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PEidNitilAN, REED & CD.,
Office; 84 and 86 Fifth Avenue.
By cflatl, prrjexr
Dell.. rr4l trr ram era, per 'reek ..•• ..... •
gittsttunA etkettt.
Pl.TuoLatiii at AntwatP. Ggifr
B...floncia at Frankfort, 87;
GOLD closed In New York yesterday
at 1303. -
Tug malt of the Brooks case In Phil
adelphia Is regarded as "an unexpected
triumph of justice."
EtiwArtn M. PAYSON, a well-known
and able lawyer of lbsiladelphia, has been
appointed - by Governor Geary to the
Judgeship made : TA:ant Ityqduchge, *Stew.
ab:r'a resignation.
Tux safe in the station house at New
Wow:4llrd, on the Pittsburgh, Fort
Wayne and Chicago Railroad, was broken
oleo by burglars on the night of the
214, but forttifngleis r. Net; the , agent,
bad taken ifie money contenta hornertrith
Tun leather/ onrettallen county NM
hold their Institute In Venango City,
commencing on November Bth. State
Superintendent Wlekerahann Superinten
dent Daleand other County Superinten
dents will be present. About Vai teach!.
era are expected to be In attendance.
Tan Pennsylvania Railroad Company
is now building an immense grain receiv
er on the banks of, the Schuylkill, above
Market street. ,Philadelphia. It is 125
feet wide and 566 feet long, from the bot
tom to the roof line la 36 feet, and to the
api xof the roof Is 60 feet. The sides are
of frame, and will be covered with slate,
as will be also die dbof, whfcb in Of 'ten.
The bins are 600 I:12 number, and each
will contain 550 beabela
Tun following changes of postmasters
in Pennsylvaraa have Ir.emapprovo:l by
Postmaater Venetia" Crest*ell :' Baena
Vista, Allegheny county—John Boyd, Jr.
vice Alexandettollins, resigned. Mar.
gantown, Berke connty—RseJsael Evans,
vice D. Springer. resigned. Inlet:hare,
Centre county— ' L Milts, vicell.
11. Glenn, retigned. Bloservllle , Ctn.
berland county—John Bankle, vice:l3.
Alexander, Assigned. %ants Ville. Bean
creel cotintyscE. M. B6lock„ vine J.
Miller, spdgned.
Two. Yining leant of Erie 443 deter.
mined tOitava a shank the plettatrenof
ontaoor: ; "_'sPorte. oPPPPriltted
by the other sex, and Ow pavemot only
become;wetter.' eraThs icrogner.; but they
have organized a hostOlub, , andr&ntetila
plate many aTiensant pull over
_the ban-
Will bat% that gam -private soiree
ransica&WaS recently 'ffivear attihe rims
dente oe,ontiof the prominent °Buena of
Eric, to Whitt gentleman wercrinvßed.
and on whom; a small tax Was leved, be
proceedutorghich , era, to-be epplierlin
starting Stmt, which `llse,_ among other
objects, the valeta; of n annicient sun( to
protheses& Inthdiatzte Op boat for the*,
genizatl4 above
,Ipoketi ot.
Ei PKEtbO3"
JOIN:18J. JOllliffBON one Of the new
Virginia Senators, is taxman Catholic.
Pitmen NAromtozeirPrivate : ..Intretary
is a Sfisnini ex - Priest, lib° lett the china
to marry handsome Trench ballet. gal.
SENATIPX.CSIEDON Will kleßtlo.lo 111
WastituAin this winter. lllri. Mb:Weigh
will grace herdistingnished lather's house
Tmr. Gem* paitsiii, Who; were so very
desirous titat General Bailer' should not
attend their State Fair, were extremely
anxious . JeR. Pavitietonl49rap.
Paxsti• haritt Cast decided
not to accept the Presidency of the Mehl •
gan University-- Be•flzulaitidifilmait. to
detach Winch' from'the lialVdaity of
Rona= C.; .1 - ntles; who wateovernor
Todd'a Secretary whllehe was' Minister
to Brazil, and antigen path; loafer* Usao
Consul at Aaniidtn l'aragekry,l'• died in
Cleveland ott Zelda&
Chnt.4lErttctttold 4.reporter,qt tie;
waukee paper, the other day, that It Gad•-
ever made a antenna., the "interviewing"
reporter ispyrslo the , )111trankee man
could make peraniad'applihitten °fine
stetamcnt If he wanted to.
A FRIEND of onertif tit in lilted at
the Indiana fair explosion, hearing of the
farm 14e 43 tec.fßWALeef.
Ins and patUnfti -iipensea rarrwinr
were Inkettitgwie9Manied fart Wenart
him with the case et lite deceased an t d
urged littn - to give - him a tintrlsouial, for
Ms relatives isetivrYaFiVistiltrii
RecgilAtters — frottsEgnit anmstAcer
thatshis'Amtkillint the naidgatlon of' the
Baez gaiihrit.# viatcbtlartenlbrtled,
on thelfedlt and Mutts* and
that tAlk4prierktnentateam Jklgatei
perfo=the bdlstanar letwetat- these
two akthepsteorsis and *quieter
an bottir- alto % asserted that
De LesigPS has 4t''lliluttralstetuth the entire
lengtlrefilitatual,_ from , Pertillitd.
Suez, ansithat;thatearareeks,ahlps
der fulhistntrtik. item will, pers
from theAdediternanemilo the Red Sec.
The ADDlifirTlPVetrares , calFequalltlis
very sanguine as *calm. inunahat• bale-
Ilts to France that,,wili be' deified hum
the oproingrif theTeinal. It II atrial
that the - Slirecklradewithindiatind"Ams:
tralia , wlllAsereatter be' conducted •In
Frenentdisk. The cosintiette.of.
5er4120,000.000 per annum,
and ailos aseet Teich *hips carry good;
valemrArpAllll"o4;oo.. - The - French
goods impd.WWevery. year inlis Aniftalii
are estimutte4, telte - ltorth. 1180,000,000;
and the saw.aniferfalis *diked InAns.
Unita oo9 illtil00: Attiatttned la;rnitte arelnial
Ign,-Mils.iiide is contends*
will 4 ivr becriskiihd It
Ftainkr.~ The
Englistsiournala t en -'thernher hind, IF ;
Bert thist.thik urea ef 401al
not debeidA l PO4:llPY eVed4 advantages_
enjoyed try - It, but upoq'the„anergy and
persoreranrkfffspbryerf bylkiViettnusti.
A compurlisin brdratmnbteweettcertain
French 'and English — seaports, and the
queatiaa iiiiiW . .W . ht — HaTTO dos not
posseaSSO'birge isqarrylni bushiest' as
LlyerPociAltad'ilthy 1 doq,.fay'miles
up a river, has a greater trade than Canda,
Boutrigne. Dinsktrts and` all the French
ports In the ehiiiriel together.
'ma Mintotnic?Pc4rlEl'
The'Pad Mai/ Maar
"Those who have been in - the habit of
listening with ewe sad ; ndivakttcw the
solemn utteramies of 'drib:wane " &falter°
will reed.with Amite- a Ante/ is
the Strikdartf, Horn Mr. : Fatakiiet;
phliesophiontinatrrituent makeran which.
he stateklbat - fei Many yearr be 'has hail.
a bogtild s COnidtrli-elerdliCAlegnetts;
and batteries expressly marls for conceal
ment landit the iloersiecupbeardsornder
tablekvuld :even foe the, -interior of the
centreauppria lar g e _ iontretables and
boxes: Se boa irtipplied:ajse_gtantitica
of wire to be planed under the aupeta
and oileloth;,.cr ''.under thel-lnlinicot
and beading, around Cairns
and roams. --Ail these, he nye, were eb.
ylouslyined for pint rapping; and the
agmection to each rapper and battery was
to be made brmeaus - of - a-snialf - -b
like those gged tdatelegriphietheli ring
ing purposes, or by menu; of brass
headed or other nail under the carpet at
particular patterns known to the splAtu•
allot. The rappers, he adds, when care
fully placed, are calculated to mislead the
Moat wary. Then,thorcuaN spirit rap-
Plea luaguet-VAde.latteconstrected
expressly fi rs the pocket; and !lAA*
tells as s w lfl of comae rap at any part of!
Z,l‘e room, He has also made drums and
b e ns which „will . beat and ring at corn
gaga; but these two latter are not so fre
quently ruled as the magnets are, because
pry arc. too easily detected. We quite
koheve Faultmer t hat, .washouldlike
so kno w who gave him this'dlot all
these wires, magnets'
' ~treade rs"
a •
Sunday, the
ru.itev. raboP mato:l4l3l*pm; to
new steeple on lit. Alphensna Church in
t h a t city, the ceremony taking- pleke
to s near the church
in the Pfeeettee.pace
of a multitude of peePle.
After the blasting; ireta -oe
l let eits ulVelq
the chef cb, de li vered an sd the ;
subject, in the course of which be spoke
of the .btil as itlgyelbel.t el 24reaclier„
and in ibis connection ref to Pub
' ilyarinthensabreksa bell Who made more
noise by his fall Minim had ever made
while ho rang most loudly la the pulpit
of niticartitne:"‘ - ile begged the auM
to pray that this Cell, recast tothe tote;
mace of adversity, might get back the
true tone of the hazmorkrvt 0 11 4Uct
.. (, :.4
4 i ....:,
'1 :-- ' , l i
, - . 7 S- ‘w.. ''.," _., -:•
...t-: At , - - 4 - 4 -: 1e....,--
..,, -,:.:.... • 1 .:: :.
