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V 01,1734
The Legislature Republican
Caucus of Both Houses—Prop
.l- (million to do Pasting and Fold
• jug: RelAtted—The Governor's
(Message. •
IBT Telegraph to the 'Pittsburgh Gazette.l
HARRISBURG, January 4, 1869
" 4. The Senate Repuilican caucus this after
noon nominated for Speaker Hon. Wilmer
Worthington, of Chester; for Chief Clerk,
Geo. W.:Hammersly, of. Philadelphia; As
% Clerks, Lucius Rogers, of McKean,
and F H. Bragging, of Mercer; Sergeant
at-Arms, Wm. A. Rupert, of Crawford;
„Travicribing Clerks, Ebenezer Williams,
of Pittsburgh. H. C. Bosler, of_Montgom
, ery, Charles Williams, of Philadelphia,
and Anderson, of Beaver. x.
No. other officers were nomlrtated. There
was a - diffictir lty inleadetts, srid'it Committee
oh Slate was appointed.
E. U. Ranch and T. W. Cochran, of Lan
-caster, have
. subtnitted a proposition to do
the pasting - of the Senate for two thousand
five hundred dollars, and that of the House
for five thousand dollars—both at seven
thousand dollars. The proposition was re
jected in both caucuses. They state the
present expenses of pasting and folding in
the House alone is $37,000..
The House Republican caucus this even
ing nominated the following gentlemen:
'Speaker, John Clark, of Philadelphia; Chief
Clerk, Gen. James Selfridge, of Northamp
ton; Resident Clerk, John A .Smull; of Har
risburg; Assistant Clerk, E. G. Lee of Phil
adelphim Transcribing Clerks, F. A. Ma
gee, of Pittsburgh; ---- Barritt, W. B. Ir•
win, J. D. Miller, R. Bernhard, Chti.s.Nibbs,
Geo. N. Bakeoven; Sergeant-at-Arms, Jas.
M. Cornell, of Philadelphia; Postmaster,
A. G. Henry, of Armstrong; Assistant do..
A. W. Kimmel], of Indiana; Messenger,
jas. McCalley, of Philadelphia; Doonteeper
of Rotunda, James McDermott, of Wash
ington; Chief of Folding Department, Wm.
McLaughlin; Assistant, John Dairah. •
Governor Geary is justly incensed at the
bad faith of the papers last year to whom
he sent his message in advance. He now
:refuses to give it to reporters, but will send
it to-night to all the papers, with enclosed
slip.'requiring falthfq use. -,The message
will not be read probably until Wednesday.
. Four Men Killed by_a Submarine+ Explosion
off Sandy Hook—New City Government
—512,0000pm0 of. Appropriations Be
quired—improvement in Brooklyn—Ex.
press. Company Suit—Movement or the
Police to Secure Increate of Salary.
NEW YonE,, January 4,1809.
[By Telegraph td the Pittsburgh Gazette.]
A pretuatare eiplosion occurred yester
-day noon at the wreck of the steamer Scot
land, off Sandy Hook which resulted in the
' , death of four men and the severely wound
ing of several others. The Neptune Sub-
Marine Company naade a contract with the
Government last fall to remove the wreck
;of the Scotland and baVe been at work
for several weeks; whenever the weather
`would permit, in blowing the wreck to
pieces. • There were about twenty men
employed in this service,
under the charge
-of Captain William L. Churchill, late of
the Navy, with the' Company's steamer
- • Cotamedore Trnxt on. Yesterday -two
charges of powder were taken on board a
small boat at Sandy Hook and towed out to
the wreck. Another small boat was low
ered, containing an air pump, diving ap
paratus, two divers and five- men. The
boat containing the two chargesof powder,
eighty-seven and a half pounds in each,
was now manned by Captain Churchill
himself and three men. The divers went
down and signalled to have one charge
sent down-, which was done, leaving one
charge in the boat. Both charges were
connected by a wire several hundred feet
After placing the charge, the
divers came up and reported. everything
ready, when both boats began to pull away,
but bad proceeded but half the usual
distance, when, from , some unexplained
cause, the.submerged explbsion - took• place,
followed almost instantaneously - by the ex
plosion of the reserved charge in the boat,
blowing. Capt. _Churchill and the men to
atoms. It is suppoSed the •chartre in the
bciat was exploded 1.4' the concussion. -Sev
eral men in the divers' boat were seriously
- injured, and have been sent to hospital by
; the officers of the Company.;: The names of
the killed are Capt. Wm. L. Churchill;
diver, Louis Jurgins; seamen, Geo. Moore
and James O'Sbay. Mr. Geo., W. Beardslee,
the electrician in the employ. of the Com-,
pany, was not present.
