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ittaint ' , I , kith:
Massifs ss fundsked so us say
Aar_ Llks week for 16 caw per
„past .7 bigisa, $501e611,011Th: VIOL. 12.
**ter . being !'aid on Eaat
stejetiAllietwar , to Meetly line.
Y ' - Lletch
Matthews made in.
.. , fbrMaLtbo helms ImtleakAtooMp, of East
Btrattnghamarster4y.thl l strMlt obett
with farceoy. The PrOmatitor
daltrao pad all that th e aroarad
Mole from the drawer of 1M
-*lt wagon. _yesterday morolug. A
, warrant wee Laced.
Irabe Prancers—Yesterday
Janes Freel alleged, before Alderman
--KaMows, tbat Patrick Phillips bad
kebfelnellfrom Wm a Wan - of INS by Wee
representing that be bad a orreern
'sant .elalta Mat iras Rood tar #llOO. A
'russet was issued for the arrest of Pst.
•riek false pretence.
Cteditel is Dab —Yeateraay jump
tidit Omit lax O'ckkir. George Winton. •
young man Id the employ of the Alle•
Ebony Hediraed Company, white
engaged in coupling a train of ballast
ears at EatUngton Station, was ,esnabt
lbetireen two of them and crushed to
death instantly. He resided at Emling-
Mee wakunusertied and bad beim in tbs.
.emPbtrif the company but a short time.
IWO Useipit —James C. Clarkyester
day made information before Alderman
Honaldsott. against Martha Heywood for
ellsorderlycondnist, alleging shen
tered his house and made violent had e
lack on bis wife, who le an Invalid, clap-
In the face, dragging over the floor
and otherwise abusing her. The puttee
ode as neighbors in a court off Smith
field street.. tire. Club, It is alleged.
• was so badly injured that the services of
a_pbyidelan were mqntred In her case.
---ntel:des of Collecting. Yesterday
Itulli - Atatereon related her trot:Mice se
• collector to Alderman Shore. SWF bad
called upon Bean Jackson, otherwise
dedurated u Susan Anderson,to collect
OM* NU; tot Instead of reciving the
rotitevireceived• billet of wood upmher
lead, in an expressive and forcible wa.
It 'rude her see sten, elle ake i re• t ut
when reoovervd, she proceeded to the
Alderman's office and embed a warrant
to be Isaked lbr the arrest of her Impolite:
°dicer Prosecuted
- A =mbar of saloon keepers were ton
ffire Mayor DMIXUIi fewdays ago for eel
:ling: liquor on Sunday. Intbrimatons
Ware made against some of them by
Ilintmizot Hager of the police force. In
rift= they have instituted snits against
the -afloat to "get even." Valentine
Donbas% from the earth Ward. alleges
that Heger broke down his gate. entered
the house, and, under plea sickness.
Rot a iant of beer, forci the barkee
to take g five cents in pa y ment. per
This fa
anti No. 1, and the sewed is like unto It.
He is charged by Charles Slough with
performing • almilar festal his establish
ment, and. forcing the deem open with
such violence as to knock down the ser
mon{ girlyho was standing behind it A
Benswager, of the Third Ward. also oor
robcoates these prosecutions by • idmilar
MD in his own behalf. setting forth star
etantially the same offence. The officer.
la charged with demeaning himself thus
. but likinday.'• He waived a heafmg add
ruse await
the , Blipinth Ward Grave Yard—The
Asa Malden to Conne,d—A Props'than
to Compranden.
dilibadly between the lot owners
in. the Methodist Grave Yard, In the
Eleventh ward, and the cono:obssiotterti
appointed by an Act of Assembly to re
move the bodies interred there and sell
the ground, for certain purposes,, boa
not" it appears. been finally adjusted
yet. The matter was carded into Wirt,
and the commissioners were enjoined
from any thither work until • settlement
sitisfactory to the lot owners could be
made. From the Court below the oom
rniartonsra carried the vase to the Bu.
Teems Court. A project ts on e n d
seems, to anomototss. and to MA
'llieolanditee appointed by thelot owners
have -bad several interabrtra with the
certuoissioners. and for the purpose or
reporting the result of the labors, the
committee called • meeting of the Inti
47. •••• Trir
Thet , meetlig• tmgettleed • eelatt,
:Aaron FlaA to the chairtnad appointing .
ATV; •J - ..oHmnßecretery. ,
Httutaliontes of the proceeding meet
ing were read and approved. • -
Cpt Andrew Miller, Chairman of the
Committee , 'appointed to look altar the
interests ,of _the lot 'holders reported that
the Closualthee lied received proposals
tromthe commbrtioners to compromise
ohlrery leyorahle terms and to give ep.
Weed security for the payment of the
, Mtn report was accepted and approved.
- .On motion the Committee was author
lied] to comprouttse an the terms pro.
The meeting then adjourned till Mon
day, ***dog next, when another meet
ing' will be held at the Second Ward'
School Home' to hear the result of the
proposed compromise. at which time a
full attendance of the lot owners is de
Oar Wrier Sapp
The recent actionof the Common Onto
oil. after the earnest discussion on the' '
question of purchasing the property of
Mesas. Coleman it Rehm, on the elle.
gheny fiver, fur the site of a new water
Works, 'fderally attractathe attention of
mural' oar Moat thouniatint antigun.
True. the Common Council did not nom
cur in the action of the Select branch, or
'rather there vue not the necessity three.
four „ ths to masiend this:oleo. at the meet
log on Monday list, and thus secure the
immediate purchase. The decided vote. ,
however, thawed that; -- beyond doubt,
Aber requisite - majority would be fortb.l
coming at the nett monthly meeting.
- Maim great Changes are effected within
-eV very short Um& Very many, and •
largelylnoreasfng numbers. ask. are we
yet urepared to take the initial . Mop In
• measure that wilt probably Involve an
expenditure or five millions of dollars?
Have all the pralindlua7 enquiries been ,
• suede that such a measure mast Impera.. l
Vively.demandif The site In question
may be the very best for the parpree: ,
Wears by no means prepared toga, It is
not. :Neither are we prepared to say that
it la. This la lair the view of many of
oar-intelligent and well inlbrmed dui
cons. We wed more inform don. Many
„itayla any other Mignon the very beet
..engtitaring Milli Would be olxalstedcand
a thoroughly sabot:Wive report be -set
cared.. for want of this,-many a prol
raising enterprise neatly become. a dia.
gelloafal failures •In addition to, the
t ralirranta of disiatbdicikm they canoe in
vadat ts.tirectiona as to the dusty action
of the proceedings of t h e people
•• of burg. on the same ea 0...• have
been brought to our nCynen. Aber much
disoussion.of Me eablsol, they secured •
, Water Commission by armlet act of the i
Legislature. This Commissi ammo d
the services of u an engineer. on
Wog and' ,
favorably known as the Chief Engineer
of the Phitadelphis Mawr llepartment.
•, Alter three offottheofforatalinvesqudilon
Maims sevenor mote distinct sources mid I
Pions of supply. he presented exerts on
, • the whole inflect, with fall details as to
. facts and Pgarea. Thia report
Published about w month ago. W 4
- -. „base ,vead it with deep interest.. The,
'comparison In d between •S nopply 1
, by gravity, and thetailsat by powposer!lpump
... ing enema M fall of .Interfai Ibr Pitts.
--- -Iteirti.h atthle time. The ..tibenesion In
'-^iirgied - te hard sager. and the simple -
• .. mode of toting It by soap, will be new to
•''-',-;..--;:' .;." many of OW readers who mgard all river
C. - •.:. - ":••• woos nit soft: Mach has been s aid, pro
. the -Allegheny --hod volume -
ittressendiels. bat
who win. pretend to' 'Pr that -attrill ll 4l
laving any claim to respect on tab nob.
• PPM has toms done? Medias= that Die
' naa. within a for; men Mk mug:
- - emanates water worts, well worthy of
; Inspectionr
.. : In .these circumstances the tpleMiau
Say natunlty axiom to them aqua-Med
/ Tub ',the tem, why should not Fitter
. bandy. and herself of the undoes of
such a hetbre going int° an nutley.
jot pu rchase Jbe:pn of a property- which
- la silLglV e W WI by
" d a =ly t be
M u ir.
.emsd two or three years *vine mom In
the project for eupplyinirrhlladelpids by
:parity from Parktoman creek . 8 0 miles
I • ' , away.and this iniggesite another point.
- 4 With her outlying Mateo* All..
• Oen" OW .11111.eoon need . a 'vastly in.
- mailed .wateerdpply. • Though 10 swan
, ttottety;tsooooo to colleolldatioth: lame'
'Dr - her prominent eitisera who. / hare
thought of the =Meek , Inclunint soma
of the Water: - Ctimmitteei - irould gladly
unite in au. equitable :csnisoildshien to
this serest, that tbefianettlidee of.both
OurPorailiml,aboohlt- be.rmited for the,
gra aproaaring fa Ittll supply, for'
14, cedes and all the of Pm.
t' Aft sweet , water. What 'greater bmer i
1 , ;tin tsbe given to the million . : of Inhibl.,
• •Ihat 'wilt be -gathered within ‘
i .
`radius: or seven or eight miles of the
Coors-:House .in twentpnvo or thirty
• 1 .=lEltuelEtin-.• view of ancliponsla. ft,
: .I --• ' : ' - OoarMufloall.
W4 l PaU BOll5
' 47
'•-'.-g ,' , rag* On Entiten. -' " • ~ •Z •
1.., .