1i ...1, /
, z .,"•y iitc: .
,• , •?c,„.
ti .. 7:. , . :„,. 1 4. E4i
--- 1; -7; :.: 1-1
• • r..i . 1 7, - § .
• , :-.4 . " - -a;•.• N- ~%. t • e--
.-1--- - :14.4-',. 7 -•- -
.• \ - - 4 ) \ B* *
, • ,
• -. .
{8 .00
lb etx
The Expel
.. .slid not ,
IHy Telograpls InLim Pit Inir‘b (licear.l
Fita, CV,. •
. .
Penes, October Zit NOOO--Tho city la
•entireky tranquil. T oClovernment has
falcon great preoantlo to smard againat
dbukator, but no maul tationa aro likely
P/111.131, 0C410106, G.p. x.-The city bas
rem* ii . I.isnrol!T op to this
harm. The treateand denionetration has
not been wade, and no disturbance what- hFi occurred. The Emperor wont
out thla afternoon to an open carringh,
and drove through some of :he printupsd
atreeta. •
Lo:oxnr, Oct. W.—Acton Ayntrm Inn.
mod" M. Laird as .Commissioner of
Works and itoptqngs.:
Jaime Staiiilffeld, If. P., has Ivan
pointed Secretary to the Tesaanry, vice
Mr. Aynton. and M. Gordon replaces tho
Right Hon. Jas. DlOncrlof
este of Sootland.
Modulo, October 36,—1t Is reported
:that Serrano tout ,threatened to resign the.
'regency In etteetif the rupture hottieetf
the 'Unionists and Progreastata.
BET4TN. itfoiaxitterimm &Mei ,
Hayti, Minister of Finances, has raid
Llvittirtooz., OSinber'2ll.=Tbe Ateati ten
Prieraxtan and City OT Washington, Vora
Quebec, arriv,d. „
.7464 T. iiktoher 211.—The ateannixhip Lie
filedtte. from New: York, arrived,. .
Oct. .w..—The et eam.shi p
/akaSIN built for the Peninanta and,
( Memel Conthati 4 f, call 'on sit:
'(edgy "mart (or Now York. having boon
tO:Adituted for the steamship China,
which , was to hav,rtailyi on thatday.
laspos—Ensuing—October 26.—Con-
GOI1F;Ior money' s WU; - on &wow, 93%;
" S.811 ‘ : ' 824 ' 81 .'4'; .6 / a 1291'; 19.408
Sly. Ed. '62. at Frankfort. 673*@66.
21 , ,,i; Illinois 97%; Atliale mad
Elyria Westozz24Z
ltllpw 478. W. Refined petroleum la.
630. Sugar sa, at. Celonila linseed
61.1k9.1. do; linseed cill t I2r . Parol
e-tan at Antwerp Gait.
"Thm; Oct. 26.—Caton quid.
PA 1118, Oct. 23.—Roane arm; rentea
71f 52e.
- Idc6mickl, October 26.—CottonClused
ateady; , wide/Reg uplands 12; Orleans
12w, riles 2,005., bale; Bianchi:lga
market atead_y, Californie White
Wheat lON 6d; Rad - Westeins No. 2 0s 3d;
Bed Winter 41144011,6 d. Receipts, for 3
4ays, cz000: quarters, - - ineladingi 20,000
American. Flour 23a 9d. Corn—No. 2
mixed, 305. Oda 33 6d. Peas 44s 6d.
Pork 112fi ad; flea 87e. Lard 71a.:
Cheese 67a 6d. Raton 67a for now. Com
mon rosin sa. 6d; line 16a. Spirits Pm
troleum led; Refined is. 6,„(d.
Intertian:lg Chicago News Items.—Cetu
sultmeed Coe Pmbytertat, tiencrat
leraliotV-ihritte,..seisug Ito
. ..(lerlietrrsee to me monarch istate.i
CAOO, 01:1.. r weather bun
night underwent a sudden change and.
tocame again disagreeably cold. Soma
mow. fell. It has been quite cold all.
through the dity. In Centred lowa It bae
been severely cold for nearly a week
past, with Ice thick enough for skating
porposegAht ISceiggow ham fallen. -
The freight house and depot of the rut
-tole Central Railmad, and .a business
ock, were destroyed bY. tire last night
lactocoo, In this- Meter TeelitY-eil
liminess firma and eighteen families
were. burned. out. The lam. le about
Soy. Palmer bemedst'proclatria:
Mod naming Thay, November it+, as
- 11Moksgtvlog Day.
Oen. Belknap, the new Secretary of
.War. 101 l Kroktlic this morning to eue
annie the duties of his office in Washing
. -hdpairsi•PinvignVinis aceror Divitosqld
sato be able to set up. Ile homes to be
We to be out by the linittlf duet weak.
The Committee of the Presbyterian
fieheral Assembly-appointed to tavola'. 1
- Mile the affairs of the Norttrwesiern
Theological Seminary, arrived here on
flatorcla!,tuid Wit 'how Mimi& to their
labors at room 28 In the Tremont House.
The refit:ming gentlemen complier, the
Committee: Senator Drake, Mo., chair
man: Rev. George Musgrove, D. D., LL.
'D., Plilladelptbr, -Rev. C. R. Craven, A
DA Newark. N. J..; Roy. J. Trumbull
Boohoo, D. D.,. SCheneolady. TI. Y.,tanti
4. D. McCord; PhlLdalphL -
. The Committee "IV Vitt( chaucit, thx4/1
'MO do not , Moire zfo• have the evidence
given publistied,...tigtt, It should. cause
acandaniad imam' greifei"dlestenetion
Mgt church than now exlsa. It is sup.
posed that thelr Investigation relates
toireeottalT4,,e°l ple4ged by Q.
IL MoCor I*, Elq., wide that gemle:
hi= DOA 0,1,14.11 to pay, on. the ground
that the:lollop or the Institution has
been changed; and minimise, have been .
Mloptad.trhich he did rot oedema..
The Journeymen ,tmlogs of, thy, city.
Writing for two wiellepase endeavored to
gist CID advance on certain kinds of work,
end havinglatisd, this morning ordered
a .hike . through the International
tillers Cabin. •
'A iliateb "Ssf - Couuterfriters Arrested—
Lut Sistine. of Tnayera , C Mena—Erni -
grant Injured.
ter •r , rlr•Dli !ROO Pittsburgh Omit, )
COICINNA - ri; October 26.—A. telegram
canine from Osgood, Indiana. stating that
Italic Levi and John Clark/ twoof a band
of counterfeiters, were In the city, and
Deputy 11. S. Marshal Dempster end De
tective, CelcbOr, found the two in, ajoein •
atahtslilfdlooS fitreat • HoUse counting.
their money. Both wore made prisoners
and• brotight before Eh H. Con:Mile.
dozier Holiday, who committed
them for ~-thelc, appearalliCa ' before
the Jr]ry. default of
1110,000 tedllitidU flute do zotinterfeit
National Bank currency. of various de.
nontinations. verypoor, was &eta:od
,upon ahem. The United States Marshal
telegraphed the intelligence of their ar
rest to Ca. White of the Secret 'Service,
at Osgoodaud., who had last night sr
' rested at that place Lyle Levi and We.
Ilittenhuuse, brother and sister of lasso
Levi, and FZl4Ured a large amount of
• counterfeit currency upon them.
James H. Martin, of Lexington, Va.
• .11 be
Hi hirch'ineyof the steamer ,,
Spa at e laudirgalifa
ierlously ptring himself: lie woo
taken to the hospital. Ile, with hie pa.
rant; were emigrating to Hannibal, Mo.
the sheriff has been appointed re.
Cgiger of Thayer's circus, at the cult of
A. Henderson. The Court has ordered
the property to be void November Pth.
Unary glinW niarins—aleeting of Local
E i l ,, , T f ao g to the Plltsbureb Gazette.]
20 torrid, pot. M.—About four inches
of mow felt bore thin morning. At
,WalitgkeaPort Ellglniol l 9,o;ber pounce
north and west, about two feet of Maw
qua trateilittlei it la fill mowing. Along
thu lines efthe Great Western and Grand
144 1 1VY. t4 O fag 1 1 , Yary light
andrallWareoMWMleatlen unlnternfp.
Tltp local Parliament of Quebec la
'dowroted for the 18th of November. and
Dingdnion Forgantent for 464 18th of
Arrest by the esittary.-earape and
Woundingof ,the Yrieonrifr„
thr Trlegragn to rtf hlartilatatt.)
AUGUSTA, Gi., OatOber °JB.—Edward
• • A a citizen of Warrenton, Warren
coanty..was taken from his house last ,
btu by isinurty of Federal •oldiera.
tA . • . 1C,E0,41.104,1t orjblYtown
Ceday escape d, iecefv ng two gun stiof
111/onucts. Tea Sheriff repartei the out.
Inge , 4t9, Um,. , authorities. The
grnirldifernoded mum ill feeling.
Strike among Telegraph Oper-
stars—Cotton Case Decided—
Succepßor to Gen. Butterfield
—Father Hayeinthe Coming
West —Distilleries feized—
Crazy Man shoots at a Flank
Officer—Meeting of the SoCial
°cleat's. Association.
in Spain
U. 14 1 1 4 17 /
A ppoint-
By 'rei.gnipb io tge Plftstnafth Oat:tett,'
New Yore, I knober im+l97
Nearly all the operator. of the Frank
lin Tolpgraphrt:otayany are on . a atria.,
for such an Increase of Salaries as will
make them eqtral to these paid by other
The relehrateel eoiton cane of the
United liratessaalnat Verne,, K. Steven.
