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    IP',E*OO,4/1 MARKET.
Conotor. OF Pirrsirtmois GAZETTE,
SATURDAY June ,19, 1869.1 s
The fibulia" viers in the ascendancy
litilinktbe early part of the ;week.; but
-4uTiNks ;ha pasi.two days. there has:iteen
oppiderable of a reaction. and. bov i day
fire ; 4 bears",claim to have the advantage.
Z r he iiiittnie, of business during . the en.
Wlek'bias been comparativelyilight,
. 4 tiriticli!Was owing to, the fact that the
iit'itiket: his beeri so unsettled and -irrtig
ular that buyeis'inci have hecin
'uruililti to get toiether..: .The.: eastern
markets have been , nisnatudly quiet! all
;.sirt2,4,,;custd it is alleged that New York
is decidedly "bearislitti—that the leading
operators are doing all in their wer to
force prices dawn, and in this t hey have
Often aided to some eitent by the decline
Europe and the , fhll in gold.. The
Crude market, as has : peen the case all
siesuton, responds to the downward ten
darkly very sluggishly, while, strange
48 it tasty appear, it is generally ahead of
Refirsid when the tendency is 'upward.
As already intimated, however, it has
been !tubed ti yield somewhat during
the past two days, and the 'bears" are
very sanguine that the bottom has not
yet been &owned. •
:Receipts Crude this week, 24,734; last
weak' 88,154; from January Ist to date,
340.038; same time last year, 593,081.
4ports Refined this week, 12,955; last
week, 11,642; from January Ist to date,
1g8,585; same time last year 246,160.
84ea this week, 85,160; last year, 162,006.
The market was Irery quiet and dull
to-day and while the feeling generally is
weak and bearish, prices have undergone
no quotable change: Spot oil may be
quoted nominally at 14)1434. the Inside
figuie offered and outside figure asked.
Sale of 400 bbls delivered on cars at Ve
nango City at 5,50 which is equivalent to
14 cents here: _ '
Also. (inlet -add .weak and drooping
Sale of 000 July at 31%; SOO 'each
August,to October at.-83 / ; and the Erie
Oliqua,ia , reported as having sold 3,000
June at .30 1 ,4. June and July show a,de
-311110 of a qtiarter compared with yester
day While the lateCmoriths appear tope ho ding their own.--N
Ecliptle Winter Lubricating oA
Eclipse Railriniad Axle
Ecliptics Machinery
Eclipse Spindle '
asestpre OF moor on-
Fisher & Bro ' 720 bbhi.
Owateei & Bowers. 960
3. Vandergrlft 1,040 , is
Waring, King & 960 "
S. Thomas . . 160 "
E. H. Long 640 ,ss
• Total' ' ' 4.080 b
'Lockhart, Frew dr. Co. 738 bbla refined
I to Watrden, Frew & Co. Philadelphia.
iv - " - 13=ril l. ' Oil Co 366 bbls relined to
& Co., Philadelphia.
'_Livingston & Bro., 1500 cases to War
den Frew & Co., Philadelphia.
Lyons & Bro., 612 bblEi refined to W.
P.-Logan & Bro., Philadelphia.
Liberty Oil Works 445 bbls refined to
W. P. Logan & Bro., Philadelphia.
Moßelvy & Bro., 527 bbls refined to
W. P. Logan & Bro.; Philadelphia.
Citizens • Oil Co. 424 bbls refined to
Tack 4., Bro., Philadelphia. •
:Faoett, L. & S. 250 bble refined to W. -
Logan & Bro.. Philadelphia.
, Itertone ‘ oll Works, 50 bible refined to
Warden, 'Frew & Co.,; Philadelphia
' MonteheirrierlCohlei& Ca. 850 bble reL -
to•Wiiring King & C 0.., Philadelphia" '
Braun: & Wagner 450 13ble relined to
Waringt King& Co., Philadelphia; ": •
Zbtal Befined,l.soo Cases-- 4212bb1e.
: -;; • DEPOT.
Brooke, Ballenthie & Co. 858 bbLs - reL
to Warden,. Frew tit Co., Philadelphia.
E Colter,.loo bbie z refined to D. L.
BeeY, .
Total shipments Refined_ 458
OIL ginii , ..V.T.erre,,Pae. WEST PENP(.I.
Rahiton & Warhig273 bbls refined to
Waring i llit3g Es4 e' 1 3 f diadelole,
Total Re firkid. r •• - t 2 A ' 4 273
.t•• - Mark, by Telegrapt.
X 8 1 4!. wings... Jun- 19.—Cotton dull ,
and heavy; sales of 900 bales, at 33340
4 -
for -middling tplinnfr. - - l fut rece
II;151' bbls; s©loc bolter ' for shi p ping
gradfriano less act ve, sales 31,700, bab;
at $4,00®5;85- for superfine State and.'
westeni,',3,lslg)7,oo 10 'extritl344; $3.90:
00* 6 F i t0i : . P . S . ' Alci B ern, 1 6 , for.,
White wheat extra, $6,15i2N,85 for round
how Ohio,. $6.50 ®7,50:f0r extra St. Lords; .
and ..sB®ll-.fori good to; choice do.-; tx, - ..,
ehidad,in. :the sales •were 43,4500 , bbls, at -
$6,1000.50 for i extra western and $6 20(
a 6,60 for.extra State, for - June and duty ,
elivery, and part for export. 'Rye Flour
quiet at 4.7 0 @ 6 , 25 . • Corn Meal in moder
a°request., . Whisky opened firm - and
( i t
closed .dull; sales of 250 bbls western at
i r 1,0301,04, free. , Wheat; receipts 51,814
blob; market opened• very firm but, , and closed- quiet and , a shade'
easier; sales .48,000 bu at $1,45@1,47 for
No. ; spring to arrive and--afloat; $1,40
afloat few No. 3 spring; 51,70 Dor. white
California. Rye firm and scarce. Barley
nominal. ; Corn—receipts 16,541 - bui ir
regular; unsettled and closed rather'Mortf
steadyrsales-52,000 bu at 60®82c for new
mixed western _via canal: 870 'for extra
*hot do; 85®87%e for do via railroadf
90tr , r handsome white Westerri, irioltull
ing loads western mixed for-cutport' at,
7943• . ;. Cetiv-reoeipts4,42s bn without de."
eidet LobangeusaleS 28,000 bu. iti,77Ko
78)4itlar Avestan) afloat: 7 :ll,lW' 'quiet;
Coiftiaqtdet add *may.- •Eltigar 7 ,iii mod.
I eritte **Venal' , ealer2oo hhde I:ktba at if
1012 ski "MA'AM 4tilet: l llope . qlll6o'Pe4 .
triolemm-dullst3, 16-yie for ertidefi'lle fel.
. i . i :..Liniteed 7 X611 , - Mill '11t"'' 7 41162
C 1,63. Leather is Arm. COO rit:
• • oojailte er f 46kut
t rgedi,ealea cof- 1 40,?.
1 ' 1 " II . I - detnettl4, 11 eece,
fa x®6so dr - • , sind 40 for ,pulle4
ForfpdUirelfd Ibieit,•Vritiiileiof 900
ibbliOtt - 182,87 cash' MAO for old. do., $24.i.
a .. , ~i fpthico2B,2s@2loo foi'prline•
Id • 4 .lllikl'2so`tblx new - mist, nnpqr
4 . •.. wolf' pitiVits' terms . n e w.;
wttkeeieent'Boobbb:' 'Beef liatne quiet,
witl2'ittleil rif 7 l2s';bblit - at $20,00@81,50.
ctirmistaithinik,',wlth idles of 405 pkge
aV , l936Dl4Wfbr shoulders, and . lex@
All&rfetietheiliaiddlet ' firm, :
with sales
e ' ' bk - b - Ctrifiberliiiid cut Mid Strap.
