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New Navy Register—Pollucal Situation
In Miseassippi—sugar Frauds at New
-Signatures Not
- ,
(` - .4BitTelesistoblo tiering's:lth euette.r,
. ''. Vi r isiiiir&ron; $,11116, 1569.
Chief Vraj;insler,Asher,
of itswnad, formerly
Chief Of the'itigideStlng B u reau"
cdfravrDepartment, Intip!been ordered ici
''; ~ ..)a-art 18 /04natit YU&
1 The semi-annual navy register h asjust
been issued. - "A - notable cbanpte appears
—. (
in the list of staff officers, in which Utak
ranks of officers-have been 'reduced' bi'.
t: : conformity WO the general corder of the
Dianariblent; based upon Attorney Gen
eral Holirlopiniott'of the 29th of March
last.. In the present register , the highest
rank heist by any staff officer is that of
- Commander, while in the former several
of thestaff °Mears rank with with Cap.
tains according to the length of service..
The new register contains a list of
vessels with.Ahe'.'„ehanged:names and a
- list of ten vessels sold since January.
. .
Ex-Gtivernor Hahn, of Louisiana, had
an, intervi ew with Secretary Boutwell,_
' -! ' during which het rtdtarkist -- - that'the an;
gar 'frauds at;New Mieanit Were a great
injury,to tilt honest importers and plant
eeveru,:o4l-bieftit.te, and (*mid therefore be
•srelY-pbnishedAtut-that tire people: l .l
of New Orleans did not believe the in
vestigations would be prosecuted Bud
- the criminals brought to , justice,
on account of the - high' position
of some of the officials implicated.. Sec
- imatary'EputytelX replied that theiarties
`will lacilkied; - the evidence presented
the country, and no corn promise Ude
ect; . - even itionlelWofe money be o ff ered
than is due the Goverament; that , the
suits, civil and funniest, will be pressed
with vigor and determination 'and. the
~. guilty parties egtposed;„ tbat Mr. Bar
- field, Solicitcir of tbaTreasury,- hits been
eent tp New Orleans to aid in the legal .
.twactselitapi su&Sthat sife - tigl there As .
no conviationit will be owing to the, cor
ruption of judge and jury, according to
" the present view of the case. ' f •
, ' z .111,4 smaroli 4 .. C . ARSSISSIPPI.,
Rev. James Lynch, colored, of missis.
: . eippl, denies r ecently published state
' , tneattat tie has ' , pledged/Judge' Dent
support of the colored people of his
, State. r Fieh bas made arrangments for
r aeauteew with Gen. Grantand Judge
• • feather efforts st recbnitriictiist should
be based on universal suffrage and uni
versal amnesty; ;that the :white people of,
Mississippi havens thoroughly abandon
& resistance to the'dactrines of the Re
publican party as they old to the Govern
. t i.• 4 ment:sthe a the - armies of; Lee surrender
ed; that they do not feel any interest in
common, with the national Democratic
, r • party; that the Soritkern white autn con
, - cedes tents colored mare equal politleil
rights, and there will be no issue be•
tureen them; andici create-one will be a
. corset° both races. . Mr. Lynch has con
' ferred with many of the leading iadicals.
,„„tunrgrtuz DECISION.
The Com m i s sio n e rr I nternal Revenue
, .has decided. that, the use by collectors of
tr - ,, 3 tho. the ateile to Impress . their. names
'uponstamp for (flotilla& - spirits - cannot
Ise allowed' hereafter. The. regulstions
_ require the actual signature of collectors
on such stamps;,` This revokes the au
' tliority ;Vivra by the late Oammissioner
, Rollins, allowing the practice of fac
aimiles of their names.
~ „ , . . receipts
The Internet Bevenue to-day
were 8900;000. - -
Earthquake Shock—Capture of Horse
Tblettea7:-Idttrder of a Negro.
By Teiegrara to-tae Plttsbnrgh oaze.te.l eg
- savele - shock of
earthquake was felt 'here this rbornina•
at two o'cloCk..:. During the night severbi
. large meteors fell:
- , The'AMul'ae-Toeet •spec
ial says: Messrs. Dickens and Hum;
phrey arrived yesterday with the body
- Thniart; - theribtfrid - trim and
his brothet in a caVeatid in attemptin
to arrest them were. compelled kjU
James.;- Benderaotii Ails- brother, was
wounded and captured. He confessed to
belonging to a 'band of: hoist) thieves.
• They were concerned in the attemptalo '
assassinate •Dr. Deckers some monthif
-„ • :since and had fled from 'here.
The Jbektion Whig, of Safurday, relates
the murder of a negro, Henry Exhom,
Wbile returning from speaking, by two
-- 'Men named James. Young and Wm.
Igulgarirea.'who rode up to the wagon in
which Zahoin , 'and a number of others
were; knocked= hit' hat off and on getting,
- - - down-after-it be was shut by Young anci
killed.r.,Thrtptikkthe,.negligence of the'
eitd:lsoroner , the murderers es
Politicshr - Tennessee—,Letter•from Post
muter - General Creswell.
tßyTelemph txottle - rittstnnwh Otzefte.3
midi, July 26.—Ther6Zafeguarrs-,
clot this - afternoon publishes a dispatch
dated - 2 4 114 . ,' ineiant t from • Postmaster
General , lreli t to W. B. eitokes, zu
Willelf - b0 81 311; 44 .Ballevinr you' to be tbet
true representative of the Republican
party et Tennesztee, l l•earnestly advocate
your t lecttam, agd ; trustthit every sound
:Republican is your State will. rallyen.
