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NEWS BY'CAitlit.
; • tßy Telegiaph to the Rittatrargh 9144 e.)
i A pr il2o.- 2 A . meeting of ther
1 Federal Cotincil of the Zolverehl has
!wen Alle,defoxthe 28th inst.
• Apr il 20:-:-During a debate oh'
I._the_ mbe Educational bill, in the 'Bavarian.
Chars,,to-de,T, ,the, Prime Minister,'
Prince Rdhenlithe; made ` a 'rlitnaritable
apedch. After protesting against the'
V her aiMirdc..taltylpipty feeling whatever'
b*sld oration of questions concern
' ink the church, he proceeded to stigma.;
tine the encycilloial letter-of the Pope as
• contrary to the opirit,misthe age, tad es
one of the causes of the which
have arisen betweeif the church and the
state. • •
. •
Mannzn, • April W.—Senor .Fignerio,
the Minister of Finance, presented the
annual budget to the Constituent torten'
yestentaY afternoon. He purpoise to
effect a reform In the system of prokibi.
tory duties, after a period of six years, by •
gradually reducing such duties. He rec
ommends that the amount of the floating
debt hefuted by law at six hundred mil
-1 How #said The receipts of thesvern
silent for the current year -are es timated
2,00b,'000.000 reale. 'The Minister pro.
that the salt and tobaeco monopo
es benbolished in 187 d.
Pas's, April 20.--In the Corps Logic-
latit,zesterday, a Cliimesion arose con
, eornlog the duty on brandies exported
lathe ITnitodStates. A, reduction of the
present rates of duty was suguested and
urged,. en the ground that such a change
would be favorable alike to Frenck cote.
xnerrdal and American financial interest's:'
. —UsBoNi April 20:-The mail tdeainship
has'arrl.ved frOnd Rio Janeiro... The Para
pillktners ' - released by the' allies
at venire hact - rejcdned Lopez . The
Paragnavana made several very success.
ful.Zaida into the territory held by the
ilitosssis, April 20.—The 'trouble
among the miners st Mons has ended.
No further rioting is apprehended. The
) workmen announce that they are ready
Soo ieSurne work peacefully at a small ad
vance on the prices paid heretofore. '
L0wn0w,..,1 - 20.—1 n the - House of
I . Commons :this 'Morning the-bill intro
. duced by the Marquis of Clauricsurdey
regulating cases In - Ireland,:passed to
Feecond reading.
. .
Loxporr,. April 20 d7liten!rig.—Consoi6
Tor money, 933; - AcCounte, 93%. Five.
twenties quiet at 80%. Erie, 23; .1111nois
Central; 0634; Atlantic and Great Wes
'tern. 2831.; - .Stooks - - - steadY.; i 'Common
- • rosin 6s Al.' .TurPentine 13/hr M. Sugar
:89s on the spot, and 28e 9d afloat. Tallow
465. Linseed oil .630. Ss. •
ArtiwErtP, April - 'XL—Petroleum 5334
/Lavas, April 20.--Cottonon the spot,
tang; 1.4434L' •
FRANKFORT, April 20.-•rive-twentles
easier at 87i,t, ' • '
Mriztirbot., - 3•prif SO.—Cotton easier
but not quotably, lower; middling up
landsl2%d. Orleans 'l2%d. Sales 6,000
‘, bus California white wheat at 9s Hhi, red
western Ss Sd. Rohr 21S 6d. 'Corn 27s
•41d for new: • Oats 3s 3d. Barley sa.
Peas 395. • Pork 105 s. Beef 90s. Lard
sgs. .Cheese .818. • Baoan 625. Spirits
Petroldum 9d. refined ls 10d. Tallow 45s'
Tuipeatine 30s 9d®3ls. Linseed
icakes £9 15s®.E10.
PARIS, April 20.—Bourse dull. ltentes
`7l frirtim, 10 centimes.
f - 4 The• , Orange (New Jersey) carpenters
are r;in a strike for four.dollars per day.
' t 1
-.the Newark (New Jersey) cairn.
.!terti *lye, by striking, obtained 3,70 per
• 'day.—
. . .--lehn Lawler, one of , the proprietors
4:1 the Philadelphia Suaday Dispatch,
`widled Sunday evening.
- -- 1 7 James Hepburn, the well known
.•:inatnralist, died at Victoria, Vancouver's
;Island, on April 16th.
. -
ichard Naffiler was killed:at West
' bo rn, Mass., on Monday eveAing, by
;Thomas Keenan, in a quarrel. •
'• --Chaim Leman,. whti has occupied
;desk in the Dead Letter Office since '6l,
:has been appointed its Superintendent.
—4/crm f ) r• .*ltehelit ',the Inathemati
•Man,ldied at :Vasar Collegt/ .N. Y., late
Monday' afternoon, from general debility.
• —A Omaha dispatch says dens. Stone
_ -inan'and Saxton left for • San Francisco
yesterday. Their commands follow in a
few dap.
.:. '.
, L titaelentriil'lliCiiic willmaiek Biwa
ment Point with the track to-day. The
Union Pacific are laying from two to
~. three miles of track per,4ay ! "' ,
• : " :-- - The ; ode' of Kiwi oily against Gen.
