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• •
We realty don't know whet to do—
to eking us feat old,
This sneezing, coughing, bothering.
Cali cankerous bad cold ,
A thestion we can't answer right—
_ e tell you.'ila most true
- A friend said, 'Tome, *hat will yme-taker ,
Bald wp, take—n. ohm!
Wr went to see the play one night,
And-right beside 11$ sok - • -
A pretty girl with nobby dress,.
And atnnnixtrionkty not,
While we writ, taughlnravthe play,
bhe took us lobar slaw,
And said, ,•`Wlhat are on laughing •
- tiald we, '" We lisagii—or you!"
WA.neier can dtieak excent with pain—
Dar head's eli•ln a stew—
It maker% di and in makes b;
. •It atialW a body through;
, It bothers us co all the time,
__Vedectit know what to do;
lawtarlog out quite fast,
Idke.—here !Commis — a shod
about to establish a nun-
-1 -;;EageMP
t, •
:: ....LCroton. a r, somehow or other, is
0,4,5 , oily '. .d- Y : . , .
The Lou. on Tfasett is . now said to bo
e organ of rleanslamily.
,- 'New (ideal's' butchers = have struck,
.3 1 meat Is very oscirce in consequenee.
-4Or,tl;venty-iiir ,dollars yoamay pull
Man'onosectuitehard , In San Francisco.
till3olePirik , Berard is to be thO
6411 ' . P,arelm.l ot ijibilikoYin°raitr at
ni at St. Catherine's Spring in Canada.
A‘St. 'Louis editor went abroad re•
t ti ...,
cenAly; said now he is to marry $300,000
attached to a French widow. I -
- —.Fifth Arum hones in New York
have CashmerV door•mals now, and it is
supposed that the next _novelty will be
ehmershair dish fonts._ ' -
—A.4 ? Leal!, boy keeps rattlespakes,
,pd teit4etiidiaself, extremely disgusting
by biting the herd .off tone for the small
price,of oitildollar per : head. ' •
—ifte?allthe talk, it turns out not., to
be Faimy Ellslerat all who has married
the King of Portngial:' It ilia Miss Hens
ler, who is Dot so ,old as Fatini,
Virginian': kills rattlesnakes by
seizing thcm . .** the throat and eject
ing tobacco juice from his mouth into
theirs, as their) 'jaws open under the
—The Yalcr:Vniyeridty crew has lost
one nmabeti, t tetman pho , takes his place
is not thorouglaytrahaedknotiff,he as at:
customed toAWing. wi t h the crew as was
the ez-metmher.' , . • '
, ~ 'A.
k -Omaha hi bO s tuirfor oil. : We 're
member that, some, _taus-ago, about the
- time G. F. Train was there,,'. them were
very strong liialaiions of 'via noticed in
that Asighborhood.
:.i ; rl
`, —A successful -- a potation has been
-made of thejnil 1 0f a l oung lion at Madras,
India, under the inft encezif chloroform:
cA - plaYful 'tigo - spoiled the caudal
l i ar
'.ornament by cheWin - lt,
. , , .
—The umbrella of . Horace Greeley ,
is said to be forty-two years old, and still
• in.a fine shit° bf,preservation, as it has,
i•like the famous Paintings of • the masters,
' been several tinies.carefallyz rdstored.
—Mr- Padiviek, the':,usurer known as
• Ptho spider,". who has'the credit of hav
ing broken - up more ,nOblii families than
any other man in - Englindy is the Duke of i
Newcastle's, creditor to the amount of
295, •. ' • , , . •
—A traveller o t t d.-
e i Western railroad
was surprised, r conversing with
a ladyl- e who , argued that women
should allowed tb do all men's work,
to be asked to take her checks and call a
liacklfor. her. -
—Thii;big potteres of Trenton, N. J.,
ha - ve be n furnish e d
with labor-saving
es the fifteen weeks that
machines during
• the-strikers have held out, and the mann
facturern now offerr to' take back only a
, :few of the men in any case. • •
'lfrty sponges from the. New
Yurkliaspitals are nicely cleaned and
Whitened befire they are exposed for
; saleonthestreetsandferryboats. People
Airbe buy them can be sure they are good
becausa they have been thoreughly tested
for everly 'sort of hospital use.
- . -The great eclipse begins \in Asia on
the 8 August and, strange to say,
:-ends zi tthis,country on the 7th. This
"silo gip quick traveling froin West
to E ,cannot be aecounted for by the
comp Akin of the Pacific t Railroad and
10 must be some ohr mason
California lawyer recently, after
stating a pioposition, said: "May it please
youripaorr—Pll bet a hundred dollars
t and Alike the money, that what I say_; is
good te;ll'_•'' The attorney on, the. oil*
side declined to c bet, and i the argument
was admitted bY,pc Court to be ratan-
--A wester:l' orator is m ore than wm.
ally blessed. ; • men have to be
I'PeliAlefied If they are able to make one
, ffiralaigiread eigleTourth of Sat
%gin Per year, but this man :h&c engaged
, ...- to delivm one ini the third at,. cie place,
\, :**4 4 : 1 414*.PD dali,. 4 - cu4i) I r raede",
th \
Such bliss cannot ottentell toN:ttt llot !pi
' 'lna: - :'- 1- " ' 'l' ' ' ' ' • - :, ' •,'
. . ...,
) .1. 0 TwiPbolorie titi " faiancof wawa's-
A t
\ ton, compliihithst b 'Medical Soddy of
the District 1,4 1 09 • bia *vili not admit
-I them ea • znethb^ — 'We having• granted'
I.thliti licertibk tto'pricticC - .The - itilii of
thellobletyltualte 414 puidsliable offence
tforlany.nntutbet- to thold) a' cOnefiltetion
, pipith_ ay physician who isinot a meatier `
',,and r thereforei , the practiccof the colored
-physicians! Is interfered with, as 'many
sons.4lo dot desire't4 employ doctors
I who: ftnn*ltintiiies or difficulty, obtain.
theto 7 o*adon and, assistance of their
quit brethren. The colored pity
' - o b 4 , th et'iliel a have been obliged
r a
0144.4•,xinirdmitinmeacediheortuoltiofonm' eediver.,
but Intl continue patiently to en
,t,luite _ "row until the prejudice
*lust them IS overcome..
