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'Reis.' litinii*Vattahati d tkillier,
4 111MIladesir' , Estisitedeid vitta IL 4,l3lsiir
1 ted...• - ;-. 1...z. ,‘ -1,,...•.-1 lf
• ~l, ery - l adipmmil ',.. vs ith prayey
T itlyt
un 11 two is'id , 9•3l; R., vE.
to order at
- tell 0101 k`With praYer bY
1 / 2 "t• I' i' 4 la i
AttltAkk ' Of teiti pileading ineihifig
were then read and-approved.
- _.' The Moderater announce d the foliiivr-
Mg named;gentlemen as a Committee'to
answer the protest entered against the
r nn eeti on ingur . by tu ldr; cintahair . Linn: jlev an . d Dr E .
i M de o r .,
Jno. A. limehaw- 1
Eider Jiwt;•.A.l4unileiii slaked to be ex
eased from serving upon the Committee.
and on motion his. request ..was 4granted
and Elder William - N. Burchfield sp=
pointed,hilll6 place; ~ - was
The paper was then called for , but s
not in Court, having been carried.ont by
some of the reportere: - ' -
The Connittee - dppointetrza take the
t - testimony of Mrs...ftvis was called u
to most, and presented the ' , '
duly qualitied, - tatifted as follows; ,
-. Winer, do ''. • reside? ••• A. Reside
' with inyinumq4 • el, s tiftptilluff , etre
Pittsburgh.Q. BOY di4/ 0 1.befrefilitia trial? s.
I heard of it throngh tne ispatoh.-
-: Q. Wadi YOit ki'llktieoun't , of, the
f l =tol ti°34 9- A. 08, 11 1=1 - ht U t 141". . , :- •:- !
*;ll,tatei tfrbilltbetsurreaorre '
";fiththa; ' , Utr. Wks. .Ovettliellt
11 ttox#,AtCt= _
, Ilustolptlit
... r t.., . . . ,„,--„,,,.:
. ',tannest - AkawLeetralriffi Anew"
',lliiidt'Yl thi o 1 0 tr 0 r 0 1 1 0$ 1 akm" Be'.
..ssel4o4Areph i ntit Mink Anselbster, of
Allegheny. Leitch "No. air,-that is not
my name; I den' liver in Allegheny." I
00/llt'Weq, w hat is it, or i way to the depot
and asked what s it
Awe for tbe 'trate, or somethieg of tha t 4 i
kind,,, :Then be ti "1 beg your wdo
I mlittobtf tad at, Mae-Anna Foster:
.4110Elids.attlitinit teentibletleesit"liftt
- mid "good evening'! ansi was Passing on
:: when mY husband- caPienp and struck
him. 4 There was quite a crowd around
~-ria.; 'II did not settniy-•hi:lithe:4- or hear
• (*Wispy anything until -be struck ..air.
. Itinn. .243 , tipilbaed wee walking behind
...areftabouttisio piers, Bud not.seeinghim
- laupposedhehadgeneutssak trthis board.
- ing bouse.--:Herrast • very, sands under
the influenissorliewn" at Si time. - - -•
Q. Was there anything improper or
wreug le Mr:X4rfiesmnOnrd. you
that evening': A. Not - in the Wet. - -
s Q. and lon any personal annutintance
with Mr. Mint., A. I had . not, : never
-sew Mr. Liam bads. or. since.. till this
- trial.. / my-recognize Mr.-.l.Ami as the
HETWAIHOH9Esir who met me - on the
- bridge. " - . . . .
Q. What wer - Aisi• ' Aliiitlii c fc l iV 'sit;raiLft
beret A. I tboughOtanyllutv to eve
teatimonylo exeniphir:lsni.
QcasAnanibied--Mhusband at that
I hoick boagillook ieS, Mr: Wrigley's, on Bea
lond street, opposite' the liss Werke. 'lie
:WM k OM* iron roller at Everem,Pres
ton sh-Colairoa workii. - We 'resided at
Shfirrabtirg; . My husband came home
- enteritßaturday,might. .:I anl.; a .member
-- of .the'. Methamint , Ohnrch at _lronton; O.
I left there six years Ago. and' did not
bring a certificate.- I. Uhl attend the
Methodist Church When at Sharpab urg.
. i ci l la i ° 33 9 114.(1.7111th. way Mrs Wall
testimony was read and Appriived
..., by winnow - '' ; - ; - . - ....
• 'kittr. Cliftrts&lcit BLAHTHIER 'HAMM.
--• , 'Aka R. Cittresti.Esq.; sworn.—l reside
in Uleveland, Ohio. Am a lawyer. Ibe
tong to the firm-of Willey A Carey. 1
- have been connected with the Old School
Presbyterian church since 1858 or
"- UR, up, to the time-Mr.'Una left
the • church. .The church: has had foar
• pastors r since. its- organization, Bev.
st . n. tor.fer Rev. B. P. Linn and
- Bev: V.-A..1. The church was brig.
i 114 3'. made rip of Imams from other
'churches and front:lid School Presbyte
--- riane. - IThe witness ben. objected
answer any farther question!' nidearbis
testa was r,egorded,3 ..-I friend.
ly saltrapported the flretnbW pastors
-- otthe (thumb. Dr. Brown was starved
ant e! the chureb; Mr../ 10 6 00 was killed
_out of it, and Mr. Linn was elanderedqut
of it. The first I know of Mr. Linn
, - . ; :pageltlng at thatatruntlimisbijarmity,
1864.- He ,had been therLe some 'time
praiddretAa :that_ ituiii.-liiter Mr.
Rogue left, being one of the trustees,
. lAA there beibg a hetsVdaibt,-.1 - : endeav
ored to get the debt paid ME I made all
' )L . 11,1001' tdapeatiOns, but could get no
Co operation. ' There was a division an to
whet pastor they should' have - Mr.
