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TRIS GAZETTE is furnished in the city
She six days of the week for . 15 cents pep
week ; by mail, IS per annum, : 3 mos. $2.
The attention of the stockholders of
the Keystone Rink . is called to a notice in
...4' another column.
.:': 1. ...._.......__-_____
Is'A,;_4.4. sharpsburg. -- The Firit :),tethodist,
!-.,A Church of 'this place has secured the
..1.147 t ,1).,
passage of an act by the Legislature au
`;;s4v.:.... thorizing them to remove the dead bodies
• E-.i: Interred in their church lot, In view of
"-'l%._aking so e desirable improvements.
''''t , -4- -- . - "3 -
Dec i u i r i ccourt._in •
- Ot: '' ' U. S. the U. S.
, strict rt, yesterday morning, on
W,,,...f4",-- tion of .A. Stewart, Esq., Mesta's.
:`,7 - 44,. _ ' - .1!. Laird/ and A. M. Ftilton, of Greens
. , 'i-' - l ',i,-=' , _vs were !duly admitted and swornto
. i , ' , •:',,(' . ein ithe U. S. Courts. No other
nips of public importance was trans
''.' - 1 4611,.. - '
et_ .
1 air now in progress in the M. E.
ellthiitch, Temperanceville, will be con
tinued every evening until Saturday,
April 24th. The prooeeds will be used in
-remodeling the church. Friends of the
cfiurch and aThothers who wish to help
the cause are respectfully invited to at
-' The sealed - votea on the child's carriage
land doll will close on Saturday evening,
April 17th.
Fastilomfale Announcement. —Ladies
still bear in mind that this morning
:Bates &Sell, dry goods dealers, No. 21
Fifth avenue, will open for exhibition
and sale A fine collection of black silk
dresses, walking snits, white linen sea
shore snits, elegant mantles, coats and
Barques, directly imported from France.
The styles are very neat and beautiful,
and all are invited to call in and examin e nothing prettier has over been
seen in this market.
French ' : Suits fur Madles.--Messrs.
'Bates at; Bell, No. 21 Fifth avenue, have
just received a direct importation of. la
dies' black silk suits, street dresses,
white linen suits, - sacques and - walking
, coats, which wiltbe opened this morning
for sale. These are . direct from . Paris,
the capital of the fashionable world, and
are something so stylish and beautiful
that they must fill the idea of the most
'fastidious of our lady' friends. Call in
and see the erposition, whether you de
-sire to purchase or not, and take advant
age of the lesson of ' good. taste fresh
from theFrepok dressmaker&
Where to be Found.
I take this method of informing my
many friends who are in want crf suitable
' clothing fitir Spring and Summer wear,
to come and seo me at the elegant and
_fashionable' Tailoring establishment of
Mr. „Henry Sutmeyer, No. 127 Federal
street, Allegheny City, where I warrant
to suit, my numerous friends in every
particular.. - -M. C. BURKE,
Late Caner at No. 118 Market street.
merlons Charge.
Mr. 8. T. Paisley. Superintendent of
the Fire baacni and Police Telegraph,
made information before the Mayor yes
terday, charging William Cassidy with
tanavering with and breaking a tire
alarm box. It is alleged that the accused
maliciously broke and destroyed box 71,
situated at the corner of Penn and But
ler streets,in the Fifteenth ward. The
charge, owing to the li on the pen
alty,_which in case of convi is a fine
of five), hundred dollars and imprison
ment for two years, both or either at the
discretfins of the . Court, Is a serious one.
A waassidy. ran
was issued for the arrest of
A Deci ded Advantage.
The very best lard in this market is
that mannfactured, pure, clear and clean,
by theleirated old packing house of .
Proctor Gamble, Cincinnati, which is
put up in patent caddies, convenient to
consumers, in three, five and ten pound
Packages. - By this system the lard is
kept cleaner, without any waste what
ever, and dealers experience no loss, in
weighing out as they do in taking from
kegs and tierces. Every caddy is fall
- weight, warranted, and of the very best
quality. The first-class and highly re
isponsible Pittsbuh liah
Dickey 4t.Co. are the rg solehouse
agents of
for s this
-• lard, in this city, to whom dealers should
.address their orders.
Put 11Loa Of/.
James J. Saxton made infortnation be
fore Alderman McMasters yesterday.
against A. Eberhart for aasadit and bat
tery. Eberhart is one of the bossea at the
Manchester passenger car stables, and
was riding in one of the cars yesterday,
in which Saxton was also seated. Saxton
alleges he paid his fare once while cross
ing the Sulipension bridge, and was again
asked for it when the car had reached
Beaver avenue, Sixth ward, Allegheny.
He states he insisted upon having paid
it, and a difficulty accordingly ensued
between him and the conductor, when
Eberhart interfered and put him off the
car, handling him roughly in the Opera
tion. A warrant was issued for the ar
rest of Eberlutrt.