The new city government was organized
to-day. Mayor Hall did .not send in his
anessage. The Comptroller's report esti•
mates the appropriations' needed for the
year, at about twelve millions of dollars, of
which about ten millions are to be raised
'by taxation.
The annual message of Mayor Kalb
&Lech, of Broeklyn, shows thitt thirty-three
hundred buildings were erected in that
city during the year. ' He, approves the
course of ttre Common Council in investing
in the stock of the East River Bridge Com
The sentence of Baker, convicted of
making false entries in the books of the
Tradesmen's National Bank, was today
postponed to the last day of the January
term of the United States District Court,
bia'counsel expecting to obtain some favor
able action in his behalf from the President
pr Attorney General.
• A suit has been brought in the Supreme
Court, by a stockholder' of-the. Merchants
Union Express Company, 'to restrain the
consolidation thereof with the American
Company, and to prevent the collection of
the assessment of five dollars, per share on
the stockholders of the former Company.
The police captains and sergeants held a
meeting at police headquarters to-day to
devisee means of, securing an 'increase of
salaries by the State Legislattire. Acorn
miitee was appointed to go to Albany, and,
gpossible, secure the necessary ice:Wien.
[By Telegraph to the Pittsburgh Gazette.]
LoNnox,. January 4.—A Miter in the
Times discusses the present situation of
France. He sa;s the year ends with the
most precal ions peace the world ever saw.
He pronounces Si. Rouher a mere maire du
patai4, notices the growth of Democratic
sentiment in France, and declares that' the
Emperor must either check the press or
abandon personal government.
PARIS, January 4.—The Ambassadors of
Chinh will have an interview with M. La
vallette, Minister of - ; Foreign Affairs, on
Wednesday: • '
The Greek government asks for the post
ponement of the meeting.of the Conference
on the Eastern difficulty until the arrival
at Paris of M. Delijannis, the Greek Minis
ter to the Sublime Porte.
QuErNsTovvN, January 3.—The steamer
Manhattan, from New York, arrived to-day.
LONDON, January 42- Qonsols, 923,;;
American securities are firm: Five-Twenty
bonds, 74g: Erie, 253;; 111in0i5,95.1.
FRANKFORT,`. January 4.-onds are
quoted at 79.,1@79V,,.
LIVERPOOL, January 4.-The Cotton mar
ket is active: Middling Uplands, 11©11N:
Orleans, 11@11%; sales amounted to 20,000
bales. California white Wheat. 1.1a. - 9d.; red
western, 10s. Flour, 265. 6d. Corn, 2.75. 9d.
@3Bs. Oats. 3s. 7d. Birley, ss. Peas, 455.
Pork, 90s. Beef, 105 s. Lard, 665. 6d. ®66s.
Bd. Cheese, 70s. Bacon, 535. 6d. Common
Rosin, Os.; fins do. 16s. Tallow, 475. 6d.
Turpentine, 28s. 6d.@295. Linseed Oil,
30s. Linseed Cakes, 12 pounds.
LONDON, January 4.-Sperm Oil, £92.
Sugar, 365. 6d. Whale Oil, £37. Tallow,
475. 9d. Spirits Turpentine, 295. 6d. Cal
cutta Linseed, 565. 6d.g575. Petroleum at
Antwerp is dull at 53 francs. Cotton at
Havre is quoted at 129 francs. . '
PARIS, January 4.-Bourse firm. Rentes
70f 37c.
HavnE, January ] 4.—Cotton unchanged
Meeting of the Legislature—Message of
Gov. '4Varmouth—The Peruvian
(By Telegraph to the Pittsburgh Gazette.]
NEW ORLEANs, January 4.—ln the Leg
islature tc-day no business was done except
the reading of the Governor's message, a
large poition of which is devoted to 'the
late election and its' effect on the country
at large as, well as In Louisiana. The fol
low•ing paragraphs from the political_por
tion of his message are indications of HS
tone :
"In many parishes the late election was
the occasion of most disgraceful acts of in
timidation, cul , ninating, in several in
stances, in scenes of massacre shocking to
the sense of civilized men, and , only finding
parallels in the annals of savage warfare.-
These instances of savage cruelty, unpro
voked, but wilful and premeditated, seem
to have been instigated by the hostility of
certain clasees to the-laws of :Congress, by
which the Government has embodied the
colored population' ;into the - birdy• politic,
and vouchsafed to them equal political and,
civil rights." •
He, states that l in,replv to applications for
troops orders were issued which might be
construed to mean something in Georgia,
buir Which, in Louisiana, might be said to
consist only, of words; that these orders
were made phblic and strived only to In
form the lawless that they need have no
fear from that quarter and could prosecute
their anarchial schemes to the limit of their
He takes an encouraging VIONV of the
financial condition of the State. The entire
banded debt, exclusive of bonds held and
owned by the State,
is 156,n0,000, and the
floating debt is nearly $2,000,000, which lat
ter can be canceled by the special tax al
ready levied, and a surplus of half a mil
lion be left. He believes aid will be ex
tended by the general government towards
'regulating the levees.'He has no doubt
that the United States Mint in this city
could be obtained from the Government as
a contribution for use as a State capital.