.., ' •
`• .I.E.
..: /
t Nr• - • .
._ . ..
-..- ,
„. . .. ..•
. , . . .
.; -, -. ,
. I 7
. . .
XtagVra.{,,g4o4-4:,-WaO.VtAdattaifS22"aatE,'i.7:•::lji.4a-Wilitai.d&gilig.',.,V,Qa--2ZliN'aggf=l4's''" I - - ''',. '--- . 7 - ----4- - - --4 ' 4---- VapazteWASMit
. • i ' • ' '''F' , -.Aleviso , sw , l , . ,
.. .
. .
Animal Ploughing Contest Under the
Atieplceo or the Allegheny and Wall
ington County'W 00l Grafter Menelii.
tion—A Revolution In Ploughing En.
auguratett;-Potiklo Digging by
Were we called upon to select one fac
tion more conspicuous than another for
true devotion to husbandry, for spirited
farming, for intelligent, honed belated,
bard-handed end progressive farmers,
we should unhesitatingly pick out that
portion of our own Commonwealth In
which the Allegheny and Washington
County Wool Grower's Association num
ber their members. With its rich
lands 'cultivated by master hands,
milting Orchard+, barns groaning
with golden and prolific mope,
tidy farm houses where comfort
and happiness constantly dwell In com
pany with good, big, hcapitable hearts,
that section of our State is richly - entitled
to the credit of being the Lancaster of
the west, and the sturdy yeoman's Para
dise of PennaylVania. The science or ag
riculture Is made. Dot the simple oroceett
of planting. as our fathers planted, and
waiting far the yield, bqt It finds higher
piece and , everything new la adopted.
ell gmanded theories are moulded loin
realities sad a pressing desire is ever
manifested to elevatethelicience of soil,
universal the most occepation of man, to
that place It merits in the economy of
the universe Entertaining such exalted
ideas of that portion of our people, we
were not surprised of
there yesterday
assembled, on the occaalon of the annual
ploughing contest of theAssociationlisel
ed; a. hug,. corimarse experienced
c a e g e r d ic in it s u . a T te h e to a ttaendcaintiae
though M en pmro
bing g er several hundreds, might, have
been much larger had, not the weather
been so chilling add so repelling to out
side works, and had not the pressing an.
Warn duties of farmers imperiously kept
them close to their own farms. How
ever, those who were in attendance rank
ed high as representatives of the plough,
troe, and barrow, and front the keen in
terest manifested warranted the belief
that the este:olden of ability in acitl
tort= will not prove fruitless orbarren
of good remits..
rue AnitlreMairrilli.
There was set apart for the ploughens
who choose to enter in comps. Mon for
the prizes offered, a broad, green award,
slightly rolling, but offering very [air
leiVeritag= to the cOrdertninta It was a
portion of the grand old fatal cf Mr.
John Murray, a gentleman who Is zeal.
:main the propagation of new ideas so
far as they tend to the advancement of
farm Interests and the enhancement of
farm prods'. The cianditlone of e=ry
adopted by the Association were goner
out and liberal, and allowed the largest
liberty to ail corners. They- are as fol
L Each man entering hie team and
becoming a chntestant, and not a mem
ber of the association, shall pay a fee
Into the treasury of one dollar.
11. Each contestant is required to glow
a furrow twenty-one feet wide and
twenty rods long and not less than five
inches deep.
" - 11. Each contestant Is required to open
up his land with a backing of three
rounds; Is to be allowed reasonabletlme
to complete his land, but moat mark out
his liThe without any intermediate stake.
4. first premium will be a flag
ellum' sub-soil plow ,• second a No. 10
iron plow; the third • double shovel iron
I. For the best handling of teams the first
premium -will be five dollars; the second
three dollars; the third two dollars.
At if o'clock the eignal was given, and
eight o intastanta entered the !Mid and
with a ..Gee, woe, whaw," commenced
the work. Furrow after furrow was
turned up ln an artistic manner,. and
steadily and perseveringly the muscular
0013/zetanta went over the allotted apace
and back again, playing havoc with the
beautiful green. and presenting mother
earth lit ander kedness. There was
much art simp na licity In be work and
yet even the uninnitlated felt that those
who held the handles were duly Impress
ed -with the Importance of the work
(uretan. little more than an hour
elapse h d and the allotted ground taid
gracefully beneath the rays of the Wm
her sun in straight. furrows and ready
for the barrow. - The judges, Messrs.
George Davis, George Cunningham and
John Metz, gathered together, and after
careful examtztat.on of the furrows, pro
' nouneed In favor of Archibald McMurray
for the first prize, Thompion Simeon for
second, and Christian hailer for third.
For the management of teams the firm
prize was awarded to Mr. Archibald Mo.
Murry, the second to Alexander Glifil
hor, the third to Christian Rerun.
Their decitionsvrens ttn an
,inaltaini all elides.
• saw MMUS.
A. sktifull ploughman, Mr. Ales. MM.
lan, made quite a saturation by the intro
thanks of the newly invented Godfrey
Etevolving Mouldboard Plough, which
destined to work a coinplate revolutioo
in ploughing matters. It la the levee.
Lion of Mr. Joseph S. Godfrey, of Michi
gan, a practical farmer who, at great ex
pease, and at the coat o f two years' Laces
sant labor and-experimenting hew pro
duced thisgreat agricultural Instrument.
Its chief novelly, and Perna?' °Oa its
- chief merit, coming in a receiving self
adjusting mould board. It is furnatied ,
'With an adjestable colter, which may
be used or wholly detached, according
to the nature Of the soil; oleo a friction
wheel. adjustable to any regained
depth. Some of F.he advantages claimed
for tide novel plough. are.
ist. It' ploughs deeper i and draw.
lighter titan soy other known plough.
Wit tarns under dabbles, waeds„ or
COSIIII3 manure, without choking.
ed. The common fault of other plows,
in wet and clayey soil', Is that the far
row ispacted sad glazed by the pressure
of their jrxent mouldboard This Werholly
avoided by the recolobid mouldboard.
I This ban Improvement which the far-,
mar cannot fail to appreciate.
4th. It leaves 'nubble land in fine filth,
ready, without harrowing. for seed.
We mention these points because we
believe that the day Is not far distant,
when it will be the only plough used In
the land. The prineipleson which it Is
constructed are certainly new and novel,
and it scoompllshes its work en well and
fait that there can be no doubt as
to its superiority . over every style of
plough hotroduced done that of the
ancient Egyptians, which was nothing
monitior lea than a crooked stick. The
revolving plow took by surprise every
body who witnessed. it yesterday. It
neatly and cleanly turned Alp its farrow,
and did more. Lt lair the disturbed earth'
cromMed and torn into fragments and
ready for seed without. the subsequent
aid of a row. At drat three who eaw
work, on even land, felt It was good
kir that sod of soil alone.. and waked
thet It be tested where stubborn
and yloldleis stubble 'abounded. Id the
tangled modiste of a cornfield where the
sturdy stalks had been cut snit shocked,
the Godfrey plough , was introduc ed , and .
therell appeared even to orontadvantage
than in chaplain, - open grassylts
work ealled,forth,the blanket Optima
Vann the Interested spectators: sada:ale
lug was thought of f errmoken shoot, he:
the "now igeter.h. , It hird's grand tat.
Map where tritunph Was worib' sows ,
Shing;ittatheWM=rfeejtdjU d g es k ttatili g
sight of. ;Ow many-' Mrkeir widely eai
teemed ploughs on friettoilnds anent.
nunutly.peased a 'reeolution oegaiPeudleg
It 'bore all othenirstad extolling the
Fader work had .perforrolpl. l Enbeel
'goal:Ali the fenders Iprot WI 'Visitor*
on the occuloo met and passed highly
complimentary resolutions to the same
elfent;; ; Ind we heard Many ebythst a
n ew era in agriculture had certainly been
intrOducied by_tbeintroduetion Of the re:
Totting mocild.board plow.
Artingensents kayo breeanosda.kette
manufacture to thlecity, and - fdr..B. SI.
Loverldge, . No. A 2 Zak avenue, hem
consented to act se the agent Me Its sate
10fily'Oetiolu It lea Pend filsentitth:
and must bring a ketone to the dads of
the (renewer tee patent. The one used
yeiterrdsfwas supplied With resolving
mould board, or ormotre ?wheel, twenty
Inches in diameter, weighing Teton- I
ty seven pounds. sod can be used with I
either Jointer or eilter. The mould
Watt let-plaCOd at Sproperungla from ther
faar'aide of the land due in coder to
leavelhApitch of the based proper for
'all Mod" of ploughing. it is made ea Ily
adjuatible by &Mein the text, ao that the
operator can give teeny pitch he plearsa.
Weneeita this patent plow to ha Ode
of the grandest ideas of the ages stidlie.
Sneak for ft the Closest examlnation and
threstigstion of our friends.
•' roils* p.uoreo. "-
Alter thleede amid Of the
), Judges; tthevbs.
itonirepa to a pho
h clar et eld. where the newly inventedned Potatopotato
Origin PICOSO of Mr. Job* ROI, Jr.
businessmanage !of thkplonsh_llrm ,
John -Rill Cts., " 12t and 143
Liberty street, was ... thoroughly
'tested: JS7 adwirably:-,prifonned -its
work, and with , a fabulorli rapid.ty
exposed to view all the potatoes in the
field. The plow big grest-inventlon, end
- witch exceedinglychespiwiil dir away
with missal labor to Ude dlre,otlon.