Interesting Presentation.
Mr. H. M. Butler; the popular Depot
"Motu at the Union Depot,was last even
ing presented with a valuable gold
watch by his railroad and other friends.
The presentation took place at the Su
perintendent's offlce, at the Union De
pot. There were a large number of the
friends of. Mr. Butler present, and an or
ganization was had by electing Mr.
French President,' and Messrs, B.
Ramsey and J. Stevens Vice pro s ,
ldents. Walter Kirkpatrick, y.,
made the presentation speech, and very
happily refbrred Witted Itindly relations
which had ever ebetween the don.
ors and the, recipient.'terms Mr. Butler re
sponded in aroprite re
In pp
feeling 'manner a to the k i nd n ess n
of g
his friends, so substantially made mani
fest on the occasion. The watch is of the
most valuable character and was gotten
Alp by W. G. Dimseatit, Fifth avenue.
Fire• Department Matters.
The ,Coinicil Committee on y Fite En
gines and tfose, at a meeting last even
ing, cozuddered the matter of purchasing
horses foi. the new 'hook and, ladder
truck, located on Seventh avenue, and
approved 'the' action' of a sztb.committee
in pnrchmin_ At the Neptune horses and
/anew fdr WO. A warrant was ordered
for the amount.
Warrants were also ordered in - favor of
Holtzmazirt Weiderbolt for 163.80; Dan;
ler, Close dr Co., 84; Robert Herron,
18.42; S. Hare dc Son, 83 : 50.
The following were also adopted.
Resolved, That the Chief Engineer be
directed to take an invoice of all the pro.,
perry in the old
—ngine M USet Seventh
Resoived, That the Committee on pur
chasing a team for the Niagara, b e au .
thorized to purchase the Neptune Reel.
providi3d they can get it for the sum of
3150, and that said,Reel be placed in the
;Engine House on Seventh avenue.
• 'roe Ceidlagration Continnes-Another
ITan EzPiodes- 1 -linother Man Re.
narge4,...No Atdditienal Dam
age to Surrou - n:"E_Froperty-The
Loss Estimated at er.... 0 , 000 - - . - -Pisur"
ance $83,730.
The great oil conflagration at Fit:ray 70.
Brothers Oil Works, previous aCcoun
Or which we have published, was sti 1
raging last night,• and, as we stat
in our report of the disaster yesterday,
will probably continue until every parti
cle of oil in the tanks already reported
on fire has been oonsumed., . Since our
last account of the fire there have
been but few Additional incident - 3 tr ans .
airing worthrof note. The DB in the
tanks mentioned continued to burn
without rAny abatement or •perceptillie
' change until about six o'clock yesterday
morning, when the large tank, which
had caught lire the evening previous,
bursted, and the burning oil was spread
in a sheet of fltunu:all over that portion`
which We described Yesterday, doing no
serious damage, however, as everything
ofo a perishable nature had been con
Thursday. During the remainder
of the day the fire continued without
the oncurretice of anything worthy of
A r'epor't was current that a roan had
been burned to death in the barrel house
out Thursday, but it was not credited. It
was stated ttat several men, who were
rutoxicated, had gone into the barrel
hour:tonna laid down, and when It be
came evident that it could not be saved
from thelury of the flames, their friends
rushed in and rescued all butone of the
drunken party, and he refusedito come
out. It vas only a iumor, however, as
we were unable to find any person who
had seen the man in the barrel house.
Nothing definite has been ascertained
relative to the remains of the man found
on Thursday.
It is not apprehended that the fire will
spread any further, or that there will be
any further destruction of property.
The entire loss in consequence of the
disaster, is estimated at $250,000, upon
,Which there is but 883,750 insurance.
' Forsythe' Brothers' loss will not fall
short of t i . ^ .25,000, upon which they have.
an insurance of $69,500, as follows:
an refined oil:
.Norib American, of Hartford ...... $2,3,3
Pa t n a m
f A:500
• Peoplea
• 2.500
%AllegnellY ' •\
: No
Total .... ........ . ... lOn 01l and tarreis m brick warocei Xl3OOO
North American srt'oM
• • 112,ts
X furors.
"Cush— .................. ....... 2.R0-
ot . ...
to t ar. On T
crude ollin tar.
nternattona/ .... , ....
Commerce, of einane
Niagara '
ea5h.......... ..........
Enterprise. of : Cincinnati
Total ........ ........
On empty barrels In barrel bonen:
n'aablngton, of few 1 ort 111,500
5t0r........ ......... . . ........ :0)
Ichttgara. t.
On frame building: •
Brick building:
On brick dwelling house:
Putnam... ..............
Connecticut........... .. ... ...