- t7 -
, -
. .
. .
. .
=m,.,,,,,474,,_,..,,-,,,..„704.,„:„K„,,,,,m,..,„„,%„,...,,,:1,,,,„,,,,,,ite,,,„,....1,-„,..,-.,,t,,2,,,,1i.,,,,,,46,-;-„,:,.1:4;a7J8.4,,,,,,-,,,g.4,„..3,174:11,,y,,,,5,;414.1,_.4.,.„,11.4g2,,,,, .a , ' , ;.zv;..tgii.5..5..., - „, 5fgt•A;44.r5...,-,....;a..-.x..t.i..:#....qi,.1.i.x(.'--..,.,t*;,....,,-.-,,,i;-,..i... , -.A.%- - -,g--,,t,-- - - ,-- -f-A,w,yo,A,-:A,t.„,zt..-:i.j.;,,,„:..,-zfi..:„:..Tz-,;-qLv1:,,,r..,,-`,V.Z'r7:'f;t;.;l- .•-•==:.,-,..t'-'..",''l'''''''''..‘"'
-4 4144, - .4.W.1.hi1 . N. 4 1e. , W..... -, ..64.1. 4 a 4, ...." '0..W...t. , V‘ , .. , ... r.... , -- ~,i t 4
.7 4 .525.... N. ' -
4'. V3. - - '0 ' .4 '....:aW:4• . W. , - 44 :.' 7, ja.,a 1= i 4 , 7 ::/1 .,. /;4 4.- !'% - /..:'?. V",". ... 7 -', - .Y .. .! , ••••:••,`F ,, 4 :., 47 .
• /
47, . ?1•061; - ;16• 4 ' , ..e} ,4•14 k - t 7- 7 .4 ' 47 ; 4 ...'?.. , 34f' 1 4 .`.: 4- r; 4, e.: - %. ,,47- "•= ,:: .: , '"-i% ).
- -- -7 ''''<' Y 74 ."' - ' ,4 1 , V. 4 t 4 ", 44. ',, 4 1 .- / - 74-....:' , ..7f . .. , ... , .,1 4, ', .c..- - 42'.-7 4 ,4,, ,, ,e, •
• ••• 4 4,;14.,,,,,, ••" ,, frk. 44 ' ,, .- '4"'"''''' '''''''''' ' - '
. . 41•24'"*1r4.-tti-74
4. .tre-.4 . ..... .. , .. --. 0 - irr.„- , .. , '," , r,,.....,J.: , •,.pw,„‘ , ,..v.z, ,, , , , .
I .-. ' - '7." , ". • .I.reir: •••,„ , [!..P1r, 4 ,;.-kr; , • ,-4 ?-‘ , ..f.' , ey - r. .1.,'...17 , ..f• • .
• .
. 4 ." 7 - - .,•T•'4.!? - ,`. 4 .V„ 4 47.... ,-, - - -:;•••Nliptk 0.7. 4 :40`. .
i i , 3 \
Front Oeitan to Oteao.
Here is theischedulifor California pas
sengers bound eastward: Baggage-mas
„tars of the Patific *road are on the Bs
eramento - boat who receive and check
IniggagoAhrough to destination. Bag.
gage for points east of Omaha is checked
to Omaha, and before the arrival of trains
at that point, baggagemasters go through
the train and recheck to destination. Full
passengers are allowed, 100 - pounds bag.
gage free, and children \under 12 - years of
age, *pounds. Fuse. are allowed
to take small' baskets, tinge, &c.,
with themin the can, or pia& the same
in the charge of the bag e-master, with
the privilege of access at Y :time.- -Ta
tra W„gage above the ount named,
s2,o, 4 ctirrencY, per 100 Pounds, from San
Franciseo to Omaha. , -
. .
The arrangements for sleeping on the
Central; Pacific route are not fully' per.
fected, for the want of asufllcient number
of sleeping cars. The traveler from San
Francisco can , have staterooms, or a berth
on the Sacramento boat, at a charge of
8 8 2f0 , r a stateroom With two angle berths;''
fm "It t staterooms; with one doable and
one single berth, .at $3; and . dinner at $1;
single•berthil, fifty cents; arriving'at Sa
cramento -at about two o'clock in the
morning. Passengers 'sleep all night on
the boat. Breakfast at Sacramento, and
start at 8:30 tr. mike Dinner at
Cisco, (ninety-two miles from' Sacrit
mento), jot west of the summit; at 12:15;
stopping - twenty minutes. = Sapper at
at Wadsworth; (228 miles), ht 8:80 P. M.
sto_ppin4 twenty minutes.
The night is passed in the care between
Wadsworth and Carlin, (448 kilts),
where a stop is made of thirty -minutes
for breakfast. Dinner at Toano: (559
miles) at 8:15, stopphig thirty-minutes,
arriving at Promontory at • 9:55 P. 14. 1
where they change cars to the Union
Pacific road. The eating accommoda
tions on the 'Union Pacific are similar to
those on the Central, the cars stopping at
RaPer intervals.
