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.11.14 L.
(Contipitelitcliarnf PSI11)---
some length. Be looked upon the exami
nation as a preliminary hearkng by mag-
Istrates, who had the right to call wit
messes, could have called them a week
after, or any Magistrate- might have
done so six-months afterward. Had tes
timony been taken .aptirtst prisoner and
the witness had since died, the deposi
tion could. have. ,been offered here in
evidence against him, and he recognized
that the defence h ad the same rights
which would be accorded to the 90m
--Court overruled the objection, and
humanity thanks m e nd takes courage.
oThe,world does Judge ildcGuf
fin's friends may thank God for him that
he hes:taken one good step forward.
At 1 the request of the Court, Mr.
Thompson read the record of the in
quest. Before reading the .deposition
Commonwealth renewed objections.
More arguments and explanatioee by the
COurt. Deposition' was read to Coart and
[Reporterhas already sent this deposi
tion add " it has appeared ln the
GAZ'S'rrE'Et published-reports. It will be
remembered that English swears posi
tively to having; seen 7raylor in !thumb
the evening of the murder.]
Mrs. Jane G. Suisshelm, sworn—Ex
amined the wad taken from the muzzle
of the min, and all the scraps found in
prisoner's -carpet sack. All but two
she believes - to - be fragments of the NeW
-York-Tribuw4-4ifth-e-day or week of July
a it.h n
. '64; thiics so se one Scrap
portion of t hee account of the dedication
of the Gettysburg Cemetery, and ;other 1
scrape, portions of other matter of gen
eral publics that tinsel because
the quality of paper, degree of discolor
r• ation, and injury , from wear are similar;
' the width of columns, variety of type,
and style of oomposition, and making-up
are - tit:4°f the TrtZune. The two excep
tions are scraps of the American Citizen.
No one of the .scraps shown can be any
part of the Pittsburgh Dispatch: Exam
• ined the bloody wadrind com Pars it
wittithe Weekly. Diepatch of Feb. 2
Wad is a fragment of that issue. Type
appears smaller than in the bound copy,
bat this is caused by the shrinking of the
paper in being cut arid dried and much
crumpled. ,Of all the scraps showd this
bloody wad Is the only one that is any
Dart of any .••numbericif the Pittsburgh
"'Cross eiatnined, and nothing new ell-
Cited. . I
X: Trieeman, sworn—Lives' in Butler.
Is a Watchmaker. Keeps a store. Has
pistblrfor sale, Ilea a - ,revolver with
Eini; such as he sellst a Had that ki n d for
sale last summer. .alis them Sharp's
revolvers. LOompar hie pistol , with
the ona•proved - to . bin ong' to prisoner.]
IPlAtthem - t o soli "last September. Was
lialsn't then, brit on his book finds entry
of cloche pistol sold by his clerk.: [Pro
ducat his book.l
Ferdtnand Weigand, sworn—Was liv
ing here in September with Mr. Wise
nisnifhe Wilaway then; witness tended
store for him; sold a piatol 10th, of Sep
tember; a four shooter, Sharp's revolver.
[Examines prisoner's pistol.] Sold that
kind of pistob- a young man bought it;
About twenty or twenty-five years obi;
had-light colored hair; points out pris
oner as looking like him.' '[Prisoner
stands up.] Is about his size; believes he
is -the man; he made the entry in the
bOok; never saw the man before or pine,
hit believes that Is the man.
- Cromtexamination-elicits nothing,
Andrew 'iStkutnuek, sworn—ls a grin
smith. Has worked off and on at it for
the last forty years, and steadily for the
Ilistrifenty yea& i [Pistol called for and
le Omit the horise. Witness retires.]
S. W. Shannon, recalled—Says the pa
per used still wad on top of the powder
in prisoner's gun appeared to him as
being a Part of the same paper from
which the stopper in the muzzle of the
gun was made.
There was quite a suspense in Court
waiting for the large pistol which some
. one had carried off. The jury had five
.minutes recess.
. Mr. Strauvriek, re-called—Was called
on iast night to superintend some ex
periments in firing a pistol. Put in one
inch'of powder and a paper wad on top;
__. counted.forty grains of No. 2 shot: put
that in and a paper wad; had a paper the
Size of a person's head and set it up at a
certain distance. [Recognizes the paper
head.] Set it a; eight feet distance; had a
window sash witn glass; had the head
eight feet from the glass, and beyond it,
at a distance of nineteen feet,
a door of inch poplar; held the
:pistol within two inches of the
glass • and fired through at this paper
head; nine shots went through: aimed for
the temple.and, most of the shots went
below the' hmd. There were twenty-six
shot in a space of twenty-two inches on
the -door, twenty-two inches from the
centre; saw no shot that wont deep; only
three penetrated the door so as to stick
in it, There were a good many on
thealoor. The second shot charged as
before and held the pistol close to the
' &Ss. [Shows the paper head at which
hesimed.] . Fourteen shot went through
it, and scattered from crown to chin.
A third .shot, with the same charge,
fired six feet from the glass; no
shot struck the head. The door was
twenty-five feet back from the pistol.
The shot had struck far and wide, and
none had penetrated the "door. The first
ahot r two inches'from the glass,- black-
the sash around, and broke two
.parti of the pane out. The second, close '
• -against the giants, tore it about the same
and only, blackeued it a little; held the
muzzle against the glass. At six feet the
shot:atm& the corner and took out a
par ot f the sash. Had the sash firmly
fixed:arid aimed, each time, •at
. . that part of -it correspOnding ,to the
broken window - at bre. Candlesa'.