,I•Itt 161017e.' . ' Laid dull' end heat%
with . sa les of 425'f01` it isigaiodilay
a v
f:Pfoi:ileat ato r tt*
orStbfienderdd; 'Bather ;fi r fyat
or Ohio. Cheese dull at Il@
l g 9 0;
titwitil,frg 'Cop `r' r' 'stead,- 'et . 83 f Art
dd.l7 - kihd Abelip pg lier2@2*, fqc,g 4 4. ;
ang.luids ' : ,64rrtor: ,Il,g , Trop :
I n ' . ,c; 14.64. MA, i t: 04, 4 6 4 Li0r, , se9o4,
814 , ~orfltpervam': p 4i .quiet at,
I atet o Qi l' - e
12 04 ritigilals ' and Auter-
cag a tiedidelLat ,u3i@lN in gold for
1 R ZNlapteady at 13a434 for eat,
6 a s
. 'PaPOnfh'iNeakfer horse shoe.:
' • , Liverpoot.Aniet ands draw
li til'Ortiapnbtapplii,of‘,titheat4er.
• ategamerNAluld'lNlT' birrels of flour
• at 2s. '
i Latest—Flour closed a shade firmer for;
, _ ,
,r 4 •
Shipping grades. with fair export, and a
modeiate speculative demand. Wheat
quiet and slightly in buyers' favor at
'11,441,46h for No. 2, and $1,50®1,51 for
No. / spring. Rye nominal. - Oats dull
at 7734®780 for western afloat. Corn
steady; at 130®83c for canal. and 81®87 0
for railroad: Pork dull at 132,87 for mess
regular. Beef quiet without any decided
change, and cut meats fairly activre and
firm. In Bacon there was a pretty* good '
inquiry and unchanged.• Lard heatry at
19 c for good prime steam. Eggs quiet
_, ~ •
; '• eiteSaala, liiiiEf 19 :—' Easte r n exchange,
g et at 1-10buyingt , Floulin good ship
•ng demand and.ll®l4ls/Lhigher on the
*eat medium "grades; sales of spring
extras at 14,76. I Wheat active ;' No. 1 ad-,
eced 30444; Mae% . at $1,22 ® 1,23, and
o. 2 fi rm and , ?® 234c higher; , sales at'
1,19®1,21q, eicieintr`ersl,2o; tbiblefter
ica unsettled and _bombard at 11.19-
.Corn . moderatelr active and 134®13i0
higher- salei.No. 1 it 63%®66e; N 0.2 at
3,;(434 1 /0 rejected at - 57®58c; closing at
4®644c for N0t, , 1,and.630 for'No. 2; this
, fternoon irregelar at 62.Xibid for N 0.2.
' ate moderately active and I®l3o high- ,
!et; Nol 2at 80®620, °hieing' at 593;(41130c. '
Rye firm- and 34 ®le:.highert.saleallo. 1
at 11®1,02, and No. 2 at.97®99o.„Barley
dull and nominal at 11;26 foi•No."2: sana
pie lots at 11,20®1,80' on track. ' High
wines nominal at 95c for wooden, and
95M ®96e for iron packages. New Or-'
leans Molasses 950®11. Sugar .Is,&.i®
14%0 for fair to choice. Provisione firm
and quibl:- Mess Pork steady and firm
at 133,50. Lard firm at 19!4®19 1 ,4e”.
Sweet pickled hams firm at 15%c. Dry
salted Shoulders firm at 13e. Receipts
for the past twenty-four hours-1,205 bbls
flour, 89,554 blush wheat, 71,880 Nish
corn, 40,703 bash oats,' 827 bueh rye.
Shipments-8,544 bbls flour,. 153,367 bush
wheat, 115,914 bush corn. Freights quiet
at 7X®Blic for wheat to Buffalo.
Sr. Lou;,s June 19.—Tobacco steady
and unchanged. Cotton, none in mar
ket. Hemp flat, no demand. Flour dull
anti weak'; stiperfine sold at 14,50®5,25;
spring extra at 15,00®5;25; double ditra,
55,25®6,50. Wheat firmer ::and.tin
changed; Spring in sacks sold at sl,ll®
1,15; prime to choice fall '11,20®1,45;
r stilctly choice to fancy*l,so. Corn flrm
[ and unchaeged; mixed in bulk sold at 59
®610; milled', in sacks, 68c; yellow, in
:shading fancy, 70®75c; common to fancy
white, 77®840.: Oats, firmer at 62®650.
Rye, steady and, firm at $l,OO. Whisky
higher, sales at 98C. Groceries quiet and
unchanged. Provisions stiff anti holders
not to sell
.at the prices. ;,Pork
held at /34, without sales;, a small lot
sold at 133,50: dry salt meat held - higher
bat nothing" done. • Bacon sold at -1434 e
for.shoulders, 18c for clear rib sides, 18Xo
for clear aides, locee country shoulders
at 18e, clear sides 1734 e. Lard held very
firm at 1934 ®2oc for choice kettle. Cat
tle quiet and unchanged at 334®7c.
Hogs active at 734®90. Receipts: 2,900
bbia flour, 5,000 bush wheat, 3,700 bash
corn, 3,700 bush oats, 300 bush rye, 260
BcrFalo. Tune 19.,—Flour, 'firm and
spring nominally 1.21®25c better; western 1
at 15,50; western staring at 16,25®8,50;
white western, at 18. Wheat active and
higher; sales 'early of 29,000 bus No. 2
Chicago and 14.000 buispring, per sample.
at 11,30 to arrive, also a cargo of 7,800 ow
No. 2 Milwaukee at 51,7(gt1,20 to arrive;
later sales of 18,000 bus No. 2 Milwaukee
at 51,31 to arrive; 7,000 bus No. 2 Mil
waukee club at 11,30;4; a cargo of 8,000
bus do. at private terms to arrive; 75,000
bus No. 2 Chicago and 15,300 i ons No. 2
Milwaukee at 11,3134 to arrive, and 7,800
• bus No. 2 Chicago at 11,31 on spot, dos- 1 1
ing quiet and weaker. Corn dull and 1
small lots - eel/lug at 66®72.0 as to•quality, 1
andB,4:loo bus of ; Chicago No. :1 at 73.54 c:
Oats nominal at 67c, Pork steady at 033
for'' heavy - Irma. Lard steady - at 1930
for " prime. ,In IRO:whims there - ; hunt"
inquiry andheld at 97c, but cencessilort
has to be made to Enid purchasers
Cr..xtranartre, - .Tune 19.--Flour: e
made /8,75 for treble extra white: 17,6 .
7,75 for, double:extra amber; /6.75: for.
double extra red winter,.., /5,7,5 for,extra
red winter, and" 16,25 for donblif'extra
spring; :country' ,trade 17,25®8,00' for ,
double extra white, - ; 16®7 ; for donble,ex-,
Ira red arid 'Welber, 16®6,50 for
extra spring. 'Wheat' sales carit'Ne. 1
red winter at, /1.32.
_bong No: ; ; 1 mixed,
held at_7oc.. 70c..: O a sale ; L ,car at 65c..,, Rye ,
• heldatftol93eTor tilii,2.,' ,and No.:I do at
11®1.0A. Petrettattii held •atis6,os; there'
is nothing doing, for thel:Easterm.bilyarti.
areoffering 27c for July and Aug ust,, but;
salient holding' 'll:2c highint Veit italee •
for. Weeteratriule at1293i®29&;• ': 11 ;'; -•,-;
' Ngw eatisarts,Jund..l9;—Cattownoin
- Mal; middlings 31,3‘432e, „with sides or
• 90 . balea, tapelike br 37 bales; andexports
of, 4,408` , " bales. l :4 3 old 1 138*. -•- Sterling'
149,4®150. New York Sight Exchange.