The Pulhnan sleeping cars are run on
the Union Pacific road. The Central
Pacific have in use two sleeping cars of a
different style, and have eight more on
the way from 'Wilthington, Del., where
they were manufactured, and ten ad
diticoial ones itre, ordered to be' ready for
the completion of, the - Western Pacific,
when a morning Mid evening, train. will
run from San. Francisco. The charge
for sleeping cars to Promontory are, for
a. double berth.,ss, coin; stateroom (two
in each car), room in each for four $l2,
coin. From Promontory to Omaha,
double\ berths throng% . 410, currency.
The summary of inthspensible - expenses
from San Francisc:o fci Onittha, outside; of
the railroad fare, may be approximated as
Stabs Boom. SacraMen'o boat, two ben's.. 55.00
Miner on Sac ramtnto bust 1 00
Breakfast at - Sacramento—.
Dinner at .01sco
Supper at Wadsworth— .......
tit. el:dug car to Promontory..
Breakfast at Carlin-.
Dinner st 9 wino
Lunches to take In cars, say..
Coln' 00
Arriving at Promontory eV 9:55 p.
Tiine, .one day, fifteen and a half hours.
This side Promontory, the sleeping ear to ,
Omaha, 1 ON Mlles 11 - lbr two berths $lO,/
currency, for vne berth 1 45 00
Three meals per clay, for two and a half
days, eight meals at seventy...five ctrits
Currency *** ** * ..... ••• .611 co
Between - Omaha and Chicago the run
ning time is twenty.severi hours; five days
and seven hours from Bacnimento; dig
-team, 2,268 and the expenses are
abo_ut the same, per day. Time into New
York; seven days; distance, 3,167 miles.
Senn - Mon by a Pretty Young Quakeress.
- A. beautiful young lady. • dressed as a
,Quakeress, entered the - office of a promi
nent railroad official yesterday, and asked
for a pass , over the road, good for one
month. he stated that she was engaged
_in missionary work, and expected to do
much good. The peculiar character of
the work was explained, and, asking the
younilady to. be seated, the ,gentlenian
proceeded to M 1 out a plum as 'requested.
This was handed to her, but, stating that
she could not read, she handed it back.
.The gentleman read aloud the pass—Al
lowing her to go to any -point on the
whole road at any time within one month
from date. The lady, to his surprise,
• on her knees and prayed earnest
ly for some minutes. The act did not
surprise as much as her sweet tone and
beautiful language. Most beautiful
thoughts were expressed in wa=ll chosen
words, and the woman seemed to yield to
the.spirit of the moment. In her own
ge, the spirit moved her tb thank
d for putting so good a man in such a
place: She said she had been an idle,
frivolous girl,' disposed to ignore the
teachings and endow of her people, but
that, uneducated as she was, she had de
voted herself to a good work and had
accomplished much, and hoped to accom
plish much more. Thisis the incident as
it occurred. Be this woman whom she
may she prodUced quite an excitement in
places where generally there is too much
business for anything in the romantic way:
—Brom the Columbus (Ohio) Journal,
'June 21. _ /
LovePe Expenses Leidy
In Cardiganshire, England; a. young
man disapoluted In a love!, affair sent a
bill containing the following items to his
"deceitful love," 'after she- had .wedded
anothery .111—, Nov.
late •ELIM—;---; , to To 58 glasses
'of wine',' at different fairs and Machete,
18s,. Bd.; to I. palr''of 'ahoes;' and ' heeling
another piir,thatl wore out in going and
comin - g - frinh'-'---r, 4s. ed.; for doctor's
bill for curing a tonsil, caught by waiting
under your windowon a wet night, £9
93 .' 9 d4 to. Postor•Otu.. lid.; to de
ceiving me and = throwhig me out or a
partner for life, £100; to enticing me to
• come to 99 time", "nt ' 2s, ` 6d. each
time £l2 to 19 dayilliist in your
, com-
Tinny 76. fiderLEl29l4s.
. £4
V • •
In the Lowell. Hydrstalie Stpertmenta
01 James B. Fran, we have - the: record
of a te l n i ce of experiments on the flow of
w., cyst weirs =of a certain construe.
ucain i ztit dowdurlitg 1,-certain time Its-`
mg PLAY direct L meat am
en,; fik`lacei r , !Mg _ of kupwa and
rag, %Pa - ,ons. tbejmeott4
libtgesim,,,,e:ifOrk, we' find, 'Naar,
'we'Kwu - ."4 la'sezt eir of eiperiniente on
gmtgibgtherilow at; aterln reetangtdar
* lll6 ' rat ' ?tratalli ar , loaded;
tubes' di, measurements
Noe~or , by'-'l4onethe same body
(lOW aaJt 'fiTef ***it, by the
271)6014 • • 1 . 4!4..1 4 . 1 11 ) 1 ,bia1neth0d or
tominlct" We ,
. I Paaysorth'',Aot only
taker dile work to be"ivitiriaard authority,
ontlmmetwo - methiSde g the ik E w
of water, but we can - 4 , lKN'tvlthaata
taut, exaggerating the value of the book,
call it a standard authority on these two
subjects for all
The Way They Talk In California.
(From the Ban Yrs nchco leetden - Oity.)
Who is she? That beautiful, woman
Whom you drove to the Cliff early last
week, 'Mr. J. D. We saw you. We
Were there. Von did notknow ne, smug
the scores who wentio thebeach to spend
a pleasant afternoon; nor ,did_; we know
you except byname.'But We did knoff .
the fasdnating womimthe syren-who
shared the seat with you- behind the coal
blank pair that spurned the dust of the
level road, while yogi._ tight heart f went
whirling'alediglike a cliannek lark flut
tering helplessly toward the faegt of the
sly and deadly serpent. You are a young
man-barely twemty-fivel-0, we know
you. J. D.! You were , dressed in light
colored _clothes. with a blue hat and black
cravat; you, ore two rings on your right
hands and a valuable stone sparkled on
your shirt front. ' The "lady" was ex
pensively attired (whose money bought
the goods? Diamonds • shone •on - her
white hand, When we saw her glove re,
moved at the --. House. ' (Where did
she get theni? Whose, gifts were they?)