Tna implemmt , Is the Invention of
John. bail Jr.„ and is. dr main& tosfej. , y
Vide.pop l arity_when its nankeen:lpr°-
, pony tinderatood and atmreristed..
fonr defrock. the entire 'pertynd..,-;
Jammed for dinner to the tomes of fdri, '
Iwts_g,ltankin, in Upper Si. Clair town.
ship, where a sucoptuone dinner,
awaiting. Kr. Rankin derrionOlited,on
the ocessionthat ho amply knew
how to keeps Airst classbOtel 4- and to
seise a- tempting and euloyable Sat
casas mai; ' '
"11111/ITP"?'. r
- thlt PION aMOMY______.
I inks otkoct. Sadly Palute_iiri
... • „ . •
Jeo Gllttllan,- Beery Murray,- 4.3trerMe.
Kee, A. B. 011111lan, JESISEI Coutkor, - ,Tokm
White; Jas. G. Murray, Win. Orr, J. K.
Boyer. Peter Boyer, David Rigby, Bee
ry McMurray, waive.' Cuontni.
John Ball. Jr., Joe. Godfrey, B. B.
eridg6, other. *WM Damao have ea
taped us. adjourned, all highly plesaed
with the Intereulng agricultural coca-
Mr. Archibald McMurray, who drew
the first prize for ploughing, returned tho
award to the Eicsdety In order that it may
be put up at a future contest. Mr. John
Hall, Jr.. oleo presented the Society with
his splendid new patent potato plougher
and digger, after which the meeting ad-.
Regular Meeßug—Reports or Commit
reea—kleauluUnuo, ordiusuees, Sc.
A regular Sind monthly Meeting or the
Select and Common 001121Cliti or Alle
gheny City was held yesterday (Thurs
day) evening, October 28ch, ISB9.
Select Cost
Members Present—Dieser. Cutlery,
English, Faulkner, Owinner, Hall, tong,
Morrison, Phillips, Riddle, Reiter, Wet
tech, and President Sicßrier.
The reading of the irlntues of the pre
vious meeting were dispensed with.
Mr. Morrison presented a petition (or I
the opening of Chestnut street. Re far. I
red to the Street Committee,
Mr. Faulkner, from the Street Com
mitten, presented the report of the Com
The Committee recoommend, and or.
dlnanoes accompanied the report for the
grading of Wilson street, for the open.
leg and fersalinc,of Pump ally; for the
construction of urilteral sewer along Rope
ally and Ridge sweetie from Lincoln to
Grant avenue. Resolutions for the
opening of Taylor avenue from Puls
ates 'street to'vietster street;
street from present termite to Walker
street; Buena Vista Street from north
side of Jefferson to Jackson street, and
changing the name of Water street to
, Park Way were reported.
Plans of the grades of Ohio street wharf
In the Sixth ward, and of the lines and
grades of wharf between L)enst and Ju
niata street.
Toe report was accepted.
The ordinances for the construction of
a sewer on Rope alley and Middle alley
ere laid over under the rules.
The remaining ordinance and reeolu.
one referred to in the report were tidal,.
The plan of grades of Ridge and Light
hill street were preaented and approved.
Tne plane of graders of wharf referred
to to tie report were adopted.
Mr. Wettsch, Chairman of Water Com.
mittee, presented the report of the Com
mittee accompanying which was a rese-
Polon instructing the Comptroller to
certify hie warrant la favor of certain
parties who have overpaid water tax.
Report aocepted and resolution adopted.
Morrison presented a petition for
the opening of a street in the Eighth
ward. Referred to the Street Committee.
Also, a resolution Instructing the Street
Damodar'lon to repair certain aidewalas
in the Eighth ward. Referred to the
Committee on Streets.
Mr. English, a petition for a gas lamp
on the corner of Third and East streets,
Third ward. Referred to the teas tom.
.Common Connell
President Sleek in the Cnair.
Present—Messrs. Weir, Kopp, McNeil,
Hwitiages Price, Oosr, Tate, Hanna.
Gilliland, Thompson, Voeghtly, ComleY.
Megrim, and President Stack-
Minute. of the precedhig meeting ap-
Mr. Gilliland presented a pstiticn for
gas lamps on Hamilton street, Rah
ward. Referred to Gas Cktmmittee.
Mr. Kopp, a petition for the paving of
Chestnut street at Its Intersection with
River avenue. Referred to Street Com.
Mr. km . allege offered a rot/01MM. pro
Tiding for toe removal or a gas lamp on
Hemloqk street from a preempt location
to the 'corner of ilo K mloek atreet and
White Oak alley. Adopted.
Mr. ' Uomley presented a proposition
from Mr. Root,. Robinson. agent of the
Hot:yoked Land Company, offering for
sale a tract of land, about one hundred
acre& located at Hoboken, West. Penn.
N, for a Poor Facto, at a pnce of
per aere. Referred to Committee on
Poor Farm.
The President presented from Select
Council the profile of the grade of Sarah
street. Mr. Price opposed the adoption
of the profile, and moved that it be laid
over, for the reason that there was a
• Leh. -*ars
strongly opposed by some property
holders along the street:.
A dleourodon enured Rom which it ap
peared that the street had already been
gradedecod was all ready fbr paving.
It was finally adopted.
Mr, Hastings presented the report of
the Committee on Fire Roginee and
Hose, accompanied by the following rase.
Rcsoived, That the Controller be and
he is hereby authorised to certify • war
rant in favor of blessua. Loughrey a
Frew for 1422 yd. being in full for lime
and couplings °rioted by Councils. Mr.
Tate, to answer to inquiries, stated the
hose bed been fully tested and had given
The report was received and the rest•
lethal adopted.
- • Wan Mira Dimerrrataarr.
Mr. Hawing.. fibm the Committee on
Fire Engines and Hose, to which was re
ferred the matter of preparing an ordi
mince prOviding for the organisation of
a mild tire department, presented a re
port, accompanied by a lengthy ordi
nances which provided for a Paid Fire
Department, tnamstat of Chief Heal
neer, Superintendent of Fire alarm, a
company for each engine not -exceeding
seven members, for base company five
men,juld for hock and ladder company
stx men, to be appointed by the Commit
tee on Fire Engines and Hose, Elbe chlef
Engineer and EinperlEttendent esoCipted,
and to be elected by Councils), and to
continua treelike during good behavior.
The Committee are farther empowered
to suspend members, designate uniform
and make all roles and regulation' . for
the Department. snbject to the el..
preset of Councils. The Chief En."
gineer la. vested witb all control
of the Department at
see tbat the department is kept in proper
working order. inquire Into the matte of
all fires, and report the same, sign all or
dere for sappiles, and certify bills for the
seine to tkettrOlter, receive mid report to I
Controller pay rolls from each company
and attest the lame. The duties of the
foreman aro to keep the I.oo3llDta and
rollS of the company, showing the ad
mbialon, or diacharge, and working time
of each member, preserye discipline in
the company. sae makeinenthly reports
to the Chief engineer. Ttuilluperinten.
dent eir , Fire /Lam shill 'attend to the
Fi r e Aterni. TeieillePt4. and keep it in
efficient leaking 'alder, Every, , officer
and employe shall be required to make
astir that. he will discharge his duty to
the best of his ability.
T salaries shall be paid monthly.
[Theyam not mentioned In the ora-.
The further sectlon "irrovlde for the
punkilunent, -of any:- perm* -10terteling
with the Department or injury to the ap
paratus. by a line of twenty dollars or
more; also a impppaddng a One of, not lam
test ode bundied nor more than two
hundred dollars for striking false Marto*
or Illegally meddling with UM telegraph;
forbidding all mating shoot the compa
nies, houses; ordering the close of all
tnnes, as for as" prigstkable, on Sunda,'
requiring members to be always at.
tentiance or within call, except dining
abort Intermissions of DOS more than
half an boor, when granted permission,
and requirin g: them also to prqvide a
subsittate Whenever oft daty. Doing
away with firemen's balls, false, etc., sad
hi rl4ddltig any member frhm selling
tickets for such affairs when they ern
gtvenibr tise benefit of firemen or are
The ordinance was road, and oft motion
of Mr. McHell, laid over until next meet
ing, the Clerk being instructed to -have
It printed for the use of members.
In all baldness!. not otherwise noted,
9.0. concurred.
Adjourned. - .
filoiturnal Depredatione..
- Y0de1 . ..11.y; before daybreak some de.
predators entered the residence of Mr.
Arbuckle, Webster street and Gay alley,
throtightireAs window sad atioccedied tri
retiring the house of a solid sliver salver,
tbur dozen sliver srattnaJone dozen:ands
half ;dated spoons, one silver salt cellar,
mustard spoon ' and [sky butter knives.
About yew ago a portion of the Battle
ware treortaken - trona Atte country resi
dence of Mr. Arbuckle, near Welletille,
but fortunately U. was, recoverd span In
a fearsreeks. This time there Mho clue.
The silica; taken belongs boa family set,
which makes the robbery more vase.
Protethij stint the =Mr Wife; 'Sir.
hissahaits residence, 114 Western eve.
nue, was entered, snit .Wstilokadeby
thieves, big nothing taken away. Ths
deer woe found ogees .the nest morning !
