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    _ _._---
Beernfia..—A.- detachment , fifteen
were taken to the Work Home yesterday
. Educational.—The Central Board of
Education will bold a meeting in their
new rooms on Fourth avenue this after
noon at two o'clock.
Held for Trial.—Michael Dower WaS
held to bail •for his appearance
at Court to answer a charge of assault
and battery, preferred before Justice
Ammon yesterday by Joseph Kenning.
Disorderly 12Croneheimer
made information before Justice Helsel,
yesterday, charging John Ackerman
with disorderly conduct. A warrant was
Assault and Battery.—Cressella Ste
vens, made • information before Justice
Helsel y esterday, charging Wm. Thomas
with assault and battery. A warrant
was issued for his arrest.
ColUslon.--:-A.calllsion occurred yester
day morning about eight o'zlookAllegheny
on the
railroad bridge over the
river between a freight 'and passenger
train, but owing to.the very slow rate of
speed at which both trains were moving,
very little damage was done.
Emancipation Day.—The anniversary
of Lincoln's Proclamation of EMEtlielpa
tion will be honored by citizens of
burgh, Allegheny, and adjoining cities,
on Wednesday, 22d, by a procession,. as
dresses, and a banquet; - for which 'due
preparations have been made, ,
lhe ,Parepa Troupe.—We take. great
pleasure in Ealtionnoing that,- on s e
llt 18th
.of October next,the great Parep ose
Eriglisl3 Opera Troupe will commence a
season of one week at the Academy of
Music. The musical treats
be of the„richest descriptionoffered will.
Knocked Down.—Barney Entley made
information before Justice Ammon,' of
East Birmingham, yesterday, charging
Martin -Vogel with assault and . battery.
He alleges that he met Martin in a tav
err' in Birmingham when the defendapt
knocked him down. Warrant issued.
G. A.ll.—The metribers 'of Gen. Alex.
Hays Post, No. 3, D. P., G. A. it., who
desire to avail themselves of the Grand
Army. Co. Operative • Life Insurance are
requested to call on Lee 'S c . Smith, No.
119 Smithfield street, &wink the present.
Capsized.—Yesterday morning a cart
loaded with sand while•aseending the
In at the new ,
jail, was capsized by
one wheel running off the cart way.
Horse, cart and driver • were all Tirecipi
tated to the' street, a distance of ten or
twelve feet. The boy was slightly
• .
trire.—A. alight fire ocourred about
eight o'Clock yesterday morning in the
Musgrave building. on Sixth street. An
alarm was struck Irmo box 12 and the.
engines of the Second District •responded
but- did not go into service, the dames
having been extinguished before their
BllllaWay.-•-,Ak two-horse team belong- 1
ing to• Smith's brewery, Allegheny, run
away about half past eleven o'clock yes
terday morrdng. The driver was back
ing his team into the yard at the Adams
Express Depot, corner Seventh avenue
and Grant street, when the king bolt c
f ame
out, separating the front carriage from
the wagon, which freightened the horses
and they dashed down Seventh avenue
at a frightful pace taking the two front
*heels of the wagon with them. At Lib
erty street they collided With a dray, and
c' were brought to a stand-still.
EDITORS OF GAZETTE: The corr e spon
dents of the GAZETTE and Ch ronicle
should supplement their enumeration
of_ the attractions of South : Common,
West of Federal street. All the old-nui
sances seem to be immovable, and under
the kind forbearance of the authorities
one cart load of stale manuie. and
several loada of ashes nave just been an
puts:Med to the mortar beds and heaps
of sand and lame before , specified. The
Park Commissioner' about to visit other
parks in ths'east, may safely defy them
afito'equal the South Comm= section of
the Allezheny Park either in quantity,
variety or nastiness of the surface embel
ishments. ' POSTSCRIPT..
The Avondale Sufferers—Adjourned Pub.
' lie %Meeting.
Pursuant to call, an adjourned meet
lug of - citizens was held at Wilkins
Hall yesterday afternoon, for the put.•
pose of taking action relative to the col
lection of money for the sufferers by the
Avondale disaster. The attendance was
- Him. J. K. Moorhead was called to the
chair, but vacated it upon ;the appear
ance of Bishop gerfoot, who presiaed at
the previous meeting.
On motion, His Honor, Mayor Brush,
was made treasurer of the fund to be
raised, and to receive all donations.
ionA communication addressed, to the
'Mayor front Rocief Scholam Congrega
t was read, acknowledging the receipt
of sprinted circular asking their co-ope
ration at the meeting, but stating that
by thelerms of the call they were ex
cluded, as the "call had been issued and
signed for this influential Chriation
community: but that as charity has al
ways been a most prominent feature of
all Jewish communities, and to relieve
distress a main law in our holy religion,
this congregation, or the Jews of Pitts
burgh, Allegheny and vicinity, will raise
their mite for Ibis -laudable object, and
whencollected will forward such to your
Honor:" adding that a meeting of Jew
ish citizens had already been called for
She purpose. -
Toe communication wasleceived.