He urges the 'Legislature to adopt the
school system without distinction as' to
color, and recommends a revision of the
charter of New Orleans.
He closed with an appeal for forgetful
ness and forgiveness of the , past, and In
the latter spirit recommend:4 the abroga
tion of the ninety-ninth article of the Con
stitution, 'the disfranchising article.
The Peruvian monitors and convoys, the
Havana and Monterey, are ready and will
sail for the Pacific the moment the weather
permits. As soon as the fleet departs the
Peruvian legation: willreturn to Wash
- ' Kansas.Rtillroad Matters:
(By Telegraph to the Pittsburgh tiozette:l
LEavErriVoitTn, January '4.---The con
tract for building a railroad and highway
bridge oyer the Missouri river,at this place
was closed to day with L. B. BL.oner C ).,
of Chicago, the work to be commenced on
the first of February next and the bridge
completed na eight' months thereafter.
The County Board, this afternoon, by a
unanimous vote, transferred Its stock of
$500,000 in the Missouri River Railroad to
the Leavenworth and Atchison Railroad.
This action un the part of the Bridge
Co. and Board of County Commissioners is
believed to be the most important ever
taken in behalf of Leavenworth; The
railroad to Atchison will be built inamcdi
ately and the bridge withinthe time speci
fied. The business prospects of Leaven
worth are such that old citizens bdlieve the
citt , will increase from forty thousand in
habitants to one hundred thousand within
five years.
The Georgia Legiblature.
(By Telegraph to the Plashurgh tia.zette.l
ATLANTA, Jan. 4.—lt is understood that
when the Legislature of Georgia meets in
this city, do the 13th inst., it will pass res
olutions declaring that hi its former action
is was 'governed by an unbiased construc
tion of the reconstruction acts of Congress
and the new Constitution of the State, and
that it was not its purpose to deprive the
negro of arty, political right/ he, had
acquired by either and declaring further a
willingness to abide by the decision of the
Supreme Court of the State, or of the Uni
ted States, upon the point at issue.'
The Canada'Assassination Case.
EBy Telegraph to the Pittsburgh Gazette.)
Toner:To, Janhary 4.—The Whalen case
came up to-day before the. Court of error,
on aepeaL The Judges unanimously de
cided that the writ of error was the proper
course to bring the prisoner before the
Court. Hon. J. H. Cameron then proceeded
.with his argument, alleging errors as to the
challenge of Sparks and Hodgkins.
Messrs. Robinson and Anderson replied for
*the Crown. The prisoner was remanded
until the =d, when a decisibn will be given.
0, 1 :9140Cli. A. M.
Treasurer .jpinner
Grant Public Delit, 7 - Claim
Agent Arrested—Suprerne;Court
—Cost of Printing. •
(By Telegraph to the Pittsburgh Gezette.l
WASHINGTON, January 4,.1569.,,
Was taken quite sick this morning and
forc,cl to retire from ids desk at the - `D
pertinent. He has been exercising himself
much lately in the exercise of official duties.
Will return to Washington i this evening or
to-morrow. I
Will be issued about Friday. It cannot be
definitely' stated what reduction will *lie
shown. During December. §0,760,000 was
issued to Railroad companies. Et 4,840,001 be
ing to the Union and the balance to the
Central Pacific.
A claim ageritl'narriect 3: R. Wolfe l
been arrested in this city by officers of the,
secret service division of the Treasury pe- ,
parturientoharged with attempting to com
mit frauds upon the Government by pre
senting claims to the Quarter Master Gen ,
eral's office which bad already been paid:
, All the Judges, excepting Justice Field.
were present in the Supreme Court to-day.
A decision was rendered iwthe following
case : Reversing the judgment below in 239,
Moon vs. Marsh, et al. This decision estab-
lishes the right of the plaintiff in error to
recover for an infringement of his palent
for improvements in grain drills during
the time he was the sole owner, although
at the time of commencing the suit he had
ceased to be such sole owner.
Time .was fixed for, the argument of vari
ous cases, including those( of the Florida
and Georgia boundary, Missouri against
Kentucky, involving the jurisdiction rivet.
an Island in the Mississippi river, and Vir
ginia ' against %Vest Virg i nia, concerning
JTBrkley and Jefferson counties.
The annual report of the Congressional
Printer shows that the, actual disburse
ments of his office during the year ending
the 30th of September were $1,309,000. , ,
The Legislature... Municipal 'Elections.-
, The Supreme Court.