Nin, was te.,lsy dorintal •hy Judati Nel
son, of the United Staler Circuit Court,
In favor of Stevenson, holding that the
cotton In question cover belonged 7.0 the
Confederate States, and instead of being
shipped to 41/W YOrk., 'flotation of th e
seta of Crs
ehighe, Wa7f ehlp'ped front a
. ..7onfedePater pert tha foreign country in
totation of Om 'hlrat.Te tO the port of
Wilmington; lull AL fact" could not
change the title of the property or work
forfeiture of the same to the United
!States, unless seized an a prize of war.
H. H. Vundyck, the former , Hub-Treas
urer, and Calvin. T. kluriburd, aro named
as suocessors . of Chin. Bdttertield.
The new United States Marshal, Ram.
B. Harlon, was Ex-Marshal Barlow's
Ifolilef deputy.
The ,Erastleys Woolens:ter/ Marshal Bar
low's rmignatlon was a distaste on his
part far the duties of the ohm, and a de.
sire to, outatingisettninterritiptedly the
.ractlee Of. Isw74!!!
A, man named James Mites, a deposi
tor in thig eittzenertiditdngs at•
tempted to stimit the pm in teller of the
bank today because ho refused to band
over the money deposited to bin account
without prOdudtlon of his bane!
bOok., Two shots were tired, but did
not take effect. Mlles, who is probably
insane, was arrested.
V.eport moltFall4er_llyaelnthe 'Latta
_west next itei.
',Jay Gould gave *4ldenee In the gold
consigracy ease before the Grand Jury
liovbraty._diati p eales,weirs missal, in
Dkitkim's BroOkte,
n armed force of Deputy Internal
'Revenue oilleem The were
met by a crowd °Droller's' armed with
brickbats, Ac., who were soon por to
flight by the. pollae. The stifle were
minuted and the operators locked op.
The maethinists in the employ of the
Erie Company al Jerney City...drunk
. •
again than afternoon.
The SoMal Selene Association
manned Its olgittili annual meeting in this
city to-day. The opening meeting
delivered by Preoldent HanYufel
followed by Prof. D. C. Gilman, of Yale
College, od , industrial schools. In the
evening Prof. Dwight, of Columbia Col
lege Law School, raid a natter on the
public charities of Now York, and A. It.
Spatibrd,pbrarnan of Congrenn, on the
ti orirtedi of the Linitial Stsfes.
—The people of Portland, lie., yeeter
day onbilitirited We laying of the tint rail
on the Wallainet Valley Railroad.
—The President and Mrr. Grant rEn5 Ia
Phlhulekthla to-day, attending the wed
ding of lihshop Slmpearee daughter.
—No formal meotlng of the Cabinet
-watt beldgetterday, tbough the mendiera
were at the White House In the morning.
—TheTeeple's Rank or Tentless., Wm
discontinued business, aud Ira strains
nesse be settled by tho ITnion And Platt•
toil" Bank:
Snow commenced tolling at, Butralo
Manday itight, and yesterdarAnoredpg
the Ipentid toss covered to the depth of
noveral Inches.
—Samuel A. Harlan b. boon sp.
pointeit Maohal for life
Southern Dutfurt of New Yore, Von
Francle 41 BelLewe, Tongued.
—A man rulflntt himself Joseph 1 In
head was arrested v, nn
Sift:Any, on euspielon of having coinual
Led a murder In Ohio In Jetty last.
—The treaddent of the Rochester.
N. Y.,:4lpit Nitiottal Rank states the
the creditors and atockholdera of the
concern will not lose a dollar by the
ratite . ° of the Bank
-Nottrawra has not Tattered tiffetwsth
Anfeudinon., lb.. Legullstm-e nailing ad
journed, In February last, with,W. taking
actictettocut dri extra seaalon
likely be called this winter.
--Joseph Reenter, brother of the late
Secretary Rawlins, was severely I t ritured
yesterday In San Francisco at lire
whiete setuted the deetruction of the
Golden irate Sugar Refinery In that city.
=The trial of Edward Grier altos also.
B. Howard., kir robbing the hiesaenget of
the Herndon Exprose Company, laltsti
latnore.An 'May IPst; commenced at Ara
i:lllpol., lad., Yesterday. He pleaded
—Two men In Reston have been bound
over in frpoo'each,-ett ardoplaint for ear
'rying An, that buaLueas of reatifleiai of
spirits In rempounding a preparation
known as Entrant of Juniper, without
paying a apoolat tax.
—Returns are received from more than
two-thirds of a❑ the Presbyteries ratify
lug the reunion of the Presbyterian
Church by the , reeinfred majority, the
two grand Asseintaten will meet in Pitts
burgh on the 10th of November, M count
the votes alectSinclarefhe teauh.
—Secretary Boutwell yesterday morn
ing itiontirridAnsistanter.reainuter Butter-%
tleld'a letter of reeignation, and shortly
afterward. went to the Erecntive Man-
Eon- where he had a cnuasultallou with
the President on 'the • 'subject, lap to
noon nothing further tranqdredrelatiVe
totise matter. Mr. lioutwell was at tine
State Deportment and Attorney General'.
case during the forenoon.
—ln lsintnilile, hfttnditY• night, in yi
bar.tooni, W. S. Glove. • noted retail
hook dealer, while enrelesalp handling
pistol. idiot Edward fielainger, a billiard
,rosin proprietor, killing him instaiitly.
Glove 01,11.11{, arreaksi end , ,aubsequently
held ity 14.500 to aninket any charge
brought against hint. tie smarts that he
pulled the trlzgar under thepresutuntlon
that the pistol wee borloaded.
—Au ttalbtuid ad in mitt in regard tat °
failure of several Han Francisca capital
ists have been inuffiacilatloh 10W~
the conotry for some time past, Today_
tee report Obtained credence - that-the
Treasurer of the City of Nevada, Alamo
Rivard. and a dlmetar In a Rank of Cal
ifornia, had failed for three minium,
musing a short run on the agencies of
the B.nk In tliatplamtuffi Ifamlitan.
—The in mitigation Into the Washburn°
difficulty in Paraguay was continued by
the nub-Committee of the House on For
eign Halation*, at New York on Monday.
Dr. Duvall, Fleet Surgoon of the South
Atlantic Squadron. testified that Rear
Admiral,; Dada waft fpcsaly partlat to
ward Lopez. and milky of throwing ob
stacles in Washburne . s way. He said
Hulas and Alasterman were treated as
prisoners on board the Guarder°,
—.The Grand Jury at fiItweYOLSOM
Monday, examined Jay °child at great
length relative to the late gold specula.
lion. Subpoenas are out for Mr. Henry
Ciewil and Cot Frank F. Howe. It is
asserted that their testimony is wanted
to explain a Joint transaction In gold
made with Gen. Butterfield In the omen
of Mr. (dews. Mr. William Peldeny and
Henry F. Veil, of the Bank of Commerce,
and Mr. Klmber, have alSo been attbpoe.
need. Tim latter, Mr. Flak says, was In
the gold pool, hut hacked out at the last
—The ouban"..rnota veiiomenily wort
at the letter relative to the failure of
the Lillio expedition was written In
New Yore.and that the information it
oontained ernerlbrninbed by a tidal:tee.
General Cristo. The Junta, who were
unusually reticient, contented them
selves with a simple denial of the state
ments regarding the seizure of the vas.
aelispd Atm sliamlontuent, .441404.901,
tlob. They s'amle the quartet berritieri
Golconda and Cristo, but claim that the
Lillian has departed tr,orn the lialtamaa
with a full supplyof.goil Ind priirtitona,
with her full complement of men and all
her armament. from the statement it
appears .that the authorities at Nassau
allowed the vessel to remain In port
twenty.fonr hours in compliance with
the international innitoitcan'il dipsrV
,-The murder of Mrs. Wood, at Hoar
dopt, N. Y.4 - 13aturday night last, wai•
moat terttble hutchiny. It seemCW
was a trunkard; : atid - went Ati
otlldliattlatndlahl Igo bills ou:Satuldsr
afternoon. uo wrote a note Intimating
thatlateospectod !Iris fideltty..7llle
was tievieetik sober.' fintorttretter en
toting his, boasts Jals wife wax tepid to
scream, and a - neighbor Went to 'the
Mouse whoa Woods , ..admitted, him.
Mods bad attack his Siena), eleven
titoesmritiottsmall hatchet. 1 1 40000 f
width Astir and a half lookeilopg, .was,
covered with WM., bicod, - 'braineind
feces of flesh. Woods then- attempted
" woutegbis.3,4lo6ollo9rt ' FA
upon Madinat, his root tom
esc to oar. Aftattallatet imotanay.:
Wood V ai lArnevAllilftegatedit, ttrttt
McMahan in
Washington lfix Official
Conduct - Approved—What he,
says ♦Lout South America
—Proposed linsprovements . in
,Srms and A ccoutrements—
yerger Case—Good News! for
Vintners— Engineering the
WARITINOITHH, Ootobor 21 1E49.
is sna'r'e .1-41RIttUa.
tmer:4 fdeklairoh, late Minister to
Parageiti, la now In Washington on bust
masSfrith the State Department. His
prorkiabil rigs fug ?Sinister are aporoycal ou
the ground' that' they show that tile
oottr*e was marked by commendable
diligence, discretion, dignity and firm
ness. • Thniiienefel confirms the reports
of tbo allies tiring npok his party *tiler
with tale Paragugyan_flag of truce, and
tbsif prevention of dispatchea,_ firmi
anti to hie Goldin:Mien; 'with the
exception af. that Mir
call from Paragovr,„ which was per
to srerded. toblm,
He thinks the present rellitloll Of Lopes
la stoMger than heretofore, and the an
rgibnoernent by the allies of the war being
ended. Is simply • pretext for withdraw
lug the Invading troop. The Pars
gitayana Conduct •their war without
Money, and make their own cannon and
powder and other hostile appli•
armee, while the women plant and
gather the mop. The Uruguay.
