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Office, 84 and 86 Fifeh Avessue,
T. P. amens,
Tteldl, per rear .
D 0 4 1 7.T.51 - by iarrlers, per 0dee1c..:,..e...../144
44! lilt:aunt% &pits.
• Parnmannt at latverp. firm it, MIL
GOLD dozed In New York yesterday
it Pc(l®/203.
, i
Tun Imposed baste of re•unton of the
Old and New School branches of Ms Pres.
hyont . to
Church having tente Wonted bl
the'minited , two.thinie ronfolitY of the
Preebytnnee of each taincb,, •kt only
remofk In order to oonipietOttie Union
tor the inuentl Aasembllennf tha z lllt tt
vit34l meeE to the dty to tint'
row, Wednesday., to ooncumate the
' 3The.`agatialtinehleh it tins thought
would arise In the transfer at the prop
erty of the New School branch, which is
not held likeliest of the - Old Scheel, by
corpornte bodies,' name' rod' distinct
from the third' Ina legal point of 'view,
but under a Church charter, has been
overcome by thisdrorti , eys, - so that there
Is now nO oltstahly hfferverdnitoprevent
the consummation of a full and complete
union •on the proposed Ws* The re
union, It is claimed, is not a surrender of
the corOorete tights and franehlses of
either branch, but rather a ;continuation
of them In the united church, Oldest:Drat
and legitimate, socceswe of both'branchtes,
`There ra sotheaPecial biSitiess pertain-.
lug to each tuanCh to be completed before
pie: union can be censtrunmeti s betas
the assemblies meet " pole and distinct
from each other, Whims will Mobs-
NY hefhtistted2 . ens ' entering:Mph tEie
business pertaining to the reunion?.
There areyfiowever. Many eel= details
which cinnot be arranged until after the
miloreis affected, which we premme will
be / submitted to a general eammittee.
, / By. the olden of these branches a long
' stride has been taken toward the emelt
define orthe entire Presbyterian Church
in this country, as they embrace nearly
twolhirds of the entire membership.
There are about 290,500 of the Presby
terian family yet out of the Union
after, these have salted, and the natural
tendency will be for the smaller branches
I* affix themselves to the main stem, the
bkrge l r body, but It will require years to
effect is completeand Indira union.
GE* . SWIM S. WOOL . Veighty.eM
years old, and it lo feared he wiA not
• recover from the effax of his recent.wid.
r.! cum of thirty young mew at Lan.
sing, Atchison, have solemnly vetoed
that no member shall marry any one ex.
apt a widow.
7 .1101. jury in , the suit against Rev.
Craig, in Woodford county, 111., for the
seduction of • deformed young lady, Hiles
SFeCiegan,lailed to agree. •
.7A mut .rimarbr that he has nett
maple of titeten who had to betold every
thing together, for they were so much
• alike %lathe) , ouldn't be told spat;
A pan San litundsco,
unable to get mirk, wrote &Witte Staling
that he tplegolitt to - ..snake appllaalon
for • place as Raman. Witte dellis n r and
took arsetdc.L• -- --
Taw keener eta pmant stand in Wash
boon-40 retie illy his daughter
_ The yonaglelY all *midi
theslind, whith is a plea snmialms to
_ She youof the espltaL
When he found a
noted tenor visiting hishrife early in the
morning, took a nobler revenge than
thit'ot Beiumued.. Ile', made the
singer alt at the piano and perform open
sin for flee holes under cover of hie
Narrilittbi s fhlazed hats, with bine rib'.
• - bits hailng I stomped spent
- them, are the newest Mommski.• • for the
female head. , The mama, of
• .emblanstlad of hopeful lookout twit
ihnstend that beams opthe feces of mat
I SO/DP*O-1 1 a' • -
• • ` T. ,:riotaine of MateXiS
Medea in the New York Medical College,
said at the recent awninged' that Ratite.
• • gob; tut Atte sqrsitiod,.. *Van women
make iloctorart had. ore;ldethwillY an
ewered Ist• 'the afillinatlie. The fatty
physicians are Rhea to form In maxis.
,ellotimer Coseszter of Batley.
C. Campbell,-•°neer the *Mom of the
New Orleans-Ifelly,. Saes,' accidentally
shot himself while hunting on Menda7 of
lsteelyap week; inpnieshli right hied, so a.
that tt - was amputatio
wonletbe necesnry. • Mr. thought'
itnto for n
. Maly:resided be Malibu :04 but is. now
domiciled in the Cresamtleity. .
presaged themseiver to the
elerlCid Dsvenputilows, the other day
fixes marriage ligmit - Mufti foimdthst
Melones map was under age. and with.
pat. parents
_oe . . guardian. A:pudica
• you,yt wdnW. , and the. young ledy's
mare&Wee erfgersted. It was. found that
she murclitt eighteen and
she Aras: . ippointed guardlanil'andr. gra.
; • dourly . .gave - .... - hgr ward,on to
4VlMlEnoitatC,acantipitnied Wilt lily
s tite l4. 4. i 4. l . b°B =
Mpg* pep tialeballs, be handed emu to
j his lady, under the'inslaeadon that it Wee
A • doughnut. :After:. breaking his: owe
open; he csaittilly .0: maned then
• . -*smelt at it, and wilt a sepulchral eclat
aald: l llatilda, don't West datelined;
' these IS Soniethlng dead li this . .
. .
• ;:.:
• t 4
„1. -
, :
' •
, 7i.i;i:•.. y, 1 .,..t
• - st:; : . ::*•.;,,.'.':.
••••• ' '
1.4 4 .1
' '
•1- - ..:i'.i!; - :: - -.; - :N-:
Tea lathi leadmr
Simi, . iktmoi
_Montane,' labdy
started the taw of,"BsrMeg up Ztmes
111ffironsit exalted's_ pitch that none of
the Wale voice could each the apple.
=tea 7. - . .ht Itto clasiof the nest verse this
loans lady tamed Suptain tit
.af the itelmol sad ing tolhe aired. nary biting
iter highs 'altgbaterl and then calmly
mama the tans on alower key.
itutoid OslintiNiiiiasimorti a i s
c r iributerZ4 le about Oa A
par with hie ecentelYP thathels an "ad
vocate , far greas y - car wow. a dit tn ,
thav"it Is alui meattic of tiste, — Wa
we Cadens to a pia=lo fardendthww."
'The other man responds that , mwswige
~p ropledeinatseethistrnellonfainipmeits
, awats."/ and that ."cencombe are no%
ver. . t. en wants of giving lencesinnum
new •IPUI•G•la•" pez.
A. Tetrad mat with • Well 00 110 11-
ninny made his aaPionnee beGne a pi.
trout:ost, the otherj•T.: l4l hwriallt.2 l •_:
'luretro gre taken "for Bary.• o=
efforts were made, the Teo..:tiott *De
being so ugly.a ak
I the Valsa
r g" " a4' = ub gaa Ideahim.'
with hi. beck to the camera; smiliad ,
that back and the mar ponds Obis heed
taken. Thu be called apnoea Ids Wen,
as well as fulfillment olthi pow* in
the girl of ha hearty -
Az eastern youth traveling Intheen 4
civilized zealots between herd Ind Call
fonda,Tgavided himself with annaU___
wg, *ea not to boated fulildiL WIN
- hwewas 14911102 Ur. eisminlng ft, bat
Atially "showing off,',n granny wigeg
whose belt was weighted ielthewe hem
dz-sitooten4 asked him wine - he tad
there. " Whitt." mailed the young tun
Qom the east, "that is a s ="
said rough, "if you coot
with that, and I should ever dad R , oat,
re lick yon like fun."
Tag death of Rear Atindral alas.
