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Third and Sixth Pape Cotninereial; Fi
nancial, Mercantile and _River News, lin
inrrtti, Markets. Eleventh page: .Leiter from
Bteubeenvitie, " •
GOLD closed in New York yesterday
at 1841. ' •
THE Semite &wits the piopinition to
commit the direction of our Indian affairs to
n new department, to be , specially. created.
TEE latest news .froin -ths 'seat of war
gives the impression that the whisky ring
have capituna an iniestigating committee.
Commune has adjourned to January sth.
and other important measures will be ma
tured, ready for its immediate action.
Tire, Western toWers of . Europe will not
stiffer Greece and Turkey to drift? or to be
drifted. into war, if it can be, prevented by
their friendli but earnest intervention.
Dens sends to 'us her present War
Secretary, who was fonnerly her Minister
at Washington; to urge the Completion of
Mr. f3nwatu'alittle' bargain for her West
Indian Islands. /
Thie condition of 'affairs, political and
teals], in the Southwestern States, ie'to be
investigated, by the order of Gen. (buns.
A member`of his staffls already on his way
to that region,' to examine thn eitnatiOn.
haiRESTI7G intelligence. from PanWaY
linear at hand. One small fleet cone
up the river, and the "next::'dispatches sic
likely to announce not only th , arrival at
..tatiticicin, but . the'reply on, s Pzi ihe
reelamations which our -new • sier will
Taxastfxr swzrairacs,' great • d turiall;
_seem to be the' order of the day. The cus
toms are evaded tJy. impor_ter% :4 gtecolr ;
nivance of officials is more than flspected.
'The Internal taxes are defied, and here
again, the complicity of the public servants
is not even clenicd. The Treesuryils robbed
on all hands, the Proofs of which multiply
daily; 'and will., tatilti`piy still more as
March draws near.
Pnoncemv on the 4th of nextlfarch, the
Gu.s.wr Administrition will take hp the un
finished business on the Executive table.
The Alabama business with England, dud
with D mark will
c. ,
the St. Thomas business
be thecmain • questions ahroad; at gme, the
- whisky ring, the Indian questio and the
unregenerate rebels at the South. The In
dications now are that the President and
hisSegretary of State will leave work
enough unfinished to occupy the new goy
iiiiment for several months. ' " '
i Tnn Ku../Txua, organization has not been
disbanded in Tennessee. It is understoed
to be kept up, and in a condition more per
fect than before, for the purpoie of irinno
ting the toeal asphitions of :A=64 Yekti..
ion,' rieit year. He will engage In thevol
itlca of that , State, , immediately: aped his
retirement from the Presidency,- becoming
a candidate either' for llovernor , or U. •El„
Senator, and . the Ku.Klax Ale. ta* Ids eflt
dent supporters. Mr. Jonaeox
phicently remembers that he was never yet
beaten ass popular • candidate`ln that State,
and, therefore,,regarde the situation, as Ant i .
4.1;q17 too promlsing to be negleete4l., Atul
the may prove a formldable candldate,sspe
eildli since idi Mends seem to know him,
even If he does not know his Mends ''.
Legislature of Ohio has made it oh.-
iigaterY alkin every banker and. !"ker .
that State to stamp or mark every 'counter
feit, worthless, broken or alteM banknote
which,May come into , his possession, be
Shall forfeit and pay 'nor exceeding one
hundred dollars or less than fiftydolla rs far
every, such offence. ~,
,This is a.wise law, and . : its adaption,ia
this m
State would save merchants and ; tradeer
men vast Auxis annually. The dead logs
counterfeit Money to' - donsclentlaiul dealere
is an enormous item 14 the profit and , loes
account : where the *mi n i s s transa ction ere.
i l esvir. There are many perions who think
it 110 144491Pu11i out bad oPrPY` *
; A lia *
rotating, satisfying their coma:lances that
they received It , for good and do not commit
any greviopt,4lWigietnat their' neighbor
by passing it around. As a general thing,
howeyer, ho poor sad, are the eat.
fersuilnth,P l 4, As' a<<aounterfelt )414-IP4
with 'thet4 - )* lll :P4 3 4llint l 7 abide ''orttli
the ress i o tbei ng ti#their money
aqt,!tttinizedi carefully , before It : 'YAP be 're'
calved and ita character detected. If air .
knowing money handlers ,in banks and
brokereofficee would , '' Stamp "worthless"
every one of the thousand spurious.notes
which thei daily throw out of the deposi
tors' collections of money; they would con
fer a great favor on the public at large by
forcing out of monetary, cluumeb3
tions of money not worth the paper printed
upon:. Ohi& has sets good eiimple, and it
would be well for our Legislature to adopt
&similar law for the protection of the peo
ple of Pennsylvania. . •
- • •
Gov.'B2lkm:dr opened the politi
cal campaign conneotionti it* Opring,
with a nietmllin which he r declared that 'lt
would coat more then 4154:1,000 k 0c9 this yeat.
to maintain an army to keel ) . Alie
autileMion," * the Democratic thpught
it very' unkind .tinti weshould I denotimxt
this assertion sa e, Mellessly.false one. And,
Oroughont the centrals thistasteannt, front
their distinguished iendii;was reiterated ity
the, otatote and journalists of Par PartY.