The 'pistol` was Loaded .'to give
it its best effect. Put in an extra
s charge. - Thinks a charge ,flred from this
'Pistol might penetrate a head. -If two or
'. three shot went together it might make
, a•hcilit'aßke a bullet-hole. • When using
ootninon caps, had trouble to get the pis
tol off. She went off better with
water -proof cape. Unglazed .or half
etlazed powder rammed in tight will soon
; spoil, but , glazed powder not tightly
;rammed, in a clean gun, would stay good
for three months. Hasunbreacia4 guns
' oaded•• for a month,' and the powder
idreilliant as good as from the herr!, In
n loaded immediately after firing. in
L 'evening; the, powder :would be dry
An-the , morning. After :thltr,.'san ' had
; itty to load it, 'powder would sti ck to.
getter in the morning. - The gun begius
to a -in -twO . or three minutes atter
A 11a8 seen cape after' being on a
r e
f'lgvitr - ors four weeks that were -per
'Maly trightc., bright.,-.
long as the that,
is kept
' „Airy . it. Wil be bright., Water-proof ca
will corrode sooner A* i thp,oPpillPA U .
D. cap. ' • S
Crossarauxdrted.4.4Bnp • will make a
larger hale than round !Mot ,itt the same
weight. , Sings WOtict be more likely to
together than round shot. A charge
em - this llatollulglit. penetrate a hu
in head, Weenie thin parta• -:Tinti pistol
- -scatters more than usUalflEkliminett
the On.] ~/a a smooth bore; lio made for
shot or ballti a ohargt-frod , the gun
would have a much greater : 44odt than
from the pisbalt- wtitild bar ßeefier l
. At
tWetitY red it.
Wilt4d , d''' .
- t°
• ."' itAiltfer: wilily:444y what ' effect aPitrie
ii,ofol i a u s t a would have on-it. ~, ,' 4. ~
1 ' .
~ , .... 1 .'::,' 7 . -. 7 ',:‘,..., '.. -:-'''', '-"e--. ..-..=-.• -i''' --,,R,''';',:::[,.. ,-,-. _"c' ' .":' ,2 :' - j': - :- .. ,' . 7 ''',.-:+:.'''-',,'
,::_ - 4,-;1.. , , ,
-w.„1.;;;:`,.i.„.;,,-(1,-"r:S4,;:te.!..F=:•,"..fl..',--i-l-,,--A".::.-:'' ',': . 4 .`z e"..":,
,y.,:--J.,,,,r.z.,,,13:.,--......-„Z',..--;‘,,,•i..1;,;,,,:::: .:,-.-:,...-?..:,..:r,,,,,3,,
• 0 4' , C 1 47',...•-q , ::Y4;'''',-,.,,-.4.: ._:,,.,---:,-,',2'-'-!:','-f,:?,. ''.'-./...,'"=",-,l'='l',i,,,ril...';' . .:*'::-.'" ,.- ', , ' , 4:' •
1,_!1'•‘,,..:4.4,7-t,Y,,f-,4-`,;,;-.,:,,f,;,;',.,:1!--:,-,-,-,-,,-,',Sl-„":„ '2, ~.', --::-.:',-,--;:-.,i,-..;;F:•'1:,,,...- f . ;- '' , '. : ' ,• : --,- 'i - ::-..:, : i . 1 - -;:-...,- .• -•-• ' ' -
,V. J.4..,,..- .. : ;. A, r ., , , ,:.,.. - .• •;,-,-,= E.....:.',. -`: ,•:,' ..:''..,- '''...‘. ,--9`..`.",::,-:'•.';:..:',.; '-':•.,. ': - . 4 ` , ' ''
-'-tl--1.• Yi . . - P.g...a';' , - , 14'=.-',.:',-----... ", .)..' , ',.'5." - .'ff :" i: ,4 -' ' '
, .... . ... _
''•;,4.:, =-.T,'i,Z..t!':;,,F-.l.';',"2:,.''''''
-,r,eg -:.1.„.?:,,0-1)..v......,..,!„—..-_,..1,...,,,-.=,--_-7),•:,-• '
7 ~,4,4-q , ' , - ;:, , i - : - .. t*..f'. 1
1,-- 0 . -- - - '
THE GAZETTE 118 itirritilial the Fay
the aiz,clays of the week for 15.eente per
peek by matt, $8 per annum : 3 mos:, 11l
Federal 011 Compauy.—Elsewhere, by
advertlSement, it will be observed that
the Federal- 011 Company has just do.
clareCii dividend of ten per cent. on
each share of stook.
Personal.—Mr. William Sem-ple, the
well known dry goods merchant of - Alle:
gheny city, and flinty, intend leaving
about the first of June for an extensive
tour through Europe.
Dr. Gleason, of Philadelphut, will de
liver a free lecture, in Lafayette Hall, on
Monday evening, May Bd, on the la I
physical culture and the art ofcqquiring
health, strength, &o. His lectures will
I be illustrated , with a fine collection .of
models, &c. • ,
Committed Fora Nearing.--Jas. Guert,
arresuidl- 1 / 2 311 .TuesdaY, an account of
which we published yesterday, was corn
nutted to jail yesterday in default of
two thousand dollars bail, for a hearing.
