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Argument In the Hockenberry Ilbmiclde
/ I Case on Motion for. a New Trial—Tim
Trial of Mrs. Shugart fer. Killing
Her Husband with Polson—lmportant
. , Cases.
t[Speatal Dispatch to the PlttaDurgh Gazette.)
1. BUTLISit, PA., June 21, 1869.
? , 1 laiTived here to find the town consid
erablYazaltesiever the pending motion
tfor a new trial in behalf of the convicted
• ,inurderer, Zachary Taylor Hockenberry,
who, it; will be remembered, was tried
land found guilty of murder in the first
!degree, on the charge of slaying his
!cousin, Miss McCandless, who refused to
!return the love be directed to
-1 • !Wards her as a - sutler tor her
- hand. So far as I can judge
from limited opportunities afforded,
r Ifqr judgment since my arrival, the peo
iple appear to have little sympathy with
,'. fthe prisoner, and to • partake largely in
( the belief that he is guilty and richly
Itlierits the extreme penalty of the law.
I- ilitotne think he was a mono-maniac in
ids love forth, victim of the fatal bullet,
" t . nd attempt to .
excuse him on that
L *round. ' The murder was so •skil
-Ifully planned, so cleverly executed,
oand the evidence so darkened after per
.lpetratiait that this view has ltitie weight
:tin the estimation of the community, for
iLf the prisoner is guilty-his crime can
have no appallation on the ground-of any
species of insanity. - I cannot judge
. !:vhether or not a new trial will be grant
ed. The points of the arisument are all
:I %rep taken, but eminent legal gentlemen
1 1 ,nrq engaged on both sides,' and the Court
Is seldom known to err in important
1 .
::', I legal matters. , .
~i Thetrial of 'Hrs.-Shugart for the mur
, der, by poison, of her husband, will
'• tcommence here to-morrow, provided the
iHockenberryargument is disposed of by
lithat time. It will be remembered that
. A
I the. female prisoner in this case is a
comely looking young German woman,
who was united some years ago to a hus
. band much older than herself. To a;
appearances the union was not particu
f, IY unhappy, Shugart, while work
ing in a field kilt 'Pailt.ww•auddear
taken ill, after partaking of some
soup prepared and sent him by his Wife.
He died with all the symptoms of arse
nical poison, and in great agnoy. Arse
nic was found by chemical analysis in his
stomach atter death. What the evidence
is against the woman I have not- yet
learned, Pint will write by an early mail.
A man named Miller, said to have been
her paramour and an accessory to the
murder, is likewise. under ar
rest awaiting trial. They • will be
tried separately. The case of
Mrs. Shugart will come up In the
Court of Oyer and Terminer to-morrow
before Judges Lawrence McGurbn, Jos.
Cummins and Thomas W. Garvey. For
the Commonwealth Messrs. Jno. M.
Greer, W. H. H. Riddle and Charles
McCandless will appear; for the defense
Messrs. E. McJunklu, John M. Thomp
i son and Lewis Z. Mitchell. The trial
promises to prove one of the most inter
esting ever held in these parts and great
puhlic interest is manifested in the case.
W. 11. H.
Arrival of IU. S. Mlnister Reif tyi—
Tile Troubles In Queretaro—Revolu
tion. Risewhere=Anticlpatea War of
Races. -
CITY OF MExico, June 14, via HAVANA,
une'2l.—Mr. Nelson, new Minister of
the United States, arrived on the 12th.
The authorities at Acapulco hskl some
difficulty with the United States steamer
Pensacola, and an order was served upon
her commander that she must not leave
the harbor. Without paying any atten
tion to the order the Pensacola sailed the
next day.
The troubles in Queretaro are increas.
An. The Federal forces in Michoacan
and Guanajuato have been ordered to re
. inforoe the troops in the State of .Quere
There la much excitement over the
elections. The Two Bepublice newspaper
predicts that the government will surely
carry the day. Tennanda allows the
church many privileges and will gain its
ald elections.
A . :evolution is on foot In Guadalajara:
General placid° Vega has arrived at
- •
-,General Lozada has issued an order
Sol' the division of lands and haciendas
among the Indians. This Lalooked upon
,gBthe.beginnlng of a war of races.
Owitig to the vigorous measures of the
.Goveraionent kidnapping is on the de
m:mein all parts of the country. '
.The latest news from Queretaro is that
'the 'Federal .party"-have displaced the
;State °Moorland are executing prisoners
,for troilism
. ,
ITenrieslee Pelitks—NeW Stokes Organ.
