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T ir e G A zEriz is furnished in the east
the eft dciys of the week for 16 cents per
week; by ma t 118 per annum : 8 mos., pi.
*Our readers should bear in mind that
after to-morrow a per cestaxe will be ,
added to their income tax if not paid.
Allegheny Count,ils.—A regular semi
monthly meeting of Allegheny Coun
cils will•he held to-morrow (Thursday)
The. Tax Payera of Allegheny City.—
Attention is called to the advertisement
-of D. Mackferron; City Treasurer, ist to
day's paper.
By 'referring to our advertising col.
mains it will be seen that our ,worthy
Superintendent of Water Works adver
lses for proposals for laying wrter pipe.
As we go to press, three o'clock
at.. the air is very chilly, and we
1/110121d BO; be =prised. if *beavy frost
- visits the country districts this morning.
. . _
Arm Brallea,—,Tohn Deer, a boy ten
or twelve years of age, residing in the
17th ward, had his arm broken in two
- places yesterday, by falling tram . * tree:
Jimmy Hamill will row Coulter first,
audaftteßwaxds Brown or another-man,
a five mile race; for'any sum that may be
agreed upon. Finally, he intends
- to give all corners &chance.
W , ,
anted:—Situation by, a young man
as Ro(*.keeper or assistant .d3ookkeeper,
good peaulan and several years experi
ence in store and bank, can give good
referenda: - Addreas box "A," Glazers
Office, or call ac GA r.Errz Counting Room.
Another Insane Man.—Francis O'Hara
yesterday made informalioti before Jus
tice Barker, of South Pittsburgh, against
his son James O'Hara,- aged eighteen
years, whq for.ayear past has been Insane,
with a view of having him sent to the
hospital. He was arrested and commit
ted to jail. • • -
111c1Ilwalne's Stock Sale.—The follow
Ingetwks were sold last evening on sec+
end floor of Commercial Sales Rooms,
108 Smithfield street, by. A. M'llwaine,
Bank of Pittsburgh
Citizens National Bank • ,
Exchinste National Bank
. Ike have just purchased, a copy of
Mitchell's New-Atitta Map of the world,
Containing one hundred beautiful maps
from official surveys and other authentic
sources. it is the best work of the char
acter ever published.. The agent will call
cn our citizens during the week, and. we
earnestly advise all our friends to secure
a copy.
Killed on the Ranread.—The body of
Aidernum James L.i Irwin, of the 17th
wai.d; who left Imam mysterlouly on '
Friday last, was found on the track of
the Pennsylvania railroad yesterday
morning near Lilly Station, it having
been run over by a passenger train. The
body was identified by a pin worn by
the demised upon which his named was
Lay Delegation —At the'rifth avenue
M. E. Church. Rev. 3..1. Jones, the , ques
tion of , lay delegation was voted upon on
'Monday evening. The congregation
rintilbera one hundred and fifty, but the
vote polled was only thirty-fotir, twenty
seven for and seven against the innova
tion. The feeling in the congregation is
almost unanimous on the subject.
At Christ Church the vote stood one
Intidred and sixty-nine_ for and two.
against the measure. •
Meeting of the Street' Committee.—A
meeting of the Street Committee was
held in the Committee rooms, City Build
ing, last evening. A number of ordi
nances for the grading and paving of
streets were considered favorably. A
contract for the construction of a board
walk on• Elm street was let to Mr. Mc
-Dowell.' The Committee are awake to
the necessity and importance of ;trading
and paving streets, and a large amount of
work of that character will be done
the present season.
Trinity Chapel—Laying of the Corner
• stone.
Immediately after the adjournment o f
the Epic opal Convention yesterday 'af."
tampon, the members and visitors en
gaged in the ceremonies attending the
laying of the corner stone of the new
chapel now in course of erection for the
use of the Trinity Church congregation.
the new structure is located on the rear
portion of the lot occupied by the main
Church building, and when completed
will be an ornament to the city and a
monument to the liberality and zeal of
Its builders. The exercises were of a
highly interesting character and attracted
a very large attendance of the triends and
members of the congregation i under
whose auspices the _ building is being
erected. The corner stone contained no
,deposits, being perfectly solid, and with
out an inscription. This was left for the
corner stone of the new church building,
to be erected as soon as the .chapel is
completed and the old one removed.
The clergy in their robes headed the
procession from the church. the Bishop
repeating at they walked the one hun.
Bred and twenty-second Psalm. When
all had gathered Around the designated
spot the Bishop led in Prayer, after
which the stone was placed in position
with the usual ceremonies.
The one hundred and second Selection
was then sang, commencing
We baba w th fruitless east, nniess
The Lord the pue s*statn;
Unless the Lord the e.ty ken).
The watchman wakes in Vain.
The Bishop next delivered a brief and
appropriate address, which was followed
by remarks from Rev. S. P. Spaulding, of
St. John's, Erie, and Rev. J. R. Edgar,
of St. Peter's, Pittsburgh.
