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i 1 far Telegraph to the Pitteuurga Guam)
WasWorerroxr, June 17, 1869.
. I NEW; PROM C08.._
. f Intelligence received hire by the
4 •
friends of Cuba repreaent that, the fight
';' at Peurto del Padro was of mole itripor:.
. .
than 1
. i tame Mist reported. The effect of
~ the defeat of the Spanish' troops was more
c dechtive, almost destroying the effective
. 1 ness of the Spanish forces in'thaVportion
I of the island. 'lt opens np direct com
t municationwith the coast and enables the
• I forded - 'of ' the Cuban army to pro
-' tide,' the landing of reinforcements
. ~: fron-the
_United States. Friends. of
, • ; Cuban, independence here are very anx
-1 ions to bear fro General Jordan's cow
m mend. It Is known that for some days
he fiact been in , close proximity to a large
Spanish force, and a collision was immi
( nen tat any time. General Cespedas and
• i Qnesada are reported to be confident
i'• they are masters of tbesitnation and that
• ;
the independence of Cuba is certain.
. ; Every expedition which Nis left. the
United States, has succestfully landed
and joined General Quesada s army,
anti now compose a formidable and ef
festive foree and are`a terror to the Gov
f mo
vi ment
ctorious. troops, as in every collision they
0. F. Presbery his been appointed Su
; pervisor of Internal Revenue' for the
•,4 District embracing the States of Virginia
i and West Virginia, in place of Thomas
• ; Alt.-Maird, resigned.
; . The' number of clerkis to be discharged
'c• in the War Department will not exceed
. 1 one hundred.
il Several prominent friends of the Cu
' „i ban cause, alarmed at the recent arrests
j in New York, left Washington to-night.
• Internal Revenue receipts 16-day were
• •
14 $826,080.
j The Comptroller of Currency bas noti
• "• • tied the national banks to forward imme
diately a report of their condition, as
1 shown by the books at the close of basi
ness on the 12th of June. -
„i Miss Annie Surratt, sister of the fa
-1 mons John Burred. was .married this
'' 1 i morning to Mr. Taney, of the Surgeon
• 4 General's office.
p i The printers in the Government Office
' I this afternoon adopted a report and rump
, 1 ninon declaring Douglas, the colored
workman not a rat, be ha ving been de-
•' 1 prived of the privilege of members/11P
unw arrantedhirejudice as to cokir. and.
7 1 1 denouncing the Naticmal Union for Prej,
. ' udicing .the while under considers
,..,l Sian by aß u rchrune Union. The
.:.- • - Typographical pion meets • Saturday
-.• 1 night to ooradd the Douglas question.
iThe President expected Saturday or
Mond% • •.
Sf6 tit
,• 1 9 14 at the War Depart
Applies t na . ;4:Xgrairit',lbr—caamo:
. '., bonds in lien, of registered` dues wards : . posit at the Treasury cannot be acootn
; modated 'without special authority froth
~.1 Congress. . , '
' t•
. -
t.. Th e!Ephicopzu Conference.
tits Telegraptr4o tl.leißitt4btrtgli Gaseste..T.
-. , : Crticsoo, June' 17.—The Evangel/tail
. 1 'Episcopal Conference met at nine
-, t o'clock this morning. Fifty persons
. • .`
were Half an hour was spent
in akercises. ;
:4 The subject, of, the revision of, the
'j ;forayer Hoek was again taken up. oo 1 -
' - „1 v Rev. Mr. Cowgill said be had read in
.. '1 the papers that this meeting means se
/ cession from the Church. This he
denied. it meant reform. He be
•• i lieved, as a • conscientious Protestant
: I • Episcopalian, ' the time had come
.when the men who teach ''doctrines
subversive of the ptinciples-----a_the
Church should be actively opposed—
when the friends of the Church pure and
'''• undefiled should. instead of standing on
:•I the 'defensive all the time, aseutne the
:I offensive and, bring these innovators to
' trial. If the principles avowed in the
I. quotations included in the protest were
, those of tbe Protestant Episcopal Church,
then he was not .a member of that body.
.He believed that this reform could be
readily effected, and until all measures
peacefully in the body of the Church
..bad failed, he was not in favor of seces
sion. The alteration of some twenty
words in the Prater Book mould, be
• believed, satisfy everybody. He wished
the words o pri est" and "altar" especially
Rev. Mr. Oliver prooeeded to read his
letter of reply to the protest, and con
. eluded with the following resolutions:
Remised, That in all matters of faith,
worship; doctrine, long established rites,
cerernomes and usNres, we adhere to the
decisions of the Protestant Episco_pal
Church tn the lJnited-fitates of America.
as eaPresslis of the •
mind L ot Christ, and
by them we the
to test all the de
partures from the pure faith, doctrine,
long established rites, cettetrionies and
usages of In the protest.