[By Telegraph to the filttantrgh Gazette..l
R.A.LEIGH, N. C., January 4.—There was
no quorum present in either House of the
The municipal election is progressing
quietly. No regular candidates ate in the
field except radical .nominees.
The SupreMe Court assembled to-day.
The Court refuses to take the room assigned
them in place of their old and lawful room,
now occupied liy the Superintendent of
Poblic,lwitsuction„find the auditor The
Court organized in their old room and will'
attach the officers named ter contempt if
they do not vacate.
In the injunction case against the Public
Treasurer and the Cheatham Railroad, a
dissolution was agreed upon pro form,,
with a view to bringing the caw at once(by
apt;eal before the Supreme Court.
lkinwrigurig, Jan. 4.—There was quite an
exciting canvass today between the two
Republican nandidates for the Mayoralty.
Mr. Barry, a native of this State, was elect..
ted. No disturbance.
WILMINGTON, N. C, January 4.—At the
municipal election to-day none but Ropub-
Beans participated. J. N. Neff, the regular
nominee, was elected Mayor, over J. A.
Chadbourne, bolter. Several negroes were
elected Aldermen. ~
Review of •TroopainHavana—Sklrmhth .at
Manzanillo—Arrival of the New Captalu
General—Return of Bishop Martinez.
[By Telegraph to the Pittsburgh Gazette.)
HAvatia, January 4.—Captain General
Lersundi held a grand review to-day of all,
the troops in and around the city.
No news has lately been received' Trom
Count7Valmazda, who, at last accounts, was
out on the tine between Nuevitas and Bay
. .
The Gazette publishes: an 'account of a
skirmish between the regular troops and
the :Insurgents on the 211th ult., in the vi
cinity of Manzanillo, and claims a victory
for the' Government. No statement of
losses is given on either side.
The newly appointed Captain General,
Dulce, arrived this morning from Cadiz.
Hedisdmbarked at noon and was conduct
ed =to the , Palace, where he was installed
and took possession of the.l.3overnment.
None of the demonstrationi which it was
exPected 'would be made by both Spaniards
am Cubans on his arrival took - place. — The
ceexi2onies of his reception wore of a formal
charilaer, and passed off quietly. The new
Viceroy - brings with him a number of gen
eral ollicers and civil employes. He is also
accompanied by Bishop Martinez, of the.
Diocese of Havana, who was some time ago
banished to Spain by Captain General
The Trouble in' Georgia—The Military In-
tertere and
,Settle Matters.
. ,
(By Telegraph to the rlttsbargh Gazette.]
ShSTANNAH, Jitnuary 4.—The
have taken charge of the Ogeechee troubles
and the preliminary organization of the
citizens to act as a Stieriti's posse has been
discontinued. The Sheriff will be support
ed by the military in the execution OriAntr
rants. Two United States. ollicers have
visited the scene of trouble, and report that
the negroes are willing to surrender to the
military, and there will doubtless be no
further trouble on the Ogeechee.
Later.-The trouble on the Ogeechee is
quieted. The military take charge. Four
teen insurgents surrendered to the authori
ties last night, and pthers implicated are
expected to come in to-night. •
Norther& Enterprise In Mouth Corollas.
By Telegraph to the Pittsburgh Gazette.]
Cowunus, January -, 4.—The extensive
water power, . known as the Columbia
Canal, was, sold this morning for two him.
dred thousand dollars; to Ma). G. A.
Pearce, business agent of Senator Sprague,
of Rbode Island. It is believed.tbat a few
Months will witness the erection of a large
manufacturing establishment on the land
bordering on the canal.
flour and Grain in St, Louie.
[BY TelerrePh to the Pitteburgh Gazette.l
ST. Louis, January 4.—The stock of flour
and grain in this city. January Ist was as
follows: Spring flour, 12,469 bbls; wheat,
78,699 blush; corn, 31,153 bush; oats. 73,729
bush; rye, 20,332 bush; barley, 68,637 bush
•BRIDFOnD count} , is to have a new jail.
,TLIE letter-carriers of Beading have '',as
sinned their new uniforms. '
TnE Pennsylvania Rail Road Company
as purchased the Lock Haven boom.
FORTY school teachers of Bradford coun-
y have been married during the past year
TuE office of the Mauch Chunk Ga:ette
was destroyed by fire on the 23d inst. It
was fully insured.
DONATION visits sometime during the hol
lidays to popular pastors have been of com
mon occurrence throughout the State.
Sciterirox complains of Ix:or, miserable
pp. Shouldn't wonder,if Allegheny had
more right to complain than Scranton.
