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OTYloz or PrrrssuaoB SAzErra,
WEDNESDAY, April -14, 1869.
Business, although inpriovitoe slightly,
and our is stall very dull, and our merchants
generally continue to complain of Wird
' times, Foi some few articles there is a
better demand, NO- .as a genial
tMtig, it Is light, and confined a t,
moat entireiy to supplying immediate
smite; so far as values are concerned,
theare no impqrtant changes,_ one way
or t i e other. There is such a strong
competition' in nearly all bikanches of
business here that margins , are very
light, and it would appear that the only
way to make almost any kind. of bust
[testi pay is to do a good deal .of it--
“sniall profits abd quick returns.”
Money continues tight, and there is a
general complaint in regard to the difll:
culmiu making collections. • .•
• ,
APPLES—Very scarce, particularly in
sound. condition;' we continue to quote at
45@8 t 50 per bbh • ' '
APPLE BUTTER-901241 per gallon.
BUTTER--Notwithstanding 4he arri
vale contintie liberal, the- market •is
steady and prices, unchanged, 45@48 fOr
prinle to choice Roll. • .
'BEANP4 31 25 @8,50 per bushel.
CELEEBr:--blarket almost bare; small
sites New ;York Goshen at 24@25.
CARBON ,OIL—Is still quoted at 22®
30 tLra jobbing way for. standard brands.
WARR_ ERRIEa•--None in market..
VORNEA.L-81,7.5(§1,80 per cwt.
DRIED FRUlT—Peaches dull but un
changed at 14 for quarters, and 18 for
halves. Apples scarce and in demand
EGGS —Market is a shade stronger, but
unchanged at 200.
shade fi rmer, and we
.now quote live geese feathers at 80 to the
tisike, and the usual advance in a • retall
FLOUR—The' demand is fair and the
market barely active while prices
are unchanged. Wksontinue to quote
Spring Wheat I. , rmile . at • 56,50@7, and
Winter Wheat at 67,50®8. Rye Flour
17@7,25. Mill priees unchanged. '
GRAIN-The grain. market bra little
stronger. in . consequence .of -, very light
stocks; but the demand is light and.
prices are no higher. Red Wheat nonal
naLatll,4, with. none in Market; -Ear
Cern• is in demand for feedhig and scarce'
with' Ades' ; prime Yellow at Mpso;
Shelled HI dull and unchanged , at 73('075.
o.i:taw:Mit-tat = flrtti; sales on track at .
66 lua• store at 68@70.... Rye is dull'
and At Thertils nothing
doingia!Barley. aliflthete are no estalx ! ' -
lished quaatione.: • -
11ArY - --13aled is in steady deMand with
salea . on wriert'ar.l44@)26, - as to quality.
HOMINY-0,75€6 per bbl.
HRMONL-112215 per ton. 4
LARD 011-43 ales No.- 1 at $1,55®1,58.
MAPLE 110 LASSES--Sales in 19 111 9 n
Etas at $1,50(41,76.` - • -
PROVISIONS—Bacon is in steady-de
mand at 14@i4y; for Shoulderm 1635' for
Ribbed,-and -17.1.1®18 for Clear Sides; and
19% tbr Sugar Cured Rams. Steamed
Lard 19, and' -kettle rendered, 19%@20.
Dried Beef 21. Mesa Pork 132,00.
POTATOES—In good supply and un
changed; sales in store, at 75686.
PEANUTS-10 ots per pound.
SEEDS—There is a very fair demand
for Clover, with sales at 110®10,50, and
Timothy at $3.60@;t3,75. Flaimed
quoted at $2,.45@2,50.
SALT—May be quoted at 51.80®1,85
by the car load, and $1,95@2 for small
lots in store..
WHISKY The Whisky market is
dull and so irregularthat it is difficult
to give aqourate - quptatione.
Markets by Telegraph.
Nnw Yong, April 14.—Cotton Sic bet
ter and more active;. sales 5,800 bales at'
28%®290 for Middling uplands. Flour
dull and declining; receipts, 6,522 bbls;
sales 5,400 bbls at $5,40®6.00 for super
fine State and western, #6®6,45 for extra`
State, #6®6,90 for extra western, $7®8,20
for, white wheat extra, #6.15@7,30 tor
round hoop Ohio, $7®8,50 for extra St.
Louis, and ;9©12 for good to choice' do,
closing quiet. Rye flour quiet and heavy;
sales 200 bbis at #5®6,90, the latter an ex
treme. . Corn meal dull. Whiskey quiet
and heavy: sales 30 bbls western - at 92e
for free. Wheat dull end 1(42e lower;
receipts, 2.100 bus;- sales. 28,000 bus at
$1,40®1,43 for No. 2 Spring in store 'and
delivered, #1',6234 for white California,'
and #1,7235 , for. amber Michigan. Rye
dull'and.drooping, sales 1,500 bus prime
Milwaukee at #1,35.•• Rye malt dial;
sales 1,000 bus at .$1,85. Barley heavy
and declining; sales 14,000 bus at $2 for
German and Canada West. Barley &alt
dull and drooping. Corn- not • so
active; heavy, 1 lower; 67;000 bushels at
85v2;87; new mixed Western, closing at
86®86M; shipping lots 85®88, old do. in
store and afloat, 8e34; handsomeeld white
Western, 95; prime new white Southern;
receipts Oats, 11,631; Oats dull, 27,000:
bushels at 78®783,x; Western afloat, 76%
bid. 77 asked, do; in store; Rice dull , at
133,,‘®9M; Carolina Coffee quiet; Sugar
dull, 150 hhds Cuba, 12(4112M: Molasses
quiet, 60 hhds Cuba at 15®50; Petroleum
quiet and unsettled, 17 for Crude; 3114®
32 for refined; Bonded Heps quiet at 8@
15; American Coal, domestic, quiet; $5.00
®6.00 by cargo; foreign dull at' $9.50;
New Castle Gas 12; Liverpool Gas; Loath
er: Hemlock sole quiet, drooping' about
previous prices. ' 'Wool continues quiet,
16,000 pounds at 45®67: domestic • fleece; '
33®34 unwashed; 25®48 pulled. Linked
oil steady at #1.024411.03. Pork firni;'l,Bso
bbls' at #30,80®31. 'New mess, pi®
31.12. Job lots do. $30.75; old do. s26®
26.25; prime 428.50®29.4 - Prime • Mess
Beef du11,130 barrels at 8®16: new plain
mess 12018, new extra mesa. 'Tierce
beef,; heavy, 200 tierces: ' 23®28 for`prime
mess, and #25032 for • India mesa. Beef
Hami heady, with sales of 175 bbbs at
#26(x. Cut Meats" steady;' sales of 325
pkgs at 124:413mc for shoulders, 16®170
for hams; middles ,qtuer, with .sales of
130 bag `it - 16 'c 'for 'Cumberland ant,
and /6)4e.for...short ribbed, lard Ilan;
sal es ;of ,986 tcs at 17 %®18Ncr chiefly. at
isgo for 'steam, and ley,®l9Mc for kettle
render:Welt*, 250 taw main; seller May
at 183(c.: ••Britter 20®87c for r Ohio, and
30 @kgc for , state- Cheese Arm at 18 63 22c. Freights to Liverpool firmer, with en
gagernente 'per stesiter. for 10;000' bus
corn at 23 d. Spirits Turpentine firm at
60®503 e. • Mar, —Sheathing Copper le
@ i s
stead at 83e; Ing ot quiet sad- steady at
2ZIM Me for all kinds. Pig Iron mod
erate activelit 140@44 for Hmteh, and
- ;37 -for American; Bar quiet at sBs®
90 fer.Nnglish and Amercican; Sheet In
moderate request at lim@l234e in gold
for Russia. Nails quiet at 4% c, for
cut, .6/3634c for clinch and 27c • 1 , for
horse-shoe.: • -,'
Latest.—Flour closed dull and fie low
er for medlutn and low grader. •= Wheat
is dull and lo lower for spring, and win-
ter issearce and held more firmly, Rye
is dull- and • held at $1.86 for western.