~ Mr. Jacob Dressell, delegate from St.
Paul's, LtitheranCongregatiop, o( East
Birmingham, reported 'that a congrega
tional .nteating would be held on Wed
nesday evening and the action taken
ldully reported.
It was stated . the Welsh people
, had been making collections in the coal
!mines and .manufactorles hi andabout
the city, were still collecting, an would
r pay over, the fonds to the custodian sp•
pointed by the meeting.
i • Hon: J. 8. Moorhead offered 'the foi
'airing, which was adopted: .
Ntßaalvedifflhat all.:ooagrettaaohN tor
. ponatiorni,- blubs, assoriations, firms and
individuals within , the. bounds of
I gheny county-be requested td collect and
Make such donations to this object as
'ffierctit to them proper, and Ray the money
to the Mayor, of this city, ;Hon. Jared 14.
Brush, on or.,Difore the Bth of Oetober,
to be by him'orwarded to. the proper
Vann; •
' • itSras Seiggetitea that the donations be
- acknowledged through the city papers,
and the announcement was made that
otioh would. done. • ‘.
- "There tiding no farther business, and
1)ong a
Motion to adjourn made- by Br.
Us; the - ivoitny • Chairman made a .few
remarks appropriate too the Occasion . HO,
'said that in case of failure to respond lib
i to the present call for. 'charity. the
Masons of PAW: carat' and vicinity
I be lacking in an evident duty. .• .
The meeting then adjourntd.
-::peelal meeting—The New Water
Works—Report of Water Committee.
A special meeting Of the Select and
Common Coundla of the city was held
yesterday, Mlnday, Septeinber 20th, at
two o'clock P. m4' to take action on the
report of the Water Committee, laid
over at last meeting.
Members present—Messrs. Ahl, Arm
strong, Brown, Burgwin, Coffin, CGross ,raig.
Dickson, Edwards, Gallaher,
Hallman Hartman, _ Jones, Kehew,
Kirk, Ll:nfnian, Little, Lloyd, Morrow,
Murray, McClelland, McEwen, Mc-
Mahon, Phillips, Rafferty, Rees,
Schmidt, Scully, Shipton J. S. Wain
wright, Z. Wainwright, Watson, White,
Wilson, Zern and McAuley, President.
The President stated the object of the
meeting. -
The minutes of the proceeding meet.
ing were read and approved.
Mr. Coffin from tiae Water Committee
called up the ordinance relative to e a
new water works, laid over at a previous
meeting and moved its third reading
and-dnal passage.
Mr. Morrow called for the reading of
the ordinan.
Mr. Lauf ce man '-asked for itliOrMatiol l
how much band the Committee proPiised
to buy.
Mr.jffoffln,ClaairMan of the
tee, replied that it was proposed to pur
chase 102 acres.
Mr. Lauftnan desired to know farther
what price was to be wild for the same.,
Mr. Shiptdn in anOwer - to this question
replied that the price asked was .400 per
acre for 'the 102 acres, and fl,OOO per
arore for the fifty acres of coal land,
which were now being worked.
After some further interrogations and
answers. Mr. ShiOon self for the propo
sition of the owneei of Abe land. which
was read by the Clerk, as follows:
Gentlemen: 5 --
In response to yours of the 13th inst.,
we agree to sell to the city of Pittsburgh
the following prbperty situated on Shades
Run, and bounded by lands of Coleman
Ireland, Hartman and Ashton, cont !l
ing about 102 acres and having thereo a
stone +iv:tarry, one storehouse and dwell
ing and ninety-two miners' houses, for
- the' sum of $4OO per acre; also all the
coal under said land, and the land of
Thomas' Chadwick, dec'd:, supposed to
be about fifty-three acres, together viith
the pit, cars, railroad and Incline plane,
all now in successful working order, for
the sum of 11.1.000 per acre; the number
of acres of said coal to be determined by
If the pile° of the land is not satisfac
tory, we will agree to submit it to disin
terested parties, mutually cposen by the
city and the undersigned. We will ac
cept in payment for the above the bonds
of the city of Pittsburgh at par, bearing
seven per cent. interest. l
-Respectfully submitted, -
W. ComitAsr,
F. Ream. -
The following proposition also accom
panied the above::
GENTLEmEN: 1 will also isell, If desired
by the city, fifty-one acres adjoning the
above, with the Improvementsi consist
ing of one tenement house, dwelling and
barn, now occupied by Mr. Doak, for the
sum of $OOO per acre, and will take the
bonds of , the city at par, bearing sevep
per cent. interest.