LEW,IediIIRG will probably soon have water
works,'as some of her(most prominent and
energetic citizens" have taken that matter in
hand. ' ' '
• \
Tea= memi ‘ fro of a dangerous gang of
horse thieves were Captufed last week in
Luzerne county. Two stolen horses were
recovered at the same time.
Tira annual meeting igsthe Pennsylvania
Fruit Growers:- Society will \ be held in the
,Orphans' Court Room at Harrisburg, on the
third Vitednesdapin•January.Ttrr
Montgthnery County Poor House
has '217 inmates, which is more than it was'
intended to hold. The Berks County Alms
House is a little larger and has 300 inhab
THE Susquehanna is no* spanned hy a
firm bridge of ice, and sleighs arc passing
from Wrightville to Columbia and back,'
carrying passengers. Carts are also passing
over loled"wth pig iron from the Wrights
ville furnace.
THE Columbia. Spy says: A colored man
who came to this place several days 'ago,
from -.llliddletontn, stepped on a spike which'
enetrated through the sole of his boot into
his fobt: OtiThursday last he took loCkjaw,
from which hi died on Friday.
JamEs Grnsort, of East Bradford town.
ship, Chester county, went into the West
Chester Record office - the other day and
wrote his name against the 'wall while a
fifty•si x pound weight was hinging on his
little finger. Gibson is a carpenter, and is
past his three-score years.
TILE Lancaster E.iantiner says: A. sad ac
cident occurred on last Thursday, resulting
in the - detrth of a little boy named Musser,
living at the ripper end of Marietta: The
lad,. it appears, chased a rabbit under a
board.pile, and following it pulled the whole
pile upon himself. The accident was .not
discovered at once, and when taken out the
little fellow was dead.,
THE Lehigh and Susquehanna Railroad
Company have.ordered steel. rails for their
road from Mauch Chunk to Scranton. This
will make it one of the best roads in the
United States: An additional order fbrltive
hundred additional coal cars has also been
made, and when filled the rolling stock
will 'be sufficient for immense coal sldp
ments.—Easton Free Press.
THE Harrisburg papers state that an asso
ciation of gentlemen in that city have sent
an agent to Furt Wayne, Ind., to purchase
2,000 partridges to stock Dauphin county.
The first installment will number 500rTliey
-are to be kept until spring and , then turned
loose. This is a commendable enterprise,
and deserving of imitation in other sections.
Cussewago,. tiunday; Dec. 27th, the
ice was cleared from a stream of water, and persons immersed and added to
the Carmel. C l burch. This is the oldest
Babtist organization north of Pittsburgh
and west of the Allegheny. One of the
Deacons and his wife have been members
nearly a half a century. The 'church was
established in 1805. [Crawford Journal.]
The Washington Review . and Examiner
says: On Wednesday morning of last week
Josiah Brown (popularly known as 'Squire
Brown), was' found dead in the rear of
Lawson's stable, at West Alexander, this
county. The deceased had been afflicted
with disease of the heart, and it is presumed
that a sudden attack of this occasioned his
death. n He was azed about sixty-five years,
And was universally respected.
A 'MEETING of the landholders in Elk,
.111'Kean and Cameron counties, of
Pennsylvania, was held at New York last
week tor the purpose of considering the
practicability of constructing a railroad con
necting those counties and their coal fields
with Buffalo, Rochester and the lakes. It
was resolved to solicit the Commissioners
for receiving subscriptions to open books
for subscription immediately in New Yokk
and Philadelphia.
ELIZABETII Fisuaß who is now
in Allentown jail on the charge of infauti,
chit!, is about 88 years old, originally be
longed to Oley, Berks county, and was the
widow of Ifinry Fisher, who died at Forge
dale someten years ago. Her Maiden name
was Hoch. She says that her child which
disappeared was still-born, and that being
unable to meet the• expenses of a decent
burial, she threw the child into Jordan
creek, near Allentown.
TILE Pottsville Ifinate Journal says: On
Monday morning last Mrs. Blake, wife of
Richard Blake, residing at the foot of
Mationing plane, wished- to come to Potts
ville by the usual train, but missed the cars.
She then concluded to walk, add while
crossing a railroad bridge over Mill Creek,
she slipped and fell to the ground beneath,
a distance of about twenty feet. Her skull
was crushed and she died soon after the ac
cident. She leaves four children.
Tug Dover Furnace during last week made
one hundred and forty tons of No. 1 dron,
from black band ore., This extraordinary
rnu was •made within seven consecutive
days, and is the best on record—from black
band ore. There are but three furnaces In
the United States running on this kind of
ore. These furnaces are located, one at
Canal Dover,.and two at. Massillon. We
believe that black band ore is found nowhere
else but in the Tuscarawas valley. It makes
a soft and vary, valuable iron, and is much
sought after by minufacturers of castings.