, '"tblisitllle# l 7tetYPlirettliport.The Weal/
dent is absent:from the , city. btit I em
lenlident tliati declare his opinion."
Mr% 'reSietrar, has la
.. aued•two- thousand and seven hundred
torti li e ges tow:bites' and three thousand
;bbicitiC...The najoiity otoolored voters
var. -1 7' 411 ,P r eOeeeSserikk , t
CBT.Teliairstkh — eizette.3
New 1 0SLIWISS.: July 20 .—. Collector
C4telyikhavingthe,inimimse al:donuts of
seregil Ungar icoredin- the heretofore nn
' 4Xeuttied ?suite ..of the . Custom
- EloolicitmilVt,the Treasury, Barfield', ps
hero, giving tits • attention to-the sugar .
'rues& • also here.
warratitwas issued to day. for the ar.
rest of August r cantauri for 'concealing
his boOhot p plieof the moat 'Oporto:we
to the Reran* ofileetv cannot•he found.
]Sy Telegraph to the Pittsburgh Gazette.]
' jNEW YORE, Ally 26.-An American,
ust returned frOm traveling in"duba,
says the revolutionary forces display
much more activity than the Spaniards,
and are constantly making raids and
otherwise harassing the enemy. There
is. however, very little disorder' 'Outside
' Of that usually 'connected with military
operations, and private individuals tray
offrom place to - place without rpolesta
tion. Supplies are obtained from the.
plantationS, and as the-gotintry 4s very
prodriCtlYe, belt parties "Wye an abund
ance of provisions. The principal wants
of the revolutionlets aroarms, medicines,
salt, clothing and shoes. There is 'nix
lack of men and the patriots have amnia
niticM enottglkto last them-many mouth s. 'They also - have arsenals established for
the , manufacture of cartridges and re.
pairing arms that may become disabled
in action. 9
The patriot loaders state that they do
not need any men from abroad, and care
tiiiitichliiriy for athltififl dquip
"thirlargit'truitiber - Of patriot-volunteers
constantly presenting themselves.
Great inducements are held out to
blockade fanning. 9A fast steamer, such
as was employed by the Confederates,
would have no - difficulty in landing soar
,go and in addition to her receipts flout.,
ber regular cargb of arms; would ;make
ate immense profit on. Medicines, salt;
cotton cloth, rubber goods and shoes,,
and would be given, free of charge, se
cargo of sugar or, obacco, with which to
HAVANA July 26.—The volunteers
from Remedios have surprised a force of
'ribs% at Laguna and .itilted-eighteen of
them. A skirmish occurred between
Ssgua and Villa-Clara, in which the
rebels lost twenty men, including Major
ftcerfrobiNaif glee' that
two hundred - troops had captured a rebel
entrenchment with, considerable loss on
both slaw 'A 'Vireo' - of . efftht - hundred
rebels had attacked the colored militia
guarding the between Nuevitas
anti Puerto Princlef., vdthp loss of forty
ti.. eSpiniattlask text..l;
HAVANA, July 26.—Accordlig to offi
cial reports the number of effective regn
lar.3rOciot on this island. is, thirty-two
thousatd, and of volunteers four thou
sand. Tao rebels state that they have
Blx thousand well armed men in the
field, besides a number of_guerrilLa bands.
,_.`Atilsdnitl,SisrrsinTh has TenfesnUrteder
wittiliolattr are Gave - thrift!' Stipend
from Jesait College in Havms, owing
to thoindlecretlottof-ttie.Directors.
Atbutte- Cable; Alicsitiens2-11ledar Prif.
sentation—Tobacco Cabe. .
3 .
(By Teleirraptitii - Uurrlt!ouriza eatints:i
pany announce their gross receipts from
Atlantic cables since the landlifrof the
first, one, July ffTth, '
at upwards of
six hundred and forty-tivi3 thousand
pounds sterling. The number of mes
sages,hea steadfty increased from a daily
alterage of twenty-trine "under the twenty
pound tariff to two hundred and thirty
,during the last month,the first of the two
'pritad rsriffitahild the dart, liverage of
dispatches In June, 1889 Is more than
double that - of - June, 186 8, under a five
pound five shilling tariff. And the daily ,
averigeof receipts shows, by the same
comparison, an rncrease of 'from four
hundred and forty-seven pounds in
Jime,lB3BB,;o Ave hundred and twenty
one,ponridit irrJuila; 1869.
The gold medal given' by the Life
Saving Benevolent Association was pre
sented to Midshipmen Mason. of the
Guerriere, by Rev.Hinry Ward Beecter,
together with a congratulatory letter I
from the Secretary. Mr. Mason, It will
be repienitered, saVed thb Rims of two
of the crew of the' Guerriere in the har
bor of Rio Janeiro in February last.