This proposition is open for your ac
ceptance twelve months.
Yours truly, W. torataiara.
'3lr. Gross moved to amend the motion
to pass the ordinance as follows : ',Pro
vided, however, that the city take none
but black merchantable ooal."
The amendment was accepted.
Mr. Burgwin thought the matter be
fore Council a very important one, and
the Committee -having had the matter
under consideration for over eighteen
months, had given a very meagre report
of the matter. He thought the Commit- ,
should have given a full and com- ,
plete report of what they intended to do.
and also given an analysis of the water of
both the Allegheny and Monongahela
rivers. Be then offered, the following as
a substitute for the ordinance offered by
the Water Committee.
That the Water Committee be instruct
ed to employ a competent corps of civil
engineers, and also some eminent Hy
draulic engineer with a view of ascer
taining the relative adaptability of the
Allegheny and Monongahela rivers to
afford a full supply of pure water for the
use of - the city for the next twenty-fire
years. That in such examination regard
be bad to the water capacity of ttwo
rivers, the system for supply and to
serve, with the estimated cost. That the
said Committee also have the waters of
the two rivers thoroughly analyzed by
competent chemists, and that they re
port the result of the 'whole at as early
a day as practicable.
Mr. Littell objected to the substitute in
a lengthy speech.
Mr. Kirk favored the amendment to a
certain extent.
Mr. Ha Brnan, Mr. Gross and Mr. Gal
laher frillowed, all favoring the Alleghe
ny river.
Mr. Gross moved that the substitute
offered by Mr. Bargwin be laid on the
Mr. Burgwin called for the yeas and
nays. The vote.was as follows:
ol it
.Ay —All, Armstrong Brown, Coffin,
Crai , Dickison , Edwards, Gallaher,
Gr Hallman, Jones, Kehew, Littell,
Llo. d, Morrow, McClelland, McMahon.
flerlY. Reese, Schmidt, Shipton,
Wa nwright, 8. J., Wainwright, Z , VVat.
son, White, Wilson. Zern.--27.
Nays —Brirgwin. 'Hartman, Kirk, Lauf
man, Murray, McEwen, Phillips, Schul-
ly, Fresh McAuley-9. - I
So the substitute was laid on the table. I
Mr. Shipton moved the final passage of
the ordinance. Adopted.
Mr. Coffin presented the ieport of the
Water Committee for last year. accom
panying which; was a resolution author
izing the publication of the report in
pamphlet form.
The report was accepted and the reso
lution sainted. - ..,,,
Mr. White presented a petition for
an iron clad building on Boyd's 11111; in
the Sixth Ward. Referred to the Com
4bittie on Wooden buildins.
Mr. Loyd presented a remonatranoa
against the construction of a sewer on
Third avenue. Accepted.
The President presented the report of
the viewers onDiamond ally sewer,which
was accepted and approyed.
On motionadjonrned.
, . -
, Common. Connell.
President Toinlinion in ihe chair.
Present: ,Messrs. Albans, Anderson,
Barr. Barton, Batchelor' Bell, Berger,
Black, Booth, Carroll, Case, Matey,
Chialett,: Dile, Daub, Dunseath, Flom
log, Glidenienney. Hare, Houston,
Hutchison, Jahn; Jones, -Linehan, Mc-
Candless, McCarthy, McChiron, Moltel
vy, -McMasters, Meanor, Moore, Moor
head, 2dorgan, Rahman, Wed, Book,
Rosewell, lildierlk. Blum. 800% Verner,
Vick, liVanghter, Weldon, Welsh, Wil
son and President Tomlinson. ~
Minutes of preceding meeting ' read
and approved. • • -
The President stated the meeting , was
called for the‘purpolte of Considering the
'water question.
Mr. McKelvey moved to suspend the
;rules!and take up :other busbies until
the repo rt of the Water_ Committee wss
presented from.-Beleet Mundt. ' Carried.'
Mr. Weldon called up the following
business; laid over at a preceding meet-
ing: Report of viewers on Diamond alley
sewer. Accepted and approied.
Ordinance for opening Denny's alley
_from Tunnel to Chatham street, to a
width of twenty feet:
Mr. McCiarren called for the reading
of the. petition for this action. After
which the ordinance was read three
times and passed finally.'
Ordinance for opening Miltenberger's I
alley. Passed finally under suspension
of roles.
Ordidance for changing grade of Dun
can street from Gren toeviler's street.
Mr. Moorhead called for reading of
etition for the same, after which the
'ordinance wasread three times and
Ordinance for construction of sewer on
Marion street. Read three times and
passed finally.
lOrdinance granting Walter Slocum
privilege to lay a tramway across Second
avenue. Read three times and 'passed.