The company agaiti.jolued in singing
the 101st hymn, commencing
And wilt then. 0 Eferbill God I
On earth establish tbine atmde?
Then look propltien • from thy tWrons
And taletista temple for thine Gion.
which was followed with an address by
Rev,,Vir:P. Ten Brown, of En. Johns; Pitta
burgh. At.the ooncltudon of _Rev. Ten
Broach's remarks,' the choir chanted
"Gloria in excels*" when the Bishop
(skated the exercises with prayer, and dis
missed the company with the benedic•
It gave us great pleasure, yesterday, to
greet Gem Geo. S. Gallup, now in the city;
_ .
enjoying a brief respite from hie army
duties on the frontier of the north-west
ern peninsula of Michigan, where be
bitebeeh stationed with a portion of his
- regiment, the Ist Infantry, for a mid&
emote time.. Be is in the enjoyment of
perfect health, if a `superb physique. be
onY. , ..indication,, the northern= militate
_o74cminglo ha l ve well suited his vigortito
- satpperament - Se la ~accompanied by,
Ina sopqmplished wlfe, and will for
tetrdaYsr mingle with his dishy - frillnits
JD all locality.
4 . 4;^0A
- .
. . • -
=Mtn. Joan vti iamTunr. I
Nentlat—deportaot CIO dr s6r .
lutendant and Priaelpalof _ te e jh - 1 1
Schools. -
A regular meeting ur the Central Board
of Education was bold at two o'clock yes.
The meetinf; organized by calling Mr.
Nobba to the chair.
Members present; Messrs. Thomas
Aiken, George H. Anderson, Jared M.
Brush, Samuel Chadwick, Thomas . J.
Craig, James, Cuddy, James A. Duncan,
Adams Getty, John Harrison , Joseph.
Hartman, P. H. Laufm'an, William Mays,
Jacob H. Miller,Josepti Mitchell, Joseph
H. Nobbs, John A. gergeant Litchi J.
Fleming and Thomas W. Shaw:
The minutes of the proceeding meeting
were •read and approved.
Philoins Dean, Principal of the High
School, presented his report for the
From May Bd to the 28th inclusive, the
school was in session twenty days.
Following is a recapitulation of the at
Total, 189 147 286
The report as received.
Mr, Sergeant, Secretary, then read his
monthly report, stating that the warrants
d lB rawn l64 95. during the month amounted td
1, I "
The sub.distriots not having'
at the previous steeling were reported'
as baying levied a tax for building littr
poses, as follows: Grant, 2 mills; Rale
ton, 3 mills; Moorhead, 8 mills, and lO
mills special; O'Hara, Washington,, Lib
erty, Colfax and Minersville, 10 - mills
each: Lincoln, 20 mills; Peebles, 8 mills.
The report wee received.
Mr. G..,J.. Luckey, Superintendent . of
the tublio Schools of the city, submitted
the following report:
GENTLEMEN : '- In' my last
monthly report for the year endingJnne
Ist, 1869, I beg leave to most re3peotfally
tender to.yoar honorable body my Kin
-cereliisnks for your unitbrin kindness,
and your hearty co operation with me in
all my efforts to,advance the interests of
public education in our • city, and I earn
estly hope that I may, bye 3 dicions ad
ministration of school affairs; during the.
present term, continue to merit your ap
proval anti retain your co deuce, for
without your entire support uch of the
labor performed in building p and ex
tending our educational system would,
indeed, be fruitless. ,
As I am now preparing my annual re
port which will contain au extended so
count of the edunational interests of the
city, I will omit for the preseat any gen
eral report for the last month and give
entirely the statistics as returned to this
of They are, however, not so Pallas
might be desired, as so e ie of the
blanks authorized by you ha e not been
filled. This is to be regrett as it in
terferes greatly with the harmonious
workings of the system.
Total enrollment, 8,459; avlirage atten
dance, 6,909; percentage of 'attendance,
The corporal punishments have been
reduced since last report over 38 per cent.,
and since January. 65 per cent. 'Thisbe-11
very creditable showing, and certainly
,entitles oar teachers to mmendation for
their ellorts at goveruMnt outside of the,
out time rule of brutality. All this has
been accomplished and yet the' discip.
line of our schools are greatly improved
over that of other years.
The report was received.
Mr. Craig, from the C mmittee on.
Teachers and salaries, utunitted a
verbal report, which was eived.
; HIGIZ scnoon BUILD No.
Mr. Hanna, from the minittee .on
-High School Building, sub l imed the re
port of the Comiuittee t 'as f low,:
The Committee appointed to proccire
plans and solicit bids for the igh School
Building, respectfully re t: That In
pursuance .of the instructions given
them, your Committee advertised for
proposals, for the masonry and excava.
