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$1 1 .11131111110.
The • Allegheny *as filled • with
valbstitif tiostipg ice yeste*day.
Ffnea inlirikwitaticilffni.Vrow were,
eat tined a duller mid a half end mete by
Mayor Drum yesterday for driving over
thesideurePc •
Haw Legg t—The crossing of Cedar ave
inte,itt- its intersection with Third street' ,
Ableglievy, still continues to be a Sore of:
meatiegi4.—David Jones, charged wtth
=mann and batiory, had a hearing before
AldEnman Strain actifightayor, yesterday,
snS"eas discharged :
Progressing .—Water pipes b*Ve been hdd
otil3tttler otreet, Seventeenth 'wet, is far
as -Forty-fifth street,. where the work will
be stopped ;for the present- itmiain.' It Is
lite intention, we .believe, to have the fire
pl ngs along the'line put in immediately.
Stock Sales, Tuesday -evening, Daum
-"bet 22d, it 90111Metc10.1?,alos, Rooms, by
:34.01.1waine, median:me
lierobsas sad Diditdhatuttre
SeconstZifaiNtal --- 7. 94,,E 1
Columblt elk .. . -17
siva sixty
yeinosonvicted four'' .3 ,1111 1 3 40 of PaPtag,
counterfeit money and sentenced 'to; tureen
years imprisonment in the:Western Peni
tentiar tuts been pnrdened out tty ?rest?
tkait:Son and worreldniedirrilifkusW.
a►wtnit , and itatter*:44:' J.:. Ile*, .of.
Orzhebyboroogh; made information before.
Jelstice iiierkeon yeeleidey, ebergbig,
fret! :Saes 'with ateedit, and battery. Ilb
lategtel 'stun tbeletteebil Vitaekell and.
sbuse4 daggbtfrx - , - , lityArcept r wasbr . .
auelVfortbiatiliete' it,.
A Cdorcet10110011$9:-41007 istbnatop,
av eedoredtindivldAtalovAdulto d, h t e n fO r •
.svvorifi(aderly.monner at tlialltitabwgb ,
waYue vidosito..BaUroad. esappt , au
Tedendstxee4Allagneny,,yegerday mom
g, Ow *Mob. ha,"waS Anisated':by alder
Wdltami and ' dned five doss 'land; costa
rjEffy-paid: the amount add
laa•rolealied: • •
_"---..loonseylvindir Fruit
GrowerEP Soelety..z.
amituil Meeting ,willhe Atehi: in. the.
, 40rphass , Conit4ioom, at Harrisburg, on . :
' the. WO :Wednesday in ,fentutry, being the
Sith; 41869. "=DiSenssions . 'on all the new
`fruits, from Strawberries to 41pples,
engaged in: Members are de
la ~h'''.**,o'attend,,toid exhibit each , a fruits , as
tliternmetiaw. - • i
Disorderly Ciiiiiludoltrillatheis, Su—
Telrintei the Wttsdnugh
min y§m Ylnengei Railway,lnfor
=don befOre,Jpslieet•Adinitat yesterday,
4114101311750111 Siudwit one of. the
. 00
• • musters. with disorderly . vondnot... ,Thetao
* .4uwed "Walverre‘tecl, and after a hearing
smw ilned,tentidellawi and *lshii - upon the
i.lnlynsent aftwbie he , was disoharged. F . •
• b •
-Coat fitoles.—Mr. Chriskoidler'OddY.
*:pstrer.oC4hOFire Alarm Telegraph wires,
- • elinibed - upi one pfthe poleamear the Oaths=
- tory tolLsabewire, leaving his coat on the.
ground WOW; While Mr. Oddy was thus
itigageld;home thief came, along and stole
,iand he was compelled to come
I home irklita'aldrt sleeves. The pollee ore '
-en the loeir.ont for the thief and , expect 'to
captheure • •
beec lelected;
. of•liiliday goods ever brought to'tilis ,
tatY:"Pegre.' T.e"gelrY . 1 ; 380 4 leeteh Sanas.
cigar. Weeds ana .easesi glove boxesi; toilet
Agandavisee goods; silk souls. -•- •
Wil2'be open on Thursday eventnglintil
1) o'clockrkt , accommodate our numerous
klatM)",' ' -MA'attrai, Cirkhr.•&
' :70 and 80 Market Street.
a w
'„..,•matatt ,and Battery.--John it..lfatirta;
• eonduatoi oa the , Pitisburgh and arming
/late-I.'ooombOr Railway, made infomut-'
Wu. beigeduetted Minion yesterday, :
chinking a., Matthews with assault and
battery; It ''appears that the 'prosecutor
iiMithe *her of the / defendant. who is stt, ,
o,thejlirminghani Ballerak..
fide 4 *nen the son interfered
n behalf nf his father. The accused was
::held for sliearing: , =
Alain we commend to our rt"" tip
flaw' , t edition of Dr..lCane's narrative of
emorable polar nriAorattOos a g " a
work of tor -
a Vna o ung z d es old t w . hieti misa ah , a re na .
be.le read -1*. 41 ' 7 ;O as a 'neat estimable
h tl3ll all amounts Of Patrol/ 3 g
fad= o n • • aid In v for drafts to ,
snpporiof a widowed mother and. famllY.l
the city, cod , ' ,- ivitisailbers.
We hope elf - cats here willnot be 411
• - .
• Semi to thellill.—MayorDrum became
nalitadalth John and `Bridget 111cCir
y yestoplay morning, wvhlch,aarlenely
enough,l . Vestatastin their ocomnithd to -jail 1 ;
lbrlitirty days..Tne MeCaithys, John
had heentaken ap wandering
tlifOughUe streets the ' - inwrious evening,'
.‘ovidisnWandttt thnintluenoe , of acketetlithit
more than a gesitleadinulant,land tams
-21ktrAttb r hOlb InPan• 421. 4 SOPPOtto
e magistrate kindlyvoluriteered in fur
-Ask them y4th , acccuumodationti4or - p e
licatra7 l 6l - "j - • • •
lE l ';ir
i gets al. The hull of Christ
y. MI
pisoopal urch, Allegheny, are holding
Ildrundlestlyalin 084 earner
of Federarand racOck - strostsi. -
hastiooentiV bean grouBVY, xmagm."/
' mod littbd up me style.' • The seta.
