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Z 222
ur y - t'T --- ' - Buitt A lD-ii, AN.
Tlie rain oflionday evening olesned off,
lheiddeWalkii'and street erossingsrsoss to
snake. thetri-vassable. - - ,
pans Drum yesterday committed Mi
.mhiul.Gallagher, a -veteran “druuk," to jail
for thirty days for the old offeuse.
rarest' gloat of 'the saasorn will be
'found first at the liqultti Continental Din
ing rooms otiVirCitoltzheimeriTifth Aire?
- rine; next' doofto the Post Office. '
some. of the miners in the coal pits about
ItittOntgh are oats on; asatritte. They - are
mow paid four and a lalf cents per bushel
tordiggifig; bat demand - hive cents. -
•- • •
The I%lmi/ea" •.wets' at -. : work on Irtfth
'avenue yesterday. Some other principal
thorouglafaresinthecivy night be coruilOer..
ably improved by 4. 4 little. attention . from
them. _ - ' • ' . .
Three Carters -violtited city. ;ordinance.
by driving civeri.—Siderividk` AlleghenV.
yesterday. They were each required _to
pay tnp-iiinlier, nrtd.tift s y,,nents fot.iteir f9r
getftettmt:l. " • ' '
Peeltet:Pir.ked.',.i4ohn !Floroyne, TWIT:
diet, bad 'his pocket picked at the depot of
the Allegheny Valley Railroad on Monday
evening. .4le ksit teigiitebn '-dollati. The
thief valved.
Piirties aresupplied 'with rnag
nifioent meals at most_reasonbte prices at
'the Continental Dining Roonss of Mr.
Ifoltzl*kner;, Fifth Aron tots pextr 4 clar to
the Post office, -' - •
oyste.ri s cr in all the various styles, are
-sideilaripidthelieintituinnoir at 'the etaiLl
~ p optdar Cbntinental Dining Rooms of Wil
llamHoltzheimer, Fifth avenue, next door
to tillfitlittifftee: !_'"
The Grand .llaryperposa making a visit
-othispostion Diament .11..wpW, to-day.
"-They will start mai/ o'elockfrom tbe Federal
- street (AllethenY) Statlcni ~of the: :Pitts
birgh, Fort Wayne and Ohio* ndlroad.
Fined.—Conrad; MenstaE4attight3poilez,/
'was fined tan dollars and costs yesterday*
'inorningi. , hsr - , Mayor ;Drpm, , ior !emptying,
"tie tan - tents:et 'his fart on the bank of,
within..the. city, limits on Monday
"'evening!: •
hiOwned..'=...A. in . 'firinanfed Frederick Fol:
. ,
ger was drewnekin tha.,Mon_ qungaltenn,s
Station; yeaterday afternCoon, near 13 . , Map;
yawn . vow
"therit"l3h hand
d :the.
road. - The bod y was r ecovered. an
- Coroner rout fOrro hold an-ingnest.
\Behind . num.—The , Westward bound
trains of the Pennsylvania Ihdlroad were
all \ behind thnestbont an -hour and a half
yesterday, owing to, the breaking'down o!
looomotive , atlached 4* the -BaltimorePs
press. gthaaoeldent ocomred lathe vicinity
of Bantan'estritiOn; personwaitbjiMed.
StocitSeldparileildV;evelfittg January
sth, on -second floor of Commercial Sales
Iloom, 106 Smithfield street, by A. BIM
-walne,-attetioneer :
.13ankof Pittetnireh ..... .
BodtAtelis'lfgatirauge Opilittartse4-CP4I)O.
Ran Killed.-We learn tthatla main 'was
run over by:the Cincinnati Express Vida
going , east on the Pennisylvtuna Railroad,
yesterday afternoon about one d'obick, near
Brintori'c•litestion, - and :-_insiantly -
ifewstrlsitianct On the lattelvar the time of
the aocilient. 'No further particulars have
been esoertained.
'ins.l3triningh ' - -
kfire broke out
.in a frame building on Carson street, Sir
iniorgbam,•yestorday, which was occupied
jointly es acorifectionary and tobacco store.
43efore the 'Hamm could be extinguished
the stock and fixtures in both stores were
Ulmegliestroyed, and thebuildincoonsid.
blydaniaasidi It is hotltnowtfboi+ the
Are originated.
• L.
;,...114Thway Robbery.--James. Dam, who
was arrested Mili&Onday , on a•-charge of fe;
• lemons assault and battery, committed at
the Rush Houssewas yesterday rearrested
on a clutrge of highway, rdbbery, in -stealing
a watchfroui arnuu•i2titutufd- LOlO l 4 IP Lib
erty street, a feweyenings ago. Dunn woo
be y d
in .3600 bail for Isis, appearance at
Felt-Overboara.---Monday afternoon Joe.
Brngans,*colored taboret, went ele, board
the ateamer•Sentai, iihiat had just "airiv
edir.outTeskersburg, for the purpose of
getting empkryment .at unloading the
freight. 'He wasry mach intoxicated at
the time and in s ggeringabont fe ll over
board 4 was dra .-nnder the beat and
-.drowned, notwit din/revery effort was
made to rescue hi At fast accounts the
bodyttaduot been covered. • -
Allegheny Mayors Otlice.—Dtuing the
month ofiDeeembei,c 1868,. there-were two
hundred lulAwenty4evett;etuseEdlecharg
ed of, as follows: 'Den:Aeneas and Disor
,derlies, 172. 'Vagrancy 17. Larceny 8.
Assault and Battery 4. Surety of the peace
2. •Feliaions Assault and Battery 2. Fraud
Q. SelitninUctiM GU clilnrelapil: Total
2A7....of.thasewarassent-tojailtl B -paid
'fineCZ"haL-retaabicier- ivetA-411schsaged,
the .p Orators ing'46 nsakor - oid, - the
• 'Land lidides.- I Theie Were •ao lase than .
