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VOLUME Wa. a. IV "`\
''NVE.I.V3EI 0'
Dieasage from FreAdent Grant,
to the Senate—A. T 1 stew art
ineligible to the Office of Sec
tary of Otte Treasury- Dena( t
, =sent Commanders Changed
--The Executive and Other
Deinirtments,-National Itsyr
lums for Disabled Volunteers.
j rßy Telegraph to the Pittsburgh Gazette.);
WABErplarox, March 6, 1869.
The folloWing - mealage was sent- to the
Senate to-day by President Grant:
To the -Senate of the thiited States-.
Since the nomination and copfirmaticM
. .
of Alexander T. Stewart to the office of
Secretary of the Treasury, I find that' , the
eighth section of the act of-Coiigkessop
proved September 2. 1789, provides as
follows, to-wit:
"And be it f wither. enacted; That no per
son appointed to instituted by
. Ithis act shall , directly or indirectly be
- 1 ooncerned or interested in carrying on
the business of: trade or commerce; or
owner in whole or part of any sea vessel,
or purchase, by himself, or another in
trust for him, any , public lands or Other
public property, or be 'concerned in the
purchase or diaposal of any publje secu
of any State, or of the United
Statee, or take or gain for negotiating or
transacting any business in the-rdepart
ment, other than what shatl be allowed by
Itrw - \, and if any person shall offend against
any of the prphibitions of this act, he
shall be deemed guilty of a high misde
meanor, and forfeit to the United States
the penalty of three thousand dollars,
and shall upon °envied n be removed
office and 'forever hereafter be in
capable of holding 'anyoffice underthe
United States:, provided that if any per
eon not irpablie,prositout r„shall give in
formation of any such o ence on which a
prosecution and conviction shall be had,
one-half of the aforesaid penalty of three
thousand dollars, when recovered, shall
be for the use of such person giving the
information." . ..-,
In view of these provisions, and the
fact that Mr. Stewarthas been unani
mously confirmed b y the Senate. I
would ask that he be exempted by joint
resolution of the two Houses of Congress
from:the operation of the same.
[Signed,] i U. S. GRANT.
Wasinzievros, D. C., March 6,1889.
..tatltrt Ife- iiiiiitttyitni-Ditrfarorsuort
. ,
. 1 ".. The folloWhig ordetwr
issued to-day:
[General, order dquarfera
of the Arni,y, Adjutant eneral's Office,
Washington, March 5, 1869. The Preai
dent of the United States directs that the
fallowing order be carried into execu
tion as soon as practicable:
Arat—The Department of the South
,will.•be :commanded by. Brigadier and
`Brevet Major General Terry.
Secersd--51ajor General Geo. G. Meade
is assigned to the command of the .Miii
tary.Division •of the Atlantic, andwiß
transfer his headquarters to Philadel
:-phis. will turnover his mesent com
mand temporarily to Brevet Major Glen
!end •T. - IL Unger, Colonel Thirty-fifth
Infantry, who' la assigned to duty ao;
cording to his 'brevet ',of Major General
while in the exercise of this command. •
Third Major General P. H. Sheridan
- is assigned to - the 'command of the De
-•partment of Louisiana, and will, turn
over the-command of the Department of
the Missouri temporarily to the next
senior officer.
.Fourthl-Major Gi3neral W. S. Hancock
is assigned to the command of the De
partment of Dacotah.
Fifth—Brigadier and Brevet Major
General R. S. - Canby is assigned to the
command of the First Military District,
and will proceed to hie post as soon as re-_
lieved; by' Brevet Major Geueral Rey
nolds.l ; •
Sixth—Brevet Major General A. C. Gil-
leM; of •the Twenty-fourth Infantry, will
turn_ over the command of the 'Fourth
- Military District to the next senior olli
cor.and Joiniis regiment. •
Seventh—Brevet Major General J. d.
Reynolds, Colonel of • the Twenty-sixth
Infantry, is assigned to Übe conimand
the :Fitt Military District, according to
his.bre vet of Maior. GeneraL
Eightlk—BrevG MO: Gen. W. H. Em
nry,,Col. of the Fifth Cavalry, is assign
edthe commandi of the Departplent of
Washington, according to his Brevet •of
.Maj,_General. • '
By command of the Goperal ofthe Army.
• - =Ea). Tovhowro,
• TER ranctrrayz "DEPAILIWGENT. ,
Matters at" the Paemitivo Department
*is Omitting 'reue rather 'sniOated,
Waongb there, was no general e admission
-etvisitonG. The President Was occupied
in the exemdivtrofEleeehtatiY4tat nine
,nicloch and during the forenoon Muer&
-Wiudtburne, ,, Orerrwell and Stewart were
:Present.' There was waano fothial Wts;
- ski] of the C abins :..; A few mem bers'
- psetlent.'thOld l2 B Bens
'tor •.• . i -andltepreseutativasMont
well and . Maynard.
