The Pittsburgh gazette. (Pittsburgh, Pa.) 1866-1877, October 29, 1869, Image 1

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..1 t ...* , . •.trril p. • . Bt rill .a..Gll, FRIDAY , OCM BgEt 29, -1869
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;•"Prrataainlit at AntierP. GOIC
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V.;',.!‘A'' "Y. &Ands at lhatthrtet, firm
k 4. :.1„, ;0 ,: , .': 1 , -:: Gl ow d ine d In New York reread?
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4 -, .2. _,- ,e... ~4 , aii-jmisr - ii . bas sixtpfour disoros.
- rises oath° docket for the November
term of the Common Picas oom l.
1 , • Tmt Protidelliti Aidlrel4r:Vtitillni
:, -- , has or4cred , o belated V . rhmnalt
'-• ~..-., • : .e.istkilialtitaltiti n ;,l:. , ':, now hate ,
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deattored, la Wit up anew, and the pea
1. Pliztja* 4 . _,,. ~,Aue agPll . ll4ll ' leu ''' '
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-"...... "."iromuts la for o chni r the elto avetit n awakening of a deeper
. :
- - -Z - -- feted in Christian work.
1 - . :::: ' , .. -ill' a -7 b i t l f4ll2nt aute :C.l44li- bet in wen bul the tliti4thtebeell A arti lien uz eles riaL an uad a fo u r by ccoo tbe dmlimeb bruisdn ieol ' x i e l
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lan regya " th7w ber ords li :Om ta in c l ud na. der the
, 4 . l7„4:lollLveht.' kettle:Mat an
, L, . , - -- sop& sparrow as a weans of getting
4 ar the cotton worm, and roes that
1 ~ - *petiole:We dial sittlie &Vieille*
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Porn. on the Union
Pacific Hailmad,-,ituartinAlttle place of
_.400 inhabitant,,-with nto water nearer
than nine mNps, whe•e' pita% fights are
. ..s.: . conUneted inihig canvas teWi admiration
'' • '7,.., - - $1.30, front tidats reserved' fi#,ladits,
-- -' l'..'sox of oithmes packed tatgameali
sent bLexprizfra to a family Yolliend,
- ";N: - _,ll ,Nast ivireekattpme 4tht paws
in i k
~ t an re* in "began" monad Ming
' -4n entitle pp/rated-4e
imhole h:q befil}blPiefilaeletlfgb 4‘elf
, . 'bidet • ,--,
',, irltSirazer an ac of the tAmmt
' - blfl Ws,. Nissen of.JilinoVaima'
they risentSBtete Hitre antthe
two„atid-n iiiilf ;81:relt of grOsindi FRO
4vitieh itlianda to Banimmosaienufs.and
- :atertty of siiiintatexakte dienddenitien
' 4) eliolk 1 000, 0 W cash and the gibunfloproi
;WWI 1 3 . 34# bcgrected itmew State Home.
5,, Mix Kisotun,:the ;mutat& J3t..i.9113
antuderer, buil written
.two getter,*l
• '.-.liidne nn_ DlAtricrAttbriicy4 the'
31t4triedmaking ?Metz Ihrtneimeht
,', , havhtg hie salience commie:date 11Sitn.
3,risonment, 1411211 evemns4--to WWI.
~.mealitionsilypardoned. •••• hlatcW
Nga.... :lie threneenekthat if sequined" he irkinid
4tai,a knife - lido the District Attothipra
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posite =mita of rho ."-qe-- ; ,,,,,,np al tits be':
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P rZ ag by u ll an t. ...i if bone.;
Mahon nell14:0 0 _ 11 Ma
l eza
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' - '4:--to fabsorb various South
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.'. ,, :•-i,; . :•.:1;ri.:•143::-..;: ,. --=iii.r...:.!'
'.,..iii.:;:4.„:v. , !.:.:- . ."-:.:• - :;,
-;,=...v".1-.1. , 1, , • ,- ' , ..4:41,t , . 7 t:
.. •C" . "....: / -
r;!'i- ''..,"• , .. z. .: . . o 'nl ti-thirpiii%k the bOlk of
. z .'' ,mfinternat menus tax. At no time
', '`s: l '. 'was taxed did it contribute
--: - - ad tiiiiihstil'hiveaue
... ' , Ther- past two months. Eighty
144testee pri g i tie s t a ll in for t' Jas he Heat
~-', of the,Virginist districts show an
I:=fei e:'' ' lirier list year of 400 per cent :
~..,....,"•--7, ,J Orilmant.tront e- ad - goads skireao
carriage, last Twarday„ a wealthy lady
'its. Shs7:stitt , dij it Sklitretched
lookh . newo Wowed , garb her
~.yn. .•ft otingeat sister, of whom Shir-had =heard
,Mg foemany.yeara t The ph= innin
'hushed been • passed freer•Arres Dee rail.-
wed from Kansas, where she bad been
-1140wettend , ,left, , , pecans. • :Tho meet.
4hg was , sym*hedei•inif the tearful els.
• tars lode - of' together.
Iti NO at, -Sediedilited States are
there so few mendicanta or beggars es in .
Ett.(e_ols,„lta,P,povitismCdesociatuas , ine
prolitting ethpbsyment " and - otherwise i
atelßilisualtho Pwitait Wuxi eaten-
*lie prOvid for by the churches - or
other bencrobsticbsdiek" expended dui:.
ing us6l.--ehteiiffiessaha )....the sum
441 9 44,21 411 h 1 40A 0 wsitiollne te d'
, adui . peut,i, hiat,t,•looo:dsoodol
by theraitY Coturcila - and CIAO htgua
Potitdlr-tonrtW,Tol4nnMbet` 4
se level s,°is r
..: Nail -Rinalan . ,goyerhMentfentacti w Z
wa k e the•Baoptal,:-Onlylarfele.".
slime a tairtyof tuDafiltesir. Willa lelt
the town or ralatichew. , amk proceeded
tolivelgebtatagmoodiztytray.. - ;,Azial•
'mai' tatha. ;f s unairdedired lb*: be
was the•llotrat.l34 - .IA - 00tchtiednit
'twelve apostits from the party, celled tbr
a human "ettititn4 , " itte.tiettaigentak
once sole* Olaid an a stameem awn.
g0.0.306ch-mabeii44ned uti Wt them:
pose, and burned•alivw qta womatkomets
the dud hr dietart ail beat. two yang
girls thileathrt - Plebile another fftsle was
loviddettoraleegall and thatiliteiallylons
collie= by the fannthelemard.•;" .
No.sooner lathe ilection,oseethan the
ilulavburgb.,FilliiialtssZa two.coltrmn
initnifestpln favor, f Free. Trade. Mei-
Lug Pe eutenie the Jurths-66a, all other
Demikunlleloureida areas Sa.tdturdi "tell
Irttlietiblates on.-the attbjets , tif the WA.
. aimptrbeeimaithe:Pantaillie_plathuln
ihollilgnOted 114 1uee*Pw'' Woluni
warnettlthalabtitir• 4m - isle - a kilhi pm
Dome Of me-DemactmcY oriZtuCf
teuleat4isir than to_ '.: nate
the"pdsitlon it will soon aseunar''
(lon to Ansa*. labor.'sboidC be. chi
rallying arta every methanle slabbed! ,
tag man in this itonntry,rorkproserill.
A Sr. Louts reporter gives his meet—
coppltayntofehe csisesoinferlha Wags
over tint Ifing.ed river Went' (iv.
Saving trade the descent through Lths stir
locks ho found hinfieXfour feet below the
level of the•river, in the interior of the
Vriftlati=cric , „), -*,,,, reit =
off Kolaigoo *woo isseditehtly foet
ollge-s with lerfga,* l4 ** , Bef i X ll4
about ore: hundred nudism:Artists men
buoYMAMlSchtrattlettslorP e n t ak# o ?
worldne and - othils, Ina the All of user
hammering waat fearfePubt - a. tillage
'4-M-->"`ttuliele7jheSitlid :AS, it
pitch Of inne'a e rii*fr ,vT4elpkgßert Are
soriplicd - With hit' threugh ale Tent inch
rubber hose through which it Is forced by
m :
e nistftlt nSr
n in - n l ar l h dr st a h ft r beeaiMnbu lens
.d,wek,.tailbralaited.Wt eolls ckt
Ito*** thiceolg - ;411 , 1=
will divelopeeacteskan
It toitugiug.ietural'W
It vo ltseo . , exculpate Prealdom and
blefiserE l io t ii6te-04 " )61 6414°1
aid _ sioinst Weer 14 : - , theinki.9oeld
crowd This esanlWien will consist,
among 001..0411g5, to timtisiesrtldect
C9:lll.triria,%""4* so
perettillo lot dto sew du ,ol'alll
speculations, and gives, as a name, the.
feet that the President bat been greatly
worried foe fear it may be though! , that.
on acoonnt of Ali relationship to Oprign•
he is also Interested; -_Finally, it will be
discovered thatVoibin 411100. sae Of dls.
uolluWAntallems of privaereratilleLett
dence,gervao purpose of deceiving gwu
into the belief that the ,Preallhelll wee 41n
the pool with him. .
