrons of the Gamine , / . have a
proper shore In the management of the
Institution, and - ss der as practicable, 1
tbs Synods lerly connected thrill
duly milWelostedll bedpgiinderstood
that lbw friends of the Seminar" who
have not yet contributed towards Its en
downs:at aball masepromptand earnest
efforts to raise for It the inns of at beat
twenty.five thousand dollars, (125, 000 ).
Signed on behalf of the parties we re.
spemively represent, on this third day of
Sovember, A. D., 1855..
(ginseng D. C. !lissome,
In presenting this. gratitring result to
' the Assembly. with acknovrjedg.
manta to the Divine .Once ortdob. , 6o
given it to us, the Committee deem it to
be inounibout upon them tosocompany
It with-the fallowing explanations and
„Doan considering the reports referred
tot/min. the Comeultue perceived that
-the matters of controversy lo rwarg to
the Seminary were llegeir. if not wholly,
=mooted lb the donation of an hun
dred thoussnd dollars tendered by
Cyrut fl. McCormick. Tali of
thre e.
to the General. Assembly of IBA three.
tbtutheof width sum Mr. MoOgrmick
has raid, but the remainder of which he
dacibligito pay, for reasonspay, assigned by,
him its anflicient 1p hisJOdgment to
lily hie sorbing. • Me ifothrootek being
thus Trouilnently identified with the
In questlcra. the Coinmito ee
-4=ll proper, outset, to give
bins an onarrtund to lay before them a
statement of his of the - awe. He
riouseqttently laid before the Committee
ppaniWas which be bid caused to be
rUted and published wereeMorittui ago,
iseontainhis hie statement of the Semi
harp hifliculdee, so far asthma he deem•
oft it edVisatde.eo make ittop.semerving
IgelVir44ll:—_:_xtudgioll'lurfdter stato
r:way moron was assented to by the
Committee. A copy of that pam phl et la
-among th e 63ocueentsaccompany get&
no majority of the Baird of Directors
were represented by three ot thelr nom.
WA Mr E. Bps:abed and .1 ob xi Wood.
hriaP,-Thlqs., and Rev. B. G . Vhowp.
Wu, and tne.minority by Revs.
M rs,
and D. X. :mai% D.P., and
Henry E. hillier, Ew.
In opening the woe on the pattthe
solootuy, Mr. Marquis wanted jive
tiontsdningtheir NOW
the majority and against Dr. lord, and
the Widenu on both aides mainly refer
red tb those allegitions.
An examination ,Of Mr. AthOciimick'e
pamphlet and of Ibis paper of flip.
polity will at once Weeks's hose WV W
portion of the controversies, In runner.
don with the Itenboary: =shrug of
charges affecting Dr. Lord, is he stand,
in • peculiar redadoefto the General As.
sombly and the Preabytegian Church,
being their appointed teacher of TheOlOi .
trithis geoninary,_and as Weigh:alba
Theilitchurch Orion, .001101Mred in
hie character and standing, and as op to
the time Wien these charges Muispired
he was believed to be withont reproach
as a minister and as a man, and as ej,
Professor:the committee deem 11 to be
incumbent on them to say In explaistiOn
of the adjestment relative to .this point
that Dr. Lordtially's character Ms not
essen affected y b7 an testiony ad.
duped them. Oil the ortit m rart,
became (MOO th at hi bee so ibr the
confidence and affectionate moods of
the tare Dethed.the friends Of tb
W e Sem
ary noYthwest as to treader It
proper to act In respect to him u sug
gested by the adjustment.
whne.itromentai with a large portion
of the Church. we cannot but regret the
unhappy asperities which Gave charac
terised this controversy,we ballet° there
will be a general and devout thankful
heas • the annOnneement that '•by
gOaellarei to be by gams," and that "no
farther controversy, rouPbeting pus
banes, ta to be Indulged to," and that
are to unite cordially In etrotts to
. . . . . . _ .
proMoto the prosperity of it ' In
stitution. Muth of the evf re
vetted have donbtlees been o to
misunderstandings, aggravated mos
of fearful excitement , and som e of
them (we fear) must be charged 14 that
"bitterness and wrath, and anger, and
clamor, and evil speaking," which the
Apostle exhorts against, and whi our
brethrellleave resolved to "put a ,"
with the' Christian purpose (we pe
and will believe) of being "kind o e tel
another, tender hearted, forgiving one
another, even d n God for Christ's e
bath forgiven" us.
In rryncie „to the 2d article of the
attuttm mt in It relation to Mr. MoCcrr-
mick'e endowment, the Committee re
call to mind that, when to 1859 he made
hte ninniticent offer to the Chocls, It 1
historically true that he and the great
majority of that Assembly were agreed
as to the Impropriety of agitating the
Slavery question In the judicaare of
the Church, and that Dr. Rios then
election to the chair of Thee (Sc.
cording to- the_ known wishes pi Mr.
McCormick, did Deem to Authorize him
tcrexpect, ma • result of his endowment,
that those viewa would prevail' In the
teachings of the Seminary. Indeed we
are justified in believing that had ,it been
indicated that, the opposite, viewa worad
prevail In tlined teachings; Kr. DROOor•
mink would probably not hate con
sented to the endowment. Crpoi these
hypottages the (bromides concede
that there was In the' acceptance
of Mr. McCormick's otter, by the
General Assembly, stscet ond4standing
on that subject to that effect, which to
Christian tionorabould be as binding on
both Berries as If expreUed In 'formal
arms. •
tied the condition of Mingo continued
in the church end the country, which
existed when Mr. McCormick made end
the Assembly ticeepted hie offer, he
might justly complain of breach of faith
on the part of the church, If through the
enbinstment election of Profesaore In the
Seminary it departed from the under
standing which both he and the Assem
bly bad when the corps of Profeseors
was elected in leM, causing thanstiy the
prevalence in the Seminary of opposite
views to those which it was then the no.
. .
demanding of both parties should pre
vail therein. Had that oondition of things
so continued, the committee are Im
pressed with the conviction that there
would have been up to thte time Probe'
bly no change In the - attitude of the
General Assembly on this subject, and
therefore no occasion for complaint on
-Mr. Mothwtnick's part. But sines 1869
a twinge hae come over the chum-hard
the country In these respects, a grist:
and wonderful change, loch sa Doman'"
in the North, and perhaps few In the'
South, had any premonition of then, and
which, hardly leas In the thumb than In
the state, has revolutionised lasillutlons
and opinions. It is necessary to Inquire
what effect that change has had upon the
relations of Mr. tdoCormick and, the
General Assembly to each other in'ton
nection with the Seminary.
So far as the legal obligation of his
bond is concerned, the Committee, with
the light before them, see nothing in
any occurrences slum the execution of
the bond, which cur - operate as a dis
charge from its binding force In the eye
of the law. .The offer of endowment
was made upon certain conditions, which
the bond declares to have been compiled
with bhe General Assembly; and it Is
not In Mr. McCormick's power to 'Dram
date the bond lu law, because °fumy sup
posed change In the attitude of tie A.
membly In reference to matters outside
of the bond Itself.
Bat we do not feel ourselves, as Chris.
glen men, at liberty to Itch only at the
Ipf the. etas ate .
2,ifir upsets
cannot afford to disregard. Cottle what
may, thermic immolate= beloved Church
must be without a breath of tarnish.
real or supposed. and we must he right
In strict conscience, as well as in strict
law. We cannot shut our eyes to the
fact that the attitude of the Church now
is not what It was to IBM, on thesubject
referred to. We most reentrere in the
events of the past nine years a Divine
Providence which bail materially modl
Ilea the pos ition and dal:sof the Church
upon these questions, and it Is a pleas•
mew notable may that Mr. McCormick
preemies to' recognise and acquksee In
this chanxed aspect of affairs.
