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Office, 84 and 86 Fifth Avenue
F. B. PEIMMAN, /0131/di
T. P. HOM:I3. N. P. SEED.
EDIT°. Akt.
Hy dual, per year
De-nerved by earytere, per ...I--
Eitintrjb gia
PEntertztur al Antwerp, 58IC.
:E3.-Itcalast. Flap Alan, 871
GOLD closed In New York yesterday
011OTONI the pu....c that
the manufacturers make • profit of two
hundred per cent.
A taped - Konitselhar. Vt., died last
week from disease contracted by Inhaling
the throes of poisonous chemical" while
working in a photographic gallery.
BOLTON, England, has gone to the ulna
senastional, drama to anelan= =kat.
as there has fitly been prod Vane a
Play " f•. Jidda, or a Trial far
Aa Indiana paper lays the Radicals are
"playing h—ll in Chicago." Well, let
flu m play It At ths next change of the
programme you'll see them playing Chl.
again h-11.
A want, has heen sunk at Moundsville,
two and a quarter miles from any open
body of _water, from which large numbers
of Ilitle thh, - some of them four to five
Indies long, are dipped daily.
Themerite. of the sunflower as • dia.
infectant of the malaria of intermittent
fever was discussed by Dr. Van der
Weyde at a recent naming of the Poly.
tschnic Branch of the Amerhas/natitute.
Cullum, member of the 0. A. R. of
Washington city who "myaierioualy dis
appeared" and was supposed to have been
"toully„dialt.with," has turned up all
right, caving bean on'a viideton relative.
UN banks in New Haven, Conn., have
united in employing two night watchmen,
at a Islay of 11000 each per annum,
whosei•duty It shall be to visit the differ.
ant banks once an hour dining the night.
Ornrof the rcsions assigned in support
of themotion for a new trial 01 the St—
I.culs'inurderer Kinglet Is, that tho Parr
were lafierfered lath 6fileers
thus by some outside pull raiszking
their hearing "that it was the °pinioned'
the people outside that defendant, ought
to-be firing."
' r ihB Prerrybilan Synod of New Jet-
sari (0. S.) havis,reaolved that it beloup
to the ofllceof the restor login( LW In=
struchssal to his oeagregation upon their
&abuse citizenly especially In reference
to their supporting for °fibres within As
gift of the people, honest, conscientim
and competent rum
- TihNew Haven Catholics are a good
deal exerted over the recent action of
Rev. Hugh Carmody in removing the
shines' hoer flfty.eight
.graves in the
dittrelyart =A leveling the graves be,
Lind all identification; en
all to Improve tke
mounds aborts his r esidence. Amens
the unknown graves is that of Protean
Mils Atatop, of:Yale College, a Germar4
Who filed 1n.1842,
Ix re stated that the large tonsamt of
brae drawn to the Pacific Railroad hu
so taken away business hour tberianams.
route as to render it improbabbilhat, the
lane :line can ever again injoy-piteper
le a changer that might hub
beta foreserri. • The Panama route fpee nded solely upon New York and Ban
Prari and both ; there ports are now
better server b. - , the ,
WIIN. ceremony of opening the Sues
Canal will take place November 17th.
:late Elle Ave. 'ddelt thins royally, bas
• ordered every arrangement to be made
for the timely and comfortable transpor,
tation of all venom( who are invited to he
- . •
presentat the ope angottkda gaeataiork,
and bears all the eastoupesor theirjournery
and sojourn Zang bhnaelt The
Khedive has amts epedal note ail:mita.
Lion to each-of.. the chief ..talltore of the
New Yolk tied' ' •
Tat city editor of a New Torkjormai.
baying complained that press ea
tires were denied theralvikge, t e Poline
Board 2 s used a resolution to allow au.
members of therren to gam ,
•4e; in UM' :silence of the officer in
charge, the House of Detention and pram,
lees, and inquire sato the manner of kt
leg the persona detained therein an wit.
names— but permitting no mavens.
lion*ClE refute:ice ter the warticuhur am .
L a which they ate detained.
" TES novelty in the mayor till&
tag materiel is paper. A Wisconsin con.
pa:wino:ooa eaurated parer board, tan. '
2..overlent to -air sod waWoirtindident
quantity to cover the sides of i cottage
223:110 end so feet high fir&ll-
•This board beside° keep the
'7. tree from dampness, throughout the sea
- am; is. impermeable to cold In Whiter and
neutralizes the - Maas of the extreme
heats of nominee Vermin, too, willeot
touch it =account of the :material with
which the board is sittcusted.
. Waters Manias been an
"cosh& naval artabst. The schooner,
Anna Virelois. clandestinely gathering
.. Amick; wudlscgsered and pursued by.
'the oyster police on two Mama& They
E. :gained on timiAnna Virginia, tat her
~, master was equal to the =agency. He
tacked ship and vat fat the forearm
..,:gentar, running her down with all on
board. 'Ho-tacked ship again and salmi
away, reeving. the aew of the mooed
tate aptck' the dbloomilted pollee
on to got a decking instead of
• emnemfor their pains
A lama in the Btetamal mine, Etat
: salt county, Ohio, aeddentally tutlp
nistutd hislamp while at walha but Week.
• started to - ge<tont of the disk bat
- wait In ibewrong dir. Ma, and finally
•got comphitabmosught in what billonown
as the' "water entry." Having no Ides
arta howl:amid makeblitenit, beaten j
• with ttuttglistoretiOn which bat bracers
• brasery 4 and wait the illgtd in Weeny.
away down trader ground. with the ice
"• cm airatis op to th)meca-, go was dad
enough when soma chance brought acme
his fellow minas to him tbe nett
marg. ••,,
Am' tuna remits
QUO= .1a great :lied in the - Sonth;for
mechanics and laborer" of all kinds.
.Frourilligtnte and Noah earollas col
ored han&s haiie gone South to pick
ton, and • felt days ago we noticed the
.maima—nt of ,a hundred_ and fift l y=
fltitt Ditdois, , Who went to
to. work on a sugar plantation. The
planters fears they cannot ware all the
erep.ll6 limited is thesapply of labor. Ii
to ow farm hands puiielf ghosts need
ed; 'Tho 'Margie up eist 2 efiventers,
cabinet mama. blaehimlthe, boiler rusk
et* Plaulter% cooPeTh. wheekirdiis.
. are ail irantediana : cotilit find intretuliati;
euiployment and at -Mews Arum than
'they rective In the noodi.
R. o,:iiirtionattew wort. iumbl e
A n k nj u i v9 will be putaabed in' Awe**
.nest, month. -
, con =Dam: Of r.
f ta
Year is snuormccd, km, or ible
works of Termyson. •-'
. .
Elia/ciente* Syron:X - 6M atiltate
Or - Dente, Complete for forty cm: lts
Pntbuielphis announcement.
Tat autobiography of Edward Wordy
Montagne, eon of the famous Lodi Mary,
L announced for NoTember.
... , m alVa r filagreed seleatiflo weekly hu
fo ' lt
London: In
tors Duwin, Huxley, Shoal and
lions la about tq make valuable addi
tions to his well known "Libraries,. and
several ensue tbmalworksate annokan
edfor the atandnnf, chunking and scam
dific divislonsof . his stalins ptibliCIUML
d B A : VD, JOAO" 'it:Robinson, has copi
ous/7 en:lobed with ids pendraterwbc*
of fairy tak's,—"Acenes arid Ailyentnris
lathe Mandeb; onkeLittlellople.” •
Caseura Scurnene. Is Co. are about to
N.wet a DOW Tolo g o ti
mataivp. includltPtoT
In d fijouton's &nu nlut,4LLsat t
popular and`OloPleuVoi ot
ry of England iD Weave ettrortr
A Lornxne, publisher i z ti a =put, with
the present toroth a tieW y.
the ..A ca d an y." which ta to be •record
of literature, learning, @deuce' und opt
One of lie new features will bitretUate
j dos with ti e & writers names. ne new
ottrna ed
Fts to Ifni of "..thit'Aitukspla
which has, having the &Id to WOO
hosts of enemies -scout anthem 31r.
Dixon wholes bad . maeA s te deed=
unpopularity of the hoe
and hir. Mike, the anther of "Ontebst
prits l o," willows:noble eheir.
_ ...,
. .
\ .
I• — I -- ....6. .
: . t.e.t sod ct.
IS •
. . ,,.•
. -
1 ' 4,..,
' -;
• 111 1
... . 1 .
. --...;
I _
.!,. L .... irc
r -... - - 1. •;:.„--, .„7 ~.
J . 4 51
.1: : ...•
, 4 ~
. :-,, , f ; ...s-;
-4 ,v•
:,.. - . ( \ lt z e t e
• . -
IF 411 ,
# ...port roxormarlal awl runny L
....t.orx hob labe.llll Weeteele relllll3l •
- (
fp': arm,. 32:wharVC or morrlant rhoriti te
el.ugle (ene,ityere
( lah• of err
I le , s or tee gi so
I Illa
. .
. oo
13 eta.