The hearing was postponed in order to
have the prosecuto4 present, who it ap
pears reaides in the country,
The Evening .Reptiblie, a new and trppy
little evening penny paper, has made its
appearance on .our streets. It
,is pub
lished es 'in -afternoon edition • tel the
Morning Repubtic, by Col. N. P. Sawyer.
Altogether it is a apirited penny paper,
and we trust the enterprise will meet
With the merited measure of success.
Water Pipe.—The work of extending
tha twenty inch -Water Urdu on Butler
street, in the Seventeenth ward, will be
resumed in a few days. It will be re
membered the pipe was extended to St.
Mary's avenue last fall, and it will be
eOntinted from that point to a poiii,t two
squares beyond the Cemetery gate. The
pipe are being delivered this week.
For Register.—The name of Joseph H.
Gray, Esq., the present - efficient, capable
and courteous occupant of the Register's
office, will be presented to the forthcom
ing Republican Convention for re-nomi
nation for -the second term. Mr. Gray
has Made an excellent 'officer, ;and it
would be 's fitting compliment to one who
has . ,ever faithfully. discharged his duties
to awaid him re-election.
Who Sells the Liquor!—Yesterday
morning three boys. aged respectively
ten, twelve and fourteen years, were
found lying on the eillegheny wharf,
in a beastly state of intoxication, and
were takefi to the lockup in $ cart.
On arriving at the watch house one
of the boys, and he the only - one sober
enough to speak at that time, stated that
they had bought a pint of whisky from a
tester on Smithfield street, ...Who is het
A..111k . me:JR - the Right DirecUon.—Sever
. ,
afaccidents having occurred lately in
consequence of persons carelessly laity
ing their horses stand on the streets un
attended by any one, the Mayor de
termined to break up the custom,- in or
der to prevent other imidentrfand to pro
tect the public, and oommenoed opera
tions yesterday. The, following persons
were arrested and required to_pay a -tine
of one dollar and costs each, for-.allow
ing their horses to stand on the streets
unattended. ' 7Cugust Meyers, Robert
Birch, John Simpson, C.From and Fred.
Bannarch. The officers are' dimted to
arrest every person offerkding in thirt re
Happy TerminsUonWeddlag at the
An incident occurred at the Mayor's
office, last night, slightly out of the usual
routine of business transacted there.
Tuesday evening Miss •Ann Elizabeth
Morgan, a young girl residing in East
Liberty, made information before the
Mayor, ,charging Ulysses Stewlrt with
seduction. She stated that she was only
sixteen years of age, and that she had
been seduced by Stewart under a promise
of marriage, and was the mother of a
child. She stated further that Stewart
had requested her to meet him at_Oak
* land at eight o'clock with the child.
Officers McCready and Long, to whom
the warrant was given, prevailed upon
the girl to keep her appointment with
her seducer, and they accompanied her
and arrested him. it. was brought to
the lockup and declined a hearibg, stat
ing that he would enter bail for Court.
Yesterday afternoon, however, he chaeg
ed his mind and demanded a hearing,
after the girl had returneoo East Lib.
erty, and positively refused to marry
ker. Last evening he again changed
his _resolution, and concluded to make
[-good his promises to the girl, and she
was accordingly sent" for and Mayor
Bra3h performed the marriage Cere
The Execution Te-day of Lane, the Wife.
Murderer—The Scaffold Erected—Az
rangements, etc.
The scaffold on which,Louis Lane is to
be executed was erected- yesterday. It
is very complete, and we dare say the
best ever used in this Commonwealth to
carry out the dreadful- extreme penalty ,
of the law. Sheriff Cluley; a gentleman
of large praCtical ideas, designed the plan,
; and Mr. Thompson, of Hazelwood, con
structed the gallows. It was • in good
working order lastevening, and a great,
many persons visited the ion to obtain a
glimpse of the grim instrument of tor
ture. Some few gained admittance, but
much the larger number were permitted
to enter without satisfying their morbid
Land was engaged almost all day yes-
terday in prayer with ,his spiritual ad
visers and Sisters of Mercy. He com
pletely broke dciwn and was unable •to
assume any other than a reclining posi
tion.; He WEE greatly disappointed 'on
receiving a telegram, througlrthe Sheriff
from his son at Cleveland, stating that
he could not be present at the execution.
We will not be surprised should the
prisoner have to be carried >to the gal
lows to-day, as his spirits, seem to have
completely deserted him in these, his
feivaemaining hours. _ •
A few cards of admbisio ‘ n were issued
to members of the press ' and others yes
terday, to enter the jail yard to witness
the last scene. The sounding of the great
bell at noon will be the signal for the
moving of the procession to death,and half
an hour therettfter Louis Lane will have
j o n too dgm d b e et ne wp y the throne of /413` God for
A squad of twenty policemen willbe
detailed by Mayor Brush to guard the
approaches to thejails who, together with
the Sheriff's special Officers, will be ample
protection against the intrusion of unin
vited curiosit seekers. • The entrance
for those hold ing tickets will be from
the:Boas street side of, the jail:
In to-morrow's GAZETTE we; shall fur
nish a history of thoprisoner, =account
of his crime, his trial, And the -last sad
scenes of the.ozoontiOn;
Mayor's Office.
. t ,
„ THE Ceiling.,
United iltalies,Distriet alum - -
The May term of the United Stiles
Districtoourt for the ,•
ofVennsylvatus, will coinitteiittiii this
city Monday neat,' May Bd. 'Ne 1
ro are
now Ibrty-two bankruptcy Ulnas,' civil
cues and criminal prosecatitins, for trial
on the calendar, but the number will be
increased by the bills loUnd by the
Grand Jury. The ' Circuit Court will
commence on the Monday following.
