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lIHy Telerranh to th e Pliti!fintigtalaseite.l r
i Wisiii - NaToi, rude Y 9,1869.
I Reports - have 'been received ' to-day
ifrom Revenue officers in East Tennessee,
North garclins, and the - border counties
~ ,of Virginia, communicating litelligence
,of the seizure andliestpuction of silty
{illicit , Astillerlea in those localities
[within it feww - Nimbi past. -3- Tiiii ', Proili- hi'
z rendered exceediugiy di
„fficlt „ani:Am
:1 ,
5 • ,
Serous, owing to the
eriiiteit, ,
em of the
'districts and desperateeharacter of those
engaged in the business.__ General
. iiiiter.-
swan tiii. direatee ilia iniliterY, when
'lever a force cal be spared, to . render all
i - aasistance in Mal `ptito ' ref" to Revenue
In consequence of gui great difficulty
lencountered by revenue officers in Philo
-Ide!phis in attempts to suppress numer
!mot contraband distilleries, application
ihairtiti/iii made 'to- the Secretary Of the
*Navy for a squad' of * marines, and to the
_lAttorney General' to direct, the United
*States Marshal there to 'contribute the
!.aid of the local constabulary.- •• ' •
At a very large meeting of Typograpb-,
peal Union No. 101 of this city, histnight,
ithe ElOminittee on Nomhuitions among
lothers reported in favor of the admisbion
'Of „Lewis H Douglas, 'the colored printer
.employed in the Government Printing
fOffice. A minorityreport against his ad-•
9 32 0SiCop was also presented,qn the ground
4ithat as the latter came - from Den
• .4ver, where -- there Int a irographical
without a card, he co ul d not prop.
lerly be admitted - here. • Theniajority
port was adopted .by a vote of 229 to 164.
The , announcement :of the result was
, received with applause, mingled with
hisses. 'After the vote on Ihree" other
„applications bad been taken, the Presi-
:Went walk &boat°. read. ; Douglas'-name,
•• 2 when. witiotiontio vidpuittprevitiled amid
.2great disorder and eTcitement...•
Revenue and other 'lndira! ' officers
i were months ago specifically in
istructiad' by the Government tnuse due
diligence to , prevent , the sailing of Metal
teiptsittioes to Cuba. Action. ha. been
',taken by them in all cases where info r.
li d tasue4 . "old ifirnibakw a imi sr itsg real
•_ or - ‘• •', - ~ 340laticul of the fiefitrallti
,cla - 1.,.... 4 ' . . - .ervitidahatatif Spathe'
P ..* ~,... r ,-, , 11 1 1 Ktefl- 1 - 7 . ..•
P.Ol. . , -,.. -. 10. Z' - - ''' .: ':•,,, 0 : - :
SUPT ** Cl ..4 rB V R* lolo /ThiPr- startToN.
Tity i lin the Distriet araniii)ourt, in
tho ot-W. 'T. Smiths's:a visi Irderiti
M. Stardom an action for $60,000 ler false
' .and imprisonment; loft* Hughes
flied it , Motion Bar the JuspeoUon lot or
ders; letters •and documents refbrred to
in the plea of defendant. Judge Wylie
reserved lily thansion.
CB) Telegraph to the Pittsburgh Ousette.l
NEW Yorrar,' June 19, 1869 '
• • i rrealdent GXlint will remain here till
jbtfonday. He t avoids visitors and sees
‘ 1
1 but few of that% who call on him. Gen.
• ! Sherman, 4 1 iwh a also here, is,.at his ex
;'• i ' '' - i__. -
i press desire, neglec t e d by , notes.
• 4 The funeral eotirice ofillir;Eaymond is
'. f • ,
appointed for (Mo n day a ft ernoon at the
. ' ; Church at the Corner of University place
''? and Tenth street. ''
§ .
- 4
• .The sensatio n stnrYbUal4 1
morning that a force of two thousand
fire hundred Men left last night foi Cuba
-. is tinfcrunded,i though it is considered
• certain some trobps will:soon leave this
city. The men enlisted in Philadelphia
-,.: number only Our hundred, end have no:
• yet got away, is the vessel is Undergoing
• ' i. repairs in New, York and will -, not go to
1 Philadelphia till next week. Eserulting
for the' Cuban , army is repOrted 'finite
brisk in this vicinity. .
.. ~
• -The Swedenborgian Convention ad
journed to-day to meet next June in
Philadelphia; after the election of oat
: cora for the ensuing year. 1
e-The steamer Berman,, f rom Europe,
- arrived this morning. ' ' " - 1
„ :The United Slates schoolship Saratoga
: from Havana on the 7th, via Key Waa
l' on the lith + arrived in the lower bay
',' Yesterday Morning, having on board a.
/. number of cement yellow fever. In ad=...