Atance and mariet,y,,of fancy articles on sale,
with the ohundantwof good tinny for the
Inner m 40 say nothing of the cheautor
being waited upon by the attentive: ladies,"
' snit oltitr.tnerisio's'lkw;of-reilgien, ,ehosid
cause thePHlO.3O. ready
ateapere in thegood cause. 4
' The Union *Watling Park.
poptda; nesort A be open during
the holidays, and lovers of the a:taunting
sport may saticiPste . *Aare ,- season of en
jOYment• ; ice - 4111...finns solid and
4 .,
smooth. und every orra,vecnent for the eon
nuance and ,'poinfort,,of visitors has been
made by the nuctuygers. , .A brass hand will
besin.altendanos each Afternoon" and even
frig to enliven the'decesion by their iniplr-
Ing melody. -Thelocetion of the parb is so
iseli known te our skating population that
any direction on that point would - be use-
Bold Higharay Robbery. ,
On Monday evening, at an early hour, a
bold highway 'nobber#' *as :committed on
the Spring Garden Plank Boad, in the Bev
Aenth ward, Afieghony.. At, about nine
o'clock' on the evening ilientloped;' Mr.
James Hughes, who resides in Roar town
ehilVivas. proceeding haolewaid:alongthe
road. in a light aping wagon, dtawn by
.one horseiroheni..a short , distance beyond
the city limits, in &secluded portion of the
road,* ruffian juteped inti) the wagoionnd
before. Mr.;Hughes was aware, of hie op
-preach, knocked him, out ,of the , wagon
senseless. ',The viilain'thereitVent through
the; ookete , of his vicitirn. aeortrlnit 1140 in
cash and several .. articles of lessor= *aloe,
) after which he map' preotialtate retreat. .
7 • lar: Hughes recovered in a s hort time and
proceeded on his journey, thinking it int
:possible to do anything in the Matter. ,:drir
ing tile evening.:- Yesterday he notified the
police of the Occurrence and "furnished
• -them with a d escription of theman as near
as he could recollect. They are on'the
lookout for: and frod the des-
Cription Suppose him to be 'an indiviaiial
who has ,•ligured In Pence reports more
then once heretofore., If captured:
• should receives proPer,tugehmenrietch l ek
° perhape, put ansnd his prorlivl-
,yeti ler emulating Dick Turpin.
fteella 'ilieetineer'the Ceatrst
- Report 0 , ,,; : the:Cenunittre ow
ana Me.suriddltionai Mil
Panted—My Superlateiadent
—TO-i: corporal Putdshreent -..1
Vre Night Schools. ,
'The Central:l2o:rd of Edneatii
1 ,'lmecial meeting yesterday a fcernc
High:School building, corner Sixt
and Wood Street. ' - I
The following members acswered totheir
pames at the calling of the roll: \ i lletars.
• Co , ' -is , . Mr -- 'Hobbs, Craig,' Ilfirjri.
`so: ay, Sergeant dad
Committeirto whom
Mons 'for additional '
Welk _ ... _ 'nth; ward, Liberty
and 'Oalfland--diatibitS, vim tiro pritearY
`teachers - ft the, Seventh ward,one Princi
pal. &Mt nip; #dinarlt , *Oar" *of the /41b:v
ertt raid_ twa ati mug'. Withers', Mid l eas
intermediate for : Oakland district , ' would
rciriort 9 that. efter examining the : enroll
militanthiverage attendance .1 3 f Pares ir,r.
thetowards for , the month .otlieveuriber,
and taking the attendance its lasts, we are
preppasrred to recommend that the following
additionat•tiatelfere be allewed:'Onepri
aiittY, tifthiftleventli %Mel, - one:-Prlmari,
for the:LibeifY;elittriet,iited•:. tyro priincair
widens trairdng teacher: ler °Aland. V,
theittehidng 'Mather hef allowed we recom
mob& that the salary - bellied ateevatil hen
dredatid fifty dollars per annum. ._ .
• ).ir.,Nolibe moved that the report be tic-
Cept.f.xlk and the. recommendations adopted.
I lit. Mays,: from the Se*ntii: warQ In
Iview of the fact that :mu - brdidings litet
Lately been erected theret. alike& for an ad=
iditioatiftwo teacher's. There wee an sver
agi attendants" of fdrty.five whalers to each '
teacher in the primary department, and thel
ManberytatiooristiaillY IncrewAng. - - .
Mr. Craig said the Committee wa s iiii.
pressed with Wiled of the'increase in the,
average attendants, and„hemae,theiefore,
as one otthe CoMmitted,infavor ofamend
ing the report. _ 4-- - -,.-
Mr. Map moved that. the report betaken
np sericite'''. - , Adopted. - ° _ 1 ,
1 Mr. Taylor moved the adoption of that
part of the report recommendltarthe addi-
rtion 6f Ane ` teacher to the =Seventh"ward'
1-school. Adopted.
The recommendation for one - teacher for
1 . Libertydkisntmtwads
t a h_ d a o t p s ed. a . i ning
- t .
be elected according
to the. recommends- .1
tido in the report. LW.... - .1 • ' v._, ,
Mr. Taylor suggested that 'the training
teacher be, introduced into , ail the Public
Schols. • --, •- • '1 . 1
Prof. Lucky, City Superintendent, stated
4 1
'that a proper "milted .of teaching! in our
1 PublicScbools was grimily needed.
Mr. Aiken moved to strik.eout thermion
ineMbitiork eve the tirr primary teach' instil
I the last item of the report, and adopt the
'the remainder. 2,1/anied. ,q : " - .