,aue acaresiy omitributed a mgt.
MGM; the Argentine Confederation
4.000 or .5,000 and the Britsillan•- ABM or'
2,400 more. The Paraguayan legion now
guarding or In possowdon of Asuncion
tulmbera about 2,000. It is composed In
a &Mall rein of debater. to the *Thee,
with Paraguayan prisoner. of war, who
havebeou tz.mpelled to enter the ser
vice, together with an equal number of
Brazilian. The Provisional Government
Is regarded, as Inefficient by all who are
familiar with its history, and as not
moralising atuollitv. • Lopez. la represent
ed by General McMahon to be posseseed
of line wasultdatrauve abilities, and not
more crawl in war than the moat com
plaining of the allied Generals. The
devotion of the myopic, to their chief is
without example. They are not only
obedient, but always toady to Incur any
that or make say nacrifice which may be
demanded by hint topecdoirgainplatas
the tw.Loratlon of prosperity to hi. wen
try by immigrants from the Vatted
States, to whom he will offer induoetheuts
to settle there lavd.rie greet of bands.
By command of Gem. Sherman the
Board of Ofilcers assembled at Ht. Louie
for,themlsion of Wales, of which Maj.
Gen. J. W. Schofield in President,
in addition to the duties assigned
thorn, also examine and report
on the beat small arms, and ac
coutrements fur use of We army of
the United State. Tine Beare will set
In conjunction witha Board of Naval of
Mars, and endeavor, If posaible, to adopt
small arms of-a pattern and calihre
ablo to both branches of the service, with
common amuriltion and parts inter
changeable. The oomntanding offloera
of, therint. bole Armond end of t h e en,
Weiser bitudlon, at Jefferson Barrsoka,
are associated with the Army Board In
all its experiments and teats. In the final
report Which ahould. If road hie,
be rendered by the let of May, 1570.
the Board will designate the Mx best
muskets. for infantry, carbines and pis
tols for cavalry and artillery, and al x sets
of arcontrementa, knapsacks and haver
sacks, In the triter of noarll, and the War
Depsuinsintwiti Mucha-satee wsnreae,
price fairdrlfiy ihn earner and stipro .
by the Board.
In the Supreme tkiurt of the Lotted
States this morning, Mr. PhilUpe mid on
account of an errattgement in progress
between the Atty. bent•rat and counsel
for E. M. Verger, It Is thought beet that
no motion ahouhl be made this morning
for harther 31irooeieding. If, therefore
there is no objeetioni on the part of the
Court, I will postpone moving until a
epberquent day. The Chief Jostlee
tipplletl that tpey, would consider the
matter and answer to-morrow.
The datega "
tell to the Railroad EstiMeer.'
Convention, In session at Baltimore,
numbering anoint one hundred, called en
President itrant this morning and were
received In the taut room. Delegates
worn prgeent from all parts of the coun
try. The President expressed his trrstl
titration at meeting the gentlemen repro.
sienting this Masa of Industry, and ex
pressed his sincere wishes for the
prosperity and success of their organiss,
The Commissioner of internal Revenue
has decided that vintners are not subject
to special tax, as liquor dealers, for sell
their own products at the place of manu
•Pllirt.ic ilzat sTATILVErT
A rough coalmine, so far as returns are
received. is that the public debt state
moot for October will show a reduction
of elght,tulllton dollars.
itrvroairo to nEevnt.
Hon. Tnonito Ewing biller*. Italy ro
e.ored to /30.1:11. menial .1:4 phymioal.
Gov. Mary, of PeaasvlvanU, arrived
,hp-anion of the tedoclety'of tbe..Anay of
the Tennessee—lnvitee Gaeta—Com
mittee to Walt oO Preeldent Greet—
eleetlne et the timed Ledge or I. 0.
O. V.
P, Telegraph to tee PULA:are, Gazette.)
Louittryzatar, Oct. M.—The following
are among the Invited guests to the
union of the Society of the Army of the
Tennessee), to be held in the city of Loll
leville on the 17th and 18th days of No.
maser, The) Preadent. and Cabl..,
net, 3en. W. T. Sherman. Lieut. Gen. P.
H. Sheridan, Maj. Osua. Gon. 11. Thome.),
W. Slocum, John Pope, lrvirrleicliew.
ell, Oeo. G. Meade, John W. Tartar, Gee.
IL McClellan, E. H S. cauby, Terry,.
Mower, Ainee,larynolda„ P.S..George, u.
Buell, H. W. Hannah, Toms Weitzel. W.
S. Bannock, A. J. Smith, W. S. Resecranr,
A. E. Burnside, .1. A. Div. J. E Wood*
.r lictintalOy Geo. T. Hartauff, 0. .0.
Howard, Joeeph Hooker, E. D. Trona.
send, George tionteman, David Hunter,
N. P. Banks, and B. P. Butler Admiral
Alhi(ragas and Vice Admiral Butler,
eerie ol-
Dof the ROClalen of the Army of the
tiutuberland, James and Potomac, Hon.
E. M. Stanton, hfou.-MontgomerY Hair.
and Hun. Wm. Dennison. Ample ar
rangements will be made with the differ.
ent railroads throughout the country for
transporting the members of the Society
end Melted guests, of which notice will
hereafter be given..
•The Committee appointed by Ex-Pres
ident Manure to wait upon President
Grant next Monday In Whalf of the late
Convention to thank him for his ma
caws endonang the assemblage and' its
purPasell,_ cenalsts of' the Ibikrwing-t
Hiram Walbridge, of Now :Ting; Blau.
ton Ducker. of Kentucky; K. hf. Dor
win, of Ohltn'lleisler Clymer, of Penn
sylvania: S. W. Hillard, of &orate: G.
Button, of 'Vermont; Wm. M. Lamb,
df - Virginia; P. o.lllbert, of Louisan*:
B. W. Potter,of Alai:gams. _
The Grand Lodge 0 . 7 :. Or fr.""
tpcky. met this morning.: The attend.
ammo( delegates Is greater than It has
ever them in -the , history of,the Lodge..
The election of grand °Moms tatted place
to-morrow. The - sesition will be of tm
ushal,importam •a. '
Totaii•lejtized by grrelesing,-
EVAMVILAS, Octobet 28.—Advlees
recalviedilda day - -by our tobsem ware.
louse main from yndlana,!Mole and
oorthern Kentucky, state that all tobao
CO bodied and not cured or protected
by Urea .boa: boon damaged by
,fruming; Itiebnpomilble to State What'
-,srbount of damage has teen euetalned,
bet 18 will
POdurrriddri October 26,—.Adedzes
holt Oiren e ldssion. Bricitan and other
trawl° ffrowlag mantled state that the
recent frosts have seriously injured the
uucured crow" oulfromps ;him boan
conestalAngly effected.
, aratummenat•rappointed. •
ray Toti k taß r et tottiovutatiaret Guinea
- AvatrwrA:Sfr-',o666bitr tr:=4rtsei Oovir;
nor taftbdra todaywltttout hatring.mide
any appolatment d. I.l.B.rilettuttortui Hi(.
-thomatteltd , ellisaLtrithq deb pt. sq!..
Ist. Senator retatiltdOW. • •
M ['alembic gboaatag Atitay—ahke Man
Wa/ally VW ouculed and Several Others
v4lO laced. , "
I By Teteseahlt to the i'llulturth tiatelle.l
I.I . IMVILLIC, October26.—Ativices from
Mitchellville, Tenn., gives the following
,correct report r r the 'shooting affair at
that plane on haturdat. It seems that
I Hiram Smart and a man named Bon.
Pierson had a dill:lMay. in which the
former drew his pistcOtaud fired at the
latter, but muadnig hip, Pierson drew
bin revolver and. ahet Satan In the
leg. The parties 111110. Ceased, and
a tight ensued, in whlc.o.each was beaten
I over the head with thfclr pletola. After,
1 41frellwart and a frlOd 'of hie name
James Kanataer, weutcAlf together, bu returned in sksbert time to th
scene of the . difficulty,' when a matt
named °raw Taylor *poke to him, asp
loaf °How do you do,"climf" Kanatzor
told Taylor to go away, as he did not
*ant to talk to hift. Whereupon a
quarrel arose and pletela were eimulbs•
neouslydrawn and*g commenced.