Mg Telegraph tope Pittsburgh chisette.3
NestiviLLA, June 21.-4 he Mate Jour
mai, Stokes' organ, made its appearance
'aids ewming.. - itia edited by GdetlaM.dt
Bovell, late editors of the.. Press and
"ivies. It contains a dispatch from H.
A. Hamilton, of Memphis, stating that a
I Democratio Register for •Shelby county
:has been appointed by Gov. venter.
A dispatch to the Press and Times,
'from Bast Tennessee states that Stokes,
•in his speeches on Friday and Saturday,
,was severe In his denunciations of Sen
ator Brownlow, and declared that Grant
was on his side, that he was expecting
dispatch from him to that effect. Seater
sdberea to his first position on the suf
' frogs question, whilst Stokes is betooni
log more stringent. % ,
iNr .. "-n ,... 5: , -.- 1 . 7. , , , ,, `,. .. -- ~,, ... .•.- - I
. L.)''4*..
' 4 1: :4 44: ^ ".1 i'47'' •t'''."C42:A'''el:i.e4ki''','-'4.::0? ;. Wi4: :".' '' ',! {P . :P: .: 4 '; '' '' ::, : r: -'l " rZ 4 . h . ' -' [ .. .. 2 4 5 '1 ; 3.., tcr4eSifel . '‘,-,Arerf.-3;3:iN :2,-. -4• ''n fa ' - ,, , ,- W2,414 , ' i
i,•S. 1. 4 1 ',., ., , '.t .,,, ,. ,;,,, .... ' ,. .4A , ~ , ,,,,,,, , ',..,,,,,, . ., , ,,k4.,,.', -c ^,,e ~..r,,, ~--g4 -.. .. a .:, ,-- A , ~-14- ' :' , 7 4 „F1 L Z ,,, , ,,,, 4 .. 4' X , , ' tg..› - se - 41. ,,,,, ,v,r,
r - 7 1.14~,,; - , v..r„ r . ,-. ..,.., - ,-, 11. ~ J.....,, , ,A fili..o2"` - . w.,_„,.. , , q - ' " '1.,..,,,..t, •
•••+I• + 4 '44, • VI, ....g; v.. f10 v ,,,k, -.-y r--- ~ • ..?" ,?, ' — 'lT4l , ' • Mii: ' 2 4 :1141 • Ag.„ --' .
The Correspondence Which, Led Gen.
Webb, U. rS, Minister ; to Demand His
Passports. `,
• •
CRY Telegraph to the Pittsburgh Gazette.l
NEW YORK, Tune 21.—The following is
a condensed account of Minister Webb's
correspondence with the - 13razilian Gov
ernment: In Octob-r, 1856, the Ameri
can whale ship Canada got ashore on the
Garris reefs, near the mouth of- the
Rio Grande del Norte. Brazilian
soldiers, in spite of , the re
monstrances of captain and crew,
seized the vessel and - selling her cargo
deposited the proceeds in the Brazilian
Treasury. Reclamation was made by
onr Government. The ownere , renewed
their claims in 1864, through Minister
Webb, for damages and Interest to the
amount of tlOO.OOO. Finally Minister
Webb was authorized tn‘compromise on
- the payment of 170,006, or one-fifth the
original amount. In April, the late
Baron de Calegipe, on behalf of the Bra
zilian Government, reiected thlioffer, on
the ground that the Brazilian Minister
at Washington had not advised his
Government, that he had been informed
by Mr. Seward of his having issued
renewed instructions to the Minister in
Brazil, and would wait until officially In
formed of the -fact through their own
Minister. General Webb wrote to the
Baron, protesting against his taking Buell
abaurd ground, and declaring that if it
Was; maintained he should ask for his
passports. On the first of May Minister
Webb received a note from the Brazilian
Foreign Office, stating no - disrespect
was intended toward him, but that
the American Government not hav
ing announced to • the Brazilian Min-:
later at Washington the result of the
reconsideration, nor of the issue of re
newed and modified instructions to Gen.
Webb, keeping his Gevernment in the
same state of uncertainty that it was in
and from which it cannot depart
except in such manner as shall have full
consideration for the respect due to its
Minister and from one Government to
the other.
On receiving this note, Gen. Webb re
plied in severe language, demanded his
passports and obtained them. As he was
preng to leave for home he
aftft - ewell epistle at the Brazilian
authorities, of width the following is a
sample sentence: gilt' in disregarding
my rights and grossly insulting my gov
ernment, the present reactionary and
proslavery government of Brasil has also
violated the rights which by eatixtesy be=
long to my oolleagnes, they will doubtlees
.00llectively or each for himself do asl
have ,done, do what is necessary in, the
premises. Brazil hsui been admitted,
Into the family of civilized nations, and
being within the •pale ale must be re•
quired to discharge the duties she hp
voluntarily assumed, and be taught to
prac a tice the international amenities of
the g"
This e. note appeared to have tiroughtt he
Brazilians tti r- lheirketinseez-_The, °ovum-,
ment at once yielded all that tieri:Welffi
demanded and diplomatic relation, ware
forthwith restored.
