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VOLUME a - •• -.- LX XXIV. . . • •
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iI . • • . ' ‘••••:, - • PFITSBURGIL
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IBS 7.0 . 0851 Te it* thb-nalbWib Giiikttta•i
Jilite 8, 11169.
TER SANTA FE nonnirit.
Genend,llplruier,rocelved another dis
patch to dayirom Santa tre, - announcing
that General - Getty,-- commanding the
Other. Dis.
binding Officer, and Mr. Little, Receiver
of Public Moriva, had made an exami
nation ofahCr. rabeeri bf "the- united
States Depository. On money stolen
amounts to about 11100,9(X). Gen. Spinner
says fit - dotes of a large
denoininatiletnetif which the Treasury De:
pertinent has a complete record.
The Commissioner of, Indian Affairs
today received- the following telegram
from-.Etwuh- Hoag -Quaker, Superinten
derWorindlfitt' Atchison,
dated June Bth: The reports of hostili
ties in northwe4liiinsas are exaggerated
and emifficting: - .` Eight , : or ten remote
settlers are said to have been killed. The
exposed settlements are preparing
defense; The Iditans ate supposed tote
northern .Ch eyenues.. and Sioux.
Secretary Dontwall has reduocid the
clerical' force in the Treasury Depart
ment and-VariontibUreans thcfreof to the
exact number authorised bv law. Eight
clerkiland a messeng er were 'removed
from aie , first Ausittor's office to-day. On
clerks Joy.' a number of temporary
will be dismiased.
THE NEXT ..ErttattE,
The Sub.Cienens'iCommittee is still in
scission, afld maY - tennetn` some - weeks.
Thus far they have come to no determi
nation as to the...forma -and character , of
achadules for faith* thenenstis.
The SecretsTy_ of the Treasury sold
112,008,000 An gold,; - rei . Sel'yhig therefor
42,778,717 in currency. The amount of
Mn the Treasury Is 1P32,000.000_ and
001/4n -coin certificates.
The eonteet:oyer the Mobile poistoftlee
closed today by the appointment of F.
G. Brombery, vice Byron 6: Pierce, sus.
pended. ;
PRES:ME:NT eßsarr.
The President leaves Washington to
morrow etening for New York and will.
attend the Boston Peace Jubilee.
The Knight Templar, at Erie, Pa.
Teietroas V) the Pnau...e Owatrte. t -
Earn, PA., June B.—At an early hour
today, 'the evident** of preperetlim fora
was week . ere *Owens, and'et
alter 9 AA N. an teacart body of the Sir
lEnighte 'ot ;Mt}. Olivetti Oommanderv,
comma:4'Bd by Sir Knight: Col. C. P.
Ragian,, tad preceded by Sherry's brat
band. nutrolieod
.to the , depot, „where the
Reception Obnimittee was in Waiting to
reeeiveandiat-as an esoort-to their .Ma
sonic bretiairn. - , About seventy mem
bers of the 'eider, many of them
aocsompanied - by their families, ar
rived on the Pittsburgh and Erie
train. Among them were the following
officers of the Grand Lodge: Sir Knight
John Villeohamp a Grand Commander;
Sir Knight James H. Hopkins, Deputy
Commander; Sir Knight H. B. McKean,
Grand Generalissimo; Sir Knight Charles
M. Hawaii, Grand Captain General; Sir
Knight Abram Miller. Grand Senior
Warden* ' Sir Knight T. James, Grand
Junior Walden; Sir Knight John
H. Dusenbery. Grand Bearer; Sir
Knight E. B. Young, Grand Standard
Banyan - Sir-Knight . 4.lharies E. Meyer,
Grand Warden; Sir Knight S. Smith,
Grand Sentinel. The chief functionaries
were escorted in carriages to the Reed
House, the Mount Olivet Commander",
in fall regalia, acting as a guard of honor
and others marching in procession. .The
lodges represented were those of Harris
burg, Lancaster, Reading, Columbia and
- York. Theme delegates were fortunate.
In finding plenty of rooms at the Reed
In the afternoon'a large body of the
Mt.ekilfiret Commanderv, under com
mand of Sir Knight John E. Payne, pro.
seeded to the depot to meet visiting Sir
Knights from Pittsburgh, Meadville,
WiaalMogton, Greensburg and other
places, the Mitionic visitors alone num
bering upwards of one hundred and
twentyi After forming in line they
inert:bed to the Iteedi House, preceded
by memberspf MtrGlivet Commandery.
ObtiviSitimcillar Knights, with the ea
ception'of fatigue cape, were in full uni
form, and made a tine appearance.
What our hotelhaepers will do for room,
should a large delegation arrive to attend
the Mate Medical Wnvention, also to be
bald here to-morrow, we are at a loss to
Mayor Of aficluen, Mimsissippl, Killed—A
• . ALlVipte Iturdtrer.
[e".goimpsge tbe !lumbar's Gaulle.]
