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THE %trams is furnished in the city
fo r az days of the week for 15 cents per
week ;by mail, $8 per annum mos.,
The market is stocked with melons.
The work at the new City Hall is pro
gressing slowly.
' Paved,--Locust street In the 17th ward
has been paved.
Good. Peaches were sold at $1,40 per
bushel during the past week.
Gm—The citizens of Crawford street
are to have gas light. Pipe is being laid'
on the street. - •
The Grape crop is very heavy this, sea
son, and they have already made beir
appearance in market.
(Ram'ls meet Monday atitwo o'clock
to take action on the Ordinance relative
to thanes; Water - WoVIW
• •
The Central Passenger Railway is
doing a paying business, since it pawed
into the bands of the new company.
The Brick and Stone work of the new
Mercantile Library Hall has been com
pleted and it is now ready for the roof.
The Common Pleas and District Courts
all resume `business Monday. Argu
ments will be beard . in both Courts to
Committed.—Biddy Morris was yester
day committed to jail for thirty days by
Deputy Mayor Nichols far vagrancy and
drkinkennead. - '
South Side Vagrant.--john Wati
yesterday arrested. ,-end taken before
Justice Sallebdry; •Burtninkham on a
- obarge.of vagrancy, and got:omitted to
j#.l.tor twenty days,
College.—lt will be seen by re
ference to our advertising columns that
the evening pleases, in this well-known
institution will open for the fall and win
ter on Monday, September 20th.
Completed.—The work or grading and
paving Penn street between' 30th and 33d
streets, where the grade was raised sev
eral feet, has been 'completed, and the
street will be oPene'd totrsvel this morn
Going to the Country..—The Mayor yes
teiday committed to 'jail for thirty days
James Henry, Albert Burrell and Fred
Falkner. on a charge of' disorderly con
duct.' They will be sent •to Claremont
a •
• Rellef.—A meeting : will be held at
Levi Lewis' on Grant street, between
Second and Third avenue, this morning,
to raise money , for the relief of the
widows and orphinsofthe miners killed
In the Avondale mines.
• Pickpocket Salied. l —Yesterday John
'Cagle, was arrested in Allegheny by
officer Scott.;lbr picking a lady's pocket
in the Alleo,heny market about' a week
ago. The fellow was clearly identified,
and afteiwards confessed the theft. He
was committed for triaL
Just tne Tulag.—W. D. Duffy, mer
chant tailor, No. 24 Fifth avenue, has an
elegant stock of fine goods for gentle
ginteu-weitr, embracing all the beat makes
of foieign manufactory 'which be pro
poses to make up to your order in the
best style, and reasonable prices.
Attention, ELgthWarat—On our fifth
page *lli be found the persons named
to be voted for as a ward ticket'for the
-coming 'election. Let :there be a full
turnout 9f all the Republicans of the
ward and a good ticket nominated.
Among the Pennsylvanians registered
in Paris on the 2d were the following
Plttsimargherm • ,
Mr. John . S. Dickinson,' Mr.. W. R.
Fltzimmons, Mr., C. Yeager, Mr. E
Roue& from Erie. Mr. W. C. Curry, Mr.
and Mrs. R. W. Russell, Mrs. W. D. Wal
bridge. .
Megraw's.—The best place in the city
-to procure all the fancy orands of cigars
and tobacco is Megraw's, No. 45 Hand
street. Mr. Megraw also keeps con
gently on hand a large assortment of
.pouches, and everything neces.
sary to diimplete a smoker's outfit. No
45 Hand street street is the place to pur
Atter the Race.—Andrew Knox al.
leges that Joseph Downington received
as stakeholder in a' bet, on the late horse
race at Oakland, forty dollars which, af•
ter the race, be retained •possession of,
notwithstanding frequent demands had
been made for It. Alderman MoMasters
yesterday issued a warrant for Joseph's
arrest on an inl'ormatiod for larceny as
• Alleged False Representatlons.—Pat
. rick Ebbert alleged before Alderman
..dioDiasters that John Faas had, obtained
fiorri him seven dollars by 'falsely repro. ,
seating that_he was in the ngneral-water,
saisaparilla, dtc., btisineigiOuid air estab•
lishment in Birmingham and would re,
tarn the amount In manufactured goods.
