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All eginny was detoid oar Interest - oi
Sat urday. 1
TM Street Railways .were. Wen patron
ized in both cities ye.sterday.
Yesterday ,was a beautiful day-, and as
a eonsequ'enee the churehes'Were unus
ually well attended. . - •
Notwithstanding the near approach of
"moving day," there are still numbers
•of houses "to let" in both cities. •
Large numbers of men Asithout em-
Ploy - meat at present, are anxiously look
ing for the openin” of the Spring busi-
The street corner-loafers were out in
4ige nutiabers yesterday. Through the
active exertions ofl the. police, however,
this loafing• nuisance was somewhat
111:1thersalist Fair.Festival:This
PEarls,to be'coniinlied one week more.'
All •whti have not visited it should do so
at once, as the. prizes 'are all going off
Confidence Operators seem to have . for-
Witten' Pittsburgh and vicinity, for, the
last two weeks at 'least. Perhaps the
activity of the detectives has something
to do with this state of affairs. , •
City,Councils.—A. special meeting o
City Comp:111s will be held at two o'clock;
P.,, when it is probable thh
subject of a Paid Fire Department wUIL
come up for consideration again.
Paddy Freel was arrested by the May
or's police, yesterday, for breaking the
door of his neighbor's house, in, the
Twelfth ward. Paddy was drAnk, aUd
was provided with lodging in the lockup.
We 'Noticed some 'of the Manchester
Passenger Railway cars were running
t , without bells on Saturday. This may
seem a small matter, but should an acci
dent occur it might assume different pro
Brae, *alt.—Base ball patters, are be
ginning to look np. Seve ral Cint,s have
commenced. to perfect their organiza
tions fot the Reason. From present indi
!:tatione however, it will not. be a remark
ably lively one.
, Abandonment. —Kate Steiner made .lu
,,formation on Saturday before Alderman
-.11/ohlasters against her husband, John
-814ner, for abandonment. The parties
..reside In the Sixth ward. The officers
are in search of John.
The. Cotumble Hook and Ladder Com
:pany, of Allegheny, are making arrange.
manta to send representatives to partici
pate in the , dedicatory services of the
Mexican Soldiers monument in Harris
burg on the 26th of May next.
• The rain which set in last evening
about nine o'clock quickly cleared the
streets or pedestrians, and caused no
little annoyance and vexation to, those in
attendance at the yarlous chnrches,
which had just been dismissed. •
'Open Air Mtalhgs.--Open'air religious
'ineetingS Will` Soon be commenced under
the 'auspices .the Young' Mens' Lhris
'Association of this city. These
- ineetingi were finite :popular wherever
'held last year, and seemed to be produe
,five of great good.: ' •
Ge.o. Tatnall, son of Wm. Tetuan,
manager of Shoenberger's
was the, successful' competitor for the
gold watch awarded to the most popular
young man at the,Wesley Chapel Fair.
He received 2,800 votes, a majority of
1,618 over all, competitors.
Fell in a.FlL—Henry Matinl, driver
of a milk wagon, fell in a fit in front of
- the Custom House, at noon, Saturday.
• Medical assistance was procured, and in
a shdrt time he was restored sufficiently
to be , removed to his residence , in, the
• Twelfth ward. He is said to be subject
to such attacks.
Collided.—SAturday afternoon about
two o'clock a car on the Minersville Pas
stinger Railway, while coming down
Fourth-avenue,; collided with a Metal
wagon. at the intersection of the avpnne
and Smithfield street. The platform of
`the oak Wiiibroken and the body of the
vehicle damaged to, a considerable ex
tent; No person yins.injuied.
A Velotipcde Itide.r--Wm. Granola, an
ambitious velociPedestrian; while praC
tibing with a "machine" on North Canal
eire,et, FoUrth warcl;Allegh eny, Saturday
afternoon, had the misfortame tcirun into
a fire pin; and break both his legs and
the_velocipede. He was picked up and
taken to his home, in the vicinity, where
his injuries received proper attention.
yined.--John Wilson, a lad about ftf.
'teen yeara of, age, waa arrested on Stant.-
day afternoon by one of, the Allegheny
police for tramping over a part of the Al
. leghenyTark, Which had been laid • out,
for flower beds. The boy was taken be
fore the Mayor, Wholined him .five;did
t- lam for malicious mischief. His father
secured his releue by paybag the
Disorderly Conduct.—MrsantaaPayne
made Information before the MayOr yes
terday charging Barney Gallaher 'and
Barney O'Donnell with disorderlicon
duct. The accused were arrested and
lodged in the lock-up to await a hearing.
t Polk Harkins was._ arrested on:a strut
': lar charge s on oath of Alex, Murray, and•
z , was ligacylse ) placed' in the totubs to
• ' 't'awatt the conVeninguf thellfayor'eConrt.
Little Wan,dererscyo little German
.hioys, one thiee and the other four
old' t 'ittire foOnd wandering 'Shout
..ithifairciets fii Atte :vicinity of: the gain
-elevator yesterday, about 12 o'clock, and
4alroo to - the,Claptain's ()dice httho:watch. ,
hoist): :They remained there some two
,icr three houre,,when the father If one of
'theithi, who - realdeS on Ohhi Street, All* .
gheny, City, called and took > them hcme,
Allegheny Mayor's OMes.- , Nineteen
forlorn and • clejeetsd i law•breakers filed
in before Mayor Dram; at his levee yes ?
iftudaymergingt; Whisiititelargestlplai.
