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(Corp. spiindence Pittsburgh Gazette.]
Sr. PAUL, MINN, March 9,1869.
At Chicago (a very small deseof which
pious place always satisfies me) I learned
I accidentally that our old Water 'street
neighbor, Matthews, (lately. of Wood,
*Matthews (t Co.) was proprietor of:th e
new hotel just opened in Milwaukee, and,
of course, on landing from the'Northt
*western Railroad's fast train, lat once
sought the Plankinton Rouse. • t-
And a magnificent - establishment it is;
alike in situation, architecture, luxurious
furaishment, and table; doing credit to
the taste and enterprise °fits builder, (an
old Pittsburgher, II believe,y from:whom
it takes its name; as also, to.the skill and
good Managenient - tif the lessees " Messrs.
Matthews'it Segue, whose" genial kind
ness reaches all their/110U: ~The house`
fills a, want long ' felt hy ViiitOrS ,
beautiful and growingAreaM city. -
I left,:reluctantly. for a week's staying
in the woods.ofvast , ViSoonsin, 1 ie. the
vicinity. of the Upper Wisconsin.lriver.
Came by stage.(on runners) from Appl- •
ton, on the 'Chicago and „ Northwestern
Railroadi , tb- Steveas' seventy-five'
miles: 'Thirtectili'ptits, , .Or,' deducting
stoppagesil3itnesila and chengseflionses
and the mails. in a MO:toyer eleven hottrik'
Stevens' , Point is the headquarters, for
the lutaberinen.of :the 'Upper. Wisconsin;
and is a lively, growing town, looking'
forward M the gocd''time coming with
the railroad. The otherwise monotonous
scenery of roads ctit'as straight as a gun
barrel, through louden - se pine forests, was
now andthen relieved by the appearance
of Lo the tczo, , wrapped in blankets 'and
earring his wigwam (of matting) on his
back, attended by squaw and papoose,v
who seemed. to take to snow like young
ducks to water. One small patty of these
original (Chlppewa) Americans, who'
passed through Warsaw the - other day,
sold to a dealer ' as the - result of about
a hundred relleghunt, some twenty pelts,
comprising otter,_marten . fox; 'tnusk rat
and seven black bear skiiis with-as ;ugly
buckskins.• - -
At Warsaw I foundari old Fifth avenue
teighbot,-.T.• C. P. Sinith; who is • largely
itterestedin the mineral-developments of
this - valleY; and will commence bOring for
salt as 'Soon as the.-season per 7
snits, with the'most sariguineexpectations.
Returning; I took the lover'. or ' Prai- -
ris du Chien route - if the_ railroad, {I
mean the, Miliankee St. „Louie .Rall
road, which takes you every where An the
northwest, with its-895 miles of road in
operatien, to say nothing of the 'tied:irk
- Lions and the partly built Tomah & St.
Croix Railroad, which - svilkgive the trav
eler a third choice of route letween Mil-
Waukee and. St. Paul.) ;roiling, the Atia: 7
slasippl inice :boats, (pontOons on' rnn-.
ners drawn by horses,) between Prairie
dtv Chien and McGregor, and thence a
a very pleasant ride over the Minnesota
prairie to this place. _r
(Nom. TO TaavEts.—The Milwau
kee and St. Paul ltiftlroad - charges fare
after the usual or ' eastern manner, and
not by the hour , as some of these" - Prairie
roads do. I dd one the other day five;
*toilers for ninety miles transit, at the rate
fvftlfteen-miles pee tronri)-----
I find St. Paul (whose tons- , lttor In
spftting underthe guidance:of three old
Pittsburgh neighbors) suffering, Rider a
combination - of - velocipede, -Henry
cent, M. M. P., &c ., female s uffrage (which
:was lost in the lower house. last night by
one vote), and land speculation, though
the last item is-differently pronounced
Is ire. think they call:it, "AA get tore
' Move the capitol of Minnesota'. to the
Countr,of Kandi:VidA." The aforesaid
place i s the fortunate "geographical cen
tre" of Miunesota, and lies, it I am cor
rectly informed, Min the woods between
Minneapolis and, Alaska." ;
.lore anon, from yours,
loam eta - , sertmes-and the
itest-LOrbakt'S , onions.
. IlPechil Correspondence of Cmcit Times.)
C. & X. Asp It & 0.1 t,/ R.,
• - March 1 and 2;1869. i
-The moat noticeable.peculiarity about
the contents of this- through B. & 0. car
which wed get into at Xenia Is the_ great
- prevalence _of faces _that one: has seen so
often:at political conventions. - These
are all on a tour of pleasure to. Washing.
ton. They, look' pleasant arid popular;
and have hopefal'imiles upon them, re
minding yon of the picture in the comic
almanac of the-tabe thit" was. "going to
law," whereas the same returning abopt
next week,lf you could see them , in the
-divers and sundry -trains in which they
t, will_ge lengthening, dolefully home , out
• of Washington,: would illustrate Vie con-
'trusting picture of hiving "been t o i nw k, ,i
For theee fedeti :ere' pleasitre-touring
more to tban they wiAbefrovi.f , :lt must
happen to - 13108 t of I l l elie-ev.°4 7 worse limn
it did to .: my fr iend Berliget of PEON
- inftame singtdne e itd- Ottniqed i reistalr i
I-wentover thleyery route in , 1 1.. He
had beel - thecriduM inventor of biro. '
, haat Lincoln; indite& ' fi le& Ma Caveat to
' that efilmin his
,paper—the Boonilinon
Gauge—months before any other journal
in the tinitni hadjhe ,IlE,Wie f likfr - Bcriggs
was not a man of immodest altibition,
d would, be, satisded with a moderate'
7 recompense for his -InestimahlesserVices.'
801 44_5
k` asked only "the' little ' Consulship,
8l glary 34000 gold; and he;
ri...... , 5i ' ja/sillPtii* ,r2 , W 3 heek and '
N/ 0 17 - .ITTI°O g r an w un me mere ash'l
''' •Z t li k tlftliftr at fk?t , lttd , w l i fe, '
wiaali are
. if with a new plug hat,
and ' if promptly before the au
it tittreuhPf POfte
gayety w new pog, t.
Inteqii al*lllr WWI Ihe•- 4 . _.. tie.