.eight land.olides yesterday along the , dine
of the Allegheny, yalley Railroad. between
•this city and -iflady's Bithd. -- The mail
-Iran which should have been , here in the
morning did not arrive ,until afternoon,
,and tall; the? trains orpthe road were alga
'arty' tlkaye Portun ta it. , nano ref - them
were thrown off the or any person
:Injured. A .strong force of workmen are
engaged insflearing,awayitiso ebitrnetions,
.and traits will s bertin regularlyab soon as
4 A.
0 • 1 ."1
The' -l Ener-
Prise ingurum Company. whose office is
at 'No. 423 Pena street; has attained envi
able popuituityamid receives - 4r large share
•of public patronage. its business 'is care
fully eonductedand the interests of the *s
awed guarded acurplMtetedin a zealous
xnanner. The Company is careful in tak
ing risk s ,
,and". redguads V? the
881 . 00 and tehelirettiese'viho Janie with
the Enterprise. The Directors and °Moen;
are all well known business men, respon
-zdble end shrewd,and in every way .worthy
Abe conildeeee of the general public
' ' "fraud iiime.l4. -,,
Coronor !,:ilawson.beld. an inquest yaster
, I ~• • .
day on thebodY or-Viiomas" -, oerseken, a
lai)oripg mad{, wir,srasmm over *coat
tralil'on the' Pennsylvania. Railroad the
ReettieMaTenisibri near, -Itraddocks Fields: .
Irrotifthe'facti deiiebiped atthe - iiqUest it
aisetUe t 4 94 the 10eette*,1,1 43 1t_IPe u ,7 43 14 t Pr - ,
Ailiy`iii imirch -- ot employilieht. 'Aboilt
+eight o'clock in thsfevaning'he was stand-.
in on the track, when the coal train from
Waihruistimr”!-came-alung: - - The- - engine
wakttehed :off -frogs the - :0 1 3111. 7 legv# l 4
AitentfOlun on a siding abd it is supposed
-that - StrCiaCkim,, seeingO4Womotive spii•
I„i,. • proaoldng, attempted ' b' Cr the twitehi
.r.!,.. ' when' he was knocked down and run
;:'i';', ." -overf.-,
__,- MUM Olt e l - klirtt- ]tad 1 ' Flog
w . 30 , - remains' were ' fOttiof lying 4 du
iti .. , ily across the rails; From the evl
- ' ' '4s,eilcd it apiNtared `teat ; ha Var. perfectly
sober at the time, and the jury returned a
~:.. ,-. • v f l ot of aeOldeptrld death. ,Ide was sp at:
t,.; , • - . fi ".kive years of age; and leaves a Wife
• $ve bildreti ' Previous to the acol
' • ~ --- ~ an ; 0 •
fCr,' '. ..; Vdent hie had Presided. at Oak link station,
„ joar itatons. About a year ago one of: his
' if fctsitilledln the Oakliill'Coal Mines.
- -,
5.1- '7
. .....
! • s
watt novo . • .
SpeelrAl Presents:olo br the. unlit' rosy—j
Praetteal, IfsaproVementi Ifagtested for .
Presersatasn or Berates, Papers, ete:
, On the' . "Opithing:bf the Court Of Quarter
Sessions Tuesday morning the Grand Jury I
•• . .
in;attendance upon the - present session of
the Court made the following special pro
sentment-: - • '
Toithe Honorable., the ;fudges of the Court
'of Quarter Sessions, etc. of the County of
Allegheny. - '
, • .
The undersigned Grand Jurors of the
county of Allegheny, of the December ses•
sion, 1868, beg leave, outside of any ; regular
or formal presentment they may hereafter • ;
make; to .call ,your especial attention to
L .an
some matters immediate .and .pressing
importance, as it , occurs to them, and
through you th attention of the Commis
sioners ipf_the uaty and the . Controller,
whose 'proviiice "If - wilr be; as they are , ' in'
formed, totarry these views into practical)
Iffect, and prov ide means for the payment
'-the same.: /
First--We . eg to direct attention 10-the
safety, or rat er the total absence of all
safety of the Public Records and arehives
of the county] in the office of the Piothono
tug. Weeded° simply to thedariger from
fire. Originally these records Sind papers
were in a portion' of the building esteemed
to be,' and *filch; as . we believe i was and
now is afire proof," Some yea rs - ago, for
some Tenon nor other, they were , removed
up stairs to the now occupied by the
Prothonotary;hence their present danger.
The room is not trianysense fire proof, and
by accidental Or'intenttonal burning of the'
buildinVor that' portion of it occupied by
them, their loss would be inevitable. No
human agency Could save them, for to them
water Would bees diasstrons as tire. The
cerssequeeces CV such ri dastrucliolil can
hardly be „conceived, since almost ever,
member Of our community would be af
fected hyilt, Io our judgment it would
certainly — be cheaper ' tor' olir county to'
build a new .Court„ House, at double the
cost ofour present expensive but misers
bly;Contrived structure, than run any such
risk as this. "Confusion worse confound-
ed" would beyond all question, result
,froin-such a calamity, and its effects would
be felt in every. avenue and ramification of
our huslitese,commenity. To the judges of
the 'Court, and the,members of the bar, this
must necessarily be -Specially evident, and
We consider it only, necessary to mention
the fact, in order to seenre their hearty Co
operation in tine Changes we propose.
,We beg new to mention,the means for
their safety, which a practical examination
of 'the matter enables us to suggest and
• moat earnestly recommend. We propose
that the papers, records,etc., be inane-,
dietely'lreplated in the fire4netif''" 'rant
*whence they came, and that so many of the
adjoining rooms be added as may be neces
sary for their proper accemmodation: By
patting-up iron doors, lifting up the wooden
floors in these rooms and replacing them
with stone ones,`the fire proof character of
these rooms would be established- beyond
all cintetiem -
• We. propose, =fmther, that abroad and
commodious seaway be opened from the
rotunda,- leading down into these rooms,
and that by stone fire proof partitions at
either end of the mine so much at the ball
adjoining these rooms as maybe necessary
shall he 'devoted to. the purposes already
indicated. This:ball • addition will largely
increase the storage futilities necessary,
assist ,materially in. accomplishing . this
mach-to be desired change, awl in no. ay
prejudice the occupation of. that portion of
theilidlding, or In any. way, es we learn,
in building J
Anahlteztes com tdapeak, say that
*Lenten is not o . feasible but easy of ac
comeisfserk au ate -cost -of hut a Jew
Inn Thii,vsiiipmed vitt:l - the
interests involved, lea mega trifle, not to
be considered with the safety which will,
beyond' Atli (stratsiihif;..= be obtaitied.t -We
cannot too strongly urge this much needed
improveinent; and ask that you wilt at
once mil the attention of the, proper county
authorities to the matter, 'acoompanied by
our request as a grand - inquest, that it be
attended to immcsdlately. , The details , of ,
the-improvement we leave to -them only
asking that It be done, and done / or thwith.