—Tuve:meal Chronicle..
. .0x Friday of last week, two men—Messrs.
Manbart and Leezer—were out in the
mountains huntiiig - deer. They' had just
IMlien in with several large tracks, and ek
(fleeted attanymoment to sight the animalsand had their 'rides cocked. They were
walking side by side, wben Mr. Mini:at
caught his foot between a stone and tree,
and it being' held asrin a vice, he was
throw,n to the ground, and as be fell the
butt of his gun struck a large stone, dis
charging the piece, and the entire load en-
tered the person of Mr. Leezer, who fell
and instantly expired.
WE learn from the Tanntigna Jourinalthat
a aad occident occurred on Thursday Wahl
of last week, at Plane No. 1, Summit Hill.
Mr. Jesse Walton, employed at the engine
house at the head of the plane, sat down up
on a box near the edge of thesfly-wheel pit,
when tihe box tipped over and threw ium
into the pit. He was caught in the rapidly
'revolving wheel and so mangled as to cause
his death. He was an old resident of Sum
mit Hill, and served throukhout the entire
war. On Friday eyening of last week a fire
broke out in the engine house of the Buck
ville Colliery, Operated by Moss, Abblett &
Co. The engine house, engines, boilers and
other machinery Were damaged to the ex
tent of about $15,000, upon which there is
an ihsurance of $6,500. The fire was
caused by the heat from the boilers igniting
the wood work of the boiler house.
NEW PIaILADELPILIA, Ohio, has a skating
' TIIE new opera , house at Massillon is
nearly completed.
THE Xenia Y. M. C. A. are giving tab
leaux at the City Ball. '
A LARGE force of men are at work on the
new railroad from Massillon to Cleveland
via Clinton.
CLARINDA &FRET, aged about forty and
unmarried, residing near Newport,•Madison
county, fell Into the fire, while in a fit, on
the 19th inst., and was so badly burned that
she died shortly afterward.
L' Springfield the other s day some white
bricklayers refused to work beside some
colored men of the same trade, who had been
employed. The consequence was the dis
missal Of all the discontented white and the
employment of nthre negroes and some white
men from Dayton.
Tna Coshocton Age. says: "On Sunday
night_the oth instant, James M. Sells, .the
Dethocratic sheriff 'of Coshocton comity,
decamped with about ten thousand dollars
of money, belopging. principally to widows
and orphans, and coning into his possession
by virtue of his official position. •It ap-.
pears that , for some time prior tOlis depart
ure he had collected together all the money
that estates and parties collect
ing money throuzh court."
A BOLD and successful forgery was.Coria-,. 1
mitted on the Madison National Bank of'l
London, Madison county, on the 21st inst.
Thos..Shea and Ed: Slatterly, , brothers';in . -
law, a few weeks since deposited $2,000 in
this bank, taking therefor a cercificatemf de
posit, which Shea took home and placed in
a drawer. wife, havin ,, an inclination
for travel with some other fellow, took the
certificate, forged Shea and Slatterly's in
dorsement, presented the indorsed certificate,
drew the money and departed for parts un
TEIE Morgantown Poet says: A little
child of Enoch Brewer, of Cass township,
was nearly poisoned to death one day last
wee's, by eating a lot of colored candies
which he had bought in town a few days
WE learn from the Tarkersharg Times
that a Mr. Coull, of •V nod county. a gentle
man seTenty years of av, committed suicide
on Thursday of last week by shooting him
self wittra reYolver.
THE 3lorgantown Post says: On the ,even
lag hf the sth nit., while Mr. Isaac Williard,
or Clay township, and his family were in a
field husking corn, a tree fell upon one of
Williard's ,daughters, killing her instantly.
On Sunday evening; Bth ulf., some un
known person or persons set fire to the
Liming Meeting House,_ in Battelle town
ship, which was entirely consumed.
TH.E Philadelphia North American says:
Some of our exchanges are exerciSing them
selves about the new.systetn of uniforming
letter-carriers. They solemnly announce
that it is a step on the way to livered ser
vants, a la aristocratic z Europe, and to such
caste distinctions as are enforced in parts'fif
Asia, and gravely intimate that we are
lapsing into monarchical ways and customs.
But all this seems very absurd. Uni.
forms have been found indispensable in the
army and navy, very advantageous in 'the
police force ()lefties, and will, unrylestiona
bly, prove not only convenient in the. Post.,
office Drpartment, bnt a security against
mistakes, frauds and the robbing'; of lamp.'
post letter bbxes. If they are, badges of ser.
vitude, we fear they will be too many will
ing to wear the stigma of just such &servi
tude. As to our republican Institutions, we
don't consider them seriously "ertdan6red
by the system.