_ _
District Cinurt;—Judge:Klrkpatrick.
WEDNESDAY, ,Apl4l2s:--The case of
Dickey & Co. vs. Bender at Co., previous
ly reported, was resumed and concluded,
but no verdict bad been rendered, when
Court adjourned.--
og e-jury was — discharged until DitOnday
morning, at which time jury trials will
be resumed. The argument list will be
taken up on Friday Morning, to which
time Court adjourned _
Common Pleas—Judge Sterrett.
WEDNESDAY, April vs.
Armstrong, Dickson & Previously :
reported. - Verdict for plaintiff in the sum
of 51135,20.
Coal City . Coal. Ccin*any 'vs, Silverman
&Co. Action .in asaumpidt to recover the
value of a coal Sat. On trial.
Court adjourned until Friday morning,
and the jury was discharged: Theargn
ment list will be taken , up on Friday
morning, and jury trials will be resumed
on Monday morning niott.
Grand Fastdonaile .Waddlng,
A very large and fashionable audience
, ,
was present at Trinity Church, k3iixth
avenue, yesterday miming, to witness
the celebration of the marriage df Mr.
Columbus P. Pattersor., favorably known
in business circles IMM:font - In Cleve
land, where he is engaged extensively in
the boal trade," arid Miss Bell -French,
daughter of Joseph French, Rik., Super
intendent - of , the City Water: Works.
The hour = announced.for` the ceremony
- Ifa4 ;eleven o'clock, brit It was' not
until nearly half-past eleven , ' ;that - Ahe
brldril party entered the church. Dar-1
ing the interim Mr. IJ. C. Iforighawout,
organist at Trinity, pertothied some ex
cellent music appropriate to the occasion.
The ceremonies were performed by Rev.
Mr. Scarborough, rector of Trinity
Church, assisted by Rev. Mr. Ludlow, of
New York, and were solemn and impres
sive. The happy couple left in the after
noon for an extended bridal tour.
East Binittngham Coaxial.
A regular meeting of the Council of
the borough of East .Birmingharn was
held yesterday (Wednesday)• evening,
April 28, 1869, Burgess Ammon in the
The minutes of the preceding meeting
were read and approved.
Mr. Beck, from the Finance Cenamit
tee, submitted the report of that Corn
mitteee, including the appropriation bill
for the ensuing year.
The total value of taxable property in
the borough is estimated at $846,607, and
a tax Of five mills for borough purposes,
ten special, and seven and s half for wa
ter, lire and gas making, a total" of
twenty-two and one ;kali mills, - was
levied, which will give a total of 1119,048.
The following are the-appropriations
No. .1 Interest 11 8,000
" 2 Streets 3,500
" 8 Fire, Water and Gas 2,600
" 4 Salaries 1,916
of 5 Bell Tower .. 600
6 300
Allowance for lost taxes, Jcc
To Contingent Fund.
The report was adopted.
Mr. Beck Offered a resolution author
irizimt the Borough Solicitor to prepare
an ordinance granting the right of way
through the borough to, the Monongahela
Valley Railroad Company. Adopted.
Council adjourned.
Probably Fatal Aec
Yesterday morning an accident -- r
on the Cleveland do Pittsburgh rail
road, near Jack's Run, which will probe
bly result in the death of a behtrnian,
whose name is unknown. Between ten
and eleven o'clock, as the express train
(No. 20) on the Cleveland road, coming
east, approached the point named, the
engineer noticed a man walking on the
track, whereupon he sounded the alarm
whistle, and the man stepped off the
track toOne side, and the train proceed
ed until it was within twenty or thirty
feet of him, when lie again step
ped on the track immediately
in front of the engine, and before
the engineer had time to- sound the
whistle the train hid struck him, knock
ed him down and passed over his legs
.and one arm. The train- was stopped
and the wounded man, who was still
living but insensible, was placed in a
baggage car and taken to the Allegheny
Depot, where he was left in charge of the
depot master. Dr. Biacham was imme
diately notified and saw the patient with
in twenty minutes from the time the acci
dent occurred, and decided that the in
jured limbs would have to be amputated.
The left leg was almost severed immedi
ate above the ankle joint;
_the bones in
the right leg were crushed from
a short distance below the knee joint to
the foot, and the left arm was crushed
and brokin at the elbow. The unfortu
nate man, being still insensible, was re
trieved to the basement or cellar under
the , •May Flower" saloon, on. Federal
street, opposite the depot, where he re
mained until half past six ; o'clock.. At
which time, Mayor. Drum, having heard
of the occurrence, sent a number of his
officers and had theinjured man removed
to the Mayor's office. He searched for
the city physician, but. Idling to find
him he wadi Dr. Suchanrian, not .know
ing that belied been called in the case.
The Doctor, a appear% had been endeav
oring to find a suitable plaee for his pa.
.tient,hut failed, BR none of the hotels
would agree to take him in, because he
"was poor, we presume. Drs. Buchannan
and *islet, we learn, amputated Abe
limbs of the injured man last night, but
it is hardlY prObable that he will reclover,
as it is thought he has received some in.
ternal injuries. will be removed to
the city poor house to-day if he is able.