The imperilling French Crisis—
The Government Prepared
for the Emergenci—The Eng
lish Press on the Death of
Earl Derby — FesaaniDeqings
in Ireland—Committees Ap
pointed to Look for a Spanish
King—The Cabinet inharmo-
:sr 'Wash el to the Gentle.)
GREAT int rag N.
Aos, October 25.—Nearly all the
metropolitan papers to-day have obituary
maim of the late Earl Derby.
Auain Henry Loynd, the author, has
been appointed kilialeter to Spain.
LONIKM, October 28.—The Than Of a
revolt at Paris on the 28th are diminish.
log. The Government Is taking every
precaution to guard asalnat any disturb.
ewe of the public, peace. Marshal
Bazinehisi been authorized toliseeptiton
Without mercy.
The Times in an obituary on Lord Derby
rays No one can be a statesman without
statearnanDiee temperament. With this
the Earl of Darby was never endowed.
He was too Impulsive to resist the
temptation of making Willies on enemies
both In and out of season. He sneer at
the Italian struggle will ever be
remembered es • proof .; of . his
reckletenen In speaking On forhign
Wrens. The Duke of Wellington be.
queattied to him his influence In the
House in Lads, but the bequest mold
not be executed. The mantle of the
Duke's eoldierlike virtues had not de.
wended on his successor. Great as was
his ascendancy among the Conservative
peen. he never gained the confidence of
The Telegropa points to the "fact. that ,
Lord Derby employed his latest breath
In public to declaim, with all the solem
nity of an old man falling from the world,
against a measure of Justice and necessi
ty, like the Utah Church hill, and adds
that this shows how much the age and
the country had gone beyond him.
The Standard predicts that while the
present generation lives, Lord Derby
will be remembered throughout his own
province, not only as an orator, scholar,
and statesman. of whom Lancashire mai
well be proud, but as a magnate who in
the direst trial took his place as • leader
In the work of relief and charity; a..
rich man who oared for the sorrows of
the poor, and Be the great man who res.
the pride of the lowly, not as the
of England. but sa a kindly
neighbor, generous friend and Christian
The Nese speaks of him as follows:
"Lord Derby was not
statesman, but he was a seed political
personality. Be will held • plans In the
4 1 :1 land, not for what he dld,
EIS l m for what he failed to Mx tut for
what he was. He was the last
of the Barons the last not the
least. • was a perfect example
a/ the property aletocralle,. poli
tician, with the faults and Wirtuea,
the dignity mad the hdelity of his order.
When he seemed to desert principle., he
did so under the Influence of strongly
fell; If eivonknaly interpretedi
Pons to his sovereign. and his political
Marquivtif Salisbury will succeed
the isle Earl of Derby ea Chancellor of
the University of Oxford.
The partial settlement of the tariff
question has Improved the SheiDeld
trade With the United States.
DUBLIN, October 25.—Amnesty meet
logs have been held in the city of Oork
and the pariah of Canigaline. Mr. Glad-
SUM. Wes dettottnced for Marefosal 'to
'pardial . the , Peniatuk-and !reerihrtiomt
were adopted declaring that the Irish
people will nolegisladve measure
for around until the prilenen are re
MAISIUD. October °ablest Coon .
ad sitting, of an unusually extended du.
ration, was held at the office of tho Min
ham' to-day. The meeting was a tang
one, In consequence of the disagreement
of Senora Arden and &Ivens respecting
the church expecailsses end property.
The Unionist members of the Cortes held
• wry . the city, on the
autdec= ra
ve legislative attitude to.
wards the Goveroment. A (whines dint.
salty is anticipated; if Ardent end &t
-rolls ahead. realign their i portfolios, Ta-
Pets Inn also an. The proftble solution
of the ands Is generally cannoned, but
no dednite deduction as to the bane has
Inettarrised et. ..
The amstellon I. growing that In the
meant 'latest( parting the selection of a
Sing Is Impassable:
The Cortes Is as much divided In opin
ions* ibetolidnet, and unless ILA:Desoto.
miss effected, the establishment of the
pion Toby will be bombes.
„—The deputies Va. the Gorton
from Porto Rico have petitioned the
Government to refrain from special legis
lation for that colony for the present.
The three principal pa~rrt~ies ln the Corte
hareem* appointed deptdito tosaiend •
conference and try to come to some
agreement in mewled to the eplaidloOof a
fog. . • • .
There a Annurnance nt-iiireantro,
in Anon, wan
yentensay. - cries were.given
tar On Repablicans, and other cidnWus
deittituitratirmir Made. ' The outbreak
was ineonslderible, and was easily sup.
pressed. The town is now tranoolL
PAM, October 25.—The Emperor ar.
rived at the Tanist to day.
. Petrie. Prefect of Polio*, has halted a
prociantstion, whit:6,2ms beep widely_
cirioalated throughout the city: Hectic
!hamlet,' of the proceedings expected on
the 26th, and which are likely to disturb
the pablid peace, the authorities would
Worm the people of Pals that messuree
will be taken to humus the reepeet of the
lavand the- maintenance of itanquility.
; Good citizens are requested to boon their
gouda:airs& imprudent curiosity,,and
not expose themselves to' the comae
quenoe that mac result by the enforce
ment of the law against mobs." .
Lenenoicketobee 23.-11 le reported In
Tarts 1.70,1A1
on ;concocted by Clio Lib.
orals fOr a r Thursday next ham
been dl
-The Emperor coneentrating
In the city, and Gen. Buena h as-re
0, 41 64 Older. to employ Wintery, If neer
emery: to keep the 'MOW 01011 M.
The impala manifesto has boon pre.
wog, and. Is ready for publications but
the Itovernalsot awaits °yeah before
' . 4iie lth liatetraleidenY tinexiiiince artist
cemorted -plot, and , to prove* dlwarder
are disposed tei peatpone the attempt to
opts; the newton of the Cops of. Leggigt•
Might marrow.
The people of Faris are much exalted
over the impending Altai
Thu m% October O.—Daring the
Itumnrection at Cattaro the rebels gained
pmesition or a fort through tromp. AO
-time: mimeo:wed the eggriven. Their
agackel oaother parts or the city Were
C ooo r4arrboortm, Oct. 25.—Theatt1tait
willembirk on the 12th of November for
the Isthmus of Sues.
nesnie yews
- 8011171AllPt011, Oct. 25.—T6e steamer
Maine arrived tram New York,
Qoesserow, October 25.—Tbe steam
ers Tarifa And Manhattan. tam New
York, arrived to day.
viiimiciaL AND 44:11414E8C1&L.
uparaaso •Oalabee_ , 25.—/ftesing=
. 8011 far money MC - Amarim
2 1 ‘; 11 41 1 34 17. 74. 1 72,7,, =At
7 Wadi at frarikibrt, 8 7,114 1 77 g,
a, Agfa ;Pn744%; • 97; Atlanta, sad
Grail' Western,
PAI/1140010101101Vill trIA; WWI" .
711. 47a,
-14yzaroor,.03tober 25-41bttan steady;
Witio PPlsods IS 12a Orleans
lobo lotoouided to 14,000 Wm.
orbits whew. 10s7d1 red weat
atai CU wittier. Os 64 . Western
Four. , 90. • (bra. *Os od..
id. 'Presit 44s id.' Pork.' Beef.
665. Lsnl, Its. Chfleaa. ets OOad.. ;Isamu
67a. tar new. Nave stores oMee.
Petrolsna. Ild; rethied 1 4 . 0 d.44.
Aseloots,-0rt0ber,2,5,-Tstfitr.-47s 6cl.
Bunt: Ms 014. on spo4:losaidai /Pk alba
Relined Remiss= Is 0:0; COX=
Linseed, 61s 9d.
~ AsTormete. t October 25. Petrellaut
AYR end unbanged•
AM, POotfr P—Pottim Inarieot
Gen. Butterfield has resigned
urY After the Gold
litng—Dbcharged Machinists
all at Work Again Cleve.
lard and Pittsburgh flail-
road will pay a Viper Cent.
Stoat Dividend on the lath
(Be Telegraph to the Pittebarn 6uette.l
New Year.. October 25, 1859.
me Telegram sayer. We 'earn that the
recent complications in regard to gold
speculstlons commuted with a feeling of
personal self respect, pending investigs-
Sows upon the point, have impelled the
drialstant Treasurer of the United Stales
In thin city, General Butterfield, to send
In his resignation to the Secretary of the
cammtualiation to
that effect wee despatched to
Washington this afternoon. The
b aionereial Bays it hears the General
expressed himself to the effect that
all he could not have the thorough end
impartial Inveatigation he desired, he
preferred . to resign, and would forward
his letter of realguation at once. Report
also says he has telegraphed the Same
of the Treasury to that effect, and will
Reward a formal letter to-night.
It la understood that the Grand Jury
devotee MA* , to the Investlipttlon of the
gold ring transactions. '
The evidence thus far taken by the
Congrresional Committee on the Para
guayan outrages la unimportant.
The Erie Railroad strike the
ended in
the reinstatement of all the displaced
Father Hyacinthe will probably not
visit Beaton. He vlatts Hon. John Bige-
low at his • montry nest, and goes to
Washington about the first of November.