Gem. Sherri - lan and Sheridan left for
Long Branch this afternoon to attend the
ball to-night in honor of the President.
The schooner Ella, from Tampico, lost
one of her crew from yellow fever lust as
she anchored in
U. M. Commissioner Shields, to day, in
the case- of L. Jania, charged with not
making, entries of tobacco received in
Broad street,. and who claimed the omis
slob' was oaused by the negligence of his
clerk, held the law was imperative and
committed him - to await the action of the
grand jury.
The yacht Sapph6 has 'gene - dciwn the
Bay and will sill for Europe oh the firs ,
favorable wind ,
A 'Singular Accident
(By Telegraph to the Pittsburgh Gazette.,
Loi:ISVILLB, - Ky., July 28.—A letter
from Princeton speaks of a fearful acct . .
dent :Vhich oCcurred'pa - ,:the r 72oth. A
than 'named Boots lirair - was' 'hauling
upon his wagon two immense millitones,
one of which weighed 2,850 pounds, and
while passing along the side of a high
hill the heaviest stone pilled from the
wagon and sped down the declivity with
earfal 'Velocity. crushing small trees
and.shrubbery Its coursj. The
house of a farmer named Darnell.
vr_ss situated at, the, foot of the hill. The
mill stone went crashing through a fence
and into. the yard of thefarmer's house,
where there were a number of bee hives.
In the yard, were playing a bevy or chll
• thou. The bee hive; were upset, *0 the
bees is their - confusion lighted upon the
c'sildren stioging every one of them
In ia triglittel) matineri• Iprogress
of the -great eforie was not lump
clod in the least by its collision
with the Idves,and went bounding: into a
`Moos; pasture -q beyentLthe house.
dashed through a herd of calves Mid
horses, killing -two of the former and one
of the latter almost instantly. The obit.
ciffll 41 the„yarg been completply
.Vered r ivithr-the beefy ithdßaoli vrAis
stung by them until their person* were
covered with white swellings. One of
-4hatittlleditellefrt Utile eDbr the terrible
occurrence, and two others are entirely
speechless and blind. They can hardly'
Tr ill > - ,Z*
. , •
flOur 1111111 Destroyed by Fire.
• • - - -
(By telegra—kto the Pittsburgh Gazette:o F :-
TROY,N. Y. July 26.—A fire brigeint"
thlteityrntaps iselthehtore house &reached
to Shatrumae In Waterford.- 'The
mill and contents were completely *:
troyed. LcsVs 1 1 KO th3 4 1 1_4 1 ,- 100 ; 000;covered, bg lusetlrance.7 'wutsorlirln of lbw
&els uhkrilairn. 4 Thr thotitand blush
els of wheat, five thousand busheler of
feed, from twelve to fifteen 'thousand
barrels offlourand fbres thousand empty
barrels were burned: The mill we-avai
l/SS-IWO% •
-:** l •4
4 OltakeassentMak Muth BeAmite*
~ • , •
' ' llatrtellt 7n T e l fgra 0 1 PATCPM* 11 !VIOIP
Franco.. American , Cable- Rumored
Treaty Between France, Ainstria and
Italy—Coliletoaof Steaasers—Fassen.
Bars Lest. '• .„
Fay Telegraptirtce'.tbePlttsiettlittcitikett,t,ll.,
\ The following dliquitch was received
Over the Franch cable ' rrop .fljeat ;, dpi fit l,Ttertori l Attly , 24th ‘ 6: 1 51 P. N.: A claiite
, 44,./19* POlttFoti t
~ittl 7 4.
'protecting stthmanne. iguadorisoded
the shores of thaUaltiefflßlßOOK and
binding tharatoffice.4ooollect and die
tribute messages.
- -
After Wednesday's Cabitiet Cam:l44
Lords Granville, Cairns. Mr. Ball widths
Irish Attorney-; General met to dies:mak
-tba—eorttnratniss- tannic."..Thtrldrerh
:iiiaWiindltii&opPealtioif:aciiiiefiki the
•oondiftens afteithe Premiers aratepaent,
"made yestefdarta• The Irish IChilreis
only awaits the Royal assent.
Granville Murray was ejected from. t hia
club by a vote atone hundred and ninety
to ten.
Itia , roPerted that new „cable is Pro
jested-direct frohl Milford to the Auteri
can Continent.
Lo port. July 26.—1 t is rumored that
a treaty+ has been concluded between
France, Anatria and Italy, the latter, in
case of war, to support .France with - a
contingent of 50,000 men and,ocenpy
Vlted-bo. :Iris also rumored ; thitt : Prin.
sia offers the Pope 12,000 troop!, if the.
French evacuate Rome.
The Great Eastern has arrived out.
The United States practice ships Macs.
donia and Sava n ft have arrived at
Portsmouth. Their officers ,visited the
government establishments there.
Advises froth Constantinople state
Egypt, is arming extensively.