The military staff of General Grant
are etilleit duty in the, capacity of Sea
/stollen topur President, altho ugh' It Is
his hdentiou' in a few days to appoint
.civilians to theldlifferent Affictit in the
President's household. Generals Dent,
Comstock and Porter will be assigned to
positions on' the ' ,. ;stitrot @elute' Sher.
The DoorkeePer of the Executive
office, Edward 'Kershaw, 'and the mes-i
eenger in attendance npon the 'Score
'tary's office, were relleVed this morning.
W. R. Price, who bitai_been on duty at,
the headquarters of thitarzny some thne,
relieved tne former. • • '
The Secretaries of ,the different depart
-smuts were summoned to the Executive
mansion at, noon today; the object being
to ascertain the condition of public' ost
lers here, and to.. instruct them not to'
transact anything beyond 'routine busi
ness until theSeeretaries take charge.
Postmhster General Cres.sweil intends
pntering, upon his duties this,forenoott.
Secret s ry. Schofield was at the , Exam.
tivapainnon to-day several hours. Ea.
Attorney General Everts was with the
PrefildOnt some time.
General Sherman is still unwell, and
was not at headquartere this morning. .
A dispatch was received at the. Attor
ney General's office from rJudge Hoar,
new Attorney General, stating he
would leave Concord on Monday morn
ing, expecting to be in this city Tuesday
Commissioner Delano was at the In
ternal Revenue Bureau this morning, but
has not yet qualified. Mr. Rollins will
leave next week.
Brig. Gen. Fotsyth, who was recently
wounded in an Indian engagement, is in
this city.
The Managers of the National Asylum
for Disabled Volunteers met at the office
of the Surgeon General yesterday. There
were present Chief Justice Chase, Gen.
B. F. Butler, Jay Cooke, of Penna., Ex-
Govetnor. Smith, of New Hampsnire,
Judge H. S. Bond, of Maryland; Gen. J.
Martindale, of New York, Hon. L. B.
Grickle, of Ohlo, Dr. E. B. Walcott, of
Wisconsin. • Reports from the several
asylums, showed there are over , one
thousand disabled soidiers. at the Central
Asylum at Davton,'Ohio; three hundred
at Eastern Branch, Augusta, Maine; one
hundred at Northwestern Branch, Mil
wauitee, and about eight hundred more
at temporary asylums supported by the
Board. The new Asylum buildings at
Augusta, Maine, will bo completed in a
few weeks, when the Board will be able
to accommodate all entitled to relief, and
for this reason no further aid will be
extended to local homes after that
period. The , establishment of schools,
reading, rooms and. amusement • halls
has been attended with success. The
men' are 'contented and happy and In
many cases either restored to health or
fitted to go into the world and earn their
own living. Their moral improvement,
is equally marked, as evidenced by the
gentlemanly deportment and interest;in
religious and temperance societies or
ganized;in the asylum., The election for
officers of the Board resulted: President,
Maj. Gen. B. F. _Butler; let Vice Presi
dent, Maj. Gen. Martindale; ,2d Vice
President, Jay Cooke; Secretary, Hon...L.
B. -Gtmckle. After - making appropria
tions. the Board adjourned to meet at
the Eastern Asylum, Augusta, Maine, on
the 4th of July next..
The fractional currency printed las
week amounted to $129,610; alupments ]
$411,462; national bank notes issued!
$129,010; actual circulaticm, $299,905,06
Fractional currency redeemed, $869,1:.1
WASHINGTON, March 7, 1869.
, .
Since the. President's message was sent
to the Senate asking the repeal of the
law which precludes Mr. Stewart's accep
tance of the Treasnry without his yetlie
ment from business, tker.ehas been Much
consultation t'amoOg members . 0f,,r.g0.n
-,gress on the subject. Some Republic:l'ns
have openly 'declared they will V to
for such .a•resolution. Otheirs . expr a
their reluctance to de-so, but say th y
will.danothlng tcKetilbarms the "'reit=
dent at. tite-..commenOettfeht 'of hia-1 .;.
ministration. `Mr. Stewart , was In c o ".•
saltation with various Senators to-da
In view , of what has occurred to-nigh, ,
it is' probable the President will with
draw the message, or Mr. Stewart will
resign to leave the President to make
another appointment.
Ex. President Johnson and Wife are
still stopping with a friend. It is ex
pected he will by incitation of the cor-, ,
porate authorities of Baltimore visa
that city on Wednesday, and on his ri
turn to :Washington take the- train
way of Lynchburg to his home in Te
nessee. d •
Gentlemen . Connected with Repabflean
associations in the South ihitre been in
consnleation regarding ;the`; interests of
that section. Those from Alabama and
Mississippi mill hold a meeting to.mor
row night.