Stewart, of the Iroitaldes and Omit&
don. frigate awe, occurred at Barden:
town, IS . J., on.the Gib. Medial Stew.
art ninetj.two years of age, gag had
waged years, hiving entered
the navy as a BentertinP on the 9th of
March, VG& 'Becretsay Robeson will
litre an. order annottneing his death, and
directing that the flags at all the ash
- yards and stations,- to on Wee Teasels
ter American - wateigher=m 066 1
• %toast on the day of the :width
will =qua Wedsteldsr, at Phill4r l 6
, ' '
, N. ••'
7 - •
: t-Vii: 1; :-"
•tp:tf'silt,+Av , v
, .
.••••• N
i ,`
\._.;. t .
.. `~
k y :{
Rees no.
U. B. Boridr at Frankfort, t18j(489
„ i ._14....hi1e l i - lk:,..ittAi \',o it - t,i,„ \\.-,':,. (.110. Zettter
dff I IGErr.
Dalmatian Ins is Defeated—King
• Receives Absolu
tion and the
to . : I tio`M m i go t tiOror
—Free Navigation of the Darda
nelles—Russia and Bachara—Ex-
Queen Isabella's Manifesto Post
motedit4ries- or • Viva Republica"
.'lMlemmd—ltnierta Obsequies of
Peabody, by Order of the Queen.
to take place from Westminster
Abbey—Reception at Compeigue—
Minister Washburn° an ,Invited
Guest—hunirrection Feared in Ralf
on the Death of theatng.
rd.eme to IL. etitoe,,,e
Pima, November B.—An unknown
man, while prowling about Compeigne
yesterday, was taken Into custody. Upon
being searched he was found armed. He
admitted his intention to arasaainate the
Pants, November B.—lnvitations have
been leaned for the reception at Cam
pelves next Wednesday. Mr. Wash
burnt,. American Minister. is among the
invited guests.
The Pretae says the Ministers of War
and Marine proceeded. to Contiolguq
yeeterday. to consult with the Emperor
on measures to be taken in the event of
the death of the Ring of Italy; specially
so fears are entertained that Marinas
are plotting insurrection in Italy, to take
place at the end of the present month.
At a late hour toMght a crowd of fif
teen hundred Citi6Bllll accompanied
Henri Rochefort to his hotel, crying
“Vive Rochefort." The police did not
interfarftwith the demonstration.
Flom:sea November 7.—H6 Majesty
King Victor Emanuel remains In • crit.
led condition of health. He la seri/ma
medical tik
bulletinbnaede dto t
y a n no
that be la laboring under a tierce attack
and that a millary eruption appeared on
the surface of the skin. nenerally over
his body during th e pest night.
The King was duly tofarmed of the
fact'that his life was in danger at an early
hour this morning. He received th
news calmly, and seat or fora clerical con
fessor. from whom, after oomplianee with
the Oathollo rules of belief, he received
absolution and the holy ocll l / 1 1621t. en.
M i t gairan i at ut he ib resteet trafltpUl ia
proving. that the Bing was slightly im-
Bantu, De. Lima, November 7.—Of
llcial telegrams state that the Ansi:Asa
forces operating milled the Dalmatian
insorgents at and south of eater°, have.
after witaidenatte sad severe
captured and partially Darned doers' the
towns of Pobobrie and Mains. The in
surgents Just previous to their defeat
blew np Fort fitatlevich.
ITam a% Nov. B.—Dbmatebee nom
laltaro announce that the armed resist.
anal In Oaltam and Bodes Mariam has
bean completely sobdoed.
MADRID. November B.—A manifesto
was expenaddrtan ex Queen Debella to
day- announcing her abdication of the ;
throne in favor of the Prince of Alas.
rim, bet at the Is tthoreent a telegram
was received from Paris renantermand
.• try.order Midler Qammtle pallor
goo of the dominion , .
The Amend of Bleep vas comments.
yesterday. As , lbe promulgate
laming through the streets
were of
Ira publics,' were raised, but were
lantedletely silenced by bystanders.
Lortnox, Nee, N—Diepatches from
Constantinople =port that owing to the
combined tit on:OMM end Anarian
mbabners there tea prospect of securing
the tree nattg.tlon of the Dardinensetor
the merebaai marine of ail nation'. The
nipreaantathrns of the foreign envoy.
have been favorably re:elven by the Sal
bitowlto dams a &imoallltal SD artioaSe
Veda dennatirba•
-. 7 --
ST. Prmunrinua, Nov. B.—The eon of
the Bain of Bottlars • arrived here
lad wetek sod wan received on Saturday
by the ympetut., who addressed him
wtifOrttudi cordiality: and entiowtodAtts
holtitatiatheltiesallywdsiloati lbesween
Bawds sad Bokhars would never su ff er
Loans, November 6.—Brectiny.-:
Oonsols GM. 11:1107161111 seearittea quiet
and* steady. Funt.Twantles: '625, Gm;
X i = llid 646 a 78; '62a as
at'lliMeNe. ,• NAM. 21;
NUMMI, 98%. Atlantic. & Great Western,
FS. Morin steady.
a nus,
November 8.--Boune arm;
Balittal TOO
LroamroOL l November Cotton
cmiet; middling itplanda 11%; Orleans,
lx salwf 10,000 bales. California white
Wheat 10s lidi red widen a Ild; win.
tar 9s 2d. Western Flour 214. Corn,
mired, 295. OALS it 6d. Pea Ga. Pro.
ftelent& Itirkltiet lld. Bend Ms. Lard
NY 6d. Cheese OM. Bacon BM Com.
mon Eosin lit 6d; One do. Its. Spirits'
Petroleum lid; retried 11 9d. 2Sllcw
.06.96. Tclipentincals. :Liaised Ott to
Lasko*, Nov. B.—Linmed cakes WA
19.. Mooed oil d 29. Tallow tan 6d.
=tc o dl 925. Spirits petroleum la. 4d.
linseed 6169 d 66112 a. Elpirita tar.
pentltus 286 MOM.
Petroleum at Antwerp 6130 at Bremen
quiet at T. thalami grab; at Bamtswer
quiet and tmeban .
Cotton at Ram quiet at 1 1 8 .4 Mau*
LONDON. NOilnlber 8. 2 -The stamper"
Samar% Alison sold Jima; &an New
York e bare arrival oat.
•C,_ 11 4: 3 n 3 / 4 0 FD; -
Illohittier, nor *Met IN
, Meets a•Cotmettose ter
the Witeash ,Byttte tkittwonSW
(B r laymen won Pm stays ettent.]
thathissit; heventber &—A ihoothig
adiar caurredin this city thlisherneon
beteyn Benham Lied, a inember . At
thi - CIO Oonnoll, front the Ptah ward,
and nev. Wrs. &shah& The latter who
I minister tnihe Isthmus church,
1 1 w M h "to zat three , month' ago
oltagaal flyer bier : saloon. Hs "se t
by illognaptltnan- Lied and they
att ~1411 y apola. land<Jß aatnhod
M Rimills pp to
hot ^ Wens
ban s odSchmit
end - .dellbanelf
hied at M t d. The halretruals below the
ander lip andApiemed through end
Cifeabild Shia la* In a terrible winner,
hot West . ..prowl hdal. , Schmitt dldsot
adotaeleartspip • trat7rwthed off stul
faall id urdy‘f t W , e re arrested and
dt otes=twetii:tilght a nontmlltee'
otlattles was =tonnes arrenze..
meats lot
antsinUon, to be held here on the g4th.
r' ia~~
air Tanana la the giunana t h"."
Mont" November 0.-Ahei tee* lay. ing of the Note* and Naar Orionis Rail
:cad annionnewd ltent to-04y. Many
caniana-laMannaMta Annan:wry, The
pas.laparaKirnr - draVen by On. Mann,
papdana of the &oder. who made a
apse*L. In the mann of-which be said ha
regarded It as not merely tba inuuru
t Won of the ono 'hundred and Wm.
eight Dalai Arorn Mobile to New Orissa,
bus nubs great Southern Pullin roots,
which tide aocrouty: headed by a m *
man-aa Amts. WINS) ethedur7, 7day.
net. eta. Intend to num% entreja•hr
width are now. beitiumudtad lorward
away ward of the ypt,
MOM* i!ull *Han NM ar.
titiTilerspit esters a~:w
Wiles mill
NY. 11.—The hteChole.