' in - ley nikirnin - irsetltip yr , . d as;
• 'Abe anpardlicins comb of game r.. mr, " '
:" . and - the -disconsolate , ancl • heart-broken'
. looklta t s ..F , Plng WAen s, lt,eikke rid."
i .Ipg,ti ln 3 .-, ~. iNf‘d disgtllite §,OOl. ii•act , '
,beck te d:' .er, e r msatated' sue a I di:,
Irene kolitiiiiint tnik "the vanity of Inman, ~
. 7 Willies" elf-would 'halm tnade lhe Orions !
. a id ,neithin ingeis•`•bawl with laghter.
'-r'iktnd Bcrigga , left, after &protracted, and ,
• heszt•slokeningagony of , hopes Arm e d
for four weeks, with a commission
- locket for the three-hundred-dollar p o e t ._
I offi ce othiSlittleheme village. _ .
The bloat of these -present waytni e n i
• will go back with a much smiller per
cent. of consolation than- Beriggs did.
The new administration ,canuot, if it
,:would, make outs enough to make link of•
. all these. Judging from the appearance
of-this train, there will be people enough
'A gracitießiiiread Town.
"Carleton" .writes' to, the, Boston ~fo,4rt
he.following account of the present
terminus of the Union Pacific. Railway--
the town of Bryan, eight hundred. miles
west of Omaha; : I . •, . •
-The United States ,- at the preient time
can exhibitone thing'ffot to be' found in
any other country-- - n Pacific Railroad
town. By that we 'denot mean a town
like , Omaha, which is an old-eitablished
city, but one of the mushroom places
which grow. up in a night, lean week or
two,• and!then are torn down and moved
on to another locality. The railroad is
bashed forward so fast; and the terminus
changed so often, - . that a town only * gets
finder, way heft:ire it la pulled down`and
sent forward to a new place. Tiin can
find houses at the present terminus, Bry
an, eight hundred miles west of Omaha,
which have been put up and taken down '
fifteen or twenty times. • The people who
live in them are American Arabs. They
are not only nomads, ever on the move,
but they can steal and plunder as adroit
ly and with as little compunction of con
science as their brethren the Bedouins.
Civilization and Christianitrhave not re
fined Or softened their' inhuman nature.
meant *tie ..anderstocid :fanny that
every man in one of -these railroad towns
is a villain, or a blackleg;
honest men are to be found who a ft er
'bearing patiently with rufilansi till pa
tience ceases to be a virtue, , and. there
144 no law. or order, or, orgardied so
.e.tety, ,take matters Into-their own hands
• and become a terror to evii;doers. Wllen
some flagrant crime hes; •been • committed
...—murder or assassination -these law-
Abiding men purify place by han,ging
the murderers to the nearest tree, or if no
tree is near they - extemporize a gallows
by tilting up - the tongue of aWagon, and
sending= the ;ruffian into eternity iefore
-the *body, of the. , victim is
_cold. _Stich
:sudden punishment Janke lightning on lc
„syltry day--pnrifylng and invigorating. '
• - It was, late in the evening when, we
entered the new • town of. Bryan, then
about two weeks old. •Werode up a wide
street,. bright with lights. flaming in , the
windowaof the' . restaurants and saloons,
each shopinari and barikeeper , trying by
arrangement of kerosene lamps and col.
;tired glasSes to oatshine hie neighbor in
, his endeavors to attract a' Crowd.
, “There was a* sound' of revelry,'and
Bryan had gathered the largest part 'of
her population for a high time. There
was such. - dancing and fiddling, such
_drinking of. bealths r . shuffling • of cards
,audrattling.of dice r as we never saw , be
fore.. Prom the dance. saloons oenie the
,htirdy 7 gurdies, violins and ban
jots, the rattle and clatter 'of 'the double
shuffle and
mingled with shouts 'and Oaths, thejing
,ling of glasses, as the rude men, wild'with 1
whisky, and woinan,: decked' in
eatins, and •
' , glittering with trumpery jewelrl,,. went
rwhisking,hveach other's arms round,the
•), - mho stdOonv' during the..*day.,arefnot
much patronized,” - but are thronged at
night. ItlfralliVely loins", The whole
- poprilatiom liVetin *small .territory' and
are dependent • thct
for supplies. ; • liferUoo l cari to MP PM.'
ning tke comniunity would brought' to .
the Tergf,'Of statTatiOn' iit'4**weeirf but'
that odigiugeriOyviti'4t and;
1410 ,46;irtfitriltr,:rii.nOrtkaFtukerk
to;gether 1 1 1) Puke ,A)POSIWg fro m
U 1000447 9i; I , R4Wir 9 3 gY e
workmen into lheit Alias", ...:; 1 •1
vdepthi of, gnownizetithem citz
'Mahe is i ‘allnokrtennprecetlental atrlbis
season of the yete..,ln kinthpiplaotnit,
lays seyw,fnet - -tleep- on- a level. 1 1 14
Banger Wftigiaiotti soitielV il the4 4 o
Annul -141' nettethrtry ,, tcf-punl - '
Ivan /stivalitdsixto
*lite briltillatVPAß 44 1 91 1 T , t...
supplies to„ , theinampsons , uvnliotimn
pperatlonstralovkane extent'
New lumt•etmenleinalhozel *O4.
of,libonehead! liaVe.Onitrout.'
tom.cuminrat lititateit bait Meat'
been brdegbi into 7 00 in ?deist for lac
dies.. Four of these old lasblOhedirehl-l'
cles :Isere a slpirklimel,so PP-Been at:
the rikspeCtlixi doors or 141414
est4f4hion. Ada:Anti Iha *km
chairs have oqly beettzused' torildlng 4 1 ;
church and for short moriting.visits:f
special toilet has,-been invented for this,
sort at co nveyance,'consisting o f f$ nautilia ,. with icuipurei (kimtv•
Ill iefj`ttnitthe. 'costume is -- balled. a Jort4 I
I.qBBl .
in Vialangtitt this weeeTc !with
therioridli,- to fill ill the offlceit itt
United States threelinies over,' and tins
of thouswads to spare. So, with the' pros'
pect that Grant will not turn mat many,
If_any, of the present incumbents except
for cause other than political, arid that
these my fellow-travelers
,have to
w*it for their warm seats indefinitely—
and then maybe not get them—they are
to be. pitied 'as one pities - the innocent
calvewin the tail-end of a market•wagon
that is driving rapidly Ito the slaughter
Here are five or six of our southern
brethren, with their swarthy and solemn
faces; their licked soap-locks under'
slouched hats, and their niggery pronun
ciation. The slabsidedness of the 'Yan
kee is proverbial; but, for utter leanness,
abiolute famine of, red blood,'Mul fever,
aridity of all the ; Nital juices x there is
nothing in the,American nature compara
ble to the aristocratic: Gulf State man.