% • PremiPln- gkoitr-.-sesPerfine,,2o®
• 6,00, - de•Siblis eXtral6,2s, trablaextfa f6c6o.
Clorn,,mlllto4l,oo,eg Oats-7ig/2e. Bran
*l,lO. IfitaPNIPP.I 2 O- 1i1i5vg.f*434,75
®35,00. baCOll, , quiet; shoelders„,lse,
• citilif'llb'eldiiii'litqcina silineekbielgti. -
Lard, firs aptierce 20 ®2lc. , an* , keg 2l®,
224-2 - firm; ,prime *oo44o f: s t ud ,
• ode" Oh '10®11m" Molasses. nominal.
Wtitruiy guletf , weittena'lrectifbiir biblite.
95 ®9No,...Agee unetterxed.: , ,,.;:0...7., ; ,I e
. Pop, lavirdatA,Jiane, I Slot : Elcrar•flieaslY; 1
superniiill,2•l..lted Wheat 0,15, whits
$1,25. tiCornr'shelled:in bulk 656:" . " 'Oats:
belle, 70c.. 11 1,26. 'Leaf tetiacco tirmr
sales 179.. hhds,' El ranging • from ; /4170®
10,25. 1 n.
'°*l6l6ll active with an .upward
tandencrij Pittlit • mess 183,50;"tracen'
shoulders, 14.,er, elear,sitles; .18,4 e; eregtr - ,.
rib, 18/0. rd . 19%d... gimlet oSlagar ,
cured, 19;i:" ithwineis' Aria at' ' Tao.'
Thermometer/8 degfeeifit re9in. if , ' - ,0 ‘;'
Bliultauxxx,olune 19..;-1 1 1biiii aitivel
and. : fir 02; olD_lo9W
- , MKNlnsiti , o l lll - JOYstt:
115,344:08. wheat 'unsettled, et $1,21x.
for NO; rand .1118 g tit Nd.t. =OAS dim'
auclotinclulogelkak 490. for, No .- 2.) IRyal
andjaarlay,pominal. „:„Frel : ids 1 1.qaPtlitd
untihingede Itsic,elbf. 11 I is"
118,0001. bush wheat, { 8,11) Pl:4th- , NUL
81 P 131 P13199 4 ,M,,bbkilollxiMPOOlaniltkt
Whist. .
• i /,'
' litilLaill:P.4lA f ; 411 1 4 1 ; Xi g i - ifolir 8 lit;
tie ;'• Mote' active , and Iriligliliiii' libethi •
western, , extra , family :al 116,60€16•26::
'Whilal dna; red 41,86q51,60., *ye • armer,
at 10,30. - 'Corti 'ln fair - de &end; *esitern
.yallowat4l@)4 mitedlB7l4BB.E l Osibi tiliv•
.r)F. •ProstfOlts: adY4Deizig; t‘steolt
lower. - Petroleum uncistmged.,
r Vithisky
held A moy. - , ti it ~. J..
, ~. I , ) ,i , , I.! lit!: II ;1.
likiiii i iiitiii JuSie 111.-1 1 1 Our ' actlye a
nitvlonikrates. P9WheitrAi.shade , firliter at
'lll9lalytrillifritne,red,•,-,Corn dull and •
'weak for whiteu:suld B POBB I3 .
' f0#V611640. Oita dllratlolo72oftri. light;
Ryb dult - at 111,28. , mProvIsions undheng.. ,
ed excopt l*lps, garlicit ,.,? A r ldskY la
'firill'and 'scarce at 'O3 ,19 4 1 ~c•, .. ~ .
. r kik - 141 ' 8;440 ' ii." '"', lion dtdi "and;
- ,noininaliplaUvrbt; deo reduced whew
than one thousand bales; receipts, 89;:8lt.
. . ry1,•202., FlourdtilLerul, Anchinged.
" . eat;'iievillt,B6. ' Cast dim at 92. oats
;dull it 7741 u Hstri" Primo . '" (11212 4P4"
,atiff at $ 3 4, XAt at awe :Ba9P4. c4lrag..
,anapidera at 14 ~ ` side s mt. -, , - rI,•U t i
' I 'il,,;! 1 .
rIETROT, Al4o, AO,T-riour quieltarri uzi,..
changed' 'Wheat' rticelpte 'Moderate' and
i the; mar tret2e bigherf for Ar WNW 4in d , fair
•Istales,at, $1,68 , for extra; .1,40 -trz ktp' AIN
41,26001,26 iOr No: 2 and 11;81:CPPAPPAi'l
1•Orin Oilts'el - 04095& 9 ..
- I t,,t r• ',-) •-:,b 'I
OW-Vilis3Ainia iii--datile lilt anti ig
:@ 266 : llo4 4 B2 Ktllt"Ptilds,6olifoet biltelicirill
stock, and 116,75@7,28 for fair to good
steers: Hogs quiet and 18@15o lower,
at $8,25@8,40 for oommon, $8,50€48,76 for
. . . _ .
PITT :2-131 , A4 -: ,, _MONIMY,„,: , ,TU NE
'llllr to medium, and 88,85®9.05 for guod
to choice; receipts 7,210• head.'
OswEno, Jane 19.—Flour _ active and
unchanged. Wheat firm but-quiet; No,
'1 Milwaukee club 4.1,40. Corn quiet; NYC..
1 82c. Oats; 73c for Ohio anti 75e for
Wisconsin.,. Lake Imports—Gs,3Bo - , lush
wheat and 3,400 bush rye., Canal Ex-,
ports--21,000 bush wheat. ' •
NABRVrLLn, June 19.—Cotion Weaker;
low middlings, 30c; good ordinary, 29C.'
. , .
The river continues to` recede steidil
with tuidifeet sit inches in ii3e Chanivit;
by the Monortgahchi markii. 'Theivetti
ther yeateraaY was ciptiieseiVely hot' and
In the afternoon thereAvere several vio•
lent thunder storms, - itccolnpanied with'
heavy rain: . It is Lpoiudble ;that 'there,
may be rain enough to cause but!,
it is hardly, p;obabje at ;tbis season of We.
The Aro
from di
rgoey -.AL Cincinnati is the only',
i o
arrival we . Jaime report.. The Waua-1
nita from St. Loui is due to-day,,thoughl
it is potssible'that s h e may be.delayed by'
low water. = '-• ' \-' "; - ' • '
The Julia from'.:Zanesville is.dne to
day and will return as usual to-morrow.i
All the beats' hat left on Friday were.
getting along finely , When last`heard
from. The Messenger and, Maggie Hays ;
both sttck Fished, time .4. Glass House. ,
The: rey Eagle arrived,and departed
as usual fo; 'Parkersbing. the had to :
take a lighter with her. . , ,
The Leonidas, New Orleans to Pitts
burgh, was at Memphis on Friday.
A Fort Benton dispatch tinder date of,
June 16, says: The Miner arrived this'
morning, making the trip from Sioux
City in twenty-seven days. Heavy rains
falling since Wednesday:
The Glasgow, Pittsbuigh to St. Paul,
was at Cairo on. Friday.
Capt. W. J. Rusk,' formerly of the
Westmoreland, I bought the •W. R.-Ar
thur at St. Louis on Thursday, price
840,000: He Will continue her in the
St. Louis and Nair Orleans trade.