• ...Sean Incident to this change, so impor
tant to itself, another •incalculable good
would result. We-could and would have
the Suss of another court room one of the
Very hest„ possibly., :in, the building,- but
stow`loidte•tlfePtiblie for ' that pur
pose by reason of -its Present , oniefe and
most hazardous ocimpancy as an office for
therrottericitary. As.* court' loom
`lt is
greatly needed, and in consequence of the
•depriVation of' tte use for that purpose, our
comes, as we Isiarti,. are- compelled to hold
their sessions. in atoms wholly unfit for
itnehlrarposevanst utterly inadequate to a
decent accominodatienitif.sultors and par
tles.having business therein. This should
bememedied, and at the earliest possible
moment, and onset the speediest and belt
remedies;weeandiscover is the one nplusye
already leig•gested. This Would enabe our
co u rts to comfortably and centinuensly,
and thus bring 'up the • public baseless,
now, as-we learn, largely -Warmers, and so
enahle,parties to. accomplish au _early de
termination of theircauserrit result greatly
to be desired, and one which - the law, in
;theory at least, always accords to them.: ,
We would call your attention to,the Imo
ewe. and indeed, as we learn, `dangerous
condition of the -rooms now occupied . by
room beloweeenpled. Re the gszarter,
stone , Cirtitt` foam. • 'Owing 'to ' the. great
length of,the t flOrdetstr: Prio l 4 l 4floof
of die Xermer blis &Mk o 4 settled 004 peri4
ceptibly, and' la graditally but' surely con
tinuing to sink, so that it , ,*lll , eventually,
if .notato secured, fail through, , bend-Wig
and carr yi ng with it consequences that we,
occupying the rookie as we do,itesiecarcely
alksw otirselves to contemplate. It has been
told us, truly, we doubt not, that one of our
eery-best and most experienced. architects,
riowileceaseft—always:-reftused "to - ntterfilt
Siditiff Sales hitbeseleems, allele &Slid
Juror, being well assured that sooner or, la
ter, if not corrected, the whole thing 'wolli
fall ' down.. carrying with it, of muse,
maiming andileath as, well to those, under
as to those upon the floor. We ask through
you that the county alitheritles take hum
;note etepsite ccgrect . this certainly immi
nent danger.
Weals° recommend the immediate ere°.
.4101i,0f a new infilding of building, for the
delver (the MuntyCifilearsiaotnecessisailY re
uire4,..(ses•lss the Prothohotarra.omapj t o
be near to the court reome: These build
, sweeted of
either aidethe
bfiliding, azdhr onr Judgment-Mune:lt,
beerected too goon. , We :;recommend "that
proposals for the buildings pe givenenten
the earliest convenient occasion:Lendthat
their erection be zommenced aieodifiut the
opening of the coming spring, willeallew.
:Into these buildings- should, put the
County SurveYbt,'Reglister. and other offi
cers, now oeetspying rooms that oould tie
" put to ..otherpnrposes; It is 'possible that
the erectionef, the work housemen in pro
g.resa. *wilt permit a portion of the jail build,
rig to-he changed for such uses. If so, we
recommend that nhen the opportunity for
such change, if.such there be,. presents it
'eelf, it should he availed of at once. „
Toatitithg thesis* lied' chatiettfr 'tot' the
new building we beg leave to make sf few
suggestions. The *mkt of s - 44 1401e room
or of reohielbt a' 'Lan Lll3Yery has long
beeafelt, *salsa a,roomfor the sessions of
the Supreme Codit; which should, for the
convenience of the Judges, be as close as
possible tts i tikei - IthKetry, 7)W,ch alined* t a n,
order 'to Meet bOthiffthese admitted wan ;
to make the new'. binding two stories, high,
to conned' the d ifoPo.*orfb7 14
-c o Pred
gallery. With the omit room now Occupied
by the . Court of Common Pleas in the north
east corner of the -41141.1eg: We` Proposio
that the new build ing should be as Large as
the ground will info*. ..We Bugged that,
the inneeitOry' Used, Ittld , ' o o ll ) l . o .firs
county offices, and the upper story for aka.,
preme•Coort room,andalso for a Law MM.-
Thereweilld be aliiPle rooin for &Mart
roorri in the rear of the building towards,
Rose street;..Whibit : 'the -:large and ;aypil,
..:. .
.. . . „ • .. .
.. -. • . _. - - . .. .
.. _
.. .
•,.",.,-Z-; :4 ' . ...g . ;:pg.f . - i '.g;;.•: : 4; j ;ZO , "/" .- r:. ,, •%"6.' , '7f-',••Y.' „l- ;;;;: -1 : 4 • - v .,-.. ' .. • • • .,-;- ' ,-4-...,- ' ,..:,:-.:;,:..,:*.:1k..-6.4!: ' ,.?',--4'.,:,..;:-,;-,„:.;-.J.:._,:.4';,.*p.,...,;-.4-:,-fQiifr:';,4:E...Jp..:i.,..1.,..*.,...,..q.:J:i.,.-.,
. „ - „ ..i-..... •
t r ; J~~;
1~~ ~~~r
able remaining' ,r*d&.. 7 of Ai would
be admirably cui:4ol, - to.. Ow; VOW
'of a Library. Water'to dtraddreffhp
be pat into this building for thii - socommor
dation of the feonutt dinernbera,robtliet but
an d bounty ofildeNt; whibh, if 'properly
kept and properly. ared_fer, mightcbviate
the necessity Tor such convenience in other
partsof. the Court,House building. By ; this
arrangement 'Mt hddltlonal 'or fifth court`
room would be eecured, and which would
also be once : of the/verY=besti `A 'him 'it
brary Room would also be, secured, luid
such ether conveniences as would t e eny'
suggest theinselves. ,Aror- these -r o raetteat
auggeatious,We beg leave taaay,, we ere ', kr ,.
debted t 0 tits 'admirable report -of :the Law
Library Committee, presentwa in the 1)1s
, trict Court on the With tine In the erection
of thlsnew building , ' in 'order .. to; compass
' the ends sought' for, Ne understand. this 1 ,
committee of bar.. would be willing to 1
glye the county'
~s:athorities , and builders 1
.the benefitof the ir detailed planywhigh, of
course, we have only hinted at: We Urge,
the earliest; pohable adoption of these sug
gestions. . ,
The last change le propose le in regard
to the water closets connected with our
public ..lbliffdings. .Altholighilast . named,
the matter , is certainly,not least in import.
anoe: There-Should'be water closets, prop
erly cared for and cleaned, in every room
In , -our. Court , . House, except the Court,
rooms;. Competent ; architects . say that
nothing is 'More easy of accomplish ment.