But those di. onds, young man, did not '
possess" theb rilliancy of, the eyes-the
magnetic ey El thathave infatuated you
the ,eyes t-gleaM upon you with a
strange mi eof passion and mystery
eyet that to all tyou, you know not
whither! r f oli Do you think she
would dei ' 'to waste a glance on you
but for y o ri ee?,, Beware! If you
do not o eri eyes to your OM.
ger, you r-: chest May yet take wings
-the wings.. of . thatt imaginary dove
-and fly away; and yotir wealthy father,
who lasi too soon,' we fear, intrusted you
with a large: share in'--- his establishment,
may yet rest in the grave of a gray-haired
pauper! Who is she? We, will tell you.
In the town of H--;-, on the Atlantic
aide, a wealthy man wasmindered, about
six years ago, and his lacerated body
thrown into a certain river. . Suspicion
at once fell on the 'young and handsome
wife and one who was known to be her
paramour. They were arrested and tried
severally. Circumstantial evidence never
pointed more unmiegkatily to the guilt
of any - one thin td the guilt'of these
wretches. He was hung; but she, by far
the more culpable, doubtless the chief in
stigator of the crime, was, through some
accursed technicality of the law, acquitted. •
With the unblushing audacity of. Satan
himself, she laid claim to her share of the
murdered , man's estate, obtained it, re:
moved. from• the scene of her mime, and
journeyed-no one knew whither.‘' But
we saw her brazen but-beautiful face in
the prisoner's dock, and that face, young
man, is the face that has been smiling on
YOU of late. Her great crime has not
troubled her Immovable heart-has writ
ten no lines on her handsome face-the
eyes have- lost none or their brilliancy,
but like the serpent's, to' which they may
be so aptly likened, have only intreased
with age in their deadly power; and, al
thongh -Nurse,-rlitts 7 -0, it is truel-she
appears but threq.or i fOur years older than
yourself. Now. you know her, Mr. D.
GoAii, If:you - ehckuie; bat when she has
destroyek you, remember our warning
and do 'not say that your iate is worse
than your , folly deserved.
. 1%
.1, 75
—The . remains of the asaassin Booth
were interred in;the family vault, at Bal.
timore, on Sunday, is the presence of a
number of relatives and friends:
—The Official Gazette, Ottals,',Canade,
contains u a proclamation setting' apart the
-Ist of July, Dominion Day, ad it-general
public' holiday for the present ari4atibse
quent years. .
—The Philadelphia Evening Telegraph
iays, on the beat authority, that the cor
respondence between Secretaiy Berle
and President Grant, published in a "New
York paper, is a forgery.
—The anntutypt ing regatta of the Yale
College Clubs occurred on Saturday. The
University crew wen in nineteen. min
utes and forty-five seconds--iiistanoe
three miles and four htuadred feet.
—The Ocean National Bank, at New
York, was burglarized on Sunday night:
Seventy thousand dollars in Government
bonds and large amounts of securities be
longing to depositors were taken by the
, No.arreats. •
—A bridge has been washed away near
Corry, Pa. on the Atlantic and. Great
Western Railroad. A passenger. train
ran off the track, and the engineer,
named Sprague, was killed. None of the
passengers are reported killed.-
—Hon. Thomas B. Boss died near
Lebanon. Ohio, on Monday, aged eighty
yearg. He was the •law preceptor of
Hon. Thomas Corwin and was Corwin's
partner in law. He represented his die•
tract in Congress in 1820 and for many
years he has resided on his farm.
—The latest returns from the vote en
lay delegation in the Methodist Church
as received at the office of the Methodist,
in New York, up to Saturday evening,
June 28. are as follows: Whole number of
votes cast; 38,455. For lay delegation,
27,58704ain5t. 10,871; .majority for lay
delegation, 18,71.8. .
/. - Llnformation from the west iialt th at
the country west ofJuction My r s,
is Inundated in many places and that
houses, stock, crops, Acc., ere washed
away.- It- is reported' that twenty-five
persons have been drowned hi 'Chap
man's Creek 'county, and that the town
of Avelino is flooded' and 'two persons
drowned. •
—ln the City Council of St. Limb, yes-;
terday, a resolution was offered and_rc•
'ferred to especial committee, instructing:
the Committee' on the ,Paiiifie Railroad
to inquire into the re ..rt that the Dim
tors have paid V 50,111 to _One of their
utunber, and to consult with the City
Counsellor slid 'act in 'accordance with
his instructions in protecting the city in
her rights.`, ' • •
—A. Richmond (Va.) dispatch- says:
There is great rejoicing among the
whites over the, -increased majority of
20,000, which theregistrationgives them.
The prospect of , returning power some
to have liberalized theminda.evert of _re
presentatives. of strioteit Virginia,
sect; And to inch *degree that oonserva. ,
tire men of prominenoe are putting on;
foot a movement tools* Bt.l Alexander
iSharpr former Postmaster:her.? Who'll, a
brother-in-law of the pullout Marshall of '
the:District of •COlumbia i l 10 the United
States Senate. • The movement. for Sharp "
is evidence otthe most radical change in
the feelings of conservative politicians.
AB. 4t ' Philadelphia, Saturday
resulted in great de
of property ., The block "bounded by
'Oxford , street, „‘Vo =Ma avenue and;
-Fifth and Sixth • ts, c9naprieed Atwood!
entirelyolinatinf titigostAblishnient!li
and taws of •wassbout three!!
r s o r g e Toei llde Ph ire Ctuto l4 ;
Wm. M. MoDanip 's,, manufacturer ,of ,
curled- hairs ; Stifer's furniture
;maker; C. Hairs,lnrniture ciutitert
P,:senry,e lsawyer. Hermann Steen%
dell dr- Co., PO Schnitz 41 ; 044leather,
manufacturers; C. P. Williams, tonieti
Philadelphia and Boston Salt Fish 4 Com-
pany, and others, Several dwellings
were partially burned. The loss willnot
1: 0 0 Ws, than 1t90,0014
MANDE/LEM PILLS Will cure Consumpthm,
Lim Complaint and Dyspepsia, If taken actobrd.