Mr. Mclielvy presented a petition for
an increase of the width of sidewalk on
Wither street. Referred to Street Com
Mr. McCandless, resolution for, a gas
lamp on Wylie street extionsion. —
to Gas Ootilnilitted.' 1 , ,
Also, a - reSoltition instructing the
Street LNmmittee to examine and report
upon the condition of Dinwiddie street
and report at the next , meeting. Mop
ted. • . . •
Mr. Rebman, petition for a gas lamp on
Franklin street, between Congress and
Washington streets., Referred to Com
mittee on Gas, witlipOwer to act. •
Mr. Case, petition for a gas lamp on
Marion street. Referred to Gas Commit
tee. •
Mr. Scott, petition ler water pipe on
Willow street. Referred to Street Com
Also. report of the viewers on the open
ing of Hatfield street, accompanied by an
ordinance authorizing the opening of the
street only from Forty-fourth to Forty
seventh streets. Ordinance objected to
I and laid over.
Business from Select Connell was then
taken up, and concurrences bad in the
reference to Road Committee of petition
for opening an alley in Reis & Berger's
plan of lots, Fifteenth ward; final passage
of ordinance opening Ronp street, Twen
tieth ward; passing finally ordinance for
grading and paving Diamond street; re
ferring to Gas Committee petition for gas
lamp on Crawford street; referring to
Water Committee petition for extension
of water main on Miltenberger street;
referring to Committee on Streets peti
tion for sewer on Fourth avenue: accept
ing ordinance for opening Federal street;
referring to Finance Committee,
with power to act, the ' aceortnt
of E. C. Matthews, for grading and
paving in various parts 'of the city ; ac
cepting the report of water Committee I
accepting and passin mtic
g resolution
tached to report of special Committee on
Roads ; accepting report of Controller ;
passing resolution instructing contractor
to - have sth avenue paved fOr as sooff
as possible ; accepting report of
tee oh City property; resolution.relatlve
to 'Park tickets : ' passing ftnally;
posters" ordinance; passing finally sup
plementary ordinance relative le "awn- _
ings ;" passingordinance for grading an
paving 43rd, street. Authorizing public,-
anon of ordinance for milk Inspector,
and postponing action until a Ware
meeting ; referring to wooden buildtngs
ordinance and report in reference to Com
mittee granting Jos. Spencer privilege to
erect an iron clad building; pasalog
ly supplementary ordinance relating to
upon s I nm, & A ug u st 3 0, 1869.
wa acted
Common Council non.oonourred in its
passage of the ordinance, changing
place of holding election in SLiteeeth
Ward, in resolution for payment of,All-.
right's bill for posting tax proctarnaticm,
which was laid over, in laying over•re
port of printing Committee which in hi.
C. was accepted, in living over ordi
nance exemPthis residents of rural dis
tricts of vehicle licenses, which in S. C.
was read three times and passed, all of
which business was acted upon in Select
Council, August 30, 1869, but not
reached in O. C. .
szcsrnow of TUX PIONEERS. .
Mr. Batchelor presented a communi
cation from Mayor Brash enclosing a
letter form F. Knowlandi of the . Pacific
Railway, in reference to the receptiofi of
an excursion party of twohundred, com
prising some .of the leading bulkiness
men and representatives of the press of
California, known as the State Pioneers'
ASSOCIPItiOII' of '49 and '5O. who are to
pass through Pittsburgh on their way
to Philadelphia and New York. ATrAnge
meats shave bee made in the cities
named, together n
with. Chicago, and it
was suggested that • Pittsburgh . take
actiod in the matter.
The communication was received and
Mr. Batchelor offered a resolution in.
structing the Mayor to extend the hospi
talities of the city to the "Pioneers."
Mr. McCandless wished to know if the
resolution contemplated the entertaining
of the excursion at the expense of the
Mr. Batchelor said the resolution gave
no details, but left It discretionary with
the Mayor, Who was authorized by it, if
necessary, to spend money. He thought
Pittsburgh, as the first manufacturing
city visited by the excursion, should eel . .
tainly show some respect to them. The
money if
Treasuryould either be drawn
from the rea or the Mayor might
appoint a committee to secure the funds
from manufacturers, who would doubt
less be willing to. contribute.
After some further ,discussion the reso.
Union was passed,
Mr. MoMasters offered a resolution
authorizingordinance the Str for pav i n g to re
port an _Diamond
fS erred quare
to S witre th 14 Com so mntte e 1col • pavement. Re.
et i.
Mr. Weldon presented a petition isi
companied by lin ordinance for grading
and paving Railroad street, which were
laid over.
Also, petition for , changing the width
of Webster avenue. Laid on table.
The President now announced- the
desk clear for new business. .