AFC-vial/el% was Shot In t e foot and Taylor
ereived aball lo:The hip. During the
melee Moses Groves, very estimable
young . man, til t up In the dlfii..
rutty, and'vraa shot lorigsnatsor, the ball
penetrating the bo*etio and Inflicting a
Very dausceroos and perhaps mortal
wound. Kenatser tleelto Frimkiin, Ky.,
at which point he wile overtaken and
placed - In jail. f
VI a Cuban Prito!Tqa_DecreePrtab-
lisuing edtgwip Freedom,
Harare*, October i26.—The I%m de
Cuba, a liberal Jonreapnilse• thedocree
establishing redigione.freedom. It ex
poiltaille moat banolichtl resuita for the
country from thin streo measure, believ
ing that under it the,. Catholic religion
wilt revive, and that, Athelem, now to
prevalent, will to annihilated.
The Diem mates brief reference to the
decree, bet Indulges Id no comments for
or alfstnat it.
The Presso e.xpreales Its dlssattsfu ,
don, while It accepts the decree, because
lt Is now a law. 7
The Colonial (minister at Madrid, In
answer to a tegrapAtie dispatch from
Havana, says tar rultdstry le resolved to
take no important to lm touctdog the
or political refo in the Colonies
Mall the parties In tad In these mat
tent are heard.
Thal of the Otneers Of the Cuba Again
ter Telegraph to the Plttagrargh Guetta.)
WILYINOTON• N. C., October 31—The
'sage of the °Moore of the Cuba was re.
mimed by the Milted States Commie
eioner in-day. Mr. Davis, for the de
fence. wanted to Introduce some of the
ofilimoi ae witneesse. Mr. Phelps, for
the Government, objected. After some
dimension the Commissioner decided
that the ofllmire were competent an wib
Damien After the examination of two
winnings, by which nothing of import.
anew mos elicited. the Court adjourned
until tomorrow.
The Popes !symbol..
The now famonS Pope's Syllabus,
which must be adopted or rejected at the
(Ecumenical Council as • rule of faith
and action, is a systematic and sweeping
condemnation ot everything which may
be comprehended in the modern idea of
civil liberty—the entire civilization ot
our time. Its history,, beat explains it.
Five years ago—in Bycember, 1864—the
Pope issued as Encyclical letter, taking
a very despondent vlSir of the condition
social and religious—of the
entire world. - , Accoirfpanying this paper
was the syllabus, • !schedule of charges
and specifications. •Ihcontatned ten gen.
era! charges, each saPported by just ex
actly eight specified mots, or "damnable
heresies." The genet!l charges are la.
beled materialism, rightism, pantheism,
socialism, etc. 'ffiukVepeeiticatioes ere
more ;incise. The., c : 'The freedom of
*epees; Bible soviet es, libo nide/is:al
associations, the ladependenco of Church
and State, the civil contract of marriage
as opposed to the governmental view, ed.
ucation outside of the control of the rtn.
man Catholic Church, the objects and
tune lons of legislation, the relations of
clergy and laity, the modern idea of
a mud government and the relations of the
governed to the governing, the views I
held by nearly all educated men as to the
functions and limits 'of human reason,
and the objects, powers and results of
entitle investigation. 10011 be seen that
the indictment of the syllabus coven the
whole inructure of modern society. In
abort, the Pope arraigns the life of the
nineteenth century, and proposes to try
It before a tribunal of his own calling.
As islusual in courts martial and pecks'.
widest tribunals, the case Ls already pre
judgelL There can by no doubt about the
verdict. The Syllabus itself Is a sentence
which assumes conviction. All the coun
cil is called for Is to affirm It. The Ro
man Church numbers, according to the
best estimates, within Its fold, one hundred
and ninety .five millions of souls—more
than one-half of all Christendom. Five
millions of them are citizens of this coun
try, and this Council must decide whether
all of them shall array themselves impla
cably against the reigning order of mod- '
ern society, modem Ilk and modern
thought or not.
rile Iron Midge
Over the Ohio river at Louisville, Ken
tucky, It le reported, will bo completed
for the panage of Minoan trains early In
the coming liorember. On August Ist,
1867, the drat stone of this bridge was
laid, and the work him been steadily pro
greasing-since that time. The bridge
consists of twenty.wrett. plea and four
abutments, omitabling 81,000 cubic yards
of stone. - Two of the abutments are
constricted for thecrossing over the Jef.
fersonville and New Albany Railroad an
the Indiana shore. The masonry imp.
parts a supentradnre of iron of an entire
lerigth . of 5,280 feet, or one mile, and Is
composed of twenty-seven spans arranged
as follow, from the Kentucky side : Two
- *pans of 50 feet each, one draw span of
264 feet, over the Louisville and Portland
Canal, tour spans of 150 . feet, two spans
of 180. feet, two Alpena of 210 feet, two
spani ot '528 feet, one span of 870 feet,
six spans of 045 k {het, one spina of 400
feet, tlireiSspans of 180 feet, one span of
150 feet, one span of 100 feet, reaching
the abutment on the Indiana side, and a
lean of 414 emasing the Jeffersonville and
New Albany Railroad. This bridge is to
be arranged for both carriage and railroad
travel, though no street can or ordinary
vehicles cap pass at the same thre as the
locomotives and trains. The railroad
track will be laid on the centre, with an
outside rail on both sides, so that the
rails of the railroad track, with the out
side rails, will form a double street rail
road track. The estimated cost of the
bridge, Including land - and - depots, -
amounts to 41,500,000.
Dr, I.4rlngstone
Considerable excitement has prevailed
In England, in consequence of the sup.
posed receipt of intelligence in reference
to this well known African traveler. A
party of missionaries who had left Zanzi
bar, on lane 1301,4eached Pa!mouth re.
,psntly; and on their arrival were closely
questioned as to news of Livingstone.
One of the missionaries stated that, as
cording to the 'latest •Intelligance, Dr.
Livingstone was at Lake Tanganyika,
but did not mention when be beard the
news:late. cbuld not remember, as he
asserts, whether it was months or a year
previous. Another of the mis , lonaries, a
lady, ltrcasual conversation, stated that
at Zanzibar no one believed Livingstone
AO be dead, as.when eke left. some natives
knew quite weir that there was a white
man ap the country. From there Inc.
dentatiemarke the report was circulated
,that Dr. Livingstone had been seen alive
at Lake Tanganyika, last June. 'The
missionaries complain very bitterly that
they have been subjected to a long course
of examinations and cross-examinations
and of making depositions.
installation of a Presbyterian minister in
-Wyandotte, Kansas, the other day, in
,whicirthe elements of Christian charity
were Belford' Ro a wonderful extent. The
minister, who was from Missouri, and
who gave the right hand of fellowship to
him who was installed, took occasion to
say.thathe Wee 'lsom the home of the
bushwhacker," lead +is friend . "lived fa
the State of the Jayhawker*. We Wish—
whacked you and lon Jeyttexted us."
Therefore. "I give yon the right hated
ChrtinianTellowship. Redeemed Missouri
greets vietoiions RIII0.111." We ; Easier
remetnten. impels abygling -so - touching
andel , pointed.
Meeting of the High School Committer
—VanuaHutton Ittletlre to Mr. Hart
man's Report and the Result—Prof.
Heau Fully Vinnlrated.
The High S,thool Committer, of the
Central Board of Education, to whom
wax referred a report made by Mr. !fart
man of an (Alicia' Malt to said school In
the capacity of Pidling ComMittee, hav
ing thoroughly investigated the matter
contained in said report, find that the
language as well as the Intention of
the report hen been mleconetrued, and
that there In no celiac, of complaint
against Prof. Dean for the manner in
which the school in eenducted. Prof.
Doan and Mr. Hartman were both ex
amined at a meeting of the Committee
held peaterday alter 000 n. The following
is the remit of the examination:
Mr. Dean's iitstemant which WWI given
In answer to questions propounded by
members of tha Committee, is In sub.
stance as follows:
Mr. Hannan visited the High School,
September' Bth, at 8:45 a. at.; there Wad
no other member of the Committee with
him; Mr. H. first visited the school In
the general assembly room, called room
No. I; the school was quiet and orderly
to every respect. The case to contain
the pupil's drawing boards, which were
left standing against the wells, was or
dered long before, not had not been de
livered. The books on the side tables in
room No. 1, referred to In Mr. Hartman'e
report, were Hie property of the
teacher. and scholars, and were on the
table because we bad no other place for
them, until the book cases were deliv
ered. The caae was delivered October
9th and the drawing loards and books
were immediately placed in it, to the re
lief of the school. I ordered the Clio
with the permission of the High School
Committee. The property referred to,
the books and drawing hoard. was not
the property of the Central Board. The
' arrangement of the drawing hoards and
books spoken of by Mr. ii. did not make
the room until for occupancy by tidy
and respectable pupils in my opinion. 1
next escorted Mr. H. through all the
rooms in their Order. All the
teachers were present In their
class rooms except three, Messrs
Bancreft, Fatnnaster and Moore, who
were detained by an accident on the Fort
Wayue Railroad. Such detentions do
not often occur—the last one was In No-
vember 1868... Tice rooms whore the
teachers were present were its proper
school order lti every particular. The ;
dawns in the room whore the teachers '
were absent were not in great disorder
in my opinion. The pupils were merely
engaged in pleasant and vivacious con.;
versation, as youth are accustomed to do.
I saw no pugilism, no cotillion, nor the
appearance of one. All the pupils were I
seated In their usual order. fu three of
the rooms workmen were engaged In
potting up stoves, and they could not get
them up at nine o'clock. Tim want
of neatness from this cease was
quickly removed when the work
wan all done. The part of Ode.
rooms In which the pupil. were,
were In neat and proper condition.