In g_l4 directions. . They are , all three to be taken
at Masame time. They cleanse the stomach, re
lax the !Ivor and pit It. to work; then the appetite
becomes pa tient the food dlgesta and makes good
blood; th begins to grow In flesh; the
diseased er ripens into-the lungs, and the
patient outgrows toe disease and gets well. This
is the only way so cure consumption.
To these three medicines Dr. - J. if. Schenck, of
Philadelphls, owes his unrivaled success in the
treatment of pulmonary Consumption.. The Pal
moniciliciP ripen' the morbid - matter in the
Inagartaatnre throws ittaffby =easy eaoeutors.
tiori, fbr when the phlegm or matter is ripe a
alightcough.will throw itol, and the patient has
`rest and the lunge begin to heal.
T.l do Ohl, the Seaweed Tonic an d Mandrake
Pills must be fleet, used to cleanse the stomach
and _Uver. so thattbe Fulmer* Syrup and the
footivoull makegoOd blood.
Schenck , ti Mandrake Pills act upon the liver,
removing all obstructions. relax the uncts of the
gall bleddee; thaille starts freely...and the liver
is soon relieved; the stools will show what the
Pills can do; nothing has ever been invented ex
cept calomel (a edirpo'son wtich le very dart
gerene la cle!h l ith greet cate,) that will
unlock the gall bladder end start the • secretions
of the liver like Schenck , a Mandrake Pills.
Liver Complaint is one of tte ost prominent
causes of Consumption.
Sehenek'sBes weed Tonle Is a gerat ntle stimulant
i 7
and altive. . and the alkali t the Seaweed,
which thik 'preparation is mad ' ot, assists the
stomach In turow out the gastric nice to dissolve
the food with the Pulmonic Syrup, and it is made
into goodt.ood without fermentation or soaring
In the stomach. , _
The great reason why physicist's do not cure
Consumption is, they try to do too much; they
give medicine to stop the cough. to stop chills,to
stop night sweets. hectic fever and by so doing
they derange the whole digest ive powers, lock
ing up the secret.tms, and eventually the patient
sinks and dies. .
Dr. Schanck, in bits treatment, does not try to.
stops cough, night sweats, chills or fever. Be
move the cense rend they will all stop of - their
OWII accor4. lio one can be cured of Consump
lion Liver . emplalut, Dycpepsia, Catarrh,:
Canker,Uleerated - Throat, unless the liver and'
stomach are made healthy. .. . , .
It. a Person, nes _consumption.. of pourse,the
ungs in some way are diseased, ei th er tubercles,
&Wessell. bronchial irritation, pleura adhesion,
or the lungs are a mass of Initammation and fast
decay inst.. In such cases what must be done? It
le not only-the lungs that are wasting, but It is
the whole body. The stomach and liver have lest
their power to make blood out of fo Now, the
only chance is to tate Dr. Schenck's three medl
eines; which will bring upta tons to the stomach,
the patient will begin to want food, it will.digest
essily,and make good blood; thee the patient be
gins to gain in flesh. slid as soon as the body be.'
gins to grow, the lungs commence ' to heal up,
and the patient gets &thy and well. This is the
only way to cure Consumption. •
When there Is • no lung disease and only Liver
Complaint and Dyspepsta, bchdnck ' s. Seaweed
Tonic and ?dandrake Tike sufficient, without
the Pubtionle Syrupthe Mandrake Pills .
freelyln tdllions. complaints, as they are per
harmless. -
Dr.. Schenck. who has enjoyed uninterrup ted
health for many years past, and now weighs 95
pounds. was wasted away to a mere skeleton, in
teh very last, stage of Pulmonary Consumption
hi. physicians having pronounced his case hope:
less and abandoned ban to his late. He was cured
by the aforesaid 311Ett ictnes, and since his recove
u many thousands similarly afflicted have used
Dr. senenck 's preparation with the same re
markable success. rail directions accompany
each, making It not absolotely necessary to per
sonally see Dr. Schenck, unless patients wish
their lungs examined, and for this purpose he is
professionally at his Principal Mee. Madan.
phis. b e evry Saturday. where &Metiers for advice
must addressed. He is also profess'onallY at
No: 34 Bond street. New York, every other
Tuesday, and at No. 33 Hanover street, Boston,
every other Wednesday. lie gives advice free,
but fora thorough examination with his /leapt
rometer the price NOS. (Luce hours at each city
from 9 4. N. to a r. N. _ _
Price of the Pulmonic Elyrap and Sea w ee dd Ton
ic each 91. SO per bottle, ur $7.60 s hallsiosen.
Mandrake Pills HS cents a box. • Nor: rale by all
dr. 111,19:151.d&F
Well &BEd. Th at - numerous 'clam Ir of cage!
resulting from self abuse, producing • -
=aline" nervous debility, irrltablllty. erup
tions. seminal - emissions, and flnUly Im
potency, permanently owed. Persons afflict
ed widi aelicate, Intricate and long ;Used-
Lug constitutional comets: uts are polltelyln vited
tonal for consultation; which costs nothing,
lixperience, the best of leachers; has entailed
him to perfeCt remedies at once effluent,. safe.
permanent, and which in moat eases c tube used
without Utterance to business. •• Medicates pre
pared in the establishment, which embraces of•
dee, reception and waiting roones,• also, ooarding
and sleeping apartments for: paUents requiring
dailyjoersopel attention, and Taper arid dim!.
cal bathe, thus concentrating lin timed mineral
spriegs, No matter who have failed. state your
case. Bead what be says in his namphletof fifty
eagest sent to any address for two Mammal's sear
ed Cute „one. 'Thousands of eases treated mina.