Allen mill ll of 4 airbag. to the stake•
holder itobrogtkr. Allen declines to
tlght,itith the endue held by a St Louis
fallt:AlMlCie trill debt on mother
ocalltketiteatip mond biro beeziproi
Charged with Fraud—Salt againat
James Fisk, Jr.—Food for the
Widow of Gam
Gontk 4—No -11naletal Agent
Sent to Epropo7—Elght Hundred
Men Wanted--Seeking a Location
—Earthquake at Manella—Bank
Consolidation—The Erie Brakeman
Strike—Ferryboat Accident—Base
Ball Game—Pigeon Shooting--
Trotting Match—"Toney" Beats
"Louisa," and the "Village ,Girl"
Runs away Prom "Dan."
thy Ttieglopte to the PtinbarghOmetta.i
Naw Tong. November &Mag.
Secret Investbratlcins have vacantly
been had before United States Ocamale.
stoner Osboin In the ease of Boutabae
Mulligan and Aimee Oaldwell, Charged'
With being - -mowed . 1a r , esteadve
frauds, with cartaba other persons whose
names have not been revitabxt. Mr.
Samuel: T. 13/AlAfard is Waged to be
among ttlikaalased partka.
Another act . .on has been commenesd
against . 3. Fink, Jr., by yaw= B. Fan,
to recover a difference of 1222,600 In;
gold trallauttiOn during the . altettlite
day* of last month. Attaohmenta • have
defend issu lined agatnet the property of the
She Tietersaya the Mud started thrthe
widow of General Rawlins Ma far short
of the fifty thousand 'dollars proposecilo
be raked. and subscriptions Wive slalom
ceased. It says It will be little credit to
the Western thatesif the example early
l ab:Ml by the merchants of New,Tork le
;not quickly followed.
Twenty-flue of the new Eipinleh gun
ilmats are here, and live more will arrive
10.0301ronr, to have machinery pot into
Secretary Boutwtlll authorises the Ben
to say that he has not Moat soy agent to
Europe about any loan nor authonzed
any one to set Mr. him. He has always
. been In favor of funding the debt at •
lower rate of Intone% and hopes some
time to get It down to four and • half
per cent.
The Ede Railroad Compaity advertise
for eight hundred men to flll the placer
of the striking brakemen on that road.
It hi reported that a large number of
men, Including some firemen of Jersey
h Ci a y e ,
b n ee d n emp lo y ed
N to e g w o bo p s h
to assist in moving the Wash'. can accu
mulated there, and tight the brakemen If
they interfere.
The(iold Exchange Bank having abol
ished its banking department, is In ne
gotiation with the Bank of New York to
Provide a place of deposit en clearing
tobacco. Should their arrangements be
setivAetory, It is probable the bank will
at once recommence clearing.
A private cable dispatch saps On the
27th of October a severe earthquake oc.
carrel at fdanni/a. All the booms were
shaken, and some of the city walls felt,
and there were many robideass, but w
Europeans reported
A telegram tram Toronto states that
the Royal Canadian and Dominion
Banks have been Consolidated.
The Brie brakemen on a strike at Port
Jervis were paid off this morning to the
number of elghty.eight. The Wits was
acs cloned by thsCompsny putting on
two gangs of brakemen lan weak at one
dollar and eevarty•llve amts per day,
nat, however, reducing the wages of old
hands from two dollar% The strikers
resisted the employment of men at the
reduction, and made a demand for the
reirmatement of the men engaged In
two previous strikes. Flak arrived at
Port Jervis at four o'clock this morning
with a large body of men Sy Special all.
oars, and to net as brakemen. On the
arrival of Jay Gould, Flak returned. Six
stook and freight trains have returned,
and have been gene East- Twintznelve
or more freight trans am Wending on
the iltie hack, ~ Pra annpeny. lety, they
ten eret riti - thei - auert - tbey Wank: The
strikers have sent a committee to confer
'With the Western Dlvialtm, and hare
also resolved not to Interfere with the
parconger Ma= or the compeers prop.
The Fulton ferryboat Republic backed
Into a schooner at anchor In the East
river this morning, injuring her morns,
and cutting away the ibrward and of the
Ladles' cabin of the ferryboat. There
ware but a few paawmgareaboard; none
- A home and home game of base bail
between the Atlantic, and Elkford clubs
took place today on the Union grounds,
the Atlantics witudnirthe championship.
The weather was very cold and wind ,
but the play wee first-rate meted
Scers.-Athantic,Bol 1111 l 1-11%.
Eck fords, 120060001-12.
The plasm shooting match between
Joe. Taylor. champion of the United
Mates, and Ira A. Paine, of N.Y., today,
was won by the latter.
At thettrot today, at Fadtket COMM%
Topsy beat Locale, the latter taking the
tint two heat. and the former the Mow
Lag, three. Beat time DST Village
ale teat Dan three straight MEM in an
other match; best time 2:453t.
Brief and Intereettag Qneen Cny
tits reteuave to the PLNNuih Olsen ./
Cloternnart, November . 8,-Wads
Clayton, In jail, indicted for burglary.
nearly asoaped thls afternocoo by cutting
the rivet. In the cell door.
United Staten Marshal Hiolreaknow
sent • 'deputy to Mattoon, Illinois. Thurs.
day, and sallied 55,000 In goods hidden
there, the property of Clark & Brothers,
Olacinnsti, bankrupts. The Motif of
Oeles munty. 111., bad attached said
goods Mrs Maim o f 53,000, which will be
heard therein Febrmuy.
The Court directed that Timms' dr.
CU) abraldsoll In lompto.nuttrow lac not
less thin twenty thousand dollars.
Collector Wafts% of the Second Dta.
trio; on Saturday and today, seized the
tobacco estahllabmento of J. T. Wllltem.
on. A. Henderson and_Andrew Thorne,
all three charged with thirtmudolent U.S
of stamps.
Taxes collected In the First Matelot
for October, OD cigars and tobacco, were
weir 579,968, being 53 per cent. Move last
year's to
M r e the mme month.
The candle
rap opened their
noadlng rooms
Small Poi sicithir , the Itidtias—Areirtki
It, Saturnia to the Mubarak flootto4
Waxer Beitcron, Montana. November
—A special mementper to General=
Indian Superintenftnt, reports
among the Grammer. Indians From
small pox to the number of awe hundred,
or hail the entire tribe. They are wan
nitttlng suicide by bleesiing their Waists
oat with revolters. The whites have
taken the Meese° In the form of e light
-peed Indians strew the road
from' thelforke to • NIG liver. • They di.
maul & the Indian agent to am ms me•
Odor with the Great Spirit to atop the
kerns Gale on the Lakes.
B kt!agreen to the Plitabrizeh estate.;
Nalol4o, Nov. &—A pie of oonaldw. ,
chip epirmity, anootoparded with liming
of Arlow. ham pnwatled bare sineetiatur.
dat olibt• Natits4,'dbuideN , >aOCC:
coned to ahlWeg. The schooner An
nceudion U 'aWre su Nacicattle harbor
and going to pleoe& The whom; Neal
'barbell, with barley for Toledo barber.
as Wellington, Ord..The eatontar J.
idaald, with Oat 'tor Owego, sunk
no ri lE4mobooner Onward,
with Webs/fo ana
arrived at Port item° winat i w ur a
afore isti;o4l)wboatoilidOksdky•
The Arotutali RePsi "wt.