"AlartnElkl,,N June B.—A dispatch from
440,11 - intbdielppl, says CoL J. G.
oniniNltr.,,Et. A., acting Mayor of Jack
emn--murshot-and killed by E. M. Yer
ger. The affair grew out of the action of
Col. Crane in seizing property of Yerger
for taxes. Yerger.was arrested by the
military. -
Alike thalonyot notorious desperado'
little walking donn Auction street last' ,
night, discovered an old inoffensive ne
gro, n;med ,Pieleant, sitting, on a curb
stone, and with Out speak_ big to him. put
a pistol to o l*s heid sod aro, killing him
instantly'.llftdonity :then fled. This is
the third murder he has committed.'
i " %YAltoinurs DritPATOrt.
lacasos, Albs.. June B.—Brevet Lt.
Col. Jps. et`ersdis, 'commanding the
FouithAtilitin*Thst,Soti and acting Ma
yor of this city; was .Ikllledlsday by E.
M. Teilrer, i t artititiottlY •xessioned by
an °Biala order , of the. Mayor levying
on tbevreperty of-Yerger in default of
cgypopdton taxes. The affair had no ref
erenoe whatever tk ,, polities. Col; Crane'
entered the Volunteg service from Day
ton, 914 In 1861, and was held In high
sateen by the community. 'Yerger was
arrestedsand the barracks.
-. ' - : - __Tki,e'statunerTylar„'eleiaLtted at New
Torlc.Pft atitticiert - Otbeing Intended to
oitgry, Alti to•,thC)Cl3lsm: revolutioniatk
was cleared and sailed yesterday, laying
the Dominican lisg.
'•- - -
fi ST. LOUIS. - ..
Railroad ta! ealphia Proposed—ltalian
Sudety ip r .de—Railroad Ferry Meat
Trial—Die Feature In the Grain
• ..
(By Tel. graph to the Plttrurittreazeite.l
LOUIS, ST. June-4._ .—Thomac
President of the i r roii: mount/A Rill
road, has gone to Cakes to me%
men of Memphis and make au arrange
ment fbr tie construction of a raiir44,
from Morefy via New Madrid to Mani_
phis on the west side of the Mississikli
The Italian Society of this city had a
parade and-pic-nic to-day in honor of the
anniversary of the establishment of -the-
State Constitution.
The huge ferry boat ,-Dunleith,‘ which
formerly belohged - to the L' 0: R. R.;lkras
tested to-day in transferring loaded cars
from the St. Louis dt Chicago Railroad
across the river to-the Nortlx-Xissetul
Road. The approachea_ to. the wawa'
edge on each side of the river are com
pleted, and in two or three, days the
work of trattaferrlng freight, - itithout
breaking bulk, between the above roads,
will be regularly and speedily accom
pliahed. 110 - experiment Was a success:
A Dubuque special to the Democrat
says a new feature in the grain move
ment has been, developed. F. G. Biller
has arranged 'to ship' grain in barges to
the elevator at East St. Lords, thence by
railroad to New York, without breaking
bulk, at seven cents per bushel lower
than the Illinois Central Railroad Charges
from here.
James H. Licari, the richest man in
St. Lapis, wAs,struck' with paralysis
day. • • • •
Verdict In the McConnell Homicide Case
—The Craig.Spragne Breach of Prom
- Ise Case.
[By Telegraph to the Plttsbargn Gasette.l
CumAoo, Jane a—The arguments in
the McConnell
at murder trial were closed
. . „..
this morning_ about eleven o'clock.
At twelve o'clOok the .: jor7 retired, and
at two brought in a verdict of not- guilty.
The verdict was received with frantic
expressions of joy, and the prisoner wee
discharged and received the enthusiastic
congratulations of his friends. •
The (ciao of Mims Anunda Craig, of
Cincinnati, va, 8., S. Spragne.of Chicago
for breach of promise of marriage, which
has been on trial -belbre Judge Wilcox.
at Wheaton,. fin several days past, watt
given to the jury :today and a verdict,
for the plaintiff, Miss Craig, was ren
dered, awarding her the sum of one
hundred thousand dollars, the amount
claimed by her for damages. The ver
dict was received with applause. The
counsel for Sprague will apply for a new
womanfs Bights in Indiana.
c Ety Telegraph to the Pittsburgh Gazette.]
brataXaximia,4ollllll.4.l l .4, 4 W9im
Rights Oonventlon• otonvened ma my
this afternoon. Miss Amanda Way, of
Indianapolis, was chosen President, with
Mrs. Longly. of. Cincinnati, Miss Eilwanl4 ,
of Indianapolis, and Mrs. Cole, of Day.
ton, as Vice Presidents. Resolutions_
weriladopted setting forth that the , plat
form of the Indiana Woman's Rights As
sociation, organized in 1861, is identical
with the movement of to-day, and that
this be considered the ninth session of the
Woman's Rights Association of Indiana. .
A Business Committee, with, Rev. E. P.
Ingersoll as Chairman, wits appointed.
The Convention was addressed by Mr. J.