Mr. Aiken - then moved ihathe repent. f
1 Committee as imewiedebe adopted. Car
-I,ertrilatisnernrr g. 'clir sax 4arr Ainireaus
The Seccretsmxited, ~ - t lisN,_.tolloWingelincial
rec i r s titar iony isimetWAmdent.:.. ._ k •
'V; .A.t. if ,MOlnditneedng or the
Principality! the ward ,schimla of the city,
held in thelligh School, offeni on Saturday,'
Becemberl9, -11X18, , the tenoning toncdn
tfens wore unanimously adqpted_
.I;teseived, That the Coal Board of . Ed
ucation and, the City Superhuendent be
requestedto'take measures to , reserves cor
• rest . report of the number of corporal pun-
lahments and am/pardons which take place .
in.the piddle. Schools of the -- ,Aity,ito be in-
oorporated in theSuperintendent'emonth- '..
ly-report. '
...Rescitind u Tliat the Central Board Of Edo.'
cation adeptithefollo,wing rules. for finding
the per °outage of attendance in the public
schools'of Pittsburgh. . ' 1
Bute--Dirride the' actual attendance by
one per cent. of the' Visible attendance.
LExplaiestion•-Virst, Pupils shall be. ad=
mined at any time during th e month .: See.
ond, •Thepossible attendence shall be forum!
by. taking the- total 'number of I half days
inhisigidi the mile would hare attended
during the - monettaiad - none beer absent,
no account to be takenof the luilfdays be
fore a pupil,enters,or after such have lett
the school. Third, The actual attendance
shall be the 'number of half days . which' all
the. upils hare attended duringthe month.
In order to carry. into effect the first rent.
lation;,l would,recouitrienilgn
the adcPti
of the following rescludatii.- .- I
_. ,
Beiotrat, Iliad it is hereby mime theduty
of - each "maistant ;Umber in the city to
make out and - report to theTrinci pal of the
school In which they h, a correct listof
the corporal- punishments inflicted in and
during the mouth; and that the Principals
Are hereby required to send a true copy of
the saute to the City Superintendent at the
okiseof.sach month.. ,
Mr. oiFaig moved that the w
hir. Lucky stated that the various mess-,
urea resorted to for aseetteining the per
centageof attendance" re somewhat de
fective, and he thought the plan , recoum•
mended would snake a more exact and et
the same time, an uniform method of re-
porting in ail the wheels. 1, -
In farther explanation of his report.' he
stated that the resolution; requiring a ow
red report otthiumrPOrnt,pnnisbam i n tirhad
been called for firm the fact that ineorrect
beports had been Made. 'IT ' ,
Mr.,Alkeir was of the opinion that there
cernmendaticli 'liras' Pot and should be
.fietty said that the First Ward Local
13atrd Were sensideing the propriety of
abolishingAorporal punishment altogether.
Mr. Maytitroggisted that Principals : be
-41.11404 tp Ilia° a affidavit as to the correct.
nem of th eir reports., .' .. L . . • ,•,: .`
• Mr. , Shaw moved that the City , tiriperld-
Widest be thistreice: to huniporate the
reporteof the Pried ls on I corporalpea
ishmerd. in his mont hly reports. "Carried.
_The report ;Was then adopted , as a whole.
- Mr. Otidg, tallow of the „fact that since
the 'lolldaVeri of the 'shy} the labors of
the Secretary of the Board tied been :Ter"
much increased; moved that the Salary "of
thettifildid be increased 113000 as cerntieni a `
tion for extra ierviceadming the peat year.
After some discussion the motion was car
ried.' a
The SecretarY stated that' In accordance
with a reedit-died: passed at a formOrmeet
ing of the Board, the wirlona `LooslAkierds
were required to report the number bi
teachers in endi r district' employed dn the
night schools - before warrants . for their
paymetiteauld be drawn. 1 In:accordance
with this resolution thr following reports
had, been received'.%. i 2 ;., '. t -.;
One Principcd and o ne e assistant. ere re
ported from the:First , Were. No assistant
front the Second: ward.,. Third ward, threle
iisdlitptol. ' Fourth • ward,-'nn astletane:
Fifth - ward, '(nOrr Ninth:and. Tenth)' one
Principal and. two assistants., . Sixth ward,
one amistant. Seventh _word, ' two_ assist
' ants"- /NOM- . ,Wrirdo i two - .Assistants.
Twelfth ward, no assistant: : Oakland dia.
tricit, one". principal; Pitt district,' one
Mr. iirsignioved that warrants be ordered
to be Odom for . the ,paymen t of these
maehers. Adopted.
-, Mr:traig movedthat the Lwialßoardse
instructedlo report - the ettendancei Rte. r at
the night *heels. -;_‘_*- , ..; . the
' ,Amen dby _ Mr. TaYlor, 'requiring .
"Prim , to mike, such report at the close
of .eile r term, and aqopted. .. ~..
Mr. Ilarrlson moved the appointmen t "of
led to order i two
at of MT. StoVrt,
called On - preside
Proddenti Jared
t., the reading of the
ling meeitag was dis-
latyrrsze.ox TEAcaras
of the bonimitteel
is wax submitted by
• 11 " elts - r :•• " , ,
of Oral osi
iobbs, iTe rereddent.l
to Ottlitlietifsmints
•tlatt tandinigOani
- Ite Increased to. Sve
'Pr4sent ' • - '
Bergeant, the matter
Committee on Miles
liimeoted, that, as the. Boar
'matter of erecting a
_ and there being no
money at band tO dO so, that the Bi d'
Dually set apart so much every year as a
Oinking fund toward the erection of the
same. , .
I Mr. Craig stated that the Boatd, if they
'saw proper, , could make Such"provision
from the appropriations which had been
made for the (arrant year.. ,
Soviets): bins from .
: various parties were
presented by-the Secretary and warrants
for their payment , ordered to : be dravip.