Loariost, July 26.—1 n the House of
lande to-night the Royal suelcatt N94/ .1
given - to the Irish Church bill. "
In the course of the evening the Mar.'
quite of Clarcarde *led attention to the
inefficiency of the police and magistery
arrangements in -Ireland for the proven-
tionandsletattion of crime. He said the
constant recurrence of aggrarian outrages
in thatllleatt was a disgrace to the eogn.,
try, and the. Impunity with.:whlete
der maidg.tiltrage,Veltre born
..that the elttieultiiir,weret
assassins powerful. •He urged the neck '
sityof havinra more efficient ,corisnabn-
Lord Dafferin said Her sfajesty's Gov*.
ernment deplored the recent outrages in.
Ireland; andiwaa*ready to conaider any .
proposal for their repression , It was .
now,considering,the desirability of es-.
taMisbing secret;poirce force.,' He adds,
+Si; no measure had been , neglected to
bring the perpetrators. of outrage .to
The House of Lords has passed the Em
dowed Schools Bills.
In' the . House, of Commons the an
nouncement that' •RoYal assent had teen
given to the Irlith Church Bill was TO
calved with cheers. \
The Telegraph Purchase Bill passed in
committee. There was a decided major
ity in favor of making a permanent mo
nopoly of the telegraph lines. •
The interest in the Harvard and Ox
ford boat race exceeds that of the at. University contest. The besting is in
favor of the °sherds. The ocean ram
of the Rval Yorkshire Yacht Club
came off Friday. The course was frotn
Coen! to Fort Hull roads. The race
was won by the Cambria; beating all
competitors by ten hours.
Limnos, July 26.—The Times today
refers to the effect of Disestablistunent as
follows: "The Irish Church now knows
what it is and what it can do, and for the
first timein its history has :a real honest
independent character.-
MADRID. July 2. —At last the Carllst
out=burst, so long expected, has-occur
red. Ri ve hundred well drilled troop;
under e iommant of General Sabarl
gos, have taken the field •near Cindad
Real, where they were 'defeated and die:
- persad by the national troops commanded
by General Tornabeti. The battle took
place in the morning, and 'it is reported
that the Ugtist party lost fifteen in killed,
and a number of others are wounded.
Only three officers are reported killed
on the aide; of the governor* troops,
Neer the` town of Nanzirlos a strong
party of the Carliats also nuidea demon
stration, and subseptently suoceeded in
intercepting the ratiroad trainal=Und cut
ting telegraph wirae.,:ff'he latest accounts
state that:four thousand Cariboo had ar
rlivd In the province of La - Aratioha, and
that government IrooPa'` - have been
dispatched to the soene of ,antton. The
agitation 'general thioughoutihe whole
country, akd thepeople are :Vetch excited
otter the We news. No fuithOr hostill
treirhavetut yet beenleporteValthough
i Is feared that a general riling may be
expected all throuttkiSpalniiewthat Don
dos hltkerossed the fro_ tier; andbas
opened cacarourilcatfOrts wltp..his numbr
tiletuttimJnl*26.2an aftietept made
brthe Carnets tp take the OW of Pam-
Penna. NararrePwas :64,issirated py
Os garrison.
Seven Adlei add
woundeClon both — iddearresta' of
Collate %Wane in4fadri.i...4 • -
- "
~..:- FRAME. "5 04 "4,,,_ . _
e - "PARUiefj/17 26.—The Tearmo i O f ficial
a k i
denies at Mr. J. Q. A ..afir*, rren -11
Amer! :Citizen, who wairerresteedur !
I= the ots, received 111.usageoinot
1244 4
asks for nsion of public judgme
10111 190 mill:
et, . , i'
;.'. lidsrakill Mel, *etc( , pas or'.
dared that the rlinek 4 or cadets adolt..;
ztedr,,,,, 1 3 2 iAtu vi f .I*Mikg.titSfillied;,'
*_' - . 1 8 _..'"'....._ 14 S _Akio Meta - are .an.
nouticsot 7 - awts aileron De Tallityrandi
PArrigood'ico Int genstoro , mo-.Bentletti to
he. 7. piliagf i NVlE,T c . BON'.
4., 051. 411 , 1 , . . 7 .,
‘,..,; i V 0or! to -
,ThiNiti. , t , , ...... i, -..., fk.:`,, fj.,..1. A i - ... i .
, r Vt10..7_4t9 4 2, , P-=Me-jp . nrnai t i lidiat
igrattifittes the tOuhtn.fron` the coutp)e•
Sloe 'Of thei FratiecNtinerlott *hie.— It
says: 6 4'0 new route of
. now oted 'between ;France, and the -
United iiitateillawill hancenntia render our
1 04 . " "
rcourionmt riet —eta, - lit#4 .
tm tionsmojfi - I #l.ll.otrir elo et
wuclits 3l .7 1 10 m I ANP w,tycn ant ant te
, i1:1101111C
k net, ,
WaS created week Otabuw, by the
'liberation etelnitiAidie bid beim coulited
in a convent there Rot over twenty years:
A popular denaltiMation 'which - .was
e;On ttieocciistOil led to *eerie,. of
diattrbaneee. Tkie . t4dlWt were- caned
old to rattan). order . end' wrote
were Made:: The clty hinevr•qulst. • !