J. Belleville, editor of the Woman's
vocatkat Dayton, Ohio, Mrs. Dr. Thomas,
Mrs. Longley and others. The business
tollay was o 1 a. general character and
hinnonions. It is announced that Mrs.
Livermore; of Chicago, - Mrs. Velma% of
New. York, and Mrs t ,E;watik, of Indiana,
will address the Conyentton to-night.
Newspaper change—Press Assort&Usu.
Ow Telegraph to the onolawn, ameste.l
NAsuviLLE, Jane B :=4 rePcirts'is`car
rent to-day that the , .Ptees and TOnes,.
Radical, the metropolltan organ of 'the'
Blokes party, is about, to change °w or
ship, and will la a feWiloye pat up the
Renter flag . -
The Sonthwestern Press "A.ssociation,,
having completed its business, adjourn
ed this a ft ernoon. This evening the
members partake of a banquet at the
Merchants Eichange, tendered them by
the Nashville members.
Cotton market firm and prices higher;
low middlings 27G27%e; good ordinary
26(i)26/c; stock I,WO bales.
The National Typographical Convention.
(By Telegraph to the Pittsburgh Gazette.)
ALBANY. June B.—ln the National Ty
prgraphical Convention Isaac D. George
was elected President, receiving for_tv,
eight votes to thirty-two for Daniel W.
Flynn, and three scattering. Peter A.-
Crosb; Was elected First Vice Presidentl,
W. R. Goodnopgh. Second Vice Frei&
dent; Jno. Collins, Secretary and Treat-,
nrer, and. W. A : -Shields Corresponding
Secretary. The Committee on Springfield
contested seat case reported in favor of
admitting Mr. Higgins.
• Georgia Citizens Arrested.
tEr Tetegrapb to the PlttOtoirikGesette.]
Atrotraza, June B.—A letter to the
Chronicle says the editor tit the. Warren
ton Capper and other citizens .were ar
rested at Warrenton at, the instance of
a Sheriff who arrived there from Atlanta
yesterday with two companies of;-infan
try. They are in jail:and surrounded by
a strong format ndlitia. The excntement
is great. The, arrests are presumed to
have grown out of political difficulties.
Nova - Beath Annexation' ,xaleet..
off Teiernipti to um Pituburfh gowns.
HALIFAX,. June B.—ln the House of
Assembly, Laski:debt, Dr. Murray moved
the Annexation- - Bei*lotion.. ,Which waif
seconded by Joseph L. , McDonald . The
Government resolved to avoid discussion,
and prevent avote being taken. Seven
members opposed to the Government
voted to have the question taken; bathe
rest of the BMus, twenty.sit 7a*mbevs,
voted - minuet it, thus throwing tbe.loll
- out of doors. The Souse will be
prorogued Thursday. $
The Peace Jubilee. '
[By Telegraph to the rittatntrit 060034
BOSTON, June /3. —The olv, is -fast fill
ing up with strangers In anticipation' of .
the Peace Jubilee. Upwards of: time
t b ousandTooms In private houses,belong•
lin %CI PO' • best citiSen , _, have been ten!
dared to the Executive Committee of the _
Jubilee. -
,q 47 41 . . 0 , : 1-1 T, .T
SECOND 011101
POUR • , A. 11.
The lash Cliuren The Threaten
ed Iretw Lords
COMMOnig:--11' rllelbmieli#
11 4. 1 t.!•7i 4 r 1 1 41 -
the Press—rteliablityi r et: tile Lords
Iletag Frightened , into illabulballoil- 0
.7 . 1 The Alabinia Cositrecersy:—Tissi **itch
beetiellS=Tnisisptility itpiii..4l4ol .
furieliforcesnentS - for Crieljetulter;
mended. 'i ;' •
tßy Telegraph toabe Pltestalrgb Gazette..l
Lormow, June B.—The ainounced pre-
determination Of thi'llonie of Lonbs to
reject the Irish :Church bill :creates lie-1
tenielexcitsinizit;lind tbrealluia to 'brlng
about a conflictibotWeen tliß ; Loidis and
Commons. Itis - .rumor din some glaslr - -
ters that theinnoinasment - is only made
to feel the public pulse and ascertain
how far the Lords tiara jo. The general
impression is the bill will-be thrown out
ou Rs Berea*, keisding. _ _
The Standard, tor', admits the peril of
the proposed action is too' obvious to be
ignored by thoughtful or consceutioue
hereditary legialators, but says the,
Lordi resolved, in compliance with tens
and hundreds of thousands of people in
every part of the country; to risk- all in
a contest with an imperious Minister,
and with the overbearing majority
in the House of Commons. If crushed,
not - only the Church- and • the - Con•
stitution fall. but the liberties of
England will be sacrificed - to the ascen
dancy of that Democratic principle
which Li the most dangerous foe of per
sonal and political freedom. It matters
not whether those approved regret the
decision to give battlEVl‘Thersisnothirig
for them to do but take 'their - placee'm
the ranks, and light ,for Ail they held
dwelt, lathe frill; 6tiftWty ,that
at stake, . Let the. whole Protestant
And tkinservative power of the Real:n - 1e
;exerted and give the Lords each sup
port of public opinion as to restrain the
struggle within the limits - of the Consti
tution, and make a self-willed and over
bearing Minister, always at heart the
,enemy of the Lords, and likely to be ex
: esperated by his unexpected defeat, feel
that there are limits he dare not pans.