I;l a ttnnto two deliths,'Which occurred at
: , mai one oftliper-and two men died
'. - do ling the vassage from Key West, - atur
alitl- ha& oiX, board - sixtee n patients in
' -different - stages' of the =disease, who
• , kily s iilieen removed to the hospital ship
' I
Illinois. Tha•Slitiff,Oaca received„ 'orders
:- at. XeY.: , Wiiiik 'IC - kroc4Nid' tg;:r°o4,
ifibutas . - but- 'llO ccineetiti co '-`of:
- i
the sunning spread 'O,llO yellow fever
amongabe _crew, Couimaer , Whiting
. deemed it advisable to put into tin near
"; , 43tite jiiort. The Saratoga is a'sailing vetwel
1 .and tae- aa,mw ofywo hundreds:id - four
The contract 'for Ai -Mlieeijoi and ez , '-i
' ecthinge' of news - between ther3Weatern
• Ijakseethaed, Press and Neer ,YoritAiti*l
. I silitod Press has been 4ixteaded fo r. Mane .
; zeir from August Ist . , - -e. -.(.1 • - 2
A ;445404..trai1i or . slaves - atm 1 iiii4o. 1
1 locomotive wm thrown into the. poseete.
.; rusk hot . night, - by M
the 'oue drfterin
leobaindtin to notice- thetAhe-.-danctwas
idkilai.•3,-TlkeiwoW the train swiped. - '
' eirttbsAllactioal of the awedezitiontlah
- EmoutimiDotnmittee a ' bolt was mad*
ts*gainat. Herichel :V•AihtairmiteGooriPi
:-on thetitaand that be Wiiii / a rebel, a
41/4"34regue4, , -. W eir °illy" inPI iFn
- • - I.
taWlWeiimaiettkii ilasitte.l ,
4,47nite 19.-MtePht=tite
I MO; 1 , 111 be , oui
'..ep to
t3nlphrir next Wed"
Virginia yield
-a,000.4106- w this
VW rel easedy,there-beng no ee :e lvr
dM him:' •
c,Ullettib e
`lsrusthu Limive , tictitet on amount
Cienimilthuthy's opinion that the teat
- -oath must be taken by members of the
'~ 'i~~-:G3}if Y"4
' s ^`i`+~=-'S:~' , + ^ a'.tea's:Ax~r-,.:u~1114555Y"~vt...
°Steer Slattery corroborated Kim's_
Jackson, the watchmen, testified that
he left the boat with Donaldson, between
one and two o'clock. Donaldson came
on board before that and remained about
'an hour; did not 'know when he went
:Lahore with Donaldson that Anderson
had been killed.
The State rested the case here-andlbr
the defence,''.Larry , Hazen, an . officer of
Cincinnati.testiftedr, to Ray's - bad char
acter and ,as to, his-reputation for truth
and VeraaNy. He 'arrested Ray,ln Cincin
nati and received one hundred and filly
dollars forhis servites. - •
Thowlortqattit, anothir ()Miter of-Chi•
cinnati, also testified to Bar,* bad char ,
eater, and hat Donaldsoncarmvoluntiti--
ily from Cincinnati and surrendered
himself tultie officers. '
John MdAnalln watchmin or the .
Mollie Able, testified that ha did not - see
Donaldson atter he first left the beat;
thatit waajanpossible for .him to have
returned ittlytattfsianiown.-
witrZsgtig tiVs severe OW
exit bYt hrommtlan
Donal ,
persieted 'istatvineritthat
could nothaveretUched to thertmat With.
out his knowledge;) His testimony
of material advantage to the defenseßAMti
shoWed they design. if Postittle. to PPM
that Ikmalfton was hot on thohast when
Andersenwas killed.
Sew" Mail Arrangements Elevator
Rates—Church MealeaUon—ln Jail for
(SiUlterior, to meritubririblJanui."ll
CHICAGO, June 20.—8 y reason of the
opening of the Pacific Railroad, the.Post
oflice Department hat ordered a' change
in the route of the American malls for
Japan, China, Sandwich Islands and the
Pacifielitates. :Hereafter alllmon MOW
intended. kor .4 the- couM.riee awned twill:
be sent to the Chicago office and be here
made up In sealed bags for Canton, Yo
kohama, San Pranchico, Ac., and mails
from those points will be sealed for Chi
cago, for distribution hers, for other
points through the States.• This arrange
ment will be ready to be carried into
effect in a short time.
The plurality . .'efor Burchardf Republi
can candidate fer Quigress in the Third
District of this Stats,,'ls,4,ll7o.
Dr. Beck, of Newport. 8y . ., who ap
peared as a witness- gm delbuse in the -
famout Craig -S breachbf a prom-;
Ise case, bin 4saiktldtlesgairun Mum
Craig and refused feteyf whiCthines, for
whieh he waa auk-, ‘, tor contempt,
still" remains - - to 'Wheaton
jail, and wine:run:me be so until the
close of the Oonn. fZe gets little
or no sympathYlthin.any source.
The Boarder Trude of Chicagoiyester.
day, by a unanimous vote, passed a re
solution requesting the tderstur Inatiag,
era to reduce the rates' of storage to one
cent per bailie' for the first. ten days.
Whether the elevator men nay any
attention to this resolution remains to be
The ' Unity ett= r o, sif irbleh Rev.
Collier Is pastor, been '' completed
a few days-fiance:Fr tp.oay
by interesting-ref no Rev.
-Dr. Bellows, of ew York, preached
the • dedicatory sernmp. The Church
edifice is one of the , finest in
the Mtn and -cost about $12.8 - 001k_i Bub , •
eCtiptions lb -the *mouse' of VOA* for
paying the debt of .the church were
made at the close otthir services.
Railroad fililiPlV-iwu Painters Wiled
—Gabealrearbil NundkUition.
(By Teleßumb to the Pittstnintb Gasetted
CrucrutuAn, ;axle I9.—Trai ns am &
Uleneed running regularly Coviiarr.:.
ton to LonhivilleAm the Cincinnati and
Louisville Railroad this morning. -
Women, one-aimed cbrdtLitsd =the
Oaf : Oinks , halt Painters., feu. han
Alms, less high to th e intyinneuti
was impaled ou au iron foam And
instantly killed. Clyde ;ow taiiillyl
Aired. The accident resulted from an
an g
o a ri ,
The bpi l hr InWriiiikeitrottir
delegates to the'..State Convention ttio
place in this city . end r oonnty.itimilatitt r
There is an alinbenMiMMOWlnellnit in
savor of General lihtys tor, leoniVit
_Bele gitg
' jakEVII444/1.41'
Mr mei ,
Pair.apeLpitia, ,Tune,lB.--Ta the base
ball maldh tO•day betivetdthe elholanati
club and Olympias, of Philadelphia, the
forta are kikkald i•Sootie 22 to 11. The follow
ing themes mode: , •
einehineti.:".2 4 3 2O 2 1 5-22
0 1 ,ympica.....1 3 0 1 0 0 0 8 8-11
The Trial of CaptainDobalcison for Hole
_ _
By Teir graph to the Pittsburgh (iuene.l
ST. Louts, June 19.—The Court room
was again crowded to-day, owing to the
trial of Captain Donaldson, and the inter_
est in the coati Wanesustaided. - = '
Glover's examination was continued,
but nothing of Materialinult_est' , wall
brought out in the cross examination.
The defense, seem desirous to; make it
~appearthat !th witiness had qUarrelled
with Anderson, t boy killed, but he
stoutly denied it.. • ,
George Williams, the second orter,
heard the report of a pistol, and p about
ten minutes afterwards - saw Donaldson
1 :1
t and Jackson leave t e boat. Saw Don
aldson rettirn to e: bost ob:int _two
o'clock,passing ove the bow 'r of the Mol
lie Able in doing sti. Captain. Barr was
Ailthliim; it was light enough= to distin-
Ouish them easily.l Witness did not
know whet lie left The ;boat that- night
that Anderson had been killed.
, Policeman Nims testified , to arresting
Glover between one and two o'clock that
ruoriaingtliad a handcuff on one hand and
a pistol in '-hia Vocket. The account hit
gave to Nims was substantially the
same as he (Glover) testified to yes
terday afternoon. Locking Glover up
Nims and officer 'Slattery went M
tits beat, and tt - hile talking to
Delaney, the watchman, Donaldson
and Jackson came off the boat. In,a few
•minutes Jackson came back. Witness
and Slattery then*ent aboard the boat,
and Slattery entered the baggage room
and found Anderson lying dead, his
bands shackled behind him, and a bullet
hole in his head'. Nims said Capt. Barr
came out of ,a stateroom, partly dressed;
also saw MoAxia.Uy come out of the state
- IfiztA i rtiE' !'''''''
.7A(1 . 41).;11:
000111 OHM
POUR 'O'CLOCK., A."3i.
, • •
Close of the Debate on the Church Dille*
, ,
tabllahment in the Enguiti House
of Lordo=s - asettge of the Bill to See
ond liteaaing.4llonse of commons , Re
fuse to Consider a New Commercial
Treaty with France—lmmenieOrange
Doilmilutirittlati,:at timbal/len, -Ire:
land--Inauguration of thespanish, Re
genzy=Arrast of Caillats laabeilkl
ista In France Ordered.—Moidianider
Permitted '
to ktenialn Spain* • •
:By Telegraph te'tire rittithargh"Gare €.3
LotinoN, Zone 4he House of
Lord* last night, Lord Hatlier/y warmly
supportedtho bill. HS, said - ,that what
were the shortcomings of Messrs.
Bnght and Gladstone, the adult of clear
-nest was not one of them. Last year,
both of them unfolded the policy to be
pursued. He regretted thelong delay in
an act ofjustioe,. and asserted that it was
the right of the State to interfere and
regulate property for religious and chari-.
taoie purposes when opposed to the pub
lic good, and when it could be better and
more usefully appropriated. He said the
acts of Elizabeth clearly intended the -
Church to be that of the nation. He
drevr a fearful picture of the manner in
which the policy had been co-reed - oui,_
but said it had entirely failed, although
seconded by Bishops and clergy. Thee
attempt to force a' hostile Church on a'
people was the root of all evil* Irelatifi
exonerated the clergy of the present day
from complicity in these acts, but the I
odium attached and descended to them.
The present measure was only to estab
lish a new epoch in the religion of Ire
land—instead of ruining, to give the
Church for the first time a fair field and
a chance of conciliating the . people. He
strongly defended the Justice. necessity,
sound policy of the bill. He agreed with
the ideal4vaticed by some that it would
be better to devote a part of the funds ac
cruing to 'education, but as the nation
was unable to agree to its use in that way.
there-was no course to be pursued but
that specified in the bill. The bill was
fully endorsed by the country. In con
clusion.he exhorted the . House to a calm
consideration of the great measure, irrO,
speedos of pony feeling, and expressed
his belief that all would unite in a desire
to settle 'the question on a fair and int-'
partial basis.