Grand ,
total. w.
Those marked are Pittsburgh tioaapauies.
The lose at the "Clara" Oil 7'orks,
Messrs. Bartley, Jagerroan & Co will
not be Very heavy. and is covered by in
surance as follows:
On works'
L neuter..
Oiatmpts iure!,
Bum.. ............. .....
On rained o_,ll
Enterprise. or Cincinnati
Total ... . .......
The only, loss sustained by Herm sl4 an,
Koehler At Co. was the destruction of a
crude oil tank, upon which there was the
following insultance: Etna, $112,50; Al
bany, $112,50; Total, 5225,00.
Very Latest.
The alarm of fire sounded from box 75,
at one o'clock A. st., was occasioned by
the renewed violeht demonstration of
the fiery element. The oil in the six
thousand barrel tank, which was burn
ing during the day, at midnight reached
the deposit of water on the bottom,when
the steam, generated by the in
tense heat, caused the flames to
burst out in renewed fury, reaching
three hundred feet toward the heavens.
The double two-story frame dwelling,
occupied by German workmen employed
at the refinery, and owned by Mr.
H. Schneider, took fire and had to be
torn down by Hook and Ladder Coin.pany No. 1, to save tho Franklin
adjacent. The sight presented our
reporter at that hour this morning Was
truly grand and magnificent. Fora mile
around the scene of the fire everything
was plainly discernible, and the heavens
were red as blood in the bright glare. The
tire, it is thought, has exhausted Itself
and will do no more damage. Earth
works in the form of Nib-pits have been
thrown up ma either side oftho five acres
of ground already devastated, and will
serve to check the progress of the flames.
The Standard Oil Refinery was in Immi
nent danger this morning, but owing to
precautions adopted, no alarm need be
manifested for its safet night , ad
ditional amount lost las we shotld
not be surprised should the aggregate
closely approximate three hundred thou
sand dollars, if note much larger suns.
othThe Duquesne, •Niagara, Vigilant and
er engines were on the ground, work
g industriously, when our reporter left
at two o'clock this morning. A slight
wind was blowing westward, which is a
favorable sign, as all the property in
that direction has Nam destroyed.
Allegheny Pair.
A Pair le now in progress in Berherst's
Hall e
Sanduaky street, near the West
Pen Railroad
crossing, Allegheny, un
der the charge of the. adles of St.
Peters church. ManY elegant and valu
able articles are offered- liar chanes.
There are life-like portralte in oil of
Right Rev. Bishop Mullen, of Erie, and
the late Father Stiebiei, of Allegheny.
Among the prizes to be voted are a fine
blooded' horse to the are receiving
the highest number of votes; a gold
headed cane to the moat popular Coun
oilnum: an easy chair to the most
lar Alderman et the two cities; pnpn•
gent' revolver - to the most efficient lice pp.
officer of Allegheny; a gold chain to
the moat popular railrord engineer; It
silver, pitcher ' goblet and , salvor to he
contested for by the brewers: a net of
harness to the most popular livery stable
The hail is handsomely decorated and
a brain' band Is in regular attendance:
while everything else is done to ,render
the place attractive. - If our readers wish
to spend pleaSant evening they will
visit the Fair, and we assure them they
will have enjoyment repeat the
, .
. .
• • -
- - - • -4- -
-APRIL 17, 18(Ift
Fire at the House of Refuge
thin of Workshops--Er estrus'.'
$l6 000
. ..dilated Loss
Last evening, af - -
, - 41 rlinintites before six
;louse of,
.acinselspach gardner at the
R e f,.
Ige, noticed fire issuing
treh l the roof of (P.m of the side b uildi ngs
and wio , s wh•-e- was_ boa ted the cooper -shop,
.p man'afactory. He at once gave
'alarm wilich summoned the officers
er the institution. and caused an exam.
ination of the premises.
The sting in which the fire was discov
ered was a two story brick edifice, lees
ted on the eastern side of and connected
with the main building by a platform,,
constructed from the second- flours
across an intervening space of about
twenty feet. The lower floor was occu
pwhd as a 000 per shop, and the tipper ae a
p manufactory. Neither of these
were managed by the officers of the
Refuge, although the male inmates of
the House were employed in them.