A :,comPliMeitt. ,
Few of our home artists enjoy so high
reputation - Lthrolighoitt• the country, as
Mr. George lilistzei, and none are more
worthy the bestowal of honor. Speaking
of pictures on exhibition at the “Acade
my of Fine Arta" the Philadelphia
North American soya: I, of American
scenery, we observe No; 74—View of
Panther Creek,. Cambria °Mint", Perm
sylvanlA--by George Hetzel, the
brated PittabMet artist, one, of- thebeak
lexidseape paint,ers in America."
,:pr,;.....1" , 71-pi kt 4 -, =., -,- ;; -, -y -,-, ;:z - "-::',
,-;,,,,4, ' ,...1 '; 11.+ AF:. „4.11-, k ,- ,x. -, ;1. 3 . , : - .44,1t..?0 , A'*.;.71.4.,;.,,- . ,fd:4 Ni.: , .];' , 11:
—q---1'.,-,---..;.%';:::::4,..,.!.,,1-F,,--:v•:Aiic,-;t7A?‘..-- ,5',z.t%-cr:-?-;;.-78Nt4-4',',..:, ,;-?.,v,..3'1,1,-.'Fittl
-4,-.4i.*,...4,14,=,:.T.,,z.,...*.,,,,,,p50.q./...,4,..- v4.=.;-,:k.--.2.-,„.-t-iiie•-7..-;.4.,,,,,,.-q4-41N',:-.1.7'-,4*-4-7-Mtr,.svi'-''-'40,-''';',7?-o'.'
..73. ,,, N0-r.f.'1A , .4-.4f,"... , -;:a1..E.1.4;:_-:,,4p 6 ,;(.. ~--;,, , ke , r, - ,4 - 1.11 1- 42, , , , ,;4.--,, Jti: , -- - ''' ' ' ' ' - , P , i , 4,..
t -ii.. ,-;0.7,--4, ±-,..r...,,i7.1,...,z,,-,:r..E4.
. ,
-Oluts.‘ Venus.—" The Lottery 'of
Life" was again' , presenteirat_the Opera
House last WO. 1$ will be repeated to
TEE lithe.---oWilig to the decided =co
coas ottne masquerade on velocipedes at
the Rink a few.evenings since, the man
ager has been , prevailed upon by a num
ber of persona t 6 gives another exhibition
of that chaarcter, which will take place
thia evening. In addition to the usual
amount of amusement to be derived
from the masquerade, an exciting double
race, on velocipedes? for one mile, will
take place. Admission fifty cents, chil
dren half price.
abatement in thn attractions at the Pitts
bugh Theatre, and the attendance con
tinues as largitlsis usual. adisit Annie
Gibbons is the favorite this week.
mof the Grand . Division of the
bons of-Temperance.' '
At the:quarterly meeting of the Font;
of 'Temperance which commenced in this_
city yesterday -- afternoon,- - the Grand
il r
Scribe, Jill Magorigan, - presented re
port of the proceedings of the orde in
thbirjuriadiction during the past yea , - ea
followat isTumber of divisions in operation,
one hundred and - e; number of mem
bers initiateditivd thousand two hundred
and fifty-three; number suspended, three
hundred and elghty=three; expelled for
violation of, pledge, three huridred'and
slity-nine; whole number of mem rs,
eight thousand five hundred and s xty
pine; increase during theyear, four un
dred and alkty; whole amount o f re
ceipts, twenty ,thousand yen
hundred and eight dolTint; '
cash on and
and invested. thirty-nine thousand nine
hundred and twenty-one dollars; num
ber of temperance tracts distributed,
fourteen thousand one hundred and
ninety; public :- temperance meetings
held, two hundred and four.
A publia.meeting was held: at Mozart
Hall, in the evening, at which Grand
Worthy Patriarch John Shallcross was
selected President. The meeting was
held under the auspices of Division 42, at
Which addresses were made by Mr. Lee,
Mr. Kerr, Bfr:ShallereSS' and a number
of other well-known temperance orators.
• Mayor's Court."
On account of the excitement in the
yard, to-day, the jaih will be closed,
to every person, except those holding
passes froth Sheriff Cluley, and in view
of this fact the Mayor held a Court last
evening so as to prevent the necessity of
keeping any prisoner sin 'the lock-up all
day, as he would necessarily have to do
should there be any to commit to jail.
The first ,called up was that of W. F.
Smith, a gentleman from the aural dis
tricts, who had been arrested during the
day for disorderly conduct. The alleged
disorderly conduct consisted in abusing
his horse in a cruel manner. He was re
quired to pay a fine of five dollars and
John n was the next victim;
and was charged with drunkenness.
He stated that he wale a stranger in the
city, having been here but three or four
days, and feeling lonesome he had taken
lie Vera drinks. He was required to pay
„alimatlf-one dollar-and coats. - ; -
Richard Jackson WAS neat called up.
He bad been arrested for drunkeness,
and was required to pay a fine oidne
aneosts. I
The irrepressible Sadie Freel, alias
Robinson, &e., was brought in just as the
court wag about to adjourn. Suite bad,
as usual, Oecuandnlging freely 10 intox
icating liquors and was exceedingly
drunk. She was sent up for thirty days.
. 1,780
Chfid KUJed—School Teacher B
—Gen. Pope.
My Telegraph to.ttie Pittsburgh Gases .1
CINCINNATI, April 28.—A • gepeD
years old, named Krell, fell o i a cart
yesterday. The wheels passed over his
head, causing Instant death. ' •
The Chillicothe accommodation train
run over and killed Miss Eva Strong this
morning, at Elanchester. She was school
teacher at that place and was *allying on
the track.
