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Markets by Telegraph.
t1 C 0mr. , 49474 1 -4.-reateilka4tede.
l owerAndrather more active;, sales 20_500.
bales at 28 214 . e for tied tiling utiltinda..." - '
' Flour less active and prices without de.
clded change; receipts, 5,480 bbls;
1,700 bbls at 35,45g6,00 for eltiperfine
State and western, $6,156,70 ex ra State,
I $5,4,5®7,00 extra western, $4,05@7,50
white wheat extra, $6,25®7,35 ro nd hoop
Ohio, 37€,.8,00 extra St. Louis, I 9®12,00
good to Melee do., closing qui t. Rye
• flour dell: ari nricharigsW sales bbla
tit $5@6,99. Corn meal quiet a heaVY.-
1 'Whisky heavy: sales 10U bbls w tern at
1 95e for free. Wheat very dull and I®2e
lower; receipts. 28,098 bus; sales 24,000
. bus at t; 3 1 e 12 e 11 . -1 •5.t •ter Ils;042,A111111k
, in - store and delivered, - $1,60 for'
1 • amber Miehigan,l,6s for white California.,
II Rye dull and heavy. Barley dull; sales
.of 200 bush at 31,90. Barley Malt dull
, and unchanged:' Corn; 'receipts' 81,914
bush; market •about •lo lower; sales of
t •
38,000 bush, at 85@)89e for "new mixed
Western, chiefly 86Q87e, and 90©92e for
1 small lots of old do. Oats; reeelpte 41,-
1 260 bush; •there is a moderate request;
sales of 99,009 bush, at 73nfor western in
store and 75e for do. afloat.' Rice
I Celle°, dull, Sugar Moderately active;
pales of 630 hhds Cuba at 113@)12,11,10,
and 2,600 boxes Havana at 11;4(3.1 ,1 3 ( 3 .3.
t Molasses steadn, wiles of 7.5 bbls .New
1 Orleans at 82c; 020 hhds Cuba at 40c;".60
I -
hhds Porto • Rico at 68e; 112 hhds
Demerera at 44©6634 e . Hope quiet.
Petroleum, dull; 1 0.4®16Ke for etude;
30)4®31c for refined, bonded. Linseed
oil, quiet.; 31,0.3 in casks. • Spirits turperi
; tine, quiet. Pork; quiet and steady, 850
bids at 1 , 32..@32,25 for new mess, closing
! • at $32 cash; $31,50@31,75 for , old mess;
, $26,50@27,75 for prime; $29@30,50 "for
prime mews; also 500 bbls new mess,
• seller 6 months, 3,32. Beef, dull; Bff bbls
, at sB®l6.for• new plain mess; -,.512@)18 for
I new extra rness. Tierce beef, dull; 25
tierces at $ 2.5@,30; 327@33 for Indinmess.
; .Beef haws, heavy, 430 bbls $26630.
Cut meats, a abide Miner; 175 13
_ol3;ie for shoulders, and 16y ®l7s‘ for
I .hams. Dressed hogs, heavy; 2 141 (4)/
- for western; 14!,-. for city. Middles, firm
- and quiet; 180" boxes at 16Ne for Cumber
-land Cut; 173?@17%c for South 'Stafford
shire, Stratford. Lard, heavy; 1,060
/ tierces at 17 3f@193ec for steam, and 1.9©
1934 c for kettle rendered; also 250 tierces
; steam, buyer for April and May, 193/c,
Butter, steady,,3o@)4oc 'for Ohio, and 40;1)666.11nr,5tate., Cheese,- du11,! , L8©22:6.
Freights to Liverpool nominal:
Lvensx-Flour closed dull and s©loo
lower,, the decline being chiefly upon
_Medium and good gradas. Wheat dull
:and nominally I@2e lower, Rye 'nein!.
nal. Oita dull at 73c for western In store.
Corn ‘ 1114414-186 @9 74 / 1 49citkilw mixed,
western; old mixed western very dull
and. •,Pork, utichapg4., %Beef
in moderate request and steady; Bacon
quiet and unchanged. Lard Eggs
steady at 24q42.6e. •
CipeX 'Ut;•' March ' s 19 :. 4- Dailern Ex
change quiet and unchanged.
very dull, at 35®6,3734 for spring 'extras,
47 for winter do., and $4@4,75 for spring.
superfine. - Wheat tolerably active' and
I.;‘,l3‘s•l•Aster; salete,ofithio....l at sl,ll©
1,1,5 for regular. fresh receipts at 95;
closing at $1,09®1,09X for 'N0..2; sales
of No. 2,at 31 4 034, seller, for. pril,• sales
• 'change at $1,093.i:' Unix dttil - ami l .
unsettled and 4 lower; sales of. new at
.53®54, no grade at 51®513i; closing at
.b3,12)53;.f for no grade; sales of, No. 1
at 68, seller for the last half eirSprll, and
at 65, seller for May, No. 2 at 58 3 4 ', seller
- for May; nothing doing this 'afternoon.
Oats dull and ,ig(D lower; sales of No". 2
at 51%®58 for regular and fresh receipts;
closing at 52; sales 52, seller for this
• month, 52053. buyer for this month,
52 ;,seller • for last half of Rye in
4 fair .demand 'at 41,17®1,19 for regular
and tread receipts of No. 1, and $1,16M4
1,17 for fresh receipts of No. 1. Barley
dull and lower. at $1,85 for No. 2. Seeds
dull. at $2,75©3,15 for Timothy,': $9.23
@9,50 for Clover. - Highwines dull at - 88c
offered and 89e asked. Mess porkWel
_ and $31,75@32 cash; "37,75 buy
. era for April,, closing at ,$32 for, March.
Laid nominal - and I ,4€l;Wi lower sales:at
18@18 ;c retail; sound loti nominal at j
18e. Sweet pickled hams active' at Ift
dry salted shoulders 13c buyers for April.
Dressed hogs quiet at 112,25©13, closing
ate-at $ 12,2 41 1 2,75, div.itiln_g,on 200
darl'• and Weak et n 19,30@9,60
for fair to medium; $10®10,50 for good;'
$10,75©11,25 for choice to extra , prime.
New Orleans Anger ' 14igil6c for common '
to choice. Molasses $1®1,05. Receipts
for the past 24 hours--8,055 bbls flour."
'f•-28,687, blr,trbeit,74l7;79obitte447.4ll7lThu
oats, 5,204 bu rye, 1,880 bu barley, 4,343
hogs. Shipments-7,1390 bbls flour, 7,731'
-_bu wheat, 27,837 bu corn, 8,718. bti ,, .117. 4 1,
1,550 bu barley, 4;53 - • 'I
ST. Lops, arch 19.-.-Tobaeco un
'changed. Efensp' aniU Cotton; nothing
doing. Flour dull, weak and - Unsettled
at 35,25®5,35 for fall superfine;
~extre,: '
$6®6,50. Wheat; choice and fanny:fall a,.
"little better at $ 1 . 82 34i2)2:00i Prime telow
choice, $1,55®1,70; .spring unchanged at
$1,15®1,1734 for No. 2. Corn stronger ,
--and. better at, 58®61,3, for Fellow and
mixed white in bulk, .and. 68@a00•., in.
sacks. Oats; market stronger, but prices,-.