On account of the amount of business
to be transacted by Congress. the sesSion
is not likely to be a very short one.
The Georgia Legislature—The Fifteenth
Amendment. ,
By Telegraph to the . Plttatratgh "matte.
ATLANTA, March .10.—TheSenate 131:W
pended the rules to take up the resolu
tion adopting the Fifteenth Amendment.
The „resolution, after bekpg amended,
was tabled-20 to 1L - A motion to Make
the Fifteenth Arnentimeni'; the special
order/or Monday was also ld,st. A res&
lntion to adjourn : eine the 'cti the 121 h
inst. ;phased both Manse. A motion lo
appoint a Committee to wait tat the; Giov
ernor and ascertain: if the Fifteenth
'Amendment had .43een officially trans
nutted to his office by theßectetary-of
State, and if so to yequest him toisentl
to the Howie, With such recommenda4
tion as he might deem proper, was Icritt
84 to 48. ,
The GonerldAppropriation Bill punted;
It appropriates 11a,900 t o furnish artill"
dal limbsloirmimed soldiers. • t
G. ,P. :Lshbpro has been arreified
charged with Mail robbery. He is aikin
di G.'W. Ashbtmni !rho - ores murdered
here last fall . • - •
Steamship Sunk.
[By Telecteph to the Pattbritlth' Gazette.]
htsw,Cumuans, March 6.—The stesinT
ship Pantheon, hew* for Liverpool with
bales of beeh
nottoeis of bulk yched 7000
n, was sunk lasta tan
ffight just
outside the bar at South - West , Passn •in
consequence off collision with the tow
hoatibonine.' The: Pantheon had been
*stack onthe bar far the last three des,
and:just got clear when the at/tide:4 co.
- —A later report from sobth West Pass
state! that the 'linking of. the Pantheon
wannot caused by-her collinion with tow
boat Berdne. She had slit feet of water
in her whentowed off the bar.,and sank
in Ave fathoms of water: There were
$17;000 In specie on board. The spode
and,a portion of the cotton yore easel.
The vessel.was Insured fo foreign offices.
_ _
Telegraph lathe Pittsburgh Gotette.3 ,
8OCBAIIE140„ Oil., March 7.—The ovei
land mane, both ways, are: still detained
by 6120 W on the VulonTaidfla Railroad,
at crossing of the .Booky and Wasalich
mountain ranges. The blockade extends
two hundred miles and 'gall east et Salt
Lake. The Central Paella trains west of
Salt Lake are making regular trips. No'
detention of more than twelve hours has
occurred during the winter: - The track
of the Central road has reached the Utah
boundary and is graded, with the eject,-
tion of a few-unimportant peints,' Con
tinuously to Ogden City, when) it is ex-
Pected the rails will be laid in Kay next.
biterd,Wa on noble. 'Railroad.
PardonOf Revenn Odenders Recalled
by rresident r nt—Hoi. W. H. Se
ward--Heeting f blerihants--Free
Trade League. 1 , ... •
[By Telegraph to theliittaburgh tiazette ]
NEW ! Pons, March 6,1869.
Marshal Murray- to-day received from
Washington a pardon from President
Johnson' for Jaco ' and Meses Depuy, ....
ther and son, ,
wh were convicted at the
f li
January (1869) to m o th United States
Circuit Court.ef t vs Rear ct of rescuing
seized whisky::: in a r venue officer.
Jacob was sentenced to three years' im
prisonment at hard - labor and fined six
hundred dollare,' and Moses' was sen
tenced,to one year's imprisonment and
fined two hundred •dollars.' The pardon
is granted on the ground that the De
puys had given valuable inforibation in
regard to revenue frauds, and had been
promised protection. The •pardons are
conditional upon the payment of the
fines imposed.
Shortly after the pardon was received
'by Deputy Marshal Thompson, the Dis
trict Attorney sent a telegram to Com
missioner Rollins, informing him of, the
fact, and the Commissioner had a brief
interview with President Grant, the re
suit of which is embodied in the follow,-
lug dispatch,-retelved at the District At
torney's office at three o'clock:
Samitel G. Courtney, Esq., - U. S. Attorney,
41 Chantbers street, New York:
I have just seen the President, who in
stantly ordered the withholding of the
Pardon of the,, Dupuyri. I have sent to
the State Department to see if any par
dons were issued. If the Marshal has
them, let him withhold them. The Pres
ident is in earnest about this,.
E, A. R,OLLINS, Commissioner.