Major Gen. Pope arrived in t e city
this morning. He is stopping at tho Bur
not House. •
The' Protestant Episcopal Delegate
Iligsion meeting in this city closed to
night. Bishop Mcltvaiue, of Cincinnati,
and Rev. Dr. Haight," of New York, de
livered addresses.
Amount of Whiskey Defrauders.
By Telegraph to the Pittsburgh Gazttte.)
SAVANNAH, Anrii•27.—Under warrants
issued by the U. S. Commissioner. A.
S. Bigelow of N.Y. and J. Adler were ar
rested, charged with connection with
whisky frauds. Both were released
under bonds to appear at t e May term of
U. S. Court. It is rumere startling ad
velopments in this connection will
soon be made by the,Grand Jury.
Markets by Tele
LONDON, April 28.-Consols for money,
93%; for account, 0,3%®93%. Five-Twee
ties are quiet. Mg. Stocks are quiet
Erie, 21%; -Illinois Centra l , 98X; Atlantic
and Great Western, 24 Tallow 445.
Sugar active at 28a. 6d. onspot. Turpen
pentine 30s. lid. - . 7 -
ANTWERP' April 28.-Petroleum dull
at 53 1 4 franca.
HAVRE, ApriL 28.-Cetton (inlet and
Faarteroar, April 28.-Bonds at 87x.
laseueom.,.April 28.-Cotton is dull;
middling uplands . at 117 d; Orleans at
12Xd; sales of 1,000 bales. California
,white wheat 9a. 10d.; red western, Bs. 4d.
Flour at 21s. Corn at 2.65. ad. for uew
mixed. Oats 3s. sd. Barley be. Peas
335. 6d. Porg 104 s. Beef 90s. Lard 71s.
Cheese 81s. Bacon 61s. Common Rosin
be. Petroleum unchanged. Tallow 45e.
3d. Turpentine 295.
..NEW Onueses, April 28.-Cotton easy
at 280 for middlings; sales, -1,600 bales;
receipts, 519 bales;' no exports. Gold,
124%, Exchange sterling, 145 X. New
York sight, X premium. - Sugar dull at
10®11c for common, and 13%0 for prime.
;Molasses nechanged. Flour dull at 6 . 5,70
far superfine, ;5,75®0,00 fbr double ex
tra, and 15,25 for treble extra. Corn
quiet, at 75®7713 for white. Oats, 750.
Bran, 11.50®1,60. Hay at $30,00 for
prime. Bacon, 18X®17%0. Lard dull
at 18Xo for tierce, and 193 c for keg.
Whiskey firme r at 90®950 for western
'rectified. C offee unchanged.
BUFFALO, April 28.-Flour steady, at
$5,50®6,00 for city ground No. 1 .and 2
spring. Wheat dull; sales of 8,500 busk
white Canada om private terms. Corn
dull; sales or ten car.loads of new at 75®
760 on track. Oats' dullr_ sales' of 1,000
bush western at 690, in store. ,Seeds . in
fair request l,for timothy; sales of 800
bags at 154,00151,25. Other aitioles dull
.and unohanged. ,
Nessviraat, April ZB.—Cotton inaoilve
fbr low middlings, and 24g0 for good
ordinary; stook 4,656 bales. -
BAN. ranisalaco, Awn 21,...n0ur dun
at $4 4 8734 %%Mi. = Wheat at sl,solhe-goal
shipping. Legal Tenders
The Gtaia Asseeiation—Trootra Moving- -
Seidler Killed--luicide
Tehigrastito tie Pittsburgh Gazette.]
ST. Loma, April 28.—A cable dispatch
received to-dlty from Budged & James,
of Bristol, England, announces their
sire to take one thousand shares in the
St. Lords Griin Association, , and „directs
the proper person here to draw on them
on sight for the amount.
The towboat Mohawk and barges, with_
one hundred and seventy-five thousand
bushels 'of grain for St. Louis, passed
through Rock Island Bridge to-day. Thai
patches from New Orleans say that tons
nage - tor New York and Liverpool le
abundant at this port. Freight, int bulk
grain,itersteamer to New York, is ten
cent per bushel, and to Liverpool eight
pencel' The Merchants' Exchange here
have established the grades of spring,
superfine, extra, double and treble extra
flour,lthersame as New Orleans standard.
A prOminent merchant of New Orltans,
now here; Bele sufficient money can be
raised in that city to fully co.operate
with ithe Grain Association here in its
efforts to divert' the grain trade of the
northlwest to the Missouri River Ronte.
The ; 7th-United' States infantry, 776
strong, which arrived here last night
from Florida, left this forenoon on the
steeple= War Eagle ,and Colorado for
Omaha, where it will be consolidated
with the 36th infantry. It will then pro
ceed to the forts'on the Missouri river.
Whilellenry Appo; a private in, Co. K,,
of the 7th infantry, was cleaning his rifle,
this morning, on board the steamer Col
°rade, it was discharged, the ball miter
ing his stomach, killing him in about an
hour'. ; His remains were taken to the
National Cemetery at Jefferson Barracks
for burial.
Fredetick Arnold, a German, commit.
ted suicide last night by shooting himself
in this month with a revolver.
Anthracite Coal Miners.
Ogg Telegraph to the Pittsburgh tiazettel
Sc CANTON, Pa .,
_April 28.—The coal
miners of Hyde Park, in this city, were
to-night invited to join the movement
for aioneral suspension of work by the
thirty thousand miners in the anthracite
coal fields.