4 men ' ' 'BE ctrnetifbie 3* lte lti o:i : t irbe dnet -18 1 1" n : fb " rrdirng
the tesidenoeol-14Instint on the Itelbbs
holders:on 'the ground or bbs revolp.
tiorsebs **Mans sind tbe duties imposed'
•by bitexmocamil.low. , • :- •
• -- .
•Lownotfi July ;'2a.-The daunt* ICS`.
,braaka and thillabase afttvelent. •
- Lottnosefaly hei—eatilielo,l2oloClUNlS
in the, Baths last pied: weed Vire
steamer*, both belonring 114)1..• One
of the Nneseses intik, and twenty-three of
her passenger' And, crew wero"ftoitited.
mApicitir. axe colimictit w
Loznxi 4 ,, o ,
9 UAsicona(. saw P/VtereittiPitadni•
82) Ito. istllatt; ; ls , l Vikri)(l Ede,
19i Illinois'pokr,V _
• Ltrannot, i rr. - Slily' Ii&- ,4 . 13 istaitt0.--Cot-
MIS market firmer; - Inlddlfulivirplande
12fr‘d.; da. Orleans mm. 11111245 of 12.000
bales— Itreadatuftil...Californta. what,
wheat 10a 744 , re d Western N 0.2 -9s. Zd
.r. weacm our : 43.,,..v.. , por.
o. 2 mined , 30e t for, old, and .295. for
new. _ Cate tii: Peell Ma. ..Portr. 100 s.
Beet 901. ;. lar d, Citeeee On t jams
.625. jiplrftsPetro m 7d.; roan do';
la. ad.' 'Tallow at 465. =Lt , Bs*.
- Lowoott, Ju ly• —Tallow , 456: 3d,
Linseed Ott, 111' - Ina..,•Stilar 29a:
9d. Calcutta: ,_: Ca . Petroleum
at Antwerp-arm at f., ... .... -:-
fiavast. July MSC...._
, FnAtutranz, XilkY i.: 26 . - 7 5 1 4 41 1 • 419 P cis
closed - OM. , . .
ELkvisz.liale2B.4otibil allisdieitii*.i
. ~
—A4ntlrai rsrlianklitt4 - 4 *lt9 iniVad
at San rrinerhase last melt • , ' .
-.-Chlef.aiditieeilhaed ark &II 6 soitator
stmis lie Are etFiPidusritt altteor,k Noii.
, —Firecin , die:wood& •In. Washington
Territory at'a raging rh.:reeeWed via/.
lance. it
14.11. Meeker ,e artist, ell known'
:th , toegboqt the. eat, tr'4sl' 1 1 lital 114 s
•.f.4.4.4, , ,544ea,
~,, itintstreatt,, - 'liana of ,
A..'Wolcott, Station Agent at New Hart
ford, lowa, aged respectively tiffeen and
eleven, were drowned while bathing on
Saturday. -,
—.Tames W. Dempsey, who lost an arm
in tbe engagement between the Hear
large turd Alabama, and the last survivor •
-of the wounded .among the crew; died
Saturday I:sight - at -Boal'on., •
—lnstructions have been received from
Ottawa, to have the gunboats on the Lake a
ready for immediate service. , Rumors
of a Fenian movement. are supposed to
be the cause of the orders. • •
—A severe thunder storm occurred at
Dubuque, on Saturday . night. Much
damage was done to the lowa division of
the 11113301 a Central"Rallroad and the
Dubuque and Southwestern Railroad.
-At St. LMils, on Sunday, Dr. P. An
derson was dangerously cut with a Mitre
in the hands' or an infuriated woman.
who accused him of giVing her medicine
to cense abortion: 'The doctor denied the
charge. - •
—A twenty-inch gun, weighing fi fty
seven tons and ennoble of throwing a
ball weighing: eleven ;hundred pounds,
was landed at Fortress Monroe on Satur
day. It was oast at the Fort Pitt works,
—Postmaster. General• Cresswell met
with an accident on Sunday at his house
in Circle county, Maryland. While con
versing with friends, .bis.onair broke un•
der' him, and falling heavily. he broke
and dislocated his left arm.
H. Prouhet, the St. Louts jeweler,
who was robbed •ot, $B,OOO worth of
diaor.ds. publishes acard offering to
give the •robbers one thousand dollars,
and askno questions if them willreturn
his property, thus offering a premium on
Plover shot and; killed Ernest
Kiemier on the street late Sunday night
at Eq. Louis. Both were Germans and
had been intimate - friend& Improper
intimacy between Itielliler and Ploeger's
wile is the 'alleged cause 'or the act.
?logger give himself np.
—Dr. Peters, of Litchfield Observatory,
left 'Utica, N. Y., yesterday for Des
Moines, lowa, with a new German apec
tramps and other instrument* for ob
serving the solar eclipse of August 7th.
His aaaociatea are Prof. Rodgers of New
Raven; and Frederick Hubbard and
Isaac .r t Rail of New York.
-.Vaughan' Lawrence was shot and
killed in Edgetield, Tenn, near Nash
ville, mi. Saturday night, by a saloon
keeper named Cox. Lawrence attempt
ed to - stab' Cox with' a knife, when the
latter Shot him through the rienk. Law
remee lived but a few minutes. • • •
- --:Thepituumger train which left Pongh
keepsie. N. Y., at '1.30 P. w.iiesterday.