The libel suit of F. A. Lore against
Caleb C. Powell, money editor of the
Times, Involving certain charges against
the managers of the Erie railway, was
art/tied twde7,..befare Judge Can:WM
In the New York Stock Exchange this
morning the Prealdwat announced that
be bed been direotod to give notice that
the Clow eland land Pittsburgh Railway
Company will, on the 18th pros, Issue
15 per wad, stock dividend.
The Parepa Rosa Opera Troupe Mate a
Narrow Escape rrom a Serious, Maas
Ily Ttle.rapti t tb•Pittsburab Osotts.l
Cnicatio, October ?S—The Pampa
Ross Opera Troupe, whim arrived In
this city this mornhogothout ode o'clock,
In an eztta train by the Pittsburgh and
Chicago Railway) hid a narrow escape
from • serious disaster. In paining the
Rock Island Junction. about seven miles
below this city, by the displacement of
a switch, the engine end baggage ear
wire thrown front the track, and tom,
damaged. Fortunately the train was
going at a slow rate of speed, and no one
euatanned any serious damage. Mr.
W iddows. the agent of the troupe...was
standing on the platform, and was
thrown to the ground. imt was mit
verely hurt.
Wm. (I. Horn was arrested at Beano.
barn, lowa, and brought to ibis city, Ibis
wonting, °barged with swindling a Chi
cago commtwdon house of this city to the
tune of ten thousand dollars. He prom
ised to ship whisky to the dna, but fail
ed to do it to the value of the money they
dr Oliii:W 4 O. l 3l
Main guratata to IDditta—Straumer Cars
c Etta
LB) Telegraph to the Pittsburgh 0 seems. I
LopMILLE. October 2&—All some
workmen were cutting through a hill to
get the proper grade for a street, Wm.
tilbscut, • laborer, went in under so
overhatigintrabelf, when the bank ruled
In upon him and he was suffocated to
The Cora'S. 'sunk soddenly and with.
out perceptible muse on Sunday, throe
ranee above Snawneetown. on the Ohio,
lti trim feet of water. She Ilea Widen
and can be raised. She had three hon.
deed bales of cotton for Evanseffle. The
Cora S. was from. Memphis and bound
for LlnchanalL
Tent Legislature.
to me nuetaratiateaeterl
NABBY/ Was October 25.—The Legisla
ture to-day postponed the election of
Public Printer until the second of No
n Ia proposed now by Johnaon's
friends to run him for the State Clitoren.
dun, and if elected to make him Prod.
dent of that body.
The Legislature has not yet called a
Oonyention, nor taken any action on the
XVth Amendment.
Boller rapladon—Ttuee alien Killed mod
licirend Others .113aitly Wounded,
wr Totorrsgh to ettlabergti (Maeda.)
LAO &OWE, 03tober 25.—A boiler In
the steam saw mill at Grand Cronin&
H S Deos opposlf b this elm ex.
ploded at half - p ut twelve Chia noon,
mortally injuring . throe men. The names
of two of the men are James Vane and
John Casa. The other man'a name is
unknown. Several others were badly
welded and otherwise Injured. The
eat= of the explosion Is unknown.
Destructive Fun In Montreal, . Canada.
tivr TOM." tow Plitsbanch mama I
hforreasst. October 16.—A aeries of
tires occurred here Saturday night and
Sunday. =ruing. The coon unions
were the complete destructkin of the fit.
Andrews church and partlaldastruettad
of the Unitarian church, and the drug
manufiunorY of Kerry & illratbers. A
Baia*, Church wee also considerably
dammed. The tire is supposed to have
been the work of an Incendiary. Loss
about liii o . ol XL •
—Ps.idenalor Ben. Wade, or Ohio, was
11000 g the Presidential visitors yester
—David Kendall. Put Grandmaster of ,
Odd Fellows In California died at Sara.
monk. last night.
•• —The Chamber of COrauserea d ol, Mem
phis, passed resolutions boa evening to
exPind ald to the Southern Pacifico Hall
road. .
skeleton of Charles Ward, who
had been ochodng from Worcester. hfam.,
for some two months, wee found on Het.
—At Handout, N. Y., Saturday, J. P.
Wood, a ship carpenter, killed his spite
wittiest-ex, and than cut his owntbroat
with a num .1 esitetsy and real
—The Yerger lase has been decided.
Chief Justice Chase delivers the opinion
of the Bapreme Court to the effect ; that It
has judadlction in habeas corpta tees.
—The damsel of the benstituents Codas
establishing unrestricted liberty of aw
liglon in the colonies of_Cuba end Porto
Ri c o
was yesterdsy promulgated on the
—John V. 8. Masher, formerly a let.
tee carrier, has been arrested at Albany
analteld In VOX) ball, for stealing a lei-
ter flpin the paajailllee. It was found on
Me persist.
—A barge gantlet:an; three ihonsana
barrels of flour, "belonging to the
bilasbudypt Valley Transportatkeu
Was Mink
gi wa e red
W Leda lairs on
mai/. 011180
--John W. Panne; known as the cal&
hector of the limp UMW charily, 1 / 1
uNd —ale year of the grind pitch', when
desiltution of • portion of the people
was unparalleled, died In New Yoik on
—The' Susquehanna Railroad at Du
soomburg, N. Y., where the railroad track
la nearly one bondred feet high fora
tame of two hundred feet, and *Mich wag
washed away by_ the repent pod, has
been repaired,
land slide of three scree ocmrred
on Sunday evening near roughkeepsie,
N. Y.. at • place known ea "bleep
Rinds," covering • brink yard alg feet
new• sweepitig away aneogine boom
ind. DaVIP beaTZ , •
—Mr. Brewster, wbolim been tendered
by Gov. Geary the position of Attorney
General of Pennsyllvaols, now filled by
Bari/Aoki Barrio Brewster. was Ibrotarly
.loggi'mf Bei Mint of Oommen Please,
Philedelpl34.szaLaneof the majority of
'tbe Omit Oar decided the &potion came
in favor°, the ileogfalmin I:contestants.
.41.y.thin dates 0 the liith state that
gold Mere biaristio to eghtembnedred.
ceasing farther dearreisilon of the
tlonal .iorrenror. The rbe- la l l4 l ol been
mimed : 1)7 "the brogan% map er the
- most prominent have beta erreated and
sees on foot to the army, wbloh was
.boat to target Ockalel and as ptym..
Blom hut applied to 1)& 1 4 - Admire
'Philnutt' to *end a weal pi?et
Prism, to Mien, It spina, too
mans by the rebels, which poi
chromium& . The government monopoly
of coffee bad been re.aoseUlbegt , bet n
was nmetyless pay balers. ' Ships
0001 *Ps ogwOod,
Interrleor of Steel and Iron
Blaiwitachwers with Secte
terry Ilatatwell--Dectston by
Chief Justice Chase in the
Verger Case --Officers Assigned
to Duty—Payment of the No-
rember Interest
(Br Telegraph to the Pll tabure'a Guytle.)
Inas AND avast NANUVAaTuRspui CALL
Hon, A. ht. Felton . and Ma). Henry
McAllister, of Philadelphia, Secretary of
the American Iron and Steel Aasocistion,
had en interview with Secretary Bunt
well this afternoon, in relation to the
under valuation of foreign steel, and
partial evasion of the duty on Iron and
steel rails. Mr. Bootwell elated that he
was engaged In an investigstkua of the
subject to which La attention had been
nailed, and it was bla intention to tarry
It out In letter and spirit.
Chief Justice Chase read an elaborele
opinion to-day In the Yerger ease to
effect that the Supremo Court of the Mil
ted States has jurisdiction under the
Connitutkm and Judiciary Act of 17811,
and that the act of IRV, repealed by that
of 1868, does net operate to take away the
Jurisdiction of thin Court In the matter
of habeas corpus, which is among our
mat valuable right., and la guarded
both by the Constitution and statute.,
The merita of thecae were not involved
in the Opinion. Mr. Phillips, counsel
for Yerger, remarked that he hadlnvi
ted a conference to-morrow of all with
the Attorney General, before further Sc
tion in the case. A motion fa • writ of
habesseorpse is pending.
The opinion delivered by Chief Justice
Chase to-day does not Involve the merits
of the Yerger case, or the constitution.
silty of the roonsistrucclork ate, but
merely the question of the authority of
the court to lane the writ of ahem or,
pse under the appellate Jurisdiction.
The case on the merits, If the court shall
Home the writ and proceed to the hearing
thereon, will prevent tbo question only
as to which power In the State of Mama
slept, is Its present condition of ream
idruction, the military or civil, a person
charged with mime Is amenable.
The committee from Baltimore repre
senting the Maryland Agricultural So
ciety, and the committee representing
the Maryland Institute fiir the Promotion
of Agricultural Arts, called on the Pres.
(dent to-day, and tendered to him an in
vitation to attend the Inaugural arra'es
of the revival of the State Agricultural
Society on Tuesday and Wednesday
next. The President thanked the com
mittee for their courtesy, but abated that
he would be unable to avail hawed! of
the invitation.