- Rog - ats came there with this load of debt
on the' church. ' When -Mr. Lion • came
thercalentember. the time distinctly)
I told him that be would be ruined if he
went - into that church unless the debt
-TVErliiiir - Tittged uperrittm Minya the
debt pattrbeffireate - 2,400.P1Ad the call.*
'Par some months • after: that Mr. Linn
;NWOL-0 0 .4 141 ; and, durioft _that time ire.
=ant .o .. nverestlein _Were Ind by Mr.
''''`f.itiii With myself 'ind atitiii4wintro to.
paying off the debt.... ..I told Mr. Linfi that.
faineant to my original ; promises to him'
;bat 1 would not pay one =dollar toward
paying off the debt d! the obtmili, be./
- muse Ibsd already spenthlarge amount,
_ of ; maney and;: time. fOr that , Ptir
before. Mr. Brown left. The trus tees .
alt ' agreed ' that my refusal' was , not
• an - unreasonable • otie".'`l' read - that
as' soon• =as the ,:debt. . ~:was.,:-paid'
that 1. .• . %Veld ~ccooperate with them
• to maintain th e church and emigre its
welfare. Mr. Rogue _was-allied to the
• ehereli,mitb this debt: epon it,, and I
told /WA that I feared that he would not
'"be sibIVIO atoned ti ;the Otriffitibw',the - ;
^ 'Abu& was in. . My= fatally,. during all.
• tatositrie,' and L to some:tent. attended
~.t. the church.: I , Thedebt was partially. paid,
. ' befbre Mx: Lhin came. • Bo .favas I gin
• - < abletejudgN mind Chink the records of
. the Ohurch'Mil. bear evidence, the church
• . never Was so* wen . Melded, norther*.
.:• pie scsAarnestly -engaged -in. sustaining
49 ..4304-asifeDikg the time Mw-Iden
was `nete`Was a revival B uri n
ear,:thetime. - . Linn was there.: -.One o
my digglitent wee converted join . .
she chtllithOPlZ i . 9"mtinned
down to A t issui t ntys - lifteedenot..
wier=A the • - Unit ...Were
in tlurattureh, Mr;Linn -mellow,
ed. to hold the: 'thift,' tegether;,.
with the exception,. I Mthk :Of-Aland
half a dozen persona. ,••:' 11 l - I- reach: -
len it right, - two--familien:-'. /eft,
I think doctrinal matterwitere the cite&
of difficulty in the church., Teuld
fault riot only with Mr. Linh:lith wish
Mr. Brown, on account of doe ,• . 11)14:- .
&hoed Presbyterianism was certainly
unpalatable to many Perlman in the
church. • When Mr. Linn came to Cleve
' land he was courted and flattered, parties
made for him, and in fact he was the
most courted person among the different
families of the church, so that it became
a rivalry between them that he could not
get time to prepare his sermons, the de:,
'mend for his being so great. I warned
those very parties that they would torn \
hie beast and make a fool of him. Mr.
Wlllloollzieglected some of these per.i
ions, .had I can't - express it any' better
than ,to say "that Mrs. Jones saw Mr.
Linn call on Mrs.. Skit& on the
ether aide ofillsigentpityffitimas ,
he called_
..bitattea. loan.. kindil l
'aftr - itrate were
as indiscretions, ' e a ,
. This was thread° Or ti.tittyiMtt Um
•thoili O
.antettg" /le oifhtf9tent — . . i
I V. 1 21rr i
'..ti bbot Vie HM thetionbeth ro 4
-Mies .; B. and , Mr. Lhen.g Mr.l
Linn helm* tb; find new sequeintlineee!
outside:the chukeht and complaint ~was,'
made that`' he did not- Vat lee tomes`;
,n the thatch. Ur.' Lbut :we* t 4 goo t.
standing with:•the 1 ministers , of ,: other!
&arches when be left Addle tedtty. -, On'
th i e m e t lt that this Miss .11---- Mat oct.
on in September, 1868, My w ife' had
a lest the honse Mr. Lime and
mi ss B. were among the 'invited. - I
•had noticed hitn -in companrwith her
frequently tafore that this evening
I notithed-1111‘-Liniflerßking :ithent my
grounds with MM. B---7. and,they-were
both yery attentive to`each ether. so;
much WO that lt_was remarked by the
visitors. Boinothinsited been asid - be.
fore that about ` the matter. Everything
I saw or heard of Mr. Linn was perfectly
honortibleitid velar; both at the house
and elsewhere, and it was thought their
Intetttions were . honorable. - Mr. Lion
steernipardedidlie home thstevenL
.Ixl4. her beating house, or the family
she Witted 'with her mother.
Was ft-'. - ‘ le a tidy bf - tmtreseptlonablek
charatterint MAI.d and since, and is
•Utlatigleterof the Istatiovernor .11- 1 -n
Ohio. I know bothiOg more a- what - be
cured between adr.fLinn and Miss '
personally, all the rest As tuner. tiltkni.
after that evg: - ettmozywarer , &bread'
that MtaltMt - Cdtm impnber libel
ties with Mier .Ir.-, ' 'and - ^ th e relttot7
went awing' Mr.' Mufti:- Mends that
this .intentions to 'the -lady were
.honorable, and herlrequallys.S and that
she anteing called upon 1 .6 111 r. Linn hst
'admitted asumebt its d froth the
story Onthe other side t the lady In,
whose house they boarded had observed;
what plebe oar that evening from an
upper window, - and - -when Miss. B---
entered . the tem; this bide had accused
kik Of what had - occurred outside. and
- she - denied - it, - but finally admitted ~the
charge, but said that it was agar htir;
will, and from that time on Mr. Linn and'
Miss B—on one side, denying the
charges and the family where she was'
boarding - asserting , thetC 'so it be
came a Abetter of veracity, not between
Mr: iLlan end Miss , 13--- 7 , but, between
Mr:Linn Ind the fin2ily IC Which Miss
B- boarded. .Ne„person doubted the
goopriii:tc ridtiit Miss
'of Mr. Linn's conduct. This
4 1 . hoeittord „Witni
'ir=tofirdell were Merriam or westmin
ster Church andwere opponents of Mr.