The cooper shop was controlled by
Messrs. R. T. Kennedy & Brother, pro
prietors of the Pearl Steam Mill, Alle
gheny. The whip factory was under the
supervision of Messrs. Weaver, Bardall
dt Co. Both of these firms paid-the
Refuge for the time employed by the
When the officers of the Refuge entered
the whip factory, they discovered the
flames to be raging fiercely between the
ceiling and rafters, but supposing it
possible to subdue the flames -with the
'force at their disposal, they did not im
mediately summon the Fire Depart.;
rums. They , commenced with the hose,
kept on hand for an emergency, and
the buckets; but atter working
about fifteen minutes, and find
ing the flames increasing, telegraphed
for assistance to Allegheny and were
answered by the entire Fire Department,
in about twenty minutes: The engines
were compelled to draw water from the
river, there being no other water feel!-
' ties., The arrival of the firemen was very
' opportune, s the fire began to spread
towards the main building, It was
however prevented extending in that
direction by the demolition of the
connecting platform and the prompt ex
ertions of the firemen in directing two
streams of water upon that 'side of the
burning building. Before the flames
filled the interior of the shops a por
tion of the , stock was removed from the
coopering establishnient, but none could •
be secured from the, whip factory. The
fire continued to burn for over two hours,
and resulted in the total destruction of
the wing in which it originated and al
most the entire contents.
The loss of Messls. Kennedy & Bro. is
estimated at 11,500, upon which, we are
inforrued,t here was no insurance. Messrs,
Weaver Co. will lose probably 12,500,
consisting principally of finished work.
They were not Insured. The building
when constructed, about five years since,
cost $12,000, and as it was totally de
stroyed,nothing but a portion of the walls
remaining, the Refuge will lose this
amount. This is, however, about, if no;
altogether, covered by in.suranee. We
could not learn the exact figures or the
Company. Great credit is duo the fire.
men for the manner in which they
discharged their duties. Had it not been
for their promptness and energetic labors
doubtless the entire Refuge Weald are
been destroyed. The fire . is sup dto
have originated from ade In the
smoke stack built up from the cooper
shop, through the whip factoryand roof.
A few days since this stack was covered
with a spark arrestor, to provide against
fire"from this cause, but the anpposition
Is that the stack had became heated near
the rafters and set them on fire, which
had been smouldering for several days.
There had been no fire in either shop for
nearly two hours previous to the confla
gration, the boys having quit work at
four o'clock.
At the time of the alarm, the male in
mates of the Refuge, one hundred and
sixty-seven in all, were out on their
play ground. Notwithstanding the ex
citement, however, they remained quiet,
evincing no signs of insubordination and
were taken into their appropriate rooms
in the usual manner, as though no ex
citement at all existed. The gates were
necessarily thrown open, but though
evory opportunity for an escape was thus
afforded, all the inmates were true to the
confidence reposed in them. Some of the
most trustworthy were engaged in ex
tinguishing the fire, and labored as hear
tily as though their own houses were
were being destroyed Circumstances
like these, speak wl the discipline
of the institution.
We are indebted to the obliging Super
intendent, Rev. Avery and the gentle
manly Clerk end Librarian of the Refuge,
Mr. J. M. Bogga, for their kindness in
furnishing every information in relation
to the affair.
$lO MO
(X , O
5 4 .000
2. Crio
2 50t
2 5(6
11{30. Coo
.‘ 77-7 1 . • $l5OO
i 2.01.1)
112, r,ko
24:410 5,000
Summary Ejectment:
Our judicial friend, Alderman ?denies
ters, descended from his magisterial
dignity and engaged in hnew role. It
was in this wise. Information was
lodged before him by a widow residing
In the Eighth ward, Allegheny, against
a well known surgeon of this city for as
sault aqd battery. The lady, who is
quite old, alleged she had called on the
man of the knife and saw some time ago
to dress one of her arms, which had un
fortunately been broken. The attendant
called in regard to the affair about six.
teen times, and was paid for his services
lltty dollars, the amount of the bill pre
sented. About two weeks after
mem of the bill, it is said a new one for
three dollars was sent in and payment
eremptorily demded but refused.
The surgeon then d re w up a note and, it
is alleged, compelled the lady to sign it
by going to her house, (In which she
resides alone,) dragging her forward to
a table and guiding. her hand to make a
cross. She being German, and finable
to purport e English. was /amble to
tell the of the note until ft was
afterwards revealed to her. The accused
was emoted in an hour or two after the
information had been made and bniught
to the office. He at once bOcan ie indignant
at the charge, but cooled oft somewhat,
and at the !instance of the maglatrate
went in pursui: of bail, that the ease
Might be sent to Uouri. Returning with
the required akurity, he again became
boisterous, and in the course of his
remarks charged the ~ ..ildertnan with
snaking the 0388 without ally informa
tion having been lodged before him at
all. Becoming valorous, atioording to
tho statements of witnesses, he drew
forth a huge knife and threatened to ex-
Weise his craft on the °Metal, a proceed
lug which might have been accomplished
had he not lband :himself '.
kicked into the street by his intended ,
victim. He sheathed the knife and
retired after this summary eject.
hereafter be
tious, at
Ment, with his valorous feelings con
eiderably lowered. Doubtless he .will
leastrn erne ca tha re t fu g l u i a n n h e l r e . in s ti l l :m utt;
quently a friend appeared and entered"
the required ball for his appearance for
trial, on the charge made against him.