At half-past two o'clock Assistant Dis
trict Attorney Bell had a fresh warrant
made out for there-arrest of the Depuys
on an Indictment found against them
by the Grand Jury, charging them with
having obstructed the officers of Mar
shal Marray's department in the execu
tion of their duty, when they attempted,
it is said, to fire on the latter. The
bench warrant was promptly issued, and
is in the hands of an officer for eiecu
tion. Jacob Depuy - is to pay a fine of six
hundred dollars and Moses three hun
dred dollars before they can be liberated
on the first charge, and they will be re
Later in the day thelfollowing dispatch
was received at the Marshal's office:
Washington, D. C., March 6, 1869.
ROBERT MURRAY, Esq., U. S. Marshal,
New York : If Jaeob and Moses Dupuy
have not been released, yon will regard
their parden as cancelled. and return the
same at once to this Department.
[Signed]" • E. B. Washnbrium,
Secretary of State.
In oompliance,Deputy Marshal Thoma
son sent the pardon of the Depnys back
to the State Depeutinent. What further
itetionatillbeitaltedlnthe matter is not
at present known.- •' :11 - 7 ' - 4' '
Hon, viirm:Pf. Seward
,arrived this af
ternoon, having . 'remained` last night at
'Trenton. He was accompanied by ex-
Postmaster Wakeman, Postmaster Kelly,
ex-Postmaster Gen,eral Randall, ex-Sena
,-tor 1.1.4r8an and A. Goodrich, - of St. Paul,
Minn.,-all of whom are staying at the
Astor House.: Mr. Seward has been be
sieged by visitors all day. He declined
I to eiptess hip Views en public matters,
but express a favorable opinion of
Grant's Cabinet. . ..
Collector of Customs Smythe to-day
forwarded his resignation to Washington.
•:`A , large' meeting of - Merchants and
others'was - hold to-day at the Merchants
Exchange to protest against the present
onerous andrinjukt aystem Of protection.
Jami3s id. "Brown presided: and addresses
were delivered by . Willialn - Cullen Bry
ant and David Dudley` Field. Resolu
tions were moved by Robert B. Minturn
demanding free,.trade and appointing a
-Committee to - bdoperate With the'Free
Trade. League in ita promOtlon. Sub
scriptions were. siononneed of $17,000.
Mr. Field, in hits address r approyed _the
appointment ef Mr. Stewart aeSecretary
of the Treasury, understanding him to
'be a free trader. 4 - "-•
The Evening Post helleVeS Grant has
taken a false step in hisreicammendatlon
to Congress today. It says the law
which he:asks to be repealed is a proper
and salutary one, and Mr. Stewart may
-easily conform toit by distiosing of the
vast mercantile bnainess he has managed
so•suce.casfully. - -
Eliza , Callahan aged t hirty-five, was
found dead in * shanty in Central Park,
this morning.:. evidently. murdered.
John Hillsbut,"*„.Qerrniku, who lived
with her, has been arrested.= suspicion.
The Indian •War. suded4tetnui of Gen.
„,.....—, ?Meriden. - _
:01+Preleirraph WOO Pittsbnrsq,•Cazette.3
Fear HAYS; 'March 6.—ltke Indier. war
'lliss'en4iit?l, - akd Gen. Sheridan., and:, staff
arrived herethis afternoon from Medi
kine Bluff Creek, Febrtif 24th ., Gen.
;Cult*, :With - the Seien . valry and
lir r ineteerith Kansas Volunj
” remained
'behind, with order' to along the
.aonth sideof the WatchitM.mountains to
Rel te r
411 e hmufwateraof the Iva, thence
north to Watchita, thee Camp Sup.
Idyi - AV_ the junction,' , Beaver and
Wolf rivers. .A,M.tat,' • tit,:.- Medicine
li t
-Bluff Creek i n a :high 'aatiataatiiiy
condition: .' r The .. Indiana
they can`,Brid pretectibutik. season, of
.;the year,. mid the7dairiptati-Aisaineved
aaaintary Lessen. ,
:. Tiiereiteisokslioitile
.Isdian in the limibEef ti*.ilitssouri De-.
..partment. The tefracioty=Ariteirliatre
tbetv; , entirely -etibdued..! The grew 4that
have not yet come in, bet have made
premises,- have been driven fie Mit 'of
the department. . The trove, are .in
lb* . health.' ~ illie 'weather -167 bald.