Funeral Serviees at New York Fester=
day—General Demonstration of Re
(Ba Tezearapi. to be Pittsbarzh Gazette.)
NEW YORK, June 21.—The funeral ser
vices of the late Henry J. Raymond took
place - this afternoon in the Presbyterian
Church, corner of Tenth street and Uni
versity Place.l The entire edifice, ex
cepting the portion reserved for the fam
ily and intimate friends of the deceased,
was crowded sully two hours before the
impressive bin sad services com
menced. The' rain, whidh fell at in
tervals in torrents during the afternoon,
did not prevent a larmatsieniblage of
India's. At about half past five o'clock,
after prayer at the house, No. 12 West
Ninth street,' for the family, by Rev.
Professor Shedd, the remains were re
moved to the' Church, the pall-bearers
being Mayor Hail, Admiral Farragut, -
General Dix. General McDowelr, i Thur.
low Weed, Judge Daly, Ex• Senator Mor
gan, Wm. C. Bryant, Horace Greeley,
B. F. Tracy, A. T. Stewart, M.
H. Grinnell, George Win. - Curtis
and C. C. Norvell. The chief mourners
were• Mr. Raymond's son, his two 'broth
era and Mr. Geo. Jones,
and others, the members of the Asso
ciated Press, and nearly -all the promi
nent journalists of this city. and quite a
number from,pther parts of the country,
were present, while the Times office was
represented by nearly all the attaches of
the establishment. The ceremonies
at • the .church opened with I vol
untary on the organ. Rev Dr.
Stephen H. Tyng read the Ep acopal
3 !
service for4he dead. Rev. Henr Ward.
Beecher delivered a touching eu logy of
Mr. Raymond. Rev. Mr. Kellogg, pastor
of thel church where the servicee were
held, followed . with prayer, and Rev.
Prof. Shedd pronotuicild the benediction.
The coffitt was a very handsomrilise
wood casket, silver mounted, a d was
inscribed simply • with the name
and age' of deceased, and Yered
with several beautiful wrest a ( of
immortelles.. After the servic ,The
lid was opened and ' the wole
au d ience; passed in procession arou d the
coffin each member taking a las look
upon the remains of one of New ork's
most respected and deeply loved, sons.
The lid was again closed and gre- '
gallon slowly dispersed. • The re sins,
it is understood-- were le ft in the
church during - ' to-nittht and isri I be
privately interred to.morrow_at G een
wood by the family. Mrs. Hay and
and daughters were present i the
church during the ceremonies. Gov.
Hoffman, though desirous of atten ing,
was unavoidably detained at Al h tny.
From the City Hall; other public ld.
legs, hotels and the newspaper offices,
Sage were displayed at half mast during
the afternoon.
The Bciard of Aldermen to-day adopted
resolutions in honor to the memory of
Mr. Raymond.
Review of Troopi—The Captured
Steamer taken,.
(By Telepseh to the Plttebuteh Gesette.)
HAVANA June Acting
Captain General, reviewed the volun
teers op Saturday. '
The Spanish steamer Fernando Catoli
ico sailed to-day with the : eaPtilred
steamer Lahave tow for Kingicton, for
the purpose of bringing the case before,
the English Court there, for carrying
articles contraband of war. The Spanish
authorities refused to take action, as the
Lahave was captured on the high seas.
CSy Telegraph to the Pittsburgh 0 ette. I
LONDON, June 21,—The anno • ncement
of the sudden death of Hery J. Ray.
mood create a deep feeling of .orrow.
The Pall Mall Gasette , eulaglzqii Mr.
i .
Raymond as a publicist and _jcurnalist,
and says his death creates a_ gap which
cannot be filled. - ~
Theßaily Telegraph, in asi ilar arti
cle,r3R sap' in private life Mr ,Raymond
was amiable, courteous, loyal and hoe.
pitable, and he was beloved by all, even
when opposed to Many In polit es.
In the House of Commons thi evening,
Sir John Gray, member tor ilkenny,
asked- the government if there was - any
reason to apprehend further troubles
In Ireland and if thelmilita force in
that' country was to be etre gthened.