_When the hunily awoke. . . , '
For tagdonside PIAUI hi
by curling, and.. Ilinie ;
afiave of ler a bizittioue
tor ekldini •appont
and leeching, -oat et Wilibiaison
lout saloon id'Ko /90 Fee hichlAteei,
paw—am invertisement
nfcCuag a - raltitatr.' Rail _
X 1101112 ° 6 ."3g,P?',197,8*19!-Igar,
The "Bearer' and me wllallso- 11 . a Cor
ner Madet —I tons to Refute the
• °MOW" Arguments-... Intereedng
• 'Consmahleatien on PetrelatmAtidra.
EDITOIta GazarrrE; I have been a
cereal reader of !Mir late articles et the
Petroleum market, and having digested
especially all you have written concern
ing the present (mention of affair.. AM
constrained to believe that your commer.
&el editor hea became an nowliling apol
ogist for the belle, In their present at
tempt to corner the market. I have but
little doubt that your sense of fairness
will prompt you to give publicity ;to a
few remarks respecting the matter, even
though they may not be In consonance
with the statement of the dieinterested
parties who have so kindly furnished
you with the subject matter of your daily
report, and who seem to have convinced
you that you were completely In error In
lasting, as you once did, that there wan
a movement on foot to affect prices. or to
express the Idea lees tenderly, but more
truthfully, to corner the market.
Let us look at facts and let them alone
decide whether present prices area legit
imate result of a short supply, or the ef
fect of manipulation.
Exactly a year ago the production of
crude oil wart 11.500 bbbx per day, now it '
is netween 12,1100 and 13,000: the price '
then was about 14, now it la 15 50 or
thereabouts. The Meek in toe region '
wee then (Oct. 1, 'O9) 263.000 bbla., now
(Oat. 1,'09) It is 292,001.1 able. The lirice
of relined In Philadelphia, Oct. 26. 'es,
was 29e , the same day this year It closed
at 35e. '
The total export. from the United
States is per New York Shippey LUC of
Oct. 20th. are 30,413 bbia. of 45 gals., leen
than for the corresponding period of IC&
Analyts these figures, and we have the
gpurtling feats, that with a mucli larger
production and an Increased etock In the
region, and with a [idling MI in exports,
our prices are. ruling more than fifteen
per cent. higher than last year, Are
they legitimate? Is there no "boll ring"
in the market? Lit the tact that oat.
withstanding the production In Novem
ber of 1668 declined to 10.275 barrels per
day from 11,6513 barrels, toe price of erode
oil receded to $3. and of reflood to 2534,
answer thtiontiO. /do not Imo sight
the fact is
thq n
at the ' , buil' clique persist
(truly announce that the stock of relined
ip Europe Is 260,000 barrels less than it
was a year ago. The statement
is too abaurd for red:dation, as
any one by referring to the accepted
atitheritim upon that subject as received
Mtn Europe on easily perceive that
tide startling fact is established by to
telly Ignoring the immense quantities of
MI to tin cans, (exported nearly a year ,
since by the Devon clique, when they ,
were engaged in a similar effort to ma
nipulate the oil market In their own In
tereat,) they .'don't count this," because, I
forsooth, is not in the market" 1. e.,
the owners are not at present offering It
for sale, hoping, as whiter approaches, I
prices may improve. They also claim
that consumption has largely Increased. l l
because jobbers le the interior of Europe
drew 10,000 barrels larger supply than
the seaport.. In august than in the same
month of lea. totally giuppresaing the
fact that they took 5.000 barrels lees in !
September '69 than In September '6B.
1 do not. Mr. Editor, write with the
view of disarming market prick' but
ratherof baptizing the present movement
with Its proper name.
On the 19th of this month, by a very
singular WintidenCe, several prOtnlbaut
operators called simultaneously for de
livery on the 19th lost at Philadelphia
of every barrel of MI for which they held
contracts. They had on the 19th and for
several days previously been buying
heavily: fir all these purchases, Includ
ing several considerable partials, for
w Web the contracts bed not evgn yet teen
written, they called on the 19 th. The
entire call aggregates an enormous fig
ure; the parties making it dis Claim any
effort to corner with much indignation,
under the specious pretext that calls
were made purely for the purpose
facilitating dellyenea upon the 301 h. i f
they refute this statement iliemseivea
by steadily retailing to let the legitimate
1 exporters, whose vessels are ready to re
calve oil, her any, op contracts not yet
nailed, thereby sertoualy retarding the
regular business of the port, for in a
natural condition of affalra the exporter
is always able to get all to suit his vessel
without the !brutality of • call. I know
of four vessel.. now in Pulladelpbta.
which exporters are willing and anxious
to ad. They October con-
trac lo ts (uncalled) o for the 011, and cannot
get a barrel untti - tbe .nth. I knew that
brokers in Philadelphia have offered to
buy oil, delivered 11911, and sell it beck.
delivered, S O. Ist to 15th November, for
one per cent. per gallon less money, with-
out Laing able to effect the trauma:4lOn '
even at this enormous (Utterance.
lau lame a De/ventage of outstanding
contracts basing untred In the hands of
the "boll" clique, it has been very diffi
cult to purchase oil for this market, ea
they don't offergo sell at any price, but,
on the contrary, make purchases at
steadily sarancing flgurew. Originally,
their Movements were all directed to.
wards all deliverable on the :9th, but.
by way of sustaining their theory that no
.• center" was intended, they hatter re.
meetly changed their tactics to Ineihde
deliveries on the Seth, and have even
made a few lightinrrehasea Pa Igeveee
her and December,
Without going into farther detail It Is
a well-known feet—in the trade an al •
moat undisputed fact—that the,. present
movement is a blood' relstion of all the
other "disreputable attempts to COrnat
the market, as your oogyeeporident
christened them a
thew t r ies two
sago, and although SOUte of en-
gaged 111 It are afraid in call their rant- !
!log by Ito father's name, the family
likeness is altogether too striking net to
be plalnly seen by the moat casual ob
/ am opposed to corners, Messrs. Ed
itor'', I must vantage, but 4 am not the
less emphatic In wanting things WWI by
their proper names. Pinchbeck is not
pure gold—li corner la not a legitimate
business movement, soy more thei4powe
int prices are natural, or titan 1 am a
nsiooaan Cortarerozeler.isT.
-- I Pittsburgh, October 28, lea.
Meeting et the Ormenittee Pros:mach
&Veinlon of the iSoandas7 Lines.
The committees from the several South
Side As:poem, appointed to arrange a
tails of consolidation, inet yesterday
(Thursday) evening In the Council
chamber, Birmingham, James Salisbury,
Esq., to the chair, and R. 43. gram
°Dictated as Secretary.
PresOnt—liezara. Goo. Duncan, John
Nnaser, John Marshy, T. Unnohaill, W.
Elohcaolns. Aug. A.mmon, W. U. Aughtn
On motion of Esq. Amman the name
of Fred. Ramps wee added to the com
mittee, to represent. , Lower Rt. Clair
A committee being to waiting etre
tenting 13aldwin townthlp, privilege was
given It to make a sline otat eme f n th e t in re=
to extending the p
tray and recommending the following
Commencing at the month of Beck's
Run, thence along said-Run to Brindle'.
Bridge, thence along Aimee's lane to
Browneville road, thence westwardly by
Phillips' place to tiaarailll Run, thence
following said Rua to the Upper St. Clair
and' flanonsburgh Turnpike bridge,
thence by the Old Washington' road to
the South Pittsburgh line and thence by
the line dividing &nth Pittsburgh and
Ildimongabela Borough to the diononga.
bola lota talon bridge.
On motion of Cm Duncan the stove
mentioned bonndaries were edopted.
Previtlinta howeve4thatthe inhabitants
of the newly added districts be willing.
On motion, adjourned to meet on
Thursday next at 7 o'clock.
An incident.
An incident that might be of interest
to some of our reader. °warred during '
the present week. the fade of wincii are
as follows: Tuesday evening a young
awl remarkably prereseesdng • yourig
lady called at the Mayor's office, and
related - • heart-rending atorp-. of the
treachery of man. and womsn's inhu
=salty toward nee- erring alders. She
tad “loved, not wisely, but too well,"
the object of her oration being young
man raiding In the Tenth war
Through promise of marriage, the young
libertine:tad sought and accomplished
her ruin. She wee an orphan Ina strange
city without Mends. She had been
making her home with • lady fir the
Ninth ward, who on discovering her COD.
Slid= Monday evening. dorm h er from
bar home, mating her out upon the cold
chukka of . a ,remormlets world
withont' Athos Meney 'or friends
Mr. Pattatuon,tbnifoßtlfnnap l y
eta hearted riatiCat ofnee,
had his aympathids enlisted immediate.
Jy.and - .4om* 10 - 4120,4100 " ° '
pathl Ilespital to see If the lady could
not be oared for at thqt inettitttlaut.
Was Informed that tf - be et' acme other
respondble person would sesame, the
alartinin of her board and other capon.
ma that she would be admitted. Eherei
Inroad t e ther oft= tind the witiodittnati
girl was ' conducted to the Efdifdtel,
tftlere.cbority sitar bar arittudiAltd glite
biked sick and yeaferday the It an
early beer became, le Anatter. Infor
mation wit' ballade wend her seducer,
li n will, we hope,:be Mrought to pia.
. •
brittftretbit will beknandal . No:- 2
Soon avenue, whatatWtertritrelliltNi
to till orders for Gas arid zw,ftm 'Mid&
PAwatatind.,Brairallistitive • aran s.
tamers and those wanting new work, or
POPZllkatini, WUtsbote she done-
Unitcd Mates Cann—aushge ll!leCand.