—Captain Getirge Hazlett writes from
the,:i.lpper Missouri that the steamer
Flint is lightening fully one•;ourtt► fas
ter that the rrilda. He wiritsi his
brother, Capt. .H. R. Hazlett, to have a
boat built for him with the same kind of
machinery of the Hartapee patent com
—The Pauline Carroll bought at St.
Louis on Thursday, by Captain Raab; of
Cincinnati. and John W. Carroll. John
N. Bolinger and' ohn P. Fitzgerald. of
St. Louis. for 835,000. Captain Rushwill
command her. -
—The Wauardta left Cincinnati on
Thursday for Pittsburgh with 350 tons.
?Hobs—San. Rowldfand Toni Javeds.
—We clip the fidlowing from the Cin
cinnati Gazdle,l of. Friday; The Nash.
vile arrived trope point 80 miles up
Tennessee river yesterday, with 200 tuns
iron ore which She , is dischtirging at
Swift'sßolling;Mili, up
.I,ll:king. :.Capt.
H. G. McComas will atart with her for
Pittsburgh to-morroarfiVhere she - itill be
dismantled and, her machinery gut in a
new Red river boat whichbe is building
4. here, and the hull of which is now COM
pleted. . • ;
—A.Leaventviarth dispatch'under date
of Thursday , 'says: The, steamer Ids
Reese, which left here April 16th. ar
rived here on her return trip from Fort
Benton today. She way the eleventh
boat leaving this port this season, and
the, first to return, having made the
round trip in , sirty days, the best time
on record. lier cargos
consisting of furs
valued at.ever42Po,ooo, belongs ,to E. H.
Darfee & Co., of this city, the owners
of the beat.::
- time of the'Rebert E. Lee from
New Orleans to Cairo,- this trip, was
three' days. fifteen hours and thirty.
minutes. The tittle ,
'the V.elipse'was
four hours and thirty minutes less.
A. few daps :Silttee: the. towboat .81.
Whitmore was sold le a.compauy from
.Stillwater, On the Upper Ifississl4l:
,The priest - pald(was 110,000. The lath
owners will contract for a new boat._
—The, Nat.
,Williama hasgone to Car,
roilton to try to raise the hull of the)).
111:13i3ohler, burnt last-December.' •
TheTnitua "No; 31a loading at CinelnL
. nati for ; New. •• 3 _i• •!
1 1 / 1 1rd11114 BY ,RAILROAD .
' Pyrrentnnit,': Fowl . ; WArais
oinfo` Iteiniumn. June 18.-8' cars iron
ore, Superior alron 'Co; :I•:ear Gran;?
Kell& Riteliort; 300 bids .our, Jss Gag l •
diner; 300 de do, owner f 50 tea hates, B.
Sellers & Co; 1 car -steno, J L L - Knok; S
ilo do, 11,10 Uteri a-bbla -Mex. 13eb.*Eirtt &
.11a4lett; 1 ear osts, Allen & Wheelor;lo3,
sire' !Arley; Thos t'OBIn141"1' keg biittak.,
Haworth & Dewliurst4lls: byte
Gra4so do
dvg d D o, " ; - W O oodw orthA
: De
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do do, F, Millhen;L 04 4 oll,J-B ,Lyou.•
& Co; 19 alis ragh: Geidtipy & J Clark;, 80
whisks barrels,' J . S Finch &Co 75 •baleii
S aarbaugh•&,-40m1.1 car staves4dl
P Adams & Bro. •• . •
CL.IIVirLAND llftp ,PITTIEWITACCEr, ..41107.r.
BOAD. June enrs limnstchie orp;
P lit•CM‘ 3:deibbatoplaln ore,
Brysx; ikei.l do blooms„,bltiniok fit Cm .1(
BCapileidi 1 do,pinatoes, P,
Clibbons; Ido itone'Wolfi'l do 'do, L
L Knox; %if do oats, bbls
oil, D Cooir;-200 sks ,pats,..Seott di Glad:
215 do do; Miff &Bon; 5,339' feet lumbei
J.Etaldlbger;llsl bra Albeese;•Bingrgeruliii'
& -30 go !Jot: Wahl 4 , &Co;110 dodo,:
VOI CoL 00 o_ll bbls,
nutlet' 47 Whiff 1116;119'1J Robertp; 5 15/0
raft4lALlCullough'iStifei:ll •-• a c-•• • ,-•••)
. -A4,l4o4ll4ll%•y*lddiv. xtarwtaskit4 June(
19.-480215,p11, 9wl lo xl- 2 4ti Se 1f. 4 1 11 _,114 0 .
do 0;1 liandergrift; - 72 4 / 4 o de, rie er
ro; dtißto, 11.4rnki*, BM '163 '
41%sQ 21Itiornsitdo
. 1 41 11 14, John, oorhisfso4,
airdist &, - Son; 2'bti (37, LI - 131auohd
!srdt Vcar•barlc,Xt Lisp la
Br* , Luarbill , rok# Pccaaairs
zallroad Iron., • 1,1)° "19 1-1 49r" ,1 41) 1 4 0
S Mberntit?"
lAN'S.' a ALlTilmfas... guild (10. 1300tos
sopta,, -„P. 4 llori, 21.1?ble.1sigtsKuoi c
IShiPtoti & IV't 33 do eggs, +O7
car empty boxes, B L FalipostoAklB7
shan74l,lBthrtiste, litllonrralLtitle do
530,4b1e do, Gfitowar4l344o d 0.1" Sal
3 Oars wood i JOAKIII9N,rI bbleilqW
Efogisttor ' 100 do &our, `Sohottudier
& L; ahhde bunny Wilsois -43 Eton:: (;‘,l-:.,
-U r; g I • ', ILEGAI.r:
ORO*AO ttlintitliAL ! . 7111i
1 '6 X.l erif 6111fli fig'. eli;iit, iii'diti'iwiki i b'e"di.s
tiosed lc oaNi on the iprejtalsesi Cia .7.. r., i 111 3.! .
• , . ..
. 1 I"‘ " TtriassykrAnnit o;teliSgs,'" 1 '",
' - .l.iiiiig ograiia;t . qii ;tie iiih watt!'a ha
All lit
.... ,1,.... , 1 3„
,91ty. (late Manchester ,) at the cornet-of itfiritt'
"1 1 14 1 94 tit WO : baTle a i ii ,fronvitatlielit tilt
each of ealfl . (ttreeta . ,
,and,tr(Rg attplet.rttri nt.h, r
1 ili - RMBLVEl•bsir omit' Ana die piledide In eie
, Peak.'inth tattrest.nseiftifeitht bbiitt)iiid itaiit::'
, eit4S9oePr/TWB• OOP 10 Mlntiblektl. at 10'.
'Cloak A. N. ' _
_.' ___,,_
( .E.Tlin'laWfir.(li 1631.97071 LA Wiet,3o2.1 51 . i."
85 . 14 1 1,3.14;L__.......i . __Li WA'
. 11 .4
ismiebseld street, Bole ifenufteturer of
I 1 terkil wan, fee Cement sad Unveil Boollax. U.
ia • Mb=
SPECIAL NoTibft.,t.
LNANDRANE PILLS will' cure Consumption,
L a i t v etro Co i m ptliont a
T D y pp al a t ,
h lf e eMlioe nb aecaokredn
at-the sometime. They cleanse the stomach. re
fat the livor and put it to work; then the appetite
becomes goods the fowl digestaand ?makes good
:blood; the patient begins to ' , grow in flesh; the
diseased matter ripens , into the tunes, and the
patientnutgrowe tee disease and gets welt. Thin
to the only way to vireo:mem:option. .