.ber .present on a similar "oomidon 'tor
,seyeralutoutON,::-hiest of ihem bud been
found lying in the streets in & drunken
condition Saturday night...Twelve.° the
- num ' succeeded " ber ' succeeded " in mustering M
otet:it fonds ,tp nay ; the tines, itu .
ll'hioiewining , seven were' cornfort& ly
...housed In the (*duty jail. - ' '
L ::Child Severely scared. Saturday.
morning about ten .1 o'elock; . ;W illie •
Bh° 4l teig, a lad residing with his Parents
t : - OW Wylie street; Was - tleterely 1110alde4 by ;
the upsetting of a boiler 'of hot water.
' The vessel was placed pp the stove in the
kitchen, and the boy in attempting to get
a toy from the matins incautiously taught ;
hold --of- it to sloadv. himself, with the
result as statea. gb masa° badlyi . igar- -
ed that in some places the flesh peeled off
his bones. Dr. Phillips,was called in
and rendered all the assbatince
but the child's injuries are considered of
fatal character,. • • .
s Interesting Itervlceiitt' L i berty Street
Methodist Episcopal. Church—Sermon
by Rev. W. 11, Locke,: M.'—Sunday
School.Annisersary--sdaresses by Rev
A.'HongsonSrad Her. Dr. 0:-Milleis
Much , interest exists among the con.
gregatioussof the Methodist ; Episcopal
Church in this city and Allegheny and
immediate cinitY, at this pericid ot'the
Conference year, to promote the
sionary cause. All the systematic efforts
to raise funds during the year. through
,the congregations and •Sunday Schools
are brought to a grand climax just be
fore the sitting of Conference. Several
of the leading churehes of this denomina
tion. have already , held antversary,meet
ings and large smile have eon reported.
Yesterday Was.wholly, evoted by the
old-time honored Liberty rreet Church
to missionary purposes. , The ,services
were opened at the usual morning hour,
with a ssrmon by the pastor, Rev.W.H.
Locke, A. M., who discussed for a, good
part of an hour the snceees of the Gos
pel, from the following text, fdund in
the 72d psalm, 16th verse: 'There shall
be a handful of corn in the earth 'Upon
the top of the mountains; the fruit there?
of , shag shake like Lebanon.", The rev.,
erendgentleuaan commenced by remark
lug that they, did not . need to be re--
minded that the fulfillment of prophecy
hi received lui,oce of.the strong and en
during pillars on which the Church has
alatitys beer: content to-rest the inspira
tion of the Bible, and the divine charac.
ter of, ita teachings. }le. argued that
he did not.,mean-by prophesy . those
happy guesses of the future, which are
often made by wise and discerning men,
who have studientily observed the course
of human affairs; nor yet such equivocal
predictions as can be made to suit the
event after it has transpired. There are
no such prophecies as these recorded in
the Bible; nor is this thectuaracter of those
predictions upon which we depend to ad.
thepticate.our noly religion. But, when
events are foretold hundreds. and thon•
sands of years , before they come to pass,
and are portrayed with a minuteness of
detail that could not be more par
tietilitr if the prophet hid been Ma
eye-witness of the --scene he records,
then we must pelieve that some
other hand than that . of the hum'an has
drawn aside the veil of intervening cen-,
turies, and brought to light things as yet
hidden in the b3BOlll of the future. Such
a prophecy he thought as this is contained
in the text. Reference fa then made to
the prophetic vision of King David, and
of the glory that should arise in future
ages to the spiritual kingdom, small at
first, but grand and triumphant hi after
time. So small did it seem to the pro
phet King, that he compares it toe hand
ful of corn. So great did the opposition
appear, that it was like `+ planting
that corn on the ,bbsak mountain i top.
And* yet - .se abundant was-the har
vest, that the . rustling of,'its fall
sera sounded like the shaking of the
goodly cedars of Lebanon. With this
brief reference to the., introductory re
mark, we can only give the points of the
discourse, namely: 1. The - small begin
nings of the kingdom of Christ. - 2. The
opposition arrayed against it, and 3. The
promised final success. - The 'discourie
was carefully prepared, well delivered,
and made a fine impression, and its ap
..prosiriatentisi was equal= to its merits.
It would read rell in print, and deserves
to be in type. Attheelosebf - theitertnon
colitribittions Were made to the Cause ad
.lii - the afters:6On the than' sudienee
chamber was well. filled by the. Sunday
School and.. congiegatlim. Mr. Edward
Heazelton, Superintenaent of the school,
presided. Exercisss opening with sing
ing and prayer by Rev. Dr. Pershing,
after which Rev. T . S. Hodgson, of Trin
ity church, delivered an address em
bodying the idea of thanksgiving in the
missionary work; followed by Rev. Dr.
H. Miller. of Sinithfield church, who
presented the contrast between the past
and present operations of the mission
cause. During the exercises' stirring
hymns were interspersed under the lead
of Mr. W. 8.-Krebs. At the close of Dr.