There was no property of the High
Scheel in dangerous or hurtful condi
tion that day In toy °Miranm. In the
room formerly occupied by the Secretary
hind Superintendent the work of moving
out the books had not been completed.
There remain plied op in no• corner of
it a small pile of aside. hooks. such as
old Patent ()Mee Reports, hr.. ahem two
feet high and lour feet long. Theic value
does not exceed what they would bring
at the taper stern, at two or three cents
per pound. They were soon moved
to their proper receptacle. In the rear
of another room were a few article. nut
yet arranged after moving, such as coal
boxes and a few refuse parts of former
apparlatla not now in use and waiting
the prepiratioo of a place to atom them.
Thane wad no property of the High School
eutfering (or want of proper protection,
any morn tram that reused by the insulti•
dent quarter. of the High School ever
since it started. All articles of value
were properly stored. sir. Hartman wan
informed that the Janitor was sheen. on
busineem.4 the Central Board, and thst
was Ilia 101dion why Ala was not
there to attend to the rooms. Mr. Hatt
man did not visit the school afterward, as
• member of the Visiting Committee, to
my knowledge. The rooms have always
been in proper condition. The walls are
beautifully tinted: tee furniture Is of the
leed modern pattern: the passages have ;
always been carpeted; the rooms are at•
tended to by a janitor daily, and parte of
them are scrubbed every /Saturday The
' cost of three clue works of an on the walls
; of the rooms was strolll $225. The funds
were rained by the FeculiY and the pu
pile and it Is th eir whik. Mr. Hartinan
properly called them '"beautiful pictures
, giving a charming aspen of refinement
;to the rooms." A cuatodian or High
School property would be Idle unless is
would be watching that which wan In no
danger. I think one person cannot do
the Janitor's work at the High School
building, of the rooms of the Central
Hoard on Fourth avenue and the edictal
I errands of the Secretary.
Mr. Hartman, In reply to questions
propounded by the Committee, stated
the following facts:
1 visited the High School building pro
viens to making my report with the most
friendly and unprejudiced bentimenta.
My uuderstanding of My duty as a mem
ber of the Visiting committee, was
merely to report what I noticed. I did
not think it my official duty to report
cause sod explanation. of thing. not sp.
proved of. I thought it to ho the duty
of U.. High School committee to attend to
matter. reported. The condition of things
and order in rooms where teacher. were
Present, were unexceptionably wed. I
did not state that there were pugilism.
and injurious disorder In the rooms
where there wero no teaehere present,
and did not Intend it to he an understood.
Part of the pupils were in good order,
some were amusing themselves by
romping and playful Imitation of Duel.
line motions, somewhat rough, but not
Injurious. While escorted through the
vseous room. by Professor Dean I
saw, very little of these things
but I saw them. when alone on • aut.-
quote return to the moon before I left
She building. When writing my report
I believed that I saw the cotillion !brined
at the time of my official Visit, but have
shme learned that It was on the fol.
lowing day after school order was
ended. I did not see, In all this
playfulness, anything hurtful or im
proper under the cirennuetances. Rel
ative to the disorder of books and far
allure In come of the rooms, I said In
my report that "this disorder emended
me of geological disturbance." I dad
not want my language to be understood
as literally applying to these circumstan
ces, but to be taken as similar expres
sions are takes' which men are accts•
touted to use, about ordinary circumstan
ces, which expreemionsthey do not intend
to .he understood in all their force;
also In staying that some rooms hardly
seemed fi t for occupancy. I intended
merely to express the effect that this
temporary disorder Impressed me with,
sod not to say the rooms were untidy In
every part. I did not intend to convey
any impression at all as to the mental
culture given In the High School, nor
does the report warrant any such con
etruction. I have no opportunity of
forming an opinion on that point. hiyi
Intention in making the report was to
report deficiencies lb the conduction
of the High School, not that
they might be used as weapons against
the school, but that the knowledge
of those deficiencies might lead to their
amendment by the Ventral Board of
nineation. 1 regret that My language
and intentions have been do much mis.
construed, and that the lee resorts of
the High School were presented to the
petelio In a prejudicial light. I shall co.
o per a te w ith thd progressive eltir.ens of
Pittsburgh to striving to eievate our
Public High School to a position equal
to that of any city in the Union.
The Committee, In view of the facts
developed:by the examination, decided
to submit a report the to Central Board at
the next regular meeting, embodying in
substance the following recommend*.
That on personal Inapectien they found
the High School rooms neat, pleasant,
well furnished, well adorned and attrac
tive Though their number and the ar
rangement of some of them are hardly
sufficient for the complete working of
a school of nearly four hundred pupils,
but that in spite of *Sean dimoulfteu the
school was as well kept up and as sys
tematically managed as any ulthht their
knowledge. That they feel It to be the
duty of the Contra! Board of Education,
not only to fully allow for the narrow
conditions in which they themselves ,
have placed title excellent grade
of our both° school system, but,
to prosecute to sti early corn.
Onion a mailable building thi it.
The Committee _further stated that
regretted tlle occurrence of an
Inputting ng. Stoves, eta: which
placed the sahool before the iniblie to
such an 1/130120ibia / 1 2br• They were
Bony - that the langneite of the turd
bad been Interpreted so es to eauseinem
to infer that it was the nortnaboondition
ofthe school rather- than an accident,
which justified the report.
()pet, kloess.—"lreland as it W.
was presented to a large and appreciative
audience at the Opera house last *even
ing, with Mr. and Mr. Barn/l . 's-Wl!Mune
in the leading roles. Supported by the
excellent stock company of course Mr.
and Mrs. Williams would give a Food
entertainment. This evening "Fairy
Circle; or Con t t'l.'arlan'• Dream" will be
TlittiATllK..—Tie Homelll family have
been one of the chief attractions at the
l'ittaburgt Theatre for a week pm, and
they have doubtless bean one of the
muses of each large audiences at that
loatitution, Signora Lopez. and her
troupe of aerobata are the leading attrac
tion thl• week.
M AWINIC HALL.—.Blgnor Blitz had the
pleasure of meeting a large number of
Ma old friends and patrons at Masonic
Hall lest evening. His entertainments
are se Interesting as ever, and they are
performed with a shill unapprosehed by
all other magicians. Ito will doubtless
draw lull houses during his stay In the
At:AI/XJ.ll' or Mustc.—Lest evening
Prof. Rufus Adams. the popular elocu
tionist of Philadelphia, gave an enter
tainment at the' Academy of Music, which
wan attended by en intelligent and ttp•
preclative audlonen. The Professor pre
sented a varied and attractive pro-
grain me, em bracing serious, eentimental,
pathetic, and humorous selections, In all
of which he seemed to be perfectly at
home. lie itt possessed of a very magi
cal vela,: well under control, and has-s
peculiarly distinct and pleasing articula
tion, which rendered his performances
very Interesting. His action also was
vivacious and pleasing, and added con.
siderably to his merits as a reader. The
audience were well entertained for over
an bout, and flatteringly manifested their
appreciation of the perforator's abilities
by frequent and hearty applause.
We gladly give plaoe to the following
beautiful and well deserved tribute to a
noble youth of this city, lately deceased.
The recent announcement of the death
of Clement J. Hoeveler, second son of the
late Augustus Hoeveler, has tilled many
a heart with sorrow. Although only a
youth of fifteen, nature had lavished
upon him some of Its most emu, •
gas, both physical and intellectital, and
had God so ordained he prod:Used to be.
come a pricelesi ornament to society.
Lately he organized In Lawrenceville a
debating sasoclation, In which he evinced
remarkable latent, displaying en Intel.
lent of superior order. Being possessed
of a gentle, sweet disposition, kind and
affectionate, he early endeared himself
to tile companion. The extraordinary
patience and meekness he manifested
during his severe illness was extremely
edifying. His loss I. a crushing trial to
hie devoted mother. Oh. who can find
words to express her terrible anguish
when she found her cherished boy had
closed hiseyes forever to her maternal
gaze. Heartily do we sympathize with
her and her sorrowing little family. Ye
we tray confidently hope our silent
• • A Of ever brigrl... sod DU,
Tele. oh late him to (oar oare! . •
has found a happy response, and he le
now enjoying the presence of his Hea
venly father. a. D.
TT! I LITEEP deaths from email pox have
oectified in etncinnall during this month.
Turns were ten Inches of snow at
Fort Wayne, Ind., on Saturday morn
Tug base ballliti of Chicago are en
gagtd In a movement for the employment
of a pmfessional nine for 10tl7.
W late of the Cm•
einnati Chronsat, has accepted the posi•
Lion of Westertt Agent for the A.aanclated
Press, with headquarters at Cleveland.
HAYIIIO agreed to consolidate, efforts
are making towards creating a paid fire
department for Jersey Cityaud Bergen.
The estimated cost per annum Is ✓l,OOO.
Tux New York Firemeq'■ Association,
composed of t h e leading merutten of the
old volunteer department, bssanheptedan
invitation to visit the South dining next
Tire total amount In the National
treasury, credited to the conscience fund,
is $113,991. fitment' Spinner will recant.
mend that it be transferred to the general
sinking fund.
A new German paper, the Courier,
will shortly be issued in Cinrihh.ii. The
leading political editor will be August
Becker, a veteran Germad journalist,
tormerly of Baltimore.
Crrumes of Toledo, Ohio, have raised
$50,000 which they purpose to give, be
side a central lot at r. 5,000 less than its
value, to the best man won will build a
hotel to cost not lees than $lBO,OOO.