The Alderman fistugd a warrant for
.john'a arrest. ,r •
. -
Personal.—Mr. Oliver B. Doud, leading
mum at the Opera House last seasen;is
in the city on a brief visit. , previous to
going to NeW Orleans, where he is en
gaged for the coming season as leading
man at Floyd's Theatre. If Mr. Doud
pleasei the amusement going public of
the Crescent City ea well as be did the
citizens, of Pittsburgh, both as an actor
and a gentleman, hill stay there 'will be a
pleasant - one- '
For Claremont.Tne number ,of in-
-. mates at the - Work Howe will be in
creased by' tbd , following additions to-
Jay; Jacob 4 1Keyse.r,4 PatOok Campbell.
anice fftlighl lainp, James
John Michael
Dean, Barney O'Donnell, Wm.. Kelley,
Ches hieFaarienA ieerklotild, Jno.
kiilner, William Lunn Jacob Abby. Al
,lbert.Barnell,Jas. Watii, l / 4 .Fred Falai/J.ler.
On , , a: Tottr..-To•day . the, Alleuheny
' Park CoMmission, and several gentle
men, connected with the Turk Improve
moots, Start on a tour. They- propose
.visiting-Philadelphia; New York. Balti-•
Boston. 'Washington, and the
leading eastern cities, to gather _infor
mation relative to Parks and their, man
agement. The company expects to 43e
,absent,abput tea days, and ‘ will cionbtiess trip. ;
Aquatic—This, often:moo between
lour and 'at otelock'-' the one mile
straight a way race between Joseph.;
L. Scott and Wm. Sharp, two of
our .test; .stifsteur oarsmen, will'
take place over' the lower Monon
gahela course. The starting point has!
tbeen - fited ttt the: ldokkintitiebiobridge:
Thos. Reese, Esq., has br - ses Vim& as
referee. Mr. Scott has selected as judges
Messrs. Gordon Jackson and James. B.
Butterfield. Messrs. Jas. B. Jones and
John W. Carle will act in the same
capacity for Mr. Sharp. •
Inquest—Justice Holll n ghead, of Tem-
peranceville t yeeterdaY held an inquest
on the body of John Samuels, a laborer
in ' Fahnestock, A 'brae & Co t 'a gime
house. Verdict, that deceased came to
his death by accidentally falling from a
load of straw, causing dislocation of the
spinal column.
Rough Usage.—Henry G. Wagoner
made information before Aleernian
Masters yesterday, charging Joseph. Lin
pert with abusing his eon William by
striking him in , the mouth with his fist.
The difficulty occurred, in a glass works
at Birmingham, where the parties la
bored. Warrant issued. '
Inquest.--Yesterday Morning, about
seven o'clock, the body' of Willie Kay,
drowned at Sharpsburgh last Saturday
evqning, was observed by a companion
floating in the water near the bridge.
The boy. 'with the aid of a friend. suc
ceeded in securing the body arid bring-,
ing it in shore; Ithen Aldermari'Donald-'
son was notified. He held an inquest at
which a verdict of accidental drowning
was rendered.
Libel Snit landea.--Oharletat. Stein on
Pride3s of last week instituted . a salt ter
libel againet O'Neill .t Rook, editors and
propriekftof the Datty Dispat , char g:
Mg them With libel in publishin an item
reflecting on the character of hi board.
lag house on Third avedue. ' , A deran
Lynch heldlhe defendants for a hearing,
at which the prosecutor failed to put in
an appearance, and the case was dis
missed at his own cost. ,
Recaptured.-Charles Gibson, who it
will be remembered. escaped from the
work house about two weeks since with
"Sol bbs" Arnold, was recaptured yester
day by officers Grady and Gilstine. and
sent back to,that institution to sem% out
an unexpired term of fifteen days. He
will not likely be allowed to remain
there that long however, as an-informa
tion has been made before the Mayor
against him for burglary. He had on
when arrested a coat which ,was identi
fied by- Mr. Ebert, on Penn street, as one
stolen from his store which *aa broken
open a few nights since. He wilt be
sent for today.
A Capin' Case.—Mr. Peter Tatro, of
the firm of Tatro at Williams. was arrest
ed on a oapius yesterday. at the suit of
J. C. Kirkpatrick & Co., vs. Peter Tatro
and J, B. Williams, owners of a process
for distilling petroleum, and partners for
the sale of rights to use the mime. It
appears that the plantiffs in this case,
who are in the oil business in Philadel
phia, purchased the right to use this pat
ent process, for which they paid the sum
of #lO,OOO, and they how allege that it is
worthless and that they were defrauded.
Patrolat last accounts was in charge of
an officer hunting bail, which he will
probably procure.
The Boulevard.
The merits of this new style of pave
ment are beginning to , attract attention,
a fact which is made appearent by the
increase in the business which Messra,
MoCowan* Co., No. 65 Ohio street,
legheny, ,are being favored with. For
the purpose's of sidewalks, cellars, yards,
&c.. the Boulevard is all that it claims
to be and it is not strange that it is ,
coming into favor, as a good article will
always command attention. Messrs.
McGowan & Co., 6.5 Ohio street,. Alle
gheny, are alone authorized to lay the
Boulevard in this vicinity.
Boarding Bowe Robbed.