Linn. Miss It-- and her mother, lam
latest sures attendedehureb where Mr.'
Linos: Mdriebeditlie "art belt addeth
,after this oeourrek I think that theit-'
'tircbtese, between - Mk.l.inti and "Miss
8.... was of the most, honorable oharao
ter; and they were very'lntimate and he
' body, selar as I know,. expressed any,
opinion to the contrai• for some time
after the affair and the church difficalt.r
began todevelope. Boon after this Bilas
:,-„and ~- h er_ pother; left .off OnrWipg
niturch s ltadidaled the ladY'wWWlmm
. . .
they boarded, and a bitter feeling arose
in the churcll.l .- ^
Abitut the" Mb Of, February 1887, I.
called upon. Mr. and . Mrs. Bl ackburn,
having heard some rumors; we talked
thematter over fully and Mra. Black
burn and Mr. Bidckburn assured the that
3r. i , dittildiet, - bitiarlitiee - itained
tamed the facia, thertireis no intentional
impropriety.--[The Moderator here
alnltied the witness, Stating that it Was
heresy evidence.] ,Hisses from the itzt
dii3noe. A member moved that the wit
ness be allowed to goon. - -
-' The Moderator Would not entertain the
motion. He said-that lithe parties were
not satisfied they bad-the legal ' reinedy,
by taking an appeal.
The appeal - wee then taken and the
Moderator was sustained. •
-Q. What do you know to be the cams
of Mr. Blackburn's withdrawal from the
church? A. Mr. B. told me he withdrew
from the church tbrtwo reasons: because
his dimity preferred to. go to the Baptist
church, where their companions were.
He had a long time been looking for an
Opportunity. Another reason was a too ,
cuniary one . He said at that time that
henever did leave or propose to bays on
account of Mr., Lincla couduct in his
family. ~He said that Mr. Laren wale a
boy, a deter fellow l
and - that he had
nothing against him. ,• - :
Q. Can you swear: to .Mr. Blackburn's
band-writing? A. Yes.
, "A' letter' was ' here : *hewn 'to witness,
-which he testified Was In Mr. Black
burn's hand.errking. -- ~ , . •
The letter wanthen offered in evidence
but raledffintby,thabb - iderstor:
The examination tli o nzroceeded. '
4 14 - A r tis therfi*y - too dlinteitY
connected with Mr. ait's Leaving the
churchly.A. Mr. A. Parish and m ys elf
advanced the money to psy Linit!ess. 1
thQ'. What wnas " wh oU i* blweas i n p cu ar a l t O e g d
through ttutoanguwatirm ? A. Mr. Par.
ish and myself and Others circulated
that paper for the purpose of ascertain
tog -wasrittiti-, ` majority \ Of , the church
wanted done, and we proposed to unite -
with any of Mr. Linn's opponents to clr
ctdate Menotti:if through the =pegs,
-than liwascuttililK whether iboyi dwired
Mr. Idnutri remain, agreeing that a ma
jority Of :id/..the Members of_ the'church
AUthe "ctroAregitiet . thoutd 'decide the
matter .J reMberitcess here . related the
tv b
fact Or ting4he 'petition.] I ad
..trisedblet " 10 - Jaelsn,.
Q. ' Did t'T‘t ll ! 4 ,l! ae T4 lfii e si lltutt. l " l ?
.41. EhsilltU• - .: ''• .
Q 4 What ,'was Pur port of the , react- 1
Mien panedollie meeting, 9f eaesten.
etwhic hi the . isidtirtation was preheated?
A. The Words of the resolution were as I
followe - "itiseived,.Thatlhe resitmetionl
&Bev. S. P. Linn be accepted or the
reasons a4 S- ward of unanimity intthe
ehurth . ; adequate stiPPert. "-, - 3 1
•-• "Q. What was Mr. Lion's general repo-.
*out - IfLeikslili,Aligo-• Mr./Asir. was
Moldered suable and Oarless preacher.
His for Voracity was , good ;and
Is ler, ,geod. 'Mr:-Lirl "i4O l , frequently
visited Cleveland sincehe lift thentturch. -- ,
He *mid be ' welomedtotleg, in • any bonen in e l lreland AO WAS fIASIOW. ex. i
'cent: -per pa, by some of those who op.
=4lblab,- " The , ':Blackburn , ;end '
', faMiliett both remained 3:i the
church Until after Mk. i1t..., - I
,: - .4 l ltltalninr....g,-, , c hurch.
Lima reputstfouont,or t e A.
There was eviddetjrbfkopinions. I never
beard -gurebox *mints -Mr: Lien, ex
bet Trainitle6selybd44o3o l lllo 3 . - -
.'. testimony mils. ildr-ssrieStedisla'
att rovedby the Witness., '3 T; 1
4 wife. Tatinaiad ' i that the eenn
at. Miss Davis, be author tot take tb?
testimony Of Mies Varty, _'"Eitenefirt.thit
.nieftilteri; deolittOCAo.,loo;rlAben - - the
f9i ng .siglifnpentw.7o: t p u teintor,
loyrihm.r.. ,
1 .. 4 a itill'lir.l42ers #1 i ll aniatk i , . .f.! ,
, . Tor. &oval inoyid,rbettNapitibii, urt
adjourned It-be tome% at 1):81), A.lll. tit
morrow mollAttigL :: -.L -' ' ".- ','„''- . -
'1 he intilli* Was, iiiiiaidzi ;Fielded 7.
o'clock.. r a , e ~....., h
ree- ; 1 1 ' '''
The tiltihitiettired bn 7i the first me.