Already have his organs threatened
that which, if done, would call for
impeachment. It is necessary that he
be made to feel that he dare not execute
the threat-rthat he must not only deal
with the Lords, but \ with ,the sfrealtliy,
resolute and influential classes of Eng
land and Ireland, - - who are the Settuil
1 0 1 4 1 1644Witetr i"- eagislita /
th 6 bill will not'prevent its passage, and.'
discredite the idea that the Lords will
refuse it a second reading.
`The Star uses threatening language,
and says the Church of Ireland mast not
cumber the ground after December. The
least which will be said will be proclaimed
from the housetop*, viz: that the House
of Lords is not a more tartest, desirable,
excusable institution than the Irish
Church.' , In the fever beat which
will follow the rejection of the bill, a
heat such as has not been seen since Bir
minghana threatened to march on Lon
don in the name of reform. Cries will
be heard for the downfall of an obsolete
chamber no longer a dLeguised anachro
nism, existing by the decent'deference of
the popular will, which Wellington once
said j - ought never again to be withheld.
With pure blindness of hnzzards. these
misguided noblerrien require further
proofs to be convinced of the opinion of
the country., It tenet worth while to at
tempt a demonstration of that opinion.
When the issue comes their Lordships
will be wise in theirtime.
The News says the vote of the:Lords '
will at the worst postpone, for a few
months only,the fate of the Irish Church.
Its Indirect effect will be graver. It will
raise \ the question of the position the
House of Lords holds • under tae' Consti
tution. The relations of the constituen
cies, the House of Commons, the Execu
tive and the Crown, are self adjusting.
If a hitch occurs, the machinery sets it
self in order by its own action. The
House of Lords stands outside this eye.
tam. Its - good sense fails only
brought in harmony- with
the rest of the Constitution.
The Lords seem bent upon forcing the
public to notice their position. The
Peers threaten the revival of pretensions
long absindoned,namely the old baron
ial attitaide of; edieval days, when the
Commons were only allowed the right of
humble supplication, and not really to
gOvern the country.
The Telwaph, has a timid article which
concludealis follesys The country has=
spoken unmistakably and finally. If
forced tolspeak again, itssocent will no
longer be free from indignation or pre
sser-re the mood, of moderation which.
it desires to maintain.
The Times says: We are on the eve of
a crisis. I Nothing since the throes which
preeeded the Reform kill can be own
pared with the consequences which
attenu a -.Pthee threatened • conduct-\- of
the Peers, The result of -the
struggle'` is not • doubtfill, If the
Lords at first, they would
be compelled to undergo , `a second tender
of the measure which they have selected
at- first: s The results of theitaction touch
all, Pain jeopardy not only themselves •
and their privileges, but , the peace of the
great towns and , maintenance of law and
order in the pountry. Above all they, do
their best •to prOvolte an outburst of= vie.
tepee in an unhappy
_country, the mug
majority of whose inhabitants the Lords,
propose .to Mange- byte oontemptuone
disregard of `their'. 4 wisbes. As to
the:: majority , ' th e Opposition draw
this conclusion,- that they are resolved to
entrench themselves in their own opin
• ions end rely upon their fancied power,
in disdain of the consequences to them.
selves and. the nation.. They will , be
rudely awakened from their delusion.
It cannot be 4oubtful which will succeed
in, the contest, themselves or the nation.
The' only- questionils not whether the
power they think they, posses is;-to be
proved, nen-existent, hut whether the
power which they can exercise • will not
be so;rrevecably broken as to vanish out
A titiOCt
4 4 04suce.t. •...j; r
bi - i l d i er i i tDe
Vary revolutionary. , The probability s
the Lord* Willi* alarmed into the pas.
f 'r
0 11-;,-)fir,,,,Tr.
,Wg . ,PNESO,AL , ,Jpsrg.,:4'i,,::'.lB€9 4
sane of the bill, ,
_Mit the mere fact of the
announcement inclination and
power to defeat- it 'endently.excites dis
cussion adverse to the' . continuation of
hereditary !ogler:dim. :
The limes today refers to the /act that
some of the Tory Peers declined to follow
the policy in regard to the Irish Church
Bill determined upon by the majority at
their meeting last Saturday, and 'frusta
the danger of a eollielon is past. The' x
perience otiheistst two days reaffirmX
the thitivtldit Itrit.ditset 188163 the Lords
Must allow the) national to preVall.