Miller's address xbe teachers of the respec
tive clasaei reported the amount received
during the year as follows:
Miss M. Patterson, $20.00; Miss M.
Hershberger,, 520.00; A. Bryce, 520.00;
Miss S. Liscomb; 620.00; Miss M. Hun
flings, $20.40; S. W. Hay, $10.25; Class
N0..13, 51.20: H. B. Lewis, 520.00; 3.;
Henry , SZOM ' J. At. Arnold, S2O 00; Miss
A. McFarland, $20.00i-Uss B. M
520.00; Miss N. H. Hay 520.56; 0, •W.
Johns, $8:04; Miss ,A. Grier, $21.41; L.
.Lea, $6.13; W: J. Jackson, $26.00; J.
Shallenbergers $40.55; 3. H. Crump,
520.005,Mr5.g. 3..Caiter, $40.00..
This amount was appropriated to make
the following LifeMeinbersef.the Parent
Missionary Society, $2O each: Bessie Cun
ningham, Jennie Wible,, R. Buffington,
Willie Anderson, - Annie Lea, - . Jennie
Banar, George Calder, Willie Shaffer,
Maggie-McCausland, ;Sadie L. Cunning.
ham -Emma J. Fryer, Fannie - Noble,
J. C ornish, J. ff. Crump, Hattie Kiam
mere; Nellie Drava.
Protkeitions were then made to honor
others in the same way. Mr. J. B. Hubs
ley proposed - Orr behalf of "his sons 'to
give $5 towards ,snaking Minnie Grier
Heazelton a life member. The remain
-der-Waft 4itlicklY raised; and the fojlow
hag ':were' also constituted : Anne' J.
Krebs, Eddie Looks, Ellen Simpson
mid, Ellie Ashby ß arbour, Bertha Cun
t:lngham, Will bravo. Zara Lewis,
Maggie Miller, 'Frederkek. and Maria
Gloasers _ - . :
At night' Dr. H. Millet "discoursed, in
his usual felicitous style on• the human
cry fir' the, gospel and the duty of the
chard:lto sendlt. was seasonable as
well isinstruetive.. President Pershing
participated;in this terylee:. Rev. Mr.
:Tonke, the pastor; was active and bade
fatimble thirongthint ithe • d r ily in :tiro-.
miatingtheettiptelii,hatiffi . 'the 'close
ollhe , service , Revs - Kincaid,
I.Veashier,ltave a detelled , ,ltateMetit . of
:the result' f the d ay's' Work, 'lncluding
contributions previouslySnade, showing
the total sum to be about ten hundred: and
4 4 4 1 04. 1.8 1 (.$ 2 19 6 q4' its
• , , •
•A , t "T a g er ,• •= •
Siturdeiafternoon a gentleman from
the, vicinity' of, Vanonsburgh, Washing
ton county; giyho. -
g the name of. A. Siva
Alert having come' to the city on business,
meeting ari old secitutintanoe imbibed
rather kio•freely of.Pittabttrgh whisky,-
' and: Was;picked up by the tsolice and
,taken 4,lthe, locX•up. After remaining
, thereAntli tiesufficiently . w sufficiently sober to,
travel; hofsiamirelkiaied on the payment'
of s smell tine, and departed, having in
'his Ipowsktion about' forty-six dolbra.
About half-past nine o'clock ;_the same
evening Mr. Swager was again found oft,
tharareet too drunk to navigate and was
again taken to The lock-up., 'On exami- - t
nation it was discovered that be had tut'
four dollars and fifty cents left, some one
• baying evidently relieved him of the
greater portion of the fnrty-six dollars.
fie -was taken =care of.' Until yeaterdaY
morning, When waaallowed to con
tribute four dollar's and twenty Ave cents
to the support of the city, and having but,
_cents left '..he started - for
Washington county, where 'Whisk*, Ih
not so l d, a poorer if not a wiser map:
. .
• •
T.! i 4.
,Aditntrned Meeting—Act. of: itacorporit-f
stow-Mid Supplemental 'IIOL —A Hew
Design for the Memnon—New Sites
'Propelled, dm:
At adjourned meeting of the Soldiers'
Monumental Association of Allegheny
County, was • held at . -the romps of the
Young Men's Christian Association,
Fifth avenue, Saturday at two o'clOck
rof„ Mrs. . McKee, presiding, and Gen.
A. L. Pearson officiating 1113 secretary.
The minutes of the preceding meeting
were read and approved.
The Committee on Incorporation re
ported that the act of incoiporation had
passed the' Senate and was now before
the House.
surpLEArewrAiris 1 ILL... '
Mrs. Robinson moved that the Presi
dent be instructed to have a supplement
ary bill drawn up and forwarded to
Harrisburg, providing that after the
monument shall have been erected the
same shall be turned over the • cus
tody of the Commissioners of Allegheny
county, who. shalt have thesamein keep
lug, and who shall - appropriate a mai
sufficient to keep the monument in re
•pair, and thus perpetuate the memories
of the fallen heroes. The motion was
adopted, and the bill will be forwarded
before the original act'comes up, in the
The Secretary read the following com
munication from Joseph S. Kirk:
Mrs. McKee, President of the Allegheny
County Monunsentai .40.tociation:
By request, I have prepared, and beg
leave to submit a modified design for a
Soldiers' Monument, within reach of the
funds of your Association, together with
a description of the same.