Butler was argued yesterday in' the Erni- •
-- ',tad, . Sips • qui% Pauli, r at: Baltimore,
• umef Sip s
Cum presiding. • -
—A row of fotirteen dwellings,, at the
r 4 1 . 0,thiqf the Ekditiyll4ll2, mearminayunk,
wasi burned yesterday. They were
meetly occupied by railroad operatives.
—.772kr= Of Sacramento aria the ntral' Railroad Company are
. Erg eatensive , preparations to twits
. the completion of the Pacific Rail.
4.1' i- 4'ittfdamagetor the hail storm in the.
twastion Monday'afrernoon is variously ;
• Maeda frotutifenty to one hundred
'usanti dollars. The latter sum is
W Mott correct. ' - •
: '.:4 1 1431.- A. , ,Neleon, a clerk in the ern-
CYo.3ent Batt lie Equitable Life Insurance
nitailY New 'York, ' ha; been er
rata& orke - charge of 'etribezzling ;aOOO
his ehplpyers.
ler,or, Illinois has appoint-
Aden. George W. Stanford,
aaao R. Hitt, C. F. Ree.Yee,
'balm and. Peter Gates, of
Side Park Commissioners;
Branham, forinerly paper- ,
the Madison disisivn of the
-.747 •
• LirAwo
' - -
- - •
1 ".
Jefferson • Madison and ,
Railrinid;died'at'hts residence it Madison, Indiana,_ yesterday mill:ling
-Tito New York Assembly yeittein'AY
tabled the bill;relative, to - the Hudaon,'
Harlem and Erie Railroads,
and classi-4
fying the 'Directors so that one-flftkof
the Erie Directors shall go out ofoil/00
—Gold: diggings-late recently been
discovered near Mazatlan, Lower Cali
fonts, and have'attracted a large crowd
of people. Considerable gold has been
taken out, One lump cOntaining oue thou
sand dollars in 'gold,
—A complaint was made on lltatiaiv, at
.the Now. Mirk 'Mayeeit kfllce, by.
g. J. MdCraelcen against Dr. J. Waiter' '
Scott, Principal of the. New York Mail
cal Uvlveraity. The Com Plaint ;charges
Di'. soO4ANfith b eing 4 quack:
—The trial or, Wm. Abrams, for the
Young inuritor, L was , Joommenced in the
Criminal Wart at Indianapollegudiana,
yesterday. A',MOtion. being Made by
the pziscineg's *Anneal for a- change; of
yenue,l flartber ,Imarlagokair'postported
until Friday. .
—lt la fuilibred that the notorions
butcher-cart thief, Steve Boyle, also re
whined REP the iliard6rer ol the Michigan
Sheriff, slid ,who Was lately sent from
New York. to. the State prison in snob
delirious " haste, has escaped froM the
Clinton prison.
—A Dubuque ,(loara) dispatch sayaa
tornado Passed over thetipper - portion of
the city last Monday ()Toning, destroy
ing a large amount of property, earrying
away houses, taking off , roofs, &c. One
man, named: Brunie, 4wati . killed, and a
number injured.
—Crean 'Point mid Rentnck mines,
Nevada, have been opened and no indi
cation of firndiscovered. The water - Vie
risen pearly five . feet on a level,
and it will lake several* days to . over
.come it: The explorations so far denote
the actual dal/liege very alight, • "
—The SMOWICof the defalcation nf Mr.
Peek, the absconding New York ware, turns out to be much leas
than was at first announced. It is new
reduced. to $OO,OOO. The • warehpuse in
Braoklyn is now in tharge`of thirSheriff,
under as order of injunction made by
Judge Gilbert.
—The late heavy nine waisbed away an
embankment on the Toledo, Wabash
and Western Railroad. - between Spring
field and Decatur, Illinois, and the! trail
train running west on Tuesday morning
waslhrown 00W11 tile embankment. No
information has been received as to
'whether any one was hurt.
—The dead body or Christian Steaher,
a German, Who. disappeared three
weeks ago, was found on Monday_ in
Newark bay, New Jersey, and was idea.
titled by Mrs. Steaher. It bore marks ,of
violence, and Louis Blessman, who was
with the deceased when last seenalive,
has been arrested on suspicion.
week, a woman named Bridget"CleirrM
was assaulted with -et stove, poker in a
'drinking saloon by a ruen'tuuntal Darcy.
He drove the point of the poker into her
skull and she died from the effect of the
injuries on Sunday night last. Darcy
has fled. • '
—Recruiting is progressing rapidlyat
the Brooklyn Navy Yard. The report
that twenty vestals are to be made ready
for service 'is untrue. ' There are only
eight that could be made serviceable in
a few weeks, and the only one , that'is
actually preparing for sea is the practice
ship Sabine, *hich carries - thirtpsix
guns. ' "
—A fire occurred In New Albany, In
di/ina, early yesterday morning, which
destroyed a large two story frame build
ing and a one story house adjoinfmr, to
gether with thetreater portion of their
contents. Total loss $6,000, insurance
$2,800 In the North . American, of New
York, and .WO in the .Ohio Insurance
—The Minnie State Asylum for ,the
Blind, at Jacksonville, was burned to
the wound Tuesday morning: No
lives wore lost. The furniture; dec., were .
saved. The loss to the State is about
fifty thousand- dollars, with no insurance.