Mr. Fortesque, Chief Secretary for Ire
land, stated the Government was in
formed Mr. Johnson, a prominent
- Orange leader in Ireland, had called a
meeting to celebrate the anniversary of
the 12th of July. This was not an act of
hostility to the Government,) but the
practice of increasing the military foreo
in Ireland about the time of This anni
versary was never more neces ary than
in the prevent year.
In the House of Lords to-n ght Earl
Gray gave notice that he should move to
omit in the Irish Church bill th t portion
of the preamble which provides that the
property or proceeds of said ChUrch shall
not be held orapplied for the maintain
ance of any church or clergy ,or other
ministry, or for the teaching of religion.
It is reported the Cambridge 'boatmen
will withdraw-from the match with the
Harvard Club.'
Pairs, June 2L—M. Schneider has
been reappointed' President of the Corps
legislatif, and Alfred Leronk, Baren
Jerome, David and Durnral, nee Presi
BREST, June 21.—The Great Eastern.
has arrived and the splice td the shore
end of the cable will soon be :ade and
the new cable under way.
• PARIS, June 21.—Ismael Pas a, Vice
roy of Egypt, leaves for London to mor
BREST, June 21.—A banquet w given
on board the 'steamship Great Eastern
last night. Toasts were drank honor
of Emperor Napoleon, Qdeen Victoria,
and President Grant, and to the \ union
of Francs, England and America. At
an'earl3r hour this morning the shore
11n8 and sea .Atable were spliced,- and at
-4 0-44...UWAyieidonput,tg, au, the
Great Eastern p yThrtipt-the:oabt•with:
ease and - rapidity. Dispatches received
from on board the steamer show the'
work bigoing on without interrup ion.
BERLIN, June. 21.—The Zollyerei . Par
liainent having rejected the priposed
duty on petroleum, Count Bismar ck de
clared that the .Prealdenoy of the ri Zoll-
yerein would not consent to any re sicn
of the actual duty unless the Chamber
reconsiders its action. The duty on su
gar has passed. The session will close
Idir.,As, June 21.—Slight tumults °o
ccurred here yesterday. The military
was called out, but met no resistance.
All is quiet now. Count Torre, Prefect
of the. Province, has issued a proclann
tion threatening to lake severe measures.
to suppress outbreaks, •if they are re
LIVERPOOL. June 21.—Theceteamships
Manhattan, Tarifa, Dacian, Wiper and
Virginia have arrived from Newlin*.
BRtIIIY, JUDO 21.—The titearnabili' Villa
de Parte, from New York, arrived to-day.
LONDONDERRY,. June 21.—The steam
ship Peruvian, from Quebec, has arrived.
LONDON, June 21.-Consols for money
at 92%, for account 92%. •Five-Twenty
Bonds 80%, do. Frankfort 86%@86%.
Eries 20, Illinois 9434.
PARIS, June 21.-Bourse dull. litanies
70f. 17c.
LIVERPOOL, June 21.-Cotton active;
uplands at 12%@12%; Orleans at UN@
1234; sales of 18,000 bales. California
white wheat 9s. 9d., rod western Bs. 10d.
Flour 235. Corn; No; 2- mixed at 275. 6d.
for new, 288. 6d. for - --t r old. Oats 3s. 4d.
Barley Bs. Peas 375. 6d. • Pork 995. Beef
90s. - Lard 725. Cheese 78a. Bacon 625.
6d. Common Rosin 511., fine 16s. I Spirits
Petroleum Bd., refined Is. 7d. Tallow
445. 6d. Turpentine 27e. 6d. Linseed Oil
LONDON. June 21.---Linseed Cakes 9s.
18d. Linseed Oil dull. Tallow 445. 3d.
Sperm 011
.955. Sugar 395. NI. Jinn, spot
easier afloat. Whale 011 4s. 10d. Cal
.outta Linseed 60$. 3d.
, ANTWERP, Julie 21: 7 -Petroleum firm
at 47% francs. I I
HAVRE, June 21.--Cotton at 145 franca,
OD spot.
The Assault Upon a Revehtte Officer—
Died While Bathing—launigrams.
(By Telegraph to she Pfttsbargh G l aciate.]
CINCINNATI.. June 21.—George and
William Setter, tobacco manufacturers,
for the assault made on Revenue Agent
Hoagland, were today lined - in the Po
lice Court and held In one thousand dol
lars each ta keep the ;peace for one year.
-Frank-- H. - Thompson 4611: dead this
morning from epilepsy, while bathing.
Fifty-eight, German ; emigrants fron2
Bremen by way of Baltimore, arrived
here to-night .by the Marietta Railway.