Oat.; prices were nominal at the clamor
the•market, and western in store mild
have been bought at -76 ®76%0. Corn
is lowerand dui* at 85@Mqo for new
mlxediresters, and 87% WM& for' old
mixed , weittenvin Ono 'and delivered,
Pork itokit; wilt inryerit of new mate
at illlpatiCaellere at 1111,1254, Beer is
dull , and Anahaagel, - Vitt 'Haste and
Aim= are nomipal. Lard IS 'Atm at 15e
• vt.. - -q-f1," , ..* ;
- 1.0 ' •
' • _ • , -• • • - . • ,
••4 ' •
T "
YMOLIWIr -4/ T-TE' ; T
. .
for prime Steam. EggS are dull and
- held at 21®23c.
ST. Louis; April 14.—Tobacco more ac
tive but unchanged. In Cotton there Is,
some inquiry at 270 for middling. Hemp
—tonsil sales choice undressed at $ 1 ,50@
1,55. Flour very dull with only a small
order demand; spring and fall superfine
ranges at ‘4®5,25; do. extra' $4,75®5,75;
do double extra 86,25®7; fall treble ex
tra $7,50®9. Wheat—choice fall brought
full prices, but medium and low grades
are dull and lower; prime to choice red
sold at $1,50®180; strictly choice to fanCy
j1,85®1,95; spring lower at $1,07®1,10.
the latter ; for choice, and some lots of
fancy at 11,20. Corn dull and lower at
11,65®1.6634 for yellow and white, and
68®69c for !tinny white: Oats dull at 61
0 1ey 640,
firm at diein $1,75 g lOweri
for at 61:11V2h•o. •Bar-
112,22 X for:Riney Minnesota. R y e
e firmer,
$1,23. Whisky dull and easier, 87®8736.
Groceries are in • rather better deman d. Sugar ranges from 1234 ®l4yc for Loins
'ann. Coffee. higher, 26X®260 for *choice
rio; other ;grades _range tr:im 20®2530:
.Molasses steady at 75®85c for plantation.-
Pork quiet and drin; small jobbing sales
at 831,00. In bulk meats there is nothing
doing. Bacon dull,l and jobbing sales
were made at 13y,c -- for shoulders, 16;0
for clear rib, and 1634®16 3 / 4 o„ for clear
sides. - Lard quiet with' a demand at. 17.
1 , 417%e, and no sellers. Receipts--flour,
1,500 bbls; wheat,23,900 busliele; corn,
1 16.8K0 bushels; oa ts, 8,200 bushels; rye,
1 358 bushels.
Cuicsoo, April 14.-Eastern Exchange
(firm at par, buying. and 1-10 per cent.
/premium, selling. Flour dull. at $5,50®
6,25 for spring• extra. Wheat dull and
di 3, , ,c lower, with sales No.;)1 at $1,12®
1.15, and No. 2 at $1,04%®1,07M;' closing
steady at $1,05; Sales No. iisinee 'Change
at $1,01%. Corn quiet and ;;(4)34elower,
with sales new at 50% ©act no grade at
50(350;4,1 cloaing at 50®501 for new;
I nothing doing this a ft ernoon. Oats dull
at 513 .@53N; closing at 540; sales , at
540, seller for the last half of Apr/L(l4'e
more active'and Mc higher at $1,16®1;19
for regular and fresh; cloning at. $1,16®
1,17 for regular and fresh. 'Barley 2(413e
higher; with sales at, $1,88(41,75; closing
steady , at $1,70®1,75. Highwines-88c
offered; and 87e asked. . , New Orleans
Molasses at $1®1,05., Sugar at, . 1 .4@1 6 f0
for common to choice. Provisions steady
and firth. Mesa Pork at 130,50, cash, $3l
seller for last half of May. Lard at 179
®lB. Sweet Pickled Hams at 18)4.(
Cumberland Middles at 14%, loose. 'Bulk
Shoulders at 12c, buyer for ,this month.
Reaelpts for the pant 24 hours-4,816 bbla
-flour,_/8,772 bush wheat, 41,098 bun corn,
4,276 bush arta. 1• 3 6.4. bush rye,..1,200 bush
'barley, 7,4 D) hogli. i Shipments-10;795
blibiflour.,l2,334bgah wheat, 20,557 bush
corn, 9,890 bnak oats , 1,876 bush rye, 2,275
'bush barl ey, 9,004.h0ip3. c
[ CINCINNATI, April 14.--Blotir firmer
and in better ' demand at $0,25(0)0,50 for
family. Wheat itt good, demand; sales
of 2,500 bush No:2 red winter at
deman a 11435,5
and $1,45 for No. 1. Corn in t
650 for ear. "Oats firmer at 660@j900. ' Cot 7
ton firm at, 27"@275j0•1br middling.