A new spot for its re-erection will proba
bly be secured, as the building was too
near . the track of the Toledo, Wabash
and Western Railroad.
' —Three weeks ago an old gentleman
named Austin, from Kentucky, passed
through Madison, Indiana, going to
North Madison. His horse was found
wandering on the hill next day, and on
Monday last the body of the old
gentleman was found in the hollow be.
low the pike. - He had fallen over the
embankment and had been lying there
dead for three weeks. He was intoxi
cated at the time. -
—For several weeks the Cubans in New
York city have been quietly but assid
uously working to aid their brother rev
olutionists in tho field by the shipment
of men, money and ammunition to, them.
Volunteering is going on very rapidly,
but quietly, and the recruits are prompt
ly forwarded in small detachments to:
Cuba. Very recently a full battery of
tield,artillery, completely equ)pped and
manned, was dispatched, and informa
tion has been received of its safe arrival.
The' New York Tammany Society
have elected the following ofileers:
W in.
M. 'Tweed, Grand Sachem, vice Gov.
Hoffman. . Sachems—A. Oakley. Hail;
Matthew L. Bremer', Immo Bell, John J.
Bradley Charles G. Cornell, Nathaniel
Jr.,Jarvis, ' Richard B. Connolly, E. B.::
Hart, George W. M'Lelan Jas. B. Melt
oleo°, Samuel B. Gcrvisi, Jas. Dowling
and Peter B. Sweeney: Air. Henry Van.
deverter was elected ,Treasurer; Wi eon'
&oaf. Secretary; .. George - W. Ro nik.
Sagamore. ' ••
x —John ht. Moriarty, ,President o the
Irish Republican Association of• Phil el
phis, bent the following, dispatch to en
ator Chandler: "Aeospt the thanks of
twenty thousand Irishmen, of Penneyi-
Tapia, who Tpted for Grant In November,
for your:.late speech on the. Alabama ,
claims. RetionstraCtion, .. resumption,
.11ourielhing manufactories, the restore,.
Lion of foreign trade r the extension ,of
territory. the" vindication' vittdication of 'stational
honor and the liberation: oflrelandirall
follow, hostrittiesegainat England."
—The . Cinainnall' ChaMber of . Corn•
merco has passed a resolutioti favoring the
bill before the:Ohio Legislature, gaining.
teeing free trade In money, and Appoint
ed a committee to Urge the mmsge of the
same. A. joint committee qf theßoard of
Trade, and Chamber of Commerce tdacilak
for Columba's 'to urge the passage of Wel
enabling. Cincinnati to aid the south ri
railroad connection . One plan, not' 1 . -
bidden by the Ormstilttition.risibr the
to build part of the road. Another-sails
give bonne to 101,14461 s for; building
She road. • - ' ' ' '
o oqmiveic M.
Senate , flessiilli-L ere - Oita' Ex
planation by' enator \
' R osa
Coneenang il it interview
With PresidenC Granit-La , t
AkitCili.Qt, N 4 :linina49ng , gent'
lri--li*ian tinigerliften - dontsr- c.
.411toilee to National , Banks-4
(By Tel to ttie Pitts 11171 t .1
. - W.MitiNeliCnis Ain ll2o i 1869 .' - 1
Immediately after the reading of the
journ a l, . Ron took the -door
and — reed; a lohg pommel explarta 7
thou, chegireterising the aunt of Idsi
hiterview:with the ,
.:Presidetlit as a geese
exagg.eratiOn, but devouncin3 thol t res"
ident's removal of vreii . ,,..from ' ofoe
ii th e e as 3r:w o e w tre etut apliardold to
avi . b n Y .
illation of his course during Pas t
year and said Ids future support r the .
.A:dministration &mild not As blind'. nor,
subservient. ..-
e Senate took npldr. Etilniturate'r;*,
soltltion,,fixing-the tittle or - adjournment
shitei die on fourchiloek.
debate ensued; in which Messrs.
t3unitner and Pomeroy 'thought they
could notget thrcmgh the • bintinetts .by.
that time; and :Messrs. Bdintmds and
Morrill expressed their Veils to. the.
cOntrary. • '
-The resolution passed with the modlil.
cation of .r.mitting the hour:
The Senate went into exereu*stission
and, subsequently adjmarned.:. — _-.
r Senatores, in his epees:grin thellen
ate to-day, said the stattunentsot his in
terview with the President were grerSaly
Incorrect anel.slanderous, and bad been
prompted, by parties interested in mann •
facturing public opinion against him, '
.who were witnesses to the interview. In
simple justice to the President, he felt it
his duty to say that on the occasion re
ferred to no word inocuisistent with the
strictest rules of propriety and decorum
were uttered by either parties to the 'in
terview. The interview was sought by
him, not for the Pnrpose of impo'rtnedzig
the President to appinntthistor that men:
He had never yet approached hlin
for that mareoee, and bad no design at'
present - of doing so. His object was to
protest against the sweeping removals
Rad Old RoPublicans _ State
nting- the interview be Wriazeitdoletted
and pained to hear from the President
the assertion,
that where any man had
held .office da ring thelast year and abed!,
it was presumptive evidence that he was
a Johnson man. He proofs:Wed at length
to criticise the removals, and appoint
ments that hyl been made his state.