That Mr. aloCormick should have
desired, and in virtutiofbisendorsemant
felt himself entitled to, mach Influence
in the affairs of the Institution, we sup
passe to be natural, If not commendable.
Tina it was equally ior the Directors and
Trustees of the Seminary, and even for
the Osmral Assembly, to nand to him
atrium mestere' of 'infbience than to
one not standing In his relation to it, we
do not hesitate to admit. Nay, we go
further, and say that upon every ground
mob greater measure of influence ithotild
have been yielded to him: But only up
to a certain pent. It never Wed be
allowed to mums the character of con.
trot. The Church never can, never will
abdicate its right to determine all goer
la Its and
Mat from its meetallrespo L rudbilities involv
ed ord.
We understand Mr. McCormick. In his
Ihterview with our extbdorpnaittee, so to
emtisio Um-Walt= ess WI in hls
pimphlet. (welch b e y
some to
have teen
differently interpreted,) that be asks of
the libnich no laminae In Seminar)
attain Mee/lance with the duties and
righter of the Assembly. A courteous
consideration for his preferences all
would Octruladly yield ea his Mae, and
We folly accord to him dud; so
fares ire could ascertain from the testi.
Loony, aside from the claims in his pam
phlol alipded to, which be explains to be
only a 'lairs for the fulfillment of the
tacit understanding of IMO, bs. has net-
titer endeavored nor desired more than
such “courteous conaiderazion."
And inasmuch as the Assembly of
ledrwas Induced to winger Dr. lard to
the pbtlrot TbselW.etplext the mown
Idabel, of uz, AMp CCcc while It can
not be oatmeal this ba Mar prevent
what the Assembly moms* to oft proper
andewittillent,..lPre ortaribelau con.
code that it wili be honorable and right
bribe Asseronly to accept and order the
modification of kir. McCormick's oblige
lions suggested by the adicuittunet, roe;
ogulaing injustice and gratitude that the
endoertnedit en glen Will hive been
niumilicentN ev na that the other Roc:
of the inatitution. eresPectinelY It 0,
Is greatly, U nos entirety, the effect of
reg aid to tbethird article of the se-
Josiineut the Committee beg leave to my
that It is only right to have it under
staid, Of the trustees displaced ,by the
late changes In that Solid, that nothing
appeared In evidence eV all to Inculpate
their 605111 y or their 'oooipeteneel led
on the oceitrary it was 'misted by all
partite before the Committee, that no
gentleniell in Chicago hold a higher Pe ,
sttlott. GI integrity Avid avelbnce of
obriatists charmer. testify that
it is highly honorable and worthy of the
respect of the church; that for the slaked
this amiable adjustment the threit /WO
slectsd trinities Mite coneented tondo.
explis or the fourth and bat
article of the adjustment. we ask the
liberty to ,In the first se°,
greater to be- say desired teat tb . General
trty bi rtt ga i t f Dirl' i c r tor Pe gf l sal
our Seminaries as to secure•
• proper 10.
tercet and neoparation from all mho"
ought to be concerned In them, and that
in the selection of .offlcers Of-Its lentil'.
Monett should avoid any statidnion snob
- as erne have entertained 111•Cennectkin
with the again of this Seminary. of , Ms.
ingindoenced by political preferenssekur
'by soy tests abet thsh those recognised
In the Oonatitntion of the chino; and
lo the seeon4Place. we ley that Inasmuch
Y the COUrse of Manta bee brotutht Into
the circle of the friends of this Seminary
toipewbo, ender its oil/deal erriteins•
totelekehtlee to he leit Dot. It Is (*dainty
the Privilege and duty of these .fneW
Glenda" tomognlrothsirreimsdbillty ,
MS NOR itCriftherge thdlr Weer!
ably In regard tO its notranlsrg mints, or
relinnulth to those AO Win ale difeCOOn
Or us agalks, subject to the ryas and set.
thxt MOW au tea ainerat -
that at
Will be graed to know
that at the came of our, negrothuhnis the
adjustment appeared to., be -cordially
Concurred; in by all- present, lb* eldest
member of the Committee, sae: a feW '
words of fraternal counsel to the ' , puttee
the hurled contemn', led ail in
revareuitthanksggvingano prsyst i ts
%troop of arms, sea Ins fervent. otar
_ .
buret we ung the Doxology, and loving,
ly, hopefully coacluded our work.
All of which le respeetfully sub:ratted.
0. D. DRAKE. Chalrman.
J. Tnunent... Banana,
McD. McCoan,
• After the reading of *the report, Sena
tor Drake offered a resolution that the
Board of Trustees of the Waltzer be In
structed to sign a bond releasing Cyrus
H. McCormick, Esq.. f om myment of
125.000, being hie part of the endow
ment of the 11141D:de.
Rev. Mr. Plumley objected to the sen
tence in the report, retorting to Pat
mulles sod bitterness, and th It
should be eliminated. He cordially sp•
proved the remainder but moved to
strike this sentence wit. ,
The report and resolution were then
unanimously adopted.
00 motion, the report of the Canimit.
tee du the Danville Seminary was made
the order , of the day for the afternoon
The cue of the Rev. Mr. Taylor, a
"Conunisahmeer of the Mat Assembly, was
referred, by request, to the Committee
on Elections, an alternate having bean
appointed In his stead by reason of the
Improbability of his being able Wetland.
Adjourned MIN o'clock.
Alumna)ly was again called to order at
two sod a half o'clock, and opened with
prayer by the Rev. Mr. Bear, of New
I =3
Dr. Skinner, of New Jersey, from the
Committee on Election; reported a tut
The Uomtaittee
Meats to the Assembly.
. _
alao reported an application hom a Prot
bytery in Colorado, but offered no ear
geetlona In the matter, as that =Morbid
been previously settled.
The report eras accepted and Ate&
The Rev. Dr. Rodgers oreseritad the
tbllowing oommunlcetlon:
PaILADELPHIk, Nov. 9a,'1969.
Rey. M. W. Jacobus. D. D , Moderator of
Gesertd Assastbie.
Bass SITU At • meeting of the Board
of Trustee' of the General. Assembly of
the Presbyterian Church In the United
Slats of America, held on the 24 anat.,
they directed the Swordlag Secretary to
ecumunnicate to the atilgartext meeting
of the Cieneral Assenthiy. to be. held at
Pittabargh, Pa., Novetiiber 10th. the tact
dug there are tow seven vacancies in
MU Board which muss be filled by the
Assembly , whilst holding its sessionln
the State of Pennsy/vanda.
U. Via( Gin.nent,
Recording Secretary.
The Reverned gentleman, after reading
the papa...stated that ea these yeomen,.
mull be Oiled on Pennsylvania geouncl.
and that as this wa. the only meeting
preceding the meeting of the General
AfireMlely to Paladatphis, U would be
to pe:Keed at once to an elec.
the TIMILDCIO. designated. He.
theretbre. moved that this buslasea be
. .
taken up and that nomination■ be de.
Oared In order.
Dr. Bear moved se an amendment
hat a oommlttee of three be appointed
by the Moderator to nominate mutable
persona to till the vanaceles, the oommlt
tee to report the same am the order of the
day thn moiling at ten o'clock.
Owned, and Ray. Dr. R. K. Rodgers,
Rev. J. H. Knox and Morris Patterson,
Esq.. appointed.