Lion, which hWas itdefited...... - ,:- : -•'-
A member wmtde. o p oun ut ee .
appointed tot at -IMU , - erktkle her.
ized to take all the , testimony able'poib
an this time andtheraeatingorthel
so as to expedite' bUsitressil
t 'Areebytery adjourned to , meet ; at,i
nine, A. le.
• 4
mmmbit attalWtAsitms) apisi2vm9.
16ffiwww !
f i n/4W_
IA •
*1 ;Wan ,
,Jel yne Otheusiteidneeeieniyfien
1 1 1 " 11 . 1 Poisoned yesteiday <
, Pittsburgh • is
„erovredz' street
walked* of Ws, basest sort. ,
, _
No Important anent h id beim; wide by
our pollee - for a good • whiles. but a good
many dogs have been Pc4aobed
The Survey Committee' of City Conn
ells will meet this inOrnillg jit Lawrence.
ville for a tour of street surveying.
Propomktg.—Bead the advertisement
for sealed propmials for the erection of :a
brick school house in 11/0 borough of
Abandenment—Jamec Qilinn made in.
-formation before Autirs BMW, yodel , .
day, charging 'Om, callatutn. Lid
somimlaw it'll,* abandoning mid Minh
tug to auPPort, ..WaraTit was
. ..
Diserder*COnduct,—Tsabials W a gnere
was arrested on ea 'charge of disorderly
conduct, =Mobster° J z tie Reisiel t et
East irmingham, by . •x) Bitten
ger, wbo alleges. Ll* tha.• used
abusive : langu a ge: .tosiards --• an ;the
street 1/ 1 ' SheS he l t a* b l i P lbr o l l ti larhic•
•,' - • . —:..:0 3 ~....-.-,:'
-liiititiiide , Ranor.:-.F i beithere- we
publish the statement iir ge', - centfiflou
of the Peoples Baelmos Bank,,pnldialied.
In somidanos - with s 'dower prevision.
The laths °nide ,respobslbleand well
conducted institutionsare .: in . most
healthY condition, as Kik be observed
by the reader: -.-L . . ; .
ldn,l l o 09111 0 -2 raelc47 established
business Otrin .ar Path.. Macurdy dt Ca,
otantreseturers of oc k x ? pi• heft been Ills
tdried, Mr. John' wittuiratilxig.
-The huffiness hereafter Ilbe conducted
by Messrs. D. E. Pak aridgatnes Park,
Jr,,, the reutatulna under the
-firm name of Park
SID afeeting.—The meeting of the Fire
Engine and H u se Comudttee, called for
.lasi evening, was , not leld, In conse
quence of there not being a quorum of
membem present. Thistle the third , at
tempt of the Committee to hold a meet
ing with the same success.' Another
meeting - 1e called for Monday night.
Severely; Surto:L-4. Mr& • Evans, re.
aiding, on .Ibrty-titit street, near the
Ferry Bonk% in the )3esentetsdh ward,.
was &Irk:only yes
btthsed terday after.:
ternoms. - lithe was lathe aet Of kindling
a tire, upon 'which she imsuid eome car
bowel], •when the oil ignited and the ves
sel containing it exploded, netting her
clothes on tire.
tai3get made-information before Justice
Maud, of Eaat Birmingham, yesterday.
Spinet Fromy Wagner. Ibr_surety of
peace. She alleges that.. Fromy came
to her house and attempted to drive her
out of it, threatening tq kill her itehe did
not, leave. Promit was arrested and
held fin a hearing.,
This Being the Last Day, on whicb five
per cent;disoccuit will be allowed on City
and School Taxes, City Treasurer Coch
ran trill keep lap aloe 'cyan until nine
o'clock r. n, -
Those having taxesto_paY sib° are un
able to cell during the rdiotild avail
themselves of lids opportunity Or do' so
8 9er their We no* hrdeet&
._Vacation.—The First MethOdist
o ® b i Fifth &Tenney (above 0412661111
be open every Sabbath morn.
in and evening during the summer.
Vhe Sabbath evening lectures of the pass.
tor. Hey. Alex. Mark, are very largely
attended. The glacial topic for to.mor•
rcivr evening is !gunwales Humanity."
The seats are frei in this church. - -
gdilWe s BliimerorMuvlisillfiendli of
Bev. Father Devlin, of Bt. r anis Oaths ?
edral, will:be pleased to learn of his I'S
rival brim. yeaterdsy safe, sound and
heady, despitivithe -terrible 4 ambient
through which • last evening's Mid
passed him in Buffalo, breaking his arm
and leaving hint tollingernaii Bondi.
lion. Ihere *ultra s word of • truth In.
H•duetiss in Funeral Cset.-41r.W.'H.
DOVargi.the "MU klictwA - PROlrt z akiiri z Zfo•
that 104 Grant street. ,arumuneen a ' j•
prepared - to supply • carriages fbr city
funerals at two dollars - each. He his
also made& reduCtlenba all styles` ofeof.
fins. Mr. Devore has long held high glide
among our leading undertakers and so
conducts his business ab to render uni
versal satisfaction.
In Trauble.—Oilicer Richard Moon
yesterday arrested a man on Sixth street
who was acting in a disorderly manner,
and was conducting him to tho watch
house when Frank Cameron] interfered
and rescued the prisoner. ,Frank was
then taken in charge and conducted to
the lock-up, where he„ remained last
night and will probably pay twenty-five
: t
. dollars and mods for his laced ring this
morning. ~.
• City Feserals.—Mr. Alexand r Aiken,
undertaker. No. 166 Fourth a nue, has
made arrangemet whereby he can
henceforward stip lyrearriageit for-city
funerals at two do each, an but lit
tle additional will be charged for outside
districts:: Mr. Aiken. law a lat and
"completesstocrof tine roitilnltand eneral ,
funeral famishing goods, which' e has
also reduced , ln„ price. We oonimend
this establishment to the patronage of
readers.' - •
• ,
Alleged Forgery.-41amull MI Jr.
banker, - Made inform _atiott , beforip the
Mayor,. yesterday, eharidnir,ZlUnall M.