- unchanged, at 45734@e.62.e. •Barley-quiett;
and unchanged at $1,8001,85 - for•primal
,to choice spring. Rye unchanged at,
c '• $1,28@1,33. - Whiskyminslital at h9©9oe.. J
Groceries unchanged.- LoriiiihruiSugar,.l
_ ie. Coffee 18;i®25c.forlowpades,,
*tit prime Rio. Molasses, 75®90C. 'Perk,
quiet at $32,25Q32,50. Bulk ! . Meativdtillt,
small packed sheuldere,atl,3e;,elear
sides, 16: 1 „e.
.;Bacon; ,denunict
and prices barely nominal; jobbing sales,
. •of - shoulders:at.l4e; clear-rib ,oldea,-17et
clear sides, 173ie., Lard; Oholeetstearn,,,
183ie; choice country kettle, 181,c, Cat,
tie; - only local demand at 14@7,26 . f0r fair,
to extra. Receipts-Flour, 14,200
wheat. 13,500 bus; corn, 33.700 bus; eats,
6 bus; barley, 3,300 bintrryei I,7ool:bus,
family f6.25®6,50. Wheat dull; no itales.-'
Corr firm, at 65e for ear: .;-Oats dull;Nos
• 1 66e,,, Barley dull, at 14E4240 ferNo•
• - 2 -State., Rye:•unchanged,.. attd. dell
Cotton dull :.sit;. 27Xe for, middling.
Whisky dull at 90(i)91c. Meas . Pork dull
at the close find - not saleable at t better",
than 532. 1 dull add lowerr • .
offered at 1 3%©143,0 without buyensll
• Bacon nominally unchanged; no sales. I
• 61 "•ThUrlit ISt; tta bola* st.better than I
18Mc. Butter 2e higher and scarce;
fresh 40®45e. Eggs 19e and steady.: .
Linseed Oil , dull at $1®1,03. Lard 011
uiet at $1,5501,60.- , PetrOltttin dUll, at •I
.33@ti5e for refined. , Sugar •drill; :New`
Drleanty,l4@)lsXe; there isonlyajobbittg,
Coffee fimat 22®26.5. I Moffitt,
see steady;• at 'MOM" for New Orleans.,
Gold 1301113•1mVue...Ilexcitanot steady.; -•
ciaiver,auri; Flour Is uric
changed, dull and 'insetive; city made;;_
• $10,23®19;50•f0r trobleextra white; $ 9 ,60-
%9,75-fordouble extra amber, $7,50©7,76:
for double:•attia red winter, $0,50(4)6.75
for extra red; country made: 37®8 for . l
double extra red and amber, 96,26©7,00
for double extra' spring, $9,50@-10,00 for
double extra white winter. Wheat; sales
of I,Bpo bus rro. 1 red winter at 31,42; Nci.'
2 6. 'held at '81,28" - Corn; -MAW fit
Oats ; sales} of 2 cars at 60e. Petroleum
•:lifit and nrigettled add nO"citrre6t figures
4:49 be. given; Itefimed nemtnally leearep
, , .
-Maieh 19 .-4iieir:', end
heavy; no sales. " Wheat opened lower
amber,,ldlosed 20 lower,
sales, amber, $1,46; No. 1 white
4 11 (4' 91,68; white regular; $1,47; No, 1
arming, .91;26, amber, . buyer for April
$1,50. Cori], lc lower, closing quieWjadell
of No. I, 68e; No. 2, 62Mc; no grailkirki
ti fflifklitrer3A l ill6,f; Cre% -- - , 4:Pattc - luter, innt:
unchanged, 610 for Michigan. Rye,
changed and quiet; sales at 81.30 for No.
1. Barley, nominally unchanged, : $2,12
®2,15 for. Canada. Dressed, hog,s, nom
inal. Clover seed, quiet. Receipts--
1.600 bbls flour, 6,900 bush wheat, 36,000
bush awn. 2,700 bush' oats;l,6oo bushels
,barley. Shipments-1,400 tibia flour,
2,700 bush wheat, 14000. bush.corn, 4,700
bush oats, 700 bush rye. • •
. larnw.s.trime, March - dull
'and weak, with sales city, double extra
at $5,75. , Wheat unsettled. and M®lc
lower, with adles at: 61,11 for No. 1, and
81,0(4 for No. 2. Oats (lull at 53c. Corn
weak at 56c for new. Rye lower at $1,13
©1,14 for. No. 1. Barley steady-and un
changed.- Dressed Hogs_firmer and pri
oesLunchanged. Receips-3,000 barrels
flour, 25,000 bush wheat, 3,000 buskoats.'
1,000 bush corn, 1,000 ,bush rye, 1.000 - bus
barley 100 dressed: hogs. Shipments:-
2,000 Chia flour, 2,000 bush-wheat.
Lowsvintz, March 19.-Sales of 107
hhds of tobacco 8(.1,34@ 1 / 3 .10 for neiv com
mon lugs to old cutting leaf. Cotton at
165. Mess, Pork, 132,50. Lard 193.
Bacon-shoUlders 14y„ clear - rib Aides
17M, clear sides-18. = Bulk Meats-anoul
dere 13My clear rib sides'l6M, clear aided
17. Superfine Flour at 85,50. Wheat at
$1,45®1,55.- Corn 60®65. Oats 61®65.
Rye 81.50. Whisky 91. Sugar at.1.4.1©
161‘ for ,New - Orients. Molasses at 80®
85'for NBW Orleans. • ` - -•-
Mssirrtis, March. 19.--Cotton dull and
nominally unchanged. Receipts, . 967
bales; exports, 716 bales; week's receipts,
4,332 bales; week's exports,4,273 hales;
stock, 25,967. I Flour, very dull, super at
86®6,50. Corn, 800. Hay, 827, Oats, 72
®73c. • Pork, 833. Lard,, .IAM® . 2OMc.
Bacon. ;,quiet.`: ;Shoulders, 15c. Sides,
180. Balk meats, steady;shoulders, 13%.
sides, /63..
BA triMoßk-, March-19.-Flour - .fairly
active' at previous quotations. Wheat
nominal; Penna. red $1,60(4)1,65. Corn
very dull and lower; prime white 82©830.
Oats dull at •66®68c. - Rye nominal
lit 81,40®1,48. Mess pork, firm at $33.
-Bacon; firm; rib sides 17Xc; clear sides
18c; shoulders 15c; hams 20®21c. Lard
trurat 20c. Whisky dull at 950. •
..11,kv:.1x).; March lg.-Sugar; there IS
an lbaproved demand, and the market is
advanclng,'ivith more • buyers •than sal
lerS; ' holders demand an advande; No.
12D. S. at 9 @gm'reals.
•-- • .
CiEICAGO, March 19 -C a lve. 3fgrket
_Beeffeattle 41111 ,,heAvy.and neglected'ilt
f3;25@4,2.5 for common; e6(0,40 for good
stock eeeirs.,
7 I
..ries.trarax, marenl9.--Cotton le very
dull and lowLmlddlings, 24340; good or
.dinary,.23Xct stock, 0,000 bodes. •
•-•1 , /1111POBTS BY. RAILROAD.