The 'Rev. Dr. Skinner. of New York,
presented ea the order or the day, the
followinreport of the Ozimmittee ap
pointed 1n the matter of the Danville
The Committee appointed by the As
sembly to larcenies'e the aisle, of the
Theological Seminary at Danville, Ken
tucky, would respectfully report—Thai
they mat In Cincinnati elopement trith
and argrolsed-by tba .01001100 01 sunlay_
Tasubsom, Chairman, and T. EL filth Mer
yr., secretary. After reading all the
papers that bad been placed In the
hands of the Committee they proceeded
to Louisville, where they examined sev
eral of the Directors and Trustees of the
InatitoUon. Co the next day they sr
rived at Danville and there =United
their Investigations. AU the Pastes.
.or., Trustees, Director., and prom
inent friends of the. Seminary who
were scoessible, were Invited to ap
pear before the comedian. The invita
tion was generally accepted. end all wore
allowed freely to expron their views
' The records and amnion of the Institu
tion were placed before oa, and every ave
nue of information known to the commit.
tee ens explored. The committee desire
to beer testimony to the mutes:, extend.
al to them without exception by all with
whom they lame In contact, end to the
candor and fullness with which their in.
termaistorin were answered. The sub-
Jeer matter of oar report will be appro.
measly divided into several topics,
which will now successively redgrel
I at
1. The isreporranee of rite Seminary.
' The Committee made diligent Inquiry
ss to the edidition, of our Chorea.' In
Kenttieky, In erdetto ascertain the beat.
lug of the continued existence of the
Seminary in the interest of the Chumb.
-The Universal testimony was to the ef
fect that were the Seminary &months
tied, or removed beyond the bounds of
the State, bur enure in Kentucky would
receive • severe, if not fatal blow. The
declarations and Testimony churches'
now in connection with the Southern
Assembly am making vigorous effort.
to secure the preCiontlnanoe. A
School has been opened in
manned by Mechem either in connection
with the Prod), terian Church South, or
In strong sympathy with ih tha be Sx:
come • "aeons rival to Center Co
A Th eological department hos r
ganl zed In the same Institution that has
already taker' "way acme of the auditea
of our Seminary. Not only is the Church
property throughout the State in Jest.
ardy by reason of the decision of UN
State Marti but if that doolaan nazi
overruled tur the Supreme Cour. of the
United States, Center College and
area the Seminary Itself will be
in danger. The Church In Kentucky
connected with oar Assembly , needs
every slable external suppet we can
render, to pil
instils it to maintain Itself in_
the held ppo nuke progress 1p title OrUde.
And no one thing MO be pealed Mars
conducive to this end than the Seminary
at Danville, when placed upon • bean
commatel w the *confidence sad aßscsion
of our of the pliant In the Slat&
by the appointment et a hartioadoue,
able aond.fth learned e
faculty, and the adjust.
th pubs' cooctingintereste
of the eitution. lli
The tkaigiihrie
y ore,
tberefora of the Wain that it the
duty of the fieu=sl Svaetribli UP do sit
that la within their power foliwM
uphold and invigorate tide ail of the
prophets" to Its present location.
11. The west of Aerstorty among as
mrs ty thelnentsaws.
mane was • matter that vitally con
carned the prosperity and maims of
thefts:ninny. the Committee me it a
thorough Kamlnatimi and conaiderstion,
They declined 10 sun/ linp fly netalls
or merits of iny perional MUOVitilith
=Antall t tbrif loosen" to these twO
pante la. The act o n o miSitazus Of
such difficulties, and ittid, their in.
faience upon the eflieleiny of the In
stitution.' The Donepittaltendaned
Mean twenty and thirty gentlemen on
these points. and the testimony was so
unanimous and declare as to leave no
doubt in their minds as to the
recommendations to make to w ria
Assembly. Tire" recomedietion of
the Faculty was deemed Indio.
mutable lo the exigence of the
stitutton. "situ Senior Professor, pep.
Dr. Ft, J. Blecktouidgy, has eiready rk
sidgxnnetd-him chide, to take effect at theaters
cribs prenent eePolietlo year, Dee. Ist,
and his resignation hip been ilaradby
the Hoard dr -t
Be,. DA Ter es and . Dr. land s.
hive pineal their risignstioris ip the
hands of your Committee to be manatod
to the Assembly, it only remains that all
Midellearadpe be declared vacant by the
The way • will Woo be open for the fen
'dilate the MailM4l7 in the premises.
In these einnimatenees It Is ono
to make en i t o l u i rt ita reference a rrii
panful sub ect.
- Tao r /Union. ,
It will be remembered that In UST the
dalinibl&rdered that the time of Nad
i= nof the Seminary be en
U should begin /lay and I
alloseln November. .
Alter trying the experiment its two
years It was the almost universal lath
=my, we may ay With the
whams( the of = 4 -
proud en opinion on the subject, that
the ezpnlmset la not • atuxeas, and that
the e of the Eiem=irtdd be
greatly protected by to the
winter asasion. In opinion Cote.
mitts, cancer.
IV. 77te apediehey of the Profeuora
being Inembers of Up Board of &moors
and 2 vviteca,..
Tta formed a prominent subject of
examination. The testimony was gen
erally adverse to the custom that has
heretofore prevailed in this lostittitioa,
and the opinion of the Committee Is that
the Professors should not be members of
either Mod, but May, of emus% be pro
est ot thedr Begotols. Whoa invited to,
them for advtee and ecsanltatM.
In lids pszlicalar the Danville litanihts•
v 7, sa Tar as the CtoomMee are advised.
annul an "'copilot'a to all the other Boar
u f .
'mules of the Moth. The 1:11 for
the disooothuniztesot the are too
obolowl to require en Its
pescrical rest* as shown In the dlffkoal-
Use that have existed In Inatittoloti
demonstrate lig Idjutions tendency.
V. The Condttioa qf the .Finditota
Alter a very oatefat inquiry and an In
vestigation of thdbooka of the Board of
Tniatees. the committee cannot but sx-
press their satisfaction* the admirable
management by the Board of the fends
of the Seminary do the past nine
years of financial in the Union.
end particularly in the Btate of Kea
talky. We do not thiukit neemary here
to report the detallsof the Verbs* Invest
moots and Imsonwth The last report of
the Board, publiihed la the minute, of
the Aseembly, *II afford the requisite
Information. It was the opinion of Sev
eral of the witnesses that sobers* mil*
be made In maga the laireacoente, by
which. without Impairing their aseartty,
the annual income might be augmented,
and thus a Isms margin be gamed kir
contingencies arising from fluctuations
in the market nine of the property
of the Institution. The itemembly,
In May directed that tfie
*lades of the Prdbwiwe be made WOO
per annum, "provided the Means of the
liandnezy be angleirsd to pay the sum
and, until the suns la autrielent, that
said salaries be Szed at WOO ; said ad-
as to nommosup March let, NW."
At a meeting &the Board cern:item hi
Jail teat, a reeolnflon was adopted dal=
the annual maLuiesof Preempts '42500.
Whether this' amount, rather than the
rtift!mrmrTll7 l Try"l'mW-1
Judge. TheComa:dame had some doubts
about It; but If the changes above alluded
to lu the Inestalents are madb. there
will be no dlfiltulty.
VI. Prorkbeg Officer le Pdeulty.
The plan of the organization of the
Seminary provides that the stinks Pro
fessor snail be the presiding akar.