In designing I have been governed by
the following suggestions: As the Mon
ument is to perpettutte the memory of
Allegheny County's fallen, an authentic
record of such general and local matters
that figured prominently in the late con
flict should he permanent that genera
tions to come may be amply enriched by
the memory.
History is too general in' its character
to distinguish any one class of its conn
try:s defenders from others, who shared
similar trials, endured similar sufferings
in vindication of sacred principles.
This is left to those communities whose
sympathiesi mingle with theirs—is left
with us;
For.this reason, the names of battles
should be conspicuous, as they in time
will be confused in the roll-call of vic
tory, without bestowing that share Of
honor to whom honor in part is due.
Equally essential from the constant
change in costumes, is a correct repre
sents:ion in fall 'uniform of the different
branches of the service.
Tne unparalleled - achleveruenta of 'the
Christian and Sanitary Commissions,
whose untiring efforts in the'can of hti
manity and equal justice deserves more
than passing notice, and as Freedom tri
umphed, the Goddess of Liberty .is
deemed approslate, and should occupy
a prominent paition.
pasquipTios OF DESIGN.
Five parallel courses compose a base
on which rests an'octattonal pedestal sup s
porting a corresponding, die, from whose
centre rises a colossal column. ,
Each alternate side has a seitilkictago
nal recess, which, with its intermediate
raised scroll tablets, compbie in part, the
lower portion et the mbuument. •
In the recessalt are life-sized represen
tatives in full tilitform,"of the different
branches of the service—infantry, cav
alry, artillery and navy. Names of bat
tles occupy the raised tablets, while
wreaths and shields, indicative of tri
umph, are between the victors and the
The cap Is formed by a series of semi
circular convex carved, extending suffi
ciently beyond the pedestal to protect the
statuary and raised work below. On the
keystone of the arches appear, in full
relief, badges of the different corps. The
whole harmonizing in detail emblem
atical of support and strength. - •
On each alternate side of tho die above,
whose general ,shape Is similar to the
pedeStal, la a phiirt raised pannei, adding
effect to the others, three of c luck are
for - micli - luscriptions as the Association
may desire,*.whiln" - "the otherls a base
relief emboying II iibjegts cf..war - and
National Emblems. .. .
, .
The crown corresponds with the caps
ofthe pedestal and die, but 'converging
forms abase en which is mounted a col
lossal Goddess,of Liberty.
. Entire elevation §eventy-two feet, (72,)
with breadth' f base twenty-two feet six.
inches, (226.) •
By reference to the designLlA will be
seen that great care has. been taken to
prevent vertical joints or any projection
that would impair its durability,. and
without explanation show its full object.
It is proposed,to make the body - of the
Monument granite' and the` statuary
marble, as, previously . selected by your Association.
Respectfully submitted.
p IK.
," Rt
Pittsburg)i., March 13,.1819.
It was stated by Captain Jennings that
Mr. Rirk would diiiiate the design to, the
Assoclaticni if adopted, and that a moan'.
.maul, constructed in accordance there
with•would.cost about $25,N0. •
General Pearson stated that lt was pro
posed•te remove the stepe the
Court House yard at•the -corner of. Grant
street and Fifth _avenue, farther up pbe
avenue, to erect a oollossal bronze statue
in the corner, and he suggested that the
moutuneut be placed there.
Some objection were urged and no ao•
tion was taken. •
°dr:notion, 'the ( Association adjourned
to meet at Cher WI of thepresident.
. • • 'DiagraCeini , ROw.
Betweeneight and:
, ,
day nigh t a disgraceful "atfair' - Oecurred"
at the', Pentiayivanie on Penn
streeWlatheTenth ward, Daniel Volta
proprietor.Dikvid Jones and Jim . o .liaa
PadiiyilPorterrit appfqtraisere,akisual,
on K: thlrunk,', and
,at...the ; time stated
went' into . _ .
Yqtz'l 3 hotet,Ancpall94 for
somethipgito drink, whicit*ta given to
them,itndwliloli r thef,:Aftised 'to pay
,fart'" Words' Paisig "fietirecid them and.
VPltzi and Jones,a litAtUZ44lthiew
a beer glass a C Shed Ica
but toox effect among the bottles -- and
boil ittitil Milts ztheri`•
,plcked up a hammer and the "roughs".
"fearing ,- he would' use - lit' ran out
of the house, when they renewed 'the
:attack 'ildtmeS,Fa Attaiber rhicili
were thrown through the windows and
door ; of .Iterpolice.,
it appears; had 'been filtsq that
quell a. disturbance at the Meth
odisrohureheruLibertylibreet„ ils••
tam* Aw a y, and e l imesqqautly knew
nothing of the rbvi Until 'it was allover.