The following officers are saalgned to
duty In oonnection with registration and
election in lallaalasipp!: Paid. Francis
Watr, That Llawda. Jnu. Pafford
Jam. P. Walker, Ephraim Williams and
A. E. Wiles: Brevet Colonel A.
Hardt:, Seventh Cavalry, Is ordered In
charipaef the cavalry recruits at Port
The Secretary of the Treasury has so
thronged the payment, at onoe and with
out rebate, the Internet due November
1* Loth onregleterect and coupon bonds•
Late Show* ftead—Consolbluion.
The Board of Directors of the .Lake
Shore and Ilichigan Smthern Railway
wu in smoke' at Cleveland last week,
having under consideration among other
masters, the conaolldatlon with
the Wabash Railroad and the agnermmt
with the Erie Company. The session
closed on Saturday, and It is understood
the Board approved a contract of mason
dation with the Toledo,Wabash and Rail
way Compkny term s favorable to the
Lake Shore Interest, and that the Directors
of the Lake Shore andifictilgan Southern
Railway Company will recommend to
the stockholders a ratification of the con
trite. This onion of railroad Inhuman
will cover ticarly seventeen hundred.
miles of track, extending from the foot of
the Lakes to the Mississippi river at three
points and to the Northwest through
The Cleveland. Herald learns the basis
of oonsolidatinito bathe patting In lake
Shore and Michigan Southern stock at
par and Wabash at 75. Lake Shore takes
a four per cent dividend on the drat of
January, and Wabash nothing. Alter
that time both companies share alike In
the regular dividend, assumed to be eight
per ces e tt"Xte number of thremon la to
be In from thirteen to fifteen,
and the Lake Shore party propose to
give two of that number to the
Wabash, but the latter was not
disposed to be rated so low. and at
last accounts lhL point hid not been set
tled. It is claimed that the losses by the
Lockwood failure will be fully coveted by
the excess of one month's earninp, and
It Is also stated that a full exposition of
Ikettetncial condition of the company
will be given to the public In a lbwdays.
Mn. Boar, of the Hartford nags, who
Is making the transcontinental trip and
writing very pleasant letters to his paper
about It, saw a Chinese shave In San
Francisco. l'he razor was two Inches
long: nninth and abalf bread, and half
an inch thick, and equate at the end. It
looked like a meat cleaver. The barber
shaved his customer's head, all round,
loving the tuft and queue. Thett4o
abated Ida face and his torthead;polkib
lug the forehead with the beck of the
rapr. "Ilren ha shaved off ourhalf of
elektellf aanlean as a type, leaving
4lttle tufts next to the nose; and then he
shaved his nose all over carefully, and
polished that. What next he did with
tin Bin Chlld, as he sat upright open a
little stool, both Met wiled under him, I
know Lot, for I came sway. Why be
shaved the mature at all I could not tell,
as be had ao board. Perhaps he slashed
him with pork fat as a dub& If so
Chang Wo was ready for busines s, and
would go through you Ina trade.'
PAM, beaft neeer Won fair lady, A
German barber in Cfneinnisti wee long
prevented from marrying his sweetheart,
the daughter of a lusty beer seller. An
elopement was arranged, and the Teuton
drove to the trystlng plasm, and foutid
the girl's father quietly waking Air him.
Then a tight ensued, a long and nose,
bloody one, in which both were greatly
exhausted. Aiter the.old man was pret
ty well wldpped, and both bad paused to
Pmt awhile, the "stem parent" observed,
You be's a pooty gout man, Herman ;
le's stop Us tam business. You shall hal
Christine, gum" TOP maul is ebrlour,
young man who are opposed, have
only to show their manhood by giving the
oldgentbmutn a good thrashing,
Ogled Wednesday evening II young
rain stepped into the dining room of the
Amirloan Noose, in Youngstown, Jolt
alter the boarders bad risen from the table
and called for supper. Ile commenced
eating and was noticed by the waiting
11,1, to be sitting perfectly still ,so If he
had fallen suddcrl r ealeep. A man pres
eltUillilleiLhlP Ulu end pronogneed
him dead. pr. oo4bridge goon at
dyed, end on examination he ealso pro
nounced him dead. A railroad employe
neat morning recognised him u Cleoriie
Newberry, eon of Neory Newberry, of
Cleveland, brother of Dr, J. 8. New be/.
ry. to Whows dispatch was immediately
sent. coroner's invest ettflinited
death to apoplexy.
Ar a recent sate of cotes and medali
In New York a Maximilian po gold
piece brought 547. whUe a United States '
1111Ser dollar of 119+ brought $4l, y 4 th e
Fame polo of 12b4 sold for $5 8 „while
one of 1831 'brought $3 l . A Uoited
litotes silver dime of 1192,
and sow of ITN, 42; while one of 1786.
teeny& Renders celebrated Jefferson
Head, sold for $l4l. Boole of the other
'sales were: potted Steles cent of 1299.
It y lgti 44. W 23, brilliaot proof, $15.50;
nteagle dollar, 1838, $4O; pattern
tupeigle, w o, $21.30; pattern half 4101 ,
Mr. 4801. 4; *tern Itrepeot piece,
NT, sls. • , fialtern tes 0 2 8 1 Pm.
882, $2B; Peale Nom* medal, fp;
*We medal, pO,
k rjiwuria.
Mrs Truman Wa•gts, a librarian In
the British Museum, Irho knew fifty lan
guages and the titlc4of half a million
books, is dead.
Dn. Sumer has tete:tiled from Europe,
where he made arniniternents for a nen.
eral conference of Fitotestants in New
York in September [tsp.
Rey. Eon. Season!, the well-known
Albany, alter a pastorate of
40 year", has been "relhell" on a pension
of $2OOO from Ids congregation.
HIRAI( Powitna, ths celebrated sculp
tor, accused of being splritmalist, writes:
I believe In the f of the so-called
manifestations, manifestations, but not 'Spiritualism.'
nessee. the Steubenville Herald says,
"was reared on the waters of the re
nowned Yellow Creek," in Jefferson
county, Ohio.
PREZ/DENT ELLIOT, of Harvard, has
made hie mark by gtrunr a dinner to the
Harvard crew and by taking Around
against the admission to the college of
female 'students.
Samar, Ind., claims the oldest printer
In Indiana, If not In the United State.,
In the person of Robert Harrison, who
has been sticking type for sixty-Hee years,
and Is still at R.
BIBROP Sarrtion's &slighter Anna will
be married In Philadelphia on Wednes
day to Mr. J. Wiley Weaver. The Pres
ident and Mrs. Grant will probably
present on the occasion.
Carrara F. W. BED.ET, 33d United
States Infantry, a graduate of West Point.,
from Ohio. hut just been tried by court
martial and dismissed the service, for re.
fusing to pay board bill' and tailor bills
In San Antonio, Texas.
A. editor In New Jersey brkure delin
quent subscnbera to his master by pub
lishing obituary notices of them. When
they have paid up arrears, he contra
dicts the report of their death by saying
they were only "dead beats."
A CoNammaxortAt minister In New
England ibUtla his way into • Methodist
love feast, where be beard a lady thank
God that she was racked In a Metho
dist cradle. Bang called on to
speak, he thanked God that he was
rocked In a Congregational cradle, bat
the elder pat on the clincher by laying
that. God rocked both cradles.
Paw are probably aware of the fate of
Byron's heart. After his death
/linolough! in 1822, his body was em
balmed and sent to England, but his
heart was begged and obtained by the
Greeks, who inclosed It in a silver case.
Four years later, slier the protracted
siege of Miss°loughl, a sallying party,
carrying the relic with them, cut a way.
with great sacrifice of life, through the
Turkish tines; but the heart was lost in
the marshes.
A PITTSIOAN In New York has Written
to Boston that since the gold panic he
has committed to an hisane asyltun six
men, who had been made =my by their
laws. What a splendid chance there
is for some dramatic reporter to visit the
asylum and 'Nate:view" them subjects.
'Did you ever give • boy • theatre
check?" inquired Jones, last night.
'•Nero." ••Eve bear of ite betas
done?" "No," "Well it never was
done but once. a great m•ny yeah ago,
man coming out of • theatre gave • boy a
check. The boys beard of it and they
have been waiting for that man ever
Tun wife of a prominent Philadelphian,
wnting from Baden Baden, lays, CM
' ding to Mrs. Abraham Maeda: "We
have passed many happy, sad hours to
gether. The first night we spent in
Frankfort we eat talking all night
until the bright day dawned In at the
window of the cheerless, desolate room.
Not having seen her once I met her in
the sick room, after Mr. Lincoln's death,
of course the meeting quiteovercone her.
Fora while teen and nobs. such an I
never witnessed, rent heramplatted heart.
dhe trite great a mourner now as ate
was the day she lost thebeetof tmstands..
The Duke of , Nassau, Ind =ay of the
nobility, have called upon her, but she
dechnea receiving thetn. lie life In the
loneliest I ever saw...
A 11IIRDICIICIIIII outrage wu committed
by a woman teacher In St. Louis recently.
During school hours a boy violated one
of the rules by playing with some of the
others, when the teacher caught him by
the hair and dragged him across the roam,
pounded him with u ruler o'n the bead,
neck and back. and Thee threw hint
againns steam-pipe, fracturing his &nil.
After school the child went home and re
ported the treatment he had undergone.