A. portion of the delegation had '
, de
manded, and the President had conceded,-
the summary dismissal of Republican
office holders on mere charges - of want :
or fealty to the Republican party; which
charges the men making them knew, In
many instances, to be false and slander.
one. He chsfkred that of the new appoint-
manta scarcely one had been taken from
the soldiers who fought against the re
bellion, but in their stead men bad been
appointed who were skulkers in time of
danger and notoriously unfit for any
public charge.
Mr. Pomeroy briefly replied to his col
leage. Baying he was %ell satisfied with
the President and his Administration.
Ho saw nothing to complain of and noth
ing to censure. He argued that the
changes were demanded and would be
sanctioned by the people of Kansas.
The President to• day sent the following
• nominations to the Senate:
David A. Nunn, of Tennessee.Minlster
to Ecuador; C. N. Riots ' of Texas, Min
ister to Nicaragua; Jas. W. 8001, of Illi
nois; Secretary of Legation to Mexico;
Chas. P. Morrill, of Maine, Consul at
Berbeirs; Aaron Seely, of Now York,
Consul at Hesse Darmstadt; George A.
Hanghton, Supervising Inspector of
Steamboats for the Sixth District; Lewis
M. Burson, of. Indiana, Chief Justice of
Supreme Court, Montana; H. Richard-
SOD, of Maryland, Attorney for Montana;
.Gee. R. Maxwell, Superintendent of In
dian Affairs, New Blexico.
Postmasters: Miriam A. Leeds, Strouds
burg, Pa.; R. T. Dennison, Warren, Pa.;
Frank M. Eastman, Butler, Pa.; Wm.
Reck, Oreentille, Pa.; Jas. Moßgan,
Mercer, Pa.; Daniel Washabaugh, Bed
ford, Pa.; Ebenezer B. Radler, Bandits.
ky, Ohio. Wm. P. Wheeland, Milton, Pa.
F. S. Richards, Tenn., Consul at Leeds;
Chas:B. Branscomb, of Missouri, Consul
at Manchester; Jay T. Howard. Consul
at Leghorn; Jae. 14 Foley, of Kentucky,
Secretary.of Legation at Madrid.-
The name of General A. L. Russell, of
.-.nomineted Epeador,
Was withdrawn' to day from the Senate
at bla own special request.
TILE ,LAST 1141,T0g.,
The Presidefifto:asi sent to the Sen
ate the last batch.of nominations for the
present Executive session. He will pre
sent a few more names in place of nomi
nees wo mat be reiected, or withdrawn
by himself. About two, hundred num&
nations remain to , be noted upon.
The Senate to-day consldered the San
Juan treety, butnreached no conclusion
on the subject. riy,• ,
. •
The Comptroller Currency bee sent
tbd following to all the national banks:
. !in accordance 'with; the provision., of
an act of Congress, entitled. an act regu
lating , the report' of national Wink
alumciAtions. approved March id;
quireon are hereby- untitled and TO ,
to forward immedietelK to this
aloe,' on the toted' Ibrm of bleak fur.
ntabed for that purpose, a ,report of the
- 6oedition of your bank '
as shown by Ile.
books At this, close of busineas on the,
17th dayof April, 1869.
/ Very respectfully,
• - 1 4 ' " ' ' H. R. SITRLB17111:1 1 •
Comptroller of•Currengy,
310.947nurn trANSION.-
of visit
xirs,st the Execrative*on this marnr,
init; tke;donreflif the President's, odic;
being ' ' opted ' ;Welt. ' o'clock.
Those present availed themserves of the
opportunity of obttiuing interviews.
Among. those who had personal inter
views .were Senators Cattell, Hamlin,
Coleit Drake, Morton, ,Thayer, Schurz,
Create, Wilson, Fenton, Nya and Bore
man. Robert Lincoln also paid Ma re-.
spects to the President.
The Cabinet met at noon. All present
eicept glecrdtary Rorie.
issexusws IN PALESTINE. ,
- ,
Rabbi Sneersoluh In an interview with
the President - to-day.' asked him to.turn
his attention - to the deplorable condition
. of the ;Israelites in Palestine. who-pos.
sass no tiviter political rights whatever,
'and' ere' deprived of the protection bv,
representatives of civilized•natkitui vitfati
• the Christians' enjoy, and praying him
'to enable - MOM in :tile hour -ot need to,
seekesldez it refuge tinder7the dam end stripes.
Pr Grreplied , briefly,' but.:
courteOusly, , promising t&examine into
the:!_lruOteA and;, do what , be-could to grievances Which existed.