Tkrznstietyoctober kfr—ln the case of
the United States vs Joseph Soh! the
Par" found a verdict of not guilty.
United States vs. Wm. Campbell and
JaculgJetmerman, indicted for violating
the revenue 1113 V. The Jury found a ver
dict of guilty, and the defendants were
each sentenced to pay a tine of ten dol
lars, to pay the special tax of twenty dot'
laraJohatly and the costs of prosecution.
E. WorMeer, Fred. Maul, J. G. Boyd
and John klegraw. plead guilty to viola-
Goes of the provielons of the reyen ue
law. Sentence suspended.
In the care of Wtillam McKim, itt al.,
the motion for anew trial watt overruled.
In the vase of talcUntt.i States vs.
Fleury Bahama, ted for distilling
whisky without basing paid the emend
tax, a verdict of not gully was rendered.
lieorge Spelling and Fredrick An
dregg, Indicted for • shinier offence,
were also acquitted.
Court adjourned until Friday morn-
Maas ten o'clock.
Soprente Court—Bolt Ranch.
Tut: anuer , October Vt.—The Ellaprente
Court met at ten o'clock a- et. Present—
a fall bench,
The following bushiest+ was transacted:
Clarks appeal. Crawford county. De.
cree reserved and bill dismissed at the
coat of ' appellee, without prejudice.
Opinion by Thumper n, C. J.
litewars's executors' appeal, West
moreland county. Appeal quashed. Opin
ion per curtain.
Klumph vs. Dunn, Crawford county.
Mot:on to take off uonmult refused.
Opinion per curtain.
Amity township vs. Reed.
Erie coun
ty. Judgment reversed. Opinion by
Agnew, .1.
Casper vs. Erie city, Erie county.
Judgment &tinned. Per curium.
Henry et. al. vs. Carson et. al., West
moreland county. Judgment reserved,
and venire fueico de noro awarded. Opt,
lon by Williams, J.
David T. Watson, of Pittsburgh. was
on motion of Thomas C. Imsear, duly
admitted &unqualified to practice In this
Runta's appeal, Wmtmoreland smutty.
I Le w t a o Audior
Ra g ti e d n e s wi th rdeioreocmimonis
to report the facia toads court.
Donnelly vs. White Township Oil Co.,
Indiana county. Argued by Foster for
plaintiff In error. Court declined to hear
Dnraob of al.'s appeal, Cambria county:
Argued by Johnson fur appellants and
by Potts rad Coral:ling, contr.
Cooper era Altemus, Cambria county.
Argued by for plantiff in error
and by Johnston contar.
Eshelman vs. Thompson, Indiana
county. Argued by Wier for plaintiff In
error and by Stewart, Contra.
Township of Burrell, Indiana county,
vs. Guardians of Pool of Pittsburgh,
Indiana county. Argued by Stewart fur
plautiff In error by Thoopeon, contra.
District Court—Judge Idatapten.
TBO➢SD&Y, October 2&—The case of
Wood va. owners of the steamboat "Pan.
thew," previously reported, is still on
113. Reno& vs. Davis Bros.
147. O'Donnell et al, ye. McClintock..
25. Friend for use vs. Chnhausen's
104. Leo vs. P., Ft. W. sod C. R. W.
Oo et al.
111. Roberti vs. Duff.
IV. Troy vs. steamboat °Fairplay."
131. Rectors, de., of Kt. Andrews
Chnrch of Pittsburgh vs. Elosg.
al Gibson vi, Wield,
Common Pleas—Judge Sterrett. 'Deeds for all Like , e&tat Cw.,
TIIIIPHDAT, Odolcar 28.—Tne ease of
No. 149 Fourth Avenue,
Peebles va. Peebles et oz.. previoudy
reported, was concluded, but the jury
Prompt ...ion .tat be gives to the
had not returned a verdict when the I Lau,.
or .
Are' pada... 11 1 b. ik Comlallalciaci
Court adjourned. . ortleas lad. has °Metal mat that ....-
The next CUM taken up wee that of J. mew of welting has be. executed before
11. Q. C. B. Davie ra. Finch & Co. Action : him, it e. be u.d
thesitiCaor ree,rdi d la .7 other dm.
on a took account . On trial. 1 without further .Llo. ooti
147 Phelan vs. Barnsley. 1 Aril_ W. De CAMP,
161 Bangs:field va. Dsngerentict. • e,,3 - .
183 Kennedy & Bros. vs. Rohl. ', Mee, Mn. 1711 TOUttll3 AVIIIIIII, rm.
BO Nbamberg et. Bow. vs. tiompe. banyb. tformeriy occupied by
_Hon. Welter H.
188 Ehatalln vs. Wallaoe's Ex. lerrorteo will omen. In the U. 3. Circuit end
; Mem. Cu... lu Ow state Semen. and ell the
189 Clibba VS. Noll. Courts of Allgheny 00.1. end mahe coll.
1.81 1101111117113. et al. va. Adams Ke- tic.. 1.0000 or ut..^1...0.-1.0m.• /31.:d71
pros Company,
Quarter SMODs—Jodge Mellon.
Thonatiiv. October 58.—1 n the 'cue of
the Commonwealth vs. Thomas Canon,
indicted for the murder of Frank
Beltnecke, •01:141:140W, previously re
ported, the jury returned a verdict of
guilty of voluntary manslaughter. and
rananmended the Kremer to tba ex
treme mercy of Bentenoe de.
James Stakr, Wined for laromiy,
ndallilly , and was sentenced to the
Work House for a period of two monttut.
Commonwealth, vit Jame. Hudspeth,
indicted for selling liquor to a habitual
drunkard, was placed on trial. Verdict
Of papally and defendant to pay the
The same d.anciant was placed cut trial
on an indictment for selling liquor to •
Another IretoAlshlel Pee Zeta the
131 , e 100 IVANT...sod Tates& Sesnevreze
Journey—thaskieintinest or the Open.
—unifier'. True Commas.
hieklel, the oarsman of Cold Harbor,
New Turk, who , :came hither with •
flourish Of trump* to vanquieblienry
,Coulter, the challopion of Me western
watery yeaterdaipaid his hotel bill and
with • few folloWera took lilt denartnre
for the esat.,Jl.o had evidently grown
frightened and ill at we, end trembled
in his boots ke-teas Coulter would
wain cut Me comb on Me hfonongsheli.
It is nut • mete gnats that Melded,
, grew
called: is Met:nth. On Weans
day he wn Jimmy Hamill to
row him rt distance In order
that be might teat his own ability inborn
when with that of the "littlemains,"
who ao gracefully yielded to Coulters
superiority as an oarsman over edema
Jimmy, since Me retirement from the
watery ring, hen been takine to Ida tome
flesh in Aidermanizquantities and terra
.down a hundred and nMety pound
weight when set pp against the weight
of lute body with the greatest of. men
tie le redly out of tri etting
himself go to flesh in • Wond er fu l man •
nor. He kindly cemented to favor ?dahlia
with the friendly Make and taking a seat
in ht. abet! he ,putlea level with the
Cold Marble youth. and a start was
made. Contrary to all anticipation Jim-
my took the lead and bravely keel. It on
a two mile spurt spite of the beat pull
log of the wouldhe ln
vanquiater of Coul
ter. This little stretch was stretched
into a enctinuttaDte of weighty proper.
nom by Meklel and has backers. and • I
proem' of reasoning led to tbeconelmion
thin It would On be an entirely safe
thine to - Ask • ow with Coulter. who I
had fairly beaten Hamill when, Hamill
was In prime coudlUon. boa programme
stoat have been at once agreed upon ,
whereby the rag mold be declared off I
or • draw made.
When th•frinede of the respective par-
ties met together yesterday morning the
backers of Heald showed anything else
then the epirit ofamonimodation. They
picked flaws In the articles, objec ted to
I everything Coulter and his ant had
1 to Propose and wanted to have mitten
entirely their own way, treating the
Pittsburgh sports as provincial chaps
who knew not how to lake care of their
own and the intervenor their man. n•
New Yorkers wanted to select a ref
arse, they refuted to have two buoy
teat■ and stipulated that unless the our
' tae. of the water nut as Month In the
flat of • mirror; they would not permit
their man to go over the course, Expos.
MUD', with diem was In vain, and ef
fort. In the direction of a compromlee on
the disputed ponds ware min with con
tempt. Finally they hauled In their col
ors and declared the twos off, and speed
ily took their departure for New York
city, and those tiro wended their ways
to the course, yesterday, returned db.
The funniest part of the fiasco was the
feet that Coulter had, through • Andden
strain, injured himself Internally while
rowing on. Tuesday, suirtainlng • slight
ordure. He sett Mr Ms friends and ad
vised them of hlacendition In order that
they might not be, deceived lute making
large bets on him: He felt that he might
win the race and expressed the deter
mination to try 'Ms level best to do so,
but he was not overly confident This
Molter wet kept trerdwind moret by Ma
friends and MMt tkoulter feigned sick
ness In order toffivert the attention Of
those interested. from the fact that her
husband Wm under medical treatment
Had Coulter rowed we believe be would
have lost, and It was the most fbetunate
thing in the world for him and tits took-
era that Mektefgrew taint hearted and
drew cant of the race.
The money
,miaranteed Ideltiet%
entieham hitheri $l5O, was dmwri_by him
trawl:4lY sher arrival In the 'city,
Ent an effort will be Made by Coulter M.
get It back, through the ruling of the
editor of the Nqr;Yorit igtinatr. WM ,
to be- aubmittea and ibrerarded to that
umpire In all starting matters.