To' these three thedicines Dr. J. H. - Schenclr, of
PhilAdelphia, owes his unrivaled success in the
treatment of pulmonary Csmsuraption. The Put
monle hYruP ripens- the morbid matter in the
Lungs, nature throws It off by an ea,y expectora
tion, for 'whew the phlegm or Matter' ripe a
slight Cough AN ill throw It of. and the patient has. lnngsbegtn to heal. -
T .do [lda, the seaweed snd 'Mandrake
Lillie must he treely need to cleanse the stomach
and liver. se that the zulmunte gyrup. aud the
food will Make good blood. ' ' "
so"enek's Mandrake Pllis.act upon the. liver,
removing all obtrtructions. relax the uncle of the
.gall bladder, the bile starts . freely. and the liver
'is soon relieved; the stools will show what - the
?undo; , nOthln else everbeendnventud ex-
Ceptealomel (It deadly poison wLich le very don
:Serous te.nae unless with great care;) that will
unlock the gall bladder and start the secretions
of thelirer like hchebck's Idandrake 'Pills:
Liver Complaint Is one of. the Most prominent
'Causet:of-Consnmptioti. ,
tiehenca's ?Seaweed Tonic is a gentle stimulant
and alterative. and - the alkali. RI the ?Seaweed,
which this preparation is, made oh ass - sts the
stomach toturow oft the gastric Juice to dissolve
the food with the l'ulutonic Its rep, sea It is made
two Rood b nod without fermentation or souring
In the stomach.
Abe great reason why physicians do not cure
Consumption is,,they try to do too much; they
give•medlclite to stop the cough, to stop chit is, to
etop night sweats, hectic fever, and by so doing
they derange the whole digestive powers. lock.
lug up the secretions, and eventually the patient
sinks and dies.
• 'Pr. Schenck, in bis.treatment, does not fry to
stoP a cough, night sweats, chills or fever. Re•
• move the cause, and tees' will all stop of their
own accord. 'No one can be cured of Consump
tion, Liver •- Complaint., Dycpepsia. Catarrh,
Canker, Ulcerated 'throat, unless the liver and
stomach are made health,. •
If a person Has consumption, of course the
rungs in some way are diseased, either Wiwi-elm
aboessea, bronchial Irritation. pleura adhesion,
or the lungs are a tniss of inflammation and fast•
decay fng. in such cases what tusast be dont? It
Ist not only the lungs that are wasting, but It is
the whole body. The stomach.asd liver.have lost
their power to make blood tilt of fo d. Now tne
only chance, is to taste. Dr. Schenck's three medi
cines, which will bring up a tone 10 the siotnach,
the patient will begin to want food, it will digest
easily and Make good blood; then the patient "e
-gins tegatn in flesh, and as soon as the body be
glut! to grow, the lungs con mence to neat up,
and the patient gets fsehy and well. This. Setae
oni.. way to cure Consumption.
When there is no lung disease and only Mier
Complaint and Dyspepsia, Scheuck'a Seaweed
Porte and Mandrake Pills are iu Mcient, a lihont
toe Pula:ionic Syrup. Take the Mandrake Pills
freely Mail billions complaints, as- they ate-per
fectly harmless.
Mr. Schenck. who -has enjoyed 'itnlntemipted
health fur msny years past, and now.welgh , _ 225
pounds. was wasted away to a mere skeleton, in
the Very last stage or Pulmonary Oonsumptioi,
phyt Wens having pronounced his case hope
less and abandanedlim to.his fate. He was cured
by the aforesaid me , Mines, and since his recove
ry many thousands eloaltuly afflicted have used
Dr. - Schenck is prepiration the same re
markable success. Full directions accompany
each; Makin glt not absolutely necessary to per
'Quaint see Dr. Schenck, unless patients wish
their hinge examined, and for this
_purpose he is
Prefelliii9el l ll , at hik Mee: rtilladel
pail, evenzliaturday il . where all letters for advice
musette dressed. re is also fircifesillsmally. at
No. 32 mad street. New York, every. other
Tuesday; and at-No. 33 Hanover street, -Boston,
every other Wednesday. tie gives advice free,
but for a thorough examination with his Respi
rbmeter the price 1845. Dace hours at each city
froni4A. M. to 3 P. Jlr
Price of the Pulmonic Syrup and Seaweed Ton
ic each 11.50 per bottle. Sr 44.50 a nail &teen.
Mandrake Pills 25 cents a box; For sale by all
druggists. myl9:l5l.dAF
re -DOCTOR WHlT'rlEli.
DIfiEd.BICd. That numerous class of ewe
resulting from self - alone. produeluir un
manliness, nervous debltLy, ifrltabillty..eroo
thins. seminal - emissions, and finally im
potency, permanently. cured, ['croons
ed oelicste. intricate and long stand
ing constitutional complaints are politely in Piled
.to Call rot Consultation, which costs nothing.
fixpesience, the best of teachers. has enal•ted
him to perfect remedies at once efficient, safe
permanent, awl which In most cases csn he use d
without binorance to business. 31edimues pre
pared intun establishment, which embraces of
fice, reception and waiting rooms; also, Doarding
anu steeping apartments for patients requiring
da•ly personal attention, awl vapor and chemi
cal baths. thus concentrating the famed mineral
springs. No matter who have failed. state your
case. Read aim: be • a's in hie vamplilet of fifty
eages, sent to ant address for two stumps in seal
ed envo.ope. Thousands of cas e s treated limn; oliticcancl all over the owtotry., Consul..
ration' Irce, personally or by wail: • Office No. 9
Wylie street, bear Court Rouse) Pittsburgh,.
Ps, floury 9A.N.t08 P. 8. Bundiye as.
to-11 - 2t . .. Paraphlo ecn% to any. adlltruk OP two
stamps. - apt
TIVB —Dr; H.EITEVE3II3.IIas been
using , Flectrieltyus a SPECIAL REICIEDIr CUrillfr
ejsroAlC7ll3l!Well as .*Cate :COW:MOAB WITHOUT
antoictrra for more than Tar: Tarns, with un
bounded SUCIAIA. A ' PAlrtilLaTi 1110111 ding tit
pattmcuiars withcertifcates and reliable refer•
ettees, - will 'basest to any inquirer. , '
A few furnish d rooms vacant. tor boardbuiiia
tTeita 1I the 'Ritter's famity: if appliettOursoott.
Office and resitiene% '
, ARCH. 1311IEST,
PHILADELPHIA. • • ' • trivia=
This splendid Hair bye Is the Whin the ' , World: '
the.ouly true - and perreet:Dyetilarmlessi. retie.;
hie. tzurtantaneons; no disappointment; no ri
diculous tinta; remedied the 111, erects .of had:
dyer; intigorites and leaies the Raft soft and
birautlitil. bidet or brown, Bold by - all Druggists
and Peribleers; and properly applied at Batelle
larisTrii 'Radon. ,210.16 Bond street: Neve
. mtinosto
tilvidar frileaditardieted ate' el&
nestle ,sollelted to seed- for a Circular Letter of
vltaferetiete mos t
TtatlMont. co
,nce the most stektleal oft ,_ha cuccOtilry_of
disediss: -address VAN - Frati.EN' I . O CISZOW..