( 1 1 Tslegesigi so Um Pstuarvilk eat 5134.)
s M e Avondale Bette! Pe
0 k . w 3% Tb e le fund ween
red ot Agleam Desseeited In
Wilkesbarre Bank: on all, as She par
Cent. intereer r el9,9ol9o; laid to Wain!
and ondistel.l lo .7ZlA luvestedln We i
bender_llTß.94 3 ,7lrs Invested In reuse=
bonds, VW; tistsuee In his hands, Inie
mos,• to be Invested bz few dame In
amotluer Railroad Aecktiat-44141
IUM& aaa Otharaßadly Hart.
tat Tsiarrank so sas I.lsySiostis Oustms
• Ciavabewo, 0, Norembn 11.—At Err
old special from k, Vernon, 0, atni
the timidity freight troth on the Ban.
duty, hisimbelaand Newark Reilmett
W 24 thrown from the track. near Mel
phew, blip Joner the exotine Nadi
mro mire. The condnetor, John Otbratil.
aressoseverelyWorse that ha lived but
Ott but
ono hoar. The Armen was neversly
h will probabl7 recover. The
moginserwis elightlt Wined. ,
• % II •
• U ‘ I 4 0 11: DI
POCK O'CLOCK, 4. 41.
inwa. Kansas and • Missouri Judge.
ships--Counting Purchased Bonds
—Supreme Court Decisions—Hou
r otti to the Memory of Rear Ailmir4l
i fßewart.
Teltirroph to the Pltt•bargb Gazotio.)
WAsumwros, Noy. 8, 1889.
In the Supreme Ccaul to dap, in a case
from the Supreme Court of Alabama,
Justice Millar dellyered the opinion of
the maul, holding that a State ha■ the
pewsr to tax the sales of all Roods im
ported from the different States, prowl&
ed the tax does not discriminate
against inch goods, but is general in int
eta:meter, applying as well to similar
productioos of the State laying the tax.
Justice Neison dissented..
In the flosudde case, she jadmonent of
the Court of Claims was affirmed giving
Beeeddes4,ooo se comathedon on the par
odies° of horses for Gen. Fremont.
countino Pascual= Bonne.
Azdatant Secretary Richardson, First
Comptroller Taylor and First Auditor
Smith were engaged In counting the
bonds purshased by Secretary Houtsrell.
Up to November lat. $17,844.500 had
been purehased on scrotint of Sinking
Fond; and pus,ooo,ooo aa a special par
caw, subject to the action of Congress.
ciacuir Junoz.
Ex-Roprimatatlva Martin F. Conway,
of Inaniuk hivorably coanthmeid
Moat JadpMmdcr the new,bill Ihr the
Judicial district Including lowa. Kansas
sod IdtseourL
Immo= To TUJ msmoir
Searard7 Robeson announces the death
of Rear Admiral Stewart ui a general or. and directs the metal honors to tile
The Stonewall Lleonstez—Forther TAW
enoiry—Phis Trade Advocates on Their
(By voloavna to lb. Plitsbnrgh o.oette.)
Eft. Loins, Nov. &—Capt. Shaw vas
examined today by the Stonewall Inves
tigating Committee. He said when he
reached the wreck the day fallowing the
fire, both wheel houses were standing,
and he thought from the position of
things many persons could have remain
ed on the boot sometime after the fire
broke out. To a question, whether he,
being in Capt. Washington'. situation on
the night of the fire, would have stopped
his test, he replied, be was present to
Mane feats, not give opinions. He would,
bowerrer, give his opinion °Maids of the
committee room if desired.
Ed. Fu'kerma, one of the pilots of the
Stonewall, was alto examined, but Ms
testimony was very similar to htsecoount
pnbllahed the day following the diameter.
The Free Traders held a meeting In
Mercantile Library Hall to-night, winch
was well attended. The audience was
addressed by Prof. Perry, Gan. Brinker.
hoff and Mahlon Elands. Lieut. by, Stan.
and presided, and Mayor Cole, Hon. G.
A. Mnklebtug, Hon. Erwin Well;
Congressmen iyom this city, were
°Mous of the meeting. Prahautr
rerry delivered an address, and
brought a great array of Ikea to
prove him don, which were heartily
• He pronounced the samertion
o 6, H. Stebbins. at the protectionists
meeting in Detroit on Saturday night,
that free trade had reduced one In
,twenty of the population of Eng
land to pauperfam one of the moat
andel:lona statements ever made. The
truth beim that before the adorn of
ThortraihritrtlatThicantry, one in eleven
of Its people were paupers: while now
the rate la only one In twenty. He also
stated, on the authority of John Bright,
that free trade had increased wags In
England tensity per cent.
Gen. Brinkerhoff pronounced the Free
Tilde League the best charity In the
muntry, an It will lift untold burdens
from the poor, and make it easier for
every man to earn an honest living. Pro.
teetkin, ba add, ieges the people. tad
aliculd be condemned by every philan
thropic person In the land.
Mr. Sands explained that the Oman
adkrn ante Free Trade League anorted
Its own partisan character. He made
an earnest appeal to the audience to form
• Free Trade League here. A motion
ma made to that effect, which Ina ear.
tied smid enplanes, and a committee
ma appointed, with Lleni.Governor
Staruird ea chairman. to prepare • plan
of orgenisation, which will be submitted
at a canal meeting.
Csavestkon Bill In tbe
of Insurance OClleen, Se..
EDI TolotTopb to lb* Pltaabongh
Neanvms, November B.—The Con.
~ion Bill wee taken op in the tilenste
today on the third macilmg. After oon.
eiderable dhunasion, It waa laid over nu.
tL to-morrow.
Glen. T. T. Smiley, of Nashville. Oft
to-day for Logbraille, to take depositions
in the insect C. M. Hays, of thls city,
stand the United States Mail Line be.
Sweat Louisville end CleadnmilL
Mamma. Nov. 3.—A meeting of the
odious of Ws various Insozance cam
pantssirsa held bare to May to take so•
Me nano the of the tnalusnos
bill noir What UmLegislators which
requires deposal of ans hundred thou
sand dollars from every company doing
Dulaney" In this State. A petition spinet
Its lump was prepared for the signs.
Wes of property [udders and buidnme
The gin boom boom of Thos. Hall, In
Tipton county, was burned on Saturday
N otogther mita • lot of cotton. km
°Same, To Handlou • well known men"
chant of this city and reoeutly of Bi.
Lords, died brim tbla evening yarytad
dimly, from conge•tion of tbe brain,
mimed a fall. He Inavottac lu
ts. Lo
- Innatunkris—rot Dastroyad
—Roads Impsinable—Conntai Wasned
Airily and Corpses and Inteteconsllsani
running in the Water.
Ily Irelwarlk is tba Plo.barro Ossetia.)
Mazola. Yucatan. October % via Sr
vans, November S.—A. dimetrous lona
dation occamel In the vicinity of this
cilia. musing heavy damages to propewty.
Items:al goo were lost. The town of
Mulfadcipeo is completelydmiroyed.
The Nags in the country me' impasuble
onmoount of heavy rocks carried by the
current and lodged In the highway.
The asamery was washed away and
nmativ carpus and skeletons found gut.
In in the eater. Th e good led so w
counts was dearecudng.
Tta Deat-Aleara Canvass Tospararits
Ctssea:-sideeera Assigned.
tits pupate to sae ristsberse utzemk.l
Ac 0 0 1334 YAW, iironfttber
Aiititage between Ado Dent. AO, Oen.
Alcorn has eloped temporarily aljoutoAl
cmm. judo Dent does to wands's
totton tddelal - trneisi,, and Oct. Aloft
to his home to attend to private Ohba.
Ae, today asedipsed thirt
Ova cam rn
s et the army to duty as IIn *data Rf repetrsticin fin the various
Chaim sad Tallow Par. !WI iTieene
pePeeris rrisztpo. • . -
lehr fdearspb lie Urn eltisbina Gantt& •
a/NAVA. loveoper
received VOID the interior tomes ahrhie
that dame still prevails at Puerto
Pile ldD4 The yellow fever has also sp.
Astriner ouTived :0,4127 fittni MAW
With blatant= of troops.