The boarding house of Mr. John Cam
bridge, at the cornet' of Penn and Seven
teenth streets, was the scene of a whole
sale robbery yeaterdaYmording. Every
trunk in the house, belonging to board
ers, eight in number, was broken open
and the contents carried off, The rob
bery, it is presumed. was committed
about eight o'clock, and two young men
who had been boarding at the house for
ten days previous are suspected,' as they
have not been seen about the premises
since the'robbery was committed. About
one hundred dollars worth of goods were
The litystoue pottery.
The Keystone Pottery,, Messrs. Kier dr
Co., proprietors, a home institution and
one of the best , of its altaricter in the
country, is rapidly acquiring a celebrity
from the quality of thg ware manufac•
tared there. In every respect, the
Queensware bearing the "Keyatone"
brand is fully equal to•that heretofore of
a very high price because of importation,
The best materials in the hands of the
best workmen, has accomplished • this
gratifying result. Purchasers in need of
Queensware should call at the ware
house, 363 Liberty street, and examine
the stook.
Lawrenceville In Motion.
A rousing meeting of the Republicans
of Lawrenceville . was held at the Forty
fourth street school &ne, on Thursday
evening. There were nearly one thou
sand persons in attendance, and great
enthusiasm prevailed. The meeting
organized by meting John W. Riddell.
Esq., Chairman and Messrs. John Keil,
Jr., and F. Marion Gardner as Secreta
ries. Able and plitriotic addresses were
delivered by Judge Shannon, Major A.
M. Brown, Colonel Thomas M. Bayne
add John H. Kerr, Esq. -This section of
the city is thoroughly aroused and can
confidently be expected to do its lull
share of work in the present campaign.
r; Found at Lest.
The marg -, F. O. Cook. implicated In the
. _
larceny.of s lot of goods captured at his'
home by the ',klleghenY 'police about ten
days agoehm at . last been heard from.
Chief Bowden-ascertained that he was in
custody;in. Marietta, Ohio. on'a charge of
passing counterfeit money, and visited
him there. - He makes . no dental of the
counterfeit business. He denies owner
ship in the dry goods found on his preni
ism, b ut bg t , nothing to say. regarding
the carpenter's tools which were also se.
'eared. - -Cider ikrirdewtheughtittest to
leave him in ; the . hasids of the Govern
ment officials, and did so, returning
home yesterday - mdraing. ;
1 4. 1 4desung Lecture•
We wirold call the attention of the
public generally tot he Lecture to be de
livered on - tomorrow evening. in, the
basement of St. Pail's Cathedral, by Dr.
"Rogers of- Memphis Tennessee, The
wise welch the stentleinan has
acquired our account of his long conneo•
nom ',with -, the Protestant' Episoopal
Church.- his Ritualistic tendencies and
practices, and his 1/Itiutate conversion to
the Catholic) Church, will be a' subject
interesting alike totiatholics and Protest
ants.. The Origin,' rise, and progress oc
Ritualism will form the subject of Cie
gl:eature.t ThisPhfibjetirtreatBd liy?i,cfn an
of auchlikilitartt - -talents, : such raterelo:
qttence, and eutfir Pretusitig adfiteds
the distinguished Dr. Rogers shonidee•
ante a crowded house. Let all, then
who can, attend the Lecture, and we
promise that they will be edified and.
Instructed. ,
Wraith Ward Republicans Vigilance
• Committee.
A Meeting of the Twelfth Ward Re
publican Vigilance Conimittee was held
at the residence of J. E. McKelvy, on
.. ,
Thursday evening. Jno. R. Hague, Esq.,
was called to the Chair and James Mack
rell appointed Sedretary. On motion, the
following gentlemen were added to the
Thos. Itosewell, Jr., Jno. T. Rowley,
Rubt. Reed, Jno. goose.
Sam'l Lewis, Jacob r carer, •
S. T. Paisley, Wm. Forsyth.
Jas. Arbuthnot, ' Christ Woods.
Jas. McCune, Robt McKinley,
entlip Selp, Alfred Stockton,
Jas. Brow a, Thos. Sloan,
Alex. Hamilton, H. Kahl
Sam% Wallace, Levi Springer,
Jas. Price, Wm. blunt,
Andy Bums, Wm. Stsak,
Chas. Wale, Wm. Lewis.
Wm. Myers, J. F. Caldwell,
A. Andersoo. ~ Dr. Brasnaer,
Jno. M. Robeits, - C. P. Nelson.
Jnu. Baker. (leo. Latimer,
Jas. Rayburn, Robt. Herron,
J. M. Cooper, Albert Evans.
Jno. Paisley, Jas. Laughlin,
Jas. Lewis, Fred. Rivers,
Sain'l K. Herron, ' Thos. McNeil,
duo. opratt, .1 13.. Junes.