2d. That we shall use legal. and (Zee*
tutienal Melee In ordet to shring -before
the proper tribunal of• our Church all
those who depart from our pore aith,
'doctrine, worship, long established /um
- ceremoWet anti usages,whether of defect
or micas, and that by the grace of God
we wills how such ourselves. and that we
bereb7pledge Mir Miami' faith to melt
and to stand, by each other through
evil good 'report in ;his our work of
faith and labor of love.
lid. That while we ex lent • the Illsboria
of the Church to use
.8.1 nece*sary for
bearance, we also promise them our cot.
dial support, respect and enoouragement
in'the Lord in that! endeavors to pre
serve the faith, doctrine, long established
rites, cereinonies and usages of the
. Church, as delivered untO usind to them,
.as our bright and unoomprombiing Pro
. testant Apostolic inheritance.
The chair decided thelusolutions out
of order.
Ten minutes hearing was. - refused to
Mr. Oliver. .
Dr. Andrews entered : upon an
elaborate discussion as to what is eon- lielli
• science. With respect to the proposed Peas
alteraticon in the baptismal servicie,' and Oar
the other reforms proposed, he regarded
i them, and also the protest, as ill-advised.
I Dr. Rouser, of Ohio, thought it as nec.
• essaiy to rid the Prayer Book of its dog
_ ma of Apostolic Succession as that of
_ expunging of twenty , worde,would snit. _
- He was for correcting, the faith, not the
words. The prayer which contains this REM; BY UHL*.
Spiritual Baptismal Regeneration. No
1 miserable doctrine, ApostoliciSuccession,
should be revised entirely. -
it gs—
; Rev. Dr. Newton took about the same British pi illamen Proceedin The
; vietv. So did Rev. Mr. Ross, of Ken- Irish Church DisestablishMent—Jonn
IRev. J. Crocker White, of Massac-. I Bright's Letter to the Birmingham
u- I Meeting Not Sanctioned by the Mln
setteaeld if he could not get liberty in
the Offlirch, he would out.
• - 1 istry—Debate Resumed in the House
Rev. Mr. Cheney said Bishop Men. .of :Lords. Scene—Republi
vaine's letter had but two points. First, cans in Spain Protest Against the
the prayer book should not be rev.sed,
because it was not by its authoro, the re- Presence 'of Duke Diontpensler—King
Amnon: proposed ; to teach: the dectrine vernuam,
,oik' Prusala, at Bremen
of spiritual baptismal regeneration in 1 Opening i, Suez Canal--The Trouble
the baptismal source. If this was true, , in Parls— ewspaper Editor and
In they „mod made ti -moat unfortunate I „
loyes Fined and Imprisoned for In
selection of language, for it undoubtedly I '
does teach .that ver y doctrine, an d I ts i citing poutempt Against the Govern
use compels the minister to teach an error I ment.
r .,„ . ~ .
The end . ~
tiweu ue • • awaers.
Telegraob to the Pittsburgh Gazette 1
that - We -. have no , right ; th revise -the ' GREAT BRITAIN. . '''
Prayer Book. The reformers, who pre
pared that book, thernselvesayowed that LONDON, Jute 17-3 fidnigAg.--In the
the time 'svoirld come when" revision House of CoMmons to-night, Mr. Otwav
• I
would be necessary. This book
~enust Under Foreign Secretary ; in reply to - an
be revised so as to be in accordance teaf Mr. Beaumont, said when the
with the - Bible. The Bible is - God'suqedry
Republic of Mexico was re --established
Book, the Prayer Book is man's work,
and is not so , sacred but that it it declined intercourse with the powers
may be jtottehed. By and by the which recogoizsd the Empire. The
wi n b e wit h b e in t" werh• British MihiSte ' r . at the City of Mexico
They now admit the revision is needed,
consequeritly Withdrew. Her Majesty's
but claim that this is not the time for it.
Even new one is so far on our side that Government had net objection to re-open
his letter was suppressed in:tut those pub- relations , but overtures must come from
lished in the official Episcopal organ in
the Diocese of Ohio. He never dreamed, Mexico'
he said, of leaving the Episcopal chur c h. Mr. Gladstone, in reply to a tion
He was born in it, it' was h le heritage , from Mr. North, explaiped that Mr.
end while he ad vocatedreform. he would Bright wrote his recent letter to the
remain an Episcopalian forever, even if Birmingham meeting without consul tin g
he stood all alone as the only Episcopa- his colleagues, and on his own responsi-
Ilan. '
Unity. The Goverument had no inten
tion of threatening the UOUSQ -of Lords.