Tobacco firm'and in good - demand at ful l
price& Whisky in but moderate de
mand at 90c. ,ftovisions quiet and:un
changed. ' Mess Pork held at s3l,but not
saleable at better than $3O. Balk meats
dull at 11Notor loose shdnlders, but they
are generally held at 12c, and 1434 c for
sides. Ramon dull at 13e for shoulders;
isy.o for sides, and 163ic for clear rib
and clear; a lot of country shoulders are
offering at 1234 c packed. Lard firmer at
IBc for city, and 17;4c for country. lint
ter dull at 38®44e. Eggs declined to 17
®lBc with a large sup t i . : No change in
Oil; Linseed at $1,05; at51,45®1,50.
Petroleum at 33®35c for r fined. Tim
othy seed advanced to $3, ®3,50. Chi
verquiet at 15L ®l5 Sugar dull at
13344@15 for New Orleans. Molasses at
80®65e and scarce, and Porto Rico de
dined to 70®75c. Coffee steady at 20®
26c. Gold 13234 buying. Exchange firm
at par to 50 premium buying and 1.10
premium selling.
TOLEDO, April 14.-our nominal.
Wheat dull, closing 234 c lower: amber
111,42% white $1,44; am .1,45, buyer
for April. Corn steady and fairly active;
No. 1 67c; No. 2 62Mc. Rye dull and
nominal at $1,28®1,30. Barley; Canada
held at 51,95; State $1,75; no sales. R4s
ceipta-2,100 bbla flour; 2,000 bush wheat;
7,200 bush corn; 400 bush oats; 200 bush
rye. Shipments-2,600 bbls flour; 12,000
bush• wheat; 12,700 bush' Corn; 12,600
bash oats; 2,100 bush rye. -
LouravlLLE, April - 14.-Tobacco; sales
of 220 hbds at $5, ,50 for lugs and
manuiacturing leaf. Mess Pork 131,50.
Lard 1714®18e. Ba • n; shoulders .133ic,
clear rib sides 1630, clear sides /7 ict..
Balk shoulders MK and clear sides
16y,u.. Flour 15,50®6 00. Wheat $1,55®
1,60. Corn 65(g)G6c. is 60®65e. Hay
$20®21. Sugar; New O rleans fair 13%c e
prime 14%c, and chef e 1534 c. Molasses
75®85c. Cotton 27e. Whisky 910.
ParLennuextrs, Apr il 14.-Flour is
quiet and unchan - except Ohio extra
family, which sells at $8®9,25. Wheat
is firm at $1,80®1,85 for amber. Rye is
unchanged. •Corn is in good demand,
with sales 'of mixed at 84®88e. Oats
steady at 73®75e. Petroleum is steady
and unchanged. Provisions are nu.
changed. Whiskey is quiet and un
CLEVELAND, April 14.-Flour market
dull and unchanged. Wheat-No. 1 red
winter held at .1,45; No. 2 do.l . held at
111,33. Corn-sales 2 cars shelled mixed
at 71c. Oats belch at 64e. Rye dull and
nominal at 11,2501,28. Petroleum mar
ket quiet and the' eneral asking price Is
30®310 for standard white refining, but
there is nothing doing; small lots held at
32@33e. ' 1
MILWAUKEE, April 14.-Flour dull and
unchanged. Wheat unsettled and lower,
51,11 for No, 1, and $1,06 for No. 2. Oats
dull' and nominal: Corn steady, 65®
5535 c for • new. Rye entirely t nominal.
Barley ateadY , at 1450g1,7050r No. 2. Re
celpts-2,000 bbls nuur, 7,000 bushels
wheat, 2,000 buihels oats. 'Shipments
-6,000,bb1s HMV. 9,000 bushela Wheat. ,
• BALTD/Wiai 1 14.—Flour Is dull. •
Wheat is dull. ~torn firmer, white 0 1 .06
01.80: Oats du at 75®70 for western.
Rye dull.'prinieSe r Mesa Pork quiet
4 1
at lig& low 8 ,!B rib sides at -16%,
elear,do.. - 123fits 1d 0 r 014 34. me 200,
21. lArd buiettatT9M . Whis hi better
dementiat 92098,the latter eat Om&
m nn isig ; 4'prit i4.:-Cost*ff efal`
g;5,03280; rwmfpte 49t bales; s'3o:
Flour dull,iirlth'istipstfine iit '
,_ 0,00.
Corn'7o42ll%t Oats '• tiSe. . . 12b@20.
Pork. 02: 'laird 19(8200.% P quiek
should 13X sides 1714 e. Bulk meets
quiet; shoularlyl23e; sidea,lo3o.
Drzatirii;A:ol 14,....Whetkquiet4 No.
1 white winter $1,42; No. 2 d .41,29 1 1 40;
210.'1 amber tiggel,42i mill stu ff s firms
bran 112hat20, , ' coarse middlfngs 0 2 4
fine 127,66402(1 1 . Clover,Nood edverming,
being firm et 12 Per. o o lb& 2 • ,
Live Mac
Curcaao, Apyll'l4,--Cotatt Marrkelo=
Bogs tolerably satire and 10016 a lower;
me,00,9,95 for madittro,fltr,2s(4lo,7&"Thf,
good to choice, Caine sictlve but steady;
at opening the market tvse quid AM
eaay,• at clone Nab* vtere made at 06/2050
5,76 (or conittioN $641/4,16 fef ter , tO rortiv
Moro i roviti of good to ohotio,
fir, Lobo, April 14;--Orgde
Cattle', and Uhehofiged,, with 1
shi jibmagadi 005, tatige (1%142
tatorlor to 0010, /lege Id
'l/114ks par vow,
Dry GOOdI Martex. ''
NEW; YortE.- April 14.—The market
has been generally steady at the recent
dechne;.,and there is an improved in
quiry for all staple fabrics suited to the
season; although the trade is far from be
ing active or satisfactory. The only
change of importanee to-day is in Pequot
10 4 bleached shootings, whjch are sell
ing at 65c.