The non-resfilent tax-pavers met to
day and passed resolutions favoring a
Vote for the Southern Railroad on Satur
day. . • . . • ,
Cuban Junta In Custody.
CBg.Telegraph to the Pittsburgh Gazette.]
NEW Yorts, June Alfero,
Colonel W. A.' Ryan, Captain J a m es
yeters and Messrs. Ackerman and Sire.
derfor, Members of the OubinVJunts.
were arreeted this evening and lodged in
the - Ludlowletreet jail on an Information
lodged against them by the Spanish
Minister that they intended to Violate
the neutrality law. •
(By telegraph to the Pittsburgh Gazette.)
• WASHINGTON, June 21, 1869.
After the close of the present &cal
year, June 80th, and until,, further
instead' - of weekly purchtiSes of lxinds
and sales of gold, the Secretary of the
Treasury will purchase one million dial
lers in bands on alternate weeks, com
mencing Thursday, July let, and will
sell one million dollars of gold alternate
weeks, comniencing Thursday, Juli , Bth.
The Assistant Toasurer at New York
tars been instructed accordingly.
On the 12th 'net:: Secretary Fish ad
dressed an official Dater to the British
Minister, informing him of the action of
the House of Representatives at the last
session, recommending the renewal of
negotiations for the arrangement of trade
with Canada, and inviting Mr. Thorn
ton's co-operation withra view to the ne
gotiation of,a Convention covering the ,
interchange of products r five naTigatios.
of the St. Lawrence, freedom of the Gulf
and in shore fisheries, and such other
matters as may be embraced iri
the general subject of trade rela
tions between the United States and
Canada. The British Gr..vernmerit has
given the Canadian authorities the prac
tical control of these sutiects, so far as
they are concerned, and TA is expected
that Canadian Commissioners will arrive
here immediately •to confer with the
Assistant British Minister In the consid
eration Of the proposed Convention.
President Grant and family returned.
to Washington this evening.
To-clay Judge Fisher,presiding In the
Criminal Cann, ordere the Marshal , to
summon o_l:lumber of colored citizens to
till "vacanales in the Grand and Petit Ju
ries. Before the close of the week.the
now element will be presented among
the white jurors.
rc is generally admitted that Douglass,
the colored comparator, will be continued
at the government . printing office, ir
respective of any society action. To-day
three compositors resigned. One of them,
a cripple, declared he would not work
with a negro. Another court:Oates was
The recelpta from Internal Revenue to
day were one million and thirty-two
thousand dollars.
Arrival of Senator W ade and Others at
*au Frantisco--Gold Hunters for
Alasta—Revolution to Tahatt Island.
{Br,Tv.tursoll to the rittabsrits Eissette.l
Wade, Senator Roscoe v cOnklirgs and
party have arrived, from the east. The
Pulman F!alace car party left Sacramento
for New York. June 19th, accompanied
by Governor Blaisdell, of Nevada, and
other prominent Nevadlans and Califor
A. schooner sailed hence last week car
rying,a party of prospectors for the gold
fields of Alaska.
A. small boat of the United States
steamer Mohican was sunk by the Oak
land ferry boat June 18th, resulting in
the drowning of midshipman William A.
Lout, of Augusta, Maine.
A large quantity of yplum received by
the steamer. Great Republic, has been
seized by the Revenue authorities for
violation of the Customs laws.
Tahiti advices to May llth, announce
another revolution in that island. The
Governor of Tahiti. Count de Ronclere,
proclaimed his intention of establishing
a new form of internal government and
proceeded to arrest M. kloyer,the Ondon
atteur. and M. Wallazer, recently arrived
from France as Procurer Imperial, Chef
ti? Justice Judiciaire, by appointment
of the Emperor, who disapproved any
change in the recognized Government,
accusing them of conspiracy against his
person. No communication is permit
ted; even writing materials are forbid.
den them. Orders were immediately
issued to prepare the French transport.
Chevort for sea, with the object of remov
ing M. Boyer from the Island before the
arrival of Governor Ronclere's suc
cessor. There — is great indignation and
excitement among the people of Tahati,
anti the arrival of the Governor's LAlC
cossor is anxiously anticipated.
Railroad Employe Murdered—A Muni
cipal Brawl—July . Interest on City
Bonds—Mlurdered by Indians.
Rumen's, June 21.—Wm. Winters, an
employe on the Memphis and Louis
ville Railroad, was shot and afterwards
beaten to death withihe.butt of a pistol
by an Irishman named Milden, at Ma
son's depot. hillden escaped.