He complained of be in the head; It
was not aupponed to be anything maims
until some t im e la the_ !JIM, when brain
fever set in, and the c hild became raving
crazy. In the insanity of fens the little
one constantly cried out, "Don't strike
met Oh, don't, don't strike mel' In this
state the child continued for some days,
and at last Amman little boAn was en•
tertalned of Its recovery. The woman
who committed this outrage la said lobe
only nineteen years old.
POSIT TIMM Ammonium WU found
dead In the woodrwear Penniottoo, N.
J., the body mting in a Muth. posture
Against a tree. Busptdon rad upon no
one. But only a taw week' since, Denied
Uninnium. tins' in idanchestar, Eng.
hold, confessed to have murdered hie
1 Mend James Etwthint, Se. Net Jersey,
'4O -years ago. TUy, were to purchase
land together, slants& out to exam
ine th e country Ilidaeznan provided
himielf with a 0 of poisoned brandy.
Walking from Mins:ton to Peaningtoo
they halted to lima; &ben= Passed
tds dub to Eterhert, who drank liberally
and Sedwithin an hourin birth' agony,
Beaman lookiagon all the while. He
then robbed him of his money, about
flOOO, and sethhn against Um tnie, as be
was round; therietaned OD hls journey
of life with a tormenting Oxon of _mime
to Must Irresistibly tom his 4.1100Ps
—A Havana letter states that the
Havana pm= tutee the ourrwincoghoge
of American pp m in that city to task
for too freely . commenting on the condi.
tion of 'Slam In that 'Wand, and say
they have lost the right to remain there
p impartial foreign oorreapondenta. A
warvilth the Holied Mates would not
be popular with the smith residents
In CM*' but they would mitten In their
duty to, their government, and Spain
would Prolonutbe struggle for many
years, till it wattarnittisted by the inter ,
oration of other tatimnL
—Doctor Wn of Aurora, indium
:as found dead th • MOM atehe Everett
Honey., Bt. Louis, Sunday ift4ll.oooll/
having committed suicide by taking
morphine. He left a note addressed toe
prominent Mason here, requesting that
his body should be sent to his lather,
John B. White, at Aurora. From the
fad that when be arrived at the bowl
on Saturday evening he Inquired lb/ the
Masonic Board of Relief. it f Wetted
that pecuniary &dogs Winced him to
commit suicide.
♦dUtlmul Markets.
Mamma October 25.—Oottom mad.
&Ina 24%c main% 4 , 43 bales; expata
380 balm Flour steady; superior $6.00
terp,l9. Corn; old 11,00 and new shelled
-86070.3. Oats 02e. Hay wen. Bran
128.50. Pork FILM Lard IgesAge.
Belson weak; shoulders 1730 and Wes
lie. The Chamber of Commerce this
afternoon Bedded to deduct two.pounda
for every rte Rpm every bale of cotton
In atom of all. •
Barmatotra. October 25.--Flour dull
sod fame buyers, but Woes unchanged.
Wheat dull sod lower; 'red
Oorn UMW./ 4, s i 3 Os.
oats 49 VIFISit him ipocous.
tid e s Par um at Amon aeti rib
sides t Oedeadl ul 2oNe, aberdaera We.
and a u Lard q at, Whisky firm
. .
Naaifevia.Vtlareeer 2.5.—.47ett0ni aurae
low mi da n E i r goad ruttoary 23 5 0 .
Wheals feat LIE • amber IWO quite
11,15@1,20, 11611 Glit4 Oft Rya
11,00. 'Orley 11.25. Monti 110,01 br
appositive latlenoy. Baccai t aides 20o;
haw 2201 'Warners Lard 204
PHIULDEMPOIA. aCtObet 25. float
41in1at and antady._ Whinat did! ind
aroasatana idd Awnings&
earn: limited tnamanklonin ml wait.
Po OW Odn'• drdPin. retraleum
ellInOL Whisk, dullid4184.11.1001,20:
Fancy and thisitbdi mid twt bipasham.
ed to useLlUof Violets;, m It has been
awarded the Meant ;Moto thopann of
Beauty, and esteemed the parts:Ban of
true loveliness by the ladles everywhere.
Sold by druggists sod fancy_ goods deal
Nr. Ibin.kerboff, N. T., Inds
agent Ibrilkfit. ,
D a r =rl4:44:l4:eva hi cars z tb s t .
ma. For 1110% , gn ft:aloft
Ta■ GAssrrra u feerrashed /se tho city
for sea days of rite weak for 16 emus per
web ; by mad, PI per swum 3 nos, P.
Personal.—Ez-Governor Low, of Cali
fornia, the newly appointed Minister to
Chins, passed through this city We
evening en mute to Washington, where
he goes to get his Instructiotut.
Pittsborgtier itobbed.—James Doran,
from this city, was knocked down and
robbed of $lBO, in New York, Sunday
evening, and thrown Into East river,
from which be was rescued by the police.
Hig Injuries may probably prove fatal.
Liquor.—Yesterday morning
Informations were made before Mayor
Drum sintinnt eight liquor sellers from
Troy Hill, (or selling liquor on Sunday.
One of the accused has already been
convicted on nine different irullotmenta.
Warrants leaned.
Curry Institute.—Another regular nor
mal class will tie formed In this institu
tion next Monday morning. Pupils be
ginning now can complete a normal
worse before the opening of the schools
next fall. Pupils wishing to enter this
elm should make arrangements this
Cerrectlon.—We hope It la not too late
to correct our returns of the Eighteenth
ward Connell election, as we reported
them Incorrectly at the time. Mr. J. D.
Jones received 44 votes, Mr. John Mo.
Muter received 43 votes. The latter
gentleman's name Is urged to succeed
the late David Holmes, deceased, In Se.
Card Playmg—Yeeterdpy morning
four young men were before Mayor
Drum, charged with card playing on
Sbnday afternoon In an old carpenter
shop on Middle alley, Beciond ward, and
otherwise acting disorderly by drinking
and carousing to the annoyance of the
neighborhood. They were lined ten dol
lars each and dismisoed.
Coroner's Inquest.—The Coroner's J ury
empannelled to Inquire into the cause
and after what manner James Laughren
came to Ole death, met at Alderman
Tay lor'eofflce In the Ninth ward, at three
o'clock yesterday, and after hearing the
testimony of ■ number of witnesses, the
Jury found that the deceased carne to him
death from • wound inflicted with a
knife to the hand of Nicholas, Hoffman.
Disorderly.—John Matedleld, a knight
of the razor, wee brought to the Ails.
gheny lock-up late on Sunday night
creating • d .turban In a colored
log house on Cedar avenue. Whisky
was the races. He was locked up, and
being .1111 In •n Intoxicated condition
yesterday morning wee allowed the nee
of a cell until evening, when he was re
leased upon payment of a fine of ten dol
The Smith-side Cutting Affray.--John
Fowler, the young roan who woo eerionaly
injured In an Minty In John Leonard's -
saloon, in Lower St. Clair township, Etat.
arday evening, Is still living, and Wore
Is now some hopes of his recovery.
Leonard, who was treated on a charge
of feloelous assault and battery, was ad
mitted to hall for ■ hearing, and the
others. a notion of whose arrest we pub
lished yesterday, were held for • bear
The New Detective Pollee Age-emir-
This Institution, recently established,
al 116 Wylie Morel, of which Alderman
Rutter is the efficient end Indefatigable
head, Is, we era glad to know, proving
an entire 11110002.1. Two of hi. vigilant
officers, Lieut. M. B. McCurry and ollioerr
Charles Bails, have, within • day or
two, made • grand haul of household
glands, enough fora new married ample
to commence the world with, which had
been stolen as notloed yesterday, and
found secreted In a den In Allegheny
City. Who stole them little mixed,
hut the Alderman and his staff are on
the track, and the thieves will be brought
to Justice.
°ferallntim—The Opera home wave
Ailed last night with an appreciative
audience to welcome Mr. and Mrs
Barney Williams on their appearance
after an ateence of two years. The
"Fairy Urals" and I'Citstonas of the
Country" were pretended In • highly
eadsfactory meaner. Thlsevening e•fre.
land a• It Was' will be presented, with
"Our Bemima" as an altarpiece.
Pr eranuncen Telseerns--The Old The
sire was filled to overflowing to
the entertainment of Blgnora Lops• and
her troupe of acrobats. They created
quite • mutation, and will draw full
houses during their engagement.
Yesterday afternoon Alderman Don
!Odeon, acting for Coroner Clawson, held
an inquest on the body of an infant
fond, with Its bead crushed, on the farm
of Michael Snyder, about two miles
above the Sturpahurg bridge. When
fund, Information of the fact was con
veyed to the Oaroner by a telegram from
Deputy Major Nichols• office, In Law.
renceville. The Inquest wu had on the
spot, when It was ascertained that the
Infant had been born alive, cud had evl•
dainty been laying In the field • day or
two. The Jury returned • verdict that
the Infant came to It, death by having
its skull crushed by some person or per.
mom unknown. Suspicious are enter
tained pt a certain party as guilty, but
the evidence did not criminate the per.
son directly sad no arrest was made.