Conaidesable difficulty has arisen from
the feet that dnring a portion of the time
that the Seminary hie been In °Mimes,
there was no senior Probem, two of
the Professor having Leen elected on
the same day. More reliantly the sankrn
by of rank attire , of the remaining Pro.
remote wee =determined on the same
grounds. This committee think that
some other arrangement should be made
to oreclude thing:currents of dffneulties
to tlie future. end will present a plan to
that effect. especially In view of the fact
that In MO of the wroth:Atkin of the
faculty as herein recommended, th ere
will be no seniority among the Probes
VI). Initnectiox by the Prulesson.
in the "plan" of the seminars it Is
provided that there shall be tour profes
sor. in the Seminary, and till the further
order of the dassubly the sublets of
mautiotion aetributed among them,
namely, "there shall be • Penance of
Exegetical. Didactic and Poleracin The
ology: a Protean of Whiten and Econ.
sianical Hisiaryi a Profaner of Church
Government and Panora Thiele= a
Profaner of Biblical and Oriental Liter.
The Ounnilttee are of toe opinion that
the subject of Exegetical Theology
should bo aansferred to the chair of Mb
lion and Oriental literature. The Com
mittee *Paid offer the - following reach.-
Pone Ter the panxideretlea of the Ar
daunted, lei ta That the rr iosel sz a take •
deeplutarant the a tee
Theological Seminary at s Len.
tacky, and are of the opinion that the
Warne of th: r =terlan Church
will be greatly by Us continu
ed manna and operation a. a "drat
elan Theologies' Seminary," in scored.
ance with the original covenant entered
Into by the General Assembly.
Resolmed. Yd. That having been
fbrmed of the sadgestion by the
B. J. Breckeraidge, D. D.. of the Prnes-"'
aerehip of the Ezegetiol,Didactis and ?P
-inola Theolop, and the aoceptance of
the Sadie by the Bard of Directors of the
, the humbly desire to plies
t at=theireena of the value of the
garnets Dr. firechearldge beerandered to
the Church In the original enatanustent
of the Seminary, and in the discharge of
the duties of his pormonialp. and they
'rapid apron the bops Oat whilst his
days r tm ered die lin whenever way the
of Church may employ
tr., be may continue to Wan harm.
meat of signal power and eamen to the
advancement of the Kingdom of God in
I the land.
Besotted, bd. Thai the Board of Dime.
tors baring accepted the resignation of
the Rev. Dr. .011.1nridge, and Hulot
Amem having reaped the _midge*.
time's! the Bars. Terkel and Wee;
and it being In thejodgment of this As
sembly expedient that a complete nor
ganimilion of the faculty should be
affected without delay, this Aseembly,
for the' reasons named In the second
topic of the report of the Committee, do
hereby declare all the chairs of all the
professors of ins Seminary at Danvi ll e to
be vacant and that they will at the
preens "MOM of the Assembly praised
to the idectioo of four protestors to all
4G. That the numbly do
gratefully recognise themileand allialeas I
mannerly which Doctors Yerkas, law I
dis and Weethave severally discharged
the duties of iludr profesecinthipx
Resolved, /ha. Vat the stliffect of Bib.
Had Enemata be tninsferned from the
Ghetto( pideoticandPolendrateologito
that ce Elibilical end Oriental Literature,
and thatthe suldeusof instrisoliou here
IBM. In this their, be *MOW Biblical I
Literature and Exegetical Thoologv
Resamed, 6(h. That the Board alarm.
tore ',whereby hatutotal to eatabllah a
o nanent term far th i e n Hof M c ;
pf=fr=l In the month of
Amu or May, so as to confornrow nearly
aposslble. their satins ip QS go
other Sensinmies of the Cb.hi and
they ere hereby advised, If in their
juftment it hi deemed expedi=t, to
m aho arrangements for a dating
the year MO, within the mcoliha
February and ;Roe haolosive, u
wet° the elltdenlx who. MAI i=
the advat . itsge of is third ream
wailing t.l} elt littainP to CoMmence
their stO,MIS
irolohied, 7M. That no Pronimor shall be
•=label of either thelioard of ;treaters
or the Board of Teustem. and the amp
lance hereafter of • Proneworsilip by any
Member of either of the Baena tamed
will be regarded se Mao /ado the red&
native of his seat therein.
Boxiftud, gbh . That the uplift" of the
&misery be changed so that article
"iSPligleillelir4be of eti gb nal licwa nith i "The and P as
one with inothar i to l d the
cif Wanton% at their g next
larceedlng each =OW , sun
Erone of the Profeesou to act se
g oßeer at the meetings of
• d he elbsok to t
hwn WW pi
mote of t at pi
Medal seta
The Facrally abet demo= of their sums
her to act as stated clerk, who that par.
form the duties words telluric:dem
Reachced, etti un the easeasbly um.
mend the Board of Trustees and their
edam* agent en the Om sad elledeos
I Lirain which th e finances of Meth
hail beep wadmegi, end de
hereby revovvalvtid em esrefully
cooehter the Fitter Of 04We/rift mum
of the *Midi to More profitable Tenn.
ftullin,ll lo9 tO g radifier wimmar IDI time
I pea rmt early fOr tellindstishe towards
Waring boreal tor th e Maw" end
Whether mane may mot he eedeued for
me more aged Menem of. the Library.
With this report the Conunitleatraaa.
mit to the Weird Assembly, the mho-
Rtes of the proceedthai together with
tge redereaSson of Taken and West
awl amonthanylag WenMftta.
your Conuotther wopid state In am
dual= that they have eadearcred to
discharge the duties devolved upon them
with imperthillty and fidelity end with a
supreme regard to the intend of
our Church as- and sepeolatt
ly In the Stale of Kentucky; sad
while the discharge of -those Mittel
kal bam a ji
p ins a l l iy a meste eittrarX
tr=nlity sod deriadvensee.of oplaton
among the may persouttbey exaugned2
- -
have greatly relieved them of perplexity
and made their way clear In the mom
mendatlona they have presented in this
(Signed.) Breaux MATTZZWS,
F. IL Beaune,
Wx. Si. Faairont,
Taos H. Simewelii, Jr.,
Ree. Dr. Rodgers moved that the re.
port be sonevW. ouTiod.
On elation of the same gentleman It
rnw o lunatdmotialy adopted.
Rev. Dr. Tease prompted a number
of pe which he said he tied been re
qu ,to lay before the Assembly by
the Tried's of the Dauyllle Seminary.
They were referred to the Committee on
Documents end Pipers.
Aramos or ooxxrrrsza.
Senator Drake called the attention of
the Ameembly to the fad that greet ex
pense had been incurred in procuring
Mere. wi proceed.
worn &a., it. t =e re a t s i t t ntent of the
TheolOgical Seminary el Chicago. and
the Committee were anxious to know
what provision would be made In the
matter. The General Assembly had au
thorised the payment of these claims.
but had not stated by what means.
Various plans had been proposed. but he
thought. End no mated, that the
the Commute be paid by the
of the Seminary.
Rev. Dr. Skinner stated that the True.
tees of Danville Seminary expected to
pay the expense, of their committee
themselves In to an inquiry.
Senator Drake tat that the expense of
the committee would be from ten to
twelve hundred drdiarn half of which
was paid for phonographic reporting of
the proceeding'.
Dr. Skinner =mated that Danville
Seminary Committee should be included
In the motion.
The Iter.• Dr. Munroe. Sated that
some of the expenses had already bean
paid tri f I=ll the came, who pro
to the other side. to
pay party's partre abate of the expenaea.