Lion of the basement, and having met on
the second of June, proceeded to open
the bids—flve in number, for the atone
work, and the same number for the ex
Your Committee recommend that the
masonry and cut stone work be awarded
to Mr. Patrick Brough, he being the
lowest and best bidder. Your Commit.
tee also recommend that the excavation
be awarded ' to Messrs. Flinn and
Noonan, they being the lowest and best
bidders for that department of the work.
Your Committee after careful exami
nation of the stone from several quarries
have unanimoualyagreed to recommend
the stone known as the Clarion stone for
the whole outer surface of the walla. The
estimated cost of masonry of the base
ment butt of Clarion stone will be $15,875.
The report was received and adopted,
and the Committee continued and con
stituted the Building Committee.
. On motion Mr. Nobbs and Mr. Hart
man were added to the Committee.
The Secretary then read a communica- -
tion from Mr. Darling inviting,the mem
bers of the Central Board to attend .the
musical exhibition at the Fourth watd
schools, Thursday next, at half past one
o'clock. Received•
Mr. Anderson read a communication
from the tax collector of Peebles District
asking for an exoneration of 192, for
lost taxes. Received and 'allowed.
Mr. Shaw preiented a bimilar commu
nication from the Collector of the Fourth
ward for $321.20.
Referred to the member from the
Fourth ward.
On motion. the Collector of Liberty
was allowed an exoneration of •1192. ,
The report from the Moorhead was re ,
ferred to the member from that district
for examination.
The'Collector of Ossland dittrict was
allowed an exoneration of ;198.40.
A number of other applications for ex
oneration were presented, and referred
to the members from the several districts.
The application of the Collector from
the Fifth ward was taken up, and on
motion of Mr. Craig, •that portion of it
referring to the exonerations on behalf
of the Pennsylvania Railroad cbmpany ,
was referred to a special committee.
The Chair appointed Meson& Craig, Mil
ler, Hann:tan, Getty and Landman.
The Collector of the old ;final ward was.
allowed exoneration amounting tO OLIN&
Mr ' MeYst from the Committee on col
lendSchools, presented the report of the
.• I
The Committee reported in favor of
leasing the basement, of. the C l ured building to the Colored PresbcF
rian congregation as a place or • wets ip,
and inflater reeomtneede the establish
anent of a school for the almiumod s tio n
'of colored children in the oier:::::docent
On motion of Mr., Craig that portlier' of
the report relative to the
of a new or branch school for. eet o r e d
'children, was referred 'back to the cim n .
<mince, • • - •
The report was then acceptedea acne ,3!
Mr ~artmaft desiretto
tali the intim.
,tion of the . , likatrd fir a-tnattter. 'of - favor,.
tai wag referred to in the City
Superintendantie Report. It appears that
Wl'l'A'4,l6:WigltrY-V,aa'`A4r44:4° •
" P tt',eri
. -
Dialog.' ITemaleg. Total.
. 62 79 141
. 1 66' • 69
. 76 d 78
t .b; e L9*-Halsrd- of the s ibritle Dhitriet , i
, ..,.,..
Instructed the p s i or the 7'4 ' TEN CO
" h°os °f 4411 diarict '" PI Mort " th e lifated StatesCoart—indge McCandless,
Iminberbf "ties cifficri** linnill # Menta- 2 s , 'Pusan y, June B.—The only ' , case dia.
jn said sahools. A
. He offered A Preamble;lhidlesolntione '
potted of was that against the p'reprletOrs
setting forth that as the ` Local Board et of the Star Refinery, Tidionte,l and sure-
Forbes District asserts!..hatstheit have :rot , ties , for the recovery of the penalty of
received any °eal notice o Otani on
the part of the Central- Board requiring a t ransportation
bond for oil to be ship
such reports to be made t afid tot that rea- pea for export .
Verdict for 82,000, to be
son they refused to make the reports, released on the payment of sl,327,amonnt
and resolving that the Secretary be of tax on oil, including interest from
directed to pay !be' Principal for the may 80th, 11368.
month of ' May, which: had been with- •''
held on account of 'not having made the
report as required, and to officially notify
the Local Board of the action of the Cert.
trat Board.
The resolutions were adopted. ,
Mr. Mays offered a resolnt'on relative
to the admission of pupils to the High
School, making it necessary for- appli
cants to have a certificate from the Prin
cipal as to, residence, and shit) from the
district from which the applicant comes.
Adopted. ,
Mr. Craig stated that the select Conn
ell chamber had been tendered to the
Board for kthe purpose.. -of holding its
meetings, and moved. t tbat the 'offer' be
The motionswaa lost.,
Mr, Chadwick
_moyeialbat, the - that:eke
of the Board-be returnettP Conn's:llla for
the generous offer, Adopted.
Sundry bine 'were,read the Secre.
tary and ordered to be filed.
On motion, adjourhed.'
South Pittsburgh .CouricitTrSpechil Meet-
A special meeting of • the Council of
South Pittsburgh was held at the office
of Justice Barker; at eight o'clock
day evening, June 00869. • • .