A suattrunatory about a Dlli znim
who is a live man, and a newspa in.
fault concerning lm, is told in the fol.
lowing ParignlPl , limn WS sVMhe; of
Um London steicankirPlikba tie*
of the 6th inst appeared a
hesdoi ".e. Deathbed Donf a ,re:
counting how mamma - ' - ,who
bad recently died inDteardaysip r ve,
had avowed that, although N.,' a
had fatted to convict blot In BeB, hid
mily been the murderceof JaneJecksont
and bad lived a wrocklas 4 l4s since.
Il e , trns efi s thlk #,•,,; ' Sag
aliv _and that therwoove.s.fe,a „,.
Action. Oar share In thein:-Awjon or
this outcome* trulptinni • We
euduunt witer
knave siothingof. eiri,-,Deadtran; - se .
count nacheu us from a render
in fact, it 'went the tonna of the 'Prgs l 4 4
We need hardly aglow much met
to have Batiste in the aircolatio al so ,
Ittitua hotaumay , or tail glad Sit mein
- correct the mischief by Ellrinf It um
4 - eireelen to ee th e truth. ”
rid f ..
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.—: '; :.; '.. .: . '2, 7 t . 'Z';'.l.7" : •
. f'!...1,-1:••7—... :' ' : .'. 4l.':i 1:':.
.....‘ ...N At „ :44::. - T:.....-.
'1,.!4•••;!'ix,14n..?:i? ••- .-.....
vi...1,1.•::-;;L,-.;2.1,::- ...:,:,,,,.
1.:v..i...:: •-.*.i.:,!:.i;- •-i•i;•:..4.!.•
..,7 10.4;4.1:)1 'Apt..
,x1:44,:.b141:::•i.. .;.14:i.1
'.ii4:4-.;::i4 :•.':1,14...,
t , . ,.. '1k 2, '1A'.
r....- 4 .5 - . 2 :,:;:i i v ti r v.
!••••••••7:4,:5.. --.±.."..,Ft.7;.,4::,.--,1,-.:-!.:.
•;2:t'-!..2..i.: • , . :-• : - .!••:*:,;:i::•:* : .
, :!•; ,. .,s2 .
~...-.; . ,
.., 2,
~..p2 ~ .i.,,..-... •
.......,......;.:•.....,:%.i..;,.. :.% l ....,i,,,. : .
-,,,;;„ .;,..,•%,T.,,.....vic,•• 14.,....,..,,,,:
'..4,,:ti:Ni•-•, :4:* i • ..': ',.,
41 , . 1
. .1 . .
•,', ':'.' ! . 1,-, .', •; . • ;,.., /.
..!;•.- ':':
*?•' ''‘ .l. .
''' . ~.: • i - . 2-;.-,,'—:'
' .^.• • ', '' .:.1"; ,
. .
..... • - t• '.'",- '
, L
..-..-:-... :;: : ;. - :.;•:•.;•:• , .C.' - :'
'`.l,-'4.:',4-il*. ltZ : ii -- .'i:,: . :..•:•,'
''. 2 1:1;...,
~ --;.-
...11, F...,„N:•.,i'
t' *: --, • -..4,•?tik1N:1.:,;.:
,•,-,- t 43, 2 - ':, ~v,:z.d.
•, , i*:•.....• - .;•
: '.. ,• • ••; ' ,..: ; ,.. t4.-1 ? .. 4 . 4.3
.1 '..:'": ~7114:':'ftfll::i.rz.xtcg 4"
.4'7 , C -1., ..• .' • ir:
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- , -:i '-'...... '• . s ~.., :).:.Z: ..;,,
.. L. L .V ., " • • . , 4.11 "Z.:,.....
.' S..' . , 7 •,: : — tk. : -,".: ..
... ; -5'1.: ..-,:,''.....:: • - -:•
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...... . . .
. . .
•.r. ~ is
'~Y.'~± ~'»'
.:.: : , .;= - , , :;:.,--;. : ',.:.;:.;.;.,4..
i ~•1
, ,
* :1
$3 .1;54. 1 . 1 .th W ar
After the'
tlevutta- tall! ‘ - the itdrtatag
of Sulfite Oita, French' Press
r 9 -
Boadholde nif Americagi
Viiiiitad 7 •
Wrltetitlettet. blithe Dubliet
Council-41Madan 'Post" on
,--Terdict to
- Vizier of & 4 litibs—
Landin c4 iiiniesit ' and the
My Tokyo/Ph to the Pine:m.lre Pos.tte.l
Lpxr, Oetnber 28.—The Dublin Ans.
wily WISE,* Indriegineeir
ing in that city. test evening, and =ant
reonnly adOpted n reneltitton expressing
regret at. Mx. Glischnntse'nrefttaa
kiiiiitne Fedi* and'
'leg thelr..ei.74tega.• em, wnti t igte t tie
Weldon tied tis Vizie r twit • Miftlanne
tbrotetholg ,
Lartacierj,Ottober, OurgUsh
holders Of &Uinta, & Ofeet Western and
Eris railroad •alihee vie oreselifpg for
the purpose of liiinittitt '44011-4ft the
American courts in the prosecution of
their claims
.28.-1114 p .._oootone
Initlegi ISM 10- ihkloWitediusell
of thili MWty. expressing his Wish°.
.. that. of I,:)*ail;4lglegoos,
Mr the' tm:Mk.' 'by' the
My of D ublin
to enew limn acthslact In regsrd
tithe triati_Pbuteb legialagau atirthig
tettNi* Aso:ev 00 Dieilenelikeis Mr..
Gladstone ecknewledges the solemn ob:
ligation he is imdegto deal to the ben of
ability with other subjects affecting
the welfare agial„,, Withmapeto
Mfg ilrolMEDSOMilla
titfdre Mem - Me' government to
giTs effsektsa:sn .for elemenors
founded on the most honorable motives.
Theisatdaa:b Shen conittislrWali its
bearings. Mid the reasons green dude.
eying an amnesty.
00123:3 612" 3 lrhat e h rs e ge . llsel P "l iuth ..G . Isitatoari fed
perming deoles was to release thafernlan
prisoners - He knew the Prodder was
determined to settle the land question '
the same effectual manner Ia which, he
had Nettled the March question, end that
he ma resolvedto &Eolith the extermin
ating policy of the landlords.
Emestrao.Oetoher the Gran of
&Mons Wilcox &Gibbs obtained
a verdict against Wm. Sterling a, cony
or. wasenr: fre denim* and Mets for
infringement Of their patent, and prohi
bition of defendants from further in
Lames. October 2&.-.The Fort., com
menting on the action of General Grant
in regard toellieritO
of dent ldr=lailon. saYs
the habits and ilib Grant
are a sure guarantee that he
do his duty ImpartiallY to all par
, ties. His character as a saddler
will protect blot teem tempt:Woos to
vdttell Mem who Make Inaltbut • •
trade -
frequently yield. Ells judinnen,
sea ststesumn remains lobe tried. Tbusn
ler be bee even edelmate at. atarearain..
pnidenae end good
tempornry Ware of Ow Alithentle temper. nua Th&
tuitions led bum' to *lndy' peened* ;n e t
reopening of the subject. The coursebe
bseptusued with respect to Clabiklgaral
that Wireless melons for the aggisndite
meat of the Union,he Is resolved to ob.
serve faithfully tbthitles pancribed Io
the international law.
.October 2110—The Tones to
day. We , 10. article on the clamor for
Fenian amnesty, nays many govern
ments, as well, se that of England, for
merly regarded rebellion as transcend.
Ang ,OZ . Vocei and tie 'one to tie
Weto Ate to
t now looks on It as more
fraught than ottlizetryesitnes, with ruin-.
OttliconselitMacritothe puce and pros
parity,. of the country. as springing
from the rams Mtractaidlity tif • temper
and self•tilsregsni of the welhoe which
prompt, common litination, and as re.
nutting the mum standard of punish
ment. When •It fa - Osestaistrated that
the Fenian have harder Work worselbod
undrbstiberinithan ciboria:dais
If will be time to sconaed Mr. Gladstone ,
of being le se senastiso to.injutuke. ' , ben
practiced on his fellow countrymen. than
- when indicted on ibtalatteet - Whim the
government refuses to act toward the re.