A motion to adjourn was here
down, and Councils took a recess for ten
minutes .to await the action of Select
Council on the Water Committee's report.
0. 0. reoor.ned ed not having any
business before them, nadjoutned. •
Register, Register, Register is the Cry.
Politicians are urging every''one' anti*
titled to a vote to get , Registered before
the election. Now a word toth ose 'per
sons, why dOn't they use as much energy
in bunting up those of thelr friendi seek-
ing homes and have them call at th
Real Estate Office of Croft, the
No. 189 Fourth avenue; and get the
I.pitteburgh Real Estate Register," they
would find ise
nit such a vast lection of .
Farms, hillbs, Stores, litouees, City
and Suburban property, in such a great
variety that they Cannot fall to get suited
in a home. Come, every one and get
Reitidered at No. 189 FOluth' avenue.
The "Register" will,be even away
Gratis or sent by' mail free to any ad.
United States Conn-Wads° McCandless
The following business was transacted
in the 113:kited States Court at Williams
port, since
. our last report:
lathe case of the United States vs. the
distillery of John It Lowaker and other
property, in which the jury rendered a
verdict for the United States some days
since, a decree of forfeiture was entered
and a writ of sale was ordered.
On motion of Mr. Carnahan. David S.
Wilson,Esq., and on motion of Mr.
Shiro, Boyd Crumrine, Esq., both of
Washington county, Pennsylvania, were
sworn and admitted members of the
Circuit and District Courts of the United
States. I A
The equity cake of Weaver It Jones vs.
N. Haller & Co. and A. B. Clark A: Co., in
which the complaint is an infringement
of a patent corn sheller, came up for art
gument on Wednesday. A decision will
be rendered in a fow days.
In the case of the United States vs. 116
barrels of distilled spirits, claimed by
Edward Lyon, an appialsement of the
property seized and a bond for the re
lease of the same filed. The bond Wks
approved by the Court and the property
released. " • 1 ,
In the case of the United States vs. 166
barrels of distilled spirits, claimed by
Barber & Hendesson, an appraisement
and bond was filed by Mr.Parso oouri
-1 s
for claimants. The bond was kr
proved by thp.Pouxt and the property orf
dered to be released- , , p
1 Ilifillekturrov Mara.
The case of Lewis MoDawell, et al.
Ferman Field, a bankrupt, was taken up
onpriday and is still on trial. This is ,a
case of opposition' to bankrupt's dis
charge. 1
R. B. Patterson, Esq., presented ' a p,e
talon on behalf of William Pickeragill.
& Co., of Pittsburgh, creditors pr'aying
the Court to adjudge George W. A10C 0 9..
of Washington county, bankrupt, for
the cause in said petition alleged. The
usual order to show cause was leaued.l
In the.csse - of F. Geotge, petitioning
creditor ys. John Peter A.lthof, the debtor
appeared by his counsel, J. C. Sturgebn,
Esq., and denied the alleged acne of
bankruptcy, and demanded a trial) by
jury. Trial ordered at January term,
1870, at Erie. ,
, L
In the case of 0. M. Miller & Co. vs.
Patrick Sheridan, rule was entered to
show cause why the specifications of to
jection to. bankrupt's discharge should
not be stricken off as itsnfficient. Rule
n made absolute .
the cas e of George Lazarus vs. John
R. Brown, bankrupt, the, specifications
of objection to bankrupt's discharge were
withdrawn._ McElroy,
In the case o Dickson dr, CO.,
pet!tioning creditors, vs.. Emmons & Rs
ler. on motion of R. B.Tatterion Esq.,
the Marshal was appointed provisional
. _
In the case of John Peter Althof. an al-
leged bankrupt, on motion of J. C. Stur
geon, Esq., the injunction Was so modi-.
liedas to allow the Sheriff of Erie coun
ty to proceed with the sale of the .prop•
erty'levied upon by him and pay the
, proceeds into the • Keyistone .National
. Bank of Erie, subject toThe return order
of this court.
Quarter Sesslom--Tudge Mel
MONDAY, f3eptember W.—Charles Fish
plead guilty this morning to the larceny
of a watch, end was sentenced to the
workhouse for six months.
Lawrence Koll was convicted of assault
and battery on oath of Magdalena
Roll, and sentenced to the work house
for two months.
Clara Williams, of Allegheny city, con•
victed of assault and battery, on •Ilarbara
Good, was sentenced to pay a fine of ten
dollars and costa.
In the case of John Mc ßride, indicted
for misdemeanor under the livery stable
act, a none pros• was entered on the Pay
mint of costs.
Wm. Green,tonvicted of assault and
bittery, on .oath of Albert Miller, was
• sentenced to pay a fine of ten dollars and
No. 141. Corn. vs. Wm. W. Keenan et ca.
