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WEDNESDAY, „gay 19, 1669.
The following are the daily shipments ,
of 11v4i
,atock to the eastern markets for
the Week ending Tuesday, May 18.
C;ttle. Hogs. sheep. Horses.
. 134 .1,514 2,955 64
.. 507 1,074 5,897 77
.1,185 1,847 537 111
391 3,205 1,281 129
. 140 3,702 604 31
. 395 2,158 956 77
2;745 13,310 11,930 489
The market was quite active yesterday
and this forenoon, the sales during that
time being unusually large, aggregatinn
frilly forty car loads, and to-day at noon
there werevot over fourteen or fifteen
car lneds the pens unsold. Compared
with last week, prices have undergone
no essential change, though shippers •al
leged,' that taking eastern markets, as a
beats, : there should have been a reduc
tion of from a quarter to- a half a cent.
With only a moderate supply, however,
and a pretty full attendance of buyers,
and under the Influence of a pretty sharp
competition, prices are well sustained,
and taking the quality of the stock into
cemsideratt n, the market was steady
and, an alniady intimated, there are very
few- cattle in the pens, at this writing,
'Welinderstand that there were some
fortroar leads of cattle shipped to Phil
adelphia last week. This is the largest
ahlpment that has been made to that
market for several months, from these
yards, and it is probable that there will
be Philadelphia buyers here every week
. from now until fall.
WEDNESDAY, May 12.—Lowensteine
to Brii - wley 7 weighing 7,350 at 7; Holmes
Lafferty & Co. for Webster to Haste
{wood 17 weighing 47.450, at 63i; M'Auley
for hiltain to same buyer 14 weighing
17,125, at 7,20.
TaultsnAy, May 13.—M'Auley for Mor
ris& Kano to Kelly 48 weighing 60,775, at
7,60; Hazlewood & Blackstock for Haw
thorn to Aull &Co 15 weighing 21,675,
at 65®63;; Holmes, Lafferty & Co. for
Thompson to John Smith 66 weighing
81,850, at same for Morris to same
buyer.l9 weighing 20,375, at 7,10; same
for Vanghen to Aull & Co. 16 weighing
19,290, at•7,6o; same for Morris to Beach
!Ak, Bray 36 weighing 40,250, at 7,35; Don
nelly to Kleiman 29 weighing 36,950, at
• same 31 weighing 43,725, at 8;
HONKS, L & Co. for Morris to Aull & Co.
:64•11reightng 73,475, at 7,35; same for Reed
to Oireoll 47' extra, weighing 63,600, at
8); Trinietmatt & Lobtnan & Co.
.14 weighing 17,450, price not given. .
- P.almAt, May 'l4. Holmes, Lafferty
..&Co. fbr:Webster to• Martin 77 weighing
-.100,900, at 7%; Berne for Diorrik to Voter
• B. 54 weighing 58,225. at 7%.
SATURDAY, May 15.—Ayers to Donald
. -14 weighing 17,100, at 7,35.
Monnsx May 17.—Hamer & W. to
Cage 20 Weighing 36,850; Avers to Wil
lard 33 weighing 41,575, at 7,95; Harmer
-to Xiamen 31, averaging 1,350, at 1101 per
:Itßenal, May 18.--Guckenbeirner &
Bro. to Beach & Bray 94 weighing 117 5 -
875, all at 7.%, with the exception of 3
bulls, at 6; Holmes, L. & Co. for Thorny).
son to Young 17 weighing 20,225, at 734;
Briggs to Hines 17 weighing 21,500, at 7;
Shambur;&4. to Hines 2 oxen weighing
3,425, at 7.
WEDNESDAY. May 19.—Biddle & B. to
Mackey & Smith 18, weighing 21,325, at
7 1 4; same to Gast 17, weighing 20,200, at
73(; Holmes, Lafferty & Co. for Hart to
Gillett 29, weighing 35,675, at 7,10; Berry
is B. to Beach do Bray 45 head, at 7„@7%;
Smith-4k Blue for Talmage to O'llonald
.46, weighing 57,825, at' 7,65; Holmes, Lat.
ferty & Ccu for Hart to Gillett 34, weigh
ing 40,075 j at 7,25; same for same to same
47, weighing 56,125, at 7,25; same for
Webb to Martin 31, weighing 4 1 ,450, at
734; same for Hart to Beach & Bray 71,
weighing 6,825, at 7: sane for Webb to
Martin 31 weighing 39,325, at 734; same
for Hart tp Kelly 20, weighing 18.650, at
4it same for Thompson to I.l,lsvh & Bray
16, weighing 19,200, at 7%; Gillett to
Landis 20. weighing 21,4115, at 7,25;
Smith & Anus for Talmage to McMahon
32, weighing 37,925; Holmes, LainrLy &
Co. . for Webb to Belly 45, weighing
54,275; H.edges & Taylor for Dunlap to
Xiamen 18, weighing 17,900, at 6,35.
There has been a fair degree of activity
in this aides of stock, with a fair volume
of business lathe aggregate, though to
day the market is a little weak, and
prices are a• shade lower. Philadelphia
Hogs may be quoted at 10%©10%, for
good to prime heavy averages, while
Yorkers sold at from 83(,®9. The sup
ply seemed to be somewhat in excess of
the demand to-day, and to effect sales,
readily, holders generally were obliged
to Make slight concessions. The daily
sales since our last report were as fol
Wednesday May 12.
Thursday " 13.
Friday .• 14.
Saturday 6 . 15.
Monday 1 . 17.
Tuesday " 18.
Th 6 Sheep market, oompared with last
-week, has undergone but little change;
the demand seems to be fully up to the
"supply, and prime' fat sheep are scarce
and wanted. The quality of the sheep
on sale was hardly up to - the usual stand.
• sad, the laritest proportion being of an
inferior and Medium grade. Quotations
may be fairly given at 4@6 cbi, as 4o
quality and oondition.'The daily , sales
during the week were ai follows:
Wednesday May 12 '5751
' Thitiaday " 13 3590
":Friday " 14 274
Sisturdwy " 15......................434
Monday " 17 228
uesday 18 1084
()mat rrisstrzoix Gazarrs,
,WirmapAr. May 19. yea.