.Cam pp , Benin at , the corks ,of
the North Piaadiaa, will-be -kept wfor
the present. Before reathing4hitpoint
the General;met' the courier sent with
the telegraphic antiouneetnent •ef Ibis;
prcnnotidia to the Lieutenant Generaley:
TheGenerld's arrival was entirely atmr
prise. He leaves by Special, train .to
inermw fa Fort: Leavenworth, thence
immediately to : Waidithgton, whither ha
las AkElen summoned by telegraph. ‘
.... ~ , • ,
—The Louisiana State - authorities sag
no more,bonds ,wlll be issued and' that
Gov. Wsuliforttli will'approve en acts of
the , Legislatnre grantinf , .subaddies
interval improvements. They state they
have resolved to • adopt thelifiley of con
fining the expenditures . to•, jh e Absolute
.requirements, of the governent.
Cos. Eitiffmen. or New Iriarli c has re
signed. the Cirand,filachemy of Tstramany.
and Cora. Tweed` has been 'elected his
eucctjesoc. •
1•01711, ONCLIQCIC. A. M .
[By Telegraph to the Plttsbargh,Gazet
LONDON, : I Ntarch 6.—Seven of he Fen
ians imprisoned in yarious parts of the
kingdom have been liberated. The fol
lowing area their names: Thomas F.
Burke, an American Fenian organizer;
Dennis F. Burke,. recently confined at
Clerkenwell; Charles Kickwell, poet and
one of the editors of - the Irish People;
Captain Maekey, and Messrs. O'Connor,
Stark and O'Keefe. The• latter was sen
tenced for ten years' imprisonment, for
having written a treasoriable article pub
lished in the Irish People. Messrs.
O'Conner, Stark and O'Keefe were liber
ated unconditionally.
LONDON, March 6.—Evening,—Rurnors
from the Continent again mention the
death of the Popo.
Ptaus, March 6.—The following ohang
esbave been made in consequence of the
death of M. Troplong: Adolphe Ventry
has been appointed President of the Sen
ate, vice Troplong; Deforcade La Ro
quette succeeds Ventry as , President of
the Council; and ht. Roulier takes the
Interior Department provisionally, In
addition to the Foreign portfolio
LoivuoN,' March 7.—Late advices have
been received from Japan via. Shanghai.
The Minister of France to Japan had an
audience with the Mikado .at Jeddo And
presented his credentials.4 4 lsie gort* , of
Yeddo and Negaska have beeii opened to
foreigners.) Yeddo is to be the official
residence f the Mikado and permanent
capital of the Japanese, empire.
London, March 6.—Evening.- i -Later
advices from Rio Janet io state the United
States steamer Kansas got - aground at
Villetta on the Paraguay River. . •
QUEENSTOWN, March 7.—The steamer
Nevada, from Near York on February
24th, and the Aetna, from New York on
February 24th, have arrived.
Soirrnalurrorr, March 7.—The steam
ship Allemania, from New York on Feb
ruary 26th, for Hamburg, arrived off
this port at nine o'clock this evening.
LONDON, March 6, P. 111.-COIIS018; for
money, 92;1a92X; for accounts, 92V.
5-20 s, 83,(. Stocks steady. Erie, , 35.
Pinola, 97 1 4.
Fianannurs,4&•4 l o 3 4 86 Ng•
86X, I ' -
Penis, March 6.-E'vEsiso,-Bourse
dulL Rentes, 71 (tunes.
HAVRE, March 6.--EvEsiso.-Cotton
closed firmer; Tres ordinatre on spot,
142 francs; long middling to arrive, 143.
Asiwann, March 6.-Petroleum quiet,
58®58% francs. ,
FRANKFORT, March 5.--, EvEIgINO.-
5•208 closed firmer, 87 34@ 87 %.
FRANKFORT, Marc h 7.-Five-twenty
are quoted to-day at 87q.
LIVERPOOL, March 6.-Cottoa active;
middling uplands, on - spot. 12@12g;
afloat, 12k; New Orleani, on spot, 12y;
@12%; sales 1,500 bales. California
white wheat, 10s. 541.. red western, 9s.
4d. Flonr, 245. 6d. dom. 81s.; old, 30s.
New oats, 3s. sd. Barley, sd. Peas, 465.
6d. Pork, 955. 6d. Beef, 9s. Lard firner,
no higher, 735. 6d. Cheese,l6s. Bacon,
58s. 6d. ppirits of Petroleum, 73d; re
-fined, 15.19 d. Tallow,4ss. 6d.
LONDON, March 5--Tallow, 4652 9d.
Sugar; 295, 3d. od spot; 30s flfloKt. Cal
cutta linseed, 5813.-6 d.
''he Cuban Insurrection.
(By Telegraph to the Pittsburgh "Gizette.)
HAvANA, March O.—Senor Roberts,
Spanish I Ambassador to Washington,
sailed today for New York. There are
rumors of serious engagements near
Santa Espiritu._ No particulars. No
body bm offered -to carry the political
prisoners to Fernando Po. It is repor
ted the goVernment has ordered the war
steamer -Cadiz to transport them. The
ladies of this city are collecting sub
scriptions of large amounts of money in
aid of the volunteers. The small-pox is
raging at Consalacion Del Sur.