" 102. " " Jeremiah Fisher.
a 105. " " John Glister:
" 107. " " John W. Jones.
~ 110. 4, " John Lankshire.
~ 117. ~ " MathirrePrnooknev.
119. , " " Conrad Schiller.
" 120. " " Wm. Smith.
125. " " Henry House.
" 126. " " Frank Kittleley.
" 128. 1, " John E. Thompson.
" 129. " 4, James Wright.
" 415. Goetz.,
" "F. Bmder.
No. 61 Com. vs. Geo. Harrison.
' " 74 " " John Whittinger.
"22 " Rudolph A. Lipp. -
" 122 a *, W. W. Wilson andG.
" 127 " " Molly Smith.
L " 163 " ~ Wm. Einstein 11 cases.
" 161 4 , " Charles Kohl.
. " 159 " "Charles Fink.
. '. ,
common Pleas—Judge stow°.
MaNDAY, Soliembers et c 20th.—ac Wm. Lind
say vs. Thos. N . Llndky, ,if, tion on
an article of agreement to reoiver the
sum of 510,000 as being the price agreed
upon for a tract of land containing 186
acres in Wood county, Virginia, sold by
plaintiff to defendant. On trial.
Before Judge Sterrett, in the District
Court Room.
The Borough of McKeesport vs. the
Pittsburgh and McKeesport Car Com
pany. Action- to recover the sum of
5374,67, for grading and paving street, as
.er assessment. On trial.
Tne vast amount of PLANTATION BIT.
TEES now being sold and shipped from
New York is almost incredible. vrhen
and where you will—along the - wharves.
and piers, and at the depots—yon will
see great piles of these Bitters Awaiting
shipment and conveyance to every nook
and corner of the country, and to the
hundreds of foreign ports. Tbey are
very popular among all classes of people,
and are ()encoded to be just the thing for
this climate. No Bitters have yet been .
introduced which have beome so de
servedly popular arid worthy of patron
age, to all who require a tonic and stim
ulant. They are prepared with pure St.
Croix Rum, Cathay's Bark, and all the
world knows well whatomb beneficial
results Boerne from these cinatl
tgLeasoma WiTas.--Superlor to the
beat hapostad German. (kblogue, and eold
at halt the Prtee. • • • irit.a.T.W.
parbilan aristocracy have adopted the
Milk of Violet. 'unanimously, owing to
its efficacy in communicating to the skin
the most 'delightful velvety softness.
Sold by druggists and fancy goods deal--
ern. .W. Brinokerhoff, It Y., sole
Yougsouvs Saloon, at the corner of
Smithtield street and Diamond alle ye t is
the Plam to get Saddle Rook oy
fried', stewed, steamed or roasted, and
'served In the best style imaginable.
Williams°zeo shop, UK) Federal street.
b first class for a luxurious
bath, for shaving, hair dyeing, haircut
ting‘antli dresainEt Plain or by curling and
tar =NAM and Isechios.
(From the Pittsbarsti Medical News.]
Female Diseases.
At the present day it is extremely rare
to find a female who is entirely free from
some one or the other of the diseases
peculiar to her sex. Go where you will,
on the mountain top or in the valley, in
the hamlet or in the city, among the rich
or the lowly, there will be found very
few females who are not laboring under
physical affliction peculiar to woman
The cause of this we will not undertake
to explain here. The numerous applica
tions made to us for relief during our
twenty years' ractice, has long since in
duced us to make especial study and in
vestigation of these diseases, and their
best method of cure. They are maladies
of a peculiar character, and as a general
thing they requires method of treatment
entirely utilise that adopted for those'
common to both ?glass, In fact, the very
frequency and extent of female diseases
in our midst. 10 good evidence hat
"common treatment " has not met with
success, and shows that some more ef.
Scent course Mould be adopted.
We were long' since convinced that
lodal remedies and external appliances,
bandages. &c., were mere pa ll iatives for
the time, and of 7no permanent value
whatever, but , &times injurious; and
that an efficient course of medication was
- the only Wipe of care.
For the benefit of those who may bit
afflicted with any disease peculiar to the
sex, whether Item a slight cold, followed
by a derangemeht and irregularity of the
general system. which many times pro-,
duces cough, expectoration, tightness of
chest, difficult breathing, palpitation.
&c., with all the symptoms of "going in
to ..a decline," or from any of the very
many other causes which produce such
terrible suffering among women, as to
make life a burden to them, we would say
that our remedies are selected and pre
pared with a special view towards these
ends, and will, give relief in all these
kinds of cases, without needless expos
wearing indent. ate examinations, or the
of disagreeable instruments br
cumbrous appliances.