Ix 1810 there was only one religions
newspaper in America, the Herald of
Go.pe4 Liberty, published at Portsmouth
once a fortnight. It mingled politica
with religion, being strongly Democratic.
AN old silver coin, an English shilling
piece, bearing the date of 1564, and the
inscription of Elizabeth, Queen of Eng
land and France, was plowed up lately In
field on the northern part of Rhode Is
Nos. 21 and 23 of the Roll of Honor,
issued by quartermaster General
records the burial places of menty.three
thousand deceased soldiers, whose names,
as far as known, are alphabetically ar
ranged, with a full index.
IT /5 asserted by medical men, who
have bad extensive opportunities of ob
servallon, that delirium tremens never
occurs either In negroes or Indians, not
withstanding the fondness of these races
for intoxicating drinks.
Dn. F. Wince, of Aurora, Indiana,
who committed suicide at St. Louis last
Sunday, left a note stating that he was a
Master Mason, and also that any ex
penses incurred in interring his body
would be defrayed by his !hands.
A roma Jewess la California, baring
soddenly disappear° L and the rumor pre
vailing , of her conversion to Christianity,
writes that she had become a Catholic
that being ia age site thought she could
avail herself of the privilege of the law,
and took the step In order to reclaim her
liberty and independence.
Farms are again entertained that a
stringency in the money market may he
engineered at any moment. • The drain
of greenbacks from city banks last week
was over $2,000,000. The hank reserve
now is about $42,000,000, with puttee
ready at any lime to assist a scarcity of
money by refusing to lend.
Eunv ammo, convicted of burning
the court-hoagie at Kingwood, Preston
county, West Virginia, when called up
for sentence last week, was allowed to
choose one of two modes of punishment
for his crime, hanging or-imprisonment
for life, and selected the former. Judg
ment wan accordingly pronoinced, the
time fixed for the execution being the 29th
of Jatinary next.
NOTWITIIIITANDINU repeated communi
cations from the spirits announcing that
the mortal remains of a missing woman,
Mary Llewick, of Newport, It L, were
resting quietly at the bottom of the res
ervoir In that place, and alter much talk
and labor expended to recover the same,
the woman herself has appeared. and
asserts positively that she has never been
drowned. Those wale "lying spirits."
A Trvzstron (It, L ) lady engaged
self to be married last Wednesday. The
wedding trousseau was ordered, the feast
provided, the guests Invited, the minister
.‘ spoken to ,"the bridal stateroom on
board the steamer for New York secured,
and all went, apparently, "merry as a
marriage bell," until the evening preceding
the appointed day, when she announced
her determination to have another man.
And slur bad her own way, of course.
The minister, carriage, stateroom, etc.,
which had ..been engaged by the would.
be bridegroom, went aecordlnglyusal by.
the man wno had supplanted him.
Faun reports in the Revenue Bureau,
It appears that at - tbe present time frauds
in tobacco alone far exceed three on
whisky and aptrlti, 'which has never be
fore occurred. The frauds are " mostly
Confined to Virginia and North Carolina,
and dealers In Northern cities interested
in: 'those. States. A recently detected
cobiderfelt MAIM) has been used with
gres success In those:Blatea, end *Cir
cular will be tuned by Oommisaloner
Delano in reference toll. Lugo tordees
were recently captured In Chicago, ram
bcred Inthlhe counterfeit stamp, which
were shipped from ChicinnatL
gave a $1.5,0011 aqnet at York, and
married htlas iny 4a:ft; a beantlthl and
wealthy belle of that city, turns oat to•, be
a London pmbler. He appeared at New-
port In Julylast v tbenceweat to Baum.
NO. 249.
sywndicn orest deal of money, living in
the highest evle and moving in the most
fasbionahe clrcica . llls mother Was
second-rate actress in a Berlin theatre,
and his lather is at present in the Every
stable bus the lowest yart of the
city of Lundon As valet to s serni.hy
French gentleman in Para, he acquired
his education, which twisted him in palm
ing himseif upon the too credulous Alla,
lean people.
, IN the course of the hearing of an toi
sault and battery case before a Jostles, in
! Cincinnati, On Monday, Jame, AletAtich
! lin, prosecuting witness was asked by
the attorney for the defense, George 11.
Gaffey, whether he had ever been con
victed of crime, and answering that he
had, the next qnestlon was whether he
had served a term in the Penitentiary.
This he did not dealre to answer, but the
'Squire directing him to _reply, itimitted
he had done the the State some service
for cutting or shooting somebody. He
was then throated to "stand aside," but
went outside,procured a cowhide, and
returning bef ore the bearing was conclu•
ded. proceeded to castigate the Attorney
vigorously, patting him di - igimminlona
flight with the sixth blow.
Farnan HYACINTME, on Sunday, went
to Henry Ward Beecher's church, in
Brooklyn. It was not until the latter part
of the service that Mr. Beecher was in.
formed of the Carmelite's presence, and
as soon as It was finished be went forward
to meet him. They were introduced,
Father Hyacinthe expressing his happi
ness in meeting the great American pulpit
orator, and presenting two letters of in
troduction. The news of the_presence of
Father B. spreading through the rhumb,
the congregation remained, standing on
the seats, on the backs of pews and piling
into the galleries, presenting a scene of
intense excitement which was not qui
eted for a long time after. Mr. rleccher
heartily welcomed Father nyacinthe, and
explained that the enthusiastic reception
of his people was. not extended for the
purpose of proselytism, but a spontaneous
outburst to him as the great European
exponent and advocate of the independ
ence of Christian manhood. To this
Father H. made a happy and compli
mentary reply. Mr. Beecher being but
an Indifferent French scholar, sad the
Father not understanding English, the
.terview soon ternsinated.
♦daluonal Margot.,
New Oates fa, October 28.—Cotton
closed 'calve at 25c for middling; sales of
4,400 bales; reeelpta 239 bales. Flour
firm: superfine 12,25; double extra /MO;
treble extra 1(646,25. Corn firmer: new
white 11,12; old white 51,15. bless pork
lower: sales at 132,&33,25. Whiaky firmer
at 11.26(311,28. Ooid 30S. Sterling 4lit.
Now York Sight Erchatige par to ii dia
(tenni. Other articles unchang ed , ride
tug all day and little business done. •
Bureau), October Yd.—Flour inactive.
Wheat dull;,ooobash/dilwankets
by sample at 11,03, 6,000 bush Green Bay
Club al 11,12, 7.500 bush western spring
at 11,11, red winter, in cars. at 111.211.
Corn dull and unsettled at 75477 c. Outs
nominal; held at about 49c. Rye; Wes
10,000 bosh western at 900. Barley neg.
lected. Pork steady' 532 for heave meas.
Lard steady at 18c. klgbwlnea nominal.
OSWEGO, October 25.—Flour ha active
and unchanged: soilet26oo hundred MAL
Wheat doll: male. 3800 bus N 0.2 Western
Club at ILLS. Coria-..nochanged; .1.
1500 boa No. 2at 850. Barley quiet: .lee
lest night of $O,OOO boo up Lake Canada
at. MOS; Bat . Quinta held at 11,30.
Coro Mau, 51. 5 5. Mill Feed steady.
October 26.—At the after
noon Board wheat was dull at 05®.1' 53,
seller month for No. 2 spring. Corn
quiet at 651"&tinyth, seller month. Oats
Inactive and nominal at
In the evening there was nothing done *
and prices nominally as above.
Cesium nos, Oct. 221.—Beef eattle—re
celpia 1,617 head; dealers yieldetta free.
Bon: sale. extra at 812.76@13,25; first
quality.ll(4l2,se. Sheep and Lambs—
receipt. 14.747 head; the market favors
buyer. and tlie supply large; sales extra
at 113,50@4.
D6\ At tt , t ,— rtltWALD—On Pnezday, atto-
Oer Slattt, Witi, ate O. ta... at ebelaPileplaa,-
Oal Chard, Allolbesl/. 117 BA , D. 7. DttNtAo,
WALD, all of PlAtabarab. Pa.-
L 1.6,4---o,toter 23.2 4 aumatlcre.
AN N JAss Ot es . plo=7
The funentl will take ohm. from the resident;
of her parents, 070 Liberty street. Tenth env&
WZDIZZLI AT, "cipher 97th, at two eleldek
r. S. The Mud, of the fthaLly are teepee:47lly
Invited to •tteral. ,
1150 effltbk.7
&wr, r. COVAINS of all knois,e)l4.l . l:l
EiLOVW, en
and ery detertottonot loarral ter
nistdoe lioorte. .rolgted. Boma open day Ire.
0.',e00 Carriage. earattne4 for city toperels ai
2Ltrrasszces—ney.DavldAcrr, 13.14. !Lev It
W. Jacobus. D. D.. nom. twta,g. 141.. 3. , •••
11.1.11ar, Macs.
Cffi LIES b. PEEBLET, Crli•
rritTAlLlig3 eau rrvsrtr STABLYA
A , VLNUIL AneßA.Arcity. o.or Cairn/
HOOMS e coastart
..i it. teal t
13AAu •wood MAAogany olnd W AIM
C. 4 ,21... at prc. tarylas tram AA sesloo. St •
.11.1 rrepuva erment. Ectrgrs And Cm•
Carrtlebed,• LI Wad. of Maerrett
(bads, If =viand. UMea nyan ay boar.. dy,
mid :WM.