111 if 111 Were simply oe mien
recM, Mr . Gladstado mck afford etd to twat
• With indidbrente theiniptddida that be
his turned renegade from his generous
principles of 166 E
L 3
Havana, October . 215.-,The Spanish
0:6104"ZIK PLUM , 'and ~ A tcitttiv iniye
for the piirpnte of look
-1132 after tbeateanteciAlluin•
Serb= -fraud, bavelidely been dlr
canoed in the government bonded ware
home.. Me' Judge, a , ,tblg criapreme
Coot, the Transurer, and Captain GM
era Deetlasa„ in s . engaged inlictirliialS
znakellr. ; #
eltie , mi -in thi *got
Aldaman naday, sold at t pattdie auo•
lion by caodstat.ttreSaintriintemt.
Us. inenrgent' AnnealEClevada ;lige
herbed the tothswitg ardor - to - Ua Mims
underho ucnitnentlt s nal" prohltdo the
owner pr o *ill begin td grind
inigar taw es an auk, fialerAnd *anew.
aralexpe . ottehirisuberdinabla biirh`the
Cenenelde ea soon as tbacane be dry..
P~attL October 26 bra I
been appotote4torairpof the
P=1174%, Lange.
-7WOrded:Jollas' treitral
tailed Navy, hmarrived.hera. ,
The 'atinietersi have • derided not to
Oneweettrithe piWfor inrat tap recent
violatiorwatheipreorlaw. 3•
The c olo nenunen 'amain*
lairati,:lorl his •oonhection
with the late --
, .-
—jeetnicastiter. - who 'samosa' Ed
dae at eineitinati - hare refitit,, died at
four o'clock Mb morning.
Paerrourn,Cootober 28.=Intio Ammar
Inlet He* )rork. ted mil tO•day.,
gorarerowlr. °WOW 2e.Theteani.
shl y England, from New York. Arrived
el MARCUM Aar" COMlREacillami:
ZW9jikiteMettelie Ann _PIP
87 1'. 9b
:••^%..11,1Mt.8=. I. ;
Atlante ey r.sad
Great Western, 25. - Bullion Bank of
England decreased '52128,1X0 on week.
Perms, Oct. 23..-Bounte dren. Rants%
712. 1150,..iltellfok llank!Of I ritutoot do.
crossed 600,0082
,Limincem.Oeteber2S--Cericto Muer:
rolddllng Wanda 174.3 Orleans Mal
ti l ts ti g 11,000..tsles. geadikAndia white
hest, let.'/Sd.; Bed Wadden No.
2.4 .04.; :Bed Western, 94.2d,-.lrkstr:
113. dd. Corn: netsedildS. 801,0,0415 t
Bs. 6d. - Peas: 48 1 . on spot r agog,
Pori: I.l2Sedde - Beek M. , Lend dmier
.• Masse Bacons $11,47r
' 2 BoErits 'Petroleum : lima; La
seed 1311, • 1.
Airwenr, ()cipher tit.— Petiolerua
'lir:ow Weber 211‘...-4:l.ftm quiet:
I „ -Faurtraerr, October 28.- , U. 8. Bonds
Wows (Sty Counthoten t -the Clty of
Brotherly Lots.
ter eermoo to tza rutremoolieetto 3
PrimarorrantA. October • 21 lAIS
evmlos thkilelegathht pf,,Clncinuoil
Ootoootrollo,settolasd been oloUlog mg,
orst oMelirrived here. This Mangos
they/hem taken to the Vallee States
Mint lusti Altos Homo. Tomorrow meY
Mil That the gmayrorks.
AtmdDLltie Colored
orylererreoh to the Irlttabarth 13stettel
BOXIGH , October 111.—Gov. Holden
Imaertrollea hargerittid.r of negro mili
tia, *nlehlLL'repoiaxl will ehortl ip be
gifsanripire fi t dAybsit i r condi tO
MW4 there in pre.
le.,==siritititigreritt from the
counW OP In the eity,rery anxious to
be idao. It is midarms are nightl of
e ohipp to-various points for the me
olo ed r4
lßr Towage re the Pirlebsegh dartito 3
liteltrlNo22. October gB.—At the mu.
►eleetioeesidrde•N lere M e
12,0 M 'rotatedfor the Deateeratle
dldate. 6,15 for the Republican end 750"
far the workingmen's. The number 'of
registered voters It the city is 41,21.1.
stesniship Rem /Oorri
and Alen:anis, from Southampton hare
=f aulrea.
'~4P'•Y.OSIC € ~«'Y.
Tbe focilar ilcience
—Valuable Papers Head
lititik6S4l,o44t 4 . •;‘.k.
(D tallemph Wawa Plitsberili-nantio.)
- igirtV TOlll*Oet. 28, 1869.
Gen. Gadleld's paper wan read at the
;noting of the, Douai Aiciance Conven
lineervitting: -BOO' the 'Anted
can census should Dirdlilk-e, muster roll
Of the +Work= peoplii4owing. as far
iatit la pondble for fignoirba show, their
intellect it and moral
I idierilt ebnitid Critride itkgdtb an
antotig. shoe'
hag Inverted: it Nhould exhibit
: the of Feeniatild .to'iralth, by
showing t*.diatribution, of the one and
aorsailonaidlid r inifitetiles of the other.
The WPM, Annan of the United States
Will bit far tible li/throning and Impor
tant than any of its eight predecessors.
Dltitti Vain litittekof Its Wear, Got] da
tion his doubtless greatly increased In
population and to wealth. ~..
George Wm. Curtis' paper on the Civil
liftql 9 4S..e - litreng articulate mess
tit eyetem Ss the madignorant,
wasteful, and destrucuye possible. It
not only fosters Wheal saruption. but
it poisone.theoring of moral action in
the nation itself, and so 'endanger* 'le
permanence, violating the fundamental
principles of thriftsad economy.
At to-day's session, Joseph D. Point.
President or the Empire Trearportation
ComPany.~ road a paper on Try:sports.
non as a Me. dee. No effective 'method
for the protection vd. Alteletbile kindest
excessive charges ha. beat devised.
Government; • as 'trans;
porter, has ,tale • WOO, -.AKA ; found
,wanting. 'lm t/edit& Ce — ilid moat,
AINATe be, & '
'Ades - iateald - be permitted - amount
to meet fair expends, and fair profit or
Peoienteltetanstbe tatereateobenni,Which
latter should alwaysi acresent a pro-i
pw valuation of the permanent facilities.
PO "' 241116 *
Thr t411"(1 '
t Ight, &did , 'di ble &bong thee.
tons, aceordlag ttri nudity and daunts;
tadriskYaltee AlleNitland-oePtieeeeN, ,
These insults could 'Only be euaxerany
attainett,brii tart , of • tralnadi .nble and
upright agents, crated and 'sustained
Riles. so Wet similar wake inthe can
try should beam/its:peon&
Sheppad award,- ectiarl, of the
IdinnaTLlthltiatilainteCO. veil read a
taper on Utoi X9atitattner in,11.40h ho t .,
Amfirlean eittarigicei now' that (
the inortallte i rteng pyrso p eilkikezed
our tomptel le _ lea this Itiat , anoog
persons of aimilax ages lu . pixy other
cbdetrfor altiesi safer tui r
This evening papers were read by
Judge tOnoeci.:B4mU an 1111, AXlmlnia
tratfon of Criminal Justice In New York;
Dr. EiesbLHerr i l i reu_Etoperlateir
dant otebe,itrr.
their Adiele - -Dudley
Field on the International Code.
The strike of the Franklin lane Oper
ator. boa terminated In the advance of
wages and reinstatement of all who
went out. -
=MP i'erj
IT canna'. Suffrage Cauverelou—Earay,
spreetkes, Poem. doug.
(BY tglegssgb w ths Pittsburgh Gliettt
04karraln4 Octmber 29.—VorWomusee
4 iafttage ConVentioeimiemMet thlg liore
noon. Rev. N. J. Barton, of this oily.
presided. Prayer was offered by Rev:
Henry Wardbertner.' rater singing, by
the Hu..htevon family. Mrs. Caroline M.
SeTeranovt Pf Ronirm, ,read. a lengthy
essay, add ?ales Susan B. Intbony. of
New York, addressed the Convention.
The attendance is large and includes
many advocates of woman suffrage from.
various parts of the coantry.
iA ofternooar Mrs. blarjl dt./ 4 r 4 Y•
liaixd.. 6f Ming, addreseasret 'sign
audience, and this evening Rev. Henry
Ward Beecher made an address, and
Mre. Julia Ward Howo read a coem.
The Convention continues through 10-
—Hen. Gown* LL.Pand/otan has been
Rep:anted Pres%dent of the Kentucky
Central Railroad.