THE cultivation of silk in Californiais•re..
ported as being in a highly, prosperous con
dition. While in France and Italy the silk
worm is affected by a fatal 'disease, on the
Pacific toast of the United, States' the eggs
are sound and the worms are =healthy and
vigorous. It is stated that orders have been
sent from Europii to the California silk
growers for all the eggs they can produce
for years to come, at $4, per ounce, each
ounce containing 40,000 eggs. The Cali
fornia Legislature has sought to encourage
this valuable interest by offering a premium
of $250 for cultivating 5,000 mulberry trees
for silk culture, add 4300 for every 100,000
silk cocoons produced in good merchantable
order. , '
—The P.rovidenceJournai States that the
result of the deliberations of the Ecclesiasti
cal Court in the case of Rev. John P. Hub
bard, which has excited general interest as
similar to that of Rev. Stephen EL 'Pyng,
Jr., in a verdict ' of not guilty on both the
charges. In this the majority of the cdurt
consisted of the Rey. Messrs. Wheeler" and
Duane, and .the minority was the Rev. Mr.
White, except that upon the Sd specification
of, the Second. Charge the vote was unani
mous. This was the ,speoilication •in refer
ence to a violation of his ordination TOW
an the part of .the Rev. Mr. Habhaid. It
is expressly,- stated, however, that these
opinions do not-involve any approval of his
couree. •
Timm sre now two Moniteurs in Paris,
the old .Moniteur Universal, and the Mons
teur de l'Ernpire. Both are issued twice .a
day. The Moniteur — Unirersal will now be-•
come an opposition paper with strong Re
publican tendencies, and it is believed that
most of the stook of that journal has been
secretly bought up by the Oriental Princes
with,a view to having, in the event of a
crises in, France, the Ho/atone and its fine
printing office (one of the best and most ex-_
tensive in Europe,) at their disposal. Na
, potent' the 111. wanted to get rid of the old
Moniteur, because he thought that Dalloz
was an enemy of the Empire, and on sus
piciously intimate terms with Berryer and
NI:3111ER - 3.
Incinent hi the Life of Carl Seliarz.
In 18ttS I was told an incident in the life
of earl Shurz. which was very interesting.
It is so long since I heard it that I may be
incorrect in some particulars, bilk I will re
late what I remember of it. Schurz, in his
fatherland, was the. student of a celebrated
philosopher. political thinker and writer.
Durilig the revolutionary troubles in Ger
many, both the Professor, (whose name, I
think, is Kinkel, and who now resides in
London,) and Schurz were arrested by the
monarchists, but Schurz effected his own es
cape and fled' to Italy. The Democratic
cause failed in Germany, but Kinkel was
still a prisoner, Schurz, in his exile, attempt
ed the liberation of his teacher. He acquir
ed a perfect knowledge of the Italian lan
guage, and, adopting the Italian costume
and manners, procured a hand organ and
proceeded on his tour among the German
prisons to find out, if happily he could, tte
whereabouts of Kinkel. There was a cer
tain song which in the olden time always
charmed the Professor and ever drew from
him some response, and -this song, among
others, Schurz sung in his prmon visitations: -
Finally, he arrived at this; prison where
Kinkel was confined, and when he sang
this song, to the great delight of the jailor
and guards, thelisteiaing Kinkel knew the
presence of all friend and broke out in joyful
song, his voide passing beyond_the confines
of his solitary,cell and gladdening the heart
of his itinerent • pupilf Schurz hovered.
around that prison, delighting the employes
by his minstrely, and finally effected the es
cape of his teacher. E6th reached a seaport,
where they engaged bn an' English vessel
as coal.heavers, and finally reached Eng
land in safety.—Cor. Joseph Herald.
Ladies Should Read Newspapers
It is a great mistake in female education to
keep a young lady's time and attention de
; voted to only fashionable literature of the
day. If you would' qualify her for conver
sation, you must give her something to talk
about—give her education with the actual •
world, with the outer world, and its trans
hpiring events. Urge( her •to read news
papers, and become familliar with-the pros- •
ent character and improvement of our race.
History is of some importance; but the past
world is dead—we have nothing to do with
it. Our thoughts and our concerns should
I be for the-present world; to know what it
is and improve the condition of it. Let her
have an intelligent opinion, and be able to
sustain intelligent conversation concerning
the mental, moral and religious improve
mente of our time. Let the gilded annuls
and poems on the centre table be kept part
of the time covered with weekly and daily
journals. Let Ore - whole family—men,
women and children—read newspapers.' -
missioner sent by the British Government
to examine the,country lying on the north
western frontier of (its Asiatic possessions
reports that the region between Afghanistan
and Thibet is rich and fertile enough to sup
port a large army with ease. As the Rus
sian army must pass through this hitherto
unknown region in order to invade India,
the statement has created'great excitement.
The Commissioner has also discovered that
the Himalayas may be easily crossed in the
northeast ( by an army with camels and
horses, and that a railroad might be run
across them. The reports of precipices
17,000 feet high are declared to be pure fic
tion, and it is asserted that there is, in fact,
"a bole, in the north-north-east corner of
the semlcircular wall which shuts out India
from the rest of Asia."
Markets by 7 elegrapb.
BI:IFFA.LO, January 4.—Flour steady; city
ground spring 67a7,50; fair to choice west
ern' 6-a9. Wheat nominally unchanged.
Corn; new advanced; old weak; sales of
4,509 bush old at 95c in store; seven car
loads of new at 80c on track; 1,200 new at
8055aS1c in store. Oats nominal at 65c in
store. Rye; sales of, 2,800 bush choice
Canada at :3 1,45 on track. Barley In better
demand; sales of 4,000 bush Canada at 81,95
(a 2,00. Barley Malt; sales of .2,000 bush
Canada at 62,30 and 5,000 bush State at
$2,25. Polk and Lard steady and dull.
Highwines nominal at 61,00. Amount of
grain in at 're here: Wheat, 443,000 bush;
,corn, 140,000 bush; oats, 166,0000 bush; rye,
140,000 bush; barley, .63.00 bush; peas,
4,200 bitsh. The-estimated-amount of flour
afloat is t. , 0,000 bbls , and wheat, 110,000 bus.
Nsw Ont.zaass, January 4.—Cotton.closed .
1-2 c higher; middling 2534 c; sales of 6,550
bales; receipts of 3,551 bales, and exports
-of 3,975 bales. Gold 135 X. • Sterling 147,
commercial 145 N a 14614. Nero Fork Sight
Xta," per cent. discount. Flour &ger; su
perfine 87,50, double extra tr 7,75, treble
extra 6 , 8,00a8,25.! Sugar and, Molasses firm
and active;. common Sugar 9aloc, prima
12Xal2Xe, yellow clarified 13a133:c; com
mon Molasses 524055 a, prime 64a613e, choice
67a68c. Corn steady; white 77a78g; yellow
SoaBl3Gc. Oats 68a70c. Bran dull at 61,37%
a 1,40. Hay; prime $20a27. Pork dull; ask
ing 626,50. Dawn scarce ancl.firtn; should
ers 1443.143.(c; clear rib 18,4 c; .clear sides
1934 c, Lard firm; tierce 17 ;c; keg 18Xc.
Cnioxoco, January 4.—At open'board in
the afternoon there was a fair movement in
wheat, which was veryAirm and advanteft
' 13020 per - bush; No. 2..snring opened at
$1,16 find closed with buyers at $l,lB. - Corn
and Oats were dull and nominal.
Provisions were quiet. and steady;
th'e .sales include 200 tierces of Land,
bnyer, February, at 18!4; 100,000 lbs short
rib middles at 15c; dry in the salt at 1314.
In the, evening Wheat was tolerablyactive,
firmer and higher; No., 2 spring .ranged
from 51,18a1,1sy„.closing with buyers at
• $1,18%c. P,rovision were dull and nom
inally unchianged.
'MEMVEIIg, Jannary 4.;--Cotton excited
and irregular 25V.,a2534c; receipts. 56S
bales, and exports, 1,352. Flour; the fancy
brands are a drug, and superfine is scarce
at'57,00a7,25. Corn dull at 6546 c. Oats 63
a64c. hay $23a24. Bran $25. Corn Meal
$3,75. Pork dull at $28,53. lard 1834 a
lOW. Bulk shoulders 11Vall%c, and clear
sides 15;,;a15c. Dressed4Hogs
ALBANY, January,4.—The Cattle 'market
opened with prices 34c: higher 'than last
week; the receipts were light and the sales
amounted to about 600 head today at 6a7c
foe common; Ba➢c for ordinary to good; and
9 Na101(o for extra. Sneep are in active re
quest at ila7c. Dressed: Hogs sell nearly at
1211130, the outside rate being paid for heavy
State. . ,
N.tsuvrnr.E, Jan., 4.—Cotton market sa
tire, but low; middlings at 25c; good to or
dinary at 2434 c. 1-
Railroad Company property Destroyed.
SVnaCUSE, Y., JannarY 4.—The re
pair shops In. this city' of the Syracuse,
Binghamton and-New York Railroad Com
pally were destroyed by Ilre this morning,
including all the machinery and forty loco
motiven. two of which belonged to the Del
awar% La(iawarina and Western Railroad,
and two to the Binghamton road. The loss
of t'oe limghatnton road is about $40,000;
loss of the Lacawanna road not known.
There Is an insurance of about 120,00 - on4
tlo shops.