Pim at Ilial= IleL n oont—Ose Mut '
MI elid lefeweeed ley
My TeleroOlt to the Patetoreh 8 motto , .13
atosusonot. November B.—The Lake
SUM sad Nores , blook wtrto deotked
L 1 Ar e Ate thte thortlag. Low:
Oo h mom .
wslidal7432d nine others D
mom Cr.
bee Wend by the tenths wette...The
=yr of as OW, Aost. all UNIT
wattle goods ocresklitsble a
The Cllpper.Slumbee eitioettog Adair—
qapecatea item. and Other lecir.
min Arrested-euesetbeat Acedent—
Lois of llein—Lettieraa enventlea--
Trial of Nev. BMA Not lanCluded.
ter retrarets to finPlusbarshessate.l
Curosoo, November B.—The kinsmen
arrested at an awry hour this morning
In the Clipper Shades 108 Booth Clark
Meet, ibr shooting Alfred Wears, bar.
keeper, ware brought tip for examina
tion ibis morning. Two of the men 3.
S (km and James Henchmen were dis
charged. and Larry King alias Thomas
.Cazool, and Janos Osldwell alcar,43peek.
led Jimmy,” were held. Prom the el
donee given It Is pretty certain that Wa
ters was accidentally killed. The re
solver was In the hands of Larry King.
and it was discharged, killing Waters
while Caldwell was endeavoring to wrest
It from him.
Tito Victory, Of the Witte Collar Una
of Mizereppi steamers, while nearing
the landing at Clinton, lowa, this morn
log, burst her main steam pipe, instant
ly killing a colored man from de. lonia;
fatally scalding • deck hand and injuring
three others.
The Council of the German Lutherans
of North Ameries resembled at nine
o'clock this morning. Rev. Wenzel re
ported that the Committee on German
Hymn Book and Work had eo far pro
ceeded that the hymnokstical Is
ready for anhorhaion, end the
Committee are reedy for further
suggestions. They recommend the
the adoption of the liturgy a* reported.
The report called out • lengthy discus
sion, after which live hooded copies of
the German hymn-Wok were ordered to
be printed In prodalenal Rom, for In
spection. It was ordered that the morn
ing end evening services In the liturgical
portion of the book, except the second
order for the morning measles, be printed
In the German language In the provi
sional hymnbook.
Rev. &blucher. from the Committee
on the English Church Book, reported
that them mid been fourteen thousand
copies printed In the usual form, of
which eleven thousand three hundred
have been sold. The copyright has
yielded but 11,850.
Sub Committees have been engaged in
the preparation of orders for ministerial
acts, which will be submitted to the
Committee as soon uoompleted.
The Sunday School Hymn Book has
been lo course or preparation, and will
be completed as soon as toseble.
The rre onoon. ou rs tree adopted. Adjourned
until after
In the trial today at Geneva, Kane
county, of Rev. Imc B. Smith, for the
murder of Isla Wife, Nome twenty w It
mem werealined for the defence.
No now facia of portieres were attested.
It Is universally conceded that, although
Him are NINO week= circum
stances at:Sebald' to the conduct of the
prisoner, no me which will warrant his
conviction has been made out maze
Min. The we gill probably not be eon
eluded benne Wednesday or Thursday.
—Thine were *Ws= Indies of snow
at Etitason, Ohba. yesterday morning.
—E. B. Tippet', wholesale bookseller,
torday of wade an saslgnment yes.
a to
—Pike, tht n murderer, to be
execdted at , N. H., hes toads a
full confoolonr
—The City Saco! building in
Gardiner, kt wax fatally destroyed
by fire on Fri •
—Dr. F. Gil st, thy thirty-seven
Sunman I the Navy, died at the
Chelaeti'Naval on Saturday.
—The anth coal production of last
week was 393,7 tons, an loersaas from
the previous w of upwards of 67,000
—A climatal' Cbarlottavtlie, Vs,
says John Hen Salmon has been ar
rested Err the of his mother and
—The Comte ry Law is to be sob
_to : th e pilMular vote of • Concord;
Stine Hampebietre'
light. sodear. The vets la
posed to be
The schooner Titan. with a cargo of
wheal, was wracked on the morning of
the 6th, near Pentwater Late Michigan.
Eight Urea were lost.
—Gen. Canby lamed ardent yesterday
port all a ll railroad stockholders
meetings Virginia until atter the ad
mision of the State.
—Admiral Stewart died Saturday at
tiordentown, N. Y.. at a quarter-ped
three o'clock. He will be burled la Phil.
adatedda on Wednesday neat.
—The sash and blind factory of Camp.
bah ak
tkinson. earner of Tweady•lburth
and Green atreste Philadelphia. was de
strayed by Ore yesterday. Lois 8 1 6.000.
—Superintendent Brown. of the Palmer
Palle Woolen Factory at Corinth, Tues
day night was allot dead by the watch
man, through mistaking him tbr a burg
—About twenty emigrants en route
from Vintiota to Miaow% arrived la
Lon!mettle yesterday Morning, nearly
Sunbitted. A tedid died of damns end
—The new stoemahip Hanover, from
Bresnan, brought two hundred emigrants
to New OrMatui yesterday. hay go to
Team the• remainder will uoealy settle
to Louisiana.
—rather Hyacinthe, In reply to en In
vitation, sus he wlll visit Boston In
November, if poolble. He hopes after
bli imam to Europe to again vtalt the
Vaned Btatea
Su — ymg e a d t
C at l evwloa n o d 'c , lock on
on the
Modals occupied by C. Firedburn tt
Co., wholesale grooers. Loa snout 140,-
01A Insured for $30.000.
—A 'ones man named John klorp,
from Brady', Band. was allied, al
o'clock yesterday morning, at thatlan.
tornia well, Parker's Loaning, by being
ought toburglars/Who the ball wheel rope(
Inbbed the Natke.
al Ba The nk Saving Bank at Wolfboro.
N. 8.. on filetiuday night orated off
atom Immo In available fonds and sev
eral thousand dollars private deposits,
—Thailand-annual meeting of the As.
fazdation of Banana Freight AgfaW will
take plate In Loobrirlite, By, on Wed.
imialey, and Thursday , T he prellmi
au nary
will be held at thimialt Boon
at ten o clock a. M. Important questions
tatundng transportationvill be alarnaled
and tariff at knights estabilahed.
—Alfred Waters, bar keeper in . l o w
den called Clipper Shades," 235 South
(nark strut, Odom° was aka dead
while standing behind the bar yesterday
wining at one o'clock by NOate person
unknown. hot summed to
awned Iftnny fipeelaed
Jimmy, who, with hail • dtaen other
rousts were in the dam et the time.
—A special oable dispatch dated Paris,
wc,Tembsr tith. rates that the rondltans
Ica the proposed cable between the
Vaned States ant Belgium. we
on fttm , day. In Parts. by the
Anahrter. The grantee. are N. 13. 1 V
Lite% t E rb=l a gfe . n.
Wilde sa behreezilfaine and 0 by an
—lBre brpke oat about tw o'clock
ygiterday afternam In the Val hat
ire, Selene. Alabama. The who T
ing, wan In Mums tetra dregrered.
Nothing wm Wed. The tin spread
maws the street, and oomumed seven
dweillwr. The total lois la thirty-Ave
tbo•.trhd dollars. The wind we. blow-
Log a mho at the time. bat tartnastsiT mrd
tawrdthe bille,andtbetownsag.
—The placing milt, rah, dam, blind
and basket factory at Alderman 8. J.
stree im p, 70, 74 74 and 7g, Fulton
t,Chimp, took 4.ns about hour
o'clock. 'Sunday mar uhm mod ware
completely. dattoysit. TIM Is the third
time they have been decoyed in the
same wry within year. lair . about
PM, with no laaarenes.
other buildings met were more, order
-..erfike, be
commander at
thi b• gm treed to
Witiegas In coosequiecoar
of car ttsu be rt.
admit from 117761101101 , 01 inontaalt
rale: at etilms that the Cabe was a
legitimate, man OM!, Mrwelosional
by the Cuban- garernment. At. hums.
lon at the cOrtmacconent at big amble
:ti r e lu te= er=bac i :
hi pining pormalan a one ot tbe Dors
of the Island. The tenure a the scheme
no attxtbutOd to Ida ism obtain
coal without running
The °Moore of the Oar Imobow fy
bar salsors, bat are determined Wi r y ft
twain, It they en obtain another ship.