Advices from Trinidad to Tuesday last
.report that the state of siege has been
raised. Three columns were inconstant
pursuit of:insurgent bands.
Advices from Santiago to Saturday
last-:,state that every Spaniard in the
town of Mikjara has been killed. A coi
tion ''of' eight , . hundred government
troops, all'armed, had gone there. I
• A *proclamation, dated Nassau, and
signed by_ Jose. De Aryas; General
-Dulca'sComnaissioner to the insurgents,
lad recently appeared. It is full of bit
' ter invectives against the Spanish Gov
ernment, and againtiliGeneral Dulce per
sonallyl placing that gentleman in the
position of accusing himself of the most
contemptible actions towards Rodigues
Corrhi, a coMpanion of the Commis
'dozier. Dorpapubilahes a card today
in the Zgarik wherein .he expresses - the
belief that the proclaquatiou is a forgerVi
saying if it were genuine, the . statements
of De Ain! are faise and his conduct in-
famous. •
The clergy have - offered the Govern
ment mie•sixth of their incomes 4o de
fray_the expense of themar against the
insurgents.: ,
• Gen. Duke is receiving another regi
picotor volunteers ter active service.
TwO hundred tons of powder had been
found - giciereted • in the house of a Mr.
Terry'in this 'city.
A late' Cienfuegos
,paper,says therali
plenty 'Of-blotkade , fanning into the in
terior of that ohm.
k.lnformation from Pnerto Principe
states the insurgent Gen. Qaesada is ill
of small-pox.
*\ San Francisco Items.
at, Toiepnwhio tau Pittsburgh Gazette.]
\Sas Fusricasno, _.March 6.—The San
Aanclsco press is, generally disappoint
edliri Grant's Cabinet and express doubts
of its efficiency.
Ws, North Pacific Steamship CompanY
was inrorporatod yesterday with a cspi
,rtal of live millions. The Company,
purchased all the properly belonging to,,
:the Caliihrnia, Oregon \ and Mexico
Steamship' Company, which it succeeds.
Message from President Grant—
Ineligibility of Mr. Stewart as
Secretary of the Treasury—
Proposed Repeal of the LaW
in the Case Made and Provi
ded—lndian Treaties to be
Considered in Open Session—
Bill Relative to Indian Mat.
By Telegraph to the Pittsburgh Gazette.)
WASHINGTON, March E, 1869.
Mr. SUMNER introduced a bill for the
further securing of equal rights in the
District of Columbia, and moved its Im
mediate consideration.
Mr. VICKERS objected. •
Mr. GRIMES introduce - a a bill to re
organize the Navy of the United States.
Mr. CAMERON introduced a bill sup
plementary to the act to authorize a lat-
eral branch of the Baltimore and Poto
mac Railroad into the District of Colum
bia. The bill is the same as that pend.
ng before last Congress.
Mr. HARLAN introduced a bill in re-
ation to the treaties with Indians.
provides that hereafter no treaties shall be
made with Indian tribes in the United
States, and they shall be deemed incapa
bje of making ,treaties with the United
States. It provides elm) that no conven
tion, agrtement or contract bet'Ween the
United States and any Indian tribe, en-
tared into or ratitiedlifter the enactment
of this bill, authorizidg or providing for
payments of money from—the United
States Treasury, or sale or other db3,pp,s,kl
tion of public lands or Indian reserva
tions, in whole or in pail, whether wield
in: ; severalty or in common, shall have
force and effect either in law or equity,
or be enforced by any officer of the Uni
ted States, or of any State or Territory,
'unleaS the enforcement thereof shall be
authorized by an act of Congress passed
and approved subsequently to its .date.
Mr. PATTERSON introduced the fol
lowing bill, and asked its immediate con
sideration :
Be is enacted, &c., That so much of the
eighth section of the act entitled "an act
to establish a Treasury Department" as
providetOthit no person holding any
office instituted by this act AM' directly
or indirectly be concerned in carrying
on the business of trade or commerce,
be and the same is hereby repealed.
Mr. SHERMAN said the hill ought to
Mr. SUMNER-I think it ought not to
acted uponio hastily. Iviiustobject to it.
Mr. SRERbiAli—lt is Irazicesstay that
the ProYhdelltilionld be repealed to enable
the Sakeretary of the Treasury to
Mr. 13 ER—Does the Senator think
it ought obe repealed? , - '
Mr: 13 ER ' thlnk-theittititto'
reason, by it .horrid-not be repealed:ft?'
Mr. 31 MNER—I should rather seethe
mattercarefully considered by a Cora
Mr. STIERMAN—Very well; I move it
be referred to the Committee on Finance.
mittee on Finance.