'going North, on the Hudson miser Ran
road, ran tote e car loaded. withiron, at
•Hodson„ -knocking pieces and strew
lng the iron:about the track. ,No damage.
waa done to the train other than beviklug
the pilot.of the engine. ,
—The COurt of Amnia of „Marylan d,
in.thetaan..ol.4aina„ Ward; a citizen , of
Aw. Jersey.•against the ,state, of Mary.
lehd,oti appear from theorindnal Court
Of Battmore; epitiziedithe judgment of
-the - Criminal i.onlit ImpOting .8 line 'of
"g4OO and coats.forsi_violitionnf'S State
law_ by selling without It liCedeed.
—Thb IrgunlentEtcrr f and again st tbe
dilution of thit injunction hi the white&
hnuantiabitgeY.ohne ixdbre
lion, Jack A. Ninny", ! Judge „ Superior'
Court, at Corning
OrLeeristop t '4lll' apmr
for the avimshre, nnet..wm noi - assisted by
C-Vangy. ?dr. 'W.rl'ailer _ Will ap
pear for mri,,Ofitiney. Bishop White
house filed kid reply to the petition of
BLY• Ohne, birth° inionottoti and:denies
many &this iiiiegasions contained therein. ,
the htigniginnia set aside the- Ecclesi
estiCei• triad proceed on Thursday
P 914., y - -
Bnerlf Arad z Posse . Itestatearo , terrel
Iflted.—lrne Alen Wounde*.
[syrountratai to , the putoorits Gazette.] '
Arataxr. July 26.—ThisaftemoonDen
uty edit Gregg, of Renaael/er ,coUnty,.
with a posse numbering twenty men,
Went to the residence of 'a farmer named
Dennison, in East Cireenburgito let" , °o
lds golds for the non•Paytneut;cif rent.
On reaching • the place they found
gathered about • the - premises about
forty men. Not -expecting any
I rouble, "tl co. fiherifib._ proceeded in
the - discharge lds duty, ;but was ob.
strueted' by the owner of the property.
The Eberle' theirialempted to take Den! •
nlson'into , stugody, but theicrowd opened'
fire upon the with guns and pistons,
when Gregg ' west it in "Allied,
and Leonard J.: Wilbreck end
/dr nods & seriously , wounded. The
&WWI rattektirett unmade tAnt.ltlettent-
It - wits reported -- flee Qf t he' passe Were
wounded, but the_ abovs are the only
'l2l4l=o:giVenl.". - •
• ' Crops •in fforthwert.
By Telesis,' to the Pittsburgh Eissiette.l .
Cite Also, . Stay r ge t tman who
;has been, traveling `-thro ng -
.isouth•Of the Ohio and' ' Rail
road,.4,6that the Tr/leach/it ic een gat h.
weds is In excellent condition. The
crop* metual. , fally.:Aouble what it
.zsalast,year.7 TbacOrnlooka verY Pro
nalaing.and • there seems scarcely any
aoobt t hat tha crop will be very large.
Oatti;potadoes, sky., are AIL ' that could be
&had. - Prom - all parts' of I MSConsin
comes the information' that the 'Wheat
trumpet:Wee& to bowery heavy.' The bar.
aesterill be from tondo" to two weeks
-later than must.„the ,crepa look
eattfalty,well, except corn, _ which. le a
little backward. The , aanie general re
ports come from lowa.
rixrx i PsiOtAis EppOo:rms - st.-Tb,e,un•
precedented feat , of pooling one hundred
-plgeonS la - swmession, ma performed at
,P a rk Obi - 1:11iVt on Tuesday, by
Captain A. The *do were
loaleged A. plunge trap, eighteen
And eighty yards bonndery,
rte tiOe4l4Ele-bunged gun,
loading Welweaimi, - - 1 41544 uatd.wB3 a
,trige over two bawls trtacnomplisbtog the
:ugdertaklnt:', The match was. mile,
tweert hinssOM2difr. Sohn Pirrp*Orth,
Pus gent }inn' betting „COCO to
that.thltliiittaioililaft be saPoefottilli
aim led out. '.
• Namelnas county,,lcebraaka,yaed
ttija 21tb; bat xubjctrlty, co donate
•=O,. - 0041 tri the Lords} trunk and
BeownirriHiVElift Maria! gall; -
- roilida. - -;4kabTroada will boilGthrau_igh
.tho county writ•-yoar:..iaba- tats.Wirt
-* * L i n utOnottliegnilinyndarPetnigOtie
on Pugh
Tucker, of Elgin,' 111., wa s
drowned while bathing in the Fox - river,
near that city, on the 24th. -
, •
Additional Markets by Telegraph.