WA et omce and all over the country, Conant ,
bitten tree, personally or by mall. Office No. 9
-Wylie street,' (near Court House) -Pittsburgh,
Ps. _.Hoerr 9 A. X. to 8 r. x. Sanders 12 M.
to 9 r... Pamphlet sent to any at:dress for two
stampe. apt
TIVE....Dr. A. H. SI EVENS ban been
asingZiectricity as a ElrriCtal. EMMY in caring
chronic at well as acute Conditions Wt2LIOUT
M11)10Inn for more than Ws ram, with 'un
bounded. Enneess. A PAIIPUSILT. including all
',smellier', with certidcatee and reliable refer
emcee, Will be rent to any inquirer.
A few tarnish. d rooms vacant. for boardingra•
tient* In the . Doctor's (amity._ if applied (cream.
Office and residenes, 21,001 ARCH STREET,
PHILADELPHIA. - my1:9421
This leadid liar Dye la the bunt' the worth
theonly true and perfiett Dye; harmless, yeas,
ble, instantaneous; no disappointment; no ri
diculons tints; remedies the ill effects of bad
dyes,• invigorates and leaves the Hair soft and
beautiful. Ursa °Thrown. hold by all Druggists
andl'erfnmersiand properly applied at Batche
lor's Wiz Factory, ?Fn. Ile Bond street. yew
York. , •
—Those having Mends afflicted tee eat.
Beferences and s end
Flitrlirwitrif of
Tints the molt sketlcal of the etirribilLtkof the
Meows. '' Address AddressVAN BURET( L(N)KMOW.
M. D.. 08 Great Jones street. lieveYork.
Essays on the ZEROES OV YOUTH, and
tbe FOLLIES OF AGE. In regard to SOCIAL
EVILS, with - certain help for the erring and un
fortunate. 'heat in sealed letter envelopes, free
of charge. Address, HOWA.E.LI ASAOCI
Box P, Philadelphia, Ye. 0 my21:183-d&T
Tenders will be received at this °Rice until
JULY 10th, 18E19, for the following Supplies, to
be delivered u reqiired, on the line of the Brie
and Atlantic and Great Western. Railways. tot
the else of said Railway Companies to Ist Janua
ry, 1510
Railroad Castings of all ; descriptions;
Railroad Spikes; • -
Railroad Chairs; • •
Track Bolts and Nuts: •
•Hot and Cold Pressed Nuts and Bolts;
Fish Plates; .
Bar and Round Ircos...,;:.`zeilned;' ,
•Bollersmi Sheet Iron;
Pig Iron, "Antbracite;''
Pig Iron." "Charcoal" equal to "SalLshuiv:"
Wrought Iron Axles, to order;
Prost Meet, . order;" • •
'Steel Frog Plates and Points, "to order;"
Springtime-1; • . 1 ,
Steel Alike, to orders
- Cut Nallsand Spikesf,
'WroughtNalls nod Spikes;
Georgia Pine, to ader;
Chalitt; •• • '
Bell Rope;
• m it t! _ •
• The deliveries to be mide in imch -- duilititles
may from time to 4ime - be determined upon by
the Ccnitimnypetter the soemptande of_tha tender.
Parties, bidding, swat state the quality .of the
mateitamdS7red t pd at whit tointleliversid.also
furaletisatoples7hen required. .
aurioirith thia Cant
AkoCompany reserve the 'right to. reject any
bids; which must be enclosed ' ,
,seated. and .ad
dressed-to •
oto telt A Lli ~di; Aires*. " •
- •16r16B1olki Coot Reaurniti. Hew York:_
0111011 M 100311 1 0LL15 OP ALLIGHIIS7 DO:, " 1
- • ' i• •
.Pa.. . 1 1. 1 b 1 / 1 .111 1 . AT the. 11111, 1689. . •
. OTICFI TO' BA R ER I6-41ea .
PUOPCIOALIL addressed to .the "Board
Insp sa eetori Of Allenteny.Comity_Prlson;” will
its teeetred arthlt omen until JULY etc nor tar
lushlng the .County,Prlmn milk bread for x
months from July 15th. - LOSTes to weigh on .
and s - half and two pelage • lespeetively. and o
W p.f.s Droved °quality.- Bids to be made at
liantli if pelted. , Sends Mir two thousand do -
.lars m• be. required 'tor .11sithfot performmeee
M f
Outrun Tw aims*: the monray mnst atilonl
Pany eth!. *UM. endorsed by theVarden and
Probated' t thin °Mee wUI be void monthly;
1 s - ' -' 7- - = HENRY I.4ligiERT:
I " le2 - - - ' ' Coniroller:
. _
Me bi ,glaute cleanses must %Tali on crr, , lsor
la l: e re l f : ° 3 r i it : :: !; es es elv ; ":ll l 9BA n a s Pl" An .liisf pal uienr dia tretlin a lr na n t lelB ,a 9 7:
wut il placed In the hands olf Aldermen for col-
• • at• COCHR— A IIo
ta X OO kr u titialta ih Dtalors gase rrn , -- ts e URXR, Ittla Anltt
Sad t ' UKINQUI las /1419. , .'14411
- • ALLIGLiMrs Crfr, PA.."June.
awsasa, held June 519 d; 1S09; the. folloWing
resolition was adopted: -
Resoiesti, That garingtbe progress oi the work
on tits Park Itoprovement. the Lommission will
not allow any viatica thereof to be used Joepub
lic Meetings of any kind or processiors of any
character. and the Park Police or other officers
are hereby Instructed to report all offenders. to
*the proper authorities"
JAMB'S PARK. Jr., Prebident.