—The Grand Dlyialan of the Sous of
Temperance of California, are to session.
Tile annual repast indkatr• the order' in
• prosperous condition.
....Mbo large hub and avoltelatterruf
B. , Tibbett demi at 'Marten; Ilidlatta.
yes burned Thunder night .le4la
133:000. Insurance 110,000.
--The testimony In the ens of timed!.
core of the Cuba eras dared yesterday.'
nuthlog-.of •ei tu tr
! The Mae tio*gitert by n 0 to.
—The Sheriff of Vigo count, Indians.
palmed through St. 11712111160 Wrstatiglay,
with John Stevens,. who lulled Jahn
&dyes In Terre Beate, year ago,' end
esenge4troni jag.
—One Elkus Schwartz was an esteo
New York, on Wednesday. Idtlo over
MOM worth of unman hair mamdao
toted Into various shape, In his posses
non. It Is believed to. have been smug-
—The schooner WIIIISM Raynor, with
• cargo of pig iron for Cleveland, went
sabortstil 'lmages Mist, di WSW folds
Port Colborne, Caved", Wednesday
night, in a - snowstorm. It is thought
elm will be serst . Cwithout much &map.
—About ten delock Nednolday Nlgbt
the breaker of the , Upper Lo high Cooaatt
Company. about saran mile. from White
Haven, was burned to the ground.
Labor on the works has been stopped
for several days, with the exception or
pumping. and the
. 13eilei is expressed
that the lire thework or an foam.
dkary. MID property , yea ,inanted -for
530,000. ,
J. B. ea Consul I
—AtwPidladever,. aa.114d4d1.1. nigh t ,ey
was married, to is,risctrues,of ; Allishop
116149anint aM.othUrcesablea
were present. President eract,with See
rotary lioesset4-vistred she Commercial
Exchange, shook
with several ,
meechanuf,.bed made Ed spostd. IS ea
telidedZe i rd flabbithi3claka Jubilee
State Convention in
Tennessee Was before trdayhe bower branch
of the legislature yeste, and elic
*outdated& debate:, 11,52 onn t to
amend so as to confer the pulverise(' of
rating for member' nte:}rt sal citizen s
of-the Untied States twentrene year. of
age. was the bone of contention, The
Popal bill show , those , only -to vett
iftd.landeteraidterfninchlhe las*
dechdon bad.
—Cc largartairtj of. wasuiratddr. num.
'bering two
burned through St,
LogittoP4.4ools7. 01 1 . :Mao+ to somrd
tAti w orcipal biters on the Rana= end
Railroad. far purposes of badness
and pleasure. They camwfteen.Dayton,
Cloltuntrus; Springfield' and `other. Ohio
towns, and am principally gentlemen of
Wealth. - many of them .having .in view
the ptlrchesteof:extenalve bodies of land
inßanses, with a design W ultlmate set
Cement andeolatPtail. ,
charges against General Butterfield, As"
slant ThtS."Biteurtteer ii Netc7ork, his
been &Mande& Wedneeday enarning
the Soli Mar of Trasattryi Mr.. feinneld,
itseeltsetedvith Jodgerlserepont. and
facts .:dMclosed,-which Mr. Bautista
saga make it Improper fte General BM.
Untold to remain at the Sub.Treagury,
to it is ahnost certain that his
which`bis been "tendered.=
accepted. Mr. Bonfield led for Washing:
ton Wedneedwyulght. " •
`Abort- ihree o'Clock -Wednesday
miming simian . . passed OVer4e7l oo .
Ohio. going Northeast- was Aimed
by a brilliant, large, long train, s rum
bling sound and sulphurous smoke. At
the same hour an enormousmeteor
mod -Reat..4.-Forad . Siodlost AMIN
B; and ‘39 - . which' redeatt
locomotive head light. It was followed
bya long train and Ccoming roar which
shook honseri t broke. windcracid woke
th l it flogs. Theis WereUree heavy
8/ 94 / 111 ", - - 6
• appointed e
nteatineet Pikes Mall. • -domid?',SBP
tember 12th, on bled: of the soldier's
widows•sedsertud, for
the same, have reported that they found
in the Bridge Fued,SCounts, aid Ditg,
Treasuries, and in the bands of es
County Oommiedobaritwo hundred and
sixty thensuoid dollare,availaPje for the
MdfMni Aldietfitiendalto WWI
o" phew . The Commifteereoomenend
that-rthe :Governor • ot-fisr - Stet& ep
point pentionv to distribute the relief
mown= in
—tido 'are, in id'sraiiesi"for the'
ameolidatiOßOf thelfediellbillutMortb
western Railroad with Skelton Mountain
Road ierldissonelidif thrfsdldrAgyottliu
Wee road taw gone to Nashville to con-
salt withthe eaters of the tamer road.
The connection could =stir SS retadh/) ,
extending the,ffesiGille and North sew
ertelillwso cap the river Siteeft/inibei
fromilla .rtiota miasma it.loktnin.
ealta7,-, to polnCooposte Samoa.
fo r rthe u present the Southern terminus of:
'the Iron Mountain Railroad. where cam
beta.usPS l3 4 l SM O th e .F l W eibis
wowing laselat. eini-frditu t o s
through from Lomflift. "we
atiNs MlasitS .:::41 -
.1r) a lAIIII3
401TR-'O , CLOOK.,
Cottou -, eropp-Tfrelgned :
.49APPttafi of Firq Cent Rotes
-Irkiesillreifeli Stamps To
bacco FrautfeAppoisttmente
• • ...The Grabmetope of Met Vat
ted•fitageer,The Average Yield
AireatertbanAast Tear.
ialtas4e, maw Pletiburghesnette.)
- • Wastiptcrros, Oct. ZS, 1869.
rosammtitor nitedari"otg WE CONDI.
1101 , OP TUX CHOP&
Tie DepartuienC of Agriculture has
Just lamed a, yredluilnery report of the
. oulaltimetthe crops. attar the
• firerfiwan the misaO= l .
cares the neeetteity of drainlog and, that ,
ough culture. It is not an exaggeration
to estimate "ttle reduction this mason,
from altermitedicomallig end ecOmiting
of the farm crnp, et1=00:1Q0.0 1 Et
the mason baapoem !Of . dilher
Bind of poilatomireacistai, snail:to on
'Atlantic Coast teNew Took. .NeW Eng.
lent general!) , tie e omit ofate„ and it la
Imuteuelly good In the west with the Ex
ception of ,Product of
Street Mateo, Ie 'minified., Morena&
Theigaicrid apereheirAM of a Sairincto
fauna. the corn crop of th• mote
narthilltaStalite bamboos matertallymed
1414by,the weather of Septem-1
kek the „aMstome of fade to Oct, let .
'.49Wirresolltirtloutof th e ea
-ern an in idle States checkedthe ripen
frig, salted. thehateil Cola, ps a dam
aged cOndltax, but the injury la COM
paratiVely slight In extent, and limited
In' area. The whole crop bat hid an
unusually favorable maturing season,
thteatteelaa Mary tplaMogameloratim
of the prospect en a soppily of of this
Important staple. Yet aNU crop,which
Mould not be lees than 1,160,000 busheta,
can by no Meat thiapeets& When
the harvest °Ter, ,and the local esti
aittneref totalatth - the aggregate will
attest a madman' yield. amply aufildent.,
Pt Mk the - frail di of the country. Had
the apitntrwheat been equal to the win
ter, the whole crop would have
been ersormase' Theestlicaller watt
the yield Is annuity large, and the
quality araellern. Venn and mlssimappl
are somewhat less cionsplenous_sharers
in this improvement than other States to
that wales. In Ildnola, dm mantel re.
POOPS Lb Masa equal slat to : ten
per rent. or more, are almost wdhout
exception in the southern part of the
State, below the fortieth parallel, the
winter wheal region. Mica Malang
ehrbbtentha of a crop, or lean are, with
one or ,two exception; cr aims wheat.
counties. Indiana growa , ge'propor.l
that of whster wheat, and essnastently
thilrjelreproducted a lath' letter aver
age yield than. Mats Many of the
mantles return high figures
The art* °tenant watiyalcd as In
creased tau -spring fully 16 per cent.
More than • Minton Ran were added to
the cultivated arm. Fartillsenswere lib.
mon/ need in the. Atlantic States, and
improved . implements were mama ex
tent employed. Bare, luta there teen a
better anon err oats than the present,
vary few of the Stamm Manila a lest
.tbarnesei than ten per.oent.., ad some
- sivinethirty or thirtplive per cent.
alight incriat theasgregate nib
her , of - ; ladiks., - 24 — woU aa Mar
average .1n.a.11 manned. Some of
the States fall to maintains full •v
amoisecaddelt are Sireiltoik, Nen i t
soy. Kentucky and
_ _ .