The PreSe44 aspect indicatea the .Pan9age
of the bill.toitseacondreaditig byasmall.
inSjority. -
The same on- the
I;sancli electiOnk Intti the fact That
Lbrge, and . 11 - ha millione Of Preneh-•
man are opPOsititiU-16'
• r four Millions . --' who, shuppottl
04vernment. Whatever , the relative
of , Mlles may; .ho in. the Corps,
' Legistatif, this is a iignidcaut result of
universal suffrage aud,qi bound to lung
enco,tha, entire
„poliCy : of 'the French"
Govirtitilent.' ' -
TOe'refigraph, referring to the attitude
of theliottan'ef Lords, says the nation.
onlkfinitd:-govein the nation. To this:
Vont -Derby and other 'Peers assented
wheniaat. year they invited the judg
ment of. the nation on the suspensory
The Peers now may well accept the juris
-dfction to•which they appealed.
The News has an editorial on the Als.
haute 'controversy. It believes the storm
of feeling—is clearing away, and says:
..We are now about ready to deal with
tutu.. The Athericans have forgotten
facts. ' They recollect unfriendly words,
but disregarded the memory of, friendly
deeds. •Great Britain is ready to, bear
her, own responsibility, but when .chaig
ed with all the damage done to American
commerce during the late war, she must
remind America that only a small part
of that damage lies at her door, or is ad-
Witted by her." •
Lortnon, June B.—lssao CamPbell)
merchant. has suspended payment.
In the House of Lords, this even Log,
the Earl of Harrowby gave notice he
should move the second reading of the
Irish tahunsl4. • diseatablishment' bill be
postpmed months.: ' •
Pattis„ - Jima Thlers, Ferry,
Juluse, Garrler and Page 'have been
deelared sleeted 'by ballot.
There• were /tumultuous mamas at
Mout Madre sad arrests were made by
the pollee. It le reported that .some
persons were wounded during th t ,
PARIS, June 13.—The remit of the elec
tions where a ballot to - neeersary to de
cide is as follows: Official candidates,
twontpone; unofficial, one; independent,
one; opposition, fifteen; unknown, seven
teen. . .
PAR7B, June 5.,-The results in Aileen
additional elections by ballot have been
declared. Seven official and eight orolx!.
sition candidates were elected. Among
the troccestrat candidates ate M. M. ,
Picard Latoler and Dummied.
crowds people itsthsreti.• • • • •• ont
bluer. District. tPolicemen were obliged
to use force to disperfting them andsome
citizens were injured. A number of ar
rests were also made. The people
retired to their homes and .qclet two re-
A scentrof disorder also occurred dar
ing the'ulght In 'frOnt of Hotel De Ville.
Manylpersons were injured Wand a large
number arrested. The total number of
arrests made last night In consequence
of these disturbances was one hundred
and twenty. :
YlEZilki.&, Jude B.—The Austrian, Gov
ernment refuses to decide in the matter
of the neutrality of the, Suez canal,
without the advice and tmeperatlon of
' •
PmErra, - Tune B.—The Opposition party
have determined to move fOr the, with-
drawal of the Hungarian troops from
the provinces bordering on - the river
tuths, unless the Government is able to
offer a satisfactory explanatldn of their
employment there.
MADRID, June B.—lt us reported that
the Duke of Genoa is a prominent can
didate for the Spanish throne.
The Regency bill was' read for the
first time inthe Corte's yesterday.
MaDRID, Jane B.—The new Constitu
tion has been promulgated in all the•
provinces or Spain. Perfect order pre
vans turou — ghout the country.
A telegraph dispatch has been received
from Don Espenar, Acting Captain
the of Cuba,, countermanding the pre
vious requisition , for reinforcements.
This is accepted as an indication of an
impiliiied - state of affairs 'IA the Isiiiiid
and *Wes great satisfaction. •
• • ITALY.
J+rokg/ion, June ,B.—There
.bas been
serions distut.bram at Carolina recently.
NO particulars have been received, but
at'last accounts order had been restored.
8141323Tp June B.—The ateimer St. Lau
rent, from New York, arrived to-day.
QuEsus . rcom, June B.—The steamer
City of Antwerp, from New York,
Lorp;i ° on." ' f
-June B.—Evening. - -' Consols
for mon ey, 92%; seesunt, 92%. Five.
Twenty de Lon on 80Xe; at Frank.
fb r t, got . iErieslB,4. Illinois 94e.
Railniad &toe . -
iLtagaroor4 , JuneB.—Cotton market a
shade; easter; . unbinds 4.194 d.;
Orb)arte 1204 sslespr A o ,ooo,ssles. , Cali
Mimi*. flour 21A. Oa. Corp; 1 47 9. 0 -Wise
Bar/ey • Posit 86s.
00Por/F 00s.Beef Ler& Tin.
ob' e s s e 5884 ' Bacon 02e.'' Rosin; common
48. 9d4fine" - !blithe ,Petrolenni
refined la; txd„' Tallow 44e. ! , T n rpen.
tine 278: ed: , Linseed INK-- , -
.Lognote i lone , &—Linased Mimi 10s.