CARO RAILROAD, April IA.-17 ears
metal, Nimick it Co; 1 do do. Coleman,
Rohm di Co: 4 do do, Bryan dr OaugheY;
1 do do, J W Porter; ,3 do do, J Wood,
Son &Co 1 do do,,Zug &- Co; 250 bags
timothylseed, W W Knox: 6,:c bilis ' han
dles, .H . R ;M'Clelland; 60' do 'do, Camp
bell, GI Co; 50 do seed, Kirkpatrick &
Cop 114ills'handlesVWilt .&" Babee;
42 do . hi* es, - E H ,M'Olei
c "ol ; 48- do' o,
. : Boyd,- .4t Co; 2,sibble highWideo, ( lt
i t
Lyon & or AO do Tour,. Watt, , Lang &
Co; 100 do do, CA Leechn. 100 do do, 4 A
Dietz; 100 do do,iiieghmyer dtTVoskrimPi
200 dodo, Ownern; 100 do do, 5 tos lard,
E- Haielton;';l Oaf staves, M P Adams;
1 do do; W Hastings;=l do corn, .1' W
Simpson; 1 do -- iye, W r Meek; 57 bbls
apPies.•l2`.Pkg* ;butter and eg ff gse Voigt,
M it Co: 10 billblipples, P Du& - son; 20
do do, Carter, MtGrew it Co; 3,pligs sun
dries, Kikkbatrick, ile , CO; 2do butter. 3
bbls eggs, ii di4plos, H Rea; 6 bbl 4.
butter, NY .O trongv s".da , apples
Broggeman & 0;.. 16 hides, B Tibtiim;
100 bms cheese, owners: 25 do , do; Smith
a Johnston; 20 do, do, J A Scott; 32 tubs
butter, W H Gzaffr 2 bbls eggs, Little &
Baird; 20 do appleis, Voigt, M it Co.
Boma, April 14.-1 car shingles, Mellon
& Bros; 4 cars blooms, .Ninalck t Co; 1
car clay, Hussey & Co; 2 cars iron ore,
Reese, Graff & Dull; 60 bbls fluid, J J
Paltrie:& Co; 3• kegs . apple butter, P
Lichel; 10 pases:.tobaco, W Miller dc Co;
25 do do, S P Schriver & Co; 7 bbls eggs.
G Cnerson; 3 do apples, Volgt. Mahood &
Co; 20Jugs 'Molasses, A L Cramer Co;.A
10 do do, A M•Byertn74) do do, J Poetoift;
3 hhds 1 tec shoulders, Watt, Lang do Co;
7 casks bacon, 2 kgs lard, J J Pettit d; Co;
17 rolls leather, G N flotretott; 42 bdls
chairs, Smother dr. Dauler 1 bx batter, 1
do eggs, P Duff & 50n; . 1.4 bales hemp, 1:1
Gerwig it Co.
APrill4.-7 pkgt hides, James Callery;'l
bbl,esgs, W EXiikpatriok A Co;.; 1 car
stone, Henderson, A 4t, Co: ;1 do do, Har
rison d i p; bbLeggs. Wallace & K;..2
caritm McKnight, P Co; 2 do do, John: 40 0 4 ; 41 01 oat crap ;- iron , Jones
iStlnughlling, 400 bbls oll; Standard 011
ColB bbla whlskyl_McOullough4Sadth &
Go; 4 .blio seed,. 1. bx onions,' Shiptors
Wallace; 2 sks rags,. •Godfrey, Clark; 8
oars railvaild iron, Hannibal A Naples
RR Co; 4 .; bbli eggs, 5 do potatoes. Volgt,
Mahood & Co; 1 car graio, , Bingham A
ALT...wawa' Szstunt, April 14.-50
bales hay;:& Beekert; 2 cars
staves, Ralya & obertson; 6. tee lard; G
W.,Pusey; 1 car metal, Lewis, Bailey &
Dalzell; I do shingles, J M'Briar; 2do
metal / 6 do limestone, &aped& TroisCo;
6de metal, Spans, Chalfant & Co; I ear
corn, M. Steel & Son; 1 do barley, Lutz &
Pyrrantrnati ANDC Corrimuivir.rar.
Razt.noan, April 14.-3 bbls • tallow, W
Fifteens & Son; 1 do eggs, Smith, John
ston & Co; 19 eke rags, Christy & Ben
ham; 60 do outs, Scott & Glsal; 3 bbls
vinegar, Munhail Megraw .t Co.
The river was ibout stationary last
evening with seven - feet in the channel
by the Monongahela marks last evening.
The weather continues cool but pleasant,
and very favorable for outdoor business.
There are no arrivals to report except
ing the regular packets,__ The Mary
Davage and barges, from St..Lonis; New
York from Nashville; and R. C. Gray
Cincinnati, are among the first boats.
The Kenton from Ports Mouth will be
in port today, and will return as usual to-
Morrow. . •
The Grey Eagle arrived and departed
for Parkersburg, as 'usual, yesterday.
The Maggie Hays departed for St.
Louis yesterday with an excellent trip:
The Gallatin. In command of Capt. A.
S. Shepard will take her .place In the
Pittsburgh and Parkersburg trade to
morrow. -
The Amaralia. Capt. Dan Moore, Is fill
ing up steadily for New Orleans.
The Waunica, Capt. C. A. Dravo, is
the only boat now In port for St. Louis
and the Upper Mississippi, and passen.
gera and shippers will bear in mind that.
she will soon 'be ready to take her de
The Armadillo, Capt. M'earty, will
positively leave for St. Louis today, and
shippers can rely on this. She Is a tip
top boat and is in first rate condition for
The Camelia, Capt. Thos._ H. Golding,
takes her departure for Nashville
without fail. •
[ The high•headed Alaski, Capt. F. J.
Oakes, le filling up steadily for New Or
leans and le announced to take her de
parture to-day. She is a big carrier, and
no mistake.
—Tho Emma No. 8 arrived at New Or
leans on Monday. •
—The Lorena left St. Louis for Pitti
burgh on Monday.
—The New York and R. C. Oray, were
advertised to leave Cincinnati for Pitts•
burgh on Tuesday.
—The Wild Duck and Bollevernon
Were at Evansville on MondaY, and the
Glendale, passed Louisville the same
—The towboat Grand Lake was at
Cairo; on Monday, and the Simpson for
ner,‘Plttaborgh to New Orleans, passed
Memphis the Hama day.
44 ,
-onstor Morten ! a of ognion that the
River arid Harbor Bill i es wits
enable:the Secretary of War to provide
for the sodtintlanee of work pti the Lou
, „ •,
-p <tidings havo,been received of
.Wright Itea, who -mysteriously . disap
peared:from Madison • few weeks ego.