Robert Ti. Smith, formerly sheriff of
this county, dropped dead in Fropt Row
this afternoon while in a fit.
At a special meeting of the Board of
Aldermen this afternoan, Mayor Left
wich asked for leave of absence, and
appointed Alderman Black Mayor pro
tem. The Board refused to confirm the
appointment and eletted Alderman Mar
shall, whereat the Mayor became • ex
cited, denounced the Board, with few
exceptions, as a set of thieves and rob.
berg, and withdrew his application' for
leave. The'noeting adjourned in great
It is almost certain that ,a special tax
will be levied to meet the July interest
on city bonds.
The Fort Smith Herald of the 12th, re.
ports the killing of a girl named 'Mar
gust, aged 17, residing near the State
line, by five Choctaw Indians, who es
caped to their nation. The girl bad in
terfered to save her mother, whow Indi
ans were threatening to kill, when they
shot her through the head.
A man named Cooper was shot and
killed in Maray county last week, while
trying to kill a constable who was at
tempting to arrest him.
—lt is ',understodd that the Chicago
Elevator men are not dieposed to comply
with the wishes of the Board of Trade,
as indicated by the resolutlone passed
on Saturday, at least not for the pristent.
It is said that they will hold off Until
the bulk of the grain now in the coun
try shall have Watt sent to market.
i ll riot of Capt. Donaldson at St. Louis.
[By Tolegraph to the Pittsburgh Gazette.)
I ST. Louis, June 2l.—The interest in
the`Donaldson trial is ' increasing since
the defenas opened. The court room to
ddy was densely crowded. The first
witness for the defense was Mrs. Eliza
Ryan, washer and ironer 'on the Great
Republic. Oh the way up, when the
boat was beloir Cairo, Anderson came to
the ironing -room toget some clean shirts
for the Captain. She took the
Shirts and laid them on his left
aim; just then the .negro boy Glover
came in and going over to Anderson put
hits hand on the bundle, crumpling one of
the shirts. Anderson told him they were
the Captain's shirts- and he bad better.
lege them alone, using the words
" um you, those ere the ientakle
shirts." Glover cursed nine tu re-.
turn, whereupon Anderson polled out
seine money . from his pocket and said
he did not care; that when he got to
Catth he had means to pay his board.
GiOver drew forth a pistol from hiti
bosom and partly levelled it at alb:Wor
sen, saying "you• will net want any
m' ey when .you get there." Mrs.
Ry n
then laid her hard on one
of . them and told them to be inlet
anct go about their business. About
three-quarters of an hour after this the
T i
steward (MeA.nally) came into the lion
ingroorn and arrested 'Mover, putting a
pair of handende upon him, ha offering
no Irealstance. She did not hear of the
death of Anderson until aftershe left the.
boat ; beard. of the arrest of Danaldsem
but said nothing about the above oc
carrence until about tizee weeks ago;
thinks it was during the present _
month, but coo neither remember tho
date, hour, or day of thcrweek,. except,
that was not Sunday. She saw Mc-
Anally, the stewart, in the back-yard of
herihouse, and they entered into a con-
verisation; during that interview she told-
Mid the above story; he appeared
to• be waiting. to see her, and when
eh/ came out he asked her what
she knew about this case, and
she then related about the quarrel
and! the drawing of the pistol.. Upon.
cross•examinatiou she sate sue was a
Catholic, but had not gone to confession
for,aome years, and of late went very.
rarely to church on Sunday. Didn't
know Glover and Anderson had ever had
anydiffieulty before. The pistol Glover
drew_was similar to the one in Court,
but belted it partially covered with his
JOhn - MeAnallg t the Istewarci of the
Great Republic,
was next called. He
stated that. he had been employed on
boardthe boat on 'and off since its third
trip.{ After the shooting 'he was not
armed. As steward he had charge of
the [cabin hands. After . . Glover re
fused to do , the work be set him at
at; he put another in his place; some of
the men came to him and told him there
wee a flaseparnong the hands; he went up
and [at the pantry saw a crowd; saw
Anderson in the Etat of going awajr.;.bade
them all go to work or he would put
the at in lonia 11XItt they - 'did ge to work;
he ld Snot "litritrt Amterabit ar
thi ng; ,hands "prescan - - sud
some of them appeared stubborn, but he
ha* am- fuss with them. He said that
if Glover • bad told him he was. sick
he wbuld not have ordered him to go to
work; when he did tell him to comb, he
said he would not. He stated In refer
ence to the character of Capt. Donaldson
that he was kutfiet, peaceable man, in
fact too much so; he never knew him to
carry either a knife or a pistol, or any
other[ weapon; never saw tbe—Cientain
drunk. He beard that Anderson
never , spoke to him, an he
was "not present when Anderson
was handcuffed; hasaw him handcuffed
after he was dead. When he put Glover
in the baggage-rooin he took. no postol
from him. In cross examination it ap
,peara that McAnally had takrza, a great,
deal of interest in the case &milted been.
very active in securing the attendance of
Mrs-Ryan. He bad tried to obtain board
for her. and seemed very desirous of se
curing her atitandance.