. 1:11 . 41:1M3 DISUILARGED. • ,` • I
About one hundred clerks so far have
,been discharged from the Third Audi
tor's:odic° and , forty new: appointments
made, two of whom are colored . inetf.
Oneis_Robert R. Douglass, son of •Fred
°rick: Douglass, and otherls James.
E. O'Hare, who was clerk in the North
Carolina Constitutional Convention..
he probability ls - that the Northern
Superintendent of Indian iffalrs will be
selected from the Prienda or Quakers of
Philadelphia; the Central thipbrintend
ent from those of Andiana, and the South
ern Superintendent from the same rellg
-lotus society of Baltiolore; i '. '
REviternit intone r AtirzaTtoit. -' •
the new Organize : lBn Of the Internal
v! , venue B ureau, which hits been under
•—".. ideration by the Commissioner and
, tisistantos' • went into effeok to-day.
lye ,
branches of the office are-
into - .three :prominent divisions.
mat 'Executive Committee of
the rr - =‘, League *Of America , which
; r u s iii,;;;; l i In Washington. will eon
at,,ther Nichol= Hotel, „New
Yorit;' en the Mk " Ju Ds'
Ern( viic rz t . ./ 44 Ustrim ,
o • tylettiem 9 at theappoiniment
otEetiof the'Xrege Wni
as intoieble to
Republican State 'Convention — vatiPro , lne
Court Judger—Dumage• by'.."itorns.
'CDT Telegrapb to the Ptlaburga Oizeive.f,
NAsFIVIraz, April 20.—Thae
r - ,
State Ccaventlon, called to norolnatePaxl
didates for Supreme Judges, nembkid'
bore to.dsy. The three diviai 'of the
dtate were represented, but of fttlly.
fieorge Andrew* Of East ennweSee,
Mai: McClain, or Middle Tenn #seo r M 2 02
Olvin Havikins, 'Of West ' raleirtie;
were nominated.. It was tho ght that 1
the present bench would tr.) u minated,
but Judge Andrews was the l only one
nominated. Hawkins, nominated in
place of Smith, was formerly a' member
of the Court. Judge Shackleford an
nounces his deterrninatien to run, not.
Withstanding the action of the Conven
' The storm last night did great, damage
to houses, fences, forests, Jr.c.. south and 1
southeast of this city. The rooils of
houses were taken off, wails blown
down, fences and trees -p:ostrat . The
telegraph suffered considerab le. The
storm extended as far as hats ooga.
My Ti egrsph to the ritubargb Gazet e. 3
Ela.vesA, April. 20.---The Di rio an
nounces that the . insurgents aro closely
besieging Trinidad, and have od' all
communication with the 1 town on the
land side. Troops het) been dispatched
from Cienfuegos .to relieve Trinidad.
The same paper reports that one thou
sand insurgents were attacked, and -de
feated by one hundred and fifty volun
teers. '
Reports continue to be received of the
burning of plantations by the rebels.
The Aballi estate, near Matanzas, is
among those recently destroyed.
It is rumored- that a steamer from Nas
sau has landed a cargo of arms and am
munition for the rebels at Puerto Sarnia,
on the northern coast of the Eastern De
IrCITUIC Storm, at ladiallapollS—LOSa of
My Tete/Kai* to the Pittsburgh (Duette.)
INDIANAPOLIS, April 20.—About nine
o'clock last night a terrific rain and hail
storm, accompanied" by wind and light
ning, passed over this city. The Indiana
Central Railroad• freight depot was blown
down, and a number of other buildings
unroofed. The watchman of the Central
depot,•AllenalcOutcheon, was killed,and
several < other, employes seriously in
Rev. Satuttal Dation. Unlversalist•Min
later, of Utica, New York, who was pas.'
sing the dope& at the time of the accident,
took shelter in ' the depot, — and was
very seriously' if' not fatally Injured
The telegraph lines in the city, were all
prostrated, but meet °or them have been
repaired and communication resumed..
The injuries of Rev. D. Belleau are not
so serious as at first supposed, and is,
now thought he.wlU recover.
• ,
'the /11inels Legislature.
L 137 Telegraph to the Pittsburgh Gasatte.l _
CHICAGO, April 20.—The Illinois San?
ate met at Springfield this morning,i,
pursuance of adjournment, and after owl
firming the Commissioners appointed to ,
the Cliovernor,on Saturday to locate he
Horthern Illinois Hospital for the I a,-
refusing to confirm the 00 0213111u11012
to locate the Southern Illitiolarent
tiary.;Pasalbgieveral Pills ovar 'the Go ,.
snot a veto, passing complimentary. 'rep.;
cautions to the Speaker, and ilatetling,to
a apPeimin reply";from him, adjourned
/buil:Re. • „,.-
The House Ihe same hour but
1 a tribrutn nokl/itinkti•asent busineat
waadone, savAl Impintoomplimentary .
reggrations to the Vier* .
• Igatianiai WWlY i Sgbeel 6OttVgittleis;• •
opsTsiegritub to the Pittsburgh Gazette'. itor , '
Pnitanalaista • Ap ril ' The Ex
*tithe Committee, 4 : l which George IL
klttuoVis:-ohairmani we completing ar ,
irongianual for • great National Sunday :
1 3 9/ 1 91 707(5 41 9, bp:AN& at New
ar N . on the V h inot.