TalF•wo4Bl. ed. Refined Petroleum Lk
7d. Sperm Oil 074..1E010r 0 9, u , lid.
white 3714 Ouloutta`lausee4 els. , cm:*
letun stAntwerri Oa,
—The American. betlititel44 1 1 0 1XM•
Paiii/r as •8 014 .94, havers ainOted Vie rci•
lowing ofitectreA fteutlepidlern,,., of
ehtaigo;;PrAvident; D. . 'l3.fick*ll, of . ,
`Olevelend; Vied gra lid im 'll.' T.'ir L ot;'
of. "WON General 1 11trert ' . .1 1 1 oth,) , /
,Ei tt
Eimerri'or Nitie;Torie, , - idoo o pso si
I MitilaiLit Ilegeetib loth
4 re ress w il e . r. The butt s &Waft - crlte r a ikrgroil:
dear of debt. One hundred an Any:
three tow members were' admitted.
_ ..
—Ed wbe Booth was married on Mon
day to Miss Mary IdcyJoker.
-The strike of the, brakemen on the
Erie Road,has resulted in the men oh
tainine the advance demanded. ,
. ,
—The bliester county Republican Con
volition yesterday unatdmotaitly instinett ,
ad their delegates torte for Geary:
Bliturnstein tall from , a, scaffold,
in Cincinnati,.while painting , yesterday,
and fractured his skull. He will- die..
A- ftitiiiiin- named Roth, in 'trying
how near he could drive to a train oh thel
Miami *do in Cincinnati, •waa, struok
and"tbe 'Ott' 'Willi •skilVered." :Roth died
•frOM-hislinjtiiiiiii.' , .. • - - 'ff ' '
IT ,
_ 1 Li, Aboutfainlio'olock yesterday; it hetri - Y.
thunder gnawer passed over New ;York •
010, acctonipitnied bi , a hill storm, last
ing about tali 'roititltes. Tiviliail stone
: were very hirge and heavy. - ,• ; .- • •
9 The body of litrit,lCareline trityes,; of
N hvillei was found in, the— iver..near:
- ..k roralyindiaria, on ;Sunday. She Was
A victim' a tile disaster to the America
and Uni ' States in December. • -
1 ,—At a lti ting of 1 the Presbytery Of
Loudorider ,:Old School. held at Boston
on Tuesday, ;lie basie of reunion of the
1 °bland ne ihmahee, as agreed on at
New Yorit t ittils unanimously adopted.
• —The ReplablliNin' City and County
Convention, it Richmond, 'Va.,' nomi
nated for the Lsgistattire one negro and
two white men for the Senate, aid seven
negroes and one white man for the
House. . • 1 • • - •
• - -James A... Weed's paper mill at Port
I Dicklaion, near Binghamton, N. Y.,
was destroyed by fire Monday night, to
gether 'with alf the Machinery. Low
about ;16,000; insurance ;12,000 on build
ing, and ;1,000 on stock. •
—The Republicans of Wmhingten City_
on Monday elected their entire ticket, in
cluding Collector,Registrar and Surveyor
by a large majority. I Nine colored men
were elected, viz: Registrar, one Alder
man and seven members of Council.
—Monday night a fire broke out in the
patter mill at. Barrytown, N. Y.,. and
communicated with the freight hone;
in which several thousand bales of hay [
were stored. Both buildings and con
tents were destroyed. Loss ..$20,000; in
eared.. •
—The Conservative Repiblicans - of,
Mississippi have issued a call for. a CCM
vention on the 23d oft June. The call is
signed by Messrs. Jefferds, 'Ford, Fisk,
Field, Warner,MoOrman and others.
They claim to b the[ true exponents of
Grant's policy. repudiate the Executive - 1
Committee and organizations of the
treme Radicals Insist they are strictly in
accordance • t ii the Congressional plan. -
advise Mac a course as will promote bar.
i moby and ternal feeling between men.
of all BOOti ns and color, and t say id con
clusion, can, and must, -all live to
gether as lends.'.' j The call, seems fa
r • • • Ye
diTY. ASli gUBURBA:it
The , ; War Agakist Awnings.-
There is an old ordinance on that very
uncertain auxiiiiry to the murikiiind
government called the city code, which
provides against - the ',erection of awning
pi:4W on the sidewalks. It, was 'framed
many years ago to provide against nut&
ancee. in the shape of wooden posta and'
sheds thrown up on the principal thor
oughfares to guard I windows from the
rays of the sun. In late years a stYle of
awning irantes of irttn, light and grace
fin looking and certainly not an obstruc-I
tion to the sight, haft supereeded the old
ones, bat they . are , i nevertheless viola
tions of the old ordinance. • A difficulty
ocdtirred yesterday i" , ,between two mer.
chants on Market street about an awning
which encroached lon the windows
of one •of tbem, , which was
carried to the Mayor's office f,r settle
ment. The Mayor could do nothing else
but order the nuisance to,lie abated. The
merchant wos nut tuitistiba with the'de•
cision, so he called - im i tliti Mayor to en.;
force the ordinance against - all who have
awnings supported by posts. The ()bier
of Police was d il ly ;instructed to notify
every one violattbg the ordinance to con
form to. ' law. This promulgation
created much intensity, of feeling, and a
formidable" petition! to' the Mayor was
addressed, asking hln to suspend further
action until-Connci -cause heard from
in the matter. We learn . that the re
(vest has been acceded to, and that the
war on the awning posts will not be Woe
eduted-until Councilis refuse to wipe out
the old ordinance.l • -
Coreuera Inquest.