Mr. Volts madelinformation charging
'the parties with malicious mischief, and
the ofiloers arrested Zonal ; ,yesterday
.morning and.locked tick ~ u p for a hear-
Pc'rt'er . had not been arrested at a
late hour last night, but the Oilieeriewere
alter hint, and Will.probably haVe hint in,
1 1 ..liatko". this morning,;. 15
- • - .
r: •
ts..• •
t •
•V• 4•• '
4 1 4 , " • I•`•'' •
. 4- •
• - •
• . . - • -
I ,
, •
— reisted,tei. isezkalar l a Fa ll . lo . / 1 14 , 4 7ge
The IsirotiiatioW.,
IV) 3 , , .ig uaGStWAII A•Tew dap - Aire in our
telegrablild'aillinina I ia; trod df%tarles
X.,Sccitt, a telegraph operator in Cincin
nati, charged with sending a false mes
sage over the lines, for the purpose, as it
is alleged, of defrauding C ff. DflarraYik
Co.; proprietors of a lottery in Coving
ton, Kentucky. . .•
A partial hearing was had In the ease
Friday, before
j ridge Straub, in Cincin
nati, and was continued • for a further
hearing on the 17th inst. Following is a
copy of the information upon which the
prosecution is based :
The information is to the effect that
Charles N 'Scott, on the 26th day , of Feb
ruary, 1t369. with force and arms, at the
city - of Cideinnati, then and there being
a certain person connected with the Wes
tern Union Telegraph Company, Operat
ing a line *if telegraph in the State of
Ohio ' as an operator in the employ of
said Company, did, knowingly 'and, un-'
lawfully, transmit by such telegraph
line a certain false communication and
intelligence as in the words following, to
wit: "Hack," "Justil," "LOst," "Mana
ger," "Newark,' t Olympic Phrase
sanuine trimble volume August office .
quintal nymph; said words then and
there being cipher words previously ar-
ranged by and between C. H. Murray dc
Co. and their officers and'agents, to com
municate Intelligence then and there, and I
thereby and then and there being falsely
used by said Charles N. Scott then and
there, with intent to injure said V. H.
Murray dr, Co. and a certain person and"
persons and companies to the'said Pres
ecuting Attorney unknown, contrary- to
the form of, the , statute in •such cases
Made and 'provided, and tigaliitit - ,the
peace and dignity of the State of Ohio.
- Mr. Arthur C. Letvis,:Whe has taharge:
of the Pittsburgh table at the office of
the Western Union Telegrigh Ctimpany,
was put upon the stand by the prosecu
tion to prove the' sending of the alleged
bogus dispatch from - Murray Co.. of
Covington, by Scott. The witness testi
fied that between twelve and one o'clock
upon the day in question Scott was
about the table, and' while he was ab
sent forn few momentethe message was
sent. In less thanten minutes the'error
was discovered by the lottery agents in
Pittsburgh, and the. dispatch was sent
back for correction. How the mistake
was discovered' the witness did not know;
it was;inferred to of the mysteries
of the business. As soon as he was noti
fied of the error he gaffe the defendant
the true message, which was sent with
out delay. - - •
Where are the agents in the city
Eleph,bllcskir PiamlnaUons
The Republicans of Esat Birmingham
held a primaiy election,on Saturday, to
.• . •
place in nomination `candi dates for the
seve9l borough officra , to ?xi - fined t at
the eneidili electioit r
ticket was nominated: •
. •
Burgess—August Animon.
;c oe * *ll-4111e 4frI t3 44P4e r ..ds'W.i• j w-241/*
ler, Stinkin Zones, 11 .
Att:seattp - P:-Jael , Nidariett. -
A i4diebi , GlSOrke ' Titiiittnan Milton
Ch cam. : :, • ~
School Directors_ — ,ono. "14 'Jordan, M.
Artihelt, - Jawia • - ,
judg - e of gleetiOn—'
inspector' bf Wlediont4btrii:Shoplieidt
' Return burpector—Nvid Shepherd,
Adam Trautman, Jr.
In South Pittsburgh an election was
held for; the same "purpoile,•,whervalie
follmvingnamed gentlemen. Were placed
in nomination:
Burgess—Dr: J. - H. obeit s.
CourmT—Frecierick Kauf, William
School Diivetors—Robert, ' J. Eccles;. 3
yeras, William H. Barker, 3 years, Geo'.
Coutant, I year.
Assessor—William Millholland.
Judge of Electione--David Davis, Jr.
• In:vector of Elections William H.
Return inspector,-Tieary Moorhead.
Auditor—George . % - Robinson.
Constatde- r John Brawler.' • •
A tempted Robbery.
At an early ,hour 'on Friday morning
last an attempt was made, by some un
knOwn marauder, to rob a grocery store
on' 'Ohio avenue, ` near ' near Sedwiek street,
Fifth ward, l Allegheny. The i;OPllliititr
effected an entrahOe: to' a xaamtiver the
store through a side door from the street,
using an “outsider", to, accomplish his
purpose. He • had 'previously:, tried :to
open the store door With the•sarhe in
strument, •but failed the...attempt.
The room into Which he !gained access
was occupied by the
of the store, who was . aleakened
by the noise which the intruder made in
ransacking the premises. ;Discerning
this fact. the would-be , robber -beat a
precipitate retreat without waiting. even
for the formalities of • closing the Actor
after him, dropping the spoils; 'which
he.,had secured, as he ran,and thus gain
ing, nothing for his boldness and deritig.