Win. H. Berger,. j Win. Anderson,
Bone Cummlugg, Alex. Hunter,
Wm. Sewell; • P. C. ?Seasick,
C. Muhlstelu, . T. G. Nmytil, ,
J. K Hobos, ' Rost. M. Jones,
Fred. Warner, Isaac Mc Feely. •
Michael Diable. Chas. Townes,
Robt. Matthews, Rota. Kyle,
W. it. Ford, Clark Si eQuown..
Jno. C. Normme, David Priichard. ".
/Wad Anderson, J. S. Charles, , •
Sam'! McKee, Wm. Freeman,
Wm. - Johnston, ' tieo. Latimer.'
Wm. bhaelfer, Thee. Brody.
Robs. McClure,
After the transaction of other business
' pertaining to the '.organization of the
ward, the Committee adjourned to meet
at the School House on Monday evening
next, at 734 o'clock. for the purpose of
perfecting the organization for the cam
paign. The' additional members of the
Committee. and the Republican citizens
of the ward are . expected to be present.
A Second Edition.
The "Infant of the period" at 'Squire
Humbert's office, claimed our attention
yesterday. If what transpired concern
ing lt be not 'considered as reflecting in
any degree upon our civilization, a dif
ferent opinion may be entertained of the
circumstances connected with the find.
ing, and exposition for sale, of another
waif, which we have now to relate. A few
days since, in the country adjacent to
Birmingham, some women engaged
in plotting elderberries discovered
among the bushes a female infant,
a month or more of age, half
famished. The novelty Of the finding. if
no stronger feeling, induced them to take
charge of the little creature, hasten home
with it and provide for its wants. Un
fortunately the hands into which the
waif had fallen were experienced in the
raising of children, and were supplied
with a goodly iumber. What had been
done on the impulse of the moment—
thus the noblest deeds are performed—
was now regretted, and bow to
get rid of the encumbrance was
the next consideration. The Idea
struck the beads of the family
of taking the babe to market
with their produce, hoping thus to secure
a "customer" for it, and
bright and early Friday morning they
appeared in the Birmingham market.
They succeeded in attracting much sym
pathy for the object of their solicitude,
and equal disgust for the inhuman expo,
Bitten of it iriahe shambles, but did not
find "customer" at any twice, and the
last account we had of the cust odiansi of
the infant was that they were arranging
to send the child lb the County Home, a
step they should have taken in the !list
Master Mechanics , Convention
The menibefiS of the Master Mechan
ics' Association, which held its annual
session in this city, having completed
their business, have been on a tour of
inspection. Thursday afternoon, as pre.;
vionsly announced, they visited the prin
cipal. manufacturing establishments on
the Monongahela river,
.and yesterday
morning at eight o'clock they proceeded
in carriages from the. Monongitkela
House to the Allegheny Valley Railroad
depot, where they took especial train and
visited the. Bridge Works and the Union
Iron Mills. and thence back to Park's
Steel Works, Hussey, Wells .t Co.'s, the
Dugnesne Iron - and Steel Works, and
Coleman; Rehm-, as Co.'s; thence to the
Tort Wayne Reftroad depot, where a
train was in waiting to carry them to the
outer depot, where they visited the Fort
Wayne shops and other points of inter.
eat in that locality.
This morning they go by special train
to Altoona to visit the car shops of the
Pennsylvania Railroad Company at that
place. • •
Mortuary Report.
The Physician to the Board of Health,
Dr. W:Snively, makes the following ie•
turn of deaths in the city of Pittsburgh,
for the week commencing September.4l,h
and ending September 11th, 1869:
There were 35 deaths, of which 21 were
males and 14 females: 34 were white and
1 colored.
The causes of deathtre wers: old age,
one; accident, one; apoxy, one; asth
ma, one; icterus, one; cirrhosis, one;
buirnonary'oedena, one; anaemia, three;
nephitis, one; pertusis, z' one; puerpal
fever,, one; eclampsia, one; tumor of
liver, one;, meningitis, one; entertis,
one; phetimonia, one; cerebral conges
tion, one; .• typhus fever, one; scarlet
fever, one; tuberculosis, two;
fantum six; still bOrn, five:
Of the above there were 16 under I
year;. from lto2, 8; to 5,1; 10, to 151;
15 to 20, 1; 20 to 80, 8; ' 80 to 40, 3; 40 to 50,
3; 50 to 60, 3; 70 to 80, 1; 80 to 90, 1; To
tal 85. .