' The purest spices are those znanhlho
timed 'at the Iron CIO! Spice Mills of
Morlodge & Strickler
,Fifth avenue near
High street,
s eed Par eke by grocers'.
. •
Nem*, bribe Streik Casaindttes—bleb. I
'Wain Petaluma, - On Fifth Avenue and .
llndtbSeld •Streets—Contraets for Gri.d.
• lug and Paving Let—Try Steet Sewer
• Let, •
The Committee of Councils en Streets
and Rowers held ,a meeting' last evening
in the Committee Rooms, City Btrildinf,
at which the ftillowing business was
The contract for grading, paving and
curbing Webster avenue from Roberts to
KirkpatriCk streets was let to C. Van
horn at the foll Owing rates: Grading,
fifty cents per yard; paving, one dollar
and twenty-five cents per yard; curbing,
.eighty-five cents per foot.
Fortieth street, from Butler to A. V. R.
R. wall let to J. B. Young at the following
rates: Grading, lwenty-eight cents per
yard; paving, nipety.eight cents per
yard; curbing, sevent
ety cents per foot.
Thirty-ninth stre, beta een the above
named, was let to the same contractor
at the same rates for paving and - curbing
and thirty cents per yard for grading.
Contracts for constructing Thir ty-thi rd wal
on Boundary street, from
street to Bloomfield, and on Pearl and
Cedar streets, were let to John King at
thirty cents per foot.
The contract for rebuilding the Try
street sewer was let to Felix Rodgers at
11.62 for each division, and 118 per thou
sand for brick work.
The Committee resolved to have the
Nicolson pavement Placed on Fifth ave
nue from Ross to Dinwiddle street, and
on Smithfield street from the Mononga
hela river to Liberty street, and ordi
nances will be presented 'at the next
meeting of _Councils authorizing the
ie* Stock of• Jewelry, Watches, Clocks
and Optical Goode at W. G. DunseittlVs,
No. 56 Filth Avenue.
Mr. William G. Dunseath, a name long
and prominently associated with the jew
elry, watch and clock business of this
city, and one which; has been synony
mous with choice goods in the line, at
most reasonable prices. has just opened
a magnificent new stock of goods, fresh
from the leading houses of the east. The
present invoice comprises all that is new
and elegant in jewelry, selected by Mr.
j Dunseath himself, Which will be sofa
ifclent guarantee to our readers of the
judicious assortment, as few gentle
men understand better how to please
the public in matters of this ;kind.
1 The stock of gold and silver watch
es, for ladies and gentlemen, is
remarkably fine, and besides the colkee
lion of time pieces manufactured in Eu
rope, embraces a large number of Amer
ican made watches, especially those of
the great United States Watch Coinpany,
for which Mr. Dunseath is agent. Clocks
in plain and elaborate furniture, exquis
ite statuary, mantle Ornaments, music
boxes, optical goods of all descriptions,
and an endless number of other articles
enter into the stock and present rare at . -
tractions to the visitor. Several fine
marine chronometers are on exhibition
at the store room, and by them hundreds
of watches are daily mutated, as the
time of this house has long. been regarded
as standard authority by thousands of
citizens. We earnestly commend Mr.
Dunseath to the patronage ofonr readers,
and oespeak for him that large •sham of
trade which his energy, .enterprise and
fair dealing merit.
"Westward the Star, ac.”
The rapid strides our city is making in
the way of public improvements, great
as they may appear, do not keep pace
with the age of progressin which we live.
This fact is fafly demonstrated by the
increase in our business and the estab
lishment of new manufacturing houses,
of almost every descaiption, within a
few years past. 'Until: within two or
three years the manufacture of queens
' ware in this- section was unthought of,
and dealers were compelled to transport
their stock from the East,_paying a large
freight upon the same. IWe now have, i
however, an establishment where a
quality of ware, equal to the celebrated
Liverpool ware, is manufactured and
sold at about one half the cost. We re
fer to the extensive establishment of S.
M. Kier & Co., 383 Liberty street. ,
• - • Orden Fined. •
Notwithstanding the fact that Mr. John
Megrim', dealer In. segars, snuff and to
bacco, at No. *Hand street, has just re
ceived and filled a large order for cigars
from Washington city, intended proba
bly for the President he has still on hand
a large and complete assortment of se
gars. pipes, smoking and chewing tooac-,
co of every description. His stock com
prises everything kept in a first class
establishment of that character, and
retail dealers will find his brands of
tobacco and segars equal, if not superior,
to any other in, the country, and lovers
of the weed In the - city know full well
that his retail case is always supplied
with all the best brands of seg.ars and'
that his tobacco is unexceptionable.
To the Ladles.