Senator Drake thought It ceder to al
low the Trusties to pay all the esses
out of their funds. lf the gentisman
who had paid a portion of the amount
wished to allow what he bad paid go, he
odged do so sod so much might be saved.
motion was taken on Senator
Drake's motion, which was carried.
In answer to inquiry, Dr. Takes staled
the expenses at Denville were about
M. • motion to require the Trustees
to pay the amount Wee able tarried.
Rev. Dr. Rosa now called up the mat
ter of the Directors of the Semlnary of
the Nord:mem at Chicago. He under-
Maxi that all the wan hitereaed had
agreed upon oatift pampa whom he
now wished to t In hominalicat. He
wee allowed to prooe.d r and made the
ibllowthg nacotostioas:
Jftsruters—a. Baabsoss D.D, Batt.
Pattarson, D.A, Bev. J. D Kemp, Rev.
Ei. IL htscAnderion, Rev. Mgt. Baez.
Puling Riders—J. L. Willhuns, Chem
A. Spring, J. 0. Grier, B. M. Moore.
Chas. A. Vanderburg.
The nominatiom were reel:tired and or
dered to be posted up in some conspicu
ous part of the cbmch for the
of all the members of the Amem th r,Vi n e
election being made the second order of
business for this morning
The Her. Dr. Mimicry made
a statement In refaranoa to the
wafting of the John DimmMae
appointed at the last meeting of
the General Aaaamhty In ma to wind.
er the =Mad of uts union of the denote-
Inatlans Several atiampts bad been
made to have full meetings, but at none
of them wag there a tall hoard. The
committee reprograming the Old School
assembly had done what they could to
perform the duty sedgetad team, but
had net been met spatat oorrespond.
lag unanimity on the t of the Chair.
man of the pint Committee, who, for
mama best known to himself, doubtless
conacientken, declined to call the -
mines together, and ensoequOlly — nos.
further conference cocild_be-ifad in an
official way in reference to the matter.
He thought this needed this
Non, to ahoy where the renogned e Vy,
readied. - had bear- claimed that no
l ra was in the matter and that
wint4 no particular need was felt
for a meeting. The wee all a ml..
take. The Committee, lo far es he bad
knew* them, only wished to have the
matter thoroughly understood. There
I needed to be a little more moderation.
The Church which be represented was ,
ow* to mew° with open annst •
r • •• • Presbyterian bailee, whether ,
they sang hymns or pretend=
Those who rung poilms, and
version at that, might do so se
long as they lived and, It practicable,
'The speaker here pointed upward, tent ,
said nothing. The remark and gesture
weal received with unit laughter.] He
continued and mid that a little more
knowledge was needed on this mint.
and Ude was a good place to
spread U. [Laughter.] There were a
-ee goal Unitedunited
who thought tf they
the - 7dwon be domed to dog hymns.
Pot at di. Tide was all a mistake. If
they desired to nag psalms they could
do so, to the sielnalonof everything else.
Lit Ma% wail needed we. that each body
be allowed in this matter to follow out
Its own preformed. If any of them
preferred Rouse's Tandem, thought them
more poetical, or more modest, or morp
theolobkied, why it yes all tight: tater
could follow out the dictates of
their own conscrimans. It was only
on this point • question of poetic
taste ar magical tut u Ranighter)
and if any min thot
these Psalms the bed, be was not ng
to debate with him. All that, was needed
in the matter we. a proper understand
ing of the at" and nothing could be
thrown upon the Committee for any lack
of dlllganat In the discharge of their
duty. In conclusion he presented the I
That, rejoicing In the imme
diate reunion of the two
bodies so long separated, weglad
ly hall a Psalm Presbyterian Union.
embracing ail Winches of the same fam
ily holding to the suns eonfenion of
faith anod4 form of government.
'&A mai sno desirable
onion Mull be'That
secomplhdte b d
we will
gladly welcome to our Church mine°.
;don all conniptions, pastors and mem.
ham who embrice the doctrine of the
limolsol, That all =Ming with as Mall
ass sack asap of maim to God as their
id may dictates as Indeed Is al•
toody 01l to and TlislolPli
in and by lAs wand congresstiona eni Vr
In our comamtdom
The speaks/will maces prophecy that
should such readutiotts be warm the
good effects will at once be
Mal sat ant to ler thm e ir e tr L not
s courteous or proper thing err ttds body
toopen their arms to receive the U. We.
not knowing what they may do in the
The speaker mu Intemipted
. _Muonsve, who aid that ther bv e
would be a reralution of like be.
port introduced by Dr. Plea In the
other Assembly.
Dr. Hall.--Ah I wall that takes the
'triad amispletely ont of my sails.
pr. hinagrave.—Yes, I knew It would.
Bev. Mr. 'Cross to Mutiny/ad
was the
at of We
being in.
troduosa this time. MOW: to
know If that was ar4 Ikeda obJert in
view in Prellantl_l4_lr. Tim Palm dun
ms declare sopmu lt . new, and as it
to mar to tits asmohrmlan aver
which Dr. Panay presider, should not
be rataved.
Mr. Musgrave add In reply, that Mae
much sa they had met together to con
summate the union of the two grand
Christian bodies, the Committee had
been requested t 7 raltdaers Manama=
that them wee • irplrit and a feeling la
the matter at ga y s: th e amino=
ins 'Moritz:tont thin view.
Wu Individual poradl A a li ts
anther denonrmattan se to the emotion
of the PasimodrquoDu. The
Wed there won= be no other •
an to
,the paper, so that their friends an
turdastand thin they ens with them In
heart ermjnistl,
Elder unman_aid this Matter wu
never Gladly understood. The Pub
and By= "Mak prablhheil years ago
hednot been amid rallialant to =war
all the demands of the urch. Mew
hymns, Drd app Ch ropriate, had
h ee e me4e, es a reedit *new work
ander the ample of the venerable
pr. t te t t e t had_ Jut beat Malawi& -
great many wished In ass this work, hut
were detoured from dniqtso from a fear
Met wouldbegcdngtaoar. Ilehreated
t he pomp a this resolution, that,
withlts vlars and Its breed s
Rey. Dr. Blainital stated that coot
mon law was =take' to al elm. The
Common few of the Presbytetien Cbiush
- -
In reference to this matter was Psalm
ody. Now, the matter should be thor
oughly ventilated. The Church should
know the hid that it was contemplated
to allow them to either stand by the old
system, the old method of probes, or to
take up that which suited them beet.
Thls was the grand Idea embraced In the
resolution. It wee merely • higher
Christian liberality of thought.
Dr. Crow objected to the resolutions, as
It looked es If we were Widowing after
the other denomination , and es he did
not believe the author of the resolutions
meant to convey such meaning, be hoped
they would be voted down.
Rev. Mr. Roseman. held that It was not
proper that the clause referring to the
individual church and minister to come
over to this body should pan, as It was
not dignified.
A vote was finally , . taken upon the
=of the resolutions. which was de.
din the affirmative, with but one dis
senting voice.
Eider Day now introduced to the Mod
erator and Assembly Judge strong and
Chanoell'r Baynes, • Committee ap
pointed to tender the fraternal greetings
of the New School Assembly to the Old,
and explain the action of their body in
reference to the admission of alternates.
The gentlemen were Invited to ocats
up on the platibrna.
Judge Strong said the New School As
sembly had received from their Meer
Aesembly courteous and friendly greet
whichDlP they as cordially returned.