The general outline of the defense
would appear to show that upon the ne
gro Glover will 'an attempt be made to
throw the guilt of the affair and prole
that hi) and not Capt. Donaldson killed
Ante sou.
Base Ball at Philadelphia.
CBT Te egraph to the Eltpiborith Gazette.]
Pn LADELPHIA, June 21. About
twent thousand persons witnessed the
game of base ball between the Red
Stock nes and Athletics of this city. The
Athie les were short in their pitcher and
their play was not up to the usual stand.
'ard, prhile the Red Stockings played
well, inaking but few misplays. The
game esulted In favor of the Cincinnatis
by a score of 2? to 18, as follows:
Cincinatis...2 5 0 1 0 9 5 0 5.L.27
Athle ic5......0 1 11 1 1 6 1 7 1-18
—A a special meeting of the Board of
trade . f St. Louis, last night. a report
was r Lad from a Committee, appointdd
for that purpose, in regard to the bridge
now being built to cross the Mississippi
river id Keokuk, lowa. The report shows
seyersil violations of the law governing
the cOnstrution of bridges across the
Mississippi and pronounces this bridge
a den 4erous obstruction to the navigation
of theiriver. The report is quite scien
tific add points out the precise manner in
which; this bridge will obstruct naviga-
tion and endanger property. President
Shryobk avowed that the parties build
ing bridges acros 'the Mississippi
river did so with the deliberate
desigri,of obstructing navigation by
damlrie the river as much as possible,
and make the people of the northwest
unwilling victim' of railroads. He had
heard such statements openly made. He
advised the entering of a formal
protest *mann the building of the
Keokuk bridge on the present
plan; 1 and if the -law, was not
strictly complied with to serve out an
injunction and stop work.. He also said
that the - receipts of grain at St. Louis
had quadrupled since the efforts made
to cheapen transportation onthe products
of the northwest and the Organization of
the Grain Assoi3lation.
—The supplementary concert of the
Peace . Festival took place in the Coil "
Boston, Sunday night. before an
audience of fifteen thousand, and proved
a great stiocese. Five thousand choris
ters, with Madame Parepa Rosa, Adelalde
Phillips and Ole Bull, Participated. The
concert was conducted by :Messrs. Gil
more, 7,eitrahan and Eichberg. In most
of the tharchecon Sunday. allusion RIM
made by the'pastors to the great moral
accomplishments and effecta of the
Peace Festival. The commendation wan
—President Grant and family left New
York for Washington yesterday morning.
—The stake money in the lirleCoole-
Allen prize tight has been given to Mc-
—vernor Clailin, of Ma chusetts ,
has tio
signed the Prohibitory L iq uor Law,
to go into effect July first.
—The frigates Savannah 'and Macedo
nian, of the Practice Sq adron, left Fort.
ress Monroe on Monday on their annual
—Daniel Scott, a wel known auction.
eer of Chicago, has a nded, leavitg
deficiencies tothe e tof ten totwenty
thousand dollars.
—John Kinney, of Newark, New
Jersey, on Sunday quarreled with his •
wife, and seizing an ax inflicted -.a'fatal
wound upon her head.
—Charles H. McDonald, aged sixteen
years ;employed In the Republican office,
at Frederick, Md., committed suicide.on
Monday morning by taking laudanum. ,
—Vice President Colfax spent Monday
at Springfield, Mash. as. the guest of
Samuel Bowles, and leaves to-day to
visit Senator Morrill. at Stratford; Ver
—The towoat Bengal Tier Is en route
to St. Louis b from Dubuqu g e with 1,000
tons of ice, 32,000 bwaliels of wheat, and
13,000 bushels of oats, adding 17,000 bush
eh of corn at Keokuk.
—At Buffalo, Sunday night, Thomas
Myers, released from the' Auburn State-
Prison in March last, stabbed Michael
Cochran in three places, inflicting fatal
Wounds.. Myers is in Rel..