For the information of Our many lady
readers, we desire to call attention to the
establishment of W. W. Moorhead, No.
81 Market street, dealer in trimmings,
liewkooos,hoslery and uloves,of which he
has one of the most extensive and best se
lected stocki to be found in thercity. It
is only necessary to make a visit to the
establishment to be convinced of this
fact, as hundreds can fully testify. Mr.
Moorhead possesses unusual facilities
for purchasing goods in the East, and is
thereby enabled to not only keep his
stock fully replenished and up to the de
mands of his Immense custom, but he is
also enabled thereby to sell at more res.
Nonable rates than dealers who do not
possess those facilities. •
Rooks ler the Minion.
Col.. 1; D. Egan, proprietor of the ex
tensive and well , known book and pe
?iodic** store, Stith avenue; near Smith
field street, has on hand a large and
elegant assortment of new booka, *swell
as a large supply of rare and valuable
Iteeond•hand books which'are being sold
At half. price. He also invites the at.
tention of Superintendents', of Sunday
Schools, and others interested, to his
immense stook of Sunday School Librar7
boOks, which are being told at onthbalf
the usual prices. All the latest maga
sines and periodicals will be found on
and sold.
oCunter. Second-hand books bought
lip With The Times.
Mr. Holtzhelilier proprietor of the
Cksatinental *Wolin, is always jup , with the
times. His tables are 'always supplied
with the very best the season affords,
and then everything is served in • such a
delicious , manner as to prove highly
satlsfeetory to the greatest epicure. His
tables are always provided • with the
(aghast and best of vegebibles in the
Market, and Melte - and fish are
*kiwi. ten d . there in the season. .The
Continental on Fifth Avenuels the moat
poptdar eating 'saloon in the
Ss! -
American • Button Rote, Over Sealants
and et wing Atacama Company.
They have received another large in
voice of Machines at their sales room.
Th 6 sales of these admirable machines are
very great, asall who have tried them are
well pleased. Call and see them operate
and examine the numerous testimonials
in their favor, as all affirm they have no
equal being absolutely the best family
machine now made, and intrinsically the
cheapest. It is two machines combined
in one by a simple and beautiful mechan
ical arrangement. The simplicity, ease
• and certainty with which they operate,
as well as the uniform excellence of its
work throughout the entire range of
sewing, in stitching, hemming, felling,
tucking,cording, braiding, quilting, gat:. a .•
ering and sewing on overseamingt em
broidering on the edgo, and its l' A st in tu n i
button and eyelet-hole work, pl aces it
unquestionably far in ad - fan ae o f any
other similar invention, - 'We desire an
to see and, and are willing to rest
the case on Its own merits alone.
JAMES ESPY is the agent, at corner of
Fifth Avenue and Market street.
Dr. Mason Warren says in his "Surgi
cal Observations with Cases" that "in the
course of twenty years not a single death
can be fairly attributed to the use of
Sulphuric Ether. In the Massachusetts
General Hospital alone it has been em
ployed over twenty thousand times,
without a single unfavorable occur
rence." Dr. J. Scott bears the same tes
timony. ,He has administered ether for
the painless extraction of teeth in OVER
jury resulting in a single case. With a
practice of nearly-thirty years, he stands
at the head of his profession, and his
guarantee is worth something, and he
says to those who are suffering with de
cayed or unsightly teeth, that he will
.uarantee to extract them without pain.
He i
also inserts arficial teeth n every
style, and defiesti competition both in
prices and excellence or the work. Re
member his number -27S PENNSTREET. d
New Books Just Received at John W.
Pittocks, Opposite the POstoMce.
Memoirs of Baron Bunsen.
Owen Meredith's Lucille, Diamond Ed.
Gnicciole's Recollections of Lord. By
Guy 'Livingstone's Breaking a Batter
Wonders of Optic.
Wonders of Thunder and Lightning.
Winslow's Force and Nature.
The General or Twelve Nights in a
Hunter's Camp.
Murray's Adventures in the Wilder
ness. .
Rydberg's List Athenian.
Ann Stephen's Curse of Gold.
Mrs. Snathworth's Fair Play.
Mrs. Sonthworth's How He Won lier.
Conybeare's and Howson's Saint Paul.
Blunt's History of the Reformation.
Rev. J. H. Egar's Sermon on Ritualism.
Foulkes, the Crowns Creed er the
Churches Creed.
Muller's Chips from a German Work.
Phelps' Gates Ajar.
Tro'lope's Phinneas Firm.
Aurbach's On the Heights.
Dixon's Her Majesty's Tower.
Scott's Fishing in American Waters.'
Baker's Rifle and Hound in Ceylon.
Burnell% Museum.
The following will be the programme
and time-table at this very popular family
reso l
rt for to-day and all next week:
Museum wil be open from nine o'clock
in the morning till ten in the evening.