Tha , znast:iniporiant featur.we have
to notice in connection with the oil brill
ntes#l_ 1441 !Ai thar a *mbar of our re
dudes, have been standing idl e for
, . .
several ;menthe, have. already, or are
sbatiVto resume operations, and we are
- lre*fiSiel 'that before the close of the
41941thtbs , great majority of them will
' , begs nal • blast.. We think that the °fa
ears of the Penna. Rsilroad Company
erred in limiting the time of the redact
thorn In freight to the Int of June. There
,are, l ;stime; of our 'refiners who could
scatelyte able to start up before that
time, and with no certainty that the re
duction will be extended beyond that
period, they, do not feel inclined to go to
the *rouble and expense of starting with
• this uncertainty hanging over their
,liffteds . . There is no doubt but what the
-,COMPany is disposed to do what is right
'and proper , in the matter, but it would
OodouPtedly have been much; better for
thetiade here If the reduction had bean
• fixed definitely for say four or five
Pis Crude market ,is wltbout impor,
change, either as regards prices.or
- di' . : l Bpot all is offering at , 18% with
aritiftve /83(a . and we Are
sant of an off& to sill 4,4= Ws ms
i 33
Ju e seller, at same figure. Sale of
i; ' bbls all year, sellers option at 13;
5, buyers option, until• September lst,
at 18; and 5,000 same option, until Octo
ber Ist, at same figure.
The market Is dull and a little weak,
particularly for late deliveries. though
compared with yesterday without quota
ble change. Sale 500 each October to
December at 33%; and 1,000 May at 31%.
in the absence of sales, quoted
at 33M: July to. December 33@33 3 (; and
May and June, 31X®313;. Sale 500 each
June and July, at 32.
Eclipse Winter Lubricating oil 40c
Eclipse Railroad Azle 35e
Eel" e Machinery . 75c
Eel y Spindle 80e
F wcett, L. dt. S. 210'bbls refined to W
P f gan & Bro.. Philadelphia.
Lyons . Co. 630 bbls to W. P. Logan
et Bro., Philadelphia..
Livingston & Bro. 50 bbls refined to
Warden; Fre' & Co., Philadelphia. '
Mclielvy. & Bro.; 314 bbls refined 'to
W.P. Logan& Busk., Philadelphia.
Liberty Oil Works. 263 bbls refined to
W. . Logan tic Bro, Philadelphia.
To 1 shipments Refined ..... ... . ...-.... 1467
Hutchison 0114 t, Refined Co., 646 bbb3
ref. to Warden, Frew ¢s Co., Phila.
Duncan tt Williams, 107 bbls refined
to W. P. Logan & Bro., Philadelphia.
Markets by Telegraph.
Nsw YORE, May 19.—Cotton rather
more active and unchanged .in prices;
sales of 2,900 bales; 283ic for middling
uplands. Flour, receipts of 9,755 bbls;
favors the buyer; sales of 8,200 bbls;
/5,65©5,90 for• superfine State western,
16,10@6,55 for extra State, 16,00@6,90 for
extra- - western, 18,95@8,00 for good choice
do, 16;76@7,40 for R. H. 0.. $7,00@8,50
for extra St. Louis, and 19(12 for good
choice do, closing quiet; included in the
sales are 3,100 bbls extra State for export
at $6,25@6,45. Rye flour without de
cided change; sales of 250 bbls at 14 x 75@
6,00. Corn meal quiet; sales of; 100 bbls
Brandywine at 14,75. Whisky firmer;
sales of 300 bbls western at 980@11,00,
free. Wheat, receipts of 14,918 bushels;
wheat heavy and about lc loner; sales
of 25,500 bush; 11,4834 for. No. 2 spring
delivered. 11,533 for winter red State,
11,61 for winter red Canada, 11 1 70 for
white California,. 11,8734 for white Cana
da, 11,55 for winter red'Canatla ha bond.
Rye nominal; western 11,28. Bsrley dull;
dreoping. Barley Malt is quiet. Corn;
receipts of 16,171 bushels; the market is
a shade lower, with only a moderate
business doing; Beet . 43,000 bush'els at
74@850 for neat Mixed .western, as in
quality, 86@880 for Ismail lots cholee do.,
91.@92c for old do. delivered, and 93c for
new Southern yellow. Oats; receipts of
53,694 bushels; the market is lc better
and in fair demand, with sales of 81,000
bushels at 77@78c for western. afloat,
and 7734@780 for do. in store. Rice is
quiet. Coffee is dull. Sugar is quiet,
with sales of 11 hogsheads Cuba at 1134®
liNc. Molasses is dull. Petroleum is
dull at 160 Ibr crude, and 132.3 for refined.
Hops are dull at 6©l4c for American.
Linseed oil is very firm at 11,07@1,08, in
small iota. Leather—Hemlock sole is in
good request at previous prices. Wool
is moderately active, with sales of
250,000 pounds at49@.52 for
domestic fleece, 6234 c for scoured, and
27@47c for pulled. Coal: domestic firm
at 16@7 per ton by the cargo; foreign
quiet. Pork firmer; sales 1.250 bbls at
131,25@31,50 for new mesa, closing at 1 31 ,-
50; regular at 131 for do; 125(4)26 for prime
and 828@r&,37 for prime mess; also suies
1,250 tans new mesa at -$32, buyer June,
aud 132,..5e11er.. July. Beet quiet; sales
tibia at
.IG@l6 for new plain awes; $l7
@lB for new extra mess: choice be -f dull;
sales 25 tierces at 122@28 for prime moss;
125©32 for India mess. Beef llama steady
and sales were made of 180 bias at s2s®
32; lut Meat steady; sales 200pkgs at
12e. 12%®13 0 for shoulders; 15%®Itic for
hauls: middles quiet and arm; sales 1110
bxe long elearon private terms. Lard
*ruler; sales 90 tierces at 17@lagc for
steam; iBvht9vo for kettle rendered;
also sales of 250 tierces welter' at 'Bye..
seller May. nutter quiet at 3 i%3Bc
for Qhio; 36640 e for stab.. Cheese firm
at' 19@23c. Freights to `Liverpool are
firmer; shipments of 55,000 bus wheat,
per Hail and steam. at 3d. Spirits turpen
tine steady at 463@47. Metals—sheath
ing copper steady at 83c ingot; copper
quiet and firm at 24e for all kinds; pig
iron quiet and 'steady at 140®45 for
Scotch, and roan for. American: bar
iron dull at /85© , 00 for refined Enellsh
and Amerioan; sheet iron quiet at. 1134©
13aie in gold Mr . Pamela. Nails dull at
'43;(4)4Xe for cut; 6 jg,6% for clinch and
26@30 for horseshoe.
Latest.—Floni closi3d quiet and a shade
easier.. Wheat dull and about In lower.