. --Fifty prdminent St- Louis firms have
guaranteed the Merchants Exchange, or
Grain Association, against loss in the ex
periment of bringing an ocean steamer
from New 'York and loading her for that
—The continued wet weather is be
coming a serious cause of alarm to - Ill
inois farmers. IThiess there is a change
soon the corn crop, in 3toithern and
middle Illinois. wilf come• near proving
a , failure.
' —The boiler of a locomotive on the.
Reading Rallroaclvexploded at Mahoning -
Plane, Schuylkill county, Sunday even
lag,l9th. George Wilson, the engineer,
was instantly killed r and the .fireman
beAllY injured. -
John F. Cheek,. Clerk of Dear
born county, Indiana, died yesterday
afternoon.;, He held many offices of honor •
and - profit, was a gallant and meritorious
of in the late war, and was univer
sally respected amsegst a wide circle of
. ,
• —Monday morning a-special tzain from -
Sacrarnitnto s California, reached Chicago, „
bringing the wife of'Gen. Stanfbrd,.Pres
(dent of the Central Pacific Railroad, her
children, servants and friends. The train
consists of two elegant ears which were ,
built at Sacramento.
—The firstexecution in South Carolina;
under the reconstruction otthe State got
'ernments_ took. plat*. at Arlington Cenrt
Amalie ou Friday of last week. Cyriis
Cox,' a negro,: was heuited for - the murder
of a white man in January last, confess
ing his guilt on the Scaffold. The execu
tion passed off quietly. The Sheriff and
ministers as well asinost of the specta
tors lbeing negroes.
—Between seventy and eighty thou
sand dollars is the total value of the an.
gar, coffee, pepper and cigars seized at
St. Louis last month by the Surveyor of
the Port, for alleged fraudulent with
drawal front the Custom House at Ntsv,,
Orleans. - The property has been tritinii.
s. &fi '/
Jarred to bonded warehouses
forty merchants have beeu innocently
involved in the transaction.
—Judge Joseph R Allyn, of Hartford,
Connecticut, formerly one of the United
States Judges of Arizona Territory who
died recently at Paris, left by will 5,000
each tolite Orphans' Alylum, Ha ford
Hospital, Hartford Charitable jay
and Young • Men's Institute ; /55, iii for
the erection of a piece ,of statuary i the
Park; 62,500 to Gideon Wells and Wil
lien Faxon, late of the Navy Depart •• ent,
who were warn personal frien. :, and
the remainder of his estate to relati • es.
—The Supreme Court of Illinol. has
just rendered a decision approvin the
validity of, the provision of the c , arter
of Chicago, requiring fereign ins. mice
company agencies in.that' city . pay
two dollars on every undred do an of
premium received. The case was hat of
Arthur C. Ducat vs. the Cityof C cago,
in which 'he claims from the city
$3,756.39, the amount-of tax whi hhe
had paid to the city as agent for :veral
New York insurance companies, it being
claimed that the law had no right o dis
criminate between home and f.reign
companies in this respect. The • : was
decided for defendant by the S :rior
Court of Chicago, and that has no been'
aftirnied'on appeal. In consequ :rice of
this decision the city has coat enced
suit against twenty-five agents, t. com-- I
pel them to pay back the tax, • hich
they have heretofore neglected to do.
Auother 4atelde,
The body of Nelson Henry, la., mail
agent on the West Penn's. Railro ,;was
found in a grove near Apollo, Arm trong
county, Sunday, under oircumstan- , s in-
dicating that he had committed s ' , aide.
lie had been drinking liquor for ome
weeks past and was Miming nn •er a
temporary - aberration of the mind and
had threatened to destroy himself. He
w a s s een i n A po llo Friday, at hich
time he was laboring under great m , ntal
excitement. It im probable that he shot
himself, as there was a bhilet hole
through his body, passing throng a .o
heart, and an empty pistol was f. d
near the body when dimmers& The
deceased was a steady you ng man, nna
of respectable Parents, who reside is
Kittanning, Armstrong county. He
was about twenty-eight years of age.
An inquest was held on the body, when
the Jury returned a verdict to the effect
that he came Roble death by a shpt from
wgun held in his own band. The body
was removed to-the residence of his pa.
Additional Markets by Telegraph.
Ostioaao, June 21.—At the Opm Board
a fairly active demand existed for No.-2
spring wheat, the market closing at i 4 24
seller for the month. Considerable was
doing in No, 2 Corn. sales beidg made at
the close at 67.ti0 seller ally, and 70c.
buyer July. In the evening there was
v little ery doing. No. 2 spring wheat
closing at 11,25 seller the month. No. ,2
corn sold to a moderate extent at 88 . a
seller July. Oats were unmentioned„
'Provisions lifeless. •