_ _
, dertlente, aDoototed Vto.tors to LMT
fames and bout'. for .poolog Walken atm&
Toth Walt, Cst..2 I Alterboo• mill moot on tbo
ri th relsitTervi a i l ei r thrg aibangigt
that oippomtmeol.' JOHN ALSTVII.
• - JAhloO io
- . •
L ASIL:PS tiittrehto *e
Ant a" Orilla
9 lots 952121 fee. wended. ordy
Par 4.. 1 4 lota 24.1251 feet. I= - -
ttmet! e Wag . boot l ' entr , e. l e t 0211 : 0
19m; on14.1.;00. Blrin• badge M 2%0149 bath
room nd stable; 5911.1014 - 4 5 . 590 . 2 PO.'
M bidet bona. ea Patton Wert. rach 411,•
.would..s net' o yet. 4
bet. hon.. inelt
nA22ed. ne let o,loo Two blek boa..
pomp. and hydrant., all for 45.000. Net 1`"
toosmd and *altar tot. Imam. Mt 20.00• al,
000-000 math and .1140 per rear. hone
seven roomed toast and lot 114.250 reel. 411..
500, salt rase Prom 0 room. fame bon.
18t0,M. el,Soo—isuo c.....b .d abor . . 1a 1
, SI years. 0
. tota On We rkree . t . ll4r.% )
nit ot 1 VenTre '4 71 111
" ' V , : . 16 V49 111 %. 4
100 tort front on Centro ovromo 07 8 06 to.
drop. .Ol d1•1.1e 18 Mit. oloa. 0. v.-Lev Wren.
from pee ~, • The above property It .11
located sal 9ltbla 10 to 19 mina.. wall of 09
Coda 'loco, and ou t . Not t•ntral Pamenges
H. 10 m acennon Welltern Penna. daLlr4l.d..ll .
=17.. ,t,t7..T,'..., Scgy.nt:ietrOrAm frame
boon 1 ratio 11-La Coon . no.e. 1' 995 ado
111m.r1 Mod.
Persons d PM. to ea... • home or Mate
railocTrotrmn,an wee Wlatang to aett. o.w.
.dare..:"l oCLUMI3 8 2.4111901 9 .
5.9/ No.. 1115 11l and 199 Cr.. arenas
This beaulaßtl altuatioa cannel be RODeS•ed
for Private nestdetion to any dlreotlon so elbar
to both GOA.. befog rely CILIA milea sp
Wentarrn Ptinuaylvant• Railroad. Lay person tuir
Wing Information about Ws oronert• can obiala
It by calling at the urece of the IRON t:ITY MU.
Yeder•l street, Allearbear• to. Item 0 ...• b"
not. to Cr. acres: also. mall lots to •110 0 •
chasers. These is • rood locators 7;r • motnitae
tune. establishment, between the RAllroad ant
Llienbeny neer. =Moe'
FILL tArr OF cientxo mast. on the
north-can corner of wove/Ono and Breve
St.. Alice:ten; ote. front., 37 feet on ellocitton
ewe... Preserving the .5100 Width along 845703
street 1110 feet; thence along Beater etreet 100
feet, preserving a width of 00 feet to Web.,
ftrftt, on which is erected . two. story Irma
dwelling house. wed being the into residence of
'ether Brockton. dee•d. This Drop trews
on the Ant, !nor rut. and sof bratty of Wallas
sod torronndlnes eaonotb. exeralod. For too .
of psi sad further information. Olotilre of
aetlolll lie• 5109 Beater
BALE .—A fiery Desirable
L.' Ties T UP LA NIL coorntolon about 46
arm. situate stall. Ire of the City and
groin ISO mlonte• wailer ink loon m ettenkitt al
the Panhandle Nallrortd, bas • frost of about
one-third or mll • ilea , tiers Creek: all calm.
ble of help, eolt.vated. being rich tutter• load
and admirably rowed to being laid .1. into lots
of from 4 to 0 acres or lent. bowl boom, ore,
pad aod oterster on the orealses. Terme
ear , Apply to, aeL.IN /1 01).
tII No. 304 Yourth Aeeeaa
bind. of fresh lake doll are eLealveiLdll
1/ImoVri ' d Yi.;1:11 " .. AVV:rt.:,:'•o% .0 the Twin
21 :,1,1: ° :, " 11 ,1` ° '4.7e V01.',. : . ;.°,,..g.,',7 4 . the
bu.t.e" reit leo es to al., hereon hmid a
Narticle, mid rah sell White rue. Paquon.
Herr dm Ilisca Pass and ell at rere
low prices. p lee vs l, we will Insure •dm
article. Wholesale or es ; 05011. All orders filled
net front to Forty.Poh street he 144 feet
deep on se 0001. leen Su l it YbipPy Hesston of
loom sal
, erarieTre o ZrstfeLe,oirlallX'recl= fruits and
fr.klbeolo.4.l.llTonolrgoPhir"prjecio:ondootn :et
=ble terms. Apple to
P. CU TH 39E1T1 P
e'n Pe
rDR BALE.—One Two Horse
no.e, woo, suitable lot a gatelener,
ee ewer orgits.
I 000 , weered es. wor AIIIIMIenee.
I 500 empty 10105 1.0 liejeel• for :it.. ware
• p plraf. I . { -‘4 a . re ht . : e, "' ).7.!! . 11* Harrah street,
one... the Pearl 1 150. AlledhenT•
oe:0158 JOHN HT If.E.
ALDZSMAN AND S 11X-011711:110 Jeri:l=oZ (31/
West attest!a gloss tO ottlosToeottt;
adlooslons Deeds Boca. sod Illostrairos ars•rs
Sp, and w todod Dastness Wooded to [...MU)
and troorstolY•
8411117131, fIicaIAFTEEIS,
1113-011 WA Justice of UP Ptiee sad POIIOII Kap
U.sta. Ogrice, OBANT .PPoddt•
Csibedral. PITTSBUItOII. PA.
D«. 12, HAMA
Il i
cage*, Aati5cr.1. 1 11.....,
17;r:=0::: 141111,;`,.1.'"—" IT
JUAN A. wraAni,
POALICZ M mntru or m lucT. Arm
o 2 .11f pa - To STUMM appont• Os C.
WAN, Pittabwith, Pi Deeds, eds., Mort.
m. Astwowledgm
eoned ents th , Dootations mad
ex with Drown.
A.Tiricomignoy-Aivr-L.A.vr ,
No. le 117TH STAZILT
01.1111 IN
Youghiogheny and Connelsville Coal
Askd or
0171 CT /11113 TALE°,corner Butler and
Norton stn.. Liberty and Clip. nowt..
Ninth Woo Second acct.
nod = st Oita of Os. urcaL P. it U. is. 11. I'm..
B. lin t St wittorr of tb• abovo offices, Or ad •
dress to me throve. PCSlburgb P. U.. will go•
nlye prowl m-ascot.
* . 1 1 . 7A1tr,... b 4.111/.
Ito maceb.ll. otegraon • C0.. 8 Blown ll
11:;:yableignti ,Breeal.:rgargllt
Wsn. lA. saber L 5..., Lyon • James
Illervball tie- /Mess McKee A Cis. CoO on Do
rOto:4 Uonnollsyllio IL L. Pennsylvania H.
Ali sbany Valle y IL IL
aSTIIIII 01:010010 1101.090110
udder arty Plow igIIMPAND MOO&
LitlN Mirir'r=dragrautit
monal Prioa.
- All =dm tett as WV ogl. •=rito
UllO5l tbsoagb the olUl. .11 ie
211CWITT e g ial
D 14 41 71 4, 0,
ant OUTS.
wyNgtpri ot
e av i = . OZ 4 ad e t w aaj a y .
R. E. BREED & CO.!
low WOO!) wremem
"...•TO 111V9.11EBS 1 !
000.000 hos Drf Plaollol2lllle
= .
110,000 hot lny 1 oad S tomb Usti_
laooll 4i ff i tr . o&Sltoroploot
10.000 loot Deo 20. 8001411
ita WO rat 11. ="4.11 sta..
ir,Z p 1 11 - I ;Ostd am e.. .....1,
000 b. 0- Wastes. shandy
.. 1000 'FILT.
Jo" Ir. jgre rarloslut sad Cotta[
roa4. as.l St sologangar i g a lroa ad ms
rh ti Itotteos street god osSoor of irello sad
, oouto otooets,lllltltvard,Allegba, lals ar
woe. of lfozobatfor. • oPOf
Attune storm Work*,
IrcanaussloarstrzofWed Commas. Lnegasay.
arson mow. Elmo
V a aV iltealfg% s =3, 81 ""'
•v•orre... Mow •••••••.•
r •
Zak II sat* et. Cdr. 11$2seicIlitaborti,
OAINfol• Months itlvoikto docoologooki
ROOM:Of ,001:1117, .uonsaa sad -rustao
1011101 M -80 bales lielitacky,
La. Ali siost ufeattaltlA cp..
• ,
Of Pennsylvania..
Mee, 75 Federal St., Allegheny City
I.t;et 3 11 1' ffeql 4 t,
R. Ora .D is
teilleei.AliCnear Trust Co.
JACA)II MOM, Seal Rotate
811110 N DHOW. Idayor uf Alleaticor.
IL. C. LA 1 .N. Comae sere-bash
D. SW,eolelt.
In Arent.