The Southern,heart heal:teen fitedSo fre
quently that all its; gush seems to have
turned to crackling flameln.the veins. ' •
There is another characteristic of your
aristocratic Southerileil; be is fearfully
and-' enderfully solemn .
He isawfully earnest in his majestiebear
ing,}.An-:asst of,Alte most distinguished,
breed, could not lopk more preterhaturtigy.,
Saga and,itaposingln his, mien. , Sm 4 he
May, *long
.ifitervals,lwith It most nia-'
presidia air; butilaug.h,
is.altewV" - tragedY expression in like
thestaelotts and smile qfstage.) ,
kings and princes of the blood. lle.lioes
not laugh; 'he only:rattlealtia nnoiled ris
ibles cumin a while, like watehman's
Theselnelaricholy Majesties of the GM:
federate "Stat'es are Of. cciriiielt e ed lOyal
Men all;and 'they ate. going to
ask "your Govern-meof, Bah." to renietn
ber them. for their hOlire end constant de
votion to the Republic thiaigh .Its
years of peril.'' Sue 'lttiriihPs 'ease Vies
not more' clear than . theirs. Give them -
the offices, and •there shall !straightway - ,
he reconstruction, and peace.:: And) so •
;fOrth..., But there will be a tinge of Booth
ish blood and bushwhackery added to -
:this ,this grand gloom of Southern counte
nances when theklave seen Grant on the
tollic of •officeis. •t '
diet zire)
- - . .
gariAretiet WaREirf.4IV.EN
CA.RRIARRS, BUGGIES, Ac.. (whetherlesident
or win resident,) in tne City' of Pittsburgh, to
pay their Licenacs at this 021.C0 TORT/IR/TH.
accordance, l*
with an Act of Aisembly approved
March 30, 1160, and an ordinance of the Coun
cil:l of the Cltrof Pittsburgh, passed April 16,
, ••,-.
All Licenses:not pald on or before MAY 15,
/ 869 1 will lie Plaeedltt.the hands of a pollee of
ficer for Cull4ctio'n, enbject to a collection fee of
50 cents, and all, Pinions who neglect or refuse
to 'take oat Lleetuses'will tie subject to a penalty
dohble theamohnt'of the license, to be recovered
before the Mayor.
The -old metal Olates of last year must be re.
turneiat . the thuel.leenses ate taken out, or 215
cents" additional Will be charged ma each License,
Each orie berse vehicle
Etch two
Each ft - 'e bur-
tour urge .....
Each Lilo hors!) hack ' 15.06
bunilbus and Ilmber Wheels drawn .by two
hoiaes. sq.9o. each. One d altar extra will' be
chittiedpr each additional kers?" used In any of
.4. J. cpczi#4N.
~ •
the.enly toe ; pe eet Dyei:batiniess,
Wei • instantenetere: istv dhisppointment; • ho'4l
- 1.1 renredies the- effects of , bad
dTee4.l4lTitnittates,and leaves the Heir Bert,'And
I)eimm_ .1 'area. or D./titan.' Bold 1:1111 - 11rngetsta
antiPerrainereaeniproperle gni Batehe•
/6 " , W4t No. 16 p9/14 sues ~ziai!
of iiiigtiClzidEZ7s3lntiligeigall3sl34
which eremite Impedlitent,s 'to-MARRIAGE, with
rue thee or Teller. Bent; 'l4 'Seated letter en.
venspos. freeat charge .: Addiess, Dr. J. ISHII,
LIWAQIITGHTOI , I, ovrird Association: £l4lle
delphlxVPW. -" •• • t • • • ' lelt4:traT
, • FTJL. .BUtONLY • - -
I , Ct thildiellt Wlll•ontwear tbreepatrir•wiliimat
OP Tat
chartered by Special 'Act of Coratirege,
Approved July AS, IBSS.
Cade Ca. - - - $ 1 ,000,000.
Where the general business of the Company le
transacted. and to 'which all general cones-
Pondence should be addressed.
Jav Cooke. Piffled*. B. a.. Bolling. liCaarri.
Cal. Clark,. Prated& Henry D. Cooke. Wash.
John W. Ellis. Cineing. W. E. Chaadler,Wash.
W.G. lloorhead. Phila. Jae. D. Detrees.Wash.
Geo. F . Tyler; Phila. , Ed. Dodge. N. York.
J. Hinckley Clark, phils. H. C. Yannestock,N.Y
C. H. CLARE, Philadelphia. President.
HENRY D , rOO.ll"E, Washington, The Presidn.
JAY COO NE„ Chatrzaan•Fluoice and Executive
EhtElteON WA PEET,' Phil., itee'rand Aetrsry.
E. St.-TURNER. Washington. Aset Secretary.
FRANCIS IS, SHITS M. D. Medical Director,
J. EWING. D.. Assn. hied. Director.
J. E. BARNES. Sam: eilesseral 11. S. A., Weston.
P. J. HORWTTE,. et' Medical Dept N.,
D. W. BLIS s. M.D,4.Washington.
somorroMM AND Arentiemtig.
WM. Z. CHANDLE%-Washlngton,--D.C.
GEORGE MAIMING. Philadelpdh, Pa.
This Company... National In its character eters.
by reuon of the Lux. Capital, Lon. Hates of
Premium and New Tables,. the most desirable
means of Wearing life et presented to the pub-
The rates of premlem tielils lsi sly redueed,
arebtade u favorable to theOganrers as those
Of the-trest Mntual Companies, and avoid all the
wmpuOttitras and tniurta.thtles of Notes, M
dendaand thatoliunderstandings which thelat
ser are Co apt 'to cause itie - Policy-Holderi. •
, 'Busunl , new and
t titractlve tables .are now
preluded which u only to be'understood to
%roll te&telleAt ei . . b, g c hrattNpral:
.04,wy. Inaba former, the policy-h Older
not Only steered lite Insurmice.paYable at death.
• but vili-reetiee, liviny,after a period of 41 few
ryarn. an 7=11103 01 0014141114 , ?‘ ttlitff, per emst.
ao per cent. rbf pgr 4tr hti "whey. The ha
ter the Company agrees. to return to the assured
the Mat asnount of mono /ohm paid ta, In ad
ditioato tbs assount of. hta policy. The attention
of persons contemplating insuring their lives
or increasing the amonnt of insurance they al.
ready , have, is called tp the special advantages
offered by the National Life Insurance , Cote,
Circulars; Pamphlets and frill particulars given
on application 1.0
the Branch °Mee of the Com
pany in Phlladelph or its General Arouse.