Mr. SPRAGUE suggested the diffi
oulty .. ight be met by providing that
claims : • d question's of a strictly , com
mercial haracter should ,be Considered
and det.rmined by some other officer
than th
- There
refer th ,
Mr. S
the imp
harbor I
Mr. HATER moved to take up his 1
resoluti .ii for the appointment of a Joint 1
Commi tee to consider all propositions 1
relating to Indian tribes.
Mr. HOWARD hoped it would not be
taken up, and the Senate refused.
1 At this point a message was received
from the President. (See Washington
Mr. SHERMAN asked leave to intro
duce aibill.
- VICE PRESIDENT—The first ques
tion is, l lwhat. disposition shall be made
of tho Executive message?
- Mr. SUMNER. moved it be laid on the
table arid printed. Agreed to.
Mr.ERMAN then introduced the
followi g bill, andaskedimmediate con
siderat on
follows g
Be it enacted, &c., that so
much of the act approved September 2,
1789, entitled an act to establish a Treas
ury Department, as prohibits the Secre
tary of :the Treasury from being con
cerned or interested in' carzying on the
business of trade or commerce, be and
the same is hereby repealed; but in no
case shall the Secretary of the Treasury
act itiaby matter, claim or account in
whiche is personally interested.
The ICE PRESIDENT—Is there any
.i l i
objecti to considering the bill at this
Mr. S MNER—I object. I think that
it ought to be most profoundly considered
before it is passed. 1
The VICE PRESIDENT—The-bill is
not before the Senate. The Chair• will
lay lxifore the Senate the resolutions. laid
over yesterday in their order.
Mr. Dickle's resolution .prOviding that
treaties with Indian tribes shall,be con
sidered in open Beaten/ •• After bief dis
cussion passed. - , • -
Mr. Sawyer's resolution providing for
the appointment of a Joint . Committee
to consider all applications and propos!.
tions,fer the reixkovid of political disabil
itiea"being next,
Mr. POMEROY opposed increasing the
number of Special Cominittees. '
Mr. RICE thought there ought to be a
separate Committee of each Rouse.
Mr. TRUMBULL was - in' favor of the
-resolution,"because it wat(imponible for
the JudiciarY Committee, or any other
Committee having' to do other business,
tO oonstder. the applications for the re
moval of disabilities already committed.
The Judiciary had .to exambie-,,,severid
Inhales of papeis on such business...
'Mr. PERRY' speaking' on the resolu
tion, said yesterday he had introduced a
bill for the general`removal of political
disabilities at the South, which be hoped
would - soon receive ihe ;consideration of
the Senate. ' '
Mr. ABBOTT was' in &Veva the ap
pointment of the ComMitiee; but u PP °S- .
ed Mr. Fairy's bill.
The resolution was referred to t he Com•
mittee ou'Revision ofßples. b ef ore , t h e
The Vico ' President laid ,
Senate theNjoiot resOluildp of the Mgt .
'lature of Ramis riiiiolillrit,?" Ptcgr!. a .
fifteenth ameudmentofth!monsumb ye
Adjourned. - - • •
Secretary of the Treasury.
being no Committee to which to
bill, it viqui laid on the table.
ENCER introduced a bill for
ovement of the river, bay and
'l , ft Mobile.
—The er-rebeiGelerai Breckinridge Is
in Cincinnati.
—Official reports show the small pox is
disappearing from Cincinnati.
' —A fire at Austin, Minn., on Wednes
day last, destroyed property worth thirty
thousand dollars.
--John McDivitt proposes to challenge
the winner of the champion one at the
forthcoming billiard tournament in New
—A man named Juba Burton was shot
and killed• by W. H. Davenport, at the
Western Hotel, in Indianapolis, early, on
Saturday morning. •
—A Denver dispatch says that city was
illuminated on Friday night and there
was great rejoicing over the, passage of
the Denver Pacific Railroad bill.
f —The new Board, of Trade of Cincin
nati, composed of mnufacturers, organ
tied Saturday afternoon by electing of
ficers. Miles Greenwood Is President.
—A man named J. W. Todd, and wifb„
were fonud murdered at their residence,
sit miles from Lebanon, Indiana, yes
terday morning. No due to the mur-
—The Boston Journal learns that
among the lust acts of President John
son was to pardon Jas. D. Martin, default
ing cashier of the National Hide and
Leather Bank. •
—At Richmond, Va., the jury in the
case of James Grant, charged with the
murder of Rives Pollard, brought in a
verdict of not guilty, and the prisoner
was discharged.
—lt is • stated fhat several boxes of
Cnineas, of-the coinage of George the
Third, haverlbeen recovered from the
wreak of the British frigate Hussar, sunk
in East River in 1784. ".