Thesenpral -;!impression- Is , that he has
been; foully dealt with. • ,
dispatdh from Minneapolis, Minn.,
tinder date of Monday ; &Amour:me that
4EO ice in the river OotOmeneed running
Saturday, but has done no eerioua dani
age so far, though heavily gorged ten
milm above.
--Save the Cincinnati Ettqutrer of
Tuesday: The towboat V. P. Wilson
prided down with two barges of staves
from Kanawbrltiver, which are to be
shipped to Now Orleans and thence to
France. How's that for the great water
rou to 7
„-4We find tho following details in the
ukullntiall Gazelle, in regard to the ;
Thompson disasters The boat left here
on the last day of March, ; half loaded,
and filled but at Lotdsville, for points on
di th r e go A w th ea s e nsais .av t a lor rai, i li n m elu es d w ed hic in h her
'sotto** having taken fire tome&
/ /Italy, iiMi oho hittliolt, causing the total
destftlAtiOo Of the Wet And the , loss of
idlOgn” fly" !Minding the.,. two
Min, ' bit f C 4004 Bi ;billet 011444,1 tn.
id aw ifflikji" iip lonia /1163 1 , awl
mirklulga Nth tdi libilnpli ha ft
T s,
Vitit, • Mitt, end iiii On Ow 711186 p.
'son. He was some twenty t elght years
of age; married a daughter of Mr. -Gid-
dings, a well known merchant of this
city, and had two children.. He resided
In this city. Mr. Perkins was an old
clerk on the river, and resided here, was
formerly on the Mail Line packets. He
leaves a wife but no children. Capt. J.
Alex. Frazier and his family, who were
on board, are known to be safe. The
Thompson was a aternwheel steamer,
valued at $lO,OOO. Her hull was built at
Racine, Wisconsin, in November,lB6l,
class B, I, and her machinery at hllwau.
km She had' a cayacity of 215 tuns,
Custom House measurement, and carry
ing capacity of 350 tuna; was owned by
James H. Rally, of Racine, Wisconsin.
and Captain James A. Frazier, her com
mander, of this city. She bad one of the
best hulls on any boat froin this port,
which was insured ''for /7,500—in the
Boatmen's and Eureka, of this city, and
Home, of New Haven, for $2,500 each.
The Home also hada risk of $2,000 on the
LOCISVILLE, April 14.—The ricer is
rising, with nine feet of water , in the
canal. Weather clear and pleasint.
`o x
It .1
NEW OttLEANS.—The news
an d Bidet did passenger packet
ALAtiK.A. F. ,F.',Os was, Co wanders,
Will leave' for -the above and all int .rmediate
ports, on THURSDAY, April 1511*. at
For freight or passage apply on board. or to
Through rater on the above boat to Galveston.
Indianola, Lavaeca and Bran's, yin MorFr.l2 Line
to B. Ima , Montgomery and Wettitcpka. Ala.,
via Bakers Line of steamers,• also, via Soun's
Line Bed River Packets to Alexandria. Grand
score. blireveport and Jetiermon, triven by
93 Water street, Pitteburgl•
.12 NEW ORLI:A.I , IB7nm steamer
Will leave for the above and intermediate ports
on SATURDAY, Anrll 17th. at 4 r.•sl. -
For frelgnt or passage, spiny on hoard, or to
FLA. iK 4 cou,rtmtwol.n,
FO 01' CLARktiVILLEadr o g
ANb NASHVILA.E.--The die
passenger steamer
cittotLia: • Capt. tiot.riNG.
Will leave fir the Above and intermediate pOllll
OH THIS DAY, 15th Inst. at P. /1.
For freight or passage stay on board or to
GHltle ST, WANEY & Cu.,
a • ~ Agents.
Leaves Pittsburgh EVERT TIIIBD AT- 151 if.,
Leaves Cincinnati EVERY FRIDAY-4 I'. M.
The swift andsutierti 81dliwbeel' Steariter 81'.
MAlird. T.. C.' BWESNST, Commander, will
leave u announced ateUTe.
For Freight or Passage arily on board or to
FLACK 41 , 00 L CHZO
COLLIS% & • AKNES; Agents.
N. B.—No Freight received on Tuesday after
agat. - 1869. adIM
St. Louis to Keokuk and St. Paul,
Otte of the splendid Sidewheel Steamers of this
Line will leave St. Louis da ly for lieoltuk.D 'Ten
pert; Dubuque. Winona, Stillwater Aro St. Paul.
Through receipts for Freight and Passengers
wilt be given to all points oh the Upper Ml•sis
stabippl on steamers running from this port and
connecting with the Northern Line Packets at
St. Loula, thus enabling Consignees to get their
Freight through without delay and at lowest
rates. Apply to JOHN FLACK,
ABeata, onto
itab9l:s= 91 Water 'Meet'.
WAUAIiTTA C . apt. C. A. Ilnavo,.
Win leave as above on FellsAY. lOttt last.,
at 4 p. x.
For fretata or passaige Apr board or tO
apt: J. D. COL L. NO WOOD, 44trntr•
a d dr i tt
KERSDUREI LlNR.—Leaeo oransev , i Wharf
P , ollt. 10.. , Or V , 01.4 str.rt. daily at IA H., WLD
the. 611( KAGLE.. ..... L. MIINICA2I. Muter.
ltrelset well be renewed at all boars uy
apt 3 AircUll.
Orrice OF Tint TPZASUaIin OP ALL= if It.XY
COUNTY. Pittsburgh, April lit. IVO& i
-a. section eflUt Act relating to Allegheny Coup
ty, approved the day *May, ls6l, and 01 the
amendment to said seetion,approved the 30th day
of March, HIM I do hereby give notice that the
Dupllcites for the several Wards, Boroughs and
Townships WILL BE OPEN, and I will be pre
pared to remain the
County State, Poor, Workhouse and
Improvement Taxes for 1869.
On and after the lit day of May. 19 9. Bald
taxes can be paid at this OMee until the let day
of August with, a DEDUCTION OF FIVE PER
CENT. (hr prompt payment to all persons paying
the whole amount of their taxes.
There will by no deduction allowed during the
mouth of Augun. There will be
Ten Per Cent. Added
To all taxes remaining unpaid on the let day of
Prentember, 1889.
ap2:d AT Treasurer of Allegheny CountY.