• I- Fight'in a Bart Room,
Last night about nine o'clock, Patrick
Gallagher and William Fentz, who had
beenimbibing pretty freely, got into a
fight in Coicoff's tavern, Fifth avenue
near Miltenberger stfeet, which resulted
in considerable damage to both in the
shape of black 'eyes, and various cuts,
made._ by the beer glasses, which they
used as; eaponC Galli,ghetliteoeived a
severe cut on the hand, while Fentz had
his hestont several places. The (Us
ttirbance was at its height when the po
lice stopped, and arrested both parties.
They - were lacked•up and will be exam
ined to-morrow.
Reel/bike/1 Execmive Committee:
YeateidaY afierndOti 11 meeting of t the
Republican County Executive , Commi-'
ttee Was held in the Common Pleas
Court Room.
The Committee on Speakers
that V.on. Wm. D. Kelley could be se- -
curedlor the campaign.
.1. N.. Courain, of McKeesport. Wall
added to the .Comniittee.
Several bills were presented and or
dered to be paid. Alter the transaction of
some other bnsiness of no public,
portanee'the meeting adjourned. •
• Temperance' !Publications.
;Temperangqi.iimanias for 1670, plicp JO°.
attAtigtiaWatup No,
"Bible Ruled Temperance...,,, (10c.
Scripture Testimony AgilostVine '6oc.
at Reineman's book store, No. 118 Third
avenue, Pittsburgh.
Country Flannels and blanketa—new
goods—at Bites it Bell's,
Grpnd Openings': Fni and Winter Dress
Goods at J. W. &Wiwi& Co.'.,.Ne. 59
Marketlfitreet, on Monday next.
It will:be agreeable news to our lady
readers to announce • that Messrs. J. W.
Barker &Co. have already received their
first large importation of fall and winter,
goods, which they will throw oven to the
trade on Monday next. The stock is re
markably. fine and has been manufac
tured expressly for the retail trade. It
comprises rich dress silks in all the new
shades, silk warp epinglines, plain and
fancy 'velour mass"; all wool epinglines,
Irish and French poplins, black barathe.
as, English and French bombazines, Bi-,
arretz cloth,. Russell cords, cretonnes,
valenclas, serges, nuirinoes, empress
cloths, etc., all of which will commend
themselves to lady visitors. The general
lines of ordinary dry goods and house-.
keeping goods are very full and embrace
many new_novelties. We trust none of
our lady readers will, fall to be in attend
ance at the opening,' as a rich treat in the
exhibition of .new goods is" in Store for
them,And besides they will be agreeably
surprised at the general reduction in
prices throughout all the departments
from those which rpled last fall and
winter. " ,
On Tuesday' the Opening will be sup.
plimented by the exposition of 'a fresh
stock of silk plitshes; velvets and vel
veteens, Astrachan cloth, seal skins, Po.
larian cloakings. English waterproofs,
cloaks, shawls, ac., on which occasion an
unusually large attendance of patrons is
expected. Messrs. Baaker (ft Co. have
exhibited commendable lenterprise in
thus bringing early to the 'city so large
and acceptable a stock of choice fall and
winter goods, and we hope the atten
dance at the several opening occasions
will show that the .people appreciate the
eirorts so uoiversrlly and constantly
made to please the public by, this old
and reliable house.
Neat, Pitting and Durable Clothes and
wnere to Purc,hase. .
Those of our gentlemen readers who
can enjoy well made and neat fitting
clothing should not fail to award proper
consideration on the olefins of public
favor and patronage of the well known
Merchant Tailoring house of Messrs.
McPherson, Muhlenbring dt Co., No. 10
Sixth, late St. Clair street, these gentle;
have but recently opened a very superior
and varied stock of clothys, cassimeres
and vestings which we are free to say
from our own general inspection that a
wider or better selection canliardly be
attained. The firm are thoroughly ac
quainted with every department of their
business and bestow great care in all
their work, being jealous of abstaining
the high reputation for the neatness and
durability of the garment they man
ufacttire. None but the most expert and
skilled mecanics are employed in. the
sewing room, and the work is principaly
prepared 'by the hand. From long per
sonal 'acquaintance with both members
of the firm. we are prepared to unhesi
tatingly;commend them in high terms
to our readers as eminently worthy a
large share of public confidence and pat
ronage. Their prices are very reasonable
and inducing, while satisfaction is
guaranteed in, every snit of clothes, or
garment they furnish. We ask our
friends to toTavor the
i 3 with a visit and
judge for themselves, to the superior
ity of the stock, the - qua ity and style of
workmanship and the reasonableness of
the prioescharged. .
New,Gooas at a New Roane.