Members present: Messrs. Brown,
Kim. Haines and Sbeargold. ' - '
On motion of Mr. Halm*, Council or
ganized by calling Mr. BnOWI2 to the
The minutes of previous tapeeting were
read and approved.
The Clerk presented the bill of the Gas
Company for gas , consumed 'by street
lamps, amounting to 150 25.
Also, bill of W. M. - .McCombs, for
lamps, itc., $lB 60. -
Also, Mil of A. dr, J. McKenna, for ve
hicle license plates, $l2.
• The above. bills were approved anti
warrants ordertel to be drawn 'upon Cie+
Treasurer 'for the amount.
Mr. Brown presented a remonstrance,
numerously signed by citizens of the
borough, protesting against the appro.
,priation of Manor street in said borough
by the Monongahela Valley Railroad:
The remonstrance Was received and or
dered to be tiled.
The bill of John Staeuler for police Ser
vice for the month of May, amounting to
$6O, was presented. Approved and or
dered to be paid.
Sundry other bilisibr; services render
ed were presented; and warrants ordered
to be drawn for the amount& •
Mr. Roberts, Burgess,. read a commu
nication from J. W. Patterson, Regula
tor giving an estimate of the coat of
grading Chestnut allev, from Fourth to
Sixth street r as follows:
Grading. $ 245.00
Paving 1,87&O0
Total $2,120.00
Thecommunication was received and
Sled. ,
Mr. Brown moved that the Street Co
mittee ne authorized to advertise fern
*Sala for pavivg Chestnut alley. the
proposals to be sealed and addressed to
the Burgesst-Dr. J. H. Rokierts. Adopted.
Mr. !lefties, from the Special Commit..
tee appointed, and to whom was rdferred
the ordinance granting the right of way
to the 'Monongahela Valley Railroad
Company, reported that. the Committee,
from facts in their possession, were of
opinion that the railroad company would
not construct a road throngs the bor
ough; and, on motion, the ordinance
was,postponed until 'such time as Wives
ascertained whether or not the company
intended to or desired to run their road
through the borough. Adopted.
On motion of Mr. Raines, the Burgess
was instructed to advertise for proposals
for numbering the houses on the prinel
pal streets in the borough, and also, for
having the streets marked and num
• On motion Council adiourned.
Increasing In Popularity.
The Singer Sewing Machine is every
day increasing in popularity. The rea
son is evident. 'lt possesses all the im
provements that have been made in sew
ing machines since their Invention, and
is for that reason one of the mcait, desira
ble in the market. Its Work is in iably
done well—quickly, neatly and ih rough
ly. It is not at all liable to d range
ment, in this respect excelling a majority
of the other machines before the public;
while it is so simple in its construction
that no operator will experience any
difficulty in understanding and manag
ing it. Messrs. Straw dc Morton, the
enterprising agents for Pittsburgh, have
a large and valuable assortment of ma;
chines now on hand, and are prepared to
treat with their patrons on the moist lib
eral and satisfactory terms. Ladies who
are about purchasing a machine at all can
do no better than to pa. a visit to their
rooms, ` corner of pen and St. Clair
streets, and examinuth large and hand
some assortment on view there. Straw
it Morton's sales ,duritig the past season
have been unusually large, which is a
most flattering indication of the 'tending
of the "Singer" in the community.
Cheap Goods;
It is the privilege of consumers, and in
fact a duty, also, to purchase goods
wherever they,can be bought the cheap
est; but when we speak of cheap goods,
we do not mean, as is commonly under
stood by the expression, goods of an in
ferior article, which aresold at low rates,
because it is not' always the. goods
bought for the least money that
are the cheapect; but b:t p f where you can
get the best article for t 0 least money.
The establtehnient of W. Moorhead,
No.-811darket•street, constantl y' sup
plied with a , fulllitcssic .';of ;. lace goods;
hosiery, gloves, and•= trimmingsf the
- very, best.inality, god the propriet or Will
not permit any establishment in the city
to undersell him. ' ' '
Stationery. in endless variety, inclizd
ing all the lateststyles otllloooNlFter
paßer, ,, with. envelopesto match, be
purchased cheap at Col. gan's
Book, Stationery and Periodical -tore,
tixth ayenue, neartiltnithneld at: ' •
Menai and Stare at Autticiti.--Th good
b l
bulginess and dwelling property, o. 78
Bea!C't ittranue,`AllegOeV, , l ie to *old
today (Wednesday,) at two o'cloc k . A.
Leggate; auctioneer. ~ . ' ' f:
Lace curtains, Gilt Coratais, Curtain'
Bands, Ourtsdn Imps andTesp,
t,ibule , Lsou at all kinds
Bates & Bell► "
The 'blob .1 to-arip3t, White lane *
Ityciranlio & °sulkers, 18 Smithileld'istreet.
•t • I
71 1 T,":f •!• ir ••..; .t. .;
. - -
• '48(19
District Court—Judge Kirkpatrick.