M. 36 Great Jorte,Sstmt;
'ttible:lrWa&lN - - ' ' •
Zia *a on . tontri And
'the •IPOLLIES "Or A GE, " In Vegeta SOCIAL
;It vU.S...tvlth.eertelo. nelklor Abe err's/ and en.-
forate:' Sent lir tgaled letter 'envelopes, rree
ot ensue. , Address, ttQW . Attlo . ,AtenotAy-toric
BOX P, - Phlladeli3hla,.ra. rata :162.dit F,
:RI T T 13 - 11 1 II n G' 'Er ,;4 4 2Z i a
c. , VIIRRILING ,- , :AND't MI
••IISBITRO LlNii.LeamA itoriinskav , a What(
•11.0a..7n0vr2 V nod Streptidialreit Ifiiclcl,iwED
pulpit) a AOLIV.I..;.:.VICJ;:- 'li.llitiriiiii, Illitaiiir.
Arreigbt will be meiveti ak ill tiedrd by ~
I .i: . •,,, - ~ •... IA.IKEB,OOI,Litch.,-L.,1._ —in ......
F 4 ,41 1 .1.* - rnOcililePPNvagrij .
2 .1_•1%
umic e lWltten ityateolus yemi . els. amon
t:K 1 ,, v1
0 AROo IP ANTwzl.4
Lo :
New sstrmaniZ tiona
vat, ToLnainufge pr Anther,
up arm?, c.o .4 • , •
1)/MIRAilLS 44
0` t)TBIE L it:amnia. funding.
igivlnstlin cost !MINN Plitatifirek
r -.); Ta'f; LI: '
, :1 rgELfirVi innakiaXai
z . ! , • 74' , t)
CR.1)21:“11,Ali Paid Vv. d It
.•it; D AR4 3C R 4 4.4 1 1* . •
N. 1". Bt ley. 13.W.Illiferjr, Onpr.H.llititey;
Datil Hirttnap 4 Climbers. •
JiateTtll'olnrk... Jas Maley
Tittliolskiindth Jnir.tilMutoe n t, ,;•
; onE T H KIN % President,.
JNO,,,P4AXIININCId4iNiIett Prealdent;: o '
SOS. T. 110tiNtiTON,_derreuuy“
Liberal .L Unix. !au: ail 713fre.
, •
,„,„ and NIFIne .#lstui.
. - -• -•
Otriog 'or (3*er itsiissiiiii'thrn'sraivstrYtitA
, • , • .11,,TTEinum.on, FAO, A 8014.: •it
1 2"04 1 1tE.-Tike:Asitiiiiinient to'
oti ono inweet i Vrinillt
tilaa i n e kii&eeels no.; r 1411
? mew ate ittillill4ffil &Alit Elt b ad
And:k4; _
[ Jwicicit At*tviticati.
) .5T,L7 liacrotrys , a,
10 " 10 WRill i at tifilkotilginFli
I -EißoposALs.
'Sealed yiopooals will - be received at the Treas
ury:. Department, until' THURSDAY, the first
day of JUtY, at O'Cif ci M, addressed to the
General Superintendent, Treasury Pulldings, for
the sale of , the following property: -
First clam 'paper machine, bhilt by John L.
Seaverns„ ,Worctater. Mass: . • - •
if36luch Feardratier machine, screen vat, and
alk necesseCry t tires complete. •"
3 patent rsuetlonlotet.
First and second press rolismade of brass; six
3 calendar volls with three (3) winders, with
size box attached.
eat of slitters and size rolls.! ' '
1 [atm and all necessary shafting and hangers
complete; ,with belting 'and gearing attached to
1 paper Calendar: with five 15) rolls. belting,
and all necessary fixtures.
21i:eating engines, 42 lath knives, two (2)
washers tcl ach, and all necessary shafting and
belting complete.
5 hydraulic presses, for .pressing paper, with
pump and pip ng attached.
.1 lieW fektsfor - dryers::
1 tuff chest with pulleys and, shafting complete
2 'arge bleach tubs, and four(4) drainers.
3 rotary pumps.
11 dOuldn acting pumps with 90 feet galvanized
1 large rotary bleach of Iron.
1 steam engine and boiler, thirty
1 steam engine, and boiler, fifteen
power, •• W ondruff at Beach ':
Bids will be , made separately for
chines, steam engltes with boilers
Ule•clt. 4
Bide will be recieved for all or any
tke fill wing articles: '
1 steam engine with portable boiler, (35 horse
power,) sal, necessary connections and pipes at
1 steam engine with, boiler, (55 horse power,)
connections and pipes attach.d.
16 hydraulic : pumps. frames, connections, sup-
DIY boxes., and elites attached'.
'4 upright Walking beam engines four (4) by
draulic pantos to edch, all necessary . Pipes at
Hoy engine and boiler ten (10) horse.
, 1 hyds audio ram, valves and connections.
53 hydraulic presses....
1 holler thirty (30) hose. • -
1 Root engine and boiler (10)borse•
1 steanq englife six (6) horse, and upright
• 1. donkey, ptisap "*oodwird.i ,
1 steam,engine fifty-live (53j horse, (new,)
71 steam'englnes. each four.(4) horse.
1 cannetUng,macuine. ,
1 tnucilagelnachine.
• 1 numbe)lng machine. . ; : ;
1 smallgn bandroprless wheel.
Lln ' • •
"'Litt e le:Giant' , engine and boiler, thirty (30)
2 envelope mtchines and cutter beiouging to
paperjrnlll , , complete.
3 litigant 'sinkmills. -' • • •
Castaron plates,_ a large quantity. •
6 large Gordon Dresses. ,
6 small Gordon presses. • : -
1 esticelling machine.
30 old hydrt static press tops, about 3, 400
pan:DM - each
. 100 Pr' fa columns, (wrought iron) 600 pounda
Vuantity of ' old cast-Iron pipes., • •
it an city of strait iron.
()casks r(-ein,, ,
19 casks alum.
11 tte• - ct ti and,* barrels glue- ' • i •
Quattity of soda
600 poundsrof bronze.. ; ' • •
Bids will also beret:dyed 'at the - same time for
waste p Ip, r. . belonging to the Trea•nry Depart
ment. tor one year from July 1, 1869, together
with a quantity on band: •
e paper will be. selected. Into two different
kinds. white and mixed,' Together with a quanti
ty of dried pulp now on hand, for. which bids will
be; reeel v. 'd separately, ens Inc contract awarded.
to tr.o highest. bidder, taken as a whole-
The Department reserves the right to reject all
or any portion of th( bids received. -
All aribies to be removed tlf.eett (15) days after
OcuerstSuinrlntendeut Treasury Buildings.
Jots 16. 16 1 09. • j0i17:15.1
riiNTER‘.,x/c, AN At I 4D N.:
_SEALED PROPOSALS• re - elved at tbs.
WS: Engineer`, Office - in Pittsburgh. Pa.; until'
G_o•cloceSP. m...0f WEDNEItar. June
1116 e, fdr , quarr Ong and delivering stone on the
bapic e -and I o.dlngi, tganFportlngland put-,
Ong In o 4anis. Including a sufficient quantity of
brash at points Where needed.. Alsoltm river ex?e
cavatlon of gravel.
Thu stones fir the dame to-be generally fourth
eubtele.t, and not less than one cubic, toot
ends. - Bids to .be made by the cubic yard. The'
work to be commenced Carta% Ith. Ten -per cent.:
unapt' thn monthly Mtlmates of Trott done' will:
be, reserved as Deem, hy, and bidders must ace
comp A
apy nis propagate with the • names of two ,
sureties.. Blank to: rus furnisued on ap
pllcettlen !It th i s office, to be Med ittp 'by the bld
Thn4lielli is reserved torejeci any ' bids;
ir pin'', bit deemed.for,Oto Interest of the (Joy : .
ernnieut-to, do so' - -"
IDletance.Yards ijabq - Yards
of St6oi of River'
Plttbb,,g or crone 4:cairition.,
, ~
1. Miles
'.Wheeling Isl. 90
Buffington.. .. . 214
'Bandon and in-
• levny 0y " ~; 41.5„,/ ,570.,
Rising 5i169:41 - . - -.' 501' '' 5, '5,090 t: 9oo' .