City and Town; and applications Dem compe
tent parties' for ,such agencies with seltablees
dorsetnent. ihothd be addressed Tr, - COLS •
respective districts. -
• GPN.IRLI, A 1112178:,
E. NY: CLARK CO., Philade/Pbia; •
For Pennsylvania end Southern-New 'terser.
1 41.. y, a CO:. Washington
,D. C.,
• Tor Mary
_Vela,. ,Virginits, District
of polambla MI west vir nit. •
IRAN, eVAIL C414,‘
Agettflfg Allegtuk t denyer K i Metter ,
and se ngton Oa
,or, further. PetHeltiarligddrese EUß
Manager,Philedelpnbi. A..
• • Aticinopi (1544410.,',
• ' tal)(o4,lt
k • , . AIIOICSAND 4141tPlerit
noar.. , f
L FOR -27131,1117E1KL10N • •
•,I '
l:( 1 I r 424,1 r
'Ls; r,
ri /U n'Aubliattienfficjoirtiqyzwri ,
•kri /4 Po' IU - e...31,. %1'f.,1
Messrs. CO., proprietors.
Ot the o A km sQak4 stt
exclaim t - upoa Tamara!
Wh i alla%lol4,stra-1
- '5 . e ' pea ofr.Mbig nisteit bleolook
ter* sad aunt. moan re, its..
l'lbutol c uataba ' fluttery,
intej; üblk
, 4 a.attallawak,oar • IFlpah ..161 , ar's ;
(. •4 4 .1111 AI" ." . " • "tta
1; , 14,. - erne . , .;. ilk rnpa r Ain, 1 1 .1 L -. 4
1 I
IMI k. 1+.71i;
, r-te ; Ntrlltilv 1.
..t PragarlNW ,' AND ABOSTON
,I , vinsate AND EAtitLir, COTTON, AlUti fj
l ba ... aii 77.4tfi:-Ati;,,iiii4lifilifiliii-fig'
: z i el 77 . Ina too qui 11 4tElabone Noon 'of Omit •
,tilurciat Soleileornk i'lltitithila itc h lb„., oa ,
s pie d
, A 1 9, 1 4rf sfP rAtPO.°;, fi
1100 snares Cotton litAfici r i ,(,,:
.. , •ILWA. E. Auctioneer.
• t - yr o A * • 7 101 .Z 1
Ali • 66 410)3 iv—
' EOUNZ I A 8 8001A2 1 1141! StItLIDIReIk
Moo; Land *SL'qate :Strain; Pittsburgh, • Pa l
elkieLil:, :attention' ; even 'to , tha t designing: and
;11afidita. :Ayr 'DOUBT and - PunGl
tAG. „ ,
P.A id
E'S: ..TVAT.LA.T, .. OE
LEATHER, tor `
4 4'
f.-tv -
_ .
ou s t of of
therti of venltifont
sned out of District Court of the %united
States for the Western District of Pennsylvania,
and to me dirtmed, I will expose to public sale on
the premises; on
At 10 o'rloeh . A u., the following- deiertbed-
Pro Pert h•
Sluate in the City of Pitt. burgh, at Rae.. 168
ago and 170 Second Avenue, ttormerl f Second
Inventory of Steck and 'Fixtures of - Vinegar
31anufitetory of AR/ /JCR BA LWII. !located at
Nos. 168, 169 and 170 Second avenue, City of
Pittsburgh, Pi., i-eizeti Aprd 1t68:
) Trough for washin shavings, empty.
4 Stands or empt y. lime wash.
Large Tub; 1 lot ef shavings and
1 Lot of Lead and Copper Pipe.
2 Large islands; partly filled with preparation
for Vinegar...
1 Lot of Castings and Hoops.
1 Lot of Bags, Castings, Lumber, Floes and
Hoisting Apparatus. --
Piece bhafting. 1 Lot small Vinegar stands.-
Large Stoves; V Vinegar Stand". •
1 Barrel full of water and low wines.:
3 Baskets, Forks and Booes.
9 SZCA:I barre/s/for-reeetving vinegar from
1 Lot of : Lend - Pipe:: ' •
, Large. rubcOntaining shavings., connecting
with the worm It ‘ to. -
1 torsi Tutqwith its Selig!) , plge„ -- waste , pipe
and false top;
1 Barrel contataing.mixture for .
1 - Lot Of Copperßuckets. 1 Stand for ("asks:
4 Large Tubs containing =niece for, vinegar..
: 1 Large Tr o u ghlilleiCwislinnavingsand water.
1 Lot of Lumber. Hose and Connecting Pipe.
- I.Large - Stove and Pipe./. • - • I
5 Vinegg bta.n.fis containing mixture for !rine-,
• 1 Clock..l Barrel partly filled with tinagar.
1 Lot of Lumber anci /run. -1 Lot ; f Stand
21 Lot of Trough and Hose. 1 Lot of Shavings.
• 11. Lot of Lumber. 2 Stand* for• Casks.
1 Barrel with mixture for vinegar. •
'1 Trough. empti. 1 Larne Still.
.1 Doubler, where the Low Wines were:taken
from, Also. , - -,• . ,
I•Tub con necti nrith Deubler witbPipes,
and also conntetin with the third story." -
I Lot of Steam Ppe connecting'. with-the Still.
Lot of Pipe. Copper. Limber and Gasbags.
1 Copper 'Worm 11 Lot a/China- •
1 Lot WoodenFumps. -• •
1 Lot of Troughs: hlhavinga and Lumber.
1 Lotof Leadgpa and eragots. •
Ptos'of chain, Begs, bhafting. 'Wheels,
ipe, &o. ' ; . • .
af).EmptY Barrels. 1 Open Tub. . „ • - •
• .2 Oldliarreis - 1 Cask stand: - ' • • ,
9 Barrels Molasses. 5 Barrels Vinegar. • •
-11 Empty. Barrels. /Two Wheeled Hazelnut.
'9 ,Empty Receiving Castel ns.
2 Receiving Cisterns,•putly filled with Vine-
Large Caaka. empty. 1 Stove.