They had mho received the salon of the
Assembly in 'entrance to the admlnion
of altartudel, and had given It a reap eat
fed attention, although not being enabled
to concur. At the last meeting of the
New School Assembly, in New York,
tbis matter bad been arranged by
• resolution which the Assembly now
fait bound to abide by.• They. In accord
ance therewith, allowed incenciee coned
by death and redgnation to be fillet
but had not allowed a Principal to take
the place of an alternate who bad
occupied a seat in the Assembly at New
York. and wee versa.
Dr. Bored:.lower presented the follow.
tag report of the Committee on Elections
Nomination' for Danville Seminary.
Mr. Skinner made the following nomi
nations for faculty of the Danville Semi
Dr. E. P. Humphrey, Didactic and Po
lemle Theology.
Dr. Stephen Terkel, Biblical Mere.
Wire and Exegetical Theology.' •
Dr. N. West, Biblical and Eccicalaatical
Dr. L. J. Halsey, Church Government
and Femoral Theology.
There nominations were made the
special order for this forenoon.
Rev. Dr. Magill, of Princeton. read the
law on the subject requiring the comma.
lions to be made two days betbre toe
Senator' Drake contended that this
matter wall only ln reterance
Princeton College, and as a tending law.
The Assembly could proceed at once
with the matter.
Dr. Hell thought what had been cue.
aerru e,, anwd, law ine o th n e
n a t bs y e , even
did this law ooly apply to Prino eon, if
It had .been aa need, the cmitam in
other team It wan the law.
This point wu debated for a short
time, andfile a t z tled by an appeal to
the laws Danville
which prod for the electhe of any
officers, by the Amenably, at any time,
and In any way they might adopt.
Senator Daske—l thought as What's
the use of oar speeding two or three
days on this matter when it may se well
be done at cum
Dr. Hall made a motion that all rules
conflicting with the Eaton of the Amara.
bly thin matter be st owe eat outdo.
that the teethes" might be proceeded
with. Canted.
The nomination were thee received,
and the election declared the second or
der oftbe day far this morning.
According to rule. the Rev. Dr. Dick
son led the Aseembly In Prayer. Invok
ing divine guidance and wisdom In the
selection of Teachera for the College
named, that all might in the end acorns
to the tee In ted of the Institution and
theChazob end the ultimategkay of His
Dr. Holublower maid that the Aa.
eembly wham they met drat in Boring
had received ■ polite imitation to attend
an evangelical council held In New Yori..
He was one of the Committee appointed
and bad a very pleasant time. A Com.
mines bad teen appointed to cam out
the end of the Connell, Dr. Roberta,hsv.
lug been elected on behalf of this Al.
monthly. _
Dr. Dodgem stated that he had an au
tograph tomb tampered Moe the retteMlint
of the signatures of these participating
In the fraud union, and hoped that
every name would be obtained of those
permitted to participate In the move
ment, the signatures subsequenUy to
be deposited among the archives of the
Church, and a lithograph, duplicate to be
Ran. Dr. Radon read • oommindca.
lion from the Board of Publication.
Senator Data moved to lay the paper
on the table. I.
Dr. Hall mowed, to mils it to • ceded
committee of three, appointed by the
Moderator. Carried, mid Dr. A. 0, Hall,
Dr. Cyrus Dickson and.). T. NLson, Eaq..
were appointed.
Eider Maclain moved that es the mat-
ter had been omitted in the printed copy
of the minute, of the last Amembly.that
it be reamed to in the minutes of this
Aasembly to be printed. so that all might
know, and an omcfal record made of the
names who constitute the Joint Commit
tee on Colon. Carried.
Arrangements were then made for the
various meetings of the committees and
Union Prayer weeding'. after which the
Assembly we, disociessd with prayer by
the Moderator, to reassemble this mcen•
log at nine o'clock.
This body assembled In Third Presby
terian Church, Sixth street, and at the
appointed hour, eleven o'clock, was
called to order by the Moderator, Rey.
Philemon H. Fowler, A D., of UM*
New York. Rev. Edwin P. Eistdeld,
D. D., of New York, Stated Clerk. and
Rev. J. 0 lentworth Butler. D. D., Per.
manent Clerk. were present, with Rue.
W. E. Moore and Geo. A. Howard, Tem
porary clerks.
The Moderator stated the rules re
cared that an hour be spent In devo.
tional execrcbm, bat In ooneequanoe of
the lateness of the hoar of amennbling,
if there were no obiedlona, the time fat
inch devotion would be :Wooed to half
an hour.
Te =Won Hymn wee then rung.
en kit Its pawn of J..U' satsol
Lot sun
ortousto Mit
WIZ* Conf. too raga. diodes.
imatnra UM Loft of alt.
Eder D. E. &atm of Minas. offered
a fervent Timer, Invoking the blondus
of 06d upon the reunion stout to be eon
lb° Moderator read from the 86th
Another hymn we sang.
• chute to k•IP t ham
The Moderator mots • few remarks.
They had met together on Me coculon
with mingled feelings ofesdneorandjoy—
sadness over the death of some who bad
attended the tut asembly, end with
flied haute at the unanimity with which
God bad blamed them In the realisation
of theft most sanguine hopes of bringing
the two churches together. in the ona.
summation of the union the banded God
was *Me.
Another hymn wu sung,
Eery With Hum,/ rue.
Nev. Dr. R. R. Allen, of Ptdladelphia,"
made a few remarks. The great thought
of each one present was the .wondsdal
runt about to be reslised—thermkal of
the two churches, Ns had been with'
the New Schott Cherub about three
yeas, end loved it dearly, although
named in the Old School: We felt, sin.
ously believed, that the
_hand of God
was In the provost moventeit, that the
retuning about to take - Ipleoi wu
work, and Be would blue It.
The lath hymn mu snag—
Airstliar brstl=st
W.* WA own reettiosa
Prayer by pew. Dr. Tqlare of Upisba-
NO. 262.
nail. and Ron. W. E. Dodge, of N.
Dr. Wm. Adams, of New York, made
■ brief and Impreinve address.
Another hym was lung,
Oa la tram tow Rem a fetter.
The time for devotional services having
expired, the business of the Assembly
wee opened with prayer by the Moderator.
The roll was called by the Awiatant
Clerk, rdnety.three ministers and
seventy-tlx elders responding.
The Moderator announced that there
were a number of persons present hold
ing comminiona to fill vacancies, and
wished to know the plenum of the As
sembly with r*ard to the matter.
The Stated clerk stated action had
been taken on aid ankisistax themeeting
of the Assembly In May last, and read
from the minutes,. Commiselona were
authorized to be tuned tO 1111 vacancies
resulting from death and reiliptstions.
In samodance with CU action commis
•lone to fill such vacancies were present
ed and referred to the Committee on Gun
rolesiona, conalating of the Clerks of the
Rev. Dr. Noble, from the Committee
on Arrangements, was permitted to
make ■ partial repart. Se stated that
the hours for the meeting of the Assem
bly they had designated u follows :
Morning Elession, open at nine o'clock,
(an hour to be devoted to wdiniorol
riees,) and claw at twelvin Afternoon
Saab,, open at 23f o'clock and close at
five; religious istwicts In the evening at
half put seven o'clock.
The report was adopted.
Rev. Dr. Jonathan E. Stearns, of New
ark. N. J.. offered the fWlowing:
!Imbed, That all matters requiring
concurrent action be referred to the
joint committee of conference on m
aiden, to report to the hasembLies re
spectively the mode of prooeduse; and
to report also a programme of joint re
ligiou■ exercises.
Alter some rileottation as to the propri
ety of the resolution at this point of the
proceedings, it was withdrawn by Dr.