Mr. B. Oppenheimer, No. 82 Mar
ket street, merchant tailor and dealer
in men - and boys clothing, an
nounces that he has received a full and
complete stock of clothLng and goods,
which, he is prepares to manufactare, at
the snorted notice, in the most fashion
able stylen, Adis new store is supplied
with the most varied assortment of
cloths, cassimeres and vestings and pa
trons are assured that no garments
are manufactured unless guaranteed
to prove satisfactory both as to material
and workmanship. A ivery tine stock
of readymade goods and furnishing ar
ticles has also been ofil3red by Mr. Op.
penheimer, and our friends in need of
such goods are earnestly advised to re.
•pair thither. The house has long en
joyed a reputation for fairnes., and we
trust our readers will continue to repose
that confidence which it so eminently de
serves. A. full and complete line of fur
bishing goods will be found on hand
which cannot fail to prove satisfactory,
and the t purchaser can depend on the fact
that every article found in the stock is
new and of the latest and most impioved
designs and patterns.' We cheerfully
endorse this firm as - worthy of public
confidence and patronage, and bespeak
for it a full share of the favor of oar
readers. •
Colored Evlscopallans.‘
Under the heading "Religious Inte
gepce," will be found brief reference to
,the proposed. organization of a Colored
Episcopal Church, bys , the Rev. B. F.
Crooke, 3 'Rector of- Christ Episcopal
Church, •Allegheny city. We take pleas
ure in stating theta special service will
be held at this Chinon, on Sunday after
noon, (ta.ruopow,) at• 13% o'clock. for
the colored ,people.. Hon. Thos. J. Big
horn and Prof.. Dale, (colored,) will de
liver addresdes. All of our dolored
friends, fornlerly accuAtomed to attend
Episcopal services, and others friendly
to the movement, should attend without,
fail. Rev. Mr.'Brooke‘ is very desirous
to organize a regular church service for
their especial benefit, and is laboring as
oiduouply to promote their interests.
SoTenting Extia
To day lioltzheitner, next,daor below
the Post. Office, Fifth avenueewill spread
before his patrons an unusually elegaut.
table,. consisting of the cholCest delibacies
of , the season, in game, fish, fowl, dtc.,‘
dtc., all prepared in that excellent stVe
which has made the "Continental" so
popular. Ample preparations have been
loads for the. accommodation of every.
patron, and all will be served no matter
how great the rush may. be, All who
love a a/Alio , ' find subittential 'repast pro
'yerly'repared and lint 'on the boards,
will take advantage of this announce
ment. ' '‘•
Marvin'', Lemon or ; Fruit: .Busou
Water, Sugar, Boston or Cream Crackers,
always fresh. sweet and,' wholesome,
.should be on the table ()revery family, as
an agreeable substltutelbr sour bread or
for 'variety In the way ) of palatable food
they are exceedingly desirable. On hand
at 91 Liberty street or to be obtained at
any bf the grocery stores.
Go Earlyi—Ladles would dq well to
take time by the , forelock and hurahase
,itungedildely fail ,outtlee 'from the new
stqckiUll, r§nel l yed at Moorhead!s. No 8 1
'Market street. The tieit 'of anode, and
the most economical prices 'are' the at
tractions of this establisement.
• Oyster Stew.—,Youngicin & Co., earner
of Smithfield street and Diamond alley,
dish no the beet oyster stews in the oity.
Life•lnsurance Dividends—False Rep.
• resentations. •
;Under this caption the New York
earanCe Monitor comes out heartily
against the deceitful representations of
some of the Life Companies in regard to
"profits" and "dividends."
Toe very absurdity of these pretences
ought sufficiently to expose their falsity,
but it seems that the ingenuitY and
"mathematics" of the companies are too
much for average common sensejand
find otherwise intelligent men Who are
actually made to believe that they have
a good thing in their "dividends;'.' even
professional financiers and bankers may
be found who think thatin this case you
can "eat your cake and hive too;" that
you can get your money's worth of life
insurauce and a dividend besides, and
from the high character of many of the
agents of these companies we are hound
to presume that they too are derived or
they would not make these reprresen
tatione which this Monitor's artielechar•
aterizes as a "gross paud." '
IThe above, from an exchange goes far
to establish the claim of the Cooperative
Life insurance Co., of this city, that its
system is the fairest, simplest, beat, yet
Register, Register, Register Is the Cry:
Politicians are urging every one enti.
titled to a vote to get Registered before
the election. Now a word to those Der.
sons, wby don't they use as much energy
in - hunting up those of their friends seek
ing homes and have them call at the
Real Estate Office of Croft ez Phillips,
No. 189 Fourth avenue and get the
"Pittsburgh Real Estate Register," they
would- find in it such a vast selection of
Farms, Mills, Stores, Rouses, Lots, City
and Suburban property in such a great
variety that they cannot fail to' get suited
In a home. Come, every one and get
Registered, at No. 139 Fourth avenue.
The nßegister" will be given sway
Uratis or sent 'by mail free to any ad
dress. tfdlF
Men and Boys , Scotch Caps,
At the Hat Parlor, Nol 22 Fifth avenue.