MAyswitliforgem.k Itla Alleged tth e .
limited preeented a tete at ` - ellift aye-
"for three hundred della% 4renntin aver
.of Tarim hillthell, and porperting be
endorsed WM?: ]]ditched and John Dil
worth, .ottivthe - lianki*gihause o Si
M'Claifilt ,go.,_.''' on the .IPth. inst. The
note was cashed tind,wlug(preseta.ed for
'collo:thin it - was,. ascertained to be a
lergerY. 111 7 41, 194 11 1~1/14'. 1 crilo
up for a hearing. 4.4
ReWin .11ndartalteric ~,.. i
086=:hi 'VVlllisso J. Igo* !i nd Near
tuidiz tisiilf4t of W.
4T% 14044, , 4
°:i ,h.*****WattiN o 4 MO
Pisceitt t , hlV ott:iOntiotti bribe . moral,
communlti so oatifiaplipshlg and {
iit4e4Ouid extakimi, Attildriii YOUng
IlAini Ate l a***l:64o - 14 - .4hoIKOMIODO ,
d c mamas * , :VW 21
tharoutily under-
StAnd OW antler In oliuSaionto of
their%'`Aegral, -vha kee
conotootiy anbaml 4clampsmora4all
of ooffinAot All ilsesoindllderlind. ,de
seriptUslei wbbihihn? 'sell at the most
reasonable Woes.. - Thetis:tin of funerabi
are pogopgy and jOrlldatugy• 'attended,
:while Abe 4very beat of carriages and
beams As, inditilloiy, .111glabed ,et the'
lowest Poesible.: Ptloes. WO tiounnend,.
this fiA*o.oui iu'ureaderst- bespeak for.
slttellitheiAMlthims a witocatilhpt,
410111111annet ,z , , ,, 7 ,
, ;'..,3 , 14,
A Model amt:Migraggidueted Drug
Few retail dreg holekil lihnir of the
•,.„ 5 ^ 9
rnotintoililkare bettex (=ducted - than the
51 3 ,101 . 4-'`lptsaile4togf l SO o of MOolirs
,Zameit'Zl:sartss...t 009;Nerth4setern
: o Oriiero Erixtb._(latniit; Clair) and Penn
• ,
streets.. Ito Yaw* aM enter pr i si ng
.prietOrs have succaded id building
ualergetratio, seslfhMeghlihe prudent
,hagi.Eneni and fair and liberal dealing
which charasterizes them, bid -fair to
greatly increase 'it with each returning
season. They keep nothing but the very
best andpuranof lingo, being estecial
ly partioulattlutt no adulterated article
enters, into atkypreseriptiontompoirnded
-in their pharmaceutical demetment,
Which, ‘prealdeti :fiftd• Burns
himself, who is one of our very beet and
most expert pharmacblogists. , Thetollet
department coutalisseverything the most
fastidionsleottldi:lSbni for' the chamber
roofer, both do And 'foreign mops
rations. 'All the famous and , standard
perfnmerlea, colognes, etc., will be found.
In the approOlite dapartmentast prices
very reasonable., - The purestof import
ed winos end liquors are oonstantly kept
on hand for idoedical purposes.: The store '
Aupplieslittih-oncolAgLavat ,elabck
'rate and beautifalmerble and silver soda
water founts in the city. from which is
me?! pare, aysainise 404; anti ;
draughtSinttluithlnity. - Maas
& Co. is a credit toikat portienbrtlis
city containing !timid oftfmk for its
pular proprieMrs
,a large dinner pub!
'Printing and laiseppg Establislusent.
We desire to cat thi attention of pat!
ties interssidazalutdativitiiiWtnent of
the (3 Prirdiftg ert&Atir
Estabilehriielit of 'IC 8. Hki l im C 0.,& 0o
t anner 4d Whedstreet atlTblitiavearae,
which we -Imblisirs tromother column.
This establishment - is one of the fore
most, if not it advance,of all others mast
of .the tnotuttalna, and they, turn "mit
I work equal and In every respect armee
or to any of_ tile r great eastern Printing
restablishutents; and; tilion the • moo
reasonable terms. •In :: . .the mad
ufacture of blank " books, 121 I•
road tickets, time tables, ))11,1 heads ; etc.
W. & 00. have' itti isiroihicooi.
They make, it , A . point the very best,
material and the work: itt• done in the
mostartistic and skillful =men ItMd
nem men and others desiring bill heads,
I - baldness dards, letter'heeds,. and in fact
Widnes!' '`printing of 40 • 'description,
will find that tbisestabliahMent have un
equaled facilitieVfor - doing, the work,
and that they will do it upon the most
reasonable -*Orders addressed to
lfi r :lirlifill'velitirre . .ZetdiTif -worded
street .iinitYttaill4veuno;_4*l3l \tecelve
Vir Country Jllerefiinb.
Wholesale buyers and country mer
chants will Mill theistbek of general dry
goods in the jobbing department of
liam selnida'iaate mark and well man
aged house, NIL 120 'and:_lBsl Pederal
street, Allegheny, very large and judi
ciously assorted. The linear* domestic
and woolen goods ,are! especiallyAttrao
tive, and are marked at prices as low,
and in many instances lower, than can
be' obtained -14 . / the esetl - nr'„Tcar4eta•
Thar!) caw Woo &enemy td dealers buy-'
ing their l . 4 4 ll 3 abroad. paying equally as
large and r prices therefor, the float
of travelbig- ther-;luld fudidlto when
such seledlon, variety and advantages
w offered at Mr, wholesale
rooms here at fibrils. ''The retail batons
will likewiae find the very beet selection
in the noWsmotra constlently arriving and
all at the lowest possible prices.