1 Lot of Gum l'lttg 1 - 11 , se. ' •
2 Stands cbutantnir Beer.
Trough,- empty. 1 Gum Hose. • _
1 Yeast btand - in Trough empty:
1 Lot 'of •' Lead Pipe. H ose. Hanimers.
Gauging Tools. Copper if eales.3leasures, Glass
//unite s. 2rouglis. Putuping-:kids, Ate-
21 Barrels Molasses, • - .
1 -Lot of .'ooper , ithripleniOnts. • • •
LOt es Hoops And Hoop Iron. •
/ Cart. 1 Dray. 1 Wagon.
• Barrels Vinegai. lila/vet Hop Water.'
1 Empty Ale -- eg.•' , .Enipty Stands.
/ Lot of 014-Iren, ISkie.• •
.. 1 'Wooden 1 Lot of ETV,' Barrels
rop. azid Lumb,r.
6 Empty Hogsheads and Shovels. , . • -
1 Lot of Hoops and Iron. •
1 Lot of Empty Caste sad Hoppa.' • ' •
12 Large Stands: • ' - •
1 Lot ol small Receiving Buckets.
3 Large.. eraenting Tube.
'1 Steam Forcing 7ub, connecting with Fer
menting Tubs-
nace- 11. Lot of copper Pipes connecting with Par
-- ,
Let of Pipe (copper) les a d r i l ig across theitreit
to other building . ,• .
1 Large Lot of ' Casks. B and Stands, in
bad order.
1 Safe. 1-Stove. • , .
1 Office Desk and Purnitere.
3 Cnairat:Xelools, 1 Letter Press.
X LoLpple Bottles; / Barrel partly tilled
with Vin L
-1 Lot :Barrels, Measure . Spigots and Old
Lot Irina Castings. ,
1 Scale; 'Adams, McKee & Co.'s make.
1 Lot of Lumber and Pipe.
. 1 Large lot of Castinrs, Rags, &c.
a E . !iglu! Boller and Machinery. •
1 P ot , clog, 1 Wheelbarrow.
1 Iron 1 lot of Gum Hose.
Barrels containing Ginger Wine.
1 Lae lot of Lead l'ipe.
1 Lot of Coal: 1 Lot of Ale Barrels.
1 La-ge Tub, empty 1 idt of Lumber. -
"Y ,
1 Barrel
,Ginger Wine, 4 Juge containing
east. •
9 Bottles Wine. • ' !
1 1 . Large lot
or Limber, &c., 1 Shaving Ma
-1 Lot of 'Castings and Iron.
Carpenters Bence, Toota and Chest. ;
1 Gr.ndatone, 1 large lot of Bags.
1 Large Masb Tup, Copper Bottoni, empty.
1 . Lot of Belting.
3 Yeast Stands, (one of, them Intl.) and pipes.
I.CopPer Yeast Worm ;1 Mill and Hopper.
/ Jug full •Yeast, 1 Jug, empty, •
• 1 Lot of:Hose, Begins and bits/Rog.
1. iron Settle. 1 Platform Sask., 3 - large Tubs.
- 1 Lot of empty Casks and Barrels. •
1 Lot of Shafting and Hoisting Apparatus.
tielsedigind taken as the property of ARTHUR
BALLOU,,st the stilt of the United State!.
Marshal'. omee, March 151; /269, ishie:for
itismr AL'S SALE.
•Bt ifirtne of a writ of eendgtont expeses,
issued opt „of the „ District Court of the United
. &stele for. the Western District of PenneylVania,
.611 d to me - directed, r will expose to public sato
at. the CUSTOM Horst, Pittsburgh. Pa., on
lifONDit; March 15; 1859,at 10 Welook
the following described property, to-wit:
SO Barrels Distilled Spirits.
• Seized as the property of Lang, Horseman* Co.
THOMAS A . ROWLEY, U. Maluhal.
, .
" Mattlift.tme Omen, March O. 1E039. mhele f 7
, .„ •
• 7.50
. 1S U 0
- 0 9m:dal/Y.. from .9 o'clock A. m. to '3 o'clock
Y. at .. sad SA.WITRDAIf EVENINGS, from
May le t to November Ist, from "1" to* O'clock.
and from Nbrember Ist to May lay from *to 8
Deposiftr e d of all stuns of. ‘ nOt less. than
ONh. D ~a nd a dlVldecid• of the. robots
declare twice -a,
: year, In June and December.
Interest haabeetedeelared sethl-ahnnally In June
he, Ma of M Decelnher Agee the Bank ma; Organized,, at
tx per cent. a year. I .
- foterest, - It not draw s out , : Is plaeed s, to . the
.Oreditior 'the depeattot lis prlnelpal.and bea r. the
rage tot-treat fromthe, Ist , eine : of Jane and
ugt ber. compounding tminti a year,' without
• tree g the depositor tdcill;fteven tO present
MIS a bookm,'/It-thltritte sooner wilt double In
lega"nc4=Mentlicnnitei.,' ity4;airo;'linles
B ooks
knogulatiOdai arnionefr graph on. applies.'
tloa at the °face.
.111 ,
.._,_ ..
.11114, i P A U ra i rMre". lo 7l o llo2.,. !4/4..111C• ' 1
I. ,„•-'..'... -;. - .Vit:pFle4r4tpijormkg , . , , • 1
Jr. Backoltaa,—..... A. M. Pollock,..M. D. ,
Bent. P. /bimetal, Robert Robb,
Ja es Berdmitn.!, 1.,.. , olkit B. Shoenberger,
James McAuley, Junes diddle,
~.!Jazatika:.o, morkehioi, ailisianderapeer,
.i 4 .1 1 1 ., 11 A . .,.P ° .% • Chr 1 114u2 , 11 , - PYer”,
,=1".1*.:0'.. 4411tholi t 1 - Robert O. ?imam i•
outin Annum: • ' atenry 4. 2 Lynch.- -, •
L4Al i t Tirthriai 11 rsit te r:&. l 4 l 4earti- , . •
R ip a ri o n , lay/terabit],
i.l.,.gus- -,,1,11, i'lgialter-P.- Marshall,
4. Canter, - John B. IdoPaildep,.
51.141 a:Vottptiv 4 .l , ll Onfirby PlllllO4
Piril . ' ' ' P = I N i e ur ßuiVi ir
re • ,
t it
11 f 4frend Ma.