ImrIirtS4N!OSPV I C.7.
TrionffS bobber
vinare of authority contained in tne sth
eectioo of the sot of Congress, entitled
an act to authoriP seTta the coinage of rive
C44I,deCW.AOZO Mar Is. ISOI. toe
•Treasafitr ova the nevoid assistant
Treasurers of the United States will
hereafter redeem. in National o
the five bent pieties mined under gie
provhdoneot geld ad, ,Xiftiety praheatad
In rafaeoPtok - talartata - $ l O it their
respective Remise
t'ttigned.,l Gao. S. Botrrwelas
Secy. of Treasury.
UrritaX,s6 aevaxgrangoairrs.
The annizal report of General Spinner,
United States TIESIFUref, shows the re
celpte from tote:nal revenue far the six
months ending,. September 50th to be
$106,441,425414 Wag an thorium .4%104-
4/101LIT/ as txtarparal with the time
period of the previous year. The'
pendltures for the .AllatEle period were
$4.150,243.87. a decrease of 1779.585.01
Total OW IItIS i5a1P.519.4 81 4 1 .
wisiLitiriottno sulexciin.
Upon thereoommendstion of the Bee
sentry of the Interior the President has
accepted asection of sixtpthree miles of
t.l6e~m _Pacteafteilroad, sad ordSr
ed the bonds doe on account of the con
struction thereof to be issued to the Cots.
Ron Ee•a~ logessoll, , of =cots, Is
Gm:wanly melltionetr. by)ide friends for
the oppolnuneet of Mena Judge under
theoew law for the Circuit, °unposed
of India; Null:milk tabsda and Ms
o the seizure of tobacco, fraudulently
transported from eggs.
packed In hiteniiiimd bot h weighing
In some cases three hundred pounds.
cosiprttie begs ' rtitient o iN f li a ge . thhirerepoih r.
that the state of the oottou crop attests
ample sulgolency for all the wants of the
°pantry and , that the sondalonal esti
mate ee1t.700,09 bile can be exceeded.
• aelonAl littiknap arrived :Ws °viola&
end Was eptletry received at the
meat by s few personal friends. DW Jel ir ti
at present the guest Of 001. Dayton, of
Oen.Bberrusn's StSff.
Ccr.nmtsaloner Delano has reeved a
V rge lot of . oonstarAllted Waws
such wire used for legal pines% from
' "vitAnint a,WPOCIV2D. - •
Cary N. Sanders, of PalDOWfiratliS. has
been appointed paymaster In the navy.
The mato= reoeltss hut week were
James I. Wilson, of /0g0p0., , 00, of
dieLP-40A 110 ItilhOhd Oc=l bM
More PraedMent Sloop Dealers Arm
_ rested and, Held tor Taal.
tarretar:no to the Pa. toargh ount..]
Itionmonna October 2&—Col. John
Barlaer=,lllllPtMaa otiattlatadAstaaraust
stuf-J.W. JUISOB,..TAIrt.BL -Janes and R.
F. Valentine, tobaooo manufacturers,
were - arrested bet Matt, charred with
codepizing to defraud the revenue by
means of counterfeiting stamps: All
Jailed for t'•
The ,deteatlves last 'night captured
sl,ooo worth of counterlait Whams
itgu, 11.1.1 • .
In the case heretofore telegraphed of
the parties charged with um .alde ad to-
Bus tabu= stamps, all have been held
for trlalotte.- pi Stone, erloati to be ex.
amined iembed 9th. Charlis . 4. Jack.
.United of Petersburg. was dtembeed by the
/Maim Ocumalotioner, there being
making totamnsca him eritla.-ths latter.
wee or UM of eminterfelS stamps.
freebie In litsresordosarlinPonang 118 '•
col Tololnpb to the PlttitoUlets iltsetto./ •
.04 1 00.9 0 . 00fOlier.$ 7 . - 4 1 te
MI extract from a Mtvafe letter ^frantit
well Informed gentlemantzt 80..1
Like at y, to one of the editors of the I
Olftedri Theee. welltitaebtaniof 'bleb
You may have heard while hem!' wort.
tog,, /bamboos WI the editors and PM!
victors ofthe Vtdh Magazine base been ,
suspended, and If they stand non.' and
they JIM Mout orG , Ulm only
'doable - as efsairittgerhat may bee:bed, ,
okyrborr enispowaing wlll:and lit.
tellemonlitibansTalrnitimitallhare been 1
removed. rervolutionmaiedthltrmin '
the heart attar 'olidaitt 1 enthroning
the mitaity.of the people, Instead 'of
Pali Or altil;St lettlas: drop the 'o
drai i i x ldellons_with which ts
basedh 'lt .wenild
i = rm end
the pre sobense.of .erll to
Mr Alb Moir em° de
voted. •
Mr. gie *Moe ntentaAlizated to the above ex.
o .. atigikaz"b3
=2 bmb- teeny yeas oneicalg
ham Yoneyama,* -trostal• Mends and
arttiAlatialrers. His daughter Is one of
the What of -Joseph Nouns, BrighanN
oldest eau 'Me Efolltai of ibe araerktop
are wealthy azationoongol,
sitaiesaessi . that Mr. w u bbarns,
trultedftdaslithislar Eit, Paris, had sp.
$15,000 itere. extra- of.
the - ts proaoanced inatity
1T.1,4104-ftwida44X - 1 306
0 - ;
• • .24
Steamer Stonewall Burned—
Over One Hundred and Fifty
Lives ;Lost—Heartrending De
tails-4%e Boat and - Carlo
a Total Loa—laaared LaPitta.
tough Mots --Confitetina
Acconata—Cardplayind Canso
of the nit t astei. -
CDT 1'.144 to the Plttgaustt Gatreahl
/41113, Odober2.B.—Mr. Phelps, a
planter of tihreveport, LEL. tuna arrival
from ther maim of stie! Stonewall,
furntabeeknat fbtlowing tutef partical
of the terShle disaster to that beat: Tae
boat caught NO at halt past fat o'ol
'on %Weekday evening, at 14 point a I.
do below libeley 'a Landing, one
and twenty - On miles below Bt.
tram a candle which the desk pawn'
bad n ear sale hay. while playing
The neat/mil was ran on greeittriz, the
pilot to:lpp** Shit itittpuimisenkoould
wade saboreion the bar. Thrtorttuitaaly,
at the end It: e Sir there was a slongtn
and here it that the larger 'nribiber
was drowned. • The boat wtt hterth Mt
the her but LE feet, and the almllotrest
point about r had Ave or aLeAset of -
water. The t had im much bey Maud
this - she burned like tinder. and ell et
lints wpm it oat werennersUing.
The Belle Mentolde. oeme•AlP • at ball
mat nine. tbrgehoure after the sonidsogi
and renderwrill the imirdikwyslealble..
rfi s
Out of WI •nderew otdy IS
ars known* -saved .... The Mstasen of
Capt. Satt _ . lloiling dOWn UMW
on *Jo*, .• - v.•.- l''
The peidde , ILeely's sesethe fight
and itaidentidthraselst. On• Min resontla
elltitednerihdferith sahib Rad It not.
been pntbsdp.elp ail would have been
A gibtlentantan Paducah, lEy., ream
ashore watt n lady, and 'at her entresu
returned to saes her child. In Own:p
ining ashore he wee grasped say • drown
ing man, sod troidd base bean himself
drowned had to not shook him off.
One men wslialcon from the wreck so
bully burned Slat he died se soon as he
reached the store.
Captain DoWy, of Shreveport, La.,
was frayed. r-- ' • -
There were,inirtymlne cabin pitmen-
Stem andel:Ott belosaging,lothe anew,
Quite a :timber of ladies were on
board, all of who m were probably Met.,
Fa :10e pilot. and the aspen-
Ler, were the linty ones of the =eel
mired. '• ' ...„
-The immoverillwas owned by Oyindn. I
John Shaw enetteande Long, the. Weak
of u n,.,; She was valued allitt,ooo,
and insured se follows, in Pittsburgh
offices: Eoreks3s,ooe; Boatmen';
Citizens', • PAM Monongahela, WC%
MisithenY.ll.s4ok Merchants and Man-
Manures% 15,0p0,
She bad ;Mond eight hundred tons of
fielgtd, lncindlag two hundred and sev
enty cattle, hozsesandondeltwbsch were
Ptain fl/1143Tbad stopped off th is
trip. end Da Tom Be= wu ln oom
resed."Tlie o • °Moen were as fol
lows: billion Delbert, first filmic; Wco. A.'
Chick. second aksrlit Jr.. halter and Dr.