CAGO RAILROAD. • March 19. —22 ears
Metal; NlmLek & Co; 1 do do, Zug & Co;
Ido do. Brown it Co; 6 - do do. Jas Wood
Son it Co; 2do o, d Bryan & Caughey;
1,300 bbls flour, T C Jenkins; 100 do do,
Culp & Shepard; 100 do Bingham &
•Laifig;.loo do do, McClure & McKee; 100
do do,"M'Kayltro; 250 pigs lead, Dlth
ridge &Son; 50 bills green bides, ••G H
• Wood iic Co; ' 107 do do, G N Hoffstott; 5
bbls spirits, Shipton & Wallace; g bbls
'Harris & Ewing; 46 carboys
amonia, C Pemberton; 7 sks rag.s, 2do
beans, Thomas Bro; 54 ska rags, McCul
lough, Smith & Co; 8 bbls beans, 5 pkgs
•butter, 13 do apples Voigt, Mahood it Co;
.84 doz brooms, 10 bbls flour, It Robison
& Co;-1 bbl tallow, E flettzleton; 5 bgs
clover seed, Bricker & Co; 139 bbls apples,
•21 pkgs butter, 3 do lard, W II Graff &
Co; 8 bbls apples, G Shanfelt; 2 cars horse
shoes, Brown & Co; 2 bag candles, J D
Lana; . 2 cars corn, J W Simpson; 1 car
millfeed, J it W Fairley; Ido staves, M
P Adams Bro; 25 bra starch, .1 Hender
son Bro; 10 bbls onion setts, Hi ley &
13eckert; 76 eke raga, Godfrey & Clark; 1
car shingles, Slack & Sholes; lot carriage
hardware, 'ldcWhitiney & Co; do do,
Hare &Bro; 84 bills flour, it
Stevenson; 8 bbls. butter, H Lenz; 1 car
barley, Pier. Dannals & Co. ' •
, . , ,
' CLEVALAND Eirrestrnoir 'RA L•
ROAD, 'March • 19. 7 4 cars 'wheat, J S
Liggett & Co; 2 do"liinestone ore, Mc-
Knight, P arm) E'do7 - war m ore, Shoen
berger. Bialr'& Co; 250 irks barley, J M
Carson it Co; 1 car brick, Park Bros &
Co; 3 cars pig iron, Nimick it Co; 10 bas
tumblers, McKee & Bro; bbls dryer, F
C Nevin it Co; 24 bxs'oil.R 1; Sellers it
Co: 6: bbls tallow, 75 ebtils •hides,•l. roll
•leather, M De ;Lange; 7 bbls beans,.l do
tallow, 3 do apples, 42 sks oats 10 do rye, -
Morrison & 11; 10 bbls oatmeal, Strickler
& Morledge; 10 kgs barley, E Hazeiton;-
,6 sks flaxseed, H Riddle; 9 rolls leather,
N Hoffstott; 150" bills chairs, .10 do
rockers,'Bodford Chair Co; Lear pigiron`
Reese, Graft & ull Ido do do,
He d - B it Co; 3 tea h a ms , cask bacon, Head
it lifatzgar; 105 'oil bbls, B D Moore; 1.•
bbl eggs, W:JSteel & Bro.
Atisciftztist• -' • VALLEY RAILROAD,
'March bbls' sulphate, Seward it
Campbell; ' 323' cases oil,- 'Livingston it
Bre.; 5 cars•metal, McKnjght - ,Forter &Co;
rdo do, r ? yon, Sharb & Co;' 24 eke rags.
Godfrey & Clark; 212 bgs oats, 1 car
grain, Keil '4 Ritchart; bbls eggps, 4do
butter, A W• Beer; 5 pkgs Sel
ctaft;l2 aka raga, MeCullotigb, Smit hit
Co: 81 bgs oats, Blaney' it Moore; 78 do
f10;,6 do ry,e;'Sbott Gisal; is ear metal,
'John - Moorbeiad; 12 ' aka rye, 2 do. flax
eSed; JOhn.llif i tly; Maki; oats; 1' Leslie;
bbt aSey; 160 bbls oil, James
sBOO Mellor Bro; 9 hides, J.
'C'Lpippe; 240 bbis oil, 1) M 'Edgerton; 960
do, Warring.& King; 80 do do, Pool Bro;
bbls being, W Goraill,*.
care : wheat, Kennedy,4 Bro; 18 bbls ap
plea, A.--1 RoPer4 1 2 bills ste,E / 9 1/ders,
G tkiPla IP IO P, tiPouffer;
It Knox '& on; ,g
58 eke oats,
,oars& Bai -1 do do,
,C, C
Lamm ,de - Co; ,I: ear, ..talteed,:(39,bbla
11Q11X, Hack Schwibla; ear metal,
Graff; Hugus 41 Co; ..1 ear' staves,
Hemaldhl 9 bbls,apples, I V Wlisop; 80
bmtimothyzieed,„loseph Craig.
r!vvi.:;ll. ;:iy4
Ar -141LOtjtt'I -•
That take Chotec . Bread at a Low.Pilce..
. • -
Fa T •
Have stirefeededln nettles , the beet Flour at the'
lowest , brlee offered , In this market tor the last
llee years.;JTher.warrant every.,barrel to glee,
entirel.satlasetlon t .and Is has. never failed to s
r; single inetence to,do so. :Demurs Will And at to
their advantage to .cre „tlyile. :WHITE BuSE a.
Irlst.rl Kept vorretantiv, on and at tlielr• v. are=
bUnsf!.-229•LilhatT1<:81'ffISKT.Pittaburgh s ,Pa,;.
tflugLANßltitit l~tid~tat`(LatelSt. Clair) Street.
(B,iceeems,,,,:co.:w, 'Me' GEE et , CO.,
thticiferalltelecteit atoriu
or st)rJr.g. an - Bain leer. '0 odd a., and • Will be glad
to show. •, or tell' tbem4o•Old And new taatomere.':
Cutting : .Department be , ettfierin.;
tended by' ar;, C. A. . MUIILANBILLNti. > : • r.
X i;lice.pleistini In recommending lilt 4bove firm
to the liberal, gUOPPr, Cott P tib "O'
, • , TH. lieG , gE•
IQ - '",LEAD.-401111,, pigs Soft=
tend tor sale 'by
• ; 'l4l First Avunee.
ROD& At3llloo casks ' for sa/e
P.; .
, •
IitiITBRTNEWB.. 1r • t
ai f rei - drah
amt - l n ~eaterBnq alter
. ,
noon Sand the indications that evening
were that it would - continue for some
Mercury at font o'clock P. 31. 35.•
River falling, with six feet six inches in
channel. by Monongahela marks. •
The , Messenger- will positively take
her departure for St. Louis and the UP
per Mississippi to-dav, at noon.
The Lorena, from St. Louis, is the on
ly transient arrival we have to report.
The Mollie Ebert, from the same point,
was due last night. ,
The Fayette, for Parkersburg, and,
Kenton, for Portsmouth, also departed.
The Silver Lake departed Air Missouri
River - with a good trip and engagements
below, including - fifty tuns at Ports
The Armeina, which left here for St.
Linda on Thursday evening, rnn aground
at ' , Merriman" and stuck there nearly
all night. She left here drawing six
and a half feet.
The Glend Capt. Hare, is annonn
ced for St. Louts and. the Upper Missisz
sippi forthwith.'She is, in all respects,
one of the
_hest boats in the trade.