Rye nominal at 11:28 tor western. Oats
firm and moderately active at 78c for wes
tern afloat. Corn dull at 80@86e for
sound new mixed , western, aud 910 for
old do afloat. Pork quiet and firm at
131,50 for new mess. Beef quiet and
steady. Bacon firm, with a moderate de
mand. Lard steady •at l 8 % c - for prime
steam, Eggs steady at 16 @17c..
i Crucwoo, May 19.—Eastern Exchange
weaker, 1.10 premium selling ; 1-10
off buying. Flour moderately active;
ss,(Xii@t3,2s for spring extras. Wheat
mo active and firmer at 3.0 higher.
Sal of No. l at 111,18®1,19; No. 2 at $1,14
®1,143:; closing at f 1,1434; since 'change
No. 2 irregniar at 11,14,;®1,15. COrn
more active and firm at x(a9tics higher.
Sales of No. 1 at 6854@64%; No. 2 at 68®
58;i: reected. 61(4;54 closing at 64®64%
for No. 1 ; nothing doing...this evening.
Oats.firmer and moderately active at 1®
I'o higher. Sales of No. 2 at 5934@60X;
..cliiiing firm at 80/'..1 Rye (Inlet. same
1 of No, Vat $1.14. Barley dull and.uom-
Nal at ;1,65®1,60 for. No. B.: . Mithwina
excited; /4®1340 highei. Sales at98(494)4.
New Oriente molasses 0501.1.00.- thaw
183;014% for common to fair. Fowls
ions more active and steady. Mesa pork
PI; ..Cluldnit arm. ' • Lard -/8. ' Dry;salted
shoulders 1134@12..:Sweet pickled hems
.15®16., 'flogs moderately Bettye; $8,40®
ti,76 - for , common to, ;fair; 19,1)(61k60 for
good to chola.). -04,ttle steady and votive
at 110.2500, 8 734,tcr 144 to medium; s7@
1112Mlor good tn cbcdotifthipping- steers.
ecelpts - daring Us+ put; tvr,enVi'figt ,
hourct. 7.Bo4..btiFrels.flonr. 18,818 bushels
' wheat,*44;B4s' bush dorn; 2057 - briii4nate,
750 bush :Ile '.
b1P00n 70.9,211 barrels n
- 842 bush corn 1555 h . 6h tiati;vos b ush
rye, 1,200 • btiah barley,
.4,558 hogs.
Freights steady an d . Unchanged.
- . , 4,
Otworstrwri,-)fay.l9:—Flour utiohang.
%Land 41emand light ; fistrilly,llo,ooo6,2s.
Wheat, unchanged; red 11.115051.43 •fer
No. 2, and• 1.: Cora dull, and thedemand
/a light at 05®680 per bpi.:: Oats in mod
enitedemandrand 04 1 11 1 datiPPLY-0 6 8® 7 9
for. No. 2 and 1. Rye dull and drooping;
No. .1 at $1,32®1,83. Cotton 011,w:14 xo
lower; nilddlifig 27pia..;Tobacco'le good
demand; saes . oflo2 l l, Ms' :at ,110,05 , to
416,50. _ Whisky firm. at ,00.; , holders
generally asking No: - ,PrOvisitUatig4let
but - with ft:14001a ; pOrk libel, Ail 310
per. .bbl, and 150 '4016,,e014 ,at, WU rate.
Lard is held , at llic buCiihdeinand.,Bolk
meats' held' at 120 - for 'aticitilderiv :and
14X®1435 fer sides.' but nothing done.
Bacon is held at 18olor'ilhOUlderita
Ifig0)183/0 Ameba!' rlb and ClpikV erd
but" fftft.dentand.' 'akar tunics Ifies
ideliarat-1011100. (1 11ligfitt 1 1 / 1 64*-bilt not
higher under advance in gold; common
to choice 20@27c. Linseed oil quiet at
$1,04. Lama 14@15e. Petrolettm, .32e
for refined. Potatoes dull but titichanged ;
90 to $1,25 per bbl on arrival are the
quotations current. Batter steady;
fresh 33@37c. Eggs 17c. Gold ;. 142)4
buying and 143 selling. Exchange dull,
par. buying. Money market close at
10@/12 per Cent.
LouniviLLE, May 19.—Cotton steady
with a fair demand for spring, and specu •
' lative demand for low middlings at 25 e;
middling at 2664 c; good, ordinary at 24c;
ordinary at 22®23c. Tobacco active and
fair; sales to-day were 305 hhds at $6,50
®7,25 for ieaf; $3l for , bright' wrappers;
1522,50 for manufacturing , leaf, and $ll,OO
for common leaf. Flour unchanged and
firm; sales 475 bbls superfine at $5,00®
5,75; No. 1, $7,00. Grain steady; Corn
65®66c in ear; 65©68e ahelled. Oats
steady at 70e. Rye steady at $1,45®1.48.
Whisky eteadyl and sells at 1 9534 c.
Provisions quiet but"- firm; Bacon:
shoulders 111;ic, clear rib sides 1611,@
163ic, and clear sides 17®17gc. Mess
Pork steady -at $31,25®31,1;0. Butter
quiet at 37c. Cheese in good supply,, at
19®20a for; Ohio factory. Eggs steady at
14®15e. Groceries: New Orleans sugar
steady at 12)4®15c for common to choice;
molasses at 76®800 for New Orleans; cof
fee firm at 2002514 c for common to
prime. (*ant inactive, demand at s2®
2,25. Corn meal: kiln dried at $404,25.
Oil: linseed at $1,06; No. 1 lard
,t 51,35. ran quiet at 75e. Bagging Is,
steady at 52,14 for 2m hemp and flax.
Sr. Lou , May 19,--Tobacco steady at
full prices. Cotton; . nothing doing. Hemp
quiet at $1,30®1,50 for prime to choice.
Flour very quiet and unchanged; super
fine $4,25®5,25, sprilig extra $4,50®4,90,
double extra $5,00®5,30. Fall. Wheat
s®loo loWer, with sales at $1,50®1,60 for
good toprime, $1.70®1,95 for choice to
fancy; No. 2 spring /c better at $1,12®
1,13, and $1,16111,17 for No. 1. Corn is
firm for choice at 68®70c in sacks, and
55®57e co; mixed in bulk. -Oats firm at
66®70c. Barley quiet; small sales at
$1,55 for good spring. Rye held firm at
$1,17®1,20. ;Whisky lc better. ' sales at
93c. Groceries very dull. Rio coffee 19
@26c for common to choice. Louisiana
Sugar ranges 12015 c for choice. Planta
tion -Molasses 75080 c. Louisiana Rice
7M ®9c. Provisions quiet. pork $31,00.
Dry salt shoulders 1 1 .14 c for loose. Ba
con; shoulders 12y,c, clear rib sides 16%
®1630, clear sides 16,,(c; canvased sugar
cured hams 19 ®2oc. Lard steady at 1730
for choice tierce. Receipts-1,850 barrels
flour, 22,200 bushels wheat, 320 bushels
corn, 2,561 busbelszye, and barley none.