There Is no clue which vrould lead to his
detection. • , . -•
,Profes,sionil AzTF,ste.d.
' The Mayor's police arrested George
Leslie yesterday, who, It is alleged, is a
professional thief, ',Els presence in the
city has been known, to' the officers for
some time, and -notwithstanding they
made-diligent nearati for an, GAY-10re
unable -to ; sinab". him until yesterday.
They fbutid him in 'room N0. , 17, at the
Mansion House, where, it isulleged, -he
has been ibr five_ weeks yet his name
`One% ZAP aPPlar PEI= 4figlatert
man occupied the room with 'him( ,
waa'#plailed.lni4hat , and .
morning will be allowed to take his de-,
parture from the City on the first train,
1 1 #b" e. , ,request riot So, return again, or if
ue prefers it trill kaccolnniiited toJell for
ninety; dart. way of the
transgressorla hard.
n ested:
Chigieli - „Ggintov;it Prenchmen;, who
A • • ••
for.'sante , time ..piotra e . been staying.
at the Soldiers'Afoute r was , arrested yea-,
terds'y taken tO.tifitildoktutc,. and *lt
be sent to j all this *oriArig'witti - a Vie6i
of having bim sent to Dlimont Hostitt4;
It appeara, that he serredirk - the " - army,'"
during , fhb late and drawing,
4 0 (13111 bntousequenttattlipcmptree'
• ceired: Ilis , mind is- ookudderablv ,Adev
_and when AR drinks , Whiofijr the I
becomes unmanageable.:; He had, Just
drawn hift Imbillorifor the hug six months:
and had alxitit tweety4vo" dolltitiVin hit
possession when arrested. -
That Re—, r era will re entiber•
the infortnauo .tnde`hefore Alderman.
MoMasters, some time sibee. by Jacob .
Whitesell agstriatldwas ire nrfo* . ;rea.,
paw vi et avtifa, Taapargas are resulenta i
of Sewickley and the allegetoffonce con : .
elated in theitilling of a - valuable dog;
owned by the , prosecutor. A hearing
was had in the case on Saturday. before
the Alderman, who, after a number of
Witnesses had been examintd, reserved
hts 4ecislon until to-day. The damages
are laidiatliWbj , the prosecutor
_.ltHo • .
=T: . :1", , SFEZAT......14111111111111111114101117K:"
OPERA, ifOrE.—The
,engagement.. of
, ,
Mr. Proctor e vita ,igattirdliSr; nigh p, and
tonight Mr. Joseph. Jefferson. the great
comediani will appear in his great spe
cialty of "Rip Tan Winkle."
M'lle Libel°, the great commedienne
and vocalist, and Signor Cuppelo, the
amusing pantomimist, .are the leading
attractions at the American. to-night.
Prrrsnunon THEATRE.—The success
of the new company at the Pittsburgh
Theatre Saturday afternoon and evdiung
was unprecedented. Manager Williams
has been peculiarly fortunate in the se
lection of his people. The company
comprise an array of talent seldom ,
found In a varieties establlshment, and'
their entertainments are unsurpassed.
MASONIC EtAtr,.—Emerson, Allen and
Muni nge' Minstrels have engaged Mason
ic Hal I for it short season,and will g ive the
first entertainment Thursday 18th that.
This troop enjoys a ,::high' reputation
and is spoken of in the moat nattering
terms by the press in all the western
cities they have .visited. They will
doubtless draw crowded , houses.
. • •
In accordance with previous announce
ment, the Second' U. P. Church; corner
of Stockton avenue and Sandusky street,
Allegheny; which 'has been closed forge.
pairs and alterations: fbr several ?idol:dim
was zoopened for public, worship jester-.
day. The servicelythriiiighout the day
were of ii.very interesting character and
attracted a large congregation: The pas
tor, Rev. 4. B. Clark, preached the. dedi
catory sermon in the morning, and was
followed at night- by- Rev. J. T..Pressly,
D. D. In the afternoon communion
service was held. The occasion was one,
of great interest to all concerned. The
congregation have now one of the hand, ;
sourest and most complete church , 'edi
fices the vicinity.•
• -
Reprehensible Amusement._
William Reismyer, a youth of. about
sixteen years of age, amused,himsolf on
Saturday. morning by throwing stories at
the Orphans Asylum,on Tannehill street.
Several of the misseles went through a
window, much to the annoyance of• the
inmates, some of whom narrowly es
caped being hit. Mr. William Bane s . a
resident in the neighborhood, noticed the
boy's action, and,. ~made information
before Ald ci erman ,McMastera against
him for,n3alious -- reischief., warrant
was issued. 'lttditnYer isi be 'de
mented. It is stated thathe was arrested
some time ago for attempting to set . fire•
to a building s but after a trial was re
leased on this plea. If such be the • case.
he should receive proper attention, ,and
not be allowed to, roe at large.