Stearns until alter the readout of the re
port of the Stated Clerk on the answers
of the Presbyteries of the "Presbyterian
Church of the United states of Arnett
o ," to the overture on the reunion of
the two brioches of the church.
Dr. Hatfield. the Ulerk, read. the re
port, ea tbllows:
**The number of Presbyteries connect.
ed with this General derembly la one
hundred and thirteen. clime revolt.
ass have been received from every one
of them. They have aU answered
Overture in Mt affirsurtica In soh of
the Prabyteries in Albany. htillbaro.
amd the DlieriM
In a
negative Ince was of
cast. In each ell:
remaining one hundred and ten Presby
teries the vote was ecuralsamia"
At the mum* Of the Moderator, Be?.
Dr. Ademe offered up thank. fru the
toad aculdolous rexult..
The Anninbly thou num with full
coal tip= la/ Wert p 110./.
tame,. dap gd
Rev. Dr. S. W. Asher. of Oda, moved
that a committee of thew, two ministers
and one elder, be appointed to Inform
the other Assembly of the action of the
Presbyteries of this Assembly. Carried.
Her. Sonnet C. Aiken, D.D., of Cleve•
land, Ohio, Rev. 7.. M. Humphrey. D.D.,
of Philadelphia, and Hen. John A.
Foote. dirClevelsad, were announced as
constituting the committee.
• 0011OTNICATION PRONE OLD 8011.001.
Mr. 8. Day. a delegate from the Old
School Assembly, was Introduced arid
explained the sedan of that body In re
lation to the matter of omodiketamay, In
cases of vacancy. He also extended the
=dial greetings of the Old School A.
sembly, over which thesplrit of the Holy
Ghat bad been manifestly present in
their deliberations, and in whin the
New School body lisel been most. affeo.
tiouately remembered.
The Assaultly had phstointly Mailed
the subject of new axnenieelame to the
proper committee, but out of respect to
the other fusembly and their orsaunted•
cation on the subject, It was deemed
proper to take further action, and some
discussion ensued.
Dr. Adams nerved that Hon. William
Strong. of Philadelphia, Hon. Daniel
Haines, - of Rockaway, medlar. Frederick
O. Bornhotne, of Newark, were added
to the Committee on Commlasons, to
=idder the communication from the
Other Anambly, and all questirmable
asaandadona. The motion vrevalled.
Dr. Steansarenewed his resolution, for
the reference of all matters rreeqquiring
occurrent sotkei to the Oommtttee of
Conference on Union.
A member of the Assembly desired to
know whether the legal question In
b eliding rights at prove:Ay,
would e coniedared by this committee.
under the resolution, and suggested
that It would be better to submit this
matter to a separste joint committee,
composed of legal gentlemen, of whom
there were but one or two on the Com
mittee on Disunion.
The suggestion was not put in the
shape of a motion, and without further
discushnt the resolution of 'Dr. Stearns
was adopted.
The Asiembly took a rams until three
At 4is designated hour the Alsembl7
was called to order.
Tha Moderator offered up a prayer.
The minutes of the zmidught madits .
were read.
Rer. Dr. Buller, Permanent Clerk
from the Oommidth triwbom new. Mow
misslinis were redured, reported the
-name/sof mut personas they Mlleved
entitled to be enrolled ea member' of
the Maembly.
Mr. Stephen H. Moyer, of New York,
inquired If sae threes pmeenting
numb= were appointed since the ad
jounmsent fn May lase
Moderator—Nearly all of them. There
may be one or two exceptions.
Mr. Thaw thought the proposed no-
lion of the Assembly would be =eon
Indgelltroug referred to the action of
the Assembly In May hat, providing for
the appointment of commbeloners to till
vacancies caused bur and moist*.
don. The Aasein were now acting
under that rule, and *bought pooped,
me report
ell ad thsCaroadttos on lame
minima w adopted: -
Judge ftrow was appointed to :spirt
this anion to tfisother6rembiy. .
Absentelp st roll call hi the Manson
sostion, and sho at the seaston at New
York, ware called upon to report:them.
canson naroiteratioatinr.
Dr. Faber inferred to the master of
continuing, or :whin. the Committee
on Itteonatinotion. appdatedin ISM
with a view to eltue of boundufea
and changes In _the eonetitutmn.' - lbs
Committee had ' made a rr~sppoo rt,, which
Wu not adopted. The qmW. otrown.
unmet= bad not been touched upon to .
any extent by the Committee on Union.-
The other - humbly. however, had re.
Tired tbe Oonmdttes an Becasetrueloo,
but the matter Ma overlooked ld this
body. He referred to it with a view of
having the humbly cot urer. and ap
point such Committee, Inertias that qua.
uoci may be oonsidend end the Way
paved de action at the Meeting of the
Mid. General Aseambly of the United
to May.
Mks meth= me imply Ihr the unit&
tuna of the Bunmetnadion Committee
of 1/36a
Dr. Wing. of Carllale, thought the
CU:ambles ought to he eadargal.
Dr. Mame referred to the but that at
the rooming seed= all matters mut' ,
log ocateurrent mike were referred to
the Obarmlttee on Reonloo, but thought
melt fellow reorraddered.
Dr. Adams, atter oonalderable Macau
don, auggeoted that the =attar be defer.
red arena after dee reunion had betide.
Gland. , • :
not Mod= trio wlthdisin3. with to
tuulotwaudlng that it would biiaoswad
toon. situ Na Jobsl cautulltoo,
bad :vowed.
. . _
. . . . ,
la. Adams moor* thekthLlamteit
tee on Ewa= tea lantigat he aloha
perm aseellzog of , both.lismagolee thU
roman& la Ulla -Oharoh.l - =oho the
direction of the Maleretata TllO report
au adopted.
ceTzra StiM'
• Thiquettlea peolioesdahelbteula
retards of Ltallraxl of Ae~tli 40x14
G M. e t a ..a eb,...veut:oniosiordal. IIMO;
pabaas4 In Wawa rinaatviala.l
No firmer, =actuate or mesetax% Pb •
• copy U thintshed 'minnow]) to MO [Mai
aof .0.k.0f tea pacmaaten ve MM.":
Pa act as agents
to exaceiseld at -thla imam of the La-
The aledesatoisaawaredalllrmailletr,
adding that the repo of all other gyp.
oae hoc previously p zed soled alp
us examined.
Reports of Spocusl CommMANN win
called for.
The Committee on Unemployed Mln
utters, Dr. Wm. Adams, Chafrman c wine
not prepared to report.
IMPOST ON AM:num - ENT& • ,
Dr. Herrick Johnson, from Committee 1
Or Amusements, lamented the=
report, which was ado ted and
to Committee on Yabltatlon fie public*
, g The question of popfilar amuisemeste
lis one that cannot be b inatute.