Edwird Tagus appears to be one of
the trrepronliblis. =flans
he attendeli the Mayor's levee, at an ex
permit and costa, for having on
the night preVious struck an old lady,
seventy yearanf age an 4 kicked a blind
itinitinoueot a hotted r onWebisfet Sire.
nue. Last e i vr i ping Uri. Campbell made
information net him, before the May
or, alleging hat he, in company with'
several other roughs, came into her
hoot* surto:Odin a dlisorderky,wanner.
Ague, , he alook ihraW a w t
hot water upon her and her child. and
that in the excitement two five dollar,
bills: were .taken out of her hand • by,
some one in the party. Tagus was ar
rested and locked up'for a hearing this
morning; The Mayor will probably con.
alder the fifty dollar onilnance in his ,
Dr. Sage's Catarrh Remedy, is no pat
ent Medicine husnbug gotten up to dupe
the ignorant ami. credulous, nor Is it rep.
resented as being “composed of rare and
precious substances, brought from the
font-corners of the eartb c carried -seven
times across the Groat Dasest.ot flabarab
nu the bae ka - Of fourteen camels, and
,broustanrcitit th e Atlantic mean on Iwo
ships.""lt is tr` matt, - soothing,
pleasant.-Remedy, ct,
l pefeet • Specific for
Chtenio Nish! Catarrh soCold in the
head,' and kindred . Matese& The pro
neater, R.N. Pierce, M. D., of. Buffalo,
N. Y., Offers a reward of 1500 for a ease
of Catarrh be_ cannot care, Sent by
mail, postpaid, :for sixty cents. Address
the propriesor as above.
Fins Residence for Dale.- - Mr. J. S.
Bell, of the firm or Bates & - Belt, dry
goods merchants, Fifth avenue,
offers ibr sale the fine residence he now"
eempies on Beech street, Eleoand ward,
ehany.....Lt 43 anta4n—eiavaii.rooms
with -silky wash- hogs. with stationary
tube,roach house and stabler and:is sur
rounded by yard and garden. - The ; Lute
rlor of the house is firdshodin
cent 'manner= and is in the very
order. Tbe house is supplied with all,
the modern minferifennehlbyra iirld•olass
4. 31 UP54-, It 1 4 offeredat SYert rtestir
able p rice.' For particulars app van a
in'etnises:or, ,Bstes* WWI., Bee the
advertisdnient 'ofibriir it ' DV `+ in,
another column. <r
VeAtit *est Coniteilf-Ltiew
allPeri o 4a pz notice that the pats ,
bitegit Reel Egate Register 00121941111 de. :
aoriptlons ot over: litttr.ll2llllon dollma k
trof t mertribpladoramash t of
Farouk , ,litafav :Acts, ty
and &mamma Amu such a vast
,leqtiokildilbe ;nig ruotz
410 .:Artte exp
away gratis by the 'publishers
Oolltd) 1 $ 1111 ftvN94311 - 2tatrilyavenars'
or will be sent by mall free to any one
requesting It. Persona seeking !lomat
getting it. _
living, late suppers And nob food pro.
ov duce ea
piddr‘ds& Ittelltle all irddspalhe sktubY,
overh e " RPt
regi . 1 44 k .i,r )./. keep'
It 004 -imitlikud •• . • a Milk of,
Violets Tse pr. - .ja _truly
'wthifferritit "Stn , ingitipy,
"Yrebte,:*:o4oo' ilegniNl it trq
sad, flalft.partiespP fl • ; 101 `..
:= ll 'lentl4lood P i Tet 11 •1
lisVCoMitidid4 I v
1:- '
mat . InsarsPee figniaOne:-614141
ets.tape Came. , •
The Eaatern companies , recinbe:yott to
PRY in edvenee of Milo necessitY. They
take , yoiF Money atriit and • entriisrli to
• etringerto : ivh*Yeziltiehir
- • The Cooperative does e nof reqnizepity
ment.untlt the money ity l needed. to , pay
the heirs of—it ; keeps
the sniping et bottle and rtudtee - actual
loatie to int policy holders. -
'Eastern coMpanies make jnnt contract
to' pay two or three time* the 'admitted
value of ycrnr - insurance, and etre you ,
the went of the agent that your “disi l .
dends",wilt make it all right. /
-The ceo.operadve" charges only Abe
actual coat of Insurance and ntracta ln
the policy to give. the entire surplus to
policy holders. •
- A young mutual 'le tm~y Weak
'and an excessive mortalitywilideatroy
The Hee operative" is as strong in the
beginning aka mutual witlt millions of
surplus. - - •
To live_ thrbugh an epidemic,all other
companis -must ro-uoend
. busetess and
;The 44 00. operative our Ikeep
on the elven tenor of its way, and its pad.=
ieleavill command eprem.tutn.• _
All thin and more will be madit plebs'
to my one at the Mee of the CO-01m ~
five Life Insunssee Company / US kiesith-
Ash, street. OW. and lap ? ,
. . _
g4.l3D. , * , rittorw,Oitioi***l*. ;
°MOO. •
•TillaHdert, or Couitry rase *the
Bbhle. , •By Auerbach. : • •
LifeorAadubcau By hisyrklisit, facia.
Iluntunlea- -219vele, Household
lion. / •
L Vanity
IL V irgiaiana, -
TlL'arifavoinea. -"
IVI. - Peadamiii.
• : -
Little Woreen.7, By l Alcott.
Jo, Meg, Beth Ado , . _
In two parts. Each soldkepurate; SLSO.
• Mopes, thtt Fairy . 'Eye. Jean Ingelow.
Credo. / A ennernattirel book. R.N.
It' ti gild that Ihe' preprietors of the
cehibrated‘ Pia - Br:AT:fop% >SIMMS rent
°dims than nine :pews' from the- differ
ent,deutouguations in ErewNork 04 for
ell.those or their employes who wilt oc
aupy them •regalarin free ,of charge.