Coroner Clawson held an inquest yes
terday - on the . body of Jacab Lauther,
who was suffocated !while cle an ingthe
• ,
ashes froM under a set 'of, boilers, at
Richey, Harrison ' tit Co.'s. furnace,
Clare township. It appearc from the
testimony that Liuither "was engaged" n
, ,
removing the,askes,rhio4 had colleoted
under the boilers on,the wall, hack
of the grate bars, and for. that purpose.
had, after throwing a eensiderable quan
tity of water in to prevent the dust from
annoying him. entered a man hetet], the
side of the wall, at or near the back end
of the boilers, for thepltrposS stated,
when it is presumoil' he was suffix - ated
from the. gasei , ariatig 'the:4l6es
which were hotl when. the .water "vas
thrown,upon P.44.'4110 fffatenterbd. the
place about Juni ) o .'l 3 4stik Y e eierdlini4Orik..
and carne out'„in a P.Vii;atiqutilt
afterwards, rind returned again;
which nothing : Wall seen of hlut'nutil, kis
lifelesk hod* . : eau *mind inkide this evelbli”
tare aboufteno'clooki The jitrytettrned
&Verdict in acoordanen• With the tiboifie ,
facts. ` . a
Fly Time t I
Yea, gentle readeriths flies have come
to trouble.your :limning '‘ slumbers sad
We eateefireMi a mosquito a day or tite'
since, and these facia remind us that we :
V 1 V 199 / 1 144 1 , , tio Sot some . protection: :
front these stee p destroying pests. s epd
tilritlekus tic,hat, We know of, no place,
where you ice; And a_ r : bette ituscutaletit i
t ot' canopies; ni quita : Mr* dro.,' Mania%
Rtobeits, - Roardelt it fke Eitnithatifil'
'street,,z They have
Anode at moderate prioes,and youvaril
have them put up without any
to yourselves by giving them a call.
:1`1,1318 4 `lg9;
Stith Avenue Mlsslon.Sunday School--
Third Anniventary—Annuat -Reports--
interesting Exercheit. •'•••
Last evening was an 'itettation . of. great_
lntereit and enjoyment to the yonng
falks'eaid friends of'llie Sixth *anew
Mission Schools. It has been the 'Cus
tom at the' conh mencement J of each' 4,3 w..
.„ ~. ,
Year in the history of the organization; to --
celeirtitezihe'-eVent bYttpturepilifit tibial
veraary exercises; •which - fisithirleireto:::
fore tieeti :of- ;mach ant...attisettveAohnt.,
actor that,l; •. they! :art- loOked - r for-,
waist: to. With many. pleasant . -Alatic4Pli••
tldn% : ! udr ha ve .be oo me 2.l l '.. , YP r X,fgree 2 Y.
..feetnre. : ln the , opera tions , of the
school. _Hemp, ther,etaru of the Third
atml.Toreaq occtuttop last evening croated
quite's Moult( .i.icltenniiirend; activfty
among the - i ttelt6latt l and'attracted en
intdiehtiiir 'WhiCh 4214 Act oieritetring •
the.lerie * liVdltOrlurn ofllieSecond 111 0 . •
:Church, in which the exer were,beht.
The churc,ti,hiul _bean...bee tlftilly.-and
prefiletily' 'decorated - Wit h' evergreetti '
and': flowers = of the rttr ":perfume
The wall in the rear of he pulp}} ‘
was draped in, large , fest oons or eV
orgieetrei - while upon the clinnilitliere,t
pulpit atandsi and nponall aides i:
appropriate emblems of purity attracted. ; .,
'the attention of the spectators, The ant
mated' and happy thronge of-chirdrew
with their bright and .beaming .counte
nances, were gathered in the, main body
of the church, the remaining- epees arid
out beyond the vestibule' being Ailed: to•
the ut'uost with, those who assembled as..
interested friends and visitors.: . ,
After all had become quieted the exer
cises were come - need Whit the singing of
a hymn, followed by prayer by the . Rev.
Jolkn G. Brown, D. D • ,
The address of welcome then! de
livered in a tiest , and effective style
Master Alfred Reeniglr,.. who developed
considerable elocutionar y
Mr. T. J. Gillespie now read the &km—
ary'a annual - report,- which ; qmbraqed
a brief sketeh;ot the schooltom its or
ganization threeYeare ago: and
Sae -pro
gress made during the past - year.: This.
report, snore few introductory sentendes,
fers touehinglyto the death of one Of the
shoat active tesebere, Mies Emma tleik,
Who during the yaar • was called away
. from earthly toil to partake of the rest
and blissfal enjoyments - of Maven.