TUESDAY, June &—The case of W. P.
McCabe vs. Muni t Stevenson, reported
rsterday, was resumed and opnoluded.
Ary out. - • '
• • Samuel Bell vs. 'aoshua Stevenson.
,This was an action to recover the
last installment of ouronase money,
'alleged to be due to plaintiff from defen
dant, arising out of a sale of real estate
sold. On trial.
85. Irwin vs. Bleakly. -
140. Beck, Phillipd t Co. I vs. Reopen
- held& - • • ••• •-•
141. McCleary &C0...v5. - Ward d c; Beau
mont. ,
46. Phillips et ux. vs. Phillips.
121. Rabensteinsys. P. F. Qt M. Turnpike
117. McClurkan vs,Thompson..
O. Connor vs. D" . . P. R. R. - Co.
141. Emwell vs.
8.-Christian Jackal,
econd ward, Alleghe
Quote' Ain
taveni-keeper In E
trial, °barged with
nye was placed , o'
furnishing liquor to minors.
ixi The. in
dictent, as the defendant's coun sel
smartly put it, wa: unlike 'a horse, hay
ing but three legs (counts.) / Some Md
'any was experie , cad in getting at the
law applicable to . e case, and there was
for a time coincide able handling of_pam
phlet law books, the Court remarking '
that the Legislatu e seemed to have re
pealed and re-ena. ed statutes relative to
the whiskey tr • ii . without due consid
eration, _malaria .- it extremely difficult
to.determine wha acts were in force and
what were not. I. stances have occurred'
of the Court son : . clog defendants and
subsequently dis.oyering
,that the acts
under which Pi& went hid been pro
nounced were rep -sled. Finally it was
concluded that the case was Covered by
the _ sixth gamic) . of the clef of March,
107, relative to t , e licensing of taverns
and preservation , f order therein; (ap
plicable only t. Allegheny county,)
which forbids any parson selling, giving
1 away, or dig . . :tog of Intoxicating
liquors to any pe .n under twenty-one
years of age, without consent. of parent,
guardian or was --, . The evidence clear
ly established the feet that intoxicating,
liquors had been, furnished to minors,
among others to Alfred McClain, aged
eighteen years-, at defendant'll saloon, on.
the evening of last New Year's day. Mr.
Morrison, counsel for:defendant, raised a
constitutional question, viz': that tint
sixth section referred to was ganconstitti
tiond, the subject matter not being ger
main to the title of the act. i The Court 1
declined to consider this grave question
at this stage of the ewe. Mr? M., always
bristling with sharp points, next except
ed to the word "person, " used in the
section, being construed tomean'lsvern
keeper." The Court was not- impressed
with the import* of this peint. Final
ly the jury retir , one of them, an aged
gentleman, whoev idently hid lived, un- ,
der 'British laws ; first inquiring
ox i x,
particularly as t the "Infortner" in the'
case. After a bri f absence they returned
a verdict of guilt , but recommended the
defendant to th mercy of , the Court.
probably in amid o ration of the fact that
the youths who kat his bar were not
as "old" as they ooked. . . .
Moses Parker, colored, was; indicted for
felonious assault and battery, on oath of
Monies Murdoch, an ex-Cunatable. For
the prosecution it WAS testified that on
last Christmas day, Murdoch, while col-.
looting' taxes, his avocation at that time,
defendant accosted himabont some taxes
which -ho had collected from him (the d'e
fondant). Hard words passed, 'Parker
using abusive language. Murdoch de
termined to arrest him, but observing a
knife in his possession, leerned it dan
gerous to make the attempt alone, and
called a Mr. Rodgers to his assistance.
Tha„arrest was effected after a struggle,
during which Murdoch's coat was cut by
Parker. in his design, as claimed, to in
flict a bodily injury. The defense (W.
T. Haines, Esq., oounvel,) called several
witnesses, who testified they saw all of
the fight, but did not see a knife in the
hands of Parker. They, however, did
see Murdoch rush at Parker and strike
him with a "handy-billy," bringing him
to his knees, and while in this
position continued to ' beat him.
The fact also appeared that
when brought to the tombs Parker '
presented a
_decidedly "used up" appear
ance, having several cuts on his head,
and pretty well covered with with blend.
Nothing was said at the tombs by Mar
doch about a knife, and it was claimed
by the defendant's counsel that this was
an afterthought on the part,of the prose
cuter, as a means of covering up his un
warranted, brutal and cowardly abuse of
the defendant. The jury acquitted
of the felony charge d , finding the defen
dant guilty of sim ple assault and battery.
Sentence deferred)
Josephine Price, colored, 'pleaded guil
ty to a charge of larceny. Sentence sus
pended. 1
James Tartz pleaded guilt* to the lar
ceny of property of Bates and Bell, and
was sentenced to the Penitentiary for
three years. .