CLEVELAND, May 18.—Flour dull but
steadTand unchanged. Wheat dull and
heavy: No. 1 red Winter is generally held
at 51,45. but highest figures offered were
51;44 for No. 2 red winter, • and No. 1
spring dull and nominally unchanged.
Corn dull and non/Waist 69@70c. asking
rates fol. No. I:Mixed, and 87®88 for No.
2 db. Oats dull and lower with light
sales atBBc for No.•l,State. Rye quiet and
nominal at $1,80©1,25 for No. 1, and $425
(g)l;2B‘for No. 2: Barley nothing doing,
withotit established price. Petroleum
unchanged and quiet; relined held 'at 28
Wanded.9% la small lots 2(j3c advance is m '
TOLEDO, May 19:--$1 0 0ar quiet. Wheat
1%®243 lower; amber $1,39 on the spot,
buyer May, $1,40 buyer June, $1.39 seller
May, No. 1 white Michigan $1,75, white
do regular $1,42, aria No. 2do $1,30. Corn
is lower and quiet and steady; sales No.
lat 59c. and No. '2 at Gila. Oats lc lower
and quiet at 690. Rye quiet and un
changed. Barley nominal. Receipts
-3,200 tibia flour, 10,8,10 bus wheat, 12,300
bus corn,' 3,6001 oats. ShipMents-600
bbLs flour, 7,600 1 bus wheat, 9,200 bus,
corn, 4,400 bus oats.
MILWAUKEE, May 19.—Flour dull and
primes unchanged. Wheat firm at $1,1634
Inc No. 1; 51,13 X Tor No. 2. Oats dull but
firm at 58@b9 for No. 2. Corn lower at
39c for rooted uew. Rye dull at 0,12®
1,13 for No. 1. Barley nominal. Grain
freighLs are active but lower; wheat from
Buffalo to ()Nvegn 106, Reeelpta- 7 4,000
tibia flour 42,000 bus wheat; 4,000 bus
Oats. Shipments -4000 bbls flour; 5,300
bus wheat.
BALTIMORE, May 19.—Flour dull with
light demand: western superfine at $5.75;
do extra at $6®7,25; do family at 48®
8,25. Wheat dull at 112,10 for choice Val
ley red. Corn dull at 80®82c for prime
white, and 62®filo for yellow. Oats dull
at 70®750 for heavy, and 70@74c for
light. Ryenominal at $1,35%1,45. Whis
ky firm and scarce: sales at $l. Pork
unchanged. Bacon firm and unchanged.
MEMPHIS, May 19.—Cotton is dull=
2NO for middling.. The receipts to-day
amounted to 30i. bales, and, the exports
were 371 bali.m. Flour; high grades are
better; superfine 8.51)5,50. Corn is held
at 73C)750. flay, 11z7(4129. Pork, 02.
Lard. 18@j19%c, - Rican is weaker, at
/31/filgirAe for shoulders, 17%©17%c for
sides. Bulk Meats are• &MI: shoulders
123;c, and sides at
. .
PHILADELPHIA, May 19.—Flour; more
doing; sales of 2,000. bbls; northwestern
extra family $6,50; Chao do. 17,25(0,00.
Wheat dull and lower; sales of 3,000 bus;
red $1,50(4455; red amber 11,59; white
11,45. Rye mushanged. Corn dull and
lower; Hales of 600 bus yellow at 85®813c.
Oats quiet; western unchanged. Provis
ions unchanged. 'Whisky dull at 94c.
DETROIT. May 19.—Wheat receipts
4,000 bushels; market quiet. No. 1 white
winter at $1;61; No. 2 do 11,36®1,37; No.
1 amber 51,41. Corn 69. Oats declined
to 68. Mill stuffs unchanged.
NEW Your, May 19.—The weather has
been rather stormy; and . the market has
therefore been very quiet, and continnea
depressed. Sperebrook'a thirty-eit inch
browi sheath:lga are reduced' in price 'to
113ic, and Live Oak to 1130. The Salem
ticks are alrio 'radneed in price to 12c. At
lantic A brown ahOtinga are No ',lower,
and now jobbing al 150.
The river continues to reoede steadily
with scant five and a - half feet in the
chadnel by the Monongahela marks laid
, evenins. Coal/most cloudy
and Cool with occasional showered
etiry •
.. 1 9Che i Nelar t tork from Nashville and
tildinialefroni St..Loule are the only
qiutsiebt arrivals bevii
_to' report. •
The Gallatin departed r fortr, ersburg
fast tgVeiting; la place of the toy Eagle,
which boat was laid up at Bletersvllle,'at
last accounis,',Witli aloriiken doctor.
-The Rennin tiepin' Portsmouth is due
today, and will returnee &Lanai to-mor
row. •
The Maggie Hdyer, Capt. B. C. Martin,
wilt positively take tier departure for et.
Louts this forenoon.
—The . Gray and tnella,,arrived
atllincinnittVoir Monday, and the :latter
left there the same day for Nashville.
The Messenger ,vrita EYariaville on
,14intday. end' the Torn , pircow passed
the•eattin day.•- •
ft—As nftll' be 'seen by entd the high
:headed Leontdascilapt..Ed..Etrana v ii4 an
Ito .
OULINett, ,Neyr. Orlesna
`She Is rn extelhint eoriditionint' business
.6fidttaAeßpeelaity adapted Ibt • the(lNeitr
01101100# 1 14 0 .• - : - ,1 ;.:1t
1 .1...04 1 . 144 0, 1 1 4442 GM. wen .14kastIng r emu.
esday for Attabfisigh._
Dry Geode Market.
"L.' Mkt , ":204. • -1869.
Island brad • - I
her "fantail,'
played tlie .
hist Tuesday.. She tore off
broke. the "cam rod's and
• MS( generally. •
—Tee Peet
Company , ha •I
steamer Adm
sell, for $4,
will load the ;
Fort Benton.
a and -St. Louis Packet
aold their half interest in
ral Farragnt, to G. G. Rus
,lo cath. Captain Russell
arragat for Sioux City and
—On Friday
unknown, fell
Lunisden, at
cliowned. Re
and was suppoa
grant looking fi
a deck passenger, name
overboarcl from the John
Clarksville, and was
;ot aboard at Nashville,
/c 1 to be a Northern owl
s home.
—The order f r the sale of the Evans
ville Dry , Docks, which was made some
time since at a eeting of the stock hold
era, ands upon hid) order the docks
were acild, was r scinded on Wednesday,
and another order passed tor the sale of
the DoCks at auction. The sale will take
place`at the Dry( Docks landing at ten
o'clock, A. rt., on the 22d, inst.