• • The Grey Eagle, Capt. C. L. Brennan,
is the regular paoket for. Parkersburg
to-day,.leaving - ar noon:
The -Glasgow, Capt. Andy Robinson,
Jr., 'is 'filling' up: steadily far St. Louis
and the Upper Mississippi, and will be
the first boat out.
The ~C ollosaal," Capt. Cox's new
makitain 'boat, will commence business
neXt week.
—The Allegheny Belle, with a tow of
iron ore, passed 'Louisville on Wednes
day, enroute for.Pittsbnrgh.-
-The Maggie'Hays and Sallie, passed
Evansville on Wednesday, and the Em
ma No. 3; was advertised to leave Cin
cinnati for Pittsburgh on Thursday.
Mucky boat Homer, in aseending
the chute on Wednesday with
a barge of railroad iron, grounded hut
was pulled safely by theotow boat Falls
—The St. Louis Time 4, several days
ago, said: Dick Harmon, of Nashville, a
river engineer, was foroed by the uncle
of Miss • Virginia'E. Davis to marry her
on Sunday, tinder threat of taking his
life. Jutsice Andre performed the zero-
—The large wharfboat Or Fowler, Lee
dr Co., at Paducah, came very near being
destroyed, by . tire on Thunday night
about twelve'o'clock.'. It took fire from
.the stovepipe that ran through' the roof
of, the heat; The "Steamer Anna -WWI
lying alongside of the wharf at the time,
and with nigger 'engine put out the
_fire befOre it (Haral* damage.
On ' Tuesday, in the case oflt. J. Big.
ley va. thp .towboat, which has
for some time been, before, the United
States Court at the
got j udgment, in the Sum of 10,515. The
suit was brought for damages for breach
of contract in failing to deliver coal at
Memphis, and for sinking barges laden
with coal..
— , A.Cincinnati paper says:: The _own
era of the Madison packet West. Wind
protose - thlortri a joint. stock, company,
with a capital stock of $14,000, in shares
of 151,000.. They will dispose of eight
shares to parties living along the trade,
and retain the remainder. They design
imaking the West Wind a fixture in the
trade. Captain Troy. /ate /n com
mand of the Lady Grace, in tile same
takes charge of the Wind, Captain
John Noss retiring.
—The Louisville Courier says: A short
time ago we made allusion to a singular
superstition - which prevails among
steamboatmen, or at least a portion of
thorn, viz: That when an accident be
falls a steamer, two more of a like
nature, making the fatal number three,
are sure to follow, and cited the sinking
of three boats on the falls, and the de
. by fire of the Minh) Stephens
and the partial burning of the" Glendale.
The burning of the Ruth has filled the
mystic " complement of , the ' fire
fiend. Since the tame mentioned para
graph was penned • three' steamers, the
Peoria City. Agnes and Cuba have sunk
within a few days of each other. Is there
anything in the. superstition? It would
--Adilces in regatd - to the destruction
of the Ruth say the fire started among
• the hay in thehold., The 'engineer made
the disociyers , , spoke to the pilot through
the Sneaking trumpet, and, the latter
rounded. the boat on the. Mississippi
shore, and,rtm het, into a: elttpof wit
.l9weo where ahe wat4 breed to Op bank,-
.and made fist by a chain. 'Thei;Vitsen
,gerAl,rtwo. hundre4 in lumber; a mong them sixty ladles, fief, ashore without ao
cklent.:Nearlyoill the baggage was lost.
including 4110,000 worth ef - jewelry. ''The ,
Rutli had 35041 tuna of freight,„ inclfiding
200, heal of boraea and Mules's, all ;of
which were:lost. After burning about
three-quarters pf • an hour, destroying.
the upper.werkti, tie , omcere succeeded;
in ecutliog thejoull. The steamers
wpm, and Pistil tools 'the Ruth's
passengers to Vicksburg.
Loutsvi x. 1.944 lga3c_h "—River illation.'
ary, with tenseet.snd,:one inch of water
i tt , t 4 9 ,o4 4l ll . ,, Nitat4pr o vek and mild. .
- .1413041.713.'
:klOll SM . /mum- KAatir.. a dr ia '
ALL, ruipurs UNIT arlAtivickqua:4EvEAL—
new Innen., er ereireer • •
I coLtraiseLi:. ...4.iiio....lCipt, M. A. COX;
Will ieIVIO far .the above and Intermediate ports ,
on T UESDAY, ! Mareb , sla;itt Akr: at. ! • , : - . • i •
For frelght or JO/Stage suply on - board or to
inb2o ...FLUX & ailLiaziovrutw, Agent°.
FOR ST. _ LOUIS ' : GA i r iii tir a 6
' LEN X.' MU MIR E '..f. Hatt. .
teftliThill'''''''' ".4.lJtottgra3getallieNNitiateekrutl'
Will. lwrootor;tneriaboye,..torta :poiFit4tAlf,
191,h Inst.., iit lk P. ~11K• •,' 1.. ..., ~ „ , . , , i
For frelAtit or tontinge lIWT on board, or to . ..
mnier ,PlJAcwa voLairstivotw—kiterisq. '•
WICErAII I ikartivfliiiiMa
• cittlrit- or qutilns- chards
•as Witt e-stdanter '• • ; •
are notified to call ii tho.Offlee of JAMESREES,
'corner: of; Dnauesne:Way.aud ,roorth street, for
a settlr meat of the 'afro, as Shelties been Bold and
settleidentsdestred : • AshOtigo
.011 SlN—Lfll7lll:llpElt!iiiiii7g
DAvitNPON't. , ROCK .
• March;
The 'adenoid paaatutet etfrmiev •
lALAAD . np1ar,3024• Cozi,r,
NrllVldave aa ' sonounceit above.
ror trelsrhVor puma amply. on board, or
NoDireeoN, JA.,, pastor to '
, or
tithis"? OHO4LLIINTIe,.!Agenta...
ViprE s i d gr a t.
Pig-044T 21
! - - MM.? - . 6 Y- • " 4 -,1- .• •
itNEAPOLIIS::: ~.-",41.0411'1,0;5.110D1GEL
Witi lure for, EiTs..4.Aub.. so4cthe .10th or!
Aprta Lud go through dirett.:".. his ,ahletand
Steamer offers very superior irmonumou Aslant for
visseisgerS' gind 500k..). - For uartfoutpro apply to.
YLAGIK, 4 - P944isoNvoon,
..e.227;eflh: , r - "' or IL . Atvi
PITT) 81111 4014.
:svitzmniro; •
Atari' atta and Parkersburg. Lino.
litale Contpanyla Wharf Boat. ioor orVood
.)341Lir.". At la -•
.... , ...axSJGE,D. Noonz, Raster
.3irx.oNgSro.vra AarD,,BATunibtits. ,4 . •
6EstlCAliLfg.... l ....q. L. Itzer.xirpt.)gutei.,.
pours by • '
141f7 ' 414105 coifLtis;'latt. '
TierHIRD LIST, 1869, .APPLI•
k l a Office, lor the month of Mareh,• 1 869, •
••• • •
David • PITTSBURGH.' •
moo/. &seem, lag ward; •
H. ll. , Neelank• tavern. ist ward;
Ed. McDermott, tavern, LA ware;
Mathias Haas,•taverm• sat ward; - • . .
John Schnett, tavern. Ist ward,
• Maris Tagg, tavern, Lit ward; .. • •' .