Warstkpx.,_l4 . .. f , , 6214 i - 7.,000 : 2,400,, ..
Ity comm4od of Orig. tikoerAt A. A. otlld-_
PHREYS, Chief ot'Euglneero of the *4!.raey or
V. S. Clvll Enrrneer. La oh,rge of Ohio 'Eiger:
I' . : .
'VrffitlVAail,l'A...dmie 15, 1505. .; •
07 . 1711 t cITY 'lrwritzrzta AN L renvzirom,,
t‘' Pittsburgh. June ilk. 1889. fS
• - ,;!•7 , •
sgat.ED, PAMPCII3.4I.B fot,grading, paving
bad eurbitie 48th street, from Butler ctrtet ,
the Allegheny river;
Beach &Bel-, irom,Vride to 'Miltenberger Street-
Spring,nlier;troraßbtt to Rath street.;
Spruce alley trona 214-th to Strith street.
tibertietreeti'llratiellaslett street to the Pare
aixteen, th { greet; , Alial _Pike street to Bridge.
Bt•PatTithd andYirr ß bli Marlon to Miltenberger
Liberty street;.2reni'apt to 334 street..
Nun" street. from 3113 te 33d street.. . 7
Also. fbr lying a clay• pipe sewer (11),two feet
la dflin ' et`et ; on atenrie; - froth Bmlthilis'ld
a treat toi , Cherry. , allee l f will •be recelvtd 'at trite
Ciffetintiit-TITESD,LY; JansilAd;ll3B9.' •
Simite -far biddind And apectileaticus ant be
had at ;fits OinCe. '
Viet dilindttee reaerve the right to reject sky
er.alltblik and no • bid .considered k airless =At
Out to btattkofroto MIA °See. ' - ''"
. . IL J.-1100111Z '
claiV r
Will lie retieived by the undersigned until MM.
UnaUfneSetti tiny'•Ogitnnes,llBB9.4
Ina asateriaLknd Pavitut Chestnut alley, between
Pittatiargn. Iltddersyrili state priee'neryard for
thetlWOMLoornglEtet , .and. utat:trig'
gravel and stone used to, tie of the best ler,the
work.) fit to d One , tinder tho dirt° Win
Of the Beroppkltettopttoradd to be approved by
The wOrougit nufliaritieg reserve the light to
reject day 'Or all •-• 1 -, == • • .
i a rV I R• I° A
• •0' LX,illOßßßTki,•Burgeas.: •
/569. -•
ju . 1,11: iagW . • ct • • 1:
KOPOSALS. - . , . • . i.. •
e.l li :SEJIAZDJPIaOresALL'' •-• ' -' -
Wilt e• Fie'iffiie i ili, u'i6riTened entlilltoN-‘
ftrVet e ittW l4 e4l.l: 4l l l) er r st er ra t t r" au l d hli tile dief ld r o 'i n f regt:
i "nettifilOO,lop Metope Atwater" for the
Out ft sit streets between manor and Water
aTrirlirlOngstietis erlOgg and Klett streek,ln I
th b
i li ro h erseuth Plttsbeeel.the Olds CO 1117,1
Olne far
the XatterlVAlMNilabillkill).+l ),-.1
e rmilh suthorities geserve tee fit i giik t o :,
- ' e ork to be done nod ,r the direction Pit tile-.
g li
althaalthiSPUllUW=b4,44>peolft4_ b,
onno . r
Pullouts: 8 11m tatted on application to "
J. H. ROB6ItTI3,
, Burgess.
Pirresaitaa, Jane IS, 1,11111. 1
r rss UItLEVEII, 808
anm Mar Dirt,
dsrrive at the Union
burgh city time, as folio •
ChieT a ll EX..21:08 a mi
Erie Ygn E5.7:28 m
Cl. & !ghtle:lettint
Chicago Mail-eats a m
Chicago Ex,. -0:43 a m !
wk. , g Ei2:oBp
s:ihiosigoEs:.. - .51143 pm
•Wte&E'rieEx4:3B Dm
Bea? BallaAc. B:SK m
40;03 a m
11:58 am
Bocheatet § Pi L n
Leetsdale Am: 1k la To m
Beal/Yana !* .6:l3P=
Leetsdale " Mk4aput
Fair Oaks Bun-
day Chureh .1:1 4 34 sa
, • r 2:93±p. m.
ali• 32:03 v. - m.CM.
• LierVl Ticket Alien
mylo , •
gue H
- A . ll-14 - E • OF aliMpli
GEIEWY VALLEY aaartattn.
On and after MONDAY. June 14th,lelb9 TWO
will leave Fittelnirgi Depot, corner of Elev
enth and Pike. streete,for Franklin, 01101ty,,Buf•
filo, and allUoints in 2 e 011 Regions.
Day Ex 8:00 a m Day Ex 5:15 pla
Eight Ex.... 7:30 pm I Night Ex 5;30 ana
Brady's B Ac '3.05 p m Bradye 11 Ac 10:15 a m
Freeport Ac 9:40 a m letsodaW , lts 7:40 am
Uld SodaWiks 8:30 p m Freeport Ac. 6:15 p m
let Hulton... 6:45 a m Ist Holton.. 9:50 a m
2d Hu1t0n...12:00 m 2el Halton... 2:00 pna
3d Huiton... 1 e:00 pm 3d
Hultort... 1:05 p m
Arnold's Ac. 8:0t) p in!Arnold's Ac. 7:40 D m
Cburcti train to and from Soda Works leave
Plitsblugh a:1:10 P. H. Arrive at Pittsburgh.
(Sundays,) at 9 50A. M. fat
Express trains stop onlyt 'principal points.
Accommodation rains stop at all stations
J. J. LAWRENCE, Gen'l tinp:t.
THOMASIII, KING, /tun. bup't.
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dD. On and after April 25th, 1869, Trains
will arrive at and depart from the Union Depot,
corner of Washington and Liberty streets, as
follows: • •
Artist. L . Depart.
Mall Train.... 1:25 am 'Day Express.. 2:15 MO
Past Line 1 , 45 am Boutnern Ex.. 4:a 0 am
Wall's No. 1.. 6 20 am Wall's. No. 1.. 6:30=
BrintonAcc`n. 7:50 am Mail Train 8:15 am
Wall's . No. 2.. 8:50 am How , dAs N 0110:210 am
Cincinnati Ex .9110 am oCincin'ti Ex 19:30 pm
Johnstown d01e:35 am Wall's No. 2_11:51 am
How'd AcNol.lllo pm Johnstown Ac. 3:05 pm
Pittsb'ab Ex. /;30 pm Bradclooks de. 3:40 pm
Phila. Expresll:so pr 6 Phila. Express 4:20 pm
Wall's No. 3..51:50 pia Wall's . No. 8-4150 pm
Braddock Ac.. 5:60 pm Wa ll 's No. 4.. 6:ospat
How'd Ac No 2 9:35 pm "'Past Line 7;30 pa
Wall's No. 4. 7:90 - pm liovr.ttsc No1.8:20 pm
Way Passn'r 10:20 pm W211'614°4. '
.11:00 um
..• "'These trains make close Connections: Harris
burg for I3altimore. . ,
The. March Train " leaVee Walls . Station every .9:05 a. m., reaching Pittsburgh
10:95..1. m:. Re turning; leaves Pittsburgh
12152 p..- m. sad . -arrives at Walla &Eton .