EnPreto, July 26." - --The receipts of
grain were not reported correctly to-day.-
The ahi pments were 1;000 bushels whea., - •
40,000 bushels corn, and 29;000 buihels:
oats. Tie - VW are hold at 12;i ®l27‘cf on
wheat, .1034010%c an' corn, and 754 e •on •
oats to New 'ltyrk._ Flour i s firmer with
sales of 200 barrels ldinnesota spring at
27,50; city' gratind - spring is held 25c
•higher. Wheal is excited and Itighei,
with a good demand; sales were made of
20 boat loads No. 2 Chicago spring at
$1.43©1,44, No. '2 Milwaukee at $1,44®
1,46, do. to arrive at .$1,45@1,48, No. 1 ,
M ilwaukee at @1,50. No. • 1 Raine
at 51,48 and atslsB the close was held at $1 c ,47,
and No. 2 Milwaukee at $1,45©1,46.
Corn is firmer.. and sound is scarce, with
sales 0150.000 bushels by sample, at 950.
10,000 bushels kiln dried at $1.05, 10,000
bushels by sample, at 953 c, and the mar.
ket was held at $1,07®1.10 for Nos. 2 and
lat the close. Oats firm and are selling
at 75c for western. Rye is neglected.
Barley nominal. Highsvinesf none of
fered; $1,05 was the nominal quotation.
ALBANY. July 26.—With a supply of
ccittle 2,000 head short of last week, and
of average quality no better, if as good,
• the market opened strong. and active for
extra but rather tame for other grades;
for best Kentucky steers 9c plfr lb. live
weight, and 51:per head over was real
izeo; the top price y„c; good butch
ering steers By4f&B4c; medium weights
73.;@8a; Texas 44c; Cherokees
The yards were cleared before the close
of the day. ' Sheep, receipts Modexale
and prices unchanged. Lambs in large
supply and market Pali le lower Witli
sales of sheep at 434@70, and lambs at.
13@9e. Receipts of Hogs are light and
the damand is not large; fair to good Illi
nois at 934@10X; sales-of 2.92 head Illi
nois at $1,02 per 100 He, averaging 235
. , . .
Os*Eoo, Jane 28.—Fliiur In go de
maud and steady, with sales 2,60 bbls.
at r for No. 1' spring, 117,50 for amber
winter, 118,25 for white, and $9 for double
extra. Wheat firm and quiet, with sales
-2,500' bush. choiCe - -white • Canada ,at
$1,813,, and 1.100 bush. No. 1 Milwaukee
club at $455. latter generally held at
$1,58. Corn_ ery scarce, with salea 1,800
bush in car lots at Corn Imfal
82,20. per cwt: Mill Feed firm: snorts
Qp Ship- stuffs , $230125, middlings
$28©30 per ton. Canal Freights to New
York-i'—wheat 83.ic, andand= corn 7 1 y,c. Lake
imports none. Canal exports 9,400 bush.
No*ORLEAOS. Joly 28.—Cotton; more
doing; middlings 82c; salmi of 669 bales.
reifelpts. 115 ' bales r exports,' 155 bales!
•G01d , 2137,.. Sterling 51X. New York
Sight Exchange , 3,4 premium. iFlour
easier; euperane 13,74; double extra $8,40;
treble, 'extra $8.75.. Corn; whits 10,25.,
Oats 76®77c. Breit 11,OU. yi plitne
SW. ,Pork held, at $ 88 . 00 ... nsconlBli9
19340. Lard; tiercal,9s4o2lcs keg 21y4tv
Sogarf "'fair , to common • IOYA
prime 1110 1seses , 'firm.2 Whisky
and Coffee nominally unchanged. 1 - -
• oliteMlo, 3%4 - 28.' 4 " -At Open Board
'this 'afternoon-the Grain - markets were
• MirtheOderatel r y saliva and; 'prkes firmer and
,h• -NO:2 WfiestandatAll4Bo9/1334.
4aserroonth p' mpip
,reportsi one lot
Aoki: 1 4
~i seller.. August; , ranged at
11 1 36 @i Corn quiet at 95c.;TorNo: 2
seder - •TO the' evening 'Wheat
Sol at ,38* Seller 'itioilth;'• and $1,883 5
,Atlgust,elOtilmt firm with : l3lo;lre at thew
_ .
Nalnivitta;atily2fl.--tiottoniltill; low
middlings Sumo; goOrl' Ordinary 290.
Wheat mteady• red 11 1 1 10 @1, 7 / 1 ; white
.1.241,80. Flour/7197" -'
_ .
Bait Faittotaco, Jul!? $. 5 . 0 0
tai37 34
.. Wheat' tirM at. $1,70 ®1,72X.
i ••".
• A•Beirointion to steam Eeglaes.
The Jersey City Vines has a description
of a machine, now in operation in that
env', which Is destined to work a revolu
tion in oneAepartkpent of mechanical
industry-7waeiy, - .a new steam engine,
which, one-qiuuter-of the weight, and
occupying on.p-quartet the space'reliaireci
fo; an_ ordinary ten-horse engine, will
give the same power, with 25 'per cent.
less feel. 1
This little machine seta at defiance all
:pee conceived notions on the /subject.