Living Curiosities, Glass Blowers, Happy
Family, Animals, Birds, Reptiles, Views
dm., can be witnessed at all hours. Prof.'
French will appear with his highly train
ed Dogs in the morning at half-past nine,
half-past ten, and half-past eleven; •in the
afternoon at haltpast one, three, four
and half-past five; in the evening at half
past seven, half-past eight, and half-past
nine. Signor Galetti and his very amus
ing automaton Humpty Dampty family
will appear in the morning at ten, eleven
- and twelve; in.the afternoon at two, half
past three,'half-past four, and six; in the
evening at seven, eight and nine.
Emploment for superior Women._
We cannot too strongly commend to the
notice of intelligent ladies (married or
single) who desire a highly useful, re
spectable and very profitable employ
ment, thS advertisement addressed to
them in our column of "Wants." - The
position is highly honorable, and the ad
vertisement Is anonymous simply be
cause it is desired to come in contact per
sonally with those who furnish satisfac
tory reference. •
The best and Ongmat Tomo of Iron,
Phosphorus and Caliskya, • known as
Caswell, Mack tt Co's Ferro Phospho
rated Elixir of Calisaya l3ark. The Iron
restores color, to the blood, the Phospho
rus renews waste of the nerve tissue, and
the Calixayagives a. natural healthful
tone to the Mgestive organs, thereby
curing dyspepsia in its various forms,
Wakefnlness, General Debility and De
presaioncof Sl6rits. Manufactured only
by. Caswell, Hamrd de Co., New York.
Sold by all druggists.
My Solace.
Who never "tries my soul" or "wits?" •
Who never "sulks,"-nor "cramps," nor
• "skips?" •
Nor "lengthens stitches" nor "takes tits."
At 116 Ma r k e t
Steree Wed t Machine.
Liberty Street Property.—Today, at 2
o'clock, P. Ar., •on the premises will be
sold, that Valuable lot of ground opposite
the Union *Depot, fronting on Liberty
street 40 feet, extending bacic, 100 feet in,
depth, to Spring alley. For business
purposes the property is very desirable.
See advertisement of H. B. Smithson it
00., Auctioneers.
House and Lot at Auction.—Do not fail
to -attend the sale this day, (filaturday,)
at three o'clock, of that good property,
corner of Ohio avenue and Bidwell
street, Allegheny. Lot 24 by 130. Hod.
a two•story brick, of live rooms.
LzookrE, Auctioneer.
The Late Improvements in the Angst-
CAN 'Fromm, BOSTON, leave little to be
wished for by those who quarter under
the roof- of this leading hotel. Every
thing fresh and nice; all hnprovements
added, and the unequalled management
of the past continued.
Great Auction Sale Continued of Ida
cruniA Carlisle's entire stock of Olney
goods and triinininge at No. 29 Filth
avenuNl tie store lately °counted by ,
A. If. Di glisb & Co. Auction sales at 10
A. N. and 2 and• 7p. 'See advertise.,
meat. H. B. SMITHSON &
•Have you ever tried the Excelsior
browned coffee, put, up in pound Rack
agm by the Iron City Spice kills; Fifth
avenue, near High street , and for sale at
the groceries? It is the best article in
the, market.
Constitution Water Is a certain cure fin
Diabetes and all disowns of the Hid
neA. For sole by all Druggists. .
PIO, Pint; Bur : 'Blue Percales at
.1; M. Burchfield dt Co's.
Americas Life insurance CoTpasy 'of
bilaaelpala—Chartered In 18150.....
unarter Perpetual—Assets Over $2,.-
PItiLADELPInA, April 14, 1869 _
I hereby acknowledge the
~ftelpt,- bf
the full sum of Three Thew:And DOliars,
from the American Life I r 4surauCe Com
pany of Philadelphia. in payment of
Policy No. 6,899 for
Isaac Whittier, dec4ased.
I also acknow t- t-3 000 on the life of
the notes give -
v for premiums on said
kno w s the return of all
policy. The dividends having liquidated
the same :fla full. - ' SAMUEL HARPER,
Adreire.strator of the estate of Isaac
Wittier, dec'd. • .
Applications for insurance in Ihia old
and reliable Company may be made to
No. 9634 Fourth avenue, or to
No. 93 Diamond at ,
__nen Goods of the choicest brands.
Bates dr. Bell's.
Poplinsi Pop!Wets selling at great bar—
gains, at No. 52 St. Clair street. J. M.
Burchfield et Co.
Plantation Iptters combine rare medi
cinal virtues with a delicioua aroma, and;
a flavordgrateful to the palate. It is pure- vegetable, and all the
of science have been complied with.
lt is suitable for all ages and sexes. It
is gentle, stimulating and soothing. All
dyspectic disorders are cured by it, and
it repairs and store nature's ated
powers. PLANTreATIONs
creasing daily in-favor with all classes.