1 What to dowrththespttltaadthe illatit
christianity rattier than with. the letter
l of its law. !fence the Inapinsibillty et;
specifier entement. But - theveay hoe of
Lie near and vital aanteditodatith split* •
oil Ilie - justifles and derunthator it a
thougthrol consideration: ' -
What eariptural oldie* inlet ere in",
the maned What. tenure :feed tb*- -
Church to assume towardlisacsinet
Mar amusements! • ilk *weepfa"etwdam.l
nation of them. would bee nreepling lb& i
ty. To say of them all that they ea
inherently and positively Wad, Is sim
ply to say what-: to not stns, sand to
protest against suitable recreallob would
be to protest against a mental and moral
necesety. A long 'ringed wad sombre
hued piety is not after the order ef the
veinal. That make reoognillon of the
Laugh, the joy of llfe; has no frowns
for the play aide of our natures bids na
serve the Lord with gladness. Nowhere
so much as In the hearty of God's people
should Joy have her home, and go rip
piing out in the channels of deed and
I s
1 But what la suitable Christian ram*
non? We are without a speeilloi" Thom
, sailli the Lard," for each epode° Lem of
platters. But this is by na_meens to
acknowledge that we are without Scrip
ture goldseept The Writ is 'broader:
and deeper than the letter. Thera am
general principles whore pram:aid and
subtle reach makes a tmposeblli they
should be framed by a law. Than that
bear on tibia quainten of popular amuse
mama are these:__. •
1. Thegeneral prim:telethons/pod tette
relation whicii CArwiana =WM* tome* -
other. It is discussed In /tom. XIV Ulf'
So Cor. vlli. Christian liberty nii i c t a is
' indifferent is there distinctly
But it is bounded andlimited by a higher
law. We mat not abuse our Ilby• to
the offence of our brethren: We must
bridle our knowledge with chiral. We
are bidden to beware how We tubpow
watt the sanctities of e timber% con
science, and to beware how we tithe
with the necessities of a brotheilfiresk
nes. The law of conscience and
the law of kme are far name erred and
more reoloue and more to be regarded
than the law of liberty. To the child of
God they ought to be alwayeparsthotint.
To assert Independent* at the expensed'
wounding a brother's conscience, Is "to
seascape! Chem." "It is good neither
to eat deeb, nor to .drink w in e, nor any
thing whereby thy brattier eitturiblstk."
Of course, a merely personal, p=
wretched scrupulosity isnot tribe
upon the Church, far its Revetment.
Bat amusement. whose tendencies are is
hercarly and Motet inevigely to Mesa,
where the wink nut the waster bre may Mum
tile and perish, and against. which Mere is
d general Christ/cm conscience. ars den.
vilely cow:fanned by the plain Weed of
11. The secorui general principle Ma
respect to the relation which Christine
name goats world. It is negsthe, and
' summed up in the: "Be not entloned
to this world." It Is a relationed Me. '
conformity.' Christians are to be unlike
the worth and distinguished 'fit= U.
This idea of amaireenese-runsthrongh
all the map and woofer Seipp:we And -
it clearly does mohimply a - thleratton
from the . .- evil ' , ad the
world.. This . is
g lacial"
ltively cam tbriestare - ere
pledged and te obedientliby Vett
vm- ptofeedon. , fine aspeehon. lewd.
in noacieformityls hem. asorblll
ness-from the worldly 'Writ. It Is.
demand tbar the, whole treasted beet
and current and aldrit [CAW: athletic r
life shall be different - from *bin ot - tier-t
worldly life so dUTerent, that li tdiall be ~
[manifest to die world that the people cit.'
God are pilgrims and deems on the '
, earth; that they are walking with Godi
that they area penally people, Called oat
of the world while .1111 nemailnitst. In
it, God's witimenic. bring
itu=the salt of the esztb,
chosen, set apart, resenthatde ev
erywhere as having to bear • WWI
Jams, and as holy in all Mather of eon
venation. Let Christians apply to their
urea this one central, promtnetarttothel
idea of non.confamity. Les thee emu '
it on all their endue until 'th o se
unmistakable exhithlons otthe of
thee unmistakable endear and
the Apostles, and it will go eirejar to -.
settle this whole question of 'ill or
Irrational amusements. .- -•- • •
S. The third general_ pritel n t ic e
respect Co the Mallow which tai
estoin to aria. It Is pesities and sum
med up lathe: "Wheneve Itl
r •doin • '
I I work or del, do all in the name of the..:
erwitb conarrebesenrene‘
In •
l lulu" its —inbillifits Tft t*
weenie after all in Its hunbunental oda .1
dhiona. “Wb52101111,270 do. IR another
place, applied" to • the everr-day ne
otenty and acts. ..ref.. aur a: three-eel-.,
lug and drinking, applasidlle -Abate.
fore to our recreations. It Is - scrip.
turd condemnation -of_ every ' form of !
social divenion in which a Christian ciao ;
not indulge "In the tame of the Isiad
itga i
J c = cl It is divine endoreetnent •ot
is done by &child of tled. into -
which be may go =dont -ot.which he ..
anyone.. and through - th e metes of
which he may cantanne, , Withent th ee
being ose momenhwhen It =old berbr• -,
any way Inconsistent for hie to ath his
Lard* approval of him there; and .of -
what beds doing andowltnelateg and
countenancing and .supprotthes,..; - .._- ''' •
Li ciact st ausic luancithisprinciple be lemesely and a MiA
r erpelled. It Wilmette =soy
a death It will coadenn.manya pop.
We amusement. It bars.. our. eery ,
indulgencea,bar, cannot be bad to. tion. -
gleam and loving remembreien
Lord. Antuennuas that undersolue
health and waste alliances amusements "..
by which.the Weak and the ' are so
ellen turned out of the Way= MO to
stumble and perish; amusements that
make it appear self God's children wee ;
as eager after, and , as intent upon the...
bus and ternithisent the Wield se
e children of the world.. then. -
selves; amusements' makitit -II ea•-.
central for Christine ta take po
salons that ought- to _ . Wing. If
they do not bring, the,blood to their
faces; amusements that compel Chita •
dearth witness 110.100111: and betr quip.
and jests soiling their settle with soit
gelled untileannesa,"-tbes all; and ell
likethese, are _banded Willicoodeonar .:
thin -by this divine , prim* ~Ne true ,
disciple of Chris% can give, taxman to' --
such amusements "In the =need the
' LordJesant" , .
We thee.= we began, a b l e whole
question most 'br taken 'tool of the do.
1111111-ce eerieresmf. ' It ti net etc
much n quieten' of e debt and
wrong. as of, omaciele• : end charity.
I The spirit or our life Is far more humor-
l ea than the teeter of our 'lser. ,- The matt
l of love is blgherthin the beset literly, s
Chriallaithy antagenies mob:Waded It'
does" not - conform' to lb ' The Church t
ahead - deal with it not ao:mnth by -
the axe of dielpline. se , lay- , the
Ward of ' th e 'pith; - Y et`WithM, •
doubt the very lair of !Manta" mew
time - require * • kind. • enedeste..
thoughtful, exorcise of the sib. l
titan:my power of thil ICUratelit
but our.chlef appeal would be to
the conscience. Germain reliance some
be on the spirit end 'bents demanded Its
a wholehearted sursender end •ennieldt-:
meet to the Lard lame. Thiiiewho ere
coostelned by the lath .of _Chalet, Me.
SCHOltly allow themselves batbalteme in
any bovines or reareation, - any 11012 or
play, into which and Weigh whieb end"
out of which they gannet comdatetalreo:'
Iwitheverpneent mnhathetieeeftW
membrane of Mambo gran--blinselt ,
for us. that he nage reiterate from ell : .
iniquity, and Melly notolameltapete- - ,
liar peeps, melons Of geedinallts.. , _ . .
Haase{{ RailErlo42 :'-
Willt.-E. 11001101;'
" ALM liVEltilStEnr: •
, 1: - .,..:,1„,..• : f o=ll '
• Tbo- - nokl
Overturonnt, .00 Boston,
talk% Fand.- --Sonatod doe co
Iblookansukt . l",n l Y..adiltillii:oll
docket— - - • - -
Pao. Dr. likote
hour tbs. ExecanNO , .o2akoltfik of tttar
modosion known in tho , ProotrOon
ZUntolioal &de% oftudzoinn _ la •