Capt. RUST. til.Nstaff Prost_
War. J. 13. CILARK,... VD!. Dr' •
JACOB lairsu, Secretor/.
D. W. DENNY. Irrossearor.
N. W. V. MTV- klitnicas Afferent.
Thee le. home comosnr. eonGneteEo the
Ware".:7•Liii*a_prVir,tibltte'ear.F.Y. 058;
sit' be lowa., on ail the different plane of LID
bmetrance. and teeing conducted on an economi
st' beats .111 afford a tare Investions to each
WIWI holder and thereter relate Dee ermnerSi
yome to iredeenrase hrs. indestre. raffileran
OMCIL No. 16 . i .SPIN .1011, ItTBSJPT. BANE
RimedUM 1. a liekno Company, and
kW ky Ilse e.:Wtvelv.
C. C. BOALLS,_Ytee PreeNleot.
Lama IatINT. BeareWl.
Leonard Walter, , kie•..
got?NkgAel. rtatee,
rob cr . tee, J. Q. ricer,
W. H. OOSAW. Joko Voestley,
A. Loma.
ornaLoss a 4st cumnrin F 57....., $
Chaney. Bancter, • mamm Ms.
ordecai H. Jnattni
Tab lee a n / = Bruen.
Manuel n
petal V et,
a e 44: ll trant..
J. ta.B.DBMI 711 i, A~l,
Barth West censer pad Wood Street..
riiimairre innunna,
SS Fifth &weans. el. •
Capital All Paid Up.
gIg:ANY4, Y - P:Vjg;4: i!°tittn:g7 .
Jake KM, H. 11•Cluraaa. Jas. Y. Salley.
Moms, 'Small, Jae,. artlloelt.,
121. , NEAT H. 11N11, President.
.11:1 . F. JEN ?Melia. Vice Prestdeat.
34.04. T. JOHD. , PoN. Secretary.
Capu To
Inanau o rin. on KU Vile
and Dianne RAM&
WY . P. )11LItBZUT. recretary.
CAPT. 01S0INtS NLACLI3, treAerel Alre
Moo, VS Wet... surest. Spans • C 0... Wove
%Si rtr. aaA LM
rue Woks. A Woe Ots.wwed by DM
..d who are well Itnown to the eatemwdry,
wbo t
e eda by prompter= mein..
Wry to meletale W aureoles which they hen
resatee se etitettag the beet prtoictlaa 10 WM
eta &etre to! Waned.
Alessader Nhalch. Joe.. W 00.%
N. /Mee. Jr., Chu. J. Chute,
Jaren McAuley, WWI? B.
Versed= kdif.=
David il. bong, W. mr
D. Mater,
Car. Nana IL and Diamond, lllogimay,
gitNBILOWNS, a-, 4: 1 0.2 , 1de5t,
trl'"OrLl: Merest" r.C.
°mos, a. z. WIN= WOOD It 11/111 lITS.
&Dm+ OmPay.taktair rte. and IMMO ELas
chwics Arbodg*
C. B. Loy, 1:4
f.t.Vq P, Z ,
dent- •
CUILTSSET OP P1T1T131. 1 11.01 1 .
Wares wan all LW& af Plra Asa Marta.
LW tri
CAPT. WM. DA,. Gemara Agana.
B. L. 7411aortaCkk
4 ' O . I 1 / 4 12 •c. V.l=,
Brancl. 2eßer.,
l""" Cb-U rrt' Cap, T.Letaelaa/a.
art.l ° W . ne.'"llllesa. T. H. Nitwit,
---- ---- ............
Cyr,' or A t..soutrr.t.nober .1. UMW i
NO'r ICE.—Elea led Proposals
• 111 tar r..e•lved al O.* °Mee nod. IL olclaricl
r w.. lduN DAY, November Isl. 19439, Ityr
200 Yards of Best QuatitY of
7o'. dotivenolpotota &lons the Wharf to to
donignsuol by the Wboriza2.tor. •
w. M. rowims.
l opeoressui
bridal, November
so , UN auventer
now wort atu
Ist, at l Valera L,
nod tor the brick rad
Central High School Building.
rum sod scrota:l.llov may Is 'draft rin wpm ON ofilto
.1 Barr * Ma. r. No. a Is
55...."Vrartrtia:14;21Paggne tau eclat)
o r at.; aagla j ar.rttk 4.VAAI . a.
JOUR A. 111:111AMANT.
Socettsty of C. a. At TAAASAA.,
A We S. *ill ne rammed mai N0.. 1L
at the office of the kleard of Masada., No. 0
Math etreat. for samithind 3.00 U LOCUS?
YOT& II fre t
load a .0 from 0 to II Mae. diam
eter. to tidoolivered at Claremont Ittatton.W • P.
II R. on or mime Demo:kart 44 1009.
tre27 . 03 WK. ifTlfddfilhblfitiN. Manta/T.
~h a:?:h„~ al ~Y ti=~
Crrws or Cr, troarros t earvorot.
Preroscaon. Qat. 111. 1.1119.
VOTIOE.e—The assessment for
•VriLl,73 ° V;r4 v 47 , :rasM
rtirertnattos, and ean or rota St I SIS , One untll
MONDAY, rtoreatorr OIL ohro _lt slat ro
turned to tae CUT Triarrarrr . • mw tor roller
0c2:r44 B. J.;•1111008r., Clty liasearos.
trirricin CtrrVanurrat ow, Errorserol.
ritirtorlFO. Mt. 91. 1669. g
OTICE.--The Amassment for
mem, sold parlor of SP. flb ALLLY.
cone last to lath Wort Is parr raft for el
-0610. milt
will to test to UM81.117 Tressursr . • oral Ibt tot.
oc:11:473 A. J. Moos& City men.
OMT inotansn's OMR
ALLectuarcr Ilan. I
NOTICE.—The assessment for
Grading. of swims street, Men Orden
serene to elryttne, and slso tor the (11•4110$ and
paving et DLVINi ante, Sri nos reedy lbw ea
antlastfon, sad ma be seen at the antes of tire
Clq Engineer man
aolurday, October 80th, 1889,
when they will be plated la tbe Menne& Um City
Tv:amine nor collection.
City Eate
(Irma of ePssnta7M 40 0 & . 5 61
nTmdua.lCE.-4he assessment tor•
e, Porto[ 52 4 Cotton( or AreLL
• ,r ,or Murton tolgtiloroberortli..l. sow
road? tor essarloatt .. sad an be tees at nuts
taro until IpluAY, Tfteramer Sltb,. 71
It 7111 be Mem th
el to e Oily TIIMMIT 1 O&M
ft 4 7.114 2i;i:01
insmedsd Me
aa n M i ovir
.1,- to soot sad mots. rjr... a go via,
dtampod and wi Vf tted got
Monad and sotto to Mall slawbon
ossols7. "
191 Lilterty Street.
ykr.conATi ON 11—Ea Wood.
J./ Marble and Promo Imitations tar - WaLM
ana Oetilopof Dianna Lomas. HMI; 4.. st
86.10 i market serest.
&Mien! Z. MMUS I BIM
sae yrs,M st
712 JOEMPH e. BIM= • MO.
Ilaufsetariusof ELM IClLDlOYsaditilffl
alcues m zassosm
utrnitaa AND mrsuis;
„.. .
igiopen Dem.. 7.• fines. from Tumor!
to Cbatkom Street.
etc. 1.•3$ It (Pedals.. and exacted Ay the etty
of PUreharyk. 1a Selni neat rontenoo enamel,/
crlo. U MT." MY41111.1••• and ment
al by the anther - 0y et the now , That the CM/
Engineer be and be 1• berth! aothartted syni
. 1 1rected to sot , . and .pan Vecnrehlter. from
toot 1 i* Chatham @vett. I , eroll feet la •Ildth.
.rd opnealve da , nages sad "sr. balefila
Joseph t.' itelen, bow thward. James !relit,
e•nd rani. J rase. are hereby aopahteel
to se.. ,tanee with .n •et tad. , mbly appeoesd
January Oth 11.04
rt. 91 That any ordnance or port of ordt•
natter conalettne .011 the pa...we of tilts 10111-
nee st the pee. , at tturs. be and the sant- I.
rebe repeated so for a. the Faroe affects Intact-
ti n % . :l 7 inti nod COKie.iiii , o • lam to Commits
Mt. *Atti day of ocioner. A. D i. llll , { . 9 4unra.
Prerl , ret pro tem of select lottedl.
F (setk u orrrz . c...i.
President ut Common Commit.
Attest. 11. 41clat01Te..
Cleve of Common Connell. ocZI
eb. Siamo of lkyll• street.
ALL. 1111reoll•lsos mmll Damao
BOOM, Mad Ureensburg Pike awl
Pens street.
51C110 1. /tre a ortfoltseel mad ettesene l ep
mooted by ntaelepof ea.. That the Pastes
f Wylie street, WO. Sq.; Mallon Sal
Donosn strt. be change 4 Wylie
sod toe meats 0 • Orteutttonr like and rota
.treet oh...evil to I, si,sine.
lin, Tis‘t any orifituknee or part of 0r...b
-eeper conflicting alth the passage of this mdl•
[lance at the preaent Mee. be sod the sante Is
hereby repeated far es the sae. settee dila or-
Ordained .d en acted Into • lave to Column
Oda AIM daT of uctoSer. A. 0. A
Li. mitose
a Pm:Went pr.. L. Da of Select Cons..
•tteat: 1. 5. IdOntONr.
C'o's .