Another Accident from Coal 011.
'Pelegrauh to the Pittsburgh Gazette•}
PEILADiLPHIA April 28.—Mr. and
Mrs: Brophy, and a girl named Johanna
Roach, aged fourteen years, residing at
No. 1,203 Alder street, were severely
.burtied, Mrs. Brophy and the girl proba
bly fatally, by the explosion of a can of
coal Oil, which the girl was pouring on
a are. •
The 'Fifth Avenue Bank of Pittsbiirgh
Through the untiring exertions of an
indefatigable and enterprising fellow
citizen. Mr. R. A. t3chnabel, nearly all
the remainder of the capital stock of the
above new bank was yesterday taken
by a splendid class of subscribers. Bat
a few more than three hundred shares
yet remain nntaken, and we again urge
our; readers who have capital to Judi
consly invest to take advantage of the
opportunity preserited for subscription.
We .madis:a slight' istake yesterday in
stating that one tebth of the subscription
would be reqniren at thefts° of subscrib-
Jug.' The terms are ten dollars per share
to bepaid what carted in by the Directors,
and'one dollar per .week on each share,
until, all is paid up. The probabilities
are that all the subsoribed amount will
not be called upon.
The books will remain open for sub
seription at the following times and
places till the next meeting, which is
called for next Tuesday night, at the
room where session was held last night.
Thursday, April 29th, at Stokely's
drrig store, corner of Fifth avenue and
Elm street. •
Friday, , April 30th, at Emil Poerstel's
tobacco store, No. 231 Fifth avenue.
Saturday, May Ist, at Mclntyre's drag
store, corner of Pride street and Fifth avrinne.
Monday, May 3d, at Frank Selbert's
grecary ; No. 296 Fifth avenue.
Tuesday, May 9th, at Alderman Mor
row's, Fifth avenue, opposite Chatham
Vi'e wish to call particular attention to
ters, advertised in our paper this week.
Their Bitters are said to be the finest
tonic and most agreeable stimulant for
the ,weak and delicate, of any Bitters
heretofore in use. They havetbeen used
in many localities with the most gratify
ing results, and are highly recommended
byp Physicians . for the , preventive of
Foyers, Fever and Ague, and all malari
oui3 diseases. They create a healthy ap
petite, and strengthen the whole system.
We,are glad to have them introduced in
this section, and hope they will take the
place of all the poisonous compounds
heretofore palmed off on the invalid as .
Bitters. From what we have beard said
of them by those who ought to know, we
are satisfied that a fair trial will convincer
all that they are as represented—a supe
rior medical preparation. They are sold
by all Druggists. " '
One of the features of Appletonst Jour
mil is a series' of beautifully.executed
steel engravings, from paintings by our
leading artiste. The second of the series,
pilled "The River Road," from's paint
ing by Bellows, acconipttnies the sixth
number.' The execution of the engrav
ing is of the finest, and the subject a de
licious landscape with far-off mountains,
a summer lake, and shady groves. Other
pictures by Casilear, Durand, Church,
Janaes Hart, Darley, and others, are to
follow. It is designed to present the
parchasers of the Tournat with one of
these steel plates every third or fourth
number, between which times the il
lustrated feafures of the Journal will be
pictorial supplements and large cartoons.
Victor Hugo's romance, .and. a well
madeup series of stories and illustrated
articles, complete the literary contents'of
the Journal. •
, Deliciously Medicinal...4llls is the
universal verdict pronounced , ' upon
PLASTATIOit BITTERS by'all who have
tried them. The well-known health
promoting ingredients from which they
are made, and their invaluable merits as
a remedy forlndigestion and all its con
sequent ailments, and thepreventive
qualities against • diseases' arising from
Climatic changes, miasmatic influences
and imperfect secretions, are so widely
known and so honorabl; endorsed, that
we trust no one will fgrego the advanta
ges of their use.
MAl:moms WATEn.--tilliperior to, the
best imported German Cologne,' and sold
at hall the price. ,
Special sale of Elegant Fundture, New
carpets, and Household Goods.
On. To-da y (Thursday) at blasonic Halt
Auction Rooms, 55 and 57 Fifth avenue,
will be sold an unusually large: and.ftne
'assortment of new and seconointiand far.
Initure, carpets , and householdgoods:,For
particulars see advertisement of H. ,
:Sedithson it Co.
Great Auction Sale Adjourned, till Sat,.
nnlay at 935 e. m.,1 of. biaornm &
lisle's stook, at 22 Fifth avenue,- at which
time we Will . oominence 'a _closing bit
sale of what stock remains. _This. sale
will continue for only four days, by which
time the stook must be. sold. , Every ar
ticle put:tin ' will' be Sold` regardless
of cost. 'Great bargains may be had.
H. B. Smithson c& Co.
The great auction sale of . fine lace
goods; embroideries, trimmings, and no
tions generally, still...attracts hundreds
of bargain seekers at W. W. Moorhead's,
No. 81 Market street. , ti
The place - to get White Una, Cal
elnee Plaster, Hydraulic Cement. is at
Raker 4 Caskey!s„ 18 Smithfield street
Constitution Water is a certain min Ali
Diabetes and all diseasas of the Kill,
nays. For sale by all Druggists.
- • Trits:T.
BLACK — HAMOR—ApriI 90th, 18119. in the
Y. E. Church, Freeport, 'Pa., by Rev. E. B.
Griffin, pastor, Mr. WiX.LIAM BLACK. ofR..
rentum, i.e., to Miss MARY B. only
daughter of A.N. AMOR, Esq., of Freeport.