At midnight Lord Cairns took the
floor luopposition to the bill He said '
Va t ti lit r irit i
pike - '
Church 112fletooriluest,"
and.ilizifkikui. . e
elstaneer required to - emit:woe the penal.
laws in Ireland,- ther=denial Of' the rule
that theßnglish Sovereign IS in posse&
sion'of thaland;ginethedu3of an Irish
Parliameht Neitting in` -- Ltindon, were'
greater badges cd'antquest. The Chat
proclaimed christianity and truth to all
who were willing_ lb receive, go her mit' ,
sknr Was hot * 'With regard to'
the penal laws the Glintehought not no*
to' be' I blamed 'for Ahem. • Bofors
her age, a haadred and flfty. 'years ago.
the tinfoil ofClifireh arid State was - the
Only security lbr religionS freedom Wand
independence of thought, and it could
not be severed ;without' shocking' 'the
Protestantism of the country-to its-very
foundatknoi 'After 'tweaking ;nearly
three - hours, Lard Cairns sat down amidst
prolonged cheering from the COntierVa
tive benches. • •
Earl Granville replied to Lord Cairns
briefly, and then atthree o'clock. amidst
the 'wildest excitement; the Hones/ pro
ceeded to divide 'on the 4 ndeetion Awaken
the•bill be read a Second - num . ''' . ' - .
The remit was announced se - follows:
For. one' hundred .sand seventy aine;
against, one hundred and fortynut
jorlty thirty-three.
The wiMst cheSibiti frottillui:Llbefal
brancheii ireetstt the artriouitceitte - nt,'
which was taken up by partizans in the
lobules and the crowds of people await.. the result outside the building. The
, In the House of Commons last evening
a motion was made to go into Committee
on a new co-operative commercial treaty
with, France,-thp present treaty expiring
before the next session. Mir. Bright op
posed the, proposition in a strong speech
and was followed by and con.
At length. the - House divided , With the
following reault-for 10f; against 185,
maii=against.s4.;„ • • •
the,Epanlith Envoy ES . .Wot.;
dinsw, and .1110 , Pienlpotetitiartlei
England. has resigned, -- - • .*, i'i
The 'Zama to4lity,,,la its, article alt itre,•
passes/ of the Irish {Church •
_bill to tat
Roma reeding, sayer The bi4l4notPaseed
by a larte 'majority-and it'peatiefal „ter..,
minationlof the session is now assured.
, ThogreirtiribinWitnitit=sbi riitnihsidvi
umph for the Ministers as it is for the
POlfet at frablln nnllfitnr and•the mac
ery orthe_ConeAntion. , lo r obldng b eck
• into the history of this queetiOsi Ude 1111%.
passible not to be ;w1
, iniptiirtiA,_ tit, the,
fact that England is above all Quasi 1
well geiverniC , The Scandal will now be,
reuipvird , that ", „ tniatekan i p4
: dared sarc i 7a. , main cof 'pu 0
PIPIAI BI II, but 8, .. Indooneolenoe
. of
ithe wilds ere st...kogth i lrlfistit
!' n g t nh i l t
a ee i b t rt r e i i i es
ed ej n e i .lo buiantaarnet rtiu=
n .
t ' , -
h e
itTheiri ar t fur- -
, 111 0 f t , im O r r
. aa. to m lll .fa
s tattccurd
bill into st,. Arsitellti the us , '
• Air ingdy4l,4llB Inteattillie.'Hdllit
of lords' lasi MOW bid,Oit:Arfifik
hiliz Of aal.L . .._ St enk XV
Ifishop. of-Z. 7 6 ' she
in l idriaZ l : l l4l e
other relates abst a i ned from voting.
Ann lug
entred at I en' rebut i yenta..
day. A.graitapkweade4 innale;nannen,
weenes t taw& itc., weret.hpprominend
reaturea. • Itle ,- attlaistee
people were present. - •li. , ' •=rttrotnind
Lossost, June .20-/The -44,..yka11a
(dub :took '• plaoei •vaity. The
tititil f,
etuti:4B4 , 4llllBd .ta linsastut•
~.g a nd, „o r neat the:Z*oft
:. ' 3 4. 18UMAglOild lai
ar " 'file , *
Oftaremd fern noon _• ~ , ~., - , -1,1
."'114'.4.1 " - !' T ' srAnt .' . 1 ` •
~ _. .
ativuOttita I4e-42 the Cones yes.
- '
z~ ~ --
PAIIIB, JUDO 19.—The official paper to
day - publishes the relic:wine: large
-of attended - the funeral of
-iit e_ ri ntatiohnoverk..itillawkiNerwmasewskr
in %he.politicul. - diallarbances. - ,Thettrwas
no , • ,
pants, .7:melp.—it is said the GOv
erninent has ordered • the arrest of all .