Rev. Mr. Newton offered the following
Each estate of the Kingdom WAS entitled
resolutions, which were unanimously'
to the fullest freedom of speeon, and he
to interfere with it, especially
Resolved, As the opinion of this Coe. would regard with zealousy any attempt
ference, That a careful revision of the
made by re,Minister of the Crown. Hill/-
Book of 'Common Prayer is neeiful to
the beat Interests of the Protestant - Bois- self and his colleague, Mr. Bright, bete,
copal Church.- . • discouraged any popular action tending
Resolved, - That all words or phrases to interfere with the independence of the
House of Lords. When overt had
seeming to teach that the Christian Min
istry is a priesthood, or - the Lord's Sap- been made to them t o n at t en d sa es
per a sacrifice. or that regenemtion is in- meeting they had both steadily declined.
separable from hap - Nein, should be re. In the. House of Lords there Wall a
moved from the Prayer Book , crowded attendance and great interest
The Conference then adjourned till
half-'prik two o'clock , was manifested.
Lord Calms,. amid cheers from the op-
When the morning session commenced position; put the question whether Mr.
there were not more than fifty present, Bright's letter had been expected by the
other members of the Government. and
but long before the session was concluded
the hall was filled, and the hearty ap. whether_ in the present crisis l
over a
support and assistance to the Govern
plans° which greeted the most earnest
advocates of revisionein their warmest went. He said the Government Intuit
either endorse .or repudiate the letter.
sentences of denunciation of what they
deemed errors and evils in the Book of Earl Granville, in reply; admitted the
authenticity of the letter and said the
Common Prayer, testified the entire sym-
Cabinet had declined to disctuts the poli
pathy of the audience with the objects of
the Conference. • cy to be ptasnied, tithe bill shieuld be re
jected. He knew that neither of his col-
The Conference reaewnwed at three
leagues, except Mr. Bright, had any
knowledge of tbe contents of the letter
The best method of revising the Prayer
He thought
Book. was then discussed.. The President lut tit f It - Was
the Cabinet Publi shed .
o responsi ble .
thought the desired changes could be ef
fected without any extreme measures.: for the individual Opinions of its mem-
The 'Chairman of the Committee on bare,'and for himself regretted Mr.
rßesOlutionszeperted the folloWing,whigia,
_erthre- iltti llualtet but he" Mut Mr.
[-were adopted: . ,•-• .. .
. L -. ight's authority for stating that he had
iiresolveet, That in the- OPlition.- of this no -Intention-fey expoese . diarespect to
Conference, it is the duty of the 'Evan- their /lordships laid ch arlinnyiaalt:4 Dad
take caused tcstiteniby hie wordy ins ex
gelical men in the-:different diooeses to
take measures to intorm the laity of our •PreePed 'Vire ,4bed--zegret• w i s h -
I h, by- means - of the . public p reas, •t, Earl. Grannde thenproa to make
restekung-t vital questions which now some remarks on the_ irish - Church bill,
I agitate the Church. when Earl Derby rose to a point of order.
&saved, That it is the opinion of this A gene ral scene f,cdlowed. Lords, liar
rowb, and Salisbury also rose.
1 Cotiference - that either the American
,"Mbisionary Society shogld extend - its Amid intense-excitement Earl Gran
['work to foreign fields ' , orFanother aesoci-
GovernMent repudiated any intention of
effort be formed on the voluntary prinel-'
pie to conduct that work.' •• - t menacing_the House of Lards.
one:debate •on the - bill was then re
; Resolved, That this Conference re . cont- I
mend the- 'evangelical clergy of our mimed*
Church to avail the.neelves of all such Earl Deiby'objected to the principle of
means as they may deem best to pro. the measure. It was a grand spoliation
mete f ra t ernal and Christian relations and - was Contrary to the act of
with 'ministers of other churches, es. union and the Coronation Oath. fie
'by ; uniting with_ them in such believed: the agitation on the stibject
great national institutious as the Arceri- was owing to the action of the
,can Bible Society. . Liberation Society, in combination with
other parties„ calculated to sever the
Remarks by Rey. Dr. Newton, vol.
Aycrigir. Rev. Mr: Clements, Rev. Dr. Church and State, not only in Irelruid
but in England. He objected net merely
Andrew:4 Rev. Mr. Cherley,and Rev Mr...
Galla her upon the subjectanatter of the .to the special details, but' to the entire
resol floes. '
principle of the bill. In his s peech on
Re . Dr. Cooper offered the following: ttibvteg,tbe
.li' lved, That there shall be now ap
second. reading, Lord Graft
' 'ville had only refereed - to the details
poin a That
of --- clergymen and not to the ; general principle of the
and laymen, to be denominated the
Standi g Committee of the ClitcagcrCon- I terbury, who supported the reading, ob
ferenc , which Committee , shall -. have ' Jested to the details of the hill, in respect
bill. Men Hue the Archbishop of Can
pewer o sit as often ass = they May deem .to the Maynooth grant. The provi
ble of the tall.