(Mr Telatnoll to the Ytttaeath Games,
Partawer.rata..Nevectber IL—The to.
Dorsi of Admiral Stewart will take place
Wedweeday attawaxat, atutlag ft=
dapandacoe sot. where the lel:mins lie
in state.- aware! Prescott bseerlarad
out the Row Div:Mona ems% and the
naValhOloerellill take' pare to ithdrese
9, 1869
Trams. are ten thousand Smiths In
Tan Nettle land Atlantic Telegraph
Company have opened an office m New
A Trizmuuserran Interest In the On.
widens stone of has been sold for
Snow fell at Tittunitle on Saturday
and &mazy, and good sleighing was,
OLD fashioned English note paper,
stamped with rustic letters, Is coming In
vogue Van.
Tunics bodies, supposed to be of sol
diers buried In 1815, or thereabouts, were
exhumed a few days ago at Peoria, 111.
Tux Chicago and Northwestern Rail
way Company have to pay a negress
...M0 for retuning bar a seat in the ladles'
Tun hog cholera is making havoc In
the neighborhood of ,Reckport, Indiana.
One man has lost forty-two head o f fat
A Socarrr for. the prevention of Cruel
ty to dolmas is about being fanned In .
Baltimore, similar to those editing In the ,
eastern cities.
Moan than two hundred men, under
the superintendence of Gencrel hicClel
bur, are now employed on the Stevens
Saucy et New Yon*.
Overton from Baltimore, eight days on
the road, created a "decided sensation"
I In Ban Francisco the other day. We
should think would.
Tint past eigh yeah exhibit the curi
ous tact that the ghee the rate of duty
was raised the were the amounts
of railroad iron *
Tan Bnpnune of Minas, as long
ago as April admitted Lloyd G.
Wheeler, ane to the bar, atothe Le
now practising Chicago.
Blum, tux p le to an alarming
extent In Nome ons of New Orleans.
The Board of Health have made arrange.
=tents for general vaccination.
Tun receipts of the turnmer hotels In
New Hampshire wine bell a million dol
lars this Mason, but more than half of
them have not paid their expenses.
ALIMED Trusts, an English miller, has
just been fined EIO for adulterating flour.
It wu proved that he adulterated 800
pounds of alum to 800,000 pounds of
Tria Synagogue of the "Boni and
Brothers' was dedicated at Titusville on
Sunday, Rev. Dr. B. Falk, of the Temple
Beth Zion congregation, of Buffalo, of
JAY Coors owns fifty thousand acres
of land in lowa, Seward as moth, and
Horatio Seymour only half the quantity.
Yet the hater makes up in his WiIO3IIIIiII
OYER nine thouund males recently ap
plied In one week to the New York Free
Labor Bureau for employment. For these
there were but four hundred and twenty
eight altuabons.
. Rocazarzi, New York. will be with
out water for fire Famines this winter.
The laborers employed onthe water works
ceased work last week, on account of not
recelOng their pay.
Tat culture of the sugar beet has been
begun inVallfornia on a large wale, by
capitalists who will bring experienced
workmen and the best machinery for pro
ducing sugar from France.
IN many places in Indiana, week be
fore last, the corn with blades as green as
in August, was laden with snow, and the
ripe peaches were picked from trees bent
to the ground by now and lee.
A style of troweins in fashion ten years
ago, or more, is again corning Into
and may be seen on the
They are cut with a "spring" over the
=. Thus &anion, like history, repeats
A Torso Lana named Mettle Davie,
residing in New Orleans, was recently
struck deaf, (lamb and blind, and died
after lying Ina comatose state fir sev
eral days. Phyalciato differed In their
eral d a ys
BIM against E. B. Wald, of Michi
gan, to recover $45,000, alleged to have
kept by him mom moneys due the
government, has berm decided against the
defendant for the fhll amount, with PB,-
000 interest
Tax New Hampshire law allows the
sheriff to have only twelve witneses of •
capital execution. The Associated Press
reporter will be the only newspaper man
admitted to the hanging of the Hampton
Balls murderer.
Tam school teachers of New Orleans
complain of the non-payment of their
salaries since June Ism, some $BO,OOO In
the aggtegW being dim them. What
pay th received was m warrants
worth fkom 60 to 70 cent' on the dollar.
Ar Manistee, Hick, tecentiy. Joseph
Heber tell upon the saws of a gang
edger, and was instantly killed- Ma
head was cut nearly off, and his body'eat
nearly through In two places, his rt
cut In two places, and a pima - Ws Map
left on the teeth of one of the caws.
A KAN In New Yorkbeimme Juan on
Tuesday, mul rushed through the streets
naked. It took six personsio empire
him, and - they were obliged to tie him
with ropes. Be held the daguerreotype
of a woman' firmly In his hand, and con.
%lousily cried out, "Oh, father, It was net
my fault."
A sue named 81dener was taken by
two men with loaded pistols, out of Pay
ette into Scott county, Kentucky, and
there an attempt was made, under threat
of death In awe he reituckto make him
a young lady whose name he did
not &dam answering that he
could die firm, was released.
Fog a cough ml: and take often one
teaspoortflil of castor oil, one do. of par
etude, and one do. of spirits of camphor.
Of this receipt an editor says It was
mmibeel for us when we were suffering
from a cough that seemed as If we were
on the brink of consumption; no cessa
tion nor rest night or day. Wetook and
were cured in three days."
Iv having been stated that Mayor Tor
rance, ofClncinetati, 111 making tbe
" grand rounds" recently, waited for two
boar, on a public corner without catch
ing a glimpse of a blvecoated guardian,
the Enquirer lay" that the trouble was,
the Mayor went to sleep while
lug the vigilant dodge, and whlle at ird
condition, thelbee pamed by without
being o bserved. "
Tux Statepelarinient has InAnmation
that Minister Motley has made important
yrogrem In the negotiations of a Combs
tasety—a matter of considerable impent-
awe to this Government. as It will en
large the duties of Consuls, and benefit
commercial intercourse. He has, also
tom anoemanil In obtaining unman
that Parliament will pear slaw 16 am
Into effect the naturallation beat, mad*
Senate Minisaatter
l Johnson. and caned by the
minter. •
Thema the , "Wee Declared,"
the Oceans ( Utah ) , of Norm
bar lid, says: EL was knock.
ed down
*leand brutally beaten, in the
streets of an
old Judie Bsnith's man' by
writing, 10 P. tt., Iles in
=Man. This eetiloP the suttee right
Lan If we hese got to base war with
these fiendish Mormons, let as have It at
once, and know what we have to depend
Warm imam% estdtdidag
Minn. t crew diVa ago. the flame
kg of pa ckiiricesi lion's cage boson
Waal and the tang of braid; ugobiem
ed by his keeper ialo freedom
pat this eru of =enw,Wahpa
inoaChing, irochtly igs looktag Wu op u s
ruhvga..b=bia, v on
mpoeto iit
ips* iFo_adigonwas piced up by
soma nair d o U2 NM; Ma% gad pq; 10
hie cum
A. maxis of the wondetild
wthe Flower of the Holy Madam Own
successially raised l Matta, Co.u
The dower Is a cresao , while ottp,ll
I A large es alt sa Alm as
Waled, en d loader as •
floral prowlir, Ii the fact that In this
dower is et little pare whits dove, with
plat hill and ern. tad lts heed Imola
u looting over its back. ..Its *lop, fees,
dbe.. are as elwdatoly perfect se those
of feelivhas dove, whose coustespert
this derh l w,Wo vegetable bhd
As Olociaaati, oa Petorday isd, - kt a
steamboat joiner and carpenter shop
Henry Querner, the foreman ana saper
intendent, while putting in operation a
new pawing machine, wu caught In a
belt and drawn over a shaft, between
which and the ceiling but seven and a
half inches *ace Intervened,. and wu
thrown on the floor a climbed and man
gled mass—his right groin torn through
to the spine, his left shoulder dislocated,
and his right leg broken in three places
Notwithstantling hilt terrible injuries, be
survived some fourteen hours.