-- . -
—The St. Joe 'Gazette of the 14th says:
"The dredge-bvit Octavia was at Smith's
Bar last evening, hird at work making a
channel; She him been cleaning out all
the bars on her way up. At _one bar she
found three ande half feet of water, and
after working six or seven hours, left
six.feet,of water Lon 'the liar. She will
continue On Up the river."
—The( frame of a new Red River packet
was - to have been raised at the Mauison
Marine Ways on Monday, and in a few
days aother w 11 follow for the same
trade." This' sp:tiks well for thei pros
pects of the Cot .n planters of the Red
River country. •
—St. Louis ad • ices, under date of Mon
day, report that "an arrangement has
been made by which the Mississippi
Valley Transportation Company will
start one of the following steamers to
New Orleans, from their wharf•boat,
every Wednesday, and d towboat and
barges every Saturday: The Mollie
Able, Thompson Dean and Great Repub
lic. The Mollie Able will start first, and
will begin to load next Monday, and
leave Wednesday. The arrangement
will come in sharp competition with the
line which it is expected will be formed
atter the sale of the Atlantic and Missis
sippi S. S. Co's boats on 21st, and , may
break it up altogether. The Submarine
No. la Is being stripped and converted
into a mountain steamer."
-The. award for transporting army
supplies from Chicago to St. Louis and
points'n the. Mississippi River to New
Orleans, was made at Chicago. Saturday.
Capt.'3. N. Bolinger, of St. Louis, was
the lowest bidder.
—We'clip the following from the Cin
cinnati Commercial of. Tuesday: As the
ArMadillo was coming up Sunday night,
ten miles below Madison, TO., two ne
gross got lidos Quarrel; one named Ed
ward Mines end the other Nathan John
ston. Mines, striking Johnston ;on the
head with billet of wood knocked him
down. Johnston' lived about three
hours.. Mineasays he did not intend to
to kill Johnstou. Mines did all he could
In the warof Waiting on end attending to
Johnston,trying to bring' him to,- but
without success. Mines did not try to
get away, but was willing toL give him
self up to the officers, which was done as
soon as the boat arrived here. Mines
resided in Hookstown. Beaver Co. Pa.,
and wart always considered'civil.
River and Weather.
[By Telegraoh to the Pittsburgh Ossette• 1
LonisviLLE, May lA.—River falling,
with 8 feet 4 inches of water in the
canaL Weather clear and cool.
0400 RAILROAD, May 18.-15 cars metat -
Simick it Co; 3 do do, J W Porter; 4 do
do. Tinton Mills; 1 do do, Loyd & Black;
2do do, Bryan it Caughey; 200 green
hides, Hartley, M'Kee it Co; 1 car bran,
H Schuelbach; 100 bbla flour, Meanor &
Harper:* 100 dodo, .1' Id Montgomery;
100 do do, owuer; 14 bdls leather, 4 pkgs
scraps; 3* Y M'Laughtin; 20 bbls flour,
L J Blanchard; 10 bag soap, Dutlevy &
Bro; 50 do do, Dilworth it Co; 1 car hay.
Bricker it Co; 145 aks, 65 bgs oats. B
Campbell; 1 car stone, JL L Knox; .100
bbls realdumiN•Y it Brooklyn Co; 152
aka, mill feed, 58 do corn, M'Clure.
Bro; 11 - bbls apples, Meanor & H; 5 do do
Voigt, M & Co; 1 ear hay, 0 H Allerton;
11 casks pearls, J Bilantteld; 1 car scrap
iron,,Pitts Iron it Forge Co. ,
ROAD, May 19.-1 car stone, J L L
Knox; 1 do do, P Wolf; 2 do pig Iron,
Graff, 13 & Co; Ido limestone,. Zug it Co;
1 do lumber and shingles, R P Burgan!
1 do oats, JAt W Fairley; 176 skis rye,
Voigt, M it Co; 40 cases tobaoat, Haworth
it D; 6 bag, 2 bbla do, J M Sicheft 10 bbla
oil, Chestnut it Co; 10 dodo, Lapps it
Son;•sotiil bbls, C A Warmcastle; 2 bbls
dross, Beymer, Bit Co; 200 pigs lead. F
Roziee it Co; 10 bas cheese. H Riddle; .
100 tea E H Myers it Co; 297 rolls
felts, Christy it Benham; 13 bdls thoops
.1 R Taylor; 10 42.8 glassware, Fahneatock
F,t Co; 10 kgs harley, Haslage it Co; 12
do do, 6 bats farina, C Refits.
LOOM RAILROAD. May 19.-2 kgs but
ter, 8 bbis apples, Voigt, Mit Co; 25 hf
bbls llsh, Means &C; 140 do do, J Con
nor; 500 boxes, WOrmser it Co; 14 bills
felloes, '24 do spokes, 2do shafts, 4 do
bows, J M'etncheon; 20 As potatoes, W
(arson; 16 do oats, M'Henry it Hood;
24 do do F Schield; 21 do.rags„ J B Jones
300 do oats, J it W Fairle.y; 6 cars rye,
D Wallace; do staves, W Wallace; 50
bbls liquor,T Evert; 6 tea lard, W M
Gormley; 6 .ases clo, J. H Lippincott; 2
tea sausage, Sellers & Co; 9 do hams, E
'ET IlyerS; by spools,. Eagle Cotton
balek 3 bga cotton, Holmes,. B it
Co;.1 car staves, M P Adams:
a&LLICOHENT veradry HAtr.noan,
Cry 19.-1 car grain, Hitchcock, Mc
iry tt Cei 8 bbli oil, Jas Wilkins; 'BO
dodo, Fisher h. Bra; 6 cars railroad iron.
C. A. Carpenter; 5 bbls eggs? J H Hoff
man;'6o bbii oil Bly & Flack; 58 bge oats,
Keil'it Ritchart; 1 , eat. lime,' D L' Rey
nolds; I , obleggs, 1 pkg .butter, Paul tt
glbson; 4 bbla eg g s, / bx butter Brugger-
Man' & 'O'lliiiin; ' 100 *I oats,' ' Willis
3!) ,
th; &bblotegs, , W -H! Kirkpatrick &
2 bbl p paint, Herzog Qt Br% 2 bbls
e , 8 pkg. butler, W. B Reis.'
~ .
' Lucas:NWT BrAttow, )(ay ' 19.-4
.b is apples, O w ens & ' Keimedyi. / oar
ma Knox & Bon; 12 ' toga outs, Reamer.