I :
, ,
• Lamiv
fbiO:e2o - '' •
Ibereb7warnall persons from Mulling my
wife, MAEY ANN LYTLE, on My aceOhnt. al I
will s pay no debli or her oonirsetimr.
PIIIIII . II7BGEI, Aprllll, Me.
3iESSEN.A. onArromo.
'Extra large and sweet just received and trivial('
by the dozen; also,, now iitezzlith Lemons, ior
Ede by
, AOHN , A. NWMill AN.
•ap ' ' • Ciirner Liberty suit MUM ilir k #l...
I NDIA ; 11E1111E11 • 11E1/VINO,'
mew; Steam . Packing and tlackete nt tbi
oaten Belting Companies tealluriteture nt qleet,
as tow as this quality or gunge es ti be lien Ito 1
the manufacturer. A NB etuelloiw yolk iith;
at the India Itubber Babe, Ile JlO /I Mote
street , , „, , , , . 'l 4 et iktql ili t'llt. ,
Yee -;
19niiiA..ittlilt! i Irtliti .ftiplmity;
milifiVEll,- , 111 ,- :PA01111141 altlioik
loot.l 'l4*o i'makOn
INA WPM 111601 1 4 .
'V At 1t : Jtsoi4ovari
lig** a IffilfilMOON
87 Second Street, Pittsburgh', Pa.
All Kinds of CounOw.Produces
All orders for Arerchandise promptly tilled, at
LOWEST - market • rates. Particular. attention
given to the sale of Flutter, Eggs, Cheese Dried
Fruits, .etc, We feel . .coulldent that we can give
entire satlshic,tion, by making QUICK SALES and
and therefore respectfully solicit your conalgn•
ments. All correspondence answered promptly.
Marking Plates furnished free. Grain in store
and to arrive daily. au3l:t7B
BY A. & T
N 0.271 Liberty Street,
x. szzat.k. .J. A. BTIBLII•
m. STEELE; & SON,.
Commission Merciganuy
No. VS OEIIO EITREEI. near East Common,
PIM,. K Zk Jae. 7. ILICHME2
AND or.m..zas IN
849 Liberty lOC, Pittsburgh,
Wholesale and Retail Grocers,
avith ' isa - No. SW PENN STREET.
T. I 7L/as : RABID ' &..IPAIITON,
Inoieeare erocara, Commtaidon Merchant.'
Dealers: in Produce ; Ylotar„ Bacon; Omega;
lab, Carbon and Lard OW Iron, Malta, (Nast,
Cottan:ratna and all rol,csburgh Manufacture"
gunerall ," 31451. and, 11. 1 .4, na:CONLO 15T8414.#,T.K
rittabotegu;; , . , • . i • , , -
UPTON& .A 1 CF Wbsilleo
,N4,,lll3iXTki tILTN=To Windt.
JOHN.I.4IOOBII:.IDin •notres. noun.'
TOUN..4.IIOIISE 1a311011., 81166,
ceseors to JOIIN.I. HOUtfiti. 1 00..
earterocerir and Votamlaskni M mebsinta, , Ow ,
aer of Smithfield and Water Streete. Pittsburgh..
C. 1111,11 TR
ONG, Successor
Armstrong. PRODIICt
iy„ree. to Totter
st. •
Drayg; Wagois, 'Carts, Hacks,
And Every DesCription of Carriages,
Take Out their Licenses
For each and ever Wagon,. Cart, Car, Dray.
Buggy or Catnap.. drawn by one hone. the
sum of $0 00
For each and every one of th.l above named Ve
hicles,. drawn by two horses, the sum oflllo 00
For each and every one of the above named Ve.
hide,, drawn by four horses, the sum ofl9s 00
For each end every Hack drawn by two bones
the sore tot - 9_l2c Ad
For each sad every Omnibus and Timber Wheels.
drawn by wo horses, the WO of ..... ..416,
For each additional oorse attached to any of the
above named Vehicles, the sum 0f...... 00
Seems 3. It shall be the duty of all Livery
Stable keepers in said city, to make returntits •
the City Treasurer. within twenty days attar the
pump, of this Ordinance, and anitually there
after. on or before. the Ist day of, May of each
and every year, of the number of Vehicles of or
ery descriptien. owned and peed by them In them
buslnestwand the kind thereof, and the same re
turn shall bo made under oath. .
Pdth. 4. AU owners of Carts Drays. yr gons .
and other Vehicles, who shal l neglect orjrhise
to procure- a license fun aforesaid, analibeeMecy
to a penalty of not • less than ten per cont.' for
• very,thirty.d aye the same remains unpaid after
the lot day of Way of each rear. All Llyesy
c tab e Keepers falling. to make , the Muni re.
glared In the 3d Section of this Ordinance, shall,
In addition to the foregoing, be subject to awe.
city of not exceeding fifty dollars, all of which
.penalty shall be recovered before the Mayor, or
one of the Aldermen of said city, by summary
conviction; and It shall be the , .duty ot the Chief
of Pollee to seek out all persons who hare tailed
to comply with any of the provlstona of this Or
dinance and report the same to the City Treasur
er. for which service he shall receive the sum of
fifty cents In each case, to bet taxed and collected
as part of tne costs, upon conviction as aforesaid.
• The Densities for ,non.compllance with the or-
Mumma will be Wittily ennerced after the above
date. it D. MACFERBON e .
cute Treasurer.
ALLSOLIZNY CITY April_.l, 1809. apl:ghl
Nos. 221 and 223 Liberty Street.
Corner of Irwin, now ofrer to the trade at low
figures, strictly
Prime NewCrolN i ZOrleans Sugar and
Porto Rico, Cubi and English Island Sugars.
New York, Philadelphia Cud Baltimore Re
fled do, • .
. ,
Golden Drips, Lovertngit. nnusils, Stuart's,
Adams , Ilud Long Island OYrutts• •
POrt.olllco,Cubs'anct Eng lists Island Molisses.
Young Ilyson. Japan, Imperial. ,Ounpowder
and Oolong Teas.
Cuanza and Blalgolll Rice.
Java, Laguayra and to Coffees.
Touaeco, ,iLard On, FUN Nails, Glass, Soaps,.
Cotton Yarns, de., constantly on band.
Fine BrandieNiViaas and Sei;ara.