—The Sheriff of St. Loniii countyiMo.,
sold on Saturday, under an execution
against Jackson county, seven hundred
and litfy shares of Missouri Pacific+ Rail
road stock at thirty-fiVe dollars per
share. '
Rev. Dr..Charles.,Gßlette, of Brook-
lyn, New Yoik, agent for the Americith
Board of Missions of the Protestant Epi
scopal Church. felt dead yesterday morn
ing in Baltimore. -
—At Akron, Ohio, a destructive fire •
occurred early' on litunday;' uestkoying
all the builings on the South-tide of Mar
ket street, between , the canal - endlligh
street.. Loss about a hundred t.hpusand
dollars; 'light insurance.
—An organization undei the nazhe of
agExcelsior Colony of .Nebraska," now
about fifty strong, intend to:start from
New York with that families in Aprll,
to settle on GOvermxtent lands - in the-.
southern part of that State. - ,•"•!-
—llnitedStates District Attorne y yo.
ble," at St. Louis, has received orders
from Washington to iroile prosequi the
cases of another batehofindieted whisky
ring men of that city. The .erder was
issued by President Rihnsori.
is reported- in rting circles at
St. ; -4ilMairthatit Amse s .titopsar44,
:dollars:- half Imert..•mede - :lretween Mike
McCoole and Tom - - - .&11.m,..-ta.zopMf3 14,
soon. McCoole is to whip . Allen in 'one,
hour and a half or forfeit the stakes.
—Wendell Phillips, in a lecture at Jer-
sey City last evening, commented on
Grant's inaugural rather favorably. He
urged a vigorous, and, if necessary, , a
_sanguinary policy towards - the South, as
the only means to secure a lasting peace.
—An Omaha dispatch says Dr. Morrell,
a prominent physician and member of
very high standing in thuaPresbyterian
Church, implicated-in the Crownell Hail
Seminary seduction case, has been ex-,
palled froulthe Church, after a lengthy
—A projected siotriaalnation of the 11.
S. District Attorney by a. villain in
the employ of two convicted whisky
defrauders, has come to light, but the
would-be assassin has made his escape.
He was paid one hundred dollaxs to do
the murderous job.
—lt appears Senor Tersara, formerly
Spanish Minister to Washington, wean.-
cently appointed to London, and is prob
ably the gentleman reported" by cable as
coming to the United State.s to settle any
differences that may arise in conse
quence of the Cuban insurrection.
—About twenty members of the Oregon
Legislature met on Friday, last. No
quorum being•present, they• adjourned
till September 20th. The Governor hav
ing refused to order an election to fill va
cancies, efforts are being made to induce
the Speaker of theaousa to do so.
—A Santa Fe dispatch says five Cis
manche chiefs have arrived there. They
claim that they represent fifteen hun
dred lodges of the Camanches, formerly
hostile, and are now ready to'-surrender
and make peace. They will await a re
ply from the Indian Bureau as to their
future disposal.
i —George B. Davis, one, of the parties
'waiting trial on a charge of perjury
against Collector Bailey, -of New York,
was released from arrest by order of At
torney' General', Everts,. on the ground
that he was induCed to' come from Cana
da as a witness titiderPreteiice of protec
tion and then thrown in jail..
—The contest for tie- Mayoralty of
Charleaton S. C., between. Mr. Clarke,
the Republican incinibent, and Mr. Pill
sbury, the ;Republican , claimant; is near
its culmination. Pillsbpry , had Clarke
arrested on Thursday - on 'a charge of
misdemeanor in retaining possession of
his office contrary,to law. Clarke gave .
:--.The Missouri Lielature' has passed.
the Insurance bill has been bellne
it for some time. •It provides that each
Life Insurance Company doing business
In the State shall -deposit one hundred
thousand dollars' in -State. bonds in the
hands of the State" Treasurer as security.
This will require, about two million
lars worth bf bona , •
—Paul C.- Potts, forinerlyagent kir the
American Express Company, , and. also
for the Southern. Mints/wits Railroad at
Rtushford, Minnesota, who Absoontied
some time ago with about 18,00% of oz .
press money and. abottirthe eame,amottnt
from the railroad company,-was captured
in Crawford °aunt Wisconsin; this
week, and - taken to " ' and lodged
In jail to await trial.. -- _
—The bodies of, the ibur firemen burn
ed to death at Chicago, on Friday night
last, were reCaverell.nn Saturday morn
ing. The' Cozonerls , jury rendered a
verdict that the roof cif the buildingwas
not built according to the fire ordinance.
The. deceased -were' insured in the Tray
elera Company of Hartford for two thou
sand dollar eel% ) as are all Chicago fire
men, by the City nierChfusta. •