B Co; A var, barrpl heidings, sakya &
'lt; 1 do Middlings,' H W BertOrist; ' 1 do
do Steel , & Sam .100 bblit tlour; 0 'Stew
srt..B2 .aks wheat, Kennpdy & -Bro; 40
bbls lime, 4 Craig; 2 bxs cheese; It Jen
'ny; \ ' 85 eke' oats;ll,olie & Ewing; 113b1
eggs,. J O'Hanlin. - , , • -: - . ,
tin,lltN*oll: C
roa insn
TliA 4s P)
-1 .)11111:
i j: , ; F:•.7. , •,';.-i - ti'.i • .
t'. ,, t , ' 4 .5.',.t'<";,-t•3
1 ...
. t;1•4.t,.;•,;•;::•.....•-.1
t .
• 1
• t
j!.,:1•:;: ,, :,•.,;•• , -..', ....i i .
1 , i'4 7,- ;%.,...1 '..•'-:, • I
- • - ,. .--,,,,,t,.. -,..•,-,,,,,..,
.w . -.., •.,f• ~.- , 4 .J.. , •1
~,,.,. ...,_.. .....,..1,,.-_•,-,4.-7',u•,,,,-;•:-7rZyitff.-a•-•,,.;•.•:',.-.i'•s.!•:,,..,,,;...,:••--.. f,-:,•:-•Z:,-,,:f.:,4',•••'.4---.,-.4,r4.1',,,N,..,/..,;:di---,;,,ki;--i'.11,-11.•'-'4,
vat.„..v.v.,41e, !,-7.-:::4:---z.:7...Z,:.,-:;i5t'.7':',.'•,:t':'.4*, ~,,..:;_.I;. 14•5;;4;5Z:;.,V.Z.,:iii.,'4r:'4.-:„...„4„,4•,-,,,•:_ivi,;;e**;'-::
...,t1..-;;,. :.4.51,.;!'..,t,F,..,,,,,ij•,,..1i..,131.e.:1ff,;-:„.:;:..i...2.-.,::_i,2".;:;•::,,:,1.;=..71.;,,.":,,t0,i;:i.:1t,f1:,,,:„;:•7,.:'.-1..7.!:,:p,1.
' , l 'iNq. 7 4• ll; ;;>•Tiji•%W . ::: % '.. f.Z , r , tl-f.... , A.,,,, etz, 4 ta,-fit..PB.-1:0,-„, ~--&-,,,. tt., :. ..,,,;•: ~-:.-,N ~ :,:. ••: .-, t ,: 4 : ~,,,,i t o ~-q v
, .. 4 ,,
•:.-.3,...;gt., , ,,,-• t..t. ~., •.t —. Q v ~..1.-41 . t• .14,y4 0 -n., r. , " • .: - -. -tf,4L 7 .1`"-',":4,-;,, .74.-.;" .-f:"3.,:,;,-,-.!...i,,":4;,,0-t.,...*z-
'' - . - • ~' '.. ! ,lti, ~..-".&- ' -",51!",.....E ',-,,,,,i,,T ;..;!....7..,...,,,,;"....,;.. ',.. , ~.,..1.-”V.i. ~,,,,..,".:
`. ' " ' ,-,,,V..,..34r,--.1.1=',--- • ..., - '''',..A.Q.....74W -.4",,,i?...",-.,.
Lti NEW OBLEANS—Thefiusan
.. - INID AS r Capt. Fr EVANS.
Will learena above TiftitinDAY, thd 20th Inst.,
at 4 &clone P.m.
For frdieht or passage apply on board or to
F,i,of)n, &CULLINGWOOD, Agents.
LE. Texas—The Ire ar and 84unch-bullt
Ftramer i .-.
111 A'r AM OXA S. No. tl.. ~_,.Capt.ll. DALZELL.
Will e
learas above on WreoNESDAY..tae 116th
For freight or pasiage apply on board or to
toys I LACK & COLLIN ti WOOL. 'Agents.
FOR ST. LOUIS, Dll..r ig gir i t
gne etegiunr • -
IVADAN)TA ' Capt. C. A. DRAT°.
Will leave for the above ports positively on
SATURDAY, the 22d inst. ai 4 r. x.
For freight or passage apes on board, Or to
toyn) FLACK At C U LL NGWOOD.Agente
PAUL—The stesiner t P r-lr : - . 4ind .
MAkit#lN, HANS Capt. B. C.
, ,
Will leave ` , for the above Porte THIS DAY, the
Roth inst.:: at 12 o'clock M.
For freight or passage apply on beard or to
iny2o NL&C.k. & COLLINGWOOD, Agents.
adroit 1869,, sairal
St. Louis to Keokuk and St. Paul,
One of the splendid Sidewheel Steamerieof this
Line will leave St. Louis da ly for Neokuk,Daveni
pert, Dubuque, Winona, btillwater ann St. Paul.
Through receipts for Freight and Passengers
will be given to all points oh.the Upper Mi.sis
sisslppi on steamers runnia f from this port and
connecting with the Northern Line' Packets at
tit, Louts, thus enabling tion.ignees to get their
Freight through Without delay and. at lowest
rates. Apply to JOHN FLACK.
B. C. GRAY, •
Agents, or to
mbVitir . 23 < 91 - Water st.zeet,
Leaves Pittsburgh EVERY TUESDAY- 1*
Leaves Clpannati EVERY VRIDAY-4. P. M.
The swift and superb tildevrh eel, Steamer ST.
MARYS, T. D. EIWgENEY, Cosi:Launder. will
leave as anriouneed above.
For Fielgbt or Passage apply on board, or to
N. B.—No Frelgnt, received on' Tueeday after
11 A. M. ; mh29
loolurTs R R G
KERL , BURG ueavo. Comnanv , a.a o l
how n. o . nu r 1a , ,,
,n4t 8 .„ dallY
NEJ3DA:Tii and fisTußDAyzb
unit YNAGLE.. . BwairSAW, Matter.
Freight will he rerelred at all Albers by.
BLACK cuLuziowooD,
apl.3 • • - • Arebta.
T o urvEttroot Alye a *
TILE ilttu24ll MAIL 5T23112d3.111PA.
NO.mberlnk roiiMen ftret 2 cliais Yermels, *monk
Ln mtbe cele.brate4 , —,
• •
_ _ CITY.OI , 1.01 , 71)02.T.
Azilllng EVERY- SATURDAY, from Pier .1.5.
Ricer, New York. For nanage or farther
tut.•ro.l,>.on nnt.te tO
• 7416, I INGHAM, Jr.
TO FlpaTH nntKlt .. Pcm! , ttrui,te N"uiMln;
Nos. 221 and 223 Liberty Street.