Samuel Shepley pleaded guilty to the
larceny of an overcoat, watch and pair
of pantaloons, the property ;of John Otto,
of Second ward, Allegheny. Sentence
John Hughes and William M. Kern
were agquitted of a
_charge of stealing
eight htmdred pounds of ,scrap iron, the
property of Lloyd dc Bbiolc.i
George H. Pauliner , ., and William
Fisher were acquitted,on an indictioent
charging them with the - larceny of a
pocketbook, containing teadollars, from
the person of B. F. Millie. - , '
87) Com. vs. John Lehman:
38. John B. Mackey.
89. " John Fisher.
' Thos. Giles and Delos elle&
" Lafayette Graham.
" Jordon McFarland. -
44. " Eliza Sorg.
" A. G. Walter. •!
4. " John Graham. ,
6. " Martin Semler.
6. " Owen McNally.
9. " William McKee.
11. " John McGinnis.
12. " J. P. Padden.
18. • Patrick Quinn.
18. ° Mary : Ann ThOgipeen.
We wordy' again call the attention of
prosecutor* defendants and witnesses
interested in oases in this Court to be on
hand promptly, as the District Attorney
is determined toplace attachmentelb the
hands of the ()dicers and cnippel t at
tendance. "
TuaninaT June 13.—Otniat,4 ken,
ham vs:Win. id. idoffatt's administra.
tore. This WU an action to recover the
Slim of V.,61), Wien to defentant befbre
hilt death to invest ter the plaintiff in
bbudwand mortgages. Verdict for the
plaintiff for the amount claimed with in
terest: ,
Wm. King vs. Frederick Fecke. &ire
facials on a mechanics , lien. Verdict
for' the plaintiff for the sum of 118L82.
Wm. Maloney ye. S. A. Sterrett.Ac
tion to. ecover for taxes paid by plaintiff
at defendant's instance. Verdict for the
Gustav Kauffman vs. W. D. Barker et
aL 'Action to recover rent. Verdi Ct-for
the defendants.',
Roberts at Boland, for use of Hugh
Roberts,ss. Ann Gessner. Action to re 7
cover rent due. Verdict for;the
tin for the sum of '405.55.
The Twin City elate Mining and Man
ufacturing Company vs Catharine Mul
len. Scire facia! on a mechanics lien.
On trial.
Stewart vs. Powell & Co.
Hughes et lIX. vs. Franey.
Lynch vs. Riley et al.
Connellaville R. R. Co. vs. Carline:
Melted vs. Rene & Co.
Wait ms. Rene & Co.
Schntle vs. Belt.
Paisley vs. Johnson.. .
Same vs. Harting.
.Etarehonse vs. lOunger.
Mendel tit al. is. Gearing.
McClain, Jr., 'vit. Negley,
Eaat•Blnishigini Celiac 16' 1
A regUlai. Metithly The
Council of East IllrMinghim was held.
lain evening at tl4 Hall of. the WAtOtt
Engine Company: , Burgess Ammon
The following named members
present: Messrs. Beek, /ones,
°Walter and Miller.
The minutes of the last. meeting
approved. , •
the Street Committee, throng
Chairman, Mr. Jones, presented an I ,
tlaliCe providing for the , grading, p•
and eurbing of - larking, Carey and
alleys. Flossed ' '
The Street Committee' was' Inaba:
to advertise for proposals for gmdin
paving of the alleys named-rin the,
nance. Bidderaare requested to exa'
the. new paving law before , putt*
proposals. I ,-,-, ,
A resolution, offered , by, the Chat m att'
of the Street Committee, was ado ted,
antbprizing the:Regulator to prep ay the'
nergary papers for all 'unpaid c ms
for paving, and hand them to the Bet
tor for colletion. ,•
The contract for grading andpav ing
the Page street wharf, was award d to
Patrick Keating, at ,28% cents per cu bic
yard. I : r • lk
On motion of Mr. Be ck, the. Street
Committee, in conjunction with the
Street. Regulator, were instructed toe
amine the sewer drops on Sergi street,
to ascertain if they are sufficient to carry
off the waste water. i
; , The StreetlCkommissioner's report for
the month of May was read. It shows
the amount expended to be #476 12. The
report was approved and the several bills
embodied in the expenditures ordered
to be paid. I I '
On motion of Mr. Walton, the Street
Commissioner was instructed to collect
from the Ormsby heirs the I amount due
for draining a pond.on Caroline street.
The following report from .the Fire
Committee was presented by Mr.,Beck:
We, the. Fire Committee, beg leave 'to
report that we have examined , the hose
carriage and hose. and have to BAY, that
the bell tower is finished according to
contract; the company have (21) sections
of hose in good condition; the cariage is.
also in good order. The company
i %
the borough to employ a janitor, . roper
person can be had for s2s.2per month.
We recommend the appointment of a
janitor. We would also call the atten
tion of Connell to the manner in which
the company have fitted up their hall.