• We have cured hundreds—Yes, thous
ands—of cases by "medical treatment
alone, hundreds of whom we have never
seen, but who only obtained their med
icines after having sent to us their cases
for examination.
Oar remedies in these diseases,are
mild but effectual, and are such as we
have found out to act in conformity with
the laws of nature. in regulating health;
and from the success which has almost
invariably crowned our efforts in these
cases, we can promise, and do promise, a
speedy cure in every case where a real,.
onable hope can be entertained. •
Especial attention is directed to the
above. • L. Ohnsstru. b.f. D.
132 Grant St.; Pittsburgh.
OPERA Housr..—The regular season
at the Opera souse opened last evening,
on which occasion Guy Mannering was
presented with Miss Emma Waller i n
the role •of Meg Meres. The ani
dance was a large and apprectstive_one ,
and the new company came fully up to
the highest expectation. Mr. Chester,
the leading man, in the role of Dandle
Dininont, was a success. and the same
might be said of each individual member
of the company. Miss Georgie Dickson
as Julia Manner:llg, and Mrs. S. K. Ches
ter as Lnoy Bertram, deserve especial
notice. Miss Dickson made a decided
hit, and received a full share of tne ap
plause. Her singing is superior to any
thing we have had in her line of bust
ness, and she is a most charming actress.
Mrs. Chester is a floe reader and dresses
with excellent taste. Tonight, "Eliza
beth, Queen of England" will be pre
sented with Emma Wailer in the title,
role. -
PITTSBURGH TEMA:rus.--h. large au
dience greeted Mr. James Taylor at the
old Theatre last evening, and of course
everybody was pleased with the enter
tainment. This afternoon a Matinee will
be given, the entire prcceeds of which
will be appropriated to the relief of the
isi a
wdows nd orhans of the menwho per
hed in the Av p ondale coal mine during
the recent disaster..: An opportunity is
thus offered to all wlio sympathize with
these unfortunate persons,- to. render
them assistance, and We _hope to see the
house crowded to its utmost capacity.
The regular entertainment will be given
this evening.
Tau OnEolves.—The Academy o
Music was crowded from pit to dome
last night by the admirers of the Greg
roy troupe. The entertainment was an.
anticipated, was excellent, and we have
no doubt they will continue to draw
An Irish Dinner.
"Will ye dine with me tomorrow?"
said a Hibernian to his 'friend.' t'Faith
an' I will, with all my heart." "Ite
mimber, it's only a family dinner Pm
asking ye to." "And what for not? A
family dinner is a mighty plisant thing.
What have ye got?" "Ochl nothing by
common; jilt an illegant piece e corn
bafe and potatoes." "By the petvet-i
that bates the world. Jist my own din
ner to a b air—barrin the beef !" The joke
wits told in T. Tobias' mammoth cloth
ing establishment, latit Saturday, and
took well with the large crowd of pur
chasers who were in waiting, inspecting,
and purchasing in the store. The stock.
of piece good and ready made clothing
now offered at T. Tobias'. 25 Sixth str sod
is superior in quality and quantity,
sold at more reasonable prices than the ,
goods in any other clothing house in the
city. This week the grand fall openi 2s ng
will take place Saturday, September .
Wool- glum's, long and square, fancy
Arabs, of all varieties, at Bates dc Bell's.
J. B. warner, 55 Fourth Avenue,
corner of Market street, will open Fall
Hats and Bonnets in his Retail Depart
ment, Tuesday, September
Bitten Alpacas and, mourning goods at
Batas Bell's.
Coustiudion Water is a certain care for
Diabetes and all diseases of the Sid
ney& For , stde by all Droggists.
' Tsse:T.
Bleat Ulm, evening silks, white al.
s, and evening drew goods of all
kinds at Bates & Bell's.
Country Flannels and blankets—new
g ds --at Bates & Ball's.
Wew Goods and new styles at DAN it
Bell's. •
Schwartr. and liaslett,drgnetgisicl. corner
First and Wood streets, cm agents
for Spaulding's Jatamanal. ttha.
Spalding'■ Jatamanst cures Baldness,
Restores Grey
At Druggists—call for Spal din g ' 5 j ata
.Evenbody uses tgpaldiog's JatirriavAl
vory, b4tlts warisnia.
Oysters.;—Lovera of the biTalveo should
call at Yonngson's saloon, comer of
Smithfield street and Diamond alley, if
they desire a first class article of oysters
served in every style.
Hectors Farina forms a very agree
able light nutritive food, a superior arti
cle for puddings and jellies, and la highly
recommended by physicians for invalids
and children. Sold by all grocers• T
Real Estate.—See advertisement of
McClung t Rainbow, Real Estate and
Insurance Ageuts, 195, 197 and 199 Cen
tre avenue. tf.