Vinclimatiltsprese leaves Clailr. ; 44 Otim
ITIOP I: chilly except Sunday.
pqrl4l2l4.4lo lrrian t WlTl4 'ARMS.
.liteßennsrly4tAbil44ll`.oa4Worarpun willuotat •
inane any Malt forßaggage, exce_pt Air 'resift's";
mu9LLitualimit their reeponalblitty am.
dre• Milani In - value.4th Raggage.exeeedlng
the t =mat- in value ',9lll'be at :beech* ot thee
ewnar, unless taken ha special contract.
EDWARErft. - WILI .1 A -1111 %
SP 2B GetiqrsißulNßrintlaqui, Altoona, Pa.
I V I V r : F,I E I 4 3 I•IIICYJ.V TE I I N I l ' j ralligiNil
7 1 ROAD.--lin and after April 25th,1809,tha
Passenger Traria on' the Western Pennsylvania
Rat road will arrive. at,- and depart . from the
Federal Street Depot; Allegheny City. as follows:
Arrive. i - .Depart. •
iliningd'e No 16:40 a m Mall
7:00 a la
Freeport No. 18:20 a m Freeport No. 1 9:910i za
Express 10:41Ya m Sharpb'g No1,11:20 am
Sharptitg No.11:20 p m Express . 2:50 pia
Freeport No. 2 400 p m tipringWe No 1330 pm
Bail 5:50 p m 1 Freeport N 0.2 s:2opm
Springd , e No 2 5:20 r. midDringd , e,No 20:30 PM
A.boye trains run daily except Sunday.
The Church Train leaves Allegheny Junction
every Sunday at 7:40 a. M., reaching Allegheny
City. at 9:50 a. m. Returning, leaves Allegheny
City at 1:510 p. m. and arrive at Allegheny June..
lima at 3:40 p. to.. . . . .
-IDomstirraturn flame—For tale 'ln packages
of Twenty, between allegheuT,Cit7, Chestnut
street, Herr's, Bennett, rine Creet, Etna and
Sharpsburg and good only' on the trains stopping
at Stations speci&d on tickets. . . -
:The trains leaving Alleglien_y City at Vital a.
M. make direct connection at Freeport with Wat. f,
kers line of Btagefs for rintler and 11Suroahlttnra; ',,
Kag:tickets mai,be purchased at tin Oditsf..•
itEit Clair street, near the Sumenslonßridm
hit. and at the Depot, -nneglle,Y.! . , ...
Tot-farther bfortnation applhti -
F deraiStreet i rpot t % . - ;
The Western - Penuilyles:da Railroad will not
at same any risk for Baggage. except for weed= •
raVoir..A;Pill th r_ e il r ue7 l lll ei ttag "ltT ga io
-1)11. -
ceeding ; it ID soilint in value wilibe az sna g :Lk - or'
the owner, unless taken by special contract.
aphir derietel Superintendent. Loons, a.
OH ins 17118.6-t sad attar 323EDkE,
April set 1868. swan lilklietV,e,swAlk
Sac lsepol, so fellows: • - •
Malt /i.:' '11:081. tel' &at is.
Fast, king ... 21:4/3 a. ap, IF:13 p.
Express • ' 2:33 p. m. ' 4:33 a. 36.
Xixe4 Acc'n • ' • 5:33 a. m.. 8:68 p.
Me/Dettald , s Ace , a,Ne.141:43 a. DI. Bag s. m.
BteabeskriUe daeammo4.l3:sB.p.m: *as a.DS
-15eDonale , s Area. No, 5112 pp. m. 3 : 18 D. m.
buaday,Charelt Train . - :12:58p. m. 9:58 a..m.
11:33 it. train '
1A:13 P. M. train will arrive daily. „- • -
All other trains will run daily. Zunciale excel*.
ed. The 0:43 AeSti. Traitiastaked close eon.
neetioiis at Newark fir Zanesville. ~.
S. P. SCULL, General Ticket:
"W. - 111". OAIID„Buto , t, Steubenville, Ohio.
‘301.4 - WELL/IN I L •
after'l7'o7 ll i;er'
trains wilt arrive at, and ,
depart front-tho
DOlot - corner of Grant and Water Wee" as
• . ;
143.11 Wand frown Union De.7,4z,e Arrive*.
town 7:00:
K. 6:00 r. X.
moßeesporrecocandmi .1..1:u0A: U. ;
to and from Unt'n. 3:00 R. 1410:10 A. AL
Went Newton Accorn , d 4:30 P.-Ari '8:35 A. PG.'
'Braddock's Accomdt'n. 6:15 P.Ani l T:5O P..$ bl
Night Ac. tooßlsport.lo:3or.le. 6:45 Aix
Bunday Church TraM to
and Rom West Newton 1:00 P. 3f.,10:00 A.
PlicgtoAPPlY so, ‘. .
E. M. RAlrldOlip, Agent
W., B. 15TOUT. Btmernicedadent:' , I= , • • • nogg
PAC fri l e ' cWA t
EEtillteril - Maiden.
- • • - .;-.;;; • , .;, •
Th'e filiutuatri
soup.. Irom the rafa ill ttel potp 3"Y es lejlj"13111.
o%*;id . o ,Ifievida•
Arizona ---- Washington * ,
P- • -
1 • New m4A4399 -,
.11,)1 ,
1 •
• Two Trainsosave State Line and Lesvenwt Alt
excepterlacia thaltrrival of trans
or gala BIM rOafgftoll .16t. Louts, and Haan*.
bal stvjoiy - Kailroad-front - Quincy; canna... '"
Inv at, Lawrence, Topeka ainego..a= •
&Misfit 10r. points' ' sae.' At - end - Of
track west of. Ellsworth. with the llx
il•paniEff EXPREBB vomeenit .13 : Au.
Luiz. tw.u_ysitualtD Aug. 0D
COMMES itat - -
Ali; MlSlativAn •the Territories,'
imtvrtutiumitmawyma TEr-iiirairwr in=
of COACHES for trortjlelgni BenVa Fort, ruN
autaucerwe.t Banta Te i she all points in LIU!'
tone and New MezioN, • • , a•- -
With the Steen • eadttlinnr of
and-inreent, and the :_arrsagmento,, , 1
witherpreslble urerland =rnportsuon is -
from Its western tspens. ,thls,,regotntswolkenio
seetinwte_a, s. An' the ttsafteut,
1 7Tic a ttiribr ae s'aiglenhit a otiga l a
IFrAttdlarcieeZt°,44,iii t ia`tkiS irr ."'"
la ti orma.vsy rauurmaititwizara
- -
trains .will leave tro ,
epot, north aide, Pltte
Chicago Ex.. 1:50 a m
Chicago Ex..111:03
Wheeling Ex 10:48 a m
sit. Louis Ex 1:08 o
Cht•go Ex&MI4:08 p ra
Cleveland Ex 3:53 p
Erie St EX' n Ex 5:68p TA
Cl. &Wh.g . E=8:5304
arrita is dUegkent.
Leetsdale Ac..6:50 axe
Bca'r Falls " 8:28 am
Ne n w Ctustle "105113 am
aon .9:l3am
LeetEttiSle lt
Bear Falls 9 : 43 pm
Leetsdale " 4:33 pm
Fatr oa/e Sun- -as
day clinrch. 9:58 aft
Express leaves daily.
Express arrives daily.
3 -IWO r
(iambi Bupuintsadea
"lona ?night and Tfekibt