.The reran was accepted, and, on mo
tion of ldr.' Beck, the Fire Committee, in
conjunction with the' company, are au
thorised to appoint a Janitor, define his
duties, and submit a report on the sub
set to Council. '
Herman Zadel, constable, presented
his bill for two months' services, amount
ing to fifty dollars. It was ordered to be
Council discussed the propriety of con
tinuing Constable Zadel as a policeman,
during whicifit was stated that he was
doing absolutely nothing in the way of
services to the borough. The - matter was
referred to the Police Committee. with
instructions to report at the next meeting.
The fire Committee was instructed to
prepare an ordinance to prevent citizens
from opening fire plugs except in ease of
Mr. Jones suggested that the fire plugs
be examined. Re bad been informed that
during the past ten days the water had
been frequently turned oft It was turned
off at the time of the fire on Sunday morr.-
ing. The matter was referred to the Fire
The ordinance passed some time ago,
granting ~to the Monongahela Valley
Railroad Company the right of, way
through the borough, has been rendered
null and void by a supplementary or,di
name passed at last meeting, the Coin
puny having failed to execute the neces
sary articles of agreement in the said
supplementary ordinance.
Mr. Beck moved that the Street Com
mittee be authorized to build a sewer
across Carson street, between Caroline
and Olive streets, if necessary. The
motion was lost. ,
Mr. Beck called the attention of the
Street Committee to the bad condition of
Edward's. alley, caused by the refuse'
from slaughter homes.
The Munson Lightning Red.—ProfCs
sot , Boynton, the celebrated lecturer on
Science, says: "I am fully persuaded
that Munson's rod is a complete yirotee
non againstthe disasters by lightning."
Minute:Oared by Lockhart •4t Co., 234
Pepuitreet Pittsburgh.
Ladles—Go or send to B. S. Marring,
91 Liberty street, and trybis wine crack
erivanillajnmbles, yeast bbiouitsoke.
house in the city has the reputation that ,
.this bouse has. He keeps everything
kept in a :first Aims (iiitabligkrnent. 91
liberty street, Is the number. ,
Ladles , . - Madill luad - Cambric Under=
• Cletning , —Chemise, Drawers,
Eintrts, - Ilight Dresses, Dressing
• Sneques, Pbxin, Tucked, Ern,
broiderad and Ruffled—a full
stook end low price& 3aten
The Cheat Cleeee is Cowing to Toern.
--Beggs & hillraw have now on hand a'
await selected stock of table ware, ez.
celled by, none In the market. We 'mild
have one and all, eall and examine our
stook of Mahe% Do not forget the place,
No 10 Welt side Diamond, Alleghany.
Thin Dress Geede.-00 Ne,w Stook of
Grenadines. Organdies Wulf .
. Poplins, Hernani, Ze no „Pop.
Japaneark•.Blts and
Bummer Silks, Outtakes. the
latest Noveltiek et Lot! Prima.
• Beteg Bell.
Cssiplete sad Atirtlethre,L-Lliten ' Goodi e
Bbeetlhim'' 'Case
Loonsßainaskt.Naplthai f iDreii
Linens. Towels and Crash.
Bates & Bell.
The reptitatitill of Pittsburgh 'reitet
rants an
a l : dining saloons is equal to" th t "
of any city' in 'the United - Stiden,„
alone on account of our'excellent Marini
facilities, but because we have a few ed.
tablishmenta in the city, the lii•oprielertA
of which take a special pride in Limb •
business an endeavor to emduct-4
slick a man er as, receives the apigoval
of their pat one; and the others; 11 MEI
desire to de a living business ; mutt op
proximate tlsomething dear the *tends:4l •
established by these men .. Our friend •
Holtaheitne, of the Continental, Flltk
avenue, next door 'to the •Postofiloel,b;
one of the leading spirits; in the businens,
and the Continental is the leading este*
, - -- ~,
ft 18 geld9m that we use the columns
of this part to "puff " or notice Ow. ~
'.thousand nd one" articles knownila
"Patent Medicines." We, -however', • .
vary from o r rule - in the present:ease, •
that-we ma call attention to the Ginnie •
known as s T.-1860—X., Plantation , ,
Bitters." e desire it understood ,thibu,
we do so . ithout any solicitaiiioll re;
promise of nein from the proprietor .:-4;
other inter - ted parties, We , simply' dlk.
it as enact; f duty towards those ..wbes .4-
are laboring nutter - physical '
ctitlabilitbin,: -r
weakness, a d the various comidainkt. •
arising fro Impurities, of the Met* ...