This certainly praW: 'worthy, end it is
t4O&/ 10 1 ) 0, that others who employ a
large number of people, Wilt thaw the
ufltopie:' The above fed; accompanied
with the belief • that firth • who would
look so closely aterz the morals and
welters= of - their .eniployesi *mid not
undertake. to iniptose upon 4lnvpublici
has inducedktui to give the.PLArrkeTiort
Ortrg4to attW, and having folinct them
all &hi:T.4l3re represented we, cordially
recommend them as a tonic of rare /pig
it,7-Obrerver,' Jay W. i.
. • ,
hfs.cutorak licreisite.4upettor tb • the
bat imported EleinualOilogite, and eold
at half the Trus t iie.
and The best
on .. 0
347. c.
wh a c i
Phosphorus and CM . ya, known as
Caswell, Mask As - tee - Ferro Phospho
rated River of Callasya lark, The Iron
restores ,color; akihei4co4. the Phospho
rus mum thp:nerya tissu
the Cillbtaya Mt- . ] i t a=bunmi
totone, :the -. • - o thereby
curing dyne .; ltei Vatiotts 'fbrnrey
Wakehthress, General Debility told ,
proislon of S.pirtts:) Manu fa ctured only
by Onswell, , •k,Uo., New York.
Sold by ali druggists. . a
Notleee—Persona Ladehted.lo the non
emu Or J. W. Porker dt Cp.y are requested
to make immediate payment. Also,
wiles having elating sipslnst the , said
Min will please rendcF: thenlltsivions to
theist day or Atygnat. '
• , : Adminletratitr.,
, -- .9pporttadly to Make., Moosy.—Ttresty
manor ,ladles wanted, of good address,
Ytoq canvass for the most popular Sewing
Martine now in nse. Apply atter three
o!ol.V at °Mee Of'Howe Sewing =Ma;
chine, No. 4 Sixth 'street, late St: Clair:
' • = • :_simtitis
*Unitive It atterq meat titbits, a•
_test deliettcios of the aeasoni St the 00cm
tinental," MA4 avenue, bglagr. t4.P9St
The celebrated Keystone QuienattOeie,
from the Keystone Pottery; Messrs. alt.
Kier It Co. proprieters;arlgo. 363 Lit*r•
ty Street. _ -
Lace goods, trim` nill3 ;:''add :fancy
dress goods at W. W. Moorhead's, - No.
81 Market street.
We have been advertising tbb
A nsma
for 'the hair for some ' time,: imd. our
Druggists say that it'is
ably well, and what is ,better, givosi uni
versal-sstlaraction'—better far than any .
other Hair
_Renewer in use. •
pleats at sit-nears, day and, evening,
at tile Continental... Fifth avenue. The
tables are supplied with the beat the
markets afrprti.,
ellerchants,liiwynis, Phielchtne, Minis
tees, Clerks and the community goner.
ally are the ,pstrone of the Vontlitental,
Filth avenrie, below' the Post Office.
Pruitt alai of all !kindest the Keystone
wry Warehouse, -Mims. MoKler
.proptietors,VozBB3.Liberty street..
Biewignothr;:nerw,styles, latest fashions
and popular prices at Moorhead's..Bl'
Market streett--.,
Baitnese nten - pod Ibe AM 8110111,11buse,
Bost6)4l.lleir uto4,4xinvenlent ,stepplng.:
plaat.', Newly fintitehed; with peteeriger
ele,alair, este, billiard . halls, Ibr.T.Y.._rc.tTl
113 ,
eri . ensitei tlifikotelulaintalP!illTan,
Ther;toutiaentah:Fifth avenue, below
the PosPftleur .1e the (MOM. eanventent
restAuglultOf '.*AttkeSs. , itlel4lutigk.f4tY•
--,' Kattonkly
goootalWirehiti7 118)
afrO:IPS. . let;al36stirertk El!
/,antes will Anil fmmrplats asitstment
of tins pada, trimmings, Ate, .at
beatili o 8114arket meet. '1 4.
am!;lo9.omr,thelqao,....liee._, P4), , P;1: 41 7
. 164 ! .44 .!a
No 62 emtrtifieut
tkin,pb - F la soli:
Linen Goods of kkithriCaates 494
, •
Irrinied 1144rorariSaollat dos-
Ing out UM )01311*. Bachneld
ON No: mak mats emu'
4caked .
• i Far a..Cood i ;well ; „:
.., , imabstiiitiat
Maid, tall at . thrr , :f , Dibenthili" ,Flith
Avluingis belcor lilt Cateet ,' , ' ,, i i ,
On , t 6_ , a...... t Itr4 . t s.:
:Rll4.4lP:".Par°2/1" tbstvaa lu omPl• -
• •.• • • • • ~ • I ...
rail Li 41:10121k
tfltnelibldOgigOi l 4o l :,
Wi 44 d °
Barker. Jr., A egninfOrstor. has bee n
authorized tocontinno tbe srorirt daring
put aale at the tvereronme Of 7: W. Barker
'at Co., )59 Market etrirb4:;for bit dd373
beforeyendering ids ttotmuktt Zak
order to to Ourcliale . ith inxos wlir
be reduced sti ll Tower. hianritrtieleit ,
will be offered at ttrentylitosperouttabla.
than they can bepurchasedin theo l ligern:
markets at the present time. The ittPck s ,
which 1111 ST be sold, embroutes deldrable
Fad/ and Winter goods, such as Ineisinoesx
wool long !shawls, Mankato, dark, and. s
medium dressgoods, cloths.-mossimenw:
tto.4. dm! Whole and ,rptail buyers/
should by all mms embrace # opporT
tunity of replenishing their as thi
prices are decidedly low good &
mist be closed. out. /
&miner Silicr. Thin
genies, cheap, at, Bates
the stock, _:.• 7/-
cobautiato water iB a certain cirobr
rolatiecea and all inseam at the Kid.
nii il 7‘ , 7F?" B /e
sawn = of dress *milk tuft
rilhalunk w 001" goal* chap st J. M.