B4s.LTlmpliE., z
The Case of Kitubelay vs; B. F. Butler.
(By Teleantah to the ?Mehl/rahGazette.)
BALTIMORE, April 20,11211 e :case of
Kimberly against Butler, in the bolted
States Court to-day, Chief ~Tdstlee Chase
presiding; the same questions were at is;
sue as before the Supplier Court or Balti
more city, namely, the fieedom from
arrest of a methber of Congresa, and
whether a writ in a civil snit -amounts to
an arrest. This point this, morning was
argued on demurrer to this plea ha abate
ment. - At the conclusion er the argu
mentthe Court meryed,its %Moisten un
'fir to4norrow morning, but intimated the
'case %vide go on. A plea or .
under an act of Ccmgresg 0r1863, that the,
cause Of.ailtion had not _ aocsued }within ,
two yeare before the: auk' was 'brought,
was next: demtirred4ol by plaintiffs, and
After armament the cletnerrer:Wse over- .
ruled: The plaintiffs then filed a apecialA
replication that the' hand(' of latiew.iage
not within the description of oases men
tioned In the act of,- Congiesa.lrfend
ante demutred to this repircation Gen
'oral ißn tier opened the; argiathent on :the
demurrer, and, was Mr. Ad
dison. {. The Court ad j ourned until to
morrow morning. : :
Federal Appointments lirfian Frincisco.
ts7,Telegraoh to the Pttteburgh tGazette.? ,
f SAN FRAticrsco,' April 20.—The pro
',posed change of officiate, of •the branch
mint in this city creates indigngtiori in
the business community.. Nearly all the
prinCipal Hauliers and bilitinesis m en
unite in telegraphing Washington,
protesting against _ , the .removal' of the
1 present t Malang officers. Tbii"changgia
velvet; a anstienello •of the -mint ', opera-
Lions for for several Weeks.; and have
'damaging effect on , financial transedtiond .
'generally' The 'nominatiOn of iD. W.
131taestnatt, as Sib-Treasurer, la regs t rded,
,unfavorably. A ton protest 110 beell
' l tEiregrapited to. Washington urging his
rejection by the &nate.'
Tbe Storm at LeabisiHe.
Telqrs ß b to the .Piershurthoarorkte.l
Lcirrravin - tn; April 46.—=The atorld last
,ssightsra4 very savers., being acoomprm
led by lightning and- volurnairof rain,
&Wend trestles ,along the lines of
roadirleading 'Muth of 'this' city • were.
partly washed:awaY. A• - train of four
freight oars was wrecked • nearl Paris,
Tenn., • but no loss of llfsomirreel. 'rife
dim** Will be Imniodiarely repaired.
In thM city the damage, if any occurred,
Is" very alight.
Flood in,qmada.
ST Teierrapp tc!iiie.ritieborka Gazette.]
Molvrimar., April 19.-. The lie has
moved otit of the Chateatikay river and.
lake. The fita Lawrence rose from thirty:
eat on Saturday to-fortyitwo feet today.
The Iciwei, part of Grittlntown is flooded,
ant much aharetafts'anticfpged.
.!..m.rrattEr4 Cattadailittil '21l;-`43xt-
Alflcgain stonni:ppievalltki ,betelfluodey
Thefeountry ii_covered with wa
ter. The damage ill`very great.-
—Two persons were arrested in a dis- reputable house,: in Quincy, Tllitiols,
Monday night, on silsPiplorr beingthe
robbers of the, messengers of the United,
States Express, near Mount Sterling,' on
Friday night last.' On one of the men ar
rested was found two thousand` dollars,
supposed unds to he a partion of the,mitemg
f. •
For the year ending first of Aprll,lBB9,
'the sales of mannfacturers, in the First
Ohio District, were twenty - six million
dollars, reported to the Assessor of Inter
nal Revenue. Sixty-nine manufacturers
sold over'one hundred thousand dollars
of manufactured goods each.
—.l'he New York Evening Post. says it
is Understood the . French Atlantic Cable
will be landed at Capaldav,'N. J., under
authority granted , by the Legislature at ,
the last session. A company was organ
ized at Camden, last Saturday, to mop
orate with tho French company.
Markets by Telegrapk.
' 7.CEIN ORLEANS, April 20.—Ootton easy;
middling at 240; sales 1,700 bales; re
mints 2,180; bales; exports 2,224 bales.
Gold at 184. Exchange. Sterling at
445.. C. New York Sight. 34:0 premium:
Sugar firmer, viltn, sales common at 9(a3
No, and prime .at , 14. Molasses firm at
.50@55; prime retailed at 72. Flour dull
and depressed, with sales superfine at
$5,70, double extra at 16,12, and treble
extra at 0159
• Corn—white at 78©77.
Oats quiet at 74. Bran at $1,40..
Hay tirtn; prime at 28. Pork nominal
at $32. Bacon firmer; shoulderA at 13, 1 5,
sides at 171/ 4 0173i. Lard dull:With sales'
dere° at 180119, keg at 19X©2034.