On motion,
h •
The :New Stratiod et Refining; Iron Without'
;Puddling, • _
, •
We referred a'day or tWp ages; ' our ,
editorial columns, to the' eXiliterramt pro
duced among iron manufacturers , by the/
great discovery of a Meade' of dispensing '
with puddling,' now in practical operation
at the Shoenberger, Juniata Works, in this
city. A responsible gentlemen explains
that lb's'riies •
si i jeOnastkisliziPV id coMi,
totting; 4nechaiiically; WiatieS Olirni t With
Melted, crude metal. If the mixture,. is
thorn nghly tiffnbted, the molt Is instill:4ly
a malleable iron. superior to the besVpud
'died It is then. only., ecessary., to
heat it as blooms are heatedi bihk TPett'o,
through the machinery to produce the best
quality of horse-shoe bars from material
which, if puddled, would yield only coin.
melt ires;:and iitingehloss \pest
died Aron. Method/. 'artplo.. -
Shoenberger Works 'is to take the
melted metal direct, .strom the blast
furnace (they have two large stacks)
and roll it into a large kettle of a
capakity of ilye.Agus. . From thence.,ii
:Oared, in it'eticituultboiti a foot wide, into
a circular trough twelve inches wide and
ten inches deep, ;evolVing, on a radius of
Seven feet, or Courteirifeetliamoter. Put/
Yerized iron ore, lAke 'Superior, Maw
plain, or ,Iron ;Mountain, is . used as the
converting agent. , The ore 'destends from
a hopper into the' revolving trOugh, and,
covers the melted metal "as fast as it is
'woured , im The/Continuous revolutions• of
troughwroduce alternate thin layers of
ihot metal raw ore; and effect the coin
kbination• la a, sery-.. satisfactory , manner.
The machinery which accomplishes this is
moved by cateem :and 'hy*anliC/ 'povier,
and, is SO well planned that one man,
standing with his hands on valve levere t
can menage /the ' atien. l Wheat
,the .frOCIS is full, . and belbra :the
Aron SOO • it: is _broken up ; into -stabs •
of a smite e size fbr the heating-furnace •
This does not altogotherdo away with pud
: dlers but enables .each one te accomplish
'just double the amount of work each day, other words dispenses present- one-half
the number employed by th ro
nese. The idea,it beleved, is not pat
' eatable, and , hence.the -system cannot be
monopolized by any set of operators- A
Gagner( of New York erpeanenthat;
With the Bessemer proems for staking
steel .acoideutally .!diettovertid the Secret,'
' and la now engaged in the introduction of
the invention,ifit can be so .called,". as US
Principles are; old , uid the only thing we*
atioutit theproPtirtiou Al ingredients of,
het and cota metal ;med. , flge -shall again
take occasion to KOWA greater length of
the% promos which now excites so mach
IsstsplYmb er t iu/i t 4 496412
An attempt was made at an earlyisour
,yeatimlitY - mon** to — rob' the Revere
House, okr Flithisvenaitoewhloh.:gave the
own:dare considerabW trouble, Init, 'for
tunately, waa unsuccessful.. The manner
operating ditplayeid hoichiess sad in
gebuity, end had'the oteliaters been favor
od with a few hours longer time the reedit
might have been differeni. name stairs
of:the Opera House lead dOwn"litto's
row hall; in whicittlitere are two dooncone
melting' Into the - r oom andthe
other out to the yard. One of the parties
is supposed:to have secreted himself about
the stairs until the doors were bolted,
which was done the evening previous.
After the place was deserted he admitted
his companiens to the ball,, from'wheray
admittance was gained into the billiard hall,
by boring a hole through the other door,
putUng Ina hand and shoving the bolt lack.
Theasife is built into the- wall of the room
opposite the door, and is a massive affair,
being lined throughout with iron. an inch
and a half thick. it• contained some two
hundred dollars at the time. The opera
tOM made a bole through. the Avail along
side of it, through which a man could pass,
but were interrupted at this point. They
had continued their labors until•slx o'clock
inthe morning, whea the pergola openin
the house heard the noise, and going to the g
place, frightened - them .off. Later In the
day an examination of the, premises reveal
ed the plan of operations and the extent of
the work. Suspicions point strongly to
Certain parties as the guilty mese. and the
polleeareengaged In investigating the case.
A Delightful Affair,
The beautiful lecture room of the North
Avenue M. • E. Chinch, Allegheny, never
Presented's more brilliant or radiant ap
• .
peyote than at the opening of the Ladies'
Fair and Festival last evening. From the
opening of the. door until the closing. the
rooms wee filledtoorirtkiwirig wilt; throng,
of merry pleasure seekers, who seemed'
think it justthe place for enjoyment. The
handsome evergreen and now deeoret
tione, the cosy heaths, filled with articles
from nearly nasty - department' id the use
ful and or n amental, In fact the entire dis
play is In the highest Creditable to the good
taste and energy of theladies under Whose
management the'afilar is being carried on.
To-day dinner will be served , from twelve
to three o'clock in the afternoon, and sup
per from six to nine o'clock in the evening,
and se :.the most complete, arrangements
have been made in this line it cannot,fidl
to ePPeal• forcibly the• every
visitor: .
Tiumigh the kindness Ran; james
Graham; the Young Mena Christian, Amer
elation of, s l ieghe n 7, ha ve secured Hes
age Intiell; of Philadelphia.oriOcifotir
prominent legislators, to deliver a leeture
mnder i their 'artplodreiorraw evening,
in the First ''Christian' Chureh, (Rev. J.
Kings pastor,) corner of Montgomery ave.
MO and Beaver etreet, Allegheny. The
gentle Man his chosen for his iheme ' 4, One
Flag and one Government for tho ' North
American: Continent.". , : : The . .leotnre; has
been delivered in other cities with great
acceptability to, the hearers,and .those who
attend tel.Morro* evening' iney'espect
eUtertainMeUt of ordinary
Alleged ,Robbery.-
Oliver M'fituate *Ude inforniition'befbie
Instiee atmmon, yesterday, charging'Chan.
uOyeillo4 Wm.,Bfetisick with robberT. .It
le 'alleged that the' accused'. entered 'the
house of the pro) oetttOr Monday nigilt and
abstracted therefrom one hundred, arid
thirty dollars and twenty nine cents, in
gold and Silver, a pair of gold sleeve
tons and it gold , watch chain.
The same prosecutor, . at.- the ' same time
and place, m,O
remade information - the
same . defendants with stealing Quickens
from him. Messick was arrested and held
forithearThlli 4P4 Pik claPerP are in search
of meyer. • •
Allman - leMae'
ITEw Orans. Hotnsite-The ktiditorium
and Oldies of the Dpera House were well
occupied last, night by nne-nf 'the bulged
moisrlaudiences and e of the sea
son, a just compliment to the first actor on
the American boards, Edwin Booth, in Bnl
wer's exceedingly interesting - historical
play Of Riehellen: Thennifty',deal going Car
clind perhaps never:before:au interpreted
in a mote masterly Planner, and the audi
ence gave frequent attesting evidence of
the high appreciation in which they held
the actor. In the fourth: act, where the
Cardinal defies the pmeris of France to lay
hand On Julie de Mauprat while she was
isurrounded by the awful imagery circle
of the Church of Rome, the power of Booth
"dashed forth to, electrify, this audience and
send a thtill through the veins of every
one preaftt. He- was ably : supported
throughout, the 'members' of the excellent
stock tom . ny:vieing with each ether in
the artists ~ manner of their renditions.
We were not particularly pleased' with
Miss Mc' cher, though a charming and
spirited a‘„ :. ii. Had our' home favorite,
Rigs I •_,.,„,beeti cast for She *tensing
part of J . e, we are sure that ranch mire
force would have a biien given the character.
None Will gainsay blis s' lifolirickeeilW
and ability in most of the roles she as
etimeit,Siut she fails to put enough feeling' .
or to render with any- conspicuous brit-
Benet tlf ' faithful,"*ting and • oonstakit
Julie.., evening_ IlairdSt will pO-.
deiced' an It' iain'this character that Mr.
Booth A es 'as the bright particular dra
matic s o f the ere. The box sheet will
remain o n all day for the;purpose of af
fording oppertnnity to those desiring , to -
seems mats. i c .
.;On Christmas and fiathrday afteriMoni
rand• • fashionable.' Booth matinees will be
Prrrenuana Tanaime—The : efforts. of
Mr. Williams, manager of the Pittsburgh
Theatre, to 'establish' a first - dead 'varieties
exhibition , at • that-* establishment, have ,
proven enliaently subcessitd and be ie :re 7
celving the ,petronage which enterprise ,'
such eukhes has evinced justly melte:, Eli
company is a mostexcellent ones and 'the - , i
eihibitions highly entertaining. • .' ..
Tilt luruxitsa Bo:.-This excellent en. •
tertainmenti;of ,vrhioh we havw.previouttly
spoken at length, is. increasing in favor
with our citizens, and is patronised by a
Clltlii . i of 'persons not, in the habit of 'attend
ing- eimusedierds, as welles by the lovers
of thedrama. The Academy of hiustc.wds
crowdedlast night, and a large nambiir of ,
mists have beanaold for the entertainment
to-night. - An 'additional attraction. will
be introduced this evening, in the accom
plished and pleasing vocalist, MlsaLizsie 1
11000, who, at the argent request,'of the 1
Managers, has kindly consented to add - to
the pleasures of the occasion by singint
the Saber Song, from the ioGrandDuchess,
and "Who will save the Left,"; a spirited
military wig. Miss Mooney's powers as a ,
vocalist are well known and fully apprectitql
ted, and we doubt not will add 'materially 1
Id ttiti already excellent entertainment. .
hirrarraxis.—The lcivers of genuine wit
and: humor have now an opportunity of '
gratifyingthemselves to the fullest extent'
at Plasmic Hal), where the eelebrated Bev
erly Minstrels are now perfonning. This
troupe is one qf the beet now traveling
and embraces some of the brightest. talent
in the prefession. Patten 11 and Reynolds,
end mem, are' nnap reachable, as deftness
.Uira of negro r, and Monsieur Gus.
tave Bedanit -is one of the most , phrasing
billid singers of the age. !, . , . • ,
Tsai' irr i n)oo Exatatirori.—Rev: Goi..
don's Ehtdoci Exhibition wlllte•repeated
this *swift. 111 the Sixth U. P. church,
corner of Franklin and Chartists!. street!,
Allegheny. This is the , second_ time it has
been given in this - church; which' Is sat
dent evideaceef its popularity. The doom
will be thriwilopetrat seven' o'clock, ex
hibition to commence at half past seven.
Tickets of admission twenty-five cents.
Ammar 'or latain-did. Hartz, the great
magician and illusionist, will give three of
his excellent and inimitable entertain
ments at the Academy of. Music, corn
mendne Monday night, the 28:h instant.
The entertainments will occupy over two
hours each evening, during , which he will
intrddiscasome of the most 'wonderful and
astonlading tricks ever attempted. ..
Museum. ,The educated pig, which is at
present attracting such crowds of visitors
to Burnell's Museum. at Franklialiall, is
really a curiosity, but not the only one at
this establishment:
Sr. BRIDGET'S FAIR, at . 1 St. Bilet's
-Church, in the Eleventh ward, is s till in
wogr_ess, and is being largely patronized.
. lt will, be continued until a ft er the holidays
me I
"Music is a Creature of the stlites,tt
Was the exclaMation of one whom we
haVe sometimes thought must have • had
the rare privilege of visiting One- of those
emporiums where the spirit which breathed
for the lyre of Orpheus sits enthroned, and
of which the mammoth musical establish
mentof Charlotte Blume, No 43 Fifth
avenue, isle pop
ular and well kriown -
Airs. Blume's emperium' consists of the
store, at the designated _number, and three
other large rooms which commence over
it and extend to Wood street, fully i one hun
dred feet long. with a corresponding depth.
They are divided into an elegantly fur,
niched reception parlor and several smaller
rooms, all filled with pianos, organs melo
deons and . musical instruments, of
the best manufacture: Among the
pianos the Knabe is noticeable for its sweet
tone, -and evidences of. I
durability in its
construction. Xt will bemehibeted per
hAps that the Committee appointed at the
opening of the Pittsbdigh Female Semin
ary, this year, after having inspected other
pianos, decided In favor of the Kush.),
which resulted, In' the ordering °leaven for
that' Institution.- si •
The Raines Brothers' Pianos have also a
`high reputatiori among first class Pianos,
and have heretofore always sustained their
Prince & Co.'s Melodeons and Parlor
Organs, containing the tremolo attachment
'and all; the' Modern improvements, has
gained all; :
favor that over forty-three
thousand are now in use. - -
• In addition to these instruments, of which
she has exclusive control in Pittsburgh, a
large assortment of miscellaneous musical
goods and smaller instruments can be pur
chased at the eetablishment.
- Practical G il ts.
. . ,
A handsome sofa, a dressing bureau, a
divan an elegant tete.ii-tete;or an easlux- .
uribus drawing chair', a comfortable nursing
Cradle, origin 4a, chairs, children's plain and ,
fancy attire, 8: finely finished work table,
a pateht rocking cradle or any other selec
tion made from the large, and magnificent
stock of furniture at the old, established
and popular furniture - house of Lemon (It
Weise, - No. 118 s ponrth , avenue;, would
prove specially acceptable to most Der-
Naafi': Christmas pretient: , ' The holiday
assortment 'of superior furniture spread
out by this house will win :favor from all
visitors` and , no trouble can be experienced
in making choices. The •-firm enj oy' high
reputation in theirbusirouct , and deal hon.
orably and fairly With 1 all customers, -sell
ing good articles at moat reasonable prices.
We cordially- invite our 'readers to pay, a
call aLthiseitabliahment in their' holiday
yrevir.'illoorliend, No. 81•Iliarket street,
*flowing the demand.which would Spring
up. ftir !articles in , his lino Of helmet's 'during
the holidays, determined not to he behind
his find took measures to sup
ply, himself before the rush would com
mence. +4115 establishment , now, fromnoel
lar to gairet, is filled' with articles fancy,
useful and ornamental in endless profits
lon. aril , of which would make a beautiful
and appropriate Christmas or New Year
gift to a frierid. Purchaserm can , have , no
difficulty in Malang Iselectionpubleas,
deed, they become' bewilderedAwith the
rich _and .magtdficerd, display watch" will
be afforded theuchy' a Vitt to the PiacO•
Peptilar*holesate and ifibril louse Of
Wm., Malang, lie. 135 Weed Street.
MT. ; William- Fleming, who in a large
measure leads the Sir trade of these parts,
has just issued from his popular , emporium
. a
btinetin of prices which must prove a
matter of convenience and information to
our readers. The house has on hand ' s `
large, magnificent and judiciously Assorted- ,
stock of fins, which for variety, beauty and
excellence can no where else be surpassed,
if approached: All the styles are conspicu
ously shown in the commodious salesrooms
of the magnificent building occupied by
Mf. Fleming,, and the visitor will also find
all the.arious grades, colors and qualities
known .to furriers. sets, neat, •rich and
ccinsfortable .range in price at from five to
two hundred dollars: There are a few
points in the business system of this great
establishment that comtniend it in strong
terms to the confidence of the reader and
accounts for the great share of patr onage
that is directed towards it at
fly all seasons of.
the.year: These may be -brie stated:
I.. Largo and numerous sales, with small
Profits are ; preferable to few and mull wiles
at exorbitant prices. • '
All goods ese'werranted. No cleric' is
permitted under any consideration -to make.
false representations In order , to sell goods.
This inle inspires all purchasers with con.
fidence and enables the hours3 . lo NOWT' a •
high and enviable rputation fbrhonorable
deatirt-"11,,,-;, . ‘ Lr
3,, Tfia itit,mitagess: procured - hY, the Pre'
prieter through his large plaschases are
shared. With ,b e Patrons ,affording them'
opportunity 10) t 0,2,5 per cent.
on all the nuitrey;_they Jetrfe. ,xlt4.bis
house. ,
The stook is riever3Permitted tO,IIIII
down s barb always kept tip to the outside
reiptirements of the:'wholesale and retail
Christmas Presenta.,
As theholidays approach; the.'manY.
tablisltments in the city which deal in holi
day goods, display their 'bostly - wares an d ,
tinseled toys in show show cases,
on, the counters; shelves, and every plade
else where they-are 111* to attract the at-.
tention of purchasers. } ,Many places the
displays are rieh, :elegant and nttractive,
the goods being of s superior qtality and ,
appropriate to the season; Inciteating the
good taste of the dealers while in others'
they are of a decidedly - inferior character.
At no establishment in the city can 'be
found a better stook of goods than at the
drug store of ,Messrs. Burns it Clatigby, cor
ner of Penn and Sixth . (late. Ist. Clair) .
streets. .It is:jurathe place , te„ Jo Purl
chase , an appropriate Christmas, preempt.
The largest : , assortment , of. the , finest pep
fame rite ar there displaYed, as are tdso
an endless variety Orton% senti‘' boxes,
cologne seta, and in fact everSt ielni
elte to the completio n of a ladyVto et: 9
For the Holidays. -
' The Only place to get good, reliable
ing at No. 18 St. Clair; street.
Look at the quotations:_, A good strong.
overcoat at 55; a - WW I, Warr oat lit $7,50.
a Union Beaver at 110; Chinchilla , overcoats,
all colors,' at 112; blue and' black Pilot . at
$l5; fine dress,. custbni-made, of * the best,
at $lB to 125; business suits at 111% fine
dress suits at flda to 42% . "working pants
11,75 to w 2,54 short double breasted.. Ohin-.
&ilia sacks at. 11124). the .new style abort
frocks, fine boys 'ignite it 16; boys over
coats at 13,50 to 17,50; cmisinferepants and
vest at IMO; all styles fines black --doeskin
pants also, fine stock , of cloths and
casslmeres to make to order cheap. give
3lr. Tobiaa cali •
. he is 'very,obliging, and
don't fall 1 0 find the popular Big No. 13
St. Clair street. The store has two doors. ,t
The onlitutead Front? + •
In Allegheny, la winning golden opiniorm
trona? all'good housekeepers for the variety,
quality and cheapness of the.articles , which
axe there - kept for sale. The enterprising
.proprietor, Mr.• Henderson { gorge; seems
to understand exactly what is needed in a
first class family mew. and managits his
business according to that knowledge,
which is the result of his success and the
cause 'of the popularity of his establisli
ment. For the holidays he las s laid in a
new supply of groceries and verything
else in his line 'and offers themat prices of
which former sales are recriterion. The
store is located •at No. 1844 Federal street,
All a few doom above the Diamond.
Purchasers of grooeries should not forget
the place.
Heal Astrachan fluvial and Muffs—
Bates dr. BelL
Te the Public—lt Is 'n matter of public
interest to bade a Stet class din ing saloon
in the city, and to have such an establish
inent it is necessary to haVe a man at the
head Of it who understands - his business,
and who at the same time takes pride in
attending to the wants of his customers.
All these very essential qualities are pos
sessed by our worthy,,telerKl.W.' Boltz
heimer, proprietor of the . Continental Tan-
Aug Saloon Fifth'Avenue, next decir to the,
Postoffice. His establishment is kept in
the most approved style, and Is the great
• onable dining resort of
Fora--Bates & Bell have. opened a new
"Let There Be Llght.oi--In obedience to
this great command, thw sun moon and
stars were created, as also ; all the suli=
field lights, the principal among , which , are
gas and kerosene, and in order .thato the
latter May be used to r advantage - as illitrid
nators, Weldon & Kelly, plumbers and gas
fitters, corner of Wood street and Virgin
alley, offer for sale a large and very fide
aseortmentof chandelier, for oil lamp and
gas, arid gas fixtures of every dwscription.
- -
Paisley Shawls. an' uncuniel assortment=
Bates & Bell.
Chapped- Hands, nlOO and all , roughness
of the skin, certainly cured 'Caswell by using
g he
Juniper Tdr Soap, made by , ar,
ard & Co., New York. It surpasses all
other remedies as it will prevent ronghness
of the. skin if used durlng cold weather.
It is easily applied, avoiding. all trouble
of. the greasy compounds now in Übe. It
can be used by ladies with, the most tender
skin, without . irritation or ,pahi, making it
soft and clear. Sold by the druggists wT gen.
erslly . ; -
Casdmerer ILO Clottus, full stook Bates
Illoltzboimerts Continental Billow; Fifth
avenue, neat"door 'te - the'Postollice, is the
resort of epicures., Thar, is no piano in she
city where the wants• of the inner man are
so well and amply provided for as at this
estabilshnient. His 3 tables are well sup.
plied with the choicest , game, the market
affords, and the oysters are
quality and are served up in the very best
wannerc • , -,, - . - :
.• Dress Coods;we have a fine assortment
which we offersery cheap—Dates tic 8e11.,,
• Is, ToY4-This evening, at half-Psai
seve 'o'clock at the Opera House Auction
Roo s, we wi ll sell a large consignment of
toys, "liftable for Chrisuntut Prfutents,,,,thlph
will be sold without regard to cost. ..-
' •• 1
T. Fulmars Auctioneer .
French Corsets, at $l, examine our as
aortinent—aates . .
Miele or Asthmaim..Those -who suffer
from this distressing complaint, are re
minded of Whitooinbie Remedy. id.w.v.
Standard makes of lipids at low prl
ces--Batea'dc Bell.
The dingerl WY/hi& travellers iire 410 '
posed are almost innUnierible, andat:thin
season of the, year are liniely Incred d- '
in consequence of the liability to accidents
on the railroad, causedfrequently by bro. \
ken' rails, land slides, snow drift s and a..
hundred, other causes of which we have
neither time nor space to speak in this
article, as we desire in it more especially
to inform our readers how they may guard
against many of these dangers. The great
est danger to which travellers are exposed;
while traipling on railroads is that
of being uddenly shipped to another
world, and, the only safeguard against this ; ;
is to travel in some other way than by rail,
or if it is ally necessary to travel by rail. —
road, go o foot and tie. careftd in mesh* .
bridges a n trestle work. The next
ea ten. .
(larger is hat of having one's trunk or ys.
lisebrirst d or broken open by , accident-or.
otherwise, and the'contents, no matter luny '
valuable to the owner. scattered 46. the
, sfour Winds' , and exposed to' the Ytdrgar • ,
gaa r Of a carious pub li c. : To avoid this wa
kn of but one remedy , and that is for an
p ns whO contemplate travelling, either
by refl. river or.foot, to go to Joseph Leib:.
lea's, lio. 104 Wood street. and 'purchase a
trunk or ' Valise. His - stock Is one of the --
. largest ant
d most sn most cpmplete, and his goOde,
ai g
thebOtostro#la l totic found In '.
the city.'
1234 cents for gt•cd_l3leactiod . as)d;i2rl4.:
bleached itlualbie--liates dr. BaiL
It his matter of importance to the,,iniblic: 1
to know that ColenerJ. 1::‘ , Atm, 4l Siath ,
avenue, near staithield slieeti:gah one " of
the '19:10t ttivi",,besti. seiedea'::isitidai 0. 1 ., 1
Books to lie Aramd in the city ,
,_, ~. emnio ll eili
all the i liatest publications , m .Text.: Books ' ,
Novebt,,Gilt Hooke, etc. Ete has juot -re, 1
ceivedlarge and, well, iieloetell stock of. 1
Holiday Goods, comprising:: Books ..fur.
e N:,
Cbristmu resents, which:Mut , be eeldel
the most : r reasonable teriiiti:' , A fine etock tif:
Stationer including every,tirietyUUPa.
per end velepea. will alio' e fo i* 1
i i
dais *ell nducted establiehm h und ent. "' -
Its & Bell call attention to the'reig
stoc of Mugline, Bleachad Y
biea ed, which , they offer. at_extrensely: 1.1
±PO Yon Know that Cree itOtbers,26Flith 1
aVenne, have Marked downtheir * ~rHole
stock, and offering . bargains !Or .1
days? Embroideid Randlietsilkells
Ladies . oil Linen' ffirsikercideftiSti , Rest
Lace Collars 50,centsiworthi1tb $1,50.2f0r
Striped Ribbon, Knit - Shawls, Lamb . .. Lined
Kid. Gloves, Stockingsworthli;PrAnentas
Bows, Scarfs and Fancy GOOds..They mean
it, when they 3W...the/ ilre sOnntr )o4lB .
Closidng. *lll open ' this
week a good alsorttnent at. 10 e
Bates & •
Keriwood Boarding School for itoye.—,
Four Arresuides on January Oth, . Appl7
Rev; J. r. Taylors RewitrlOteb; Pa. - 2w•
'.American; Sliks--eates & have re 7
reived an assortment. . • "
The pbeirs tt. get White Lune, (leldhed
Plaster, H94raullo43enient. is at Bolter 42
E7alllcey'si street. . • .
• , ,
lilfawls and deake—A fins usartinent;
Banikei Ben t • . ,
Tim:ember Sibti 4,:5.31•
pvcoo4l' r• sawslr, a1ei414377
elghtyras. - - •
The.fluuszalwilltalie placation' her Istefeeldischt•
coma Peiui street. (Drawly 4/remit*, P.13"3",)
and,rortyl-second street.on7iirrre2BoATno,..-,-
&LID o'clock. The frissidant fig faral.tyllarclPenk
fully Inylted'to attend. •,.• -•' - • ..- , •
M Sitri.l7.. * -On Tuesday morni ng.December - 2 2 d.
at 10 o'clock. P.O. JAMEs J. MA WEIN. of Georger
h. Morris Lodge. No. 1131. I, Ips of O. F., P,,D. , 11.
G. M. of Allegheny county. ,
'round at his late residence, Soho, ob. Tullltar ,
DAT, December 24th, at - 1.:30 z. 2., to proceed to. '
. .
Allegheniteinetery: ;- • • • • •
BLACK—At Canonsburg, Pa.. December 512 d, at
2 , A. .2.; Mr. JOH N ,K. BLACK. • . ,
.. . _
Patter* on •cinntanAr. 94th lust.. at 11 A. 2. -, -,
FLINN.—AItiItY ANN; child, of John and the
Isle 'Mari 'Aim Flinn; aged 3 years; ? m onths ant
-913 days.,-... ~ . , %.• _ • •
~ ,-, _
Funeral from the narentecesidence, Locust street.
head of Magee street, . on 'TatritenAi,; December
.. ,
240 i, at 10 A. is. • . 1 .
YOUtrraSTRILICT._ Pittsburgh.' Ps. '
ratoritHMANCIRMISS, (mows, and ar.
ery de whin- at , ?Deem tharalshbig Goods hr.
Dished, aomii open asy . and night. Hearse ang
• Bassannuse—lter.•David • Herr. D D.. Her.liti-11.
Cj ili daptise p. D.. Thomas Hying, Zan" Jaeo.
• .
gIILIBLIeri iiiiilEnWalirrit*t.
TAKE= AND LIVERY ' wend of
Alli cw r City: yawn their, OalrM,ll.oo3is,are
eon v tja a n 'filled with real and imitation Boa&
w ' y and Walnut Coffins, at :stoat sr
fling ltons iq MO.* ; Beans prepared for MUM:
ment. Reuses and Card , axes , i'mnletted_Lalso , :lala
idnds et Nonrolnireooda - Or remand. "umce oPeze
st all honts. day an ht ; .-_____L L •_. - .__- _-'-4-------
'OBEYS- Ale.- tIODNEVi.• ORDER* • I,
max, Aueguesi, stip* censtaptly on band a. :. 1
lassortinent Or ready-wide CeMbi !er tise ltd. -. I
w a! kieds_LlfirstO lbw eelel"fitrid Awsricark Be,
sl saes, !Metallic iftlf-s Alr-tiOt ' Cue!
nd Caskets,' tad Bosewoodi' a 'at and Mwewoosw.- .
agitation , Conists...:WpOut !Cala* Item Mittro ap. , ,,•'!
=is:: _Rosewood Imitation Cotatui ' from 415.aP,.. "--
! and no •pain • will !be 'swatter - atm mum -
aatistaidion.,: Crape ikkd . Wove' Mr;tislied ~ fretted
&arse. Best Hearses and Carrisaws - tarnished on .!!:
abort notioe.! Carriages famished - Up Cu:Lards , 14 1.
Gr i r "
, ..1 ~
Iva BA -up By • -
'; 'Si "W U . 1511 4 1/1 T • '
japroit-a. alum, - •
311{11,011ANT TAILOR. ,
C9o#ofPo* lll 4StiCialrS tree t a t g.
Hu new to dock GOO 14 timasitest aadmast vino
Winter s etOode
OVerbroluLd. to City , Sts stook 021:
Abe Men 1 • 3 4 411 =ARP gliab,manntocturesof
C/44114!***PBS safrovnactiefitiaik
Also. sftn fine of Genttilliaratotaltur Goods..
Nisw?Ctios:-. - ‘: NEW ,
=-: T 1& is4iimalimutedix t _......._,A1
701iA: STYLIsn DIVICSB . COAmi T . -.., •e 1;,.•
.. r ; ,; •
bpsll w u mxirci'ebia,:z .--...,- '
i -, 48141 ITYSiett PAIs OF PANT O ,; • , : l
~ sos A STYLI:BEIM= OP ,51.4. •---: I
Tor ell the litist eillegott clothes. suede at S e i gasi _
material. and IT BriVelase seams, and at : .
surlessly low, fie to
. Utes rll known !!• :,,,,•:,:,.
-, .• , • •.'- WA • ", -
;•! -- 1 lid -iso:ST' CLAIR trazwr; n o w sitgati,,,
itios.4;)tiits; 3tr• . a.. • `.3t. e.
p001,&TID themselves togetheilbr'the,
P-RACt/C;OV . _
_tape, No 39 9TOOSTON A.lifrt4M Allite* Ma: ,DAbik..34, l) ,