Carlisle and Isabelliste on the frontier;
Rams, .I:me 20.-The city remaiins per
fectly. tranquil. Nia :Attempt has' been
Mader to renew the late disorders. =- •
Mr. Ittirlitgame la making prepare
. Lions to ieimrfor Petersburg with the
Chinese Embseene •
Lomax, Juno 20.—The mutt steamer
from • Rio Janeiro tuts arrived. She
brings tittles from Buenos Ayres to the
sth inst. :,The .session. of the Argentine
Chambers had ixenmanced. President
SartnientoAtt "his opening speech, del
dared that the strongest friendship ex
isted between the allied South American
poirem'lffe said they felt none but gen
erotts'fbetinge ibr the Paraguayouts, and
they now propose to establish a Print*,
lent Government at Auctutelon for the
!abootit of the DaoPloc:
ZONZION. June 20.—. Later advicea from
htetbotiri, report that the troubles in the
colonial) pontinue. The mem...,
here es,piolled for bribery had .been re
elected, and the patties guilty of bribing
the legislators. who - Were sent to jail by
order of the • Parliament.% had • been re
leasedsby the, judges,,on; the ground of
Wronalni Ocknittlittlia.,""rbe Parliament
now appeals to the Privy Council. •
19.—1 n the Zollverein
to-day, Mr.' Delbrciek said _ the new
charge d' affairs at Mexico'had been in-
structed with Pert to 'that Govern
ment, and he' hope to lay_ a•itreacy be
fore the Diet et its:llBXt Bowdon.-
Greesootor e • June • 119.--The steamer
Darien, from New Yorir., arrived-10-day.
. . .
1 .
'4limax°, , Junell9.:—.Reenteg.--Oonsolt
torment:l,92M astonnt,92.x@olg. Five.
Twenty!. boucle:- 80%; :at Frankfort,'BB%. 1
Ede, 20), , itilituols,eisx'. - •
' • Auv*Jorcomy June 1. 9 .--Oston•rkrell
. (141e 1 • llintl i uP l 4n4 I NA,E43(; Or!:
10 12 ; . „soles p•pw .2 l . l / 411e elt
fe fp ;oi te'.WIINP ' 93,1 . , 13 1%' tea)
cf, Od, ossicri o : ° :WMterztPlilkl2l:
7 1 . Y271.' .11&- fee ileW, One ed.'
lfoto-bldr Oitodik 44.-'llaility-ft - i eat ,
Igrol *V 'lhulre9c•-•11bot 901,' , Urd72/1: NO
!Cheesolife. , ...Becm‘o6lll.-.....Petroleum,
'redued Isld. , „
atiarbookytatil4rte 4 , 11:,' 15d.
NObi ts
!Eiti er th:l o ll.:4l o : o . le , i ant
4illaWFOlSC4 o 4ttineiltn I titero -
1 tifornepta duns )190.4430tt00z: a n ~ 'lni,
!lOW and 1443i1111441 Mad% ~ ,Inzu ..v:4l'...'t 4
/ 4
~..../mv.......„7 soening.,...m.t.i
~... ,
. ..!(•; 1 Ailikijig...4.l. . .., -W .. .1. . ' ' , ':i.
! e11.,U wailla t ....ilfilrA ll . l lNNk;' • , V , j ., . ~ I
, UN VON!" 1 10 141 • ; NINSI3 4 ItiO.I,-.,i1
' ' '- , ,i'' ri ,
'.':, ~ ' ...•-.... ' : '..., ix" 't, I; Awn ;
1 1 ;74 - ?''''' 71. i , :
.., .iioAutg 'fri g J
large and EA •• ' • •me • ot. 010 ' /13111 V
performed ii:soliVidaps Rost and Ade.
Aand'oiherW Webs,
eroliKlaeltei - slillgi*thlek wore enourod. l
Theeleolpo ' ..• Vet 0 / 1 0RTukOrielib,.
' - ..: I•- ~ aw a re
j. ilf • :•- " ', ' ,l dren" nvorr i •
641 • 'i• 4".1 ' -• ' t t •f r if i n,4 4 o% ,
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:441orlidilkeer430 lkinkle,i'Vret- ',
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cause i le - - woritlnkwilkitewi
S eohned ' IS - tlitiArothingtou
aviTrd. - . '--- • - -
- •
aAi) 1-,7011U,
terday Rivero administered the oath of
regency to Marshall Serrano.' There were
loud Divas for theßegent and .ffir the
,national sovereignty, but no disturb
.anees, as were. apprehended. • •
The following is 'the new. Cahilet as
far as'announced:' General PAM, ecre
,tary of War and President of Ali stryi
:Silva, Secretary. of State; Herrera Grace,
Minister of Justice. •
MADRID, June 19.---The Cortes has
passed a ball giving the acts of the Pro
visional Giverninent the force cif 14wand
conferring ufv!in it' the power' to carry
them into effect.
After.a stottny debate tbeitepublicana
have succeeded in:bringing, before the,
Cortes a resolution expteeillog •diaap.
proval of the
,presence of tbe /Cile of
Montpensier 'strain, tteigulain g :',that
the GovernMenr order hii4 ,i'eturn to
,Portugal. ~!...• • _,
Gene Pesculitel,m strong,ltUjiporter of
, the en-Queen, arrived hare on the pre.