M. : - MS 611 '' •
, Th '• e , t .tat'7 0 fliefiao . e l': k; •••
.1 iaift. ''' • • LVI•i
JNutiLp: ~
1.,: it.., ir : 7 l ll* * 3.l!! RI- : • B '7 3 ' 'I.
itiVRI) tie bmbefot tbe .• v I::' , ' • ..:. ,
i. , :',1! klis tart - : 1 .. ,- , .1.:4 : f i*.' L,•'! ;
ipirsnininiazi witiriat wistiiii, ~.
fir p:.:1 ,,
I D i l
, 0 a 1 ii-l
. L o , St L
, rudt,fkP, 01 i ~ 1 otc. 0 t c .
f , '• nT` i,i ' i
, i i .
;Ity: y: 411 itHiV/ .:-1(0 f;f1: ,
~4401-ALL,-LMI L II
Needed,Althriowna Avrawsbßata'Rusl
" 4 "4ll4flii} fit gfir .tßat.iiiiru- , 11/ - 1 ! 50 ?! S 4 ?'
Mow, stlz thir.Ltimp atid;;Niattlosttar.the 1:1P4
riciA ,W4,4141.1V02, Pi ldf q.d . " 7 !"* 24 , l AS Itll
wig' : • 'lrei .•
,-, • , '
' - .O ' rT.NRMEYirt- ,
r 1 27
,-- ~, .. ...• .f,t 1...1 It) : r.14:-.01 , L,
; 811/8 Will be received ihrPlPlßitaid•maictl...
, LANEoug sus/ INON. Pipp,- to be of, and IA
;feet lee cc and of tech else aa nl 4 l - berordered
• f eet the wider counrittee, ' Bids *lir 'specify the
price oi
. 40 . 18 0 , 10. IR, /5 end Rd Inch tipaa:
; also for .Fire Mae. sktly COOkII and Perrale44,, :. ;...
uth9 sosicra P.u.NNOR, bunetintendena,•.-„
lanG LEAD. -500
Galen LBl4 , for sale py
0..25J. N .
141 First Avenge.
„ ,
• --
$51,315,604 61.
:45ki:E . 41* 4, 7 7 ' ice.4 , l- .
<"*".4'• i faliags-Vritagivi4
.: ~`~~;
01Roo. No. 424 PENN
(lF Ramona L. Timm Co. BUILDING.) •
Robt.-Diekaon, rob:. Liddell, W. 'J. Friday,
G. bindle. C. Dan Buren, F. BLrsch,
E. B. ?dyers, J. G andwisch, Chris. ,Biebert.
L. J. Blanchard, , Welsaer, ,P. 114.3111 decker.
.•DiIITILIO3I. President.'
eicsols. )Vire President.
BORT.J. GRIER, Treasurer.
fen: Secretary, •
los This F a r e Home Com
ivelpan', and Insures against
. ovexclusy.
C. C. BOYLE Vice President.
RoBERI. PATRICK, Treasurer.
/Mali McXLEICNY. SeCretary.
Leonard 'miner, Gm wlison,
0. 0. Boyle, eor Goo.
Robert Patrick, ,J. C.Lap se,
Jacob Painter,' J. C. Pleiner,
Joslak John Voegiley,
Jas. H. Hopkins, . A. Ammon. •
Henry Sproul;
OffinCE,4l7lllh 113 101E8TNEIT BT., near int.
Dinzerons. '
()WM" W.Esneiter, Mordecai H. Louis
Tobias Wagner, . David Brown, ,
Bamnel Unpit„ , IsaseLeiL
Jacob B. Smith 'Edward C: Dale,
. endue W. Elegarda.., , Ucorge _ r ales. ,
~CHARLES BANcgsa, rresident.
EDW.. C. DALE, Vice President.
W. C. ETEELE,_B L eeretary,:pro tem.. '
Mortb,West corner Third and Wood titreetn.
mn.lovwl.s •
BMr intAmai4.ll
No., 41 43410 ,St....4llOlitherrY
._ , ,-
• A HOMB OOMPANY; • restaged - by'Direetors
well imown to the •temamnalty, who trust by Stir
dealtaa, tolaerft a, eltsre of your Patronage- • .
„ ,
Ifiltintlr 10101111(..«.--..:....4.'.:• Presiden.
IMO. P. 1111D111.i.Iic '. .. - .... - :.....:Seeretary' .
izieitrilmin... D. L. Pattersoh. Wea l Coo_per, .
Geo: B. Madre, SaeobTrans; -Ge oh peas,
SliaeaDrats, • J. B. Ettalth 4 :• • Jacob Bash,
W. Al. Stewart, Oh. P. Whlaton, Joseph Qrafg,:
Joe. lanther, H. J. ZlAttaad. •, Jere. /Lama.
. .
I . ,
MPERIAL .‘ . .
'NG 1F 0 .000,000 IN GOLD.
Inloraace, veins; Fire effected . on Hawes and
Good/. Wares and Merchandise,
liteatoboauf,' de. relieles issued payable ill gold
or corrency United States Fall.llCh Once,
40 PINS itrANET. New York. •
All loss - es of the Dulled tltates Branch will be
adjusted In Mew York. •
J. 1i".1:MeX.A.170137,..1DT, Agent,
Ofiee, ei 'myna . irrimaT.
aut. MOLAIIGHLUE II also Agent for the Man.
batten Life Insurance Cempany. sedre72
Mit Imacrx, President.
WM.: P. HERBERT; Secretary.
• CAPT. GESRME NEZLO. General Agent.
Piece, ins Water street, Slang 1 Co. , s Ware.
house, upstairs, Pittsburgh.
Will inrure _against all Muds managedd Ma
rine Maki. A lame Inslitutiork,by Di
rector' who are well known to the community,
and who art determined by promptness and liber
ality to maintain the character which they hare
assumed, as offering the best protection to those
who desire to bs insured.
Alexander Nimick, Jetin Macke.Jr.. . Chas. J. Clarke. ;
Junes McAuley. WilliaKirk vans.
Alexander Speer, Josephpatrick.
Andrew Action. ,Phllup_Reymer.
David M. Long, Wro. Morrison„-
D. Ihrneen. '
Home Cempany.takingrire end Kathie Bias
DizaerOna: •
Wm. ice'r . Capt. Jelm L. Itheada•
John Wtt, . Samuel P. Shelter,
John E.-Park_s, Charles Arbuckle, •
Capt. James Millar, Jared M. B ru sh,
Wm. Van Kirk, • •Wm F. lAng
James D. Verner .. ' SamuelHCOM4Art
Iri an
Whi: PHILL - 'resident.
JOHN . WWI iceYresident.