Corner of Irwin, n offegto the trade at low
ligur 5, strictly
i 1 .
Prime New Crop_New Orleans Sugar and
• 1
' Molasses.
Porto Rico, Cnbawid English Island Nagar&
New York. - Philiulelphia and Baltimore Ba
itedo. 1 !. ,
Gold d en pripa, Levering& Brtmlls, Stuart's,
dams' F 11210!Long Leland eyrupt.._
Porto Rico , , Cuba and English Island Molasses.
rounil 1 11 84 `li. • Japan, imnerial, Gunpowder
Carolina and liangoln Rice.
Java; Lagnayra and to Coffees.
Tobacco. ;Lard. Oil. Fish, Nails. Glass, soaps,
Cotton Yarna, tc., constantly on nand.
A. 1.4190,
Fine Brandies,ynnes,and Seger&
Rhenish, Mosell arid eliarhibli Hoch Wthel
of !lintel &Co.. to bottles.
. .
Sparkling liosellff, Sakarsberg and Johtuutta
burg, liockhelmer. Burgundy , Se. - -
Brandeubtlrg A Freres , J'lne Olive Oil.
do do - Clarets, imported In bottiss.
do • do White -Wines, in-bottles.
M. Worth Sons' Sparkling Catawba. •
Fine old znierry, Madeira and , Port Wines. •
Free 111,1 Mouougaaela Rye Whiskies. pure.
do Very FuPerlor Old, iloutcb do . 00.
I -
ImpFoie Agents for idoet to Chandon's Grand 'Vim
erial. :
Verzenay and Seller, Champagne.
Brandies of tutraWn seleekon and warranted.
j Vd43
LB GS ! !
The Artilidial Alitaafacturiat CO.
All Shareoidars are en.mwsnurtng She
Limbs Slade by the Company.
To these requiring a limb we would say that
our own experience has Induced us to establish&
factory here that won id make a comfortable and
ourahle Sinn for a reasonable pries. Aft r try
ing a number of solid socket and padded soeket
legs, we have each found mere comfort and use
SOCKET" than In any ottrmiresde in the coun
try. (Ind of our number, a skilled Mechanic, has
charge - f thasnop. We have boight the night to
use two or the best patents; and by.ddrezppeert
owe we hope to improve In every•way that will
add to the comfort. durability or appearanee of the
limbs we make We have nut the Price of our
new-legs at $BO. Persons from a distance are
only detained in the city while thesneuure and a
cast of the injured limb is taken..
'tits saving to purchasers, as compared with
Eastern prices. is Brom CIO, to $95 in tee price
of It get', t least OR railroa d fare, hotel - bins
and other traveling expenses and then we are
satisfied eaten"' lbahteillgrfee satWashos
than any , onamesas fn Next York or RAilastolphfa.
It we tan get'orders.we esti maintain our fintory
at the above price, and we thereibre ask an ex
amtnation before going elsewhere. • •
Wa mato:to order and-kesp pnitangte MIST
of stoekingd, braces ,!'and applistmeW for injured
et deformed litatm_, also. ennehes. , tresses, shoul
der Orac,os. de. For farther 'nforeistioa r elr
elithOlarde'reotttarVienf4trirtrlZl'llrtia4tilanllVll est.t4erdrresam
Attryilna_D-MalEl RlAliPiaall7oB22looo..
Ivo. 503 P E STREET, between Thirteenth
and Fourteenth. Pittimergli. Pa,• I ealkalga Tyrg
•• „ • '
Can make $2 P a da, alre•
if Chair out of
Springs, etime.
only by me in
fore send fur CS
frith Intl inform":
as I have reduced •
Ice to.dgehts.
they, otte make
O X day withunt
len. • •
. -
_ •
__ _ .
1669 . . .... ..... ... ..aimps'
fir.lon u 13.0 H POEM WA YNE & CH
From May 9th, 1909, trains win leave 01011
and arrive at Lbw Union Depot, north aide. Pitt* •
burgh city' thne, as follows:
eaps. Arrive.
Chicago Ex —.. A:08 . a ra ;Chicago Ex.„1:52 aOl
Erie & fin r5 , .7:518 a m ; Chicago Ex../14:03 D la
Cl. aliVh2glifl
•60:525 :1 a to; lneeling Ex•10:48 a ixt
mall. a mist. Loots Ex 7:08 D ria
Chicago Ex... :9:43 a Di (llii•gt: Ex &311408 p tti
Cl. & Wh`g Ex 2:09 p tr, !Cleveland Ex 3:53 p m
Chicago Ex.. 9:23 p m ',Erie &1' 'n Ex 5:58p a
Vir'e A Erie Ex4:2B p 'Lie!. &WWI; Ex6:s3pat.
Depart/rows AllegAsay. Ar rithl Sig ltiossits,
Bea'r Palls Ac.8:29 a m [Leetsdale Ac..5:59 ma
Leetsdale " 10:03 am I Bca'r Falls 9219 am
" 11:58a I New Castle "10:23 mil
Rochester .. 1:22 pm; Enon " 913 am
Fawn . ~ ...3:513 pm! Leetsdale ~ 1:09 pl,
Leetsdale Ac0.5:13 pet ;Bea'r Dulls " 2:43 mu
L B ee n t ` s r dFalle
104 3
pm; Lee . t . s dale
.. 4:33 a
Fair Oaks Sun. .. ;Fair Oaks Pon- ors -
• day Church.' 1:13 pmi day ..,Inrch. 9 : " s _
M.• - • 2:93 . p. La. Chicago Express iesves dail y.
A2rll2 . o4o.'m.Chicago Express Inbreed/MN.
.7.11i.' RIBIBAL L. J.-. 1 ,7. M'ClErt...tol:22B.
tien'l Ticket Agent. - tien , lsopuno t..
myill .
. .
On and after , _ May ad, ltib9 - TWO
vrtli leave Pittsburgt ; Depot, corner of ;Elev
enth and Pike stree ts, for Franklin, Oil 011y,But
filo. and all points in tt c 011 Wont:. • '
LsAlrip P1M58013014'.14.55p7 plyysetrman
• Ex ' EI:00 a m 'Day En 5:15 p.m
-Wight Ex... 7:29 pm Night Ex . :" 8:30 a m
Brady!aBA6 3:11.8 P m Brady& 13 Ae 111:15 a m
Ist SodaW•ka 9:45 am lit sodaWtka TANA am.