Carriages rer Pauonala;43.oo
date VI
COTNB and Ni 'ancral nrzdahment al no
d rates. old
I•tOST.—On the St. Clair Street
Irespeaetoa llrUlm or Perldeal Street, a
, I) PEN AND PENCIL. A Usti reward
will be eta a If fetoed to No. d.toeltoa .
A MUM. Alter/hen, C lt7.
STRAY COW.--Strared from
th. of tee eubserther, No. SV3
CA•rtlers trtrL Alle•bersy. • LAIW
ANN Wiens COW. A liberal nevazd vitt b.
O•l for ber reoo.el. ADUIIOBII;VSLie
tgrNOTICE. 7 The Itegular
monthly mitellos at IL W 031111. 1 ,11
CIitRIMAN AUSOCIAT/Ult arlll OlaJtlat
11031E 4 No. 48 , Glatt.= atreet:TO•MOAVA/W.
at AM n. A. A tail astaadaaaa la FautlaalanY
d“lted, aa arraaacepoata aretato made for Ida
SIMIT.11•17 0c27204
arNOTICE.—The regular
oval menu of no Storibrdifors of•the
for Um elertloo of Directors. .111 b bal4 o*
lIONDAT. Noormbor 1M 111119. at. Moir °floe,
beloreen the boon of 10 Ar. rr,ikrol Al. W.
re= :07 iIUCT MeLLaliair. rocerCLUI.
• -
o+teß to the leech of {{he eeetoipuLeei, let.
Will be /WM
3he Stock - ia Nem and Complete,
Rilktf.illook and Colored *
Min Poplinn t . .
tionkingi f •
Broths Shawls.
Plaid Shawls, Clsfllnt
And a Fail Line of DontestioCials;at
•, .
141.gati1fitit&.03. ) .....
• .
I/YMCA CSITAIMVI2II2 AND 1M1711v111131,1
rutentrils, vet. $17,11509.
. .
ATOTICE.i."This Asseagraesit lot,
rWlar fvpt It lst to tilev .
4"=°11V4. 1 '.111 1 11
saVnalion,,ed cen be Seem-8S tAIL• *Mee •ACII
ZIATUILD ALT.' Norembez Mb; 1209, Inlet -It
MU brion,zo lot cuy
ee=:4l , " .T..lllUMlSC.Ottrtivelueitt;
A CLE - CrUktt
VAtterscrwill tiew..eseed Wiftillanatebet , lls, -
at &betel:lca et.taltitrA:
sixth stmt. tcc.iltttachletf Joo tiAICUST.
MST& Int Reel note .6 t Ivenes thaw,
be delteeecel at elszeiscret gaicel4W4 c.; I
.Cll. ea cr. belolclteecateeelst,Llloo.
oelntn-- etrernstottecti•-•
loErts; - irtiitt*ln . lalaftt:' , 4lll.
belleen. se tt-teccd tette ilwelltuit boo,e of.
mol, ptessea.lcielc - feelstgascraad Its.mcice
'enter. otA roe. sea:cellar:
vamp. etc.:. Also a" Karim Intd , welekweece Sr .
-Seer /00W g*d tot CAI feet 171 Ww9g::fr_tlejttle.
444". 4P !"t3. i '.01411 •
FIN In ,Cl6.llll,Aratitair..l,4:.
'stelae at • ••Lfttic ete.r . eted'ileleurAittiOc
stelopee!in" ne ,
" - '4ll WV: • ft_
Viniv4attcriod - ausu
t}As cog:menus! and /4114)11
t. s• nt Mert.Ol .bald I •
11 50
1 1/
• 11.1 • ten. ..... 1 13
A , P:.• • (um 1.11 4 m.nit -tislT to Ike retbn .
l'oczna,ers aro rE•0•00143
1M4 7 51111.k1C, ILIUM & CO,
“ L. 6.11.” Ican.r.s," ".Foului,7 ..floardfA . 2 .
,4c., w,/ neredm.g pot -R emu
ivy Lbx cotunnu one=
t;-,,c FIVE rE.vrs.
T F-1 61-- T Ent.
• • 1 , EST OiltICE, No. IL tit. Matt
Y- % not IfleN, far d l4 oftili
‘;',l •-•
IN AN rt,
WAAi T Lt. - . MORTGAG - ES. -
$4O, COO to 1.414.1 In large or anull anotelats.
~1 1111, Band And 1,•1 nate Broker,
S.. 179 not theeld meet.
WA NTEll.—Plantrig Nlllllfles
To purr hese the oldrg losble 1 1 1901.111,
I.A .0 I• 1. A NI oti kl/tlgTElt. Waage
retAtten. 4.0. 1060 All o•ber thietio• Jul
Bla.t 1,411 n. ••• n re, log shovtoo and Moat
from 1•00.1 'gorging loanlooety le ao 10Ir orrelosat
114 t1C179e111i911. Prooldetors of reaoo7l.
19.11 IKE 1/1)17••1. IS4. Agent of 11110911 , 29
Connti. 041.4 of R . e.on nod Thlstl-4/
girt au.
WASTED. —lty a man who
hat hadsame extadlenee to
Good. N.A...., and hut alto traveled a pa
Aral. a sttnatlo4 as tratt , llol snot thr nal.
Cud ?tea or trWeandeJabltina,botud . . Oltajitea
r. t • ',nett Mat May be rtyulted•
a, wt. to Ptuteldea Rea mo o. lalak..lllreata,
Go v od
for at
[ACME k 11A191110114r.
Do, 94 Oyu meet.
- -
WA WEED.— A Good Nurse.
IN 114 , 1 /tad AttentlvA to ch•dren, tr.ll end •
pleasant altuatlon In • ansll ramify. Apply ••
65 Heaver siftit. Allentetty
WANTED. A First Claim
11.0111.1er on cutlin Paw, le nacitid...•
go to etn , lnn ATI. Ad dr-.3 11.1011 rs. 11[.o
ts,mat ,
1 , Z:81,11uul 3t12 sutet.Phts•
s • COM, liA ND PIAN O. Plow 64
dews A. ti ~ EN N. 150 11.14.• mreet. Alleitheay,
stating .13e..41 vat. in.tromeni OMb. Kai,
Luxe Second sAory 'eo? aooti, suit
able for•• •••ililnan see wife or anal. glans
.ll2l totned. An N 0.157 Reath arson.
AVANTED.—AI few - shales of
,teruwl k. Meek.
Casqul, • Lim Ilt.nal tie lee At ay
P• LET.—A Large, farnjted
=op. Incl Oded. Refer tiny. = r . W.
CLARK. •Ilembrty CUT.
rrinLET.—A Second story front
mom. turul•htd..P.ung ox bahway. Ma
queen IN Wylie .tteet.
LET second Star,
L Itn"1114 salt/ate far two *mitt. poptIMNII
oefiettt&ll3l± ,.. .t.itdy JAI WY.!.1.4Mt,..
A. Tyro Pn,rtt Pr ma LOCarian
ilVablwAlltbe.cfry, lb I North and2o.ll. aJlquoso
VOll . RENT.-4 famished
u rforms- • erttaMP for ,roollnoro. Itimalreat
r b o f
No- 7 . 1 N., to alsotl. Jo.o oOofo Woo
EOR TtENT the first
day of Apelf Oft two stoned Befell
thos noes, coo,lolne .el vc rooms. line
al. oh the cam, of oloction avenue •
tod Woo
ster ntrool., oitn ro•olo nu-ached. To • good let
ant Wes.. pfemlfoo volf r . tole. EngiffreOt
>I As 2. UPDIA.S,
2109 raver Armour. Allegheny.
VDU BALE —AL Counter and
•ultable far Bunking or losarsobo
* dire. tau
Pittsburgh rcen at No. GO FOUP.TH •1111,
to pooire of TROIA.
M• N, itorne, No. Og PIM
A: ofthe fiatet a ted an Store Rooms to the
nu.. and doing a ant h.+ -In• es. Ore` Farm
Ment=he sad Irrarn sssss rtntries. [nadir
on Corner. lot oa of talevtOK_lbP
eet bur,riorikicm. Atterbeny C 1 ,14 Lollwelg
y 130 to • 201,..1 alley; houter•mt422•ll
gnl.roorttout and Int•E.d
le good or , cr. Aptdr to CROFT PEIILLWas
Meal . .stat• A..n1.. No .39 Youttb Avast,
• 1rATE...117i1336.-01:trretil
• CM< s partnentdp.. WiR61301112.
Nos. 64. d Ottlrd arcane:24 feat Croft aid
t tit <P; ttar atones taxi. rec farm
. tvidY •
ELI ItlintlrliDito3,
101 l p7ll Inland OS Third malts.
' , IIIIIV. R AND Ya 11311413 LAND% 1:0i
toaln or exchange P.,r City or Country Pro
or 31, telt •tpltac. cpply to or address. C
rillLtaire. Real &Man Aires ts, 544
011sALE—coon-WILL AND
nTrzu UP el 011tb-tnitlllel IN TIFF
tor sTE. Fiat :W.F . A.CCOUIIiT IiTtkV
ISO Ilb OTY, a Oros. Patent Medicine and
Itroesls. bundriee; beat located In the ally. on, o c ad doing. Iltm business; Fell
or particulars. address Y. F. NUN.
EFL, IWO Market street, Hardsborg, P..
on SALE.-810101. ON NORTH
• hatldlng. 38:70 feet. Is being mregaryasa.
Godfrey I Co.. • manfactnetog meU(bnalo(wii
One or tee meatier. of the firm *Joann to natts
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