Tux Indian braves confined in the Jail
at Omaha, the Republican gays, "are get
ting very restless as their trial draws
near. Night and day they sing their
death song at times. Wild, guttural,
moaning cries lister froze their throats as
If they were deserted by every friend,
and all hope had gone. Again, shrieks and
yells of agony and despair drown
every other noise In the pia They sit In
a circle, moody and silent, a dull mean
ingless expression oyez-spreading their
their tawny laces. Of a sudden one of
them begins the dismal groans and chant
ing when all loin in. The sight pitiful
Tna Governor has appointed Win. L.
Willdnnon, of Brownsville, Notary
Boma Meadvillians experienced what
theynday night last bane wu an earthquake shock on
Tux Eckman will cue, In Lancaster
county involvirur some 5 20.000, has 'v
aulted in favor of the plaintiffs.
Dr is stated that the engineer of the
Chanters Valley Railroad has been in
stouted to let that portion of the line
from Canonsburg up to the farm of Hon.
John H. Ewing.
Az the Pine Ridge coal shaft, in Lu
zern. county, Patrick Moran, a miner, a
few days since fell from the carriage
when up two hundred feet to the bottom
of the mine, and was killed.
Tws proprietor of ilLishier's Bitters, Dr.
Hartman, of Lazumater, is charged with
violating the revenue Wm, and is in
custody of the Marshal of the Eastern
baiLDistrict, having been surreadued by his
A FIR, occurred In flarristnizg on Fri
day night last, originating in a hack
building on the premises of Mr. J. Jeffer
son, on Paxton street, and resulting In
the destruction of Ova frame lemma
Loss about $5,000.
Barra KENDALL, formerly of Bradford
county, where he minted In July, 1866,
hu just been divorced from his wife, at
Chicago, on the ground of her desertion
and improper assodatioa with one Joseph
Rockwell, also of Bradford county.
Tam mime of the - Wilkesbarre Coal
and Iron Company
a rand of $5,000
for the use of those of their muaber who
may be disabled In any way. It was
raised by each miner and the Company
giving the earnings of one day, 11,000 to
go to Avondale and the balance In the
above manner.
Tercet has been more direr received
and handled at the United States Mint In
Pd to
during the past month than
has been fcirwarded to that depot for at
least neon years. There Is peal demand
for dee bars (bullion) for shipment to
foreign countries and for domestic use
among the platemskars.
Tax bequest of Mn. Sophialieylin, of
Lancaster, of $l,OOO to the Trinity La• Church, and lilo,ooo to Zim's
German Lutheran Church, of that oily. la
said to be ,old, not basing been made ai
least one month before her decease„ as
required by act of the Legislature relative
to bequests for religions or charitable
Tax Danville, Hazleton and Wilkes
bane Railroad wu formally opened on
the lth. between Bunburyand Riverside,
opposite Hamill; a distance of twelye
sad miles Mom ine—
bildlted, and s ready for the Mk, and
only seven mile' more rennin to aim
=the road through to Hazleton.
road opens a new route into the
mad coal duds In Luzern comity, and
furnishes, N. Its =unction of the Lehigh
Valley with the Philadelphia end Erie
road, the shortest possible route betwam
the Esmond West. It la expected that
the entire mad will be owned for buil
nan by April is; 1870.
Proteettas Pram Floats Mastro.
The Louisville Journal says:,, Al we
have several theatres which will be used
name or less during the, winter, every
pomade arrangement should be made to
guard against fires in them, and to facili
tate the egress Of the audiences from
them. To this end a careful eunelnation
by the proper authority should be made
..14,31. 1 vefirelertizotbarthatry:e7ferigfnwiti
that readan bu itamy r anediala th d e d l u etre e ind rt
Unity for escape prepared. The diso
wns calamities which have oceorredin
this country should teach nato leave no
stone unturned to provost the occurrence
In any of the theatres of oar city of each
a scene as was witnessed many years ago
in litchmoad,Va. - It would be well, too,
Sy all to remember that the best thing to
be done in case there ever should be an
-alum of fire is to sit still, Instead of
rushing we maul to rune lb!
Oak of bei trampledthedoom to
to. death. 'A
little presence ng
of mind will often sue
the lives of many under such dream
=noes, and these who &meat theatres
should bear this m mind and keep their
*seats until they see a chance to escape.
Om Sunday 'then:loon last, at Grand
River, Canada, while three officers from
Me propellors . Missouri and Olean were
going to chnrc4, they tilsammed • mu
butting an old lady in • field at • short
distance oft On approaching the help
less woman, the alma found her to be
in an almost Cmanalble state, having been
knocked down and them butted about the
bead and body several thnes. The dew
perste monster seemed bent on killing his
victim, and It was with great difficulty
that he was driven GR. The officers
kindly conveyed the poor woman to her
home. Bhe was about eighty years o
A LAMM In Chicago, who procures
divot= "with secret, and at cull ex
pense," entered amen imita In two dap.
Late Carla Ashore—Three Lbw L.
tar?irat to the rttrabant Quote.)
Milli= Noir. B.—Tha bark Naomi
went near Manistee, "Ake lificht.
gm. Total I. The Captain, his wife.
and one seaman were drowned.
The bark City of Painesville, coal
laden. went ashore fall of water in the
ISM, vicinity. Rho may be got off.
Crew weft
Adattional Markets by "'dem*,
Niw ORLEANS. Norman 6.-.oitton
motive but lower; tie for middling; sales
mbnissmeelpta 9,923 roil ti
extra at= don ga it=rll4l6 Corn
ewer; new mixed at g 1.07, yellow at
11.011 i, white at 11.11001,13,, old wbite
ii.m. Oats &Hat Stettita, Mend 11.14,
m ba a r l e d e I s a
l hg he r.
Dri miv et 1300,
17 licclearri a% sat m ncy 2 clear a
as Wife. sugar cured hum wares at 306
/a 2Ol Ulla* as 184 3 1,8 X0. kelt at litalea
Sugar in gcod demand; Ibdr at ..11
Slift‘ Mime at ISSISMe. yellow
at IN 114140. Stobeeee Arm prlakatbil
®l l6l l. Wtdakr dalremed; westeur re&
tided at 11 1 . 1 41631.1aH. OA* firm: bar
at lteddite,e at issolve. • Gold at
r ia ti r gi. Wallas at 137 %. New York
Osman% Norimber the after
noon the, grata mar were WOO quiet at
I unsling ed S
SSW . • o. •
aprin=erftei dull; 17 sena the
seller bed Weedy. V 169 X aeller
Demptaber, *Mug Com milet
aud. 619130agasledier th e mouth:
OaSa Quiet lag ataidr• itage Whir the
mouth. In the event,; the guilt; mar
Nasartcu, Novato 11. 7 -Ootions law
MIdalle. 12 3 1 01; good erring leer
-kat dolt • red WS; amber /t let
Irbil* it ga. Wen/,_0..6513.--Ve
IL earteyl l ,l 6 Nerfori toots-
Sue to Mum. llama dee - Wo. Hama
13$ Shoulders 1730. Kurd
blintruth NOtweiber 11.—Cos dull
at : =AM alPaatal.alt2a2 balms exturta.
2.10 beim Skew dull and mictuunred.
Oarivado.. Otte. abs, Bey. r2a,
sto Etirkopst.aa. lard. Ha.
mu lardy: abousient. Inict aidaa SPX I
NO. 260.
dapreme Coup—Faii Bench
MONDAY, November B—The Supreme
Court met at 10 o'clock .. le. Present e
fall beach. The following bosheese wee
=l at:
a Hunter, District Court. Judg
ment reversed and venire de wow awar
ded. Opinion by Read J.