Hoover, barkeep= Ed. Fulkerson and
Frank Murray pilots: Wila. Beebe,
mate; Gee. Potion. enetwert John la
ons, assistant assinees.
raw' oft:am wows.
A special Beni Cuteroda / 1 1., earl
the Memo= Paistarall. whieb le n tn.
Lorain on Twain' Treno" for New Or
teens, hesvily-liwisead with Peseentere,
haramciatudeate hay, sad Other freight
generauy, last night about eight o'clock,
when MU Needs kleanliog, ten miles
below Grand Tower, took are, said dee
pita efforts s
to gave her,
Moen Vas
thetzetroke burned
to %homier' Mtge.
out every edhit tale made to land, but
the deism was le heavily mimed that
ahe could not be brought nearer titan
one hundred yards of the shore. Great
confusion and terror prevailed.
There were staid two_handred cabin
and deck pawners &hoard,. quite a
number of whourwere woman and dill.
dren„ The flainjptread lath Fe! , ear
Scores of men sprang Into the water
and attempted to reach the abate by
swimming. Nearly all these were lost.
Every conceivable object that could be
obtained was thrown into the water, and
to these the passengers clung with all
the tenacity of ilfe.
The steamer Belle Memphis, Captain
Crime, on her w to St. Lochs, reached
the te*ne during tay
he fire and picked up
float the waver all that ere known to be
The Dnot, engineerri stoker, carpenter.
and forty-four passengers are known to
bemired. The captain, the clerk), and
other officers, Meek h ands, and many
passengers were Icel.
All the books and papers of the boat
wers/ost.,sikedet-were WWI and
other freight on bard.
An Intervieworith the. Artatant Engl.
neer of the 3111atixt steamer Stonewall
by a telegraphie daereepandant M Car
boudids. gets
al * Sim the following
statement: The alarm was given al hat
red idg, and In ten Minixtrithepastimia
In it sheet of flame, and Mill POI= I
had deserted he Ad that were ion
were drowns& None burped. Of
the Merm women ois - beezde -- bet three'
wire Wired. -
A. number of Irmo= Mediator reach
ing the shore from exposure in the
water. No explosion.
All Maio women and childern were
lost—nearly, If not all them bang
burned to dedh.
The conduct of t=aosigera and offi
cer' is said to be
sclob en appealing same has not been
witnewied on the Mississippi for many
years. The saved were kindly cared for
by the aloes of the' Belle Memphis,
and were carded to St- UR"
The number lost, or thole names had
not been semi4ned, Mhos this Ms-
reclosed, but It is Bared art one
ired and twenty-five toonelmndred
and Any are ioet, .
Bat one yawl' err seen and that Wan
taken possession of by some deck paw
gangers. No other life boat or Me pro
eerreni were sena.
The boat grounded two hundred yards
from the shore in about six feet of water.
There were tarty etidn and one bur
dreg and fifty deer. porringers and sixty
of the crew. In ail about two hundred
and fifty souls. About fifty only wen
xrr *poem,
George W. Fulton, toe chief engineer
of the Stonewall, arrived hen on the
Belle Memphis, and gives some further
math:Mara. Sixteen persons 'renewed
by analog to a stage plank and sixteen
more swam ashore. These are all ont of
between 250 as UKI souls on board of
whtwe O ne
safety . tire - is 'ley cer
tainty. One man named BOW= was
picked up and brought wane, but ha
dled mon after.
The only °Moen of the bast known to
be saved sre Oem •Enlton, chief
engineer, Edward Fortessan, pilot, and
E. P. Watson, carpenter, Monroe Venda
vat, striker, and Charles William and
John •ISbanhntio, Omit 1121012 0 11 e
among the saved.
Of the three ladles on baud only one,
Mrs. Gregg, who was going to New Cle ,
leans with her family, to meet her bus ,
band, Was saved. Captain Scott was last
seen floating on It epar,
Men Oil shore rode ' seven miles down
saes= on horseback in hopesof. loding
him, but be wrs not found.
The scene on board wn heartrending
in he extreme. The fames spread with
wonderful rapidity under the action of s
strong wind, and the passengers In wild
terror mowded;tbo frmautlo-untll they
were forded ontboard Id emits and
drowned. :
In their Struggles to liVe themselves
driers would Pomp inter tbe wirer, Whit'
around In the current for en I.
'stint, and disappear for aver.
• Kr. Fultonjumpod overboard and at.
temreed to swim taboret, but coming In
coded with a number of moles, he
MAW to and climbed In the wheel of the
Hoot W bile there the Oman pipe bind
and the wheel revolved three times. He
dung to it, however, and wee fluidly
taken ashore Ina skiff.
Charles Wllllarna, a deck und, lays
he tried to smother the Ore when it wee
Out disooyered with blanke_ta, bet the
wind Mew so. atropply be Ailed. An
effort wee dm made to bring the hose to
oley on tbe hal the: crowd of tren
ded deok peaseretelli-rushd With such
irresistible force upon um men hada; it
lira: chary that' they were oblige!. -to
Mu it up. Williams then threw otter.
nr d s tutor bay, but did not net upon
it. He then led to Mesterei of the •t
where be encountered the boat's yawl.
containing dr. men and a woman. Ha
wee taken in, but baring no cars,
could not stem the current.
ad the woman were put max^ and the
remaining mu made another attempt to
reach the atasmer, tiling the Weft of the
yawl for peddles. but tba Ude wee too
droali ,
and tbey
were cardeel!'dOWn
stream and weep PO more. •
Williams thinks not more than thirty ,
am= wen peed, but It la helped that
many were abletoreseh the shore at SIP
ffeireDt Fiat* dawn the river, and that
r further iniUdnallair Will show QM the:
lams of life hail not been so terrible and
appalling ea present advices Indicate.
There Ia no telegraph ot➢ce within sev
eral miles of the seene of the disaster,
and no Information later than eleven
o'clock last night has been received.
ISO or ix mAirsio.
()Juno, ILL,Detober
are the nat4srof the prasengere known
:to be eared roan the 'teenier Stonewall.
furnished W. N. Cook, of Tease, who
was a toseenger on that boon
it. N. Mcwherese, of St. Laois; J. M.
Mark, M. Brewer, 3. Swayer. of New
weans; V. Cook,Stream, P.
Duren, J. N. Summit, Conway, Mike
Kettle, and brother, Geo. Hahneronsa.
Lottisend Nieh. Perot, B. Pere and wife,
N. H.Moahery. L., Swan. Jaa. Schwarz.
laftool2 bL Phillips, of Shreveport, La..
J. Donnas, Jas Oriffin, John .Plaree,
Dennis Monatity, Dr. L. W.Waidtburne,
Dr. B. B. Janes. T. LL Carron, J. Lt. Ly
on, eeoond engineer.
Of Mehl:olnd andlikr•Mght persons
li on Ceara the Stonewall, including the
erewa, only thiety.edght nee known to
have been wed.
• Data=toed buld•o—Dlgioatat Em.
ploys AritiateiL
Sr. Lorne, October 5.—A respectable
termer named Niter Itettnaneon earn.
witted =kids yes' bird', morning, to the
town of Bremen, in this county. He
first teak a shot grin, and placing the
mange in his month, discharged its am
temta, capping • most frightful wound;
but tbki falling to calm death. after
bleedlh g no . 4 .. gling for • 'don
kW why. frcon — Wionee In. ,which this
!Ladylike:slate% 48 his bat% and there
banged ktimeelf with • tope. -No cause
far the nab act in known. Be leavers
wife and Oita or live children.
ini 4 :
' John vellik alias Frank O. Belden,
Was In ibis cltY this afternoon.
on th e s math of a dispatch received
from stating that he bad robbed
his e mu e mplo yer of twenty - five thousand
dollar& .
The 'ranters? Strait About t. End
thy renews wtM pleatans, brace .1
Oilcan% Octotim pent meeting
of the_ Committees representing th e
Merchant Tailors itemciallon and the
Journeymen 'Taira Union, bas been In
send this Wu con. A mitred Itood
Genus exists, an it is not improbable
that • compromise will be ahead before
they hardly aapapths.
Wait Viritalaittlectlas.
• Tek en* to CM rittabeiko Getetuta •
Wintstano W. Va... October lik.—The
election Soy lespresanatives to the Legis
lature pined og quietly throughout the
State. The "Ise cut is large, and the re
turns are meagre, and not sad:Went re•
relined at this honr to indicate the retail-
The Democrebrhave increased their ms-
Paths in this city and Parkersburg.
detains bun Ohio county indicate the
eisakse of the entire Deatinu - alle ticket
Over what was known as the "let up Da
pthikens," who advocate the repaid of
the dishenchiselaws, test oath, etc.
Br Telegm/b to tae Potato:rib Ossett..)