The "'earth of a Grand Child.
Yeiderday morning two ladles from the
Southaide celled at the Union Depot and
made inquiry relative to a child that had
been taken to Allegeeny on the day pre
vious by a lady from °raperllle, on the
Penneylrani& railroad, who stated that
her husband had adopted the child over
a year ago, and that die was not able to
take care of it and desired to return it to
Ita fathet. One of the ladles stated that
she was thegrand mother of
the child, and. that Its father bad
bean legally married to her daughter,
bat a abort time after the marriage had
deserted her. Some month, after the
child was born and wan oared for by the
motbbr and grandmother for over a
year, *ben it wan abducted by the father
or his Mends. Subsequently the mother
left home and bad net dam. been beard of.
The lady from Onrpeville elated that
the child had Wen adopted by her tins.
band •icsirest her wishes, and that be was
now In IU heath and unable to care for
it, and be had carmented to return it to
its hither. MO Child was taken to the
realdenee of its granollather In the
Fourth ward, Allegheny, where the
father, who was lying sick at the time,
claimed it, and It woe consoluently left
in his charge.
The maternal grandmother wee con.
ducted to the place where the child had
been left and demanded -It. The grand
father, however, refused to part with it,
and so the cue stands for the present.
An Important LegM Question.
In the GAZIETTIO of the 22i nun., we
noted an argument In the Supreme
(bun of Schmertz et Moakley va. Shreve
t Say, In which Mr Kinnear was said to
Gave appeared for plaintiehi in error.
Thanes* was a very Important one, in.
rolling • point which will have a
bearing on the entire Manama mm
mantle establishing In the Wet
place whether a seal placed to •
written agreement or contract In the
name of a firm by an individual member
is binding on each and ell members of
the firm; secondly, whether a seal la to
be considered of any value whatever in •
written contract entered Into by • firm
whose business aignature ls attached
thereto. The argument kw the plaintidh,
who are interested lathe amount of many
thousands of dollars on the decision, was
made by CoL James S. Myers. of Frank
lin, Pe., an able and dear-Iteaded lawyer,
who made deep LIU Mildoll on all who
heard his words. He not only sustained
hie own high legal reputation but added
largely to it. and whether decided
hint or not, It can be safely claimthat
he put the bmt possible construction on
th e law and presented the claims of his
clients In an able and lucid manntmewg
make the correction, as we believe there
ambers In this case perhaps more inter
est than any that has been brought up In
the Supreme Court during the present
semion, and Ifs favorable point is moab-
Ilabed, Mr. Myers Tlll be entitled to the
coedit of upsetting popular Judicial
Ladles will please ream:law their
Oanorlte reports for cream candles and
taffies, lounges; masted and tram
almonds and eXtra Ana cream bon bona.
at lt3 -Lnderal street Allegbany city.
George licayssr el
nal Estate.—gee ausonlieatent of
McClung & Rainbow, Real 'PAM* =I
loso2lolXl Asenta, 11// . 11 110 Ran.
Vatted Mates Court—Judge lecCandlesv
MOIDAY, Oot. 16.—1 n the case of the
United States vs. Abel A. Bennett et al.,
reported on trial, the jury returned a
verdict for defendants.
Another case against the same parties
was then taken up and • verdict for
defendants was rendered In that case alao.
Two caws of the United States against
John and James Wright, indicted for
distilling contrary to act of Congress,
came on to be triad and was not
concluded at the time of adjournment.
Supremo Court—Full Beech.
Idownsr, October 25.—The Supreme
Dean met at tell o'clock A. Y. , a hill
bench being present. Tho following
business was transacted:
Reymer & Bell, Clarion county. Judg.
meat affirmed. Opinion by Chief J uatlce
Soot t et •L vs. Morton's art mlnlstrators,
Erie county. Judgment affirmed. Opin
ion per curious.
Bordwell's appeal, Erie county. Decree
affirmed and appeal digmlisied at the cosi
of theappellant. Opinion by Thompson
C. J.
AlcAnincb vs. Raters, et al., Venantro
county. Affirmed. Opinion by Janice
Frederick M. Magee •od T. Raird P.
tereon, of Pittsburgh, on motion of T. M.
Marshall, Req., were duly admitted and
qualified to practice In this Court.
The Haut for Armstrong, Indiana,
Westmoreland and Cambria counties
were called over.
1::tg o le v - a. Pringle, Cambria county.
Non a.
naylvania Railroad Company vs.
Stem, Cninbiiiipounty. Nun pro,.
Met/01'41e et al. va. A.lllaork, Cambria
county. Nan pros.
liCriae 'rm. Niel et al., Cambria county.
Rowley we. McCue et al., Cambria
county. Continued.
• Smith et al. vs. Brothernne, Cambria
county. Argued by Read for plaintiff In
'error, and by Johnston, contra.
Moore et ci. vs. Wolf et al., Armstrong
county. Non pros.
Montgomery vs. Dougherty, Arm.
'strong °minty. Nen pros.
Chkereen's appeal, Westmoreland coun
ty. C./mill:med.
M'Curdy et aL vs. Matthews, Wont
moreland county. lion pro.
M'Curdv Ira GlrMin, Westmoreland
county. .IVoIt pros.
Burrell torreship School Director. vs.
Hawk. Westmoreland county. Con
tinued. •
District Caul—Judge Hampton
iiONDAT, October 25.—1 n the ease of
the owners of the canal boat "Ella" vs.
steam tug boat "Storm No. 2," the Jury
foetid for plaintiffs in the sum of $BOO.
In the case of the Western Penns,.
nia Railroad Company vs. Ilarrey Childs
et al., previously reported. the Jury
found ■ verdict for phuntiff, with six
rent. damages and six cents costa, the
form of verdict as to description to be
...Tared from the "line." on the draft
Jo be agreed upon by couneteL
The first case taken op was that of An
t bony O'Donnell vs. owners of steam tug
Pragle," salon to recover fnr wages
..ilepired to be due as Captain. On trial.
common Piens—Judge sterrett.
Moaner, October 25.—1 n the case of
W. E. T. htawhinney vs. Moore et Pol.
prentiquely reported, the Jury found
'for the pleb:Mir In the cunt of 1 ,29 7 27.
'subject to the opinion of the Court on
tmtit:au of law reserved. They further
ound that the lien meant thereof and
the writ were altered by writing over an
eruure the figure ..5." and that the sante
was bra done by the Prothonotary or any
of bla clerks, or by any person authorized
to do so.
The first case taken up wet that of J.
.A. Campbell & Ca vs. IL M. Clark sal
wife, wifrion a mechanic's lien. Oa trial.
Oyer and Terminer—Judges Mellon and
Moitc.Ar, October 25.—The are of the
Commonwealth vs. Thomas CareOD, in.
dined for the murder of Prank Sol:mocks,
his son-tegtworar medal". - Theft:bus
mnnwealth was represented by District
Attorney Pear on and Mesita. )foreland,
Moore and Harr, and Thomas M. )Aar.
shall, M. Swartswelder and T. B. MC
ton appeared . for the defendant.
facts of the nue having been recently
published, It is unnecessary to renno-
ISM them In detail. Schnooks was Car
son's son•In• law and was In his employ
to the capacity of bar keeper' and on
the morning of the lath of Sep.
timber Scimeette turd been , drink-
lag . and mine Into the tier-roetti
where Carson was. when a. eptarrel
ensued, during which a that was . tired
by the latter, inflicting a wooled In
Schnooks'a abdomen, which probed fatal
on the following day. The entire morn
ing session of the Court was ea:opted in
obtaining • Jury. The cue was opened
and a number of , wftnessea exatained an
the part of the Comirsonwealtd It trot
probably occupy the atteatkm of the
Cant for another day.
The jury In the mu of the Common
wealth vs hilehael Stillivin, Indicted
for felonious mann. and bancry, return.
ed a verdict of rulty. The defendant
was sentenced to pay the ants of prose,
cation. • tine of IMO and undergo an lin.
misonment In the Western Penitentiary
for the term of three y ears. ..,
In the case of the Commonwealth vet
Nicholas and Stephen Hoffman', charged
with the murder of James . Lenatinui„
defendant's counsel moved to admit de
fendants to ball. After a heuingStephen
Hoffman was released on $O,llOO bail and
Nicholas was committed for trial.
951 Oom.
• vs. George ScholL
E 92 " John CliumpbelL
SEZ James Pop.
420 _
Anted Patna.
430 s James Smith.
433 s James Binder.
395 Charles and Mary Ed
317 s Michael Canner.
313 s 8. A. Roadelhelmer.
348 Jas. Henderson, 8 cases.
828 Patrick Murphy, et al.
TRIAL LIR WOO wansinatker.
113 IJoin. is.
John Henry House.
s Ryland.
439 WW
M. Myers.
1381 s Jas. Hudspeth„ =sea
422 Joseph Murton.
441 s Ctulattan Wllhelnt and
883 EdwardHarrett,
895 Chaelue Edward&
854 s Za
k Bradley, me '
857 s 'Geo: •
s Beardra4
Esl "
200 hlordaterlannae. ).'
John Bablfrnt,
19.5 s R yna:any.