Best vs. Kabna et. al.,Westmoreland
County. Judgment attlmed. Opinion
by Read J.
Eshelman vs. Thomson, Indiana coon.
ty. Jndmenant reversed and the record
remanded with • preeedesdo. Opinion
by Agnew J.
Hoch vs. Stitt. Armstrong oonnty,
re.argnment ordered, per &rims.
Boys fetal. vs. Whet et aL D.O. Ar
gued by Acheson for piaintdf in error,
by Woods contra.
OlMon v. Rendeld. 0, P.
Large for plaintiff inervor runl ia ry u rl.7.
hillier ocadra.
Dollar &wings Baak's appeal. D. C.
bardtks , Bulimia for appals:it cod
M. Wation. cootra.
Asthma Ism:wino° Company vs. Moo.
ney et al. D. C. Arland by Lowrie !Or
plaintiff to error and by lasesce, cent!..
Iron Clty Commercial College via Norm
C. P. Argued by Smith for pi* ,,, f UT In
error and ny Ball PattiMlON wars:
lu Ttenor et aL Wades. D. C. AT.
gP. Lariat for Plalnthr In error and
y,r L b ; Pettentan, mums.
Andrews et al. m. Marshall; and same
oL BelL D. C. Argued by -Bead for
plaintiff In error and by Swim and Mit
res, contra.
Bohmndt at sl. va. Madman.l). Q.Argued
and by Lama, by
noun Barts.
on for plaintiff In error
Dll4llier ' • • •, November B.—Ell.mbeth F.
Denney vs. James Hallam= eogon for
rent. Verdfot Mr plaintiff In the sum of
016 4.1. •
Western Itumrsnos Company. for tugs,
vs. Drams action against iindorser of •
promissory DOW. Ott trial.
196 Lamb va. 'rindla's Admrs.
137 Hembhauser vs. Mato.
121 Gwynne & Stoneman teelarren.
13 Manna vs. BorkbarL vs.
14 Wilson vu. Adams.
16 Siegel vs. Wagoner.
18 Smith vs. Knapp's Nsph
33 Spenoer, McKay .t Co. to Wloob
INVITATIONS to • recent wedding to
high Ilia concluded with "No presents
will be rewind."
Darr& MOB & WILL
Unelerisurs, corny of 1111 b ove3 l Vs
tl , lll !treat, Llttaborgh. Comas et 52040.
errs. • atultllcrwei. • ATM • - •
' ,•6 ,.. bthinpube. . a ..
• •• •
ff.kl& l Wfire m jMi 4 .'
u mr Ttr:
z, vv zr z i n ut
ounteu . f fIAbIiTSTS/11: 1 1% Cfra
1.V111171 City, whore thetrOU
SOOkUi ate frltt net foe
battalion litx.evrord 11= d h . :1 ilialost
gonna, at lark. varying ft= teeloo. tie•
pnt=or Intermat. end Csi•
heeds, If reistrei. th alviops a& .( es
owl ont.
1 17211:1MEMA-11:0130,
No. 4114 111211111121111 M.
Carrlaires Car Iruaarnas, 53.00 Zook.
007711111 awl all Pausal Tandobseffla s 1 re.
faced rates. • we/
L OM— 0/I MONDAT Arms-
MGM.a.tba>w ar tha iliatsra
Manchester litallway. a Pt CCU BOOK ear
Wats, Zight3-Taml:=
Alms sal la.laosaa/t ka.laatlaltalle
mile at this afar" ar at ar Caluoaa%
Marlon mane. Alllesbuy Clq. =MOO
Christian Association
In the Third Presbyterian Church.
SLIM ecoluosathur at Whili'eleek.
07 77W Y031 . -AND
Or rturrnzi.ralui.
mum war a GM
Have Just Opened
Aral aro prepared to afar, al Ike vede
rile.. U 4 lariat aleertosal of
NEW (40tibrots
Itvor bioaokt to Ms mid*.
1,1415Wiy. 13WU. ,
FIPMD te°4 F I CI F &IRTit tM AirD.l"l".
EgE r e ? wzac tpr=lit u al= Innt
item EVI../LO
rutornouNo oboDP.
HAouswitier HVgD . sCalUil LID
PATinat T I EL II2I.?SIapS.
=' GA morons.
3nmx.rivracy 434:1019.
VrAt Tjball
akwure 14
FiVerrEi /WU .' LIM
. i n tOVNIT . 2. I
NMI a„
Whormde and Retail,
7LanB 19 tuumigraiert
Itepah:td and *pointed
BA 'incurs, '
• Opsoate Missals Ilsa.
aftPA Sassiass et pubis..luta a ve.••o•4
Peas slaws ea assa—the best is thiptstk*.
eMV JANE ' IffeoAlllllC. by
"1111 grind. lIIIL artl*,eltrato
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sae complains ta sm. NU op tank.
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os Timm*: , prizApivinnitaikass
wV -as t il 111100°1'174._51214
WO • ros zeugma.
oaregontriwili": -Two patuis to to
T & D OIL-2 banili ..
w 1 ....,' ~;
- Alifir-1110 items .11Millast
THE WEEK LI litnErfit
L. the Lot Lad cheapest
..P.P.' enensheel Its Irene. renallthilage
No tumor, mectuale or roosotoot di , • li
smile mboorlbon.—
Oahe of e.e
Onto of tea
• copy Is forellabed gratattmaly lo tha gaga
so of a chat, of am. Postmasters am stomata!
Eir NO T1CE:9—...71..Leg,^ Cbla„ ,
"Luc , "Wanga,"..ltioul" ...Boadng,7
.se exceed*, rocs = 'E3 rat
be tweeted in these *gamma ono fat
tional tine FIVE CENTS.
y y nusaaracturing trazraett. Prolt=
and Woo rapid Pros. 1111.900.10 etriSie
required. Addriaa. Sox SSI•LST
Sarni P. 0. ,
IpfpliNTED.—A -few dude.' o
Um Mau<awn. esuingorliand SUM.
Inquire al. Yee Bantle[ &MOM/
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Stmt. TV SUMS sad pfr
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ANTED. ='NOitirikEilf44l....
00,000 to LOIS m lar r` or
BM, Sand sad Beall:oak Brakerpt. !
No. ITO Malfifeld dump.
QUAL /Meanly WI. Grail ladepseate SO
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of& day—man 'MAL : 11 1 . 41=
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Leo* Igo. . _
pi.. n 3,4
PLET.—A Fimaant naallt
ltable far • realielima•• 6 1 0•171 2 / 1 nig&
booby as No. 55 Ctuthass •
rmLET , -Foralshed or Vo.
...11ra trifles.
IltLET zn i. Largo. larnisliedl
uNT 011; urto sad • of ftom tuuladed. Refer Kees eaparitd:. W.
CLARK. AM:lawny CIO.
1 11(1 11.. Parlor 5t , .4 Rea Earns Oa • .. • Mi .
ixth Men. ustaruk•!l•o sad Nn • • wit
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ray of Aptil aczt, the tiro arm
arelltng Houle, contain/tut Malin
Urn an Una corn Of SWAIM UMW Ob.,
MI street, with stacht attached. -To a
nal Inca magma •111 no tat Um lenpabe tr .
Um Pewter /m U aim Ilieglilm7.
lACHUSIL ISHOP. wltbcoo4
(Mit: ,a iritr ea
FOR gIALE.—A. Counter ~a nd
DESZEI suitable ibr • B/111•111• Or Immo. ,
pad. Can be ri g its 80. retlSCla AVZ,
NUL Pittsburgh.
FOB SALE.--11,4111,1E cuANCIL .
To dose a partnership. w.arre Emu.
Nos. 90 and 9, Third mane, 3* Itettrataag
NO feat thrp; - You mallas lagh. - 149 , 111913 ii
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pea SALE.,—Emiriries and 801 l
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Partkatan to.a. No. 44 tale tow. . ' '
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