-. Taking in view the
per ee _ along for the capitalization of the yearly
expedi nt, and shall bp a body in
tufty riar,the promotion of the general grant was inconsistent with the proem
objectti contemplated by this Conference.
treatment of an amendment on a for
. On motion, it was ordered that , the Sec- I
retary of the Conference be instructed to men occasion, he distrusted Earl'
next Granville's assertion, that , all amend-
furnish to the Evangelical meeting
fall a cetified copy of the prepeedings. of Meuts would- receive eireful- core,
this Co n ference , sideration. The course he (Derdy) had
On mdon, the Committee on Resolu. taken was not as the leader of the Con
servaciyes, but on hie own ocnivictions
lotions was instructed to preppre the do
ings of this body , for„. circulation in that the bill was impolitic and immoral
pamphlet form, With theprotatt attached.
The Convention then adjourned sine die. l . __
I :s
Tne usage Land Swindle..
toy Tekriksib to the Pittstittrib Oozette,3
LEAVENWORTH, June 17.—The Times
and Conservative publishes a history of
the Osage land swindle. from Which it
appears that Secretary RP:owning, Gen.
Ewing, hturgis. of Ohiesim.,,,TaYkir. Com
missioner of Indian .&=ra, Senat
Pomeroy' and 'Representative , Clarke of *
Kansas, were interested in it. The
statemen says at the last session of Oon
gress 'th ' treaty .: was so amended that
the Atold n and. Topeka Railroad would
hare e million acres of Osage lids.
"PoMeroy a brother-in-bsw owning that.
was to , 11 the land at an advance of
eight colls per 4 04 - netting the sum of
mO,OOO, r roman:tole services in ratify
ing the treaty. What would have been
and what Was desired by the ratification
of the treaty was about as follows: 13tur
gee Could Mal& two million and a half
dollars, Thos. Ewing, Jr.,11250.000, (prob.
ably divide with Browning,)Taylor 125,-
000 and Pomerny'a brother•ln•law 1240,-
000. Sidney Clarke wanted at least pp,.
000 in lands and bonds. • ' -
Getty'. rR Alononitlit liedkappa.
CB/ Teleges sto the Pittsburgh Oak Ite'l
OiITTTS ; vino; Jane lit —The' Board of
Managers or the National COMetery. In
vite all soldiers who were In the battle of
Gettysburg to partfalpate id the ceremo
nies of. the dedication of the monument
Ist Of. July. Senator Morton ` will
9r the _oration,' • Bayard
and Henry: Ward 4Beeatier,
on tb
voluit"ciA3cir., A. 24x.
PARIS, June 17.—The City is entirely
tranquil, and no fears of further disor
The manager of Le %tappet, a tewspa
per recently started in the mtereet of the
Anti-Dynasty Party, has been sentenced
to four months imprisonment, for inch
mg contempt ofthe government. The
editor was sentenced to six maths im
prraonment *and fined three thousand
'Vanes, and each printer to one month
-,imprisontuent and a fine of one thous.
arid francs. - i . *
A very, formidable_ col lision occurred
yesterday, at St. - Etin between some
coal.miners and/4410nel trove, where
* several lives *ere lost. The miners
wade an attempt to rescue some pris.
mere who were Weld - by the military.
Firearms were usedron both aides,. but 1
; ,,the :rioters at , length dispers ed, after
sevelf men were killed arid as many in-
Jared. Five- of the soldiers are badly i
wounded. - - • -- -
,• t SPAIN
blinfun, June 17.—Gient public meet.
tugs Lave been held by the Republicans
lu, VOlOOll4 and Seville to protest
against Abe presence In Spain • or the
Duke Moat Bier. _ •
id the, cones to•dav ueneral Prim
Aleclitt that all milltalY - officers who take the oath to respect and
ObeY • tbei new,; Constitution Would • have
-thUtak Darnell stricken from the rolls of
e army. • • t •. • • r • .
Senor &gists, idlniater of tke late
stktroteldi'new thatilke• anunlttitlon and
Regbnoyhavebeet adopted, tbeeboutrne
Cif epublican erten bribe street would
BREMEN, June 17.—. Ring Williata to
day opened the new naval port of Rep
pens, at the month of the Ishde river.
He made a speech, in which he returned
thaSks to the promoters of %the enter
prise. lie said although the late King
commenced 'this work,- political circum.
stances subsequently interfered with the
establishment of . a German port here,
but prudence had now,permitted him
to accomplish what his brother began.