.text of cisitia g. estates-inbis- Sejovia,
claiming his 'right to do so as a citizen
under the C 6 netitutfon. HO was arrested
and sent to Arauguez to await Anther
orders. Hamill probably be exiled to the
Canaries Island. It is said a :steamer .le
now malting at. Cadiz to.take him 'to that
Island. ' , - •
• A conspiraisy for the 'restoration of
•Queen Isakiella has been discovered at
On taking the oath of office yesterday
as Regent of Spain, Marshal Serrano
made a speech - in which he pnsinised to
respect the Constitution andYliberties of
the country. President Rivera, in rerily,
assured him of the support of all Span
iards. • •
MAnnin 20.—T he members of
the new Ministry were presented to the
Cortes .yesterday. Gen. Prim addressed
the ,Ch amber. He promised • that the
Government would OteerVe all the pro.
visions of the Conatittition and exact
equal respect for them irons the nation.
He expected a majonty of the Cones to
continue united in action, and urged the
Republicans to breserve an attitude of
moderation. • • • •
I After along discussion the resolUtion
condemning the presence of the Duke
lliontpensierin Spain was rejected , by a
Vote of 94 to 87. General Prim opposed
the res,olution .ariMirilitAhat the Duke
had a perfect right to inhabit any part of
the country. • '
The Presidentof the Renabliclus Club
in :Cadiz has been arrested for making
a apeeob against Marshal Serrano. • The
action of the authorities caused greikt ex
citement in Cadiz.
In the Cones yesterday Geri Prim
said the, Government Must be Lard, in
and even duel, in repressing
disorder:. He also piPposed economical
reforms in theadminiatratien of finance.
_ ,• ,
..j News from Brazil and Paraguay—suu..
later McMahon.
, ,
eh to the Metals% Gasette.3
Schooner frill Boston with War Mate- , . i: BYTele grs-- - - •
rial Cantu ed—Success of Gen. Jor- - Nliw YoaK, June 20.—The steamer
aariYaFilllbiaster Expedition-411e Wit.. Merrimac, from Rio Zanier°, May: 26 th,
unteers and h is Crew Captain' General. has arrived with dates from Paraguay to
May Bth. Previous' reports that dis-
My Teiegrapit to the Pittsburgh Gazette.)
HAVANA, June 19.--Josti Lacuriza, one batches from Gen. Mcafahon, - linited
of biaximillien's' ministers, died' this d ' '4hrou h States Minister,
e had been "recoil , -
En lish °facets , are
morning of vohiito.. The weather is very confirmed. The Brazilians were en
warm. 1. _ deavoring to have safely deity-
The Spardsb war steamer Fernando ered Ito the Minister two bundles - of
Catalico broug_ ht into this port today correspondence, but owing to the active
the schooner ilmhave, captured on the state of hostilities no flag of truce - wmild
high seas hear G'ape Mahn. The schooner be received by Lopez. ,Several skir
'was, from, fioeton and•tbe officers claim mishes had taken Place between. Bra
she was . going to St. Marys, Hayti, or zilian exploring parties and the troops
Kingston . - 'Her cargo consisted of thin- of Lo z. In one the: alliett , Tlost four
teen Perrot guns and twenty field plebes killed and were compelled . to
' three thonsand shells, fourteen hundred retire. The allied naval expedi
barrels of powder and -much other am- thin ascended the Paraguay 'river
munition. The vessel will be detained to Monuvia, where some ' Paraguayan
until determined a legal prize. - steamers were mt 4 aground bet was unable
NEW Yonrie 20.—A letter dated to reach the en emy on ,
account of shat
Havana, JundAliith, pabllshed in the low water. and returned without emote-
World to-day, states that' Gen. Jordan's plishin their object. The Paraguayana
fillibusth....- expedition has so, far been kept u p s heavy fire on the river banks.
successful, after landing , as its most Ban- The silt s were - destroying the fortifica
guthe promoters could reasonably hay° dons of Ascuncim. The health of the
expected. A 'number of; Spanish • war army was good. ,
vessels are cruising in the Bay of Ripe, - On the \ 12th tilt., the. Chambers Were
and for the,present the fillihusters are mganized. On the 13th ,the Minister of
advised not to attempt further landing War oresented his proposal to the Cham
on its coast. • • , i her of Deputies fixing the land forces of'
It is also stated . that the Havana volun- the Empire at 20,000 soldiers in ordinary
terra were alarmed at the circumstances and 00,000 in extraordi
that the new Captain General Deßodas nary.
would bring with him from two to four It is stated that General Webb, United
thousand troobs, and a consultation States Minister, claimed from Brazil the
Committee of • the Spanish Junta . pre. payment seventy thousand dollars for
veiled upon abttng Captain General- damages of the ship Canada, wrecked in
Espinar to telegraph to Madrid that /85'3 on o f
coast of Rio Grande del
more • troops I were pot needed in Norte. The Minister was refusing to en
"the Island, as 1 they feared Deßodaa ter into negotiations, because the care
would use troops against, the volunteers. was pending the decision of the Govern-
A reply having_ been received that no went at Washington. Gen. Webb ad
more troops would be sent, the volim- dressed a Violent sal grossly offer
Leers became quiet and expect to be able sive dispatch, and before having received
to force De Rodier into the adoption of an answer, decided to interrupt his ie
their programme or drive him from .lations with the acting Government of
power before rffinforcementa can reach Brazil and demand his passports, which
hiti.. • - ' were sent him.
. .