As at present constructed; used, and, more
grackleithe eountWund , a shams UpOtt:the
decency and purity of its. people, who cer
tainly paid amply for their coMotructiorby
and now certainly pay enough to have:
them decently he t and eared for. Half of
the time witbent eat,. even' in the colder
weather, always fi lthy to be entered by
hiimaniAnge, they a standing,_ mond-
ment to the long . sufferance: and forbear
ance of the taxpayers , of Allegheny couri,
ty. We-demand that, bad and intoner
lent as they are, they be at least kept warm
and clean, and that „if the persons having
present charge will not do so, they be dis
miesed forthwith, and some competent per
sons placed in their stead.
This relief, however, would be only tem
porary, although It would be Most welcome.
The whole arrangement let radically defeo
tive, and can Only be corrected by the erec
tion of . others in. 'different parts • of the
building and.under its roof. 'Closets, more
numerous and larger; for the different sexes,
and for their exclusive use, and also for the
accommodation of jurors and others , in
different parts of the building, should Ca..'
tainly be erected. t, ,We beg the attention of
Or county authorities to this matter, tram:
ring( theta that d*ency, purity and a proper
regard for 'the health and 'comfort of the
citlaens of they county, demand that the
correction of this evil cannot ; come , ono
hour Mc) soots., - • . , ,
We have only. to add further to your
Honorable court, that in making these sugl
gestions we have, as yon will perceive,
only outlined these needed improvements,
leaving their practical execution to those
whose business it is,tdederthe laws, to see
them dried out, .We believe them, of ha-.
portstror;+-le 'much Importance tt) be
delayed o ne diet) theitysecompliehtrient
can be secured, We ask our. authorities to
act, andtiet'paiditiptlf;'' tekitiir ii - Pgcodr Con
gestions in the order, in which we have
enumeratetl *GM, -• • -.= (
Pike.' :.• . our kxviiz ii i
nli patleri itilt re:
cords by placing them in secure and tire
proof rooms, and by so doing secure to us
—which is of the largest importance—a
large, commodlans end mach neededeourt
roota r i -liff mohieh.: , wik , lire , - ants itipeoperly;
and with great loss to the public. unjastly
Secure against all accident the
rooms occupied by the 'Grand Jury and
rooms belo,w.An accideutheremt3ht•Cent.
the convey t he price or a Court Houfity,'ln
addition to the fearful calamity it would
certainly involve.
Third. Make radical chimes in the
construction of, our water closets and their
cleansing, that we,,,ahall, not be compelled
to blush, as nee now 'ire, 7Wheneoter we see
[ men and women forced to avail them
-1 selves of their filthy and uncomfortable
privileges. r • ,
These changes weave h suggested are
easily inkidi),'l)orhydraffeely g in
andsuch as , the safety and wants of our ,
people, and of our greatly increasing
county, Imperatively= -demand. May =we
hope that these, our suggestions, will be
promptly acted Upon and that before the
sessions of soother. grand jury shell hhyp
compelled themselves upon 3rour Senor
eble. attention,. that which is now a
mete reoonmendition will have become an
aceompllsed- fact., . •
The presentment : was 'slimed by seven-
grandjurors, and after having been
read was ordered to be filed. =, -
"tireleitm Asik4atiall—Sperial i
litegulate)dode of
Aapeclal meeting Of the Pittsburgh?...
troleum Association was held, yesterday
4dternoon at Dabrell's ettilding, "on n
o:mond' Viesiy, te. receive they report ,of- a
Committee _s*lnted at late ,
4iilicitellt a plan ibr rep...biting tales lbrthe
year 1,869. 'H. Long, President Of the
Association, palled the meeting to order,
and litecdtsaoted aaSeefetarY•
The Chair stated the meeting was called
especially*. hear -therveport of the Cour.
mittee on aplan of ? ADOHe also stated
the Pennsylvaela Railroad - had agreed to
reduce the tsetse!, freight two °butt. a IW
:els-but he WO been linable; as yet, to hear
frouthem, antis subject or a Axed guar.
terly or yearly rate. - - „ ,
Mr.S.'S. Waring, from the Special Comy
tnittee on ' a plan of sales; made a TiOnt
recommending the adoption of alorm of
contractor' seders °Oleo, pither half, month
with ten davit notice,live of which to. be
- within the time. The report recommended
the a d o ption of the 831 lowing resolution,
with a be signed by the members
of the Association:
Repotood u puttousnd after January oth,
1869, we will net *ell * Old at buyers opidon,
or permit the same to be done for uslot
Wit' or last half of the month; excepting
options of ninety days or More, with
days' notice; and that we will only sell at
sellers'. option:drat and laat hair of the
month, the tellers to [give buyers teri days!
notice, fiVe of which shall be,withia the
There waccoosiderable discussion the
maiden(' meetly 'idStplintitiCh ,` of Alt,
which was participated in by Meseta.
Waring,,grew, Warden. Ravi.. antithaPres
ident' and others.