• Patrick Levine, tavern, lat ward;
John Itichltne„. eating home, Ist ward;
Fred. bebild. other goods lst. ward;
Geo. Roseurel d . other goods. - 15t ward:
kugene Zaltnnger, tavern, ad ward;
Adolph Ludwig, tavern, tad ward; •
John Ullrich, tavern, 20 ,ward;
Jame , Freel, tavern ad ward;
Fred Ramlg. tavern. 2 J ward; .
P, Ingo,daby. tavern; 2d wend: , •
Peter. Koltreeker. tavern, ad ward;
W. X. Sledie, tavern, ad wit d: ' -
Joseph Kiser. tavern. 3d 'ward: •
Wm. trobinson. tavern. 3 riwardll
Alex.urray. tavern, lid ward; I •
Hays & Simon, tavern, ad ward;
Fred. Smith. tavern , Lad ward; -.
.G P. & 11., 3 • ward: *
John Kessler, eating house,:ad wa-d:
Nihon t chock. other good., 'ad ward:
James A. Lore tavern 4th ward;
J. Both & SOTS. other ;cools. 4(.11 sad:
James Mooney, tavern sth ward
Henry Colwee, tavern, sth ward:
John Sweeny y. tavern, sth war , :
Thomas Grogan. 5.. CO.. tavern. sth ward;j2
Anthony- Monaghan, tavern, sth-ward: .
Christian M liar: tavern. But ward;
MMIL Sweeny tavern, 6t h want:
Jounli-inselif tavern. Ota ward; I
'IV at. T ename. eat lug house. oth Ward. -
James Freed, other goods. Oth ward;
Lemondwin. other ta v er n .
Nth ward:
& Hanlon, tavern. 9th .watd;
Wm, Hanlon, tavern. Mb ward;
Peter Gam tavern, O. ti warn::
Adam Swinelaart. tavern. 11;11 ward;
Joseph Blegner, tavern, Oth ward;
Theresa Pechtel, tavern, 9,11 ward;
Joseph Koester, tavern, 9.11 ward;
Daniel Volta, tavern,O.h ward:
Salvador Slocum, tip ern - Otis ward;
Louis Froelich. er irooda.,'Utb ward; \
• dohn other gouda. Otis ward;
James , •ctilitlel, tavern, ,10tH ward; •
Robert Steele, tavern. 10. h Ward; ' •
Build Smith. tavern, lOiliward.• .•
Isaac Snyderoavern, lOte ward,• •
David Collins, tavern lOttt ' , card; • • -
A. &S. KnoorlingerAavern, 10th ward: - •
Nieh, HoSe an, tavern; lath ward t •
John Fawn, tavern. 111th ward;
Charles Millstein: tavern. llith ward; •
Patrick tavern. Ilith ward:
Hunter Lore. 41iiitirn, lath
;• Benedict Dilger. tavern, 12thward;
• Wm. F.- telly, eating house. 111th ward;
Math. Ochner, other goods. lath ward;
Samuel Moore; ether goods, 12th ward;
Geo. A. Grler„tavern. 14 award;
Daniel L it•ardon.- trvern„4sth "..-
CharaniVenger. tavern. 16!h ward; • .
T. Lludt•nrelser & Co.. other goodsrlsth • witrd;„
Wm. ILVtioa, tavern, 16th ward; • -
Margaret Sehloffner, tavern, 17th ward;
Ti.os. Miler; tavern, 1711.wardt. ".
Adolph 191hwardt
C. - Barker, tAvern. 20th ward.
Wm. Burgers; t L
racilat ward: • ! •
14 in. D. Bois, tavern, Ist. Ward:
Wm. P; Allison. tavern. goo d sard ' •
Fred. Andriessen. otaer lSt ward;
Lynele, s •tavern,litaward: • . .
Fred. Buener. taver2d ward;
Thema.. Tactical'. lit:vent, ad wartl;; .:, • ;
.Fred., Harter, tavern, ad ward:
Lawrence Sproul , -taver6i. 4 2d ward;•
W.. it. Nowell.- tavern, lid ward;
James' Neeley; tavern; 2d ward: •'• ' •
Pat rick.Mctirr dy,-tavern, 2tt ward ; . , •
G: , ttleitt Tanker, tavern.'3d ward;
. Jacob slamand, tavern, 30 ward;
Adam Pool; tavern. Id ward; • •
Fred, anhulze, tavern; 3d ward; '
Leonard Kern,' tavern', ad ward ;• ' •
.. Annual Schielf,Ltavern:•34 ward;.,
.Nich. Hock, tavern, 34' ward;
Sohn Sohulters, eattug house, , 341, ward •, • '
Fred. Koehendorfer, cattier good., 3d Ward;
0 Bled: ClaritOner,lavern, 4th. ward; 1., • •
Gem:Schmid t, tavern. 4ln ward;
Stadlelnan, tavern, 4th ward; L •
Conrad Sontag, tavern, 4gth ward;
'Wm: Hoffman, tavern, 4Quward;! .0.. •• ; .
! John. Salzmann; tavern., 4th ward; 4,
Jaeob Hanel tavern, 4th-ward'
John• Gordon, tavern, 4tkward; I .
• Eberhard Etiwanaer, tatveni. l 4th wad;
• effert, tavern..4th.ward; I ,
Christ. Ilharlieabaugh: taserd. 4th Ward;'
Geo. EL I>lerker, tavern,- 4th wardi;
Latapert Knott!. tav rn,•4th ward: '•
„1 - I,lrespeaheld., & Co, tithe* goods, 4th ward: .
Gotbelh Drianble, tavertt,•srti ward;•••
Jdah Xerel,LtareOu. O ttkward: , '
Christ. Jeckel. tavern, Silt Ward; - i •
Alex. BeTer. tavern. sth want ; . •
Wettish & Thomas, tavern . tith war
-Andrew Shatikicr,!tavern.6th.ward;l:
oho lirosey,lavern. o t h ward;
John Rosenb erger,: tavern, oth ward;-
Richard Ma'am:ll, other goods, 6(11 ward:
Etephen Huffman. rating hwupe,-Pth Ward..
Geo. Rinser. faverti, BtrininghaM; I '3'l -
(le°. e hdhlri Okla ithrhall 1
Fred Hagerleng, Birmingham;
iller n r aninsinus: , lavern„,Birinlngbam;
. A uguat word. tavern, Birmingham: f
• Martin Shafer, tavern;Bilinighstmt
Geo. Eletiley, tavern Birmingham; •
Conrad Speider, tavern. Braddock; :•• ,
Fred Gedintoh. tart rn.. ttlizabeth;
Ir. Garver, liven:l,o lizaheth: i
Math Slater., tavern, McKeesmart; •
JolinWittenbiteli , 'tt'vern.l .l 4l 3o 436SpOrt,; -
Cath. Seithal, tavern. . MAK Thomas Clar tavern , m a a pa rt ,-
Fetertleigar. k- : tavern,. Mo K ritsport;
• Fred. Kant, tavern, rinuthPittiburght -
F.d. ramie, other goods. rotttb FltUiburgli;
. Martha H opkins . tavern. ,bharpahurg ;
":Jerome sum, tavern, Sharpshurgq-
F.-Auth, , tavern: trharpsbure...:; •
• , •• . - • TOWNSHIPS: „
M. Flltimod,' tavern; 1011rabei
Werdilehmidt. eating bonse, KilleaCk;
Peter sr Oman tavern. Build.,; ,
.-Jacon Trak. tavern. 31.Candiess;'
• ,co F; 311•1er; eating house. uhlo;• - •
.. Henry. jdeperunr„ tavern.ltiehland:
ao Frederick & Co:: tavern; : '
J. V; D. Keating. tavern, Resat.. •
John Sltaier.lavern.nesa:
Eliza Faralaree.'tisverng abater; , !!