Every Mean bakiblitemedy.—
Upon thla broad fact.4l emnded U
wholeart tad science bf4tnrameMe %
That every Mame bas ft,
loge, under oroper treatment, there
cm be no doubt.
That Way have their Imitable stay%
=der any traatmeat, may equalkY
The curable period is during the'
early part of the disease, of course. The
Incurable being the advent)** °audi
tion—the last stage.
To know the precise nature, alma end
locality of the disease is of the first boe
portanee in the treatment of any ease.
This is preciactiLthe reasongiven by
Dr. Oldshoe, of burgh , for bring
ing into requisition the Microscope, Mit
tube, Urll3olXLlStar , and all the ettemical
apparatus for the acientifie rumination
of the urine In all chronic; and comp- .
elated mei.
The long afflicted have not been slow
to appreciate these acientilic aids, and
the consequenee is, his °Mee la one con
tinned throng of patients, from all parts
ofit cettfitryr looking the advantage
of this skill in diagnosis.
A knowledge of the appropriate
remedy, however, is quite important,
air without the remedy no advantage
would be gained by knowing the
Every disease has its remedy. 'Ma
U verified In the fact that different
medicine* spend their action upon
different parts of the human system.
As each pm:Molar disease spends its
principal baneful action upon a
organ or tisamot the body, according to
its peculiar nature, so each - partienalar
remedy spends to medical action upon a
amain organ or theme, according to its
medical mantles.
Having a hnowletige of the true nature
of the clue, walla of the appropriate
reinedy, the next nutter of importance
Is its proper preparation 'and applierr
ThM should be carefully attended to.
and..ea far u practicable, all medicines
should be examined by. the physician
Wore being pus into the hands of the
patient or aurae.
This la done In the Moe of Dr. Old.
shoe. before mentioned.' -
Alt Ida medicines- are emaroanded
and his preemiptlons Wad by his men
special &motion, and under him own
No medlotaas aro pulsed from bur
preilariptioas but Waal& bin L►nQu.
NO. :248
Extract front • Letter from Santa Croix.
• • • • We had wandered for many
hours through tangled foreata of Truitt.
cal shrubs and trees, some ‘..f them emit
ting a moat delicious and lorieoratlng
odor, when we soddenly Canto upon a
large and well cultivated plantation, in
the oentro which were several build
logs. Entering these we found them to
be the " pram homes," still., So, where
the sugar cane is crumbed for the menu.
facture of Si. Croix Runt. Over lie
Coolies were at work, sod the smell
from the fermenting vats was very ex
hillarating and pleasant. We wore shown
through the entire establishment, and
learned that all the Rum here produced
was &hipped to Messrs. P. IL Drake dt
Co., New York, to be made luto their
celebrated PLANTATION BITTEN!. The
peculiar good effect. of this Rum—which
I. the purest hod beet in the world—ere
well known. Not • single case of Dye
pep* Fever and Ague, Consumption,
or any such disease can be found on this
island, (except of invalids oomelbere for
their health, and they are almost always
cured ). Combined with Calisays Bark,
Cascarilla, and other Important ingredl•
eats, this Rum becomes PLANT/moil
BITTERN: and sorely no liner Tonic and
general Family Remedy wax ever seen.
The combination of these bitters was
first diacovered here many years ago,
and all the Res@ Wear by .I•Lmrh•
TION BITTERS, And MeV “there 11 nothing
ilke it." Judging by the robust health
of the witnesses, I am certain their testi
mony is true. R. S. T,
IdAaxotae. WATita.--Etnporior to the
boot intparted (Jarman Cbkgne, alui Nal
at half the 13/ICO. TELJI.T.F.
LONG — HOW•RD—On Thursday evening, oe
toter flit, 111041,5 t the reradence of the bride•.
pares., by the R.. J, J. Reilly., I.lltuN J.
LONG and lIETTIC, daarb of Mr. R. C
Howard, all of • Ilegbeby CI y.
RICE--►AIRMAN—Ott W reads,. October
SOW, at the Parsosage. by Rev. W. J. Redd.
Mr. Joh. 1.. RICH. of All b erry, sad Mb.
AMANDA C. FAA Ulf AN.. Ittsburrh.
lir YZ-4.ilLTZ—oa lbe morale/ of October Hi e
at the r.ldettee of the bile. by tie Bev. J. TO
...b. Iite.CHARLM H. CILTZ.of Pltteborgb,
Co Miss IL ATR L. Girrz. of Phil.,
The funeral will take pleb from the residence
of her parents, 679 Llberty street. Toast ward.
oft Wansfusort, Uetober SlTth, at two o'clock
r. a. The Mend. of the family are respectfully
tortte4 to attend.
LICISCH—On Sendai event
W , L,Lletlt W..... of Juhe 'r. " 104
In the ettt renter We ego. *" th"".
The ft:metal will t•to place Tal• aklaaaooll,
fa la the resaleace of late parcel. on Federal
"rack Dear the toll kale, at two o clock. The
Floods of tbe fatally era tispictfally Invited to
SAHLI No. 160 //0 . 11111 - 11 ETHAN,
m6 l. F . A . C . vrolgs et . I.Ip.iII,CILA ¢anal VZ,
alahlnirdeods foratAlled. P flooll;
nte.t. Carnage/ GA/Waned feu elry funerals al
161 00 used
itas o wacie - 0..D.10 Karr, D.A.
Juabui D. I), it
Shama •ftz. HJaw .
MUT, Le.
L amailnuortrrarxr 1.14 D OHMS( E
tVriNtit tileetteity City, titers their COPPID
ROOMS reir easteteally_Fapplied _wits. reel et e
tailUtlat rtatoraar end Wel=l
tror, et priei? r astir= haat Kbeloo. Ht
r la , trmeet. li rood 6u.
Weide, If reaZ
oi. ed. Otos op= atoll boars, dr:
sad irigt
Oss'lavas for Po waraJa, 1134:10 Mae..
COFFINS sun an Funeral FainLins= at fa
ttened rates.
I ar
Darner of Penn and Sixth, Streets,
Neat, ek=l•4l4llVrx"..= itself,
will ertnd Corn or Orals, doe or coarse, shelled
or In Wear,
min wort Peet aadoettoet all others.
ovasuaa. , a CORM :
mould. Cola lotto tit. Cob, and adapts Wolf to
W lased eara.
Road aid Power, Weod aid ltoi Sheller,
of all trade. We atm all tin above articles
All Agnenttand implement, and Yam ovki d lken/-
k sa mo f f setory dndon nu ptya. Lenten fn.-
w. R. BROX,
139 Liberty es., Pittsburgh,
armful and Escludo Whaladle Apent.
.89 Athue, 47 Slat Street
Men and Bay. aotking in the
Greatest Variety,
ovzscoili ILL arfin 42111-El.gOi
The lowest taco Innis etty Ls good sobrios
UM goods.
The Ity-toara public ars cordially United to
WI la at oar aim .tars sad ciaadao lam%
89 mita Avenue,
I. 47 ilixth Street.
THE ZLIAB, N O UCRT - OF r 03,0. 419. 'DIOEMBIN 111 10N
L tha =liar of las al:Tilos:Lula the
Pot amendments to Glum,.
Bonin nervy Wen thatapplication hat
bin made for Ankracconteda to .bia Chart., of
tald Church, and that the in. arid 0.1 {meted
at theme. Term of said CoatiStew exoep.
Ilona are Steel.
11 is the Wore and Sam !bodes of It. H. Pet.
i *C. igi l eol: " l L Z 77 t7t. o. s 1
.. 427 o.E tisv 10 , { A.. IddIUDO to
mill be told enthoutnmerve• MIMS • Oh.D
Maim. molested tow{ bar =lle below tote
ate+, erase old. mond and premtv tovetber
trltb LIGHT NM OPIN ersuoS, 11.ARNIt5e,
•e. .tip rte. Bak peremptory tot moo of
. Jttll2i U.O, M.WAA T.
_0e33:409 Asetbeimer.
zrrreatriststi Gnaws ELEvt.
B Nlt ONO ITOMB/2010110022.
ood*ovoolos, *et.. 2.60. 1 , 31 ,016 .1.
*LOAD polo oft lomat! Boar of Oososso idol Woe
1 n4 . 411V1 1 11=1 IWO* 4 ,••
40 • Sorel% Inaussee
LO •
o**barßb *ran Itteostot
BO Boatmoul Immo. Omptay.
I*A lloobto ElialSonst Bonk
20. /1. U auunu Hoot. .
o U 2-1/tl/..41122. Asellootor.
Orr= or Crrr irositirtoir isrmoirmas 1 •
. Prrillatao6. Ort. I,..lifie. I
rjr.olog,Parloir old Casimir. of APFIA
iSr.SrAss *Brio% tooliMelOorgerit..l e now
n 147 sor ozarmatt rit, sod nn l.. to. no thy
Moo IWO /SWAM bevasmir =lnn. .bea
it•ltub. nurnho. 4 i. he Clrrtroolowor•soorre
& - iM2;=
A f0rn1.1141,1 . rwattlusiy to the eviler
w tea. row/aft/tr. are rt./w.f..'
...t ~ , reat,.