Mr. - John A. Warden' objected that the
new system went Into operation at too early
a date. • He , moved to change the date
from the sixth of :January to the slitearith:
Other membere opposed", the delify;kin the
ground that if 4t was .. -..ned the more
difficult would be the c •:r •
The amendment Wltsv I. at ` e a decult
m a jority, the sentituentof, the meeting b
being . un in t ß i a .k e m ? -r y foor of '',,pgt,tifidf
the , mil* plan in' operation at totibe. " '
The resolusion was :then' unanimously
adopted. . •
Mr.'Waring read a lettei froti
Mcßride & Co., of Cleveland, stating:that
in no ; lust:mos had they, made a WOpf oil
at buyers' option, .and all' sales for' future
delivery were made sellers , option,-and
that' they could be relied, upon co.
operation in the Matter. • ,
The - Aesociation adjounied after ageeeral
conversation on matters pertaining to the
trade, which was participated in 4), all the
members protest ,
°Mora wing *lncept
have been elected by the, Neptune Steam
Fire Engine' Oodiparty to delve for the"en
siting ;year:,President,
_Nathan f;Jones
Vice President, Watitcnatr becrei
tsry,1 1 7:::11.1 - Reed; liblitiftint FloYetary t
F. AL:4llll,in; Treasurer, Henry Vetter;
Foreman, W..J.;. Robinson; First Lienteu
arit, Terrence 'Casey; Secend Lietitenant,,,
J. M. 'lEirkpatrick; First Hose Director,
Patrick Harkins; a Second ',Hose Director,.
James. ItfartipTbird Hose Direator, P. Mon
tague; Delegate to Firemen's Association,
MP* Martin• ' ' - 5..
mstrkwq SANtlitt)(l,-180:
Attemptedillit , Viniatio n.
tQldte-Iniexciternent.was created mat.
Clair stree yet:tardily afternoe,n, between
four and five o'clock, in thellUililly of the
, .
. „ ,
lE3 ct uu de Pe
the t . mpt s s ul he ,
was 18AtscoVersd aPpare tit in a state of
• great mentalexciteme* londling towards
, . ......-- •
the river. from Duque rip. She enc
(seeded in getting omen 'o f. ;the oil barges,
and was:about throwin herself In the river
when she was fertuna lypecuted by those
whose attention had ntattraeled by her
excited behavior. . Hugh Boyle, (Iv
watchman:on t le brl e, followed the lady
to the boat; a dt, h Athe assiststnee of
others took , he to'' be toll office of the
bridge. It was 1 ther ascertained that she
was the inmate of th hone of her brother.
in-law, the 'proprie or ,of the Well known
saloon and restaur t 'on St: Clair street.
three doors from t bridge; formerlY,ltePt
" by W. N. Phestena : 'Prom tlitibidther-in
la*" of the unfortuate lady *e obtain the
following particulars:
Mrs., McNally, .it appears,. has hitherto
been 'a ‘reildent onndianapolle, rind i iii `a 1
lady of means in her .own right, as well as
educated l'and fined.. Two months, ago
she came.' to. th ' city to join her b ri aband;
who was'' said be in ill health. Some
domestic diffi culties ensued, Whichresulted:
in his leaving. the -city. This distressed
Mrs. McNally, and ,ahe rescirted. to after
plane ,to drown her borrows. She was ao
cuitotned tb indulge in the.drug to eicess,
which rendered her insane while under its
influence. Yesterdayy, morning she sent to'
a drug store on I AbbitY street and obtained
fifty cents worth, of morphine. She took
half of it, et onc, which rendered her, so
violent that it 7:equired all theefforts of the
family to kee p her within doors. ' About
one O'clock Wee .becameymiore Calm, arid'
their vigilance subsided. 'Taking advent
agaof this; l&rs. McNally rushed from , the
house and' made her way to the river, aPPor`
rently bent .on ) ; self-destruction. Fortu
nately she was prvented, in the manner
' we have 'elated, 'from, consummating:the
Lase iterdrigAfie iady had recovered en
e it.
from the effects of the, morphine,
and f ul ly realized the, terrible nature, •Of
her at tion. She,will leave to-day ..,for the
hom of her father in Didiani. "
Annual Meeting' of the Public Catholic Lt.
brary Assoclotion.
The public Catholic Library Association
he a 'third annual meeting last night,
at eiriroome on Wood street. There was
fu attendance and much interest was
nifested in the proceedinws. • CI. L. B.
tterroo, Esq. presided, and Mr. Paul
Unlevy ofllciated `as Secretary., The
ealdent's report, Treasurer'S - exhibit and
'issibrarian's report' 'Were read, ail of which
*owed the Library to be in a healthy con
' ditlon and ineastireably properons. Since'
its organization some twenty-tive thousiind
volumealuive been circulated and the read
ing room has been largely patronized. The
President's report .urges renewed 'efforts
on the , l part of the members, that the
nsefulnessofthelibrary may be made More
general'and its •shelves replenished with
the latest literary publications., The Li
brary has now upwards of four hundred
paying subscribers and about thirty life
members, which, 'with little exertion,
could IN; largely increased. A resolution
of thanks, reported from , the directors,
in the, ,Preitidepta' reporh 'acknowledges
the' ' handsome donation -from the , llinon
Social tlub of nine , hundred dollars's/3 pre
meds Of I picnic and soiree;, held during the
past year.. The reports were all aocepted,
after which t h e followleggantiernerewera
wetted:to serve Wi 'officers' during the - !ilt
suing year ; 7 4
President; A:F:lreiitingrVite President,
tlbsdes Magian; Beortsrv, M.•J. McGann;
Treasurer, Wm. L. Buettler; Directors:
Philip R. Mertz, Wm. H. Rousted, P. J.
Ingoldoby, Paul Durdevy. John E Fuchs;
Auditors, Jas. Phelan, H. A. Freyfoxle,
Wm. R. Meese.
On motion of Mr. J. B. Dodge, a vote , of
thanks was tendered the city press for fa
vors received during the existence of the
Library, and for the gratuitous donation of
city papers for the reading rooms.
,The Library, is ; one of our most apprecia
ted publielditittflons'and refiettscredif to
our Catholic.felisni.citimus.. It is conduct
ed on a liberal basis. pot being!tectarlan or
exclusive Charatiter, and we'are glad to
leer* through ' the ' report! that it. is in a
flourishing soadition.
. .
Prosperous Company. '
Tha annual meeting of the stockholders
of the mammoth Agricultural Worka of
E. Ball' & 'Company, located at - Calton,
Ohio l took place at' the Real Estatki Savings
Bark;iii 'this ;city; on Monday fterimon.