Now, that the , election i 4 term', it leading
Democratic 'tiger; the lie!! York Tro'rti,
finds itself 'able to be more 'cilia In the lir
1 14ns and .motes the qingielPecldt of the
lraftteTiaitirtent; ehowing, . upon the st
thority of the Secretary IMlliself, that
The military 'expeidltiiielf.ifrimi July 1,
1888,-to:June 80, I 1888, a , period of three
years, Were -about $2 0 5,W101); of *dab it
is believed that, as near as can be ascer
tained without long and tedious investiga
tion; nearly 8100000,000 were on account of
liabilities incurred during .the
leaving 1195,000" as the outlay for the
current 'expenses during the time named—
= average of 1165,000,000 per annum.
This whole matter—what ,the osudidate
said—how near he came the. Paste-:are
Worth the remembrance now, of those parg
zans who have preferred always to believe
the worst that could be imputed to a R,epub
limn Congress.
, •
It is objected that, as Georgia hasperfect
ed her title to be reinstated , in stric t accord
ance with the terms preseribed:by Conrail,
there impalas no better right, to deny to her
the Complete enjOiment" of 'her Federal re
-011044 than ,there would be to exclude
Ohio or Maryland for any arbitrary reasons.
As wig, the canehision in this camwoulff
be right lithe praises were true—which
theiate not. Georgia luta not' perfected har
claim'to re-instatement, abs herself tote the
judge. - - Has she ratified the XiVth Amend-
Meat ? And how? When her first 'Legis
lature was convened, under the newConsti
tution,,theArnendenrit was ratified-in that
body vote, but the majority, in
both branches, for that : ratification was
made a majority by the colored members.
And, thereupon, our House' Of. Represents
tives, regarding the condithihs as fulfilled,
admitted a part of the 'deo l igia delegation
to their seats. Mark, then; the treachery of
the rebel faith; and , fhe. blindness - of
the rebel ' blanderl 2 _ Oveiloeking the fact
that, their Senators had not' yet been ad
raided In the, other body,the rebels, think
ing the game in their.own hands, forth
with expelled every, colored member from
either branch of 'the State legislature, as
having no constitutional right of member
ship. The_ relight were then blind to the
logical rein* of this act, , but they know bet
tear, hoti, anti .would , r estore the expelled
regrow if it ,were possible.- For they. see,
as Congress' seial that this`expulsion bras
Uttallitaillt to a leinidietioni the
record, of the act of ' :width
must falf with the illegal„votes : which. en
acted , And - they learn, too, that,', what
°vet nice 'lttfsa° 6 loo,YbO Wok as to the
right- of legislative;.bodies to control the
questioh qhmifications among 'their
own, Members; it' is not. 'compatible
with the puiposes of either &ingress ..or
the Republican people , of thelforthi to suf
fer any viestions, of that or any other
sort, to disturb the finality of that
adjustment Which reconstruction intends:
Georgia must place herself upon ground
which admits of neither denial nor thiubt.
Her compliance with the terms heretofore
prescribedmust be absolutely free from , the
remotest hazard of a later repudiation.
Whatever estimate the people of Georgia
may placeupon their Federal relationa l the
XlVth Ai nendment is of quite equal conse
quence to all the people of theNnion...
cannot afford to recOgnize any doubt to
the validity of its adoption, and, if Georgia
sees - fit tolltiete 'sick a question, Congress
has no alternative, bat must deal with it
anel with ' her ' accordirigly. Communities
have no better right than individuals to
profit by,their own bad faith, and Georgia
has that lessohto
The 'gigantic ` speculations' ln wkach the
present nuudgers of &ell& Railway have
engaged, alarm their_rivek of the New
York Central line. 'lt is understoo d
r that
the latter have: formed powerful e. - omblna.
don to notect themselves against thelefor
midable' In the rrieandme, Metrical
of = ; oar own Breat Trunk line ard
turning the situation to their own proat.
Whet progress Alley tune made , is . *better
judged of from one feet, which looms up ,
alreadt with 'great` prominence titbit`, 'the
Tbisoriz: that the penosylva
the' Central line, is, at this , nioment,
only neer' the four leading Trunk; Muhl,
w hi c h his jpetirely accomplished -a cori
ioudisted connection through f rom th e g ei .
board to-thetilissistdppl . and to Chittage.
'What .the other line" have aimed . ati'and
have foiyean • Striven, ,
se , far inettecttudlY,
to seearklumkbecn t ins _ fact achieved by ibis
one alone. Tact" pun and opportunity
hwtil bete bad Oita() the most of, whereby
the lieriiis'yliala Ceiltral and its associate
C°Mt'i nt ri 4trikb .2s._
theiriivaliricre.idiplomatiskiii; now hold
M their lutaithijkolld nalities Of the prize.