BEL/art, Maine, OetoberllS —The awe
of Staples against the Portland & Ken
nebec itallicad Ca t , lo reamer MOW
damages for allege d 'blades sastalned
by an sodden; commeneed Delors the
Supreme Mot to-day. A peculiar fan.
true of the trial Is that the plaintiff. sad
several of ths witneweas ace deaf =am
who were retointhg from a deaf and
dumb convention when the accident on.
-=rred. sod that theta evidence's Peoeiv
ed by daps through an Interpreter,
—The Congressional Committee on For.
sign Affelts, met Taegalas end examined
Capt.. Francis RUMS: li/Ontb At,
lamb, squadron. The nem gave s de
tailed scoot= of th e' tlons =m
utated with the release of Bible d
blasterman ham th e Pars/wan G an oy.
eranurat, sad their transtrer totter AMer-
ICIIII squadron.
1 1441 Illarlets.
thrstd droo mlddllnii Bit c Sa.
Sabah 1300 bud • Ai:clots, 0347: rts
to Harm 160 Bacon lower; 1734
and 20140 fox alders, clear rib and
clear shim lower at 1730320 e.
151221kr armor centrifugal. 1.24 , L0.
Molasses prime new.
Whisky mode. western rectUled. 11,2.5
Per gal. raw 211(41,22).i. Coffee ram :
13(315361 prime, 1634017: others
neatanged. Gold TN. Bterllntr. 40.
New Tort Bight .hange. par@yi
BCTIPAZO, October Z.—Flour neglisM
ed. Wheat baptise: Wes of 78.000 bb
Grits* Bay club at MM. Corn In good
demand: sales of 40,000 bush at 7834076 e
—brit held la/010er at the clme—for
prime No. 2116 u. Oata arm: miss&
14,002 bush No. Est 48 o, western and
d at 4905530. Bar dull and
ea h
qu el oted at 3t for State and
Omuta. Pork, lard and highwiruse,Sull
sod unchanged.
Balsams.% October 28.—Flour dull.
Wheat steady; red at 111.15(31,45,we5tern
at $1,82E41.40. Corn: whits at 11,12 too
old and 903910 for new: yellow at BO®
Mt for new. Oats at 66058 c. Rye dull
at suosett,oi. Mess pork at 113. Bacon
' • • sib ides at 12%, clear ribs stale
-1111:aboublertat v l i tlarlipt.
ii*Bl34 Cta► at
i=October Mi.—Flourateadyand
l'as sales .1800 Obis. Wheat
Wet; So. 1 Milwaukee Club nominally
at ,2714. Corn selling in car lotus
850 for No. 2. Barley dull and =Mang•
ed: sales 10,000 bus upTakeo:Naiads at
11,16, and MOO bus. selected Bay Quints
at 11,23.
Mamma% Oct, 28.—Ootton quiet at
UR% and but little boldness of any kind
doing; receipts 256 bales, .sports 2.082
Gals, Flour dull at MiS Bran
Pork 1631.60®32. Lard 100203 o.t
000 wire% shoulders 1730; Odes faNig
•Pmussastrars. October M.—Flour
dull and weak. Wheat very dull; red
$4376444_ Rye steady st two. Onnc
dull; mixed Western 9.5 e. Oats steady
at Tape& Provishons—amall business;
owl Pork 1122.60®33. Lard No. Vila.
ky steady and unchanged.
dllog 2310; goodordinsry 230. Wheat—
red 11.04 amber .11.13; whits:MX. Oats
' 62c. Rye IL &flu 5425. Corn $1.12.
Flour $W for solar to fancy. Baron—
sides 20a; tianni 'Ma; shoulder* 17)io.
Dud 200.
SAS Pluntdisoo, October Z.—Flour yesterday's rates Wheat: choice
$1.6113460. Legal Tenders 77.
THE uqtr9R,l.qtADF.
*nether nestlair at liquor Dealers—
Tim Demaade atm Trade—They Pro
pos), Resolve, Ims Do 'Little—A Stdrd
Attempt to be a ster.
ntusdasaftertsxm a few repromatta•
dew of the -liquor tracts hereabouts as.
sembled at the Board of Trade rooms,
pursuant to adjournment of a previous
Meeting. The gathering was called for
belt lest two o'clock, tad about an hour
later, allwhoMpParerndlit felt orke Interest
in the =Veneta having arrived, the as.
sein= wr ma puce to order by air. A.
A discussion immediately ensued as to
the mourares drat in order, some con
tending that a permanent President sot
should be elected, other" call-
L I IVOrge readinejof the minutes of the
Let meeting, and Me remainder Arena
omly inidadog that the 'Committee
Beecdtdirces appointed at the last meet-
log should report. ' 1
At last the Chairman evoked order
treat coduelon by calling for. the report
of the committee. The Secretaryc 22. this
was prsecut,but not the
And er _ difficaity ensued about
the report, which wan firstly ltd•
Jolted by one of the members, Ms.
Eitemmson." re/adios that no meet.
lag had been held, owing to the absence
I cane asuman at the time specified fbr
,commitailott The speaker. however,
' I thought no particular retolutkes were
one of concurrence In die
action of the liquor men In Chicago and
'Lowboys, in IQtalorl to the trade sad
p r oppod mad of obnoxious Uwe.,
31=01 the incetlrapprtant Witham
base the ZMUDA wu a permanent or.
uou, not only Ibr the 'present. bat
Noratime: to. come. The liquor men
Deeded, • =Ca Board of Trade to nett
' bite thoirbustume. Adam tbe assails* hed
Una , been permanently organised des,
=rid beappointed to the Chicago
dor l / 4 : - Silied tor the th of Norm.
her,to takikmuswee for: before
Congress the matter of re eeTula
o b no xious laws, which it was urged did ,
no gcod to the rencluSerui enabeineEd
. whilfirerrATil altalifidetyptr.
- SeiCial -individuate_ appands
neatbut ana the Ca r =
vary Chairman tyrotight to a ct i,
11 / 1 :Y 1 7 r# 411 41 lrbur
` the Prelfidedital
...,/- .
chair, MMus as a reason that he was not
intereated to as great an extent as 6013111
others in the Mathew; to be discussed,
and acted upon, and consequently woeld
not preside.
The realtmation was accepted and Mr.
ietephenaon chosen thrill the vacan
cy, with Mr. John F. Bennett as Sec
The Chairman wired the pleasure of
the meeting In regard to the busineelato
be tranaacted. Ile thought the. Ant
thing In order was the election of dele
gates to Chicago.
DOKII 617811.E88.
Mr. J. F. Bennett presented a 'pertain(
resolutions, cad& were that read and
then taken up seriatim, providing tlret
the appointment of three taviait the
Convention, and second. (pipe
aesestment of live 'dollars or more upon
each dealer Tor the payment bf the kr:
penes. of the
riii=rie'.lll4liilllo. l o
passed, but the firtinchd •Sitruktinirlnti
not seem to meet whir general lavar,end
elicited a general debate on Ira:ions silts
jecta, some literary, others scientific,
and none especially related t. the point
at leans. It was auggested iloady that
ws no permanent organisation had been
effected, no tax could be levied, a pro
position which seemed very-this - indeed.
At this Juncture Mr. Devlin eame to
the relief with a motion to effect a per
manent ormudiatton.
Mr. Isaac Stern suggested that the best
way would be to appoint s Committee Of
Two on Finance to solicit fends for the
payment of the expenses of delegate'.
Mr. Kellar thought some dealers were
better able to pay twenty dollars than
others five, and he thought each abould,
be assessed in proportion to hisbusinets.
.112,p ies; _qtY,q_lltr i e= a o i d g er t he
left t
dealers; wheekild Metre:don.,
tary subscription" litaber
One practical Individual= t by
this plan the Secretary would never
be particularly btutened with money.
. Another suggested that the delegates
May their own expenses—ezerciaing lib.
erality for the good of the trade,
Mr. Kellar proposed That each delegate
be provided with ISO, and that be be al
lowed to MY all his ownelpeases above
that sum.
After some further discussion Mr.
Devlin's motion for a permanent organi
sation was put and log, one member - we.
Ung in the affirmative and two le-the
negative, the others remaining passive.
The Chairman then decided the emend
1 resolution out of order as ne &Was.
mane could be made without a perma
nent ortrantastion. lie deprecated the
general apathy of the merchants present
in reference to their own Interests.
Altrownrsts Icor Esaterstatitr nem.
Mr. Devlin, the humorist of the meet
ing. In reply stated that considerable in-
Went had been tell at the last wieetins.
but subsequently it had been diratoventd
that several gentlemen had COMO out In
cards, and "gone back" on what they
had said then, which had a dispiriting
Influence on the came. The speaker
thought perhaps it was pcardole.that the
reporters had indistinctly heard. and
thus somewhat inaccurately reported,
what had born said, and suggested.lhat
as a meal's of preventing similar occur
rences in the future the "whisky men"
bold their meetings independent of err.