Its Motive PoWer is all cootained
, within
the circumference of a broad, stout wheel,
about three feet in diameter,- reviving
upon &hollow shaft 'whicli receives the
steam and delivers it alteniately Wow°
reciprocal cylinders, and fl e 4 bet Ween
the center and the periphery; TO Dow
er therefore, instead of being at"the ren
ter, presents the singular anomaly-of be
ing at the eircumferenee Or, lie other
words, the true center of gorier laid the
periphery of the wheel. To use a Tamil
far simile,-the wheel-is like Melia:id or
AMID, of a squirrel cage, •in whickl two
squirrels were consentaneonaly; one in
the usual position the other in, the , oppo
site, but
,with head down, and with a
motion similar to that of aAy walking
on the ceiling—both, of course, in con
tinually reversing positions as the wheel_
turns. Isis an application of the simple
principle by' which, as,anyone can see,
a grindstone may easily be turned by pla
cing- the hand "tilion the surface, while
only with considerable muscular exertion
a man's hand grasping the shaft can , pro
duce the same motion.
The inventor ' lir. Itiset,'a• French
man, resided at Commttnipaw until quite
recently,: where he was well known as
the anther and patentee of 'sevenil` tfseful
minor inventions. The.Tintrif sayit it is
expected that. a atock'company will be
formed immediately for the manufacture
of the Ruses engineorhose value for all
uses requiring lightnees of construction.
combined With economy of - Mei. may be
.seen by the dimple : statement that it will
eve ten-horse power with no more fuel ,
than would be required in 4 caloric engine
of two-horse power, occupying one-fourth
of thespace,and atlunch . leesthan first cost.
And one important feature is, that the
same engine can be ‘ nsede.ther to attain a
high - rate of speed 'arta do heivihoisting.
' • AGOose Rate.
TiO,P l ?taha Reilublican lies the hrilgw
11.1gtieccouttota : u gooserince'r that • intne
- - •
"Oyer MOO people gathered on the
banks above the Bond; and tilting-the low
er end of Farnham street, on- yesterday
afternoon, to witness Bob Hart and Sally
in their great wash-tub-goose feat.
Promptly at the advertised time Hart
made his appearance, followed by his
Competitor for the golden peanut, offered
by Col. Hanford. Each satin an Ordin
my wash-tub, to which Vas attached sit
pairs of geese. driven:and guided with
an ordinary carriage *hip.- The most
deafening apphtuse shunts and yells greet- -
ed the contestants as they wenrtowed
into .the pond. Striking the Farnham
street bank both started side by side.
talking to and urging on the feathered
racers the same as a jockey would do in
atrial of speed among horses. Half way
across the pond Sully's team switched off
and bolted for the weeds, giving Bob the
lead by three and a - half lengths. Re
covering his course Sully made splendid
headway, gaining rapidly on the Hart
outfit: One of his geese, however, at
tempting to dive, kicked a rear goose in
the eye. The kicked bird at once cackled
his defiance and soon . demoralized the
entire team. to such an extent that victorywas imnossible. • Hart would have come
in "0. K:, "
only for his • "wheel geese"
bau'king badly and upsetting the tub.
Sully began laughing at his opponent's
disaster, when - his team made a- Sudden
right flank movement, which leftthe dri
'ver floundering in the mud. Tifeassem
bled m,ultitude yelled the louder at the
accidents. Righting their crafts both
parties made for shine leading thei r teams.
Bob took the prize." .
A. wurreu - contri butes the ug to
a recent number of Once a Week:4 went
into a shop the other day _
,'mailing, buy ",Nat the
'drapeis call "gents' hese."_. A staging,
Young lady was bUhind.the taunter, and
when I bad-made an appeal to her .to show
ine,sothe soclis t .l was somewhat &WAN'
what course eaction I ought to pursue
in order to demonstrate to her the length
of my foot. As I am not te.,,bntlesque
Writer, it was clear that I could"ziot lay
My boot on the counter and say "With all
my sole; , " nor coull I - Paraphrabe Dib•
din's Jack Tar, when he spoke of the
dancer who "so daintily bandied
her feet" The Tittle woman, how
ever, speedily removed my first
perplexity, though only to - plunge
me' into another. "Will _you," said
she, "please to doable up yeur fist
and lay it:on the counter?" I .replied
that I did not want gloves, but socks.
`-'And I want to take your measure," she .
said. • i‘But," I urged, "it is the
of my foot that you require." , ."Yes,"
shereplied, "and I can 'get it equally as
well-from your hand. Once round your
clenched •fist, at the knuckles,-Ye ths length
of your foot.' And- she took the meas
ure of my - fist, and I took the socks on
the faith of the damsel's representation;
and, in due Ours; found that she was
quite right and had fitted me to a nicety.
Arrzn Stonewall Jackson!al death, at
• Chaneelloraville, a story became current
among the ' Confederate. legions-which
the soldiers loved to.repeat overthe fires
of . their,bbrmian...that, on eceonnt of his
extrerseidetyosehen their famous chief
tain fell, *7 detachment . ofangeis left the
heaves:llY ego t 4 l- Tiait.thn bettleteld,
and ,eacort
and :to heaven.
The celestial squadron Searched. be dos e _
.strewn but: : isithout effect. He
whom_they sought ; 'Could not:be found,
and. ey returned minimally ; to heaven
to report their, want - of scones& , But lo!
behold! oniazriving they found,the spirit
of the immortal : warrior there ,alrtsdy.
Stonsmal .admen had made a flank
march, and gotp heav befoia