He would look with cheerful confidence
for the development in future of the
young German navy.
TURKEY. • * • .
Lortuorr;..ltine 17a--A telegram fro r m
Constantinople states the Porte protests
of g
aainst the ` power aRSed by the Pasha
Egypt' IMI to !sane Invitatiomi to crowned
heads fer the opening of the. Suez Canal.
Such invitations : it is maintained, should
emanate from the Sultan : as the superior
of the Pasha.
5 CTALii.
FLOIIENCL June 17.—Parliament was
prorogued to-day - by the King.
-LoNnolq, June 17—Even/ay.—Console
for trifiney, 92;;; account, 9'2%. Five.
Twenty bonds, Eos6; at!Frankfort,
88 4
®B6M; Erie, 20; 111in015,1514/.
Pants, Tune 17. —Bonne steady. Renter
LIYEr.rooL, j'nue 15.—Cotton Market
ae:Ave; =Addling uplands 11 34®12y. do
Orleans at 12y,;(12,; sales of ICO,OOO
bales. California white wheat 9s. 7d; red
western Se. id. Western Flour 21s.
Corn: mired 275. 6d. for new, and 28s.
6d. for old. Oats Ss. 4d. Barley 6is.
Mips Lla. Pork 993. Beef 90s. Lard 735.
Cheese 79.5. 'Bacon 625.
LOICAON, June 1 7.—Tallow 445. Sugar
40s. Calcutta Linseed 608. 6d. Petro
'emit at Antwerp 4630 r. The bullion In
the Bank of England has increased
000, and. the , bu:lion In the
France has decreased B,7oo.ooofr.Bank of
Andtag of Another Filibuster Expedl
tiou--1 he Aylward" Becoming DlE
I ccount of lteeent Engage..
:Br Tmetraph to the Pittsburg:it Cisaette,,t
HAVANA, June 16.—An expedition of
six hundred Glibilisters from the United
States are reported to bare landed re
canny at Puerto. They effected a land
ing without being molested and Immo.
ttlately marched to the interior, where
hey have alreadyjoined the forces under,
Jordan. The Spaniards are getting l
frightened. Arbitrary arrests of ens_
petted parties still continue and eimion- Pr64l4lenit irant in 3/assachilett''.
age Is increasing. (By Telekraph the Pittsburgh Gue6te.) •
1 ‘,.,. .
HAVANA, Jane 15, via Key West, OM:ESTER, " June 17.—,Pesident
19.--General quesada's report of the Grant arrived at two o'clock this after
battle of May - leth has been received., noon from Groton, in - charge of a Com-
He states there were two engagements on mittee of the City Councils. :gel was ae.
that - day. They , ook Magoon the road be- companied by Seeretery Boutvveil, Gov
tweet', Puerto del. Padre and Los Tunas, ernor Cleflln and others , Mayor Blake
and resulted in a victory for the patriots. made a brief address Of welcome and the
The firpanianfs retreated in-a yaiii, 10S. Preaident svas then conducted
frig in"tobtilfights tioti hundred ihnflifty , through the. principal streete in an
killed and Wounded.' Vahan- bus Been„ barcitiche, . with .$ the -Highland r -
- rte a body ghard, titivut ary,•
Adv:ces from Neuvitas to the lith Inst. , 0.110, Cf. A. It., and the re
state Gen. Norer returned on the flth, pat ment acting as an escort. Si then
having assisted In escortlnir a convoy of ro ut
cblidren lined the treets
eupplies to Los Tunas. A :desperate antioaded the President's carriagewith
light occurred at Brinosa. The Spanish flowers. ; A collation was served t the
artillery compelled the insurgents to re- ' Bay . Stlite ffonee, and the Pr , ' In took
tire, but they fell back In good order .:- "
" .
continued harass the — escort unti an l it
reached the vicinity of Los Tunas. Oa
their return the Spanish troops were not
molested. They - . , arrived at Neavitaa
with nine cases or cholera. Seven isol
dlers have since died of the disease.
A train of care -from. Puerto Principe
reached Neuvitai on the 10th. -A hand
car in advance of the train was captured
by the insurgents. -
A Porn mission f volant i ers w procure to leave euvitas o for Ha ana to
the removal of General Letona. The
Spanish officers in that quarter are die.
satisfied 'by their inglorious work, but
continuo to make exaggerated reports of
-operations against the insurgents.
Letters from Santiago to the Bth inst.
report that two expeditions of Hilibusters
bad landed, one near Gaantenetno, and
the other near Baraco. The, first expedi
tion is said to hive been annihilated, ky-
Spanish troops, who captured its entire'
equipment; but the truth is a small party
sent out by the fillibusters to communi
cate with the insurgents in the interiCor
was, cut off and the rest of the expedition
was in a precarious condition, though
they had- so far succeeded in escaping
capture.' It is rumored the 'Spanish ea.
diere have murdered Gen. Buceta.