.6eorge,W,Boyd, tavern, Upper Clair;
--Patrick Ruches. tavern, Lower St.o lair*
Josenh Schell', tavern, Lower Sr.
• !Kraig; eattnighouae, Lower ht. C t air;
Beveridge, tavern..Versailletl. • •
The; Meuse Hoard Will. sit NI , lieutiot the'
akuvo!!apoilnedinns .on *14,11.143.1)AY,,V4e.250%
last . nt, 9 Welock A.
"' !•• • • ' JOHN 0. BROWN,'
dIdrk:MARL 10th; 1809. = 1 • ' Ml6B'
2 000 itnsnEtsseri l lt ik
; , Nuisaza 4 STZVEYON.
• 4+7'l,
iii Nial
DAY, MOM 20, 1869.
PSE: - . - PTitlkEUfit,liEF-1 I
Lubricating & High Test Burning Oils.
Eclipse Railroad Axle Oil.
Stands great heat without !change; remains
tropical climatesemperatures. Special Oil for
or hot weather.
. l lachine Shop,
WIII cot Screws
Saw Mill' and Planing Rill
Adapted forhigh speed. I
Spindle Oil, Wool llead.Light OR,
Oil, Tanners' Stuff— nensOle.
ing dt Finishingoll,l6asOline,
Elarnesb Oil Iparraglue„
ARMOR ITARNISS, to - preserve -Blight Iron
Werk and Machinery from Rust,
These products are manufactured under Dr.
Tweddle's_patent bY Superheated Steam In Vac
coo. The Lubricating oils are almost. odorless,
perfectly pure. uniform , and mostly light col
ored. stand a high temperature uncbang_ed. and
remain limpid during extreme cold. The Railroad
Ohs are unequalled, and are inconstant use on
many the, principal Railroads Sumulea can
be examined' and orders left at 174. WOOD
STREET. Works at Sharps burg Bridge , •
coittassion iderehanin and Broken in
Petroleum and its Products,
b pd, t
127 'Walnut Street.
. AND pg.A.ta2tB
Petrolentil and • its l
Ptilladelp4ls OlFce-1117 W ALNUT T. .
H. M. LONC &
Duquesne Way, Pittsburgh, Pa
i; .iil: ??~ -1
p" , _cts
, District Court ni the United states
bribe Western District of Pennsylvania, made
March Ch. 1889. there will ne exposed at Pun
tic rime, a: MeILW 'NE'S AUCTION Itoo3iS,
iu the City of Pittsburgh. on the
10th Day of 4prit. 1809,
At 10 o'clock A. at , thefollowing described Real
Estate of JOSHUA ISHOEIKS.I Bankrupt, subs
Ject, however to existing Ilene. viz.:
AIL Mit let' of ground, situate In the First
ward of tic, City of Allegheny, county •of Alle
• gheny, and State of Pennsylvania, bound: d Sad
described as follows: Beginning' at. P0int. 3132
feet 3 inches southwardly of Rebeeca street. 14
inches westwardly from the line dividing eut-lots
rs 23 and 24 In the Reserve trae opposite
Pittsburgh: thence paral.el with said line south
worthy 415 feet 3 tucnes to Bank Lane; thence
along Bank Lane • westwardly 192 feet 41Inthes
to line of laud of J . H. L'ildsay an , II U. Whip
the' ce' along said; Lindsay add Whllple's
line northa artily 442 feet 2 Dienes to a point
within 132 lent d Inches of said RebFees Street;
thence north 08S d green east 203feet9 inches
to the place of beginning.
Aiso, a certain other Lot ihr Arlo of land, 14
inches in width and running tram Bank Lane to
withlul32 feet 3 Inched or Rebecca street afore
said along the eastern boundary of the tot of
ground above described, and extending from said
o as t tw o a ts r d num bo b u e n s d 23 t nail
e 24 a fore said, tween
less the
following described piece of the above described
lot, to-vent . .. Ail the certain lot orpiese of ground
beginning az, a point at the line of property of
Joshua Rhodes on Bank Lane; thence a ong tne
line of said property of said Rhodes 241 lest to
a point; thence by a line 34 feet 4 is Oen to
co ner orproperty of Lindsay ano tehOOn
thence bv the line of said Lindsay and McCu'cheon
225 fed to-Bank Lane; ttu•age along Bank Lane
38 feet 5 inches to the place of beginning, on
which first and second described pieces ef ground,
less the' last des-ribed piece f ground, la erected
a large Brick Malt House.
Also, alt those two certain lots of ground, situ
ate In the. City of Mutat, gkeou. ty of Aileglieuy
and otate of Pennsylvania,. bounded and de
scribed as fellow's: •Ileginning on Irwin street at
the distance of 188 feet 7 inches from Duquesne
Wiry: thence at right angles with Irwin street
60 Met: thence parallel with Irwin street 40
feet; thence at right angles with Irwin street 80
feet to said Irwin street: thence along the same
40 feet to the place of beginning, being lots
Numbers 3 and In a plan of lots laid out by
Joshua Rhodes. recorded in Plan Book, vol- 3,
page 217, _
R. W. MACKEY, Assignee.
mbl9:g29 •
- THE UNITED STATES, for_ the • Western
strict of Pennsylvania.- 4.Eoltt+E. AIEHAPPaY and JOHN GAL-.
THIAITH, Bankrupts under the Act of Commas
of March 2d,, JIM, having applied for a dis
charge from all their debts, anti other claims
provable under said Aot, by, order of the Court
notice is hereby given to all creditors •who
hate proved. their debts, and other persons in
terested, to appear on the Ifith day of March,
'1869, at 10 o'clock a.m., before,JOHN N. PUR
VIA.NCE, hari.,ltegister in Bankruptcy:at his
office, No. 116 Federal street: Allegheny My,
Penne" to show cause, If any they have, whi
a discharge should - 11dt be:granted :to, the said
fe27.l=-8 ,•- S. C. IiteOAbIDLESS, Clerk.
t Pittsburgh;-the 2161,h day of relirttary.A.Dt
. The undersigned. hereby .gives notice o.
his Impointthent - as 'Asslnnen. , of WILLIAM
JOEINStiN,,of Pittsburgh. In .the county of Alle
gneny. and State of Pennsylvania; within' said
isuick.r it° bits been ,adjudged bankrupt upon
Ms own petition by tile District Court of said die.
.101114 .
feW:Ptra li,saig
.A:ttorney tam. n 9 Grant street.
pray, pitoov
prirrsnunGll• -
Books of Subscription for Stock In said Com
pany are now open at
Where Prospectus. , Spectmena, kc.. lore now
ready for inspection: Property iri Celdrado Ter
ricory. near Georgetown. Aline DOW" open to
.:epth of 30 feet. The' Ore assays from*3oo to
$43 , 0 per, ton.' information wllh - .regard to the
stock, property, &c.. will be furnialled by calling
at the Whet+ of the undersigned!