W. F. @ABJ)24 aeor
CAPT. JAL OCR ON. General Agent. -
A. L L E 6}Ama n cIITRAN E
' lames aganst, all-kinds of Mire and Marine
Maki • . .
JOHN ktram. 4i., .Presifieni.
sacOORD, Vice President.
O. G.- DONNELL, secretary. •
OAI'T. Wlll. DEAN.r General Agent.
• . DLazirrOna:
Joins Irwin, Jr. .- • • Wm:' Dean' • '
John D. ItcCorli. - :: B. I.2.rannestock
O. G. Hussey, W. H. Everson,'
HarveyOntids, Robert H. Davis,
• T. J. Hostltisail. . . Francis Sellers,
Chivies Hays, - Caut. J. T. ntockdale. .
c9IIPMFAMS?r C 06.111. 11 SALE.-BB
virtue of proceedings of the. Orphans! Court
l Allegheny minty, tho uniersigned ; gua rdian
of the tstates of . .jobnlf:an James Me Millen,
minors children and)heira , Of JAmea ale ullkert,
deceased, will offer at Public Sale. at the 1..0UR1-
110 USE, in tbeclty of Pittabursh, on - , •
Monday, March ood 1969
-,.. P 9
. _ . .
At 10 o'clock A., el , the following described Lot
ex - piece-or groun d , ; situate in Ina Borough of
Birmingham, being .part ,of Lot No. as in the
plan thereof, bounded as followsz - eegisinlns at
the dimance :of ility.ave -metfrons the corner of
II eville and•Onsisby sireeta.:. en .oonabystreet;
thence aioog_OrmsbY street 40 feet tothe.llne
of Lot No. te a: thence westwardlymong the line
of said LQ 1,11 0;1,03 4O t'B . ineheas:thence r
ns,r;hwaruly onune parallel with Ormsby: street
40 yeet to A dye foot alley; thence aleons•said
alley eastwirdlys'xtv.feet six inches toile place
of beglaning,ltogethar. with . rigekof way to said
five loot alteyZajmo tior'y Brlek Dwelling Dense'
'helmet:hereon. erected.' • ' --v•..-• • '. . • • • .
i - Terina miii. am toads Austria on Aar Cd-liale, orl
:In ADDHCB fi q ,-i. . ..- ,
rMUifa-Iff • • 44A.1111111 laritit,•.oliaiiiiills.
if-THE7I Difatil7tOtritlrol4
THE UNITED TOr the Western Dia:"
et of Pennsytapka. ••••___L- . „.
smarts I. Dw.O,LwILLIATd B. .DBAVO
• • anm • ANTROtriaIk.I,,DHAVCR ' , late. ::panners,
Basikugsts under the Act Of Congress of Horeb:
• Sldl'lseit;haVingtoolled foe allischalge. from all
their debta, and, otheaciahnsprovab.le wide.; said'
Aet, - by'Order'Of the *Art: nosier it tiehtry given
So AU. amnion.. whit hayoprovcd titeir debta,and ;
ether persona interetted, Witpnear' On the
be .
AO Of Air HMV i /NOW at /0
t r i t ;ai, .
fore SAMUEL EtAlirElt, /so. e ter MBank*:
ynptev, lel - ZIO OEM.. 01o:;' 0111 mut saran,
;OWEN.. k_a.. to , ;lila* .. canf. if , any they
H'have,"w a' 01 sc , hargelmerttld'notte granted to •
os mild
~ _ pt. ~ ~ -
_.,. ~,. .. :.., , • .._,..
mht: `C .
- 4 1ssu l l Ev i. --- $6.1w0 - 70} -177- A0
Vaterb DistrictOlVennstivaillM;M: At 'Pitts-
I. *WEN rev. We eib, 0,T0rpir.0 . 14„,,,A,,,D,„Aeg0.
.11 4 , 1 4,4 0 may cebeern. .._, '_,
• '
it Undersigned hereby Mires notice '6f mfa ap•
l;Mintment , ssagadgnes ofr,THQ/11.46 K. WILm ,
SOL, of Alleitheny , el•y. .in ttio, county OliAlle.,.
,ghsoe and mate of penosylvanirs, w, ittan• said
-.1 , larksi
s; who ' hat . beet. dindsed,. k IBankrupt .
npooL his own eetltion - ,brAte.Distrlot Users of,
'Ps4- 4 bnotri"
k ... ' ' wilithigElt: kitliee,
1011:00.2a . Attorney-av Law ; 81, Fifth avenue,
•• who hob'. PATRON'S 'l'lllKETs'of the Rd
LION PENs, are hereby - In (brined that the draw.
legs were Merle dati0317'29. - Ll.BBO. and that cli•
calve glelng full information a( the, munbere
drawn, wilt be sent CO Verson! interested, on
'their soldreeetatt the WASHINGTON &MAL , -
V.E3N, COMPANY. New York.
R N. IEB letealt_ •
13.--Rkob TIM. • TiCKETEr OP' TON 4711 SE.
'I maw OPERA
Lessee Ww; HENDiREON.
!Manager 31.. W. CANNING.
The Manage r takos es , tem: -, r;41 , e to antiontirinte
'an engagement'wtth the ennaear American Co
wl-0 will appear on TUTS (Moeiday) EVENING.;
March 1503, 11469, in 1)Ion Boucieruit'.
drams, entitled,
'Rip Van Winkle Mr. Jorent..l, ff..ra.:ll
Grand Matinee on Saturday.
_ 7 ""S Y TEE E'S ANT:Isle ty
TA i tATFIE. ante Trimblek " (1.11-4.
MONDA.Y EVENING,- March 15 I, !Min.
Art t appearance or null. I- nut.
and Vocalist, and nIGNOtt CA FF,•I .6. Pant..
&c. Entire change of Yro.ranyne
night. F. A. TANNEHILL and Hie
Troupe in new Mays. youtinuvd sue, a of ti,e
16:Imitable H W. EAGAN and his , .6r, a r
medians. The Star Cottage(' IlirUn. I • a 111 , 4, ,
In more of his original tongs. NELI.Ii; TAT,
,LOB in beautiful ballad!.
H. W. WILLIAMS ...Sole Lessee and Manager
t• A Iv Y
MONDAY EVENING,-: , snil - every eveninz da
ring' the week. the entire coninianv will a
i ppear
In a oplendid MUSICAL MELA Kt' —tke
able (tree of THE sT AGE sT KUCK CHASM.. It.