Setuers on Kansas Neutral Lands 115 e.
termlne to Stand Stun.
•Oly Telegraph to toe Pittsburgh Gazelto.)
KANSAS CITY ', June 16.—Tbe Bulletin
contains a series of refolittions passed by ,
the settlers on neutral lands in Crawford
county, Kansas, aunduncing their de
termination, to stand firm and hold
themselves, in readiness to defend
their rights ' before the courts
whenever they are ' assailed. They.
denounce all reports of lawlessness s
on neUtral lands as slanders on
tbe settlers, , and .assure all concerned
that no man has been shot or hung on so
count of land diffroultios all honest man
are welcomed among them and will be
as safe there as any , place ln the
United Staters, that
, they never. have
and, do not now' wage war, upon private
individuals; as such, but dd oppose the so
called :ay purchase; will resist to the
fullest ektent any endeavor of his to
build a railroad or to - mush* other act
of Ownership on the neutral lands' until
the validity -:or invalidity of said par.
chase Is fully and completely settled.
Suspicious Vessel Departed.
By Telegraph to the Pittsburgh Gasette,3
t1308TON;411118 i7;—The steimer IDol
hine, which arrived on Sunday,frOM
hiladelphia, Ostensibly with la large
cargo of coal, went suddenly to sea last
night under suspich:ms circumstances.
She cleared at the Odstom 'House for
}mote% Jamaica; and according,to her
miefifest has a large cargo of provisions:
but her supposed destination is Hayti,
with war material for the rebels. , - The
Hayden Charge d'Affairs was hate Yea.
*entitto o latey and attentikte4 to detain ttati but
: • I
J, UNE 18. 1869.
be considered a legal offeixe and be pro
hibited. This declaratidn produced a
great sensation in the clamber.
Marshal Serratio will take the oath of
office as Regent of Spain os Friday.
Troubles are appretiohded on the occa
- _
Jury Obtained tt. tile Donaldson Care.
Tile McCoale-Allen Prize Fight.
(By Tot:eitraph to the Plttsboket Gazette.]
obta t§T.
ed Loursaune ury was finalin to d ay inthe tria j l of Capt. Don
aldson, and the case will .be Opened to
morrow for the prosecution by Chas. P.
Johns* the Cincinnati attorney. Judge
Lockland and Col Slayback are counsel
for the defendant. •
• Tom Allen says he shall take no notice
near M
ScMtpL ole's challenge' to tight again
. ,challenge " but will go three hun
dred miles east, say - somewhere in Ken
tucky, Or, as he would prefer, to Canada,
nd mtch him , for live thousand dol
lars-:{o'r any ether sum he desires.
McCoo, le. is 'said to be willing
to . tight ' him • away ' from " St. Louis,
or better still. in a room with only a few
friends of •each party as witnesses. Mc-
Cle still believes that he can whip Al
. MCKinne, the refbree, imbshes
' an then statement; in' which he repeats
his decision and says that while coming
home en!the boat Sherman° ThurstOti and
Billy Carroll,friends ofA Ilan, offered him
money tbdeolcifyin Allen's favor.. They
stake a:100y has not yet been given up,
and' it' is alleged it will not be until mat
ters' are arranged to the satisfaction of all
parties. GQ,alte a number of outsiders,
who e bet on McCoole, decline to receive
the, stakes put nip, believing that the
referee's decision was unfair. Allen says
he will f2ght Gallaher any place a*ay
front St. Louis on a wager of $2,500 to
The Coliseum Crammed and the Doors
Ciesed—'..4nother Grand IPerformance,
Concluding With "Old Hundred,),
AcCoinpanied by all the 'lnstrumonts
anti Artillery, the Audience Joining
lei-Grand Dan Last Night.
• osroN,l June /7.—The Coliseum for
awhour prior to the opening of the con
cert to-day was , crammed and the Man
agehnent was compelled to close the doors.
The progranime comprised many patri
otie and popular selections. Parepa Rosa
sung thf3 [Ario from Robert, receiv
ing an encore. The. Anvil Chorus
was glYen, La nd an ori ginal Triumphal
Overtilre of American National Airs, in
troduclngHall Columbia, wasperformed,
the latter 'receiving most enthusiastic
plaudits. The Grand Military March,
performed lby one thousand instruments, was finely! given. The Star Spangled
Banner, sung by Parepa, with fall cho
rus, was repealed in response to enthusi
astic encores. Mn. Arbuckle's solo on
tbe trumpet was applauded, as were
other pieces. The peribrinan,ce closed
with singing "Old Hundred" by the
whole chorus, accompanied by all the in
isotirunim4Ts and artillery, the audience
The; all to-night wawa successful and
brilliant affair. • I
~..,, —le Presiders
the train at 4:39 r. ar. for New Fo r .
SParworiann, • June • 17.—Pr ide..
Grant, accomoanied by a delegatibn
city the city government, arrived in thia city
this evening and was receivedl wit'
salutes. He was Introduced to the cit
garts by Mayor Winchester from ti
lialcony- the Massasoit House. E
made a bri f address and soon afte le
for New Y rk. I
.- .
NEW YORE, June 17 . — President ,rat
arrived to-night and proceeded quietly n
the residence of his Mr,
Corbin. I-
By Teleitraetk titerrAtiburin °Lazne. t
HAVANA, Jdne 17.—The steamer
France. from Vera
h e Cruz, brings dates\ to
1 2th instant 'from the City of Mexico.
The citizens of the Unitod States in the
Capital gave a dinner on the 6th to Min
tater Roascrans. ;
A Mexican journal calls Mr. Nelson,
the new'American Minister, a ferocious
man, sent by President Grant to create
trent:lle in the country.
The revolution in Ouerettsro is re
ported to gain strength. The Govern-
Meta had dispatched fifteen hundred
troops for the defense of the legally con
stituted GovernMent. 'The people and
state troops support the late Governor,
who was deposed.
! the Gen. Ariange had pronounced against
Poto kratiOnal had
at San Lute'
General Fernandez Ortega, candidate
of the party in opposition to Juarez's ad
ministratia. N on, was, elected Governor of.
Negrete was at Tolosa, organizing
troops against the (Government.A revolution is
of ZaCatecae, reported in the 'State
Base. Ballet Brooklyn.' , \
Mr telegrk,h t'o - the Pltuitinrsh Gatette4
New Yong, Stine 17.—The Cincinnati
club'met the Bokfords, Ofßrooklyn, this
afternoon: The game hutted two 'hours.
About six thousand persons were present.
'The Eckfords played' a 'better fielding
, pit game than the Atlantic., • but the 'swift
ching of Brainard seemed to puzzle
them. and they batted „mostly
Geld.' The
,playing of the
Citicinhati iu ans the
was about the same as yerday,
pliable several fine'.doublese tphtys. they
'fblloWing are the taihts: .
Cincinnati...o 2 7i 4 0 8 8 0 0-24
Bekfordi -.0 '0- CO 0 2 0 2 0 1-- 5
The Cm . cluniti club will play the Ir-
Monett , .
vington. at 111111gs:i1 .n, near Newar k, to.
, .
Chicago [market. •
CWP:IAuo f June 17.-At the open board
kth(' arternoon therewee a large busi
44ness transacted Int No. 2 wheat at
1/ B @l,lBX seller Month; numerous
settlements being made at inside figure&
Other-grains quiet and unchanged; ltt
the evening , sales wheat were. made at
sl,ltf; , grains nothing done in other : or
Provisions. < ' -
—Two hundred and fifty filibusters
/eft Philadelphia yesterday in a tug boat
jdown the bay to a .steamship, on which;
to embark for'Cuba.
—Judge Smith has granted a vrtitl'of
error and stay of proceedings in the case
of Messner, condemned to be hanged at
Rochester, N. Y., to-day.
—Henry A.Tierce, Minister resident to
the Sandwich islands, arrived at Sart
Francisco yesterday from the East over
land, en route to Honolulu.
I —The Ben Franklin Printing Office, at
Indianapolis, was destroyed by flre yes
inachinerday morning. Loss on building and
ery124,000; insurance /12,500,
—Col. Wm. B. Thomas was pled in
nomination as an epeelndent Reform
Candidate for Governor of Pennsylvania,
at meeting held in Philadelphia on
'Wednesday evening.
—The remains of Junius Brutus Booth
have been removed to Green Monet
Cemetery, near Baltimore, where those
of his, dead children, includbig John
Wilkes, ifTe'to 'be reinterrint • -- '‘ ..
L-I'lleury Corital, a Frenchmen, - ar
reSted In Ne* York for stealing from his
employers, committed suicide at police
headquarters by strangling himself iVith
a ribbon attached to his, watch..,
7Ex-Collector of Revenue, S. M. S
lick, of the Third District of Pennsylva
nia; has been arrested alleged perjury,
and obtaining money f under false
p r
see, arising out -his late office.
—A terrific rain storm visited western"
North Carolina Sunday night, which
caused destructive freshets throughout
Iredale and Davy counties. The damage
is estimated at $500,000. No lives lost.