24 SodaW , ks titso . pm Se SodaVrka 1
lat Halton... 6:48 a m Ist Milton.: -2 :80 a M
2d Hultoit...l2:oo ett Halton... 2:00 ,
3d Hulton-... I t:00 p mi3d 1:05 p
ia Araold.a Ac. 5:50 p m Aniold's Ac. '7:40 p
Charon train .to and tronl'tioda Worka leaVe
Ptttsbargh at 1:10 P. at.. Arrive at Pittsburgh.
(Sundays,) at 9 50A. 2:
Express trains Stop only at principal'POlnta.
Accommodation trains dap at all stationa
J. J. LA Wltigh Cs, otn , l sup't.
THOMAS M. KING, Assn: Sup%
• apae
rfintig ;
AD:I , -On and after April gOth, 1950, TSY e
wiamirchneet and depart Troia thb Union Depot,
‘r. eloganhington and Lihertyotreets., as
Traus44. 4.5
4: 2
a. 5 021
Brintonteetn. 7: 20
50 am
Wall's 144N-t..41:50 am
Cincinnati Ex.'9:lo
Johnstostm Aa10:35 am
How'd AC Nol 1: lo pm
Pittsb , rti F.x. 1:30 pm
Phila. Express]. q5O pm
Wall's No. a...2:50 pm
Braddock Ac:. 5:50 pm
How , d*Ae NO2 9::i5
WalPs No. 4, 7:540 Um
Way.PasstOr 10:g0 pm.
• These trains make do
burg for Baltimore. - _
The. Church Train leaves Walls Station every
guraay at egig, a. m., reaching. Pittadnugh..
10:e5 a. m. turning, leaves PRltsbargla
131:50 p. to.' and 'writes at .Wills Btitkra
.51:10 p.. ma. I.•
!Cincinnati &uprose leaves daily. Ali,othe
frais a daily except Sunday.
• For thither LutorMatiott apply to. • .1k
, AECKWrrit, Arline!
The Compaay. will nettle
Slime &lyrist ibrßaggsg ,eXcept for wearingly
parek_and limit their reansibilitv ton Oteßah
dre. ;; `D ollars In value. Baggage exceeding
t &moan/ th value" ;at the tisk 6f :the
trenar. !mien taken hv'ktrea4at 'contract: • ".
aval . P4s.elltute qu
a 4t. APoW.4,,a•
RiII:LROAD.--On and afterAtnil 118itlf,18119t the
Psenger Train! on Abe WesterA rear/
Rat as road will arrive at and depart ma
t ilt,
Feder, 1 Street Depot, Allegheny City. se felt s:
Anita • • _ ! Depart. •
ftringtre No 16:40a. m Rag 7:110 ama
Freeport No.18:20 a m !Freeport No. 1 OtßOam
Express 10:40 a m ti•harpb!g Nol ant
F Sharpb!g No.11:20 p m Express . Altso pan
reeport No. 4:00 p m Sprincd , e No l 3:30 nto
man.. .3. '
. 5150 p m Freeport No. 211:SK1 p 131
Springd , ello . 26:2o n m finringd'e No 2 6:3o•liiiM
• Abcfye trains run daily except Sunday: ! • ,
The Church . Train leaves Allegheny Junction.
ever) Sunday at 1:4(1 a. M., reaching Allegheny
City at II:50 a. m. Returning, leaves Allegheny
City at rtsiov. m. and arrive at AlleithenyZune• 3:40 p. m. • .
Colcutrrailoa Tlextrre—For sale in packages
of, Twenty, between Allegheny City, Chestnut
street. Herr's, Bennett Pine Creek, Etna and •
Blutrpsburc: and rood ani f y on the train" at,oPping
at Station, ',pe emed on t ants. • '
• Tba!, trains lcavinl ALlegriery. CltY at
in. make direct conneetion at. Freepori
ken's line of St:lva - for Buil e r and Ilanaltu town.
Through tickets may be parchasea at tist'
No. 2 to ICiair.street, near theiSaliakußrilits.
Pittsbura P. and at the Depo , A llegheny,
For farther inftirmation apply to
Federal Street Deptit.
The Western Pennsylvania Railroad will. not
a. same lay risk for. Baggage..except for wearing
apparel, and limit their responsibility to One
Hundred Dollars• value. An baggage ex.
eeedlng Vas amount *value willbe at the flak of
the owner. unless taken by special contract,
ap2a Rinefal Bpnerintendent, Altoona. La.
ITTSBURGEI; *r,„-• t.
. LOINS RAILWAY. • ' •-'
°Ramat • tirTllALland after NoNDAY.
Union 1869. trains willicave and arrir at
U.Depot, itt roller/re: • •
_ Depart: - Arrter. •
2:58 a. m. 15I:13
Fu -9,43 a: AL' 1:13 p.M&.
Rapture 9:33 p. m. 4:33 a. m.
Meet: Ace , n 5:83 a. tu. 45 : 5 1,11.111.
MoDonald , s Ace , n,N0.111:43 a. in. ;8:25 11. me
StestbettA,coommod. 3:58p.m. • 9:33./s. as
McDonald , . Acton. No. 211:181). m. 3 •1 1 e . 0. rn.
Sunday Church Train:. 19:58 p. m. 0:58 a. ma.
Afa•• 91:33e. x.'traiu will leaVe daily.
n:l3 train will "Wye daily. t
All other trains will run daily'. tinnuays exeent
es, • The 9:43 a mt. Train maker ukase teen
nectlorus at Newark Icr Zanesville. -
• B.I.IIOIILLi Eleneral ridkcit Agent.
W. W. CARD, Bup , t., Steubenville, Ohio.
f A inediriA v z,,E,
VIM and sifter TURSDAY, Noyember, /Sink
Idol. trains will arrive at and depart Train UM
Depot Corner of Grant and Water
.streets, as
Kanto antlfrontUnton. pelmet. Arrive • • . • •
town 7:00 A. 5e. • 5:00 r.
NeNtespOrtAeonndt , n 71500. A. 3:45 Pore.
Ex. to and from Unt'n. 3:00 P. Y. 10 :10 A. Y.
West Newton 'Accom , d - 4:00 P. M. 8:35 A. Y..
Bra4doolVa Acteomdt , u. sas P, Ni 7;80 p.
Eight' Ae. folielpeport.lo:3o r. - 6:45
sanday Chme.4 Train to
and nom West Newton 1:00 P.Y.10:00 A.
For tla.t"te *my a. 24.
x Agent
W. Saventrtentlent. • .7 •,-
S TAW 111 "einffli
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Wall's No. 2..11:81 WS
Johnstown Ac. 8:08 pus
PraddockaAc. 3:43 p
Phila. Express 4:510 P
Wall's No. 3.. , 4:80p5ta
Wall's No. 4.. 8:05
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Eastern Division.