NeWs from China and Japan. . .
City Telegraph to ther'Plttabargh Gazette.)
SAN FRANCISCO, JllllO 19.—The steam
. .
ship Great Republic from Hong ,Kong
May ; 19th and Ynkohama May 29th.
arrived Passengers for New .
York: ' Mrs. J. L. Hammond arid two'
children 'C. J. !Emery and wife, Miss
McGrath: and two chlldren,',l. S. ,Lulun2
Rev.' Mr. Innocent, wife and child:
J. Rryle,Mis. Henderson. Mrs. Goodrich,
Mrs. Willitunsoa, C. H. Cleveland, Dan'i
Gow, F. Palmedia, Mrs. Dana and child,
G. B. Thomas, W. Watson, W. Lambeth,
Captain Sam'i Newton, wife and child,
W. F. Kanhpan, J. 1,. McGowan; for .
Europe,Pialmeros, W. Walker,
Jas. Rutherford! For New • York 465
packages tea, 150; do. silk, 174 do. _sun
The Republic brings over thciAeen
hundred - giusengem iwe}ve hundred and
llttyy of Wh 6 M 4 irereChtntiali.. , .'' •-• •
Tue. Americauf , Minister returned' to.
',Pekin from his southern trip to .(Xuundar
ports, aocompanied by Consul: Oeteral
Seward from Shanghai. ,
An uneasy feeling prevailed among
the Chinese officlilkwlth reference to the
the futurecourno
o f political evelatis at
Pekin. There was 'no complaint con
cerning outside mtters._ - Everything is
so far working tix.' 3 3 their signal • advert
tagd. • Dun storms were' prevalent and
but little rain had "fallen!!• • ,• rt
The - Chee Foo gold fever 'has died out
and but little interest is — manifested
gold mines. , •
The Shanghai '
Fire Department's an
ntlal parade oconxred on the 12th of
Ma d" wan a grarid .affair. Three
hundredforeigners 'and one thonsand
Chinese were In the procession.
Trade is drill at !Tienitzin,•and without
rain boon the growing crops be en
tirely ruined. -§heetings, Untie hundred,
and ninetVtotour hundred *Ls; brilis t
four hundred and fortyto "tour htuidred
and tiftV-flve' reels; the market' is bare df
American Drilla. • • ••
The Shanghttanarket is very quiet, ,, '
with light sales of Weekend green •teas.
The present stock of blick is two hun
dred •and seven chests: green, forty-eight
hundred. Prices: twent y -one hundred
and sevonty-five.'to twenty-seven hnn
dred teals for cummon kinds. "
Silks dull; 'total settlements to date,
sixty-one thousand one hundred and
twenty bales:* ,
•••• • JAPAN NEWS. • "
. ,
The Mikado arrived at Yeddo Nay 9th.
Npineroini outrages are reported ,upon
foreig,nora. The English Minister corn
plainedlo the Japanese government re
garding•the matter.
The anniversary.ofthe birth day of
Queen Victoria was observed In a sioien•
did-iv:manor at.,Yokoltatua. Sir Harty:
Parka reviewed the ;English troops m
garrison and marines from the. fleet.
Adadral. V.romci IR strongly, fortified
on the liland of Yestio,-;intPatientiy„
awaiting an attaak by the ;Mikado's
forces there; The Admiral ettempted fo
captdr% the' ram Stolie will bu t fail.;
wil of
tithe lobe orm of his veszeht,theAs ed h.:
ualotOwtdch Was beached and burned.
Fotir.Engliah, three. 1 7 ench t and -.one_;
American -(the Adanocacy)c, war yesselk
were.AP lb% Y- o .4ehatna• '
rip l roieiriaph to the Pitiebniiti Gillette.)
NABrivirzit, Jtit319 4 ,..-R. 11,11arrition,
ligejudge of the • Supreme Colin pi• Ten•
;lirrfWrrikOrmuncetr'hituagolf a candidate:,
Yt - , 1 1T414 0 1110 . lad * Davideort,
44, ~ .Ol t erligliatts.''
,He -.:oll6olarea,
1 . pflivdt'orcadmiett'Coriieution:
:. the neitillegolidttra to remove the'
'. eirdlimbillifepof , ill Wbitetitisenie
end fdrianettd 411131 tebbstitatiOU via iiiltr
seed* ttuOrightletsuiffsge.,to,klekeedf
Men :halal tutus* time. Thridolored;
men, now vote in authority-A*4W law,
of thkleighilatum, 'bid the gat -*mit;
derived from thoStetaCoMMilion. ,Iln
farift the . tiiication Qf t he lab amend.,
MOM; to t FedetitlXbriiiinntion; - •
'tbel StOkar. Le
4 1
istite4 2 6l' nda ~.' ' 2l ,diltdifitift, ram Ten;
nutitee de( e I thaVilitiikee will carry
.111412Alebtklilei Ailagenmi vy , s en o r ,
will carry Middle and W estern Tonnes.
sae, but.. only-4.4amough registration,
= l4434* Pt e mnedi:bY.t.tie relent' of
eltptj.44 ll / 4 Vi t Gitii Ply •Mth the J•s'ir, 01 9 1,
Ipo - ' dlicaveries o .rich silver
'eg at White Tine, Cal*
' if igineithibiliblti.'exeltement
_W I _ Adgioa. :The shipments of j bid •
nottirsid there latterly averaged seventy
too i thousand; dollars per week.