NO:better Occaidn'thibrthe *taint tfie t i
offer' -to tis i fu We'
andrientdlitlrntionwhieh putilW..po494
compuison with Its Northern rivelerSetke
thre e:. C s2 TPC9 lt th is 1441*-te the
*JO 'One whi l eitisi , mit hasinor bunt .109T,0.
the susildiai ,beirigiontreikoikAttii
terestil9fol o 94ll o ßdsrivratkatthith tip; stisei ;
holden. Paldie scandal, linty ,wl4. th•
wasaliguaim atianixd,r.&, - I - 23, 1868;
;t • -
name(and the intrigues of men prominent
in the cOntiol of Other
been heard to whisper a syllable of euchre
prowl • against the nuungement of :the
Pennsylvania Central Company. Theehlef
actors in the railway warn of I,lcntr, • 'fork
may be able, for ought we know, to com
fort theniselves 'with the knoWledite .that
they are free from deserving . the personal
hiPutations which Milt assail& thein,
there are other things than the virtue- of
woman in which It pays beat to be quite
above inispicion.
The solid 'succeas which our own Com
pany but seined has been undoubtedly pro
moted by the tuthesitating-confidence of the
public, "hared In by the letders of i WWesfemn
railway interests, in -the 'Peigonal Integrity
as much ea In the Intellectual capncity of its
prominent Managers. 'Honesty his not yet
come., to ,be ; altogether t negative element
either in Miblie, or private transactions, and
the PtcohttY of:the Ihdieldutreetont is likely
to prove, in the mighty competitions of
these railway COrperatiorid, a weight in the
scales as pbtently'dricisivelui was the sword
of Bnormis minuet Hemp gold. The,ad
vantage held in this - regard by the Pemusyl.
yenta Company is neither to be disputed nor
illePhtsged. ,It is simply , one of . - the secrets
of their success.,
•- - •
Magazine ',lterative of ip-day, occupi es
a high eminence eommed with whale did
in by gone years. Within a score of years
yonder,ful, chitirges lave taken niace„not
only 14-the character of the. matter, but is
the Imechanicar and general make up of the
xentbnentallein of sopho
moric, witten), especially found in maga
zinei for ladles;has given place to articles
from the Multi gifted; lamed and cultitrated
writers of , the age. ' Books' of great value
are now published ,from the.tproduct of
magailne literature. Each, depertment
prepared with. the greatest. care, and in
struction aid entertainment are harmoni
ously blendeiiin the 'different 'leading maga
zines. It is among the healthy slims, of this
progressive age, that znageztne literature,
and the - cheapened edition's of great stand
ard authors' In prose and poetry. are suli
stituted for, and are driving out of clients
tioit the, detestable j' yellow, covered," by
trash, which . Sliest to sorer the bind like
the'ficgs of Egfrpt 'in the days of Isloser.
With the return'of the new year, our• enter
prising publiihera have mapped out the
excellencies of their respective magazines.
No expenses is be 'spared to secure the
best yriters,-..end every department will be
filled with the articles of the highest merit.
Nearly- a gore °fleets ago "Harper's
Magazine" was projected on a grander scale
thin any that was' in existence. FromAie
outset it assumed a high position iniliterary
circles, and became at once , an acknowledg
powei in joinudhan: With the Progres
sive steps of the age it has kept pace, and
"it is cole of the wonders;of journidhon"r
its editorial management. The secret of its
popularity is the excellent variety of
ter each ninnbercontains. It has no rival and
occupies a field of beriquest by itself. The il
lustrated articles are of a superior Cluthieter,
and most generally on subjects occupying
th 7 altentrdis 'or the public mink TEC it'd
al articles, Papers on grave and in-
portent topics, are *kitten by the bestr•frif
tars, The monthly record of current events
are invaluable, and the Editor's Drawer is
poimbir, / ararising; 'instructive.' "Hiniier's
Weekly" is idsb conducted' with 'great
and is worthy of the title '"A Jour'nal
of Civilization." Its pictorial illustrations
are of a superior kind; infect everyfDepett=
mantis coniplete. The lateit grand - scheme
of this publishing house is "Harper's Ba
zaar,r and is the foremost Journal of Faah
ion in this country. During its first year,
jest closed, its circulation reached over one
hundred thousand a week It has no rival
worthy of mention.
The need of a Magazine like the' "Adm.
tic" had, long, been felt, and its advent,
about eleven years ago, was hailed with
mach satisfaction by those who had felt the
want of such a publication. ft at once be
came popular like "Harper's Monthly,"
though Unlike in many, respects, and from
different considerations., It took, high
ground, and each of the departmentadevoted
to "Literature, Science, Art and Politics,"
was sharply defined. Its held utterances on
the great political Immo of the day and
always in defence of the principles as ever
the bilismen of strength of the Republican
Party; has Constituted It an-authority of no
mean import: Besides maintaining theie
marked festrirea, .which have always beim
prominent, new, ones have been introduced
in which great practiCal finthe ate discussed,
and widely
,read. Many of these valuable
Montalto been put ht.'bookform. The
anarigements for the new year jtiat at hand
are upon a 'grand scale.:Among l the special
featurespromised, are bisterleal articlei, and
paperson Indindrial ,and Cominer
cial subjeits;Piol also on "Consumption."