MAIO. the entertaining 1 0 EMA..LN 'MINS/ Init.
SCENE, and tit, local extrhvaganza et
MILL tittlLS UE THY. TWIN crnEs. •
The G4vat Fall I 1 .Resorts.
FIFTH • AVENUE. between Elmithtleld and
Wood streets, opposite .Old Theatre. • :
>i en Dar and Evening. all the year round.
Admission. 15 cents: Cialdren. 15 cents. .
. .
ask the attention of all 'interested In the reduci.
tion of the extraiigenteoat of Butter, to their
practical and economical arsteln of making pure
prime Butter by the aid of the '
A brief spusicin to - the origin of this lmrottant
discoVez y may not prove unintere'sting: Ant Ont
the aathenticated records of the - renowned Cap
tain Cook's voyage around the world, is found
the statement, that while sojourning fora short
time on the Brazilian Coast ofSouth Amities, be
obitiVed the natives tieing; in thepreparation
theirSood,h,ifecullar irhich:'upcinexamma-tion, he found to - Possess - the appearance, taste
and liavorof Butter; • upon further laqithry, how
ever, he ascertained that it Was simply a sub.
stance that, the: natives' distilled in a crude and
iMperfeet manner; 'Prins je, rlt i. hid In.xclidant
plant that grew spentaneoluily and abandantlyin
'that. warm tropidal country.' A few 3ears ago,
an eminent French cheintst; while on 'n profes
sional-Visit to the tropics,aaade'nunteroas exper
iments witn • this arkable .production, of
Lure, and s ucceeded - In - extracting a concentrated
essence of the plant: • The formula ferns prepa
ration, - and the Sole Bight for dth . sale in this
country are the of this Com
pany, by whom it was pitychased. from the origi
.nal discoverer.:: We claim for this remarkable,
yet simple and perfectly harmless preparation—
its.—That by its use a net gain of from 50 to 200
Per cent. is made lathe manufacture of Baiter.
ad.—That Butter, which front age or whatever .
cause, .may be strong, rancid, streaked or
coarse-grained, and comparatively useless for
general use, by the aid of this Extract, is re
stored to its onginal freshness and sweetneiS,
tine-grain, and even color.
3d.—By the use of this:Extract, one pound of
delicious, fresh Butter is actually made from
one pint of milk.
4th.—That a pure and excellent table Butter can
be made, at a cost of from 15 to AO c tits per
pound. The chief expense wherein being But.
ter,.which is the essential base.
sth.—That Bitter manufactured by the aid of
this Extract is Cnuallin every respect to the best
Butter" made bY the'Ordinary method. •
Oth:—The Extract after thorough catalysis, by
able chemists, ispronouncedperfeCtly free Erma
any deleterione substance, the ingredients be
lug Purely of a - vegetable nature::
Bth.—ln proof of .ne foregoing assertion4the
factory of this company is maxim; one ton oi/
Butter per day, - which meets with ready sale
- in the New York hirrket. and is from
the tables of the lint llotels, Restaurants and
Private families i Labety and elsewhere.
A sample package Extract ounlelent to
make 50 lbs. of Butter, with full directions Sr
use, will be Sent to any address on receipt of Alt. •
CAUTION.—As articles of real - merit are soh
ject to spurious imitations, we would •speciali y
cautn imitations , ic against counterfeits and worth
less- advertised as Powders. coin
poends, &c.. as the Extract of the - Butter P.aut
Is prepared and sold only, by
• .
. • The Economy Butter Co.
.. . .
OPPTCE, 116 Luotaff, lierstrarr.. , •
State. County and City Bights for fie. , fferittg
to capitalistarare opportunities for establlsktag
a staple ; business; ,paying essormous profits.
Aunts Everyghere.
Wanted .
M. CADA.RT'S Pura .VeSiaakit Cleforlog. et; a
pound, anfticient to give a sluts golden yellow ,to'
100 lbs. Of White Sutter; 50 crab( per somata
package. sent Wang address. lib farmer should ,
be without it, as .w4lte and streaky Butter. is
worth from six to ten cents a pound lest; tn all .
markets than that of a rich yellow feB:OA
. • -
I. Acre at Woods Raw 4 .
Acres and House in Eat; Liberty.
&Acres, unimproved, on Troy Hill.
SI Acres on Greensburg Pike.
5 Acres on Four Nile Hun Boa 13 miles from
Z. O. IL it.
70 Acres near P. F. W. & C. R. 11. •
118 Acres near Pa, 1t.8., WestmorelanAcort
90 Acres at 11.11191de Station. Pa, E. B. ,
4 Farms in Preston county, West Virginia:
185 Acres In Artastrong colomty, underlaid WII4
109 Acres and good improvements, in Trill.A*
county, •
900 Acres of 'Timber land, with Saw
dwellings: -
1111 l and:-
• 'Rouse and. Lot on Center Avenue, „near
, House and Lot on Vikray street':
House and Lot in East. Liberty.' • ••• • f•••
• Sanas and Lot In Mansfield. •
House, and Lot on street,'Ailegheily. ' 1
House and Lot on Heaver avenue.
9 Hones and .4 Lots, very, cheap, on Tfine
Lote. - ierY cheap , on Vine street • • •
A 'Houses and Lot on 'Franklin Street ' r
1 House of 9 Ragas and A Lmq on•Hobertgut. •
Farms In Illinois. Missouri and West Virginia..
Coal Lands in Allemeny, Westmoreland, Fay.
att. and Beaver counties in geniis,. • • .
• ..117044E1N • - ,
nausea offs mooing inthe llTthWdrd;ll34t, 00 • '
4 de. of 3 do., do. Wi th
go. do. ,14•4:
SS • do; qf B'. • do.. With •do. - : do. • 156 •
A . - do;• of 6 : do. • • dog - 40. 'ado
- . ore dO. • do. 1ith,,d0., 1 ao. _3OO
do; do. do; • Sht 60. s do. 6
•doo•of3 do;••• • doi, • -oth : do. ••AO. 00
1 do., of dot oth dil•c•-, 40 , 5 E40
Ido, of! do. 1104 Ifth ao., 419. 166
• go. 'of • •426:. do: Ad 10: t •
do. ot do. Grant - ameet..-i• - • .•
The Rotuma that lhave for tent will be rented •
very tow to good tenants for the balsams of the
:saw year - •,.tr ,e•
' • , i i v l;o4*• D
• • • -
APPOONO I OIO O,I O II 4-111W44.:by
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