. ,
Very interesting religions services have
been going on in the First, Cumberland
Presbyterian Church • during the past
week; ' and not without- abundant good
_The zealous pastor, - ken: E:
Squires, one of the most faithful laborere
in the -vineyard of his Master, had the
pleasure of receitinginto- the fold of:the
Church, at Communion yesterday; eleven
new mei:libel's, all of whorl:v.lre% wont()
this banner of -Chrbit during. theTseriesmf
religions:exercises held during meek:
This congregation is one :of • the,lmost
flourishing and- progressive in our midst,
and, we are glad to note ftie faige. scees-
Sion of members gained yesterday.;
Kept' the }farness. '
Jacob Allen- made informition before
. . .
Alderman M'Masters on Saturday-morn
ing agninst Jacob Whitlow for larceny
by bailee.' The- parties reside in Char
tiers 'township. Allen alleges that he
loaned two sets of harness to Whitlow,
which" never were, returned. Whitlo . *
states, nn the contrary, that he purchas
ed the harness and, 'accordingly, kept 'His
property'',':owyThe property i digute
id l.
Valued at twenty-five dollars. hit
low was arrested but waived a= hearing
before the Alderman and gave bail in the
!am of fly° hundred dollars for Ma ap
pearance at Court.;:
Information Renewed .
Eliza - Grabarkt. made an information.
before Ald erman httoblasterti, on Satur
day," agitinit Samuel'H . ar' kowieti,.:fOr
larceny. • The prosecutrix alleges the de
fendant obtained possession
,of" two
'trunks "Containing valuables to: the
amount of tivetundred dollars t and one
hundred dollars in' oney,' which he ap his own use. This Ja the
renewal of , an old information which
was made against the defendant .snme
time since and upon Which he W a s' com
thitted to jall"for but after ' remain
ing there a few days,','secttred a release
through some technicality. A warrant
Painful Accident.
Charles Housebeck, residing on Avery
stxtieti-rourth ward, 'Allegheny, on 'Fri
dal/ evening accidentally discharge& the
contents of 'a pistol into his right 'ttapd,
lacerating it in a terrible manuei and
lodging the ball among the 'bones:. `As
soon after accident as possible' - Dr.
N. W. White.was called in and dressed
the wound; removing 'the ball andseveial
pieces of thi, bones In the hand. There
is danger that amputation will be Mmes.
bat with care this maybe avoided.
The injured man was attemptingtotthuot
a vicious doglihen the accident occurred.
c Rev. Morgan, D. D.; recently, pas.
%tor of Christ M.E. Church; Pittsburgh,
preached his 'farewell 'sermon to 'that,
congregatAou,yeats4ty. The dlscounut
I was, of. tmimus). eloquence and `power,
and.waii:llstenad to 'b one of the largest
audiences eyeradeMbled the church.
Pr.' Morgan' 4 1cOn3s:r" this'bit Y to take
charge of a congregation in Baltiniore,
where he forrr(etly resided. - Thouglrre-'
siding here but two-years, he has made
. Many warm .friends, whose fond vitlahes
and carnet& prayers follow Olds'
rnesß deld•Of labor. - , •
z, Agreeable RelatlensOks,
Mary Cunnin and - Margaret Pun:
rdighadi arepiatemin-law. They reside
40StilleektiOurt, Tunnel street. riElatur
taay littlO dispute. arose be:
'title ) ( finally Waxed bele.
rtetimis,TmuCh- to the annoyance of the
:neighborhood.- Mary came off - second
hest and accordingly. to - got .ovellvait/the'
expresso -eel it,. lodged,MlOrmation beforeJ
Alderman Strain, , forsurety of the peace
• and disorderly conduct agalnat Margaret..
Warrantej were,Jaeaed or.ttha ; arrest of
the accused. i e
Meeinaltied:—Alderinan Thames on
Sattirddy eagitnitte4to'lail Johif
•on Euf intbrtnation Preferred' against -him
by Marlin Wide.- The. 'patties - reside in
the Sixth - ward. • • •,• _ =
• • Afarvinitßuperier• Crackere *me sa
rior, tte,4455141A i ii thil)34V#9ta•Fgr A , 8 40
by _lP;ogeli 1 4:Atte eIV A 1,n 9 1 .. 111114 Yi 2 •
Bernard Lafferty made information be:
. , . .
fore Alderman MeMasters, on Saturday
agaldE Richtat'd , - Pear for assault and'-
battery. The parties are employed at
Lindsay &
.11fcCutellcon's rolling mill, -
Fifth ward Allekheny.: The* got' into
a row in the mill on. Saturday, when, .
according to the statements of Lafferty,
Pear picked up a shovel and struck , him
on the right hand, smashing the fingers.
and almost severing one from the hand.
A warrant for the arrest of the alleged
guilty Pear was is s ued.
Bond's Patent Step-Ladder, the best in
use—light, strong and convenient. Call
and see them a: George W. Hubley's, 63
Federal street, Allegheny.
Ruiaell's Steak Gridiron, can be ueetl
over any fire, without regard to smoke.
Every family should have one.
Mr. Hubley is aole agent for the cele.
brated ALL Refrigerator,lce Ches.te
—have been sold by Mr. Hubley for ten
year's, and have proved the best , in, use. •
Chintzes Ann Piquei—tiates . dr 'BeWs
for Firiatensive tutsortnient.