rehtteld do a d
‘=:- •
311 W U at she reabtendeat tlui briawi,sothet by
Beiv.,.ratee 6minte4- CULLS* i
11141110 9ftge.i4-WW4.9041,c4 Pi* 0.•
•,•• - • •
) I.o 9ng — WoalkrAt tieAAt:
o gOti.:ol 'Pm A. A.
tfeiti ttt.lEY lt:ifootts eitt Sr..?
eitterttreitte,ttite.-' c
• IiEGRAW—On rriao thbfalha, 441 .1. 341 4ita
Noteue JOSEPH , of t mtli ittlgrliSii
111 2 1. 0.$ Merga.w..4/e ll tiMotatbklinit 1 3 . 4 40-:
..stmarel from the maidertsct . PArezPl
tialiertikiliy;neitz Bilwell Orator. mus mum.;
duly 31st, at:10 e`eleck; fit•hdiforibe,
family are Invited ta attend.
• ,
EIVICErf nnu day. July 29,1989 DA.:
YID Bs CKATT„wged 02 years., - -
Thefetteral w.II Luke ;plane tom-his ante Ml
deuce, 0404,1: or Xiieean4 poeuit stroets,Blxth
ward,: SUNDAY 1111011.1fLIV,, at /0, o•olook. The
f2r4adi of the funillyare invited toattend.
PAISiBir-Ottiliidat renting, Zali 30th. at
kom-pott • thtee-ceetoc ; rAlti BY, aged
1 oars
Funeral iron the residence of his uncle, Hugh
FAISLBF. 229 .iptists street. Ali_edheOrGit'f.
4.1 . ne5005, At O'clect. 'Toe friends o
the higilliare respect uAy invited to attend.
,- * PAGE--At Oak- Lawn. • Itirsday. ' the 29th
lust CS! o'n:oeg g•'• DAlSY , =int daux
ter VII., end Penny L. Faze.
FaithrUFfroii, theresidence of het grind'ather,
lona' tr: - Pligei,llr.; Bast' Birmingham, To-DAY;
at halt-past two o'clock v. er. Car:legit; will
leave' Pahl:aim & Samson's: corner tkoltbbel4
Breit-and Seventh airenne. at's quarter before
y 4509,42,
Illt i gartl N ,lCl. n deugniei.i l t iti Willl'ult and Nark
liamliton. aged 5 leers and fire mouths.
• :Mier , fcaeistwllY take — pliMie Qom therealdance
.of iler parents. No.: It Lincoln Avenue. dna
aItrI.ATTJUINOON;;Axgust lit, -at 4ip , clock.
Nita 'Wends of, LbelatailL are Invl.4d. LO attend.
bf /nines %timed,. tn the - 36th T,., of hcrue.
724 - fluent *in takevlseb from ite riddance
of beibeibend. lYp Caniretiviimil - on iftrstokr
arniuroon. August Lt. -at 2 o'clocL. - .llie
litiagda of the roar .ate napectlitOly invited to
. . ..... . ... . .
.B. it ni al s4 l2 l k V ,. EME:
lirn riages
:01,0 • sag i N
erf desorlyttolk elf iftler 4 rim!
nistithig oats furnished, Booms Man d!_" - ,
0g.t.. , foralsooo for dm !ilium, 21
~...4.ronossapilt—..:. jarr.flavid ECM' ea..; lurv:A.
.w. Jizotgl iti u. D.11%0 1 112 ZW/Ildt 1.. q.. J ice]
ram& • =apnea
ROOMS =geed with :rad and
usitanoi, ittkor.. • xasogany- and Walaft
Voaitr. at igloos varying lixan it rgum. • lio•
mai tt ybrAnierepent . . , Woks . Car ,
edi ils or Mourning
ilikimilsOr:ll4l4l•44-:=Moset anal dal!
• - • 1 ' • '
. .
4 4.
.. •• ' ':
:i -,-. . .:14 . ) ....:1 /
Persone mint nrrhillltenntrfroarsres eyes or
dimness of vision esnlibett nothiny be rto re
. store them to . then proper standard than using
As littlelt i p m esa lituatitee table genalse.taad
at alien. a. that pier will come withialae
teeth - of a .1!01 we ask Is ?far. you abeati aad
endatwe'llinrn. sad 11 ,1 1144 1 75 W theltelallwri
erlt7 treer,au °tetra.
ixzzaur. 14„Fim: min ex:11-
Itabiaspa's Pat. Barley;
NONCE.- hop; Wheat; 4.
0401, - yood:
wi t f o art wai n,
BUM Lipid
''',l.:P* ,. 4*'*o]*)!,o*'ft:i.
f;: . 1.;!..g " a . t:: . :.&; '.. '
r:.: - . 1 . 1 ':'.,..•
; r- ' r iki*!EiAE-BY,'i.:a
Co tvl,lllllljilLiAND-11LViiNit.
4 wilily:.
CHANluvAilaits. ,
a AT %RAW!
, .oB,Cla= % l Ail s oR t f''
• ; - +l , -s'
alcona ;Zlatd• =Alta ,
$ ;
-lkotaconssi - m Inn CAW 4
Gibe of -.P fl ettli-Sitetts
WNIT HasPeatlititi-,lk,
• se,, --- diratifit mum, Oslo Bt.
C/Wr . :ri4e 1,114 te, 4 x l .**Att itkobeot ,k 4
Jot .O.NeW eoodt toi S PO; ll4l,e k c iirb*lsht
to tho 'maks% ,thot Andlinteliat tosat ogd
'kid Mb! CialittiVasper SIM bettiittuut any
- st.dliuts isfao la thiselty.' ll[ 74ew and sslen.
d 1 ss oignoritakte rsa 7lnnam.
1 9 0 D! 4 it W stale. to tie *tumid lire
tOtaibit 11.10 **ll,l Briakt