—The anniversary or , the battle o
Banker Hill (yesterday) is a legal holi
day in Massachusetts, and was very
generally observed. A military display,
with civic demonstrations, took place in
— kbrother of ex-Mayor Gunther, of 2 i
New York, Mr. Henry Clark, and a dri
ver of a carriage, were seriously injured
at Wait Point, yesterday.; by the over
turning of the vehicle, the horses having .
run away. -
—President Grant will retain at Wor-.
nester, Mass, to-day, two hours. He will
be received by the city government, es
corted by the military, and a review of
the procession of public school children
will take place. .
_ —At the annual meeting of the Bun
Hill MonumentAssociation' Presi
dent Grant, Admiral Varragut, General
Sherman, Commodo - re Wilson and Gen
eral Sheridan were kiianimounly elected
honorary members. - . • -
-Juo. H. Sims, a notorious character,
has been arrested at Syracuse, N. Y., on
a charge of sellingfour hundred dollars
In counterfeit United States money. A.
young man named Wl:within we._arrest
, ( Cid as an accomplice. , . •
1 —ln the suit of A. Bell tt Chesapeake
Li. Baltimore Sun, against the
h e Bank, of Baltimore, to recover $3,000 in
r e gold deposited in 1861, the jury rendered
)ft a verdict awarding plaintiffs $3,000 in
gold with $005.50 interest, also in gold.
at ..The Congress/ . onal Was and Means
to Committ4,o--Messrs. Maynard, Brooks,
Allison. Kelly, McCarthy, Blair, Hooper,
Marshall--and Moorhead--left Omaha
yesterday morning, and will reach the
Pacific in about ten days, traveling only
in 'day time. - .
' —The Western Union Railroad, extend
-1 ing trom Racine, on Lake Michigan, to
Moline, ill., on the Mississippi river, has
i been purchased b er itchell,
iof Milwaukee; Presider
ofthe MBidwati;
kee and St. Paul Railroad, and he, will
immediately assume control of it. ''.
I —The British bark Mary A. Troop,'
Capt. Cain, from Amsterdam for New .
s Yo armk,s ' h wp
P r e u n n n syolwvann ia dtwos k bnyehd
miles east of Sandy Hook, on the- morn
ing of the' 15th inst. The captain, mate
and three of the crew were saved. The
remainder of the crew are' reported lost.
. . ,
—ln the Swedenborgian Convention at
ltjew York, yesterday, Jotui y Scam
loilitin, of Chicago, presidingi the pro-
priety of admittitig the terms aParlah"
and "Diocese" into . their . Constitution
was discussed. , Several of their most
prominent 'members 'spoke at length,
with considerable warinth, on this sub
—John 81../.l'Carthy, President o f the
Irish. Rep:a:Mean:l Association of Pena_
is has -Issued another addreak
le assures the readers the county can
not recede from the position taken by
Mr. Sumner. The Irish Convention at
Chicago will declare in favor of protect
tin % o naivereal suffrage and war with
Raglan r
-Three Youths COrdlited in 'the Hout6
of Refuge at Randall leland, New 'York,
Win. !Ate hour Wednesday night vomited
McCappin, the night-watchman, in
pursuance of 'a plan to make their eit
cape. The lads attacked him simulta
neously, and one of them useta case •
knife, ,intlicting dangerinus.' woundi.‘
They were taken in custody by the au
thorities: n
New :United States . Grand llary
New York has found bills of indictmentat
against Joae Morales-Learns and Velars.
Rawson, Allerra, Fesseni :w e a • a n d
Colonel Ryan, for fitting out military
expedition, which left New To k about
the first of &ay Ibi Cuba, in II lation of
the neutrality laws. Setae of t e parties '
were arrested and others prtmen d them
Helves before Judge Blatchford, who held.
all fie #5,004 bail each te. answer the in
dictment and'in fruocradditional to keep
the peace. . - -The i t was given bY Ron.
Dwight, Tsiarnaend, ex‘Coagresamenrami
the Nnies set arliberty.' • •
—Vice President Colfax is in .New York.
—H. Foltner hung himself In the pris
on at Fort Wayne, Ind., ytaterday.
— Governor Curtin sailed yesterday on
the Donan, and not on Wednesday,as
—The Press representatives at the Na
tional Peace Jubilee at Boston number.
over one thousand.
. •
—Dr. Alden March, an eminent sur
georend physician, died at Albany, .I+T.'
Y.,•yesterday morning.
.. ,
—Frank Mueller, tr German laborer;
aged seventy-seven years, committed ica
lade at Cincinnati yesterday.
—The foundation atone of the, monu
ment to Union dead was laid on. Cam
bridge Commons; Boston, yesterday; • 1
1 --Six companies of troops, recently
from California, have been „distributed
along the line of the Union Pacific Rail