It relieves suffering, renders life a lu.x
nry, brightens the present, and throws a
hopeful light on the future.
MAGNOLIA WATE lll 43UpartOr to the
best imported German Cologne, and sold
at half the price. TELE4TX.
The Very Latest Silk Mantles, just re
ceived. Bates& Bell's.
Fancy Silks cloSing out cheap for cash,
at T. M. Burchfield & Co.'s, -No. &2 st.
Clair street.
Shaving, Hair Dressing or Bathing.=
No better place for either than at the
finely furnished apartments of H. B. Wil-
Iliamson, No. 190 Federal street, Alle
Ladles, Furnishing Goods. Bates . 41c
Furnishing Geods—Nakink Doyles,
Towels, Stand and Piano p Covers, To i let
Setts, Furniture Coverings, Curtain Netts,
.Damasks, &beatings of all widths, Pillow
Case Muslim-11nd Linens—a full stock
from the most celebrated makers. Bates
dc Bell.
A Lot of remnants selling cheap at J.
M. Burchfield it Co's.
- The place to get Pilate 14ime, Cal
cined Plaster, Hydraulic Cement. is at
Eaker Caskey's, 18 Smithfield street
Black Silks for Sults. Bates & Bell.
M cCORMICK—ApriI 191,11. al o'cloJeans
EVA may. infant oaughter o f John
aarah L. McCormick.
The funeral will take plum froMthe residence
of the parents, Juniata street, Allegheny City,
THU A.Friaxcx:m. at . 2 o'clock. Friends of the
11y are respectfully invited to attend.
-T.IIOER, 'No. 168 Founni STREET,
tuber F 4. COFFINS of all kinds,CHAREz,
GLOVE a nd e.'ery description of Funeral Fur
nishing oods flan:dated. R.Ooms open day and
nlsbt. 11.arss. sad Carriages Wats-bed.
Rrnrintratcze—ltev.Davie Ewing, D fiev.k,
W. Jacobus, D. D., Thomiut Esq.. Jacob
H Killer Eso.
AVENtIa Allegheny Qty. where their 001 , 1 1 131 -
ROOMS a: e constantly supplied with real and'
imitation Ito e wood, Mahogany and Walnut
Coffins, at prices '.crying trout *4 to $lOO. Be.
dies prepared for interment. Hearses. and Car. l
Magee tarnished: also. ~ 1 1 kinds or Mourning.
Goads, If required. Office or en at all hours, day
and night.
T, Allegheny, /teens cons:antly on hand
a large assortment of ready-made Coding of the
Allowing kinds: Piro. the celebrated American
Burial Cases,- Metallic lielf-sealhie Air-tight
Cuts and Caskets, and Rosewood, Walnut and
Basely°, d Imitation Collins. Walnut Coffins
'from $25 upwards. Rosewood Imitation Collins
from $5 upwards, and no pains will be . pared •
to give entire satisfaction. Crape and eloves
furnished free cf charge. Best Hearses and Car
riages furnished on abort notice. Carriages fur-
Waited to Innerals a a*
Jeweler and Optician, .
U. 8. Watch Co's Watches,
The great popularity, on account of irs salutary
medicinal effects, tor SQUIV.IVS LONDON El-
PERVESCIITO . 81. CAltB. POTASSA. for which
I am the sole Agent; hirrnduced certain unprin
cipled parties to imitate lay label, and Palm dr
as the genuine, worthless ' trash which beans° ,
resemblance even to . tbe Imported article. Those
desiring the true Potassa can obtain It Item
lilessrs. J. C. MATTERN.- J. B. CHERRY, J.
B. Bll.llliß a CO. and S. B. liOBGEAVIE.
Agent for the IGintifooturer,
COrner Fourth Avenue, and Smith
' field Street.
air I have reduced the price of BUCK—
NELL'S SHIN SOAP Ai per cent., aw 4 all mb ar
Soatops very low rates.
sir Q. :HALEi•
/- -
Would respectnally tutor= Ws blends d lb*
Public generally, that btu -
soucomn Emit
Corner of lean and • Sixih streets.
14 ESPENlitiD 4c CO.,
043 r, .
No. 80 BIXTE , !( • EMMET, Gate,. ,Bk.
) - kare hilt readied frOM tteltaat the.beet •
lot of. New Goods for BDrint Snits ever brought
to the market. The Ann warrant to Cut and It!
and mite Clothes ebeaper and better lb" 4117;
tiret.elala beeee this ettl. A sew and 1 - pusa...l,
did /o Isonmeni orozirmaraitill P7ORNION:.:
ING oo oDBar e. at all times be fond just;
, c onr Moab,: _M 50 SIXT BVMM,
Is ,