The reports Piesented showed the .a c6inpany
to be in a prosperOus condition aad;a7deci
ded 'success in every respect " •The'proa
pecte of ttur next Ammon are qUitepramis
ing. i! Most 6f titckikholders arts among
the lisuiing. business eapitalistelff this city.
The electionofficers of and Directors for
the tinsuing -ear,ttre as follows : Ephraim
Ball 'Prealdent ; Isaac Jonia,. Vice Presi
dent, Thomas Faarcette Treasurer; Jesse
Durbin, 'Attuary; William R., ' Kincaid,
Secretary, and ,Ephraim Is aac Jones,
Thoinas Fawcett,Milliam M.Fabet, James
Hopkins, prank Rabm'Alex.,Chatikbers,
Israel C. Pershing; Wm. H. Kincaid, Louis
'gatemen, June Durbin - and Jared - M. Brush
Directors. The Executive. and Finance
Couirnittee consists of - ,T.Paweietto L. Jones ,
PAterson, 7A. Faber; P.Rahni. go
Bettor of the Company, jam es H. Hopkins,
DAeFitirem liVeW
Ire namsofDr.'Gv Eipenoer is closely
identitted with the ' selenbe of deritist6 o .
and many jibr 3iOars past lie his held lead
ing Position among the most eminent' den
tists' of the ainntry. WnAiro - glad to learn
that' his patronage is ai large
• ever, and
thatPennhis*legant robma, No. 254 street,
are bonsWitly thronged with those anxious
to embraoe themselves of his • skill, thus
proving that true merit always wears
Dr. Npeneer attends to all niatterso-petain
ine to his profession, and m
sepfitatlon ma dental artist: rivala the
very first o 4 Parisian, artists •in thelnanit
facture of 'ililse eyes, a branch of business
in which he is laygeiy , patronised and .emi
Professionals Arrested.
Last evening . Mr. Louis Basher, usher at
the Opera Mouse, noticed a couple of men
in one the galleries whom he recognized
es Professional, pickpockets, .The attention
of ()facer Moon was called to the men,
whdm he immediately arrested. , They were
dressed to represent green countrymen, but
thdeyets or the official were too sharp, to be
decelved: They give their names at jlie
witch -house fa. Thompson and Free.
topton , was arrested some time since
and released upon condition of departing
front the city in ten days. which he seems
to bane forgotten., It is probable that each
, wit be allowed ninety days repose - An the
Co my Jail after a hearing this morning.
" .AGloomy Future'
There is old. proverb which Outings
the 'sentiment that whatever, 'spatial work
is fi rmed the first hay& iii4 4 'leai
will be repeated every day until its close.
If thistle true,litlary• Santo Thomas; a real.
cle of , the. hird Ward, , Allegheny, hake
ltxtv future before her, ' as her husband,
.John Thomas celebrated the entrance of
. 1869. f by administering to her a sound
tnigustOnci. To avert the dreadful calamity
of ha ving it ; repeated, she has notified
Mayor Drum of the circumstance. The
likelpolice are on the look for , •„Tohn; - will
likely be furnished with tk free boarding
e,ded, _ _. - •
- ..--:,.4.-----
•,::; . ...:',:,..•:.E. , :! ,-,-.,-.7,,,,.,,.,,,._
Tits IfOrnef'orthe bastitute, which did so I
much good in our city last year o lio been
re-oDened, the large warf.ttionie at No. 234
Penn - street having been secured for the
purPose until next. This is in a great
many reimectione of the most praiseworthy
philanthrqic institutions in our midst, and
we hoye it may be well sustained during
the time that it :remains open. Friends of
th e work will remember in connection
with the number 234 Penn street,• that do
nations of clothil‘previsrons, etti., will be
thankfully . and gratefully received by the
managers of the enterprise, and may be sett
at any time during the day or evening.
Last year over seventeen hundred men
were fed anti lodged during the three
months in which it was open, and-Many of
these, through the influence of the.mana
gess of the "Home," secured situations furl
employment by which they were enabled
afterwards to gain a livelihood. . ; The
"Home" is not, a resort merely. where the
idle and vagrants are provided far, and en
ccittraged' in their indolence. AU' who ,
enter are assisted in obtainingemployment,
and urged to labor at whatever theirlhands
may" find to do 'of honest toil. tide
means' it - was found• that the expense§ of
supporting the establishment were consid
erably , lessened: last year, and the same
result ; is anticipated this year. The aim of
the enterprise „is practical, permanent
good, and not _ merely temporal relief.
Te plan heretofore aaopted has been found
to' work well and 'will , ' doubtless be'as suc
cessful again.
The People , ' Barber Shott.
Afesrs.Priese it Oiler, Vi hose' . Popular
and well conduited barber. and hair dress
ing asloon is at No. 120 Smithfield street,
have recently enlarged their facilities and
made their tasteful shop so commodious
and inviting as to entitle it , to the name of
~ , people's barber shop." A full corps!
of careful and lon g-experienced barbers
and hair dresiers are, kept in constant at
te'ndance, and at •no Similar establishment
can the patron receive more - attention.
Cleanliness; qrder -' and Precision are
oharacteristice of the shop, and :patrons who
have been accustomed to. going there could
not be pervalled upon to change. The
partners of the - - - firm' are clever and
accoinplislied gentlemen, who ••do all in
their power to render , their' saloon attrac
tive, and by ; fair dealing and reasonable
prices have secured a large share of patron
age together with the confidence and re
spect ,of their customers. Cupping and
bleeding is'attended to in the most artistic
manlier at all hours of the day or night,
and to physicians or nurses we heartily
commend thial firm for this sick room as
thoroughly conversant with all the details
of that important branch of their profes
sion.:' • • • .
Dlxmont. HoispitaL . •
• ALLEGHICX4 CITY, January 4,1868.
The undersigned reepecttullytender their
thanke to Mr. William M. dila, the effi
cient Chief Engineet of Diitiont Hospital,
for . hie invitation to visit the same and for
his kindness! in showing .us thiough his
department. J Our .thanlcs are also .due to
Dr. Grayson! for polite attentions in show
ing ,us througti the .various wards of the
hospital. We feel tha4,ive , cannot speak in
too high terms of the n admirable arretige-
Mont and order appir in every depart.
Ment. and the friends of the uniortunate
inmates maY test assured that they areln
gait' bands , mid Will be well taken care of.'
We cannot close \ without expressing our
warmest. thanks :to Mr. and Mrs. Cain for
the bountiful repast provided for us, and
assuring them .of our hearty good wishes
and • that the occasion will be ever , reinem
bared by us with pleasure.- ,
OzolioitKietEri, JOHN. C. HARPER,
Informattop Wanted.
On•tbe 23d day of Eleptember;lB6B,Par. G.
Y. Lee, a resident of the borough of Taren
turn, left his home' to attend a political
convention in this city,since when nothing
has been heard„of hinit'hyikiii relatives or
friends. fie /eft a wife and two children,
who are in great distress in regard! to 'his
mysterious disappearance, and who can, as.
sign no reason why he should , voluntarily
absent .himself. He ,was- a carpenter' bY
trade, andsaid to boa first,claraworkmaty
and doing a gobd business at the time, He
is amen about thirty-seven years ,of 'Age.
five feet eight inches high. black hair and
whiskers; slightly mixed with . gray, Ro
man nose, and blue •eyes. •• When he -left
home he wore dark pants and -vest, yellow
coat, dark heavy overcoat,• and beaver hat.
Any information 'Of his whereabents will
be shankfallyrackeived tor „hiafamily t and
can be communicated by addressing Mrs.
Jennie Lee;' Tarentnm P. - 04 Allegheny
At a spetilat meeting of the Aft. Joy Sol
diers'. °M4lolll:Scheol,', , Jarititifyilif , 1869,
the fbllowing resolutions were unanimously
adopted:. • ,r r • , ,
WI:Eu.BAB, The' Mount .Joy Soldiers Or
phan Sohobl 'has .lieen the recipient of a
copy of the PITTERIIRGH GAZETTE for the .
Reekved, That among the 'oldest papers
of the country the -Prrrsnuuou. GazgrrE
cate pf correct , political principlea and a
'daring firmness for tight. • ,
Resolved, That we, hereby_ tender our
thanks to the, editors ItniPutiblishers, for
the interest they have thus manifested in
our behalf,' id their liberality and isinerosi
ty in thus supplying us with a . journal
which -thaw Want appreciated 'and read with
great interest by the entire school, as it is
by, alltoys) citizens. of :our cotuaLrya ",..'
Resolved. That the same kindness that
has been shown in the past year Will be ap
preciated still,, and this valuable paper.wAl
ever be grneted as a most welcome, visitor,
and will always _find` a place du the file of
papers of this sohciol. • 'r •
7 .1' A ; BORT,' STANLEY Booz, • r
MOUNT JET, PA., Jan. 15t,4868w,
Clearance bole.—A. iiand closing out
sale is now going on at W. W. Moorhead's
popular and fashionable retail trimming
and notion 'house; No. 81 Market street.
fteadevi Way expect to tietnitel rare bariaine,
as every article in the house .hes been
specially tetdiaceeso that the 'large and
varied stook of lace goods, trimmings, em
broideries, ribbons, flowers, skirts and gen
eral,notigpq•map.:be enAlretyolotied-ent.
""Honor. to Munn k Honor Is Due: 7 —We
have naeat, our Beiler,,Worka three of
Kee-10f' rt. licalea nearly eeven :years with
perfeet.satiefaction. Werwant'no better.
Wm. atBNIITIA. &
Pittsburgh, Jan. 1.
IBlegant.=-The assortment of muslin' at
21 plait avenue, , is one. of the Eldest lart!
have'aver had the Pleasure 'of datimining.
It comprises (mouthing in thl line, and in
quality cannot be excelled. - •
ben a
WooS Bonnier -i-bcnoot Ibr ßoyce
Four vacancies on .Tanuar,y 8t Apply tn.
Rev:J: TaylOk; NewarldhlOn. Ps. • 21f..
Linen Goods of all kinds, enabroidered
piano covers and embroidered stand covers;
at Bates it Bell's.' • ' A
Ladtesr 111adezgar1ments,k large assort
ment at Bates* '
. • ~ _ -....,,,,...,..,.„..„,„„.,..„,.,,_...
. . - _ ...- .-: . ~,.
. ! ; -..... -,_. • ,-.-..._.-..,..,..,...,-,-.-,-.-.,..-,.......-,..5:2,-••=..,...;•'...:.Y.i.i..-_;;;:1.f.,-t,"-Vq-q...;:.:',.-.-I'f,:/;--...'-'".4....;',';',-q4.:':..-i--1-,,'"-4.-'4-.,,.7..j."-f.t.
-..'.:,---:'-'--.':. :,-;..,-"-.1.7-.2:2-...-..;.":-;:-',....-.,f:r1Tal:.--i-'1.:;:X"'"'-'''""'-`",-"'"'"-"'-'-a,i'--,,,...;'4.Z7,-•:.4-i,-.,...-!....,,:4;4-::4:.:.-..!•:1,...;,,,,,w..t.f.i.',f,44,4',.-W.'
. - -.-. -. ..c. , .. - :,:-....4.1 ‘ . 4, 7 7a.
. .
Boots anollStattgte • ry. --Mho - - stock oC.
books 'and StatiorteMS, Cot. P'•
book start, Sixth avenue, near zanithneld
street, notwithstanding the immense run •
made upon it during the= past week, is still
quite large, it havitigo'betin ' rene wed, in
order to meet the demands of his largely
increasing custom. In addition to the.
splendid selection•of books and the varied!.
assortment of stationery, the Colonel keepst
on his counter all the latest magazines and
periodicals. A purchasing visit to his es
tablishment will inure to the beneifit of all
in need of any articles in his line of bud..
ness. •
Chinchilla r -The material is becoming
very fashionable. Iklessm. Bates sit Bell, 21
Fifth avenue, have a fine ;assortment on -
hand. They. sell at the very lowest prices
and give their patrons the fullest opportu- -
nity to plbase themselves. We should
reammend our readers to buy there.
Ask your Grocer for Diarvin's superior
Spiced Jumbles. - • eod2w
Bow often do, you hear the complaint t
froni Mother and father that their son or'
daughter is not well; that they have no all
petite;. that they feel languid; that their
hiiad aches; that they are growing thin
and feeble, and that they have no life
energy left.• That they are low-spirited'. • .
and perfectly incapacitated to participate in '
any pleasures, or
perform any mental 'or
physical dirtY. And the - cpaestion is often
asked, what "shall I. do for. ,them? or, what
shall I give thentli Oar answer. li t . let them
try PLANTATION BITTERS moderately three
times a day, and they,wll).
recover. , • , • , .
. . ,
liannobis: INATM—SI parlor to the Beat'
Imported Gem= Cologne, and sold at half;
the price." 213.5.T.F.
Not too Late,Though _Christmas has•
lisped, it is not yet too, late fonfolksto sup
ply themselves with the fins, goods which •
were procured for the occasion by the en
terpriiing firm of Bates do Bell. 21 Fifth
avenue. Most eregant shawls and mantlis
are being sold there'. • • • -
Chapped Hands, 'face and all roughness
of the akin, certainly :cured by using the
Juniper Tar &ap, made by Caswel4 Has.
and Co., New York. It surpasses all
other remedies as it will prevent, roughness'
of the akin if used during cold weather.
It is easily applied, aTkliding all the trouble. •
of the greasy compounds now in use: It
can be used b ladies with the most tinder
skin, :without irritation or pain, making it
soft and clear. Sold by the druggists gen
erally:, , uor
- Mk your Grocer for Ifarviu'e superior
SpleedJunibles. ' ' eod2ii !
Still in Favor.—The poplins atll Fifth
avenue, are in as great favor as ever. _Thti
new sappliesTeceived by Messrs. Bates do
Bell are t very' superior and warranted to
give unlimited satisfaction.
Throat Affections and- illoarsenew--All
suffering from TrritatiOn of the Throat and .
Hoarseness will be agreeably Surprised , 4
the almost immediate relief afforded by
' , Brown's Bronchial Troches." The demul
cent ingedients allayjoulmonary irritation; ,
and, after. public speaking or singirg e wken
the throat is wearied and ' , weakened by too
much exercise, their use will give renewed
strength to the vocal organs. , .
. ,
The place to get Whit ey Lame, Calcined
Plaster, Hyctraulle • Caniant. Is at , . Picker &
°whey's,- 167 Thet:'street.
CloilcTLe-balance of our stook at low
puma to close Bates it :Bell. •
Asic ycittr Grocer. for Marvin's Superior
Spiced Jumbles. ' ' eod2w
Whitson:des RinseAst- Air Asthma him
worked wonders:. All• Druggists sell it.
- - • titth:W
. • ; S,4I4CR!ED 5- : •
PATTERSON=III.AGILk - Ou Tuesday eTening,
January 5, 1509, at the residence of the bride's- tD .
father, by. thelley. S. 11,. W,.1. PATS
TERSUN and NATE, 'Yedusest daughter et ear
Sneilif Wm. Maglll, - all of-Pittsburgh.
VlENNELT.Eit—Testerdaymonttno; Jen; sth;. at
((widow of 'Henry •VleebsUer, SY.. deceased) In the
ellth tear ot her sloe. : •
The funeral will tikeplace from the residence - of r •
her. snu.ln-law, Albert Boessints. No. 851 Fourth
avenne, on. TittgutpiT ArrnallOo/r. at
Jantutry I, The frleitPe of the fandly_ere respscto
telly invited to attend. , Jae:
V=EA t rao:Mti 3 .
Arr. AIR 9_ y :
No. 106 FOURTH 'STREET. ' , Pittsburgh, Pa. :
INS of all kinds, CRAPES; GUMS, and ev• '
ery description of Punatil furnishing Goods ;fttr.
nished. Booms open Clay. and night. , Ream, and!
Carri llzs ag inunec e"ureb ufr•-• h ltev ed. : DSO" 'leer, 0 D., Bev. /AC :
W. Jacobus. D. D., Thomas Ewing, Seq - .. Jaconil.
'Allegheny City„•wbere 00kIPIN ROOMS art
Constantly supplied whit. realiena imitation -AM.
wood, Mahogany andn Doinasi at'prices rue
rying from ll* _to 1100. Bodies: prepared fbr
meat. . Hearsea - and Carriages Tarnished: . &Doi' ma
lands of Mourning GoodS; IT. required. 09Ine age*
it all Sours, day and Watt. .•• _• , •r • '
xIoBEnT T. ;ROD Eir t _tavatiOrif
TARIM AND MB •.. ER; No. 48 i u M 1 ?
EF.T, Allegheny, Keeps .constant? on
large assortment or ready-Wads Coffins of .the fol.
lowing lands: First.'-itie eelebtated'Americen
Ail ,Belf.sealing,Alt , tlßtit :Cue.
and Caskets. and Rosewood . Ws notiloisiwooft
Imitation Coffins. Walnut Coffins from Pe tiro.
'wards. Rosewood Imitation. Coffins from $5 up.
wards; .and no paint will be spared to Orr/satin
satisfaction. Crape and Gloves !Waisted free 08
shame. - Best Hearses and Carriages Punished on
Port notice. Oarriages furiticherl to -Minerals
SPECF/ I J s •C a lar 4 E4
11114111WiTO To •Tntwriz ;Tas
DUNSEATH 4k 114A81ETT.-:
as sums Imam.
Copia of Peiwitiull3tAii Stirpot4
iia., now In stock ono - of the largast and =toil's/tile.
triter broiled to Ott' city. • Ells stcielt obabisoes
the latest French sad Ensltifi insantatturei of ..
• Also.•s tut tine or 4frattl# Purnisfitrii tEloothi;..•:•:*
NEW. .
S. _ •
FOR AlnYl.tint OVERCOAT • -
IrOltit. STYLISH DR11;88 GOA T •
Unit Mtn vlav v oifirt r
TOW.% 8171MOEI PAIN 0 P 51118, '
'Oa Alt 'M.IBSVEST : O R
Tar ali the totes% stein eat olatilltatati talkie pest
m*tertol, and by• firot-clats worktmen,oirtprkoo
low, , go to the - well IttiOwn• Nettbsot
101 Fr*.. „ 4 4 1 4 11 k SWUM, untaalb...
21100. P. LULL .1).:;.; .4..8:11.-51:11T014.
SOCIATED themselves tditether Sot the
4 slty. , - THOu it: DAR - id:
no L 1 4191 it. l4 13131/01i It. D .
Fon sax, -By