The vast amount; of PworT.A.TION BIT
TERS now being sold and shipped from
New York is almost incredible. Go when
and where you will—along the wharves
and piers, and at the depots—you will
see great piles of these Bitters awaiting
shipment and conveyance to every nook
and corner of the country, and to the
hundreds of foreign eons. They are
very popular among all classes of people;
and are conceded to be just the thing for
this climate. No Bitters have yet been
introduced which have beome so de
servedly popular and worthy of patron
age, to all who require a tonic and stim
ulant. They are prepared with pare St.
Croix Rum, Callsaya Bark, and all the
world knows full well what benefiaial
results accrue from these combinations.
MAGNOLIA WATElL—Superior to the
best imported German Cologne, and sold
at ball the price.
Dr. R. V. Pierce, of Buffalo, New York,
haa discovered, residing Ina very com
1060111ittle plant found growing by the
roadside, a medical principle, which sur
passes everything heretofore known for
the cure of all severe coughs and for MM.
ister's sore throat, laryngitis, bronchitis
and consumption, in its earliest stages.
It is called Dr. Pierce's Alternative ex
tract, orElolden Medical Discovery, and
is sold by druggists, or send three and a
quarter dollars to the discoVerer, and
get three bottles free of express charges.
Men and Boys , Polytechnic. Cap,
At the Hat Parlor, 14. 22 Filth avenue.
The best and Origins[ Tonic of iron,
Phosphorus and Calisava known es
Caswell, Mack dc Co ' a Ferro Phospho
rated Elbrir •of Calisaya Bark. The Iron
restores color to the blood, the Phospho
rus renews waste of the nerve tissue, and
the Calisaya gives a natural' healthful
tone to the digestive organs, thereby
curing dyspepsia in its, various forma,'
Wakefulness, General Debility and De-'
pression of Spirits. Manufactured only
by Caswell, Hazard qt. Co., New York.
Sold by all druggists. ti
Popular Music at Popular Prices.—
Hitchcock's sheet music for the million
at five cents per copy..
Sacred . Music, and new and popular
songs, arranged with piano acixanpani
manta. Also instrumental pieces. polkas.
waltzes, schottisches, marches,
operatic airs. &c. Price of each number
is five cents. New pieces Just received
at Pittock's, opposite the Postoftice.
Ladles' !Sailor Hato.
Aetna Hat Parlor, No. 22 Fifth avenue.
Wool t 4 tiawls, long and square, fancy
Arabs, of all varieties, at Bates & Bell's.
It being an established fact that the
Constitution Bitters are far superior to
all other Bitters, It is not surprising that
they are used to such An extent. There
is no doubt that if people consult their
own interest, they will be supplied with
them at all times, for a few doses taken
in - time will:often prevebt a long and
lingering sickness. •
Slated Blackboards made. and con
tracts taken tor slating the walls of
school rooms with the Peirce, or Eureka
Slate Surface, by F. G. Reirteman, and
for sale at 113 Third• avenue, Pittsburgh.
Peirce's per quart f 3 90
El:treks 3 00
- Boys , Salter Bate,
At the Hat Parlor, No. 22 Fifth avenue.
Poleoneus.--Hitherto , the substances
used for imparting whiteness to the com
plexion have been more or less composed
of poisonous corrosives; the Milk of
Violets contains nothing of the sort. It
gives the skin renewed brilliancy. Sold
by all druggists. Wholesale by V. W.
Brinkerhoff, New York.
• J. 11, Wainer, 55 Fourth Ayenue,
corner of Market street, will open Fall
Hats and Bonnets in hilt Retail Depart
ment, Tuesday, September 21st.
The American Haase, .13oston, %timid
favorably known all over the country.
Unsurpassed in its management it has
few equals in .extent, or in its thousand
contrivances for the comfort and pleas
ure of its guests. . •
Everybody.n • ses Spalding'it Jatamit3tel.
Every kettle warranted.
Be Atpa irs e . as and mourning ;to dli at
C 4) ThOlatiou Water la a carton core :Or
Dlabetea and all diseases,of the Kid
neys. For Bale by all Druclata.
Real Eatate.-3ett adyertisement of
McClung & Ilatatiow Estate gut&
Insurance Ascents,' 191, 197. an& 199 Oen-'
tra avenue. • t. :?, tf.
schwartianaliatisiettartinteu f gorner,
First and Wood streets, getietal agdnts
for Spaulding's Jatamanst : tths.
Black silks, evening alike, white al
pacas, and evening dreas goods of all
kinds at Bates it Bell's.
Fall 13tyle 0? clothing.