Having u the Bitters at the Witt
lion of a frl d, (and. we confess, . WI. •
some• misgivings , at the out set.) . W4r- ' ;
found them a , mast valuable medicir; : I
compound; and to our great satisfaction, i
accomplished the- object for whion,sney . ...„ ;
were used .' • ' ' 7,1,,
. ,
Biaennor...ta Wennes.—Superlor lo the_! : ,.
best imported (Airman Cologne, and soh" '
at half the price.l mom". ;' '
Econonilcal, Beltab , e,thfi Best., ~ ~.,
We mean bootior's BAItING POWMat , f
It is superior to all others - in the malrke
Free vont
any 'glorious substanpee, an • • ,
so nicely compounded that the content : ,
of eack., box will make, that ,
healthy biscuits, rolls, pastry, .10,4, 1 V b t
uniform success. Only two teaspoo
to _a . qoart of flour is necessary, White
those of ordinary manufacture =quint:
from ptio.thirdto a half more. Ask,.
'voor g;ocer for Bindery's Chemical YetteC;
Baking Powder, and take no other. -TrY ,1
t and be convinced. •
1 , 'zed
A in
flagitnls Magnolia Balm.—Tbis article
is the True 'Secret of "Boauty. It is what
Fashionable Ladies, Actresses, and Ops3 ; t?
ra Singer's use to produce , that puttivatedi4
dish:none appearance so 'much ; admired
-in the - Moles of Fashion. "` ; ' ; '
It removes -all ' unsightly Oltdahes,lt
Badness; Fieskins.' 'Tan,' Sunburn" andf4
;Effects of Spling 'and gives t 6 the
Oothplexion a FBlooming 'Purity of trans-''
:parent delinany • 'and - power: lady
who values - a= Complexion can 'Mi.;
without the ;Magnolia Ballo. 76 - (mutat
will buy it at any of our respectable deal-
Lvart's Ire t brAisort is a very delight- I
fhi Haar Dressinit.: ' atwir,
Chapped BMWs, face and air gh
nen of the 'skin, certainly cured
using the ~Tver- Tin. Soap, made. by
CaswelL,Ma. & Co., New York. It
kurpasseadlliither remedies as it will pre
vent rongluildps of the skin If used du
ring ixold. weather. It is easily applied,
avoiding all- the trouble of the weedy
compounds, now in' use. It can be used •
by ladies with the most tender, akin,
without irritation or pain, niakinglt soft
and clear. Sold by the druggists genet,
'ally. wT
Shawls and Lace Mantles.—We have in T
stook and are receiving daily
additions to our assortment of ;
Lama and Silk Lace Mantles,
Black and Colored''Thibet
Shawls. Spun Silk and Stella
• Shawls, which we offer at low.;
prices. Bates to Bell..
RILY —On Tuesday morning. June 5tb.18169,
st a quarter patiii o'e °ca. WILLIAM MILT. • ,
nal lee of Counipnown, Ireland, in the 834
of his age.
The funeral will take place at 3 o'clock TM.'
(Wednesday) .vranitoerr, from the residence of,
h 1 Bon-in-law, R. J. McCaffry. Federal Lane,
above toll gate, 'Allegheny City, to proceed Uri
Mount Union Cemetery. The friends of the fain= l .
Sikora respectfully Invited to attend.
GORIaLY—On Monday morning, June 7th, at'
3 o'clock, Mrs. ANN GUMMY, iu the 78th year*.
of her age..
• The funeral will take place from the residential
of her husband, No. 48. Enoch street, TO RAT.'
at St o'clock r. x. .The friends at the faint - {
17 ore respectfully invited to attetlCl.
Fs. COFFINS of all kinds.CRA.P.M. , ;
GLOM., ana on y description of Funeral Far
nishing woods fornislifd. Rooms open day and' ,
nlaht. TIPIIVRI. sad Carriages Ihrmsned. _
Raritaxitossf-giey.Davto itev.3l.';‘
W. Jacobus, D. D,, Thom*. Kwieg, U 24., Ja.on,
N Miller s ESC. '
AVF.NI) x Allegheny My, wheio that COIrATI
ROOMS n' e constantly_ gupplled wits real and.
Iniltaticua 11,0- ewoOd, Mahogany and Walnut
Cotroas, at prices Vain 'al to 41.00. Bo.:
dies prepared for luttsinent. Resroes and Car-:;
riages fortdrbed:l aleo_,_ Janda of. Mourning!
Goods, If reavlred. 'C M o.g en at all hours, day.
and "slight. - .
rlgretiritia LL
"d t li i e=atl a 4
soLleme 11i, ELBLT CALL.;
Corner of , Penn and. sixth Stimihs;
I .nritSEATIE,
aiwagaa AND orrtawril •
, .
56 FIFTH': AlrkiNur4
e C0., N0. 90 IM3TI NTIEZICA (late St;
Olatra hire, faai moved *tiii tan the beit c
lot of 241(11405i 5 1 8 .9ui1f5 80.4 eves broasbj
Oat and a t
1915 Lake ,0 / o ,thou• a( 4 4erand better an 7,
1414 1 41111 4, 41001 Hite AutTlim4lloles%
did auOitmlint ONNT_LEN/iN9I PIIIINIatt.
ING GOODS are at in times to be round at thli
beam Oar Number Is 50 s' ITTII t1T11.597.
y -..' ~
. '...~3'S?{