Reference is next 'made' to the especial
progress of the school during the ,year,
which has been' of the most gratifling
character. At present five hundred and
tiiighty.twro. soholitre are enrolled; with
gn average attendance of three hundred
l and - seventy-five. Prayer meetings,
singing classes, an elocutionary ciao,'
taught ; by ' Miss ; !Maggie' MeVreight,
the "Hanna Literary -Society", and a
class 'of Honor, numbering , about one
hundred - membrs, Are pleasing and en
couraging attractions to the usual rou
tine of school exercises, and tend: ' : to
more closely to the organization. •
The report further refers to. the teach-
OraThreetlogs,' the system of lessons
taught in the school and similar matters
connected with, its . goverument, which
have during the ..3rear been of great
benefit to both teacher and scholar.
The report,of•the Missionary of the
School, Mr. Edwin Sberratt, was next
read, which exhibited in a marked de
gree the bonefici and-blessings which hiR
labors were conferring upon those with.
whom he is laboring.
The report Intff unaniMously adop_ted.
A- select singlog alms of boys and girls
next. - .chanted the 23d, Psalm •in a re
markably, correct Manner, Mr. Edwin
Sberratt presiding at the organ.
This Was. followed by s dialogue by
Masters Thomas . Moore and David Max
well, in which the lads acquitted them
selves noticeably Well.
Another anthem was rendersd in hap
py style by the Singing, Class, after
which the Superintendent, Mr. Thos. H.
Itabe, taught a model blackhoard lesson,
the children answering the questions by
cloaca, and displaying great aptitUde
and' preflcieney:
After another , hymn, by the singing
class, brief addresses were delivered by
Major William "Frew, the pastor, Rev.
Mr. Hanna, •and the Superintendent, Mr.
Thomar Rabe. The Secretary • read
his report. flora .whigh it appear
ed that four hundred dollars had
been collected • during . the year :for
the missionary fund. • Rev. Jno.' G. ,
Brown made a few remarks,while each of .
the children was being presented with a .
bsolc, tbagifsof toe Superintendant as a..
mementopf the occasion. When all had
been Supplied, Rev. 'Warner Long closed
the excisemen:with pra3rei•and audi
ence was dismissed, all departhig- with
brlgOt.snd, ham ;etueinbriin* of the'
viand&l6 'tbe evening - het:its' had
been- paSked. Whlcli .
: r
' . 7:C id °I.1!!!
The Armors or.
Upper S. Vlitir'andidloinini,tomuships'
had quite a 11 4 reii Oilier On 3 'griday; 28th, .
in Ine trial 1 'of ' the J. beat teay forks
not befdre 'titti Poitliki,': The' - piece of
exhibition was in thn•liariiiiif !defender'
Gilitilati„ , •Five forks] was entered for ,
oompotiticarluithe eactensiveforesgenta)
A. .611,1111 an land ff. ,L..htfarehall. The
~ ~
13 Prittla.tatknantare,by Jona GiliWan.
Rl l 9lthhe,44l s *, Far*, x o Prosente4" by :
W bi t a ter." '
' a fork
imllan nfepe t f n r r i e i d
malt i fi!i At i f ote, nith t n e io o eca -,:
last . ckitefigrer. , And Ws& Hawkey a int:
PrOaeciAMlPift far iittstrif. to rafters,
sihiiiii is oertalinY agree pratidal use to
slim* r 4. ThStast named fork and grap. -
Weems reprmeated b)t $..: 0 4oWentattd,
.8 „Donue , who • laL u bopiht, the,
territrf'ofgnOwdell x er - BL Clair '
s e,vtgeesii.Falette , towfndee
1., Thai
AttrkarrittOrt, cllLit IlkarelltlitlX: tested and i
trim in awirY way . alic! dtp'e 11 / Mieral
'satisfaction. - - . -, s , - t
The gourd' Aged, J ' Nellie, ut the
,EfPrlxvOt was 1 446 4/ I t 4 B e lltian expert
in tpolinshibes and sole* hi et, he &CI
wet `farr , hlis =emplOyers ' and do dotihtJ
will Istocead kt.limoduchis Mop very Ycfia
usbk!, fork and ItsPPles to the farmers. ,
Such eoikestai'vibere ebriouttlxl on fair '
istsaihtixastibreuutediqurojust *hatfuel
farmers wsut i -gici when moki-Skomrlng
Fsatlvals as that held ode farm of
JohiiellalllA tbilliktVestlici Rot up.
airdidanzal lamlantentlywhi! be rectilvedl
au4 she w re , Aolthbarhood .greatly:
Aled i g=th 'Ou c h' o fte tpii s .,3
,11) reueetkee;;;,w
Ame f 3,1888 ,' Joint GriagrAirr.-
~,,,,,v 1;:g •