. S. BETA.. President pro tem.
, C. .I,a.SIPBELL.-
.mbe Secretary and Treasurer ino tem
Of the City of Allegheny,
Second National Bank Building s
FitEmpuntinit mg x,s w o mm
;L.1'1%414 4 - I thu.= SMA'$ 'l644tes,
P~rt~able Flour and Feed Mille r
44:111 * 1 0 41 :0Z:VOI;i
rig.taberp,44(l,4e4t torqale at
. .
34. And 321.'1.11;erl*St., Pittsburgh
NV. Wiir;tipy..
44,sEra TQAuvisk •
Nrarehoute—No. WOO D . STREET."
li gho„ nt • ' pittaburgh...
„ . , 7--
Tlits; co oper ; .
vnitini); • .• •
V1114etilO;O tbAi Office 'oiflite `Thrift of April
next"to No. -4 A . Dlamond.:Allagbeny city ; rear
of City . • •• • - -• 1it30079'-
ATTORNEY'ARD cotiNsEiLtort - ita LAW.
efoe, No'. 137 FOURTH ~ A VENITE, Pitts;
, burgh„ ( formerly , occupied .byjdon. Walter H.
_Lowrie, ) nraollee Itie 8: 'Circuit and
Dlstrlet Courts, In the (Rate Supreme and all the
,Courta of Allegheny 00.-..ty, and - make'eollee r .
pone- JnaILOSLOC cheAdlacent gees. Jaz):o3
1, ir-mmA ~ .ittran Eß .;sw.,3,irgp l u s:
A , ,t_figslugg;tioSttii:ft2.l l .Ll4.°: lic h e t .
illl Ay ° W , as this quality.of Roods can be bong i or.
the nialta Nan rd c:, za. i Inn stock !ilittigton -hand l
at thq itidla Rubber De
_pot,, 28 and 28 stith .
street,, , •- it,,},414.14nLeatir..7.
fog . ; ft,_.,..., Af22_Ltt , r2_ .L.."..._....,..............._ ..._),.., :'
J H. IV OUNGS,O*.a c l o., ,
CV: , (01 ,
.. 13,at.sitok Deigrof eguLpoN.,
stisizattitiatri'gtreet,,:gorior,;94pApplo 441 e s.:
Pitteburgh. • - • ~,
,11 Pitart1eAnsi • .fallitaekr PP:Plied: 12 4 ice
CreAun. and 'kes on oho notice. - 00, . -.--
riiit r ,. - A:ri: litir .irrtr. letEN ,
- - *fro,iTiord VATRON,l3ll.tetErris ofthe 2d. 1
tilt 'll'lP lifit,Ttitierrer3jlSligtiliTtitlt lifißniAf'
dJa ry .1869 and 1- lit (dr=
Icittitle7tallliat LllllntuthrrtlitlOK oethe an:hers
drawn.l alit. oeksent• tir perfions,lntereeted,. on
their addressing 'the WASHINGTON =DAL-
Llo2.lieirai 00A1P/4.ldY; kNew Nurk-, -,'--
gigN. B.B.zeio .rur, TtCprrs' pp 1 , 118 4Frit SE*
...0 '-r, I I - ~' . .. , ;t • 1
pßESiiti-:: :7 ;,' ;31 ', 2,4f9
' - C A. I VN/1) ' C/C)01:18. • "
Oneida COtniennitT,'lVlii si ikr , irand" Yam Ott th
arcen :corn, fr , lnsiptiragus. rtes. Okra. To.
matbenj"Pesehr:; t.ror sate by the ease or dozen
at. the FatallyiGroiiery litnre D, - -•--
„,, . . AL. "d/siO. A.' EN811.)07,
r ” trt.... i - corice.el,l4o-ir, ar,,4154,4 Innen/
, „ ,
The' urtnerwr AND :.11051' RIELLILSI
ROUTE from the East to all points. In
Colorado) Nevada, : •
California,rabi •
Ailzonap• Wa4lllll*ton,
NOW - Nextto, Idaho,
Two Trots leave ; kitate Lesrwortk
racily, (Sungari exeeoteda I.4onine
theand en
arrival Of trains
or.ramae Railroad' from ;tit: tome, : and alma.,
alai and St. Joe. Railroad atom Quincy, connect*
ite.P. .i.Lauterle4l 'Topeka and Wameso : with
.etam,e for all, notrits in Hlnelai. At end of
'trite* . -west: eCltnilrOrtlcL7 414 !MUTED
lITATES - XXRREIii3 sumo 1 1 8 DAILY
.'Alin ammo
004411.3 . 03 FpB
Ail itifi,Teitiidiles,
of COACHES for Fort Union, Bent's' Fort: • rails •
Altalluerqne,tt Santa Fe, mug, All rbits ; ht; Ali
son* and New Mexico. .
;Math 't the; recen additio ns . r o lling mom
and eqtdpment, and the arrbagetnents Made •
with 7 esponelblo Ina:land Tralumortallon Lines
from Its western terminus, this road now NW.
unequalled" - facilities - -ibr tlits -transudssion at
politht to ,the Flit West.,
. Tickets for tair,,at• tbeStineirial
the United States and Capadtslyr
Be sure and ask tor EfS Octets' via ~,lOLO
HILL . 11 OUT4UNtOti. Lt 1 tifitAl A
t, t • -1, 4 ; ANDLB4O24I
ITTSBURGII& jagfmw---
On and after TlnpsbAy. No ember. 17ttL
leo!, trains will arrive at and depart from the
Depot corner of Grant and Water streets, as
Mall to and from llMon
7:00 A. Y. 5:00 P. X.
/Wl:Pest:art Accomdt , n 11:00 A. M. SI:05 P. X.
Ex. to and from lint'n. 3:00 p. m. /0:10 A, su
West Newton Accom'd 4:30 p. 8:35 A.
Braddock 's Accomdt'n. 6:15 p. y. 7:50 P. - M
Night Ac. t oll aVeport./0:30 P. M. 5:115 A. lit
Sunday Church Train to
and from West Newton 1:00 P. K. 1 0:00 A.
For tickets apply en
E. M. ROND, Agent
W. B. STOUT, Smftrtuten A
uen YM
t. talll
On a TRAINSONDAY, Noieixtber Oth, s
TWO: DAILY will leave „Pittalin
Station, corner of Eleventh an d
Pike streets •
Franklin, 0111 City, Buffalo, and all points Beale
Oil Regions.
pr_LEAvg pyrrenunstr. lennror Drryrrinivning
Mall , 7:15 a m Mall 5:40 p
Express 7:10 m'Expreas 6:30 ain
Braily•s BAc 3:00 p mißradys B Ao10:30
Ist Soda Works I let Soda Works •
Accomd.... 10:50 am • Accomod•n, e.sq a a
2d Soda Works I3d Soda Works
Accomod•n. 5:00 p m Accornod'n. 3:410p na
Church Train leave Pittsburgh at 1:10 P. 111.•
Arrive at'Pittsbnrglia ex p res s sr.. •
Passengers taking train have but
one change of cars between Pittaburnh, Buffalo
and 011 Regions. Mall and Expre ss s - Trains stop
only at principal points. , Mtxtd.Way and As.
commodatlod trains stop at all stations.