. .
er7 This b°47 seii inclu ttment aing oitti rel:° esprak r nr;bowever,
was not received with enthuslaam, and
he was made to feel himself cotudderably
in the minority, which prevented' the
departure of the utdquitons represents
tire! of ths prom
10111 on the discussion ow con.
Untied with Come ankoatkm, such at
[mutant seeadr4 to het a diametrically
opposite view .to all the other& The gen.
eat opinion was at Uri about getting
down In favor Of the ap mane of •
committee. when Mr. Tan aroused
himself and strenuously opposed any
such proceeding, characterising We plan
as of no sccount,and givbigas hisown ea
pwienoe that he had een soaappointed,
bad gone by himself at the appdtried
time and place. [the Board of Trade
rooms, late Deinotostio headquarters,
found nothing but vacant chairs and had .
spent some time in inuring over the de.
linqueneles of others, and wondering if '
a member of the late Ihstrusetedie Jack
son Club was left "tilsourintehlios:'
actor ensued, which was anally condo& '
ed by • =UM of hir. Ussish Stave,
Providing. for the appouttimmt of a am.
mittee of fires me meet next Baittrdal
and insugnrate ures toward a per
manent organisation, of all persons tn.
Wrested in the liquor trade. in ammo.
The motion prevailed and News. E.
A. *Revenant. J. Adler. Isaac Stern, Ja
cob Kellar and John F. Roth wean sp.
Mr. Adler presented the bills from the
various newspapers for advertising the
One attendant Naked, for infarmstlon.
by what method these bills would be
p aid.
Mr. Derun. by wayof remark, stated
that one usurpers proprietor had told
him that if the •owhteley ring"—se he
called it—dldn't pay these hills. he
would publish that they didn't pay their
tdll2—as was the reason he, the speak
er ' , went tosek.” on them and suggested
tha t the presence of th e reportorial a
ternity wu not absolutely essential to
the new movement in the liquor truffle.
In view of the peculiarly eillfessatiog
came for the gentleman's demeanor to
wards them, the representatives of the
prom accepted this whoa, and with
their usual generosity freely foogiso sod
forget all.
The liaancial business next came op in
the the of the collection of the amount
of the Is presented. - The doom which
hung aver them, mo aptly . expnmed by
Mr. Devlin, had an animating Inflamed.
and amid suggestions of • subscription.
levying& tax, dn., one wide awake bell
'ideal seised • hat and in a few
around minutes.
by vigorously paining it , had the
desired amount secured.
Some further ditcunton. unimportant,
hollowed and the meeting adjourned
until next Saturdaywhen the report of
the Committee wil l presented.
Oren► Houns.—The WO appreciation
Which our amusement gala g people have
of Mr. and UM Barney Witham' was
fully 'Beaded list night by large and
select audience "Mundy Maguire" we
s.yeci, and the manner in which the
large audience applauded throughout
gave evidence of their appreelailm. The
entertainment concluded with "Yankee
Courtship." a lively little tame. This
eveulug Mr. and Mrs. Williams take a
IhreWell benefit, when the entertainment
will commence with "Shandy blaqulre."
to be fightccrwl by "Rotigh Disnifead,"
and conclude with the “Irisb Tiger."
Prramoscat Taacaust—Larry.:.Too.
l M ey, the comedian. ts. making to
ends among the Fatrons of the Ma.
burgh Theatre, who wasinble nightly in
ibis establishment to 'laugh and' (cloy
themselves. hignora Lopes and ant
troupe of young scrobsts, form • prong
trent feature in the entertabdusetit ,
do also the with their Woo.
derful wrianeettee. • This weaning .11Ltss
Viols 04Ifton .takes • farewell
and we expect tq see the bons. "MOO.
Mamma Hub. Bat two more days
remain, during which there will bean
opeortemity to wittier the Trott and 4*.
Wnal Ventriloquist and Magician Signor.
Mite, woo will Om four entertrdninnall,' ,
thi afternoon and evening and Saturday.
afternoon and evening. Every body
should see him. this it . garbage the
Wt opportunity many will ever have.
AOADMILT or Mum, To Prof.
Balla Adams, by meted, 1111 give a
ne o Ond reedit:4,od elocutionary enter
tainment et Me Atoademy.of bifida . The
Professor cam
tdatie Dom Philadelphla s With
blithxon, and the snow Which
be has leved- here may Leman from
the fact that a second entertainment tag
been called for. fils. repertoire , mar*
' ces every &erecter ofteading and la cal
culated to amoae,lnitruct and edify the
bearer, while atthe same time th•Millty
cattle reader Whiny pat to thetent.„-ect
and bear him.
"Manx Tems."—The lactose sealan,
tinder the amplace of the Mercantile Lt.
niver Amonlarlon, will open bienday
evening, November let at the. AtMimay
of Music, with "Mark Twain," who„dbt ,
amnia on our .oor, Fellow Smattela
the Sandwich Islanders.” -If the Print*
of lumearlate Mlle to develop something
new end tnteraning on-that peculiar sub.
Jac; It wiU be the fault . of.. the _gabled,
not the lecturer. TO say that the enter.
tante:ant will attract an overwhelming
attillenow would be 'lmlay eoperibtottat
but tO;adTine . all who, wish.. to -beer
him. to muse their
' fifty ` cents, no' I
:=ll 7 t ones and then been band early
Swill laths highest degree
practical. *pet. bereatembervd and
acted awn by the ba re Beason tick
Mr the entire cours been fixed - at
the low of four dollars, which - la'
certainly, within the expeetations of the
meat awning, !They can be bid at the
.. .itoorm„ corner of Penn and
Sixth streets; and all who - wit to wend
• doyen exceedingly pleasant and it:.
stmottve mama doting the com/ng
winter aboold mil at thatep
pure and 'es.
'curb ' a
,eapply the - tickr without
PEML11131.112W16_ ,,, p
Toe Neer 250 Bead Welt -'
N en
street Near Is—A New Mai
Tale* Fire—Two nee now r-Oss
The Titusville Afraid of Titursclay Pays
the new two hundred and Illty tarred
well, struck on Tuesday, on the le depen
dant tract, West Maeda creek, Continues
t071e14 in artdhaltdatied quantities. It Is
being pumped and Salm awing through
the casing. It has been visited tor •
large number of operators and alight.
seers, and Is attracting mote attention
than any ether well Since the Vera ct
4.3ake well, Cherrytree ran, was Snick.
About nine o'clock on Tuesday night,
led, a new flowing well was Snack on
the tract on Voltage 111.7. 011 am owned
~by Kier Huron CO. Tbe well was
drilled Kier,
large wing, and lifter
theall•bearlng liek bad bese. penss
pateciby tbetools, It commenced to gee
heavily and to flow sit the rate ,of 000
thirty barrels ada that:nigh the. Moduit.
Ab rt o ut the bourril y,
Stale Pen.
arationa wars being. • nilnlikin -tube -t h e
well, the via arialpir bad it took fire
from a lightest lantern that bad beetrleft
near the derrick and exploded. envelop:
ing .. the derrick and engine bouse,g
tivoinen who were at work on the
in iv abeet of dame. One •of ' the
men escaped without 'snow Injury
but the other was frightfully burned and
Is not expected to - sarrlver more teen •
day or WO. The derricks end. engine
house and a small nuantity ,of oil thin
had been pro d were destroyeaL
well flowed at Mesabi Snec or. ten
rillnisolsaltroustriont !het. piglet, sad an
10 about noon WedruSg.. DandligdAl
ethe &lands lire its them
tetanal° thsaurWs, taareed Itnionei
ly, emitting. large ,mommas} H of Aden 9
smote, whlch from otheir e = asi te
oil clad% weretakan fa
an oil tennagnakin AM Ileoarnin-
Wednesday afetrorain the awes Were I
clenched; and oh to six o'clock kJ the 1
evening :the well Bowed throttsh , thq
mimet the Sato of ctsenty•fl‘a to thirty:
barrels - dilly, 1; AA. clulted,hypsidgas-:
son and others
stealing Chickens by Rall.-11. Mtn,
burgh correspoddent of the' oincimiati
Gautteenitee thaw Tburadayefght, the
21st, I went out of Columbus, Ohio, on
the Pan Handle Railroad freight train
for Pittsburgh, and some time after we
passed Newark, going east, the conduit,
or and brakemen got a¢ ,the train, and
went to
hats and' iu
r m a Im tere.s and seven Di
MONTOOTH—Ralsrim—u.Tsmmuy mf
las..2Ottt the realdatte• at tbe bride's
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