Itnentro. Morons. sad Soot&lioglioo&IWAdos,
of tilnkot & Co.. lo bottles!. -
sporklioottro , l 2 ,lt, lit&Oritar%&od Jaunty+
-or , lock t , , r., nurion..p, i
9 tidpabgriteltutlOVii IT. t, _
u 40' , .121.110tiNvilVtoratiyttine.
'r ° rt'ill . l'ff.ft w i ~,„,,f ...
. 0 0011 p t o t . l
too oblikorneMid r t boa.
rooQiciaionongoo ia, Iskloi. pore.
* f ly.
do *Nroli 11000110, IQ arooll , do do.
Nolo titiOtif tbilFoO, ‘l.7hoodotivs Grattd Via.
Iroorriol. t , -/ .
_i I .
,1 , ... • .
oliolllk MO Minor? Moutips&dr.
liroodir ot,outorrO, roloolion .OW riroxrunto.l.
'OM:. „:„.
NoTitiiiir — ': —
• co-PARTN'Eu,sIaIp.
Theundim..4ll,,y. 01. ittit (mood cu.
portitoralifiniutor (111 mo MW ityto aft
..MI 111 PLLiana a 00.,
Wk l l. 4 3ktlthiUliillo ittoylotou and Li%ra btp
Ihia or so'lie rtto tuiv I
e tal'Avn. ,
t 105
• ,
L PltorAtivtlitlll
?rig. ' 14 0, 1 ,,.. -• MEI 41 ,1
1 t?rinl)Yli, ' Li t rt HAIL
, , 1 4 , '
rl ive t y e , ... i *dill: .
tilik l.t
i k iluitltlfig don 4) stre d llo:4o ,
V r . g Eh wow
= hia4rwle.i. ~. :
' 1 Ta or iiii lire fp
131701ITNIUt Or
,_ -
.114411-11 MUM.
after TUESDA.T. N ov ember , 17th.
ill arrive at art from the
her of Grant and 'Water streets. as
On and
Idhl, tra
I)rnot co
D 4 Part.
Mai 1 to an
from Union-
Ex. to and
West New
Bled Ac.
!Sunday C
and 114:10:1
For ttcke
7:0 A. ft. 0:00 r. x.
Acconit , n 11:0 0 0 A. ft. 2 :05-r. al.
(rota Unt`n. 3:00 r. ft. 10:10 A. X.
on Accom`d 4:30 r. ft. 515 A. 114
Accomdt , n. 6:15
X. 0 r.
oßicK osport.lo:3o Y. 6:45 A. Y,
rch Train to
Weft Newton 1:00 v. it. 10:09 A.
ts apply t
OUT. Flnpertutenaent. no2ll
W. IL, 13
../ TIME.
On and lifter SIONDA.Y, November 9th, 181111,
TWO TRAINS DAILY will leave Pittsburgh
Station, corner of Eleventh and Pike streets for
Franklin, oulooy, Buffalo, and all points in tie'
Oil Regions.
017/1.91. Pl77lllriirenftAMU,: nf pirrsairadat
Mail, ... . .. a.. 7:15 a m Mall. .. .. . .... 5:40p na
-Express:. ...- 7:10 pre Eames 5...;. • 0:30 ame
Brady's 41c 2:00 p m Bradys .11 Ac 10:30 a a
i t
lstgotlaWorkie let Soda Worka •
Accomd.... 10:50 a m rAccomod'n. 8.20 a s
9d Soda Works , • • • - 2d doda•Worka ... _ •
Accoaod'n. 5:00 p m Accomod , n. 3:40p
Church Train leave tsburgh at 1:10 P. > f
Ar rive•at Pittsbargkat 9:80 A. li.
Passengers laktug express train' have Vol
one change of cars between Pittsburgh, Baas, ,
arid 011 Regions. Hal and Eipress Trains stop
only at principal. ponds.' Mice WaY and ito. -
commodariod trains'stop at all stations.
THOMAS IL BIN(, Assn. linp , te,
W. FOSTER HOPE. Ticket Agent. re*
. Lpints it o t.u.wAY. .
. .
170r0.22d. 1618, trains will leave and arrive of
tut Union Depot, as follows, Pittsburgh Win:
Depart. Arrive., •
.161111Crpie5.. « ,.......... 3:13 giscii4/1:.11.10.
Past Line 10:13a. m. 41 p. m.
£ 4 4 1 ElPress: - .)... 4 - 0:01f m m..12:111 a. Mel_
Mixed Way 5:43 a. 0:43 p. me.
MeDensl4 , ...tuxen, No.111:118 m. 0:33 Oat./
Steubenville Accommod, 3:33 p. a. m.
lieDonalePs Acen. Na.,245:08
ar sag P. x . .Ezpteae wltl l e s s i dany. '
191:13 Y. la- Nan will arrive daily. • •
The 10:13 a. m. Train loaves daily, •Bandayllr'
m eased, and makes close commode= at New.
ark for- Zanesville and points on' Sandtaky
Manalley a Newark B. 8.. , ' -
8. P. sotru., General Ticket Aoint.
Pi7TBEDEGH . 4 Pip , T.WAYNX,I.CMAffai
B. W. - arid CLEVELAND & l'ir*l3l7BEifiX H.
From Dec. NlOt__,h 1888, trains 'Will leave heir"
and arrive at the -Casee-Depot,, , north side, Pith
bilri f ir l.72:2? ; lll ,,, o qi n g : if : 1 ;Airtikoii
tti;;;X:011a la Chicago
Erie IgallVlEdlalstia Miele 1PX..4 , 11111141. -I , • '
01. & "y4111 , 16:211 ara ee lag EXirgar t , , ,l ;
Chicago 11b3L.411:1 Bass Malden
Claes .Ex..10:013 a- ao. EV x .. tat ,
CL Ilk i_r7irEsazsg
Chicago_Ax.. P:43 /km rie &Nen EX 6 :I3 0 ,
W le-eaeftEx&iiii pt. W.* . L , g Ex(ksso -
Deßartfrees Altegfivati. - Arrays ta , 4lMat ,
N. , Erigrar t ie.B:llant
__: , llrlgt , ,, n A . Ils. :8;518
I le, llle
..... tit:: &ZVI% -10,33 r i
Boeh..riv .. : . 11;a3 pas Leessdalo -
... 5P:13410
Leetsdale Act.a:sBonl ' ', .. Ittilips,
14'..Brigen ~ ..15:.3.3pin N. Brisk% ..,54431ziaJ
N. Blist'il " :MAW pea Meeßidele ' " 41 -45 3 inla
Leetle P , /D:IkaPSO " • - - • " - Tail tar.. •
Leetsdale Bun. 'Leetsdale . Sen. it ~
day Church. ' • day Wearch. , DOS las'
m• . SP:43 p:ns. Chicago Express leases.daily.,
///fril:118 a. . Ohicako Express arratea daily..