Parini will alio lie - glint]) on" Co-operative
Housekeeping," Art , and Literature, be
sides the usual :departmenta heretofore so
. •
& Illuitrated Monthly
Magazine for. Boys and4Brhii" "Our-Young
Folks," edited by J. I T. Trowbridge and
Lucy Larcom, is without a rival for its ex
cellencies. It combines real insinuation . In
its entertaining articles, and the illustrations
are of , a ' superior •kind. Deilgtiett for the
young, it a,pmfttable stgdy far_men and
women. Among the valuable cheracteris
ski for the ienflBo39, are "Gardenfnic
Girls, l l4 , lldAi r eriffWetivi 061 4 's
on blograPideek subjeglec nnttire end out
door life, 4. ~T4.10A414 Set ff,l, the Tear
1848 maliellainintifal bound mohune for a
gilt these h oliday : ssee _its raiipslia, and
chatogiut yffludituthatik -ttemed, -
are set forth in fine style in book form.' It
- MUM 11,0'1thhe1y i.bittinlayi_gitt4,es Well
for the kolfdp,y,..s t easpii i oe 4 .zieztsear of
"Our YoineAilta" • r see ti Ye more
weigand i API APT VeYlefie
publish the peerless%OM *IMAM Re!
i‘ work of 'Oct& -Their
.. _
choice re a ding , from,Foreign Cur
rent Literiture. ` It is a capital weekly for
reading at the fireside, on railways and
steamboats. Trollop'i story, "He Knew
He ,Was Right," now appeasing, is excig
much interest. , • . . .
" Lippincott's Magazine ,'' started little
over a year age, by'that sterling hogs% IS.
Lippincott & Co., Philadelphia, grows bet
ter and better every numbet. The holidey,
number' for limitary, 1889, is the best one
that `has has . apOiled - yet. It:lia gem .o a.
monthly; =di l ls: printed inelegant sty le.
.Philadelphia they well beprond of thhinuig
seine. It his ; • feattuts unlike other nionth
llesi which are attracting much attention,
eut elle tends to make it paPl4ar r i Bede*
muid a de circulation }:: The high repute,.
tion - id by the publishers at outset,
.hue' bn
well maintained, and the thorough
it national tone of.• the ankles on nubile
questions ate greatly aihnfred. A striking
lodine of the magazine are• the able articles
on n 1261168, aid: practical views on educa
tion, nit 'and ; literature. "We are noi *-
prised to hear, that the project is a decided
Among the novizines, growing in floor
is "pours it Home," published by O. Scrib
ner' & Co., Hew York. it Is what it par
porte to he, a
_popular monthly of bate&
i tiori , and' reeleation •• sna is an excellent
mcithitly fel; the ismiy chat,. Itis &Voted
to the cultivation of thithighest literary ex
cellencies, excluding everything frivolous
and lacking *high moral tithe. The morel
,and religions; element is prominent, and
each number contains papers of this eh:me
tal enfused ;With the vital spirit of Chris
tianity. The PerPS of writers , are, among
the best in litelary circles, in Europe and in
f I
this country. - 1 It is gratifying to note' that
iticirculetionr steadily inereasing. •
•We ,, hailed s the re-appearance _of "Pat
nam's liagqine," from the fact , that it had
alweys been *favorite of ours, !ining taken
it from the beiiiiithng. Conducted ,with sig
nal ability in t i ts early days, We welcome('
again this ' i:c•grean" coveted monthly
with hearty greetings. Having had the op
portunity to examine carefhlly two , or three
numbers of biet year, we have ' had ample
evidence that l "Putnam" •of tosiay was
equal, if not better than in former years. It
commands the homage of "the beat thinds le
the country, 4d 'numbers a brilliant corps
of contributor!. We hope the conductors
are well supported, as this grand old maga
zinifia worthy) of :midi) circulation.
the IGalazy" , has been published
by Sheldon Apo . New York ,- it has enter
ed upon a newcareer, and is • now _exceed-
Inirly,populari The publishers are thaldng
liberal provision for the new year, and have
secured some of the most brilliant writers of
the day ; A new story is announced by
Charles Reade, author of "Foul Play,"
and one by Mrs. Edwards. Papers on spec
ialties are to be published by . Richard Grant
White, Dr. A: W. Hammond and others.
An elegant feature or the "Galaxy" Is its
elegant Pl'w4rationa. Notwithstanding the
appearance of nob new.projects 114 "Health
and Home," "Mayne Reid's" monthly and
others, the "Galaxy" and the other:month
lies, are not sparing , expense, lor effort, to
please the host of magazine readers.
We have alretuiv notice4.a number of gift
tiooks. R. 8: Davis, Wood street i 'has just
placed on:ott table Iwo,. elegant looks 'for
the holiday lessen. "Under. the Cross,"
published -bp Henry Hoyt, Boston, is a
beautiful piece of handl-work. The 'paper
is :9f t* yellow tint, with red line
border around the faultless , text, bound in
suniptnous style, and illustiated with exqui
site grace. ; The selections of poetry are of
excellenttaste, and celled from every source;
worthy to, be classed as "droppings of the
sanctuary." Rarely is there tobe found so
mantnenie together. The work is arranged
in two partflret "The Cross of our Lord
gems Christ and its Divine Power;" sec-
Ond. "The Cross of the Disciple audits Dis
cipline." its appropriateness as a gift, no
one can question, and those who are fa
vored with i 'e copy will be favored indeed.
"Miss Lille's Voyage Around the World,"
published try Roberts Brothers; Boston,
though widely different as to matter, is a
beautiful specimen of what
,can= be done for
theentertainment and instruction of young
_people. The work is translated from the
French, and contains forty-eight superb il
lustrations.' Hiss Lily was accompanied on
her voyage around the world by , th;ee per-
Reneges its bold and restlesi as nature lier
self. The fourney oT this imaginative quer
tetts will be read with 'a great zestby young
folks. The work is bound in beveled boards
covered with crimson cloth. It . is printed
from huge, !clear type on' fine white paper,
and is an elegant gift book . . ' •
. • •
Etater,l l, • Gaerrr.Tonna •Am. Agg.
Alabama 1 76,886 72,010.148,48
(e5t.)..... 8,0.0 .17.000. •57.0011 ,- •
131.11f0rnia.:y.1.... 54,622 64,403 . 108,870. :
OCOmeeticat• 60,841 47,61xr 98,241 88.01
Delaware. r 10.980 .13,603 16,927
(Electors chq.W3,l)g,Lmlalstare._)_:
Georgia. az•m4 MIIZI 160,926
ls 250 , 2313 ne,ita 449 436 .848.226
Indiana 176,6831 188,980 • 346.821 "
1 13 39 6 6
120,01 z• 74,010 194,439 138 691
Kansas .... ,31,040 '34,019 43,038 19,182
NON 115,889
. 165,456 92,017
.. .. V 5.2133 80,7 Z 113 488,
Maryland :
4.r...4512. -100;118
Maryland 10,4281 62,851 92,795 72.892
Massactiosetts.,... . 136,477, 59,401 195.885 175;481
Michigan 128,550 97.069 125 619 169,125
Minnesota. " ' UM: 23,072 ' 71,614 .. 42,928,
mlroitsupplao roe t
Dimmer) , (est n
:) 00) ' 63,500 148,000 183,303
Nebraska • 9 779 „ 5,498 15,188 .-...
Nevada (est.) ' 10,0:41 - 8,600 18.60016,424
Gewasmoehire.,„ 36.191 31,274 - „69,4115 f '149483
New ,
80:121 • 83,401 163,121`/128,747
New York .419,883 - 429 883 849,7193 • 780,721
North Cerellue...., 96,721 e 4,090 'tempt
Ohior . .. NUM ' 218,7110 `,518,878 470.712
Oregon (e5t.').."..:. 10.900 11,000 21.91:0 15,345
Pennsylvania ' 342, 230 wawa ea saa 672,767
Epode.. bland , 12,993 • 6.648 511 22,163
Beata .82,801 45.237 107.688Tennesfee . e!sf.t.% • ,{41,588 ' 26,571 , ._61.0165 -_
Vermont. ..0 -',.44,161* , .12,015 e; 65,711 .41.740
Virginia (00 rote.).__ •
West Virgliale..,.. 22,052 . Amt. 49,811•, , 101,690
... lOl 867 . 84,710 198,567 149 841
-- — 7 —
Tetah4qtthtokito slums map, .404.789
Grant's wi t h. ma wt. /Ancolces *Q. In 'O% lll
'Bad the :three unreconetzneted States
voted, and had not the States of New York,
Nerw Jew% GeorOs • and „Losisispa,A•mp
carried for Skyinotii:by liMpaille fraud*
General Grant's oder majority must
her) exceeded MO.' ' 1 . •
,Tgooitaxs indicate lan hinnensvainount
of *Ann* in ,the Internal Bevan* ring
of Loidsiena. Colonel Tisdale is. reported
/ 1 04 entnidtted deposit' the pnblio
moneys in his possession • . into ilia Bub-
Trens.W.Al Zialif , *leant' lb the put: eix
niontlitra the alakintlnia kopt, iskA
A in dog was killed near Doylestown;
and two mad dogs were killed ne at West
Chester last week. ' ' ' . -
A Weis OALT - BEE 225 years old as cut
down the .other — day at Nancy's:Bridge on
the line of the :BTandywine- and ...Reading
Railroad. .:2 ,
TIES Doylestown Demosrat says about
noon on last,Wednesday an: elderly maxi, of
about sisty-eight years of, age, residing near
Harrowgate Lane, mei 'struck by a locomo
tive, on the Trenton railroad, and instantly
Mge. MART W. YABNALL,' the wife , of,
one of the most respectable Citizens Of Ches
ter Co., was burned to death on Sunday
niSat her , home in Willistown: 'One Ives
go to.bed and had alighted lamp in her
hen when ihe tripped, and fell, breaking
the lamp and burning herself fatally.
Tan Landaster States that a few
nights ago a cow belonging to Henry Bah-
ler, in theof MMenville, 'this Coun
ty, fell into* village
well "on the 'prbperty at Fred
'ark Rummel,' near the toll gate. _The well
is some 20 _feet . ' deep, but, the plower part
, being caved in, she did not reach the bot
tom by some ~ flire or six feet . — She was
taken out In, thi.motainf, by the neighbors
diggingAtway a portion of the banks of the
Well. The cow was not 'seriously Injured.
The Columbia and Port Deposit' and
Baltimore - Ceitraliallroads hate each • lin
ished the grading and laid - theraiktnthe
junction of ,ffieltroads on the flusqudanna
river, at the •mouth of the Octorani creek,
and freight- id already being carried 'from
along the line of the Philadelphia and Balti
more Central over the COltimbia and Port
DepOsit railroad, bi way;of Port Deposit
and Perryville, to Baltimiire. Regular
passenger trains *lll soon; be put onthe
same route. •
Ray. Isaac Piaps, of•Schnylkill town
ship,- Chester county, has held the position
of postmaster at Schuylkill postoftice, which
is about one mile' end a half from Phoenix
ville, for thirty-eight consecutive years. He
removedfrom North Coventry in 1829, en
tered upon the mercantile ,businesa at ithe
Corner 13tores (where he stilVcontintes the
same business) .was appointed postmaster
under Gen. Jackson •in 1880, and has held
quiet possession of - his office during:all the
changes of adminietration since that time.
ON SUNDAY 1101iNarCi LAST S m a n named
Richard Dewire was found- on the Penn
aylvardli Railroad near Greensburg with his
head cat very severely. He was going
home drunk the night, before with 'a man ,
named Carzi.also intoxicated. They quar
reled and Carr knocked Dewire down, beat
him ova; the head with. a heavioll can,
kickedihim down the embankment and left
him there. Dewire's injuries will probably
prove fatal. • Carr was arrested and released
on $5OO bail to am= further hearing.
two O'clock, a - most frightful and heart
_rending accident occurred at Mr. Henry
Beeson's Cement Mill, in the west end of
Uniontown. Mr. Hartzell, aged about fifty
years, was engaged in cutting the ice from
the large water wheel at the mill, and after
he had cut away some of the`ice the wheel
started, and, catching' Mr. Hartzell, drew
him in and literally crashed him to death
between the buckets' and wall in the pit
where themheel revolves. He was killed
immediately.. His mangled remains were
gotten out after considerable difficulty and
taken to the home of his bereaved family.—
' Uniontown aandard.
THE - canal across the, Isthmusof ilztiei
will, as Mr. De liesseps, its, author and
builder. confidently' - annotutim, - be ready
for use in October next:, Though much Twill
remain for the 'Complete finishing of the
work, it will theribe:Otiened for the, passage
of vessels - of all -sizes between ''the liediter
ranearcand the Red Sea. The cost of - this
.magnificent • enterprise, when it is,
done, 17111
,be eighty lxdllions of dollars.
When a pli!sen tikes Cold the 'lunge beCoine
&tried , with Phlegm, : which Oppressing t ine con
atitution a natural effort is made - for a relief.
Thiveilort L i cough; The only safe and Pradeit
remedies to be adopted are Grate which assist ne
tare in Iti sicirit r ys loosening theiffilegin and exci
ting 'a
freedom of expectoration until the evil Is re
mirably eidapiedio promote expectoration, ease the
breathl4, lobsen the phlegn, abate the fever,' and ,
allay the tickling which occasions the cough, with
out tightening toe chwit, or in any way injurini the
systeta, sad for all temporary a i d local affections, "
such as irritation of the throat, hos t rieneas of the
_voice, Influenza, de., it to of Incalculable value. Es
pecially at this Inclement season of the year It
would be well for every family to have this valuable
remedy at band. . Prepared by GEO. A. KELLY.
Wholesale Druggist, corner Wood street and Second ,
ay. nue, Pittsburgh. and foi sale by all druggists
and dealers In medicine. 50 cents nth' bottle'.
Reader; we will morose you a martyr to dystiep!
els.. If lon are not, so much the. - better for yot6 If
you are. perhaps you may nroflt, by this paragraph.
You havejasteniihed your dinner, we will say, and
„ .
tut as ityou ad swallowed l ead instead of
~ . .
some food, You - have Sensation - of tightness
. ,
round the upper part of the diaphragm, as it some
snake of the constri c tor: tribe, in its eta.
brace, and had knotted Us' cotic,orier the pit of ; your
siontach.• I.OXfeelinpreMely mis erable ; and such
lathe penalty which your complaint exacta • after
d Ire? Nis * of -
nem instif. - What:do you es a, course. t
An elemplimitrtuifihe incubus that robs yon of all
enjoyment during the dit„ - and disturbs your rest at
:atm then this piece of ihtbrmstion: . You
er istedWagy,
_WAIT s.T.:11111.8 'TON/WEI Bi. -
-t will atcertatnly cure all yonragonislng symp"
toms'as the day on whiciryou .read this' artititt x wjf
be Succeeded by another. Yerhspii you- are in
alma; but if rout have read the testimony of the ern
tient, citizen", In every want of life,,who have tested
- the preparatton,*and submitted the resultant their
experiencetto the Dubin, ihrouuh , the x. preps: , you
ought at le&a, to have suflclent. faith .tomike a trial
of it in you oats. At la a, Diu* . vegetable _tonic and
atteratlve,;—alte only InedMtuiltsr tastamrarsintrely your trGuiyktfaii."_•-lt Von Ira IS the habit
of taking any alcoholic excitant aa - a pa - native,.
abandon it. and try th's WiIOLEBOIOI MZDIdATSI,
STIMULANT. • It linoleum Wood, ecle4o; but you
wilt not'do that, for it kin never yet. a eiti;•
//let instance, to' cure dyspepela, billousnese, and
;heir verlpus concomitants. , •
THE-' ditE;tvEsT off ' ALL, ottcti
At this time of the year, when the streets
• . . an d ,
are crered with snow end slush. it is
no wonder that the natural.Poies sad condUcta of
• _ •
!he body become libstructed,,ind whale communi
ties Jrecitme affected with -ecreghs and pulmonary
and throat ailments. One of the very best cures for
act dlseasei will be hound in DS.KEYAER'Et
a'LpTOBAL"SYRUP, which :it once sets free
imprisoned matter, remorse , • obstruction, and,
allays the irritability of the nervoits spies= in such
a Way as no injury to or interfere with
0115 1 , avarations: What it Wesslitiltinnet be /
ft•• ;have ,eh potent a remedy in • the louse as DB.•
tWenlYSeart, his gillied , on. the airsetlatuiana re:
Oared the health of ;houses& of- earDeople,•
set the beet of what is going is a met soleln.any.
thinsk bat It Is especiallY tineld!tHegard . to meet
of, i,anA)hirs 0110 0011011110111174114 litstsrehnow
lesti t alpidency, boOtellieura aidpresentise
than T! RlClffigiva PEOT OI 4 43 tRUP , ' • '••
_the great Ifedichti litore,,Ro.Aiadwaoi
sual. WILL, 0711 UP*
,j'aliv*BY lit
'to 107 LuoraTTATAM; tiro doors below Agit
cilisTMATt =sum 1119 rpm
wart nrissinten. raii,(talcoboark fres,
el,l4olCULAkrok •-•
' '
STATE stivi3. .
The or E4lle NI
- ,
The world elem . & no understand the
mysteries , of- a ntripaperi , and, as in a
watch, the hands that-are seen are but .pas-. ,
sive instruments otZthe springs, which are - 1
never seen; so, in newspaper, -the most
worthy causes of its. prosperity are: often
.least .observed or ?mown. . - W o sturpects
the benefits which Viet paper derives from -
the enterprise, - the vigilance, and the watch
ful fidelity of the ptiblishers? Who pauses f i
to think howmuchtif the pleaeure of read
ing is derived fromlhe skill and care of the
printer? We feel tlinbleinishes of printing,
if theyexist, but wild= observe the exml
We eat nheartyAhnner, , lnUdo net think
of the farmer that raises the material thereo4
or, the cook that pretiares them with infinite
pains and, skill. -.But a cook of vegetables,.
meat, pastry, and Infinite bonbons, has a
paradaisioal• office in comparison with an
editor 1 •Before hiiii pass ail the exchange .
newspapers. He filo know all 'gulf con- l•
tents, to mark for other eyes the matter that
requires ettentiowt His scissors are to be
'alert,• amtclip with; Incessant hidustry, all
the Hue items that together form so large an
interest in the newaLdeputment.% He passes
in review each .week•eve,ry State in the
Union through : the, • newspaym lent: , He
looks across :the wean a, sees ' strum
lands, and, folk:ming the •he seare.bes':.
all around the word - for It will
require but - lone'second for the reader ,to
take id What.two kourst search produce& ,
By,hini are'reisi them ai pt that swaita '
the office like fl ips ht : Jul ..- lt m!. IS his fro .
that too* them. It is Void that con -
denies a.whOlo page into a
„Wm., Ta i ra his
discreet eieriakess gist ,restricts: sentimental
'obituaries that giveipoets a twig on whichto •
sit and sing, their first 'lats. •-• , ,
And the' power? behind the tbrone, in
newspapers as in litglier places is sometimes
important as the throne itself. Correspon
dents, occasional of. xegular; stand in ,awe
at the silent power leidehluis the last glance
at an article, and play send it forthin
or humility. And; in - short,'as the
upoa gooddigestion, so,the heal
of a newspaper depeiids upon that vigor- -
ous digestion which goes on by means of
the editor. - . • •-• • I
Ought they not to be honored? And
sine' little fame attends them, they should
at least -have their' creature comfortis mul
tiplied.. ' FroM that dark_ and dim* lien
-residenee they are at length translated!l
Btru. RIIN R writes that, them
didon • of :the , 8 • peasantry •is truly
liesrt•rending... e. G overnment ' s help Is
tardy and• hiefficricipus; and, as winter clines
la,' the dit4sc daiinptr, fail to reach aterri.
hie climax. _ In the- toivns -thousrixids
of isi
borer's out' of employment are provided
With what is called !'work." . less than
I.o,ooo'men are now doinglin Madrid what
might be a:looted from one-fourth of their
number.... Paid at the rate of seven -reels
-(one shilling= rive and a half period) a day,
under 'little or no inspecticip,- unprovided
with proper implements,
.theie poor *tett:-
mare - mere beggars under -die
guise of laborers.. They work' .as . .
they caapialage,. and they - even . "striker
to be:free from, that little. They insist upon
being paid on rainy dais, - when no work is
practicable, on the-good ground.that bad
weather does not interfere with their good.
appetite. They will of -no different
rates of . *remuneration they . cotend that
the.wages should be th e - same for. g.ood or
bad workmen, and admit no difference
behalf 'of aisiduOus 'industry, or sidlied le-
Dußum the put, year lifichigan - ha& is.
dttced its bonded debt by some $390,154.2 78,
nearli,r Al :ten per cent.-of the whble, a nd at the
dole , the fiscal year, haa.over a Million
dollara in the Treasury, a balance larger by
half a million thaniaat year.
TO Leti*s • .IW/taw I itboat;
twigs*, tl7tgs4ll 6‘..jkarding.lls &a.. ace Am.
aiding FOUR ZINBS daebiotilba . platted Uwe
eatutase onea for awsztrr-mvs- sash
addittosiat Una ./Pli -MINTS. • •
INNS, ounel!orwe , peovAnneeea7mw e.
WANTED --A few ' saleemen to
go to the country arid iell goods on commie
don. Address Box tllity:PittaburghttPa. ' •
meat Zettbil l .tr'fif:llmll:.o.llll7V BO
1. 7! "'
ment. Persons .Antlng,helli•of kinds Dan DI
lIIDNied bir short notice. '
:9 1'
v v isourrze, MONTH—To sell a New . Beek
pertaining to Agriculture and the Mechanic Arts,
b! GEORGE E. WARING. Hag., the 'distinguished
Author and Agricultural Engineer of the New York
Central Park, .te Nothing like UA SOO Engra
vings Sells at eight to Farmers, Mechanics and
workingmen of all classes. - Send for Circulars: A.
L. TALCOTTik CO. - , 88 Market street, Pittsburgh,
Penns. • de7-aws,
a pleasant location. by amen end wite; no children.
Goad reference. Address G., GAzirMt OFriCS. •
INFANTEiI). ThiM. to Fifty
WAY illegritrinAalgul2g VALLEYHAI
property,_ Also flrst ayes mortsage,ereurity for
Twenty-Flve Thonaand Dollars, there or !Ire years.
to run for ca.ll. Address D. L. care Postodice Box
TO , LET--Three Rooms at; Pick:'
.• • . • •••
110 LETr-Two 'limit. Convenient
HOUSES—One with eight Towns and the 'other
e even, on Elgeth street tosierenn, opposite Quist
Chinch. Inquire at SIT/Tenn street. • • •
taintaled wank - 111th gas and'are;-one on ant
anti and pun front upstalracitiquin at lIND Tbitd.
VOR : RENT--The Aarge ' tout
.a: story • building
88 FMlTidr/ED MEET, ss
prawns monied by Messrs. T.B. Youds, a 09- a+
• Fanithare • Warehouse. ' Poisesstou us of April
next. Esquire of dIMON JOHYPSION, toner of
dodthficht strut and Fourth 4rtato4,
ra 441134
• for ;som a _ Znotre of T, THEW. •
•Wo street: - ' •
pn.ow •SALIE-DllllO .11TORS;TA
Int clots bath fillittlkiri Ito von , dogma
Natio Tann oom- , adzes& box zallk,Pitss-
FIIt ,8ALE,...21; :Grain' 81N1A211020
TAND. WOO olkttio line of the ruts.. C;• a • •
t. L. It. W.. lathe best grahidlentot In Ohio, con. •
ehttag of a two story frame warehouse. SO by oO,_
conaealeat to Railroad, with atdetrack *analog la.
to Itto accommed* th e loading
t& 23
an&ibtpakeat of
Oran; lot 00 by 20 et. This me rare althea for
a - party to engage Ina. ayloa boatmen u tate data .•:,
emirate the Oran tra for 60 relies artuad. L There
are other advantages mated with tbe etanawbith -
will laic:pit:load on app 0., tl
oaatlatheyry_Tra-_, •.-
sone tiven forPealta&. • Applytoor address o.ooxr
& PHILLIPa. No. IR,. • arshavease., •• • --; • ..:••
;.:77 -
A 'well' kis nowandpso gio!sous IrblAss, 1111 &"- 1_
10 E-
sixlsre:7laLlere.d . or -•
saw stina,•with steak and
_ .. lg r
iiile: - Bstlit ackaTi"!rasiretil. ---__-
ail. 'iv .ly airs - 'VD writtirr. ..,.. •, • ‘
WORll,ll,4leturding House
..600D WM.I.-19re *Mop &her ofierarl
tier Icale established. Roam
ALtrY. , teteeed the Garters catholic th M e
Filth Ward Market Bosse. ..fl eaw eighteee'rst
tweets_ good-Elm ,hijm,,arid seloya cameo*
reputation: , "atr.Altlit= .
VOIR, SAILLIThitit fide two;
-brier warehouse. *4 by 64 t. dtaated
OHIO hTBELTI, rtMeerrry now goer . _
hled. as a node and twain' warehosumn_: Alsoitm_
%weaker Welk dwellteig _use. Ali 47- 0,- 4 4 krO i r
lamina' - the 'stove conumang rooms .he
harsher ?slices enquire co. thopratlisea Ihli
'VOR ;tiIiALE-;-FAILMEO-40. serer
otgoodLand. - altuatalur %des -
EtTelma omane;y_oe s eutam. niftier_ olk
_Plitins: miati, elm
t i: ts it uiski
gooa moat. biib. mut Mar *Cat
!itg 1 k 1 0 4 4 . 1 4 .4 42. 00 1194 k
_ .