' • THOMAS M. KlNG,•Aatin. Sup't.
W. POSTER ROPE, Ticket Agent. . non.
. • iikir RANDLE ROUTE. 1
Nov.22d, 1868, trains will lea46and arrive
tn. Union Depot, as follows, Pittaborgh time:
Mail Depart. • • Arrloi.
Exptee.t..—.....«. 3:12 a. m. 111:1L3
Fast Line 10:13 a. m. 7:33 p.
Fast Line
11111$1). m.
1 8
43 11.
Mixed way 543 a. m. 6:43 p. rzs.
McDonald's Acc'n, No.111:515 a. m. B:33.Pats.
liteAbenville Accommod. 3:38-p.m. 9:48
McDonald's Ace's', N0.2..5:08 p. m. 3:/5 P. ta.
. ,
• MS. 3:58 P. 1G Express, will leave daily.
17:13y. Tra i nl arriVe datly.
_The 10:13 a. m. leaTes Bus:dart
cepted, and makes close connections at New.
ark re. Zanesville' and points on Sandusky
Mansfield d Newark R. R. • •
8. P. 801TLI., General Ticket " Anent.
W. W. 04RD, finp,E, 4terubinvgillei, 0410. •
n 025
and arrive
at She Union Depot, north side, Pitts
burgh city, time, u follows: • • . ,
ohiosgo•gx_ ..3:03a m '<Mimeo Ex.:.
1 : 58
Erie !Urea arIT:SISI a m Chicago Ex.. 11:58s
CL & Wh2gX , I4:NO m rWheeling Ex 11:134,
Chicago 5aa11..5:55 a m fCrestline 3:531e.
Chicago Ex
~.:10:08 Ex ~...44395S
& Ex 51:23 pn, everand Ex 4:0E01
Chicago Ex.:l eir43 pin Exit & Yen:ElS:lsoi
Wje Erie Exl:bap,u.lOLA Wh , g Ex6:55p 1
De:kart/row A tfighenii. r - Arrive to Aftselien s
N.,Brigte 9 rtAc. l3 :ssl:.mtle...Brigtin AT7:9a ain
Leet r w •• 10:28 a noli. saj g vn • so,B
• 74 .• 11.:513tVid Newleastle.'•/o:3Esura
Rochester," 133 p mi e Leetsdale `• 9: la'
Leetsdale Ace:3:ssp m •• ••s=
N. Brlgt , n • ~ .5:33 p.m N. Brigt , n . 91:4apia
N. Brigt , n. " .6:28p in !Leetraale • " 4:53 sns
Leetsdale "10:43 Pin " 7:18 ina
Leetsdale sun- • !Leetsdale San- rat
day Church. 1:13 p.m day uhurch. 9:5E1 as
p. m. Chicago Express leaves daily.
11 1:58 a ,- mvohicago Express arrives daily.
ii F. E. .111YEI, Di, General Ticket Agent.
13ENNIST LT A-azown
t AD. Onand after Nov. 213th, :1868; Trail'
will arrive at and departfrom the Union Depot,.
enniev' n." Washington and Liberty streets; as
follows: . • . •
Arrive. r Depart. •
Mail Train.... 1:30 am I Day Express.. 3:30 sm
Fast Line.... : 2.410 ala s No. 1.. 6:30 am
Wall's No. . 20 ain Mail Train! ... 815 sun
BrinionAcc'n. 7:50 a m E . x. 12:35 pm
Wall's No. 2.. 8:50 a int Wall's No. 2..11:20 AM
Cincinnati Ex.9:40 a m' Johnstown Ac. 3:115 pat
Johnstown Ac10:35,m Braddocks Nol4:2lopm
Baltimore Ex. 1.45 p m Phila. Express 5:10 pm
Phila. Express3:os p mllVall's No. 8.. 5:20 pm
Wall's No. 3...1:30 pmt Walla No. 4.. Bab' prn.
Bmddocks No15:50 p ! Fast Line 7:50 pm
Wall's No. - 4. 7:35 p m Wall's No. b.. 11:50pm
Way Passn'r 10:20 p
The Church Train leavet Walls Station every
Sundaf. at 9:15 a. tn., reaching Pittehtirgli at
10:00 a. In. Returning, leaves . Plttehurgh
13:50 p. an and. arrives at Walls Station at ,
3:00 p. m.
'Cincinnati Ennui, leayea daily. All other
trains daily except Sunday.
roe farmer inewmanon apply to
W. H. BECKWITH; Agent.
ThePetinsylvaelaltatlxMoComry will untie.
same any risk forßaggage, excep for wea
wel t and imigtheir Vesponetbll ty to One Hun.
etre, Dollars In value. All Baggage exCeeding
that amount In -Vilna' will be at the. riarof the
owner. mlelis taken by epeeist contract. ,
.not 3 .clenetallkiperlnieadeet, 4 1 t9 0 , 11 a,, a.
AOAD.—Oti;and after is ov. ISAd.I Ithe
Parse mpgr Trains on the - Western Pennsylvania
gal road will arrive at and depart 4 itten , :the
Faders i Street Depot, Allegheny City,as Opole':
Igningdle No 16:404m gal 7:00 a rit
rneport No:. I )11:20 ain reeport No. i 0:I5 it la
Express 10;40 aat blr Nol,111:510 ant
Sharpb , g No. I I:AS 0 m se . A:45 as
Freeport No:24Ir00 pm gdoe No13:110 pm
Mail a:55 p m reeport N0.25:80 pne
f3pringiVeliola:4s DM SoringsPerlo2ll:lo i, It
, , A.boye trains rev daily except Sunday.. -
' The - Chetah' Train • leaves Allegheny Junction
over Sunday stg:4o a. m s E.allellitenY
City al 9:50 a . m. Bet g; leaves Allegheny
City atll2o p,. a. arid arrive at alle,ifilen7.Janos
Lien it 3:44 p) M. • 1 • •-•• •
J COlfatirrAXiost TIONTIS—For 6 .hr p
Of Twenty . between Allegheny
'CI ," Ch a rtft c rt
• street; lierrs. Beluletkr the' JrAgn e l
Sharpsburg and_good o e t a.e 4 4
at Stations 'pealed on t ~, - ~ ,
The trains leaving Allegneny Cityati 7:oa a.
:es: mAke.dtreerconnectlOn at /creeper; arltlar
ker!s line of Stages for antler and eta/malts .
Thrinignticketa be ;purchased tit the aillee , •
No.l ait- Clair *tree nearthe ourpenttridipa '
pittihne,b," and .S.O . 'Dergot,lAUes .: ,-,-.•
, POr anther Information apply to ••
:,. • ,:,•,- ~.JAILES•LEPPRI7PiVitgeiIts:
The - ,. . Federal Street Deot.
tl W e st* in , PentelyTitienia: RallrOalt liM'alOt
Si enure any risk for Daggage, except for wearing
apparel, and limit their -reap° . Asibilitylte One
Hunan d Dollant.inr, TalSe• all baggage ex•
ceeding ills amount in value willbe at use risk el
theowneri unless •taketeirripecial co , vm,t„ ..
' niall"f ataPral lEivnerintettdent.; AlVtio=a.•
8141311 1 1 r
Eastern Div 'Won.
1.4:63yeral SuMintelldosi
13 ottani; treilitil#l 43 t1,1c41: 4 0 •I.