dele. r. 12. . Deneria Ticket Agee
EIENNSILLVA-awisiore :
AD. (Mend after Nov, RElth , VMS. Tiling.
will arrive at and depart from the Colon Depot,
corner oi Washington and - Liberty streets, aa
Arrive. '• 1 • • Depart:: ' ' •
Rail Train.— 1:30 to Day Express.. 9:30 ma:
Fast Line.: '.. 11.40 a m Wall a Ne."l::etao ant
Weirs:lo. 1..6 SOS /II hiatiTrabi Balsam !:
BrintonArsen.l:soa m •Cincinnitx 1.91:115 pm
WalPs No. 2.. 8:502an Wail , ' No. 2..A1120ant. i
CincinnatiTx.9:4owm 'Johnstown Ac. 3:115 pm
Johnskrwe BradiloctiNolikalOpm.i:
Baltimore Ex. FAS-pm Phil*, Express 5:)10 pm
Phile..4l_npresslit:os , pm Wail's MI. If.. 5.140 pna. '
WalPsNo. 8.:;1.30p in Weill, No. 1..615 pm
BrachboekeNoi fWialvin Past Line ' 7 :50 oar
Wall!! No. 1. If:2111, ni.l
Wallrallo. 5 1 4150 L4ll -
Way PasszOr 10:180 p in ' •- - • ,
The Church Train leaves Walls Station every
Sunday:at 9:1.5. a. to., resahing Pittsburgh et ' '
.10:VO , a. M. Returning, lessee Pittsburgh at.
12:50 p.. zu.. and arrives at Walls tStation 14
21 ,
:00 p. m.
Cincinnati Express. Maras dallY.• All other
trout s. daily except Bandar. • .
For Prither information apply_to - • • - • .
D. BRCEWITH, Agen t ...,.
The PentitylVanießaliroadeornpany will notes..
some any rift roeliaggage,except toe wearinßaP':
pareVand limit their responsibility to One Nur
are., Dollars in same. Mi Bs/UMW esceediae
thiamin:at in • value • will be Si the - ria of its
°wear. tu leas 'wads' contrast.. 11u -•- .
• ' ' EDWAW • H; WILMAiI
tis., Gen eral ; thiperinteltAitenuok ~1. '
E 8 E 11 .11111i1M1
LROAD.-On and after Nov. And, MIL the
renter „Trains on, the Western Pennsylvania
Railroad* will arrive at and , de hem the
Yodetpl Stre
r rts. et DepOt, Allegheny Cityiatibllowet
A Derd!l
SprLaid , e_Nols:44llnM .. • • s 2:00 est •
Freeport No .19:13 a m Freeporttio. 19:15 as
Express..., , ..illt aut arphlg N 0111490 ant •
Sharpb , g No.l : 3p m Express..., ".51:55
'Freeport No:2 :00 pm Med% N 013310 pa
Mall 5:55 pta reeport N0.28:90 pet
endued's N015:4159 Suringee No 2 VW pet
Aboye trains run daily except Sunday. ,
Th. Church •Trale_lekves -Allegheny Junctie e .
every eunday at 2:40 a. m.. reaching Alleg_heny
City at 9:50 a. m. Returning, leaves Alleheny
City at 1:31 . Q p. and arrive at Allegheny Junes ;
non at 3:en p. m. _ -
ConittrreSion TlCtiorrn-Tor sale le package",
of Twenty, between Allegheny' City, Citestnuit
street. Herres, Rowlett, • Tine Oreek.Stne And
Sharpsburg and good only on the trains stoir9ln4
at Stations specthed ontickets.
The trainrieavlng Allegneny City at 2:00 a,
wt. make direct eonnection at Freeport withWabs . •
keys line of Stages ler Butler and llannaltstown.
Through ticket& may be purehaeed the °Meg-
N'o. 1 tit Clair streehtlear the Suspenslonßrldge,
Plttsbnr. h, and at the Depot, Anegheny. •
For further Inlbrmstion apply to
Federal Street Depot,
The Western Pennsylvania - Railroad win no,- -
aurae say risk for Baggage, except Ibr wearing
apparel, and limit their responsibility to One
Hundred Dollars In 'glue. All baggage ex
ceeding this amount In value willbe at the dekat
the owner, eaten* taken by spatial contreet.
ni=l Geestal Superintendent,' AltOolle. , Fli,f
• , ,
.Eastern 'Division.
RtKITIt from Um gut to all points In
Colorado,. Neradat,
California, lUtalk;''
New MUtoo, . Idaho, —
Oregoo. - ,:
• . • .„•,, 0 i • t,l OW i+ • .1. 11•
.VlO *Mir 1011V0 IS!Ke Liiii. RDA Leiyorfiro ta .
...,11Lu2ir iiseep.).ontheiorrivatettrilus =
of 1.,a a road MID, ut. Lours; ond klumf!
bid AO k 0 0 itafirota two' faufirmoollisteet:
JouLirffivuoc, ,Topeffs ;mid.
stAti• ri : for Alf points la Sanaa .salt ,lefiff -
LI,RIMS ALAilirpeth _ yrltit,
TA li t :sTiMaterm 1-0
114 , , , .iasp f*AILFI
. .
sU Pointe' ririteriesti
Aiwt with BAilTolttliPMA TILEWnif:GY LIES!
o WACHS' , for Fort Union , slant's Tort . Pass;
taduOrglite. Banta ire,_ um allPa:l4 In £tl
- rad Ave Xialeo.. • • • . ,
11:41 t he. tetra.. addition& of,
'aatainniint,' an . the "afraropin f la n a , =
wile sponslble tiverLand Transportation Luis
trot:3,ns western terminus...this road now' GPM ,
ouleigalled ficlinlen ~fbr Al),k - tainnononlon
net tto the Par West. - • ,
Tiotetia l og t =g l i all ,ttia pfinnipat sllnes
i le t igun nst tor Ca .uketa iladu
t i iiit i b i ef 0 WWI! IlifathlPLlri
- , !'• •
91111111.. WWl* .-