Ask Your Grocers for Marvin's Sttpe
rior Spiced Jnnibles. - - inh4:eod2iv
- Ipadies desiring - bargains in trimmings,
lalaVgOods, de.. for spring wesir,- , should
not 'forget to call at N 0.17, Flitkavenne,
wherethe large stock of fancy stock of
fancy-naveltite, ,recently purchased byy .
Macrum, dt.,Carlisle from Dennison dr
Heckert, is beipg rapidly disposed of at
prices which' , can, hardly fail to , satisfy
the most exacting.: '
Spring Shawle, - Lace Mantles—The
choicest from'iMeei iniportation at Bates
ez Bell's, . ,
-Linen abods—Everk make and discrlp
don of Linen goods at Bates dc *Ws.
The Purest and sweetest Cod Liver
011 . in the. World, manufactured from
fresh, healthy livers, upon the sea shore;
; it Is perfectly pire and sweet Patients
who have once taken it can take none
— other. Ask for “Hazard and Caswell's
Cod Liver 011," manufactured—by _Cas
well, Hazard &Co., New York . Sold by.
aII druggists..::
American Sliks—ltatee'et 13431Lbeve the
different ►nakes;
Bradley's latest styles' of Hopp'Bkirta
at Bates & Bell's. - - •
Rare Chance for. Bargains:, large.
lot of House Furnishing cloods and
2(ueensarSre . will be soldat auction. thia
y, at J. & Biztegli, 124 Federal street",
All i egtieny City. Sales commence `at 9
A. ns. and 2 and 7 o'clock 'r.
hiatows Superior Neap 'Crackers,
only twenty pounds' in a barrel( for sale
by all`grocers. - •
Ladle's Frenekmade tuaderelothlAig at
Bates &
An Antereirting Pa - cf.-=-Those of our
reader's seeking homes or Investments in
real eatiits, Will - salts' time; trouble; and
money by consulting the Piitsbiirgh` Beat
Estate Register; It' is given away' gratis
by the pobllsbers, Croft-..k Phillips, Real
Estate Agents, No: 139. Fourth avenue,-or
it will be sent by mail: ; Ao any ad
Lace' Curtail/s--fates Sc Bop lyivs Att
01Sysitt stock. • r •
Dr. - .AbornPs medical and surgical
apartments, 134 Smithfield street, for the
special treatment:of chronic and obsti 7
nate. diseases, such as Catarrh, Deafness,
Discharges from the. Ears, all.diseasee.of
the Eys, Throat, Lumrs, Nervous Affec
tions, &c. No charge for 'consulta
tion. • ' ' tf
• Bates & stock is complete
in all departments.
Marcin, , s Eluperior. Lemon Biscuits for
sale by,allgrocers. , •
"The place to ,get Wrote Lime, Cal
cine° Plainer, Hydraulic Cement. is at
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White Goode-=Bates it Bell's
ttsburon, l'ar COFFINS of all kInds,CRAPES,
eLov - E. , and e. erg description of Funeral Fur.
nlshlug ooddfornlshed. -Booms Open day and
Went. clarriages furniithad.
Rizninsarcas-:-BaT.Lisvio Doi.; Reciß.
W. Jacobus: 311).4,-Thomas
B• , ,
oornez,, , i 41.414D1JSKY STREET AND CHURCH
AvEN - 0 r Allegheny. Clty. *there their COirTIN
BOOMS a e cointantly anaidled with real lad
imitation Iti e wood, Mahogany and' Walton
Combs, at prices r aryingtrom $4 to slOO, Ito .•
dies ..7preparad for tau rment., Beareea o and Oar
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G . ands, if required. - Otect elan at althoars; day
and. ,
labpOlitT: T. RODN'EIY, 1311VER•
a lkMtliElt AND Emextmen. tro. cs ouzo
Allegheny" seeps constantly on hand
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lo.ralve enure•sstistactlon.iyenspe and Moses
AZ*hed free t• tcharge. 'Best litanies and Car
, ittrnished• rzt short nottoe. Carriages far
rdshed tolituterals at**, . - , .
ivoiid:restkuuy idor* his - crierd 3 " and' the
• . • ;
• SOLIGTIING , I3 EA111416
I '
Coyner , of: 'Pew ant-Sixtivgtreets.
HESPIE iftlDi . ik CO.
No. SO SIXTH, STREET, (late St.
, _
• have lust ieoetved teoet the Stast tb.e best
lot of New tioills ibr SprAbiSifte iliar brought
to the' market. } ' Aria: N 41704.14 leoi ind ac
and uyke eittbei jiale4Pi'4t l beiter
. I tratlotata - tOaaa 14tyte city Anis : and plea.
ditkassortinent of REST
_,ESUcIi , , II
• MR ROODS ;arc at • all Most t 9 be:f o u l o at t bt.
house. par Ntimber 16.450 • SLETEC :STREET.
. .
i.'zikui„ Orrrent;') D.
1111110:11DNICinigteiNED LEAVE
tbetisetVes tbseethirlbx the
eb k 170 19sTogirror
llttattlit Avg Aut.
• tTEIOS. D4LLZ,' if. D.,
iir- .4,ll3l.iaMili. Me. Di,
, . ~.,
Look at This
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