READ—TAN 7'INKLE—On Thursday even
ing, September AGth, by Rev. IV idiam H• 'Locke,
CHARLES I. READ, formerly or
to MART, daughter of Join Van 2:14
Allegheny City.
FL ATH—On fisbbash evening,September 10th.
1869, Mrs. ROSP.TTA BEKTHA. PL.A.I H, aged
27 yesrs, 9 months and 16 days.
'The funeral will take place frcm the resinenee
of her husband, Spring street, East Liberty.
Nineteenth ward, WEDNESDAY NORNINhi, at 10
o'clock. Carriages w1:1 leave Mrs. Garber's,un
dertaker, No. 170 Smithele d street. at 83.4.
o'clock. Friends of the famly a - e respeHlully
invited to attend.
CRIJMP—On 'Monday morning. 20th Inst., at
twenty minutes b. f .re . one oictuck at Dravos •
burg, JOHNNI II I,lSHEll.youns est child
an A. M. Crump, aged 1 year, 4 months lB
ilitineral To-DAY at 10 o'cl:ck A. x.
CAVENATIOIi—On Sunday, Sep ember 19th.
1860.- at 4 o'clock, MAUGARET CANA..
NALIGH, aged 68 years.
keret from the res deuce of her daughter.
No. 1 Tunnel street, at 2 o'clock TO-DAY. The
Mends of the family are ,respectfully Invited to .
CHESTNUT—At the residence of f his grand
pan•nts, Ssitsburg; Ir. (liana count. Penna..
.I)ANIEL, Infant son of Daniel and Mattis S.
Chestnut, aged 13 months.
Funeral from Western Pennsylvania Railroad
Depot, Federal street, Allegheny, on the arrival
of the 10354:0:1eek train, True wens pro
ca. d direct to Uniondale Cemetery.. The tido'? s
of the family are respectfally invited to attend.
• __
A. TAMIL No. 166 FOliu.'lll STRIZET.
usb_ii_ugands COPYINB of all kisoIa,CILA.PD ,
OLDW.h. e• en , description orlruneral Far•
Waking Moods furnished. Booms orwz dsT •n'
reitht Corrine& I'l:maimed for city funerals at
la 00 each.
trisrantrish/.9—Rev.David Serf. D.D., 11ev..M.,
W. Jacobu s,
• D•• Thomas EtSring, EGO.. 111.ra
li Mzra.
AVEDY. Allegheny City. where their con*
BOOMS e constantly supplied with reel and
imitation Iio•ewood; Mahogany and Vi r ginal
Coitus, at prices s aryLug from 14 to 11 00 . - 80.
dies prepared for in trtnent. Hearses and ear
riagea ftrnished: 1.11 Kinds of. Mamming
Goods, if requiret. Once open at all hours. dal
and nicht.
OSEPH MEYER a. 8011,
Carriages for Funisrolo, .2.00 Boob. -
COFFINS an all Funeral Ituralitiment ash
dated rates.
Recommended by the Medical ProfeWon•
Certain Relief in the Worst Casey of Asthma
Ana all Spa•modic Affections of the Respirator,'
Organs, and a curt edected when ta. ed in time•
Imported and said only by
Corner_lronetb Avenue • and fludtlrdeld •
dole Agent for Ma United States. a "TIES f
Hiving just return ed from the gent .with &-
splendid Ito ek of
Watches, Jewelry. Laverware,
I ant now Drepared to offer themet greatlY -
daced prices. Call and examinDefines pnr—
chasing elsewhere.
Jeweller. No. 156 Firth Jimmie..
sun; Opposite Masonic Hall.
NBY 16t. trAJAE,
Corner of Penn and Sixth .Streets►
Bell and Brass Founders,
Made Promptly to Order.
Made and Kept on Hand.
Proprietors and Manufacturers of
I .M. Cooper'sbay oveAlllalpee Wheel
OFFICE Axil, FOU*Dler,
Con 176 aid Itailroadliltnoh
OPEN DAILY from 9 to 4 &cloak aid oa
SATURDAY MIMING, from . May is to No
vember l it, fr om to 9 o'clock, and from No.
relater lit to May lit. Bto 8 o'clock. Interest
paid at the rate of all per cent, free of tamaad
if not withdrawn oompopucts seint.amiltallyin
January and July. Books of Briarfris &0.. In
tasked at the once. ..
Board or Idanagerso. A. Berry. President;
B. R. Hartman, das. Park, Jr..lirtoe Pratt:Mutat
L. E. N'Hlule7._Seuretary and Treasurer.
A. BradVey..i. GrabaukA, ROL Wm.
Nb% John 0. Dilworth. 9. Itotbsta
tme,Jomua Bhodesolue.Seott.ltobt.U.Sulituarti.
ellsrlitoohor $llll. •