,kyr-western reedited at 87®95; holders
asking an advance.
_Coffee stiffer; fair
_ .
at 151 i; prime at 1734'.:'
, .
CniCAno, April 20,1 •Atopenboard In
the atternoon.wheat was Moderately ; ac
tive and tirm„No. 2 selling at 51,03011,.0-1
on the . .,spot; . and ' 1 1,010466,, . sellers 'ibi
May, Cosine) at the - ontside 'figuree.
Other grainh nominally unchanged. In
tho,evening wheat, - closed..firm at 11,04
cash. Provisions eglected. Beef cattle'
dull and weakr receipts-=reached &248
head; , sales 1,628 head'Vl 6 , 2 6(4B ibr light,
to extra choice shipping. beeves. HogS
'dill!, closing weak with eri'npward ten
dency; receipts, 2,688 . head;' sales at 19,25
®lO for common; 119,70®9,80 for good to
,110(410,117 1 r4 , for clkolcse to extra:
, ..
BOPFALO, Apri l 2o:-;-FlOUr; spring bile
better request, , bUt i OS Selekwere lima
atlB®6,2Eefor oltygecam4 spring, : 'WO t,
is duli, With sales of That s white pane a'
at .81035 - delivered'..' Cern is dull; arid'
seams,' Wittetislee of 'ss films..
on ' track, at 764 ' to 'roil*, l
and'7Bo on
spot:- Oats neglected, ' Rye is nominal.
Barley I. MAI,. with sales of '2 Care vans:' da ' at, 8 1 , 9 Vdelivered:n Seeds are Arta
with a moderate activity In Timothy:
PorktLard and , '-. l l l ghWines are dull and'
9..„ . .AtignanMEr APB 200—Oat& 3farket4..
TrPser l a ittlelartqlllre4oll/10%; . 220 boleti.
prices Bpzn on best grOespomemall• cat-'
4 ite
fie there,was:ati advance, of et. magi la
1110 ` ,25 (i1 14 , 7 $1brelitia. 'll2, 476 fJ
first'iinitlity,,' it1i11,160@11,76 ;wound
quality. ' -Sheep • ant ,', l iiiittatrecelPtdi"
2,978 head: Market"' fair; 'with' a supplrr
of nearly double that of last week; sal* :
at 4 3(4e8 W.- , . _
Bart FliastoienO. ADill 20.-..Flonr dull
et ' , 84;5038,50. Wheat; 11,55 tvaa Abe
highest Bgure for choice Leg al TasgalTendere.
zioietroitht, April 20.—Cotton is gnlet
and salei t r o ere Made of middlings at
250; mid d ordinary', at244024,1c ' . ; The ,
stook on andamonnts to 5,500 bales. -1
HavartecAm2l 2 1 1.--Bnigaraides.,
at 83099 realm for No. 12. , . I
Hotel Robbery 7'4e Robber Captured.
Monday night or yesterdayinorning a
robbery, was perpetrated at the St. Clair
Eretid, tinder circumstances, vkh led
to the. conclusion that 'the PJrpetrator
Was a guest at the , establlshihent, and
. _
f naeastnes. were ,taltenfil secure
bin arrest, w.hich re are pima& state,
proved suessissful lt , It„appeaßogutt the
room' of , the , bar, heepet? - at.'Lue hotel,
Mark burkin, was - entered by; aid of
a pall' e door having
biteti'lookod:fro)ololpsido'.an the key -
left in the-lock, and aeiiver watch 'Worth
forty.dollars, atpair,of gold sleeve but
tone a:ate-della- hill and two' fifty cent
notes of fractional currency taken. Room
No. 61i-widen-Wag notifipled by Madame
and;hari danglater r e dansease,
*he arrived Ili the, eit,y ) _Saturday, was
rebel entered:in thent
aae - Way, and a pla
tine:welch mnithtins hundred dollars, a
gold locket and chain wortity -dol
lars, and a pair of
_ear-ringsMade of two
%doll& arilra halrgold Illemargilractad-
This room had likewisanddri/ I ed oft
the Inside and, the. hey, 41,1 the:lock, ,\
and' upon enanfitittiit thettite yesterday
morning the marka - 4ff ;tie- otititaiders"
were plainly vtaible ,npon, A . hem An
other boarder in the hotel, at an early
hour yesterdlYinorning,heardinme one
workingat hiaxioor, and attergetting hia
revolver he Opened the door 4 and saw a
man pass dotvia' the hall hastily &id enter
a'-Whioh -Was nee:opted- by William
Howard, a atranCer in the eitYl who had
been inopplug at. the hotel for three or
four days. - Chief' of - PdllCe Hague was
notlfied - orthe affair; and atterahearing
:the facts,accomparded byaeveral mem—
bers of the detective force, proceeded to
the beteg anudd tusOertithibig ' the 'MOM
occupied by Hewardirepaired to the door -,:
and knockech..Xinward inked what Met
He did' not open the dearlininediately,
ghat. kept them •_waiting - for 4 -tirenty or
thirty minutes t during:which time they
ieind - theWindO*At the bac,k of, his roofs
' aVid alOae; Mir 'Which the door wall:,
opened. Howard was the only person
foundin,fthe, , roona.:::;He 'Was searched
bnt'xione of the stolen propertycsave the.