J. R. OXLIT. tiecretary. jeYe
Taiustrazays - icz,'Junell.B;lB69.
GIVEN teethe holders or the SIX PER
ALLEGHENY, PA.. that the Coupons on said
Bonds. coming due July 15t.1668. will be paid
on said day (less die State tax) at the Beak or
Pittsburgh, in the city of Pittsburgh. Pa:
p.. 111 LC PERRON: •
City Treasurer. _
PHILADELPHIA. May 34.11369.
The Board of Directors have this day deelared
a setal.annual dlildend of FIVE PER CENT. on
the capital stock of the Company, clear of Na-
Clonal_ and 13:ate taxes, payable In cash on and af
ter May ao, 1869. • •
Illanktpowers of attorney for collecting divi
dends can be had at the office of the Company,
No. SIBS S. Third street. • •
The mere Will be opened at 13 A. M. and closed
at *P. N. from May 30 to Jane IS, for the pay
ment of dividends, and after that date from 9
Aalt. tO 81". M. • - ' • •
THOMAS T. FIRTH. Treasurer. '
'Noss.—The Third Instaintent on New Stock Of
11368 le due paynble on or before June 15.
,Ogrzcz Or TIM STCRZTARY.. tt
PrrThalindlt, June 8, 1869.
Birtue of authority conferred by resoln Von
of t he stock and bondholders of the Pittsburgh,
Fort Wayne and Chicago Railway Company, at
the usual meeting heldAt the office of the Comps•
uy , in this city. March 'llth. A. D. 1889, an ad.
Journed meeting or said aunual, meeting will be
held atthe General Office a the Company. In the
citybf Pittsburgh, at 10 o'clo-lt A. at. of June
21111. Instant, for the purpose of conelderlng
and acting upo a lease for a period of nine bun•
dred and ninety.nine_ years, of the , railway and
property of this Company to the Pennsylvania
Railroad Company, and to act upon such other
built:Bess as may come beforeriald adjourned meet
The - bolts for • the transfer of stock and bonds
of the „Pittsburgh, Fort 'Warr e and Chicago
Railway CompanY, will close at 2 P. at. on Mors •
DAY, the 14th of June. at the agency in New
York. Winslow.' Lanier & Co,. AT Pine street,
and at the office In Pittsburgh, and will re-open
otrthe 25th of June.
By order of the President.
jclarkal F.M. BUTCHlNSON,geczetary.
To the 'Holder of the First and flee.
and idortgag Bonds Oirthe Pitts
burgh. Fort . Soigne and Chicago
BallwayCompany. .
In pursuance of the authority 'vested - in the
Trustees; under the respective deeds of trust or
mortgage securing the payment of the first and
Second Mortgage Ronde respectively, of the
Pittsburgh, !fort Way.e and . Chicago Railway,
Company, and la conformity with the by-law in
relation to the. tneetitits of' sairt r bondliolders.
adopted April 0, leer* -which, provides that In
tee absence from the huntry of either of the
Trustees, meetings of tne bo ndholders 'may be
cal ed by the other Trustee,. the undersigned,
Trustee under the sate deeds, his associated
Trustee now .being absent from the country,
hereby_calls & wet %lug of the holders of the - said
Vint Mortgage Bonds, and also *meeting of the
holders of the said &cone Mortgage Bonds, to be
held at the °Mee of the said t ornpany in:the city .
of Pittsburghi on the TWENTY YOURTkI DAY:
.OF JUNE, 1860. at twelve o'clock.noon of that'
disy.•fer the purpose of considering and acting
upon any and all soca questions as may wise lu
reference to the lease onhe - rallwars of-Untold
Companyto the' Pennsylvania Railroad Compa
ny, or in reference to the conversion of thstues
ent stock or the said Company info 'agnaranteed
stock ,of .ar larger betirtitlkte.fupon.lebkb,all
- at ;berate of seven per cent.. per annum,
payable qtuuterly out Of - the rental reserved in
the said tease shall ,olad; and also fez the intr•
pose of considering and acting upon any and all
other metters which ally come before the said
gobetlebs or ektberof,;hem.
jele:100 ; • J:-TILLIRS,Trustee.
ROAD CO. • • •• • '
',rliu.nx•stratA. AIArRR: DAR.
All Stockholders, as registered on the" Books of
this Company on the 30th day of April. 1138 . 9,
will be entitled to subscribe ror TWENTY-FIVE
FEE CENT. of their respective interests in New
Stock, at par, as follows:
Arse. Fifty per cent. at the time* subscrlP
tion, between the Clay of May, 1888, and
the 3011idaY or .T nue. 1868. ,
Second. 'fifty per rent. between the liith day
of November, IS69..and the 31st day of Deeem
ber, 1869: or. if Stockholders should prefer, the
whole amount may be paid up xi the time of sub
scription., and each Initalment so paid up shall be
entitled to'a pro rata of the Di vidend that may
be declared on full shares.
Tktrd. That every Stockholder holding less
than four shards, shell be entitled to icibserfbe
for one share; and those holding more thaan
Multiple of four shares' shall be entitled to sub
scribe for an additional share.
AbscrtA. All shares,upon which instalments are
Yet to be paid under itesolutian of May 13.
1888,•witt be entitled to theft allotment of the
Twenty-live percent. at par, as though they
were paid In full. _ _
myS;lge THOMAS T. FTIITH. Treasurer.
Pirreuvr.Gli, J one: :AS, 1869:
All persons Interested lu the management and
baaitiess Or toe
Pittsbnig . h,FLWayne &Chicago - 11R.;
Andlbeleased reads of the Company, are here
by notified that the railway and property of this
Company has been leased to the I .