Atte.: El. ata.11.5."14."f L's":""' C""'"
Clark of common Cannon. oat
I a Plaank Walla
Constraelle. .bwir
au North slide of et
So a ontabLea wad ~else by Ow
Oa, of Petteduryd, S•leet and ft V..
efts ristem•led , and tt re bereft ordained and m
aned eruntordy of id. eds. 1 hal
ad .
City Ladne be authorised and direotod to .
Terns* far
pr the ent•traelion or •
pv L•Dk .al ig:uok oVti:ocigz•rieuart
and i 0 let the same rn 11+1,:"MIL11.0 witll ' MGl4 Oi
A•sembiy Ind Clay Madames providing then-
Bac. 9. Thai uty aninaaace or part at ord
eazone condletiag with Ina waste or tido ord
nasals at algidr. at a s
be and the sante
nerve, et p so far as the mote abets Ode
tird.l.ed and anwied tote a laic In Council ,
tb,. titltl. 0n..., Ai D.
President Pr^ tern or Select Council.
Attes t: Clerk o or r
hrlrtt euoo al.
President of Common Council.
Attest: P. YU 11/..,1.111. of COORS Council.
Operas. 111111tem4erger Alley fr.
natal Avegsfae to Pltrarrberry Alley,
by.erlOn I he U ordained nad aboard by the
°try 1. &Ltd grad 0n0.... Vow.
csl4 auserablat and U tuer•by °rata/wed cod
Yorm.d the nurn. ,o t , of the roam That tue
no er be and he la haler." author led to '
et. •, and open Nlllteabcreer alley. from elath
...... b aa , be rry sit,. to • width or Ma.]
(40) feel : and to award daulayea.d bra
odt• calmed thereby. J soma parte, James la
Kadey sod -urban H. Watoon ate 9treby op,
Pointed lo eceordoncoodtb .roe of Amembly
eldlay therefor.
050. 9. Thot any ordMaore or port of
oases acydlettoz bith thy passoge-of carly
nonce ay oho ;memos time. De and the tan
hereby ropoohyd so Da sA Ma woe areas Yhts or
Ordained mdi enacted Into si ne In Connell.
MIS S. del oi untober, A. A..11 11% .
President pro tem of &less ConnelL
Attest: N.B. lsonnoW,
C.V. of Nelms Col o smil ii
President urn tern of Common Connell.
Must: 11. MciliAertss.
Clerk arenas:Don Connell. ceV
. .ta m. Dubin, %be 1 leo between tbe
Tenth wad Twelfth WSTIIR
SZCztole 1. a U ordained dad raar tni
oLee a/ by the
rtilrhurgh. la &Led cutd.Coutaaast
eIY Neu.
asnathiffil. ad It is harsh, ordinal./ grad
...tad kr thrauthority of to man 'lna/ UK
tine be . 'teen the Tenth and Twelfth wards Da
the cud line between the old nab a.d 21Inth
SSC. L That any ordloana or pert of ordlnan
thewith Übe passage of Oils ordlounee
pnuest tlme. be sod the some is beret? re
pealed so (eras the mute sheets Lois ordtbabou.
Ordinneo and enacted lots low to Council
this SOUS toy of October, • Lb 1959.
A. ii p KOSS,
President era bon of Select Cosine..
Attest: S. S. //oxbow,
Clerk of Select Counc
A.l il.
President ofCantmonConnelL
Attest. li. 11c/tear..
Clerk of Common Couoell. eel
ittiaingleg sire Grade et Doses e . reef
trona GYM SO Devitiers street.
B. IL Br II ordsheid arid erectat ag U gsieel
end Cameos CoisseiLti qf tris City of
sad 4 Is amine ordained marl easietedlrte
eurtiorrhr se tes *rag, That the grade a( etan
cen sweet so ebasecd es to wake • eaters
arose from Sr ea lo url
acc. 3- TIM y Errillrowee or pert of ordinance
ossllleting with Lbe peviage or tole
ordtuace al
the arisen , Lime, U. and Lee Luse Is hereby re
peelled so tar se the seine areas Mb ordinance.
=dart u Council.
Precedent tiro ism of Weds 0(00011.
Attess: Z. 5. Mornsow,
Clerk of Balms Connell.
Presidens of Connines CounelL
/Aust. H. 11CIILLA0Z.
Clem of Colitl2l. 0001.11. .87
Out Orphan.' Coart In and for saki c nal7.
la Um Matter of 10. estate of AMU'S A.
Burr, cinto•d. No 33. Arptetabes Tenn. 1259.
And DO.. 1.0-Irlt. emplalaber
notion of lartiana 6 Lanni.. Attorseyr tar 00.
vannunta lna Ceart appolnta J. X. ItcitLVY.
Bog.. Antiltor. • o aunt. Um vv.,. and soaks
dutalbatlon o< Modals Can of ad.. U ..Uttar.
(From tCe aece.t./
*LIM: A. HILANDS. Clerk.
Notice it hereby even that the undersigned
abettor wilt attend to the rhatire or the oboe"
elpolatmant at Ws aloe. N. 111 Great wed s
ilttabargb. Pd.. on WEDNUIDAT. the 20th
dot of wooer. A. D. Me. 04 Use boor ot3
Wolcott r. a. of mid day. at which them oaf piece
those latereel.ed may *Steal. _
webliort-r J. 2. MaIZLY2.
D. w 5. MAMMAL'Snarrim orrics.
. of Fetolais _
PrrotarnOlt. October iso ►b. MO. 1
tVol li t ig the La th day of Oetoboo A. D. 1969,
b• LAM: L .!! O Ban ktrina7N-X.s, 1 1.
City. to tb• Comity of Allegoenvo, All
mad Mate of
Foritytemals, vobo Ma bees Mtn food . Nana,
rapt on Ws mat prtnlen... tn.; the paymont or
spy nanto ••14 deilorty of my potbelly Mimi -
Ins to web Bankrupt or to Ma or am M. me.
sodas Domain of soy orop.My by him are lb,
biddm by lao; Mu •
their Creation
of Um osl4 amakropt, to tame thou and
to Moab one or more amigo:era of bit "atm,
trill be beld at • oort Baukrartey. la Oa
tandem at the Mitre of tb. Rowister. No. 93 Dla
rm...stamt,Ptubergit. Wore 94111011. HA
Frit, 1.0. Resistor. oe tbe MORIN DAY OF
NO. FAIRER, A. D. 1969. at 0
ors 0. S. Mart bals u Ifemont.o.
NIX 286 DEC. TERM, 11569 3. eases em , tiMa the
Beneficial Society
Beth netted to the Coen of Camsoa Pleas of
Allegheny Conath lbr,a Charlet. WI that the
•old 00000 made ea order In the we to the ef
fect thee eald Meter will be rithwel et thetr
sext tem. ■mleo exempt lons thereto van 000
la the notatlma
Whereas. lettere testamestary as Ile estate -
ALISS. ItleCttn SMUT, Sea% Lae of Se•tt
Deer taernselo, .Cleerbeny eeentV. Ps.,.._......tutetnit
tam masted w Me onderalgoe4. by the
of said county. all persons sesta/ elslntett
said Wets are tennoMed - la Present them duty
setbentlestrd roe settlement, sod those ladebtem
to said mute 0111 mats__,mkete2 PeirresS.
M V. Its - Atte,
Tessystrom. Sept. ISS, ISMS.
15.0T1CE.--Letters testaments ,
UY o the esute of RAMISOS. d¢•4l.
• beta grantee to the anderelsned_by the
Itegieter of Allegheny county, at ens nil la
de Kett u. Wel saute W. betsbe embed tomato
papnent. and tense baying elatms sullen Me
igaltne7a.r ' . " rj o rg A Tirer bi r
ee-tntS-g Eneenton. tto. 9611 Ltbeellht.
EOTICE. —AU person* are bodflod not to obalbtaist or 1.994
ZA SETO 9111.92100 aro , sat of bier Ml
%mod. Wick Holt,id LIU Oath Balls
beolog, .Manor mule, blk bto brd and board.
Itorr buband *AI aol, be rapoosibba /or a5y,1619
Warred 61 tirr.
Umber 119, 1669. LZDICUS AULT&
taroweans Olt
" MIMES, 611,
Nave Roved to
808. 886 win we pram,
Oar.Moyenth St.. Normal ate'
mum no. untwist. no sown&
mon MEM rrimanntert. •
OWE intlaled lure It's Mato
alto. *Was to room= WINS sait
Lim pmna.
Dom*. tors BON Sion just Managua pat
Ourmatt OW ftqualo UWE , lOU NW by Wu
t us We Madly Greenritue• Of _•
comer Ltqati saptipazugs.: ,
II ...owl Wro. Ka WIRT WILLI AIM&
And peedtively tut alglbt bet one of 1b.,. es
"airliVri" Iry x VI - VG Arlialober
M. performs.... will coMmeses otth
Slmody li
1 . 0 br to
WII lama.
MistmtTT ITMe• Berne!
nolikeindo with
p.4A, Ryan ........Mr. ftru..7
Wllltamt MMI• en on Natartay
j_ .>t ,tayEna - T l /1 -1 9_ , . 11'9WT,L1-
W. WIL .lAlifl dote lomems.—
TO NIGHT. Um e .lA / Mahal Sea, ta.
LOPIE, and the part Star Chtneolidation.
R. 1330111 iontlnoil on satarday. Adnotasina
Matinee, 25 coati.
_Triday,_Tarevrell t
Last two Darr of the omit Volt tirroxitt
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