Mho,' l , fabilitiew• will.- mow be
doubled. It .MA01;10414 that half a Main
lion of dollars will be ahlppedfor July Timone parts of WiliMrnia.
~~i~~:t~~~,.~.kr_~~_ w
NEAR Ti pp, Cedar' coday, owa, the
otbei day;attOhl
lade litile; died
sudd en ly. vied soilie. - sidspidioni ;dream-ix
etfingelllONVldt4 fstlik)lities to disinter:
the.bodixt • Was _ ;round , that several,
vronndshad'beere blade- upon' 'the held,'
apparently Withs tat' iron and Malice
were vnitole upon the' lleclr , indi ca th ik ,
tAel the imeetsAhlboee•etreeigied:
11pme. ume • ,KrA. oyle , mask . ported'hy' th e .; ttf, 'an her tw o
nitre& thrills'Vault, Were 'emitttelied . t6'
psy for her maintemanoa, Lot them
theXitookher to hie house,
i() eecendl it
_ l 4 AUP
posed he murdered, he save the cost, cot,
her - The son 'and hbt Wife and:
daughter were arrested..
tADY rttemtly.prdeisil a trotaeeau at,
Stewirt'e - store,' Itt New York, tor ter
datightin.'er4oll;' , which. 'reielifed a COill4
pieta on* in ttiderekithin ft Bilk andlacao
dazing4ezliclei mitered waa 14
e 4l4k
mildatire - size; it $BO, aid' a lacek
handkrchief 44 sls.
—Oyer twelve hundred chinamen ar
rived, at San Ft•anciaoo on . Friday last.
—Chief Justice Chase will leave
'Raleigh, N. C.,' t o- day, for Richmond,
Va., where he will spend a few days.
—Elight.hundreti persons arrested in
Paris during the recent election disturb
have been released, but two hun
dred'arei still in custody.
—Crop reports from Arkansas, North
Miszissippi and North Alabama...ate fa- =
vorable,despite the, unpropitious . weather
for some weeks 'past.'
—The New York capmakers are on a
strike. A meeting of the crafton Friday
, night last, terminated in a general fight,
and one man was badly hurt.
---Vice President Conks is expected at
Hartford, Conn., on Wednesday. A re
oeption his hopcgitiltassigiverLat the
resident! ! of Pliny Jewell, fatherof Gov.
—At Dover, N. H., last week; Sohn P.
Austin-was shot < dead by. Ann Gage.
Some young people were examining re
volvers when the deceased asked Miss .
Gage to fire at him, nbt supposing that‘.
the pistol was loaded.
The Democratic Convention at Dade
vine,' Alabama, ''for the Third District,
nominated J. (I.• Per &arson for ConstreaP.
He is a Northern man by birth, who set-
sled in Alabama in 1865. He is. not
known as a Politician. • ••
—A private letter from Fort Smith,
Arkansas, says -that extensive tobacco
factories are now in full operation in the
Cherokee and Choctaw Indlin territory,
free' from Mx, and making money hand
over Ost. Clue of the •factories is within •
three miles of Fort Smith.
-• ,4 1t is Officially announced that the in
terest on South Carotins txmlia - and '
stooka=lor wo - years -,ending July, first
next will be paid on and after that day.
i -
The interest on'the bonds will be paid in"
New York and Qiltimbia, and the regii-;
ler stock in Columbia tally.
—A Quincy, 111., dispatch sayei,
Joseph Lowe, of this city, accused some
time - - since of attempting improper rela
tions with .a young lady,. was expelled .
from - the Christian Church at Camp
Point, Illinois, on the sth instant, for
conduct unbecoming a:gentleman and •ti
Christian. ,
—lntelligence received indicates the
rapid progress of the rust in the wheitt
and. barley, cropsAn California. • The
damageis most considerable in locilities
where a light frost prevailed during the
last fent weeks, although accounts IMdi
cate that the frost was not general, ,but
the infielder hi more serious than was an
ticipated. • • '- -
—Two•men.named Louis Mayer and.
Arulod 'Lewis bare been arrested in
New York on a charge of boring 'holes:
inthil i bellowa 'of 'a gas /metre. Each
hole saved ten per cent,, upon, the con ! .
Bunter's bill; while the Company sustain
ed th e per eeit:L or a loss. This fraud
has:been - largely practiced in. New York
and Boston _ •
—On Saturday, in the,Coitri of Appeals
at' Frankfort,: ICY:Y.:the - Jiidgment of
the Clgctdt COurtotaeffereon county con - •
demning Wililamß.rit to death for the
nturdold of tiis `wife iii' March, p6B / Was
-Xidt . was' to:•-have -been ,
hung May 281 h, but the :0 4 4.5e• haYinit,••
been appealed the . day of execution was
icidednitelY , 'toeltpented.The - duty of
IttindtillAtte day -for. , the: execution faller
apes the 90Torzior, the .casa,.hatiozby,
appal Mine entof the hands of the 333410'
:uiri.theoCtretdtvourt,erbo-had -pronows.%
r ,,,.
'^~.'7i'~. w xT:'_