t*n &liars' taken --Rom'the'halseeper's
roam, was found in his mites/lion. A
,pair af,"ousiders", were found , over the
wilidov in the mon] ' where, it leevktOt,
they had' been planed by Howaid. he
room was then searched, but' none of the
stolen Property discovered...-The window
vasloisted, and, lying on the root of an
adjoining building, which-wal bat a few
feet from the windcavixwere.the watches
and other articles-we have-ldready des
cribed.' • •
nowaid . , Was then 'conducted- to the
Mayor's office, where.Chiefliague made
two informations %Nine" him, charging
' Min with robber*, and eller a pearivg he
- was cointratted tb stl n aefaniChfpi,ooe
bail In each cue 3dr.;ll.ppearsnce at
Itoward; tt ap ,is from Chicago,,
end be:states that, this is his - lisat+vhdt to -
this city. The , prospect for azi , mctended
one is quite flatseyng.
Trouble Anieng,Ainegheny ..F.tremen—
Friend!item Fire. Company .j . Dis
bandment—Fervor Apparatus *eked—
:: proluibtlity'orn litiorgazilistlen.
:In Monday morning's issue we stated
some trouble had arisen einem themem
bero of the-Friendship- Row Company of
Allegheny, which ,weeldlikely lead to -44 * 3 -•.",
, .
the disbanding of the. organization: Sob- -
sequently the matter,was• brought up ate
- .. _
a meeting of the, Committee on Fire ,
Engines and Some, of Ina City Cannella,
at which•it was slated the Company was
comPletelY demo r a lized , and could not.
be ,retied ' upon for - service hereafter.
The`Committee accordingly instructed.
Captain. Crow, of the ,Allegheny Tiollea
form, to proceed to the engine - house, and
take possession of the same. Captain
Crow proceilded te. follow out bieliastrue
lions, but wben l he arrived at the Engine.
House onlleaver street - ho found , it de
deserted, thd members having, it seems,
received 'entice of bis coming, and hay
ingatindoned the place,takinvyith them
thenew hose 'carriage wonat the, Monti
, Mental Fair, togetheewith -the greater
portion of , the ,esnipments. of the com
pany, leaving notb3ng r but the old, hose
carriage, the horse- and 'the' hose. This
°centred late lin Monday, night. • ,
Yesterday an attempt was made to re
orginiiellieVorripariy,liut witbetit avail.
It seems tberpartiea leating have threat
ened dire 4engeaace , upon may 'persona •
taking possessicua of the house min fire •
ethiltiany,'whieh threats have hail their
influence 'upon those . endeavoring to•
effect , a reoruanizatima. It la said the
Whole trouble origlnated,, and has thus,
far been kept up by i 'Very simaltlninor
. ity Of ttiErmemtiens,. abotit. nine out pt
sixty. Some , of,,theao-, : nine, however,
have' heiel.ofOre - ban arnong, the most.
'active ineinbere.c ;They claim the prop
erty taken away as theirs", they jaavirig
secured ,the, money by ;which it In&
prcnaurecV, The' Votiontte, contend. •
on' the c..tottier, luta* '::that'l la. the Wait, eontiAtioted by .tbe elti
niVs orthe *Oral; do preberlY - certain-1r
belongs to ,the City • Fire Departhaent. It
isquite probable, hoarse - sr, that no legal .
trouble will ensue on this:point,* there.
is an tholont - apparatus' for an organised
'Ci.itopany to , plo. itninedlittely into ser
vice. Tnat carried ottl wae:mOregbr or
nament, than use. , ,Wheri.. last heard
front'` the fancy hbaneitrlage tap, was
on the Per Plink) Rea& about •
Biztfen.ndley.Aor4#LB , eity• le,citlerge or
Iliei tire bolters who nailattacbedaborse
to it and *eke , still , diiiinkitheW. It to
probableithewholematter . will be bald In
abeyance , until . the. ;next , meephag of
Cduucils, ' when" dethilto. - actleti Wlll be
tak e n. _ , .:::-..4 . .e. • 1 :., , ,:1
• ,` A Serenade '
ittai l evettihg T liallY"ot men as. *
Second street, Alleggeny, in .
nt of a houhe beenpted frisnpd
who had•=just" mit 4 ed into h ymen
bonds far the -pCrpOse otisertinading him.
Their instruminaccitmtudi3 Consisted or:
tinatprue,,, cow beys and tin paw which,.
When operated ti . pon, at - oboe produced IA
sound startling In the highest 'degree to
the entire.neW,lborhood. , The nerves of
a policeman on,that beat being shattered
witli - the muslo,-he,ln a frenzy o ftervotts
excitement, seized upon two of. the , sere
nade:eland ceaveyea them t 4 the
or's office, when a nine of three dollars
was `i mposed upon_ each, disturbing ,
the pub ic peace. TAN ended the MOM.