L l'
For a period of nine hunw_rew and ninety.nine
years, of and from the Ant day of July proximo,
and with the eldse of the Jar iiievlous, (Jule
30, ) all responsibility end Lability of ito Com
pany will cease as to tae management of thatnd
nee. of the railway, and for labor ind supplies
therefoi of every character. The term 'of ser
vice of all periwig ct every class now employed
by this Company will terminate on the said
EseePtin'asti , lb persani ai may be hereaper ape
dally nOttited otherwise. . ,
oker of the Board of Directors
• In aocordanco SectlOn Oth, Pairs 5198 of
cisy Pisan, - • • • -
PIOTION azzliqmir °MEN
TO , ra
YZENi OF sua-Oig
-Tl unit
'Abe ueeamentsi tbr 4869 ot Ottf i l
Ward School Taxes an er:N SP,T
hme irberiteturded tb the tbr collteGuenois
The above twee otmlAbleat'Aq srarbetbre the
ItiNg 137
VP/ 6 °' no
er AUG 6 , me s s
OSMIUM If mt.lbetween trie_ 1, mi . or ilaray
41 6 U1140 SIWPARTSB24r ' l 4
;: 11111.17 ": 1215 e de P ti r ' llab etit t will it et Ycen read tu t rti ot° w ai rlI tai lvi line talaia tild—'
10/Sak ad d ition ant and madditional
added .to tiXet• fir
due per cent= will -
- 1116161ns 'mad ob rften4 •.^.!
. . , .
. • •
30th day of this Month,
DRY' °ooze.
gl ak ' -11
%I VI m
_ 16 . 1 . 414 13 Fa 11
,) - t
la Illw L.A
I= 4142 0 .. IR , ti
P. g 1 itS , PI i
to cil :I 4 7 1 I-1 14
c#2 . N
,14. .
IS 1 - ' p tl
Ina Z
. rtz
© r _,, pi
d ' , II
. b
% ti I I iil
87 Market Street.
Prints, • Dmis Owls,
Very (:/M,tzp.
(Lite & CO.,
e Cass a C 0..) •••• 1
. WHOLPALN nzaszsa
Foreign and Domestic Dry Goodie
No. 94 WOOD STBZ/Vr. ;
MOM dotsabove Dlaidolid alley. , ' -
priwnstnum. PA.
New - and Handsome Designs,
No. 107 Market Street 4.
Embnteing a large and carefully selected stone
of the newest designs from the SINEST STAR['-'
to the trade. All of which we offer it prices that
will Pay buyers to examine.
V V \
ar •
W. P. ramusELALvs
.191 , Liberty Street,
Boys' (Nothing Headquarters,
le9 GRAY, & LOGAN.
li t Late Ciitter with W. liefiwaheide.)
:NCEACIEIA,/"T v r T.46 - xgon,
No. 53 Smithfield Street,P!ttsbuzigh.
• sehlity2l
A. ingendid new stock of
Just received by 'WIRY NICIIICIL,
sett IfferoMut Tailor: 73 Smitatleld street.
DR. '101:=7.11R,
Comsincts . TREAT ALL
privnte diseases...7: l gs In a
ects o lgls e rgrms ! ell
err ele=',lnt, epermatorrhenvnini_
COMW rb e tie W ins and impotency,. resulting sent
se nal um , nor MIMI. and Which produce"
the following effects, as blotones.
mate of fl,
maummption, erasion to
weakness."' Mess: - - dread of future 'events, •
1 111)el n. e o t tm' ewer!. indolence, nocturnal ismone.
i. o urso urouratins the sexual system as to
ae...•• Asada*" unsatistactery. and therefore
r e .-. n Zins — are ye send cured. Persons
thltiterliny other d v ellit o t t utricate
0 2nia-:A si vi Urwalligrti nts e , l L Dellita 7 " u art : ai rr it"-aUlla h c ea °4lati o ollU r 4l4 lV htte hl :rie tes, lialaTil fter ß en allin Tilein. gM ale"9lll4.emi t
nation pr Ulceration of the. Womb,. ps.
marine, *Amenorrhoea: Mencrrriagia,
norrhoea, and Motility ar Barrenn are trest:l
ed sae greatest luen.
It is elf.wrident Om a physted M wh o r cilium
!il li tYm e i g in uil d reir rs
year m ust ' mmutre_meaterskill thiM Specialty
Canon" in naval Pratillea.
The - Doctor publishes a - medical- pampaletAt
fifty psreathat glees A full ograsition of venereal
and "Orate diseases. that eaa as bad tree *iodide
or by ; m
all ,for twoOmps,. In sealed envelopes.
itvery sentence ponlMirmstruction to the. az.
nietm, and enabling - th em to determine the,lins:
else natorelof
_their cOmplaintm.
Tbo• estawisnmes.e . ,:prasing. ten: arliple
rooms, is 'central: en it ' is not coaveldent to
visit the eltV the Is 0011011 can be oto.
Wee/ rm. Irrring *Written itatcrosnt Of Umlaut.;
and medtemes can be forwarded by mail or ex
press. In some bustanees:: however. a Pereoald
exarainationdutely,_nscossary, while in
others daily aitenateu ,reqt Avid. ond
fOr the lieooll2tri f snail Patients =ere are
ay videdwith arMente
e womb:fed with the °Mee that
very requisite Abet .is to
Mirmaven'. including medico i t
yrceeriutiona are prepared , in, the
Doctor!' owwiaboratory. ander his Derseam or
pion.- 31,01kni pammilet" once free. or
ineo_ thr two stamp.. A4O matter wit* have
saute, ready= aging. MOM IDAJL.
JIG toVIII P. 1k 911100, L Nin. s o
,SWSIISTI %Ur VOWS UM%) -niftsgly