To our gentlemen readers wno are now
casting off their summer clothing, and
laying in their fall stock. we will gratn
'toasty give some good advice. in the
first place, you want to buy your cloth
ing where you can get a neat Si, cut in
the latest style, of 'the- best quality of
goods, and made to wear well and look
nest, for as low a figure as. possible.
Yesterday, in visiting the \ fashionable
clothing house of W. Hespenheldea Co.,
50 Sixth street, we were., surprieled .to
find what a beautiful suit,!ftistidions in
all ways, can be had for so reasonable
a price. This house, for a first-class
house, sells goods cheaper than any other
house in the city. All the styles of walk
ing suits, dress suits, fall overcoats; in
fact everything in their line, promptly
made and guaranteed to fit. Persons
wishing clothing are cordially invited to
call and examine their goods before pur
chasing elsewhere. Their No. is 50 Sixth
street, old St. Clair.
Autumn Style ofHate ,
A&the Hat Parlor, No. 22 Fifth avenue.
Fall Goods.—Oar stores ar‘ beginning
to be filled up with the new fail goods,
and none or them presents a better or
more complete assortment than Moor;
head's,No. 81 Market street. In the
line ofancy dress goods, trimmings and
laces, Mr. Moorhead's stock is - about as
perfect as a stock-can be. Call and ex
amine the goods.
Evening Parties.—Youngsorri & Co.,
corner of Smithfield street and Diamond
alley, are at all .times prepared, on the
shqrtest notice, to furnish persons bay
ing-an evening party, with all refresh
ments, desired servants, ware, de., with
a guarantee of satisfaction in all cases.
Reference given if required.
Boys , Scotch Turbans,
At the Hat Parlor, No. 22 Fifth avenue
Marvin's Spiced Jumbles and Ginger
Snaps are delhdotis, mantinfactrired at
91 Liberty street, or to be hatfat any of
the grocery stores.
Hultzbelnier. next door to the Postof
dee, on Fifth avenue, serves up the best
meals in the cleanest manner, and at
most reasonable prices.
Oysters are now in Beason, and at no,
place are they better served than at
Holtzheimer's, Fifth avenue, next door
to the Postoffice.
Get Some qf Marvites superior biscuit• .
from the manufactory, No. 91 Liberty
street, or ask your grocer for them.
Spalding's Jatamansl 'Dues Baldness,
Restores Grey Hair.
The Pyramid Hat,
At the Hat Parlor; No. 22 Ilfth avenue.
mansLDruggists—call for Spalding's Jats-
New Goods and new styles at Bates 41;
IRVIN—On Thursday. the 110th Inst., JAMES
IdeKEn IRVIN, /1;0,19 months.
Fuaeral fdra the
_rOvidence" 0 . his graitd-pa-
Tents, J.H.loclCee , head of Thirty-eighth street,
Btr*THDAY ktoRNING; at 10 o'clock. Friends or
Fihe . tamfly are Oordially invited to attend.
TAKER. No. 166 rou - RTE STREET.
ttaburgh, COMM( of all Iciads,CRAPNB,
EiLOVES, and o err description of Funeral fur.
Waiting Goods furniebede, Booms orNen 411 v tr ..
?ORM' Carriages flirnisnea for city funerals al
$51.00 earth •
rt3rrstuutcate—Rev. David Kerr, D.D., r.M.
W. Jacobus D. D.,Tbomaa Ewing, EN.. "401,
e ?" . .1.1t2.
E A.I723 3aR ND LIV T ERY Wi s AßLl c tr i
AI7EIsTIOLP. Allegheny City.„ where their ClUtlflaq
ROOMS e Constantly_ supplied wits real and
imitation itcr ewood , Mahogany and Walnat
Collins, at prices varying from 94- to dll3O. - Bo
MO prepared for in•erment. Hearses and Oar.
riages .Inrnished: also_ , .11 ainds of Mourning
Goods, if required. °Mee oyen at all hours, day
and night.
t i os
No. 42 . 4 PENN STREET.
Carriages for Varner&la,.. $2.00 Each.
COFF MA and all Funeral Inrniehment at re
duced rates. au7
t jinxing just returned from the East with a
splendid stock of
Watches, Jewelry. kilverware,
I "111 now prepared to offer them at - greatly re
duced prices. Call and examine - before pur
chasing elsewhere.
,143, eller. No; 56 Fifth 'Avenue >
auff3; Oppoilte Masonic Hull.
'mu of Penn and 'Sixtb Streets,
1.,,7,',84A55.• FOUNDRY...,;.'
11. COOPER & CO.,
Bell and Brass kounders,
.14041 e Promptili to Order.
Made and Kept on Hand.
•Pioprietan sad Maslaseturere of
j.LCoopersimprbved Balang() Wheel
Cora7th and lialfroaditreets,
sew prrTeStrusaa, re.