The marriage ceremony was 'wititsasied by a
large number oithe friends end, citizens, and It
plentiful and pleasant repast-was afterwards
given at the house of the bride's parents.
. Daring the eventug the company were coa
ducted into an adjoining house, all neatly and
tastefully furnished throughout, acted up and
presented by the generous father as . ,a, marriage
gift to his happy children.
May the sky of their bills be ever cloudless and
serefle. :
BLEAR - KEY—LOWRY—On the Seth inst;,_
at the residence of the bride's parents, by the
Rey. W. L. Reid, WILL O. BLEMERRY, of tit-
Louis, and Mile S. Lowry, daughter of Hon. Jas.
Lowry, Jr., of Pittsburgh.
(St. Louie Republican and Democrat please
. PHELPS—On Wednesday morning. April 36,
31 ATTIE el.. only daughter of Thos. H. and
Maggie. E. Phelps, aged 4 months. • .
• The funeral will take place irom the residence
of her grand parents, 163 Third. Arenne,- on
TIIIIIISDAT. April 29tb, at 3 o'clock r. N. •
COOPER—On Wednesday morning; MAY
BALL, infant dal:miner of James M. and Annie
C. Cooper, aged nine weeks and three days., 7
Funeral will take place at - ? ,03g, o'clock r.
TIIIIIIBDATErrOM No. 47 Stockton avenue, Alle
gheny City. •
McCAMDLESS In l'hlladelphia, at noon Teel
day, EMMA, eldest daughter of James and Ulan
Services at, Dr. Clark's Church. corner of
Stockton avenue and Sandusky street Alleghe
ny, TritrzsDAT at 10 o'clock A. at. Funeral to
proceed to Mount L'nion Cemetery. The friends
of the 'family are respectfully invited to atteu4-
IcIEELYUn Monday evening, April sifitb, at
seven o" , clock,-ALEXANDEIt _NEELY, JR.
The frie,ll4l3 el the family Are respectltilltntn
'cited to attend the funeral on TiaugsnAv. 2915.
at two o'clock r. x., front the residence of his
father, in Ross township.
ROBERTSON—On Wednesday lkftetnitont the
Shth last , LUELLA KATE, daugtileir of btew
art and Catharine Robertson, aged Tilers.
Leela thorniest mild and lovely,
Gentle as the summer breesel .
Pleasant as the air of evening
When it floats among the trees. , - -
Dearest Leela, thou hist left no,
Here thy loss we deeply feet; :
But Its God that hath bereft us,
He can all our sorrows heal, • „
Funeral from the residence et the parents, 113
West street, Allegheny, FRIDAY Ap . rintXoOis.
at A o'clock. The friends of the, family are re
spertfrilly in idled to attend.
TAKER, No. 166 IPOu - sim STREET,
Ote_rgn, Ye. 00371N6 of all ktide,ORAPE/4
ULO.b, and e s cry description of Funeral rap ,
nishing ffoods for nisued. Booms open day and
nicht. 'Hearse and Carriages furnished. •
Iteranziecas—Rev.Dairtu Kerr, D.D., fiev.ig,
W. Jacobus, D. D., Thomas Ewing, Esq.. Jacob
13 Miller, Ego.
A.VEND.h. Allegheny City, where their COY
ROOMS a e constantly supplied with real and
imitation Ito, ewood, Mahogany ind_Walutt
Coffins, at prices t crying from 14 to 1100. Be.
dies prepared • for intt rment. Hearses End Dar
riaget furnished: also, rll Linda of lloanday
Goods, If required. Dace ot en at all hours, day
and might. •
T, Allegheny, Keeps constantly on hand
a large assortment of ready-made Coigns of the
fullowing kinds: First, the celebrated American.
Aerial Oases, Metallic . Belt-sealing Air-tight
Cues and Caskets, and Rosewood, Walnut and
Rosewocd Imitation Coigns, Walnut Coigns
from $25 upwards. Rosewood Imitation Coigns
from $5 upwards, and no pains will be spared
to give entire satisfaction. Craperand Gloves
furnished free e f charge. Beet Hearses and Car
sieges furnished en short notice. °animas fa.
alined to funerals at alk
• ,•, -
, ,
( a rx 3i
' •
Consisting of . a fine line of Pins, Ear Bixiits,
Sleeve Buttons, Spiral Studs, Finger Bingo,
Charms, ac., InEstrusean, Moss Agate. Miran
tine, Topaz, Pearl, Garnet and many other
styles, just received,by
Wchild respectfully Info= hls friends and the
Public generally, that DL
Corner of Penn ands Sixth. Stre,ets.
mha •
Saratoga "A" Water.
Congress Water.
Kissingen Water.
&':., .&c,,
Corner Fourth' Avenue, acid
field street., '
TIONS., chemicals and Tnte
,014cerine §oap,
.* No. 80 6E4 Tif STBRET I „ Otte ;SU
thdrOlave lust received from Gni Earl the 'pest'
lot of 'New Goods for Spiing Sults ever Drought
to the market. The erre wirrant toint end At
and mate 'Clothes etiesPer and be *ter:l:heti any
house in this city. A new and spina.
did assortment of,6lCNTLE)i$N'ii 21711.10811.
Offii GOODB ire at; Ulu* to Dui found St this
-home. _Oar. Number ; 131XT13 wramST.