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. , THE CAPIT.iii.- -- : . 11
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to the Plt
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, , • . . ...
WhlgEtniCiTON, May 1.--The following
is. a rtiospityletion: of °the ~p4bile' debt
.. , _,
statement, which-has jest been issued by
- .. . - . • -
the TriiiintDepartmeue,
Batt bearing cola intageit.:- .. . .. j2,107,87*.700.00 .
Intelsat tr. '..,....,.... • 5,0311„135.03
Debi beeper St htlastlfal . - - -,-
- money. .. : ....... - - • - -- amb,o*,:oo
',denim - 1,071.700 m
netoreatiss u rcereer.....i, - .44 ... -
407.7=368 ft
Debt cereht west bee ceased
Sineetnat , ... . 5,701.31544
Interest -', • . • - ,34541:0 il&5
dets..nrmoinat outstanding 2.510,541.553._ 0 4
lv iA tercit seemed, - - 4 0, 698 !inV•us
L ss antottet.Bl ketches*, paid , in- - -
recce ~-. . . ... - 3,205,706.00
r00ren....4 .1, ' "', .' - - 48,1911506.58
Toed debt, hrieetfal and interest 2,635,01r.,680.12
&wettest* Treasury. coin belong. to,tioverrunent 02,031,73246
riC”lri for which certificates of d• -
' 1110111 ere entstanding . 16.397.100 00
172it" . •-..' •- ' ' '''• nB 7 lll. 50 1:11
.IWeellist or debt, less case in
egrese**o = • ~.• 2 518.797.891 CO
Decrease during the month... .... --- 5.399.070.65
No: bonds' were 'boned to ;the Penifio
Railroad during April. The statement,
' however, allow' an increase .oracerned
interest of 084,261 on,the bonds of said
rosuislnteithe lest statement.
It has been reliably ascertained that
the instructions of this 'Government to
Minister Motley do ''not n any
mode of adjusting the ng ques;
Mons between the United States and
Great Britain, nor do they require him
at present to propose the reopening of
negotiation far the settlement of the
Alabama or other claims. Our Govern
ment - sat • with 'the , delibers-,
tion due;this- Ampentuif, sub
ject, and' carefully avoid any
cause of offense, while - firmly pre•
smiting the American slide of ,the ques•
lion to EterMsiesty's Gavernment when
' thooccaelon shall; re No one con.
noted with the A dminis tration, inalud
tngte President, nor:: does the. British
er. apprehend any Injurious con
sequences from the almost unanimous
rejectlon'or the Alabama cishni treaty
by the Senate, and this is lasted _On, the
authori of en who,' of
- mimes my_ made n_dori-•
vate tick in °Wig ettelesi and` thus
satisfied themselves uf.the truth of this
statement. L
rut vinorruA4-siiureidar. '
Information has .been received here
that a certain prominent gentleman in
Richmond, 'after a oonVermilon with
Gep. Canby, late -with- the impress.
alon that the vote on the Constitution =
will not teke piace on the ftsurth Thurs.
• da7giv rotaMY-tsetween the
ler y, id - as not to biter.
fere Wilh . the harvest. 4triMed desires
thorough registration. and is anions
that tha t citisieult-lif . 11111 1 "pattiesez shall
' interest themselves in securing a - full
' and faire. nrobilitlity. is that
President Grant will be gnverned by
Gen. Ombra suggestions. - •••• -
GEN. it: 3363.101.
Gen. R.-R. , Les, aeoompenicd-Asy , Mr.
- and Mrs. , Taggart, of Banimarti, called
on the President this morning, and .had
an-interview.,,lt was merely , of ,cottr.
tory, and •of short domain. Minliter
Motley wens present.
An abitraes of the returns of the fifty
aim national banks in Neir York city,
showing,eir oondition,. at she, close of
bush:lessen April 170, nivel their liabil
ities and resources Ss 1428,107,942 58.
The resignation of Lieut. Fay Parker,
Brevetßrigadior General, luat been so.
ceptod, in consequence of ills entrance
upon theduties oteomuiisaloner of In
dian Affairs.
Fractional cbrrency received, none;
amount shipped, VW.123; amount re
deemed. $488,900.. - National Bank notes
issued; $241,515; actual circulation, $299, ,
.Henry T. Blow, of Ito.: 'has been IT.
point9d Jpgitter to Brazil.
-The Newspaper scandal—What Mr.
4 * Greeley Says.'
tsy Telegraph to the Pittsburgh Gazette.)
NEW Yonit, May 1.-Mr. Greeley, in
an article slatted with his initials, in the
Trtbuse to•day, says: The Young cones
pondeitce, three-Courthsof it, was a matter
in which the vablic had and could have
no legitimate interest, the blazoning of
which.opuld gratify no decent curiosity.
and to print which at all wits simply an
li ti e n f i let t i, tit r e t?d r e e i e ntit e a:884,1. 17,1,11)i
hasbetwabuslng his position on the Tri
bune:OW:la influence asitjournalist,to pro
mote t& private ends, end especialay to
vroctntOteems orattbeidiesibr him or his
Mende hiladelpl>ia' - venture or ven
tures, is Wee and unfounded, and trust
ing tblitette one tonal:bog the.Asioniated
Press will prove equally so, calls for' a,
iturestigaliqn c
th.earne by, tits
siothistaiiikdrthe"Aseoetated Preis, bsfore
_arbiter or tribunal, pro
posing take l no part in that 'mutiny
,- , made a party defendant, but
insisilltite that CUT:, Young. or whoever
may be suspected or implicated, shall
nottisetatabbedkr In -the dark, but shall
have the fullest opportunity for exPlana
;lob end defer*. • ,_ ,
Mi. Greeley ceseindes:i as
4, Ws beg that it be understood that Mr.
TounitheitiNd? been reMovedilior see
vended, nor in any manner condemned
by,o4, hati , ftsfen, mistaltenltstaikted
by the Ssn and telegraphed, all over the
botintry.e Ills Es 4. our ,custom to pass
judgment on_,any one on the strength of
UNTO ifidletbSait:AleVedidly !when titre
finding of it • was tobanly inipelled by
envy, mall, sad bifsbt44ll94llSion."
Brftiiireapb sotto Piusborso Eisntte.l ‘',
inktscusod,lllll 2.—The Central
PacMiltailroad-Untlisny yesterday fin
ie,hed their portion or the ,med, except
•ircr the two connecting rally, which Gov.
Stanford will lay On Friday or Saturday
ofthe thitiehte glilebrittifra Of thOtoitt
•• wilt be held in thilkcity and Sacramento.
for which extensive preparations are be
ing wade. ,
The ~ f arther surtay of the Saltriashe
sled' Columbia River Railroad is aban
doned hr thslreseut- and • the surveyor
, reaslivd.• •
NE 'YOW L Orrir, - ••
• •
Dlepatthes from Didlan Cominiad
The Periirlan lramagrit
Awitreed AitainatGin. Ml—Sto2l2l
thy releitrapttWthe Pit,tnuilsliasett:e.3
Nevi :Yolpr e May: I.—The
diepatch was =,:receltviS
Peace 'totirdiamont:! - 'ln this oily:
camp near *White :Idountaing Indian
Territchy, A.pril 18th, 1869 via, Rankin'
City. April 29th, 1869. , -
"lbEdward Cromwell, Eag. , . New Si ;
We started fbi Fort Bascom, Newldexito;•
this A; M., 116 Antelope Hill, Lientemi
ant Whipple trail, south bank of the.
Csnadian River. We have an infantry - 1
escort of twenty. men. of Company C,
Eighth Infantry, Under Lieutenant B. T.
"Jacobs., of Company 'F., ..with an am.
bulance pick, and • two butte
wagons. Our guard is armed with
the. Springfield needle gun and Colonel
Boon has provided us with a good sup
ply, of presents for friendly Kiowas and
Camanchea. Henry Bradley, the Chey
enne and Arrapahoe interpreter, accom
panies' ha. It Will take admit' three(
weeks .to 'walk. the distant*. • Osteral
Grierson'e expedition, under Lieut. W.
R. Manion. which went into Texas to
recover the peril* stolen . from the.Arra.
pattoethreturned yesterday, bringing with
him seventeen bones, greatly to the de
light of Little Raven and; his tribe. One'
Chief was, shot and three taken prison
ers. [Signed] Violomer COLTER."
The Peruvian. Legation his received ;
letters from St. Thomas, dated - 22d ulti
mo, announcing the safe arrival at that
post, on the 22d, of the monitor Manoo
voilmO,' in tow of the transport Maranon.
Both the monitors were there in good
condition and all : on board. ; quite well.
The Peruvian Mnsul states that at the
time the report of, the loss of the other ,
monitor, the Athualloa, was circulated. I
she was lying in the harbor of St. Thom
as. where she has - since remained. -
Hon. E. B. Washburn, Fernando
Wood and Mr. Itertheny, French .Minis
ter, were passengers on the Periere
which sailed Ihr Europe. -
Hanover street was robbed last night
of a box containing 6500 in gold,
and 67604 in notes. .
An .Ulster county jury has awarded
110,000damagea to David D. Bell,•of_Ro
cheater, against Jno.A. Dix. on account
of the former's oordinement' in Fort
Lafayette. '
A writers northeasterly-- *tun :.pre
vailed here from yesterday morning
until this evening, rain falling steadily
during that time and occasionally almost
in torrents. This ofteraoon -there -mac
quite a thunder storm. ' , The - wind has
veered round towards the northwezt and
apparently the storm la about over,
though it is still cold and cloudy.
Policemen Manalithightur Case—Death
tlir Townes io ttorPutiatauesseite.l
• Officauch•lidayle7Theluryin theme*
of Tyler, the policemen manslaughter
case. at two o'clock this afternoon; after
being out over ;tirea boars, returned a
verdict of not guilty, and the policemen
were Ste at liberty. -
The body of Mrs. Thomas Telt, who
died in Eigin,about three weeks since.
in a mysterious manner. wee yesterday
exhumed and microsoopicialt examined
by the medical fraternity of that city: ,
Muscles from different parte of the body
showed trychina to exist, not only In
large numbers, but stilt alive, some three
weeks after the interment. The men.
cites much interest, as it is the only one
of the laud.ever known,in. that section
Brakeman IqUed—Entered .Upon His
• DEUe•ofitC.. -
LB) Telegraph to the Pittsburgh usrett...3 ,
thacisrravi, Mays.—Patrilik Reardon,
brakeman on the Marietta and Cin
cinnati Railroad, was killed last night
while-making up thsexweas train.
The new Postmaster, Thos.
entered on his duties to•day. Some ten .
°hams are to be made. i• '
Sixty Patients fromtho Louistille hos
pital passed through here to- d ay en route
for Washington. They are in a terrible
state of destitution and suffering from
sickness. Four were - expected to die
More reaching Waishingtbn.
Church Destroyed •by Fire.
Teleiraph to the Pittsburgh Gazette.)
ROCELP.STMB. N. Y., May 2.—About
halt past eight o'clock thitCavening a fire
wm discovered in the tower of the Fiat.
Presbyterian Church, in the rear of City
Hall. The , tower was destroyed and the
interior of the church badly damaged
before the flames were suppressed. The
'chapel adjoining was somewhat damaged
by the tower of the church falling upon
it. The fire was the work of an incen
diary. The church was in process of
demolition.and the, organ had been re
move& - The insurance is ten thousand
dollars, more than ,enough tocover the
loss. The church tau built MM.
Coal Misers , etzlilia-Alafe Robbery
. .
IBY TeleiraPti sbs PAUlburill Gazitti.) •
SOUIt.'NTON. PA., :May I.—Notice was
given yesterday by the miners' organirs.
sloes to coal °rotators of this county,
that no coal ninth" I be out or 'loaded alter
id A• • 1,
Wyoming, on Friday Might, the
safe of J. C. Schoomsker & Son was
blown open end:robbed of ,seven thou.
sand "doll a rs hi goverhment and picks.
wannasnd Bloomsburg- Railroad: bonds,
also three) hundred 'dollars in currency.
A reward of live hundred dollars has
been (Awed for the arrest of the bur
-The Souther* Cipiniou, Richmond,
Ya.; announced , Ito UM publication Sat
urday. The editor says he has for
some time.thought that perhaps the Juts.
110E1 of the;Southern Opfn iou had ; een
Mailed: and adds - that "e. distinct
SOtzthern principles , npon the,
piper, was NOW,. are dead :itt the
hearts of the Ample. •Another tics,
which we okiliotlsitt rveogllita: nominee,
however just and goods can long
_ —The Wagon and ptow' j2lll2l4ciatorY of
.1.•11. Runny,- at Nashville, was destroy
ed 'by dewiest 'Frida
• y night.Mr RAM*
• stmceeded In savingoply_n_portionof
his tools. - about • ;MOO, - 'on ,
which be'has an inshrenoeSfll2,2o4'.Tits ,
building, the old . : rend gUlt ' factory, was'
partly.occupied ae a school 'lobassA l tind
accommldated Sbout. Ave hemdred‘col
orol pupils. A. That part was not leltirPd•
The other part was completely wrigh4.ld.
baIrUTSUOU 10,000; in hiastorple Ohne.
.71 1 / 4 1 .
PritBßtiß4E(l , MONDAT, MAY' 3. 1869,
Fouft O'CLOCK A. - K.
Telegraph to the Pittsburgh Gazette.)
LONDON, May _l.—lnstructions have
been sent to Commodore Phillimore,
. .
commanding In British West 'lndia. , to
demand of the Spanish . authorities in
ciibithe - restoration'Of the brtg - Mary
, ,
Lowell, and t a pology -; for her seizure.
MAPhrto;May l l-10 the Constituent -
Cortes: the debate ton' the new Oonstitu
ti" ails ended.;'
'AD the', entendments
lii i rt
proposed have been rej, ed.
The • Cortes has vo in amnesty, or
all pawns who took `l2.the Maur
realms:in Oadts, git and' Xeres.
Deputy Castillar moved the amnesty be
extended to Oulists implicated in the
-insurrectionary movements: but the nsol
Son was not agreed to.
A serious disturbance at Ssragossa ia
apprehended. It is reported the troops
there are in a state of discontent and par
tial insubordination.
LoaDow, May 2.—Advices from Para
guayan sources represent that President
Lopez, with ten thousand men. is pro
paring to take the offensive.
ST. PETERBBEritti. May 1.--The Russian
Connell of State prop - ate' to grant more
power to the bionicipal Councils through
out the Empire to enlarge the number
of voters and modify the press law.
QUEENSTOWN, May 2.—The steamship,
Australasian, fro nk.New To t * April22d,
arrived it 10:$O last' night.'
The 'steamship Etna, from New York
April 20th, hush() axrivedi _
PLYMOUTH,`May2 2.—The;steamship
Allemania, from New York April 21st,
arrived at 6 o'clock this morning, and,
sailed ibr Hamburg via Otterbolug.
The steamship Teuton* from New
Orleans Dar Eamtnug, arriTed at 2 o'clock
this morning..
BOITTELA3CPTON, May 2.—The steamship
Mainefroarbinw York for- Bronson,- haa
Lmnspoln, May 2.—The steamship
Mir k from. NPw 04 t
on tsay. •
Lownow May 1.--Consols 93%;
Frankfort ST,St ;-•
20K Minaßl9B;4. A: er: W.15%4' •
P4,ls, May I.—fiances 71 francs 100.
,Lll3ll.3lsit L7-41ettel OM sod
' steed, renidolUtt
Orteans'l2g; sales 8,000 bales. Bread
stoat '; ValLfo'rniik white, wheat - - 95 1014'
red western 4d. . Flour 21”.. Cant
firmerisma, quotablytigher; 26s 3d. Oils
36 4d. Barleyss. Peas 386. Pork 104 s. Beef
90s.' Lard ..70a 6d. Chalets 'Bls. Bacon:
60s 6d. Common 'rosin AS 9d; Patrols
logilitichanged. Tallow 44316 d. Spirits,
Turpentine *-Mt •
LOSDON, - May I.=Eyening.—TalloW
43a 9d. Sugar 36* fid.
A.prrwsur,. May I.=-Petroleum 52'
RANEE May L—Cotion unchanged.
PARu, May I.—Evening.--Bourse un
changed." Rentesl2 ftsc. '
Fustsgrour, May 1.-4•2 o's closed at 87.
Arrrwsn'r. May 1.-Evening.—Petro
leum easier; refined 51% francs.
Siang, May I.—Evening.—Cotton do
ed buoyant. -
FRALICKPORT, May 2.-5.20% quoted to
day at 86%®86%.
—The eal th of Alexander H. Stephens,
of Georgia, is mach improved.
—Four hundrqd and thirty Xrench
Canadians lelt Montreal on Friday last.
—The Panama:. State law contlieating
propertS , for political offenses has been
annulled. .
—The yellow fever still rages in Peru.
The Indians in the Arequipa' district
have massacred& large number of whitsta. -
--J. Q. Atkinson, TreaSurer of the Bal:
tlmors' and Ohio Railroad. died suddenly
Saturday, evening, at lialt4moje.
—Wm. A. Fowler, a telegraph opera
tor at Burnsville, Am., fell from a train
near there, Friday night, and - was killed.
—Dispatches from Schuylkill county.
Pa., report heavy snow storms there on
Saturday. ,
—The printers of New. Haven,
era on a strike h demanding frotofony to
forty.five cents .por *thousand: The em
ployers have refused• to pay scale.
:The raid - atOrarwhleh - ixtntintled
Philadelphia for twodaya, was interrupt
ed Sunday morning 'by a fall of snow,
wideh lasted for an hour
—The strike among the ; printets of
Montreal, Osioada, continues, and the
morning papers advertise for girls to set
c9l4h. ' ; •
—Jute's lager beer distillery building,
in Roxbury, Blass., was destroyed by
lire Saturday evening, with a dwelling
house adjoining. Loss, 810,000.
-.lnoonssquenee of the inclemency or
thevestbettbe comtnentorationeervices
for Confederate dead, at Memphis, Tenn.,
was postponed. • .•
- rk e liordmon, Postmester,,st bladi-
stall •.iirk., - htts been arrested for robbing
malisidestro,vinn the , rizonialon of his
8111,36111110rana arson.
41t. vas Belly °omen tothe United
States - 10 • 40011 1. 0 the infitteace, of. his
adopted °minty in• behaltof his claim
in the matter of ,the Nicaragua canal
anterPrilo• , ' . •
-The tenth Provineial Connell of the
Rbman Catholic Church:which had been
in session during the week at Baltimore,
clost'd on Saturday. MO proceedings
were held with closed dobrs: •
-Robert M. Haldeneoed , t a German
nobleman who served with (*edit - '
the Unite d army daring lheVtar
.of rebellion coMmittcd aulcicick at. New
York's= Sattirda3. •
..,1-Pantobli papers data %bit five tailors
belonging to the British ship, Witte:ton, -
in a -ditinkini„siptie-hatente embroiled
with the arMedrlieb . of Alopicbarallylbn
the I.lth tiltl,:titeiresult'ofwhich was the
police Arad upqnthe sailors, wounding
Conclusion of Mr. llllNluntin , s Argument
fur the Commenwealta Charge of
Judge McGuhlu--Verdict Of Murder in
Degree—Motion toy itew Trial.
Court opened at 834 o'clock.
Matinkin resumed his argument,
and spoke first of the attempt by the de
fence to show that some one else . had
done all the mischief in that neighbor
hood. He said that there had been so
much Bring into houses that all , men
stood in terror of their lives, so that the
bravest and the boldest feared to
look out of his door when his dog
barked; He : argued that defend
ant bad connected himself with all
this mischief when he threatened to
take the life of this girl, if she would
give him her . . ban in marriage. He
dwelt, with force, On i the enormity
of supposing for a - moment' that ' that
little, simple, truthful 'made/ girl, Mary
Ml:Candlelit; that little, truthful,, simple
country gri t should- have - . committed
perjury. He notedthatcounsel had been
prompted to say that one cif these letters ,
had been taken out of "a yellow cover
novel." . He urged that the defendant
had, not told his counsel What was in
these lettere, so that by cross examine.;
tion they could .have made her admit
that she had mistaken their contents.
To the argument of Mr. Thomism's; that
the Commonwealth had failed to pat'
Emma Zilla slfcCandiess on the stand to
corroborate the testimony of Mary Mc.
Candiess, although they had brought
her to court, and kept her here six
days, he retorted, that the defence should
'have called Emma Zilla. He said noth
ing of the open besot in court, by Com
inonwealth's counsel, that they 'trouki
bring Emma Zilla to exAain the contra.
diotory statements of Mary, who first
said she saw her sister receive these let
ters, that they were sealed and directed
in the hand writing of Taylor Hocken
berry, and afterwards that Emma,Zilla
had read one of them before her sister
received ft. and that she and Emma
Zilla had talked them over since , the
commission of the murder. and that this
was the reason she remembered the con
tents of the fatal letter, which was,-not
given beforethe inquest. ./
The able and eloquent speaker'next
passed to the question of the'Whores,-
abouta of the prisoner. It would be diffi
cult to conceive of more power In put-
Brig together such facts as suited his pur
pose, and ignoring all he did not care to
have remembered. He argued that the
bud of Win. English having slept with
prisoner the night of the murder was very
simpletons, but ignored the' fact that-it
was but* very short time after they went
to bed that Taylor was aroused to go tor,
Mr. ILcaluidless, that hebad been out all
night, giving, word of the murder and ,
that he could pot have made any arrange.l
meat with English without confessing his
crime beibre he was charged with it. Ho
ursedrlito fact that Win. xnade
his inarkand cesildiMilwrite hiss
thelligh tat was thirtphatit fonrl, - wenytilr
of age.;' -Her gave.'
;statement _ of theplaseri that
been in Witier sots*, a l
and that-*homes hadtamilkailbet
were in thas part of the char&anu
not see him. He was-very , ImpresiV
about the influences of theosnettur
and the Christian example :and pre
of prisoner's good old uncle, who
him every Sabbath to church an
prayers at home, and the neglect: o
oner to say hie. John White's teat
wairmade a rock of adamant. lab
he was in church, in% i position to
seen prisoner ' and did not scaliiin,
ing the fact that John did :Mt
whether he had gone to church alt
in company with'others, what was
iu church, or if he : went home alone of
in company. ;
Mr. /11cTunklit went over the testi
mony of the people from the church
with evident and terrible effect. He
commanded intense attention. • The de
fendant had threatened to commit this
crime; it is committed; he is called upon
to say Where he was and makes a false
statement. There is an hour and three
quarters of this fearral night in which
the defendant has not accounted for his
whereabouts; he might have, been seen
by English church, and yet have com
mitted the crime. LThis view is new.]
He traveled over the distances, and
directions, and time, which measnred,
in all the testimony, by the rising of the
moon. He made it appear that prisoner
could have reached the point at which
Isaac; Brannon heard the click after , the
time he left . Mr. Graham's. No word of
the necessary detention in getting , the
gun; no , word of the improbability of
the torisoner goin g _ away round to the op
posite! side of Mr. McCandless' house,
from • Mr. Graham's. It was perfectly
fearful, thisimportance given to the eon•
fused account of this bashful, shrinking,.
prisoner, in the first confusion of being . .
charged with this frightful crime, while
standingtefore the mangled corpse bf
the girl he had madly loved, killed in
the general shooting which had been ;go.:
ing on in the neighborhood, which has
ibr two generations, been in a grand
family light, so that it is described
as a bundle of serpents inextrica
bly entangled and stinging, hissing in
discriminately. That,. in a country
neighberhoo her quiet, shrinking boy,
who, it,la proved, never , sought _ society;
who was that evening iick,—thst he
should not hate been seen by more than
One, Ind , that that one might haye been
mistaken, is a tircumstance• which be.
wines .terrible, and the - carefully ex
pressed want of personal feeling on the
part of the attorney. took off the edge of
the sympathy which might •be felt:for
the prisoner on account of the personal
abuse which had bben heaped upon him
toy, other counseL
Mr. Migunkin was employed by. Mr.
McCandless, and , this Morning his tact
hulatight him to drop the roleat exalt
ing sympathy for "the lacerated heart of
the bereaved parents." He , would be
glad if thelury can clear the nriioner,
can, shake hands with him;:-would be
glad to seethe prisoner ride home in the
wagon, vitk , his uncle and aunt, sit
, down at the old board,;,and . shed team
ludtlithenioverthe graynofl4soeuinn.
[ But ' he solemnly reminded. Munn'
that it.ther, through false tympany,
ahtfnldraoquit' the 'Prisoner, - and lie ,
be ." guilty, " be,.
commit titbit, the etimes i ,, ne May n
`future. Should ha gokddie and conolude
ito transfer his. addressee to:Mary-:.Me•
Candbelei whiz, it would= here been more
appropriate heshontd have loved at first,
as nearer hip own, ge, ,and ,she should
,releet Jana, and . should 'hoot *try,
thiejury will he the murderer ; of Mint.
notlt is ' im probable that', the *teasel.
aotglonein thinking that the prisoner'
syonld herit , loyed.leitead Of her
older sister. It would have been more
appropriate and probably more accept•
Mr. McJunkin closed his argument at
ten minutes after ten o'clock, and the
jury took five minutes recess.
[ln to-morrow's Gazer's we will pub.
lisb the able charge of Judge McGuilin
in' full.]
The jury went out at twenty minutes to
twelve o'clock, and the Court adjourned.
At twenty minutes to two the bell rang
to notice that they had made up
their minds. The room was soon densel,y
packed with eager, excited people, the
judges took their seats, the prisoner was
brought in; the jury came and took their
seats, and the crier opened. Court. The
jury and prisoner were ordered to stand'
up and look upon each other, ' , Jury,
look upon the prisoner; Prisoner, look
upon the jury. "He was directed to hold
up his hand. The Clerk asked. ',Gentle
men, how do you find? Who shall speak
for your"% The foreman said, fatntly,
9Guilly of murder in the first degree,"
and handed the sealed verdict to the
• Mr. Thompson called for the poll.
The Clerk called over their names add
each one replied, "Guilty of murder in the
fiat degree.
The prisoner bore It better than he has
done many portions of his trial, shook
bands with. his • guardian and counsel,
and went 'away with the Sheriff. The
jury was discharged; the audience dls
pursed. Prisoner's" counsel moved for a
new trial. The motion was entertained.
The Court was, adjourned until the se
condltonday of June, and this act of the
drama has ended. ,
Vallandlghaials.Eiplanition of his Ae.
thin In the New Tort Convention.
(Prom the Dayton Ledger. April V.] •
mistakwin jud:gment by Mr. 'Fallen-
Sigh= caused the detest of Chase.• There
was one hour in which; if Vallandigham
had not done anything, Chase would
have been nominated. Beymour's de ?
clination, after he had been nominated by
McOook, was made in good faith, and
would have been received as final if he
had not been overpoweeed by Vallandig
ham's furious declaration that the public
safety demanded the , nomination of Hora
tio • Seymour. If Se7mour had not been
nominated just then, the nomination of
Chase would have taken place within an
hour.—Oineinuant Commercial. -
According to our information, the facts
are exactly the reverse of all this. With
in much lest than that - "one lxtur," bad
"Vallandigham not done'anything," an.
other man than Chase would have been
nominated. There may have been—ne
doubt was—an unfortunate necessity;
but there was no "mistake in.Judgment. ll
Certainly Seymour declined the .uomina:
henif that if he yin to over
power 'the strong-minded, Strong
willed audacity of the Republican
iefideri, it was. alone .by antago
nizing to it the, strong-minded, strong
willed audacity Of the "CopPerimiads", of
the Democratic party. ' He was not nom
inated; wherefor and by reason of the
premises, Grant and his relatives .now
hold place, if not, pciNi er; while Seymour
crops his bay, milks his cows and churns
his butter near "pent-up Utica;" Blair,
in silent retirement, no longer even
a railroad director, chews the cud of
sweet and bitter fancies over Grant's pro
foundly bidden capacity. to develop him
self into an American Creme, cleaving to ,
the White 'House till carried thence a
corpse; Pendleton, from the heights of
"Bower Plade," calmly surveys with
Musing eye, the greenbacked slopes and
pastures of the valleys of _ Mill
Creek and the * Licking; McLean
creates pleasant parks along the
Roman-nosed declivities of Deer Creek;
while Vallandigbesn, no longer concerned
about that "great hereafter;" whose slow
paced movements he has delivered over
to history, contentedly hurls his "furious
declarations" at courts and juries in the
vicinage of Burnside's raid, vindicating
the rights end' re..dresshig the wrongs of
those venerable gentlemen of ancient
Mink and renown" John Doe and Rich
ard Roc—the aforesaid Seymour, Blair,
Pendleton, McLean and Vallandigham,
with divers others '"to" the' grand jurors
unknown," bib* all Sweetly oblivious to
the fact that a' New York Convention was
ever assembled; and each consoling him
self with - the heavenly reflection that
_ "When wicked men bear anal: • '
Miramar honor la a pytaate ataalom" •
This. onsolatory reflacdon is as essen
tial as it is gratityinglior no party that
has the'audacity to elect Carl*T-Bchnrz to
the Sonitte'can ever be Leatett by a party
which stones its prophetsand rejects its
Tam Ruseurt Pants& —The foreign
mails} bring • further particulars of - the
&mine prevailing in the ?Russian province
of Bithenle, on the Bleak Ben: , No rain
fell from Nay 28d to August 18041888,
and con seq uently the crops were burned.
Noirbr Cannot be obtained except for
exOrbitantprices, and the supplies are
very 9=10; • , -The Wet weather of the
present oessoi 'has' made the roads tm
parable and no assistance can reach , the
piXtple. -Dianne has also commenced to
afflict the population. The peasanu;
bale congregated ln large numbers in,
the . ..villages, in• bopes - of obtaining food
and shelter, and the crowds ,in their
weakened condition are suffering from
hunger typhus. Discouraged, and In de.
spur of 1*(1(11014 relief, children are de
isertlng , their 'parent& ;:and palate their
children, to watiler about the iceuntrY,
begging end plundering, •
A Ithinecerous Hunt in New Tprk.
There has been quite a wild annual ex, ,
ditement at Carmel, . Putnam` county 4
The rhinoceros of Van Ambufghl merit
agerie escaped, and seeing Peach; Pond,
concluded to try a bath.- - The Animal cost '
i ta
about $20,000, and .the keepe were
aghast at the prospect of losing. t sure
in the person of the huge and in ble •
beast.. The. dog " dank , '!, of th e, enag
erie, was tient into the water r the
monster. The rhinoceros, immediately
disappeared under the water and rained
sometime, but thtallY cale e u d r ii , e:difr .
tame off. The dog imm , mttde
te lut
ibr ldm, and he for the dog. T e dog , /
dodged and got the rhinoceros bY MN t
ear.. A sharp wrangle ensued, the rhfi
nocerous bellowin,g.hke a bull calf. For. .
many minutes the combat raged ftuiously,
till finally the huge beast neared the shore,
where he was snared with ropes and led •
back to his cage. ,
A Good Homestead Law.
The Legislature of Ohio has passed an
act extending the exemption of a 'home
stead from execution: for debt ffonr, five -
hundred to one thousand dollars: This
measure would have stood the - test of
public ' scrutiny if the exemption had;
been still larger. The amendment, in fact,
only carries out the spirit of the original
bill, for, when passed, such basheen the
rise in prices, and the diminution of the
value of the circulating meditim, that five
hundred dollars was fully equal, as a
measure of protection to a debtor, to one
thousand dollars now.
LOOK TO YOUR Funs.—Furs will soon
be laid aside for some eight months, and
it is all important , that until that time,
they should be secured against moths—
their, mortal enemy. Fins are costly,
and, beautiful as well as useful, but nOth-
ing looks worsq than shabby furs, made
so from the destructive inroads of the
moth. The worst thing to be done with ,
furs is to shut them ont of sight from the
~ ,
air , and .forget them. The next , worse
thing is to put them away damp., Should
they become damp by . exposure to the
rain they should, be placed nos nearer to
the fire than where they will dry slowly
When the season for their use ,Is over ,
they should not be shut up lit a tight chest,
boxer drawer for more thin a few days
or a week without being taken (*and
shaken. Patting thehi 4k , a dgawfxr that _
Is frequently openedie recommended,;
Order that, they may be frequently Wu, --
and this be reminded of tito,ueceedty, of
attending to them.. To groom furs
perfectly. and without the, least fear nt
moths, frequent airing, shaking, and
genera clemdlnees, together with• a., goat
I supply of camphor, the grandlP -WAG: •
wriigs that he
4*, '
Aag. - Ali
41,114.071ng. •
'terries• •
a 84;11
dings and fttrufrals. The;
artist engistell in the htudaese:.keeps his ,
eve 134)".401117 on The 42411.8 and After
riages annonpced hi the newspapers. -and'
loses no time in. sending =his circular to.
the parties he opposes to be most; Aeeply.
interested in preserving mementoes of th.e
joyfal or sad event. If this expedient
failsof securing the coveted jot, he calls
with a specimen of his handiwork to so
licit it in person. • •
TUE strihe, in South York,
shire, England, has assumed very for-
midable proportions; :I,'Xio men are now
out of employirient, and tet7een
and 6,000 persons are depending on
than for support. They, are at_ present
maintained by . the Miners' Union, which
has a fund of .£lO,OOO, and by con
tributions from other trades.
—On Friday night last, man named
Whiteside, driving a blind:herse,,lost his
way while leavingledianapoUs, Ind.,
and drove into White . -river. The 'man
and horse were iirewifed. Whiteside
was intoxicated. • • •
—A. fire broke out Saturday morning,
in Laird 4t Bros. grocery, . Des Moines,
lowa, and swept the whole block. Loss
over 150,000; insurance f 2.5,000. It is sap=
posed to have been'the work of an liken
—The late rains in IJ,abams aro prov , •
ing very disastrous: Many of , the
streams are Out of their banks and Muds
cotton and oorn haebeen drowned. , The
rain etitt continues and the ferrets, are
much depressed.
A movement le on feet Ito the sepa
ration a the Stateent 'Bolivia, Anti.
aqui°, Tolima, Coals and Basun= ,from•
40 Colombian lJnlon, with a view to the
forming of iseparateßepubllo, A.Oom
initteeorthe .11..ousenfRopmeentitives
have repertedaresolution ko Indictthe
President of ,(Xlemtda, with four of 'his
biltdsters;•bethre the Bents, turn= olfht
different cipiti*
severe westerly galeonSaturday
,the mouth of ttie MiUppl.swept
away the galleilei of the light hoase . and
the light kesperl dwelling: it the south
west - pass; destroyed the now home
boats and blew five feet of into the
light:houseand dwellitsg,• the ,busdhiga
on e foot. • The storm absc
geed e 10•41ie.P.a16.
. •
River and weather
EBY Teleireati to the ritt bnr aß auttte4
totaso us. May I.—River
'with elht *et five inehea watif in,
c ana l.-Weather cloudy and eaddi-:
Devine Minot;
itivArts. May /--*The following 'sake
report of tboauSar umrketlOr theyreeir,
ending ?rode: wetness *isle, bit
, -prices were steady ; mar at buoy
lint,: tiles at 83401) *obi for NM: - IV/2:
990011 mile for NoB4ll to111)41.e.•
as liter .;;.
& foc i: