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'+ 'FIRST 011101.
TWELVE O°C73:-.og/Es M.
The II •'ited Elitatis : ' -- Sentitorial
1 Question Atteiheny
'belegation Equably Divideid`oh
Bleprhe4d and alarshall—Sco!t;
w of ItuntingtiOn; Seoold
Choice -- Expected Success of
i.c.. llicOtt.';!-'.; ' . ', 7 1 .':',. •-.;" ';'.'? ..Vv •,.---... ':.
..,.• :.,... ,'-!;„ ,'..i -
[PilTeiPitiiieii to ilieiiiiiiibtiiibelaimie.3 - -
:•.. 1. - _
~'. . . - HARiusaußa, January 5,. 1869
Much exifitement prevails here over the
1 - " s appioachineienatorial contest ' as,yet
. . gshavenot assume any definite
1. The respective friends of Marshall and
Moorhead arezealously-wer,kiug, and-At is
: I • Improbable thafeithei - wlll'withdrivorfrom
the field. The Allegheny county delega-
Welheid'a caucus thig afternooo,.:SUfiSafter
I. some canvassing a vote was taken, which
f developed the caudifij,stes strensth Eks,pqual,
there befroifiiiiilroteiii • awiiiiinfllleorhead
and four for Marshall. No agreement was
arrived at. There is a strong Inclination
manifested for John Scott, who appears to
be the seicond,, choice, of all. It is highly
probable th'at Soott . will fiave a
the caucus before morning. • •
The Treasnersnip is lost-sight
• in ,the
More important struggle for the senator',
- . and the contest has assumed no well defined
shape. ' V.
t HARRISBURG, Jan. s.—so caucus has been
held for tlidted lititteiSenatcii, 'the gen
eral opinion is that the' Republicans will
noinittate,John Scott, of Huntingdon.
Meeting_ of the I.cgislature7Or
' ganiiatiOn --Of -Both - - Iloases- -
Election of Minor Officers—Ad
dresses of Speaker Clark.9f the
House, and Speaker Worthing- .
ton, of, the Senate—Philadel-
S.Lict Pi-Pc4i(M-F4 1 4 13 r.t . ,)
Us* ritistaiblialatee.)
ErAtittitiaitTio, Pe. ;Tim
HOUSE tir iitkRINAVATritElf.
The House was organized at 12 o'clock.
It was called to order by General f3elfridge,
lag cierk - The:l:4tatits
ill the members present except D. K.
Mr. ADAIR, of Philadelphia, apical" aided
Jno. Clark, Rep., for Speaker.
Mr M'CULLOUGlEl,,of,deparai t
fiaed Sa4inel
- Mi. Clark reeefieralitY
- thirtyLieven votes.
Speaker Cl+Rli - was conducted to the
chair by Mr. jOsephs. He said:
Gentlemenof the Souse of Itepreeentativea:
Ihave had so little exPerience ass legisla
tor that it is with diffidence I assitme the
duties and responsibilities of the position
you have hoirred me• while But ;plying
upon your 'indillglitnee, oi-OperatiOn and
support, and with the determination to
perform the and
to the best of my abil
ity, faithfully and-impartially, I trust we
may . be able to conduct the business of the
scesionwith deeorunii_ that harmony .and
good feeling will prevail; and that the ,laws
ire marenact will - redound to the benefit of
our several constituencies and the general
welfare of the State.
Gentlemen : I thankyou most sincerely
for this distinguished mark of your confi
Mr' .dOSEPIIS administered the oath' Of
office, atid the members were' sworn in by
the Speaker.
Mr. lONG, Philadelphia. nominated for
Clerk jamegt.L. Seltrldgw of Northampton;
for Assistant -Cleric,l , FALiG. Lee. -of Phil
adelfibia, and for Resident. Clerk John A.
Of Ilarrisburg—being Republican
Mr: COR nominated
for Clerk G. W. North, of Cumberland,
Mr. McGINNTS,- of-Philadelphia, nomi
" noted Anthony. Lewis, of Philadelphia,
for Assistant, and Jacob Zeigler, of Butler,
for Resident Clerk—both pem ; cocriop.
The Republican nominees were elected
1 17 14, 14#3 7 • 11 944 - • • -• • ,Thr
On motion of gr. WILSOIC; of 'Alle
ilieny,,the election x;If: - the reulainita
cero was postponed till to-morrow.
On motion of. -Mr: of: Philadel
phia, the hours of meeting were fixed from
eleven to tneld'olock each day.' •
The usual Committees to the Governor
and Senate*ere appeintedl , •1•• ;
Mr. KLECKNER, of Philadelphia, offered
resolutionlor a Committee to Make a Obn
tract for the legidlative Resod. Postpond,
it motion ef'Mr DhVIS. " •
Mr.: LONG, of Philadelphia, presented .1
ptaltion of twenty-nine citizens of the
• Eleventh District, pronchnicing l•the elec
tion of Mr. Witham, Democrat, • fraudu
lent, and asking the4driiftution of Wm: V.
Bunn, who it alleges had 3,044 votes to
!Witham's I,97,whereas the returns gave
liVitham 3,079. • •
z. A resolution for a committee' on the case
'was aPPolated, the committee to be detected
to-morrow at one o'clock. ' •
. - 1 . ,
It being understood that the House 7 will
adjOurn -to-nloirow to _Monday _evening,
Mr. , NICHOLSON, of Beaver, spoke severe
-Iragainstudjonrnments over and frolicks
to Philadelphia,
-' 4 Adjournbd. -
The Senate organized at throe o'clock.
Mr: WORTHINGTON;, of Chester; was
:elected Speaker over his Democratic com-
Tetitor, Mr. BURNETT, of Monroe., -
Speaker WORTHING' ON, after promPl-
In f to administer the rules faithfu lly,
Bince . the last meeting - the country;has
passed . through another of those exciting
politicarcontests Which, in 'accordance with
theprOvisions of our national Constitution,
recur every four years, and the' result,
while it is In barman* with the' Wishes
of a large majority :of,-,the people, has
inspired them with' hiCredsed confidence
in the stability of -the American:Republic.
The struggle was fierce and bitter.. Much
seal and activity distinguished the efforts
of •tartloSis:‘ "Doubleis "both- were actuated
by a 'audible desire to advance what each
• regarded as best adapted to , proinote the
general Welfare of the nation. In making
this - decision the people have 'restored the
'affairs of the Government to' the same
loyal hands which ,bave controlled its leg
-Wativ4 poWer for the last eight years. The
same great leader who led our
gallant armies - against treason and
rebellion, overthrowing their power by
destroying. their marshaled legions, has
been chosen to fill the Executive chair of
the nation. I need scarcely say his noble
deeds of patriotism and military, skill. with
the . brilliant achieveMents of - the 'Union
army, have placed our nation upon the
highest pinnacle of military renown. And
when we recall to remembrance the just
ness of thiscatwirfor vrhich they:oontendeit,7
the priceless -- principles - of human' liberty
for which they gathered around the na
tional standard, we cannot marvel that the
approving smiles of a just Omnipotence
crowned their 4.ltrbors triumphant
success. -
In contemplation of our future as a na
tion, a few topics press themselves upon
our attention. It is in ,no partizan spirit
that I would allude to them upim this occ;
casion. They .havel , natiehal nibportatke,
and deserve to be regarded above all party
considerations. Bodotr or shosio.loive bee
more or less discussed during the late po
.litical campaign. Others, I trust, looking
alone to the_great„interests of humanity
'and equal jtlstipe, can meet with Apposition
from no natiorialeolfice i tf
We have retison'to, believe Abet the qties
tion of the repildiatied of- the national debt,
in every form in which it can be presented,
is settled. If the late election has decided
anything, it certainly has determined that
the Ameican people will require the Na
tional; Government to maintain with the
most tinfiexiblei' fidelity the national faith.
101 credit' will ea - certainly be preserved as
its honor and integrity are regarded essen
tial to its existence. - Nothing else can
give us' - p fe stierßy iltoine'. and 'just
ly entitle de to tdiforable . distinction
abroad. If anything can detract from the
spotless reputation of the nation's honor,
or endangerlts future pre . sperity , and MC'
ii..2dlateloid of Kw-84161Pd"
obligations to redeem every promise it has
made. Even suspicion of its justice or
probity would sapttte fonwhition of its best
hopes,and bring upA-ittlhenialedictions of
all nations of the l'heAmerican Peo
ple, educated, and living under the benign
influence of a high Christian civilization,
can-never bring themselves to sanction the
repudiation of honest debts.:.
For several yeate an evil, has been groW
ing among ns, which, if not err: ested; Inuit
weaken the purityof our ikee institutions
and eventually altogether destroy the safety'
of the jtepnblic. I allude to .the system of
fraudawhiah are perpetrated in our ballot
box. ,This, evil has made rapid progreSk
among us, 'especially in Mir larger cities,
until threatensio defeat , the will of the
P_oopleand destroy their confidence in this
mbdelff selecting` rulers: When this
eablitlllir obeli oVertake us, we may bid
adiet(to a*Governmentifounded upon poP-
Itiar With. the-:eviderice before•ms
dpon ,thissubject, . beectnies ..the
terest;as _well as duty, of.! all who love
Republican institutions, ~t o,latioi with
Untiring diligence.tosOorratithe evil. „If
laws fffin be framed to meet this great ex.;
igencrencl save the natiori3kbm ruin, it Ti
wise the part of 1440 n
to - to enedt them.
Piny:spirit and party prejudice and; discip
line must yield a-eelflah purptee,Wild join
I:tithe:adoption of-such legislationns
secure: fair and, honest elections.* I ask
for -the adoption jiff - net unconstint
tionalz: measure:- It' ask for nothing
which is not in. sown:to:lce with jeer
rice sad honesi3'. and 'Cleerly within
the power of legislative %slice to grant;
but Elio ask for some faint and equitable
legislation, which. ; will throyf'. around the
ballotZox such protection-itir'*lll oeettsele
from corruption and fraud; arid inspire the
people with confidence in ihrlinrity.
He concluded b 7 an eloqueht appesain .
behalf Or edtwating tht&masabs.
qeorge NiCtialtarCyrnas elected idirk
CONNELL, of Philadelphia, offered
a resolution appointing the following offi
cers, being Republicans :
Assistant Clerks—Lucius _ Rogers, Fred
erick H..l3faggipe.
Transcribing Clerks r -Ebenezei ; Williams,
Wm. L. Rosier, Charles Wintams, Joseph
Postmaster-Capt. Andrew B. McClain.
-serß; Afr.
oil:Stant" Sergeantest-Arna- M a. -Ldvi' , YSt
McCanly, Ueorge Strain; Messenger--Geo.
Hutchinson, Assistant Mos.sengers-l3enja.
min Newman, N. N. Selby; Doorkeeper-
Benj.JEfaldeman; Assistant Doorkeepers-
Capt. .Abrelitifik . tGollithidk; Sushitts L.
Braun ; Superintendent Folding Depart.
ment--Jno. Fries; rasters and Folders--
Jas. Thompson, Henry Woltington ,John
Fisher, Al' illhener;bargerMODAßPba
inson, Gills; Doorkeeper of Rotunda-;-
Frank Lefferts; Librarian-Jacob StyerP.
Mr. MvEgIRE, .9f , Plarry, , offetkd an
enbitittithig '0:9 1 following
Democrats: Assistant Clerks---W. Walters.
Charles B. - Strain; Sergeant-at,Arits-Ed.
ward Coiiirelli4o /Assist/kit Sergetaitina4
Arms-W. W. Williams, Charls9 Davis!
Transcribing Clerks-A. B. H . ,edgi4ss, Ben
jamin. fitidtiost, Keyeerilet nes L.
Celly; Doorkeeper-Samnel Carson; Assis
tant Doorkeepers-W. W. Saylor, James
M. Mahon. David Buck; Messenger-John
H,T4wrence; Assi e tant :Mssimiger.-Johe
The amendment was defeated,. •
Mr.; Bil LINGFIiIrT, Republican. of,Lan
casterVofibred sit atneudmetif thripensitig
wltttpasters and folders, and authorizing
the Finance Committee to receive proposals
for the`work. Lost
• Mr. CON,NELL'l3,retiolutiott wasadopted.
On motion of Mr. -TAYLOB.,, of-Beaver t
the hours of sersta d - WereiiiZedfrOti4ela'ven
to one o'clock: ; - • - *••
Mr. WHITE,' of Indmilit f 'bffered- joint
resolution for the;sappointmetit , Of John
Burns, hero vol . ' , Gettysburg, Assistant
Doorkeeper; to which k Molars. Searight,
Wallace and Fisher - objected, because , it
was adding another officer in violation of
After diecussion, Mr. WHITE withdrew
the resolution for- the present. '
After the transaction of some uniinpor
tent bttaineas, the Senate, adjourned.
News Frow.,llleilgo•
"HevAr44-Jormary steamer from
Vera Cruz brings' tlie 'l6lloliirig news:
The Mexican ,Conpess. ,bra largo ma
jority, has approved the convention of the
fourth of Julys:a:radii vrith the United
States, for the settlement of claims of citi
zens. of both, pantries. The Congress,,, in
secret Sealskin, has - also approved the treat
with the- .United Statesi„recognizing the
American - doctrine of rights of naturalized
The'police ailithorities of the City of-Mex
ico had issued orders restricting the -per
formance religlous .ceremonies,
caused - some 'cliurehee tetclose their doors.
A police ,regulation had also been put In
force prohibiting the sale of liquors after
ell o'olock. An Ahe eveniug. Several joUr
iatlk object to thes e new Jorderk, ine the
ground that they attack : personal liberty,
the 'free exercise of religlOo and right of
_unlined ilePotVp'Sti:Lac,
Wisconsin, tin Monday afterrinon r ia young
man named Chapman, while passing a gate
leading 'into the yard, was, accosted, by a
stranger. - Stepping within the gate, Chap.
man was first struck uportthe• hea4with a
slung shot, then . stabbed in the throat with
a dirk,, after which a slash was made at the
pocket of his Pants, which contained , one
hundred dollars. The victim was left un
conscious, and• the murderer' escaped-on
the train going north. '
q::iz PITTSBIJR.G4 . ,:if: - .W.EDNE bii:'-; . ':i.X*ll -- i - ii: ''6, • ', is -6
[7111m) sEssioN•l:
SENATE Raper t ,of - Revenue
Commsssioner Wells Presi7,
dent's Constitutional Pouter 'to
Grant Amnesty . ; Doubted—Bill
to Enable Georgia to . Form a
Republican State Government
—Amendments Offered to Na
, tional,Curreney•Act t -HOUSE:
Consplar and
_Diplomatic . Ap-
and Proteel,Freldomof Transit
—Abuse of Franking Privilege,
a- - , ,
ite.,' ke.
CB , " Telogninb to Mt rtttatrareltGazette.)
WASHINGTON, &ilk. 6, 1859.
-. • ' • •= SENATE: I ' - "
The Senate resumed its session at twelve
o'clock, the following named Senators being
present: Messrs. Buckalew, Cattail, Cole,
Conkling, Dixon, Davis, Edmunds, Ferry,
Fesaemien,Fowler, Frelinghu,ysen,Grlmep_
, ~
Harlart, i Harris;.- froward, - Horne; - Kellag i-
McCreery, Morgan, Morrill, (Vermontd
Morton, Nye, Patterson, (New Hampshire)
Patterson, (Tennessee,) Pomeroy, Rice,
Robertson, '2:ltoss, - ' Sautsbanr, •:Sherman,
Stewart, Sumner, Trumbull, Vickers,
Wade, Warner, Willey, Williams, Wilson.
The President laid, before the Senate:a
communication from the Secretary or . War,'
transmitting a statement of the number of
troop, regular and volunteer; employed
in the service against the Indians. Re
ferred. • • ,
Also, a communication from the Secre
tary of the Treasury, transmitting the re
port of the Special Commissioner of Rev
enue; Mr. Wells, asking` tbe attention of
Congress „to his reaommendations. Re
ferred to Committee on Finance. ,
Mr. SHERMAN offered a resolution to
order the printing often thousand copies
of the report for the use of the Senate. Re
Mr. SUMNER Inesented several Pen.
tions, including one of Hungarian citizens
in the United States, praying for
- the estab
lishing of a Consulate 'General of the
United States at Buda, Pesth Referred to
tha Committee Oft Comoieree....; 4 ., , li'
Mr. MORTON offered a joint resolution
forbidding'the landing of anY•eubmarine
cable in any part of the territory of the
United States without the consent of Con
gress it ',Referred to the Comtaittee'• ' on
Judiciary: '• ~ -.4 • .• : .
Mr. FERRY offered a resolution request.
lug the. President to transmit a copy of his
late Amnesty Proclamation,. with,a state;
meet of-the authority by which it- was
issued. Le'
' Mr. PERRY said .pffered the resolu
tion because, although he favored the am
nestyclir doted tue" fight of the
dent to grant it in thli sweeping Way, end
he wished to have the question settled.
Mr. HOWARD was very. glad the atten
tion of the Senate had been . called to the
question. -He -thought. IV-Important- that
the people of - the - United States should
know, whether the President had such a
dispensing power as was implied in the
issue of the proclamation.. He believed
the assumption by the Executive of such a
power was entirely, unwarranted by the
Mr. FERRY said he approved of the
amnesty, but doubted if the antnority ex
isted for the President to extend it in that
way, and so offered his resolution with a
view of preventing the establiShment ota
dangerous precedent.
- Attar considerable debate between
Messrs. Frelinghnysen and Conkling
against the resolution, and Messrs. Davis
and Doolittle tails favor, it was.adopted. • }
Mr. WILSON introduced a bill to amend,
the act entitled "an sotto provide a national
currency, secured by pledge of public
stocks, and to, provide for the circulation
and - redemp t ion. thereof," *blab', wag •e•-
ferrod to , the'nontrnittee_on Znades4 , '
Section first makes it unlawful for any
bank, organized under the said act,. •to
Pay or-receive interest in any form for or
on account of - depcisit Made by; With or
on account of any other bank, corporation
or individual; provided, however, that the
iketo*, city and town treasaretentayXeceive
nterest on their 'ln'aiy bank Or
banks. • - -- -
Section second prohibits any bank officers
from certifying good any amok,' draft or
nete,ror to issue ' s 'certificate 'of deposit
• other evidence of debt, unless at the time
of such certilicate or issue the whole amount
so certified!, in the actual. poi,ilottl of
said' bank ,'; payable on `demand : •r • - ''`
Section third provides that hereafter all
deposits in behalf of the Alnited Stater in
any National Batik, be. special de
posits, nor te be used by said bank for
loans or, disconnts, but held subject to i.raft
by the Treasurer of the United States 'or
other disbu sing officer, and such .dept sits
shall not be subject to taxation, . • 1 • ! ,
Section f urth provides that the cis*.
troller of t e - Currene.Y. may at' any lily,
call on any inking arecklatiod for a 812,,Ce
ment of Its re on any'past day,-to bt .)y ,
him specill d, and such report shall ice
within,five ays of thereceipt of the regul
ation there or, with a penalty of one I lan
died dollar for every day's' delay of a .ich
report after the said five days; abstract, of
such, 'repot' 'shall: he Piiblialied• by he
Comptrollerin a newspaper in the City ! of
Washingto , add a report of each separate
association shall be published in a newspa
per inthaptace whereAhe'atioclation iaes
tablished, or in the nearest place thereto,
such publlatioa to bent the expense of the
associationpneg 041.481DtkrtLejsch weep
elation liiregn dtd report - to the Comp
troller on the first Tuesday of each mouth
the ctoidittan'ef thelaultiatinn on , the pre`
ceding day, said statement to include a re
port of loans, specie, deposits and circula
tion.. . - - ' • 7 j :
Mr. POMEROY introduced a bill to Isar
thorize the., establishment , of Ocean mall
snip service between the United' States and
Mexibo, which was referred to Committee
on Postoilice. -' • " i .
Mr. CONKLING introduced a bill to ati
thorize the New York;'New Foundland and
London Telegraph Company. to land ene or
more submarinb cables upon the allores of
gip United, &stag s , and to tpaintain Oil
work inch cables, for the. transmladon of
message's and intelligence" between jthe
United, States and Europe .ot any,inter
mediate places, during thilleklatihoe ot the
company's charter. Referred to the Corn
mittee oti• Commerce,.-.•• • ,
~, • • • , ;1 4
Mi. STEWART intradneed a 611116 ena
ble the people ,of Georgia _PI, form a Sate
government'republican'hrfornf, which was
referred to the Committee on Judiciaryylt
provides for the repealing of sii muc of
the sot of 312120 fah, • 1868, as. relates
Georgia,,extd making the governmentOf
the State provisional only, and subject lb
the sot - of March` 2:1,- 1867:officers
1 1 ,
elected under the present proposed Co sti
tution of said. State, who are not - disf an
chised by . thii, • fourteenth amendment :or
'any of the acts above mentioned, 'ex apt
members of the Legislature, shall continue
• - i
in office until' the State Isbell' `e 'fully re
stored. - -
It further prOvidg that such members Of
the Convention t olected under the laws of
Congress to form a State Constitution, as
are'not dlstranchlsed,: , shall ,e t tisemble on
the'lliat'Moriday" of March' herr, with full
powers to alter and amend- said. Constitu
tion in anyinatternot 6Ontacl with the
laws of Congress and the Constitution of
said State. The Constitution as amended
shall be submittdd to ttie people at such
time as the Convention may appoint,
and on ratification, or rejection of - said
amended Conattultion, such persons and no
others shall vote•as Shall be' prescribed by
Itr - said 'amendeff-eornftitution; — prmrided
that no person: 'ffhAll btf excluded frond vot
ing on account of race' or • color. When
said atrumdedOrtatittitlort shall bliveteen ,
ratified by a majority of the votes, it mffy:t.
be submitted for consideration of Congress.
.htr. - SUMNERVintroduce& a bill -pronid:
log that accessories to a violation of the
Fifty4ifth likictiett :of the' NatiOnsilCtiriedniy
act filiall•recelve the saute punishment as
the principal ofthe - assticiation. •
;Also, a bill' declaring chat the words
"trial at common law," in the first section
in the act of. JUne 2d, 1862, relating to the
complicity of Witnesses, shall be held to
include criminal trial proceedings also;
judge to impose sentence of imprisonment
with bardlabOr iii cases where the law of
the United States for embezzling and kin
dred offences makes a general allegation
of embezzlement sufficient in the indict-'
ment, and making no restriction, as °to 'the
Also, a bill to repeal the act Of'rebruars
28, 1808, prohibltings,the importation.of cer
tain persons into certain S:ates.
All of which were referred to Committee
Oll:Tuditsiary/ .s 4
Mr. SUMNER introduced a bill to `proms
vide for the 'execution In the Diktrict of
Columbia of commissions issued by CoUrts
of States and Territories and`of foreign na
tions, and for taking deposition - a - to be used
in such Courts. ...Referred to. Committee oni
DistrictOf Columbia.'' '
Also, a, bill„ to provide: .for. the ritualtih,
ment of
„accesiories crimin#l oftences
against the 'United States. Referred to the
Committee. on Judiciary. ,
On motitm'tif 'HOWARD thetleciel
tary of the Treasury was directed totem:ls:
mit copies of the last annual reports on the
Pacific.Raßroad Coinpany. ' •`
1/?.Ar'S,NTA-7: 1 7 .- P.
'WA81111IIRNt; or Win6l9; . 'repoit 2
ed, from the Committee on Appropriations,
the consular and diplomatic appropriation
He also offered s resolution inquiring into.
the overland mail contracts under Wells,.
Fargo &Co. Objection was made.' '
The SPEAKER laid before the Housithe
repiirt of Special Commissioner of Revenue
Wells. A resolution to prittt tetra .00pies
was referred to thei Comtnittee on Printing;
Mr. ELLIOTT introduced a bill, which
was referred to the Committee on potn.,
merce; tnextend the lms remive tt3 "the
register of vessels. ; _
N _ , •
On motion of Mr. WASHBURE, of 81 4 .
the Secretary of the Treasury , was directed
to Inform.; lie Ha tufo whether.iusy.Consular.,
officers at', the °United. Stateit lave dfunand
ed and received for vtrifieittion bf - invoices
feesgreater than those proseFibe4 by I v y )
&c. • _
Mr. ELL aakedi leave •tiroffet- a • iresolia
tion providing fora committee pf ftv4,9
vestigate cal taro newspaper chargestigainlit
the Postmaster• General in ceimeotion with
the Arizona mail service. •
Mr. McKEE objected.
Mr. BARNES•titiefed . A Ves , oitifionitrat ft
is the duty of the government to develcipe
its resources, increase its revenue and re
tain: its , auttada gold, !with a illOtO Ito aA
speedy. return,to i specie payment as pout
ble; thaf it Will rettuld'this purpose, disturb
valuea and• interfere with; the revenue. to
contract currency in• any-respeet;:oriander
take to fix it - time by , haw whet: aped pay
ments-shall commence, until the legal ten
der notee,:have morcoleariY: approximated
in vahie through the operation of nature.
ObjeCtlbri was; ' i f;
Mx...MILLER Introdueed . a bill Appro.
oriatiiiis tract. id.latt onalteildiaiis.llll4
Washington, fox ,a slew Executive Mansion.
Referred to' Corrimittee on Pablic Build
Mr. LYNCII, as a queetion of privilege,
made a statement as to certain, charges
made in the Cincinnati Gazelle and` Wor
cester AS'py..thathe ttad , ,sold:tha :use of his
frank. - lie had simply franked the Mer
cantile journal, containing his speech,
WhlCh,LatLiff. ow:troth:lol3P_ ausione
the purpoa ap was
conferred: ' a " -
Mr. BALDWIN, of Massachusettacpro•
prietor of the Worcester Spy, disclaimed
any responsibility for the article in ques
tion, wAiclittibillubliOted 1411 rin g -sills ab
sena° froin Warcester, and said his investi
gation showed that the gentleman had act
e4 entirely:within the •
Mr. CART, of 'Ohio, said the' Cincinnati
Gazette bad. made charges against
him. He would not have 'eared for the ar.
tic4e, bad it not been ,coßked into . reapecta,
ble papers. — He did not consider the' Gaiette
capable of slandering him.
Mr. PRICE introduced ' a bill compelling
allvetlroaderneeepting grants of -land-iron'
the United States,' or !Wan anyStite, to use
only American iron, under a penalty that
said grant be null and _void.: Referred tp
Pacific Railroad Committee.
An Ineffectual effort was made to take up
the hill appropriating .00 1 00 for the relief
of the poor 'of the - District - of Columbia.
The bill relative to the claims of the State
of lowa, on account„of the latewar, was re;
feried 'hack to tile' 'Committee which r&
ported it, with instructions. .
Mr. JONES, of Rentucky, offered ftreso
lutleit that the reisblutlons"passed' intoth
Houses of Congress severely criticising the
- President's annual message are an infringe-`
went upon-the rightof thoExeouttyerimad
providing Sgt the printing of one ',hundred
thousand copies of -said, message for the
benefit of the people of the United-Stotts.
Objection was made to its consideration.
Mr. BUTLER intrOdnced a ,bill to: secure
and protect the freedom of transit in the
United States. Referred to the Committee
on Judiciary.
lidmerous Yeaolitticine bf inquirY were
passed and various billkreferred.
Mr. KELLY reported a bill, providing
that's civilian , May be appointed Chief "of
the Bureau of SteadEngineerlim. Passed.
. The House then resolve -
mitteeeof the Whole on 1
Union• Mirol;rtriTie,ol4-61
the constrdetion tff,,tke
Railroad. -
ThmOonuttittee toed, n
6-The t 'Memphis Oily
muddlS about - the sale of
theidolnAtta .11.11d..„1.41tt1e.,
the 'Pint Natio* Bank,
was consummated in Sect
the - knowledge of a partli
The matter called Oup the
tilated -A°: - meeting t of
held yesterday, and a met.
Leftwich' on the subject ws
he denounced warmly t'
pregs; The discussion be
several members left, and there tint being
a quorum present, the Board adjourned.
Presentation by Printers to Gen.
Grant—Mysterions Death" of
Two Negroes—Mill, to‘ protect
Free Transit—Union' Pacific
-Railway-7-Diplomatic -Appro
priations—Medals Asked for In = '
diansi--Mililary, on the Plains , —
Cause of the Trouble with IVe.,
groes in Georgia. '
svreinTips to the Pittsburgh °slate.)
WAstiiiiefrozr, January 5, 1869:
At, noon to-day the 'members of the
Printers' Grant and Colfax Club, number
ing about one hundred, called at the Head
quarters of the Army, for the purpose of
presenting to General Grant a congratula
tory letter of their Club, which had been
engrossed on parchment, signed by all the
members, and neatly framed. General
Grant met these gentlemen in.the recep.
tion room of the headquareers; and after a
short speech from Charles E. Lathrop, Esq.,
foreman of the Public Printine Office and
President of the Club; the members were.
individually presented and shook hands
with the' General. At the conclusion of
thin formality, General Gr,ant said:•
thank you for this manifestation of
yonr sentiments. Ido not litumr of any j
morelhat I can say than tbat. I ain glad
to have had the Support, of all classes, and
particularly of those who ;arefinding em
ployment under - the Govinitinent: - I hope
there nothingin. my Courselereaf
, ter to. make you regret the present you
have seen fit to give. • -,„
The bill introduced in the House by. Mr.'
Butler provides: that no citizen of the
United States in passing from one place to
another within the same shall be subject to.
capias,. summons, citation or other process
of whatever name or , nature in civil suit or
cause, whether mesne process or execntion
in any Territory or disttict through
which he may be passing, and of which,
he is , not • a cltii.en, unless he ' shall
voluntarily tarry therein for The 1 apace'
of more than forty-eight hours. , Air
processes and writs contrary •to:the prtSvia=
ions of this bill shall be held null and void.
Persons offending shall be held, guilky. of, a ,
high misdemeanor and subject to
13104; and on conviction-be tined not Mess
than one thoustuad nor mate ;than ten thon
sand didittit; and impritionment not less
than' one nor' more than ten yetirtifat,the'
discretiOn'Of the Cuurt. •" 1 ' • •
vs - tox ,PACITIO
In a etainntudestioit laid before theTionse :
to-dm- fr om tin Secretary of Interior t o'
President'Johnson,' riatetV`December lEith;•
he 'says I ; • 4, The Unleti
Company has received bolida-Onnind-idid-1
dred miles of its road, -amounting to 522,-
797,000. The Commission- has 'submitted
favorable • reports , upon two sections of
twenty miles each, but no Executive action
has been -taken upon them. The amount
or, .51,250,t00, Which will, be , dbe tha,
company in the event:''of Yout
ceptance of these sections, is thus retained
by the Government. The government sub
sidies Which will be earned upon the corn , '
pletion anclequipthent of the' remainder; of
the road it la belleVed will be safticient, , ,
with the foregoing amount, to guarantee its
completion ass first class road:" Since the
date of this communication the two sections
have been accepted.
• FOR isrcmisrm: : • 2
in the Senate to-day .1t communication
was read from the, Secretary of the Inte
rior, transmitting,. and •recommending. to
favorable =COnitideratiou r a letter from the
Commissioner of. Indiatr,'Affairs,
ting an estimate of an appropriation "re :
qntred for medallions:Cif U. S. Grant, Pres
ident of the United States; for distribution
to Indian tribes. The eotnnirtrileation states
it is -• - • customary when a 'President is
elected to have medallions of such Presi
dent madeand distributed to the head men
of the tribes who have proved deserving of
aurae special mark of favor end recogni-
Lion, and he therefore asks that and,
oration cf . :1 , 5,000 be , made for that purpose
Senator Browning to-day recta:vet/a letter
from Georgia, in which ,it:is . -stated the re
cent troubles en the Ogeechee river were
caused, byy, the refusal of the ~p lanters to
share, their. Crops iioitably.abiong,t4
groes, which theysialatO"purinant to last
yeer!s contract. has=
occurred'. the - Pritvickts crop;
the negroes thislithe declared the crops
should not be "removed 'till they had their
just shares. Geri. Saktitti. with two _com
panies of soldiers, Went to the Scene of con.
diet, arrested the ring leaders and divided
the crops according ;to contract.
"There Was considerable excitenieut in
the upper patter the city in Consetinenoe of
two - ciOlored men being found deaslin their
beds at the residence of !the French Minis
ter. Large crowds surrounded the house,
and reports were current that they, were
suffocated orpoisoned.; ; ,
'A coMmtlnication from the Secrreitary,of
War to stheliienate ehows that 2,s2l•regulars
and 1,218 volunteer troops are employed in
Indian hostilities and in protectinft the
Missouri river .trafia and. the Union Pacific
Railroad and.othervise policing that region.
Paul Bagley, the Missionary, is oiroula
a petition here for the pardon of Dr Mudd,
now.prisoner in Dry Tortugus... Isis head
ed by Hon. Stevenson, e.r .
Archand signed
twenty other Demoerats of loth Rouses.
Tim :Benate confirmed several
nominations, including Ch lidegrue, ABC ,
sensor of Internal Ilevenno. for the Second
District of Qhio.
• DiPpOzioerip, ipruoi t uis.viou's.
'The Consular and DiPlometle aPProPria
,tion bill,.rerted to the -House WiaYi
prop.rlates ;1 pp
,160,234. Provision macie
fur ticcusulate at Rome,' but no *blister.
Still remains very unwell, and is unable to
beat his:desk at.the Treasury.Pepartmeiat.
Appeared in his meat to-day, although stil
suffering from Illness. •
. • • ,Asits tbr a Trial.
•By Telegraph to the Pittsburgh gazette.).
PECLLAMIT,PHIA, 'Jartrlary s—Mrs. Twitch
.3ll made a formal application to the court
to-diy to fix. - a day for her trial, protesting
her innocence. The trial was set down for
NU3IBER,-- 4.
Earthquake in Persia—Safety of
Dr. Livingstone Confirmed—
The Eastern Difficulty—Anoth
er Carlist Conspiracy Discoirei
, ed in Spain—The . Chinese Em-
b111313y. .
By Telegiaph to the I . 'lttibur . gh 6azette.l
LONDON, January s.—Telegraphip reports
have been received from Alexandria of an
earthquake at 'rrabeez, a Persian city of
sixty thetisand people, on Sunday last. The
shocks were said to be violent; but" no * loss
of We is-reported.
LONDON, January 4.—The latest news re-,
ceived here frdin Africa confirms the, re
cent report relative to' the safety of the
great African traveller; Dr. Livingstone.:
It lErsaid that he is somewhere in the vicin
ity of Lake Niassi, near the confines of
Zanzibar. Owing, itie thought, to the war
between the native; tribes, his passage has
been impeded,and consequently he has been
unable to reachtheiea coast. , •
, .
`ARM, January's.--The La Turvti ttevm
aper asserts that Russia' urges a" , meeting
of the conference, now that Crete is quiet,
with a view to prevent the expulsion of,
Greeks ' from -the Ottoman Territory. It
intimates that the representative of the
Porte ieave the . conference, if - this
point is introduced, and warns Russia' of
the danger of another Crimean war.
LOSDON, January s.—lt is said Greece
will introduce the claims of the, Cretans
into the conference about to meet in, Paris,
and will demand that they be alloWed to
declare who shell be their ruler. -•
Commission, with Forbin as President, has
been appointed to adjudicate the case of the
Greek steamer Eros's. - , _
MADRID, January s.—Four of the insur
gents at Malaga - fired - into a 'party of refu
gees whlle.funder -the 13roteetion .of the
.4uerican deg. , The General in .command.
in Malaga had ibe offendera arrested and
punished, and puts since communicated'
with:the; commander 'of the American
soinadron in the-Spanish waters 'informing
him of the measures - taken by the 'Spanish
Government in the case. • •,:
MADRID, •Jan4ary-5.1-4- CardSt "Maglar-
Icy has been discovered in Xtarcelona, with.
ramidcatinits In Saragossa andother pieces.
Many persons have been arrested aa
cated in the conspiracy. among tbem ,Var
tend, a noted Cardst. The peasants in An
&duel% pressed by poverty; .have organ
ized into plundering partiesmid•are pil
laging rich landhoblera-f ,• • e- • •
. 1 I
- ••IFRA 6E. •
PARIS, San. s.—The Fake says the
path! , in France 'with
. the •nbjficia of f ..the
thipete gmbaay. 4 , ll9grcat tb M. -Bur"'
iingaineld as- mire ''or aucttati ` ere - 'SR in
England: s '
ITALY ; ' ' '—
Ftoninds, iTtinnaiy s:—The'conofry is
perfectly tranquiLL;Theyseent disturb.;
aneee -caused by thg ,colleisfragrr ogott
taxed were p rey reactioniets.
LOYDONDERRY, January s.—The Nes,
toria, from PAfftland, has artived.
- BitEsr, January s.—The 'steamship St.
Laurpnt, from New York, arrived to-day..
i ..
~ .1.441D0p!, January 5,--Evening.—Consols,.
for m oney. 92 / 5 6 for aceonnt 92X. 'Five
liiienty bnds, 74%: Erie, 25%; Illinois,
96;Atlantio and Great Western. 44%.. , . .1
FRANKFORT, January 5.-17, Bonds,,
79, 1 ,1@79%. ' •
'LIVERPocir.,• January 5.--Cotton firm;
sales fifteen. hundred bales:middling ,up
lands at 11%d• on spot, ,and 10%alld to ar-,
rive; ' Orleans 'on spot 11%d. 'California'
white wheat Hs 10da12s; red western Ma:
Oos 3d.. :Western Flour 275. , Corn 37s Gd.
ats 3s 6d. Barley ss. Peas 44s 64.1.- Pork..
903: Beef - ; 1 5s. Lard 675. Cheese 70e.
Bacon 54s Spirits Petroleum Id;
fined is 7d. Tallow 47s 6d. gpirta Turpen
tine-295. ;
LONDl: , ,Tantuitir 5;-41eigar , 365. 6d. for
No. 12 o spot. Spirits „Petroleum.- B‘l.l
Tallow, , 5 s. 3d. . ,Linseed, Las. 6d.15578„
Spirits Turpentine is firm at 295. ttd. ,
ANTWERP, January. 51—Petroleum' '53
PARIS, Janwir9'B.—:llouraeginet. 13,entea
10f. 25c.
FRANKFORT, Januar3. s:—/Dtienin9:=ll - 8:
bonds closed at 793;a791g.: •• • -
kiA.vna, Deceinber &--Evening.--Cotton
active and at"l29 on the spot and 128
to arrive. ' ' :
_ 'QUAA: -1 ;
Deikkrtnre of the Ex-Gailtain 'Genera
Inangural :of III( trate mot. Anxiously
Asstatted--Specubitiou as to the Insurree
%ion—Reported Battle.
(Byjelegrephto the P4ttebttrgh Gazette.)
HA47AINTA, Jantuiry s.—Ex-Captain 'Gen.
fAersundi and:Admiral Chitca sailed lo4day
fbr Spain. GeneralLersundi, previous to
his embarkation, - 'paid visit torAnter-
Jean Admiral Hoff, on board his - flag
ship. He was, received: with _ the ; ;usual
ceremonies. This is the Arst ' instance
'known here ca"a'Ciptiiiii thinerafikoirg do
.board a foreign mar6of.war. The inaug
,ural proclamation of Captain General Dudes
is awaited with much' nxiety bylne Span
iards and Cubans ' both' parties' being in
'the dark inlegard to his _fnture
Cubans expresa the opinien that_ the Rev-
olutionists at Iliyarno will refuse tolisten
-to any proposition for compromise; and
Spaniards . are convinced tbat the troops
now in the Island, reinforced by those on
the way hither from Spain, will. spec!dlly
-put an end ,te the revolution.
A report is in circulation that the revolu
tionary Generals Santistiban and Lopez hid
wbattle'on the 22d ult. with Colonel IJono,.
ant defeated him, zaPturing two flags and
'forty-two prisoners.- .The . . insurgents ac
knowledged a loss of ten killed and one
hundred and thirty-six wounded: • This
news comes solely from rebeleources, and
is flatly, contradicted by the; official
patches received by the Government:
• Gen. Hulce' to•day gave: orders that the
Most.-ample, latitude be allowed by-.`the
Government censorship for the publication
and'forwarding of telegraphic news. ' Other
important concessions, enlarging
eriy of the, press, are expecte. _ _
It is reported the liberal journal. whinh
suspended a short time ago, will resume
publication Ina few days.
The . United .Stateis steamer ; Gettysburg
arrived yesterday and was ordered by Ad
miral Hoff to Nuevitas Co protect the inter
ests of the American residenta.
—The LegislatUre of, Nevada met at car
• son on Monday; and organized by electing
L. D. Edwards, ..of Ormsby county. Presi
dent of the Senate, and - D. 0. Atkison, of
,Storey county, Speaker of the House..