Fir NO T If:Ws • 11, Lic," ...ft.- atty.
tr a ,,,•• “8 0w .d0..1,
tto., not caseedmg FOUR LINES. :pia
be ?averted COLUPIAI
tonal live FIVE CENTS.
Mote, PBLOU Y Ye L I t E I N f T L or
an r e
tX 2N,a lo ldli eN
e f
lsee of emment. Pessone
ell kinds c o m bo yawned ottallOn
$20.000 to Loan In or Iniullll4ll.Maii,
11:11. Bood awl Real Luise arokar,
No. 1 11 1 15.F . thaehl MOM
VV NTEin.--Planing - NMI Was
ate tbe oLd liable MCCIAL-
L1:4) P T i.7N I 4 h t./ I w h et. pligNnet•
e4A usu. 4. Jlitlk. All !Sada= Zvi
raaos f•re.nrcrlng ahlmini Sad 41•14
work ipc wactiinv, Is no lotrAhohoo44
en the moo.,
taut PAZNEtt. Proprietors of renal.
11013 ,
CetttttY• to roarofF.Pettr.aidachitirtiA
WANTVD.—By a maa
bau bad some oneepligaZot .Good. bum,. •, aud b. travel
real. a oltuatoeu trayeApear AtallY
fact elf, or bole.le Jobe:gag Lou.. L.....
any ref.reesee lON be ruutalrad•
lApply ea Po.toltlae Ykey 240. Deem,
duals county. yeuelluta.
T~TANTED.—Two` Good Tim.
at work cm warted war. sad M*
e r "' ^ HAWTHORN.
p.o. Obto •
,Allexheo. •
kind and atiantive to cb.l/dera wit W►
plea.. ...lon In • mall Wally. Andy*,
Deaver euee4 Allegemay CIILN
WA !STEED. A First Inass
Ilou.d ILA... ea calla kaa o l.ooll. la '"
rto to Cloolonttl. H..itto.,
Aroo , d, • Co . altOaad 3112 row wee; PIM.,
WANTEOI.--TO irinr—AL mop
M D MHO. Pletawinfe
dreamt GLENS. 155 elte elh•Ne Alletheirfe
.taun t where and when :waren:mare= 1110 IMO&
I, ANTED .-80A51D1V66,41
Large be.. Caney FENN? NOON. /Oh
Ie for • sre•tlescao •04 wire or illogNs MAW'
es, ertill boson!. gr. N 0.157 roe= .vnn.
VIETANTED.—.4I few 'baler of
y OST.-011 the tit. Clair Street
1111.M.141§diicVete. rriAt•englit
.111 be elv-u It returned to NO. 14 dk911.1 :
. It
STRAY COW.—Forayed Mr!
LW, readers.. alms nbacnt.o.
scow.A b.
pad tar heorery. ADM dent Li t%
vOR rtIENTA. furnishes
7 72442
a tattab .r. jt . f; jegezel , at it iT .
Radtry City.
LET.—A Second story-41W'
TO LET WITH sosunima.-'
Tvre ytoet Re-ms Location the *MA.I9
` MU gm city, 181 Nora, arewas. 411cri ~
. .
fri inr"L E T.— A Pecond !nary'
L ROOM, ratable for trio angle
or Trautman nod tadr at bit. 13 Wystte
llt KENNY—UntiI - the Ant
d.y f Aprt. nret, the tyro storied Mak
twelllng llotuq I.I atna.irtalett row.. du
.on th e corner coa atoekton avenue and WO.
ter street, with staeln artdebed. To *gold taa
• t these premises • 11l be 1.4 100. Endt~
980 Pewter Area., .1111.0.14.
L~OR SALE-5:011 SALn-4Daili
JR: of the toes* d.ted vv Otani geonall, yq
ewe, and doing doe oodo•ee. Droc e relei3
Neale!. and brace.% emd ttq•S
:it ye. 'flAtp":4l=nde;Ftle"tg
No. 200 sweet street. s.iris➢d+G .
.13IDNE AND r•nmnre LANDS, for
role or exchance for "ay y Coontr7 drlr .. oonly
/r gilLtgAL — .l ° V.l.l:
• ren4O.
FT , C Fern/4 Ortmon.jopomo
eI'ATIL TDB li&L.i t/H accurns? op E M.
Millet/ CITY. • Drug. Patent Yontletll.4lll4
Onnerfe•vbeot Iceland In the atm mi
• earneevAnd &ens • One to baslnen: wen Imes*
'toned. .'or pee-denim. sedreov um-
KEL. SOO Marken Linnet, partial:ram 116,
itiviTHENCr., Alterbeny Cdt, .144 141
loot by MI td • 20 tb.t attey: booze
room, good cello:, zoo Unoltohmd:Pa
la /rood obo, Apply toCROPT PH LIR,
14a1 flat, A ...eta. No 139 Y0ur19.111,•914.
To close • partnentlp. W. 1181110171111,
N 00.96 .ad YMTNhI aienae , 314+ftet4etaall
90 Lees dreg: few starixs 11gC. Tor-'arse
96 sad Of Tblld goons.
I= llntllog, 0 feet. Is Nang •:44 brilish.
1I Co.G. .as tnaltractortagrostatettosos s
One of tae of the flgot srtslUng WC .
from Ilatlnets on scootint of-poor 1041 lo•
area dahlded to dose oat thls of the
sslff of elma
0. 047*/ leto t 0 Also
Is •Ital 41011410.
eh.nery ; would nuke • goo 4 DO matieralm
lot 60x100 fest. on 5 'gars lasso. Ws:
partlcalsts Isatelta at No. 40 OW stfoK7AWs
FOR SALE-110 Ainßll4. LE
tz. ge,":l.ll7:gPtil?..°4teoUr
' Fah. front ataraon ". . ;rasa MS.
of al: moms, and go. stable end larelialbilleo
mua onioadlugat orchard of 100 11.11.11
fruit M. all e 1..; good whs. mug
bob. .4 Be t a weborrl. and barn. tat 4P.1.
worth aro., quarry 0W304: .11 salt forty
de.. or exanulacturtng eatablbaoralteSt gag
outer oa th , Pia. goal MM... iffi a,
deepest oat. and best Laud.' orl_gergtem
wall knead. inquire of A.. .A.;
. .
WWI El 4 LE.-.A desirable Sea.
A. deuce.. rrospeetd t. nem Butted 1,41 M; let mi. Also.. tis ll mAlfst '
elms BUGS iso.Bl Eltritt.f.talst
Towns md rood cellar on Boller a ltrk
Aa mosllrdt stand for busl.ose; los Sap
1 . 1.11 ward, lot flAxillOyeat en A. V. /I_,l s
Also • mmbor of Humes ..d Lots ftouraM
' ltl i VaTf HAM/Ana GOON,
URA srmd; lota SIGAI37 feet for /OM TO*
rearm 10 my Too sears allowed for end MY.
mt. =la 6g z i'":"
Ass/. Boller et., llith ward s olspoft.• Pt la
Lois/oval thumb.
iEIISONA I . - -Allpersonsiteft:
_., - .4
_ Ilett BOWL% or InvestMaga, in iliaabilo"Lp 4
' . i
tate, will tate tim, trrble ass i tatong
. TaT•rrit railer i te ,, lft, given Iray= . .
Mar -111 be °tinny mall PM ti.07:2149.0t1tie If. . '
Persona ea® fail to get salted a tof b.
slat It <oust.. MOAT a /WILLI •
ilahera and iteal istato.Ageata, No, an.
tcr 81111 NOTO X_ STREET'
POOPERTY YOB *A.Linnllas.l9l ag4
103 Waahlatton atften 4* tat IYUIs W Oa
forc, dbrp, improve." by a Jite!d_arki
.T 0601.31 HOMY. U.S. 8 41 4
96 and 99 .13nniaraw.
- 101A133 FOUNDRY.c-n
- Bell and Brass , - Fnudic
gaciag, LoUoiona eisnunrilll
Made Promptly Ity - Orea.
Made and Kept on mod.
rropeeton Lad NansdUlamniC
J. ILCooper'slmprovedliduceffloi
cAr. rah And nauroa4sultsui,
• opposttaysatilliitiall
Pease . _
•' - ' ' • ,
BANK Fort imniNG . -
prO. 67 11 1 1 :rrilaN i tiri a t
e u . ....4Apl It. .
ovzw DArey trots IP to •delalt.f 'VoLOIL
111.21.11W0r NVEMING6 itana Mm mo. _
mg., hi, Maar I to 9 orelota,
amber 2M.10 May 1s Mao 1187..... a r
Flail a: tb< MI Of ali t. e teal" frall Of
if 9.9 9 ttlattalikcotayoutios- sna lli ,
..lattaary and ie v. Books or Mplaus. flato •
pathooMot. _... -.-• - - , •
• or Mastagoi,Glis, .i. Ilmii.V9slAmic - ; ;
li."kilOnAt a4' & ‘ gtaz7 .l"44 4a Vie. ;,-- 1
A. AnAka........ Eltituas, Adki T rivin4.
. 3 bZ e". .4111%W. Loboth.
- % . va1it , ..........i. , :. , , • ~-,: